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Proposition fur a Conference bj tbe
Strikers 'o Change in the
ticncttl Situation.
St. Loitis, Mo., March 11. Martin
Irons, chuirman of the Executive
JViar.1 of District Assembly No. 101,
knights of Lalxr, lias prenartnl a
BtMU-mt'iit of grievances and (teniiuuls
of the HtnkiiiK employes' of the Gould
Southwest system, and has sent it to
Col. Hoxie, first vice-president ami
general manager ot tlie Mitwoun l'a-
citic railroad. Mr. Irons denounces
the statement made in Col. Hoxic'g
circular issued a few days ago as wholly
false, and considers it too insignificant
to reply to in detail, and expresses his
surprise that railroad magnates who
have so long insulted the people by
applying to them the phrase "he
; damned" will fall upon their knees
and cater to them for sympathy. The
statement proceeds by setting forth
that it is the belief of every Knight of
l-alior upon Uie uould system that
the roails it embraces have inautru'
rated a systematic method of breaking
t up ineir orpuiixauon, to cnecg wiiicn
.action the strike was commenced, in
order to bring about a speedy adjust
t ment of the didiculties now existing
between these roads and the former
employes. Mr. Irons makes the proiv
osition that a conference be arranged
, between the magnates of the Gould
Southwest Companies and the District
Executive 15oard of Assembly Jo. 101
of the Knights of Labor to agree to
the toiiowmg propositions :
First That all unskilled liibor. in
eluding section laborers, truckmen
and crossing watehnien, be paid 3 1 .r0
per uay.
Seconl The abolishment of convict
Third That all hridgcnien be paid
at the rate 01 5-', ' , oil, n o, ac
cording to the nature of the work per-
lornieu by them.
Fourth Ail house repair gangs be
rated as bridgemen.
Fifth -That all boarding bosses for
bridge eanirs shall be entitled to half-
rates of freight on all supplies for ukc
of bridge outlits.
Nxth Hint when outfit care are
moved at night or on Sunday bridge
men shall be allowed one and one-half
time while being so moved.
Seventh That while bridgemen are
compelled to work in water at wash
outs, etc., they shall be allowed double
time while so engaged.
Eighth liridgemen be allowed one
ami one-hall time for extra services.
Ninth Bridgemen be allowed pass
es to their homes, from place of em
ployment, twice a month.
lenth A better regulation of the
apprentice system.
Eleventh In view of the fact that
considerable dissatisfaction and trou
ble have arisen on account of the dis
charge of employes without cause
iH'ing first made known, therefore we
demand that when any employes who
are Knights of Labor cannot give sat
isfaction in the capacity in which they
are engaged, it shall be made known
to them in writing that they may de
fend themselves in the following man
ner: The accused party to select two
persons to' assist in conducting the
defense, and the olhcer of the compa
ny in immediate charge of the de
partment in which the accused is
employed bo allowed to select two
persons to assist in conducting the
prosecution, and that the accused be
tried before three disinterested parties
to be selected in the tollowing man
ner: The parties assisting 'in the
defense to select one and the parties
assisting in the prosecution one and
the two thus selected choose a third.
The accused must be allowed to re
main at work until the charges are
either disproved or substantiated.
Twelfth That all men be paid same
wages lor same work.
Thirteenth That all men unjustly
discharged be reinstated at t lie con
elusion of the strike.
Respectfully submitted,
Chairman Executive Board, District A. aem
bly 101, KuighU of Labor.
of tiiis city, which is composed of
regularly appointed delegates from all
the trades unions, have held a meeting
and adopted resolutions recognizing
the railroad strike as a struggle for the
rights of workingmen to organize;
that the position taken by the railroad
managers is inmical to' the rights of
workingmen and the pub
lic good and should be denounced, and
expressing hearty sympathy with the
strikers. Freliminary steps have been
taken by various business men. with a
view to holding public meetings of
the Merchants' and Mechanics' Ex
change and other organizations, to de
vise some means to bring about a set
tlement of the strike and restore busi
ness to its normal condition.
No attempt np to this hour (2:45
p. m.), as far as can be ascertained,
has been made to start freight trains
from the Missouri Pacific yards. A
conference was held this morning be
tween the freight engineers and Gen
eral Superintendent Kerrigan and
Master Mechanic llartlett, at which
the engineers stated that they would
stand at their posts when it was decided
to run the trains: that when the
engines are prepared in a proper man
ner for work, they would run the
trains according to orders, but further
than this they will do nothing. The
engineers are holding a meeting this
afternoon, at which they will take
formal action in regard to the strike.
A freight train quietly made up in
this city this morning, started in the
direction of Carondelet on the Iron
Mountain road with engine under full
head of steam, and passed through
that city at express train speed. This
action by the railway company seemed
to take the strikers unawares, for no
opposition was attempted at any point
until the train reached Desito, Mo.,
where a delegation of Knights of La
bor boarded the train, side-tracked it,
and afterwards killed the engine. No
opposition was offered by the crew to
the action of the Knights, and no con
flict occurred. Everything there is
now quiet, and no further attempt, so
far as known, has been made to start
freight trains.
A special from Pacific, Mo., to the
Fort-lh.'piilfh says: There are no new
developments at this point. Every
thing is quiet here. One freight train
on the 'Frisco road passed here this
morning. No violence is anticipated.
A special from Atchison, Kax., to the
same paper, says: Kitilrop.it officials
at this point are employing good men
as they apply. A train went out on
the Central branch last evening ami
another will po out to-day. No re
sistance ' has been made. The men
have left the - hops and grounds in
obedience to the company's orders.
The merchants are becoming restless
and impatient for the resumption of
tmmc. -
Tne Ml nation ni Isallaa.
Galveston, Tkx., March 11. A spe-
ciai 10 uie .x irom iMua, says : l lin
ed States Marshal Jaikman telegraphs
to lleceiver llrown from Pig Springs
that everything is quiet there and that
traltic is open. Twenty-five mechanics
who were brought from New Orleans
were sent to Pig Springs last night to
take the place of strikers, freight
trains are now moving. IJeeeiver
Brown received a telegram last night
from the engineers on the "T. C." di
vision of the Texas Pacific road stating
mat tney desired to correct the reixrt
that they had refused to go out on their
engines, and declaring that they held
themselves in readiness to respond to
the orders of the receivers and were
not supporting the strikers. To this
welcome message Receiver Brow n re
plied, saving: i was prepared to re
ceive just such a manly, frank tele
gram for I have regarded you all the
time as entirely faithful to your duties
to the railway, iou will not be com
pelled to relinquish your posts. You
shall have ample protection from the
United States Court through its mar
shals and deputies and through more
potent influence if it becomes neces
On Freight Train Moved at LI Ida
s mk.
Littli Rock, Abk., March 11. The
toremanot tbe iron Mountain Kail
road Company succeeded this morn
ing in sending out one freight train
with perishable local freight bound
south. A large crowd of strikers as
sembled and on the first attempt took
possession of the engine, ran it into a
side-track three miles south of this
city and "killed" it. But another en-
tine was found which took the train
out protected by Sheriff Worthen ami
a posse, and accompanied bv nuperin
tendent Whedonand Master Mec hanic
Richardson. No personal violence
was offered, and at I s'clock all is
A Niicnllicaut Hint.
Uhicaoo, ill., March II. A morn
ing paper says a significant hint of the
possibilities of the Gould line strike
was brought home to the Chicago So
cialists lust night. Old Dr. Tavlorwas
haranguing a small crowd of tfie faith
ful at the rendezvous, No. 51 West
Late street. "What I expect within
four days," he saiJ during his speech,
"is a regiment of United States troops
running over the Missouri Pacific in
charge of Jay Gould's property."
"Well, if they do," shouted a young
Texan, who was visiting the meeting,
"Jay Gould will have to build new
bridges nnd culverts. There won't be
any of the old road left." The senti
ment was applauded to the echo as
having the proper ring in it.
IheST.wYo fc'Poal" on the "tribe.
New Yokk, March 11. The follow
ing editorial from the Evening Past on
the Southwestern strike is said by
business men of this city to represent
their opinions: The statements pub
lished by Receiver Brown of the Texas
Pacific, and Vice President Hoxie of
the M issouri Pacific, show ing the na
ture of the demands made uion them
by the Knights of liibor are very sig
nificant, because symptomatic of the
condition of industry and society
everywhere. There are very few em
ployers of labor, whether individual
or corporate, who are not lying awake
o' nights thin king out what is going
on in Texas and Missouri. There are
no intelligent persons whether em-
plovers or employed, who are not
looking with anxiety for the news
from that quarter nud trying to form
some idea what the end will be. There
ore those who believe that a Socialist
revolution is impending, and has been
for a long time impending. Although
the avowed Socialists are an extreme
ly small part of even the most densely
populated cities the belief is enter
tained by careful observation that
their ideas are spreading among the
trade unions, which have been for the
most part their avowed opponents
hitherto, nnd that if some great strike
or convulsion ot industry should
result disastrously to the strikers,
the main body would adopt the
creed of Socialism for better
or for worse. Socialism has a great
many queer fancies, but division of
property is at the bottom of them all.
This signifies the overturn of law ond
the temporary stoppage of civiliza
tion. We say temporary, because after
any possible social disturbance the
worst conceivable -society must right
itself somehow. In the first two years
of the French revolution, those who
called themselves ' the people" em
ployed themselves in butchering the
aristocrats and the next six years in
butchering each other. But the re
sult proved that anarchy could not
last forever. If there is such a com
ing evil it is quite useless to run away
from it. The support of law and order,
whether capitalists or non-capitalists,
ought to and must put themselves in
readiness to meet it, and instead of
compromising the law anil yielding
here a point and there a point of its
authority and majesty, they should
make a firm stand on the first well-
lefined issue that presents itself. The
Texas Pacific case appears to be such
an issue. The statement of Receiver
Brown is to be taken as a true one un
til proved otherwise by something
better entitled to credence than the
outgivings of a secret society. The
Texas Pacific road is a bankrupt cor
poration. It was built in advance of
any real need for it. By a real need
is meant such a need as would enable
its operation in the country adjacent
and tributary to it to pay running ex
penses and a fair rate of interest on
the capital employed. The indispen
sable condition of successful industry
was wanting. It wasaecordingly taken
possession of by the officers of the law.
of whom Receiver Brown is one (an
inferior one), to be madcltho mofit of
in the interest of its creditors. Its
creditors, in the order of preference
are: First, its employes; second,
those who furnish its needed supplies :
and, third, those who have loaned
money to build it. Of the seven proi-
ositions submitted by the Knights of
Labor to the receiver for his signature,
all but one are of a kind which he hail
no authority to sign or agree to, be
cause his position was that of a subor
dinate officer of the law. Ho refused
to sign and the Knights of Labor
struck. In order to mako their strike
more effective, they struck on the Mis
souri Pacific and its leased lines also.
This was the larg st boycott that the
country bus yet seen. It boycotts not
only the Missouri Pacificbut to a large
extent, the States of Texas, Arkansas
and Missouri. There are probably
more workingmen in the city of
St. Louis alone than the whole
number of boycotters in the "Gould
Southwestern System." The question
now is whether Receiver Brown and
Vice President Hoxie will stand firm
until public opinion is aroused by the
oncoming of misery to assert' the
majesty and authority of law. A
telegram from Fort Worth, Tex., suvs
that the Farmers' Alliance is in sym
pathy with the strikers, and will join
them in political steps to control the
State. This is not at all unlikely. The
farmer has been so accustomed to look
upon corporations as his enemy, that
he will naturally join forces with any
other enemy who comes in sight Yet
the alliance will lie of sh rt duration,
because the funnels' interests require
sjieedy and uninterrupted railway
transiortation. Moreover, in the long
run, he will find that to whatever ex
tent the artisan class get more than a
fair share of the aggregate earnings of
the nation - more than the share which
five competition would yield it must
come out of agriculture. There is no
other source from which it can come.
Still the farmer will probably side with
the "organized lalior" in the !egin
ning. If Receiver Brown yields to the de
mands presented to him, he must Iwgin
by asking the court, whose otliirr
he is, for permission to sign a paper
which is a virtual abdication of his
office. If Vice-President Hoxie's
statement s true and it must be true
unless there has lcen some recent
change in the practice of law no
yielding on his part would affect the
status of the Texas Pacific in any de
gree. It would seem, therefore, that
no case could be imagined upon which
the supporters of law and order
could take a firmer stand, or where
the necessity of their doing so could
be more imperative, let the conse-quencc-s
be what they may.
A Voluntary Advance.
PiTTsnrKo. Pa., March U.-The 250
employes of Mcintosh, Hemphill &
Co., extensive foundrymen, have been
notified of an advance in their wages
of from 5 to 15 per cent., to take effect
April oth. The action of the lirm was
a surprise to tho men. No demands
for an increase had been made. It is
expected that the other foundrynien
in tins city will follow the example ot
Mcintosh, Hemphill & Co. The
foundry trade is in a better condition
than for years.
I I I Ti lls:.
11 the Oovrrnmeiit Taklnic Pn.aes-
Ion or all the I.lnea, and Wilts '
'I hem I be Telegraph Line.
To the Editor, of th. A lipoid:
No matter what may lie the result
of the present railroad strike, one
thing becomes daily ifiore und more
evident ; and that is that the Federal
Government should take possession of
the railroads and telegraph lines, and
operate them as it does the postal
system of the country. Far better that
than to permit one-third of the popu
lation of the country, and millions of
dollars in all sorts of commerce, to be
daily interfered with at the will of
flOOO, 8000 or 10,000 railroad employes,
whose chief grievance seems to be
that the superintendent of one of the
linos thought proper to discharge a
man whom he did not choose to em
ploy any longer. Just think of the
clerks at Menken's, or Lowenstein's,
or both, taking the position that
neither of those linns should send any
goods out of their stores unt il Lowen-
stcin should tuko back a certain clerk
whom he had discharged. Has it
come to this, that a merchant or
foundryman S' all be compelled by his
employes to retain in his employment
any clerk or w orker whom the other
employes shall say must be retained?
N ho wou.d consent to do business of
unv kind under such dictation .'
Would the Ari'SAL? There is but one
remedy for this. I urged it in your
columns in December, 18H4, and Jan
uary, 1S85; and the reasons for its
adoption daily grow more seri
ous and imperative, ixa the gov
ernment take possession of the
railroads. That would end all strikes
so directly damaging the commerce of
the country. One significant fact is
evident that the strikers never inter
fere with the mail trains, and it is be
cause Undo Sam is on board. This
discontent must soon end, or ruin to
thousands of merchants will soon fol
low. If it should be adjusted in any
other way it will break out again un
der the stimulus of passion.
The condition of matters about the
iridge at St. Louis proves that it
should belong to tho government.
Who w ould put millions of dollars in
a bridge across the river here if it may
be seized by a mob and held at its
And beyond all this lies a still more
serious matter yet. Congress is spend
ing millions to improve this great river
of ours. For what? For the mud
and sand and water in it? No, no.
But it is to protect the commerce
which floats upon its bosom ; a com
merce in which millions of our farm
ers, manufacturers, merchants are
deeply interested.
Will you tell mo that Congress can
and should do this, and yet say that
it lias no right to protect the far great
er and more valuable commerce oft
our railroads? Has Congress the con
stitutional right to protect this river
commerce against the devastations of
heaven's angry floods? Yes, yes. Then
has it no power to protect the railroad
commerce against the destruction of
man s angry passions ;
Who can see where all this must
end? Who cannot see that the end
ing may soon be in the btnoke of mus
ketry? '
Wht car. I. why should I cars,
When my call comes, or where?
Be it at morn or noon
r eventide.
Or in tbe watches of the night.
When glows the pale moon,
Cloud curtains bel l .aide.
Whether it find me here
Or otherwhere,
Lighthearted or fall of cure,
No matter where or bow or when
The roersate shall appear.
All that I ak
la that it may find me then.
Whether at my appointed task
Or vring a they who only stand and wait,
Farly and late.
Heady and willing, joyfully
To (to. Even so.
Lord, let it be I
Wm. B- Wall, in Nat York Obrrvtr.
Capitol 'Land in the Texas Fan
Handle. Acstis, Tkx., March 11. Col. Ab
ncr Taylor, of the Chicago syndicate
and Capitol Contractor, who is here
has mado some interesting statements
concerning the capitol lands in the
Pan-Handle of Texas. He said that
the syndicate now has inclosed with
wire fences 800,000 acres of these lands,
all lying North of the Canadian river,
and during the coining year will in
close the entire three million acres
given for the erection of the Htate cap
itol. The syndicate now has upon its
inclosed lands 30,000 head of cattle,
and during the coming year will in
crease the number largely. They are
spending f 40,000 per month improving
lands and are having flowing wells six
miles apart placed upon whatisknown
as the dry lands.
Unlike other cathartics, Dr. Pierce's
"PeTieta" do n: t render the bowels
costive after optrttion, but, on the
contrary, estiolieh a permanently
healthy action. Eeing entirely vegetable,
no particular care is required while
using them. By druggists.
Date Fixed for the Election of Kail
road Commit! intra Bills
Passed Both Boost s.
IsrscuL to thi irrnL.l
Jaksojc, 31 iss., March 1 1.-Smite.
Ihlls lutssed: 'lo amend the charts
of the town of Yaiden; House resolu
lion nxtng tlie tune for the election
juiunuiu commissioners, with an
amendment tUiig Friday, the lL'th
instant, at i :m p. in. for tlie election
which amentimeni has iKM-ncmieurrei
in py me nou.se; House bill t. insure
tlie iM'tter working of roads m Amite
Senate bill amending the charter o
Water Valley; House bills relating to
the township map in Pike; for the re
lief of C. A. MeUod and T. T. Hamil
ton ; to authorize Leflore county to
settle with J. K. Allen, former treas
urer; to authorize Bolivar comity to
appoint a civil engineer.
The general education bill was dis
cussed until adjournment.
The Senate to-duv resumed the con
sideration of the education bill. After
sundry amendments being adopted, it
was luueiiniieiy iMistponeil.
in us passed: j.0 authorize the con
solidation of the Louisville, New Or
leans and Texas Kailroad Coniimiiv
with the Memphis and New Orleans
Railroad and U-vee Company. House
bins: Ainetidinjr the charter of llay
St. Ix)tiis. with amendments: uiitlmr.
izing the Suiiervisors of Siintloweraiid
the State Auditor to make certain
compromises; tv-naie lull auiliori.ing
.iicorii couni v in settle certain claims.
The House resolution as to the final
sojournment oi ttie Legislature was
concurred in. with an amendment.
which amendment fixes Thursday.the
i-.iii iiiniiuii, iwi umiMiriiiiicui. 10
provide for the support of the public
schools in Aberdeen, Vicksbtirg, Wi
nona and Columbus; to amend tlie
charter of Meridian.
Confli nmtionsbv the Senate :Asmed-
li al directoriind superintendent of tin
Statu Lunatic Asvlniuat Jackson, lr
1 homos J. Mitchell ; as trustee of the
Agricultural and Mechanical College
ut nuirKvwp, the lbui. H Itrown
of Enterprise; lr. J. H. Perts of
Woodville and Mai. A. M.West.
I lol'KE.
The Senate bill providing for hold
ing a Constitutional Convent mi was
lost on third reading in tho House.
Ihlls passed: To amend the code
in relation to tho apjiointmcnt of con
stitutional olhcers; reserving State
lands for homestead puroses ; for the
relief of the Walthall Greys of Gre
nada; in relation to keepers of livery
stables; to provide for the cure ami
custody of the records of the Supreme
Lonrt; to equalize and adjust taxation
in Carroll : amending the law relative
to compromising claims duo estates of
decedents; in relation to the standards
of weights and measures in the oflice
of the Secretary of State; to procure
the assessment, ot lands purchased
from the United States; in relation to
the duties of tho Clerk of Harrison;
to amend the law relative to receivers;
to enlarge the powers of the Super
visors of Noxubee.
On Hoard the Wuvernment Nlenme r
Ualena, al Hrjr Weal.
Chicago, 111., March 11. A special
irom rvev i est, r la., says in connec
tion with the arrival there of the
United States steamer Galena and tlie
the supposed filibuster, the City of
Mexico: l here are several cases of
yellow-fever on board the Galena. Tho
commander of the Galena, C. W.
Chester, was approached to-day by
your correspondent, with reference to
tho fever on shipboard and the lili
bustering expedition. Tho com
mander displayed the following ropnrt,
which was submitted to the health
otlicer of Key West: 'My attention
has been called to a statement in New
York that there were tifteen cases of
yelloujfevor on lhe United States
steamer Galena. 1 beg leave to deny,
emphatically, this statement. On ar
rival here w:e had but one case of that
disease, and he had been convalescent
since the lTith ultimo, having taken
sick on the fit li ultimo. Tlie captain
refused, inostoinphaticolly.to 'ay any
thing about the filibuster or tlie prison
ers on board the City of Mexico."
The special says the public opinion
is pretty evenly divided as to whether
the City of Mexico could be classed as
a filibuster. Interviews with her
passengers are of a tenor w hich would
indicate that the vessel had no fire
arms on board, and that tlie few pas
sengers on board were simply bound
for Nicuraugtia to obtain a peaceable
Politic Too M neb for Him.
A lady on Fifth avenuo, New YorV,
quickly summoned a doctor:
"Oh, doctor, my husband is nearly
kead. He attended a caucus lost
night. He made four speeches, and
promised to be with his (ellow-citizoiis
again to-day. Hut oh, doctor, he looks
nearly dead."
"Has he been in politics long?"
"No, only last year. He worked hard
for James McCaulay's election."
"Ho will get well, madam! He has
a stomach for any disease, if he worked
for him!"
Political life, of thort or long dura
tion, is very exhausting, as is evident
from the greut mortality which pre
vails among public men. Ex-United
States Senator 11. K. Bruce, who has
been long in public life, says:
"The other day, when stepping into
a car at a crossing, I found Dr.
within, who eyed me up and down in
a surprised way, remarking:
Why, Senator, how well you look!'
Well, I feel pretty well,' I an-
The doctor uttered an incredulous
reply, when the Senator frankly told
him, in answer to an inquiry, that it
was Warner's safe cure which nrcom-
f dished for him what the profession
lad failed to do. Senator Hruce says
his friends are very much astonished
at this revelation of power. The (llvlif.
Orerwbelmintly defeated.
Aatl-l'nlneae Convention at Sacra
mento. Sackamk.nto, Cal., March 11. At
the Anti-Chinese Convention last
night Ex-Senator Sargent, in a long
speech, approved of the resolution fa
voring a peaceable removal of the
Chinese and the prevention of further
im nigration, but strongly Iiscoun
temmceri boycotting the Chinese or
the whites who dealt with them. He
urged that the whole question be left
with Congress to pass such a bill as
would meet the desired end.
Killed at a Itanre. .
Louisville, Ky., Msrch 11. James
Bird shot arid family wounded Tom
Martin at a danc? in Aiul.'oa coun
ty, Ky , Wednesday night. An o'd
grudge was the caate. Both are
MARCH 12, 188G.
- W I kWinki
Purvtt and tOoogrrt Natural Fmft Flavor.
Vanilla, Lemno, Onuin, Almomi. Koh, cc
flavor u oiacaieiy vnu naiuraiiy a tnt UuU
Flesh Producer & Tonic !
Hear tho WilarMci!
ito roiiHoai
A Man or BlatyEltbt Winter.
I am 68 rears of aaa. and ranrd Onlnn'a
Pioneer a One looie for the feehle. Br Its
me bj itremth has been restored and my
weight IncreaAcd ten peunds.
a r.u. uami'ukll, Cotton uia Maker.
Macon, tia., i'ebruarr 14, 1886.
A Crippled ronfeelorata Hafai
I on'r welshed 128 nonnds when I in.
neneed Qulnn's Pion r, and now weiah 117
pounds. I eould hard If walk with a stick to
support me and can now walk lom diatanoes
without hel. Jts benefit to me is boyond
calnulatlon. It. KUt Ud BOSTK'K,
Macon, (la. Cotton Hum.
Mr. A. II Bramblell, Hardware. Her-
rhant, or foray th, Ua , Wrlloat
It acted like aoharmoa mTffeneral haattti.
I consider it a fine tonic. I weigh more than
1 have tor s yeais. HeiiiecttuIlT,
A. 11. liHAAlUliKir.
Mr. W. f, Jon, Macon, Nay at
My wife has retained heratrensth and In-
oresel ton pouuda in weight, n'e reevm-
nd Uuinn t Pioneer as the best tonic.
Ir. . W. lhrldK, of Atlanta, Cla.,
Hrltaa or Unlnu'a Ploncari
Ouinn'a Pioneer Blood Renewerhas bean
used for years aith unpiecedented success.
It is entirely reretable and duos the syHem
no harm. It improves the appetite, diites
tion und blood-uiakina. alimulalintf. invt.
orating and toning up all the functions and
tissues of the system, and thus beoomes the
great blood renewer and health restorer.
cures all Blood and Fkin Diseases, Rheuma
tism, b-rolnla, Did Sores. A perieot tlprinf
11 not in your market it will forwarded
on receipt on prioa. bmall bottles, ll.uOi
large bottles, 11.75.
ikasuT on Blood and ekin Dlaeaaea mailed
MACON M8D1Q1KB CO., Macon. Ha.
J. P. U0LST &BR0.,
Funeral Directors,
AVtTLL and complete itook of Wood and
Mstallie Cases and Cukete, 0loth-0oT-ered
Caskets and Burial Kobet always on
hand, ear Order! by telerrauh promptly
f-.f ..-nnrf"! a " an
an Madlnon Btrt. Memphis), Ten a
A FULL stock of Wooden and Metalllo
Casts and Caskets, liurlal Robes, etc,
Iwayton Band. Orders by Telegraph or Tel
phona Promptly attnnditd to.
-rVJEES 4a 3C-a
Tmntea Sale.
HAVING been appointed trustee under
the itnweri contained in tba trust deed
made by Harsh L. Dent and Ueorge U. Dent,
securing the payment of a not for 115(10 by
them made September 14, lHftt, due one year
after date, delault having been made in tba
payment thereof, at tba lequest of the holder
I sata no e, i will, on
Monday. April B. ISSfl.
t 12 n'clnrk m.. at the southwest comer of
Main and Madinon streets, in the Taxing
District of Kbelby county, Tenn., sell the
following described tracts of land: The first
beginning at Uarr and Mnbemore s corner
on Oreer sline; thence sail 11.40 chains to
reer s 8K earner ; thence north 10 chains, to
ranr's N R corner: thanoa east 8 chains to
Bradshaw's KK oorner: thence rnuih 3.7D
hams to McLemore and Carr I BW oorner
f 13-acra entrv: thence eaat 13 chains!
hence north 10 chains to Wui. and Gideon
I 1 1 I ' . W 1 1 11 D . 1UDU I V U " . 1 l.l.l . . 1 .!..- W . I' U . 11
&0cbaini tbence west 47 W chains to Csrr
and McLemore's line) thenos north 13.79
chains to the beginning, containing 10" acres,
more or le"s, it being tbe same tract of land
conveyed to Dmiel Uughea by James K.
1.111 11 . I . .. . lu H. . . ...... . V.
Kelts by deed or August 12, INio, recorded in
book 26, page3n.
Also, lot 10 of the Borland subdivision of
lots, fronting 60 feet on the east side of nor
land avenue, and running back between
parallel lines 170 Icet to an allev.
Also, part of lot U of same subdivision, on
the soutn boundary line ot lot 10, eighty feet
from the southwest eorcer of same, and run
ning south at right angles with said bound
ary line nine feel and sil inches; thnoe at
right angles east siiteen leet so as to run di
reolly over the center of the mouth of the
stern ; thence at right angles nine leet end
is inches to the south bonndary line of said
broperir. with all improvements tbereon.
and being the same property conveyed to J.
E. Dillard, trustee, by B. L and U. (1. Dent,
recorded in book 14S, page Ul, of the records
r nnemy county.
Terms of baleCash. Title believed to be
ood, but I tell only as trnlee.
li. a. ft.si&s, jr. . trustee.
preoa seeking Government Em
loyment in any oi the departments i
Washington, or any other poritions on da
tbe Movernraent, I will send full Instruction
as to how to pvoeed to obtain the same,
and Blnnk rsrmssf Aipllcuallen on
receipt ot On Dollar. AUnrcws JOHN
Newspaper ?
A book of 100 pages.
the host book for
native, tiser to con-
r ' It contains lists of
salt, be be e peri-
newr paper and estimates o the cost of ad
vertising. The advertiser wbowani impend
one dollar, finds in it ttie information tie re
uires. while for blra wbo will invest on
ui drvd thousand dollars In advertising, a
.ka m im iniiiftml which will meet hia
every requirement, or can be made to do so
by slignt obango- easily arrives, ai 07 oorre
apondenee. Una hundred and fiftr-three
editions have been issued. Sent, postpaid,
to any address lor ten 6n.j. nrpiy wucn,
P. HOW bLb vt. n nworArup tu
VKRTtflfMJ BURBAU.10 'prune t. iPrUit-
"aT nr m- a-n,
1 -V B' rea m jr
lBUouMo,ara.iew I oi I.
"i"1'!!- fc"1" "TT" "a"' a reandy known to tbegsernMprnfaankalle
.nn..thiaw.M. n-li-io .an. .(- fnm.n .. mm as alteadanl lawiiannaair
Jtaaif erAat an tmtntnt pawsiVfan ana la n. L
pwHvwnr erwiTivej nam
the eaaa of a lads of rheemasie emrfiuom. and a
elawenoineweof loaannr a-r sanakalr ngannn iu aetina ba Wa aMee aeslataatuiT
bar promptly, end tt aow paaa the oaea dreaded pan.ida me, but liul li..,l,.i I iu
other laeuaoie of a aaular eharaelw, bat thle la a
fc.V A. A. MELL1EB,
I9-U1II pay Good Irlrt for MOTKN, GIST FALLS ami
TKAS1IY OITOA ol all deaorlptlon. Kend for Clxcalar
and Prlpcg raid.
3XT-. W. SPEERS, Jr.
?5 Vance Street, Memphis. Tenn.
Me in phi n, Tenn.
Cah Adrwnoen o ltrohna and PlanOr.
L. D. MULLIN8, ol late J. R. Godwin A Oo. JA8. Y0NGB, late ol J. W. Caldwell k 0
Cotton Factors &Commission Herchants
No. 1 Howard's Row, Cor. Kront anil Union,' Memphis.
Cotton Factors and Wholesale Grocers
SftG-SOS Front St., JleniphU, Tenn.
Cotton Factors, Commission erchants,
TVo. IIO Month Sfaln St.. Nt. Xtoula.
Ornci or JOHN MAN0GUK, Msnrsn, Tang., February 16, lHHo.
I have this day agreed with
for the sale of my entire stock of Wrought Iron, Nuts, Washers and Heavy Hardware, the
same to take effect March 1, lHrirJ. In retiring from the business in this city. I desire to re
turn thanks to my friends and customers for their liberal patronage during a period of
twenty years.iand also to assure them that the business will be turned over totrelrable
and responsible parties whom I have known intimately for many years. I can safely aasura
my friends and customers that their orders, under the new management, will have the best
ear and attention, and I ask lor your continued patronage. J011N MAN0UUK.
Referring to abova varv flattering notice, wa
jeniiatlou and management for this additional
A. H. IvtHHOHK, frmldrnt.
The Livermore Foundry & Machine Co.
220 and 88S Mcoond
Dealer! in BAR, BAND AMD HOOP IROM, Boiler, Plrebod and Sheet Iron, Natl,
Washers, Hlvets, Nails, Heavy Hardware and
lEtcLilroaEfcci Supplies
In connection with our Fonndrjr and Manilla. Dsaarlmral, 110 to 174 Adams street,
we believe we are in the best position to supply any and all demands (or every oharaeter of
Wrought or Cast Ironwork, Machinery, Heavy Hardware and Hallway Supplies. Your
orders scUcited, and we promise our best atcntion.
and must Company.
o i-
ar Deposits reoolved In sums of II and upward, and interest allowed on lame Semi
annually. ear We buy and sell local Investment Bonds and Securities generally, pay tales, aotag
trusUes, anil, in general, execute any financial business requiring a safe and responsible
oar He Issue drnftg, In suras to suit purchasers, on all parts of Knrope.
OerWt have a commodious Vault for the deposit ol valuablos, which is at the servloe of
our customers, of t'taartfe.
1). V. UADDEN, rrcsident. EH I). GOLDSMITU, Tloe-Pronlilont.
Cotton Factors. Wholesale Grocers.
No. 300 Front wlrect. x Wemphlw, 'jTciiii.
BrinMey Car Wortss Mannfact'i Co
Jlrlnkloy, Ark.,
I)oorr, 8anh, lallniy, llrpmed Floorlnr, Oiling-, Weather-Boardlug,
L'ypretiM fShlnjtk'K, LntbH, Etc,
nerOur facilities are unsurpassed by any sawmill in the South for filling order promptly,
flooring, Ceiling, Hiding, btep Lumber and Cypress Shingles a tpeoialtr : also, Framing
Lumber of all dimensions. We make tbe Wholesale Uusinesaa tpeoial feature. Orders
olioited and promptly filled.
No. 124 JetTeriaon Street Memphla. Tetanewa,
at. avln.
John a.sjnlllwan.
Wholesale Grocers, Cotton factors
And Commission Merchants,
232 and 234 Front St., Memphis, Teiuj.
Mr.X N. RAINEY devotes hlt'whole time to the weighing and sale of all Cotton entrusted
to our churge Potion WrHn,ic, Wehlntnn stree
Sternberg & Son,
336 Front St,, Cor. Union, Memplilfl, Tenn.
rraea we nan of T'vwaltne In mm ,
hi. ... "T".!"
nmaraable t " m m rutuu M n
Solo Prop'r,7"" VltX.
lake rtlaaanre ta announcing tha fnllnwtn m.
ilepartment the same, to take effect March
II. A. TATVM, Sro'jr and Troaa,
Nlreei, Meiunhlta, Tenn.
ton & Co
MRiuifaofurorti of
Ihoa. Viark.
ti. I. cuaa
1 1

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