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The Tkmo1 Lost Almost In Sight of
Sew York Harbor All II until
Sani v 1Ixk, N. Y., Marvh 15.
The nt anicr On-im v;u run into lv
a h -homier iH-twit-n :t ami 4 o'clock
Vi'stcrl.'iy mfiniinu while c-nst of Fire
Island, having two hole move into
lur. Kin' commenced riink-iiljf at
oniv. Jrt of her lNtsn'tiuvni were
transferrin! to a jiilut-lKiat and jwrt to
a schooner, and it in Udicved Uiat
tliev wer all unlwcqiiently transferred
to tlie B;iner t'ulda. Tlier are over
HOMlutjweiip'r and the crew of the
Oregon alune on the Kulda. The Ore
gm wa entirely abuniloned. She
tmnk at 1 o'clock p.m. yefterday.
V:yt I'.inck, from Ilrcmeii, which ar
rived iit the bar at B:2' o'clock i.m.
to-day, rvtfirt btopj'ed on" Fire Island
March 14th, at llM'i o'ehx k p.m., in
onler to take up the pasKcnireni and
crew of the Oregon, and anchored at
the bur otrKiunly Hook on account of
I41W wfiU r at :-" o'cliK-k ji.lii. the
name day. Tlie crew of the Orecon
are, 1 sf. first cahin. (ti second cabin
and '(' rrew. The steamer Qrejron
rolliiied with an miknow n ili-if laden
three-masted m-hooner on tint Hth
instant, nt 4:1!0 o'clm-k a.m.. when
lietwecn Vre Island liht and Khinne-'
cock, strikinn the steamer on thf jxirt
Bide jmiiieiliately under tlie dtfiinj;
halomi, tenrinj; a lare hole in her
Bide under the water.
wa below, tho chief oflicer lt'iiitr in
chaise on tho liridpe. ( (no of tlifc lis.
Hcnp'rs state that tho hole w.t no
larye that one could drive a lmrto uul
wafin through it ; a'so, that wleMi the
vessels collideil it Hounded liketlie ri
iort of an ordinary cannon. 'nehoat
were, after Home dilliclllt iniiiined
and lowered into the watet The la
dies were flirt tfot into thodxmta and
transferred to pilot bout Vii 11 and the
Kchooner Kainie A. (Vortum, ('apt.
' fBjtortfr.froiirJackHonviiy' forlloston.
From H io 11 o'clock a.m.lhe work of
transferriiiK tho pHKscnut'in wan tro
eeei led with. All were (ransferreil in
wifely, not a Kindle life Keinjr lost. At
l-':lfi o'clock p.m. theywere nil safely
transferred aain to thitleanier Kulda,
which, owiii to the ufde of the tide,
was obliged to anchorlit Mainly Hook
at t : o'clock i.m. (hpt. Cottier Wiw
the lust man to leave ho ship.
waa Vmilt by John I'.l.l r & Co. at Cllim
uow for tiut Union ji.iiie, ami was
launched .June L'l, J Hit. Hhe arrived
hero on tho initial triUoii (ictoher 14,
18K:l, making the mi from (iiieens
town to New York i oeven days,
eight hours and thii'tininitcs. 'At
that time she wan thejnost magnitl
eent, most powerful aiiili'astest of the
Transatlantic vessels, with tho 1 ex
ecution of the KtruriU W the same
line. Hhe retained n reVonl for the
fastest speed. In AugiisV 18S4, ahp
made the run from iuAnstown to
'ew York in nix days, niti, hours 11ml
forty-two minutes, tliist kRin nenrlv
twenty-four hours wuirrn -than her
first trip, and th( ftist-k then on
record. On her rerun tripVi ijueeim
town alio made the run iisix dnvs,
oleven hourH and "ine mimics. Tint
dimenion of t)l (rej;on w ve, .V.'O
feet, in lengtli M feet brekdth of
beam, 41 fawit oepth of hoUl uKd 72."0
tons KroHM iieiuuremeiit. Mia waa
built of iroi, with nine transverse
WRteiMSifht Wilkheads, live iron dtckH
and a utron turtle-hack deck forward
and aft 1 t protection from the heavy
neas. r)l'( waa litUtd to accommodate
.140 saloon, 02 second-cabin nud HHX)
Hteentj pahsenKenj. The tittinga of
the OWRnti WTro unusually flue. Tho
grand aaloon, rapalilo of "dining tho
wholeof tho 340 cahin passengers, waa
placedjn tho fore part of the vessel,
and laid with a parquetry floor.
The idling decorations wow almost
exehnwfly 'eonfinwl towhitenndgohl.
The pinels wen- of polished satin
wood, The pilustem of walnut, with
gilt caj'itals. The saloon measured
sixty-five by flfty-Amr feet, and was
nine fert in higli in the lowest part.
A cent wl enpoM "f handsoine dign,
twentyifive feo long and fifteen feet
wide, rose.to A hight of twenty feet,
and gave rfmtlant light nnl ventila
tion. The tide, rooms were nearlvull
two pa.H.seng(rs a most
desirahbyannngettient, tlmt was ap-
prena; li.Vb iravciers. 1 110 ladies
drawiyiwnt.wns on the upper dec 't,
and ti' 'deck extended nearly the
eiHir cnctli mid breadth of the ves
sel, be sinokiiig-rooiii was also on
the jT,,r deck, forward of the en
tiaiifO b the siilcsju, nml the ship
tlirchiitit was lighLc,d by the Kdisoii
jiiilrdescent electric lijjhts.
the mo-t hTiiikimi vi:ti i;i:
tin' vessel was its Piiiirnious steniii-
ig power. 1 ne engines were simple
ii const uctioii and leprcseiitnl a ca-
nieitv greater than anv beloio put on
f . 1. :.. 1 I ... 1 . -i
it ti itcciin siiiuihuio. uei 1 101 icr now ti
was corres.'ondingly large, as may I
realized from the fact that she burned
I more tluin .hiu ions 01 com 111 eacn
i.wentv-fo'ir hours. The ((regon had
only 1-ccn running abort a year, when
liv a shrewd move on the part of the
Cunard Line manager' they seeuivd
the transfer of that vessel from the
tiuion Line to their company. A few
weeks ago the Cunard Line deter
mined to establish a Wednesday fust
line from Boston next month, and the
Oregon and tialliu, together with the
Bothnia and Scythia, wen- to be trans
ferred there.
Tin: tiiiiu nk's aivhi nt.
Tie' TrilitHif' account says: "The
shoe o' the collision immediately
awoke the .slrephw ixxsscngers and
thai portion of the crew who were
having tln-ir watch Is-low. The pass
engers at first were thrown into great
contuMon, but thi calmness of the
otliccrs and tie fsct that the day was
just bi'innimr,' H break over a tran
oiiil wa reassiiied them At the time
the collision ihiU place p lot boat No.
11 was ali to 1'ul a pilot on board,
and the .v'iiuoner F.innii A. t ionium
,f Iist-.i was passing near. These
iiiun' t!i :cv bore down to the scene
amH; bv, ready to oiler assistance
An exiiniinalion of the (ii-gon showed
that iii' had two holes in her port
below the water line, as if the
.schemer had rebottndel from the first
"hlMi and then struck the steamer a
siy'lind time. All etl'orts to atojt the
leil were unnviiiling and the great
tfeanier Vegan tow tlle in the water.
The boats had been lowered when the
'accident lirst occniTt'd. It was evi
dent that the Oregon -would keep
afloat for some hours, but that
it Mould be impossible to
brim! her into port. The work of
li r.-viiig its passengers to the waiting
Kchooner iuul pilot-boat was begun at
once. The women and children went
first, the captain leaving the ship last.
It was eight hours from the time of
the collision to the time when the
captain of the Oregon reached the
dock of the pilt-boat. .The Oregon
haI nettled low i the water, and
noon after the rapt, n had gained the
pilot-boat he aw hit magnificent ship
go down before his 1 yes.
THE 01:1 ;on
tilled rapidly and rent down head
tirnt in about twelvoi fathoms of water.
The upper artfl 01 the main, mi
en and jigger malts n'luain above
water. Tlie Hchoonir that the Oregon
-ra.shed into w-Hscn in the wako of
the steamship for a jnoiiii'iit after the
colliaion, her bow nd all her head
pear wrecked. Tlie she disappeared.
It is supposed she Kink, and that all
lur people were lost.l (die of tho pas
Rcngcrs on the On-ron, whose riKim
adjoined the mail .mih. heard all
hands ordered below to get coffee a
few momenta bofori tho collision.
When theshockoeeHrri'd-Hi friiwwas
ordered n lrk ngiiis. He ran on
deck In liia night flofhes. Women
and men nere- nmj t:i wjldl alxiiit.
The officer and the juptum liehaved
splendidly. - NohcsI ieeuioi'Vto lx in
iureiL 'fUi' sea, 4t tlie time of the col
lision, w' ah smtUh as a haK-rooui
floor, and the akv whs clear. The
wreck of the Oregon ks about 'hvo
miles from land, arid within dx tee
miles of tho Fire Island light.
One of the sailors of tho steamship
Oregon this morning said that imme
diately after the collision a hulk of
tho sailing vessel was seen drifting
slowly by on tho fort side of the
steamer, grazing lur sides as she
passed aatcm. It was thought that
she sank as soon Is she cleared tho
Oregon, and as none of her crew are
on tho Kulda, he presumed they were
all drowned.
dipt. Cottier of the Oregon giies
the following account of the disaster:
"The ((regon left Liverpool at 110
o'clock on Saturday morning of liWt
week. We had fine weather all le
way across, nml the weather was clcir
at 4 :!K) o'clock Sunday morning, wif
a fresh breeze from tho west, when
sailing vessel suddenly loomed up
When firHt noticed she showed 110
light, but when she was too close to
clear off alio showed a white light. I
cannot suy on what part of her. Tlie
Oregon was running under a full head
of steam Tho vessel struck us amid
ships and stove a big hole in tho port
side. All tho water-tight compart-'
monts wore closed at tlie time. Hut
((regon went down about 12:4'i
o'clock. Hhe floated for about
eight hours after she struck
and now lie in twenty-two fathoms
of water, north h.lf west from Watch
Hill, L. I. The tops of her three
masts aro visible above the water, and
tho vessel is upright. She went down
head llrst. We worked from the mo
ment of tho collision us if wo expected
her to sink, hut I tlid not believe she
was going to sink. We took extreme
precautious. Tho pumps were of no
use, 1 might say. 'e worked them,
of course, and to their full capacity,
but they had no chance against the
mass of water which eventually car
ried her down. The usual watch wis
on deck at the time of the accident,
and no time was lost in awakening
tho passengers Few of them heard
or felt the shock, as all were in bed at
the time. 80011 after the accident oc
curred a steamer passed, a National
boat 1 think, hut went on. The ves
sel that ran into us must have sunk
immediately, as when we looked she
w s not in sight. She must have
gone down with all on board. When
I found that the vessel was sinking I
took the necessary steps to save our
passengers. We first sent up a rocket
its a signal of distress, then the
Uinta were lowered, but before
H o'clock pilot boat No. 1 1
hove in sight. She came up to us be
tween 7 and 8 o'clock, and two hours
later the schooner Fannie A. Gorltam
of Belfast hove to. The passengers
and crow of the Oregon were trans
ferred to tho pilot-boa!, and tho
schooner in our own boats. Four
bundled were placed on board tho
pilot-boat, and the balance, about
(KM), on board the schooner. All the
pavt?ngcrn were transferred by 11
o'clock.. The steamship Fnlda of the
Nortb-(orinan Line liove in sight
about uihiii or a tittle before. She
was within a half mile from tho Ore
gon when the latter sank. There
were no scenes on board the Oregon.
I never expected to see such an affair
go off so easily,
The cargo of tho vessel consisted of
lhoO tons of general merchandise,
valued at $250,0((0. The vessel was
valued at II, LTiO.CHK). Both cargo and
vessel were insured abroad. The
tpicslion which is now upioriiiost
among the passengers of the ((regon
is whether they can recover from the
Cumin! Company the value of their
baggagu which was lost.
I know of nmo hint nwrutnr thm th rhiiuc
01 In ry IicIIj Ih it run
Hewn mellow wlnJ.i. oh! fairer than the
Viiu niiiK ithmit in h'l'iiy liri'ltin rhyme
Of tiutterfli-fl imd tin.
Ihit, nut M tunny f'abVtl kiiruv iiwiiy
At tin tomorrow whan tho tint brcuka
In thin which lio tHiinciwhcre tie' flill MCd
f.r . 1
tlotwten lh Kunnet nnd tho d iwn'i' Uit ilar,
And known a.i yi'tterdny.
1 know of mini-thinn bstlar, dearer, tm,
Th mi tee flint nxeyou hold,
Alt iwiot with June mid ilainly with the
1ie fiiinmer's perfrrt irinilne brtthin
lt white Umve tendor told.
Onldeitiir whou the lute wind't iiitherim
ltohind th tvioht ind inoiinlni sail nnd low
Acnm; tin woclo, nhitll mike Its miuie
1)0 ! dcitw thK thin enrllut roue to I'omo
Will be the U.t to gt.
I know of initnethlnii MiUer than the nit
, "f brok, n "fii'vou bring,
With mioh nwect trouble itlrrina at your
Kor lore undose tie mother bird'i unrest
'that yeatcrilay riiuld Fin.
My little I'hiKl, too r'ii'ted to wait my kisi'
Ho I loritFt the anetiiem thiv will inl
Who built tho home? ety hoa?t wttti ynutF
aiakea moan :
Hut. "hi Unit nent, from whVh the binl
have Mown,
la eadder far than tint
'' .W.,..
9 et Kyinptoma, bol Ur Dlarftai.
It would neem to be a tru'h npi'reoiablc by
all, and rpially ht trofrnor of the hcal
inirar', that to rrmmr. the dircior, Dot to
allevialoitF ayinioa". iliuuld be the chief
aim of modU'Rtioti. Vet In how many in
tiiiici 1 do we 'ce thia truth admitted In the
ory, ignored in rartir. Tho rcuon that
lloa'etter'a StoniMoh llitiira i Fucceiiflful in
no many canea, with whieli rerucif el previ
ously tried wore in-,ciii c to cope, in at
tributable to the fart ihat it ii 1 medicine
which rea-hen and remove! the cautei of
the variooK malndies to whirh it la adapted,
Imf iireKtion, fever and an., liver com-,
nlaint, (out, rheumatiini, dlsord r of the
boaclf, nrinary atlectioci and otker 111 a I a
(I in axe r.ot rallial'd merely, but roo'cd out
by it. 11 0C! to the foun'ain head. It a
really, not nominally, a radical remedy, and
it endow? the "ytin with an amount of
viitor which if iu btet irutection ncainat
Aeriuriit on me an
Lot'isvtit.K, Kv., March ).". Mail
t'.iin o. I on the Lcu'srille and
Nirl.v.lie (Shoit Linn loft Uneinnatl
thin mnrniug. rnd rn into a rock in a
cut mar Verona, Ky., and wss
wrecked. Ilia rngino and posUl-car
were baoly umashtd, and two enschta
diia;l!d. Mr. Ilouide', the engirer,
rectived painful hurts, and a postal
clerk, Ionis ll'fp, win-terioni-ly in.
jur-'d. All of the pscsensters escapitj
utilno!. The wreck has been cleared,
ar. 1 '.raius are aow ruuniag thiough.
' 7
twice anrt
e.!f Vf IT
KumoreJ Rcblfnutlon of Member" cf
His Cabinet Enrnpean Jfone
Iindo.v, March 13. The 0hrref
says that at the Cabinet council Sat
urday the measures submitted by Mr.
(ilaibttoneforthe home government of
Ireland were unfavorably received,
ami that the project, if jFcrsissted in,
will lead to the disruption of the CaU
inet. Tho Obtentr state that Mr.
(iladstone's draft, aa printed and
handed to the Cabinet, deals exclu
sively with expropriation, for which a
colossal gum will be reouired. The
administration of the fund is to be in
trusted to an Irish 1im1 Usly, the con
stitution of w hich is left blank in the
draft, but which the Ministers were
informed would be of the character of
an Irish l'arliainent.
The fV this afternoon states that
at tho Cabinet meeting held Saturday.
Mi Trevolyan, Secretary for Scotland
and formerly Chief Secretary for Ire
land,' and Mr. Kdward Heneago,
Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster,
both tendered their resignations. The
reason given by both gentlemen for
their action, was their disinclination
to support tho Irish jiolicy outlined at
the meeting by Mr. (ilndslono as that
which ho had 'decided to pursue.
ilAltACTKftlXF.n AS KII)H'l l.Ol S.
The Pull Mull (iuzflle professes to
have authority for saying that the
statements of the Tims and tlindard,
that Mr. tiladstone's Irish expropria
tion scheme contemplates an outlay of
JC-(H),(X(0,O0O sterling, are ridiculous
and that the sum which Mr. (iladstoti't
calculated necessary to buy out all the
present landlords of Ireland is nearer
tinO,tKi,iHK)8tearling than 3l,ntK),
0110 sterling.
Mr. Joseph ChauiU'rlain, president
if tho Uical Government llotird, de
clares that the reisirts in circulation
that he intends to resign his seat in
the Cabinet are all "moonshine."
tarna Vr-Umm nt I.odon-The
('llaviilal BeanM,
Ionimin, March 15. Hiscount was
quoted at 1) for three mouths and
for shurt. There wag no variation in
the rates for money, which were
barely sustained. There is a distinct
prospect tt lower ntcB. An idea pre
vails that money w ill Un-oine dearer in
America. Consols sold steadily but
closed weak, owing to the prospect of
va bad budget, ltusiness on the Stink
Exchange was quiet. Knglish railway
securities drooped, the bad weather
disfavoring agricultural prospects.
American railway securities were ani
mated early, but afterward became
weak, except Wabash, on the news of
the labor1 strikes. The Ecmuwiirt esti
mates the budget deficit at i'.'.'KtO.OlK),
which, it says, will involve the mts-'
pension of the sinking fund or new
taxes. It denounces Mr. (iiften's
economic valuation of Ireland in The
Ximtrenlh tVinnasa misleading and
erroneous estimate, 230 per cent, wide
of the truth.
Ibe ('itntluental Bonraea.
Viknna, March 15. The ltottrsewas
quiet hut tinn ; Austrian credit rose N.
Fkankkoht, March 15. The Bourse
w as linn ;' Austrian credit advanced 12.
ltKiu.iN, March 15. Tho Bourse waa
firm, ami speculation strong with a
bull movement, the extent of which
is likely to render liquidat on painfuL
Faris, March 15, RenU were flat
owing to tho new loan which, hew
ever, will lie snoedilv covered Three
per cents, closed at8Ui2.' M. Cerus
nan resuuieu. ins oiiiieuiiiBiBciiijitijii.
HoattribtttoH all the prenont troubles
to mononietulism and varcity of gold.
Si'akim. March 16. In n sklnnish
to-ilav between tho British ami ruhels
thirty of the latter were killed.
lAUis,Mnreh 13. llonations forllho
proposed 1'astetir Institute 1
reached the sum of 230,000 francs.
Bkui.in, March 15. A violent si
of earthquake disherited Weisba
the iclebrated ' iernian watering pll
at midnight last nigh'.
(ii.Asoow, March 13. An iniiui
Socialist meeting was held here
day at which Burns, one of the So
1st leaders, made an harangue. in
ample force of police preserved on. T.
Mahiiid, March 15. The city of
(iranada, capit d of the province if
the same name, was shaken yesterday
by an earthquake. The shock was bf
seven seconds duratinu. ( The people
were terrified nnd fled 111 a'l direc
tions. No lives were lost.
London, March 15. Richard Ik-It,
the sculptor, was to-day found guilty
of misdemeanor In having obtained
money of Sir William Abily by false
pretense?, and was sentenced to a
vear's Imprisonment at hard labor.
His brother, Walter, jointly indicted
with him, was acquitted.
. Pi'iiMN, March 15. Mr. PurneU pnh
licly urges inemU'rs of tho Nationalist
nartv in Ulster to refrain from cele
brating St. Patrick' day- by demori 1,
strations, such as parades, HKoiy
anrthe Orangemen. In his circtt
lar advising this course, tho Irish
leader says: "l(o not irritate the
Oraiurtmirit, however misguided you
may deem them. This is of vital im
portance now."
The Rock I timid Krraa Roltbery.
Joi.iet, III.. Mrch lr. By com
paring notes ConAlnctor Wagaer aad
seveial pancongfte 0' tho train ab-ard
(jf which KxfireWs MmaeDger Kichola
w as mnrderod SaTtrrdny.havo accepted
the theory that the murder and rob
bery were perpe'.rated by f mr vuiou,
ilireo of whom boardsd the tiatn at
t he Chicago depot and the fourth at
Blue Island. Two rf the wnn traveled
on a paes iraued to R. D. Martin, and
one good between Chicago and Kan
ats City. Bifori leaching Joliot the
conductor became convince 1 that the
men were auspicious characters, and
a. ked to eee tLeir pas ea again. On a
second inspection of that issued as
above slated, the conductor net;rod
that it had been originally dated 1NS4,
and tLat the last figure of tbo date
hud been neatly covered by a ft t-r
bearing the figure C, Upon this he
ref dned to return tho pass, and ordered
the men to leave tho tru:u at Joiift.
They did so, but are believed t have
b Wed the train between the baggage
and vxprt cars just as it pulled out.
No clow to the ruea has yet been dis
covered. ' - .
I.onlaville Onient. .
Foundation, cellar walls and build
ngs subject to overllow should be con
Btructed with Ixuisville Oeuient. It is
the standard.
l wnmrti. TfHP. Fth'PT. NtWtWrnn;
royal nasi J jk NJ
nnvM,n 70
Absolutely Pure.
parity, riraoath and wbol'.omen. Mora
ooonouilcaj loan ma oramatr kidub. ana
conot ba aold tn voiupetition wi.h tba
BnltUnda of low teit, ihort woinhtaluir or
tihoihat powJeri. ,S'J owfu iacana. Koial
lUivn Pi.wnra (In., im W.fl t..NwVrk.
Flesh Producer & Tonic !
Hear the Witiivttscs!
10 TO O POX'Bing!
A Hn of Slnlj Klslit Wlnln.
I am 68 yean of are. and retard Uuinn't
Pioneer a fine tunio for tbe foeble. ity lu
ate wt itrenvth hai bean restored and my
weight inoreaned ten imunda.
A F. ii. CAM HIIKLL, Cotton Gin Maker.
Macon, Ga., February 18, 1HS6.
A Crippled rouftderatfl Hays:
I on'y weiglied 128 ponnda when I rom
menced Ouinu'a Pion r, and now weiuh 147
pounds. 1 eould hardly waU with a stick to
aupoort me and pan now walk lone diatancea
without help, it beneftt to ma it h-yond
eal"ulation. E. KUVU6 BoSTCK,
Maoon, Ua. Cotton Buyer.
Mr. A. II Braiablrll, Hardware Mfir
fbanl, of Foray th, da , Wrlteat
Itwtedbke aoharmon myrenaral health.
I eoniider it a fine tunie. I wale h more than
I have for 25 a... BKAMBLETT.
nr. W. r. Jonw, MfOit,ajei
My wife has retained her atrenath and In
ereaed ten pnunda in weixbt. We reoom
inend Quinn a Pioneer ai tbe beit tonic.
, vi. e. Junes.
Dr. 0. W. nrlbrldiff, of Atlanta, a ,
Writes ef Uuinn'a Pioneer 1
Ouinn'i Pioneer Blood Bonewerhaa been
axed for years with uiprecedented lucoes.
It ia entirely vegetable and dooi the lyttein
no harm. It Improve! the appetite, diges
tion and blood wakinc, atimulatint;, inviK-oratlnt-
and toning up all tbe functions nnd
tii-sues of tbe avsUin, and thus becomes tbe
great blood renawer and health reatorer.
urei all Blood and Skin Dl'eases, Bheuma
tiain, 8-rolula, Old Sores. A perfect t-pring
i edicine.
II not in your market it will be forwarded
on receipt on t rice. Small bottles, II. UU;
la rue bottles, f 1.75.
Hseay on Blood and Skin Diseases moiled
"'MACON MRDIClNE f 0., Macon. Oa.
President of the ret 1,(11 ISVILLE C01'
HI Ell-JOURNAL C0y toll, what
VVintersraith'i "chill Cure,
OmCK iir Tl Pol'BlK-Joi RNl.,
Itinav 11.1.. Kv
Or. Witer,Milh, -I waiica rule lhave
observed for many years, the value of your
lemctly prompting mo in uv. In fmoIv to
fr request, what 1 kaew 0( your Chili
are. '1 he private nssursneea of iutncacy
I had, and the good results oi K efiects I
nan ooservea on Jir. n. n mereuitn, wno,
for moro than fifteen years, had been fore
man of my office, induced me to test it in
my family. . Ihe reiulu hare been entirely
atisfactory. The first rato was of two
yer- auaillhg, in whlca 1 oeueve every
known remtdy bud boen. tried with terono-
rarv reuei tna coiifs returniug poriuuieMijy
and with sei-mingly iocrcated aerrrity.
Your cure broke them at once, and there baa
been no recurrence of thorn for more than
aix months. Tbe other raae was ol a milder
form, and yielded more readily te other
remfdieei but the chills would return at in
tervals until your medic Jia was used, ainea
which time now aevrai months, they have
entirely aissppeared. from the opportu
nity I hare bad to judge, I do not hesitate to
express my belief that your Ch'.ll Cure is a
valuable apeomc, ana periormi all you
promise for it. itespectfully.
ARTHUR PETER & CO., Agents, bouis-
yiite, Ky.
TsMSTtoo. Canada West, Ont.
Mkksri, Fi.aaiNS Bros.:
Imrh Vonr pills crimeaU right, and I can
ear they are a good bilious pill. I have u-e.l
a great many pil s, but I can say Dr. C. Mc
Lane's Pills, manu'netured by Fleming
liros., are genuine. And, gentlemen, you
have my thanas in sending. I gave some ot
those piils to my neighbors for a trial. One
of my neighbors got three pilis. lie said
they did help him. lie felt the next day like
anew man. lie wishes me to send for fifty
cents' worth for him. So, B'nt emcn, I will
Ho all 1 can ti introduce Dr. C. Mcf.ane'a
Liver Pills. tnanuUcruied by 1' I e mi rig Broth
ers. Yours, w.lu respect.
W.M. 11. DUSAN.
Fi.kmino Bror.:
lima Sm Inclosed you will find one
dollar, for whii h you will p'enso send me
mora of vnnr Llr. C. McLsne s Liver Fills. 1
trust you have received the pay tort the last
two box's 1 ortlefeu ana rsceived. 1 would
only ssy. they have done me ntore good than
I could express, I feel much belter now than
I have lor twi years tast laurs tru v..
West tSandlaka.N. V.
AVOID I'OrNrKHt-l-.liFtt bead us
25o,and we will send vu hy return nail
a box ot the genuine tr C. .Mot.ane s Ce
brated biver Pill, and eight handsome enrds.
FLEMING BROS., Pittba'gh, Pa.
For gale -'by retail drujglsts. .Be fur' Uj9
v.,l.an.'a- Pills von I uv are made at Pitts
burgh, Pu-i The counterfeits are made at
Kt. Louis. Mo .and WheelingWVa
t.'.. . '
V.VV'-, -i .-. aa.-i
tf.l .nlloqNre. Memnlsla, Tena
A FULL stock- ci? Wooden and Metallic
L Casts and Cwkiits, rlurial Kobes, etc.,
always on nand. Orders by Telarraph or Tal
ohone I'mtin tidy tt,ti ted
l-rvj tk- ITJd
Notico of DissoIutioM.
THE firm of R. E, LB P. CO., composed
of R. R. Lee Kr.l Johu Ileid, has this
dtT been dissolved v mntual consent, Mr.
John Roid retirinn fr the bu-ines.-i. ihe
business of said Btiu will be continued
under tho same nuuie ty Mr. R. K. Lee,
who succeeds to tho sairci, and assumes nil
liabilities and is aotlionatd to collect all
daou due said late firm.
' Memphis. Fab. 17, ISnJ. li. I). hUti.
1 " "yVti 'Mnlti'Sveia),
M I V a
HAVING withdrawn from the Woodrn IT-Oliver Carr'age and TTardwsre Company . we
have accepted the Agency of some of the Ural "launfaclnrfrs as tko I lilted
KtMtew. and are now receiving a full assortment nl CARRIAUKS, BUUdR1, WAOONS,
HARNESS and SAOOL'iRV ; also, a large stock of the improved TKNNEEK WAGONS.
All goods are new. and built exnressly tor this market, and will be told atvery low prices.
OlUce and f" a leu room, Ao. -01) Hul.i trPt. Warehouse, No. 20UFront street.
A. WOsnHITF J. v.. Olivia. r. I.. TnOWtrFf.
Bstablislied 186S,
25ft anil 258 Front
Collars). Trace C'liaina, I.np Links,
Illlud IlrldleK, Hamea, Lap ning,
Backbaudis Nlugle Tree, Itepalr Link
IIauic8trlng8, Double Tree, Cotfou Hop,
Curry Combs, Horse I!riibf8. -
A Complete Line of tbe above Goods- at Lowest Prices.
01 ani Son IHain Ktreel. lvfemplil'. Teim.
e h, mm & eo.
Lmiilnif H ill Flaiii Mil.
Doora, 8a8k. ltliudH, Mouldlnga, all kinds of Door and
Window Frames, Brackets, Scroll-lVork, ICongh and
Dressed Lumber, Shingle, Laths, Water Tanks. ,
All kinds of Wood Work Executed at Short Notice.
Jfos. 157 to 17.3 Washington St. Memphis. Tp.nn.
Capital, $200,000.
J. K. 01)W1X, Preg'U J. M. GOOUBAK, VlciPres't. C. H. RAISE, Cashier,
33c je,ri of Slrootors.
trl nepoaltorjr of tbe SUt( or Teunettee, Transact a Ucueral BanltlMf
flw.i bfm stexi rivrm Nttmtal
mtu i ,frr-'
B I Q A lit K .tD'. 1
Grocers & Cotton Factors,
o. 3 Jfaln Street, finyow Itlock.
Cotton Factors, Vnol
STo. 11 IJnton Street, : :
Cotton Factors & Commission Perch'ts,
ICottoai Warebente-Kes. suid Vmfm Streot,
St., Mem phia, Tcnn.
Surplus, $25,000.
A t tent ton tn g"llwH""."
Lamp Stock.
Coal Oil,
, 1,
. Headlight,
' Fisher Ranges,
Illustrated Catalogues
Mailed Free.
257Main St.
esaie uroGers,
Memphis, Tens
Yor HflMiiTaar thev ka. at&Hi1w nlnl
la laror, and with aaJea constantly Increas
ing hare become the most popular Corset!
throurhout the United btWa.
The quality ia waaaiaiao toVkai twicsj
ai uxa as erdinar) Coiuhts. W hare
lately introduced the and M H aradee
with Eiraa Lona Waist, and eanlurnish i
mem wnen preferred. '
Highest awards from alt the World'
First Dtuui or MaaiT, from the late Expo
sition held at New Orleans. While scores of
patents hare been fennd worthless, the prin
ciples nf the UloTe-Fittini hare proved In
valuable. Ketaileri are authorised te refund money.
II, on examination, these Corsets do not
prove ai represented. 'r attle) every -wtieret.
sjatulotrnva rrsw iDllrUB.
Thomson, Langdon & Co., New York
w. caratmilj rrommrvm
your U Ui e l-.t rcmedr
ami. . to ua ssa Goaonaiea
antl Glret.
We hta sold coailrlel.
alj, and la mr, case as
ha, vw Mtma-rira
Atwtt Lata.
Trustee's Sule.
UNDER and bv virtue of two trust deedt
executed by D. L. Feotu on and Ii. C.
Ilampson to the undersigned as trustees, on
January 4. 18S4, and May 11. 1885, restect
ive'y, and duly recorded in tie office of the
Clerk of the Circuit Court of Mississippi
county, Ark., ia Keoord Bonk 12, pages t.a.
etc., ann Record Book of Trust Seeds, vol.
A, partes 27., ete. , default in the payment of
the indebtedness thereby secured harms;
been made, at tho request of the beneficiaries
therein, we will, as such trustees, oa
Wctlueaday, March 10, ISM,
at the storehouse upon the plantation known
as "Nodena,"io Mississippi county, Ark.,
and being- on the Missi'simii river, prooeed
to sell to the highest bidder, tor cash, the
following- personal property, to-wit: Four
4-horse wagons, eight two-horss wagons,
sev.nty-one mules, aix sets wagon harness,
seven seta harness, one 40-horse power en
gine and boiler, two 80-saw Mil barn double
roller gins and f'n stands, two feeders and
condensers, one Coalman cotton press, one
grist-mill with appurtenances, belting,
Bhaftine and pulleys, three horses, two
colls, one mule colt, f. ur mares, four sets ot
gear; also, all plows, scrapers, hoes, axee
an I all other farming utensils and imple
ments! and also, all cattle, stock hogs and
other mules and stock, and all cropsef corn,
cotton, cotton-seed, hay, fodder and other
produots now on or belonging tbe planta
tions known aa "Nodena, ' the "Ellis
place" and the "Lanirr place" in said
county, run and operated by said Ferguson
& Hauinson during the year 1885. And
under said deed, en
Sntartlajr, Harett 20, 18H8,
in front of the court-house dour in Osceola,
Mississippi county, Ark., we will sell to the
highest binder, tor cash, the following de
scribed real estate, nomcly, all being in said
county arid State: The plantation known
as the "Ellis place" at Fergi'son 4 Ilump
son's Landing in Bend S. .Mimissippi river,
and described as follows; sue. 13. 374
acres (tut of E ! aeo i4 and part WW sec
24, K y of reo. i' and K H W Y sec. 25, in
township 11 north, rame lu ea t. Alto, NK
yt sec. 2, loO acres, W NE i toe. 11, 71
aores.in township 11 north, range 10 east:
and the S fr of N W fr X seo. M (south of
Little river) in township 13 north, range s)
east, containing 8.U7 acres. AI:o, E Ir hi of
SE fr M feo. (east of i.you), township 15
north, range 10 east, 39.19 acres. Also, the
N fr K of seo 10 (we t of Bjv Lake) contain
ing 20-109 of an aore: and the SE KofNW
of seo. 15, boih in township II north,
range 10 east, the last described containing
40 acres.
Baid sales will begin at the time and place
stated, and will continuo from day today
until ootni'lcted. All riahtt of redemption
and exemntiona are .7'vd. Sale absolute..
Terms cash. -s. II. POTOST, ,
P. P. POSTON. ' '
, : u Trustees. : I
Cure Guaranteed
1 beillectroialaileip-nM)vvli'ltla
1'ohIi ivei Vurr far Nrrvoua Di-lillily, I .nets
of Vigor, W raknt-xH. I'rriiuii BreOM Apr,
Ac A r, t)iui.oo lleward paid if every Belt
we sell does not trenerate jrmuJti Klactrie.
current. Price reduewt to mb. Willi Ac-n
Delt we aend a written guarantee to return
the full amount paid if it doea not mate
rmmuete cure. Si-alert prUfUlra aoat frnjj
baaa Avenue and BWte street, Btootlyn.a. I.
Trustee's Sale. , " . : ;
HAVIXG been, appointed trustee1 under
the roarers contained in the truBt deed
made by riarah L. Dent aad George U. Dent,
securing tbe payment of a note for $1500 by
tbem made September 14, 1882, due one year
after date, default having been made in the
payment thereof, at the lequest of tbe holder
of said no'e, I will, on
Monday, April 0. 1886,
at 12 o'clock tn., at the southwest oorner of
Main and Madison streets, in the Taxing
District of Shelby county, Tenn., sell the
following described tracts of land : The first
beginning at C-irr and MoLeinore's corner
on Greer s line; thence east 11.40 chtini to
Greer's SK corner : thence north 10 ehaint to
Greer's NE corner: tbenoe east 8 chains to
Uradshaw's SK corner: thonoe sou'h 3.79
chains to McLemore and Carr's SW corner
of 13-acre entry: thence east 13 chains;
thence north 10 chains to Wra. and Gideon
Pillow's line; thence east 18.50: thencs south
5(1 chain": tbence west 47 iK) chains to Carr
and MoLeinore's line; thence north 13.79
chains to the beginning, containing IW acres,
more or less, it being the same tract of land
conveyed to Dmiel iluehea hy James E.
Felts by deed of August 12, 1836, recorded in
book 20, page 35.
Also, lot lo of the Borland subdivision of
lots, fronting 60 leet on the east fide of Bor
land avenue, and running back between
parallol lines 170 ieet to an alley.
Alto, part of lot 9 of tame subdivision, on
the south boundary line ol lot 10, eighty feet
from the southwest corner of same, and run
nine Fouth at right angles with said bound
ary line nine feet and six inchet; th-nee at
right angles tost siitten 'eet to as to run di
rect Iv over the center (.f the mouth of the
cistern ; thence at right angles nine teet and
six inches to the south boundary 1 ne of said
property, with all imrrovemen'a tberton,
and being the same property conveyed to J.
E. Dillar.1, trustee, by 8. L and Ii. ti. Dent,
rerorded in book 145, page ef the reoorda
of Shelby county.
Terms of Sale flash. Title believed to be
good, but I sell only ns trustee.
. . , It. 11. ESTES, Jr., Trostse. .
.1 tlneet (IW prilltit, now rewtr.
reprewiat. over.n.i wow. iTigv
-nl Style. of Offloe I.ibrav
Desks, Taolei, vnairt,
Book Cases. Louneej,
m . . i,v:.i
Ladies' Fancy Detki, sto
'ine.t (looda and Loweist
F ri t'tmm MU1 tmM (iluLtml
bv. Po.Ua. to, No poiitaU.
K4.LTII IS B4i.TH -nt. K. C.
Waxr'. Nkbts: a so lirtAm Tsiitiiht.
a guarantmd specific for Hysteria, Dini
ness, Convulfioo, Fits, Nervi us fieural-
Kia, Headache, Nervc-s Prostration, enused
y the ue of alcohol or t-bacoo; Wake
fulne.. Mental Depression, Sa't-oingofth
Brain, resulting in insanity and Ion Ing to
misery, t decay and death; Premature m
Age, Barrenness, Lore of Power in either
Involuntary Losses a.nd Korm.tAp.
j rhea, eaa by ovor-exertion of the brain,
icii-HuusB ur o.i iuiiuikoo ro. .acs oox con
tains one mcti treatment. (1 a box, or'
six boxes for 05, aen tiv mail prepaid, on
receipt of price. We goar'one Six lloxet
to cure any ease. With each order i. Mired
by us for six bc-jes, tueompanied wit'i
we will send the purchaser our written
gnurartee to refund tbe money if the treat
ment doc ot effect a cure. Gnarsnteea
issned only b HKMivKRI Jti:o., Drug
gists. Menu-'.. Tn.
Manhood Restored
Rkmkdt t liEK. ATioliraof jouthfiiliniprndeno.
eaunng Pryoature Decay. Nervous Debilitj, Lort
Mnh(-.H, Acharin. tried In vsia every toown
r.niei'j.b'aadiaoovreil a simple mean.of aelf-care.
whidj b. w.ll tr.-i KUI'.K t-o his follow-.nrrera.
AilJKa, J.U.;iiitVEa.3 Uhatham iiuji.. York,
Administrator's Notice.
Ornci or Prune ADmxisTaATOR,
February Ti, 18SH. i
HAVING been appointed'and qualified at
administrator of the estate of Patrick
Roper, deceasrd, all parties indebted to laid
estate are requested to ecme lorward and
settle, and all union to whom said estate ia
indebted are reiuested to file their oUima
with me, duly probated ia accordance with
law. JUU.N LOAGL'K, Public Ala'r.
TCmrm la I
TMo UiV8.
ir VOD.raiatMd moi tTj
I j HrtMibrtb.
W 7 Vv. mm '
k'ir"- iff-?

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