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lportt Cptre at Chicago
ea Held fur M order.
CnicAoa, March lO.-The police made
n rrBt yt'Bterday wnicn rfsuueu iu
' tbe finding of n unexpected treat ti'e,
nd will probably led to important
developments. For some time past
tbey bad be n looking for one Jamea
Kyan, who is described as a variety
actor, petty thief, etc Yesterday
evening he was arrested as ho was
leaving a pawn 6hop, in company with
a well dressed young man, who aaid
his name wS'CrarleaF. Monell. Bo'.h
men were Uken to the Harrison street
station and searched. Netting of
note wai fonnd on Kyan. M onell had
a new told wat:'h in hia pocket, and
exhibited anch marked aigna of un
eaaineso over the aearching process
that be was lit;rally stripped lo the
akin. For defence againat the incle
rnent weather he wore three under
shirts, and between two of them ral
secured a pouch containing !83 In gold
coin. Alter removing sJl of Moncll'a
clothing, the officer found (led around
his body a small sack made of a silk
handkeichief, which was filled with a
rich ht of diemondF, sapphires and
other precious atones. Home of these
gems were set in new gold band', but
most of them were loose. When
ajked to explain how thee valuables
came into his possession, Monell made
several contradictory BUtements. First
he claimed to have bought them in
New York, then he said he was an
actor and had purchased them at va
rious times from brother profei-sionals
who wtra in hard luck, and finally
that he secured them at a bargain in
San Francifcs from man who had
jost arrived from AnstrsPa. Tbe
police found that Monell had pawned
a new gold chain worth $30 for $".
From this and the fact that these Uing
of the jewels found on Mouell's per
son were new, the police argue that
the whole lot was stolen from some
jewelry store. Several dealers in pre
cious f tones were called in to appraise
the "find," and planed tlie valuo at
$:t5C0 to $401)0. Monell is about
twenty-seven years old, wears a small
dark mutiUche end uses hiu tongue
with remarknble fluency. Bjth men
have been held to await the result of
an investigation, which Will be insti
tuted. Triple LfKbtai at BIsomIm, lad.
(Shoals, Ikd., March 10. The noto
rious Archer gang, wha have been
confined In the coui.ty ja'l fir several
weeks rait, under the charge o! mur
der, expatiated their horrible crime a!
IK. h.nj. nl 1utoimtnO(l tvmtt " h
12 ;W s'clotk t3-nih. The raob
aarcbed quietly into town, and di
rectly to the jail, situated in West
bhoals. When the vl was reached
the keys were demanded, which were
refused. The sroiesman ordered
ihem to go in. The front door was
battered down and the iron cell doors
were treated likewise, Af er gaining
entrance a,d spending a short time
with the doomed men they were led
out in the midst of the moj and taken
to the court-yard adjoining the Jul.
But few words were exchanged dur
ing the entire peiforraance. Thay se
lected the trees on which they were to
be hanged, when the noose wai placed
on. their respective neckp, and aftor
exchanging a lew parting word con
cerning their crimes, as to which no
answer was received, the word was
given to haul up, and in a very few
moments tbe three lifele bodies of
John, Martin and Thomas Archer
could be seen suspended In mid air on
tbe beaatiful maple trees 'fronting the
court hone. The mob then quietly
disbanded, leaving their victims in the
position in which they met their
doom. In a few moments after the
mob had disporstd, the court was
filled with anxious parties seeking a
glimpse of their lifeless forme.
The people are wild with excitement.
Tke Prcllnr Murder.
St. Louis, March 10. An Importunt
factor of the evidence In the case of
II. M. Brooks, alias Maxwell, the al
leged murderer of Charles Arthur
Frellflr, has disappeared and diligent
search is being made for ii. The lost
link In the chain of evidence against
Brooks is the chamois money belt
which Preller wore about his body
just previous to his death, and which
was afterward found in one of Max
well'a trunks. The belt had becu cut
from the body nud the shape of the
incision corresponded exactly to the
shape of a pair of surgical gcii-sors also
found among Maxwell's possesoions.
All efforts (u recover the Ion article
have thus far been fruitless.
Balaed by Hprculmion and Women.
ViK.oc.NNas, Ind , March 10. An ex
amination ol the books, concluded
this afternoon, shows an approximate
shortage tjtaiust, County Treasurer
Holllugaworth of $.'8,278.13. Every
body is dumbfounded and mortified
at this gigantic expose, llollings
worth was a proepeious snd wealthy
firmer when he took possess-oa of the
Treasurer's office. W hat ho has dono
with this immense sum of money pus
sies everybody. The conjecture is that
it has been equ.mdortU in margin
ambling and in a woman .affair, over
which Hollingswo tu 1ms had one snit
in Oinrt. Ex County Treasurer W. W.
Berry has been installed in chutge of
the Tnaiurer's llbe.
Kle Nwouil llcu.r.
Dktrut, Mk-h., March 20. r. N.
Pitman, an employe ol O. W. Moore's,
insuraace ageucy ol thin city, was ar
rested last nlgui in K alamo mo, on
chant of embezzling J woo from the
New York Life losuuince Ccmn;ny.
Pitman came here itora Albany, N.Y.,
where, it is understood, ha was dis
charged on aecour.t of crookedness.
He will be held over until to morrow.
Held lof Munler.
Osagb Mission, Kab., March 10.
TheCoronei's jury coniplotod their
work yesterday in the Sells it.urder
ca, snd held vVil ie Selin to huswer
the charge rf raurdir. T:.e boy, who
is but sixteeu yens ol J, Hill stolidly
adheres to his itji-y, rela J Mon
day, but appearaucw are stion.ly
gainst hi ia.
Broil' r.luuliloB ( fatfi
Cod Livw Oil, whh ilypsnhoiphi'rs,
in Pulmonary AuVt'ons and tn.r. .fa
lous Diseases. Dr. Is M. La-ig. Sum
York, eayj: "1 hre prrtecriljed ilAX't
Emulsion aad uwd it i:i rav familv
and sm "rea'lv p' i '.' it. Uiv'
found it yery ne v.o. uulo m eV'-o'ulotts
ciaeasesand Pulmonary hiTeclions."
Priinl l'uwl by S.tt oral 3i.
PmsHuea, i'A., Mi. el, 0. Pa-u-rnonia
h- hecrn.-) m. at ib
Kewport. Vi A
itri tbe ifc.t iewr daw
nioro uianaaonn ridenid of t
uutoii7T i.av lu.lun vietiuij to )
iwfri, Biia jjUvsI'-'Uijaj altributa it
natnnl gas. One of them said: "I
have no donbt that natural gas is re
sponsible not only for pneumonia, bet
also for many other diseases of tbe
respiratory organs. It is a great con
venience, but as it is burned now the
grates are almost closed un, and no
provision made for ventilation. The
remit is, the atmoephere of the entire
house net only becomes very dry, but
is vitiated by tbe production of cpm
bnttion." Considerable sickness in
this c ty baa been traced to the same
ronrce, and quite a number of people
are talking of discontinuing tbe use
of gas.
the jjm hnom intkiintatk rex.
vr.vno k.mi.i tio.n.
A Ball Kevrnrit tm the latrrtt mt
Ibe Ueltre In ('lloa ia sttalrb
lb PUalrrallld Kotbbare.
lonBssaroxDixRS or tss ipfbal.!
Busttn's Btatiow, M. A C. R. R,
March 10. I propose in this to make
a few comments and to give a little
news. The resolutions of tbe Jacksoi
convention, advising the planters of
the South to plant less cotton and
more grain and grass, and their in
dorsement by the Memphis and Ht.
Loais Cotton Exchsnga". will not, I
think, faava the, desired effect, par
ticularly followed ai they are by an
advance in cot t do. A good many
planters think they see in this ready
indorsement by these exchanges of
the Jackson resolutions a disposition
to "bull" the cotton market. It is
believed that a gosd in -my of tbe
members of these exchanges are spec
ulators in cotton futures, aad this was
a move all sloDg the line to advance,
afier tbe ciop has mslnly passed out
of the hands of the planters, the price
in ordor that handsome profits might
be real z h! by those who had pur
chased cctton futures. One planter
says he was raised in Virginia near
the North Carolina line, and rays he
knows a gourd when he sees tbe
handle, and ihat in this ready indorse
ment of tiiese resolutions by the cotton
exchanges he sees the hnml n.
I d not think , Mr. -Cheatham's
"Planters Aid Ateociatinn" will work
well, for as soon a tbe "f irea collar"
is properly adjusted around tbe necks
of the borrowing planters, and the
members of the aseociation say to
them, "Yec, sir; we will furnish you,
but our a'ociatnn requires us to bind
you to a limited acreage in cotton,"
other planters who are not borrowers,
and who are not dependent on the
merchants for supplies, and there a'e
a good many such planters, will say,
"Well, the crop will be short. I'll put
all tbe capital I can command in a
cotton crop tbis year, and make a big
pile of money." The merchant mem
bers of the "Planters' Aid Associa
tion, Wu6 6wri (ert, twenty and thin?
plantations, will say. "Now is my time
to increase my wealth; all the capital
I have fnrmeilyused in advancing to
plnuters I'll now use in making cott m
for mysell." And the consequence
would be the outh would produce, if
the season was a good one. the largest
ciop of cotton ever raised. Bo Mr. C.
must get up some other plan, the one
ptoposed will not work to accomplish
to ends desired.
It. 1). Uodwyu hns been apaoittad
by the Agricultural Department at
Washington, statistical correspondent
for bhelby county, and he has sp-
fiointed as assistant correspondents,
)r. Tucker ol Lucy, H. L. Bradford of
Biiley, and W. 11. Nelson ol White
Haven. The Agr'cultuialDepaitment
at Washington appoints a ttatistiial
correspondent in every county in tbe
United States, and the correspondents
appoint, by instructions from the de-
S art men t at Washington, from two to
ve assistant correspondents, It is
from the reports of these correspond
ents that the reports published and
tent out from tbe department are
made up. Bo It will be seen that it is
very important and responsible po
sition, one that offers an opportunity
lor level-neaded Judgment and care
ful discrimination.
The candidates for county ofllceis
are around, cultivating the acquaint
ance of the dear people. Nat Lamas
ter has many friends, and will make
a good run for County Trustee. He
ns in the office with both Kuwlings
aud McUowan, and the tax-payers
know him ta be a co-npetent, polite
and accommodating official.
"Pop" Cannon 1b known by every
body, and everybody wants him for
t-ilieritl again. He ma le his start in
this, the Eightieth Distrhv, com
mencing at the lowest round of the
ladder, and has risen step bv s'eo un
til he has become one oi the best and
most popular officers in the county.
Judgo Ureer will get almost a solid
country vote for At.orney-General.
The people say he has been weighed
in the ta'ance and found solid agaimt
crime and evil-doers in every shape
and form. .
Dick Capers has served lonm and
faithfully as Deputy in the Clerk's
office of the Criminal Court. He is
familiar with the duties of tbe office,
from A to and the time has come
when he should be called to occupy
higher position. But I do not intend
to go through the entire lie. It would
occupy too much space in your already
weii uued paper.
The farmers in this neighborhood
are busy putting In oats, cbver, graea
and po'tatoss. One firmer - has al
ready pot In H ty atrjs in oats and
clover and thirty acrss in potatoes.
uuntyn is tne largest shipping point
for potato s in West Tennessee out
side of Memphis, 20,000 barrels being
about the annual shipment fioiu this
place. The rrop, however, will not be
60 large tbis yoir, ns nearly a 1 of the
potato planters kt money last year
ana are potnij e:cK, and will tins year
plant some cott n and go slow on po
tatoes. Next year they will verv like
ly be cotton sick. nONlYN.
Ilalk 1.1 Uilllarda.
tbe firBt section of a billiard match
here latt night in the presence of a
gfKHl sizsd audience, the conditions
a-e 31XK) points np in five nights' play,
(HO points per niuht. fourteen-inch
bi'k-line caroms. Bchaefer won the
bank, and chose the spot ball. He
seemed in bitter form than his op o
rent and held the lead throughout,
except for a momentat 353, when Vig-
iiiux pwpim uiui vj one poim ou ma
fitlAmnnf K.nr flrha far Af.0
avnrnge, Vignaux, 502; average,
'.'J 18 22. Time of game, 2 hours and
3"S minutes.
Jonlab llmii'i Iruabie.
Jomh Davie, North Middletown,
Ky., writes: "I am now usinit a bx
tSALV E npon as ulcer which, fir the
p .st ten d.tys, has given me great
piiq. This halve is the only remedy
I have f mil tlut has given me any
enae. My ulcer was caueed bv van-
costf veins, and was pronounced in
curable by my meoiosl advisers.
find, however, that HENRY'S CAR
UOLIO HALVE is eflecting a cure."
dc ware ci imiiauons.
To Regfeter Usder the Kew Elec
tion Law Their Demand
Chicago, li.i.., March 10. An inU r
csting feature of the regintrntioii under
the new city election law yesterday
was the attempt of several memlx-m of
the Knglewood Women's Suffrage
Assoeiation and the Woman's Kinlitu
Club to have thuir names entered
upon tho bookH in order that they
iiiijjlit vote idection dny. The first at
tempt was mudd by Mish lr. Adeline
A. Rowe, in romjiany with Miw lius
sett, wventy-six years old, who had
voted in Minneapolis and Massachu
setts in school ehrtions, and Mrs. Pel
ton. Together they walked to the
lulling place of tho Sixteenth pre
cinct and Btateil their desires. The
judges informed them that under the
new law women were disqualified.
Miss Rowe contended that under the
constitution of tho United States they
were citizens. Bhe then quoted article
4, section 2 of the amendments, to sus
tain her claim. The election commis
sioners were telephoned to, and they
instructed the judges to oliey the law.
Unsuccessful in their attempt, the lady
suffrfifjiHts turned to their homes. At
the lifteenth precinct a party of
cornel v matrons and maiilmiH, led by
Dr. Alice Stockham, president of the
Women's Rights Cluh.demaina-d that
their names should be put upon the
roll. They met with the name ref usal,
and retired without argument.
wiik wen soon after the refusal to al
low her to place herself on record.
She said that she did not claim tho
right under the State or new election
law to register or vote, hut under the
constitution of the United States. She
did not expect to he successful. They
hail nothing to complain of, for really
nil that was intended wus to make u
test ease and carry tho matter to the
Supremo Court. "The State law is
wrong," she continued, "and must he
said that a meeting would probably ho
called in a riliort time to decide upon
a further course of action and adopt
some plan of making up a test case.
"We novo dragged our skirts in tho
dirty mire of politics," said the ener
getic president of tho Women's
Rigliters, and "I cannot see that we
are any tho worso for it." She did
not claim that tho government would
bo any better by reason of women
voting, but it was their right under
the law. and she hoped the society
would keep at it until their aim was
"Abb yon a Prohibitionist 7" adrcd
Col De Stone, poising his pocket fhsk
in tbe air as tie regarded his cbanco
nqtiaictancj suspiciously. "I am."
"1 lien you will excuse me if I drink
before passing you the fl isk." Macon
Tint assesFment of the estate of Gen.
Toombs at 100,000 hai been quit a
suiprise to the public. It was g'jiiK
ally believed that O&n. Tojmbs was
worth a quaitsr rf a million of money,
lie was a vory liberal man, however.
and in addition sunk money In the
Kimball Houce in Atlanta. '
Not long ago a young man about
tiwn called on a certain young woman
of his a- qiialntance. He si as promptly
ushered into the drawing-room of her
mistress to snnounce her visitor. "Oh,
ma'am," said she, "that most illigant
of gintlemen who duLcxd with me oae
night lait summer up at the Pbieuix
Hill II..I mn'an, Vto n.. ....!;,.'
soc'a1, is down in the parlor a-calling
on you, ma ami ' The gentleman
never called aga'n. Louisville Com
mercial. Hon. B. A. Enloi has formally an
nounced himself candidate for Con
gress in this district. , He is one of tbe
most earnesr, intelligent ana devoted
Democrats iu the Bute, Bays the Nash
ville Banner, one who has taken a
hading part in nubile affairs and who
will make an efficient Representative
In ConuretB. Being one t f the promi
nent ionrnallets of Tennessee his suc
cess would be giatilying not only to
his fi lends and supporters in his Con
gressional district, but to the press of
the State, by which he is highly es
Our Waslilngtin speciii', says the
Nashville American, brings the in
formation tuat the Hon. Benton Mc-
Millin has been chosen by the Tennes
see delegation as Tennessee's member
of the Congres ional Committee. Very
much depends upon tbe action ol this
committee. Intelligence, seal, pru
dence, sound common sense and loy
alty to Democa-ic ideas and principles
are eseeniials to its success. These
qualifications are possessed to an emi
nent degree Dy Mr. Mcnimin. uur
Democratic delegation could not have
chosen aaafer u an to fill this responsi
ble office.
Tub remarkable fact was recently
discovered by P of. Lwidy of Philadel
phia, rays the New York UiralA, ttiat
a block of ics which had been some
months in store on btiug melted
yielded a numbrr ( f worms in a living
and active state. The low tempera
ture in which they had been secreted
wa entirely barmles-, the ice being
spongy, with numerniis air bubbles
and Water drops. 1 his discovery con
firms the obiservatio f a French
Biient'n' made three or fo ir years ago
.tier tho excessively cold winter in
France. He found that anirealculie
encased in hard ice had survived, all
the rigors of wiottr. Were there r.o
confirmatory fact?, these observations
abundant y prove that it is inadvisa
ble to drink water which has been
cooled by spongy ice, or to take such
ice into tbe stomach. Our water cool
ers should be so constructed that tne
ice would do its cooling work without
coming in contact with the wa'er.
A c.iRuvsrONnBNT of the New York
Herald, a ho accompanied the delega
tion invited by M. de Lessens to ex
amine the present condition of the
operations now going oa along the
lice ( f the Panama canal, has given
the rreu't of bis informa'.ion and ob
servations. AH tbe sic uinta agree
that the completion of the work ia
oily a question of time and money.
How long at me it will take and bow
much money wllhave to be expended
on it a'e points nn which his inform
aits differ widely. Mr. Kimble, an
offiir of the Tennessee, who had
mude a study of the work every day
lor four weeks, cosing en foot tbe
whole tO'its of the canal, las come t
the conclusion, on the bads of fie
operations of the pst five years, dur
ing which onl iyoo,)00of cubic me
ters nut of 135,000 000 have been exca
vtd, that it will rtq-iire forty ytars
more btfore the cnl will be open,
it ouab. if the odcnlHtuin be based on
the work done in 188V twelve years
may suaioe tor iu completion.
Day and Night
During an acute attack of Bronchitis, a
eeateleu tickling in tbe throat, and an
exhausting, dry, hacking cough, afflict
tbe (ufferer. Kleep is banished, and great
prostration follow.,. Tlih disease is alM
attended with Iloargeucsi, aud sometimes
Loss of Voice. It is liable to become
chronic, involve the luug-i, aud terminate
fatally. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral alTords
speedy relief and cure ta cases of Bron
chitis. It controls tlis disposition to
cougb, and induces refreiUlug sleep.
I bave buen a practivkig physician for
twenty-four years, ami, for tbe pait
twelve, have sullcred from auuual attacks
of lironchitis. After exhausting all the
usual remedies
Without Relief,
I tried Ayer's Cherry Pertoral. It helped
nie immediately, and erTccted a speedy
cure. ti.Stoveall,M.D.,Carrollton, Miss.
Ayer'i Cherry Pectoral Is decidedly the
best remedy, wltlilu my knowledge, for
chronic Bronchitis, and all lung dixeases.
M. A.Uust, ii. D., botitu l'aiis, Me.
I was attacked, last wlster, with a severe
Cold, which, from expoiure, grew worse
and finally settled on my Lungs. Byi
night sweats 1 was reduced almost to a
skeleton. My Cough was incessant, and II
frequently spit blood. Jly physician told
trie to give up business, or 1 would not
live a month. After taking various remeJ
diet without relief, I ai finally I
Cured By Using I
two bottles of Ayer's Clierry Pectoral. 1
am now in perfect heslth, and able to
resume business, after having been prevj
nounced iucurablo with Cousuinptiou.
8. P. Henderson, Saulsburgli, Peuu. i
For years I was In a decline. I had
Weak luugs, and suffered from Bronchitis
and Catarrh. Ayer's t'lierry Pectoral re
stored me to health, ami I have been for a
long time comparatively vigorous, lii
case of a sudden cold I always resort to'
the Pectoral, and find speeily relief.
Edward K. Curtis, Itutlund, V t. ,
Two years ago I suffered from a seven
Tironrliitii. The physician attending me
became fearful that the disease would ter
minate in Pneumonia. After trving vari
ous medicines, without benefit, he finally
prescribed Ayer's Cherry Pectoral, which
relieved me at once. I continued to take
this medicine a short time, and was cured.
Lrncst Colton, Logausport, Ind.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral,
PrrpsKd by Dr. J. C. A yer It Co., Lowell, Usaa.
feuld by all bruggUU. 1'rlwSl; sU totiies,ts.
This famous ramedr most happily meets
tim ill mnno of the sg for woman s peculiar
and multiform nflliolions. It is a remedy
for WOMAN ONLy, and for one BeKulAL
CLASS of herdirease. It is a speoifio fur
certain disonsed oonditiuns of tho womb,
and i roposcs to so onntrol the Menstrai
Funntion n to rerulate all the rterange
uicut aud irrecularitiei of Woman's
t: i.roprlntors olalm for it no other medical
....... I . .- KU. Hi
l.ir',l. , BUM IU UUUUl . M inu. v..
inp-lirine dues polltvel7 po"tes such oon-
triillins ana rvsuiaung powers is miniuj
tk ...Innlur. , ilii. nn. tf thmi.
sirtils o! livinir witnemt'S who are to-dar
oxult nx in the restoratKm to sound health
and huppiaoss.
Female Regulator
l. '-i''tIy a vegetable enmpoond, and Is the
pn dunt of u ediral soiencn and practical ex
fcrienco directed toward the bonellt of
It Is the studied prescrinlion of a learned
I'by.cUo, wbu,ie siecialty was WOMAN,
and wuoss fame became enviable and bound
less bei anse ol his wonderlul success in the
treatment and cure of female complaints.
HK.'iifcUY known, and riohly deierres iu
Woman's Best Fkiend
T. !. 1 .1 a . nf fnn.tinni ,
11-11 UPB It UHUIIUIB P VIW. V" IU"' v .... .uw
vnrinus dorangements ot whioh cause more
111 nea'in innn an oiaer okuboi, duuiuuu,
ami thus renouei hor Irom a long train of
aQliatinns which sorely embitter her lite and
pMiimturetv end her existence. Oh, what a
i oh'irwio eflettsl Woman, take toyour
coufidencu this
It will rellove you of nearly all the om
plaln'S peculiar to your sex. Rely opon it
an ynur suteguard for health, happiness aud
lorn. life. ,
h..ld by all druggists. Send for onr treat
ise on the Health and IIaMine's ot Woman,
in si I i"l lr.-, whirh gives all particulars.
Hox 2H. Atlnnta. Oa.
w rnrniaiiy ttremmtrA
rnurii ki. llirlvt remiKty
nun lii lift (jflonuiilkca
ami C.lpct.
M'e h4ve toM cofiUrt.
Stle. knl in trrf ca N
hu given tMUUAbts; aw
Aleett Us.
A Valuable Patenl
Dsniy's (Hoiss) ore asd Pea Plan.
E A VINO perfected my Invention, I wish
to uluoe it before the public, especially
m cnlsoturor. As a ''nrn Planter, it is a
perleot mii ewst-opaai the drill, diitribates
the seed aoo raieiji, uiuoiered, and covers
the same, therett one man performing the
work of three. Ino have becu nsed In
this section tor over a dotcn years with per
fect int'.sfactlnn. Can give reapoi sible tesli
monials. ddreas
JOUH U. DANCT.Panoyvtlle,
flnvurnoH o!nt. Tn.
Police is Hereby Wlven,
THAT the annual meeting of the stock
holdi ra of the Chesapeake, Ohio
and 8iutbwotern Railroad I'ntnpitnr
lor t'e fliitinn of I)irect"rs "H
such other bu-inefs asmayeouie liutore the
meeting, will be htld at th nflli'-, of he
1'nine.nv, in the city i.f Memphis (osllcd ibe
Taxing I)itiiet ol Shelby County). Tenn..
on th- Oils "'"J AprH, IHMO, at 12
o'clock noon of ihst day, and that the lo "o
(Vein Ihat Coin panyUi (he Newport News and
Mis-bs-ppl VKlley Company will be sut
miited to the stockholdo s fur their eonnt
thereto ar.d approval there 'f. Transfer
bonks wi I be olused irom Mrch li'ith to
April 0, Isfrt. , , .
Uy order of the Priden and Ttotrd ol
Director. !., ai: n. w . i r.. iecrirT.
Cure Guaranteed
1 liel.leclroialviuiic."-iM" 'i-"rv Well '
1'wilivo i iirclortvcrvoupi Kelillllv, lww
.af Vigor, W riiUni. 'T""".,,.Voll.Ai'.J
Ac. Ac. S u.t Uownrd ul ir e.cnr licit
wn sell doe m snersie a jrinuine riortilo
current, l'rioe wlnml to itbjf"'
Unit we ecu I a written rrnntee to retiira
tbe full amount paid If It it make a
rorm lcte cure. S..Ik1 particulars it frr.
fi.Rcriiro nrtr aoVncv. onrncr ri.
ba Anue and State Strevt, Brouklyn. Jt. J.
Pennyroyal Pills.
Tbe Orlsrlstal siiiet Owly Osuniee,
bale and always Reliabl. Beware ol orti .
I Imitations. Indinanl-to ! tl r .
r your lrni.l tr "S lslrlir.ser'a
Kngl "and take i other, or iacloee t
(stamps) to us for carticaiars lsvtss by
rt-inrn niml. gAr.lt. lal-
rkmm hrmlrnl '.,
MHtl.B Hinnt, fMlnli . "-.
TKAtlKsapplied by iEO. C.UoODWIS
A t '
Whntswsilf Ani, twoaSow.
?.,' I "-'U IIATS.X S
4 Wrsaclj bjlf.
V yttat Ctsalet! Cs.
,V CUMlnnaU,B?F!9
Notice of Dissolution.
TI1R rm of R. E. LK k CO., enmpoed
of K. K. Lee and John Reid. hae this
di'bc-n diolv-d by autusl consent, Mr.
John Reid iti ing from the bu ins. Ibe
knii.eaa ol eid firm will be coniinaed
ander the same name Mr R- Le.
who sncweila t lb sane, and assumee all
h blli io and Is aoihoineU K oe'lact all
debts da said leti firm
UeapU. Feb. 17, ISA it. Jt. I'M.
And Commission ierchants,
and 202 Front Ht.. loinnhln. Tenn.
J. T. FAR6AS0N 4 GO,
Wiiclesals Grocers & Cotton Factors,
839 Front Street, Hemphla, Tenn.
Cotton consigned to ns will hive our careful attention. We carry at all times a well
selected stooi o:
Staple & Fancy Groceries, Wines, Liqucrcjcbacttf & Cigara
Anrt will 1l nn Inw mm tit Istwmmi,
Jos. Schlitz Brewing Gompam
TlflT'WDTITC TIP A Vf If I Offloo sml Soltllst Work. S 10 On!o
illlJ JU HlO iJitii.il jlL) I lt.potiui Iccboue,cor..nlnl: Auoit. n
S. ROESCH1.R, Agent, Ulcmxjlda, Toan.
i 0
Rnlea fn 1SS3, 890,000 Barrrli 8lce ot KrmnMi Brndcb, 100,000 Kft;
Hsln In 1HH4. X.MI.dlHt darrein,
sr 7CTl&olessa,le Onlv.fi
3F"iolcl Peas Wzxxi.tocl
Farming Tools, Grass Seed, Garden Seed, Onion
Sets, Millet,
Wholesale Grocers, Colton Factors,
And Dealers In Levee
No. 274 Front Street
Newlv Constrtioted and Elaborately Fnrxiished, Con
taixiing 225 Large and Elegant Rooms.
svarThe Hons bat Perfect Ventilation and Natural Light, EUam hoatlnt Klectrio Bells,
and two 01 Hale's Elevators. All street-oars pass Main street eatranoe.
HATES fti.BO to M ptr day, according to sis and elevation of rooms. Special
rate to Commercial Trawlers. Al.nndant nnrlT of PURE fTSTKHN ANn WELL W AT W
.r u ! "; S . , ,:. j
m if j. nai'v S a
Soors, Sash Blinds, Holding, Lumber,
Lath and Shingles, Tlooring, Cslliag and Cedar Posts.
JOHN BEID. ' n Jt' LEli'
STG-aTS-SSO-SS'J-SSl-SSG tecoud street, south ot (Jayoao.
Doors, Sash, Blinds, Flooring, Ceii'mn, Siding, Shingles,
President J
Vlce-l'ri'sident ;
Pilsener Beer in Kegs and Bottles.
OBly Pore ChrysUl Well Water Used for Brewing Purposes.
S. W. Corner Butler and Tennessee Sir,
TT r-r After .T,tw lit.-'
And Commission Merchaiita. n4,C.m 0al8,Brn, Ciop Peed, OiUXoal,
Liu.., Cement, Plaater, Bailtoj and Fir Brick, Ete.
Cor. Front and Union, 1 Howard's Ko,v, JlempMi?.
and Railroad Supplies),
MPTnhU, TeTapfBf
Scc'j and Trcuts
er the celebrated
H. H. B VtBT.
Medical & Surgical Institute
'I v
V N. :.'.:X. S-.v V.
i V t
Drs. Heery, Furse & Lewis,
Practical Specialists
Bars PERMANENTLY leoatei in KEM
1'HIM, THUS., and hava optned a
Medical and Soreical Institute
In the Gnyorio IIo(e3,
Entrance on Main streot, FlrstTFloor, First
Ilonrintbe Rifht. whsra wa will treat SCI
KNTIF1CALLY tbe follnwin. diseases: All
Diseases :calisr ta Womer : sIm), treat
Hh.uota'iMn, ieuralaia, Sciatica, Liver and
Kidne' Disease", snrn as Chronic Constipa
tion, Biliousness, Bios. Hea4aob.es. Kectal
Disosses. such as Piles. Fiscure ol the Hee-
utn, Fistula in Anu. Blood Dseace. snnh
Syi'biln, Scrofula, White Beetling. Vene
real Dl earex, sui'h as ffionnrrhra. Imiio
tenee, Sterility and Nurvous Bnd Sxnal De
biliiy. Dii-eaic of tbe t'-ri, Ksr acd Throat.
Uiium and M rphin llahi s cured with
out Miff'TiusT or ftetent'oa troni bniin'ss.
cored by us.
Wo fore Siamraerliiif hj an Art
no Mtdictne or Iitsrnmi:iitH uitd.
Wo Extract Canty, rs Yith a Veffeta
bl 3 Planter, without performing any
surgical oiKTfttlou and without much
Tt trrat filrltnr. h Rli.tr'riiii. whi. k
Is rainless; Consutnution, Asthma and Dis
eases o' the Heart, Dyspepsia and all Ner-
VlttlVCB. All CHII1 LIHeSties, IDCU HE
Eciema, Tetter, Kte., treated.
or Correspondence soli;ited.
OFFICE HOUKN-rroni S .ns. Is 1
p.m., and from a p.m. lo H p.m.
8 P"
For 1 5 year at 37 Court Place, mow at
1 rruKrif MTieatA iDd qoaitfMl phjuoiu u4 tit
WbH iuooBriU, m HU imoUu wlU ,
ram all fovnw of PRXVATEt
EASES, . " .
ioraiatorrliea ana sUnpolncy,
Mtli remit of Mtlf abait In yvota, fliral eiotww im bm
.urn 7wri, or otbur nuppts, inl prodaclui m&9i)Cc ftsW
omnit jllctn: Nnrt'O'iiueia. beruin) KmUiioii. itMaik
hjr tin. am 4), DimortM of tKht, Uefeeiiw rihj
i'C) fitcplton KtoL Avrnloo tsBacty o.'lVma'
Oo if ii.iu of Ido-a, lc or Br"aJ Power, sto., imdiB
CDstrrJ-u-c ItiPTj'VT or nrhnppf , re tborooghlr tsTstl pezo
1-ntJi enn-X SY PHIlj IS P001 0" lin
!iTi? ITil'd fomitM tyaxetoi Gonorrhflft-
GI.HT. Ririi'tiire, Onttutli, Wbtliu, c Auuk
iTica uiid utti'-r priraudiMMi qulrkl oarad.
It iKWir-CTrll-Ut thltlphj glHsVDVtiOpCyiNpsMlftlitMlltMa
Ut acrln of dlMUGti, rd! lreUa tV:iJ.di ftn&sv
tlif, PcqtiirM trrentikHl. Pbjrslltarii kiMnrin( thii fart oFm
rr ;orr.rjfii.i pereona to my sTsr. Whcf lib iDaonrtoiiDl M
ftbitioc city fo Craunut, tnMiTlnot MB bt MM jaiTWty
tD'l My by mntl or exprM Koywlwra.
Ciwcfl Guaranteed In all Co. tea
.oiioiiIuUom prontTty er by Vttr fra am lBrhl
,7rcei nwooaltso svua ourrtMpaptVaoo ArloUy tuttHiimJuX,
OftuOpftCM, tnt to sny tnmntt Hind, far Hiwtf
:;(!) cul. Htxiutd bm rrmA br tuL AsMtom hri
f6 -jurt from 1 A.M.h9F. M. towUjrtv I to 4 T n
Exchange National Bank
PROPOSALS will be received at this effice
nntil Saturday, Msroh 27, 181, for the
purchasi of the hereinafter mentioned prop
erty in its entirety, and also for pieces or
parcels of tbe same reference being had to
deicriptive lists of said property whioh
lists, stating tras of sale, will be furnished
upon application to the undersigned. The
right to rejeot aDy and all bids is referred:
The extensive and valuable property lo
cated in Norfolk and F'rtnioath, Va.,
known as tbe "Sesbcaid Cotton Compress
Company of Norfolk. Va.," consisting of:
1. Theraacni, which, among otherpriv
iloses, authorises the storage of colton and
other merchandie, and the issue of negoti
able receipts thi'refor.
2. Its p(an(, which consists, of three (3
first-class improved cotton compresses; two
(2) steam tugs; three (3) transportation
barges. All the adjuncts n cefsary to a well
equipped establishment ol mis cnaraoior.
Its fire proof warehouses, seven 17) in num
ber, of oai acily tor storage of 21, (X0 bales
unoompresscd cotton.
It. fnnr (si frame warehouses 'metal roofs)
cpucitr, n any thousands tons of fertili
lirs, alt, eto.
Its wharves snd docks, which afford ample
room for berthing at Ihs same time ten sea
going, strain or sailing vessels. Tbe area oi
the warehouse snd dock property in Ports
mouth is about 6 acies. together with all it,
o her property, which ia fully desoribed in
the lists above rnfared to.
WM. II. PKTERg, Beceiver.
lAAWTPn AflBNTS.Men and Woman,
WMll I tU to ,! 1HB CHILD'S
BIBLE " Introduction hy Hev. J. H. Vin
eent, D.D. One agent has sold 65 in a town
of 671 people ; ono 711 in a village ol W ; one
new agent 85 in 10 days; one Z63 in 4 succes
sive weeks; one 40 in 3 days at two difierent
times. Experience not necesssry address
411 Desrhnrn street. ''niceo.
Wt'. Niava iD Unti TagATUIHT.
a guaranteed specific for Hysteria, Dissi
nees, tjonvnlsioo'f , Fits, Nervi-ua Neural
gia, Headache, Ncnc- Prostration, oansed
by the use ol aloobnl or t.-bacco; Wake
fulness, Mental Depression, Ba'toniog of the
Brain, resulting in insanity and lea. Ing to
muery, e decay and death; Premature in
Age, Barrenness, Loss of Power In either
" Involuntary Losses and Spermator
rhea, osasi i by over-exortion of the brain,
self-abuse crovi t indulgence. Kach bpa con
tains one morti, treatment. 1 a box, oi
six hoses for (ii, sen. mail prepaid, on
receipt of price. Wo gunr.-nr bix Boxei
to cure any cat a. With each order received
by us for six boxes, accompanied witl f,
we will send the purchaser eiir written
gutra' ttt to refund the money if the treat
ment dce ot effect a cure. Guarantee
issued only b- Kl'Skliitr CO.. Drug
gist. -MrmrlT."". .
Adntliiltrlr'8 Notice.
Orrics or Public Administrator, 1
Feuruary 27, Dteu.
HAVING been appointed and qualified ss
administrate-of the estate of Patrick
Roper, deceased, all parties indebted to said i
estate are requested to erne forward and
settle, and all parties to whom said estato is
indebted are requested to file their olaims
with me, duly prohxtod in accordance with
law. JOHN 1 OA'iUE. Public Adm'r.
Trustee's Sale.
IN and by virtue of a certain trust deed ex
ecuted by halite and J. F. Ilunton the
24th day of February. 1X81, and recorded tbe
12th duy of March, 1881. in bonk 1, rag
M7, KeKister's office of Shelby coanty, Ten
nessee, the not' therein cot having been
pHid at maturity, I will proceed ta sell, for
cssh, at pub.io outcry.toth highest bidder.
In front of my office. No. 22 Madison street,
Memphis, Tennessee, on
thai-day, Mnrcls I4,-l)a,
the following described real estate, situate
and being in Slrlby oounty, Tennessee, and
more particularly describe as fallows: be
ing the aitrn naif of a 37-acre tract nf
land near Withe Depot, said eastern half
thus described : Keginn'ng at a stake in the
ni rth line ef said trsct, the nnrthmet corner
of tb t part set off to Urisiy II. kvans;
tkenoe ea-t 140 poles to a stake, the north
east crncr of said tract thence south 250
poles to the southeast corner of said tract:
th'ince west w.th louth line of said tract 140
poles to a stake, th loutbe.et corner of a
part set apart to O. II. kruns; thence north
!' pules to the b'ginn'n' , i eirg same traH
set apsrt t) Mrs. bal k E. Hunt, by partition
d.ed. recorded book 134, page4o0, Register's
office of bhelbycounly, lenuesMe, to whioh
reterence is here made.
'Ibis land will be sold as a whole er in
several tracts, m rray appear roast advao
tnaa on the iT ot sale.
L. B. a of AULA ND, Trmiteea
I! organ k Hdnlai. AUorner.

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