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Cotton (Jaiet Siddliug, 8 5 8c
Sales Yesterday, 5CC0
Money in fair demand at S per cent.
IakmI securities quiet, but steady. Tlic
local cotton market opened juict yes
terday, am! closed Btuady at luirdening
rates, middling 8Jc. Liverpool closed
linn and 1-161 higher on spots, and
5-ti4J up on futures; middling, 4;d;
March deliveries, 4 56-64d. At New
York siwts were quiet and unchanged,
and futures closed weak and not quot
al.ly higher, notwithstanding the ad
vance in Liverpool. This is regarded
ly cotton men as an unfavorable
symptom, and the event of to-day art
looked forward to with keen interest.
New Orleans spo'.B dosed steady, mid
dling 8 9-16; futures steady and 3 to 7
points higher, March' nominal, April,
S ,'s-O-kl. Kales here yesterday, 6200
bale; receipt, 2145 ball's; stock,
130,277 bales. Total receits at this
port this season, 500,038 bales, against
407.934 1 iiilcs last year at this time, an
increase of 10,004 hales. Receipts ot
all Cnited States ports yesterday, 12,
.!!7 bales, against ll,2G(i bales last
year. We note no features of interest
in the general market, but look for a
reduction in the price of pork and
other hog products this week, in sym
pathy w ith tho continued decline in
.speculative options at Chicago.
Thirty rkgs butter, 2!) pkgs bacon,
27 pkgs boot and shoes, 0202 bu
corn, 10 pigs cheese, 160 sks coffee,
4 curs cotton-seed, 1874 sks cotton
seed, 350 brls cotton-seed oil, 124 pkgs
drv goods, 1415 pkgs eggs, 1818 brls
Hour, 55B2 bales hay, 102 hd hogs, 16
bd cattle, 104 hd horses and mules,
342 pkgs lard, 74,000 ft lumber, 14
pkgs liquors, 125 brls meal, 360 brls
molasses, 00 brls onions, 18 cars pork
sides, 4(S7 brls sugar, 12 pkgs tobacco
and 500 bu wheat
! Madison St., Memphis, Teun.,
r('orrfiondenen aolfcifpd. Infor.
Mixtion cheerfully farBlatael.-a
Monty in good demand at 8 percent.
The Clearing House report is at fol
lows: C1.LAB1NT.8.
Monday, March 15 b, $310,272 2!);
same dav last week, $294,031 4ti; same
(lav, ISM, $313,657 (ill; tane dav, 1885,
$203,738 50
Moii'law, March 15 h. $87,447 25;
siime dav last 'fk. 173,981 91; same
dav. 1884, $57,204 25; same dav, 188
$18,204 02.
New York sight on all point?, J die
count buying, i premium sellins; New
England demand, J discount buying;
New England sight, J discount; New
Orleans,! discount buying, par selling.
Bank of Commerce... 148 bid, 150 asked
Firbt Nation;.., 138 bid, 142aked
German Bank-.I.....192J bid, 200 asked
State National.; 137 bid, 140 asked
Union and Planrrr..H8 bid, If 0 asked
Mercantile Bank.. ..132 bid, 135 asked
Home.......'. 70 bid, 75 aeked
BlrffCity JOObid, ... asked
Peoples 80 bid, 85 aked
Planters 01 bid, 105 asked
Pfctt'aix 93 bid, 100 aked
Memphis City 102 bid. 104 asked
Vanderbilt 20 bid, 2U aeked
Hernando 100 bid, ... asked
Arling'.on 25 bid, ... nOted
Tenn.ceitf, D and E..S1 bid, 871 a?ked
Teun. wt . er. C 97 bid, 99$ aiked
Sheltv Uu. bond..t04.1 bid,100A aske.l
She,bv Co. t( 98 hid, 99 asked
Tax. Dif t. 4, 6 92 bid, 92i aed
Tax. Diet. 66 lUHij bid, 101 asked
Mem Stor. Core. Co..1 05 bid, 111) a--ked
Mem. Gas it)CK 72 asked
Mem. Gas bocc:e 105 bid, ... Bsktd
Meru. Water bootle 9 j bid, ... ai-ked
Hammer Oil Works .' bid, 6!) asked
Citv Oil Work. ... bid, 45 at k?d
Pioneer Cotton Mi'.la..l2 bid,
Am. Cot. Oil trusts 25 bid, 20 asked
Mem.City Ky.bcndr..l02 bid, 1C3 asked
New York, March 15. Money on
-call easy at l(2j per cent. Prime
mercantile paper 4n5. Sterling ex
change dull and steady at 4871 for
sixty days anil 489 J for demand.
Bonds Government bonds were dull
and steady, with the currency lis
weak. State bonds were not traded
in. Railroad bonds were dull. Sales,
$1,343,000. The i hanges in; quota
tions are mostly nniiuporlant, and
for the most pari show declines.
Stocks St. Paul furnished the lead
ing feature of the stock market,
the sales amounting to 135,100
shares, against 20,000 to 30,000
shares for some time past. The re
newed activity grows out of reports
circulated for ihe past two or three
days, to the effort that tho company
was to isHUP bonds to the extent of
$500,000, convertible into stock nt SO
and not on tho Kansas Citv extension,
the prcMitjipti in being, ft' the state
ments are true, that the company is in
need of money for othcrimrposcs than
the cxtensiou. and that it, in time, is
to be bonded later. No ollicial state
ment has been made in regard to the
matter, but some of the directors have
denied the reports in circulation. The
stock opened i hither at 901, and sold
down during the forenoon to 8SJ. Fol
lowing a dispatch from Chicago, pub
lished after midday; stating that the
reports were untrue, the stock rallied
to 90, yielded again to 89 and closed
on another lally at 89, a net loss of .
Lake Shore, Lackawanna and Western
I'nion cor.tribu'ed 138,5ii0 shares. This
gives 01 per rent for the four stocks
mentioned. The remainder of the busi
ness was widely distributed, ex
cept, moderate, trading in Pacilic
Mail and Beading. The market
opened generally a shade higher and
was very feverish for the first hour
and irregular. Western Union, how
ever, showed a loss of 5 at the open
ing at ti.'!j, l".n it rallied before noon
totMJ.and. later rose toli5ji. In the
last hour, after selling nt (143, it rose
and elosei at (15. After Rome weak
ness in. the general list between 11
nnd 12o'clo'k, the market was firm
to strong until late in the afternoon,
when it acain yielded a fraction, but
rallied and closed firm generally from
t higher than the final tigures Sat
urday, but Erie preferred is up J and
Lake Shore and Pacific Mail each .
St. Paul and Duluth was active for
that e'.ock, and on sales of (.501 shares
rose from 48J to 53, closing at the
highest price of the dav with a net
advance of 4J. New York Central
directors to-day declared a dividend
of 1 per cent., but payable April 15th.
The total sales of stock to-day were
4 18,1 3 shares, including: Delaware,
Lackawanna and Western, 44.250;
Krie, 10,510; Kansas and Texas, 8100;
Lake Shore, 80,945; Northwestern,
8050; New Jersey Central, 3705;
New York Central, 0'."-"4; Pacific
Mail, 33,710; Reading, 38,600; St.
Paul, 135,110; Texas and Pacific, 10,
010; Union Pacific, 1(1,020; Western
I'nion, 43,365; Northern "Pacific pre
ferred, 4977. Cloving quotations:
V. S. 3e, If;. New 4. 127.
New lir ,. Pacific fa of m, 120.
C. P. firt. llS'i. T.P. land rrante, 3".
KrinMenndi.llKV. T. P. Kin Q. riiv., 53.
Le'h it Wilkes., 112';. ( P. fir.u, 117.
I.ouiviuDt to W. CP land (rant, lft!tf
Miaiwari e, lot. V. P. a. fund, UK.
t. Jmeph, 119. Virainia tie, 44.
Ht.P.Jk ti.C.fimt.12(r;V. cnn., ea-m. ., f8.
Tenn. 6e, old, 67S- Va. eon. dtf.. ft!;.
Tenn. 6a, new,
. iinrm,
Adam Eipreti, V. Nafhville k C. 4ii.
llehetj Cun , - N. J. Ontral, MW.
Alton AT. 11 ,42 Nor. 3c W., lifd, 28.
A. . 1. U , lild.'.M. .Northern Pao.,
American Ex.. l(i. Nor'hern P.,p!d, 5S
1)., C. 11. at Hi. N. V. C. 4 St.
Cunada lo.,6!iV;. N.V.C. A tit h-.i.M
Vtut.l foa.. '.,. CiN. 81;.
Ccntml Pacfir il'i. O.ii. W., pld, m.
Cb'iTM eakeAO., ltK'ii.N. V. Central, llto'
V: A 0.. let pfd, 17. Ohio Central, Pi
C. JtU., 21 l td. 12?;. Ohio A Mi:,2i
(.'. A A., 142. 0. k Mint., eld, )0.
C. A A., rid. 1W. Ontario A Waat . IS;';.
C , 11. A (J.. Icti" Oreiton Nav., IK.
C.,Kt. L. A N. O., Ureann Truns., 3V,i
C, St. L. A P., 11. Oreiton Imp., 2J.
C.St.L. A P.. p.,S2. Pecilio Mull, 62?;.
C, S. A C . M. Panama, .
C. A 0.. S1J4. PeiTi, 1). k K , 20';.
Del. A Hud,, Hi'-" Pituburf. 152.
Del., L. A 1267,. Pullman P. C, 132.
Den. A Rio 0., 16. Heading,
Erie, 27' . Rock Inland, 12S.
Krie, rfd, 01- ' (St L. A 8. F
Kut Tenn., A. St. h. A S. ., p.,4.11;.
KutTenn. pfd,(t. St. L.A S.F. let v., 101.
Foil Wayne, W. 0. M. A 6t. P., ity4.
Hannibal A St. Jo, C M. A St. P., .,121'J
H. A St. Jn pfd, - St. P. M. A M." XW.
Harlem, 21,r.. St. P. A Omaha,
Hontton A X., .11. St. P. A 0., pfd, 1112.
lllinoii Cen., Texaa Pacific, 12Ji.
Ind. 11. A W.,2'r'4. Union Pacific, 4ll',.
Kaman A T . 2.S1,. I'. 8. E.xiirexn.
Lake E. A W., 11. W., St. li. A P., UK.
Lake Shore, 81.'-;. W.,St. h. A P. p..-Ml i.
I. on. A Nah.,42V;. W. A F. Ex.. 117.
Lou. A N. A., . W. L. Tel.,64;.
M. A C, lit pld, Colorado Conl. 27.
M.AC., 2d pld, Homentake, 18.
Mem. A Char., 34. Iron Silver, 23f.
Mich. Central, 72. Ontario, 29.
Min. A St. L..18. Ouicknilver, 7.
M. A rt. L., pfd, 47. Oui k Wer pfd. 22.
.MiM. Pac. ll. South. Pacific,
Mob'lo A 0..1S. butro, IS.
Morris A E., offil, 138.
IIoston, March 15. The following
table, compiled front special dispatch
es to the l'tml from managers: of the
lending clearing-houses in the United
States.show s the cross bank exchanires
at each point for the. week ending
March 15th, in comparison with the
corresponding week in 1SS5:
New York. '$!)3.s,840,0(l) ; inc., 19.8.
ltoston, 7(i 414 (:W; inc., 24.0.
Philadelphia, 51 4K0 247; inc., 27.7.
Chicago, J4",!tSS,000; inc.,
St. I.uis, f 17,751,(12:!; inc., 12.0.
Baltimore. $11,220,070; inc., 3.0.
Cincinnati, 0,8r:0,000; inc., l(i.(.
,San Francisco, J12,(iSl,:',25; inc., 27.8
Pittsburg, Sl!,S02,4ii4; inc., 1:5.0.
Louisville, f l,:!2),()!H); inc., 10.3.
Milwaukee, f 3,223,000; dec, 0.0.
Kansas Citv, J 5,031, 20 ?; inc., 02.2.
Providence, 4,040,000; (be, 3.0.
Minneapolis, $2,203,007; inc., 75 0.
1 (cover, 13,1 11, US.
Omaha, J2.04 ,S70; inc., 4I.S.
lletroit, $3,122,142; inc., 10 0.
Galveston, $1,513,KH2.
Cleveland, $2,130,051 ; inc., 20.6.
Indianapolis, $1,22H,507 ; inc., 16.0.
Columbus, $l,s:Ki,lS0; inc., 30.2
fflempliin, 1.H32.H(7; Inc., 18.:).
Hartford, $1,758,374 ; inc., 20.4.
New Haven, $039,S87; dec, 6.2..
Peoria, S(iS3,305; dee., 21.6.
Portland, $758,314 ; dfe., 0.2.
AVorcester, $778,506; inc., 10.8.
St. Joseph, f!K)2,(KH); inc., 43.2.
Springfield, $727,325 ; dec, 1 1.0.
Syracuse, $430,182; dec, 2.0.
1jwell, 507,72O; inc., 2.3.
New Orleans, $8,1.00,482; inc., 13.1.
Total, $850,014,300; inc., 10.8.
Outside New York, $272,274 3:7;
inc., 10.8.
Jienver and Galveston not included
in totals.
London, March 15. Consols, 100
1 1-11 for money and 100 1310 for
the account. United States bonds, 4s
12!5; do 4!s 114;. Har silver, 4C.;.l
per ounce. The amount of bullion
withdrawn from the liank of Kng
htnd on balance to-day is 184,000.
P.Mtis, March 15. Three per cent
rentes, Ml'. 40c. for the account.
Pliu.AnKi.i'iiu, Pa. .March 15. Hank
clearings, ;0.75ii,ti45; balances, $!Hil,
512. 1!ai.timoi:k, Mil, March 15. Iiank
clearances, S 2,5)7,01 2; balances, $2!i2,
311. ISoston, MAss.j March 1 5. Clearing
house statement: Exchanges, $14,334,
707; lialanees, $1,400,204.
New Yohk, March 15. Clearing
house statement: Exchanges, $115,
li(i,237; balances, $4,27,574.
St. IjOCIs, Mo., March 15. Iiank
clearings, $2,395,484; balances, S4 !,
771 ; exchange on New York weak, at
50(a)75 cents discount.
The local cotton market opened
quiet, and closed steady, rnd l-16c
higher; middling, 8jc. Sales, 5200
Imles.of which 4.00 to exporters and
1100 to spinners.
, Yesterday. Sjturday.
0 10
(iood ordinary 7i
Low middling s;
Middling 8;
( iood middling. . . .
Middling fair.. Of
Fair Noni.
Dusty (i;;(.i',8
Stains and tinges... 7A(8i
li 11( 7 15
7 7' 8 7
MaMFins, March lr, 1si.
Stock Sent. 1, ISM 1,302
Kece'Ved to dav 2,145
deceived prt vi '.tmly...50l,7!C 08,330
Sh'pped to-dav 2,533
Shijijied. previously.. ..375,520 378,053
Stock, rnnningarcount 130,277
Thus far this week 3 033
Thus far last week...: 3,010
Since September 1st 50tV'3S
M. and C. K. H 7.212
M. and T. K. K ISO
L. au.lN. I!. K jc.0
M.and L. I:. K. li 555
C, O audS. W. R. R 03
L N. O. and T. K. K 141
K. tJ , S. and M. R. K - 87
M., S. and 15. R. 1! 33
Steamers 5is
Wagons and other sources 10
Tints far this week
Thus far last w eek
Since SepteiuU-r lst
M.and C. K.I:
M. andT. K K
Louisville fc Nashville U. K
C, . and S. W
L , N. O. and T. K R
Steamers North
Total 2,533
New York spots ojiened steady, and
dosed quiet. Sides, 225 bales." (Quo
tations wore as follows:
Yesterday. Friday.
Ordinary. ...... 6 " tij
troouordinary... i i
I)w niichUiug... 8 8
Middling 01 (
Good middling. 9 9 10 9 9-16
Middling fair.... 10)
Fair 10,
New York futures opened firm, and
closed weak. Sales, 140,000 bales.
The closing quotations were as
follows, asconipured with Saturcay bio
fore: Yesterdav. Faturdav.
March 8.94(a 8 8.93(rfl 805
April .0:i 9.04 9 03(9 04
Mav 9.15$ (1 13C4 9 14
June 9 24 a 11.25 9 2:U) 9.24
July 9 31 9 32 9 31(4 9 32
August 9 30 9.40 9 S0.a) 9 40
September... 9 21 (a) 9 22 9.22 9 23
October 9 07 9.1 8 !) 08' 9 00
November... 9 02 9.03 0(13 9.04
December... 904 9 00 9.00 0.07
January 0 12 0.14 9.1. V c 9 17
The New Orleans spot market opened
(pi et, and closed steady. Sales, 0250
Yesterdav. Saturday.
Ordinary 7 1 -It 7 11-10
(iood ordinary... 7 11-10 7 11-16
aw middling.... 8 1-10 8 1-16
Middling 8 9-10 8 9 10
(iood middling. 9 J 0
Tho New Orleans future market
opened llrin, and closed steady acd
3 to 7 lioints Jiiuhe than Saturday.
Sales, 40,800 bales. The closing quo
tations were as follows:
Yesterday. Saturday.
March num. " 6.64 nom'.
April 8.58 8 50 8 5 8 68
May 8.72 8.73 8.08 8.69
Juno 8 &5 8 86 8.82 8.84
July 8 98 8!K! 8.95 8 00
August 02 9.03 8 08 8 1)0
SeptciulH-r.... 8.08 8.80 8 75 8.77
October 8 71 8.72 8.68 8 69
November.... 8 00 8 07 8.f3;o 8 65
December.... 8.08 8.6 J
8.65 8.C6
daily coirr ANO intekiok MAHKETS.
Tone.l lice. I Prices I. Stock.
N ( Irlcaiis.
New York
ltoston ....
St. Louis...
Augusta. .
461 8 13-1 (i
2?8 401
6 310
100 057
3 400
330 8 9-16
lieceiptsat ports,
Receipts at ports,
this dav, 1880.
this day, 1885.
lftS U. S.
ports, 3d 21,153
Ex. Gt.I!r 18 081
Stm'k 912,699
K ta Sept.li4,t(iH,28(
For'gnKx.1 3, 1 1 7,.r)09i3,220,1i 1 43,1 38,682
Increase of receipts this year. ..200,075
The Liverpool spot market nt noon
was reported steady, fair demand.
Sales, 10,000 bales, of which American
8-500 bales. Receipts, 10,500 bales, of
which 10,500 were American.
At 2 p.m. : Middlings had advanced
1-lOd to 43d for uplands and 4 15-10d
for ( Irleans.
The following are the closing quota
tions: Ordinary, 4Jd; good ordinary,
4.1d; low middling, 4 11-16(1; good
middling, 5jd; middling uplands,
4 id; middling Orleans, 4 15-10d.
Tht prkti are giren in pence and 6ilh,
Inut: 4 63 means 4 63-61., and 5 01
imam 5 1-64.
At noon: Liverpool futures were
steady. (Quotations were as follows:
March, ; March-April. 4 524 54d;
April-Mav, 4 544 60(1; May-June,
4 574 5'8d; June-July, 4 604 01d;
July-August, 4 024 03d; August-September,
5 Old; September-October,
5' Old; September, .
At 2 p.m.: Liverpool futures wero
firm; March, 4 54d buyers; March
April, 4 54d buyers; April-May, 4 56d
buyers; May-June, 4 50d buyers ; June
July, 4 62(1 value; July-August, 5d
buyers; August-September, fi 0.'!d
vafue; September-October, 5 02d sell
ers; September, 5 03d value.
At 5 p.m.: Liverpool futures were
(inn and 5-0ld higher than Saturday;
March, 4 5ild value; March-April,
4 5tid value; April-May, 4 58d buy
ers; Mav-June, 4 Old buvers; June
July, 5il sellers; July-A ligust, 5 02d
buyers; August-Sejiteiiiber, 5 05d
buyers; September-October, 5 Old
Ft ri'RK lKAL.
The following is the record of the
bids and oilers nt the Call Hoard of
the Merchants' Exchange yesterday:
No. 2, white, spot, 40Jc bid, 43c
asked ; April, 40Ac bid, 43c asked ; No.
2, spot, 3S.le o. t. bid, 30gc asked ;
March, 38 j bid April, 30jc bid, 41c
asked ; May, 40 bid, 41 ;c asked.
No. 2, snot, 331c bii
bid, 35c asKcd ; April,
March, 33 J
!3,'c bid, 35c
ask(-( ; -May, :;ic Old.
Spot, $14 50 o. t. bid ; March $14 50
bid, $15 asked; April, $1150 bid, $15
asked ; May, $14 bid.
March, $1 !'0 bid, $1 07J asked ;
April, $1 90 bid, $2 10 asked; May,
2 10 bid.
Corn White, 47, mixed, 46?, from
Btore; from levee or depot, white,44s;
mixed, 42c; in saks, in round lou,
white, 42?; mixed, 10:.
II a v Choice, from store, 8ic ; prime,
75n0c; pia'.rie, 50c; round lots from
ievee or depot, choice, $1414 50;
prime, $1.V'13 50; prairie, $88 50.
Oat Wtiite, 40; mixed, 38 Jc,
from dtore; round lots fiom levee on
! track white, sacked, 37c; mixed,
sacked, 35c.
Bran From store, 85s per cwt. ;
round loti from levee, $14 7515 per
Bbans Navy, $1 732; medium,
$1 60 1 75.
Rick LoaisaDa, 45ic; Carolina,
7 8 i.
Oatmeal-Id half-barrel?, $33 25
frcra store.
Corn meal Standard, $2 152 25;
nearl, J3 3 25 from store; 5c cheaper
from mill, levee or track.
Flocr Ftom htore, double extra, ;
triple extra. ; family, $t4 25;
.choice, $4 254 40; fancy, $4 755;
extra fancy, $5 255 75; patents $0
6 25; round lots from levee or track,
...1.007 I
... Kil
... 4
... 88
... 3(M
.. 073
IOj cheaper; car lot choice, $4 25
4 40; faintly, 5 3 603 9,'.; fancy, $4 60
4 75; extta fancy, $4 .soiS 05; pat
en's, 15 45 70.
Hominy d GaiTa-From store,
$2 75(.. 3.
Cb(ked Whiat In half-barrela,
$3 50 from store.
Ceackirs Soda, extra, 4c; soda,
treble ext'a, 4Jc; lemon cream crack
e:8. ulte, 7c: leasoa cream crackers,
treble ext'a, 7Jc; ginper snsps, extra,
5c; ci tiger snaps, treble extra, 0c; as
sorted jiimblts, 9c.
New (.'rleans, La., March 15. Flour
quiet and weak. C rn easier; white,
45c; yellow, 46c. Oats steady at 39.;.
Co nrueal quiet at$2i". Hay quiet
but firm, $15 5018. Lice, 30i5Jc
KAK8AaCiTT,Mo.,March 15. Wheat
lower; No. 2, cash, 72c bid, 72jc
eked; April, 73c bid, 74 je asked-.
May, 77l77Je. Oorn lower; No 2,
cash, 27c bid, 27ic asked ; April, 29c
bid, 29)c asked; May, 30;c. Oats
cash, 28jc asked.
'St. Ixutis, Mo., March 15. Flour
steady; XXX.I3W3 15: family, 3 2.5
3 3.5: choice, $3 803 90; fancv, $4 30
4 40: extra fancy. $4 (.0J4 9J; pat
eoti, $.5 10(25 40. Wheat fairly active
and even; the market opened strong
and advanced JJc, but eased olf
later and closed i(al5 lower than Su
urday;No. 2 red, cash, 92c; May, 94
95c, cloaiDg at 94:3; June, 9Ug94c,
closing 04 jc. Corn dull and easy, cl'ts
ing jajc lower thin Saturday; No
2 mixed, cash, 8435c; March, 34Jc
bid; April, 34o bid; May, 3K;)3(Ji!,
c'ocing n 36-. Oats very dull and
lower; No. 2 mixed, caih, 293c;
March, 29 Jc bid Mav, 3Hc. Rye
weak ; 60c. Barley nominally un
changed. Haveasv: timothv, $U14;
prairie, $'i7" 75. Flaxset d firm ; $110.
Bran weak; 03a at mill. Corn meal
steady; $1 95 2. Receipts Flour,
4000 brls; whra ,;21,000 bu;corn, 123,
000 bu: oats, 15,000 bu; rye, none;
barley, 10,000 bu. Shipments Flour,
16,000 brls; wheat, none; corn, 210,
000 bu ; cats, 14 030 bu ; rye, 1000 bu ;
barley, 10t0.
Afternoon Hoird. Wheat wf ak and
Jio lower. Corn and oats un
changed. London, March 15. The Mark lane
Exjret,n ila review of the British
grain trade during the pait week,
says: Spring work is at a stand still
on account of frosty The position Is
very rerious. The wheat trade is dull.
Fine English red is 61 dearer. Tbe
sales of English wheat during the
week were 04,421 quaitrra at 20s 9d,
against 51,710 quarters at 31a 41 dur
ing tbe corresponding week last year.
Tliore have been continued deliveries
of Ibur. Prices are not materially
altered. The foreign wheat trade is
gradually haidening. The supplies
are unusually short, yet Knglish wheat
ccn'inues to nndanell foreign equiva
lents at 53 to 10 1 per quarter.. Some
sorts of Imported wheats are ridicu
lously dear comrared with native
wheats. The diilerence is partly at
tributed to tho alteration in 1st) years
in the London milling machinery.
Four ca'goes of wheat arrived. Two
cargoes were sold. Three cargoes were
withdrawn, and one (Cilitomian) re
mained. Trade forward is more active,
and prices are against buyers. The
market to-day was slow for English
wheat, asd 6dls more was de
mat (I'd. Flour was 6d dearer. Oats
were 6d dearer.
Ciiicago, III., March 15. Im
proved cables made the wheat crowd
feel very bullish immediately after the
opening to-day. May started at 86 Jc,
touched SOj and struck bottom at 8")
85ae. The decliue wai rapid and
steady. Pork was to blame for the
dawnwa'd sUct in wheat, bat after
lhat it did not need this dragging in
fluence. Lsater, Eldredge & Evering.
ham tried to stop the break, but inef
fectually. Wall Etreet was a big seller
until about noon. A change in the
"visible" situation also helped the
weakness. Toe decrease was reduced
to as low as 300.000 bushels. Many
put it at 350,000 bushels. .From bot
tom prices whtat improve! lc, and
at 1 o'clock closed quiet at a decline
of substantially lc from Saturday.
Flour firm but rather dull. Wheat
sales raDged : March, 8081c, c!oaed
at SOijc ; April, 808!io,' closed at
81c; Mav, 8586c. closed at 853
8VJo; June, 86J87Si, closed at
86Jc; No. 2 red winter, 8
891o ; No. 2 spring, 8384c euro
market weaker and lower, but
moderately active. Sales janged:
March, 36j37c, closed 3(ic; April,
3o;37Jc, closed 30Jc: May, 30i'4()lc,
closed 30j39je; June, SOJglOJc,
clrsed 30 j. Oats weakened; market
dull; sales tanged: No. 2 white,
33J30 ! ; No 3 white, 30 J 31 la; Mav,
31j32Jc, closed at 31 fe32c; June,
32132jr, closed 3:32lc. Rye, No.
2cath, 0001c. Barley, No. 3, 4850.
Fhxteed, No. 1, $1 llo. Roceipts
Flour, 12.C0 ) brls ; wlmat, 250,000 bu ;
corn, 178,000 bu; oat", 124,000 bu; rye,
2000 bu; bin lev, 45 (K) bn. Ship
ments Flour, 70,000 iris; wheat. 21,
000 bu ; corn, 35,000 bu ; oats, 72 000
bu; rye, 10,000 bu; barley, 10,000 bu.
Afternoon Hoard. Wheat, March,
80c; May, 85c; June, 88Ao. Corn
weak, March, 303c; April, 30je; May,
39;c; June, COJc; July, 40c. Oats
(lightly easier, March, 2Si?; May, 31 c;
June, 32J.
Bi tter -Creamery, 3337c; dairy,
22'i2(ic; btitteriue, "l4!al!0ej country,
12'18c, according to condition.
Ciieksk Prime flats, 7(a8c; New
York factory, 8c; full cream, I212jc;
Y. A., 12l'2.'.c.
Mess Pork Old, $10 5010 75 per
barrel; new $1175 per barrel; sugar
cured hams, packed, 10c; break fast
bacon,7J10c; clear rib bacon, (lj6c.
Bulk Pork Clear sides, 6c; clear
rib sides, 55(3 5 jc; long clear, 5e;
shoulders, 3ii3;c.
Ijinl Tierces, ;J0.',c ; half-barrels,
2c; kegs, 02li)e; buckets, (ij
OJc; half-bucketa, 77Jc; 50-lb tins,
(o;c; 20-lb tins, 0j0c: 10-11, tins,
0i7c ; 5-lb tins, Ojc ; 3-lb tins, OJfrjwc ;
choice kettle, tierces, OJc.
Fliwn Meats Beef-Good Kansas
City steers, heavy, 8c; light, 77jc;
cows and heifers, OJe; mutton, 7c;
lambs, ; pori 6c.
Pnis-KEET-Brls, $Sg8tO; lialf-hrls,
$3:! 25.
New Orleanc, La , March 15. Hog
products dull and a shade lower. Pork,
$10. Lard, 5ijc. Bulk meats shoul
ders, 3.90c; long clear and clear rib,
6o. Bacon shoulders, 4 Jc; long clear,
0c ; clear rib, Ojc. Hams, 9((u9c.
St. Loi'is, Mo., March 15. Provisions
dull and weak. Pork Hat, $10 50. Lard
easy, 5.80c. Bulk nifats lco?e lots,
weak; long clear, 5.25c; short ribs, l
6.35c; short clear, 5.50c; boxed lots,,
eaiy, long clear. 5c; short rihs, 5jc;
short clea', 5ic. Bacon easy; long
clear, 5 70c; short rib", 5.80c; short
clear, 5.!2J5 95c. Haius steady, 8
11c. Butter quiet and s'fady; cream
ery, 2530c; dairy, is2c. Fgs
lower, lOo.
Cincinnati, O., Ma-ch 15. Pork
dull and lower at $10. Lird weak at j
5.90c. Bulk meats lower; shoulders, I
Zc short rib, 6.30c. Bacon weaker;
shoulders, 4jc; short rib", 6.05s; shoit
clear, 0',c. Butter quiet; Northwestern
extra creamery, 3?(i"l3; good to
prime creomery, 20 28::; choice dairy
roll, 12 15c. dull and lower at
lH)llc. Cheese in moderate demand
but Erm : food to prime cured Ohio
factory, 99c
Chicago, III., March 15. The pro
vision market all day was particularly
active, acd dragged everjthirg else
down with it. The opening was
steady, bot it remained o only a mo
ment, and thereafter ruled decidedly
weak. The drop aggregated 30a per
barrel. There wa a rumor at one
time during the morning session that
the Howe combination was bus'ed
and unloading its enormous holdtrg,
but this could not be traced lo any re
liable source and failed to receive
much credence. The generally ac
cepted thoory was that it was being
pounded by or in tie interest of Ar
mour, who od a lower market would
be able to work down his average,
and, once loaded no with cheap pork,
would bull it for all there is in it.
About the only buyers to-day were
the chronic beats..- Laree quantities
of country pork had to go overboard.
The pit was unusually well filled dur
ing the mornieg, though no excite
ment prevailed. Later the market re
covered 6c, and at 1 o'clock closed
easy. Provisions mess pork sales
ranged : March, $9 f0(.i 9 95, closed at
19 70; May, $9 70 10 05, closed at
$9 80; June, $9 77110 15, closed at
$9 87. latrd-March, 5 905.02Je,
closed at 6.921c; May, 5.956 02jc,
closed at 6.971s; June, 66 07Ac,
closed at 6c Boxed meats dry
salted shoulders, 3.904c; long clear
sides, 6 205Jc; short clear sides,
6J5.65c; short rib sides, 6.105c.
Butter creamery, gcol to fancy ex
tra, 2031c; dairy, 12(.i22c Egie,
12(.t 13c.
Afternoon Board. Pork easier;
March, $9 62c; April, $9 65; May,
$0 75; June, 9 82je. Lard steady;
March, 69ijc; April, 5.921c; May,
6 971c; June, 6021c. Shoit ribs un
changed Match, 6Jc; May,5 17Jc;
June, 5 221c.
A rn.Ks Apples, $2 753 from
store ; $2 2 25 js-r car-load from levee
or deMit. lined aisles, 34c per
pound from store, lined jx-aches, 3
4c from store.
Potatoes Potatoes, $1 SKV-i 2 25 from
store; $1 652 ior car-load from levee
or depot. Sweet potatoes, $2 502 75
perbrl. Peas,$l 25(,i)l 75 ht bushel.
Vbibtaiii.km Onions. $2 75 from
store; $2 502 60 from levee or depot.
Cabbage, $.' f0 3 50 (mt cnite. Knint,
barrels, $5 61K20; half-barrels, $2 75.
Garlic, 40(Kk' per 100.
F'ruit Oianges, Louisiana, none;
Florida, none; Messina, $33 60 per
box. lemons, $33 50 per bax. Bit
nanai, $12 100 per bunch. Cot on
nuts, $4 per UK). Peanuts Virginia,
6c ; Tennessee, farmer's itock. 34c;
roasted, ?)c higher; shelled, 10c, Al
monds, 1820c.
Pickles -In jars, plnti, 00c; quarts,
tl 50; hslf-itallons, $2 60; gallons,
$3 75; lojse, banels, $0; half-barrels,
$3 50; mixed, barrels, $10 60; mixed,
hall-barrels, $0.
Raisins London layers, $3 40; lay
ers. $2 75; California, ; Imperial,
$3 50 4.
Walnuts French, 12c ; Naples, 15c ;
Grenobles, 15c. Filbert, 12c.
Cider Missouri, $7((j7 60 per bar
rel and $IOj)4 50 per half barrel; Vine
gar, 11 Hie per ga Ion.
Poultry Turkevs, per dozsn, $7
II ; geose, $3 504 50 ; ducks, $3 ; chick
ens, good demand, $23; dressed tur
kevs, scarce, 1014c pr pound.
Put an Texas, 810c for small to
medium, 10 14c for large; Arkansas,
Fish Mackerel, half-bamla, No. 1,
$5; No. 2, $3 25; No. 3, $2 75; 10 lb
kit, No. 1, 80c; No. 2, 70c; 15-lb. No.
3,602. Dry herrings, family, 3'Jc per
Gams Venison, whole, 35c, sad
dles, 6 83; bear, 68o; wild turkeys,
5075e; ducks, $1 602 60;equlrrels,
75c; quails, 75c I ; prairie chickens,
$5; game fish, 08c.
Etitu 101llc.
Coki eb Common, 7J7jc; ordina
ry, 991o; prime Rio, 9 10c; choice
to fancy, ll131o; old governmsnt.
2325; Ceylon. 20c.
Soap 3j61c per pound.
Sugar Eastern yellow, 6(lj!;
pnrew. e. white, Ojc; off white, Oj
Ojc ; yellow clarified, 6j01o; open kut
tle,65ic; refined A, 77Jc; granu
lated, 77Jc; powdered, 7j; out loaf,
Salt $ I 20 1 30 per barrel ; sacks,
fine, $1 60; crarse, $1 10; pockets,
bleached, 2j7c; car-loads from levee
or depot, 6c cheaper.
Molasses Louisiana, common to
fair, 2327c ; prime to choice, 3040r ;
syrup, 20 10c; common to fair, 23
28c; prime to choice, 3033c.
Tchacco Common, 11-inch, 27
30c; other grades and styles, 2("( .28c".
Snuff Garrttt's, $10 8j per case;
Ralph's, $10 25 per case; R. R., $0 50
(Jan dies Micks, all sites, in boxes,
pails and barrels. 7j8c.
Candles Full weight, 10jllc.
CannkdUoods. Eto Prices per doz
en: Pineapples, $1 351 65; peaches,
2-lb, standard, $1 35 1 50; seconds,
$1 15 125; tnnatoes, 2-lb, standard,
$1 h) i lb,$l 35; strawberriee, $1 40
1 (10; raspberries, $t 15(oil 25; black
berries, $11 15: greengages, $1 60
1 75; pears, $22 25; plums, $1 OIK
1 70; asparagus, $2 604; green corn'
$1135; green peas, $12 25; cove
oysters, full weight, Mb, $11 10;
cove oysterp, full weight, 2-lb, $1 75
1 85 ; cove oystors, light weight, 1-lb,
65c; cove oytters, light weight, 2-lb,
$1; condensed milk Crown, $5 90;
Eagle, $7 75; Swiss, $0.
Baltimore, Md,Mucu 15. Oolite
firm; Rio cargoes, ordinary to fair, 8
Santos, March 13. Coflse receipts
during tbe past week, 10,030 batr;
purchases for the United States, 3000
bags; clearances for the United States,
4CO0 bags ; stock, 280,000 bags.
Rn ds Janeiro, March 13. CofTes
receipts during the past week, 69,
000 bags; purchases for the United
Sta'es, 30,000 baes; clearances for the
United SUtes, 34,000 bags; stock, 31,.
000 bags.
New York, March 15. Co (Tee sprt
fair Rio dull at :!(., ,8' ; options bu'eh
steady and faitly active; ra'ei, 24,750
bigs; March, .16c: April, 7.15c; May,
7.10c; June, 7.15c; July, 7.15c; Angiui,
7.157.20c; Soptember, 7.15c; Oitober,
7.15('7.20c: December. 7.20(!. Sueur
dull and nomina.1 ; fair to good refining
quoted et 4 15-10'a5 l-10c; refined
aull ; confectioners', 6 3 16.1. Molasses
quiet; 50 tett. 1618jc. Rice steady
steady and in fair demand.
New Orleans, March 15. Collie
firmer; Rio, 6IOc. Rice quiet but
steady; Louisiana, 351c. Sugar quiet
but steady ; open-kettle, choice, 56 1
10c: prime,4ic; fullv fair. 43c: centri-
fiiKals, granulated, HiJc; choice white,
Oc; off white, 5Jc; ciioice yellow clari
fied, 51c; prime yellow clarified. 6ic.
seconds, 4 J5Jc. Molasses quiet but
eteady; open-kettle, geod prime to
btrittly prime, 32c; prime, 20(22c;
centrifugals, prime to strictly prime,
16 1(1)200.
Havana, March 15. Sngar The
market during the week baa continued
inactive; the tone was weak and
prices showed a downward tendency.
The weather is warm and very dry.
Molesses suftar, regular to good po'ari-
g(len,$2 12!2 25 gold, perqnln'a';
niDscovario, lair to food retiuinir,
$2 l.sjr.2 31 1 ; centrifugal, 92 degrees
to 98 degrees, pohriittion, in bhds,
hags and boxes, $2 81!'-2 871: stocks
in warehouse at Havana and Matan
2.U, 13,5iK) boxes, 300.000 bags and
03 "0 hlida. Ruceipta fr thn week:
1650 boxen, 99.000 btm and 3 00 hhds.
Miports for the Week: 512 boxes,
2I,(0.) bags and 23iK) hhds., of which
23.500 hair and a'l the hhds. to the
United States.
Bacuiku Jute. Piddle; ILx, Oj
HUc, according lo weitht. Tiee, $1 t5
1 20.
Nails-J2 452 70.
The following are the wholesale
price of lumber i a this marke! :
Laths Poplar, $1 O; cypress,
$12 f 0.
Ti.MiiM Poplar, $)9; cypress, $5
9; Cottonwood, $2( 't; gum, $3(e3 60;
oak, $58; ash, 68; black wulnut,
Cotton woo uM to 3 in., mill rnn,
culls out. $10(-11.
Red GuMa-2ds, $1S19, nominal:
common, $8'il0.
Yki.low Pixk-I, 1.J and 2 in., 1st
and 2d. $I3I5 ; dixisKed, $30; llooring,
6 and 8 in., $25; flisiring, 3 and 4 in.,
$27 50; 2.1 llooring, $22 oO; heart steii
luinlier, $:kl;S40; ceiliinf, $25; J ceil
ing, 122 50; ceihnj;, $20.
Ash 1st and 2d clear, I to:! in.,
$2(V.i 2:5; couunuii, $U(,iU:; 50.
Cm'iichs - 1, l.J and 2 in., 1st and 2d
clear, $.':!(" 25; common, $15; fencing,
1x0, 10 ft., $15.
SiiiMiLKs No. I, sawed or shnved,
$4 25; Niwed or shaved mi 1 is, $3.
Black Wai.nct- 1st and 2d clear, 1J
and 2 in., $:5.'i50; common, $2030;
culls, $18,025.
Oak 1 to 4 in., 1st ami 2d; $2025;
coiiiinon, I and 2 in., $15(e20.
orTUN-tKKU WIL, Etc.
Seed Delivered a', depot and wharf,
$8 per ton; on bank of river (f. o. b.
boat), $t; wagon at mills, $S Meal
Prime (f.o. b.,j $1515 25 per ton.
l-eajtluta car load lots, $15 50 It.
From store, 90c per sack. Cake
Nominal; $16 per ton. Oil In car
load lota, prime, crude 0. 8. oil, 22
23; prime summer yellow 2(ltl7c;
off-summer yellow, 252(!c; miners',
2730c; choice cooking summer yel
low, 282Jc.
Nkw Orleans, Im., March 13. Cat-ton-seed
products unsettled, but gen
erally lower; prime crude oil. diliv
ored, 21l2!lc; summer yellow oil,
f.o b , 27 j28lc ; rate and meal, f.o.b.,
1 920c. .
Co tl, Oil l'riiiie while, wlmlesale
lots, 1 le per gallon.
CLkVELANi), O., March 15. Petro
loom quiet s.w., 110", 7J!.
PiTrsnma, Pa., March 15. Petro
leum dull but firm; National Transit
certiorates opened at "8 In and closed
et (8.I3; highest price, 78;j;lows.t,
wmur. win km. i.Mttoitt, 1. re.
WmsKV Straight Kn'ucky Bottr
hon, $i 01)6; rye.Jl 7o0; domestic,
00,'c(.iJ,l 50.
Winks A rienn extra, (Ih, .$7;
pts, $S; Piper Heidsiei k, ijts, $25 j pis,
$27; Minimi's extra dry, qi, $28 50;
pis, $:!() ."ill; Roeilerer, qts, $20; pts,
$31 ; Veuve ('liquid, q1s, $:il ; pts, $:;:;
claret, (Os, $3 50 12 5U; $1 extra for
pints; imported Rhine wine, $78,
qls; Catawba, sweet, Othf.i 1 25 per gal
lon ; Catawba, dry.JIGiM 25 per gallon ;
Catawba, sweet,' $3 50i per case;
Cataw bit, drv, $l(n5 per case ; Califor
nia wines, (ll50 per gallon; ini-
iiorted port, $ I oOfTiYi; imported sherry,
I 50i0; importeil ale (Burke's bot
tlery), pts, t 85; ijts, $3; Angostura
bitters, pis, $1(1 50; champagne cider,
qts, $3 25 3 50.
Ciiicaoo, March 15. Whisky steady
ut $1 14. '
St. Imis, March 15. Whisky
steady at $1 10.
New Orleans La March 15.
Whisky steady, $I1 25.
Cincinnati, March 15. Whisky
steady nt $1 10. Sales of 1071 barrels
finished goods on this basis.
Apollinaris, (ts, $7 508; pts, f 1 1 50;
seltzer water, qts, J06 50.
lluiEH-Dry Hint, 14'3ll7f; dry salt,
HN;l2c; grei u salt, 7(8c; green, 5,'
ic; deer skins, IO("'.IXc; linnlcr lian
dled coon skills, each, 2(K"'.50c ; country
coon skins, KKIIOc; mink, IOMIOc;
miluLl'ill .IrSB I 111 ntli.r 1WJ- l.,,r
$l5; beaver, 50c$4 ; wildcat, 20
40c; fox, 25(i7.'ic ; skunk, 2575c.
Beeswax, I82lc; tallow, 45c.
iiorhin ami ni i.KN.
Horses -Good (hiving, fl5ll225;
good saddle, 4 1 10 li 3H0; plutfs, $3"i(;so;
good mares, $8ri(.i,l 10.
Mclks-I4S to 15, $inii:;:.; 15 to
I ." A , $I25(.C,1 10; 15 to 10, $l4Uf'i ''-175.
(iood deiiiaml ; supply fair.
Cati i.k --Choice to extra corn-fed,
900 to 1050 pounds, 3J4Je; good, 3
4c; choice grass-fed, 21(a3c; gtsul, 3
:ic; fair to nieiliiini, 212:e ; coni
111011, 1 1( 2c.
I l(Kis- Choice, 3j4c; good, 3j
:',c ; common, IK'i'llJc.
Siieki' (.'liiiicc, 4V4!c; iiietliuni, 3
:!Jc; common, Jll 50.
Cincinnati, O, March 15 Hogs
steady; common and light, $3 3'
4:5; packing and butchers, $4l 40.
RecripU, 274 bead ; shipments, 831
Kansas City, Mo , March 15. Tbe
Lire Ktork Ind ientnr reports: Cattle
receipts, 631 head; shipments, cone;
market slow, weak and hz lower for
shipping pradc; ; butchers' stnfl'dteudy ;
s'ockers and feeders firm; choice to
fsncy, $ 0"5 15; goOil to choice,
$1 OOi'tS; comntion to medium, $1
4 13O; s'ockers snd f edeis, $3 .i04 20;
cowa, $2 403 30. Hogi receipt ,1321
head ; thipmer te, none; market weak
and a shade lower; good to choice, $4
4 2); common to medium, .13 70
3 9.1; sli ips and pigs, $23 05 Sheep
receipts none; shipments, none: mar
ket quiet snd weak; goad to choice,
$3 7.o4 60 ; common to medium, $2 2o
3 25.
Ciiicaoo, III , March 15. The i)ro
twriT Juurnul reports: Cuttle receipts,
70J0 head; shipments, 20,000 head;
market quiet; 1015i lower; shipping
ste'-rs, 9' 0 !o 1500 pounds, $3 755 65;
(toi-kers and feeders. $3 4 30; cow,
bulls and mixed, 124; bulk, $H III)
3 20. Hoga receipt , 17,000 head;
ehipmeuts, ( 0,000 besd ; market slow ;
5 10b lower; rough and mixed, $3 80
(n 15; packing and shipping, It 1(K"
4 35; light, $3 0"4 15; skips, $:i
3 69. Sheep receipts, 4 H)0 head ; ship
men's 1000 head; maik t slow and a
shade lower; nstivos, i'i 4lK'i-5 00;
Texans, $2 i5 '4 25. The Dnnvn' Jonr
nal special cahlegraoo from Liverpool
indicates a fairly active cattle marktt
at steady pricee, be t American s:eeib
Sil'.ing at 13J '' Pef pound, dreaod
weight. Supplies of A uierican and Ca
nadian stock repotted light. British
cattle not so plentiful aa two weeks
Cincinnati ......OaaaiTB Btati, tp.m.
Arkaniaa Rivtr.Joa Psraaa.S p.m.
8t.FrincUKirar.RiX! MacaADT ,5 .m
8t. Louta .Ciiror PauviDiaca.S p.m.
Vii-k-hura.....CiTT orVicaaaoas, 10 a.m.
Now Orlaaci Citt Nir Oii.aisa, 4 p.m.
Krinn Point. ..CoABom, S p.m.
WhitHirr..Ca;rtiaw. S p.m.
On-eul Dm AoAMa, 5 p.m
Till R8DAV.
Arkaniaa Citr.-.KiTa Apaaa, S p.m.
Tiiton?illa... Gatoro, 5 p.m.
ailll'HI'tni iYTUKt.I'VVH
AV iW. Annie P. Silver, St. Lobis;
City of Cairo, St Louis; Arkansas
City, Vicksburg; Kate Adams, Ar
kansas City; Coahoma, Friars Point;
.1.1 i- r , ..
viouiBii nuie. 11 bw v'ieaca: joe
l'eters, Arkansas Hiver; I), aa Adams,
Ojceola; Gayofo, Tiptnnville.
I)r)arlurtt Annie P. Silver, New
Orleans; City of Cairo, Vicksburg;
Ka'e Adams, Arkansas City; Coa
homa, Fiiars Point; Arkansas City,
St. Ionia; Oolden Kale, Cincinnati;
Dean Adams, O.ceola; Uayoso, Tip
tonville. Boat in Port. Joe Pettra and Rene
Macrea ly.
itotifi Ihe Dotm. Granite State,
City of Vicksburg and City ef New
iW Dae I p. City oljPievldence
and Chickaiaw.
Hcrrlpla YMtrrday.
Arkansas City 4(1 bales cotton.
Citv of Cairo 61) tons merchandise.
Gcldon Kule 300 brls molasses and
let sundries.
Coahoma 145 bales cotton, 0 bags
eeed-cotton and lot sundries.,
Joe Peters 125 ba'es cotton, 415
ska seed and 15 pkgs sundries.
Ddan Adams 56 ba'es co'.ton, 38
basts seed-rotlou, 444 sks seed, II hd
stock and 65 pkgs sundries.
Kid Adams 171 halts cotton. 34
bgt seed-cotton, 1015 ska seed, 8
horsea and mules and 100 pkgs sun
dries. Uayoio 36 ba'es cotton, 7 bags
seed-cotton, 100 sks seed, 700 sks corn,
58 bales straw. 11 hd rat io. 73 hnn
and 65 pkgs sundries.
T11 Guiding Star is the next O Line
i trainer due up for Oincinnati.
Tun O .an steamer U. P. Buaenck,
dipt. J. X. Carter, Is due down for
New Orleans.
Tun Bene Macready, Capt. O. K.
.loplln, Is the packet this evening at 6
o'clock for St. Fiancls river.
Tub Chickasaw, Capt. h i. O. PoUaf,
Is the Wednesday packet tor White
river. C. M. Postal ia In her olllcs.
Tu it Lse Line packets to-morrow
evening are the Coahoma for Friars
l'oiDt.and the Dean Adams for Oacsola.
Tun Gayosi, Capt. W.P. Hall, is the
pii kt-t Thursday evening at 6 o'clock
for lUles Point, Tiptonville and all
way landings. J. P. Walt is her clerk.
Tub City of Vicksburg, Cipt. Henry
Keith, is the Anchor Line packet this
morning at 10 o'clock (or Vicksburg
and the bends. Gtorgo Walton is her
Thb stett Iron atsamer Charles P.
Chouteau, Capt. William II, Thorwe
gen, will be due here in tbe morning,
and will return to New Orleans last c(
the week.
Tub Joe Peters, Capt. K B. Smith,
is the packet this evening at 5 o'clock
for all points on Arkansas river, going
through Pins Bluff. Charles Mussel
man is in charge of her olllcs.
Tub City of Providence, Capt.
George Carvell, is the Anchor Line
packet this evening at 6 o'clock for
Cairo and St. Louis. Frank Perkins
I 11' I 1 - 1 I .
auu uiu rv uaoier aire uer uieraa.
Toi Arw.linr T Inn aL.mn. l , l
New Orleans, Capt. A. J. Caitsr, will
pass down this evening at 4 o'clock
(or New Orleans and all intermediate
po nts. Archie Woods ia her alerkj
Tub Kate Adams. Capt. MarkVK.
Cheek, is tbe United Stains mail :
packet Thursday evening at 6 o'clock
for Helena, Arkansas (Jit? sad all way
landings. W. C. Blanker is ia her of.
(ln .
Thb Granite Slate, Capt ', A. J,
Lindsay, will be found In port this
morning and leaves again this evening
at 6 o'clock for Cairo, Loilsvllle, Cin
cinnati and alt way landings on the
Ohio Klver. Don. A. Marrs bu charge
of her olli ;e, assif td by Charles Pat
terron. The Granite S'a'.e will give
cheap rates to all polntj North and
last. .
4JK i:it 11. m:wN.
Tub l,?e Line packets cleared last
evening with t Or trips.
Thb Annie P. Silver passed down
t-aturday night for New Orleans.
Thb I'oit Kadi and bargs passed
up Sunday evening for H. Louis.
Aliikkt Siiinklb, clerk of the
Golden Kule, Is sick on boitrd of that
Tub Henry Lourey and barges
pa-sed down yeeterd.ty morning for
New Orleans.
Tub river hers stands 17 feet 8 tenths
on the gauge, a fall of 8 tenths in the
lint 24 hours.
Hkcbiptj by river yesterday, 679
hales of cotton, 8 bags of seed-cotton
and 1974 sacks seed.
Tub Arkansas City pawed up early
Sunday morning for St. Lonls. She '
added here 873 bales of Kastern bonnd
Thb City of Cairo passed np early
Sunday morning for Vicksburg. She
discharged here 60 tons of miscel
laneous freight, usd added 30 tons of
Thb J01 Pe ers, Captain F. B.
Smiib, arrived Sunday night from
Aiktnsna river with 12) bales cotton,
415 packs seed and fifteen packages
eundr es. She rediipped ten bales
cotto i at Terrene and returned again
this evening.
Tub Kata Adams, Ctptain M. K.
Cheek, arrived Sunday morning from
Aikansas City with 171 bales cotton,
31 I n, s seed cotton, 1015 sackBseed,
eight horsea and mules and 1,0 pack
Bues sundries, and returned again last
evening with a good trip.
Thb Golden Rule, from New Or-ba-ip,
passed up last evening f r Cin
cinnati with a tine trip and a good lift
o( people. She discharged here 300
barrels of ino!asen nod a good iot of
sundries. S wsdled here 103 bales
t ( cotton and t00 sacks of oil-nit a'.
A Washington special says the Pott
oflice Department will grant aldition
sl river mail service between New Or
leans snd Vicksburg, and Capt. Leath
ers will be awarded the conttaut. The
additional service is to be once a week,
on Saturdays, and is granted in obedi
ence to the appeals of the shipping in
terests at and between the two points
named, it having been shown the de
paitment that great incjuveniente re
sulted from the mails being tadeu froa
the large freight carrying stealers
Ihe contract price is uut'erstood to be
small, about $1000 per annum, not
much more than sufficient tu pay the
board and lodging bill of the mx

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