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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, March 13, 1886, Image 7

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Coltoa Qatet Udlius, 8 5 8c
Sales Ytsteiday, 1S0O
Money continues in j-ot-d demand
at x per cent Nothing doing in local
.securities, but the market is steady on
everything on the lint but the stock of
the ii;islight Company, which is de-prvi-sed
at 7?c The local cotton market
m (iiuttHl at the Exchange quiet, uiid
Mint 8Jc, but buyers are finding no
ditliculty in getting what they want at
shaded quotations. Tbe markets every
where, all dull and stagnant, especially
on tho other Bide, where a condition
of jreiieral listlessm-Mi ecema to have
net in. Private advices from Man-chet-ter
report yarns Hat, with slow de
mand and spinners anxious to realize;
lower quotations anticipated. The
New York market wan reported quiet
on Hpots, and futures barely steady at
10 to 11 points decline, March 8.8!
Stud-. New Orleans again responded
to the prevailing dullness yesterday
and lowered her quotation for mid
dling to 8J cents. Futures closed easy
and S to 12 point lower than Thurs
day; March 8.40c, nominal. Sales
here yesterday, l."00 bales; receipts,
1270 halos; stock, 13:1,215 bales. To
tal receipts this season at this port,
.Vt:;i:05, against 4():,!)2! last year; an
increase of 99,i7G bales. Receipts at
all United States ports yesterday, 1!.,
"S2 bales, against 7 05 bales last year.
No features of interest in the general
no hundred and four brls apples,
40 pkgs bacon, 5:7 pkgs boots and
shoes, 7049 bu corn, 3:!" sks coffee, 1
car cotton-seed, 84 sks cotton-seed,
20!) brls cotton-seel oil, 281 pkgs dry
goods, 15 pkgs eggs, 802 brls flour, 70
bales hay, 47 pkgs hats, 50 hd hogs, 3
lid cattle, 27 hd horses and mules, 289
iikgs lord, 31,' 00 ft lumber, 8 pkgs
liquors, CI brls molasses, 1075 Kegs
nails, 800 bn oats, 50 1 iris onions, M5
brls potatoes, 1 car pork sides, 210 brls
sugar and 9U pkgs tobacco.
!) Madison M., Memphis, Tenn.,
Correspondence tollrtted. Iufor
nuition cheerfully fiirnliliel.-,ei
Money in gord demand at 8 per cent.
Tue Clearing House report is ai fol
lows :
Fr'day, March 12 h, $?27,454 01 ;
thus far this week, $1,514,588 7.1; esme
time list week, ii, 721,022 42; lane
time 1885, $l,2f0,7J8 04; asme time
1SS4, 11,235.614 04.
E ;,!... tLTavnii lotk coi mo ni .
thus far this wk, S4O0.154 28; same
time lait wepk.Sljl.MSS; same t:me
188 1268,510 10; same time 1884,
$211,1 4S 63.
New York Bight on all points, I dis
count buying, J preraiumeelling; New
Kngland demand, j discount buying;
New England eight, J diecount; New
Orleans, jt discount baying, par Belling.
Bank of Commerce. ..148 bid, 150 asked
First Nat iota' 188 bid, 142aked
German Bank. 192 bid, 200 asked
State National 137 bid, 140 asked
Union aid Planterp..l48 bid, ISO aeked
Mercantile Hank.... 132J bid, 135 asked
' Home
PtOplfcS ..
Memphis City
Arlitig oa
70 bid, 75 asked
100 bid, ... asked
80 bid, 85 asked
1 01 bid, 105 asked
08 hid, 100 asked
102 bid, 104 Bf ked
SO bid, 21.1 aeked
100 bid, ... asked
........25 bid, ... aked
Tpnn.ca.ttf, D andK.83 bid, 87 asked
Tenn. wtf. n,r C 97 bid. H aked
Shelby Co. bond..i041, bid, lot;.1, a-kei
Sheibv Co. vi t 98 bid, 'J'.lJ ssked
Tax. Iiift 4, C 92J bid, 92j ajked
Tax. Dist.6s lUCif bid, 101 f asked
Mem Stor. Com. CO..105 bid, 110 aked
Mem. Gas itock 72 asked
Mem. Gas bonds 105 bid, ... aeked
Mem. Wa'er toode 93 bid, ... aeked
Hauaner Oil Works bid, 50 asked
City Oil Work'.... bid, 45 atked
Pioneer Cotton Mills 12 bid
Am. Cot Oil truBts 25 bid,
Mem.CityRy.hindp..l02bid,103 asked
New Yokk, March 12. Monev on
vail easy at2("2- per cent. Prime
mercantile paper 4. 5. Sterling ex
change unchanged at 487J for sixty
ilays and 489.', for demand.
Bonds-Government bonds were dull
and steady. State bonds were fairly
active and Arm. The sales of railway
kinds aggregated only tI',524,O0O,
chiefly in email amounts for invest
lneit. Prices are generally fra't ion
ally higher and in a few instances
there are decided gains.
Stocks A little more life was in
fused into stocks this afternoon but
the increased activity was at the ex
pense of tiie quotations. The con
spicuous feat. ire this morning was the
jietivity and weakness in Western
Union, which .opened at (fc-i and rap
idly sold dov-r. to Otil. It was then
alxmt steady until after midday, when
it again broice and the decline was not
checked until 04$ was reached.- From
this there wae a slight rally in the
final dealings, and the stock closed at
4J, with a net loss of 3 after sales of
88,000 shares. The remainder of tbe
list resisted the influence of the West
ern Union until after midday, al
though the market was generally
heavy, but on reports that further
serious troubles had taken place on
the Gould roads new St. Louis, and
that there was a bare jMissibility of
further dolay in an announcement of
the Heading reorganization plan, the
whole list, weakened and continued so
during the afternoon. I-v kawanna
yielded 1 per cent, during the fore
noon, remained steady until nearly 2
o'clock, when it declined rapidly to
!2tij, losing 11 in a very few
minutes Later there were fre
quent rallies to 127, when the
stwk would again sell oil' to j, ami it
finallv closed feverish at 126, a loss of
2J. Heading sympathized with this
weak nets to the extent of 1J. Then'
was a great deal of bullish talk about
Ijike Hhoif this niorninp, including
statements that heavy blocks were
being purchased for Kuropean account
and that the dividend was to ! 1 per
cent, for the current quarter; but con
tradictory reports in the afternoon led
to a break trora hfl to stfj, anil it
closed higher with a loss of 1I. The
grangers and Northern Purine pre
ferred are about 1 iht cent, lower. Pa
cific Mail losing J and the rest frac
tions. The w hole market closed fever
ish and irregular.
Total sales of stocks to-dnv were
379,1' 8 sluires, including Delaware,
l.-ukawamia and Western, 47.305;
Ene, 13,i'25; Kansas and lexas, 422-t;
Lake Shore, 33,517; Louisville and
Nashville, 3it0; Northwestern, 4557;
New Jersev Central, 63.35 ; New York
Central, 4287; Pacific Mail, Hl,K?5;
Peoria, Decatur nnd Evansville, 100;
Reading, 79,790; St Paul, 1995; Texas
and Pacific, 3500 ; Union Pacific, 15,-
230; Western Union, 88,015; Northern
Pacific preferred, tWMk Closing quo
tations: OOVIKXMCNTg.
U. 8. Si, lOO. Nw is. 127.
New 4'v. 112,' ,. Pacific tit of ISO."', Vi
BOH 1)8.
C. P. rt. HS'i. T.P. Inni rnt, 38.
Krie epnod, ldiS- T. P. Kio U. riir., &3.
U'h i Wilke., ll.V. P. tr.ti, 117',.
Louiin ciid",, 8."), l .P land (rant. 1C0'
Minouri a. 101. II. P. i. fnnj. lit),
bt. Joseph. 1'Jt). Virgioia 6a, 4.r.
St.P.4b.C.firi-t-.128!vVii. con., ei-m. c, !8.
Tf do. fa, old, ', Va. con. dtt., V',.
lean. 6a, new, .",' i.
Adotnt Exprs, 14i. Narhrill k C 4i!4.
llo,heny 0n , - N. J. Central,
Alton!. 11, 4" Nor. A Vi.. .1J.
A. 4. T. fl . l.fil.'.'.l. Northern I'ac , 2iH.
Ameriin V.X.. )'. Nortbetn P.,pi'l, iu'l.
It., o. It. A N. V. C. St. L.,:t.
t anadu Pao., 'v N.Y.C.A .-t I, , p., IS.
Canada Sou . iX-i. C. A- N. 1
Central Pac II". 4'. I'. Jt K. M .. Pld, 1.'.
Ch -i.eHke i 0., lit'i.N. V. Central, 1(6
0. A ()., let ptd, IS. Ohio Central, 1'...
C. & U., Jil t fd. 12. Ohio ic Witt., 2V,
:. Ar A., 142. O. c Mi.. pld, W.
C. A., pld, 1W. Ontario A: Went . It1;.
C , II. A Q.. l:-ti'. I (rerun Nav., WVt.
C.,rt. LAN. O , Orewon Trans .31
C, 8t. L. A P., 12. Oregon Imp., 21.
CSt.L. A P.. p., Si;,.PaciCo Mail, Mi.
CS.iO ,:. Panama, Wi.
CtC, 52. fa. ria, D. E , '.
Del. A llud., 1(-."S. PitUbur. 152.
Del., L. A W., 1J. Pullman P. C, 132!.
Dtn.ARioU.,lti. Keadin. 2S'.
Krie, 27V,,. Kork Island, 127V.
Krie, Pfd, 61. f-t. L. A 8. F., 2UU.
Fast Tenn., It. St. h. A S. K., p., i-H.
East Tenn. pld. 6. Ht. L. A S. t. lit p.. 102.
Fott Wayne, 14'J',. C. M. A St. P ,
Hannibal A St. Jo. C M. A St. P., p.,12.1'4
H. A St. Jo pfd, - St. P. M. A M.. W.
Harlem, 217. M P. A Omaha, ..
Hoait'in A I. , 30. St. P. A 0., pfd, IU2,.
lllinoii Cen., Unli. Texni Pacitlo, ll' .
Ind. H. A Mf..:t;vH. I I'nioD Pacifio, 4H'4.
Kaniaa A T , 277a. V. 8. ExpreM. t4' 1.
Lake K. A W., 12. W., St. L. A P., W.
Lake Shore, 8C7H. W.SI. L. A P. p.,.
I ou. A Naeh., 4IT. Vi. A F. Kx.. 11H.
Lou. A N. A., .Vi1,. W. V. Tel., 64',.
M. A (!., lft pld, Colorado Coal. 20
M. A C, 2d pld, Houentake, 17.
Mein. A Char., 3-. Iron Silver, 23f.
Mich. Central, 73. Ontario, 28.
Min A St. L.. IS. Ouioknilver, 6.
M. A rt. L., pfd, 46. (juirka lver pfd, 22.
Mi. Par.. I16 South. Pacifio,
Mob lo A O., 14. eutio, IS.
Morrn A E., otj.l, 138.
Ijondox, March 12. l!ur silver, 40
ll-10d jier ounce. Tlie liuiount of
hullion withdrawn from the Hunk of
England on balance to-day is 1.,000,
Paris, March 12. Three per cent,
rentes, Slf. 85c. for the account.
Nkw Yokk, March 12. Exchanges,
194,742,419 ; balances, f 1,4!):;, lO'.l.
Piiti..ni:i.i,niA,PA.,March 12. Pank
clearings, ,8,555,52; balances, $1,143,-
l.Ai.Tt.MouK, Mn March 12. Itank
clearances, J2,L'lKi,lSti; balunces, 322,
315. Ciiicaoo, Starch 12. Tho
associated bank clearings to-day were
Jt,2TO,000. New York exchange 50
cents en-count.
St. Loi'is, M'o., March 12. Hank
clearings, i2,459,S(2; balances, $440.
5i7. Exchange on New York stronger
at 2o cents itiscount.
The local cotton market opened
quiet, ami closed quiet ; middling,
Sales, 1400 bales including 100 bales
Tliuisday evening -of which 1300 to
exporters am) It 0 to spinners.
Yestenlav. Day before.
(iood- ordinary...
lw middling....
Good middling..
Middling fair 9g
Fair Norn.
Dusty 04(S
Stains and tinges 7(i;x
MmiriiiM, March 12, 1SS0
Stock Sept. 1,188.5 1,392
Keceived today 1,276
Keceived previously ...f.0',029 r 05,297
Sh'ppcd to-day 2.720
SI 1 ipped pre v iousl y . . . .300,31 i J
. 7,510
, 0,75:!
.... 279
.... 198
.... J)5
.... 05
.... 45
.... 92
M .1
"... 104
.... 380
.... 10
. 13 831
. 8,48S
Thus far this week
Thus far last week
Since September 1st
M. and C. It. Ii
M. and T. K. H
L. an.l N. U. U
M.nnd L. K. If. 1! ,
C, ) snd S W. R. K
L., N.ll.andT. K. H
K. tl , 8. and M. R. R
M., S. and 11. K. U
Wagons mid other sources...
Thus far this week
Thus far last week
Since September 1st
M. an.l C. R. R
M. and T. R. K
Louisville A Nashville R. R..
C, O. and S. W
L., N.O.andT. R. R
Steamers North
.. 2415
. 548
,. 49
. 2:ui
,. 40?
Total 2,720
I Week end
ing March Since Sep-
12, IS80. tember 1st.
ckivkk. Thisl Ijist This Ijisl
'Year Year Year Year
MiVCRR.... 1271 lO.'S ti978 75217
M&TRIi... 1170 692 55 07 443 H
L & N R K... 007 410 39197 4:1861
M & L 1! R R 808 89) 7424 3t59
C.OASWRK i9fi 410 22:'.46 23454
L, N O&T RR 290 339 34311 12432
KC.S.tMRR 489 403 18014 18952
M.B&ARR 3i2. 15800
Miss, river... 13341 513 8403 - 02542
White river. 1'2 427 19072 15618
St.Fran river 185 113 7085 3112
Ark'sas river 3:W, 14 10323 4471
Wagons, etc 230 00 2275j 31310
Total .. ... 7516j ..34i:5,,!H)540:Hn
627 OSllftl 51024
8141 2136S. 40926
L At N R R...i 574 1.-.S71 OOSI3 77!04
C,(SWKI;! J833; 3721 713!2 48-501
L,NOATRKi 216-5! 5973 4l3t'S: 32152
M A C R li... 3231
M A T H II... 1197
M.P.A A R R 595 11412
Steam's n'rtb 4233 351 W 0"011 58326
Steam's s'utli 25451 lso:0 35473
Total 1 3831 ,15437i:,.;2.'82344306
New York spots opened easy, and
tations were as follows:
Ordinary- t
Good ordinary... 7j
Dav liefore.
" SI
liOW middling... 8
Good middling. 9
9 hi
Middling fair...IOJ
Fair 10,
New York futures opened weak, and
closed bsrely steady and 10 to 11 points
liner tl ai Thurs lay. Sales, 1L8.000
hales. The closing quotations were as
follows, as compared with the t'ar be
8 89(a) 8.91)
8.90 8 9S
9.07(ai 9.0S
9.17 9.18
9 3-3
9 H.n 9.17
9 01( 9.f 2
8 97
9.00 9.01
9 07 9 09
8.99 9 CO
9 07 9 08
9 18(.i 9 19
9 28 9.29
9 :tO 9 37
9 44 9 45
9.26 9 27
911 9 12
9 07 9 08
9.10 9.11
9.17 9.19
Decemlier .,
January ....
Tbe following is the cotton com
parative statement for ths week end
ing Friday, Ma'ch 12. 1880: Net re
ceipts at all Unitfd fctatea ports dur
ing the week, 62,1 1 8 bales; same week
last year, 42,616 bales. Total receipts
to date, 4 640,297 bal'-n ; same date last
year, 4.457 084 bales. Fxports for
tbe week, 102 315 bales: same woek
last year, 68,648 hales. Total exports
io this date, 3.06t.U6 bales; same
date lat year, 3,205,2(2 bales. Stock
at all United States ports, 930 020
bides: same time last year, 30,103
hales. Stock at all (nterior towns,
205,122 baits; sutue time last year,
15172 bales. Stck at Liverpool,
674,000 bales; seme timo latt year, i
9'.KI,000 bales. Mock ol Ameruan
Mloat for Great Britain, H6,000 bales;
same tune last year, It 3,J00 bales.
The New Orleans spot market opened
dull, and closed quitt and l-ltiiiowei.
Sales, 3(JO0 bales.
Yesterday. Thursday.
Or.linnry 7 7 1 16
Good ordinary... 7J 7 11-16
Low middling.'... 8 8 1-16
Middling 8j 8 9-16
Good middling .. 9 5-16 9j
The New Orleans future market
opened steady at decl'ne, and closed
easy and 8 to 12 points lower than
Thursday. Sales, 36,300 bales. Tho
closing limitations were as follows:
Yesterday. Thursday.
June ...
July ...
8 40 noni. 8.48 8 50
8.43ffl) 8.44 8 5 )(a)
8 67 8 58
8 70 i 8 71
8.68 8.69
8.81 8.81
8 94
8 98 8 99
8 74'd 8.76
8 65 8 67
8.6(V.rt 8 62
8.61 8 03
8 83 8.84
8 86 8.S7
September.... 8.03 8.64
October 8 50.t 8.57
November .... 8 52$ 8 53
December ... 8 53 $ 8 54
Rec. I Prices
N Orleans.
Churl 'slon'
Haiti mi ire
New York
St. Louis...
Augusta. .
3 434;M9-10
171 1S
417 8
751 8 J
2,:i?0 9
120 8.
quiet. i
lieceiptsat ports, this day,l880.
Receipts at pot ts, this day,1885.
coxsoi.inATEn mtatemkxt
, 13,38:
. 7,105
R'ts IT. S
ports, il s
Ex. (it. Hr
02,118! 42,510
55,240 48,026
R'ts Sept. 1
130,620 736.10::
4,637,548 4,453,810
For'gn Kx.3,088,178
Increase of receipts this year... 183, 732
The Liverpool snot market at noon
was reported dull in buyers' favor.
Sales, 8000 bales, of which American
7000 bales. Receipts, none.
At 2 p. to.: Middling had declined
l-16d to 4 13-16d.
Tho following are the closing quota
tions: Ordinary, 4d; good ordinary.
41d; low middling, 4 ll-16d; good
middling, 5d; middling uplands,
4 13-16d; middling Orleans, 4Jd.
Manchester cloths steady and some
what inuctivu. Yarns dull and tend
ing down.
The prim are girrn in penct anil C4m,
lhu: 4 63 ww h 4 (33 6J(., 0111 6 01
menus 5 1-04. 1
At noon: Liverpool futures were
quiet. Quotations were as follows:
March, ; March-April, 4 51450d;
April-May, 4 51(3.4 53d; May-June,
4 554 50d; June-July, 4 00( ,4 59d ;
July-August, 4 03(3' 4 02d ; August-September,
5 01(i5(l; September-October,
; September, .
At 2 p.m.: Liverpool futures were
steady; March, 4 50d buyers; Marcli
Aprif, 4 50d buyers; April-May, 4 53d
sellers; May-June, 4 5.5d buyers ; June
July, 4 58d "buyers; JulyAugust, 4 Old;
A'ugUHt-SeptemlNT, 5d value; Sejitein-ber-Oclober,
4 63d value; September,
At 5 p.m.: Liverpool futures closed
quiet ami 3-64d lower than the day
before; March, 4 51d s Hers; Mareli
April, 4 51d sellers; April-May, 4 53d
value; May-June, 4 50d sellers: June
July, 4 58(1 buyers; July-August, 4 Old
buyers; August-Septemlier, 5d value;
September-! )ctol-r, 4 t:id value.
Liverpool weekly s'atement for tin
week ended March 12, 1886:
18K0. 1MS5,
Weekly sales 00,000 ::5,(1W
Of which American. 48,000 24.00S
Including for exHrt 3,50) 4,40)
Incl'g forsiHi-'lation 3,800 2.0(1)
Forwil f'm ship side 10,003 21,80
Total stock (I74,(XM) 9O0,(H0
Of which American. 495,000 707,OX)
AVeek's receipts 42,000 72,(00
Of which American. :!8,00() 5l.lX)
To'l rec. since Sep.l..l,732,l(KI 2,300,100
Of which American.l, 404,700 1,815,400
Actual week's exp't. 2,400 5500
Stix'k afloat 266,0(K) 20:h)00
Of which American. I'.Hi.tKXI 103000
n tl RK DIAL,
The following is the record fl the
bids and oilers nt the Call Rord of
the Merchants' Exchange yeste'diiy :
No. 2, white, sKt, 40J o. t. Lil 42c
asked; March, 40i; bid. 4 'ic nsced ;
April,4lc bid, 42c asked; Mar, 4 bid,
4:c asked. No. 2, March! :!-' "bid,
3!lc a"ked; April. 38c bid, 4V Baked ;
May, 42c a-dced.
No. 2, hite, sjwit, 34c o. t. lid ; sMt,
34c o. t. bid ; March, 34c . t bid ;
April, .'!4c o. t. bid. j
iiiun. I
March, i 14 50 o. t. bid.
1 05 asked ;
i2 25
Corn White, 47c; mixed, 46p,from
store from levee or depot, white 44s;
mixed, 42c; m sacks, ii loanti lotf,
white. 42c: mixed, 40c.
Hay Choice, from sto,8"c; prime, I
7- 50c; piatri", -jOc; roynd Iota lrom I
closed quiet. Sales, 10! bales
ieree or depot, choice, fl14 50;
prim", 13I3 60; prairie,$Scj 8 50.
Oats White, 40.; mixed, 3Slr,
from store; round lets fiom levee on
track white, sackid, 36jc; mixed,
packed, 35ln.
Bban From store, 85c rer cwt ;
round ktj from levee, 14 75;7'.15 per
Hkans Navy, $'. 7,r2; raediuoa,
$1 00(.i,l 75.
RtcK Louisants IQc; Carolina,
OATMUAL-Iahili barrel', $3g3 25
fn in stole.
CoBSMEAL-S sm'.ir.l, $2 152 25;
nearl, J3Iij 3 23 Itorn etore; 5o cheaper
from mill, levee or track.
Floi b Fiona store, double extra, ;
tripie extra. ; family, t4 S5;
choice, $4 254 40; bincy, 4 75(5.5;
ent'B fancy, ii 25(i5 75; patents $6
(6 25; round lots from levee or track,
10c cheaper; cr let choice, 4 25
4 40; fami!y,J3 603 95; fancy, fl 60
4 75; extia fancy, ft 805 05; ptt
ente, 15 455 70.
Hominv amd Grits Fiom stire,
$2 753.
Craccxd Wheat Io half-barrels,
t'i 50 from store.
( BACKaRj Soda, extrs, 4c; soda,
treble extra, 4)c; Ifmon cream crack
eis, extrs, 7c; lemon cream crackers,
treble extra, 7 Jc; ginger snaps, extra,
6c; ginger snaps, treble extrs, 6:; as
sotted jumbles, 9c.
NewOblkans, La., March 1?. F'oir
dull. Cum dull; white, 45c; yellow,
40c. Oils dull at 39c. Cornmesl dull
st i2 10 Hay dull ; prime, f 15 50 18.
Rice dull at I.'5Jc.
Kansas Citv.Mo ,M:rch 12. WbeBt
s'ronaer; No. 2 ct-h, 73Jo bid, 73Jj
erked; April, 75c did, 75fc asked
Msy, 7i'.c. Corn quiet ; No 2 cash, 2sB
bid, 28l,c aekod; Aoril, 29jc; May, 31c
bid, 31c asked. Oats cash, 28c.
St. Louis, Mo., March 12. Flour
dull; XXX, S3:;3 15; family, 3 2.5
3 35: choice, :l 80 3 90; fancy, $130
4 40; extra fanty, f4 604 9J; pat
eLt4, $.5 10:a.5 40. Wheal quiet and
generally firm; the market opened at
about yesterday's c)osing figures and
advanced (S-Jc, and closed with the
advanens well sustained: No. 2 red,
cash, yijc; May, 94i94)c, closing at
941c; June, 94j1j 95c, closing at Uoc.
Corn very dull but steady, closing at
about yesterday's figures; No 2 mixed,
cash, 3M30lc; March, 3i.)a bid;
April, 36 1 asked; May, 36Jc. Oats
very qnitt, butlirm; No. 2 mixed,
cuih, 3lc; March, 3(U.i hid, May, 31 jc
bid. Rye stronger, 61a. Barley, no
market. Hay fairly aitive, but easy ;
prairie, S7 75: timothy, $11H.
FUxietd firm, $1 10. Kran easier, 04
6jo at mill. Cornmesl, $1 95062. Rt
ceipto Flour, 2000 brls; when'., 80CO
bu; corn, 79,000 bn; ont?, 13,000 bu;
rye, 1000 bu; bailey, 3000 bu. Ship
ments Flour, 5000 brls; wheat, none;
coin, 4000 bu; rats, 3000 bu; rye,
none: bailey, none.
Aftcrnona Bmud. Wheat unchanged1
Corn essier and Y$c lower. Oats Jc
CiiicAiii, Tw. , Miirch 12 The bulls
were aided to day by a litlle less bonr
IshncBs en the part of th3 bears, and,
as a resu't, there were times when
wheat was pretty ttrorg. It was net
tt any t mo in the tmion quotobly
wepk. The ouDt'tiiion or hMu'r
prictg waf, In a Viiuuo and undefined
sort of way. a bettor demand, i.r
rather more looking around by non
Now York exporters. This and
light rtceiptr, only 30 cars of all
kinds of wheat being Inspected here,
mmJo the opening tor May nrm a
85 ic. Eirly in the morning there win
some pretty heavy selling. 1 tie msr
ket hereupon weakened down tj 85 J
("!S;lc, but a loc.il speculative ilo
mand csme in sud firmed tbinys up
again to 8540, lrom wnicli nure H
reacted. 1 tie uo jest 1 o clock was
steady and quiet, , Corn and oatj were
as featureless as usual, and flat beyond
(oaaparieon, Dareiy eDongn trade be
inir bad in either article to estah
lish a market. Flonr steady,
Wheat tales ranged: March, 80J
81c, c'04ert ht iSDja; April, 80j81Jc,
closed 80ic: May, 8&l(a4855ij. closed at
85J85 jc ; June,86J87c,closed at 86jc
bid: No. 2 suriDg, 8Uitf8lc; No. 3
spring. 7.,741!. Cjrn tales ranged
Cash, 37J37jc; March, 371c; April,
378c; May, 4L';(i40jc, closeti at4()(
40Jc. Oats titles ranged: Cash, 29ic
March. 28:c;Apri!. 29c; May, 32i0i
32c, closed at 321o bid. Rye ate ady ;
Ho. 2, o8jc. liailey dull;Mo. 2, 60c.
Flaxseed firmer; No. 1, fl 11. Re
ceipts-Flour, 8C03 'oris; wheat 23.0C0
bu;com, joy.uuouu; osti, io.(,ooo bu
rye, 4000 bujbarlev, 41.CO0 bu. S i
monts Flour, 6000 bils: wheat. 19,
001) bu; corn, 59,000 bujoatP, 113.0C0
bu; rye, 5000 bu; barley, 2 ,000 bu.
Aftmioon Jinurtl. Wheat a shade
firiner; Mti'di, SOjc ; May, 85Jcj Juae,
80c; Aoguet, 87Bc. Corn uuctangid.
Oats uuclianged.
Ih TTKit -Creamery, 3::S?::7e; dairy,
22(i20e; btitterine, (u 16c ; cottntiy,
121'- 18c, according to condition.
CJikk.sk Prime Mats, 7cSo; New
5"ok factory, Sc; full cream" 12('i'121c;
Y..'A., 12l"2ic.
JIess I'oiik Old, tl05O10 75 per
barrel; new 11 75 per barrel; suuar
crre'l bains, packed, 10c; breakfast
beon,7'.(Vi10r ;cleiurib bacon, 6;(V6Jc.
IH'LK Poiik Clear sides, 6c; clear
rib sides, 6(fa5:Jr; long dear, 6c;
sbouldei-s, 3;4jc.
Ijird -Tierces, 6j6jc; half-barrels,
o;(iic; kegs, 6(s6jc; buckets, 6i'
6ic; half-buckets, 7(i7c; 50-lb tins,
(ijoc; 20-lb tins, 6oje; 10-lb tins,
6t( c; 5-lb tins, (ic ; 3-1 b tins, 6Jic;
clmiee keltic, tierces, 6je.
Fnmii Mkats L'eef Oood Kansas
City sti-ers, heavy, 8c; light, 77c;
cows and heifers, 6c; mutton, ic;
lambs, ; por Ikr.
Piiis-FKi-r-llrls, f88E0; bnlf-brls,
J33 25.
Ci-ncixxati, O., March 12. Pork
easier a'. flO f.0. Lsrd quiot; current
nuke, 5.9o5 .95c Bulk meats dull;
shoulders, 3 jc; short rib, 5e. Bacon
easy; shoulders,. 4 jc! short ribs, 6.10c;
Etioit clear, ojc. Batter quiet and un
changed. Egs firm atlljc. Cheese
St. Louis, Mo., March 12 Pro
visions dull and prices geneia ly
easier. Fork itaedy, (10 65. Lard
easy, 5.85c Balk meats loose lot',
long clear, 5.30c; short ribs, 6.45c;
short clear, 560c; boxed lota long
Wear, b'ie; short rits, 5c; short clea-,
5;c. Baron steady ;long clear, 5 70;;
snort ribs, 5.80c ; abort clear, 6c.
Hams, 8llc. Butter quiet; cnatn
ery, 25:kte; dairy, 18(26c. Egs
firmer, ldjfedOJo.
Chicago, III., March 12. Prices for
live bogi bad considerable to do with
speculative values in tbe pit this morn
ing. At the yards fcozs were about 5c
lower, and about 10,000 head were on
sale, couDtinfome 40t0 left over from
yesterday. Vees pork responded by
opening weaker at tlO 17J lor May. "a
decline of 2c Later it loll to J 10 J24.
Pork Sales ranged: rash, $10 15;
May. $10 10"il0 171. c'osed st f 10 15
10 17J ; Jure. J10 17j10 25, closed Ht
$10 221 10 25. Lard Sa'es ranged:
caih, 5 97.'.(i(0s; Mav, 6005c, c'med
at, 6.02JC"o05c; jUI19) i7j6.10c.
Urv salted snoniiiers, 3 90(.i)4c; shoit
Bides. '5 3215.350; st ort clear
es, 5 6ii.0c. Butter steady;
creamery, 2332cj iUuy, lti(.i.2le.
Aflmnton llwird ltk nrnier at
f 1003 ; March, f 10 171, ; April, 10 17 ;
May, $10 22. Lard uud.anged.
Copies Common, TV-i 71c: ordir;-
ry,9G 9ic; prime Ri, (i(,jiOc; choice
to fancy, UJe.i 131c; ilj rovtrnmenl,
23K.'.'5; Ceylon, 20c. .
S.-iap ::('' 5Jc per pound. I
SroAR-Fisi,-m vliow. 6!f6:: I
pine W. C white. tie; i ff white, tlj
6jc; y-llowcir:rinl,l)',i.i"(i.lc;open kel
' k' 5J; nliued A, 7(.'71ci granu
U'eJ, 70j 7Jc; powdered, 7 i ; cut loaf,
Sai.t-$1 20(7 1 30 p. r barrel; sacks,
floe, $1 .'.0: c arse, $1 10: pickets,
blrached, 2e7c; car-loads frcm levee
or depo", 5c cheaper.
Moi.ASa-s Louisiana, common to
fair, 2327c: prime to choice, 3'X40p;
avrup, 20(ii)i0c; coiuuni In fair, 23
28c; prime to choice, 3033c.
Tcbacx-j Common, 11-itch, 27
30c; other gr des and styles, 2f(" 2 So
Knull 0rrtt, $10 85 per ease;
Ralph's, $10 25 per case; R. R., 1 50.
Can Di K8 M;cks. all sixes, in boxes,
pails and barrels, 7(ii;8c.
Candijes Full weight, 10S('5iUe.
Cankkd Goods. Ktc Prices per dc
en: Pineapples, $1 3V3U 65; peaches,
2 lb. standard, $1 3'(."1 50; teconds,
$1 15 I 25; tmiatoes, 2-lb, standard,
$1 10; 3 lb, 21 35; strawberries, $1 40
1 60; raspberries, $1 15(oU 23; black
berries, $11 15: greengages, 160
1 75; pears, $22 25; plums, $1 60;i
1 70; asparagus, $2 604; green com'
Slfa.'l 35; green pens, $12 25; cove
oysters, full weight, 1-11), fl(il 10;
cove oytterr, full weight, 2-lb, $1.75
1 85; covo uyalers, light weight, l-lli,
65c; covo oyit ib, light weight, 2-lb,
$1; condensed milk Crown, $5 90;
Kagle, $7 75; Swiss, $6.
Balhmobic, Md, Much 12. Cotl'ee
firm; Riocai-g.es, oidinary to fair,
Havana, March 12. Sugar straly;
holders ate too high for buyers; cen
trifugal, 93 tl 97, $33 03.
Nkw Yohk, March 12 C.ifl')e
sp tfair Rio firm at 8j8J ; options
Us3 active; No. 7 Hi 7, spot, 71c ; ia'e,
26,000 bags; March to A Haunt 7.15;
September to December, 7.20. Sugar
dull ar.d easy; refined quiet; white
extra C, 5 7-10; oil A, 5J5Sc;
atanda'd A, 5 1316c; poadered, tij.s;
franulated 6c. Mo'aises etialy.
lice demand fsirand firm.
IIOl'9KH4lL NI Pl'LlllH,
Ai'i'i.KH Apples, 12 506)3 from
store; J2,'i'2 25 per cur-loud from levee
or depot, Oried apples, 3(ni4c per
pound from store, lined peaches, 3r)
4c froiii store.
1'otatokk Potatoes. 12 25(n 2 50 from
store; If2(ii)2 25 per cur-loud (rum levee
or depot. Sweet potatoes, )2t)2 75
pcrbrl. l'ens,$l 25001 75 per bushel.
Ynii-TAHi Ks -Onions, $2 i5'33 from
store; 2 50(n2 00 from levee or depot.
Cabbage, $! 50 3 50 per crate. Kraut,
barrels, 15 fit 0 ; hiilf-barrels, 2 25':! 50.
liiirlic, lOgOtK- per HK).
Fbi'it Ornngee, Loulsiann, none;
F'orlds, none; Alessira. $3(ii)3 60 per
box. Lemons, t;(a 3 50 per box. illi
nium. $1(32 100 per bunch. Cotou
nuts, $1 pur 100. I'ennntB Virginia,
6c; Teii.icosep, f.'itmoi'e itonk, 3(Vlc;
lOStt'.l, z higher; shtlled, 10c. Al
monds, 18i,20i!.
FicKLits-ln j'irs, pii,ti, 90c; iiuarle,
fl 50; half-gallons, $2 50; niiMonn,
$3 75; In ise, bar: els, $0; linlf-baritls,
43 00 j nr'xed, bariele, $10 60; mixnd,
hH-brrclp, Jti.
1U isi nS London layers, 3 10; Isy.
ers, J2 75; CuHforuia, ; Imper'ul,
$3 MKli
Walnuts French, 12c : Naples, loo ;
Grenobles, 15 Filberts, 12c.
CiDEH Missouri, $7(d7 60 per bar
rel and $1(2)1 50 per half barrel; Vine
gar, ll(aU6o per gailon.
Poultry Turkeys, perdrxn, f sfTi)
12; geese, 34; dueks,$2 50; chick
ens, good demand. 23; dressed tur
keys, scarce, 1214c per pound.
Fki-ans Texas, 810c for small to
medium, 10fu l4cfor large; Arknauas,
Fisu Mackerel, half-barrels, No. 1,
$5;No.?,J3 25; No. 3, 2 75; 10 lb
kit, No. 1, 80c; No. 2, 70c: 15-lb, No.
3,60c. Dry herring), family, 30c per
Gam k Venison, whole, 3(S5c, sad
dles, (K5i S.; bear, 6('i Nn; wbd turkeys,
5075c; ducks, $1 60fi?)2 50;uairrols,
75c; quails, 75j()ll ; jirairie chickens,
$5; game llsb, 68c.
fen 03 Firm at 11c.
HlbtaSO AN1 Tll.H.
Baooino Jute, 9jHcj Mix, nJdA
10Jc, Hccjrdin- to weight. Tins, ft 15
Gil 20.
Nails-S2 46(;;2 70.
coiTux-jr:Bi on,. .!'.
Skkh Jlolivered a depoi and wharf,
!f.S per ton;oii tienk t f river (f. o, b.
hoj'), JO; wsi; lit mill", JS Meal
I'iiiie (f. o. b ,) JI5f'iir) 25 per Ion.
Lea? tl'iia cur liad lots, fI5 Wlfclu.
From store, !!):: pur c. Cakk
Noniinii ; I6 pur ton. OiL-Ia csr
lisd IriN, prime, crude C. H. oil, 22f.i)
23; prime Biimnier yellnw 2'ij('i)27i: ;
( If f umrrnir ya'lnw, 25j)26 ; nilurrs',
2i0')'i )c ; choice cooking glimmer yel
low, W-iiih'
rt lllMKT, HIM, I.Ktl'OIIH, .
Wiiihkv SliaiL'ht Kentucky llour-
boii, l (i0fi,6; rve.fl 75(i6; iloniestic.
Sr. Iii is, March 12. Whisky, Jl 10.
CincAoo, March 12. -Whisky lower.
$1 14.
Cincinnati, March I?. Whisky
steady at Jl 10.. Sales of 787 barrels
nnlslieil j.'(oils on tins liasis.
Coai. Oil i'rime -A hite, A holesalc
lots, 1 Ic per gallon.
Clevulano. 0 March 12. Pefc-
leum linchanKed s.w , 110", 7J:
iivstsfH Ait n mh.i.n.
H(iHsF.H-(i(SMl ilnvniL', l,ri(i(a225:
i'sid siuldle,140 .'KKI; phi'.-s, j:"iS();
j-immI mures, J85(a)l4().
iMi I.Ks-14Uo 15. IllOfiiiri; 15 to
15J, $12.V 110; 15J to 16, JI IO('',175.
( iiMid demand ; supply fair.
('a i ti.k Choice to extra porii-ied,
!KK) to 1050 tonnds, 44Jc; kimmI, 3.1C"1
4c; choice (frass-fed, 3i(3jc ; gooil, 3
3c; fair to medium, 2iri)2je; com
mon, l4(!2c.
Hikis Choice, 3j4c; iffxid, 3J(u)
3jc; common, :K'i',3ie.
Siikkp t'hoicc, 44; medium, 3
fi'Jic; cotMiuon, 11 50.
Cincinnati, O, March 12.lIogs
steady; common and light, $3 45(514 25;
packinK and butchers', tl((f,4 15; re
ceipts, 847 bead; shipments, 1283
Cuicaoo, III , Mrch 12 Tha Dro
vert' Juurnal reports: Cattle receipts,
7600 head ; shipments, 2700 head; mar
ket steady; sbippingBteers, 0:0 to 1500
pounds, 3 (10(45 75; ttockers and feed
ers, $:4 50; cows, bulla and mixed,
J2W4; bulk, $:t(J?,3 25; thioaKh Texas
catt'e, S3 75(Ti)4 50. Hem receipts,
000 head ; shipment", 8000 head; mar
ket steady; rough and mixtd, $3 fc-V-i)
4 15; packing- and shipping, $4 15(4
4 35; light, $3 704 25; skips, 3()
3 75. Sheep receipts, 4000 head ; Bkip
raents 1500 head; market ster.dy and
fairly srMve; nstives, J 2 25 8.5;
Texans,$2 25t. 4 25.
Kanas Citv, Mo., March 12. The
iirN(wt ndiruor reports: Cattle
receipts, 761 bend; shipments, tone;
market elow and weak and 105; lower;
cho'ce to fancy, $5 0' (' 15; good t.
choice, $I60j5; c innion ! medi
um, flO'Ml'O, s-.fekers erid f-edeis,
a 40(.i 4 20 : 0.-.W , f 2 riV.J 3 ,;o. JJogv
recei.t , 2297 l.iad; th n e; t, nin e;
mat kt act vh and n shade l.igher for
choice, otber.H f t .uly; god to cboii-e,
$4(?4 15; eiii'inrn (o meil'iiui, j,t 70
3 9 ), slips sm! 12( ' 3 50. Shm p
reiei t, 1021 bes.l. s iipment", 211
hfud; msiket uteady: gjo.l to choice,
$1 2u(' 4 9J; euiuitoa to medium,
2 6 '(.i 4
M'KA M ilU TM.
Memphis and Cincinnati Packet Co
Calrniiitc State, f
A. J. Lindiej muter,
Will learcTl'KSDAY, March lrtth, at A p.m.
Far (rihl or ra'M aeply to 0. B. KU8
8KLL, Afcit. No. U MtiJiaon it. Tatotihona
No. :27. JOHN iMKH, fa-.nior Atant
btrnnar UUCKEV K bTATK f.llowa, laa?
ing KrliliiT. Mar-h l"th
Nl.l.onla aiuil New Orlrnna Anchor
a.l-i.ft. Hail-KOUNIiW OK1.KAN8.
Annie P. Silver, 5.
Win. II. Thomp'on ...majt(r,V!raaVr3ai
Miilleare I ha Kldvalor hA ll KHA 1 , Marrli
I I. Ii, at 4 p.m. k'ur Irsiirht or iuaie apply
I.. Ittl.l. Pn. Art. ADSTl'HM, S".'l
Ht. I.hiiIh hihI fn-w lirlrititM Am-lior
l,ihtnir waiter. Ttitc
Will leave the Klevator SATI'KUAi . Mari h
l.lth, a' i p.m. 15ir Ireitlil r iiafdaiie t'ly
IV I,. Hoi,. I Att. Al SToll M Sin.'l
Nt. I,nls anil New Orlenii Anchor
l.lai-i.N. MmII-OAIKO ii tit. LOHls.
Arkansas City, 155v
l)rolaVl...inamer. rwE5i5.
Will leave the KleTaturHATHKUAi, March
HUti, at d p.m. for treiibt or jiaanace apply
C. I,. IIai.i.. Paaa. At
Ali n i on n, rnp i.
Kur Oioeola, llalea Point. CarulheraTllle,
Unyoin ami Tliitonvllle Tht new itfamei
"iV. P. Ball Bianter I J. U. Vallar olork,
will leave alinve, and all way pointe.
p ro. Kor freinht or ptMBue aiily on nnanl.
iliip(ili,r mm fotni auil nraipuii
nml Oawoln fnrlit (imm7,
tot itelans, illendal. Frinn Point sua tl:
Way Lkudlnai-Bteamor
t oaliuiuii,
K. T. Ulna-ell ...?nutiir I Piatt l'.li.mo,...ci. rk
V-'i'l i,vo ai above on evary 4H)Ni)Y,
WSDNHSPAVatjdlfRIPAY.at t o'olixk.
For Randolph, Fnlioa. Opnaola and flay
Landing Steamer
J. B. Cooper, irtter....J. W. Pinltharr, olork
l,iiv aory MONDAY. W KLiiNr-fttjAY
nnd KK10AV at B p.m. Xbe boat of tn e
lini ro.'orvo tun riatic to v:et all lamlinta
the fnptain may ilea n unfiifn, Office, No. 3
Min-ti . .IAMKS LKK. .l.,Wni'
MempMs anil Vlckxbui g racket Comi
puny l. S.Mali Line.
Kii Ilelonr., I'onenrdla, Terrene nnd Arkan
tai titty The elcrant paMenaor lUau er
U. K.Chrcl-...maitar I W. V. niiinkur...olei k
Leaves Namtihia
EVtltY MOSKAV nnd 11)11 KBPAY. at 11
p.m., rraarvinii tlio rlidit to pans nil l:imlin
tliocnilain luuy di-oin ummle. For fiiral
lnl.riuutivn apply at oftlco, N", 4 MnOl'on
ireot. K. VYAbWOnTII, Anent.
,)Pn, OAWtt. Vi.M'r Aeant.Telopnnnn '.VIS.
MtMiiiiliisA: While lUvor I'ktCo
. .11'
IC. C. fM-.-l...niMter I 0. M.ll-oelal....,ale()
f'irMii)n, HUTU.)? IllnrT, TMe Arc.
LA iituwi , Jarkaiin)n4rl and Hvnrv.
KAVLii MKMPill I! very WlNKKi
atftp-m. Ihronnh ratea to all poind.
FreirKi oonilirned to " Memphii and W nl e
ivivnr Paokot Ucnipany" win batorwardid
pn-.mr.tly. u. u bOWB, Agent,
N . Vidl-nn r. Tlnhna Nn. K.
The Nl. Francis Hirer 1 ransporfatlos
Co.' Tine illde-W heel II. S. Mall Eti
Ree Macready, r.-n
0. K. Jcl'lln maater,
Wll.1. LL'ATR MKinflllt KVCU1
at 9 o'elnok, for Marianne, the Cut-Off. and
inmrnedlMa landinKion tit. Kraneii river
The lai'ti.in reaarvee the rljibt to ran all
landings be deeuia unfafe. JAS. LEU, Jr.,
Km n ' .-. f)rHra, No. 4 Mndinfm rt.
Arkansas IMvcr l'k't Uo,
Str. JOE PETERS1-rt,
K. D. Smith. ...i.iaiKir. wtasBV
Leavet MuiuphU Kvory XUKSOAV, at ! p.ui
Str E W. C0LE,5
l.d iiwlaml ..iiiait-r, "lritwatyiai
Leavei.Meiniihii EveiySATritLAY,at p.m
For froiaht or incniiro apply In
II. I'. 1.0 WK, Anent,
Olltoa, S Mmllfnn nt. Trli-nhnna Nn. W
roit whiti: mvEit.
.niir iiiauvs
Mcuiphls, White k Itlack KlicrTacUl
Fur lleienu, HflVull" lllufT, lini Dos Arc
iiuffta, Newport ami llutegvitle. The ne'
nnd nlegant Midnwheel panvouver itrioe.
Milt llarrw , uimter
Will leave KVEKY MATt'HUA Y atfto'olc,
p.m. Tbrouirh raiatnall puinta. Kreii
oonaigned to .Milt Harry Line, .Vteniihia.ivi
he priimntly lurwaril'd. W.J. I' DoVL
Ulflre'.iMaHiaon rt Telephone Si.
Jaaai U 1kailis, Faaaenter Aieat. Tel
ei'hnn" 2'27.
Triifttee'n Kale.
UNDCU anj hy virtue "f arertain deed
of trunt executed October t), 1HM, by T,
ll.lMairoe and Mnry K Mutreo, of !ni.ril in
the Keilater'enllice of Shelby county, Tenn.,
in ltook No. lid, on paae 47H, and an order
of tbe Chaneery Court of Hhelby eouniy,
Jenn , entered October If, (M. U. l,
page 111!), In cau-e of lien. K. Duncan va. T.
II. Maine ot al., No W, H. I)., dcfaii t
havinabeen made in the payment of the m
deblojiiea' eerured thereunder, and at the
reiiueat of the bene ciary, 1 will, on
Thnrednjr, lHib day of Mrob, 1H,
at 12 in., tell to the hit-hot bidder, for cn-h,
at Public outcry, in front of n y offlne, No.
1'2 Madiron e reel. Me jjphm, Tenn., the fol
lowine descrilied revli-aute lituated in Hhel
by county, Tenn . to-wil : Beint; part of lot
No. 4, of tnn aubdiviaion of the landa of the
eatstelof Benjuaiiu Duncan, dioeaied.and
boandrd n follow): Di-iinnina al a "take In
the aoulh line of the original tract Mchaiua
4u link eaat from tne loutbweat corner ol
aid irart; thence eaut 16 ebaini i links to a
take; thence north chain! toaatuke;
tbenoe wcit 15 oa chain to a atuke; thence
anuth M.'JU chAini to tbe beginning, contain
ing1 Afty (50) acre', ei-ept about . acreaol
the abore tra-t conveyed hy Duncan to
lluiiry Willi ami by deed dated June 1. 171,
to which reference it made fur full descrip
tion by metea and bounJi . leaving about 21
aorea to be "old. Tbe equity of redemption
and right of repurcbave waived. Tbe title to
aid land if auppoaed to be good, but I shall
ell and i-nnvey only aa trustee without war
ranty. Th. February 24, luso.
J. M. COLEMAN Truitee.
Taylor k Carrol). Atinrneyj.
aa'ortuient o' tainiilef lor riprlng and
Rummer wear, which 1 huve just received
from the Clothing-Order Department cf
Thin botie does tli lurirfi" Mt'l-Ordor
Clcthmg liusiDf in the world. Viouoer in
work'nK out tho i Its., it ha" wm a ureut uo
oess by pcrupuU u care iu fill in v the orders
of onpeen cu8t)tcer4.
The x cint ieflon uintkit ttw ert Id
thu dupirtment ol lhoir huhintai, the tnean
infif which ii even hotter lervico, rzeca
tive e.nd mochanicul. 'L'hii with the low
prioe. Urgn choice of materinlp. and emide
KUet-rnutee of complete iatiUotioD, should
aiv me a first cla in on your ordera.
Tni8 DAY.
White Rirer DaSalT, S p.m.
Arkamaa Kiver.B. W. Cin.a. 6 p.m.
New Orlrani Assit I'. SiLTia, 4 p.m.
Vickihura: Citt or Caitu, p.m.
Si. Lnuii. ........ ...Arkama Cirr, R p.m.
Friar Point. ....C(ihia, S p.m.
Arkaniaa Ctr.KaTl Adihr, b p.m.
Ofoeota Da.i Adih.i, ti p.m
Xil'tuDrille UAToao 6 t.ra.
St. FranciiRivar lints MaCR'DY,5i).m
Cincinnati ..(lasmi Ktati, 5 i m.
not i:4:tm attiik i.KVt i:.
.tni'iiia City of I'rovidciuv, .M.
Imis; Cisihoiiia, Friars l'oint; Kctio
Macrcadv, St. Francis river; K. V.
Oolc, Arkansas 'riwr; lcan Adams,
Osceola; llcllc Memphis, Vick-ibiirir;
New Mary Houston, New Orleans
Dfpiiriurii I'ouhonin. Friars I'nint ;
City of I'rovidi'iice, Vii ksbnrn; lU-llo
Memphis, St. limis; New Mary Hous
ton and Ohio, Cincinnati.
frmn in I'urt. K. W. Coleand Ucnti
BiHilf ihir Down. City oi Cairo ami
Annie I'. Silver.
l!,Klt Due Cp - IVSmct, Helena nnd
Arkansas City.
Itrrrlpt YMlrnlaj.
City of l'luvidi-ncc 60 tons nier
iliaiiilie. Coahoma 131 bales cotton, 1 lid
stock and l'.l pks sundries.
IJetie Macreadv -74 bales Cotton, 27
bas seed cotton, I1'3 sks seed mid 111
pk's sundries.
New Mary 1 louslon -125 brls snnr,
50 brls niolasses, 1IKI sks seed and lot
household plunder.
F.. V. Cole t brounht mil of A i kail
siw river) 163 bales cotton, 110 sks
seed, 21 HI brls nil, 2 horses and wntioii.
Iean Adanis 10 bales cotton, 17
hnpi seed cotton, 02 sks seed, 4H sks
turnips, 6 hd cattle and t'5 'trs hu ti
ll lies.
Tin; hi); Helena, ('apt. Alf. I Ii iw-mn,
U due up tii-iluy.
TiikOMiio Ntcanicr (ioldcti Kulc,
('apt. (. I'. Sliinklc, iN due up for Cin
Tim , lifiu- Macrcadv, ('apt. O. K.
loplin,' H'h'h imt 'I'licn.iay vi'ii i iijjr for
St. Fram in river.
Tin: l-cc Line packets Munday even
ifl arc the (Niahunia for Kriaia l'oint
nnd I 'can Adanis for OfccoIii,
Tim ArkatiKiw Citv, ('apt, II. V,
llrolaski, is the Anchor Line packet
this evening at tl o'clock for Cairo and
St. Louis. Wm. II. I'ritchtirtt is her
Tiik City of Cairo, ('apt. Shep
Liu'lilncr, is the Anchor Line packet
this cveniui; at (1 o'clock for VickslmrK
and the Lends. ,1. ('. Kllmi is her
Tin; tiayoso. Citpl.'W. I'. Hall, is tlm
iiacket Moiulay cveiiiii at 5 o'clock
lor Male's I'oiiit, Tiptonville ami all
wav liindiiinH. .1. I'. Walt is in her
Tiik Annie I'. Silver, ('apt. Win.
Thompson, is the Anchor Line packet
this cvenitii; al I o'clock for New Or
leans and all intermediate points. .1.
S. I,e!;tne- is her clerk.
Tiik Kate AiI-uiih, I 'apt. .Mark 1. .
Cheek, Is I lie I tntcil Males until
liliekel Molldav evcllilif' III 5 o'clock
I'.'t l.li.'U'iiit. Arkansas City and all way
laiidiiiKht. 'Vi I', Hmnkcr is -in licr
Tun II. W. Cole, Ciipt. VA Nov land,
is the packet this evening at 5 o'clock
for all iioinlHon Aikansim river, uoiuir
Jliiuiiu'li to Line llluir. .Iiiiik'h X.
Thompson is iu charge of her olllcc,
itHsish'd hy K.lt'us KoHter.
Tun (iranite Slate, ('apt. A, J. Lind
say, is (hi) lutcket Tuesday evening at
o'cliM-k for Cincinnati and all way
landings on the Ohio river. lon A.
Mairs is in her ollice. Tim (iranite
State will irivc cheap rates to all points
North anil Last.
Tiik IVStiift, ('apt. Mitt J. Ilurrv,
will he found in port this inoi-ninjr,
and leaves aiim this evening at 5
o'clock for all points on White river,
(joint through to News)rt, and lnak
injr ronnectiotis wjth packets for upper
White and Itlack rivers. Alhcrt Mc
(iliee has chaive of her ollice, assisted
hy llnirh Smith,
4Ji:,t:it tl. i:w.,
Itt'siNKsH fair.
Wkatiikk clear and cold.
TlIK le Line nackelK u'l-rn in noil
out yesterday with fair trips.
I'l'.l i:il'is hv river veiJenluv .'ti'.i:
hides cotton, 1 1 hairs seed cotton and
1 11 sacks seed.
TlIK l-ivel- lint-e Ktioiila -M fii.il
tenths ou the yaiip', a fall of 8 tenths
iu the last 'J I hours.
TlIK Itcllr Mellllilo4 HOmhiiiI hi. run.
tenlav aft ernoon for St. Louis. Shu
added here Soil hales eiisleru-liotlud
Tot c;t. ..( ir.. , .... .1... ..
vestcnlay iiiorniii! at. ii o'clis k r
Vickshuri;. Sim ilisi-liarnci till fonk.
of freight and added I'O tons.
Tiik Ohio departed last niuht for
Cincinnati witli IOlM hales cotton, iD0
I'arrcls oil, (KM) sacks oil meal, a jrood
lot Hiindries and a fair list of pcoplo.
Tiik liene Maeroudy arrivoil from St.
Francis river witli 74 haha of cotton,
H" luurs of weil-eotton, l:C5 sacks of
need, nnd (joe hack Tuclay evening.
Tiik New Mary Houston passed up
yesterday mornintr for Cincinniiti. She
ilisi'hari.'cd here LJo lutrrcls suir, 50
harrels inolosKes, MM sacks mtsl, lot
plunder. She addisl hero li(i bnles
cotton and :t lot ypsii-s for Kvuns
ville and Cincinnati.
Tiik K. W. Cole arrived yesterday,
inornini; from Arkanstis river with 10!
hales of cotton, 1 1!) sacks of weil, -HHl
harn-ls of ciittuii-seod and n'vrnod lot of
sundries Slio reshipsHl at Terrvn- 51
hales ol cotton for New Orleans. Tho
Cole returns this cviuiii(-.
Klvvr TlKriiBai.
WHsai.iNQ.Marth 12. Noon River
6 feet :i incnea on the gauge and fall
iDK. Weather cot.l and raiuiDg.
PiTTSMrao. March 12. Noon Eivr
rWnir, wl'h 3 fet II Inches on tha
Weather ciol and rainy.
Cincinnati, March 12 Noon- R' ysr
ttitioruirv. wnh la foetS inches oa ttia
gauge. Weather cloudy; thermometer
47; heavy lain latt ninl.t. Arrived:
Buckeye S at, Memphis, (art night.
Loi'isviLLa, Match 12 Noon River
falling, with tt fett ti inches in the
canal and 4 fxet 4 inches on th falls.
Business nood. VT a'.ber mild and rsin
inn. Departed: U. P. Schenck, New
Orleans, last night ; Dick Fulton and
tw, 1'iitbburjv, this niorDicg.
Caiho, March 12 Noon River 24
feel7 inches on the fcnuife and f t'ling.
Weather cloud.7 and roll. Arrived:
Anate T. Silver, st. Luis, 11 p.m.;
James W. (JaP, Cincinnati, 5 p.m.;
Sidney Dillon aud tow, below, 111 p.m. ;
Taris C. Brown, Cincinnati, 10 p.ra.
Imparted: James W. UU", 'tfivphta,
11 p.m.

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