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The Firit Serious Act of Vloleice
Jay ;uld Talks About
tbe Strike.
Kt. Louii. Mo- March 14 State L
borCommiwioner Kochtitixky.arriTed
tier Batim'ay night from Jtfftjreon
City nd belt! ceDferrncet in rejrard to
settlement o! the strike, bat he de
clined Is my who be conferred with
or whet was done ; nor would be say
what, if an r. relatione be holds to
either aide in the conteit He did My,
however: "Tbe strike is a mistake, end
it is my opinion that tbe Koighte of
Labor re a iie tbat fat t, and, bating tbe
opinion on tbat view ol tbe situation,
it is aaore than probable that within
f one days the trouble will be settled,
frekrht trains be running and tbe em
bariro ODon commerce raised." When
asked if negotiations are now pending
between the Missouri Pacific Company
nd tbe Knighta cl Labor be replied
"I do not feel at liberty to answer that
qaettion directly. 1 will simply say
tbat the strike is in a fair way of set
tlement, and wlthont tbe interference
of come anfjrseen issue will be at an
end wilhin the next three or four
days. Mr. KochtiUky It ft for Stdalia
yesterday morning far the purpose, it
is understood, of consulting with
leading Knights at that place.
by both the striking Missouri racific
railway employes and their employers
is expected to be more than offset to
day by renewed activity of the com-
Sany, which will again make the at
imj:H renew its freight t-afric. Tbe
fleet of the injanction issued by the
Circuit Conrt Saturday, restraining
the strikers from trespass and intimi
dation, can already be seen fjr, the
suburban accommodation trains de
parted and arrived on time this morn
ing. The engineers in tbe employ of
the company have already expressed
their intention rf atanding at their
. pott when ao ordered and of remalc
ing there nntil they become convinced
that they do go oat at their peril.
Positive fnformition in regard to the
Uremens' intention hai until new been
wanting, bat yesterday morning,
Grand Master of tbe Brotherhood cf
Locomct've Fiiemen, arrived in this
city, and attended a meeting of the
firemen in the afternoon. This morn
ing be announced that he bad rd
vised them to report regularly tot
duty, to icnpond when called upon by
1 the railroad company and to go out
witn tbe engines unless they believe
they wil be ex pored to danger by so
doing. These facts, taken together
with Iho expectation that the injunc
tion will prove eflVctive, leads to the
Delist that! eigbt trailia will also be
rernlarly resumed to day unless tbe
strikers retort to violence, and this
they say they will cot do,
by the sirikers occurred this morning,
when a j a tr of five men approached
W. W. Ktautjn, a new switchman
hired by the Missouri Pacific Com
pany, who was tending a switch in
the company's yard, and asked him
wby be was occupying a place of one
of thes rikers. lie replied that be
was being paid the wages domanded
by the strikers, and that when the
"tnati whore position he was then fill
ing should return he would surrender
the place to bim. This served to snger
the men, and one of them struck Stan-
Ion on the tmple with a ra'r of braw
knacks, end anther burled a lock at
him. which also struck bim on the
bead and knocked him senseless. Tbe
aasalUnta then dispersed, but not be
fore one ot them, Pa to Horn, was ar
retted. Stanton, it is thought, is not
dangeroasly wounded.
Contrary ti general expectation, the
Mlscoarl Pacifii) lailway ofllcials have
not up to this hour (2:30 o'clock p.m.)
made any attempt to move freight
trains apon their road. Accommoda
tion trains, however, have bnen run
ning on taeir regular schedule t me,
aid have not bu-a interfered with in
tbe least.
It ia Oiwrted in railroad eindes that
n circular emanating from the Kiwt St.
Louis Assembly, knight of Ulmr,
was served this afternoon upon rvpre
wntativee of all roads centering in
Kant bit. Louis demanding an iiicreiifu
of wagee for all ehop and yardmen,
and elating that if the demand in not
complied with by 0 o'clock this even
ing the men will be ordered out.
lMn. - The report referred to above
proves to have been true. The circu
lar was aent as stated, but the time
given to the railroad companies to re
spond has been extended to Thurs
day next The demand is made l,
: switchmen only, no shopmen being
; involved.
Jay Oi.H ea lb Hlrlke.
Jacksonville Fla., March 15 Mr.
i Jay Gould, io day, speaking for the
first time respecting the strike by the
Knighte of Libor on the Missouri Pa
's cific ant the remaining portion of the
Goold Son hwettun syetera, (a d to a
reporter ol the Asiociated l'rem: "I
fi'st ha n.d rf the etrike while at
1 Ilavara, and have benn alvieed by
: telegraph, if the rhnracier ol the
: trouble mo-e nariirnlarly Mneo my ar
' rival here. The Unke on oir extern
was a co nn'ete surprise to me f ir two
i reatont: F.rt-t, we hud acceded to all
the demands which had been made
upon as by our emp'oym, and were
j supposed ' ba working in harmony
) -with them. Secood.thu pesentmrike
is made npoi en issue with which we
; have no hing to doand which wec-n-not
possibly arbitrate or control. The
4 present strike." co i t naed Mr. Gould.
"origint t-s to the discharge of an em
ploye eased Hall on the Texts and
l'aciflc. which rod is in the ands of
the Unite 1 8 res C iart. We have ro
wore right t atumt to control the
working i f tbat system than the work
logmen themselves, and coold be as
completely in-roatempttjdosoas any
other outsider."
Begirding anoher aepect rf the
strike, Mr. Uoul I eiid : "The pall o
may not be aware of it. battheMme
itus wssiaised when smemn were
discharged on the W'a rash ralwav t
s time when it ws in the e n rol f
i the United Stares C ur. Mr. Powder
f lv, chief f tbe Ex-cutive Ccmmi tee
of the Knights of Labor, called upon
metoe-' urhereinti.temerjt of these
men. Thesnbj t was then fullv dis
cussed, and I told Mr. Powdeily I had
no powtr ia the rxatter; not even an
advisory without a' nq iest from the
conrt At ihi-t interview I told Mr
I'owderly tiat if any grievances ex
jntf d sn o rg our men, if he woiild
bring th u in o ir attei tion, we would
enduavor to rgit thenrr. We rerog
nis'd the n-ceeeuy'if being on g'tod
t irmi wi h iiur people, ti whom one
half of lie earnings of the road go
v early. The rreent strike came with'
oat notice and not in consequence of
any grievance cited against ns; an ' in
view of ray interview with Mr. row
derly. whrm I believed tj be a fair-
minded man. was a'l tbe more ear
pris na to me."
As to the future. Mr. Gould said
"I am advised tbat grtat numbers of
the ttrikers are not in sympathy with
tbe movement, end will return to
work as roan as aesured protection by
tbe civil authorities. It is our inten
tion to rtHume operations as fait and
ss icon aa this pio rction is afforded
In conclusion, he declared that he did
not care to discuss tbe other features
cf the strike beyond tbestatemen
that the company conld not poeeibly
join bauds with the Knights o( Labor
againat the United fctates Supreme'
Uourt in tneir war on another system
which lis asserted tbe present strike
involved. Mr. Gould farther asserted
tbat tbe Knights of Laror bad evi
dently discovered alrtady through
public sentiment that they were xer-
cising their power in favor of an issue
ttrictly against law, and order, and
tnat it was moie of a war against tb
general public than the road. It was
closing manufactories along tbe lines
of tbe railrraJs. and was stop
ping tbe sbi tment of ccal and
other commoditiei to points where
tbe people were liable to sutler gret
deprivation. It was more a fight o
the public than the company, but the
latter, in protection ol its own lawful
rights, would exercise every lawful
energy to meet tbe demands of its
patrons in opening tbe road in all itj
Mr. Goulditited that be was in re
ceipt of telegrams from manufacturers
and others along the company s lines
sUting that tbey would be compelled
iy s'iut down, but at tbe (axe time
placing no blame noon tbe company
or its management.
ay Una It la a Strike.
Cbicaop, III., March 15. The
statement is published here this
morr ing that the Chicigo. Builinirton
uod Q iiucy railroad engineers have
grievance which may result in a gnn
eral strike along the line. A week ago
trie iirotberbood ol Locomotive Eaal
neeis sent a committee to Chicago to
interview the i Ulcere. The committee
has had several interviews with Uen
eral Manager II. H. Stun cf the road.
but to no purpose, be claiming that be
had no authority to giant their rtquett
mr conceseions on me entire evatera
Tbe committee is now wa'ting for the
return of Vice-President Potter, who
is aaily expected from tbe West.
What the men chiefly want !s a re
vision of the schedule of wages. Tbe
claim is not so much for an advance
of wages as for the better clatsiflcttion
ol them. Tbe men who make over
time want a more defliolte statement
aa to their rate of ray. The members
of the committee do not expect that
tney win De compelled to strike, be
lieving that their demands are reason
able and will be readily granted. The
Burlington route has been very for
tunate in the ait in this regard, all
differences having been amicably and
satisfactorily adjusted.
Strikers at Mule Rack Enjoined.
Liiti-i Rock, Ark., March 15. To
day a bill was tiled by the attorneys of
the St. Ijoiiisand Iron Mountain rail
roid against J. L Delay and others,
representing the Knights of Lsbor, al
leging the seizure and mutilation of
their property and the obstruct on of
the buKineca of the company's road,
arid atking for an order restraining all
parties from trepMBiog on their
propel ty and intei faring with the busi
ness of the company. Chancellor Car
roll granted temporary restraining
Tbe Toledo oil Works Deslroyaa
by fire.
Toi.mio. 0., March 15.-The milln of
the Toledo Linseed Oil Company,
which burned lout night, were among
the largeHt in the country. Tbe ori
gin of the Ore in unknown, the theory
of spontaneous comhtiHtioii and that
of inceiulinriHm lioth having support
ers. Tho building where the tire
started wiw devoted to a new patented
proccKH for extracting the oil from tho
crushed wed by percolation, napthtt
being the agent employed to ell'ect
this. There, was over ltd barrels of
this dangerous lluid in the building,
hired in iron tanks, which exploded
alnioNt simultaneously. Tho shock
was like an cartlmnake. The firo de
partment had not yet reached the
scene ami but few apectators, or the
Iokh of life would have been terrible.
Frank longmore and William Kirk
ham, two ljike Hhoro Railway em
ployes, werr- stun. ling across the street
trom the building mid the broad sheet
of llaine was driven across, enveloping
them, scorching oil" their hair
and eyebrows, and hu ning their
hamlH and fucs till tho skin
hung in shreds. Their injuries, while
serious, are not fatal. Tho night
watchman of the I'ayton and Michi
gan round-house was' in the cub of a
locninotivo blowing an alarm on the
whistle and was blown out of the cab
by the concussion, hut received only a
few bruises. Stark, tbe telephone
boy, had his face badly cut by win
dow kIiiss, but is not "serio-islv in
jured. Numerous minor casualties
Iroru tho explosion are reported. The
inflammable nature of the Imildingn,
filled with linseed oil and flaxseed,
anil the wood wo k, saturated with
oil, prevented any portion of the
works being saved. The company's
ollices were also burned. The laytoii
and iihigan roadmastcr's oilice,
bunk-rooms and blacksmith shop und
several smaller auxiliary structures
were nil burned. Three or four cot
tap's near by were hadlv scorched us
well us partly wrecked ly the explo
sion, while the window glass in all
structures within several s.mares
sntlered more or less. There
were three large buildings
and several smaller ones de
stroyed totally, except the boiler
house. The old process mill was
valued at?(P,(XK), and its machinery
at .25 00. The new process mill and
piaehlnery cost $40,000. The fixtures
include stoek of oil and seed on hand
in each. The Yaryan Manufacturing
Company, which owns the unt on
the new process, lose '8tKX) worth of
machinery. The total loss on linseed
oil works, including the Yarvan Com
pany's loss, is tl 0,000. Uws'of others
including railroads, tl0,0i 0. The insur
ance ottlie new process mill is put at
$ 0,000, of which tho New York
Mutual holds $10,00. The other
buildings and machinery were insured
for$M), 00. in twenty seven companies
none holding over inOOO. The com
pany will rebuild at once and con
tinue the business.
In I ho Dear Old Itmjn.
We differ in creed and politics, but
we area uuir all the rtmo on the de
sirableness of a fioe head ff hair. If
yorj noun the lies of this blessing
end rmameiit. a boltle or two of
Parke! a H.ir B,l a n will make you
look at you did in the dear Id cvs.
It is 0 th trvmir. Tim
CO cenU article far the hair.
Toe tbanceg Xach Against Them
Ironclad Bute Laid Down by tbe
Ilosse Committer.
IcoaaiaroxDiaci or tbi irriAi.l
Washidotow, March 13 As there
are quite a number of claims pending
in voogrns in wnicQ boutbern inter-
eats are involved, many of them com
ing from Tennessee, it may be well to
s'ate that the Committee on War
Claims have laid down a rule of pro
cedure which secures tbedisallowaace
of many of them, even befire re-ex
amination ia made. Tbe class to which
rt f arence is made are those in which
Congress is asked to pay for the occa
parion and damage ta propeity by
United States troops during tbe war.
in many instances, as is well-known,
cnurcn propeity was tiken for hojpl'
tai purposes sua otber army pur
poses. The committee, however,
broadly pa upon all claims for the
use and occupation of and damage to
real estate and declare :
"It appears to be the settled policy
of Congress not t allow this class of
claims, and this committee feels dis
posed to follow tbat policy in the con
aideiation of cacei. Numerous caws
have been considered, and many more
are still pending, involving this same
prineiple, and every principle of ius-
ticeand equity demands that they
should be treat sd al.ke."
From this declaration of oolicv lo
be pursued itcn be lean that such
claimants in the State as have hoped
for liberal and equitable treatment
from Congress are doomed to disap
pointment. Tbe fact ia that the spec
ter of Southern claims, no matter how
Just, ttill continues to frighten tbe
statesmen who control the national
legislation, and little can be expected
from them so long as rolitics over
powers rrghtj.
lbs Uull and Chicago Air Line
railway is hefore tbe Commeice Com
mittee, asking for authority to eret
bridges over trie Cumberland river a.
such poiLt in the counties of Mont
gomery or tHiwart asturveya may de- j
lermiue as mosi ajvanttgeoup, and
such other navigable streams along its
line as are necessary f ir the railway
or its branches to cross. It is specified
that such bridges shall not in trie re
witb navigation, and shall be of such
dimensions and character aj tbe Sec
retary of War may prescribe.
In the Committee on Commerce
there is a measure awaiting considers'
tion that was proposed by Mr. Zich
Taylor "to modify and re-enact an ait
to prevent tbe Introduction of con' a
geous or infectious diseases into the
United States." It provides that the
National Board of Health shall co
operate with and aid any Stata or
municipal Hoards of Health in the
execution and enforcement of the
regulations to prevent tbe intra
duction of such diseases into the
Uuited btates from 'oreign countries.
and into one State from another. It
a ho direct! that all necessary precau
tions be followed to prevent the Intro
duction of diseases from foreign porta
The report of the Secretary of tbe
ireasury, giving an account of the
funds seized at New Orleans by Gens.
liuuer ana iianics, shows that the fol
lowing amounts belonged 1 1 banking
institutions of Tennessee, the money,
However, being uonfederate: Binko
Mempb s. $43,164 17: Oceau Bank t,f
Tennessee, Cleveland, $8000; Bank ol
west lennessee, $'JU,887 22 ; Chatta
nooga Savings Institution, $1,333 13;
ririmsrs- itanx ol lennessee, a ash
vill'. $101.4G2 39: branch Bank of
Tennessee, Memphis, $10,33 1 02;
breach at Clarksville. 37450 70: at
Athens. $50: MnrfreBahnrnnoh.
iVi)3(5; Bank of Tennessee, Nash-
Vi le. $U04 74: Somsrville. 7 Wf On.
lnmbia.1359 24 : Bhelbwille. 11274 79:
Clarksvilie, $2870 28; Sparta, 0'.K) 50;
Trenton, $17,144 03: Knoxville,
3KS1"; Union Hank. NAshvi le. $10.-
!M)0; branch at Memphis, f 25,724 02;
Columbia, $74 ) 20; Jackson, 16!H) 10;
Bank of Memphis. $13 0 4 03: Bank
of Middle Tennpfflfe, Lebuuort, $18 18;
Cit tans' Bank, Memphis. $161 28.
The list a'so contains the names ot
individuals who had amounts stand
ing oa the books of the banks to their
credits, one of whom, in Tennessee,
estate of John Armfitdd. received bv
special set of Congress a return pay
ment i f.f 1 8.0C0 20.
Venator Hams has introduced a bill
to pay Jesse J. BriHhy of Memphis
$355 lor rent of buildings owned by
him in Pine Bluff, Ark., nd which
were occupied by United States mili
tary, nnder contra' t, in 18tii.
There are in the Committee on War
Claims the fallowing measures pre
pared by Mr. Taylor: To pay the
legxl representative! of Moses Diflee
1385 for properly taken by the army,
and to pay Mrs. F. A. Lea, of Madison
county, 13939 for stock and supplies
also taken by the army,
Mr. Taylor also aiks that the charge
of deeertion be removed from Thomas
Gary, Seventh Tennessee Cavalry.
Siah Friedman wants $75,000 for
property taken and desiioyed at Holly
Springs, Miss.
A more liberal sentiment prevails
in the Senate than ia the House in
the waiter of Southern climi. This
is readily apparent from the action of
the Senate Committee on Claims on a
lennessee matter of a'moit identical
import with that roledinthe first
paragraph ubove. Tue Senate com
mittee has drawn up a favorable re
port on the hill to p. v the c'a:ms of
lUvidion Dickson, w. B. Daniel', J.
C. McCrary, A. Pike, James A. Ral
Bton'a etUte, E. E. r.nvton, M. Sparks
and the trustees of the Odd-Fellowa'
Lodge, Pnla-ki, all of which aro for
rent. All of these accounts hava been
disallowed by the accounting officers
of the Treasury.
"Under the act ot 1807," Ihn com
mittee say, ",he departments have de
clined t) pay any claims originating in
the insurrect onary States from the be
ginning of tbe insurrect on to tbe date
of the President's proclamation de
claring the insurrection at an end.
And thus all peraois whose just
claims are based upon an express con
tract between themselves and the
proper officers of the lovernment,
made within tbe limits of the insur
rectionary States, are forced to appeal
to Congress for relief."
The House Committee oa War
Claims have made, through Mr. Rich
ardson, a favorable report on the c!a!m
of thekgd repiejenta-ivee of Giegiry
J arret t, )tn cf Hsideman county.
The committee claim, which is for
military supplies taken during the
wa-, amounted to $5.08, but the com
mittee recommend the payment of
$3,478. The bill of relief has already
passed the Sei a'e.
Mrs. Jane L. f a'lor of Nashville has
filed a claim for $2155 80 for rails and
lumber taken from her farm in 1864
Mr. Minerva Reems of Nashville
asks fir $1980 for loss of wagons and
horses t ktn to convey the wounded
from tbe battle-beld at Marfreesnoro.
Mrs. Mrrgiret C irove, Hardeman
county, asks f ir $1,201 for horses and
f jrage taken by tbe irmy.
I do not believe that
Ayer'D .SarKaparlllaha
an equal as a remedy
for bcrofulous Hu
mors. It la pleasant
to lake, gives simoel
and vigor to the body,
and produces a mora
permanent, lasting, re
mit than any medicine
I ever uned. K
Uaiui n, No. Ululate, O.
I liave used Ayer'i
SarAarilla,in in y fam
ily, for ricrofulti, and
know, If it la taken
faithfully, It will
thoroughly eradicate
til j) terrible riineane.
W. K. Fowler, M. D
Greeuville, 'Jenn.
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have Miflered w ith Krv
slpelas. I have tried
all Horta of remediet
Canker, and
for my complaint, bill
louua no relief until
commenced uhIii
Ayer'a SarKaparilla,
After taking ten bot
tles or una medicine
am completely cured.
Mary u. Amesoury,
Kocaport, Aie.
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years, from Catarrh,
which was so severe
tbat It destroyed rav
appetite and weakened
my ayiiem. Alter try
ing oiner remeuiea.
and getting no relief.
Can be
began to take Ayer'i
Saraaparllla, and, in a
lew mouth, was cured.
cured by
Suan L. Cook, 809
Albany St.. Boston
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la superior to any blood
puritier that I have
ever tried. I have
taken it for Scrofula,
Canker, and Sult-
Hlienni, and received
much benefit from it.
It Is good, also, for a
weak stomach. M e
June Peiroe. South
Bradford, JUai.
Ayer's Sarsaparilla,
rrrpired by Dr. J. C. Avar It Co., Lowell, Mua.
Prior ! ; six bottles, Sja.
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th tame, thereby on man performing' the
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mil lection lor over a dotcn yearn with per
feet atiifaetion. Can (ire respoi libit teiti
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thadrmand of tbe aa for woman pe
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Stockbreeders, Horso It. II., Ao.
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1 a une JU y
rt, Thi only micrrKfnl remptlr for
Nervous Debility, Vital Weakness,
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$1 ier vial, era viaUanil larre rial nvrtler, for
ixl.l) nv Diit'uiiisrH, or.''ntl"ntpa!d Oil rece
nam Oil recem
)riOe. Ilaaihrajr nritlu. !., 1UV
mIM. Bl., k. .
Kotlce Is Herebj Ulren,
THAT the annnal meetlna- of the stock
holdtra of th Chesapeake, Ohio
and Southwestern Railroad Compear
for the election of Director, end
inch other hnnineas as mar coma before the
meeting, will be held at the offioe of the
Companr, in the city of Memphis (called the
Tejmg Dimiot ol Shelbr County), Tenn.,
on the Bib omy of April, at 12
o'clock noon of that day, and that the lease
frem that Company to the Newport News and
Mississippi Valley Company will a sab
milted to tbe stockholder for their consent
thereto and approval thereof. Transfer
books will be elosed irom March iiih to
April ft, 1pW6.
By order of the President and Boud of
Plrectora. ISAAC R. HATES. Secretary.
A book ol 100 pages.
Ilia best book for
f m- imaTt
anadye tisertoeon-
ne eneri-
or otherwise
contains tit's of
newpaperi and etimate o the cost ol ad
vertising. The advertiserwhowani- to spend
one dollar, tods in it tne information hr re
iuires, while for him who will invest one
hui dred thousand dollars in advertising, a
achen a ia indicated which will meet his
every reqnii, ment, or ean be made to do ao
by alight chann' easily arrived at bv eorre
spondrnee. One hiii.dred and flftr-thresj
editions have keen taauad. Sent, poatpaitl,
to any address or ten tains. AiplT to-tlh''.
VERTISING BURBAU,10p,aeest.Pnnt.
lag House Square., few Yoik.
And Commission Herchants,
2C and 2C2 Front St.. MeinnhU, Tenr.
J. I. rAKQASON. J. A. HUNT. 0. 0.
VIiolesalo Grocers
Z6t Front Street. Memphla, Tenu.
Cotton consigned to us will have onr careful attention. Wa earry at all timet a well
selected stock oi
Staple & Fancy Groceries, Wines, Llquors.Tobaccc & Clrjart
nn will awll aM
Jos. Schlitz Brewing Gompaiw.
S. ROESCHKR, Agent, AZemohis, Tenn.
ajatlea In 1883, S0,00O Brrela,......SHle
swim in
t&- Will pay Good Prices
TIIASIIY COIT03I of nil descriptions. Scud for Circular
and Prices Paid.
7a Vance Street
3T"iold TPgcx&l Wanted
Farming Tools, Grass Seed, Garden Seed, Onion
Sets, Millet,
R. G. CRAI& &
JN0. 8. T00F,
E. L. MoOOWAN. J. H. MoXIUflE. ff.
todf, raii & CO
Wholesale Grocers, Cotton Factors,
And Dealers In Leree
No. 274 TVnnt Rtwevt
Newlv Constrneted and Elaborately Fnjrnished, Con
tain ing 22b Large and Elegant Rooms.
overThe House has Perfeot Ventilation and
and two o Hale's Elevators. All street-cars iiass Main street entrance.
RATES 83.00 to $4 per day, according to site and elevation of rooms. Speeial
rates h. Commercial Travelers. Al nndant sorrlv of PTJRB CTSTKBN AND WKLL W ATKW
Boors, Sash, Blinds,
3 "jJSISs- ?
lath and Shingles, Flooring,
5Z!OE 1111 N, -
jonn BKID.
3F5SL- E3- IjBE c& OO-.
376-378-3S0-382-384-3JJG lecond street, south ot Gayoso.
Doors, Sash, Blinds. Flooring, Ceiling, Siding, Shingles,
Rinnininir. sivw w-
atk O fJ aflk
ii CiUlUddCCiJi)! C W 1115
Pilsener Beer in Kegs and Bottles.
0ly Pure Ghrystal Well Water Used tor Brewing Pnrpesea.
S. W. Corner Butler and Tennessee Ster
ear t -- Tle'Tvee re.w .TwT?ei laasT.--
And CommlssiOB Merchants. Ifcr.Corm Oat, Bran, Chop Feed, OU-MeaU
Liu , Cement, Plaster, Building; and Fire Brio, Etc
Cor. Front and Union, 1 Howard's Bow. Memphis
& Cotton Factors,
ltw mm the Taww,
Offleei and Rottllttsr Worba, 8 10 Cnl
lsepotantl leebonae, eoriiHlB tc A.mcin n
of If eraplila Branch, 100,000 Kex.
ano.iHio Harreis.
Memtthis. Tenn.
(i. PATXKoOf
and Railroad Supplies,
-MwttiTii, TTtn .
Natural Light, Steam- heating, Eleotrlo Bells,
Molding, Lumber,
Ceiling and Cedar Foists.
w j
Sec'j and Treas
RA y &Co
'o. 17 JetfVrson Mrtet,
(Between Main and Front.) M KM? HIS.
D JEsUbluhadin 1860.1
R JOHSbON iaacknowltKlEedbyallrar
iies interested a by far Ike mutt suo
eessTul cbysiuutn in thetreaimentof prival
or seeret diseus. ijuick, iermanent eurea
anaranteed in every cue. male or feirale.
Recent curea of Oonoirbe and Syphilis
eared in a f w days witbout the una of nier
eury, ehanne ef dt cr bindranre frusn
business. Secondary Syihilia, thalasLvea
t in eradicated wilhonttbe use of mereury.
Involunsary loss of tesaea stepped in abort a
time, t-ufferers fmm iuieIDiiy e-lusa ol
actual p- were restored to tree vir in a few
weeks. VKtimsof sail-abas and excessive
venery, inrjerief from siicrniatorrbea and
Iocs of I'hsfical and enantai power, apeadilf
and permanently cu ed. Furlmuler atten
tion paid to tbe Iliseafea of Women, and
eures rnaranteed. Piles and old sores eared:
wilhoulthe use of cau.ticor th. kniie. All
C'lnsullktions strictly confidential. Medi
cines aent by eipress to all paru ef th
scerWiirkinimen cured at half the nscaj
rates. Office hours from a o'clock a.m. to t
o'clock p.m.
r. k. joiinson. M.r.
817 and 819
N. Second S
J '1 ' .-A.Jv..X.tr-4f.-
aujrryicrraKaj or , ,
HAS determined to rive to Pupils and
Students of Music, on and alter March
I, lSS'i, the tame discount claimed by Teach
ers, vn:
Mobert A 8tnrk's Piano Method, Book 1
and 2 Hetail price, $3; Teachers' price, 12.
Kichardeon's ew Method for Pianoforte
Retail price, 3 25; Teachers' j.rice, J .
l'eters's Kdectio Piano Method retail
price, 3 2S; Teachers' price, 12 25
Cramer's Piano Studies, edited by liana
von Bnlow Kotail price, 11 60; 1 eacbera'
price, 75c.
Ne Plus Ultra Retail priee.fl; Tcachera'
price, uOc.
Oa lellis Vocalises, Iook 1 lletail price,
$15(1; Teachers' P' ice, 75c.
All ForeiKn EJiUons at ONE THIRD 077
regular prices.
All cheet Mutie ONB-HALF OFF marVcd
SS Main St., Memphis, Tenn .
And 317 Main St., l.iitle Rock. Ark.
a U fcllel l&EJf
Per is years at ;ri Court Pbce, onw at
3t22 JlarLet.Street, TjllllSFillf! ITf
"et. Third and Fourth,
a refuhrtv Rivaled aaa Urallr qnalifl ph)-k;tai ape
(iii-ocMlui, m hia prtjotiuo will
C;-iT'ei nil
V;ieriuatorrne and Impotoncj,
wUir!Rult ofMlf-abim ia yonini, srmitl exrrmw .n m
-meryfim, or ottir cmusasj, nd pro6urtiif mtut of si- fU-,'i-vriDi
ulltKt: NrtntUAUt, fen-inlm) F.iiiliiwL. b'.it
tioiiH by dmiDt), Diaiitii of i.if ht, Dcfrctvn Xin . ITjj.
'ullii euj-, riuiltoa Fcv Avmioa to hocttxj ei X'cmik'n,
t.i.f'i'.it.D of .'dust, lm or bMitl Peisr, Lc.. rrude'i bf
Ean if iinpfsrvr cr in&irpf, r thtrrm-tl, and pnn
vo:lt cnrv SYPHXLIS (utll,w7 oun 0
"-If iU'ew1 flotn ij-u-m; Gonorrhea.
jliJ 'itftf-r prlrkte diiteuatt qnkkl ovmrt
K ! arfkf-evHtcQt UiBt phy steUti hoMy8p-Iitt1fl
ai a (yruii cttaa of diieijoA, d! Irefclfrja; ttuiuodi kbiiiv
4II5, a.qurtt pttt kill. Tbr-lHiM kot wlnn iht tut ofun
"mr.meii ' pt nrmt U any wr- W him U ta luocvOr:Qi i
'i-lt in rllr fp-tnfAttnriit, tmdUno oil twawi mvftaatay
1 cilj ty miaftl or anprmw uywirtn,
ipAVf Guaranteed In nil Cae
ineitlMUilaa ciauDA)sy sjr ry WtCT tt BOd IT1'L
:tt IDb paffo, Mm to M17 4m, mnmnr Mftfaal, tm
Iff) ocimb. Si.il4 km nA by mL Atmrmm ns ,,
bt tut-frmm I A. .Hg?. M. fime&txf, l to j t "
Exchange National Bank
SARrOLH, VA., Fets. IS, 1SS6.
PROPOSALS will be received at this oe
nntil Saturday, Mareh fl, for the
purchas 1 of the hereinafter mentioned prop
erty in its entirety, and alto for pieces or
parcels of the name reference beim had a
descriptive lists of said property which
lists, statins; teres of sale, will be lurnished
upon application to the undersigned. The
right to reject any end all bids ia reserved:
The extensive and valuable property lo
cated in Norfolk and Portsmouth, Va.,
known as tbe "Hosbcaid Cotton Compress
Comnnnv of Norfolk. Va.." oonsiittina of:
1. TheracAt'e, which, s moiiB other priv
ileges, authorices the stnrare of ootton and
other uifrchnndifo, and the isiue of negoti
able receipts therefor.
2. Its plan!, which consists, of three (3)
first-class improved cotton oomproeses; two
(2) steam taps; three ('!) trunsportatiea
baracs. All the adjuncts necessary to a weM
equipped establishment of this character.
Its fire proof warehouses, seven (7) in num
ber, of capacity for storage ef 21,000 bales
uncompressed cotton.
Its four (4) frame warehouse (metal roofs)
capacity, many thousands tens of fertili
at rs, salt, etc.
IU wharves and docks, which afford ample
room for berthing at the same time ten sea
goina, steam or sailing vessels. The area ot
tbe warehouse and dock property in Ports
mouth is about CS, acies. together with all its
o ber property, whioh is fully described ia
the lists above refsTad to.
WM. II. PKTBR8, Receiver.
This BELT or Re
gener torts madeex-
, - -v
pressiy tor tne cure
of degeneration of
the generative or
gans. There is ns
mistake aboo tbisin-
a S1-'.- ' jr 1
.etrument tne con-
tiiiueus stream of
i ELftTKIClTY per-
D k. ill
IL.I1 Ulill parts mne restore
them to health action. Do not eonlound
this with Eleotrio Belo advertised to cure
all ills from head to toe. It if for tho 0JSK
speciBo purpose. For circulars giving full
niormatlion, address Cheever ElectncBeit
Co.. I'll 'RhintnTi tret. Cbicag I'l-
UAMTLTn AGKNTS.Wen and Wonset,
WAN I tli To ,1 "TUB CHILD'.
BIBLE " Introduction by Her. J- U. Vin
oent, D.D. One aireut ha sold 65 in a town
of 674 people; onu 73 in a villaee oi 794; one
new agent 85 in I'l days; one U in succes
sive weeks; one 40 in 3 days at two dif erent
times, ixperience not necessary AddrecS
CAStfELI, A CO. (L t d).
4j Dearborn strsie. 'icaeo.
Trustee's Sale.
IN and by virtue of a certain trust deed ex
ecuted by bailie and J. F. Hunt on the
24th day of February. 181, and recorded tbe
12th day or March, 1881. in tiek 135, pae
347, Register's office of Ukolby county, Ten
nessee, the not ' therein not having been
p.. id at maturity, I will proceed to sell, fer
each, at public outcry, to the highest bidder.
Introntoi my omoo. 00. a aiaii
in front of my offioe. No. IX
Madison street,.
Memphis, Tennessee, ea
Ihonday, JIsh IS, 18841.
the following described real estate, situate
and beinsrin Shelby county, Tennessee, and
more paen. Tarly described aa follows: lift
ing the aw I half of a 437-eore tract of
land near nJee Depot, said eastern half
thus deecribeuT Beginning at a stake in tbe
north line ef said tract, the northeast corner
of that part set off to -Orrser H. Evans;
tber.ee i U0 jloles to a Iteka, the north
east parser fit eid".traa1'j thenee sonth 250
poles to the sbutheaat oorher of said tract;
thence west with touta line ef (aid tract 140
poles to a slake, the aoatbeaet corner of a
ran sat apart to ii. U. K vans; thenoe north
260 poles to the b'ginn:n.-, 1 eing same tract
eet apart to M rs. Sal ie K. Bant, by partition
ded, recorded book l.jpaee 4n0, Register's
office of thelby county, Tennessee, to which
retcren',e is here made.
Ibis land will ba teld as a whole or in
several tracts, aa tray appear most advan
tageous oa the day of sale.
L B. .VicFARLAND, Trustee.
Mcvan A McKarlan A'tarc-vs.
jKA-SIJM-IuCAl!Sle and C1H E.ty
M-x ec who was deaf teaty-ei,ht yeair.
r-ated Ivmottof the anted specialists of
t d witb rm benefit drain aiaoai r in
three months, and liooe then hundreds of
otters by -ame proeess A plain, simple and
aueecssful home treatment, sudress T,
PAUK,Utiteat2btb bu.Bew letkCityJ

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