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t)ne Freight Train Started oulh
Tbe Press on the Strike-The
Texas Pacific.
St. Louis, March 12. Nothing haj
as jet happened to day, no far as re
KtrJa the strike oa the Gould Suuth
west ayeteui, to warrant the bvlief
that there will be a rpeedy eettlement
of the difficulties listing between the
diefa'.isficd employes and the man
ag'ment c the different road. Mr.
Fowderly'a aigral failure to open ne
cotittiona with Receiver Bmwo, of the
Ttxis Pacific Railroad Company, ia
regarded ominously, and the iailure of
Col. lloxie to answer aa yet the com
munication sent t) him yeeterday by
Mai tin Irons, the chairman o'. the
executive committee if District Aa
aembly 101, ia locked upon as an indi
cation that the it ike will be pro
longed. The failure of the Missouri
i'atilic maoagemect yeeterdar in its
atttmpt to rfeume freight traffic con
firms the belief oftbe striking Krjigh'g
ttak. the object of tbe strike will be
accomplished. The company, how
ever, has advertiaed openly for new
' men, stating that the rate of wege
will be the tame ae during the pr.st
year, and that competent men will be
employed without reference to their
past or present relations to the com
; pany or their connection with
any society or organiaatioa of
rny description, and it is the com
pany's expectation that sufficient
cumber will be employed dining to
day to enable them to move their
blockaded freight. The Knights,
however, state tint their relatione
with the members of thu Brotherhood
of Locomotive Engineers and Firemei
are tuch ttat the company cannot
persuade the latter to run a single en
gine if they are requested not t d'j so
by tbe Knights. The situation this
lriorripg ia net ma'erially charmed
from that cf last nihf, except that
the striking Knight j have cllVred no
opposition to the use by the S:. Louie
8nd San Francisco Company of the
Mifeouri I'aciflu ta-ki. and the block
ade of the company's freight has been
raised and tneir trains are r.ow run
ning as usual. The reply of Col. H oiie
to the communication of Martin Irons
is arjxiouely awaited by all concerned.
as upon it depends the speedy tetmi-
nation or tee prolongation ol tbe
The Globe-Democrat referring to tbe
raiiroaa striae says, editorially: "There
has not been a single point in the con
test thus far at whicu a legitiirate
issue between capital and labor could
have been presented for arbitration.
The strike ia baBed upon a demand
totally unknown to tbe hittory of
arbitration, aad tctilly impossible
an a thing to arbitrate. The commerce
of this w bole section was suddenly and
summarily paraljud, and when the
real euUVrars fiouri this paralysis in
quired as to the cauHa they were re
ferred to a District Committee some
where in Texas."
In aa editorial upon the strike oF
the employes of tbe Gruld S iuth west
ern railroad', the Mmcun liemMican
aays this morning: "The purptseof a
majority of the men in j duing tbe
nnigiKst i Labor was a laudable one.
Having joined, its members are joined
by its rules and its rules are not in
conflict with our written laas These
being the facta, it does not behoove
any corporation to aland rigidly upon
its legal rights cr upon the dignity cf
its individual officers when, by confer
ence and fair-spirited negotiation, se
rious mischief may be averted. Neither
does it behoove the Knights of Labor
to go a step further in the contest than
to offer a i a wive resistance. If, in the
face of this passive resistance, the rail
road companies can succeed in secur
ing a sufficient cumber cf non-union
men to operate their roada then the
Knights have nothing to do bnt to
enbmit, as it i a demonstration that
. tuny measured forces before they had
sufficient strength to win."
at the nnion depot this morning in
dicates that the management of the
Missouri Pacifis road intend to renew
their efforts to move freight this morn
ing. Nothing definitely can be learned
as to when the attemp't will be made,
but the new men recently employed
by tbe company have been summoned
to the depot, as bas.nlso a detachment
ci police to protect lit j and piopeity
in the event of the Etrik.ra oflering
violent resistance. Numbers of strikers
are gathering around the depot, but
they appear cilm, and there ia no ex
citement in that vicinity. It is sup
posed tbey will pursue the same
coarse in their attempt t3 prevent the
resumption of freight traffic as that
pursued yesterday, via: By persuad
ing the engineers and firemen to leave
their posts, , ...
The officers of the Miejouri PasifJo
railway yards succeeded in making up
a freight train this morning without
encountering any serious opposition
fiom the strikers, and at 11:45 o'clock
it left Eighteenth street for the South.
A special from Desoto, Mo., to the
PotttDupakh says the engines in the
round-honse there were further dis
abled last night, presumably by
(trikeis. A paseenger train last night
found obstructions on tbe track ner
here, but they were removed when it
was found that the train
freight train.
The freight tiain which left here
about 20 o'clock this morning was
made up at FourterLth street, and was
manned by Engineer O'Neil and Fire
man McCanaliu. Police Sergeants
CampeH and Breoand three patrolmen
were also on theongine and Detective
Furlong with several of his men were
on the train. At FJwing avenue the
engineer left his ecgine in response to
calls from the crowd, and a short dis
tance beycad the fireman ataadoned
bis post. At the company's shops -Superintendent
KerrjgB procured the
services of Engineer Haggerman, and
the train started again. At Compton
.avenue another fireman, said to be a
son of Haggerman, was picked up, and
-the train then proceeded on its way 1 1
Kansas City. Hagjenrjan. the en
gineer, is said t3 belong to the bro'i
er flood, but baa not been working
since Christmas, and it is reported
that he is in bad odor witb. bis breth
ren, ine police kit the train four
miles out and returned by passenger
tiain. The crowd in the yaeda hooted
and jeered at tbe train aa it passed
Along, bnt no interference ottered.
Loais-'aaf ; under orders cf which we
hoid ou appointments aa receivers, is
opea and ei t:rl accfssitla any day
to any employe fjr imaginary griev
ances sinew the rwcuivstra were ap
pointed. Tbe couit will hear and eu-
toittia with impartiality any charges
made by the partlci preferring tbeir
JOHN C. BROWN. Receiver.
The news arrived late hat night that
tnree tinker baa been arrested at
Big Spring hy virtue of warrants is
sued by tbe United Statea Court. The
men ere charged with interference
with the piopeity in the hands o! the
The Nlinatlon at IJIlle Rock
Little Kcck, Apk., March 12. At
10:30 o clock a freight train drawn by
a switch engine left the Iron Moun
tain depct, and reached Benton,
twenty five milea south, at neon. The
passenger engine which wai t j take tLe
S:. Louis train south wai captured at
the ronnd-hojse by the masked
strikers and sent after the freight
tiain. The freight train was over
taken at Benton and disabled, when
the strikers started back toward Little
Rck with the pasenger engine. At
Mableville, tea milea south cf the
city, tbey waited on a side track for
tbe passenger train to go by.
The tiain came along, and when the
la it car had passed they threw the
awitch open and dashed out in tbe di
rection of L tt'e Rock. United Stales
Marshal Fletcher and several djpuiiea
were on the passenger train, acconi
t a lied by Superintendent Wbeedon.
Tue t-ack was cleared for the switch
engine, the officera got aboard and
pursued the strikers, both reaching
and dashing part the depct under full
headway. While crossing the bridge
tbe pursuing engine caugbt and made
f-ifittotie (tinkers' engine, and the
officers began climbing aboard, order
ing the strikers to stop.
They refused, and on reaching the
north aide of the bridge several
strikers jumped off and Hi 9 officers be
gan firing. About lift v ehcU vara
tired, and one striker, named Suilivan,
was thot in the leg severely and was
captured, bdven o tiers besides Sulli
vu were capiureu. uincers are in
pursuit cf the fugitives, about eigUen
in number. Ttie captured striker
wererrl aetl on bond and to-night
everything is quiet, although consider
aoia excitement prvniln.
Prctettlns Against Any Redaction of
the Tariff-Its Altered Effect
on Labor.
Ylt'KNBl KU.
filate-snent of Enclorrr Ulrardoflhe
Ill-Fated M earner 4'aaae el'
Ine accident.
was not a
VicssBCRG, Miss., March 12. Tte
steamer I. A. cargent arrived here
from the wreck cf tbe Ike Bonham
la t evening with the wonnded. None
of the bodies of the dioansd men
have been recovered. Engineer Chai,
(iirard cf the Ike Bonham makes the
following statement: '"Pilot McEIiov
was ia command and Mrs. Win. Sar
gent wen in charge of the office. We
were going af.er cotton-seed and took
no freight along. I had just tried the
water in the boiler and found ecant
two gauges. I bad lelt the wheel and
gone back in the cabin to dinner, leav
ing b. T. Andrews it-Bring. In an in
Btant the shock came; I was knocked
down and hot brickB from the furnace
a' moot coveted me. I saw Andrews
and a number of colored mn in the
river. Ihey wcra calliug fjr he'p,
TIlA Yrilftfltnn f rtra aaa. tliA r (I!
pilot-bouse, chimneys, the forward
boiler deck and all tbe forward nart of
the cabin, throwing them ir to the
river. Oa deck the result was
very disastroua. Six deck hands
were blown overbca d, only one of
wnom was recovered, uapt. MclSlroy
ana s nnmoer cl colored nasenaers
ana a csnanai were more or ies sen
ously injured, and all on board were
scalded except Mrs. Sareent. Imma
diately after the explosion the took
command of the boat, went below.
neipea to isuncn trie vawi and com
manded those who were able to rescue
those in the river. Bv this time the
debris around the boiler bad caught
nre, and sue seizad tbe draw bucket,
drew water and Quenched the fl ime-.
after which she took a shit I and
tirew the red-hot bricks overbnan!.
Mrs. Saraenr, by her heroism. swvk-d
the wreck from burning, and with it
my lifj and that o! the other wounded
onboard. S.ie v. as rot excited in the
lets' and never lust her presence of
mind for a minute. Capt. Sargent ia
now in San Antonio, where
he has gone for the good of
his health. During his absence
his wife has had the management
of hiB boats, which work Bhe has
always done successfully. About nine
years ago Mrs. Sargent, with her hus
band and three children, were on
board tbe steamboat Phil Morgan,
which exploded her boiler at Reality
Landing, Black Bayou. While the
wreck of the Bonham was burning
to-day her clothing caugbt fire several
times, but she would tear away the
burning fragments. There was no in
surance on the boat
Heavy Hnew-3term la Celorado.
Denver, Colo., March 12. A severe
snow and wind storm struck Colorado
last night at midnight and lasted till
noon to-day. About fifteen inches of
snow fell, drifting in wuny places
three to fonr feet deep. The weather
is not extremely cold. Mountain
travel has been delayed. The Eastern
roads are behind from two to seven
hours, bcinf: delayed liettvern here
and Hiiro, whero the snow .filled cute
in many places from five to eight feet
d?ep. All traini will leave for the
JCaet to-night, and expect to be run-
umg on schedule time to-uior-ow.
Washington, March 12. The
House Committse on Ways and
.Meats gave a hearing to-day to the
representatives of the Amalgamated
Association of Iron and Steel Work
era. Mr. Weihe, of Pitubur?, the presi
dent of the association, said that the
agitation cf the reduction in tbe iioa
and steel schedule had created great
alarm among the workers in the ma
terials throughout the country. If
the iron and tte 1 which was import
ed during the past year had been
made in the country there would not
have been so many idle hands around
the mills, and redncti'01 in the rate
if duty wu!d onlv increase the num
ber ot idle bands, ror this reason
the Amalgamated Association, which
represented between 70C0 and 8000
men, desired to - enter its protest
against the piopcsrd legislation.
m. Martin olrittsbu re read a pro
test prepared Djr a committee ot the
association, in which the association
says that it is unalterably opposed to
any revision of the tariff except in the
direction cf higher duties. The labor
o gasizu'Ions of this country had not
yettiken rart in politics, but if the
tendency of Congress was toward a re
vision ol the tariff iu the direction of
rednct.ou these organizations would
bj f irced to tike politual action.
n . f. btewart, who had thirty years'
experience as aa iron worker, gave it
as bis opinion that a general reduction
of wages invariably followed a general
reduction of tariff duties. Mr. Stew
art, referring tn a remark made bv
Mr. Bieckcnridge of Arkansas reliitive
to the condition cf China under the
policy of shutting itself off from
foreign intarcourse, said that wliei
the American woiknien came down to
the China policy and carried evrry
t!iinj on their heads the wages would
come down to the rate id Chinese
wages. The American workmen had
genius, the Chinamen had not.
Mr. Breckenridge of Kentucky in
quired in regard to the general condi
tion cf labor iu this country whether
it was in gcod relations with the em
ployer. Mr. Stewart rep'ied the relations
were not satisfactory, and that was
the cause of the organization of so
many labor associations. The work
ingmen considered that the laws of
the United States were not made in
the interest cf labor, but cf capital
Thsy were going to give Congress a
cbance to help them. If this were
not done, a movement would be set
oa f jet which would enable them to
help themselves through the ballot
box. Mr. Breckenridge inquired whether
there were not causes of comp'aint
among the workmen other than had
grown out of tbe reduction of the
Mr. Stewart replied, the reduction
of the tariff was the sole originator of
the whole movement of labor aatocia-tiona.
li! -mo-Jl V f-
Pnrett n1 stmnffi Natural Fm?r Ftawwu
lantlJj, Unvin, Oranee. Ammr.J, k, etc.,
fl; rr a delicately and naturally u the (tiut
Blind, Bleeding and Itching, I'osl
iiveiy i urea oy inticuia.
A WARM bath wl h Cktiocba 6oAr, an
-ljl. oiquisue d k id iieauimer, and a linirla
applio&tiun of UUTtnuii, the treat ctnio
Cure, will instantly allay the intense itching
ni iue mostararavaiea e e ot ttctl nit filet
1 hIB treatment, eomb ned with amaH ilnni
or cdtiouri nRHULVKNT, tlio Dew Blond Pu
rifier, three timea per day, to regulate and
Btreogmen tbe bowelp, orereotue oonRttpa-
unu anu remove ine oanne, win cure mind,
bleeding and Itching Pile when all other
remeaiei and even phjuioiani tail.
I wna taken for the lint t roe In mj life
with Ulind Piles. 10 envere tnat I mnlH
nardiy keep on my toet. 1 uned rariout
remeaiei Kir tnree week, when ilin iIi.ai.a
moa me lorm or iccning riles and growing
war re By advice ot an old aenlleian I
men ine iutiodia. line appliration re-
I'eved the ilthing and I wai auon cured. T
wiflh to tell the world thiit in caiinii nl Itnhiniy
l'ilei the price ol the Cuticcra irof noao-
counl. rrnm an anaolieited quarter.
Concord, N. 11. 0. C. KIOBY.
I began the use of rourCuTicna Rkhiiiiei
when you first put them on the tna-ket. and
know ot two catcs of ltohiog l'ilei that have
been cured ly the use, at my augge't'un, of
in-ne remenea. Jr. M. MAHT1N
Virdun, III.
f have tried vour CuTimiRA Rimtnua .ml
find them all thit you claim, and the de
mand ior tnein in inn feci ion u groat.
IliggBton, Oa.
CDTici'Ri Rrurdiks have given nn'enilid
atiaftction to those of my customer! who
nave naa occnsinn to use mem.
H KNKY. UtKMANN, Druggist,
Ouincy. III.
COTICURI Rkm RniRfl are a nnslttv nnre fnr
very iorm or riRin and jiiood Lil ease, from
rimpies to ecroiuia. cold everywhere
Price: Cuticitka, 50 cents: Soap. 25 cents;
D -. . 1 nl n 1 I . 1
nnmiLTnn r, el .w. rreparea oy TDe S-OTTRR
Send for"JIow te CssreMkln Dlaeaaea
C If IV Blemishes, Pimples, Blackheads
k B-x and Baby Humors, use C'oncuaA
Flesh Producer & Tonic !
Hear Ibe YVitocMoa!
A Man ef PHxty-ElKal Wlntera.
I am 68 years of age, and regard Ouinn's
Pioneer a tine tonie lor the feeole. By its
ne my strength has been restored and my
weight increased ten peunda.
A V. U. CAM I'llKLL, Cotton Gin Maker.
Macon, Oa., February IS, 1886.
A Crippled (euft derate Natai
I on'y weighed 128 pounds when I rom
menoed Ouinu'sHion r, and now weigh 147
pounds. 1 oould hardly walk with a stick to
support roe aud ran now walk long distances
without heip. Its benefit to me is b-yond
cal-ulaon. R. RUM'd BoSriCK,
Maoon, Ua. Cotton Buyer.
Mr. A. II Bratnblrtl, Hardware Mer
(hani, of Foroytb, Oa , Wrlien
It acted I 'ke a charm on my general health.
I cnnaider ii a tinetonlc. 1 weigh wore than
1 have tur 25 yeaia. Kespcctlullv.
Mr. W. F. Jones, tlacon, Nayat
My wife has regained her strength and in
tuitu, v. e rocoin
ttie bet tonic.
Dr. U.Y. ItelbrMire. of llnuta.Ua ,
WrlK H of (loliui'a Ploura-rt
Ouinn's Pioneer Blood Konewer his been
ned for years with uapreredeuted success.
It is entirely vegetable and does the sytem
no barm. It Improves the appetite, diges
tion and blood making, ctiinulating, invig
orating and toning up ull the functionsand
tuauea of the system, and thus becomes the
great blood renewcr and health restorer.
cures all Blood and Skin Ui'eaes. liheuma
tism, 8 -rolula.Uld Sore's. A perlect (Spring
II not in your market it will be forwarded
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bssay on Blood and Bkin Diseases mailed
cre-sel ten pounds in
mend Uuinu s Pioneer
J. F. 1I0LST &BH0.,
(BUCC8880B8 TO Q. U. 110UT A BRO.)
,"k!- mUam aTA "UstVicrOy: b there a iwaawly kaewa ae the aaee prnfeaaVai that
al aU theajJanag. puhtt u. m., aba i autijeet te Vtwrnmnrrkm aad aa aitaadanl ilnaJnal"
R ewiiaeal rAyrldsa Am ae toy eM A tatjself
. " 1 ".I"?J Partjoalarty graufrlng cm fw the am ol TnotWn. a ea ot PiwaeiKsiliea la
"J a todyof rteamMKi fca,,,M .od , ehrum. nta, tn Uua dumss. who bad been dmea
alnioatr vero atmjutj hj tier tntxilhij mffwuign. tte M. kaMnxatiuiiilKtOT Itraumd
twpreaipUy. and stM nam run th. onoe deeadnl iwuk with but ItUle damhirt. I ooold awatua
etliarbsaaaoa4 aaBUarcbaracUr. but Uua a remaraabto eua." T t FRAZKH. at I.
K-.ltr A. A. MELLIER, Sole PropV,'"
(kd-Uill mj Good
l'ru-ii far MWIVS, til I ALLS mii1
ol Mil doHcrinlioiiH. Ncntl lor f'irnlir
and IrioiM t'uid.
3xr w. sie:s:3F2.s, jr.
Tavance Street. Memnlils. Tenn.
Memphis, Tenn.
trjT rnwh Advwiirw to Wfrflinnia nnd Plantora.
L. D. MULL1N9, ol laU J. B. Godwin A Oo. JAS. TONUS, late of J. W. Caldwell a Oc
Cotton Factors &Commission Merchants
No. 1 Howard's Row, Cor. Front antl Union.' ViMntihlH.
Tflipjc p. nn
Cotton Factors and Wholesale Grocon
ffiS-2S Vnmt femhi, Tenn.
Cotton Factors, Commission merchant.
mil rnfjmATR
Ornca or JOHN MANOUUE, MnapniB, TaKg,
I have thia day agreed with
February 16, IH85.
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By V. nuarllRKYS, B. B.
Milri Fr.
T.TKT ot nnwczpAij nod. crmn.
Tbe Texas PaelOe Mtrlbve.
Dallas, Tax., March 12 Receiver
Brown of the Tens Pacifin railrcad
sent the following Bnpp'.emeital tele
gram to Mr. Pjwderly last night :
Dallas, Tlx., March 11,
I omitted to a ay In my dispatch thia
morning that the United 8'a'es' Cir
C nit Court for the Eiaters District of
Joalnli llaTla'a TreaUe.
Joaiah Davip, North Middletown,
Hj., writee: "I am now ufing a box
SALVE upon ea ulcer which, f.nr the
paat ten days, has Riven ine great
Fein. This salve in the or.Ijr reaiedy
Liave f ind tht has given me any
eate. My nicer wca caused by van-
eoaa veinc, and waa pronounced in
curtoie oy my meiical aoviaera. I
fiod, however, that HESRY'S CAJt-
tfULkUbALYE is eflectiDg a cure."
Beware cf imitations.
rrHeHet SprleereFire.:
Littus Rot K, Ark., March 12. The
latest ievcRtipition inuroaae the Ionoob
yy the Hot tprin tare to $150,000,
with less than $40 inaurance. The
heaviest loners are Shipley, O'Brien &
Co., $18,0tJ0; S. B. Carrinjrton, $5000;
C. C. Leoiloy, $1(100; Berge Mcr,
KiOOO; Dr. T. B. Buchanan, $5000.
Over twenty firms are among the sufferers.
Keverw, Oongmitirin, Intl.mmattnng.M
Wnrnfl. Vt'orm h'tvr. Worm (Villa.
tlrvtnc Colle, or Tithing of Infanta.
I'larrtlAol i;nnnraor AOalts
llyaiianry. Gripiag. Iitliov. 0oUe..M
( 'nolera Hlorbu., VnmHuic
('ouch.. Cold. UronohlLis
euralala. Toothnche, raoearhe......
lleadartH'a. Hk-k Headache, Vertigo..
Ibcf Are Bo t Sorry
There is one thing nobodv ever re
grett that i, the day tbey firtt adopt
ed rrker'a Tonic aj their regular fam
ily medicine. lis range ia so wide,
and its good effixti so sure, that noth
ing else, ei(pt g.-od Bnraing, ate
needed in. a great majority of caaes.
Buy it, try it, and afterwards it will
not require any praise from ua.
Dynprpaitt. ill lions Wtomnoh.,
HiinpmsMtl or Painful fef
V filtflasu Loo Profiiffe Ytsrioaa.
Malt Hbum, Jirvniftelmm. tnipLJii,.
KhniM(imi. librninisuo l'sirM..
I lin, JOUIKJ WI DirwjniJf.
4 atarrh. lirfloonrs. Cold in th IJfi!.
;rnrst OWtlMcvJhjAWstUuj
KMDfV IHsMfV..e..e.eaMaMMMM. .AO
rrroin ItVhllilv lJ.ll
IHnarrkDrw.wttfnB4ri.... Juj
llrsmr M On Hstte FviriiWrOO, 1 XH
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t ilJC
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Kold ly rmgirfiH or nt ooetp. id on receipt of
r-ico.tinPHBti'(wrrHiiMi ce..nrerohM. nt.
TruHlcc'g rSale.
HAVING beea appointed trustee nnder
the rowers contained in the trust deed
made by Sarah L. Dent and Georre U. llent.
aecuring the payment of a note lor tl&OU by
them made Sentember 14. 1KK2. dun on. imp
after date, delault having been made in the
payment thereof, at theiequest of tbe bolder
vi aiu uu A will, on
Ulnadnr. anrll K. 1HH
at 12 o clock m., at tbe southwest oorner of
Main and Madison streets, In the Taxing
Ilistriot of bbelby cnonty, Tenn., sell the
following described tracts of land i The first
oeg'nning at uarr and MoLemor'. nnmer
nn Ureer'a line; thence euit 1I.4U ohains to
Ureer's SK corner: thenne nonh 10 chains to
Ureer's KE corner: thence east 8 chains to
llradshftw'a HK norn.r: thene. ennik 3 IU
chains to MnLeinore and Carr'a BW oorner
of 13-aore entry: thence east 13 chaina:
tnerrje north 1(1 chains to Win. and Uideon
Pillow', lit,. tttannd -... Ill M, . ,1. . L
. ... c ....v , ......uiDHi, ......I. WCUVI KIH1U
50 chains; toenoe wost 47 CO chaina to Cnrr
and McLemore'a line; thence north 13,79
chains to tbe beginning, containing 119 acres,
more or less, it being the stme tract of land
conveyed to Doniel Hughes by James K.
Felts by deed of August 12, recorded in
book 20, paire IV.
AISO. lot lli Of tha Tlnrtlinft Sllltfllvtatnn ..f
lota, fronting 60 leet on the east ride of Hot-
and avenue, and runnin. hack lutiv-e
parallel lines 170 teet to an alter.
AlSO. nart of lot U of aume siilullvl.Inn. nn
the soatb boundary line ol lot 10, eighty feet
from the southwest corner ol same, and run
ning aeuth at risht anirl e. with mid knnnil.
ary line nine feet and six Inches; th-nee at
right anglea east aixteen leet an aa to ran di
rectly over the center cf the mouth of the
cistern ; thence at right anglea nine leet and
ia incaea to ine souin Di unitary .De of aaid
roperiv, wnn all improvenrenia thereon,
nd betna the same tirnnert nm.il In 1
. Dillacd, trustee, by b. L and ii. ii. Dent,
re-orded in book lil, page 2Zi, of the reoerda
of bhelby county.
Terms rf Sale Caah. Title believed to be
ooa, DUtiaeli only as tru-tee.
L. II. EUTEd, J., Trustee.
for the Snln of IB! entire alnek of Wronirht Imn. Knr. W-.n.- m-A ll.n.a .v.
same to take efloot Muroh 1. lhHtl. In retiring from Ibe buaineaa In thia city, I desire to re
turn thanka to my frlenda and customers for their liberal patronage during a period ot
twenty years, land also to assure them that the business will be turned over to ireflable
and responsible parties whom 1 bare known intimately for many years. 1 can aafely assuie
my friends anil flustomnr. th.t th.ir nr.ler.. t .1 1 1,- n.a, t in i . v. i .
oara and attention, and I ask lor your continued patronage. JOllitf MANOUUE.
Referring to above very flattering notice, we take pleasure la announcing tbe following or
fjJJ). nd nawnt for thiiadditional tepartiueiit-lhe aamo to take effect March
A. H. i.i vs.itntiHt., rrealdont. II. A. TATDM, Kec'y aad Treaia.
The Livermore Foundry & Ulachins Co.
220 fliid 23S Ncoond Kirs'of. lUfiiiubln. Tenn..
Dealer! in BAR, BAMIt AND HOOF ikon, Itoiler, Firebelanil Sheet Iron.Nula.
Washers, HlveU, Nails, lleavy Unr.lware and
ZEl.ilx'oo.cl SupiDlies-
In connection with our Foundry and Machine Denarlniral, 1(10 to 174 Adams atreot,
we believe we are in the best position tu supply any and all demands for every character ol
Wrought or Cast Ironwork, Maohinery, lleavy Uardware and Hallway buppliea. Your
orders sclicited. and we promise our be.t atentinn.
ItrAl., EKTATi;.
No f?T. H. t. Chancery Cur. .'
Shelby ,c,Mii,iy btnte fit Tennessee 7s-
BNamuel K. l.ellet al.and Fiank Lallyetal.
1 virtue ot interlocutory eeareea fr
sal,, enured in the above eocsolid.ui
causes on the 4th day oi Janaarv. lHr.;, M. 3.
M, .efi, and November , IKKS, M. U. V).
se.l.i, I will sell, at public aotien, to the
highest bidder, in front ot the Clerk and
Master s ottice, courthouse of hbelbj eoan'y,
Memphis, lenn., on
SalnrJny, .viarrh IS, I,
within Irgtl boors, the following described
property, situated in oheiliy eouuey, leonel
aeo, tn-wit :
Lot 1. heg nn:ng where the snulh aide of
tl e roadbe.l ol tlie Luuville aud ahville
rii'lio.d cn.s.rs the west snU of the Dig
Creek load : thence s.'U'h IK'V est with the
weft Ki.lr o lb. t , ("reek r.,d lt',7S feet te
Concord street ritendcd; lk'iice ti-rih 7S
west Ml', feet with CoBcunl tnet; Ibenoe
north In' ta.-t iU'i fiet to the tmitti lr ot
said rAilrn ul ; thence south 7.'" eas'. with the
railroad 1M led to tbe beginning.
Lot biaiuning on the norih side ..f 'bo
Old KolelMh road at the junot on ol the aoul i
aide ol (Vn.-ord street eslend d with ' e
north tiileof the Haleigh road : thence s u h
;t west with the north side of the Kalcmh
road :t!2 leet to a stare; theucr south
west 1;U leet tn a at . ke in the north s de f
the road i llu nce north 2 't wejt.trj'i feet j
toncord street i thence south 7V ea t J7S
feet to the oonnnmg.
Lot ii, beginning at the mouth of stuail
bayoti on the nonh line of tYuco-d street
extended; theece aoulh 7tJ east IMS. feet to
a sink, on etst bank of tjusil bayou: thence
no.ili In', ea.t lvl feet to the south side f
therailro.nl; thence north 7.i-west with the
soutn si. e ol the rniln ad 'M feet to the eatt
bank of li.you (layoso; llienoe south H eaat
with the b.jou HI feet to the beaiuning.
Lot 2, fronting lial leet nn the north line f
roue Td street cxtonded IU1 leet we-t of the
Jlig Creek road, and running back tn the
Louisville and Nashville railroad oa whiob.
it tiiints M feet.
Lot A, frontiug IV ' fo-lon the north liae
pf Concord street eit.'ndrd IBIHteet eaat of
bayou llr . and runnier bck to the
Louisville and Na-hville hailroad.on which
it Ironta INI lei t.
Lot 4, brgnnlng nn the nnrt aide of John
son avenue HS or I 0 tret ea't ot alley east
ol bayou Heyoso; ihence east with toeJ !x
leet: thence n rth 2:)', W I72S feet to Con
cord st'eet estended : ihence westward with
the street to alien Ihence 8 3V K to a point
l'0 teet Iroio J hnson avenue; thence aat
w.ird paiallfl wth auid avenue l'O.' j led.
Ihence riit K 1 II liet to the beginning.
IVina ot faie in a credit ol sis iiionth.i.
note bearing mlereet wi'h security reared ;
Urn reianed: rodetuptiou btired. This
Fubriuirv 17, IS O
H 1 VrUOW KM., Clerk and Master
llyJ. M. lliadlev, liepuly t'li rk 4 Ma ter
F. II. A V. W HelKkell, So'a aat
Cure Guaranteed
1 liffl.lrint(alHliiiinfiirM t.MirT Im Ii it. a
I'oxlI i nr Itir Ni'rxditn liltilti , I. .mm
lit kvnr, V imiIi iiteaM, rri'iMiit un4H. A'-
tVr, Vr. -'.ui lowiml ui If r ry IMt
Ntll dNMi tit ii ta-rtiiMftlti a jrt'uuiim (-.Wttui
rirrt'iit, l'riiti rtutnl to b,i. Villi tuh
HWl n l a wrttU'ti irnarnuica rtura
Urn full ftiiitiuut psltl if it not mako
romi'Uts riirtv H--i'il I'lrtJculam neiit fry.
I.Krr.ttU iKU r A.ll Ni'Y. FUlw
?rth Avfftlt Hti Hlilt Sln-s't, llrrtoiVivn. II.
i Tl
1.01'IS IlANAUtlt,
J A M t.d 8. KOllINSON,
.iir,n n. uvtiir.ttti,
IlAHDWlti I'tltKS.
ar Deposits received In sums of l and upward, and interest allowed on aume Semiannually.
arWe buy and se'l looal Investment. Ponds and Securities generally, pay tales, acta
ii ii.xii, uuu, in guuerai, eaeouie any nnanciai business requiring a sale and respooslb t
" JJ iane drufta, In sutut to suit purcha-era, on all part of Europe.
av-We have a cominodioua Vault for tbe depoait ol valuables, which is at tbe service ol
our customer, reei or a Harare.
J. 1. 1IAUDEN, PrcBlrteiit. EW1. (JOLUS.VITU, Ylco-PreHltlcnt
J4MfcN WATIIAN. fanhlfr.
'I lualcu'M hair.
UNDKR and bv virtue ol two trust deeds
encuted by 1. L, Kergu nn and II. 0.
liatnpson lo the undersigned a trnieteee, on
January 4, last, and May 11. IKKi, restect
ivey. and dlllv rncoriled in the nlnce of lha
Clerk ol the Circuit Court of Mississippi
couuty, Ark., in Hncord Hook 12, paxes 4.12,
etc., an i Ki ford Hook of Trusi Deeds, vol.
A, pages Hj.r, etc., do'atilt in the payment of
the indetitudness thereby Secured having
been trade, at tuereilllotof the hanoliciariia
therein, we will, as such trustee, on
Wedneadajr, Martin Its, INfte,
at the storehouse upon the plantation known
aa noueiia, in viissisai.pi county. Ark.,
and being on the Miaaisinpl river, pioceed
to sell lo tbe bighe I bidder, lor cash, the
lollowlng pi rsonal ormortv. to-wi. : Four
4-boree wagons, eight two-hore wii ni,
aev. nty-one mules, six sets wagon harnes,
seven seta harn.-a. one 40-hore power en
tine and boiler, two HO-aaw Milburn double
roller gins and gn stands, two feeder and
ndotirers, one Coalman cotton press, one
grl-t-lnlll with amiurtenaiices. Iiulllna.
ebaltinv and pulleys, three horses, two
tvilte, one mule oolt, t ur mares, four acta of
soar; als". all plows, sorarers, b' ea, axel
hii i all oilier funning utensils and imple
ments: end also, all cattle, stock hogs and
olbur mules and alock, and nil orapsor corn.
Iton. colli n-enud. hnv. fodder and other
produclH ntw on or nelonslngt the plnnia
limis known as "tSniluua, 1 the 'Kills
place" end Ibe "Lmiirr place" In auid
county, ruu and operated by said rnrguson
A llaiupaon during Ibe year leV. And
under s.ld deed, on
Nainrdnjp, Mareli HO, mat, x
In front nf the court-house deor In Osceola,
Miro inMii.ni county. Ark , we will sell to tbe
hikh' si bi nler, lor casta the following
soiiiied real e."taUi, niitnoly. all being in aaid
county and State: The plantation know
as lha "Kills place" at Fergcson A llamp
son's Landing in llend 4a, Mississippi river,
and described as follows) W sen. 1:1, 37 H
acres eul ol K see. 24. and part W S aeo.
ii. hi uf see. 2., and K H W S
township II north, ranee lllea t. Also, NH
aec. i, IIKI acrea, W H NK H sec. 11, 71
acres, In township II north, range IU eaat;
and Ibe 8 Ir !, ol N W fr V aen. M (south of
I.lllle river) in townahip U north, range!
oust, nontuiiiing 8.U7 aorea. Alio, N Ir of
rr ir y sea 2.1. least 01 nayeui. townsnip 1
north, range III east, 3M.HI acrea. Also, the
N fr ' of sea IU (we t of II V Lake) contain.
Ing -D-lUNot anacrai and the SK of NV1
of sen. Ifi, both in towuship II north,
range 10 east, tha last described runtainlni
411 auros.
Said sales wilt begin at the time and pi set
stated, and aill continue from day tod.)
uutil coimdoled. All ri.hu of re lenn tio
and eietin lious are a.-.d. Sale absolute.
Tonus cash. .1. II. I'0-TON,
F. V. 1'OSToN.
Fulmer.f horntoD Co
Gas Consumers
FOR all ggg.consuraed on and after tbe 1-t
of Aor 1. aroximo. by eut.mers of this
"omrsny. the price will be Two Dollars and
Fitly t'eota per thousand cubic feet, but
where tbe bills are paid within the 6rst five
business davs of each month a Discount ol
Fitly Cents per Ibeasand feet will ke made,
making a net priced TWO DOLLAKS per
thousand cubic feet.
JrlCUFHI fiAt-LKslIT f'O.
By E. ENSLEY, PrMidrnt
Jog Ckaio, Secretaiy.
Memphis, Tenn., March 4, !;.
peraena seeking Uovernmont En
pl.iyment in any ol the departments.!
Wfjhington, or any other poiitiona nnde,
the Government, I will send lull instruction
aa do how to preceed to obtain the same,
ana Blank mraneel Applieaiissa oa
receipt ol On Dollar. Adnreae JOHN
Is s HUM SI . ieajw. ma. e-a..Mr,
ffi V" ianndve.tiaea-tooon-
lD12RT13!M6!-''lbr o'thtrin.e"
Jt containa lists of
newtpakers and estimates o Ibe cost of" ad
vertising. The advertiser who wants t spend
one dollar, finds in it the informstion heu
oaires.wtiiie for hire who will Invest rhe
nui.dred thousand dollars in advertising, a
.-ueiLe u inaicatea watcti win meet his
every reinirement, or can be made to do so
by slight changer easily arrived at by corre
spondence. Ooe hundred and fifty-three
editions have been iasued. Sent, postpaid,
to ariy addressior ten uiii. Apply to UKO.
f- R0;ELL A txi.. NKWjFA.'Eh aD
VKHTISIVt, BURBAtl.lilSpruceit. (Print
ing House tftjoare , I'e York
Cotton Factors, Vholesale Grocers,
1 ''I,- '' : (
No. SOO Front wlre.-t, t Jf emplilw, Ton a.
Jlrlnbley, Ark., Maniiriu turrrai el
Ann dralkhh in
Doora, 8aah, IiltnlK, llreaaod Floorlo?, Olllnar, Wttuthrr-Iloardlnif,
C'yprt'isN rSkluxloet, Lulbsi, I'Aiu
atarOpr facilltiea are nnsurpassed by any sawmill In the Sooth for HI Ina orders promptly.
r looting, gelling, niaing, Btep l.uniher and Cypress bhinales a ipecialtr : also, FrMiiiug
Lumber of all dimensions. We make tbe Wholesale Business a special feature. Orders
eolicited and promptly filled.
Wo. 124 Jefferson Street Mpniphi, TprinoaHeo.
. - ii
K. flawln.
Jebai H. MeUllvaai. i
rnee. Jlark.
m. t. Clare
V"S7i. Thii 1IKLT or Ke
y 'jji'' Ml ;v genen tor is made ea-
, .nf preaaiy 1 or me oure
i'AVCHEtVtKi ( degeneration of
rt rff oirA."jfiV 1 tha generative or-
niiet,oc.i. f,.n". There it no
rRM-.y nilaukeabon thisln-
atrtini.nl rh. ni.
I tinuous sttesm of
I kl.ct TRIt I I V n.r.
yflN I meatlni through tha
UjUisr U,LI M.rts am restore
them to health action. Do not eontonnd
thit with Klentrle Belt advertised to oura
all Ilia from head lo to. It I for the 0NK
specific purpose. For circulars giving full
nlormatlion. address Cheever Kleolri-Bait
rlo.. lilt H'ihlati.n street. Chic." HI.
iiiimnTvtrprinwMi, now rffadf.
tl.niaaa-nuiofr.r .'io MWltriU
iiainmmnMnnraJi l.ttkruury
Book Caaaa. T.Ann
I(ter Prnet, Cabinet!
ladles' FancyDeikg.Ae
KlnMl (.(jamU and ljtM
rr.fiM41tuirantBt. itialon
f ma. J'tMUa) iu. Ho poaVaUt,
It V A Sj
R.n Ch-neory Court cf a elby
State 01 TcimoMieo vs. T Is. tar-
Wholesale Orocera, 4?otton F"et4rt
And Commission Merchant..
232 and 234 Front St., OempMs, Teai,
Mr..I. H. KAINKY devotes hlt.whole time to tbe weighing and sale of all Cotton entrusted
tonnech.nr. Itntten Waeehnnse. oA Washington street
Iternberg & Son,
33G Front St.,BCor. Union, Memphis, Tenn.
No. MM,
e a
HY viriueol an inlrr'ncutory decree for
siilee t. ti d in lh - a'ove cause on (lie
4th da ul .In. uu y, Ikwi. M . ft I p.ie I, I
i'l rill, at publiil u tii.ll, to I hi lnk'b ft
biddir. In Iron' ol 'hotlu k end Vn . r's
0 i ce. courtl.ouso of tehciby co my, Jiom
ihB,To .n., on
Naliiriliar, Tliarrh 1:1, Isin,
within logal hou -s, the fotli.wit g deycrlhed
p:oie-ty, ! s id in ;lio hy count;, T,u
u s-ee, to wit ;
hou'b ball of lot T, Fraser's siibdivion,
40 teet Iruni by I .VI f et dm p, o ihe wet
side o: Liinderdiile stroll KTr lee, nortti of
1 r er slreot..
orlh hilf of lot 211 iron in . :T'J leet
on the west site of filth rlrn t. leet
north n M (Tur a. is street, ill h ward, and
rntiiil- g h. ck U' feet bold a ptoporty ol
Km in a i nd Job n i simi,
I'att in coonirv ,.t 4'el: .10 e t front on
south a ile of auo i n street, ea t f a d ad-
j t r g ta)uu oayo o, by ad i Ih ot mH-t,
9lh ard.
Tertiis.il Pale-On a credit of ii nnnthsj
eot.i aiih S"ciirity bearing ititeres; rruuire t :
tin relumed; re .elusion hired, ihie
rooruvry 17, ihh,,.
H. I VrliO KM.. Clerk an 1 Vater
Py.l M. B d v, 1) putv i luil. A Alael r.
F.II AC. W. Iioiekeli, ol'. sit
A Valuable Patent
Onujj'n (HoMr; i mil and Vrt I'lan-
HA VI Mi i-rtct ii ui jr invrnUj:.. I wih
(- 1 1 .rr l t" lm the i ur, a-peflnHf
n i u!o't .V m 'n P'-iii'-r, ir i- a
imrfeci n Mftr OpDI th ftnli, di lrihMie
(ha ttad tintii, mi iinttrml , :,n I rmerj
th "aMi a?, Oior-! , .iii n'Kf, f rfiTtiitrir thf
wurk of tirt. 1 r.o v bier turi umJ in
thin mm- nil t-r (i of a l a rit f'-j- w;" r
'efll Htijitirtiir . I nn irtve n tn-i M te t;
fe naialit. Mrm-
JOHN H. IMNCV. Hr.rr-i '
H 'trwMi J uxv, l
-i f
UI'Mkv-l'.Otl H .- i
iio n m . dr.f twen; v -c . i- vc .
"roted l.llioMol the n-led c al rt." of
t l- d v w.tli r, ) b'tn lit i'i sku bimsi.s In
thr-e moLtli-. an I since then h iieiisot
othe-a br .uio pr. ceM pi i. siiniileaBit
ini-oi.tnil limi.. tn.ntinent. ,i.r. 'it T. 8
rA(18,12t;at JiJ) .St.. New York Oity.J

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