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editorial depart jient. should be a1lrFierl :
To Till KDTToaor fat ArrE.L, Memphis,
Waoannot, M a rule.nnderisge to return
ertieloa aot louod suitable fr publication.
Oar mail booai ere kent by postoffloee, a-no
not or individual DUM.
We solieit letwrs end eommanlcetions npon
ub u of general Inumt, but oob muni
always m eocomparle.i by the name end
address of tho riter, u t narantee of his
good faith ud re-ponsibillty. No notle
eee betaken ol eomyjious oomiokutot-
In'orderinc papert ehenged from on pnst
ofnoe to another, tbo names tf both poit
oflines should be -ivee,
Br Iioob ooplee sent troo of charge. -IUmIdom
letters should bo addressed!
M. 0. 04LLwt, l (Second 'tree',
J. M. Kitrmo.
Memphis. Tenn.
THllMUY, : : MARHl 11, 1N0
An uivt'Hl iution intuitu' nlliiir of
thi! riin-i:if;lric Trlcgrnph Company
whs begun j-i-wtt-rdny by tin; uptu-iul
i-ommittie 'if the llonw. Senator
VcHt w.'iH the lirnt witni'HS, tiin ti-Mi-inony
being tuVi-n lit bin residence.
Ilia nljiU-rin'iit in riiiinly and Jin-el, und
fully justifies til" ooiiltdelii'c
the iH-oplu of Misw'tiri nnd his
fellow Democratic Kcniihirs repose
in liim. 11m bought and paid for his
Htock. uml refused to lu- relieved by
Mr.HtilHon Huh bins of n supposititious
embarrassment in being it stockholder
uflr thcsruiiipuB wan raided about the
coinpuny. An with Scnabir Vent ho
witli ull the other imblic men con
nected with this company. Their
ownership of stock in it is a perfectly
legitimate transaction.
Ah Ibe appropriation hill Iihh passed
the House of Keprehenlativen of Mis
sissippi it provides IlifyrliO for the A.
A M. Oollcgc.which, the Clarion IliinkH,
with interest on the ljmd Scrip Fund,
makes the totiil Hiipjxirt for each year,
liiflMt 7,r. The appropriation for the
(iirW CoHcri', at Coin n ihiiH, was fixed
at the Hiune amount, which include
Hiipport aud improvenieiilH. The
uppropriiition of M,(KK) heretofore
made hi the Normal. School at Holly
Kprinpi will bn paid to colored schools
lit Clinton and Natchez, lesn the
amount due the teachers of the Nor
mal K hool, This i much to be re-HretU-d.
The Normal School Iihh here
tofore, donti a good work and hIiouIJ
liavo biH-n Himtaineil. The unpojiular
ity of uny or all of itn teachers should
not havfl been perinith'il to wcih so
lieaily an to kill it.-
Httnator ThkIi of Alahaiim made
ycwlerday in thu Senutij a full, com
plete and thoroughly hiitusfactory an
wer to Mr. Edmunds's speech of the
day before on the resolutions con
demning Attorney-General Garland
for notw-ndiiiR to the Senate, iw ri
jneRt-d by that body, tho papers
in the iase of Mr. Pn-tin,
the recently removed District
Attorney ot Alabama. The point
apparently made by Mr. Kdnimnln by
rending .'ii'lc Thiirmun'd demand
noon Attoniev-tieneral llrewster wiw
ijnito disproved by Senator l'ii(h. In
tlie case of the removal of judges the
Senate, by express provision of law,
run demand ot the I resident Ins rea-
hoiis for such removal, but not in the
ciwe of other public servants. Hence
the dem.'iiid 'of Judge Thurman was
within the limit of law, but does nol
sUihlish the prec.-dent on which Mr
Kiliuund-. carefully made his speech
Thi Ufpuhlicnns in the Sen:tle have
no eitse niaiiist the l'resideul or Mr.
Garland. They an- clearly in the
M NSIIll i: MOt l.MI.KT.
A nihle special informs us that
.;-u the advice of Mr. Michael
Pavitt, who has loins lirgi-d the neees
jsitv of such a movement, the Irish
leviers uieorganizini; imitation in I'.ng
laiul and Scotland in favor of home
rule. Mr. Joseph Arch, M. 1., am!
t ier Knglisli KadicaU wiil coHiperato
v. the eampaigii, and active operations
w '.l'. be tiegiin at once. This shoulJ
bu Ih-cii done long ago. If Paniel
ti'voimiU Imd made common cause
the l'.n-lish Cl-.aitist.s forty years
a,-", the cniw of liberali.-in in (ireal
f riiain and In laml might have letn
;.,'v;iMeeJ at h-ast twenty yeiuv. Mr.
1 ' a itt tius learned this, and he urges
i;. onseiUi nee that the ltih uiemliers
' the House of I'omn nil is should pay
rmrif attention to Hiibjectx of vital ill
l.'ii'st to flu.. Kuglish imuves, and his
s.r.-iHiieiit that the Irish people have
i '.-tigfit to expect the sympathy ami
of a cl:th wlirse own Tnter'sts and
fc'-ieaiiees the Irish have uniformly
ig'i- red has at liLst lui-n hi-edeil by bis
v ilejigues.
may rightly demand the record touch
ing the fctutiw of the rw.n named by
the l'renident, it is folly to argue that
the Senate can pi back to the act of
cusjH-nsion for any light needed in
reaching a just coiicliiMion uh Ui the
honesty or fitness of the Presidential
nominee. f cour-e liny ia i phu isl
on file in the departments, no matter
to what question they may relate, are
Hubjeet to examination by co-ordinate
branches of the government, provided
the examination desired is not deemed
injurious to the public service, but in
caseg w here this is asked the judgment
of the head of the bureau in determin
ingthiH matter is taken as to Ihi-iM.licy
of granting the reuebt.
A New York corrcHonileiit of the
St IiOtiis Hrjiithlwuti describes Mr. C.
V. Huntington, president of the Ches
apeake nnd HoiithwQHtern HysU-m of
milroa-ls, very accurately ax a plain,
practical man, not seldom jocular,
who Miya original UiingH,HeakHHliwly
mid caiitioiwly, und ban none of the
nurse uride bo often Keen in nieli of
far less wealth. Ho is full of human
nature, but in his sixtieth year cares
little for society. He reads men as he
would mi open hook. He can assume
it frankness, though he hath it not.
lie is one of the few men who have
proved more than n match for Jay
(ioiild. He has a full oval face, a
prominent nose and dark brown eyes.
His eye is not so searching us that of
the "Little Mag cian" just mentioned.
His manner is less terse, more easy
mid careless an he nonchalantly twid
dle his cyo-ghiKseH ; he weam in bis
ollieo a block silk Hinoking cap, usu
ally on the hack of his bead, giving
him an open, jolly look. It is only
after you have left liim Unit you real
ize that he is one of the uncrowned
llnancial kings of this country. He
can ride on his own roads from San
Francisco to NewiHirt News, Vs., or
clear across the continent. He rule
bia roads with an iron rod, but Iihh a
brcia 1 and stalesmanlike cast of mind.
Hu bus reduced passenger rates on his
Southern I'acille road fit) per cent, in
order to encourage, emigration in that
direction, and thus build up a perma
nent local trallie for the road ; ho Iosch
on his through business from the At
lantic seaboard, but the lwwer rates,
he thinks, ami not. unreiwomibly, will
heuelit him in the end.
Young; Girl la IIIuTog for Want or
Clothes 1 he Church (joes
tlon In the CouimoDs.
eputiea from the oblizaCoo of find-
in evidence. Hcrr Wicdthort' mo
on was referred to the Standing Or
ders Committee.
Gen. Von Mo'U e moved that the law
relating: to military perg ong be amend-
d in the directum of improving the
logitioas of the officers of the army.
He tad that the maintenance of peace
epvnded nncn tiermany s being pre
pared for war. and that the -UiciencT
ol tbe wardpeidtd opon its otti jeF.
Ikdos, March 10. The govern
ment his placed gunboats at the
service of Mr. Lnke in his work of re
lieving the distressed among tbe in
habiUnta cf the ts ands aloDg the
western Irinh coatt. Indescribable
distrese baa been developed among
the people inhabiting the Arran
I -.lea of Gal way, who, besides
having hardly anj thing to eat bat
noes and sea graso, are without fire
and often without clothing and shelter.
It is not rare to find girli ol seventeen
and eighteen years of age kept
in epforced hiding daring the
daytime, because bereft ol every
thread ol clothing, long ago
baitered away for seed potatoes or
roots to feed the smaller children.
Fishing Inspector Brady recently went
among the miserable people cf Arran
to distribute rtlief furnished by an
organization ol the Irish police. His
funds ran short to-diy and he still bad
in much niliitble wretchedness to re
lieve that he appealed to Mr. Burey,
whoia charged with the dislribution
ol thn fund rained in Ameika,
thiongh the New York Sun. for the
tmnoveriahtd fiihermen of Aichall
and Baffin inlands, and begged him to
divert part ot his stores for the bent fit
o: ttio Aria-.s. jar. cuney wn yn-
mitted to !oso,snd he reports that, in
oritur tn uva the lives of scores of
people now dying ol starvation in
t'lese western islands, it is imperative
that relief on a large scale be at once
The Chnreh Qarstloa In Ibe Com-
I.. March 10. In the House
nf I Vimmnnn lait eveniOB Mr. DillwyD,
Liberal, moved to UiseBtaDlish tue
flhnrnh nf Wfllpa.
Mr. Grey. Liberal, moved to rtiorm
tnitcail M liihBStKhlish.
Kir William Harcoart, Chancellor of
the Exchequer, contended that the
question ol the aisesisoiunmeni ui
the Welsh and Knglieh churches were
involved and separable.
Mr. Grey's amendment wa first
adopted by a vote ol 241 to f 'J9, and
thn. an a substitute lor Mr. Dillwyn
' . . . . . I O .iil
motion, was rejected uy a vote oi tu
In the firit division the minority
onnohtod ni Liberals and Farnellitea
In the second division the rarneintes
lelttbe Hnnse In a body. Messrs.
GladHtone, Chamberlain, Morley and
Trevelyan abstained irom voting.
r Jnlea
Tin: iiiii si: or i.okiis,
An niigiiry of the future of the Kn-
glish House of Lords is to be found ill
the personiielof the vote that sustained
Mr. l.ahouchere's motion that that
body was inconsistent w ill) the British
constitution and wholly useless ami
unnecessary. Five sons of peera, two
of them heirs upp-ircnt, Voted Willi
Uibouchere. These were the Ibm
Bernard Coleridge and Viscount
Wolmer, son of lord Selliorne
Five baronets hImi voted with fjibou
chere. among thorn Sir Henry Have
lock Allan, hoii of the great hero of
l.ucknow. The vole for Iitbouchere's
"cheeky" resolution by lird William
Common, himself the son of a mar-
iiuiH, nephew of a lately created IuhIioi
buttbitnd oi the lady, who is said to
have refused tho late Puke of Albany's
band, nnd a regular Mayfuir and Bel
gravia "swell," i especially comment
ed uiion in aristocratic circles. '"Tis
the handwriting on the wall for Bel
shamir," said Mr. T. P. O'Connor,
when the vote wna taken. Tho years
ot tho House of Lords are numbered,
It is doomed, and tho whole fabric of
the monarchy with it. The Queen
with her household, "her uncles, lie
cousins and her mints," is no longe
even ornamental, and the British tax
payer hits about concluded that
f.lKi,(NK) is too much to pay annually
for a veiled monarch.
Attempted Aalnatlon
Auikns. France. March 10. An at
tempt was made to-day to assassinate
Jules Verne, xwo sncu were ureu m
himbvavouDg rtudent, who turned
nnt. tn hn the author's own nephew,
and who bad come Irom Paris for the
TnriiM nurnriKB nf killuiz his uncle.
One of the bullett miesed the novelist
al oaether; the other BtrucK nini in
the leg, inuicuug eiiKui, nuuuu.
nephew nas t somn time oeou om
dett in i aris, ana ia vuouKui. i.u uc
Decrease fn Western Union Beceipts
What the New Toik
"Fust" Says.
DrmoDitrallon Agnlnot tbe Uavera-
Bent at Loadoo.
Lomdos. March 10. A procession of
British seamen marched ivm the
docks to the city this af ernoon to
make demonstration against the
government for neglecting to take
steps toward relieving trade of its de
pression. They b shaved in an orderly
manner and were loudly cheered along
the route. They carried a great num
ber of banners, some cf which bore
tbe inscription, "British labor is sac
rificed in the interest of foreign tabor,"
etc. The procession attracted much
attention, and the itretti through
which it patsed were tilled with people.
For a time there was some excitement
Caused by a (esr that roughs and
rowdies might use tbe occasion to
reproduce the scenes of the Trafalgar
Suuare riots. When the stamen
. . .. . ..
reached the city tney proceeaea to me
neighborhood of the Board of Trade
rooms, where they held a meeting.
At this thev appointed a committee
t) wait unon Mr. A. J. Mundt-H, pres
ident ol the Brard of Trade, aad urge
the necessity cf such changes in the
free trade pel cy cf tbe government
as m'ght be necessary to revive the
l.ueiga acd domebtic trade ui tue r.in-Pire-
JU. caniiioD. lessee anu manager
cf ber Majesty's Theater, has dis
appeared, a summons ggainui unu
lit unpaid wages had been granted in
benail ot sixty unployes ot tne tnea
tr. It is alli ged that .be toik in at
the doors on Saturday lait 1300.
DIatrraa Amonat "rkla( C'laasee
la Ireland.
Doblik. March 10 The Lord
Mayor has called a meeting to bs held
at the Mansion House to-morrow to
consider the subject of the distress
existing among tne working classes of
Ire and. Tbe tit I ol Aberdeen, L,ord
Lieutenant, has expressed his iiitan
tion to attend the meeting.
The Irlab Preabjtertana.
Dublin, March 10. Tne mem
bers of tbe General Presbvtsry who
declined to sign the address to tbe
Queen opposing the grant of borne
rule in Ireland, which was adopted it
Belfast ves erday, explain thsir action
by faying they are sanguine that the
present critis in the local government
agitation is really the beginning of
happier days for Ireland.
lulerratlutr anal versnry .
Komb, March 10. The anniversary
of the dta'.h of Quiseppe Mazzini, the
I al an revolutionist, wai obierved in
an orderly manner. His btnt in the
Cf p.t )1 was decortted with a garland.
Wbo Objreled to III Wile Jieins;
Miiftr tbe Hnbject ofUoNali).
Mm, I'baurmn at Londoai.
London, March 10. Mrs. Chanfrau
gave a special matinee peifonnance at
the Htrand Theater to-day, of Tay
lenre's c'omestic American play,
Wife or ll irfoui. Among the promi
nent people in the audience were Mr.
Phelps, the United States Minister,
Gov. Hartley, Lady Randolph Church
i 1, Lady Ablnger and the Hon. Fiank
Lawler. At the end of each act Mrs.
Chanfrau was called before the cur
tain, and at the end of the third act
both actress and author were called
Mblpplna Ckiaaa'B 1st Bend.
LoMron, Ost., March 10. A circu
lar has been issued bj the superin
tendent ol the southern division of
the Grand Trunk railway ordering
that hereafter all Chinese going over
the road will be passed through In
bond, and that the conductors will be
held responsible to see that none of
the Mongolians are allowed to stop in
imii l :niiii.i..
1 'iHctisMiig the wholly indefensible
attitude of the lb-publican majority of
U.e. Semite toward President Clexe
iiind in the mutter of the demand for
the paper ami information in his pos-
r-sion on which behaved his removal
of Mr. Puskin, late Hislrict-Attorney
of Al.-ib.iiu.-t, the Baltimore ."i re
l .'ii-'.s its readers that there is not a
v. r.i i,i tin constitution or the laws
which authorizes the Senate to my
anything upon the subject, or to rati
f ii pajs-rs or reasons; and even when
tiie im stioii of continuation or rejec
tion is ccnidered, though that body
The Jackson Clmiim is doing goo
work in it series of editorials urging
call by the prtHont Legislature for
constitutional convention. In it issue
of the !Mh instant, it makes it very
clear that among the most serious ob
jections to the present constitution
mid ouo -which of itself makes a con
vention ncccsxiry, is that it leaves too
much power in the legislature. Tn
testing Slate laws w hose validity has
been attacked because of want of
owcr in the legislature to enact
them, the rule of construction acqui
esced in by all the court is that all
powers not denied to the Legislature
or committed to some other depart
ment of the government by the consti
tution, belong to tho legislature,
which is ('univalent to saying that the
legislature, unless restrained by the
terms of the constitution, may do any
thing that the people could do. All
power being inherent in the people,
the legislature, as the representative
or agent of the s-ople, has that power,
except hs the people have wen tit to
reserve it in the constitution. A con
htilutional statement that the powers
not conferred by the organic law upon
the three blanches of the government
was excrcisi-d by the peoplo would
prevent such decisions in future and
save the State from many absolute,
usurpations of power.
the Greek
Snt John Macoonai.d seems to have
spoken rashly in London daring his
recent visit, when ho declared that
Canada would aid Great Britain in
her wars "with the last man and the
last dollar." A large number of Ca
nadian newspapers, the St. Paul Pio
nv Vjw slates, deny that Canada is
willing to indulge in any such exploit
ation. Probably IK) per cent, of Can
ada's population would decline to be
slaughtered in the Soudan, or in Bur
mah or Afghanistan, to help fill up
the measure of Britain's imperial
glory. Sir John might just as well
have consulted the Canadians iefoiv
be uia le any such pledges in linglaud.
Tbe Greek quration.
London. March 10. A conference
of the representatives of the powers
will be hold at Comtantinople next
Saturday to consider the Greek ques
tion, which is growing troublesome.
The Turks continue to reinforce their
military sttength along
frontier, j
II art Iran oil Ibe Atlnntle.
Qckbnstown, March 10. The wind
is blowing with hurricane force on
the Atlantic. Steamers boand lor
Anr ritft are poable to proceed, owing
to the violence of the gale. Ships,
bolh outward and inward boucd, are
entering thia harbor under bare poles.
A Wild Career Ended.
London, March 10. Vlecount Hup
plin, heir of the Earl of Kinnoul, died
at Monte Carlo yesterday. It is ru
mored that be committed suicide,
owing to lotsee at gambling. He had
led a wild and dissipated career, and
was thirty-seven years old.
they Will Net BealKa.
London, March 10. United State
Consul-General Waller dec'ares that
the report that the United States Con
suls in bis jurisdiction talk of resign
ing if their salaries are reduced, is
mischievous and totally without foun
dation. .
reoimaaUant l I'raaire.
I'abib, March. The quarters of the
city which are most largely occupied
by workingmen, were placarded hut
night with incendiary appeals to the
unemployed. They were urged to rise
up in their might, and by a supreme
encrt annihilate the bonrreoise. The
government has decided to prose
cute Deputy Basly, a representative of
workingmen, and Mr. Qaercy, editor ol
a Socialist newspaper, for baring in
cited the striking iion workers to riot
and resistance of the police. It is ru
mored that Loaise Michel and others
will call a great meeting ol Socia'ists
for the 18th instant, tbe anniversary
of the outbreak ol 1871, which was
the precunor of the Commune.
Tbetttrnaaa Relebataf.
Bbbun, March 10. Herr Wlnd
thorsl's motion that members should
not be compelled by the courts to tes
tify in support of statements made by
them in the Reichstag was discussed
bv tnat body to-day. Herr von Boet
ticher,,Minibt?r of tbe Interior, tald
he was opposed to n terring the mat
terto a committee until theBnndts ath
bad decided as to what course it
ehonld pursue in the matter. He ad
ded that the ministry wa unanimous
ly ot the opinion that a-t'cle 30 ol tbe
constitution, dealing with tbe immu
nity cf the members, did not xempt
Pittsfikm). Mais . March 8 Every
body is talking about the remarkablo
peisonal ttit'.ement made at bis Sun
day service by the Kev. Edward O.
Hohoke. the vounw pattir of the First
Baptist church. The Rev. Mr. Holy-
oke. who ma handsome toung man
of twenty-eight, and a graautte of
Hamilton College Divinity School
came here about two years ago and
entered upon a succestful niinittry
Trouble began, however, when, in July
last, thj cltriryman brought home
bride, a pretty joung lady whom he
married at Sand Creek, N. Y., on ber
graduation from the Woman s Col
lege there. Mrs. Holyoke is a viva
cious brunette of twenty years, with a
fine education and some definite ideas
of her own. She is not a member
of anv church. although Bhe
bai a strong leaning toward Episco
nacv. which was her father's religion.
She therefore has seldom been seen in
her husDand'e church, preferring to
attend the services of Rector Newton,
formerly of St Paul's, Boston.
She has held aloof from the
Baptist ladies, aad when a delegation
of tbe sisters called on her after ber
marriage, bring a handsome token ol
regard, she sent down word by the
eetvant that she was indisposed. The
atoim cf indignation she then caused
has never quieted sicca. Matters
reached a crisis, however, Wednesday
evening wher. Mrs. Holyoke nttended
a social reception given by tbe
liunimea Men's Association, and
shocked the gossips by indulging
in the wadset and the dances
juat bs if she was not the wiio of a
Bntiit niinbt?r. Next dav tho whole
to.vn was ta'kirg about tUe matter;
some cf tbe Hying gossip nRturally
rtnehed Mr. Holyokb'n ears. Yester
day, at the moriitig service, the cler
ovmitn nubliclv reprimanded bis con
gregation for their gossip about his
wif , and their treatment of her gen
erally. "My w;fifmo to rcu," ?aii.
he, "in a poB tnn involving naia
sptmibility. She is neither the prop
erty of tbe church nor my property
in thct sense, l aving views relig
iously, socially and domestically
which are entirely her own. She is
not tJ be criticised by you. She
is accountable only to her God, and
the church is not her keeper. She is
not a coworker with me, as far as
church affairs go, and you have no
authority to goaeip about her. St.
Paul savs if church members have a
grievance agajnst a biother, they shall
go to him with two or three, and then
if he declines to hear to cite him
before the church. I want yon to
came to me if you have fault to find,
and not talk to third parties. My
wife shall do as she pleases and
she shall not be aieountable to
you in any sense. You would beltsr
let her alone." Tbe minister contin
ued in this strain to some length. His
rebuke has set the church wild with
i xcltement, and while he is suttained
by the best members of his congrega
tion, the gossips are so angry that
many believe he will be forced to re
sign.' Bhrw OrlMtaa Rat.
Niw Oblans, La., March 10. The
weatLer was clear and ecol and the
track alow.
' irul Hoc All ages; three-qaarters
of a mile: Giro 11 a won by a length,
Pick Watts second, Luna Brown third-
Time,l:S0l. t ,.
ixmnd Kw Fcr three-year-olds;
winning penalties; seven luilongs:
Lida won by a length, Leonora second,
Bee Jay third. Tune, 1:37.
Th-rd iva Selling allowances;
three-quarters of a mile: But on Ronge
won by a length, Juliet eecond. Hot
Eox third. Time. 1:2J.
i-'onrtA Race Sailing allowances ; one
and one-sixteenth miles: Ligan won
by a length and a half, Rio Grande
secord Amanda Brown third. Time,
1 :5tiJ.
Cistsju. KoRSERt, No. 59 Mrjket
ttreor ia the nearest place in tho city
for p ants and cut flowers.
Wash ington, March 10 President
Bate" f tbe Baltimore and Ohio Tele
graph Company to-day concluded bis
argument b f "e tbe Honee Commit
tee on Poetctficee; aad Poetroads, t n
gaged in tbe investigation cf alleged
telegiaph monopoly. He slated the
avege rate for telegrams charged by
the Western Union Telegraph Com
pany was 25 cents. This was a low
average aa compared with the rate in
England, and waa attributable almost
completely to comoetition east of tbe
Missouri river. Tbe average rate eait
ol the Missouri river waa very much
less than that figure, because of the
fact that west of ths Missouri river
the tariff of tbe Western Union wts
very considerably greater. If the lat d
grant railroads w ere required to ac
cept business from tbe Baltimore and
Ohio Telegraph Company and other
comnanies. he believed that the bene
fit of competition in tbe reductioa of
rates which had accrued to the public
eastcf the Missouri rier would, ai a
matter of couree, accrue aisj to tbe
peple we-t rf that river.
Mr. J. C. Raiff of New York wa?
then heard. He went if to ahbtiry
of the ettabbsbment if telgr:puic
looimunication with the Famine cuaat
He said that the tdegraiih service of
the wto'e country wett of the Missouri
nver whs at)8tlutIy under t ie control
of the Western Union, as lr as the
pieces of paper called tontrai-ts couiu
put it. He believed that the Northern
Pa ill 3 bad actually undertaken to
build its telegraph line jointly with
tbe Western Union. Tne varicui
railroad camniissioners of the govern
ment, wbo were appointed for the pur
pose of seeing that the laws were exe
cuted respecting these land-grant rail
roads, bad utterly tailed either to ap
prehend or perform their duty. A
late commissioner, wben" applied to
concerning a number of shortcomings
on the part oi several of those rati-
rtads, made answer, "When any mat
ter ia brought before my oflice that
demands my opinion in a formal way,
win endeavor to give it wuu-
out fear, bnt I do not thin it
it is necesrary for me tJ exercise
the functions if my oflice in looking
for trouble." When the railroad com
panies acted in compliance with tne
requirements of the granting acts they
would have given facilities to the new
telegraph companies which sprung up
from time to time, Dut tney were
handicapped hy their contra-.ts with
the Western Union. It wai time not
oaly for plain speech, but for pos'tive
action, vvnen congress utierm'.nm
that the laws shoud be enforced
againtt individuals and corporations,
there would be fwer complaints about
monopebes and fewer s'nkeB through
out tbe country. The n'.terupt of cor-poratiot-s
to pay interest and dividends
on bonds and ttock that Bhould never
have been issued, constitutes a crying
event, bdJ justified much of the coai
plaint of the laboring men. Two
tuird3 of the WetUrn Unioa stock
win clear water -without a spark of
dye in it. Let Congress tay that tele
graph companies should not combine.
Lat it state that no tilegrapli .com
pany should earn more than ten per
cent, on the actual cash valuation of
its exihting capital. Let it. corepel the
Pactic railroads to peiform all of
their duties according to the letter,
and the spirit of the law. After a
fair trial had been madi with such
taw, and no beneficial results fol
lowed. Congress could consider the
propriety of taking control of tae
whole teiegrspu dub ness uy uie es
tabiiRhmenS of a postal telegraph sys
tem. If Congress would enact such
laws as would prevent consonaaaon,
nromote competition west cl the Mis
souri, and prevent the telegraph com-
Eaniee from increasing the rates they
ad themselves established, it would
accomplish vastly more for the public
service than by any postal telegraph
Kenresenta'.tves ot toe western
J3. 3S- FLXTDCZrJElJLjrsr,
OO IVXadlsion 3txoet,
"oHin!l tnTltm an inti ftion of bit Large, Freh an J VriJ flflX and
HI MKK ! K of Ei.fl rh. Kreni-h and ll.rM Vt ortatl. Ca..n)Mei
and fcuitino. conifrillCf the i,atet liraiaaa and iiueit itxlnie la licuUa
men'a Vi ttr.
-Sample and Priew on appliixtion to thoae wbo bora left rwamroj.-M
3XTo w Cctirriagro irm.
0K0. W. TOMLIN. o M KI,JBij-
Fine Carriages, Buggies, Extension Top & Latties' Phaetons,
Manilla tur Df Department ot Ilia Woodruff-Oliver Uarriaira and Unrdwre IO., an
leaped the building in rear of thoir repotitorr. ITU Main (tree;, where we aball fanlinue tbe
buainera. and deote oar entire time enl attention to aerying our custnioeTj. We 'nyll
m-ke Repairing apeo-altr and guarantee first-data wore: in all eaeen. Ou; T0Ml.ia
I aa had charge of thii Factory for jeerr, and ia too well known to require eference.
Ilarlng (old onr Manufacturing Department to Metirs. TOMLIN A BENJES, we cheer
fully recommend them to our f iewla a-d cngtoniT. . ..........
' mimiHrtt-iii-m it Amti4iB aii ii4RnwAK fo.
wires ins, poles blow down and
the net retuk of these is that the I
preater part of the er.tire plant haa to
be renewed every five years. It is
claimed that snme poisons, intimately
erquaictid with the real condition of
the property, were no impressed with
this aspect of its affairs that they sold
it ahort to a targe extent 88 long ago aa
last Sptember.buUt labtweie obliged
to cover their short tales at a heaty
lo?s, becaiue Western Union was
rauirht hv the eeneral rise an-l rarrii-d
up to 81 J on November 2d. It is a'sa
believed that in November Mr. Gould
sold ont the larger pa tof his holdings
of Western Union, and con
trary to common opinion lost con
trol of the property for tbe
time being, and if any other
individual or clique tad choeen to biy
tbe control at that time they could
easily have done so. It is also be
lieved that by proxies, as well as bis
own holding?, be bas control of it
now, because nobody else wants it.
The stock has been very widely dis
tributed to small holders, to whom
the high rate cf the return on the in
vestment bai been very attractive, and
if these cbargrs in regard to the con
dition of the property and tbe coa
structien account are nnt true, tbe di
rectors of the Western Union owe its
numerous stockholders an explana
tion. ETASGELICIlL wokk.
Reformed Ilrankard and ti am
bler aa aa kxhurtvr Ite.lir
loa Record.
& dries
Do you want a pure, bloom
ing Complexion If so, a
few applications of Hasan's
M AG 6L1A BALM will grat
ify you to your heart's eon
tent. It does away with Sal
lowness, Redness, Pimples,
lilokhes, and all diseases and
Imperfections of the skin. It
overcomes the flashed appear
ance of heat, fatigue and ex
citement. Itmake8aladyof
TIIIKTY appear but TWEN
TY; and so natural, gradual,
and perfect are lis effects,
that it is impossible to detect
its application.
Unian wiil be heard on Tuesday next.
The Hew Tork "Poat" ln Weal-
era Union AHalra.
Niw York. March 10. The Pm'. in
its financial article, says: About 12
o'clock the Western Union directaro
announced a scrip divulena 11 per
cent, for the quarter. The revenue for
the auarter ending March 1st shows a
deerc aso of $:it'0,000. The net revenue
for the quarter to March 3ht is esti
mated at J90(i,EO;l, or equal to 1J per
cent, on the ?8,0C0,00.) ot stock, but ai
the estimate ol net revenue 1 ir (tin
qua:ti-r to December 31st was 1235,000
iu ei-'fss oi tne actual, u is not lru
nrobable that tie present figu es may
also be overestimated, though even ct
the preaent figures it appears that it
ha not enmed its last two dividend?.
about f 1W.000, aud it becomes a perti-nc-ct
qucsuol as to whither previons
divuiHiids nave not oeen naia pa ry
out of the surplus fund. Weete-n
Union dividends have been re
garded with suspicion fir sevenil
years, but more especially since the
reduction to 6 per cent, in September,
18S4. The evidence of this
suspicion has been in the fact that
while other dividends and stocks
have been selling on a bus's of from 5
to 5J per cent, on the invettment at
the average market plies of Western
Ucion has lem toJ8;jntly at prices
on which the 6 per cent, dividends on
the par value have yielded about 'J per
cenUon the investment. During the last
four months of 1881 it sold at 67J aud
53, and its average price was about til.
In the year 1885 it sold at 531 in Jan
uary, and 81 J fn November, but in
average price was about 61. Since
January 1st it has sold at 75 and tWjc,
and ita average price bai been about
72. These averages show art advanc
ing tendency, bnt this has been tbe
result of the greater general idvanue
in prices of other stocks and the con
tinued low rates cf interest for money
ra'her than anv increase of confidence
in Western Union. It is aoparent
that with money loaning at 12 i
cent, per anaum on call and per
cent, on investment loans, a stock
that would pay , P n.1'
would not be allowed U remain
. that mice un'ees there was
some deep rooted suspicion that us
dividend would suddenly come to a
stop. It appears that the time hM ar
rived when it comes tj a debate mon
the directors as to wneinur tuey
ih. il dividend or issue scrip
to keep up the fiction. The end is
nr t hand as to the cuuie of this
unprofitable result cf the operation ot
the vast svstem of wires that coj ers
tbe continent like a spider s web. it is
v,Ai;rl hv some persons vhoee prac
tical knowledge of the operation en-
titlea their judgment to some cuua u
reduction of telegrapn
rates in the last seven or eight years
bas placed the business ou a basis
where there is no profit in it. ine
effects of Weather aad storm are tnat
Mabyvu.i.e:. Mo.. March 8. A se
ries of meetings is in progress In our
city that U exciting great interest
end naving nue result? over nuy
hardened sinners, including several
long-time drunkards, havirg already
fignified their intention to Ka1 a new
lifa. These met tegs nave nere-.oiore
been held in Fa.vation Hall, but
that place beiug toj euuh to accom
rnodati the increasing crowds, the
meeting t j-nigbt was held in the First
Methodisi church, seaticg )00 people.
The church was fi led to overflowing,
and for a time at liait mettmcs will
be held thore nigbtly. The Italer in
these meetings is .bluer n-ims hm.tu,
assisted by various clergymen of our
city, but he ceutjr o! attraction now
is the retormed uruuKara ana gamoier,
EUar M. torrest, wbo is higbly
thrilling the souls of his hearers by
the picture cf his own evil example.
A drunkard and proteesional gambler
for over fifteen years, Mr. Forrest
can draw freely from his own life,
showing how piotitless are the wages
of sin. As Mr. Forrest ia becoming
BCinawhat noted in Western Missouri
and Kansas ai an evangeliAt, drawing
hundreds of men from the gutcer,
who could not be reached except by
bis thrilling example, a shoit sketch
of hie life may be interesting. F.dgar
M. Forrest waa born in Danville, l a.,
October 1, 1849. Uia father, G. A.
Forrest, was for sixteen years post
master at Louisberg, Fa, and
is now in tbe custorr-house at
Philadelphia. One of his biothers
is ti-llnr in the First National Bsnk of
Louisburg, end another is traveling
fr a leading Philadelphia house. In
1870 Edgar M. g-aduated at the Uni
versity of Louisburg and began s'udy
ing law with Wm. 11. Vangtz-rof that
place. In 1871 he was married to a
niece of Judge Biddleof Philadelphia,
but after about one year of married lite
his l.ttbits of gambling aud drinking
g lined such a uia itery over him that be
deseitd his fninily anil came Wett,
Ins wife soon dying ot a brosen heart.
He bus wandered over the Western
ttfct s aud 'territories, Mexico and
Atutraliaas a profsBPicnal gambler
ever eince. He was in Australia in
18S0 snd 1SSI for eighteen months, re
turning from thore with t.7.C0O.
With thi t-opitai tie openeu a iaro
baufc in J?.in l-rancisco, and was
busted in six weeks, in inm,
while in Memphis, Tenn, For
rest became impressed with the
idea of quiitinx his unlawful lile, but
the ties were to strong, and he went
back. About six moatbs ago he was
rnnninir a came in Parsons, Has., and
one night, while dealing, being then'
several hundred dollars ahead of tbe
game, he felt as thongh a
HAS determined to give to I'npila and
Sf uilonta of Mllnio, on anil after .Vlurcn
I, 18K6, tbe mine discount o.iumtU by Teach
ers, v-k: . .
Lii-bert i Smrk'i Piano Mfthod. Books I
and 2 Hetnil price, 3; Teai-hirs' price, t2.
Richardson 'a f-ew Mi-thod for l'iirof rte
Retail pric;, J.1 2i: 1 nitnliora' price, $2 25.
l'eten s Knlei-tie fiuuo .Vethod Hetttll
priee. H!S; Teai-bcra' iiriee, fi v5
Cri-m-r's Piano Htudie-, fdiled by llans
Ton Bulnw Kctatl prit-e, tl UI; 'Joacbera
price, 75e.
No Plus irilra Retail priee.ft: Toachera'
priro. fOc.
f telliii Vocalises, Ttnok 1 l'etail pr:oe,
$15n: Teachers' p'lce, TJo.
All roromn taitious at uat-imnu ori
recu'sr prices.
All fcheet Musio 0XE-UALF OFF niarkeal
ii .. iioLiE.ni:i5J,
229 Main St., Memphis, Tonn .
And :ili Main t., Little Ruck. Ark.
AT 1 Manual of
jr AiSr i 1 niciiLT
all diseases,
unci vj01.1
ed Fro.
trrr ot rarsroirii. ko. vrmn. wr
rerera, uongwaum, ioiiumHHnM .
Worrua. "Worm WormOolio... .ilj
rylnClte,orTelhiMofinlanU. .S
Diarrhea of Children or AdoHa.......
Uvs-ntery,ClrlriiurvBllliiaOoUo.. .S
rholera lVforbiui, omitina ....... .zra
t'ouaha. told, BronchiUa. .2S
Veuralula. Tootbanhe. FMwartie..
llradarhra. Hick Headaclia, Vertigo.. Jt
l)yspp.la. ililiooahtoadl.....M. Sq
Hunprcwi or Painful l-crtoaa.... 3
Cruup. Voa((h,l)iBoult BiMtthlD. Ja
Halt lincoin, l-.risipeia., r-rapuim. JJ
lllienniallsm. nueouuI rup......
Fcernd Aciip. tiliiUa,Jlalan... JkO
Wlioonina-roiiitriiolcntConalia-. tt
tirncral lli-lil 111 yvPhrnical Wli naia 11
KldlleV l)i-easr-..........M........... ..ait
llllspa.caor tlio urn ru nupiMM-ico-a jtty
Hold Ii? DniairW.. or sent pr tpnid on iwiiot of
riee. - H t s i-H a i.t H.DI u N f. . 1 j-yiio.nt.X.1.
Mkmi bis, Tni., March 4, 188fi.
rniiK firm of MURRAY A RIDUKLY,
X eompojed of A MURRAY nnd S. K.
RiDHKl.Y, oina business at 38 Miul'fon
street, is th's day dinolTed by mutual con
sent, A. MURRAY havinc sold bis entire
interest to S K. RIDOKLk in said concern
and retiring therefrom.
6. E. HlUiJhtA' amumes the liabilities of
tbe late concern, and Kill continue the
Tailoring and Importing Bnslnesa
at the eld stand in his own nsine.
A. WUrlKAl .
laid nri'ja his shoulder. W ing.
".Stop I' So impressed wss he wiih i
tbe thought that-it was tbe hand of 1
God. that be threw all his winninirs'
upon the table and exclaimed : "Kight
here I quit.'' He went to work the
next ihif exhorting tne drunkard and
fainl Ur to follow his example, and
ish bten in the ssnii good work ever
since. Jle held meetings for two
weeks in Ulawa'ha, Kas., and over
SOJtoo'c the pledge. This is but a
sample of his power for good.
In ret!i-in fr -in business I beg- to retura
thanks for the lila'al naironsjre eitcnded to
vnkRaV A RlUUKUY the past twontr
1" 1 1 I years, and bespeak for my late partner anal
uauu I auecnssnr a continuance el same.
Sheriff's Sale.
SI; A I. ED BIDS willbcreceiyedbTthann
dersianed Commissioners antil Mtch
Mtb, neat,, at S P.m.
f.,r an tmrt of Fiftf
'three Thousand Pollara (S&i.OOO) new bhelby
county six per cent, bonds, issuea in pay
ment of a like amount ot Memphis and Ohio
Railroad Bonds, maturing- April 1, 1b8. The
new bonds are issued under ibe aot of ism,
areot the denomination of IIHM eaeh, and
mature a. follows : f IS.t.W in MM. IliKta n In
18HH, f 111,000 iu 1D04, 110,000 to 1SH. and 1 .0,
OXHlin iai4-iterest payab.e semi-aj nually.
Rids can be addrewed to John Johnion,
chairman, indorsed "Bid for bhelhy County
tinn.ia " r.4 mu.t ha aocom oani'd ty a re
mittance of two per cent on the amount
bid lor. Bonds will be delivered U uccess
ful bidders on March Slst. The board re
e.rv the right to "jfy
R. 1. J.iHUAN.
I) i- SI.AUtilllEK.
Hoard of Kundini commissioners o, hhelby
I ounty. Tenn. , ,
Mkmi-his. Tbx.. March 2. 1W.
8011T11ERN LADY' To associa(e h-r-
r if with a remniti ible house and lep-
resent it in her own locality. Uocd falary
i,l,nrkiii.rir. Position permsnent. Refer
ences exchange!. HAY A PR'JTUKhS. W
Rarclay gtreet, Mew York.
1JY consent
f the parties. I will, on
Wdlaesdar. .Tlarcti lOlk. at 10
o clock a.m., at No. 4tfSi Ma'n street, sell
to the highest bidder, for cash, the entire
stock of ,lohn Delph A Co., consistini; ef
Mattresses, ii.xtures, etc. Msrc U, lHh.
Notice to Brickmakers.
SEALED proposals will be received at
Bolivar. Hardeman oounlv. Tenn.. un
til the 'Zid of MA Rim, IS;, at 12 o'clock m...
for the making of
a.ooe.ooo t :i.mi eeo h WD-qtiii:
gKI M,
to be used in the erection of the West Ten
nessee il spital for Insane. All brick are to
be m:idc aud burnd on hoapital grounds
ne'r Bolimr. By applying to Austin Miller,
Boli far. Tenn., bidders e-a procure araci&
cations and all nece sarr inf rmation..
Chairman of Building l ominitioe,
Boliva r, Tenn.
"Tj,RM ohoice yards of White Lspheras.
L' iioudans and 1-it Uau es. ("J per IS. My
stock ate Srst-cliisi-, and guaranteed to be aa
representi'd. I ship iu lit. lit bnakeU and in
sure sate arrival.
W. MWISK, Porroas City, Ark.
B57 Main Ntreet : MemnhiH, Tenn.
W- TVIlSi is not in our employ
u i. not aumbrised to collect an
y miiTO m ur account.

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