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Thursday. Pridiy and Ksturdsy, March 11,
U, 13, md Haturdey Matinee Ihe re pre
wnta: ive Iiistt Comedian,
Thursday sad Friday Ninhtiaul Saturday
Matiiee iSrst time In thil cut) fell AN t-SA-L
N, b-JJ. C. Botch and J. Ar
mor Knox (Texaj fittings). Without
Priest, R-d Coats or Proeesi Ferrari,
aaturdiy Nnht F- el Merd-n'e Romantic
irinii, THE Ibl.-II MINSTREL.
During boib playi Mr. Scanlaa will intro
duce ill hii lateit songs.
(.oaimeneinff Monday, March 15tb,
Stork th. r. Kl-a-walit,
( 17 and 19 Poplar 1 1.
Groceries, Feed. Dray. Uireess. Mule, Iron
8afe, rixtu-ei, Book,, Aceoun's, Etc.,
TbenJa, aarrk llih. nt luorluek.
A. M. STOOD A"D. Auctioneer.
la t Brilliant Repertoir..
Monday and Tuesday evening! and Saturday
"An Unequal Match."
Wedneidayand Thursday evenings,
l'lgpnalio" "' Oalatei.
Friday and Saturday evenings.
" A lie Com ry Utrl.
Th sale ef naU begins at Multerd'i Frl
day. March 12tb, at o'clock a.m. Partial
at a distance ean secure stats by telephone,
mail or telegram.
Admlni-lrator's Salt.
Orrici ot Foblic Adii.stbatok Shlbt)
Miariu. liiix., March , 1886. )
NOTICK li hereby given that I will, ai
administrator of tb. date o( Patrick
Kuper, deo-as-d, lell ut pabiio outcry, to
the ni,nel Diaaer, ior casu, oa
TneMtay, Marrb 14), IH8,
at 10 o clock a.m., in front or A. M. Mod
dard I auctinn-neuse on union trev. one
longing to said estate.
juiin Luaui c. ruore Ann r.
A. M. PTOUPAHU, Ancijonee...
Crosby's Dime Museum
2'i4 Mala St., Memphis.
W. B. CROSBY. -..Sole Proprietor
Week' ('enmraeiii March Sib.
BOY, THE ARMLES3 MAN, and other
human curio;.
And a Grand Olio of Fan and Fanoy.
.Ti WHITE COWS One with rope arouna
Zl head. 15 reward for their return to n.
B. BARTON, near Carve, Herr anno rnai.
BROWN MARE M U L E A boat niynn
old: longhair. Strayed on night of De-
eemb r 25tb, from Benjoatown
wnrd for her return to w
Lib.ral re
al. KELLY.
rnnlic Wiul. frnLharl front room!
JTV also, ether roams, with board. Day
eoardeneeomjaodoted alJluJborryj!t.
DOOM AND BOARD-Furnihed front
XV room. nril 8eo with rood board. Diy
eoarderi wanted 2 SKCON O I 1.
fum'.hed room, with
board, at 71! Madison itre t.
TJOuM Desirable
T0AKD With eicellent room,-
pj NICK Roouis, furnished or unfurni.bed,
I with or without board, at I.- maun'm ...
mwu Uraa ucturnifbod roini, with or
A. witbeut board, at tu Maditun etreet, cor
nor Tbiid
ST. JAMBS UOlifcE--Cor.te-nnaanaAi-amst.
Room and board V per week;
durhnrd. W n.
A Disappointed Politician Regius a
Bow Which May Result
in a Tragedy.
TjiARMS Sereral Ine farmi in Arkenaai
JJ and Miuiiaippi onrerj eaiy term and
towpriea. Addreai
n . j. wann.T, w.ropnt'. icon.
LACE PIS Sundy night, on Vance
treet, between Hernando and Causey,
lady a lace pin, tat witb turtuoiae ana
n.url. Finder will be lib, rally rewarded by
returning rao.e toVV 4. ALLhN, Appeal.
BRAC8LET At Leubrie'e Theater Wed
neaday afternoon, one gold bracelet
with an ornament on lop containing adia
inond. Fipder will bwrewa-ded a' Adania.
SETTER White and black letter bitcb t
buth ean blwk. Return to 1'. D. S., S
Vsdixm atrct. anil I ww yd.
C1IST:RN: Bui't and repaired and war
J ranted. Inventor oF the .Sanita-y Pat
lund C'en ent i'u up Contractor and brick
jayer, L Telephone K T1U 8. d'HBTNH.
LAW, .Vanneanutlotnmeroial No'ary
Public, C( ui mission or of Heeds and C.S,
Commisaloner, at the old office. No. 8 Madi
sonatrret. t'OLLKi'TlnNS a r-PEt'lALfY.
rpo HIRE Horse or mule to plow for three
I or four wcel J. p.. Appeal. .
YOUTII-An tntalligent youth In a retail
tore, well recommended and willing to
work. App'y from 1 to 2 p.m. nt ttfll Main (t.
BOi Colored office boy wanted at
CCDPANTS for rooms, or part of a nice
KJ bouse In Chelsea
He'erenccs ieiuired.
r. M.. this omco.
X property, at 8 per cent,
tear?' time. Addros
, oo one or more
L.. ean Appeal.
property, without removal. Address
- P. 0. Box 18.
0. Appeal office.
and see the ccle-
T 1VVI1 VTIfinV Ta i.nll
Jli brated Gypsy Clairvoyant, t 177 Third
street, near Poplar.
C10TTAGF Of three roams at the termi
J nut ef Elmwood street car line. Appiy
at .'16 Union street.
T00MH Furnished or nnfurnislied, at 118
J. V Second s'.rtet.
Melerencei rciiuircd.
-Two furnished rooms, snituMe
I V for offices or senta' sleeping rooms.
Cnll ct4l North Court street. ,
R00M8-8uitn of two rooms, unfurnished,
or one furnished room; will board par
ties if do'ired. Location best in the oity.
Family private. Address, with reference,
U. C.. Appeal nfln-
O 8 at ion. fifteen miles from Memphis, on
the L. and N.K. R.e ature and neat resi
dence. Address ' .
CIOTTAGE-Three rooms, cistern, at 2T7
J Georgia street. A' ply next room.
0G0OD 8T A V E-M A K E R8 Apply per
sonally or by letter o
G. W. i,KaKNA8D. Arkansas rlty. Ark.
OTUDKSTS To learn tclegTBPkr, at Tele
D grnrh S.-hnol. e.,r. Main ai d Poplar sts.
C"1(jTTAG E To rent a nottage or part of a
J house, with garden, in auburb. or coun
try, near railroad. Address, stating locn
ti.m and terms, H KMTEH. this o'lice.
SITUATION In a wall-paper and windotr
hude store as silcBiiiaa, parr or sbiide
hanger, by a young man who understands
tk.h,i,inn thiirnunhlv. Address C, Appeal
TTIOIITcash prices ialdlnr old end new
XX rEATHhlto. ' " 'lu' """"
CtOTtAGB-No. 4H Liulerdale. 7 roomi
in soed repair, good eistern ; S25 per
month. Aaply 'o No. 3iM Main street.
2-STO RY I rick Residence, 8 W. corner
Second aod Exchange sts.; in first-class
-repair; eight rooms. Apply on premises.
2 ROOMS Bn Inlte. Lee Block, third floor
front. Apply at No. 4 M adiyonst.
E9IRABLBS OFFlCE3-tore-rootn un
der Tenaeisee Club on South Court St.,
and four omoee on Second street opposite the
Cotton Kartange. Apply to
R. B. frjNOWDEN or
J. L. flOODLOK. M Madison st.
MUL-od farm mule, cheap,
at 1IO Ooart itrect.
-t rrvBOB ivn MTTT.K (inod horse and
IX male, very eheap. Apply at corner of
Third and Mill street,. Cbol'ee.
v-rrnK nnTTAflU Six rooms, ont-boild
iN inn. etc.. good neig"borhood. Part
cash, balance on ti no. On paved street.
Ad drew H. W., care AppcaUjgce.
lory frame h uo 111
TTOI'BE--The two-t
Caart at. i must be tuoved off the lot or
torn down by Arrii 1st.. Appiy w
M. 11. B AL't WIN, Archct.L:illlrcd ..t
lilURNITURE-Corrplef ? set of hooeVold
V lurniture, almost now, at a bsrgain to
oaih purcharerj mut. h o' I at onre. Aniily
' i.R BALDWIN. 24 Mali. t.
CijOK-Atihe .
j WestMjmp1uJIoJeJ,ATk.
QITUAtlON-By a strantier in i the jilys
D traveling sale-man accepted sbest of ret-etcne-
Kco.llre.s JJl.jMJdon.
A N HONEST iOINi MAM-l'or a lr
i. manent posit on. w ill an old established
firm, as their representee, in hii own SUte.
calurr to begin. 170 er inontli. Keterancea
14 liarebr .feet, N. V.
LAUY AG KN IS ror Mrs. Uaaipoeii s
New "Tilter"-a Tlltcr, Bust a. Hoop
ikirt and Underskirt combined. Uoori can
beremovol and skirt linndrird. Adiista
ble to any aiie. Vo y fashionable, and sella
for 12 to every well-Jroased ludy as toon n
shown. Agents double their money. A so,
a full line,.f now furnishing goods for ladies
andchiidren. .VllTcO.. '
4H West Randi.lph sUCJcagflJIll;
Jli niondenta for new business.. Position
permanent. Salary or commission. Write
A GENTS For th belt article ever pre
XVduced; costly outfit free; no iieddllng
and no money renuirad until salel are made
and goods delivered. For particular! end
terms a4dres N. M. Friedman A Co., Mar
tinsburg. Mo.
AGENTS In every lection of the country
for two New Bojka, just ready, brjcui.
TcRMSto men of exiwrience capable ol tlll
ing a large territory. , State experience, age
and territory wanted. tAS&JkLli it U.
(limited), K22 Broadway, N. V., and 40 Dear-
UOril H'lWfc, VH'V-,'
L3 AlKSMEN la every Sine in the ii Ion
O to represent a PAINT MANUFACTUR
ING KMABlilSUHI'.IH nav.ng eevorai
SrtuMi.Tisu) thalare popular ind easy sell
ing. Can Pi bandlod alone or in conntcti. n
with other goods. Address THE WM. B.
After the voted were counted yestnr
dnyind it Wtti known tta. Mr. Mike
McMahon, a saloon-keeper on Main
atreet, and a prominent riecorul Ward
politician, bad been defeated, there
was a general sensn o( diaappointment
among that gentleman's adherents
which was shared to a gmerons extent
by himself. Mr. McMahon, who is
raid to have been nnder the ii
fluenceof liquor, felt particularly in
censed apainct thoss who bad con
tributed to bis defeat, and in that num
ber singled out Mr. Dan O'Donnell,
engineer of the Coutt House, as a
special object of abuse. Mr. Mc
Mahon met Mr. O'Donnell in frott
of the Conrt-IIouee an I taxed
him with bavins helped to bring
about bis difiat. O'Donnell
did not deny the charge, but fought to
pacify McMahoa br the explanation
that as a Knights cf Labor he felt it
his duty to work for Mr. Hattenberg.
Mr. McMahon would not listen to any
explanations, and became fo abusive
in his lanaucee that Mr. O'Donnell
struck him, tiud McMahon fj 1 either
from the force of the blow or tie
cause of bis unsteady condition. Mr.
MuMahoa is R sut"t aud powerluily
built n'an.tand it is hardly probable
that O'Donnell cou'd have knocked
him down if he had been sober. Mc
Mahon ws picked np by bis friende,
and reiired lo bis saloon, where ne in'
formed his barkeeper, John Macoeco,
of what had oxurred. Monaaco put
on tin toil ana uar, arnieu utm
alf. and the two together re
turned to the scene of the previous
diiliculty, looking for O Donnell.
Thnv fiinnd him at the corner of Pop
lar and Main streets, in the doorwsy of
Good year's drug store, right under the
shadow of the Couit-Hnuae. As soon
as Monaaco raw O'Donnell he began
the attack, and struck him three pow
erful blows. McMahon also atvancea
in a threat mine manner. O'Donnell.
after recovering from the blows he
hid received, drew a bis, old-fashioned
Co'.t revolver, and before Sherifl Can
non, who was near by, could get to
him. fired at Monasco. Monaaco
staggered and fell. In the meaa
time McMahon had sot bis pis
tol out and was making for O'Donnell,
when Sherifl' Cannon threw bis aims
around him and arrested him. U i'on
nell seeing McMahon advancing rais
ed his arm ti snont at
him. but before he could tire
l.ia arms weie ninioned by a Mr.
Murray, whom Sheriff Cannon had
ca led to his assistance. The wounded
man ui taken to Walker's drugstore,
where his wounds were ex tmined by
Dr. WiUiiorl. The ball entered the
rio-ht shotililur. raneinc downwards
penetrated tho right lung and lodged
under the fUd. whence it was ex-
t lift tol hv the above named surgeon
After his wounds had been droesed
Monstci was convcyid in a carrisgnto
bis boarding-house, corner ol f rout anc
Exchangnttreets. His wonndisconsid
eted very eerious and probably fatal
At a kt hour laf-t night he was re
rorffld as resting au etlv. O'Djnnell
was taken before Justice Knew, who
oiide an investigu ion of the facts in
the nreflence of the Attorney-Ueneral
and releaeed the prisoner on $3000
bail, Meseis. W eatnerlord and ilam
mer appearing as bis sureties. The
shooting took place at about tiillO
o'clock p.m., and before 7:45 o'clock
p.m. Mr. O'Donnell was no longer
in custody. Mr. McMahon was
released soon after the shooting.
The wounded man has been
keenins bar for McMahon for some
time, and has the reputation of being
. 1 . If- Jk'ltnnnnll nn
a vougii cuaiuiuur. mi. j jsuuuu,,,
the other band, is described by all
who know him as a quiet, gentlemanly
and peaceably disposed man of excel
lent character and reputation. The
above facts are based upon the state
ments of reliable eye-witnesses of un
(uestionrtble veracity, and among
them Sheriff Cannon himself, who
was interviewed by an Appeal re
porter last night, and whose version
of the facts Is substantially the same
as the above.
I'll warrant they fall in the lap of no
wrinkly dame, though some awectsix-
year old may wear them home he
ooks as if he might be perverse
enough for that.
Mile. Rha will bf-gin a week's en-
gazemoDt Mt aday oiKht with An L'n
trjual MaUk. Tfce New OrUans Tim$
Democrat in a ifcceut notice says: "An
other very larj-e ard Uhhinoahle au
dience greeted Mile. Klua at the ti an-1
Opera-Uouse last niglit, and it is quite
rafe to say thai Ait t nnal Match fur-
Dished the most eDjoyoie enieiuin
ment of the week. "Hester Orax."
brooke," pewsnated by any talented
and beautiful actress must always
prove a very lovable and interesting
character, but Klifa inveeta it with
deptb ana intensity oi wnicn
it has never tefore betn
suspected. It is absolute realism from
first to last, but it is not ton aione mat
makes Rhea'a interpretation so pre
eminent. The country girl of the first
act is something so natural, so pare
and sweet, so earnest and impulsive,
that ahe cannot but arou-e the warm
est sympathies of the audience. no
that witnesses the simple tarnettnesa
with which she confesses a love tnat
is more than life tj her; and tier
childless rapture over the pic
ture of domestic happiness that
she paints fr her lover, could
for a moment associate these wan
one of the moat conoinniua e artists of
the pretcot d.ty ? This is rot merely
"tbBt art whicD concta s an an, out
an art that for the time absolutely ob
literates nil thoughts of art. Iu the
second act no one could help feeling
the wa-meot sympathy for the youog
wif in her sorrows, while in the third
act it wai very eay and natural that
no one should fail to Uiorongniy enjoy
t'm triiimrilis of the bnlliant ami
fanhionab'e beauty. In brief, Khea's
"Hantpr Grazubroeke" carries every
thing before her from the rise of the
cut tain till iU tall. Ihe support was
admirable throughout.
f I'U f MfcN loeng and old. to bring
LUUU their Old Clothes to Kusenatein A
Bro. and bare thorn renovate!. Main
,i.t Irt .l-rerT.e.
MULLS A lot of One
chonp. at
W . V E'uL K A N'S Slahle, I'4 vmn st.
I I h.,rFcs ard mules
-.''7 and SS Peyton subdivision, north
I aide Oreenluw n'rc-e'. lor (file cheap lor
PLAN 1'ATION Ore of the most hiahly
improteil and richest plantations in
Phillips county, Aik , on railroad, miles
westof lie'ena; Si'fl a res of inch laMelnnd,
275 acres cultivated, will be sold with a large
ainouut of porsinally. For terms apply to
or A.J. MARTIN, 2' Vain st.
pieces ef property for sale 42 and 41
Pontotoo itreet eitetided. Apply to Iter. J.
W. Knott, eorner of Marley avenue an 1 the
New Raleigh rowi. This property will be
sold cheap
Creabr 'a Dime Jluaenm.
Th naif irmance of Demonio is one
of the mot startling ever presented in
public. The aitiet is a handsome,
well-built man witn a ueciueuiy
Mepbistophelian air. Attired in I
mnil ii val costume, his act is as im
Dresaive a it is daring. It is not often
that a man has the nerve to bite at the
nnrl nf a rod-hot bar and actually break
a piece off. Another courageous feat
I, that of taking into his mouth
spoonful of molten lead and spitting
nut. a arca bullet. Pitiless ytoiurr
ful is the drinking a ladle full of to 1
ina oil. which actually causes steam to
ariaA an it hirses into his mouth. De-
mnnio ia bv no means Ihe first pro
fouainnul ' tire-eater" or the only one.
but he is certainly greatly superior
to all othera who have appeared either
in this or other cities, and does lome
nntirnlv nricinal feats.
A telegram appeared a few days ago
in one of the haling Ht. Louis dailies
giving the dimensions of a pnir ol
ulinPH nml n pair of slippers which
vara iriH In for Miss Mills in New
York. It appears that the ball of each
la t -pntv-ttio inc'hrs around, the ill-
Btep is t wenty-two inches, the heel is
twenty-five inches and the ankle
twenty iuchos. The cobI of ohoea and
allnnfcra waa J70 MiFStatinie
thn rirou,! wearer of the No. liO's will
ho nt Mm Munptim on the 12th prox
Imn Thn Shadowi-ruoh of the ViC'
trnlliR in the theatorium this week
has found a hott of admirers. It
nine thing novel and very fanny.
H maw he remarked, en passant
that Mr. Crosby liai made good his
nrnmiaA to iinnrovu and enlarge hi
. . ; i.
piogramme witneacufcucceeuin. vtora,
Th fnivo-oinp will give proof, as TS'
gards the curio halls, of this fa t. In
the bijoit theater he has provided a
week of merriment, ine cmei lemure
is the Sbadowgm;ih, an amusing pan
tomime in white and b'usk, produced
by the Victorellis, who have for years
won popu'arity for their act in
large Northern cities. Fiank Ven
netta and llattie Adams pro
duce an extremely lunny act
called "Square for a Day." The Hu
Vrain cnildren, wno are anoweu to uo
the mo3t successful petite performers
on the stage, appear in song and
dance. Irish comedv and ballads will
be given by the famous Hheerans, who
have no superiors in tneir nue. m
would be impossible to mention all
the attractions ottered at the Museum
this wpek, but the above-mentioned
will afford a good idea ol wliai ine
management iustly claim is "a big
show for a dime."
X Ut
JullHi: ar HViana.. Ark. The reason
for selling, other interests require bis atten
tion. For further reference call or write to
H. BKUNER. lie'ena, Ark...
uated in one of the livest towns in the
South. Does a buainess of over IliflO per
month. Bar cm be added lo the business,
if desired. For torms, address
J;S. h.. Box l'2, Meridiai. Miss.
L'LES Some llrst-clsss mules for sale.
hofore purchasing elsewhere.
3rtr nnn bonds for sale This
l&yO.UUU bank will sell at PUBLIC
AUuTION.t tba highest bidder, for cash,
. .A..tk .t ...... f Mtin and Aladieon
treeta. on Wednesday. Slaroh lu, IS), at 12
ui., many ol fiO.OOu Pioneer Mill Mort
gata Bonds and pt-due Coupons as may be
necessary lo pay toe debt for which they aro
ni..(..ri Th--- fennda art do- Nove-i her 1.
Irt-t, and are iu denominations ' f (sT'Kl and
H'O), aud have semi-annual coupons at
tached, at the r' of 6 per cent, per annum.
X f.et water fro t, V. tcel ueep. for iuii
imormation a-ldre-ia MM. A. DEAN,
47 Legingtcc irreet, Baltimore, Md.
it J eash. or payable September J;. livio.
wiU,,oodKrlt, p.-,-,, ,
Raleigh P ke, IS. miles from Brick Church,
Chelsea! ireiNo. 1 land, house 6 rooms,
ervauti' bowel, itables, barns, cribs, dairy
.house, well and cistern; also, aj bushels
Corn, nay ,uu ivuurr, .. .,
asparagus beds, hot beds and sash, agricul
tural implements, household and kitchen
furniture cows, calves, horses, mules.
wagons and hemes. Apply on premises.
J, T. xJLKLlA.
HORSE A siife, reliable family buggy
hone one well knvwn to the citisens
of ilemvhis. Apyly at the 'jyi'"1
rriH! OLD HEN ISLAND In light of
X Memphis: '.) acres, of which about Ml
cleared and very rich laud. A bargain can
b, Mcured bya,.plic-nBtopRTAvttro
fIJL.NiSclKll oiAli, .UHlif lCATarw
L Ha eeirai1 i and all 'tna. to tha
Swcet Pickles, Etc.
Stii'' nl trait Tickled ran bpj.
Sluirml I'rult I'lrkled I'licniubera,
M Hired I rull Plcklol Peppfr.
Mnirixl 1'ralt Plrklvsl Mjuiop,
tilled aneet Ploklm,
rni A llMckwell'n 4 how.t how and
Mtxvll 'lkla,
Plain t'acumber Plcklrs by lliegall.
UthT hrnacl f Plain and Bl
PtrklSM let mass tana ssutrn.
Corner Second and Peale Sty.
AaK Tt ATTKSTIlsSI to the
assortment ol samples for Spring and
Hummer wear, which 1 have just rs-eivea
from tho Clclhing -oraer uennmeni oi
Tki. hn.' Anaa the ' largest Mall-Order
Clothing Busineaa in the world. Pionoer in
working out the idea, it has won 1 great luo
oesi bysornpulouieare in filling Ihe orders
of unseen codomrs.
Tk- n a,nnt ...son marks a now era in
this depsrtment ot'lheir business, the mean
ingof which is even better service, execu
tive and inocbanieal. This, with the low
prices, large choi ie r.f materials, and imple
guarantee of complete satisfaction, should
give me a nni cia,m uu juui ui..
TI1QC4 llOtsl'li
Young & Brother,
HookscllPTS and Stationers
S18 Mafn Mi., Mrmpbl't.Tenn
wi.hini to Nrtlrc from Baielnfa
We oiler nr linui
Boiler Works.
XII El & McCABTHY.rropr's
140, 142, 1U Front, Memiihls.
in the Sovtn. s.nd h cniy oomplet
Boile' at.t (iiei-lr Wrki in losffl'J,
Mun.,rju-Rev . r heati rkiate lrav
work r ereii de rtptUin. Special
,,f(ni .I.wta ion worg.
XEAFN KSH-lts CAI SSS and CrilE.ty
A f.e0 who wai deaf twenly-eight real-,
e.at.d l.vmo.tof the noted ipecialUti of
A i f K kr...t OVKID HIHBII,r in
three months, and lince then hundred! of
n-h- hr 'Amt urnnesl. n Plain, simple ania
ancneulul home treatment. ddresl X. 0,
PAwE, US EattKth 6t-. Niw York t.if .,
The perfoimance tl Mact'flh eDiiou t.
the engagement of the celebrated
trngedienne Ft the Memphis Theater
latt night. It win witnessed by a fair
on.lir.nr-p. who were liberal iu their
cpplause, not only oi the efforts of
Mme. Janausctiek, unt oi Jiir. . v.
CliHiiin'a very creditnblo performance
of "Macbeth."
The aSove is the name of the play
hii-h Mr. Scan'nn wil present tO'
night. The New York amu-a thus
stH aks of it : "Khane-na-Lawn" is the
title of a new Irish play by Mesm.
lamin C. Vtnaoh and J.Armov Knox,
which was produced at trie reopie s
Thetter lait evening by Mr. W. S.
Bcjnlan and a company of acceptable
narfnrmnra. "Shane-Da Lawn" dillrrs
from the ordinary insn arauia, iu u n
! nlot does not binge upon, the
hriitalities of a heartless land
inrd cir his aent. ana mat
nn ait nmnt is made to anneal to na
tional prejudice in the dialogue. Not
one referenie to Koglish oppression or
Irish sufferings is made in the text,
and the applause which greeted the
petformance irom ine rue to tue nuai
nf the curtain aHorded ample evi
dence that this kind of claptrap is not
necessary to capture an audience. The
nn feature of the performance is
Scanlan, and he kept the house in a
nf lanohter for three hours last
ii,i A nmnhar nf innm are intro
. . 1 1 I 11 1. ..n.n,1 - n .1
QUCeu, BU 01 WU1CU vmru cuuu,
the ierf jrmanae can be recorded as a
genuine aacceaa.
NraailM,a 'Soai ! Mse Hntr."
The Boston Home Jmrnal says:
"There is nothing pleases an an
dience oo well as a little bit of some
thing not expected and but oi the
usual ran. For instance, Scaolan
sings in Shane na iAiwn at tue iou
this week, among otners oi urn vnry
sentimental Bongs, "The Hong of the
Uose," composed by himself, in which
be addresses himself to a cluster of
three red row tiken lovingly
from the lapel of his corduroy
cent. As be sings the last line
in his most caressing manner
and he is a crack one at sentiment
he kisses the flowers and tos'es them
over the footlights into the nudience,
not forgft'lng to follow tbera with a
lingering lock from his bonny Irish
eyes heaps ol the gins couiu ten you
what color they are sorry 1 can't.
Half the bouse rises to se who gets
them, and the other half cranes its
neck. 1 suppose the recipient goes
borne to dream t f him, for he always
throws them with exce lent care, and
Recalling' la the Death or Cliarifs
Davie, an Engineer on the Lit
tle Rot'k I!ai!rnad.
Mr. Charles Davis, an ecg'neer of a
switch engine belonging to the Mem
phis and Little Kick Hulroad Com
pany, met with a frightful accident
yeatrday, which resulted in his
death. It appears that Engineer
Davie, after hauling a freight ttain to
the fo3t of Market street it1-out 7:15
o'clock yesterday evening, started
with bis engine to the Navy-1 ard
after another train. After completing
what he had to do there he backed
bis engine tow aid Market street. Id
the b eautime, owing to some nnex-
Elained cause, probably defective
rakes, the freight train, which bad
been placed on a part of the t'ack
where the grade is downward, by some
means or other beg a a to move rapidly
in the direction of the backing
engine, gathering force in it
went. Mr. Davis, nncouscions
of his danger, stood at his engine with
his lack to the coaiinj ttain, and be
fore he could rave himself there was a
fearful col Uion, acranli and a wrecked
engine, with Mr. Davis a reouins un
der. When rescued from under the
wreck it was fjnud that the unfortu
nate man's legs were manned to a
lly.v Tender bands toaveyed bun to
hi-t hi-jiin on Adams street und Dr.
Will flird was summoned, but medical
aid was unavailing and before 8 o'clock
nt night he had Fx-plred, alter suiiitr-
ing great sginy. ine ucceaseu wis
but tweiity-oix years of age and bore a
good reputation.
S EH1 1 Ft
mamiXjUh oi" panov sninTiiao.
With ielf-M.asu'ln. Cards, lent by mail en application. You ean hare a rew set nf Eblrte
made bysendUg us nn old one tw measure by, WRITE FOR UL'R PRICKS.
F CAWPH-..!..
Jl LlS K07.la.lt.
Memphis Steam Laundry,
Wi hart th Lalut imi roved Troy Laundry Cumaany'i Machinery.
C OM. A H, CCFF8 and SIIIBTS I.aandrtMl Fual ( New.
MnarlRlrate ol the Flllh 4 lvll
IslKlrlrl-Piill Ks-lnrna.
The election for Magistrate of the
Fifth Civil District resulted in the re
turn of Henry Duttenbetg by a pin-
oiitw nf 1S7 vnlee over Mike Me
Mahon. The following is the total
number cf v.dea catt for the respective
candiila'es: Bnttenberg, 804 ; Mc
Mahon, til? ; Collinn, 47.
The following are the returns by
First Watd McMahon, 10; Dut
tenberg, ItiO; Collins, 1.
Second Ward McMahon, 2U;But
tenberg, U7; Collins, (J.
Third Ward Mc vf ahon, tin ; Butten
berg, 211 ; Collins, 21 ; scattering, 1.
Kighth Ward McMahon, 78; But
teDberg, 215; Collins, 17.
Big Springs McMahon, li;Butten
berg, :U j Collins, 2.
Tot -McMahon, 617 ; Buttenherg,
804; Collins, 47. ..,.
The election passed off quietly, but
resulted in a tragedy, full particulars
of which will be found in another
column. Mr. Buttenberg, the success
ful candidate, is a well-known citir-en
of Aastrian origin, and prominently
identified with the Knights of Labor,
who contributed materially to his suc
cess. He bf a-s a good reputation for
boneftv, tobriety and good judgment,
and will, in all probability, make a
satisfactory magistrate.
Hla Explanation mt the rhara nt
Tun Crown Trinco of Portugal and
the Princess Amelia of Orleans will be
married in the Forlueal Ajuda
Palate on the banka ol the Tagua.
This palace ia a square, severe-looking
building standing on a hill, com mind
ing a superb view ol the Lisbon
harbor, and ia surrounded by exquisi
Mrs. Miu.kr. mother of Joaquin
Miller, who two ytara ago married a
youth of twenty years and was de-
seit d bv him. obtained a divorce at
the last term ol the court, un rriuay
ahe was married again at Kugene, Lane
county, Cal.. the groom being a young
man named Kline, the ceremony
was pei formed by a i notice of the
Mmk. Patti was not altogether a hiic
ceaa in Paris this winter. Her dresses,
in which pronounced and glaring colors
jnrred upon each other, offended the
Purlflian evo. The price (f sotti wos
enormous, and, though reduced nt last
marly one-hall, the audiences were
not largn, and instead of (ho old-time
brilliancy of costumes half the ladies
were in street dressee, put on for a
rainy dav. All this made Patti exhibit
very marked signs of uorvouEiiene, a
thing UMiieuul in her.
Mits. Ki.i.a KiNi.cc-K of Philadelphia,
who vef t irdav celebrated her ninetieth
birthday anniversary, is the mother of
Mrs. John Drew, the well known
actreaa and thealer manager. rJlie
ukbiI t i be esteemed one of the most
hnnntifiil women on the stage and one
of the bent ballad fir, gets, and though
after Ultv vt ars of tirofejsioral work
she has lived in retirement more than
thiitv years, she (till takes a kern
n nrest in t lea'riciu aUHira. ana mien
attends performances at her daughtei's
"Finis girl. Miss Moneybnge."
"Got a pot of money."
"Why don't yon try a shy at her?"
"tSball. when she gets ttreu oi an
vnll frilhllSTM."
"But tiinnoM) she fancies one of
oh?" .
'Win cawnt. dear chap, she cawnt,
She's been pweseuted to me." Town
Elua 1Iabvv, an old pensioner of
Tr nnv Church, rittsburg. who niea
lafelv. was sunnosed to be penniless,
but it was found that she bad tltXIO in
the Dollar Savings Bank. Her only
inn. lust before going to the war, pur
chased for bis mother 100 bushels of
coal. She received word that her ion
wai killed In one of ihe first battles c
the rebellion, l'rom that moment Hi
would not burn any of Ihe coal, even
in the mo3t severe weather, but
guarded it religiously in the cellar to
the (tar of her death.
"(Ink of the mobt noticeable if
women vifiiiing on Friday," says a
Wf shintTton correspondent of Iho Chi
cago Tribum, 'was Mrs. Jr'dtt Benton
Vrctnnn:. Fihc had with lir her son,
Francis Preston Fremont, nnil LIS
wife. MrB. I'lemont. although i it
ing Homewliat older than when sho
w8 Iks: in Waehinttrin two nr three
yntrs n has It st none t f her energy
or decision o! character. She has a
strong fare, her head a little large,
perbups, for her figure, which is eiiiy
of the medium bight. Her features
are net quite regular, though they are
smell. Her nose lias a suspicion ol the
Koman curve in It, just enough to
lend firmness to her expression. Her
hair is peifectly white, ual very soil
and fine. She dreBsea very plainly,
wearing black cloth made Plain, with
black cloth coat and bonnet. '
fagw Bwr:7trT' j'"t!i .nil
rftf hirthn attWi'v f Aril tenMpw tk$
mramffmrnt for ail tb Monthly iju tt
(ri Annuel pai 0 ' AoHitwiiiti Sfn( atiiiry
( ompany, ami r prron muni; ana conini
(A -r-i9 tkemthett and (Vil th am
ar4 rnnJuct hvnetyt fnim ami in
good faitk toward all t rr-. and w nuihnrw
th AiMiiiy to thi Aritf.iara, Kith Jan
bmhUm a? - nVndir attacked in i nd-MrCittWtmli.'
rj 1 ii'Vi ... ; "'1111
f. Ihf naefenuaenl, Sank naot Ritaaws,
mil pay all fc atraiea tn Ta. Louutatul
Sal lAtttrtn trlieaMiig o. wrweaira ear
J. II OMLKNIIT.Prea. tA. Hnl'l Bank.
H. II. HEN M EOT, Prea. WlateNnl'l Hk
A. IIALUWIN, Pres. W, Hal. Ilk
Over If iilf a Million Distributed.
Louisiana State Lottery Co.
Incorporated In lMWfor twenty-five yeari
by the beiislnture lor hdueetmnai ana
CnariUblo porposes with a capital of II,-
Wwl.lNXt tr which a reserve lund ol overa'OU,-
ml ba since oeen noumi.
Uy an overwnonuing poiumr vi n.
rr.nn'nt.. wa. u.adeaiart ol the present State
Oonititutlor, adopted December ii, A.D.
ll'a Urn ixl Single Kimilu-r lraw.
n nlll mhe lilitcei ninnllily. I never
' cc ti.u'ponc. Uooa at Ul. loliownig
Exlraordlimry (Quarterly Drawing
In the Academy of Music, New Orleans,
''.Mint, narrli III. Isi.
Under the pereanul supervision and man
agement ol
Uen.ll.T, lleau reanrd.of Lniilsnlna, and
Urn. J una! A. Kutljr.ol Virginia.
Capital Prize, $150,000.
srNOTK'K-Tickots are Ten
iii. Uiilves.an. Fifths
lentils, Bl.
1 Capital 1'rite of 1 Mi,ii
1 Grand Prise of M,i"l
1 Grand Prise uf i,ml
i l.arK Prises of HM
4 Lnr.rc Prliea uf. fi.issl
ill Prize! of. l.'""
Nl Prises of. - ")
llll Prises of. l
s) Prises of.
MSI Prises of. ItU
lutW Prises of. - '
crrRiixiHiTiiig rnizhs.
100 Approtiiuallon Prises of Ji
l(l Approii.niitl.in Prises of Jill
lial Approaluialion Prises ol id
n.ei. !!-. amnttntlna tn
Application tor rate lo cluba should ba
mad. only to the onVe of tbe Company in
New Orleans. , ,
Pnr further laformatlon write clearly,
girln full address. PONTAI. lillTEs.. Kg
preai Money Orders, or New iork kichange
In ordinary letter. Currency by Eipress tall
turns ol to ana upwara at our eapeosei,
addressed . A. OA I PM I N,
Jw llrlfssna, la.
Or M. A. rtAI PHIW.
WBhlnarlon O. i ..
or at a rVnsil l ourl Nl., Meiupbla, Ten
Make P. O. Money Orders payable.
nil aihlreas Kegmli reil l.ellersto
ajew rlH. s n
For fifUenyears they hare steadily gained
In lavur, and witb sales constantly iiiorea
Ing hare become the moat popular CorseU
throughout the Untied Stales.
The W quality Is waaaaNriD to w Twirm
AI I.OKO aa ordinary Ciiaaiis. W bar
lately inlrodnced the U and at II grade
with 'IviTu Loan Waist, and ean lurniik
them when preferred,
liighMt awardi fiom all the World's
great Ka-irs. The last medal received Is for
First loflaaa or MiniT, from the late Ki po
sition held at New Orleans. While scores of
patenu ha been b und worthless, the prin
ciples of tbe uloTe-l'itting have proved in
valuable. 11. tailors sr. iiutViorlt.d tn refund money,
II. en examination, tbeee Cornets do not
prove aa represented. I'or aulas every
n Iter.
r.laloaaea freeon mnnllrsttlnn.
1 lioniMiiii, Langdon X. Co., ISew York
817 ami 8i tst inn K.
a..: ..."
.. .Ml.lSSI
.. ai,s)
.. il,ISS)
.. ,ISI
.. as.ooo
.. :n,i"SI
., 40,1x10
.. nll.UOII
.. 2H,(SI0
.. 1U.ISI0
N. Second St. jT ,
SAcnmim o 'flJB,'
woodorkiji MACHINERY
jaso, ai. . ni, page .si,
unction, to the hirhest
ha 1 lera and Master'!
office, Court-houao ol Mielby oounty, Mem
phis, lunn , un
:th day uf JanU'rv,
I will sell, at public I
ildder, in front of th
, Marrb IS, IN,
, the following described
In fbelby county, ienn..
Mr. J. R. Smith, charged witb iteal
ing a watch at Gates, lenn., called at
the Appkal othce last night ana made
tbe following explanation : It appears
that until recently Mr. Smith bas
honn a residsnt of Gates. Tenn., where
he was engaged in the business of re
nairimr. watches. Among other
waii-hoa intrusted to him was one be
longing to Capt, Frier of that neigh"
borbood. On the 1st of February Mr.
Smith removed to this city, where he
aian ngagd in repairing watches,
Previous to his depiture Irom Gates
he intrusted Cupl. F'razier's watch to
a person who called for it in Fraitier a
name. Frizier never received the
watch, and swore out a warrant
noainst Smith. Smith returned to
(tales in custody of an officer, gave
Capt. Fre.iT another watch in place
of the one lost, and the caee was dis
missed. 'Vfhile Mr. Smith has evi
deritly b?erj gnilty ol gross negligence
it does not kppear that any criminality
at'ache3 to his conduct in the matter.
A lard I'rwsn I'ntUberl. Uja.
Tkl. 1. tn Metifv thu.t I iiad Dr. Mozler'l
Lemon Elixir ,or neuralgia of the hoad and
eyes with the most marked benefit ti my
ui kUAlih I would i,lu.rllr have naid
Las) for tbe relief It bas given ine at a cost of
2 or l. H.A.11EALL,
Clerk Hup. Court, Randolph Co
l.rninn Hot Irrana
Cures all Coughi. Colds, Hoarseness, ho-e
Thro.it. Droncbltis, Pneumonia and all
1'hrn.t and l.nnr Di,easas. exoont Conaum
tion, which due 'sn it palliates ana greauy
relieves. Price 2A cent'. ... ,.
Lemon E iiirand Lemon Hot Drops lold
by all leading drugeiits. Prepared by U.
Motley. M.D.. AtlanU. Ga.
. . 1
Gentlemen's S"( A Electrio
BELT. J'n" Buipeniory.
Tollio.lck and deldlllalM wlol cannot Ond re
lief in til. old In willoln nuius iilraicv
wa wl.b to lini.r. Hie lacl Ibal lb," ) '"ST ""i
wniri, in ine wurm r. i i.i.i- ...-.- , lL- I
atiora uut .how. the lut.-t lii.eulluli I". a" r !'w' I
lb.lt, and arat liulro,em.nt on anyll'log
wusol allt now mala. Ilia In tH theerowa
ii.g triumph In the wondarlul Klweirio Holenoja
Hoon m H-lt ia cb'ue.l, the curmiit I '""W"'
fall bj wr.r. Thi. Mwirle H-ll l f PlW lln a
Mwandwrl-ntlllo manner, In'u.lna lb. .I"
carrant InUithe .pinel ooluain.wlilrb i,lh. wnw
of all th. narr-a of the anil r .lem, and wlinoaaa
pol. on the aluloni-n or other weak .part or ooilr.
and lh.o0i.roo tb. back, paaalni th. Klaotrielt
throaahthabodr.lwmiaiitlna avary ur, loa
and mmll In It. .Ii.riainlna lb. a)itll,M;"l.tlu
illon, purl f, In j the blood, eqiialliing lb. clr
eulatl.n.la fact, rein.laorntlng the anlirw .rateaa
to a heallhj. normal oond illon lbrlclly, roeouu
Ir, ). It will lawltlvelr cure nenroiai Uahlllll
fain. In the li, hl oe inch., Lunibaaw, lllw
msll.m, Nurlla.Mi llla.KMn,.l.iar or Hla
drOomplalut, lrlP"l. ctaiual lAeokne... I liwa.
Ac. ttlimlrioHii.peniory for men fr, with aviirr
Helt. Prieeonllliarr Hell. H'li Uoulilw Pow.r,lfll
Whole family oan w,r num. Iielt. Th are lullf
warranUd. Not. a few Ul euraa
O. B. Porter, at. Louli, Mo., sayst
"I anBered a nnrolier of imara wllh piirllalParalr
.U il.ni.ri.1 Ilehtlio. Ac. and eoo'd hiinl'rilnMI
aarM.ll along. Your Heh ,-.,r.l me. I feel .1) raura
yoana-r. I rear.l rour Hul . Ihe (iri.ie mra
tlv.al.ntia the world. "rl. I. polllHl,WuPlaafc
Nervous Debility Cured.
"For jear. bore heea tro.ihld with Norvona Dee
bllity, Paina In Una, M,.iMfco. lhpuhtona
. . i,i, . ........ k. i.i. ami am nnav
ahoutaaier.itf mi.iI hei.,iii, w ever .and cbwarfully
rwcoo.iiienil tour lii p'iic"-. ' .....
J A KM rft' a Mil i KY. aio Murgna St., ttt, Lou la,
N. T. Plummer, Klixln, HI. aaya I
MVimrllelt not only n-trl becllh to ml kid-
era, hat grmllr beneille.! Ill, I'.e.ilih iie"eially.
II. T, I'LliMYlhU, (.'airliwa Maniifaolurw.
v.-k" mil Ht;la of Office l.llirary
- - -"-1 Dciki. Table, Chairs,
lFZi?fiff Book Caiei, Lounges,
PriwM (luaranteed. Calaloa
tee. Poataaw sc. No petal
This BELT or Ha
gene tcr la tnauoex-
premy :o the ur
r Hk CHCEV! Vi ol deeneratioi of
er,o,e"r'f.Vil' generative Vt
V r..WrIC.:7ga.. There la no
is ' ret ' . . -w mlstkesbo thisln
, ' etrnment the ouD-
a ",'' vl!l,'l'a ,trTm
M r" Kl Pl I I mcinAbrlurh Tba
lllLlXVvJ' Li ilk. I parte urns reetora
Do not cinlound
Delia advertised to cure
It i. for ine u a
,-FAhMlut.ly CdtmJ tn aOloW'il.ja
Or Pierce I'.t aHrn-'w l.'afc
'TY1I W.rrantMliiNI.V S.LeiTBHJ
Tarae ui worl Entirely diffcient fruiil
r. r.rtrt B-lainer, woca nifiil or
iMlcinilurt CurrilttiefarrKiu, Or J.
I V. ainlhundmlinthrn. Pamo- frue
MACKtTIt llM. TIUSI CO. 312 N. 61b at SU Louie.
Non-Resldent Notice.
No. &04K, R.D. In the.Chaneery Court of
rlhelby oounty, Tens. C. T. Quiutald.
Trustee, vs. VV. F. Uei'hman nt al.
It ajiiearing from a-iiended bill sworn tn
In, this eauen that the defendant, James
Martin Ileattinan. is a resident of Sunflower
county, citato of M'ssissippi, and a non-resident
of the Htate of Tennessee:
It ii therefore ordered. That he make
hie appearance herein, at the courlhouie
ol rlhelby counlyi in Memphis, Tonn., on or
before tbe first Monday in April, lHHo,
and plead, answer or demur to complainant
bill, or the lame. will be taken for eonfei led
as to him and let for hearing ex parte;
and that a copy of this order be published
once a week, for four successive weeks, In tho
Memphis Ap aul. This Eebruaiy IS, 1SH5.
A copy at'est :
8. I. Bieouw hbii, lien ana masier.
By H. F. W alsh, Deputy Clerk aud Master, t
11, U. Trctevant,tol for compi'al, Irl I
J. P. atrong, Brmriton. in. anyei
Money would not liu in. Hell,'
J. W. Jeftry, Caahleir N. tudlriBtoc) Co.
24 I. Water atreet , ChloiiRO auya i
"1 waa deliahlfnlly .un-rli-d wllh the l-rj"";
anceof the Hell. Aflr four week. I wn. entlrwll
relieved of a aann ail. kof peretonlO", ana
tlthnta lb. imuiplet cure lo lh. Helt.
It -hould le. rem.n.liered I hat the cora oar
wonderful llella lrfnrm I. afl.r erbif
haa fulled, tlrerwh. Iinlna reference furnlhijl
The New York Wcek'y Star
The Memphis Weekly Appeal
Hill be- nrnl-l.rn aubwrlbrrw nt
Ml per year. Tbe TH la unb.
ll.lM-d In li:.Hj. " "u, r'
Pdlilona. by Win. lorl lm r. Hie
Hr-hly I" nl-elHi altcru-puae
No. o2l, R. V. Chauoery Court of Shelby
Counly-State of Tennessee vs. W. A. Cola
BY virtue of an Interlocutory decree for
sale, entored in the aboveeauae on the
within legal houi
property, situated
The west part uf lnl21!, fronting 21 foet '
inchuaon ibe north aide ot Mmllson street,
northeast corner ol alUiyea.tot Main ilinet,
and running back 74' frai. Hold a prop
urty ol II. L. IlnnWoy and o'her.
Li.t.VVland part ,if ' it, in lot 47, fronting
HO fret on the im-ib ude of Court street aud
tunning be lis'., loot in diptli. tjjld aa
pmpel ty of nine partie". i
Jiriiia ol HilnMll ft credit of six n OB "S. I
.. . .. i ;. ....... i will. ....nniv. e- ?
iiirrd: licii ri'i'un di rcdoii plioft ba.reil.
'Ibis l''eliro,.ry 17. isni.
M. . Mi niil l-.I.L, t lcra and Mailer.
Ilr .1. M. Il-i.l'rv, itepuir C and M.
V. II. A l'. IV. Iioi.krli, "d. th
ta-. a'Ai a au - a, NllW trtf. I "ill I TUl 'il C Ml II I tiki lH
i K-V.'T.' j"-,1! t.iiMiit t'vur im imt-'l, now rttiuty.
If-?;. J.!f.. '".';? i't tvt'ritMiiii4uvt'ri.t Now.OriuU
i-rji: " I Ladlci'FincrDeski.fca
ff l1 tnet Omida aiwl iaiwi
tbena M Ue.vltii'
tnia with Kiectr'c
-il ill. fM.n. hati Ut foa.
IKCirifl piniKjae. For circulars giving fu l
nformalticn, aeld-aea Cheever LI.ct.-icB.lt
Co.. I'M Waanlnrli'Tl street. l'i.ie . I"
Manhood Restored
kt.u. I. i.i i.- .A . ..iLHIiiif vmiio fill 1 :c. ITlincnce
cau.mg 1'ren.alure Decay, h.-rous Dehility,
rem-dy.liae.li&iov.ired e. iU'len c.n.of i"-i'-cnr I
wliKh l,.;llei . i III L i )hi. fo-ow-.ilTermf
ir. liel I
knowa I
Trimlw" Null. j
I T NJlhll'. aud by virtue of acer'aiii deedj
t I ol nun eecB!d uci.,iiero. ion, ..y
H M . aud Mry II laKcc, of ie.;nrd in W
.1,', li, . fs "Pi" f -" lua"
i. ii..... o. tut. on l ,se ,S7, nnd en older
,u v -- - . t .L.ll....,iin v. ,
..c tn- i:halierr v-iui-t "i r ""'V -
.. . I'L . .. v
Ilia voei';", - - .-j-,,. it u 'tn
lenn , cliUr.d on-.viwr r.'. Ji"- t.w. i,
,,; n '.), iu .ua oi U, .K.Hi".-a v..X.
I If i. co et ai No H . Ii- D.- 'lctau
ha'vina Iw-ii nn.de in the payment ot the lj
drhtoJi " soi arcd th.-cu" icr, ai.d al tba
t,k jts! if tbe bene . ijry. 1 ill, u
Thnrwlay, slay r Marrb.
all i m., tell to the highest hi Jder, for eiteb !
at puldie oulory. i Iront of " y omce. r
.Madiion . reel. Met ph s, Tenn. ,, tbe ro
loam described real ctate situaUd in tbl
by rounty. Tenu . to-wit: Being part lo ,
No 4, u thi subdivi.ioa of the lands of tb.
estate of Bcmamin Duncan, deceased, an '
boeiidod as f.dl.-ws: llcginningatast.kei
the aouih line of the oriainal tract W chain
4 links east from tne a.iuihwost eorner .
sa'd iracH thence east is cea ns S links to
stake; tbene north .til. 24 chaini teaaiaie
thence wa-t hii'l cbiiin" to a stako: Inetio.
south :vi.is chains to t!.e beginning, cot. lam
irg'BltytW) aciei, excel t ibout -S acres i ,
Ihe tbive tract eontrytd by Durran -Henry
Will ami by deed dated June l. Is
to which reference ii nude lor full decern
tion by rciles and b unds , leaving about .
ecreilobe sold, t he equity ut re.len pti1
ami right of repurchs.i. waived. Thetitiet,
said Nnd is auppnsed to be good, but I bu
sell and convey only as Iru-iee tbet wa ;
rauty. Th.l Fobroars si.
TayUr Jk Cirroll.'AtU-rueys.
r -Jt.:

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