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...... -J ';' ' " "" j the nnujrj f,t bar U,o were i
partially dr-prived ot a commodity to prtcsnt the funeral nf Jntlzs Tern- -iinnortanl
in tha iwinl.' rrmanmn. I ! Til K DKATi! A D KIK1 I. OF J -- -- u ... 1
vniniw miiutiH.jjiil IkO.-l
I !
Mississirn legislature.
3IISSI0SKKS. Ike Hon. David Jithneoa of Itawamba
Elected ."oporlntendent of the
Iircrui. to tsi 4rrL.I
Jackson, Mi..Mn-h 2.
BillH r.aww-1 last niclit : T hi relief
of H Vox of Amite; Howie lull to
corporate the Hill City Strict Railway
Orupaiiv, itli aiuenilnient.
At 7:H0 p. in. the two l.oiin met
in joint, eonvention to eleet n Htjeriti
tendent of the 1'enitentinry. The Hon.
David Johnwin, fnnner State Senator
from luwunilin county, wan ehiU-d
PtiiM-rinUintli-iit on the fifth liallc.t.
I Jiills iianNed Uwliiv: lloum Mllrt in
relation to the fence law in I'huhorne
county, with amendment; to amend
the charter of VickHUiirjr. K-nnte billd
to iiiMirv the Utter working of public
roadn in Jefferson county : for the re
lief of W. J. Hilk and T. O. Hynn.
The rvniaiiuli-r tf ilS inorninp; urn
Kion whm consumed in the considera
tion of a hill estiiblishiiiK hiiMincKH
nrini'iple for the (fovernment of the
educational andcharitablciiiNtitiitioim.
No n-fiiU wiw reached.
At 3:3(1 o cluck p.m. me iwo coukcb
met in joint convention for the elec
tion of railroad eommifwionem, which
election rehiilU-d an fullown: Kor the
Fimt Supreme Court District, Win.
Mc Willie o( Madison county ; for the
Second District, J. F. St-twiuim of Lin
coln ; for the Third District, J. C. Kyle
of I'anola. The last two named were
elected on the first ballot, there brine
but three l aixlidated from the Second
and two from the Third District.
There were ten candidates from the
First District. Mr. MvWillin is one of
the old commissioners, and is well
known. Mr. Sessions is a prominent
South Mississippi lawyer, ami in yeurs
buck war) u member of the Semite.
Mr. Kyle is also a leading member of
the bar from North Mississippi, and
his term of State Scmitorcxpiiyd with
the meeting of the present l,ei;islat.urc.
F-uch of these p ntlemeil have been
active und leading politicians of liiuli
Hbindinjf and of lirst-class ability.
The Senate UmIuv, in executive ses
nion, refuseli conlirui the nomina
tion of Dr. I'! A. Kiee its superint'iid
ont of the Ivist Missisiippi Insane
1HMWK. ,
The House did but little to-day be
idc8 discussing measures relating to
revenue. A bill somewhat in the na
ture of a bankrupt bill passed ; also
the Senate bill to require, telegraph
companies to deliver messages in a
reasonable time, with an amendment
reducing the penalty.
TbcRlaU'a llfmosjniiiy Inettla.
Jacksrm Clar'um: The joint com
mittee to investigate the State's char
itable institutions have made an in
teresting report, in some particulars
not very creditable to thy riwnrtge-
m ei
IMU of the
Concerning the institution the com
mittee report that its affairs are not
conducted on business principles.
The expenditures have been extrava
lmnt and the prices paid excessive.
The trustees, exercise no oversight
over the affairs of the institution, but
simply act as an auditing hoard. Tho
accounts are not kept in a business
like maimer, and the committee
ruconuicnd rlm, the system gf book
keeping practiced at the lunatic asylum
HtJackHon be adopted. Thestewunl lias
jvaid his private accounts out of State,
funds, "but in every instance except
ono -ami in that the account lnw not
as yet Iwen passed upon by the trus
tces the iiroMr amount was refunded
before the investigation was or
dered by tho legislature." The coni
mitUie "do not commend" this
action of the s eward in mingling his
private matters with those which were
official. The purchases made by the
atewnrd for the asylum were injudic
ious and the prices paid extravagant
l'ianos, accordeons and lace curtains
were purchased and paid for out of tho
"Support Fund," when it must have
been apparent that this fund was
about exhausted.
"Tbe rtion of the truI(n in ilio solection
of a steward hii not buninesa-like. 11a is
unskilled in tha duties of tho position (or
which he wa, elected without commercial
exp-rience and knoelfdg-: end this is the
teiliinonv of th, majority of the bmlnesi
men at Meridian who wero examined. Wo
think the trusleen erred in their silootlon,
And much of the nianmriiment ii due tu this
mistake on thvir part."
The asylum pays farm laborers $15
a month and hoards them. The cost
per patient is $227 a year, against f 1 "f
at the lunatic asylum in Jackson.
In pleasing contrast with the com
mittee's strictures on the Kant Mis
aissippi Lunutic Asylum is the highly
rnuimcndatory manner in which they
niieak of the StaUt Lunatic Asylum at
this nlaie. Here everything is lovely
jus-, us it should be. Not a single
improvement is suggested m the man
agonic nt. The articles purchased are
Hiich as are needed, and the prices
naid most reasonable. The books are
Tronerlv kept, and the system of
JjooK-kecping at the asylum is recoin.
mended as the standard for all the
State charitable institutions. Dr.
Mitchell, the Mipcrintendcnl, und Dr.
McWillic, his assistant, are especially
complimented by name, and Steward
Mctiill has la-en so faithful over the
affairs of the one institution, that tie
is recommended by the committee as
a suitable person to act as purchasing
agent for all.
The general management of the
Deaf and Dumb asylum is reported to
lie good; but the system of bookkeep
ing employed is not business-like. To
much has ls-en paid fwr many of the
articles purchased. The cost per cap
ita annually is :W. This tho commit
toe think is too much.
The management of the blin asy
lum is also reisirted to be good and
purchases havu been made at moder
ate prices. The cost per capita is $.".00,
which the committ-e think can be
reduced. There are only thirty-three
pupils, though the building is capable
of accommodating many more.
('NtllntlOBal ( nBtralloa.
Oxford I'nl on: Our legislature has
dono two things w hich should ever r e
; appreciated bv all well-informed Mis
mssippians. We refer to assiiig a bill
for a Constitutional Convention and
the repeal of the agricultural lien law.
The latter subject we have referred to
- elsewhere, and we desire "now to in
dorse the bill for a Constitutional Con
vention. The present constitution
does'not satisfy the masses of the rea
soning people ol .Mississippi, and it
should be thoroughly pruned, dissect
ed and amended. Itesidcs this, it is of
" carjHPtrbag and sealuwag" origin,
framed und intended from the outset
to keep parties in power and as a
Jxioney-iBaking iiiBtnituent. Let the
people in convention nbolirih it and
wake a new Homoo ratio one.
The) Feallratiary avelltTllem.
Aberdeen Kraminer: Whatever may
be the facta in the penitentiary inves
tigation, which has occupied the at
tention of the people and of the Mis
sissippi legislature for a numlier of
days, we do not believe that Cov.
liowrvor Superintendent Metjuislon
are criminally guilty of defrauding the
State out of a single cent. It is not
our purpose to malign the majority of
that committee, nor to cast a slur upon
their s rsonal honor. The personnel
of the committee, as our best informa
tion shows, is as follows:
Mr. Powell of Desoto, of the major
ity, was appointed Circuit Judge of
the Hernando District, by the Hon.
John M. Stone, and was applicant for
reapsjiiitment under liov. Ixwry, but
On; executive was pleased to give that
commission to the Hon. Mr. Roane. I
it is fair to presumo that Mr. Powell
is opposed to the present administra
tion. Senator Morris of Wilyne county is
also saiil to bo opposed to the present
administration, and apjiears from a
county in which tho entire Independ
ent tic ket was elected, f our informa
tion is correct, and politically presum
ably opposed to the existing orders of
Senator Roone of Alcorn and Pren
tiss counties is said to hnve liccn op
immumI to the re-nomination of Gov.
Lowry. His friend, Mr. C. F. Stanley
of Corinth, w lis an applicant for the
position of chancellor of the First
District, but the commission was ten
deieil to and accepted by the Hon.
llaxtcr McFarland of Monroe, who,
by tho way, has few if any superiors
on the bench.
Senator Casey of Issaquena is a
graduate of West Point and was an
officer in tho Federal army since the
war, ami Ids fortunes lire now identi
fied with those of other property own
era of this county. He is one. of the
members who made a minority re
port. Senator llinford of the majority, a
member from one of the oldest fami
lies in Montgomery county. Ik-is a
Democrat, but as to his views and
preference ill regard to the present
administration we know nothing.
If our friend of the Kxaminer did not
mean "to cast a slur" upon the major
ity of the committee, ho was sadly
unfortunate :n his choice of language.
Had he not disclaimed such an in
tention, wo should naturally have
thotwht that the purpose of the state
ments above was to question the mo
tives of tho majority and to impute to
them malice and injustice, and to dis
credit their statements.
Hut what then Is the purpose of
these statementJt? Why in this con
nection mention the fact that ono was
a disappointed applicant, and another
had a friend who won an applicant,
We have not entirely agreed with
the majority report, an two think that
Mr. Scully must have made erroneous
estimates, but wo h!iev6 thoso mem
bers wore actuated by a commendable
real ami determination to do their
duty. We believe they are bold and
fearless men, whom it is well for the
State to have in her legislative halls
We indorse all he has said in com
mendation of Senators Hi n ford and
Casey, for wo believo it to bo just
and we would be as slow aa our con
frere to believe the Superintendent or
the Governor "criminally guilty of de
frauding the State out of u single
cent," but we believo the members of
the majority are the peers of any Sen
ators we have.
Ihe Fata That A wall Mr. Horrl-
iea'1 Mill.
New Yoiik, March 12. Tho Sim this
morning says: ";so sensible or won
informed maii can have the slightest
doubt as to tho fate which awaits Mr.
Morrison s new ellort in Unit tinker
ino Whatever becomes of it, how
ever, as a whole, those clauses of his
bill which relate to mo prouucis oi
the forest should rcecivo the careful
study anil attention of tho present
Cxingress. The natural resources of
tho country should bo protected just
as much as 'its industries. No system
of protection ever devised can prop
erly be extended so as to needlessly
destroy a natural deposit like lumber
of limited quantity, upon which hun
dreds of industries are entirely de
pendent for raw material. This idea
is now so generally adopted by a few
manufacturers and owners of pine
timber, that a proposition to put all
foreign lumber upon tho free list
would probably be favorably received
and acted uisin by Congress."
Pi-ofranlitUHl EttqneMe
Prevents tome doctors from advertis
ing their skill, but w are bound by
tio auch conventional rules, and think
that if we make a discovery that is of
benefit to our fullows we ought tj
spread the fatt to the whole land.
Thurtfora we cause to be publudied
thmnnhont the Und the fact that Dr.
R. V. Pierce's "Golden Medical D s
covery" la the beat kcowst remedy for
consumption (fcrcluia oi t.ne lurgs)
and kindred diseases. Bend 10 ceuti
in stamps f or Dr. Pierce's complete
treatise oa consumption, wit l uuear
DAssed means of nflf-treatment. Ad-
drees World's Difnensary Medical
Asociat oa, 003 Main street, Buffalo,
N. Y.
A Valunble luveniloo
PiTTsiu'mi, Pa.. March 12. A pat
ent for the safe distribution ot natural
ims throughout the various mains has
just been granted. It covers the pro
cess of mixing air with gas in sucl
proportions that while the danger of
explosion is taken awav all the heat
ing qualities still remain, the heat
units being consumed in a perfect
combust ion. The patent is expected
to revolutionine the use of natural gas.
In tna Dear Will Uaya.
We differ in creed and politic, bnt
wo are a unit all the fame oa the de-
sirableDeas of a fine head ( f hair. If
you n.oarn the loss of this blesiing
and criinment, a bottle or two of
Parker's Hair Bal'am will nmke you
look ai you did in the dear Hd days.
It Is wo th trying. The only standard
50 cents article for jhe hair. .
Tb Payne lav ratlcatloa.
Toi.eho, Ohio, March 12.-Tho
Patne Investigating Committee is in
session here to-day, and have before
them ex-State Senator White of Defi
ance, who, it is chargwl, paid off
certain mortgages shortly after Payne's
election as United Suites Senator, and
it is supposed he can tell an interest
ing story if he will. The committee
act with groat secrecy, and the nature
of his testimony has not transpired.
hlrago Orsnn Faelory Ilnrartl.
Ciik aiio, II I,.. March 12. The Chi
cago Cottage Organ Factory, corner
Ann and liandolph street, wm com
pletely destroyed by lire at 0 o'clock
this morning. Two hundred men aro
thrown out of employment. loss
estimated at 175,000; insurance, $42,-
An Effort to Be Hade to Tut tbe Sjs
Urn in Operation May 1st
Labor Jiotce.
Ciucaoo, Du., March 12 The Doily
Sru this morning publishes an ex
ceedingly interesting and complete
resume of tho present status of the
eight-hour agitation in this city. Jo
seph Griienhut.a Socialist and llierco
ognized loader of tho eight-hour move
ment in Chicago, is quoted as follows:
The trade and labor unions, the
Knights of Labor assemblies, the So
cialistic and the International grouiis
are agitating harmoniously for eight
hours as u full legal day's work.
Wages are left out of the considera
tion, and will bo settled by each of
the several trades, tabor has no in
trinsic value, and tho rates of wages
are simply the result of a grab game.
Stone-cutters, bricklayers, cigar-packers,
engravers and plumls-rs average
during the busy seasons $t er day.
There are a dozen trades which aver
ago from $.1 to $3 50 a day, but these
rates aro niilu-ld by the monopoly
power of their respective unions,
w hich take tho question of wages out
of the category of free comjietition
and fix them by force. The vast ma
jority of regular trades and occupa
tions are not organized at all, and the
individual workers run a wild couijic
tition for getting work, and are
thereby reduced to what is known
as cheap labor. The lato and
tho present strikes prove a tendency
to level upward the wages, und it is
likely that in tho very near future a
minimum rate of wages of 2 a day
will be fixed for all who are usually
called unskilled workmen. Organized
labor insists upon getting the benefit
of the general introduction of natural
forces, labor saving machinery, the
minute subdivision vf labor and the
enormous facilities of distribution ;
while employers and capitalists at
tempt to coniiscate all these social
lienelits for their own exclusive use,
reducing tho wage-worker to the bare
necessities of life. Hence the revolt
of labor in tin shape of strikes and
general disarrangement of business
intercourse, with tho anarchistic
threat of physical force, dynamite and
assassination of tho oppressors of
lalsir. Tho Daity Neut details the
prograinmo ns one for a combined ef
lort on tho 1st of May to make eight
hours a day's work, and the general
pay is to bo sealed down in propor
tion as hours aro reduced. To provide
work for all is stated as the ultimate
object in view. According to tho
AVuw there aro 22',0J0 working people
in Chicago who would bo affected
bv the general adoption of the eight
hour per day law. Of these about
75,000 aro enumerated as more or less
organized, and it is announced there
is a determination oa the part of at
SA P.!! the Organized labor in nieago
to enforce the eight-hour day. There
has been but little controversy on me
matter between employers und em
ployes. The simple method of inau
gurating the change will be eight
hours work on tho first day of May.
The feeling on tho nuestion is shown
in an elaborate series ol interviews
with the largest employers of labor in
Chicago and with prominent leaders of
tho working classes. All the hitter
are confident tho plan is feasible and
that thev will succeed. The employ
ers express tho most diverse views.
(juite a number luvor tne movement,
Tho bulk aro seemingly indifferent,
and a few declare it will ruin business.
Labor Meellac at Waehlntloa.
WiHitiNdTON. March 12. A mass
ineeliiKr of Knights of Labor was held
hero last night and was addressed by
John Jarrett of Pittsburg. Mr. Jarrett
reviewed tho progress of labor unions
and showed that it was only through
organization that, the laboring people
could better their condition. I le con
trasted the condition of tho American
laborer with that of his F.uropean
brother, and dwelt strongly upon tho
benefits of a protective tariff. He ap
nea ed to tho men to stand ny tneir
organizations, and to band together
and opposo all legislation detrimental
to their interests.
('onalilerlnar I lie Haiti lnetlon.
PiTTSimmi, Pa , March 12. A con
vention of th coal miners ot the
Youghioghony Valley is in session a
Sutter's Station, on the llaltimoro and
Ohio road, to day, consider ng the
wages question. It is believed a gen
eral demand for an advanco ol ) cent
H-r bushel in the price of mining will
Btlll Witt ror I ha Artvancr.
riBDMOKT. W. Va., Miireli 12. Tho
(It'orgt's Creek iniiu-rH ar Btill out for
thti advnnce. Tho Went Virginia, Cm-
tral and rittwuirn Itailway (.XHnpany 8
minem at Klk Clarthm antfiit tho uiier
l'otoniat! rt'eion aro w. rkina a8 UHual
at tho old ruto.
Aaotbcr Voluntary Advance.
Shakos, Pa., March 12. Notice has
been Riven the lubnrora employed at
the Atlanta Iron Works, this place,
that their wajroa have lieen advanced
to tho tirice iiaid before tho lout reduc
tion. The increase amounU to 15
cents per day, and was made by the
linn without Holicitauoii iroin me
Nireet Hallway Trouble al Toroalo.
Tohonto, March 12. Tho utrect
railway tronblca nsnnmed a serious
nopect to day. AccoriliiiR to instruc
tioim of the president "f the company,
the running of the car was left in tho
hainlti of the city commissioner. Late
this morning a car manned with a
force of wiii-0 left the ritablcs and
uinrliwl out over the Front street route.
A mob immediately appeared ami
adopted obstructive tactic, and bo-
lore the ear nan pmcecueu very niii
blocks the street wan completely
blockaded by coal carts, express
wagons, etc. The police wore power
less to stop this, and tho attempt to
get tho ear through was abandoned.
The car was then turned toward the
stables, when tho mob attacked it and
completely wanked it. Tho driver
and conductor wero seised by tho
rioters nd were pretty severely in
jured before beinu rescued by the po
lice. A squad of mounted tiolieo hero
came upoa tho seeno and charged the
mob, using their batons freely. Sev
eral of the mob were struck by stones
and injured, while one policeman was
knocked otf his horse, but was not
u..rimilv hurt. Two arrests were
made, and, in spiki of the ellbrts that
wero made to rescue mem, mu
prisoners wero taken to tho stotion
The horses of the car were
Uken back to the stables, and
preparati )i s wero ma le to run another
car ou the King anl Yonge street
route. The pohco were reinforced,
and strong detachments were located
nlnnff tho route. Tho mob repeatedly
charged and attempted to disable the
car, but tne notion were ucvernuneu,
and succeeded in getting the car
tlirnnirh. The batons wi'ni Biin free
lv used, and with good effect. The
ringleaders were arrested. At the
present time but few cars are running,
both on Queen and Yon go street
roiib-fl. F-ach car b manned by a half
dozen policemen.
The mob now content themselves
w ith hooting and yelling at the police,
hut further rioting is feared. Tho
police magistrate has instructed the
chief of police to call out the militia
j necessary, but tbe chief thinks the
force be has at his command at present
is sutlicient to enforce the 'aw. It is
not the strikers who compose the
rowdy element, bnt the worst class in
the city, composed of thieves, loafers
Hiid general toughs.
I Jo not believe that
A vcr'a S:iranarilla lias
an ciial " mm-ily
lor MToiuioue iiu
mora. It ia pleasant
to take, glvea atreuglb
and vigor to tbe body.
and produce a more
permanent. laxthiK, re
mit than any medicine
I ever uaed. K.
Haines, No. I.indale.O.
I have uaed Avert
Sarsnpariila.in my fam
ily, fur Hcroruia, anu
know, if it ia taken
faithfully, it will
thoroughly eradicate
this terrible diseniie. .
W- F. Fowler, M. D,
ureenvme, lenn.
For forty yean I
have Miffered with Ery.
alnela. 1 have tried
all aorta of rcmediel
Canker, and
for my complaint, but
fmm.riin n.lief until I
commenced iiHing
Aver's Samapurllla.
After taking ten hot.
tlei of this medicine I
am completely cured,
Mary C. Amesbury,
Rockiort, Me.
I have atiffi-red, for
ypui, from Caturrh,
which was so severe
1 but it destroved in
npprtiie und weakened
mysyMcni. After try
Ini; other remedies,
and gel tin? no relief, 1
begun to tako Ayei'i
Surwipiirilltt, and, in a
few niontlia, wna cured.
Can be
cured by
Susan . Cook, DU'J
AHuiiiy at.. Huston
Highlands, Miibs.
Aycrt SurMipnrllla
Is superior to any blood
purifier that I have
the blood
ever tried. I hnv
taken it for Scrofula,
Canker, aud Su.ll-
Kheum, und received
much benefit from It,
It is good, also, for a
weak stomach. Millie
Jane I'drce, South
Bradford, Mass.
Ayer's Sarsaparilla,
Prepared by Dr.J.C. Ayer tco Lowell, Mass.
1'rlce 01 1 alz bottles, OS.
ii v.h nvMT rmEit
E 51 ALE ItE(iULA.T0
This famnns remedy uio.t hitipiiy meets
t'iUi uiHtnl ol the iiko l'.r wtiinun's peculiar
and roultiliirm affiioiions. It is a rimeiiy
wo.man o.MiH . ana Mr one ot-r.iiii
of her diieases. It is a specific fo
.in ili.eitind oorjditinns of the womb
and .roposes to so control tbe .Menstrual
f UUOtlon a, IO reKUiaie hii mn uriaunt'
uientsand irregularities of woman s
Its proprietors olalm for H no other medical
property; and lo doubt the fact that this
M.ii.lni dni niinltive) tiOAlees BUoh eon- 1
trolling- sod ruu:atin powers is simply
to discredit the voluntary testi xony of thou
sands ol living witnesets who are lo-da
esult n In the restoration to sound healta
and happinoas.
Female Regulator
Is utrtctly a vegetable compound, and Is the
product of lneaicai scienr n -
yerienoedireoted towaro taa Dcneuim ,
It Is tbe studied prescription of a learned
Phya oian, whose speoialiy, was UMAj,
j .fun.. i.pum..nT ii aanu nnuiiu'
lens bm auea ol His wunnnnui , '
treatment and cure of female coinplaints.
RKMSUY known, ana riouiy ...
Bee us itoontroli a class of functions the
various deraneements oi which cause more
ill hea-lh thun all other oauses combined,
and thus reiicuoi her lrom a long train ol
afflictions which sorely embitter her life i ana
reinaturely end lior existence. Oh, what a
multitude of living witnesses csn testily
its charmin effects I Woman, take toyoi
coofidenoe this
t. in ..ii... . a n.arl all the com-
ulain's iwculiar to your sei. . Koly upon it
as your saltgunrd for health, happiness ana
l5!ldfby all druggists. Send for onr treat
ise on Ihe Health and Happiness ol Woman,
mailed free, which gives " P"' ".;
no uuinciv. n sui I.ATuR CO
Km 2H. Atlanta. fa.
r..r.. cuarii uiriMT UrDlflSr.
UiaZAOC klntl.- Wflinuw. ..........
Gentlemen'i i
To the .Ice and cebilltnteil who cannot .flnd r
1 i
ll.f In th. old wr tn .llowlna nuu-
-i.h to Ijinm the ti!t lhl lb'! !" iS ""i
lr and plMinlr remilr. r.I.f kViiiv-l V fS
.ho., cut .how. th. Utt Invention in an
i. i. j a. nn anil nl llfl IB UW
in, trian.,.1. I. the -ynderf ul W'"?tnnI5
ol .11 the ."wol the eat Ire M-t-ni. and
i .a. as. Mlkap aVtAsak 141 Ol BOnT.
Sid the other on th. bt P.ln th.
Uirouuh th. bo.i j. imiiitlim nerr
and muoll In It. .hrintn tie .itil" rtln
dirtlon, pnrifjtn, the bloo.1. ..malirins Ihe elr.
.TuUn.lii fMt. rintitnrtine the entire erf
Kleotrle fto.penwirr flqr aiea fri "'rZ
W holef. mil
, fmll en werinie belt 1 her ere fully
warranted. Note a few iaU onree
O m mnrtmr. Mt. LOUIS. PRO-
I -nff.ravrt Rlimhtf Of TMTH With prtillri
ihmr of -" with PortUTPi
4r., and couM hanlii
bK Anwawl mm. 1 ft! w :
mr-lf lon. lour
mastaawjir. I rnrd
lira tatrent la tht worl
.rtil.' H. 1. aPOUltHeW Warn
Mannui DAhllitV Curftd .
For wn hm bui irouWud ith I
bllitj, I'tun in Him. Mnli.rl. Ac. I iwivnn
. k i I a b.j.Htlia Mini. atlll gatal
rf-,:.i ...t hwlth, . ewrnd oheerfaiiy
reooniinnd it.ur KPl.liHni-c. 0 Q, Tjwl-
JAMtS 8IANlilJKl.8n Morgan St., 8t,lMla
N . T. Plummar, Illn III nayai
"Tour Belt nntonlr ttored health to my kl
aIn, hut urratlr hifitrt mf health aenei.nj.
11. T. l'LHUMl-.K. tJarrliMse .hiu.
J. P. Strons. Brishton. III. nayai
.UnnM wvmld net bur ml Belt,"
J. W. Jafrry. Cmehieir M-.t-udlnaton Co.
246 . Water etreet, cntoiigo aay.i
j ; 1 1 MM.Jd with the DArfonw
anoe of the H.IU Aflur tour week. I w ot'pJ
rVT-,l of e-rere mtut of l'.rrtonttK end a
Irlbnt tho complete care I J J?1", .u
It .hmild h reni.mb.red th' Ibej rnree we,
won.lsrfill B.IW l-rjorm t. efter ewrrthlnaeljl
hufetM. Uhlnunr.fnnc.fnrnlhd
ll?t"ni. l-.mi.hlrt h'm.H e I" PM ro-,f
Rnr; A MONTH and SUAitu tor on..
DeJ Young Men or Ladies, tn each eoaa-
P.wI'Luis'llLKEAOO .l'biladolpnla.P.
lee healtay, normi oonaiuun ." i
IT. An. It will i.itivels eure nyrrou. Ueblllty. mm imia
i;in. In the Imrl. hip. or llmhe, Lnn. !" ".' -T U M
And Commission Merchants,
SGI and 2G2 Front
J. T. FAROASOM . J. A. HtfNT. 0. C. HKIS. R. A. PARKER. E. L. W00DSO
Wholesale Grocers
ZS9 Front Street.
Cotton eoDiizned to u will bar our careful
Cf - r.lVjT, PsrtfMj Rrftrorfoa tfitiP
""K1" ",,u "'
Anil will mil tMtr ae tit 1wmI,
Jos. Sclilitz Brewing Gompaiw,
ammnvi -nn i v rttr 1 ffl(r
iUJLJll lliO iillAxMjJl, J" Vepot and I!chuHae,ear..Uala 4: aaan n
S. ROESCm.R. Agent, lemohl3, Tenn.
Malta la 1HH2, 290,000 BnrreU .Sali
Go H. Herbers Co0
mr GITboleaale Onlv.-w
Field Feas Wantod.
Fanning Tools, Grass Seed, Garden Seed, Onion
Sets, Millet,
JN0. B. T00F,
Grocers, Cotton
And Dealers In Levee
JTo. g74 Trout Strftt
Newlv Constructed and Elaborately Fnshed, Con
icuiiuiK tM&
' r
OarThe Douse has Perfeot Ventilation and
and two oi Hale's Elevators. All streeears pa..
KATK-a.oO to 4 per day. aceordin. to sis. and '" Vr'J,
t. to Cnmmerclsl Travelers. Al.nndnnt soml nfFUrtH. i.ibi r.i n " -
... ir-;:
I ll
Boors, Sash, Blinds, Holding, Lumber,
" - ... a n
Lath and Shingles, Flooring, veiling rri wia.
o-?it isusjtNU.SG Second street, south ot Gayoso,
n..r. sash Blinds. Floorino, Ceiling, Siding, bnmgies
atowKlliiir. l,alii. fertsr
Tlce-Preaident 5
l'resiuont ;
Pilsener Beer in
K HaBaaBl
O.lr Pr mUl WU W.Ur tlB.l t.r l)r.wl l-.n....
. -m 1 rrnnABaAa Kit
"W. Corner liuiier u
tr. u. aliiw, --
Ana tciumission jtcu--. -..
Urn.. Cement, 1'LMier,
ront and Union,
Cor. Front
Ha JiJ wLl
Nt.. M emnliU. Tens:.
& Cotton Factors,
ESemphi, Tenn.
attention. We carry at all timel a wall-
itook o,
- I lriI!ftr.Tchar.CD&.ClnSrt
7 1 -1
nnil KoHIIng Work. H A IO ima
nt MempMB Branca, lOO.ouo a.vi
J. 8. MoTIOHS.
W. e. PATTK00N
mm &
and Railroad Supplies),
-moTnni., 1BTirr
. . t ,1 o. i. .t viuM. rt.it.
JNaturai uimemo i.i, .
R. K. LKK.
. ak. -
Peats sed lrl.
Sec'j and Treu
Kegs and Bottles.
H. H. BAfHI.
aw fl e
Cbop Fee4, Oil-Seal,
- -
i"' " , ' " "nta
1 Howard's Row, Memphis.
Medical & Surgical Institute
X:J. ,.',-' -?v
Drs. Heery, Furse & Lewis,
Practical Specialists
PHIS, TENN., and hive opened a
Medical and Sureical Institute
In the Gayofio Dolel,
Entrance on Main meet, FlntCFloor, First
Door to (ha Riht, where we will treat 6CI
KNTIFICALL Y tbe foUowin- disease: All
Dieeases peculiar to Women: alo, treat
HhfUuaMfim, euralKia,(ciatioa, Liver and
Kidne I)i'e.e), inch u Cbiouio Corii.
tion. Bilioumeif, Siok Headaches. Reelai
Dueifci, such as Piles, Fu'ore of the Kee
ign, Fistula in Anu'. llloo't lieeafe. eneh
Byphile, Bcrofala, White Baellin. Vene
real ii efe, inch as flonorrhea. Iibiio
tenee, ptorility and Nervous and 8'insl Ue
bili'y. Iiiseaicn of the Eye, Kar atd Throat.
Opium and M-rpbinellabi s cared with
out urTi-riDff or rfetent on irnm bu'n.
cured by ue.
YVe Core Stain nn-rlii? by an Art
no Medicitie or Instrument ued.
He Eilrsct Tuners Willi a Vegeta
ble l'laster, withont performing any
Bnrelcal operation and without iinich
We treat Stricture by Electrolysis, which
iapainlens; CiiDtuointion, Aetbma and Dis
eases ot tbe Heart. Dynpei.' a and ell ler
voui Dieenres. All Skin Diseases, such as
Eciema, Tetter, Ktc, treated.
aw Correspondence solicited.
OFFICB flOEKH-Froin 9 a.m. to 1
p.m., aim rrom p.tn io a p..
For is years at 17 Court Place, now at
.i.. etK-aio.1 ml ImuJIt anaUUnd piuikUi aal th
a.0,1 luoorul, aa bU prUe will V-
Uinmltofilt-bu. In Jl,n .iceme. in
liuffett.. SerTOUo..f, Bcinln.ir.mlMiow,
1 h diMnn). lli:ouri of Dig M. I.'k1 lea 77 ''
i2e.ni.be af ' P.ioer. H... rrMMoi
iMMol.-oit,''rwoiihpir, r inoraunii f-m-KV.H
'wl SY PHIL IS PiU"-'J oured udw
'IrHr r.l.uvi nin tbi ujt.ti-ui; CrOUOrTneSL,
QLEEX, 8lrlolui, OmhllU, HimL m Ui.ureH
i-'.-l... JU'l uibr pri.nt I11.K.M. qulcklj ourfld.
I. u fll-iacDi loss pay ncun.u" w r,...
o.f.r.in aU ol li. .ill lrun UviuMUdl noii
,Uf, uqulrea rl UtlL ftiyiilUin loowim Ui. fitlorwa
re-oninHnS pf rvim mj cr. Vbn U t iDtoo.enir.l V.
fi-.lllucltr ru-treaLDWDt. cuedl lines c.a tewutDTlvMi,
..id .al.ly tij dpiI .r .ipu .ujThnv.
uuaranteea in su vnuna
o.ntPrtaken. , . .
t I'lD-inlAllOUS irruniiw wr uy wr-i
.'.ittfctJ reVMiblfi uiJ oorrueitwui-w uictif Winuo-a wis
ornio puree, nttg.ny .dtf-, me tw,rorttortf
.501 Mui5. Slmuld bt re by aii. Atlirei. .1 .hov.
.(r loom from A. U. too t. M. B-mcUm Mi f 1
Exchange National Bank
NORFOLK, TA.,rb. 6,laM.
PROPOSALS will be rewejlwed "
until Saturday, Mare1! U7, 18HB, for tha
purchas. of the hereinafter mentioned prop
erty in its entirety, and also for. pieces or
parcels of the same referenoe being had to
descriptive lists of said l'.r.,;Prh.lc;!
lists, staling trtt 01 raio, win u
upon application to the undersigned. The
right to reject any and all bids is rowrTed:
Theeiteniive and yaluable property lo
cated in Norfolk and Jrtamontn, vs.,
known as tbe "Seaboard Cotton Compress
Company of Norfolk, Va.," consisting of:
1. TheraacAine, which, among other priT-
lleses, autnonr.es tne nornso vi "
other merchandise, and the issue ot negoti
able receipts therefor.
i. Its jjtaat, wnirn ooneiiiis 01 ium w
first-class improve) cotton compresses; two
(2) steam tuirs; three (.1) transportation
barges. All the adjuncts necessary to a well
equipped establishment of this character.
Its fire proof warehouses, seven (7) in num
ber, of capacity for storage of ai.Olfl bales
uncompressed cotton.
Its lour t4l irame warenouee. .kbiw iwibi
capacity, many tnousanas tons 01 lenin
lirs,salt,to. .,v. ... 1-
room for berthing nt the same time ten sea
going, steam or sailing yossels. The area of
its wtiarves ana qocbh, wmu i"
tne warenoufe ana uoon uniui .u..
nniithi. nhout6U acios. together with all it
A'k.r nrnnnrtv. which
.1." II... ;r.rr.il to.
lull ueeoiiuvu m
isa siTCn AQENTS.Wen and Women.
WANTtU ,eu "tub cniiiD'd
BIBLE " lnrrodnotion by Kov. J. 11. vin
oent, D.D. One agent has sold 65 in a town
of 67 people; ono 73 in a village ol 7S4; one
new agent 85 in 10 days! one ltd in I inecee-,
siva weeks ; one 40 in S days at two different
times. Eiperience not newisary Addreei
UVCPibLiu bv. Ill 1 uii
40 learborn street, r-ptcaao.
u.jx-M.nTa us Bam Triatment,
a guaranteed speolfiofor Hysteria. Disai
ness, Convulsion's, Fits, Nerv.ue Neural
gia, Headache, flervcre rrostraiiou, au.eu
by the usa of aloohol or tobaccos Wake
fulness, Mental Depression, Bo'teningpf tha
Brain, resulting in insanity and lea. Ing to
misery, 1 decay and death 1 Premature 1 10
Age, barrenness. Loss of Power in aither
InvolunUry Losses and Spermator
rhea, can J by over-exertion of the brain,
self-abuse orovitindulgenoe. Kaon box con
tains one montb's treatment. (1 a box, 01
six boxes for $5, seni l. mail prepaid, on
reoeipt of price. We yuan ntia bix Boxei
to cure any case. With each order reoetvaa
by ns for six boxes, accompanied with to,
we will send tbe purohaser our written
gusrar tee to refund the money if the. treat
ment dooi -ot efleot a enre OuarMtaas
Issued only b A KRNKtKT A CO.. Brng
fit. W.tnnhU. Trpn.
Admlul.strtor's Notice.
Office or Prnt.io Adiiijistiiator, )
February z7, low. 1
HAVING been appointed and qualified as
administrato- of the estate of Patrick
Eoper. deceastd, all parties indebted to said
estate are requested to ome lorwsrd and
settle, and all putties to whom said esUte is
indebted are requested to file their olaims
with ma. duly probated In accordance with
w JOflS I.0A0UK, Public Adm'r.
Trustee's Salt.
IN and by virtue of a centaln trust deed ex
ecuted by Sallie and J. F. Hunt on tha
24th day of February. 181, and recorded tho
12th day of March, 1881. in book 135, nam
347, Register's office of Shelby county, Ten
nessee, the not-, therein not having been
psid at maturity, I will proceed to sell, for
cash, at public outcry, to the htxheit bidder.
In front of my office. No. 22 Madison street.
Memphis, Tennessee, on
I harxlay, March In, Inns,
the following described real estate, situate
and being in Sbelby county, Tennessee, and
more psrticularly described as follows: Be
ing the eastern half of a 437!vore tract of
land near Withe Depot, said eastern half
thus described: Beginning at a stake in the
north line ef said tract, the northeast corner
of that part set off to Urisiy H. fcvans;
ther.ee ea.t Mil poles to a stake, tbe north
east corner of said trac t thence south 250
poles to the southeast corner of said tract:
thence west with south line of said tract 140
poles to a stake, the southeast cornor of a
part set apart to (1. II. Kvans; thence north
250 poles to the brginn nn, I etng same tract
set apart tn Mrs. tal i. K. Hunt, t.y partition
dred, recorded book 134, page4n0. Register's
office of Phelliy county, Tennessee, lo which
reference is here made.
This land will be sold as a whole er in
several tracts, as may appear meit advan
tageous on tbe day of sale.
L. B. McFAKLAND, Trustee.
Morgan A MoF arlani. Attorneys.
! i

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