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LomlnlllN Vw Orleans and Tf iu R'j
iBsnirMTAii.BT moirr.
ITTCffTI i' - ,
4:M p.m
:4fi p. hi
V-4S p.n
lite) a.n
1:42 .
5: .H a. in
t21 a.m
II rOO a.m
:4i a.m
5: .m
i :li3 a.m
13:10 a.m
aiHu p.n
1:42 p.m
SaSU P.m
h .mac a -
TUten Koure .
yew Orleana
:3U p.mj
9:40 a.m
.1:4f p.m
7 : lf p.m
MemphU .
:00 p m
i:V p.m
11:10 a.m
7:91 a.m
A-With all lines entering Mempl. I.
B-With M. N. W. K. R. for Helena.
0 For Ureenville aad Uuntingiun, end ell
Arkansas pointa. ., .
D-With V. A SlVind V., 8. P. Railroads.
S-Witli N..J. AC. R- K. for iatcbea aad
F For Pemu on tha Pranrrj.
a wi.k -. .a im K. 4 (iu Kara
U With railroad! diverging for HoTlda aad
fjort polotj.
Pullman Buffet PlaeplngOaraoa " trlni.
M. BUHKK, General bup'U
teelaalppl and Taaim. - Taut
.. . J-ll A .Hi .
ail trail leevra o nr.. i-
at & a.m. Loral fraifht leevel at 6:
a.m. i arrive, ai a;. "
Rot. 6 aad run tri weekly. ""i,.1"
Mempntt nonaaii hmoiiui u
HaaaaaCllr,prlBaflel4 u4 Meni
abla -Traint leave M. and T. depot aa fol
lews. No. 4, mail and eipreai. leevaii dail
. .. u . . V - 1 .. i I a n .1 A . if. I .
rival at 3:30 p.m. No. wt. bt. Loan aiira,
j.i a A .no k m , N. (W. KL laouli
M ' v" r- . .
I pre'i, arrival at : a. m.
.empale Bad Little Roek. Trail
Pova as followi (central Hand rd tinia
a t J.li - H.'A m . r rival
I'M p.m. Ho. 3lcaviat6:.V5a.m.j arrifai
at ( SO a.m. No. 6 (freight) learai Uopaflald
daily aiaptbund4J at :IW a.m.; arrival
at7:iu p.m.
mi . araaaaraBMal M laalaat nnl VkI
. "-w,rr. ..r.-. TN.r, it
Una dailil laavai at U.-.W a.m. No. i laavai
at 11:40 pm. dtilf. t. Lali fant III
laavai dnilv at Vl p m. o.T tint In
. . 1 -ftfl m MriI Mnd
praaa arrival dail at .1:1'. a. in. fit. Loull
I.. I Una .rrivaia uallv at 9 :05 a.m.
Mrmptila and 4'rjarlralon Tralnl
inova ai fo'inwi: mrnuin xirnnB
daily at 10:20 p.m. Mail and aiuraai laavai
tioo lavn dily, aacept bundny. at 4:.)
p.m. 1 nroiIKu oiprafti arritnu.ii7 aan.'
a-m. Mill and eipreii an ival daily at 4:55
D m. ISnmarvillo aoroinmodutiua arrival
daily. llrlt Sunday, at 8 I'M a. in.
Lroalavilln and lanalivtllti Traitti
nova M lolloai! at mail arrival daily at
diftau.: laavai atl'hlU p.m. : uinil laavai
d'ily at 0:00 a.m. Brown-villa aoconimn
datiom laavai dnily, aioapt Hunday, at 6:1)0
p.m. man arrival ui7 u."
Brown'villa loeommndu'iun arrival dm'y,
zoaptbandar. at 5.4U a.m. litandardtiina),
anphla, Hlrnilnahnm mid Atlnn
..a- . i . - li -t II .. . t..: .. .
IVr-llOIV piiriDRI miUlB- lain Hiv.van
follnoai Na.llaavaa Mainphii daily at 3:45
. 1 - U..I1B. h ... . r, ... a I A. Ml n m f
do. 2 laavai Holly .-'liriina dmly at 9:00
a.m. i arrival ai namiinii a 'i iiub.iu. i nu.
i laavai Wamphii daily at 7:30 p.m., arrival
t Hull Hprinaiat 11 :M P.ra.i iNo. o laavai
Va i ! u.ij: .
ffxampnia ai mi. m.ut
Wahhinoton March 11, lHM.'l
1 o'clock a.m.
For Momiliis and vicinity: AViirmor
luir wt'ntlicr. liluo cn-w't'iit, ml sun.
For Tenntme aid Vie Ohio Valiry:
Warmer mutholy wimh, fair wntlitr,
clroroloslral Report.
MmrHii, Tkmn.. March 10, 1KW.
Time. bur. 1'uur., Wind. W'lUer
7:00 am n27(t 27 3 N. Oloar.
11:00 .m (0.347 32 3 N K. Olenr.
3:00 p.m :W21H 37 3 N.W. Claar.
7:00 p.m 0.2 3S0 K. -u.
10:00 pm I0 22H 35 3 K. (V'ti'.
Maxlmnm temperature, 40 2.
Minimum temperature, He! 7.
Rainfall, 0.00.
All observations ir taken on 75s
meridian time, which is one hour
faster thai local time.
Solo of bc-rU for tint Khi'ii onpntro
ment will begin Friday.
The next entertulnmont to bo ffiwn
by tlio Amateur Atlilectic AitrUH'iiition
will occur on the Vfitli iiiHUuit,Rnd will
be of a muMical chnriu'ter..
In our letter from l.vnn, Miw., nf
laist week, the names of (OsIcm, )(iun.t
Co. were tinintentiinmlly oiuitUl im
donorn, and we now make the cor
rection at the murKi'Htion of our cor
reflpondent, that no injustice, however
alight, may lie done.
laflwiH Smith, colored, was iirrent
ed last nifflit for iniikiiu an Hssnnlt
upon a car driver with u knife, lcww
tiHik ofTciiHu at tlie car driver for in
inKting iixin the pavnient of fare. An
officer, Huniinoned fy the car driver'"
whiHtle, (irevented further trouble.
Tho cat driver wan not. hurt.
Tn Woincn' Christian Temper
ance Union fed wventy-tlve hungry
moutliH ycKterday, at their free Houp
house No. 24'J Second Htrect. .(ientlc
men haviiiR cast-oirclothimrlo npiirc
are reminded that the br!icn iu cliarjfo
of this excellent chiiiity will lie glad
to accept them its donatioiiH to be df
tributeil among needy uud deHervini;
Tlie following inarrint licviisen
were iwned yentenlay: J. A. Harrctt
to MiHH M. A. Waldran, K. N. llailey
toMiaa Lucy N. 1cwin, Chits. 8. Kllia
to Minn Annie (iilden, (tranville Ab
Imtt, eolorel, to Mi nerva Hatch, John
Jackenn, rolond, to Min -Vnnie Davia,
colored, W. H. Jackmni, coloml, to
Minn Annie. KohiiiHon, colored,
The pnpila in the jirimary depart
tnentof the public mdioola have com
pleted tht'Hccond regular examination
th.H Betwion. The t-xainination of
pupil in tho higher irrade is now
pn-trrefwnjr The School Hoard is
inanifeHtin,; deep inlerent in everv wav
that tenda to the ecncral prosperity of
tho nchools. All the nienilierg of "the
lioaril have recently visited the
ett RfiilaA' LanvinaralBo) to do
yoar kaimrii,a:
A iiriiKg.Mt's Mtorjr.
Mr. Ihshc O. Clmpman, drnpgist,
Newburn. N. Y., wri'ee u: "I have
for the ait ten years sold several
fjnm of Dr. William Hall's Haba-a for
the Lanip. I cm My of it . what I
cannot say of any othwr medicine, I
have never heard a customer epeak of
it but to praise its virtues in the high
est manntir. I have recommended it
in a great rrany cases of whopping
congb, with the happiest effects. I
have used it in my own fimily for
many years; in fact, alwaya have a
bottle in the medicine closet ready for
Smp ynnr rag, iron, bones and
hidBsto G.bay. Highest cash price
Mnir.irtl, 4-weler, 294 Main, ho
loclts (inters from the rountrj.
tla ! Rallnld a l at.manlna for
aar "ltt.-,.i.,r -Rrl u.K.nm,,,,,
Dyeing Kud Cleaning.
LsdieV and gents' clothes (leaned
or eyed in sny color, also kid gloves,
ostrich ffathe s snd lace enrtains by
Louis Usiisl.-'iS Jefferson street, Mem
phlf, Tenn. GoAds recelyed by expreas.
Cuxinu prices of May optiodis at
Chirapo yentonlay : I'ork, 110 ; laM,
6.02jc; clear rib sides, fi.:i7e; corn,
40Jc; wheat, ljc; oats, X!J
Keport of drain Elevator yvrtrtxlay :
Wlmat rpifivpil. none: withdrawn,
none ; in a'' ri, :KVi7 liUHhebi. Oirn re-
n-ivml. (!IS4 luisliels; wrtliUrawn,
2.Vi; in store, Ml.l.VJ buohcla. Oats
rereiveil. 72M uusneis; w-iiiuirawn,
l.VW bushels; in store, J8,?!7 bushels.
C. I.. (ikKKVK A Co.. lit their eotbm
reiiort of yesterday say: U has Wen a
milking market all lay. but with a
generally downward tendency, finally
('losing i (" H points under last evening
and liurcly KU'aiiy. i ne ouns ure uin
appointed over the failure of reHKnse
from havers of actual cotton, both at
luinie au'd aliroud. and whilo in some
rases tnnking giMnl ell'orts to combat
the weakening temleni-y, tliere waa
o-n-at deal of long cotton unloaded.
Advices of lanre receipts exMcted at
ltombav during the coining week were
wmietli'ing of a shadow ujxin the posi
Vihitobm on '(ThajiirH vesterdav
Miss Ora Currie, llrownsville, Tenn.;
Miss Jensio Currie, city ; W. J. Smith,
St. Louis; John Felsenthal, Kitiley,
Tenn. ; Chas. U. Rankin, Helena, Ark. ;
J. Newberger, Colleeville; W. A.
It;rm!f,l,n,ti Alii Afra W
I, Iill iiiiii.i, aa... , a......
II. Newell, Itybalia, Miss.; J. L. Driver,
Osceola, Ark.; K. i. laatting, jr.,
(trenada; W. W. Martin, Conway,
Arit.: Mai. K. I. rort, Uoluuilius,
Miss.; W. K MeGehee, Coiuo, Miss.;
J. J. Cowan. n ksliurg; A. J. Meet.
rler, Arkansas; Mrs. M. C. l'earce,
city; Mrs. I, J. .Miteiiell, Jiyiialia,
Miwt.: J. A. Crowder. Favette county,
Tenn.; Win. l'atterson, jr., Iaouisville;
Mrs. M. Carter, city; .Mrs. M. L.
Kucksnnd Miss Willie Ituckg Friars
Point: Miss Sallie H. ltucks, city;
Miss Kmina Rhodes, city; Mrs. Irih
Farns, Kives, Jemi.; Miss Ora I'arris,
city; Miss Nora Farris, city.
The Aitkai. hoiiio time ago pointed
out the feasibility of establishing a
call for stocks and bonds at the Mer
chants' F.xchnngc, but nothing ciniio
of it. The dcxiruhility of such n fea
ture cannot bo denied and the St.
.mis merchant havo decided to put
the scheme in operation on their Fx
change floor at an early day under the
following regulations: The call is to
lie semi-weekly, lit 12.I.') o'clock p.m.,
and the list is t b made uii at the
start of I'liited Stilus bonds, 'lissouri
State, St. Louis city ami county bonds,
ami bonds of the Missouri counties,
cities and townships, bonds of the
Missouri Pacillc, Wabash, iron Moun
tain uud St. lxiuis and San Francisco
railroads and stocks of St. laouis hanks.
No other stocks or bonds are to be
so'd unless listed, anil to withdraw
any of them tho committee must give
notice on any previous call. The
committee may also require nil
stocks to be registered in a bunk
or other designated place, and may
adopt rules to prevent any illegal or
overissue of stock certificates. To list
stock, it will be necessary to give full
information as to the officers, etc., of
tho company to provide that there
shall lie no increase 01 stocks or bonus
without thirty days' notice. Frivolous
bids or oilers and wash sales arc strict
ly prohibited. All deliveries must bo
by transfer or by stock certificate nnd
liower of attorney. All transactions to
bo cash or regular. Disputes to be set
tled by tho committee of arbitration.
W. F.Taylor to J. M.Hill, 81. CO acres,
more or 1m, in tho Thirteenth Civil
District, for ifSOO.
W. F. Taylor to IC. It; Weaver ami
J. M. Hill, forty acres In tlie llurteenth
Civil District, for $450.
J. A. Wilson to M. F. Lurry. (Ml
30-100 acres in the Ninth Civil District,
for f ;ioo.
Thfls. II. Allen to Muggio Garvin,
lout 41, 42 and 43, iiOxl-lfU feet, on tho
corner of iMonsarut street anil Ijiuo
avenue, for 750.
Skr nd. of Memphis Steam Shirt
Factory and Laundry on fifth page.
100 Bedsteads for sale. Gabay.
For kalsomlning telephone 009. A,
MkmphibStainro Glass Works, 236
Third street. Call and see.
B.izar catalogues and handsome
etyles for spring; 44 Noith Court.
0. P. Pmith, veterinary surgeon.
office F. A. Jones A Co., (il Monroe
street. Residence, Fiansioli House.
Tiir Nashville Scnmition-Gold Rrick
Swindle. Wonderful success. Valen
tino's Go'ul llrick Tolu. Chew it.
Ge.nrhal repairing done bv compe
tent workmen at tho Cunningham
agon-Works, corner of Monroe and
Desoto streets.
Thr Deeot Oil company ia prepared
to fill orders for the highest grades of
finished fertilizers and fertilizing ma
terials. Thr Throat ".Broin' Bronchial
Troehrt" act directly on the organs of
the voice. They have an extraordi
nary etl'uct in all disorders of the
thro it.
Porcbaskur will find some of the
best pictures of the consignment still
at St iddard's auction-room, 33 UDion
ttreet, which mint be closed out. Call
and examine them.
Tea Herbal Chill Cure, the best
tonio and anti-parioitlo known. A certain
and mie onra lor rhi!!a. Prica tl par bot
tla. tiaod itami for oiroulnn. Any rof
c.anra rlxen. Aditreai John 0. Kuckar,
Uvnohbara, Va.
Pianos. Bargain, in pianos. E A.
Tiensjn, 310 Main street, opposite Pes.
body, is oflering his stock of Pianos
at first cost. Give him a rail, and
don't forget it, as bo means business.
Thr most efficacious stimulants to
excite the appetite aro Angostura
Bitters, prepared by Dr. J. G. B. 8ie
gort & Sons. Beware of counterfeits.
Ask yonr grocer or druggist for the
genuine article.
Hocsr numbers from 25 cents to $10
at Hook & lanGrill's, Nos. 28.) and 2t)l
Second qtreet.
Don't Forget
The Collins excursion to New Orleans
on March 17th. The cheapest and
mon inviting trip on record. Only 15.
Memphis to New Orleans and .return,
and from ether points ia proportion.
Tickttt on sals in Memphis by II. D.
Kllif , No. 31 Madison street.
Fine Watch repairing at Mulford's.
Advice to Mothers.
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup
should always be need when children
are catting teeth. It relieves the little
euiTerer atones; it produces natural,
quiet sleep iv relievirg the child
from pain, J jid the little vberub
awakes as '1 fht as a button." It is
very pleasant ,o taste. It soothee
the child, softens the gums, allays s!l
pain, relieves wind, regulates the
bowela, and is the best known rwrifiy
for diarrhu'a, whether arising from
teething or other causes. Twenty five
tl bottle. '
Mr. John Cai.iioon of Holly Springs
is in toe city.
Skr advertisement of A. Hexter, in
another column.
Henry MiLAftJiii.iN. of the Mis
souri Pacific railway is at tho Pea-
II. II. Rarksdai.r and W. F. Barks
dale of Mississippi are at the l'ea-
Jxo. B. Pirtle, and Win. Patterson,
jr., of Louisville, Ky., are guests of the
Mr. Sanostom of the Illinois Centml
railroad, with his wife, arrived in the
city yeslemay.
Mr. ami Mrs. John Huiitlk, after
sM'nlmg several weeks with friends
and relatives, left for Ixmisville, Ky.,
last night.
Tiik marriage of Miss Lillie Johl to
Mr. L. Walduner will take place
March 21st, and not March 14lh, as
heretofore unnounceu.
Miss Hki.kn Fi ii'ri.v, a little daugh
ter of Judge F'lippin of Memphis
broke her arm yesterday for tho fourht
time, at Brownsville, lenn.
W. B. Safford, a well-known and
aceomjdished pharmacist, is now con
nected with W. 11. Senbrook xl Co.,
where he will bo pleased to see bis
friends and former patrons.
Mrs. L. A. LrcAS,Miss Daisy Lucas,
Miss Fannie Bracking, Miss Nellio
(irav. Miss lteliecca Micklo and Mr.
Mrs. J. P. Hull, of Holly Springs, aro
in the city.
Miks Ki th Bohana.v, daughter of
Mrs. M. J. Dooley, left lust even
ing for Clarkwlule, Miss., to visit her
sister, -Mrs. T. A. Bulord, and will no
gone several weeks.
Dit. A. W. Jones and wife of Sehnn,
Aln.. are ut tho Peubody Hotel. Dr.
Jones wus a surgeon in Gen. Forrest's
cemmnnd during tho war, and was
welcomed liy his old comrades. He
was raised at Somervillo where his
father still resides. He is a nephew of
Alex. W. Williamson, and by energy
and a bright intellect has accumulated
a large fort a lie.
Pkok. O Li'ookii, of the Smithsonian
Institution was in the city yesterday
from his labors in the bottom hunting
for the larvae of tho liiillalo gnat and
of the turkey gnat. In this he was
entirely successful and will now de
vote himself to noting tho develop
ment of the murderous insect and tho
best way of destroying it and of neu
tralizing its deadly bite. The turkey
gnat, almost as fatal with fowl, wifl
he followed in its development, with
eiiuil enre nnd no doubt with ultimate
benefit to the planters. Mr. Lugger
expresses himself as much gratified at
the reception he has had from the in
telligent planters whom ho has con
sulted and whose hospitality ho has
Circuit t'oarl Plerc, Jadge.
No cases were heard in this court
yesterday and nothing done beyond
signing a few bills of exception, after
which tbe court adjourned notil Mon
day, March 15ib.
The jury in the case of C'owsen
apainft Hill, having fil'ed to come to
a verdict, were discharged yesterday.
Messrs. Gantt A Petteraon, on be
half cf Andrew Harumn, have filed a
suit against the Louisville, New Or
leans and Txaa Railroad Company,
claiming tr000 damage?.
rrlmlaa.1 Comrl Uoaaias, Judge,
In tbe absence of Jndge Douglass,
Judg Pierce held court for awhile
yesterday, in order to permit the ar
raignment of abont twelve prisoners,
after which court was adjourned.
f huneerjr
The jury in the cae of Comforth vs.
Warner have not yet agreed upon a
The case of Kelly and Roper vs
Rocco is now on trial.
Sol id Silverware at Mulford'n
The Pulliiiita. Palace far Exenralon
to Hew Vrltiana en Harrb 171b.
One of the cheapest and most desir
able excursions ever oiganiiad in any
country will be tbe Collins excursion
to New Orleans on March 17th, every
feature being liberal, convenient and
strictly firft claps. Oayf.r, Memphis
to New Orleans and return, and all
tickets good to return on regular trains
for ten days. Tickets fir sale by H, D.
Ellis, No. 31, Madison street, Mem
phis, Tenn.
84H Haln Street,
Whole ale Dealers in Dry Goods,
Notions, Clothiug, Gents' Fur
nishing Goodp,
We invite all country merchants
visiting the market this season to
come and inspect our goods before
purchasing. As we buy strictly
for cash we are able to give you
close prices and save you from 15
to 20 per cent on your purchase.
Job Lots from Eastern auction
sales always on hand.
Order Med ula lit Mulford1.
100 Bedsteads for sbIj. Gabay.
Old K ild aad alive r taken aa casta
at Malford'n, S04. Main.
And it stimulates and promotes tbe
growth of the hair.
Burnett's Flavoring Evtnuits are the
M ouograui ltangleit: M ulfortL
To all who art mfferlnn from tha a iron and
inditerationi of youth, nervosa weaknait,
aarly daoay, lot of manhood, ate., I will
aand a reolp that will ear yon, FRKK OF
C1JAROB. This ireat ramady was di:ovar
ad Iry a mlailonary la South Amarioa. Stnd
elf addraaaeJ anvaloi to tha Ki'.Jiuri
T. Ti. Aa'iia , H' Tn-k
Tliere Arc a Irv IrrnKglala
Who car mora to ake a Hr(i proSt oa a
worthla-i artirla 'hta lo wait or tha proi
liarity that iiHinjat-ily raul'a lrom honaat
daalin.. Thoa are Ih man who. vrhrn
aakad for a llaueon'i i apiba Plnaer. wi'la
racommend lomo c.ri umI nanv aaba'i
tutaor imitaiion, iatiqk it i.- jut bohiI.m
Bomatiraaa thay aid .lo np anil a. II tha inn
er, b!a ini(t4ttoa taithout rmark, Alloyrtna
tha oaatnmvr to niiipue h. hi liaMon'a. If
tin VklusUm rlii star ia r.lurti. d Ci a,i J 1in
ill lay ha mad. a n i'Ctka: if ho h a
dona a aood itrcka f hunim-.!. Thaior.c
ara oautioaad aaainat J.ilm an! a I Im ilk.
Lnv of raanaoiaila drunl-la oulj. 1 he
taauina :)'cnton'e pla,iaf baa tlia ''ThriH
i-on'a" Irada-mark and tha word "Cappiua"
oat in theoealer.
The Hear aVeyoaa.
Ratei, 12 50 to l par day, aoeordloa to looav-
tion of rootna.
J K "tone, Mifa M y lireeo, Mini
WBWinUr. Vm C H Daiforth, Mir
J D Hirki, Mo M K bdwardi, Mil
B A Purtar, NT 11 J Hehkopf, Kr
J II 8 'rider, Va A D Blannhett, N T
J A (Irundy, Tana 8 lirranfield, Mo
DJWriKht. NY g R l.ainkin. Mill
8 HJarvia Aw. N T W K Larkin, Ala
R Wilkcnon, Mini A U dwynn, Tana
I Pr adman. Tana - A He-air;, Tenn
R Watari, Ark T Broan, Ark
II J illiami. Ark J i Alliion. Tax
R 1 Flaminr, Tax C B Murtarh, Tax
II K KiUi.atrick.Ark MnT J Wilky An, Ark
Mra Wallcrhonaa, AlkC C Coaraa, '1 ana
.1 WOraham Aw, Tenn'' II Pool, Mo
DBLewia. Mo C N Waatha'be, Os
I Powna. ky W Uownr, Ky
C'l't i 1 Adama, Ark N Jonea, Ark
W Wood. Ky A K B"bo, Miaa
W T Adama, Milt Di"k Kwell. Mill
T llu iiwn. Mill .1 Tipton, tains
C Vance, Miaa CN MolJhee, Tinn
I J iludaon, Tenn C J Kriatieo Aw, IS Y
8 J Thomaa, N Y.
Pen body llotal.
liatca tl 50 and tl par day, aarordinc to
lite ana location oi room special
ratei made.
J Felienthal, Tana E Roddy, Ark
K I'.i'hund, NY T K Ba under-., Mill
IICMontKomeiy.Min W 0 bhaw, Tenn
1 A Kilpatrick, Mial C E PenUm, Tena
IIIWarx.NY JCChiam.Ky
wwvtard.ni KC ioy, va
B Martin, Tana
8 liunta, lot
K P Unswell, Tonn
M Banbuld, III
L A hVhada, III
1' Y McUavick, Ark
J 0 Tipton, Tenn
11 McLaughlin, Mo
CO l.itllelield, Mm
11 R Willi, Mo
I) Levr. N Y
T 11 Paraham, Ark
J la Finileman. Ohio K (' llotnan. N V
John Baird, NY K llarknrai, N Y
I. J Tnrrav. Md K 1 Carnea. Tann
J P llinca. Mill Mra J 1) Crowder. Tann
11 II llarkidale, Mill r Ujrkidale, Mill
J II Calvin, Mial Mini L Lawmn, Mo
II M Shocklay, Mo OH Rcavra. Mo
K D Slater, Ml"! L White, Ky
Mra J A Murray, Mlfll Mi-l 8 M Iaom. Mill
C P Oakley, Ohio (1 S Mitchell, Mill
I David, Ky K W Port.-r. Ark
A VcAvny, Ark J J Cain, .Mill
P D Brock, Mid N J Robinann, Ky
Mn M J Jones, Mi'a Wm Browning, Mill
easton'e Hotel.
W. n. BINOIIAM Makaiikb.
European plan. Kolarurf and rclurniabed.
Pricea accoruini lo lito and loca
. tion of ruotni.
C It FCnlllna, Tenn EC Pare, Tenn
A Mill-r, Tann W 11 Harvey, Tenn
K 8 Robinson, Ark N C Ferauaon, Ark
C Lo via. Ark M Roaenbauin, Ohio
J II (Irc.'ory, Tenn M M reland, Mill
J Ilrarfiia, Mo 1. J t'yport, Ark
J Roddick Aw. Ill T II J.moa. Ala
II W II Ucirlia, III J L;inn, Ark
0 A Hibinaon, N C A T dray. Mill
Mra llord, Mial T ? Turner, Tenn
-T Littlo, Ky It M. -Person. .Mill
M L Collins, Tenn Je Revali, Tenn
11 Bingham, NY (i II Leslie, Tenn
0 Le lie, Tenn II II Manna, Ark
L Marks, Mial -I Willinma, La
J Mcllrine, Mo J S Weir, Tenn
A U llrifht, Tenn J R Bond, Tenn
S E Dowdy, T-nn S II Mitchell, Tenn
P Collina. Miai I, fi Knzrr, Mo
W J Kyle, Mini WW Walker, Mill
DauT'a European Hotel.
Corner of Adams and Main itreVta. Roomi,
60c, 75a and II porday; American Plan,
- ft par day.
Flrat-c'nsa Raitaurant in the Hotel.
J. M. DUFFY (10 yra wiih Peabody Hotel),
0 C Baujhtrr, Tenn C M Ashley, Tenn
P M Morris, Tenn W Chores, Mi
T Capwall, Miai D MoClannook, Tenr.
8 M 8vkei, Mial K Levy, Tenn
J W Killaugh, Ark C Brown, Mo
G ti Myers, 'lenn D Hoffman, Tann
.1 P Carter, Tenn A Dickion, N Y
8 K Wat rbe ry.Mioh D O'Leary, Mo
A Brvnnt, Mist J A Darnell, Ohio
BL Milam, Tenn PTobin.Tenn
A M ill. r. La AM Miller, La
0 L Chapman, Ky J W Owen, Tenn
T F Hull. Tenn L H Thomaa. Miaa
0 L U.riu, Mo M Finch, N Y
WnKKLiNO, W.Va., March 10. Night
Kiver 5 feet 8 inches on the gauge
and fading.
Cairo, March 10. loght River 23
font 3 inches on the gauge aad f 1 ing.
V( a'her clear and co d.
New Oblkans, Ma-ch 10. Night
Departed: Golden Kuln, Cincinnati;
City of Natchez, Bt. Louis.
Pittsburo, March 10. Night River
3 feet 10 inches on the gauge and sta
tionery. Weather clear and mild.
Louisvilik, March 10 Night River
fallmir, with 7 feet in tbe canal and 4
feet 10 inches on the falls. Business
mo lerate. W eather c ear and cold.
EvANSViiaLR, March 10. Night
River falling, with 13 feet 4 inchu
oa the gauge. Wea'.her clear and
cold; thermometer 2H to 42, barom
eter 28".
fa NniaiN ATI. March 10 -Kiorlir. T?! var
13 feet 4 inches on the gauge and
f Unor WuAtlinr plniutw anff rnn
D'pAriod: Grn ti State, Memphis;
U. I'.Sohenck, New Orleans.
Cairo, March 10. Noon River 26
feet 7 inches on the gaup:e and filling.
Weaher foirand coli. Arrived: Ohio,
Cincinnati, 8 p.m. Departed: Ohio,
Memphi?,llp.m.; Oakland and bargee,
New Orleans, 11 p.m.
Kn TaOlMM Kfarh lfl Viht Tfivpr
hai fa len 4 inches, and now stands
10 (set 4 inches on tbe gauge. Weather
c.vjl. Arrived: Sidney Dillon, New
Orleans ; tity of Cairo, Victsburg.
Departed: Annie P, Silver, Henry
Lourey aad barges and Sidney Dillon
and targes, New Orleans.
Hedacllon In Wharfage Daea at
Tint Viekslilm, Pnul of rornt. ,Iiif
contains the following gratifying piece
of news : "By consent of the City Coun
cil, transient steamers landing here
will hereafter be charged only jlO for
tho round trin. instead of $10 for each
binding. Steamers landing merely to
purchuso supplies, and not transacting
any other business, pay no wharfuge
Frank Schumann,
Importer and Dealer la
tlunav Flhliia: Tar hie and porta-
men'aanppllea ear Special attention
riven to 1M AM FAtTLKI.SU and RE
PAIRING. 412 Main KIMennlil,Teiin
(juns, Ammanltlon, Fishing Tackle
ami SportsniCB's eappiies,
HI Bala treat, aempbla. Tena;
Manniaotnrinc and Repalrlna of Onni a
1-ipecia tv. aarla'apnone o. wig.
Kountzo Bros.,
120 Broadway, New York,
DEPOSIT iceomti reo,Td froTi l.ank
orr. marohar.t, and olhari, and mtar
at allnwa i on t alaicai.
Advanwi made j corraapnndenti on ar
rro-0 haiinaa raf-ror otbor o. d oollau ral
laallera of eredit tunad. tlolleenoiia e-d.
(lovarnmcnt boaii and oihex aecuriUea
ouibt and lold oa ximaii"''"".
e?-The firm of GOODBAR & CO.
avid Khna RnairtAaa In avinnAntinn
CallicotL of Coldwater. Miss., nnder
in the past and hope for a continuance
A. B. ulMiniil. J.H. DOODBAR. W. K. LOTS,
Late of Goodbar ACo.,M.mphli. LaU ofGoodbar A I o.. Mamphii. LaUof Warren. Leva
3G7 & 369 Main
We are now receiving a large and Entirely Xew Nt ok of Eastern and Custom-Made Boots and Shoes for the
Spring Trade of 1888, which we offer at Stock Itottom Prices, on as liberal terms aa can
We have EXCLUSIVE control in
lowing lines cf CUSrOM-MADE Goods, all of whinh we
warrant to give perfect satisfaction :
George Hocker's celebrated Men's Calf Boots.
Brady & Shorten . Boys', Youths', Misses' and Children's
Solar Tip Shots.
T. M. Harris Co. 'a Philadelphia made Children's 8hoes.
Also, L. W. Note & Co.'s Kip Brogans and PlowSboss
tbe best Brogans made in the United States heretofore
handled by Gcodbar A Co.
We are the only honse in this Market handling tbe cele
brated Krippendorf. Dittmmn A Co. line of Lidies' and
Misses Kid, Goat and Calf CU8IOM Gcods EXCLU
SIVELY, nnder tha Factory Brands
m tin
Keep Off the Crossing, for
the Bargain Train
is Coining.
jLook Out When tho
Bell Rings.
Sec Hie Rich Prizes the
Misfit Clothing Par
lors Are Offering.
Seasons come and seasons go, and
the time for thin and new clothing
is at band. Although the Misfit
Clothing Parlors have not talked
much through the newspapers during
the past month, we have been re
markably busy. We have enlarged
and improved our accommodations
for displaying goods. We have es
tablished purchasing agoncies'.in new
cities, and sought by every means
possible to offer our customers better
bargains than we ever offered before.
We have succeeded because the way
to win success is to work for it.
We are receiving new goods almost
daily, and already have on hand a
magnificent assortment of goods.
We can show all the latest styles and
newest fabrics.
For the large patronage bestowed
upon us we feci very thankful. The
best way to win patronage is to de
serve it. It is our great facilities for
getting fine tailor-mado clothiDg so
low that enables us to offer it at such
very cheap rates. Cheap buying is
the secret of low prices, and al
though our goods are the finest in
tho world, they actually cost ua less
than we would have to pay for in
ferior ready-made clothing,
, Please give us a call. We are
proud of our spring stock and want
you to inspect it whether you want
to buy or not.
Ilemember, all alterations to im
prove a fit done free of charge by
first-class tailors in oar Parlors.
Clothing Parlors
2G2 Second St., Memphis,
Opp. Court Square.
a Open Evenlno a a til t a'elock,
BatntHf ava natll 11,
Jom OviiTOH, Ja.
0. N. Oaosvisoa.
Real Estate Dealers
Office, 284 Second Street.
a. B. Der. exaaa aad aaeajra,
Taxea Paid, Renti Collected, ate., on
I ni porter and daalen In Jnaa, Amtna
nliloa and t'lahlnar taw-kle, atalldera'
Haraw.ra, sririe Be .la aad An
ttaaelataaralor Hotels and Ha.iden-es,S4l
Mala at reel, rtuphla, renn jilecln
a ppkiei alwaya ea aaad. Raaairiaa aaavly
baa been dissolved.
i, and we have reorganised our interest in the Wholesale Boot
ve, late of Warren, Love & Co., St. Louis. Mo., and Mr. J. C.
with Mr. W V. TafhVA
the style of and firm name riven below.
of their favors.
and 18 Gayoso Streets,
arkaravwvarava oa TTTO TT
UI X AVXai.V U. -S- iAAUii
Do made Dy any competing maiaet.
this market of the fol
We also control
310 iMid 312 Front Street, Memphis, Tenn.
Stoves, Tinware
We ae J net In Beeelpt of a Large Shipment of
R. R. Plows, Columbus Steel Drag Scrapers,
And a Complete Line of CAMP OUTFITS.
Jamea H. doodbar Wm. Ia. Clark Knrene J. Carrlnaton Frank ii. Jonea
I Jam tanvtollasliearl lBflO.l
319 Main Street, Mompliis, Tenn.
WE offer to MERCHANTS! OH1.Y the larrest ard belt itock of Boot! and 8hoei we
havo ever brooeht to this market, and which cannot be surpassed In quality and
tyloi b any hoa;e in thii or any other eity. In addition to a complete line of Eutera
madeaooda, inoiud'nr tba 4'SlafcBKTna tiOOOBAK dt CO. BK4XUAMH, we handle
a large and select stock of Custom-made Goods for Men, Women, Muiei and Children. We
carry a number of the best makes in tha country, in ever variety and ft) le, aad amona
themtthe well known Men's Calf Hoots and biiies manufactured by Geo. Mocker for our
8 prior Trade. Me alio carry a ohoice line of Ladies' and Miisei' Custom Kid, (loat and
Calf (Jooda, manufactured by Krippendorf, Dittman A Co. We invite the trade to eiamine
our itock before basing elsewhere, and wa guarantee everything we aell to nive satisfaction.
Wholesale Dealers and Pnlllsher,
Sol AgenU for the following Flrst-Claii InstrumenU:
n-a- a Visa KRABICU dk ACM, ABI.KR, V. I). PKASK B CO.,
tfk-tTar, a -aaraj HAJMiH HAH 1 IN, t l.PI JH 4c wiaaui "
W JHji"afm.i3 i auv con auk okwan.
"Write for rafalotmea. 7ni.2a.'I nnd 'a?5 Fnoyit HT.. WKWPHIW
F IPfili
l Mi m MmmmB
Succeasors to POKTEK, TAYLtlJ & COM
ilNDaw'blAKT. ewOrleana. I AMDKEW D. OWYNKE, Memphis
Wholesale Grocers, Cot. Factors
OiDce, 349 Front Street, Memphis, Teni.
We thank oar friends for their pstrorage
A J' qqqqb
. --',l??.r'
M Co., Bt. Irtau.
Lata of Coldwater, Misa.
Memphis, Tenn.
CTrff 1.VI'
the following Specialties nnder our
own brands, viz:
Goodbar, Love A Co.'s Men's Grained Calf CUSTOM-MADE
Bale, Button and Congress,
Goolbar, Love A Co.'s Men's N.K. Calf CUSTOM
MADE Bale, Button and Congress.
Goodbar, Love A Co.'s Ladies' Kid and Goat CUSTOM-MADE
Flexible Polish and Button S3 00 Shoes.
Oar Ladies' 13 00 Shoes are made from the best se
lected Cnracoa Kid and Tampico Goat Stock, and have
Solid Sole Leather Counters and Flex.ble Inner Soles
and we warrant them to fit and give perfect satisfaction
in every respect.
Chickasaw Ironworks
98 Second St. Memphig. Tev-.
nglneis Boilers, Sawmills,
Bradford Corn and THieat Mill. ,
Cotton PreuM, Cotton aiu .
ShaHiug, Pulleje, . ' i .
fiFtC'l AI. KoriCK We are prepared to fill orders,
on a, .. notice, for the oele rated mexlarl Valent
W ronttlii r'uiley. We carry In (took over
Two Hundred Aaaorted miii.
- send for Catalorna and Price-Hat.
. W. aiACK.lE.
L . V aa.ja I . . .11
o3m V aCv. &W

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