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TinTTlO r rtKl AM MI R
IV lUnRtJ Nhile Un PjIh?
CeadiiUa trow Polsoa Taken
Milk air Intent.
Louisiana. The ricitement orer the
aeLaauot been cct lined tj Louisi
ana. Nearly erery paper in the conn
try haa commented on it. The case
haa been regarded at a aort of test of
American institutions, uf the possibili
ty of eieiutmg t'.ie law in defiance of
political i i. (In i-nee, power and money.
The high position of the accused rnea
in tltia caw, the boldness and aodtcity
of the crime they commit'ed, and tie
:rcii to rat rrii.l
Nfw Ori.baw, I.A., M.roh 1-'.
F.v.i and Murnby were banned here
t t i.w tne murder of Vp" Mur
rhv un.ler tircumatanoi which will
r. Ae the eaeoutiou a memorable one
it the hit-ry of crime. When the
keeper entertd the eel's of the
dc;-aied men thia morning thortly
a'ter " o'clock t J arouee them it waa
found that they ccnld not waka them
r.p. An alarm waa at once given and
ptiT';ciane mmmoned, when it wa
discovered tha. they had attempted
saicide by Uking poison, and ware in
eecmatose ante, breathing heavily,
and apparently in dying condition.
Y.Z jrta to resuscitate the men were at
once commenced, and bttween 0 and
;C o'clock
bntaoon relspeed into unconscious
nw. Kord remained insensible up to
i-.fiiiue cf the execut'on. In the
meantime Sheriff Putler Iiad tele
graphed the Governor, stating the
Usr In the caae, and asking for
instructions, in case the men cuuld
tint he restored to consciousness
More the hoir lixed for the execu
tion. The Uovernnr Hegrsphed back
"to go on with the executions and
nut H warrants." Prepara
tions lor carrying out the sentence of
the law were competed, and at li:'0
nV.r Sharif!' Ilutler, accompanied
b several Bubordinale olliciaia, pro
ceeded to the cell of the condemned,
wiiere the bodies cf the doomed men
nnder the physician's cure. The forms
... rirninllv lifted from their recum
bent poiitious, and borne in the arms
oi the sgitatoJ deputies to the Mafiold.
Amid profound silence tbe ghastly
wi vert) carried up the ateps to
the plank of the horrible plalforrn,
Viol. I In erect notation while tbe
atil nooses were drawn ovor and
around their necks. No signs of lile
mi arm nhtnrved in either man when
the lait sad rites had bsen peif irmed,
.n.l when the trap waa sprung by an
unseen hand and the bodies were
l&nnMied into eternity. hush fell
npon the liltifi ((roup of unwilling
spectators. Tho trap was sprung at
11! 51 o'clock p.m. The murderers of
Cr Mi'rphy had paid the penalty for
.v 1 IV. ..t li ma
li'eir trinitj aim iu
Amarlaletl rrtw Kror(.
Niw Oblsans, March 12. Ford and
Mnrnhv were hanged at 12:t)l to-day
At 12.30 a m, set vice was held in the
chapel by members of St. Vincent de
became nn usually calm, so much so
mat they seemed nardly to rcalin t'i0
liu'i that a fearful doom was awaiting
them. At 1! :H0 a m. Kord said he was
tired, and he and Murphy went t)
their cells, accompanied by deputy
sheriffs and reporters. They entered
the telle, bade all good night, and
vi ere left alone. The men appeared
lc be sleeping soundly nt 7:-0s.tr..
when etlorls to arouse them revealtd
ttieir condition. They were lying on
their backs. Kord win breathing
vary loudly, while Murphy appeared
to lie sleeping calmly.
Kfi irte to aiouse Ford were unavail
ing, but Murphy was aroused, and
when asked how hefelt,replied,"Yery
bad." A tremor passed over him
tnd he again sank icti unconscious
ness. Two pieces ol paper were found
in (he cell which had evidon'ly con
tained belladonna. In view cf the
fat t that the men had attnmpted sui
cide, the Rev. Father U'Callahan, in
aocodance with the rules of the Cath
olic Church, refused to administer the
last sacrament to them. Tbe prepara
tions for tbe hanging began atll!:03
p.iL,, when the yard and corridors
were cleared of prisoners.
' Both men were lying in their cots.
Mnrphy was in the same semi-con-anions
stale, and although his eyes
wandered in all directions he could
not understand what was going on.
Only once did lis return to his senses,
and then he held out his band to
'ord and endeavored to shake hands
with him. This was only fjrauin
sUtit for ho once more lost conscious
ness, notwithstanding the 'act that
Mi emetics ailtniniftsred to him
a;.ted him to vomit the poison,
wh.ch w as i a greenish hue. At
":!!:..! the aims and legs of the men
werr pinioned, while they were still
:r. a recnuibent position. Six wit
li'Mi'S were swoin in by Sherid' Eut
ihi, and the death warrant was read
to the senseltss men. They wore car
r.fli; to tho scaffold at 2 A'i oVI n k
r ti.
K.nding that the men were nnub e
.o sit in their chairs, the ropes were
lengthened rotnewhiit in order to
'tiot. them at (hey lay in a half return
rnt position on the gallows. The
ra.n ist night caused the rojiei to
strtlth, so ilial whin the drop fell
Murphy's feet touched the pavement,
and Ford's feet almost touched it. It
nn.y took a few minutes for the execu
tioner, robed in his black domino aad
w.rv mirk, lo adjust the rope and
b'B-o.k cap before lie returned to his
cel., followed aliut inBtsntly by a
sr.arp "swis" cf the ax as it cut
t:.e rope. Then the bodies of John
Murphy and Tat Ford shot thiooh
ttir a r 'ta come up with a sudden jerk.
The drop was about eight feet. The
be :l;t were allow d to bang twenty
t'ur minutes sud were cut down at
1 IS p.m.
Tiie Mme jury which witnessed the
eg viewed the bodies, and Assist
r t Coroner Jones gave a verdict of
'.i:i. by han;;ing, which dislocated
:"r nei-k of both men. The bodies
wi. rx- tskeu charge of bv the Kord
ismiiy. Hherifl l.utler. in an inter
view, ' stat d that he had taken every
lire, ii-.tion to avoid what had bap
itcni'd. He had taken precautions not
in. scainst tho aimiKioa of poison,
h ,;'s:(o against any attempt & rescue.
V'l er. the iait death warrant wa re
w.ierl he did, withoat giving the ton-
rlerr.ctd any reaon for the act, re-
rt'OTed everjt'iiog from their cell
was done f r lear that po-.son or
nnrot other mrans of taking htemight
ne secreted thero, He also retuseAl to
aHc anv cii;r8 or other luxuries to
e (.fr.t lo them by persons outside
:'; Mid a tigid invest'gation would
i- tuide a t) how the poison was
t r reved to the men.
The hlurj of Ihe rlnlf.
Vr crime has aroused mote popular
-.e.t.'uv.'nl and been more productive
.'.! mrn'-tiil.V resnhft ll.nn tiltt. for
i'..t'r. the?e two nieu were banged
It invaded the poliliis of Ihe
-:, and the nexlcamnaiiiu promises
to tie conducted on this itiie. It in
t!ji A eve'i Come.iclile and produced
yiarre'.s and bitternefs in fe.rai.ics.
-he Ijepis'ature which meets next
vi'inth promises to abolish tbe death
Mmaltv. and tbe hanging to-day will
?:oN.i!y bo the last If Kl execution in
o,tiul, pol ticul and financial iLtlueDccs
I rjugiit to Inner to prevent justice be
ing done, made the trial a duel be
tween public opinion on tho one nde
and the defendaut, on the other. The
f ct t' at the priioaera were, with one
rxreptioo, tlliwtrs cf the law, intensi
fied the popular feeling that if tbty
could, by boldners, audacity and polit
ical iiilluence, eiiape tbe pena'ty of
the law, i:le wai ungate in xer U'
loat a.
It is one of Ihe enormities cf the
case that the man who committed tbe
mnrder for which iord and Murphy
were hanged tc-day, and who arranged
thi conspiiacy, bin escaped the death
penalty. This mania Judge Thomas
cord, late retorder ol tbe city ol
New Orleans, end now serving a term
ia the penitentiary. Ford was one of
the shrewdest, aha'pest and most dar
ing ol the city politicians. lie worked
u.uiso I rapiolr to tlin iront until be
was "boss ' of tbe Fourth Ward, its
alisolots political rnler. lie alw'ays
made his influence iult, and waa rot a
little feared by the other politicians,
Fleeted recorder in Ihso, he filled that
clDce with great credit, and in 181
waa re-elected hy the largest majority
on the Democratic ticket. 11m wid
filled with ambition and proclaims)
his intention ol being the next mayor
of Nsr Oneans; and there seemed
lit. 1 4 reason to doubt that be would
Then was one thorn inhiapsth in
theperern cf A. II. or Cap. Murphy,
also a politician. Murphy wxa a young
M suiseippian ot good iamuy, cousin
to rx-Uongrresinsn K John Kllis of this
Htale. Ho had the reputation of being
mancf great couraya and detsrmi
nation, an amateur slugger, bat not
Quarrelsome. Jad Foul and Mur
phy quarreled some four years ago over
a woman, wnen fliurptiy came w-
iiiiv i uiu uu m iiitiiii uudiKi-i ,110 mu
ter denounced him from tbe bench as
hoodlum and gave him the extreme
Denultr of tbe law. Murphy replied
with a challenge and when the Judge
refused to accept t posted him all over
town as a coward, a to troon and
thlof, declaring that Ford had been
discharged by Ills employer for steal'
ing from the till. For this he was ar
mted on a charge of criiniml libel
Up to the day of his death Murphy
declared be bail ample evidence to
prove that Ford wis a thief. He never
cll'ered it, for on the very dsy before
the cas csme up for trial he was mur
dered by a parly of seven or eiiiht
The murder waa the boldest cad
uioU outrageous ever committed here
and in the presence of several hundred
pereocN, Murphy, who wes super re
tendent of the work-house, was su
pennteuding a gang cf tifty or sixty
men cleaning out the Claiborne canal.
While edited at the corner of Clai
borne and Ht. Acn BtrciU two men
suddenly turned the corner with di iwn
revolvers ia thnir hands and opennl
tire on him. He rau (o the middle of
the street, drew his own pistol and an
swered the fire. At the corner two
men were stationed, who joined
his assailaMts. Down Claiborne street
he rlsd, bis pursuers growing more
murdeiotis every moment, all tiring at
him, until it sounded like a bit tie.
On Ditmiiine street oneof tlieirbulltU
brought him down, when two of his
murderers walked up to him, rolled
over his body with their f et, emptied
the remaining barrels of their re
volvers into him and walked off as
suddenly and as mysterioutly as they
had come.
Tbe murder and the fict that the
assassins w ere unknown, sent a thrill
of horror through the cnmmuniiy.
When, however. Judge Thomas Ford.
Recorder; his brother, Pat Ford ; his
cousin, Officer John Murphy, aud
0111 cere Buckley, Caaltleld, Fivtt'o
and Badors, all members of the couit
and guardians of the peace, were ar
rested for this crime the press and
people were more than ever indignant
at the discovery of the character of
the men to whom the peace of the
city wai confided. . ,
The time, waa one of the mml ex
citing ia this country. The District
At'cani-j' owed his odici t J Ford's in
fluence, and so did many of tbe dep
uty sherills and other court clllrs.
The trial showed the people of New
Orleans that criminal juttice in their
city was a farce. There was never so
much bribery aid peijury in one case
as here. Witness ofter witness pioved
alibis for Ihe Judge and that tbe dead
man bad attacked l'at Kord, and even
the State's witnesjes sold their tes
timony. The jury-room wasacoai
plete farce. Tne Fords had got their '
men on the jury and their Deputy '
tterilM 1 1 wuh'h it, and the jurors
were ouereu neavy sums ir
'ii aciinittkl. la tine, the ae
reeked with corruption, and
it was hy the mertst accident
that even a mistrial could be secured.
Five of Ford's witnesses were arrested
for peijury, seven of whom have
Bince been tried and sent to the peni
tentiary, and one deputy sheriff snd
two jurors indicted for bribery. The
case was reopened again, tbe jury
watched, and an eye kept on the caae.
Tie Ford j had spent nearly all their
money in tbe first trial, and were id
prepared for tbe second. To the sur
prise of many tbe jury bioiuhtin a
verdict of guilty, sentencing two of
the men to d. ai Tat Ford and John
Murphy ana the other three Judge
Ford, CVilfield and Buckley to
twenty yara in the penitentiary.
The Fords did not abandan hope.
They tried the fnprerae Court, but it
refused them relief; they tried the
Board of Pardons, which declined to
recommend their pardon, and they
were condemned to be hsned Friday, i
November 13, lfcio. They begged
piteouely for a reprieve to allow them
to prepare for doatb,and the Governor
granted one to December IStb, just
the day before they were to be
banged. Lkfore tbe tbe second date
of the hanging hid come aronnd a
new aspect was given the case by the
confession of Tom Ford, lie had
proved an alibi on trial, but as he had
engineered and arranged the con
spiracy he was found guilty
ol the lesser crime of man
slaughter. What, then, was the
surprise of all to hrar from
his own confession that the alibi was
false, and that be personally had
killed Cap Murphy and not his
brother Pat. who was to bs hung for
t lia rrlma AltV.tV.iMi aonArillt ini1.
i.ed, the confession failed to tffct iU
purpose o! saving the brother, since
it wss suown tnsi ne a so was oue o;
the conspirators and one of the assail
ants oi the murdered wan. The enc
fption was submitted t ) the Bosrd of
Pardons, which a?ain unanimously re
fused to recomm'ud a pardon. On
December 17th, one day before the
hanging. Gov. McF.nery granted a
second reprieve in older to teit the
put lie smtiment on the matter cf the
!; using. fVt'tiois askiDg for a com
mutation of tbe dtath penalty 'o im
prisonment f r life were cuciiUted,
which in a few weeks rfceivrd the
sigostareof 30,000 peincns, including
the Governor of Missi'sipt i, members
o! tbe Supreme C'tuit of Mlesieeippi
and Califjrnis. the Mayor ot San
Fiuocisco, United Slates jndgss and
other it Uaential citizens. 1'he Board
of Pardons met again in February and
all these pttitiooa were presented and
speeches made. One of the raembsrs
of the board changed hia vote in deler
ence to this expreis on of publ cop'U
ooinion ; the other two, the mfjirity,
itiod firm snd the pardon wasri fneed.
1 be last appeal made in behsiici
the condemned men waa a r: quest
signed by fo-ty-two roembprs. of tbe
Sttts Legislature aiking the uovernor
to postpone the harging for a month,
nntii the Legislature met, and pledging
themselves, if he did to. to vote in
favor of tbe abolition ol capital pnn-
i-hment. This offer the Governor de
clined, and with hia refusal tbe ef
forts of the friends cf tbe condemned
men to escape the death penally ended.
Pat Ford was thirty-six years cf age,
and leaves a wife and six children in
poverty, all hia money going in tbe
defer 9. His wife wai offered tbe
$1000 for hia capture, but refuted to
take that b ood money, lie wat en
gaged in commercial business, aad be
fore the mutder enjoyed an excellent
Murphy wai twenty-four years of
age aud singls.
The cot tint over the case has bid a
most beneficial and purifying effect
here, and has worked a revolution in
crimiciil justice. No guilty man has
escaped puniehment since snd a feel
ipg of seenrity has been restored.
Senator Kenoa's Speech In Support
of the Administration Proceed
ings ia the linage.
SritlNUFlELI), 310.
iim noi.i.MY ai unit i.i.i. ox
Ureal InlerMl Hanlfraled In ItaeCaae
- Eaamlantloa of Wllffl
Flnl Day's lroceMllu.
larsouL to tbs irriL.I
Si-HiNiiK'iKi.n, Mo., March 12. Mm.
Mollov nml Cora l'o were arraigned
this morning before Juntico Savage for
preliniiniiry cxaiiiinntioii, Juxticc
Koimtreo acting as UHWieiate. Over
L'000 were in tlii'courtrooiii,oii('-f(iiirth
Indies. Tho crush wiw so great that
it wan with dilllculty witnoHKcs could
pass through the iiiiins of limnanitv
nacked like sardines in a box. Both
sides unnouneed thoninelves ready for
trial. Thirty-five wiliiesacs were
aaorn for the Mute. It was impossi
ble for the Sheriff to niaiiita n order
and tho court adjourned to 1 ::!) p.m.,
and instructed the Micntl to sumieon
twenty-five men to keep order. 11
trial will Inst nrobublv several da v.
Tho Stato is represeiitetl by Jno. W.
Patterson mid Prosecuting Attorney
W. I. Hubbard. Tim defeime by A.
II. Jlowel, W. P. Cuinp, llathbiin
Travers ct Iviithlmn. In the afternoon
T. J. Delanev, attorney for Graham,
aAt'd that his client be given n liear-
iiiL'with Mrs. M'dlov nnd Cora Ix'c
which was refiiHcd after argument Be
tween the State and Pelaiicv. Isam
Ileis, the tiiKt witness, testified,
us at the iniiiicst. that he went
down in the well and found
the bodv of Sarah Graham,
badiv decomposed and nude. The
body was taken up in a blanket to
keep, the remains from falling to
pieces. Tin progress of tho examina
tion wits slow. Josejili Studley and
Henry Fellows told tin- same story as
Kite." The lust witness examined was
Otlieer Dodson, who testilieil that ho
hid been nt tho farm in February be
fore tho lluding of the body. Mr.
Brecso asked if ho could talk to
Charlie in my presence Cora said
she would rather lie oiilil not. She
wanted to bo present and made nn
evasive answer. When asked wht she
thought of the cose of tho missing
woman, she said Mr. P.rei-sesaid some
thoiwht tho IhxIv wuMunthe. farm, but
she thought nothing of the kind. Ho
wont to tho farm yesterday and found
other garment, among which was a
knit shirt, cut up and scattered in the
pasture between the house and well,
lie saw oht boggy tracks between the
house and w elt. Tho court adjourned
to 1 ; M0 o'clock to-morrow morning.
MrmarlKl Adopted by Ihe arra
iiM-Mtn t onvenlian. '
S Kham isco, C.ii.., March 1..
Tho Sacramento State Anti-Chinese
Convention, now in session, a-lopted
the following resolution:
"That no ninn now directly emtloy
ing or patroniing Cbinem- In- placed
on the l oiiimltloo tin i.esoiinions. ,
The stringency of the n-scdution
nearly cn-ated dilliciilty. as owing to j
the absence of while labor, all em-j
plovers in Cafifoinia have I icon do- ,
pendent on Chinese labor. The good
sense of the chairman prevented !
trouble, and nil nienil-ers of the c:m-
niittoi, representing the ln-st and most
influential interests of the Piu itie const
wen BciH'pleil.
A committee was aiointed to pr
paro a memorial to t ongress, setting
loi th tho evils which the entire Pacific
coast sutler from Chinese labor.
The memorial waspresenteil last even
ing. It is a long document, embracing
alout 10,000 words, and is a review of
tho whole Chinese question from its
earliest incipioncy to tho present
After tho adoption of the memorial,
two resolutions wen offered and re
ferred. They opposed violence, ad
voonrcd an uiuvtnpromising boycott,
requested the apptuntnient of a eoni
niittee to solicit subscriptions to hire
ships to deHrt Chines-, requested all
Congressmen to dischargo CliilH-se.
demaiidi-d that the Chine ho cnt off
fnnu all privileges oiijoyisl bycitiu-ns,
n-qiii-sti-d Congress to abrogate the
Hawaiian treaty, and demanded the
n-moalof the Chinese Six Companies.
Several other resolutions of a similar
tenor wore ottered, all of which wen
Lflf.Y. The discussion over the Ixiy-
cott clause in tho platform presented
to the anti-Chinese convention con
tinued up to I o'clock, when, amid
tremendous cheering, the platform as
presented was adopted. tx-Senatr
Sargent, who had strongly opposed
the boycott elan.-, immediati-ly in
formed the chairman of his withdraw al
from the convention. The session
opened at 1 1 o'clock this morning. .
Hta Twr Then rry Tears.
R. S. Day of Witsonville, t?anta
Cms conntyi Cai., writes February 3,
1SS5: "When my wife was seventy-
ihree yt a-a old she wss troubled wiih
a ve;y bad cough, ad it looked ai if
she ao.iUI d e with consumption. She
wou'.d not cll in a cvKr. but i oai
met red taking Brandieth's Pills, two
and tluee every night, la three
weeks she was looip'.eitdy cured, and
her hai:h is now very eood. snd 1 am
Wasuikgto, March V2. Snal:.
On motion of Senator I'latnb, the Sen
ate resumed consideration of tbe bill
to forfeit part cf the lands granted to
the State uf Iowa in aid oi railroads.
Senator Plumb opposed the amend-
niebt heretofore offered by senator
Spooaer, withholding from the opera
tion of the act ceitaln lands, as to
which a suit is now lending in tbe
United Hut us Supreme Court. The
bill itself, Senator Plumb said, pro
vided a peifectly Impartial tribunal
for tbe aett'ement of the rights of all
claimant. The bill waa a bill for
peaco. lie feared the amendment
mignt prove to De ircjan norse.
Tbe amendment was rejecteo, ana
after considerable debate the bdl
passed. .
Alter debate, fcensior epoonera
amendmeutwas agreed to-yeas, 3-';
cays, 13 and the bill then paeeed.
Tbe Chair then placed Deiore tne
Hecate the rrsolutiins reported from
tbe Judiciary Commit e i on the rela
tions between the President and the
Sennts to have papers and informat cn
relating to euipennioni from efhee, and
Senator Kenna W. Va. took the floor
ia opposition to the report ol the ma
ioritv cf tho committee. He toatetded
ii-.al tbe senate was not entuiea to cu
for and riceive such doenments and
papois as laid down by the Senator
from Vermont and said : If a paper
were addressed t) tbe President pro
tempore in bis olti:ial capacity that
fact alone, acco'ding to the Senitor
from Vermont, male it in official pa
per to which every dopartment olli
cial of tbe g)vernment waa er titled
It might come f om a Pottawatomie
ladian, aigned in uu na ive aiaiecr,
involving a remote contingency of the
scalping oi the i flicers and members
of the Senate, and yet according to the
dtfioitlon it was an official paper. Tbe
Senator from Vermont had proceeded
to demonstrate assuming his theories
to be correct, that the Senate had a
right to go into every department of
the government, whether acting
in executive or open ses
sion, ransacking the archives
of various departments and wringing
fiom them papers coming within tbe
definition he cad read, and yet a very
mockery of tbe situation seemed by
come providential interposition io ei'
hibit itself within a moment aftnrhe
had conaJnded. No sooner had tbe
honorable Senator taten his seat than,
as customary in the Senate, some Sen
ator movt'd that the Senate proceed to
tbe consideration of executive busi
ness. and the bells which were arranged
lor the convenience cf members cf
ttje Senate began to ling'.e throughout
theCanitol. a body ot gentlemen com
posing, part ol the co-oidiuafe branch
cf the' government, having listened to
the argument, which undertoDk to
say that all mankind should have no
secret from the SeLa'e, was admon
ished by that ringing of hells that the
time had come that the Sensta wou d
put on ita robe of royal purple. Five
thousand brave men and fair women
we-e ' expelled from the galleries.
Tbe eyes rf the American press were
closed. The doors rattled aad centi
nels took their posts, and as a fitting
testimony, at the coao.luaion of the
speech o the Senator from Vermont,
the Senate was resolved into Hi an
cient secrecy, aud as the files marched
ou' and the officers a?sutned their
posts as guards of the sacred privilege
of tbe Senate, and denied every
where else, the thought came,
how abundantly praitces may
engraft themselves upon the human
composition, and how little rc tlection,
prrhaps, members of tbe Senate had
given to the fa;t that far a hundred
years or more this body had been the
star chamber of the American repub
lic. Why, the 8enator from Vermont
would deny privacy or confidence to
every paper in every department of
the government. Let it be seen
where that might lead. Sappose some
respectable citizen or tome vile man,
i profiting hy the suggestion of the Sen
j ator trom Vermont, should choose to
1 address a letter to tbe President pro
!tempoieof the Senate declaring that
the question involved in this debate
, was onrelv a moot Question ; that no-
' bxlv supporting it bad any faith in it;
that it was only tbe third or fourth
suggestion cf the change cf position
and M it us occupied by those advanc
ing it sines the beginuing of the con
troversy, and urging the President pro
tnnporeto advocate it oo the theory
that it might prove to bs a profitable
makeshif: to maintain in their prespn'.
positions as 10J.C00 Kepublican tilicc
holderp, and to prottitute to party
euds the present executive department
of the government. It might come
from a vile sou'C?, and yit, nnder the
definition of this issue laid down by
the Ssnstor fromVcrmoat, tint would
be an rthcial parer,ubjet to any uses
to which he cnoee 13 subject it.
Suppose (omevi)e man should ad-
dr ess the presid i o g o tlicer of the Sen at e,
or should have, done aosome weeks i g ,
a letter in which he sta'ea the pres
ent pro tern, was behind the times;
that the Senator from Vermont was
moving in advance in thia matter;
that it was a popular issue among the
sople proposing to retain a large nun.
ter of Republicans in responsible and
lucrative positions, should say: "Do
not allow him to take the advance;
lcok to the approaching nstional con
vention in 1888; lcok to your laurels;
take the fijor yonrse'.f. ' But the
question is not up." "Take the floor
youreelf." "But the Senator from
Vermont has not yet prepared his re
port." "Take the floor yourself; this
issue must be met." "But there ia
nothing pending in the Senate on
w hich to take the floor utdeas it be the
silver refutation of the Senator from
Louisiana." "Take it, notwitbstand-
tne definition laid down by the Sen
ator from Vermont. .
Sanator Kenna went oi ti contro
vert tlie aignment of Mr. Kduiunds
poir t by point, citing precedents and
ircnmsaacs t eurtiin bis views.
Of course, Senator Kenna raid, no
niau denied the right tf the Senate to
(all on tho President for a private
paper, even a private letter in his
pocket, but no re.tional man would
deny the President the equal right to
decline to eeud it if he chose to do so.
Senator Kenna would say, however,
that commniiicfct'oDB had been made
over aad over again during the ses
sion of the Seua'e by the present
Executive Department touching mat
ters involved in this contioversy.
btinator Kenna coLtinued at grett
length, going over tbe whole question
at issue, concluding aa follows: "When
P.es dent Cleveland assumed the func
tion of tbe office f f Chief Executive of
the government. I don't believe there
ia a citixen in this land who had any
reason whatever to doubt that he came
to the discharge of hia duties of tbat
high office determined, as far as in him
lay, t) devote conservative and patri
otic application ti the discharge of his
duties. I believe I speak within
bounds when I say tbat this whole
country knew that tbe one great
idea ol service ' to bis country
in an acceptable manner in the high
capacity in which it had selected him
for that high cervice, was bis only as
piration. I would fail to express my
own candid conviction now if I did
not say that, looking back from the
long line of his predecessors in that
high office, and cor fronting as he may
tbe isHies presented heie, ho will not
be firtt in surrendering its preroga
Ths Suiufe may continue, as hia
rneeiase ii dicites, to ply him aud bis
va'ious eu'iordimte departments w.t i
hairassing and embarrassing issues. It
rosy deicat eve.y nomination that
stands before it for consideration ; it
may assert in any measure, arbitrarily
or ctherwise, every prerogative grant
ed or not granted in the constitution,
but I mistake tbe man if he does not
rUnd firmly to his post, maintain his
sworn duly nnder the constitution of
his country, maintain every pieroga
tive of hia high office, and transmit it
unimpaired to his successor."
Senator Collom obtained tbe fl-o-,
and af er au executive session the Sou
ate adjourned.
B Xlf r.'Ni . .dgjf
HAVING withdrawn from tbe Woodruff Oli-or CarruM and Hardware CompMir w
hav afloeiiied tha Agency of nmi of the llrkt niinfHrltirera in tb I nlfea
hl"n". no. ??e7ivin; full ..aor...nt nl CARIUAUKS, nUOOI, WAGONS.
HARNESS and SADDLKRY i also, n larira otook of tha improved TENNESSEE WAGONS.
All noodii are new, and built exi-rxsxly tor thia market, and will be aolil at Terr low pricei.
Ulllce und ulcsroolu, So. !0il Jftalu i-treet. Warehouse, No. 20(1 Front frtreet.
A. WOniiRi rr J. v.. l ivfh. r. i.. hmii rr.
3S53s1:tfcl2.is3bLOc3. iO5.
Tlie Home.
On motion of Mr. Morrow CV..J, a
reco'ution waa adopted accepting the
invitation t f the Saoate that the Housa
attend in a body the fnne al services
of the late Senator Miller to be held
in the Senate chamber at noon to
nionow. On motion of Mr. Moore Del., a
bill was passed providing for an
American registry for the tteamstip
Oznma cf New York.
Mr. Caswell Wis. offered a resolu
tion calling ou tbe Secrrtiry cf he
Treasury for a atatemeLt tf the au
count between tbe Unit 'd 8ls .es aud
the several States and Terr.tories of
the direct tax made by the act of lSLil.
Mr. Weaver Neb. asked leave to
offi-r the following preamble and reso
lution: Wiiereaf. Xaarly every Congress
embraces at least ons ciank; and,
whereas, the present Congrees h to
exception to tbis rule; and, whereas,
it should not be in the power if an
idiot, insane man or crank to prevent
tbe consideration of any measure,
luwhnl, That thernlfscf this House
be so amended tl nt it shall require at
leaft two msnibers to objcit to the
censideratioa of n bill.
The reading if the raio'utiou was
greeted with anplause, but Mr.
Springer 111. objected to it on ths
ground that it was not respectful to the
Mr Swope Pa., from tbe Commit
tee on Invalid fensions, reported a
bill granting a pension of fc00J a yen
to the widow cf Gen. W. S. Hancock.
Private calendar. The report which
accompanies the bill gives a brief re
sume of tbe services rendered tithe
oountry by Gn. Hancock, and closes
by raying: "Yonr committie consider
ing this o e of the excet ttonal cases in
which it becomes' the duty ts recom
mend a departure from the ordinary
precedents and policy, heartily aad
unsLimously n commend tbe passage
ol the bill. .
Tbe House went into committee of
the whole, Mr. Hatch of Missouri in
the chair, on its private calendar.
A long discussion, -.hich at times
took a political tum, arose open tbe
tbe lint bill on tbe calendar, being one
for tbe relief of Lawrence A. Stem of
Indiana. It was finally reported with
a fiivori hie recornmeadfction.
Tne coT.mittee iben to-e and a few
p-ivats bills were passed.
The Speaker announced the ap
pointment of the tallowing committee
to accompany the remains cf Senator
Miller to California: Messrs. Mc
Kenna, Spiiggs Lout, Mo:gan, Hep
burn, Litfju and Milhken.
The House then link a recepa until
7:30. The evening teasion was for the
consideia'ion cf pension bills.
(Cotton Paotor
250 and 258 Front St. Memphis, Tenn.
Bliud IJrlillcH,
I. up IJnks,
Lap lllnga,
Itepair I.lok
Cotton Kops,
Trace Chain,'
Single Treow,
Vonble Trees,
Curry t'oiubw. Horse Ilrn-hfs.
A Complete Iiinc of tbe above tiooils at Lowest Price.
ItOl nnd SOS Main Mreet. Menmlil1. Tenn.
1, H, COOVBR & SO,
- i tt -i t tni Titr'n
uuo ian nt he
Doors, Saab, Blind), Moulding, all kludd ol ttoor and
Window Frames, Brackets, HcrolMVork, Itougli and
Drewed Lumber, Shlngtes Latbx, Water Tanks.
All kinds of Wood Work Executed at Short Notice.
Nos. 157 to 173 Washington St WcmpMs. Tmn.
Capital, $200,000. Surplus, $25,000.
J. K. G0DWI5, Pree'U J. M. (JOOUUK, Vlce-Pres't. C. H. KAISE, Cashier.
Sord of Dlrootorai.
S-A nepoallorj of (lie 8e of T0iieaae. Trnaela a Utneral Bawhlas
Shuumi Mil rlfM Hnf-lnl Atwtow to rwlltx-tlr--.-w
11. K. COFPIN.
la Itae C'omintltee-Roima.
The House Committee on IWoflices
and Postroads gave a hiaring ibis
mornicg to a number ot people who
appeared ti advocate tbe passage of
the mtaiures which hsve been intro
duced providing for the establishment
of postal savings banks.
The coin ruif.ee was cal'i-1 to order
at 11 o'clock. There was not a quo
ram present t that t:me, but it was
decided to cei on wita tre bearing.
Assistant Sei-reUiy Fairchild, epeak
iig in behalf o the Stste Charities
Assoe'-atiua of New Yoik, addressed
tbe e. mmittee briefly.
mg. . .
Suppose some Tile man, and ne
would be vile to write such a letter,
should have addreeted a communica
tion of that character to the President
pro tern, in his official capacity. That
paper, according to the definition,
would be a paper of which tbe Senate
and tbe House of Repreeenta'ives and
the whole government would be en
titled to. buppose some other vile
man should have addressed a letUr to
tbe presiding ottic-er of this body in
which be declared tbat the President
of the United States in his civil ser
vice communications bad declared
that men were to be removed enly for
cause, and that the SenaUr who took
the initiative in framing and maturing
the issue with the executive, which
ehouid have the prsc.ical effect cf en
abling the Republican majority on
tbetijorcf the Senate to stand be
tween these who hold ithee having
ot it unde' former administrations
sure, he ,-UU hv ,rbrged her lite and : those woo "ft-
Lamp Stock.
' Coal Oil,
1 Fisher Ranges,
' iLt ' IUottratftd CaUloraet
257 Main St
Grocers & Cotton Factors,
Xe. 392 Main Slrt. 3ywo ltlook.
Cotton Factors, YIiolesale Grocers,
Absolutely Pure.
them for;y vears. and aru now eihty- vanee bimlf with that vsi army
fo ur vear o il Ihev nave ccen my "political n"i"""-"'t , ' I t6"' """
. I. t I I. o A M 111 j A 1 till AAr fllltvar I L? . m L. . ml
i too. won't! i rj-v. - - i . v.- mi
Thii powter BTr r.r:a. A mar"'
rrii, iirantfth holvii.oTi. oni
coiinIti.-.il lhn rha primary .nd., anu
aiot fcniio erai-tiiio w-wS wj ;
naltilaia ol tow lfl. a..ri whtkla oi t
Hnllnn Fnr.tnrs & Commissinn f.lfirr.h'ls
IVvttva irrfaw-Sa. S8 avail M, lilaa Strrnni.

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