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LoftlirUclew Orleans ant Texas Wj
simippivAU.KT boite.
In g4 KoTtrbr S, IS.
4 :flfl p.m
:4d D.m
11 :00 i
:4S p.Bl 6:20 a.m
lHi a. a a.m
8:42 a.m a. a
:! e.uj n
6:21 a. ail RiM a."
p. ail 8:3U p.m
Saw Orlean
5:J p. as
9:40 a.m
I:t) P.ai
:. p.m 11:10 a.m
7:15 p. mi 7:30 a.m
a n:l .11 14w.Aa MtilrinaT Msmrbii
fi-Wi.h 11. IN. W.K. R. 1 Helena
C For ireeBille and Uaatini loo
, aad all
n-Wf,h V?VU 8. k P. Railroad.
S-With N.. J. A C. H- E. for Aath.a and
Jackson, t
F-Fnr Poiau oa tha Branch.
Q With iteaaari lor llajou Sara. -B
With railroad! diternni fur Jflorid aad
Pul fmta Kff." Sleeping CartoB all tralni.
JAS.M. KDWaH.I8, V. P.andJ,,M.
M. BV RKB, General Sup1!.
A. J- UAPi tt. V. A.
Bail traia laarai d.llj at W'ii-"
at 9:46 a.ai. Local freight laanwa'at 6:40
Emi atrii at 4:30 p.m. Freight train.
f. and 6 nitrl w.ekly. No.latrei
emphii Moadai, Wedaeaday andFride,.
Hum Ctty. BarlaaSrM aad i
bl. -Train leava M. aad T. depot as fol-.
lews: No. 4, Bail and expre. Iee daily
at 11 : a.m. ; So. S, mail asd a ..press, ar-
I4veataa0p,ia. No. 66. Ht, Lo i press,
l?el dalll at P.m. : So. 66. Bt. Leull
expre'S, arm at 8 56 a..
Mraapbla awn Llifia Bart. -Tralni
r.il. Irantral at.ndrtd time):
No. 1 leaea daily at bob V.m.i arrive at
i : p.m. No. 3 leTrat 6 :lo a.m. : arrive!
a. wi m. Nil ft (fmithtl leaves Unpeneld
ail'y (ptbuDdtUt 6:00 a.m.; arrival
Mrwpcrl .warfcad Mls.eia.lBBt Val-
Irv.-Iraini mova a lollowi: No. I (taat
Una daily! leavej.t 11:30 a.m. no. J teavai
. ii in m. ifallw. Nt. Louis fait Una
learnt dally at S:SI p.m. No. 7 (taat .Una
.nim .LliSO d in. Mail ana ex
nress eTi.es Maily at aasa.m. Ht. Louil
kit line arrirat daily at 9:03 a.t
Memphle aad 4'barlraton Tralot
BioTa a follow! : Thrnuirh aipreai laeraa
daily at 10:20 p.m. hail anil en.ram leave!
daily at;9:10a m. (-uaiervilla anraniuiKUit
tioa leave daily, eieept Bundy, at 4.:W
p.m. Thronrh eiprem arrive! daily at 5:
k.m. Mall and exprati anivei dallyat4:o5
5.m. homervllie aecomronuaviua arrive!
aily. except Sunday, at 8:30 a.m.
Lontevllle a)d Naalilll Tralm
wove M follow!: Kant mail arrival daily at
lilfii ,: leave! at 10:10 p.m. i mail leavci
dully at 9:00 a.m. Urownrville accoinmo
dalioin leave! daily, except Sunday, at 6:00
p.m.: mail arrive! daily at 6:0J p.m.
Browarvtlle fooominnila'lon arrive! daily.
aioeptSundar. at 6.40a.m. (itandard tiuia).
Bfrmptala, niruilaiKbana Mind Allan
lo lloilv Pprlnn Knot, Traini mova ai
fcllowi: Ne 1 leave Memnhii daily at 3:45
m. i arrival at Holly bprinii at 6:30 p.m. i
Slo. 2 leave llnlly s'prinire daily at 9:00
a.m., arrive at Memphli at '1 :15 a.m.: No.
I leave Memphi daily at 7:90 p.m., arrival
at Holly Bprinii at 11:69 p.m.: No. 6 leave!
Iloliy hprinn daily at 3:30 a.m., arrlvu at
Id.mphi at 6:36 a.m.
WiiumuToa, March 13, IWW. 1
1 o'clock a.m. f
For Mumphui and vicinity : SUition
Vy toinrratur, with mill, followod
by warmer, fair wtlior. Hhio mm,
led HUr, followed by blue cnwont and
Ted mi n.
For Trnnrute aid the Ohio VaUey:
Houlhirly trt'mii and light rain, JoUmmi
y Ufulfly vuruii. '
4rolaa;lal airport.
Miami", Ti., March 11, 1HH6.
I- Aoi MA it.. i
M.mpa . "
Lola ..t-
Liaod c
Vicksburt.... ...D ..
f 1 m uii K.w
Time. ba'. i Titer. Wind. Witter
7:00 a m SO 178 30.0 8.F.. Olear.
11:00 a.m. 10 154 37 !l H.K. Cloudy
3:00 p.m LUOIIH 42 0 H.K. Cloudy
7:00 p.m 1WH87 41 8 S.R Ltruin
10:00 p,m h750 4.T0 H.K. Cloudy
Mitximnm tenoparatnre, 45 .'I.
Miniroam turn pr tare, .10 0.
RaiDfall, 001.
Alt obaervitions are taken o
meridian time, which ia one
faUr than local time.
a To'
SktfW-ftovIau'n at the Theater to
night. The sale of seats for Hbea'g en
gagement begins at Mutford's this
The new street car company is
pushing work, and will commence
running cars about the first of April.
' Joseph Monaaco, the man shot by
Pan O'Donnell.near the Court-1 louse,
"Wednesday, died yesterday afternoon
' at 3 o'clock.
Vohh, O'Leary, Black, Flynn, Col
ran, Fusselbach and McKlroy of the
Memphis nine have arrived in tho city.
The other members of the club will
arrive in a few days.
Thirty men are now at work on the
the new baseball park on Madison
atrtiet. The work will be pushed for
ward as rapidly as possible, so the club
uiy have the grounds for practice
iMifore the regular seasou opens.
The Hfftv. Drmm 7oot, acompleUi
guide to health, wealth and happi
ness. Yon can find all about your
dreams from this book. One hundred
copiea sold last month. Mansford, ou
Main street, has his second supply.
Price li5 oents per copy.
While tho funeral procession of
Mrs. Viars wag passing Court Square
yesterday one of the daughters of Mrs.
Viars fainU'd her carriage. The
laly wits taken to a physician, where
he soon recovered consciousness and
was removed to her borne..
The following marrintre licenses
were issued yesterday: W. M. Morris
to Miss Fannie Wright, Geo. Kennedy
to Mary Williams, colored, Wright
C'hunglesR, colored, to Martha Webb,
colored, Calvin Hon hit to Sallie
"White, colored, Frank. Hurt, colored,
to Lizxie Bronick, colored.
The old striM't car company is im
proving it rolling stock at a rapid
rate. A number of new cars have
been turned out lately, and several
others are under way at the com
pany's shops on Main street. Mr. Bar
rett makeei all of his cars, giving con
stant employment to twelve or fifteen
skilled mechanics.
There will be an informal recep
tion at the rooms of tbo Young MenS
Christian Association this (Friday)
evening at 8 o'clock, given by the
JiB-lics Auxiliary, to which nicinliers
and their friends are invited. Those-
who fail to attend will miss an oppor
tunity oi upending an enjoyable even
Committee in charge of the
V omen s hxchange yesterday were :
Mrs. W. 11. Seward, tors. B. F Haller,
Airs. A. M. Sourbrougli. Among the
visitors wen-: A. J. augbn, Mrs. J
11. .Martin, Mrs. K F. Cunningham of
Kin hrancisco, J. p. Kdrinpton. F. J.
Davenport i,i Rochester, N. Y., Ben
iv. uiten, jr., n. iortinier Hske, J
Warner of Nashville, D. Trom
pelu-r, W. P. Wilson, H. Carv, J. P
f.vkes, 1. K. Mailer, .1. W. Clapp, F.
11. IKiskell, H. M. Wamroner, K. U
lopp, H. 1-. Rnmlall, W. Messick, Jno,
iverion, jr., it., n. .Mason, s. I). Kyle,
Mr. kurr, . U KWorth of Cincin
nnti, . Walts, Miss (.iarin and C,
W. VYooOrutr.
W. J. 8 anla! and bin comimny are
at the I'eabody.
Miowita. J. Haukv Binoa and Tom
Orxill b'H for New York yenh-rday.
Col.. Georok L. Paxtos of St.
and L. W. Sirinip of Salem, N. C,
are at the IValKnly.
A. F. llmon, Reneral inaiuiifiT Mon-an-li
SleeiiinK Car Coiniany, New
York, in at the Pealnxly.
Minu Stki.la Kishon, Texan; C. T.
SiHwin, C'liieAito, and L). Snyder, Sara
toga, N. Y., are at the IViiInmIv.
1). S. Vehnon, biMineM iranniser
John ltnliinHon'H firvat World's Kx
poHition, Meniigerie and Circuit, in at
the IVabody.
O. F. Rkknf.i of Baltimore, (n-neral
aircnt for tlie Southern States lor the
Mutual Lifu Inaurance Couiiany of
New York, is utopiting at the (iayoao
Ji iMiB J. E. Tkmpi.k, for many yearn
acitiwn of this eitv, died lant Wednes
day niht. He will be buried from
his res.dence in Chelsea thia inorniug
at 10 :M o'clock.
Miss btti Hiuiiks of Jackson,
Tenn., was married yesterday at Jack
son, Tenn., to Mr. C. C. McCallof that
city. The ushers were A. P. Lusk, J.
L. Dunn. U. V. Jarman, W. V. Car
ver, ami the attendants Ir. O. 8.
(i raves and R. O. Sniler. Mr. and
Mm. MeCall left for New York and
Canada. The Hev. Dr. Voss of the
First ltantist churcb odiciated. Mrs.
MeCall is the daughter of Mr. D. W.
IIukIics of this rity.
T Beer Orlraaa Maixb I7th.
Buy your tickets from D. K. Ellis,
31 Madison street, a lie is the only
ap-nt in Memphis author red to sell
tickets for Collins' (Irand Pullman
Palace Car Excursion or. the 17th of
March, and everybody knows what
the Collins excursions are. They
need no recommendation. The name
and tiiaiiUK'cincnt are sufficient miur
itntee that the excursion will be all
that could be desired.
'Ihaaf-ta-Lawa "
Mr. W. J. Bosnian made his appear
ance before a Memphis audience last
night in an Iiish play called tihaiie-No-Lawn,
and it is no exaggeration to
KP.y that ha captured his audience from
the first five minutes be occupied the
stage and held their favor with increas
ing measure nntil the curtain fat 1 1 upon
the last act. Oi the merits of the play
It is simp y necessary to lay that it is
bettir than the usual run tf Irish
plays, aad that its dialogue is fresh
and free from the suspicion common
to plays of tbia character that its wit
has been dug np out of worn-out
almanacs. But Mr. Hcanlan ia
a good enough actor to carry
even a bad play to success, and ai
Sham-Na-Lawn ia cot a bid play, it
goes without saying that Mr. Scanlan'a
buccws last night was genuine, nn
(qtia'ed and well deserved. He ia an
actor of rare merit in his line, easy,
natural, graceful, and with a voice so
melodiously attuned that be cm
make an old tune sound new.
Among tthjr things be sang last
night was that tlireadbare nursery song
"Peek-a-Boo," yet so exqnltltely was it
done that be received and deserved a
hearty encore. Admirers of the Iiiah
character in its most lovable phase
should not neglect tha opportunity to
see Mr. Hcanlan. He is supported by
an excellent company, among whom
Miss Msrlon Wren as "Peggy
O'Moore" and Qua Reynolds aa "Ron
ald" are conspicuously clever. Miss
Lillian Had ley also does very neat
work in the character of "Itose Red'
mond. ahant-na Lawn will be re
peated to-night.
Mile. Rhta will begin a week's en
gagement at tha Memphis Theater
next Monday, and the aale of seats
begins to day. This charming actress
has greatly improved since ber last
visit here. The Cleveland JItrald
says of her: "Seldom has the elegant
Euclid avenue opera-house contained
as large oi as brilliant an audience as
last evening. The bett society of
Cleveland, wealth, fashion and intel
ligence all considered, was so literally
represented as to tax to the
utmost the capacity of the eps
cious theator. We may also add
that the opera house never con
tained a more thoroughly charmed
audience. Mile. Rhea appeared
in her favorite character, "Adrienne,"
In persons! beauty, in superb costum
ing, in dramatic fire she even sur
passed the Ideal personation of tbe
character. Her triumph in Cleveland
ia complete. She cme a stranger, al
uiOBt unheralded save by ber misfor
tunes of management in tha Kist. She
was received coldly and critically. She
will leave a prime favorite. She came,
ahe was eeen, she conquered. It is
not within onr recollection mat an
other actress ever in so short a time
won such enthusiastic admiration in
over-particular and exactirjg Cleve
Crenky'i Dim Maanm.
The attractions presented at this
house for the present week are very
varied and attractive withal. The
three-legged man, Lippert.isoneof the
most remarkab'e freaks of nature ever
exhibited, and as such is visited by
numbeis of medical men in every city
where he holds receptions. Major
and Mrs. LittleflngAr, tbe smallest
married conple in the world, seem to
he a very ba,py duo. Her wardrobe
is very extensive and bandEome. 8o
ar she rai appeared at eacn reception
in a diflorent costume. The olio per
formance in the tbeatorium is a very
fine one, and Mr. Crosby is con
stantly in receipt of communi
cations trom all parts of
the country. Yesterday a gentle
man from Brownsville, Tenn., wrote
tj him with regard to a very strange
human freak who wished an engage
ment. From now to the end ot tbe
booked, so the Brownsville man bad
to be declined wttb thanks.
Mr. Vernon, the general contracting
az-nt of old John Robinson s circus.
who baa been in .New Orleans lor the
rateant. visited tbe museum and bla
life-long friend, Mr. W. E. Crosby.
Order Metfalant Mnlford's.
HocsK ntiniliers from 25 cents to $10
at Hook & ljiGrill s, Nos. 289 and 2V-1
Second street.
There Are m few Draaaiala
who ear more to anaka a larce pront oa a
worthier article than to wait lor tbe nroa-
peritv that ultimately result Irom honet
uriinr. Theo are the in en who. when
arked foate lienmin'a Lapoin Planer, will
recommend some ebeap and irahy aubfi.
tut or nuita'ion. avina ili. 'iu!t a ood.'
Sometime they will do up and aril tha m i-er-bie
im ttioa without remark, ellnwirta
tha oudtomer to Tupoe h be censon . If
thi valuoleu piaster ii returned Cbrikp John
will ay be mad a mistake; if pot, h. baa
done a tuod atrvke of businei. The puUo
are cautioned ae.inat Jabn and ail his ilk.
liar of reiperta' le druaaisU only. The
genuine i.non' plaster has ti e 'Three
f.aV trade-mark and tha word "Capwne"
out la the center.
At Uverjool yesterday wheat was
firm, with an improving demand,
holders offering moderately. Corn
quiet but steady.
Closino prices of Mav options at
Chicago yesterday: Pork, flO 'JO bid ;
Itrd, 0.0.rx- asked; clear rib sides,
fijc; aim, 40Jc; wheat, 85c; oats, 3'-'Jc
A joint meeting of the Merchant'
ami Cotton Exchanges will be held at
3 o'clock p.m. to-day at the latter's
trading-room to take action with ref
erence to memorializing Congress on
the subject of an appropriation for the
improvement of ALuinphis harlsir.
Visit hs on 'Change yesterday: Mr.
J. L. Webster, city; Mrs. Fannie
Kit. Texas; John Mc Brine. St. Louis;
. T. Itrescl, Baltimore; E. B. Fort,
Columbus, Miss.; Miss. If. J. Hollen
berg, city; Miss Stella Kesson, Chi
cago; Frank P. Collins, Hardy, Miss.
C. L. Giikk.m & Co.'s cotton report
of yenterday says: ''It was a scalping
market on contracts throughout, with
all hands working close and appa
rently very few new deals made. A
decline, advance and reaction covered
a range of some 7 or 8 points, with
the close barely steady at a trifle below
last evening."
Emma Sigler et al to James Dunn,
part of lot 47, Hill's subdivision, west
aide of Winchester avenue, for S50.
Elizabeth Ringjpald to Lena Werk
boven, lot oa south side of Pop'ar
street, for f 3500.
Lena Werkhoven to John Ringwald,
trustee, to secure Elizabeth Ringwald
in the sum of f JD00, same property aa
Mary Ann O'Connor to John Don
nelly and Pat Kallaber, part of lot 5!),
east side of Chickasaw or Fiont street,
30Jxl48J fret, fortlSOO.
Oliver Edwa ds and wife to Mrs. R.
F. Eddens, let 0, L. Edwards's subdi
vision, in the Seventh Civil District,
containing 6(1 acres, for 500.
John C. Reed and wife to A. B.
DbubIms. 1574 asrts. Eleventh Dis
trict, for J50X
A. B. Douglass and wife to B. J.
Kimhrouirh. trustee, t) secure Mrs. K.
F. EJdens in the sum of 1500, 157J
acres in Eleventh Civil District.
Thomas M. Broom At al to Fletcher
Tavlor. 100 acres in Sixth Civil Dis
trict, north of Kaleiah. for 1 250.
Fiettber Taylor to J. G. Caitwrlght,
iame as above, for $175.
T. B. Mullins and wife to Mrs. Re
becca Ban HIT. 40 1-5 acres in Seventh
Civil District for 11,000.
Hkk ad. of Memphis Steam Shirt
Factory and Laundry on fifth page.
100 Bedsteads for aale. Gabay.
For kalsomining telephone 609, A.
Memphis 8tainkd Glass Works, 236
Third street. Call and see.
BazAB catalogues and handsome
styles for spring; 44 Noith Court,
C. D. Smith, veterinary anrgeon,
office F. A. Jones & Co., 61 Monroe
street. Residence, Fiansioll House,
Thb finest and best selected stock
of gas fixtures in the city, at bottom
prices, a. bailey t CO.
The Nashville Sensation Gold Brick
Swindle. Wonderful success. Vulen
tino's Go'd Brick Tolu. Chew it.
Genrbal repairing done by compe
tent workmen at the Cunningham
Wagon-Works, corner of Monroe and
Desoto streets.
Thm Desoto Oil company ia prepared
to nil orders lor the highest grades oi
finished fertilizers and fertilising ma
Thi Tbboat ".BroW- Bronchial
Troche" act directly on the organs of
the voice. They have an extraordi
nary effect in all disorders of the
Purchasers will find some of the
beat pictures of the consignment still
at Stoddard's auction-room, 33 Union
street, which must be closed out. Call
and examine them. ,
Thi Herbal Chill Cure, tha beet
tonic and antt-rarlodis known. A oertiin
ana aula cur for chilli Price $1 par bot
tle. 8en4 itamti for olroulari. Any ref-
arenra alien. Addreef John 0. Ruoker,
Lvnohberi, Va.
Thi most efficacious stimulants to
excite the appetite are Angostura
Bitters, prepared by Dr. J. G. B. Hie-
gdrt A Hons. Beware of counlerleiw.
Ask your grocer or druggist for the
genuine articl.
Flue Watch repairing at Mnlford's.
S48 Halo Hlreet,
Wholesale Dealers in Dry Goods,
Notions, Clothing, Gents' Fur
nishing Goods,
We invite all country merchants
visiting the market this season to
come and inspect our goods before
puicbaslng. As we buy strictly
tor cash we are able to give you
closo prices and save you from 15
to 20 per cent on your purchase.
Job Lots from Eastern auction
sales always on hand.
Solid Silverware at Mulford'a
C?n.wa, MHB Hn Ipah KnnOl Itlf.
PUlr JUUl la,r. uvii, auuw
bidssto Gabay. Highest cash price
Sa la Untied; Ijemarlaia liar
yaar flueablma; aa uaa.iua(.
Monogram Bangle); Mnlfori.
The Staortf at Is tbe Best.
The Mississippi and Tennessee Rail
road will sell ronnd-triptickets to New
Orleans on Wednesday. 17th March,
at 5. Tickets aood fourteen days.
Pullman cars on trains, and berths
ran ha aeenred in advaace by apply'
Ing early. Accommodations first-class
to all. Hend in vonr names at once.
For further information and tickets
call on 8. L. Finley. Agt., 287 Main
Old a-ld silver Sakeai aa eaah
at lferd'a, BB Rial a.
Set Baileclce t l,areinaralaa ta Ha
jaar fianablna;
100 Bedsteads for sale. Gabay.
Mulford, Jeweler, 294 Mala, ao
locits orders from tbe country.
And it stimulates and promotes the
growth oi the hair.
Bnrrjtjtt's Flavoring TSrtracta era the
aaea'a Halel.
W. n. BINGHAM .Mic.r.
European plan. Kalared and rcturniahed.
1-rioeiaccoraint to a(te ana loca
tion of room.
MJsyTonn, W M Miritar Ark
W J Oiermyer, Mill Dr I) E Ilyrd, Ark
W J W.lih. Ala W H (Iran. Tenn
T 8 Ad.rholdt, Mill J 8 Weir, T.nn
W H Clark, lenn A L Johnston, lenn
B H llesler, Tenn Miss C Johoston.'lenn
H 11 Stevens, Mo T Hartman, Ark
W VV Crsndell.Tenq J M M'ses, Ark
Mn 6 A darns, Ark Mrs E Jones, ArK
W II Clnrke. Mia 0 W Hutler As. Mill
8 K gi-kle, Tenn B Binitham, Tenn
y D Clack, All K M iacn, tenn
II J r, i-ntr. Tana F Mansell. Mo
M R Urry, Ark 0 W Wvnn, Tenn
A lloett.r, OUio j M coli-inaB, lenn
W U-Moore, Ark A B (iaitb-r, Tenn
Mr. M SSeimeni.Ark 8 J Been, Tenn
T N Kbode, Mis T B Kuiert, Jlifl
JC AniorronAw.MiiiB F Houston, Tenn
Miss K Houston, Tex Misi Oaf, lex
MrsMilltr Ad, Ark Miss Millar, Ark
A llavkla, JUo J u lyson, lenn.
Peabadr Hotel.
C. B. GALLOWAY CO.... PiorauToaa.
Kales I- oo ana par uay, accoruina w
iie and location of room Specie
ratal made.
O Luiis-, D C
T P Lamkin, Misi
T M Wilcox, N Y
J A Martin, Mill
K Mason, Tenn
Mlis8 8ison,Tex
11 C Pyn,:Ky
1 Baall.Tenn
J Tipton, Tenn
J M Taylor, N Y
8THillmaa, III
E H W'lckermann, 1
U K Uirsdorr, Ho
T C! Petri, Ohio
T Henden, Tann
W W Ntrton, Ark
K L Anrlerioa, Ohio
R A Wnll.ce. Ill
J V Orosthuat, Ky
J u ;rotnuai, ny a u i"'j
i C Zimmerman, N Y J Marx, N Y
All riant, lenn
W .1 Kx.nl.n. N Y
A Pitoa Aw, NY
J B Turner Aer, NY
M J January, Ma.,
W Fesster Aw, tf Y
6 Collins. N Y
K L Wool folk. Kv
0 U Webster, N Y
A Morrell, NY
J P Klv.rs, Tens
A J Kartey, ci i
H Beruman. Mo
Miss L lludiev, N Y
1) Snyder, N Y
C T Sii'con, 111 '
G M Pike, N Y
W ROaden. N Y
M Riven, lenn
W T Macty, Colo
W E Dansoombe, Ia
II u Blaver.i, no
K LSprin. Ohio
J U Mc
C. A He'
cCunn, Mo
J W lluckner, Mis
A Keymond Aw.Cal J H Clemen, Cal
j l Mellani, U
4 IvieiD, p i
D B Vernon, Ohio
A Castle , NY
S Rosenulooin, N I
D B lilac bur-, Pa
J M Wallace, Tenn
Miaa A Peete, Mill
L Hrharrl, Mo
ATlliMs, N Y
W K Lacey, Misi
J D Parsoni, Mm
(1 VTatiun, Ky
H J Hbaw. Tenn
J K Kcitei, Ky
B H lirook. Ala
J II Oiuui, Mini
h 11 eilmmuna, Tann
I. S Hera. Tex
F M Duvell. Ky
A Ko-anbloom, N Y
II Ol'aine. Ky
W E Beck, Ton n
Miss M Poete, Miss
C K Carrimton, Va
A M Davis, Ark
A J Weaver, Kas
K 11 Ailiworth, Tenn
J E llrown, Misa
M II IHattick, Ky '
A M MoMillan, Tonn
h W Sprint, N C
W B Connor, Ala
(1 8 Saxton, Mo
R iloSiuan, Pa.
Hie New Vayaio.
Rntei, 12 50 to $1 par day, ooording to loca
tion of roomi.
J M Stic., Tex , ,A N Maon, Ark
K (1 Thompson, Ark B P Mckeana, Ark
R A Suit. Tenn JNsthan. Mill
Miss SFisohor, Tex J CWoodi, Te x
K J Backer, NY N V Barru, Mo
K L o"mlat"l.a W H Wheeler Af, Mo
H 11 Cohen, it Y , H .0 Wurknesi. Mich
C N Alexander, Mill Mii I Aloxunder.Mm
ii i A I- Ok Itr.MHSII. Md
mrs iMijr i, . Tn.l
J V Manaum, Tana
T. N Moore. Mia
Horace Si ne, Mo
W i Miller Aw, Mill
J A Ridxiway, Tann
J S Minor, Tenn
I) M Armitrona.TannA T Ueokle, Tenn
Dora Newburn.Tono J L troit, Tenn
J A Johnson, Dak J Snhuppo.Minn
KTbal, Mo ii rere, sni n
J A Martin, Mill
N R Banks, Mo
J M Goad, Mo
JT Wi kron,Mo
J P Riven, Mo
RT Ilnrr i, Mini
Misi V Joy, Tina
SM Day, Mm
T Cole, Tann
G W Jones, Kv
T J Hindoo, Mo
II Hampton, Mo
Mrs RC Johnson, Tenn
Col MM Buy, N Y.
DnlTy'a Earopean Hotel.
Corner of Adams and Main street!. Rooms,
50o, 75 j and H per day; American Plan,
ti per day.
First-claM Restaurant in the Hotel.
J. M. DUFFY 00 yri wilh Peabody Hotel),
A K Hill. Tana ' C Briokey, Tenn
T L BiOKham. Term J Booker, Ala
A J Vincent, Mill $9 etroni;, Mich
U C Boyd. Ohio W Stores, Mo
T Cnpw.il, NY W Illnke, Ark
W H OraiM, Tenn J Webb, Tenn
I Foley, Tenn G Frenchy, tt
NCok,Tonn PTobin.liinn
J F Woalherford.Tinn J W bpana. Tenn
KM Mix Aw, Tann G L Hoffman Aw.Tenn
T Hcnvell, Ark D S Boone, Ky
B J Mrfowell. Tonn R L Lutberry, Ark
J K Mtri, Ark K Barker, Ark
L M Wnion, Mill tj Williams. Ohio
LPayna. Mill . OH Chestnut, N C
M 0 Anderson, Mm U W Cook, La
Wra Andenon, Md F Ash, Ind
L Patersun, Mm J MoDpwall, Ky.
- Clareadoa Uatrl.
Nos si and S3 Madison street.
BOWLkd A LKAKK ...... floral IT OB
naiee-d per
L D Snapp, Ark
USJeasen, Ark
I. Mullnrv. Ark
J G Uarleston, Ark
W A ken. Mis!
G W Smith, Mill
L C Limberm, Ark
M Kati, Ark
DH Hamilton, Ark
J Calhoun, M ii
I Solomon, Mo
W Jones, Mo
JF Belew, Al
DT Murray, N Y
K II A-hworth, Tenn
W 8 Allen, MiM
Mn C Osbom, Tonn
H Gormnn, Ky
J 9-ae, Tenn
W llawl.y, Ky
0 Newsom, Ala
J I, Lovelace. Tenn
J Kberinit, Ohio
D A Seller, Ark
Mr J II Wolf, Ark
A Morris, Mo
P Work, Ho
II II im.r. Misi
J F Warron, Tenn
K 1, Koepel, n 1
W 8 Goodeli. Ill
C II Curtis, Mill
I) II llailc, kai
W Klina, Ky
W ( tes, Ohio
11 Dod on. Ky
J W nston, Ala.
Cincinnati, March 11 Night River
12 feet H inches on tbe gauge ana
falling. Weather clear and warm.
Evansviujs, March 11. Night-
River falling, with 12 feet 4 inches
on tbe giuge. Weather thermometer
40 to 50.
8t. Louis, March 11. Night-River
baa fa'len 4 inches, and now stands
16 feet 6 iuches on tbe gauge. Weather
wet and cold. Departed : City of Cairo,
Nxw Oblkans, Mat:h 11. Night
Arrided: City tf Baton Kouge,. St.
Louis: Paris O. Brown, Cincinnati;
MT. W. O'Neill, Louisville. Departed
C. P. Chouteau, Memphis.
TniavtT.r .. March 11 Nlaht River
falling, with 6 feet 10 in the canal and
4 feet o inches on me lana. oubiuoob
aood. Weather paitly cloudy and
nlPAflfint. Arrived, lUUiuaa nuciiuii
and Granite S.ate. Cincinnati.
Nf arch 11. Nisht River 25
f-or 4 inches on the eauire and fat ing
Wiather cloudy and coil, with light
rain in the af term oa. Arrived: Henry
Loureyand barges, 6U Louis, 3 p.m. ;
Hnmluirlsnrl anil tow. Vicksburg, 6
p.m. Departed: Golden Crown, New
Orleans, lp.m.j City of Vicksburg, St.
Louis, 2 p.m. ; Cumberland and tow,
Cincinnati Hum.
Frank Schumann,
'. Importer aad Dealer in
eaaa.'ri.talaa Tarhl afca Saarta
mta'iaanalK. r tfreoial attention
(iT.n to WANUFACTUlUMIi and BE
- PAIRIM1. -a
412 Wain St.. Iff emtlil. Tenn
Huns, Ammnnltbn. i icm
aad Sportt.iuen'a Bnpplioa,
94 Bala Street, Beaapbla, Ttaa.
Uanufacturitif and Repairinf of Onna a
BpeotaJty. rTil'hon N. rVH.
P C Dole. Ill Oil Felix, N X
JB Sutler. Ark J A Mitchell, Ohio
wv.nriniihnTv.iBasn u uu
r 4a. r"a.v v 'i . -"i ...j
tw" . . . a I BET
MARCH 12, 1886.
I" The firm of GOODBAR A CO. bai been diasolvwd, and we bav reorganized oor InUrreet in tba Wholeeale Boot
and Shoe Bnsinee, in connection with Mr. W. E. Lore, lata of Warren, Love 4 Co., St. Louis, Mo., and Mr. J. C.
Callicott, of Coldwater, Miss., nnder tbe
in the past and hope lor a continuance oi their lavora.
Lataof Ooodbar ACo..Mamphii. Lata of Goodbar A I o., Memphli. Lata of Warren. Love
367 & 3G9 Main
We are bow receiving a large and En'lrely New Stck of Eastern and
Spring Trade of 1886, which wa offer at Stock Bottom Prices,
Wa have EXCLUSIVE control in thia
lowing lines of CUSTOM-MADE Goods, all of whbh we
warrant to give perfect satisfaction :
George Hocker's celebrated Men's Calf Boot. -
Brady & ShorteU's Boys', Youths', Misses' and Children's
Solar Tip Sboea.
T. M. Harris A Co.'s Philadelphia made Children's Shoes.
Also, L. W. Nate & Oo.' Kip Brogans and Plow Shoes
the beet Brogans made in the United States heretofore
handled by Goodbar & Co.
We are the only honse in this Market handling the cele
brated Krippendorf, Dittmann & Co. line of Ladies' and
Misses' Kid, Goat and Calf CUSTOM Gooda EXCLU
SIVELY, nnder the Factory Brands.
MU Tliliil!
Keep Of the Crossing, for
the Bargain Train
is Coming.
Iiook Out When the
Bell lUngs,
Sec the Rich Prizes the
Misfit Clothing Par
lors Are Offering.
Seasons come and seasons go, and
the time for thin and new clothing
in t. band. Although the Misfit
Clothing Parlors have not talked
much through the newspapers during
the past month, we have been re
markably busy. We have enlarged
and improvod our accommodations
for displaying goods. We have es
tablished purchasing agenoietf n new
cities, and sought by every means
possible to offer our customers better
bargains than we ever offered before,
We have succeeded because the way
to win success is to work for it.
We are reooiving new goods almost
daily, and already have on hand a
magnificent assortment of goods.
We can show all tho latest styles and
newest fabrics.
For the large patronage bestowed
upon us we feel very thankful. The
bent way to win patronage is to de
serve it. It is our great facilities for
eetting fine tailor-made clothing so
low that enables us to offer it at Buch
very cheap rates. Cheap buying is
the secret of low prices, and al
though our goods are the finest in
the world, they actually cost us less
than we would have to pay for in
ferior ready-made clothing.
Please give us a call. We are
proud of our spring stock and want
you to inspoot it whether you want
to buy or not.
Remember, all alterations to im
nrove a fit done free of charge by
first-class tailors in our Parlors.
262 Second St, Memphis,.
. Opp. Court Square.
aar pB XveaAaaa aa
UI t Ollok,
Satlaraaya aatll 11.
w fWa.Taic. J. 0. N. OaoavaHoa.
Real Estate Dealers
OlHo'd, 264 Second Street.
Mm Cor. Sk aaa m ,
Tixei rSd. iUnU CoUMUd. .to..
torn mission.
mnorten and dealer In "; ""-;
Mala M.mptla, J-";.;
uppliai alwayi oa kind. Roaaina; noauy
style of and firm name given below.
and 18 Gayoso Streets,
do maae ny any competing marxeu
market of the fol-
We also control
own brands, vis:
Goodbar. Love
310 raid 313 Front Street, Memphis, Tenn.
We are Jaal la Receipt
I R. B. Plows, Columbus
And a Complete Line of CAMP OUTFITS.
James H. Goodbar Win. I. Clark
YJBm tVbllaBli.ocl 1B6Q.1
319 Main Street,
W hare erer brought to thia market, and which cannot ba lurpaiwul in Qnalitrand
tyloibr any housain this or any other city. In addition to a oom HeU hn of "JJ"
made aoodrinolttdinf the Ct.aBltTti WOOD BAR CO. , wehaidl
a large and eleet slock of Custom-made Ooodi for Men, Woaen, Mistei aneVChildren. Wa
earry a aumber of the be.t makes in the country, in ever, variety and atjh, aad among
thamltb Twell known Men'i Calf Booti and 6hoei manufantnredty 0o. Hojker for our
Bprini Trade. "7S,o awry a choice line of Ladles' and Mlsiei' Cfuitom Hrd. Goat aad
clt (food, mannfactared by Krippendorf. Ditian C. Wa invlU tha trad, to eiamin.
vr-n i- MPDrnawra aii.t
onr Itock belora oujid aiaawnere, ana w
Wholesale Dealers and Publishers,
Bole Aaanti for taa followins Tint-Clau initramanMt
. -r f . saiiira A
a -avraa MASON k II1H1 IN, t lAllua m waaaaa,
Write for fT.talran.as. Wos. and 2M BKCOWB ST..
aaw aTaVMk. MDSv Ot1 9
8CMUrt t. rO&TER, T1IT0J1 a CO
ano fvtmrr stbt -
S I K-l I irti U
Ll I Lyillll 1 1 USii.m.iL. u. uui
WIiolesaleGrocers, Got. Facte
TUITIV OHT.KtltN. .ainmi.!.
Oils c&3 nNTctxT-aStl Stores
Office, 349 Front Street, Mempliis, Tenn.
JXIVB CX. UO., OS. XJUU1B, UUh uu Wi. W.
Wa thank our friends (or their patronage
Lata of Coldwater, Mi.
Memphis, Tenn.
Cuetom-Made Boots and Bhoea for the
on as liberal terms as can
tbe following Specialties nnder onr
A Co.'s Men'a Grained Calf
TOM-MADE Bala, Button and Congress.
Gooibar, Love A Co.'s Men's N.K. Calf CUSTOM
MADE Bals, Button and Congress.
Goodbar, Love A Co.'s Ladies' Kid and Goat CUSTOM-MADE
Flexible Polish and Button $3 00 Shoes.
Our Ladies' 13 00 Shoes are made from the best ee
lected Curacoa Kid and Tampico Gnat Stock, and have
Solid Sole Leather Counters and Flexible Inner Sole
and we warrant them to fit and give perfect satisfaction
in evarr Tmmect.
of a Lara; a Sblpmeat af
Steel Drag Scrapers,
Eugene. J. Uarrlagtoa Frank e. joaea
Memphis, Tenn.
vm i. .mi ht atni.; at ham bbq oncm w
inaruiiusB ...rvu.o aViSi Vit ii TV.
Chickasav Ironv;orks
98 Second St. Memphis. Ten-
v.nglnes, Boilers, Nawmlllv
Bradford Corn and Wheat Mill.',
Cotton Press, Cotton iM'i.
Shafting, Pulley,
SPECIAL KoriCB We areprf pared to fill JrJeT.
ot. notice, forth, oele rated aaedart rmt
Wrniln lnlle. Wa carry In itoci avar
Two Hundred Aiiorted Mica.
urS.nd tnr Oaraloime and Prire-nt.
jlc actors
i t
r ii i
111 tl
r Pi i
k C9E3PAP-.'

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