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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, March 16, 1886, Image 8

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LoktarUlr ,ww Orleaas and Texas B'y
IMilSMirrl TAMST 0 K.
Kffert NoToborJZ.-
Soaih. I North.
4:00 p. 11 :00 a. a
6:46 p.m : a.m
S:4S .! &: a.m
1:00 a.m S:UH
Hi a. n 12:16 a.aa
5:2 a.n :W am
S:21 a.m 1:13 p.aa
9:30 p.rnlj:) p.m
South. North.
:40 a.xt 5:0(1 p a
12;loo'n a:S p.n
8:4a p. m 11:10 a.m
M.mpk -
Ku,d c.
Yiekaburf .. 1
lh.l..,- ?
Baton hour.
y.w Orlnani
7:15 p.m; 7:90 a.m
A-Wlth all linei .nurina M.mrni..
B-WituM. AN. W R. B. lor UelM.
glrVr UraiuTille and Uuntintion, tad all
P-W ft? yiTi'-d Vu 8. P. Railroad.
IPwith N..J. AC. H. H. for Aatcb.. aaI
JarkMa. .
r-Por Poiata oa the Branon.
9-Wlth lUamere for Bayou f are.
B With railroad, dirarf inf for Florida aid
PBlhJt? Eff.? filaarlBt Carton all j tr ein..
J AS. M . KUW Kliti. V. P. and .M.
M. BURKS, G.neral bup u
A. J.kBArr, w.
f raataalBI aad TnnnaM. - Feet
nail traia laarM daily at 4 -.30 pm. s arrive
5 J'tt a i. Lonl fraifht leavei .t :40
ae. t arie. at 4:30 p.m. frei.bt traio.
NaT. S and rua trl weekly. No. leave,
fa, phi. Monday. Wedoeeday and Friday.
Hnw City. ?"
rkla -Train, lea. M. and T. d.pot fol
wi: No. 4, mail and .xpreei. leeree daily
t 11:30 a.m.) No. 3, mail and oipreii. ai
rlVea at S 30 p.m. No. , Bt. Uaii.ipr.ej.
ulroT daily at :W p.m.: No. 65, BU Louil
aipro'i, arriTU at :S6 a.m.
Jeennkla u4 Mill Mnrk.-Traln.
nova aa followi (central .tend ird time):
So. Hearee daily at 6:28 Km. I arriTea at
tMn.m. No. Sl.aTtat:.'Aa.m.i erriTe.
at -NO a.m. No. 4 (frei.lil) leaeei HopeB.ld
daily (eaeeptSundey) at 8:00 a.m.; arme.
at 7:10 p.m.
Newport Mraaad Mlealaalpn I
ley, lrelni mora aa tollow.: No. I (taat
lina daily) l.aei at 11:30 a.rn. No. 2 leave,
at 11:40 pm. daily. Bt. Loai; fait In.
lu.M daily at :SU a.m. No. 7 tint line
daily) armai at 1:3(1 p.m. Mall and -pre,
amvee dally at SiWa.m. Bt. Lout,
(ul lin. arrival daily at :05 a.m.
mpbla mm 'barlrloa - Tralm
dot. aa f'lowi: Throh nri aavti
daily at l:20 p.m. Mail and .iiiraai l.avaa
daily at'0:10a m. KomarviUo aeoommoda
tioa la.i daily, axrapt Sunday, at 4:il
p.m. Through aapraM arrlraa daily at6:
a.m. Mail and axprait ar'ivea daily at 4 M
S.m. Somerrilla aoonmmmlation arriva.
ally, aicapt Sunday, at t;M a.m.
Iaiavlllo and hllle Tralna
tnoT. aa fulloM: FaHmail anlvaa daily at
4:.tSa.m.t loav.a atlfl:10 p.m. t mail learn
d'ily at 9:(K a.m. Brownrvill. aooommo
datiom learei daily, aicpt Sunday, at S:U0
p.m.: mail arrival daily at 5:01 P.m.
BniwafTilla rocommnda'ion arrltai daily.
axoaptSundar, at a 40 a.m. utandaM lima).
aaipkl, Hirmioahana nnd Allan
Hoil' Si.rlnn Hnuto-Traina mora aa
follow! : No 1 leavai Memrhii daily t 3:44
p a. : ariivaiat Holly t.riDH al 0:30 p. in :
No. t Icaraa Holly dirina datly at V:00
a.m., arrtroi at Memphli at 1 -.15 a.m. t No.
l.ar.a M.mphii dally at 7:3 p.m.,arrW.a
at Uoil; Bprinia at 11 :5W p.m.; No. 6 i.ar.r
oily Sprinm dally at 3:30 a.m., arrival at
W.iHiauTOM, Mar oh 1ft, IBM.
1 o'clock a.m.
Fur Vtcuiiiljin anJ vicinity : Colder,
followed hy wanner, fair wcutlier;
bluecrCBa'iirn'Jcnfwnt, followed by
For Tcnru and tiu Ohio ValLy:
CoUtfr.folhutd by wtnrur, fair vetithtr,
MprnraloBlal Hfporl.
MMrnia. TM.. March
vV tuui
7:00 am
11:00 a.m
3:00 pm
7 :00 p.m
10:00 pm
IKI.Q.M), IU1.8
Mailinnm tamperatrire
Miniirntn tmperalure,
(17 fi.
All observations are taken on 75
meridian Jima, which ia,oue hour
faster thai Wal tims.
Tlie grand jury meeU to-lay.
Tonxr'i ifunth'v for April at
President lladdon disposed of a
big docket yesterday.
Nothing has been heard lately of
the new gas coniames.
The streets swarmed with ladies
yesterday, who took advantage of the
Sou-let fever is reirled to bo rag-
ing at Colliervillrt. There are several
fiuw-s of roseola in this eity.
Hraneh 2H, Catholic Knights of
America, will turn out on hit. Pat
rick's Pay with the Knights of Innis
fail. A new sund eonuiany will shortly
he established here. The jiarties in
toroHtod are C. H. Hryan, J. M. O'Noil
and J. C. Donoho.
The admission to tho (I. IT. (). of
O. F. entertainment lor the poor, to
bo given next Thursday night, March
18, 18HII, will tie cento.
Tlie c are a large number of squir
rels In Court Square. Only two died
during tho winter. It costs about fill
a month to feed the bunnies.
A ' paradu by tho various Irish
eoeieties, a ball at Knights of Innis
fail Hall, an 1 a banquet at the Oayoso
will be th features of H. Patrick's
Pan Hieo Jones and Sam John
son, two nam young arahs, wore
iiiiIiImhI by Ollicer lledrick in front of
the Museum yoslerda for using vile
language to a little girl.
St. Patrick's Pay will be celebra
ted to-morrow morning at St. Pat
rick's church by solem liirh mass.
The Uev; Kalher Finn- of Mississippi
will officiate", assisttd by the pastor,
the Itev. Father Veale.
Lucius Green and Kllen (ireen
low, J. Ii Wel.h and Alma P. Mo
nelle. -J. 11. lA'iv.(r and Annie C.
Shields. Jcllcrson Childress and
JiiuiKt 1'iige, Smith Picket and Kannio
W oola were licensed to marry yester
Court Scinaro was gnilv decked
with bunting yesterday hy Sergeant
llogcrs in honor of Andrew lo son.
the anniversary of whoso birthday it
was. Flowers were placed about tho
marble bust of "Old Hickory" and an
extra supply of nuts was distributed
vo uie squirrels.
Tlio time for flying kites is now in
full bloom, and in conseuuenco the
small boy is in clover, so to speak.
. They aro" taking advantage of these
bright, windy days, and wherever
there in a suitable place for "raising1
one numbers of kites can be seen of
all colors, shape and size.
At their regular monthly nit n
last Sandfly at'ernnnn Mersp is Presa
rnens' Union N ). 18 decided to snd a
delepaa.i. tha nat annual conven
tion ol he I'itrnatinnl Tyrf'gratiiitc
al Uoiop, which mms a-- Pint-bury,
Pa., on th Gras Mnrdty in Jure ni z .
Messrs. Joyce, Va'ioney. Kmey ai d
WaNh werM put in nomlt a inn. Ihe
election c?mts off the tecund Sunday
in Apr!1.
Visitors at Travelers' Club yester
day: Uudoljih Abramson, Ark.; K.
G. Jones, city; J. Warren, Tenn.;
K. B. Porter, Ala.; M. LeiU-r, Helena,
Jrk.; Wm, Sledge, Couio, Mias.; I.
U.lin, Ti-nn. ; Jaku Marki. nty; J. C .
K4rin.Um, Ti-nn.; Je ItaMHan,
(liarWu. Ark.; J. II. Iljim'tt, Tiiiton,
Tenn.;W. A. Chuney. V. T. !;' .
J. I. Jamon, Cotton IMant, Ark.; W .
A. Sncl, Ark.; C. V. Oakli-y, Cin.in
nati, O.; J. W. IJalxon, l.nnvilW-,
Miwi.: J. II. McFarland, Wnt l'lains,
Mo.; Paria FowU'r.Tliayi'r, Mo.; V r in.
W. Martin, Conway, Ark.; K. P. Oo
van, llolt'ua, Ark.
The r.nulstrci t aenry n x.rtH 211
failures in the I'nitcd StnU'H lor the
wck emliuj' Man h 12 !, aainHt
227 lat wih-K and 2H(1 in the wx-ond
wi-i k of Man h, 1SH5, 1HJ in 1SK4, 2 IJ
in lHKJand 177 in 1S-'. Canada had
2 thia wet'k, Helmut :V last and in
the like wet'k of IHKt. The total num
boToi failnn-a io the I'liitwl Htatea in
lWti to March 12th ia 2739, aainHt
II227 in ten wm ka of 18s.', a decline
thia year of -HH, or of an average of
nearly !! wwkly decline since January
lot. The total in ten wecka of lnxi
wan 2HI.1, or M lew thnn in 1 8.si ; in
I.hk.1 it van and in 1W2, 1 7."9.
A corn.'pondent xemls th follow
ing receipt for (lijihtheria and croup
which ho declares to be infallible:
"Dr. Pelthill oum equal part of
turpentine and Ii'iiiM far into a tin
pun or cup and aeti) lire to 0e mixture.
A denae resinous smoke arisea w hich
obscures the air of tho room. "fho
patient,' Dr. IMthill says, 'imme
diately seems to experience relief,
the choking and rattle aton, the pa
tient falls into a slumber and seems to
inhale the Bin ko with pleasure. The
fibrinous membrane soon becomes de
tached and the patient roughs up mi
erobicides. These, when caught in a
glows, may Ihi at-on to diasolvo in the
smoke. In tho couiw of three days
afterward tho patient entirely ro
covern.' "
Tho following from the St. Ixnin
ReinMiran of March 14th will be of
interest to our readers, as it refers to
the company whose patent it is pro
posed to introduce here: Tho Kquita
tile Gas Company of New York is
spreading n ticcablv. With such men
ar J. C. Wnleott, Itiaock, Benedict,
Kugeno Kelly, ZeniianowMki and Ver
milye, the company is naturally ag
grcsHivc. The stock of the New York
company is now quoted at Hi:!, and a
12 per cent, dividend is declared an
nually. The capital stock of the New
York company is W.rUO.lHJO, and tho
bonded indebtedness is 1,500,000.
Tho Imputable people claim that with
in two years they made all the other
companies consolidate for mutual pro
tection. The Baltimore branch, known
as the Chesapeake lias Company, has
reduced gas to 50 cents in that ci y,
while fighting the opposition com
pany, II. Y. Atrills "Equitable."
Tho New York company has cntal
lished a Chicago branch on the South
Side, and work w ill be commenced
there inside of six weeks. A member
of the New . York pool,- when asked
whether the Equitable proposed to
come to St. Louis, replied emphatically
in tho negative. The company hud nil
tho territory it wanted at present. Tho
Equitable, uses oil exclusively, and
claims to hft able to make gas at a
third of tho costo other processes.
ivillo is in
tho city.
Cou W, A. PkUi y of Greenville is
jn the ciy.
The Hon. J. M. Hewitt, Mariana,
Ark., is at the Pealwdy.
Mas. J. It. Ai.ih has returned to
the city from Huntingdon, Tenn.
Max Moykkh, a prominent Areola
merchant, is spending a few days
H. fi. Snowukiki.U of Greenville is
stopping w ith U Harris on Kxchango
Kiinoi.i'it AmiaMiN of Holly Grove,
Ark., is in the city purchasing his
spring stock.
Tiik Hon. Chas. P. Sinionton, Cov
ington, and N. H. Harris, Issq., Mis
sissippi, aro at the Peabody.
Juikie .Doutii.Ass biw returned from
Cincinnati, and thinks the prospects
good for his patent cotton bale cover.
Mu.k. Kiira, Manager James W.
Mrtriiascy und twelve members of the
Khea C'jmi'nuy rtl qiiartered at tho
MlHS l'At'l.INK DllTTI.INtlKH of Little
Hock left for home Sunday evening
after spending a month with relatives
in this city.
Coi C. M. MctiiiKB, vice-president
nnd general manager of the Fast Ten
nessee, Virginia and Georgia railroad,
is at the Peabody.
Mks. J. J. Ihn-KY will sing "The
Harp That Once Thro' Tarn's Halls"
at tho morning service at St. Patrick's
church Wednesday morning.
ClIAKI.RV KlIKIUIAKT. will) llllS for
years been connected with C. P.
llryan & Co., and who iB one of the
best known nnd most generally liked
of tho young business men of the
citv. is now with Prown & Jones, coal
dealers, and would be pleased to meet
his friends at his new quarters. Fx
perience, industry and integrity aro
among the dualities possessed by Mr.
Fberhart, and he is likely to prove a
success in the new connection he hits
St. Louis Rrniil.fi'cim : The following
eulogy on Gov. Prown, receiver of the
lexas anil raciuc, lias noen received
at this oilier : "John C. ltrown was a
maior-ireucrul in the Confederal'
army, winning tho reputation in the
armv of the Tennessee of being the
bravest of the brave. At the bloody
battle of Franklin ho llgured as the
Cambroinie' of that engagement.
His division in the center was plowed
with shot and shell cut to pieces, yet
refusing to retreat an inch. Histori
ans, in writing of tho battle, tell in
wonder of the courage ol Jirown ami
his division. Gen. Prown was shot
from his horse, and, lying on the
ground he continued to givo his
orders, which were simply 'Forward!
forward! forward!' After the war he
was the most prominent lawyer in tho
State of Tennessee, refusing an office
until his friend almost forced him to
accept the IVmoeratic noniin uion for
Governor. Ho was elected by a large
majority, then re-elected to a second
term. Coming out of that position
poor, be was comts'lled to refuse the
United States Senatorship. Having a
large family dependent upon bun, he
was too poor to accept political hon
ors, Sjnd prelerred to return to his law
prac.tH'e. Gov. Brown may be in an
unpopular position as receiver of the
Texas and Pacific, but, to those who
know him thoroughly, nothing could
turu tneir liking tor turn."
Fxeel euce and Cah
Are Ihe b rets of Malford's succees.
MniiiawA LftKomajraln to do
yueir ' miMi
Have Your Frem h Clocks
Pot in order a Mnl'i'id's.
W to Hmlrlr Lananianlae for
f. r a-lmiiii- nnrt U".tllllui.
Mulfor.l, JewM. r, i'.n Mala, so.
Iticild orOera fruni tbn rwanlf j.
Euiopeaa plan. Kolaraed and rrlurniih.d.
Price, according to aiae and loca
tion of rooma.
1 Rulliraa, Ark O W Maynard. Ill
J K Alexander, lad H D Tomlinaon. T.na
B B Carl.ton. Tenn H II Ilcdna, Ohio
J A 1'il'ard, La F K B.Lilo, Tana
Mr. M P Minlh, Tana J A Oraraa, Tana
A J Schwarinun, Mo 1) W H C(.rl, 111
J II briv.r. Ark J Koum. Ky
1 Murphy. Ark J W Kldfidxa, Min
M urtil ur.r,Ohlo J 1. P-l, Ky
Ii S Hauniiartan.OhioB Kuhn, Ark
LJPndal. Ark J S Lawman. Mill
J B Howard, Mini T F t-i.man. Miu
W H McWilliama.MiM M Holden. Mi.t
E Woodward. Jr.T.na K W McQuirk, Mil.
L Lier, M iia C J llouur, Mira
N P Looiuia iiw.Maa F l.ii.nencolt, Tann ,
1, Weh-ter, Ark WD Culberhouu, Ark
W M Kooartaon, Ark J O Payne, Mm
VP Ward. Ala O U Tu.aey. Ua
0 N Walterhoun.ArkK Bynum. Ark .
W Stain. Ark HW lair rhcrwood, Ark
H H Krrxu.nn, Ark li W Wataon, Aik
II y UuAiu. Mn ' 11 Cummin., T.nn
FT 'obnnton. Ark lKB Wilktr.or. Mi
J Pryor, Mi. a J W Roberta, Mi..
R Kichardi, afiaa J M Fih Afam. Ark
R A Jonea. Miia Mi .a Hlanoha Brum,
W Cainibell, Mo 0 U Bill. Ml..
J A Grant. La W L Collin., Tend
0 W Soelhy Aw.Mi.i 0 L Slater Aa, lenn
P J O'Louinlln, Ark J foil, M'
C M Hayni.. Miai
J W Hayni. Mill
J f Boucen, La
i 8 Ladd. Ark
D F Youna, Tenn
0 B Wil.oD.T.na
W M In., ktiat
W U Powe'l, Mitt
0 F Boiaaa, Miaa
A L Bynum, Miaa
K Rot, T.na
J B Waller. Mist
H ueca.r, ay
A Crnek.tt, T.nn
K 8 Bucharan, Tenn
J W Kcbrililer, T.na
6t I Waddell, Mill
J L Rhndei, Pa
W C Robiaoa, Mill
K K Rucker. Ark
8 K Dowdy, T.nn
T P Ward, Ala.
Paakady Hal. I.
C. B. OALLOWAT k CO.... PiornTORi.
Hawa wt ou ana M par uay, aororuiu. w
Ira and location of room Special
rate! mad.
W McCormack. N Y
W Ritchie. Ohio
J Horner, N 0
J W KHio't, Tenn
J R IWnka. Tax
H T Heave.. Tann
JMoulton, T.nn
Ro. on. Ark
J Rllead. Tana
C A lliller, Kat
WTUray, T.nn
B Levy, Ark
H W Brxller, Ky
W Hilar, Mi. .
.1 Garden, wAo, N Y
I) II 0ll.p, Tens
0 Johnaon, Mm
A P Sauer, Mi.a
Y Baker, Mi.a
J I)unpcomb.Tenn
SM HoUhre, TonOj
K Hull, Tenn
II II Porter, Ala
W (Miboni, Mim
J MclJonnla, Mo
W Liebnr. Ark
N Reynold.- Mo
J P Kvan, Ky
DaU.off Aw Ark
J M lioKKelt. Ark
II C Payne, Ky
W C Kolkea, Trnn
A M Diit ., Ark
1 r-n deker. Pa
T C Clarke, Tenn
W drum.. Kr
VT M Maraball, Milt
11 C Payn. Ky
J II alvin, Kaa
W J Wootten, Tana
W lirilreo', Ark
J U Lang-try Aw, If at
W P dan try, N Y
W A Percy, Mitt
C W (JriflUb. Tann
M Mvar.. Miaa
A Abramion, Ark
A Hrldner, N Y
J v K 'rin irton, lenn
J W Proudflt, T.nn
W VoCracken. N Y
I W Curti., Mo
W F Browne, 0
i Allen, Ky
F Mile., Mo
M J Viurphy, Ky
L 8 (Iwynn, Tenn
J is Hii'oy, Ky
J M Hewitt, Ark
F. Harkn.M. N Y
J Lanini, Mo
B Philipi T.nn
A rl Pendletnn, Pa
J B W illiaim, N Y
0 It Morrow, Tonn
WA William.on.Tenn
F 8 IliKKin., Tenn
F. K Coleman, N Y '
T O Hull. Ill
1) McCrackeo, Tenn
W Knrinrl. N 0
II D . eal.r. Pa
I.' 1,l,.n. P.
j. Loeb, Ark
J (1 Durrett Aw. Ark (1 llarnelt. Ill
Jil.epn, OHIO w iTiaaun, mm..
I K Browne. 111!
W H llanoock, Mlu
Ham New, lenn .
II P John-on Ala
H M titoukloy, Mo
8 ScbloM, U
N H ll.rria, Mill
UWiMami, Tenn
a I'Mrowborj, Ky
K fl Ilinna, Mo
0 II Mmorilon, T.nn
N BTichenor, lad
L Marru. Mi...
J PC ark. Ark
K Yt Mai'Otry, n I
r r r u 1 1 1 n
W K lacny w, Mm B u wood, T.nn
! W (lampball. Mo J Clara., Mix
II II l'lnner, Ky B0 li.nhatn, T.nn
hadikx aiia.'s TROUI-a.
Madam Khea Am. J WMwi'ier,
Julia VbwI'. J Nalaon km,
Ilo.d Putnam, T Viareat,
K Warr.n, " fr 1.
Miri AdplaJJ. Fit.all.a;
The New tfajoio.
Ratal, 1250 to SI per dar. .cordial to loca
tioa of roomi.
W II nam. DC CJohnron, .! I
w ii llrn.ildiii. Tenn 0 A Poll, JU
I II Pi.rlfAr. Mn
J S B irkn.r, Mo
A N Conner, Kla
b llaitnr. ' ann
W U Under. Kj
Mr- Kir, T.nn
R Cheathnm, Ark
W At-no.d. Aik
Mil Lamberson, Ark
U Irb A, Ark
J T C .1.. Tenn
A BMit. bell.N Y
B 0 Taylor, Tex
W M lli'k. N V
C Lraoh Aw, Ttnn
M,.. 1 Ki
rk, lenn
K t Apiil.aatn. Pa
KU Oliver, sra
P Fowler, Mo ,
Mra Buiwell, Ark
T I.ambaraon, Ark
r. v t.t.t v. Mi
I, I. Bu b, Miu
ii m M Whitmsn. Kaa J II Hice. Kaa
A A ilarria. Kaa H Sineh, N Y
A Bbudlow Aw, I I Mra W U rorauion.IU
K w Mitchell, Tann A 11 Mcsloy, M m
K F Vol y. Mill M H .MeCray. Miu
W P Kuhnr.inan. Mo K T Ilarria, M m
8 U KUwaer, Mo Mra Dean. La
U o I'etara, .warx n wonca w, .-no
I. W Wnna M
M r ijocko, nnaa
(! Howard. Kin
C J Hiicharaa, Tean
H L Milburn, lenn
Mi a V Joy, st Loail
W T VcCain, Mill
O 0 Dran, Mu
J K H.inton, Mill
1, Joy aw. lean
W J Uoodbar. una
It u Hoone. lenn
j W Patera A', Tann W K Nelaon Af, Mo
) B Runi.ion.0hicaoW D Sle -ae, Cmo
W A Scott, I j n wena, ji wuie
II S reichor, Cbicaio L L Tuo, N Y
K Saniion. Pa B w (.utter. La
P 11 Kowlor. St I.onii L Picnt, N Y
J M PretidN fttira W L.Unid, K
F 11 French Aw, icon w w w ouu
W Jonoi. Kr
J 0 Kaodr ck. Mini
H II Fialev. Mm
J P Sinirloton, Ohio
M Brn iddua, Tenn
11 C Wooalett.HC
8 K Kinney, N Y
Mi C Nolan, III
A Kry. Ohio
J II Cl.'ie, Mi ,
C K Dunham, .men
Mn I rmner, mm
1) n Nulan w. Ill
11 K rileiner, Ala
Win l'a.Ttnir, U B A
K Stinaim, M
V Uilrhrtal, Tonn
Miia J Carr. Tenn
V Mewnrt Aw. Tenn
W gtewart 4 w.Tenn
Vr A Weakley, Ala
1 M llan. MtNtl
A Hood, Mo
h K Atwoc d, Ky
M M Uilchii?t, Tonn
M oft A rredwe!l,ren
W 11 dii ler, h
J hn Kraclley, La
K K bvana, lenn
T I. He?no'ila,
W Mutchlniun.lean J l nucas, mm
II C Vorkea, Tenn C D Sinclair, Ark
K Fl ehugh. a rk W Maaon, Ark
A 1) Treailwell, Tenn W E ton, Tenn
K Leiay. Tenn 8 D t urienon, Ark
J L K'aiier. Tenn 0 N Ctauronili, Tenn
W 1) r. Wia M D Ton. y. Tenn
H Aery, Cal C L Harrta, Miia
MraM Wilron.Tenn Mn Montgomery, Ala
Z ll-l.Tenn A T lit rria, Miaa
H T llalnei, Ma JJ F Hirki. Ky
J 0 Kdriuaton. Tenn R L Field, Tenn
JIIW ithera, M i K Mn; tomery, Tann
J II Withera, Miu W K Fntrcll, Miaa
M II Iludion, Tenn Win tlay, Tenn
W K Molntnh, Tonn,
DnrTf 'a European Hltl.
Corner of Adami and Main atreeta. Rooma,
Jultf. 7C J and tl per day s American Plan,
ti per day.
Fir't i-'am Roataurant in the Hotel.
J M DUFFIf (lOyrawnh l'eabudy Hotel),
A Morrle Aw, Tonn KJ lennrt, Mo
J II MoKlr.iy. Va E Mo M Inter, Miia
N T Sh.itwa'l, Mo J i'Ooyne. ie
w ll.ii i.nn J M Un.l.lle. W Va
J Nrary Aw, i' I U N SuntO, Jr, lenn
1 Mol.li.fon, lenn J "ora, nrii
B II Kluaar. Mi .in m'ner, 51 j
HM F ndeni-rl. Ten J C hnekey, Jenn
W I' l.iirlnt'oot. lit
I' K Duvall Ohio
ti"' M nunii, i nio
F V Wiiluma, Mo
T I. Ilii aham, le-n
I r II one, Jenn
LH iiliaina, lnn
K V Siiinoo. Tenn
it V M-". Ti.n
.1 K Miller. Tenn
T llrant. Ark
JTiI. att. A'k
A F frhuole. Mo
.1 !'.( lin, I enn
II C nton, Ohio
T II llnrria. Ark
W Ko. . Ark
CO "eilr ok, Ind
D J Harrier, w k ton
T A McNull. La
W II MoHt.id.Mo
J llamiiklni,
L lla'ria, Mm
N t'oker, Tenn
JTho , Ind
P M M n. lenn
A Stihen Aw. Ky
W F llnmn. Tenn
8 s WeKtherry, Ark
K llnualaaa. Mo
J tlenneit, V
h L Milan, lenn
0 W Atkina. Ark
w Harpe . Ky
I 11 ..Ll.. i
M T-tum, Ark
G M t-helby Aw, Ohio M rieer, Miai
C Habarer, Mm v nonman, 111
T 1. P ol, Mil" AMefeKy
M lUrilef, lad L Raun, Teno
H M And'ewi, Ohio 1 tinnim, mo
1 Hocerteoa, Ark M Neno, Mim
riarraaaa lintel.
Nne 1 and S Madl'on treet.
BOWLtS LKAK a PaoraiiToaa
Ratee Wi t er aay.
D F Murray. Maai W B Pampbe'l, La
I M O.mp, III C W Borru.. Ill
W Kelloaa, Mo Mn A J llavia. Mo
BP Tuner, Ark 0 P Richie, Ark
J 0 Durh u, Ark H H Ha;. -. Miaa
f W MoKei lie, Miai W J W ilbroej, Miaa
R L Mayea Miaa C M Sm th, Ark
K P P.iTan. Mill H Field. Mi.i
W T Echoli, Ark RhJaon, rk
W A heney, Ark A C Carter, Ark
ATMaihil, ik A P l"one. A'k
I uWl...n T.na W II limner. TaBB
n D l oflnd Af T.nn Mra b C Wii.on. Tena
N H'td i tn, Ind H btertmaa Aw, Ind
MC'n.Tenn J B Phillii i.'l'ann
Mr Mrl.e.n. Miri J.i'!l all. Ill
M Brurh, 111 J W Ray. Ky
Ru. Kirk. Ky DMV.rk,ii
11 Ri ey, NY JO bney, Pa
U 11 futeoer, Pa 8 Lowe, chio.
Fine Watch repalrlna- at Malford's.
100 Bedeteada lrasl. Gahay.
Order Me'taliat Mulford's.
Etarfe Tract
Keep Off the Crossing,
the Bargain Train
is Coming.
Look Out When the
Bell IUngs,
See the Rich Prizes the
Misfit ClQthlD? Par
lorff Are Offering.
Seuoos come and leasons go, and
the time for thin and new clothing
is at hand. Although the Misfit
Clothing Parlors have not talked
much through the newspapers during
the past month, we have been re
markably busy. We have enlarged
and improved our accommodations
for displaying goods. We have es
tablished purchasing agencics'.in new
cities, and sought by every means
possible to offer our customers better
bargains than we ever offered before.
We have suoceedod because the way
to win success is to work for it.
We are receiving new goods almost
daily, and already have on hand a
magnificent assortment of goods.
We can show all the latest styles and
newest fabrics.
For the large patronage bestowed
upon us we feel very thankful. The
best way to win patronage is to de
serve it. It is our great facilities for
getting fine tailor-made clothing so
low that enables us to offer it at Buch
very cheap rates. Cheap buying is
the secrot of low prices, and al
though our goods are the finest in
the world, they actually cost us less
than wo would have to pay for in
ferior ready-made clothing,
Please give us a call. We are
proud of our spring stock and want
you to inspect it whether you x ant
to buy or not.
Remember, all alterations to im
prove a fit done iree of charge by
first-class tailprs in our Parlors.
Clothing Parlors
cond St., Memphis,
Oppl Court Square.
Open Eettinr o'clock,
Wwnirrtwyw until 11. .
No. B14 XwXnlsx t.,
Iltl juit received a large stook of the
latelt llylei of
for Panta.whloh wawll1 make to erder at
much leia thin the oiual pricei. l wi
make a e;ovl all wool ran'a for Call
and examine our aoodi. Aim, a complete
line ol OUST" FURMsHlU OOUllH
for tha comiof ieain at our uiual low
1 rioei.
Cor. Secowl nnd.Monroe Sts.,
Would call attonlionof his frionds
and t n to his
sew KI sioc u,
rotnpr'iint te ch' lmt and latent do
lima of K. reian o..d4 in the market.
Haint taken ineoial care in their leleo
tioo, 1 am pleased to lar to my ouitomeri
and pu'ilio who fnor me With a call, to
ihow them inn 0' roorti only founi in
leading1 houaea.
A DrUKglHt'B Story.
Mr. Isaao O. Chapman, drn(rsist,
Newbnrg, N. Y., wii ee ue: "I bave
lor the raw 'n years iom aeverai
grow ol Dr. William Uall'a BaUa'ii for
the Lnnge. I can .y of it what I
cannot ay of iar otber medicine, I
have never heard n.cuionier upea w
it but to praise 1U virtues in the high
est manner. I bava recommended it
io a great many ceea oi wnoipiDK
V, with tha hanniest effects. I
K... nanrf it In mv OWD limuj iut
many years; in fact, always have a
bottls in the medicine closet ready lor
Solid MWerware at Mulford'
is irvnvin M TBI USB OF COCO A 1KB,
And it stimulates and promotes the
growth of the hair.
Burnett's Flavoring ETtracta am ths
txwrt t
MonogrHiu HmigleMuirord.
House numbers from 25 ct-nta to
- ii.w l .UrillV Noa. 289 and
f 10
Second street.
Old aalsTand tnken ns enaki
M Mnlfprd'a, S
MAfiCII 16, 18S6.
IkS-Th. firm ot GOODBAR & CO. baa ben dissolved, and Wdtave tw'f'j
and Shoe Bnsineas, in connection with Mr. W. E. Love, late of Warren, Lpve 4 Co., 8t Lou s. Mo, and IMr.J.U
Callicott, of Coldwater, Mia, under the atyle of and firm name given below. We thank onr friends far r Patronaw
In the past and nope loi a continuance oi loeir xavora.
L.U (&db Co"l?.phi.. Law ol Wbi? A hi(. LataoT wrrl "Ify'a
3G7 & 3G9 Main
We are now receiving a larw and En'irely New 8trk of Eastern and
Spring Trade of 1886, which we offer at ESock Bottom Prices,
We have EXCLUSIVE control in thia
lowing lines of CUSrOM-MADE Goods, all ofwhiahwe
warrant to srive perfect satisfaction :
George Hocker's celebrated Men's Calf Boots.
Brady & SborteU's Boys', Youths', Misses' and Children's
Bolar Tip Shots.
T. M. Harris A Co. 's Philadflphia made Children's Shoes.
Also, L. W. Nute A Co.'s Kip Brogans and Plow Shoes
the beet Brogans made in the United States heretofore
handled by Goodbar & Co.
We are the only house in this Market handling the cele
brated Krippendorf, Dittmann & Co. line of Lidiee' and
Misers' Kid, Goat and Calf CUSIOM Goods EXCLU
SIVELY, nnder th Factory Branrla.
Miami, TaX March 10, im.
We made a contract some months
ago with George Ilocker, the manu
facturer of the celebrated "Ilocker
Boot," for the exclusive handling of
his boots at wholesale in this market,
and have advertised in various news
papers to this effect. We notioe re
cently that another wholesale shoe
house in Memphis is advertising
that they have George Hooker's calf
boots for sale, manufactured for the
spring trade. In order that we should
not be placed in' a false attitude be
fore the trade, we wrote to Mr. Ilock
er on February 27th to know whether
or not he bad sold his calf boots to
any other wholesale house in Mem
phis, and we herewith publish his
reply. Very respectfully,
CuiciaxATi, 0., March 1, 18to.
Meaprt. Ooodbar, Lore A Co., Mempbii,
Gentlemen We have just re
ceived your letter of February 27th.
Goodbar & Co. have not bought a
tingle pair of boolt from its for the
spring trade.
I cannot think that they are getting
them through any other house, as we
received no orders that they could
send, and are ouly selling one other
jobbing house these goods. I do not
think they get them from them.
Respectfully. ,
' O FOKnf! Hor KIR.
Frank Schumann,
Importer and Dealer In
Gael, riahina; Tackle) nnd Sporta.
n..ikai.IIM atar Rnenial attention
4ia Ufaln St.,Hfemphls,Tenn
yuns, AmmnjilUon, FUblng Tackle i
321 Hnln Htrect, Memphla, Tcun;
fajrtnrina and Ranairina of Onnl a
Speola'tr. an-Taleihope No- W
Sweet Tickles, Etc.
dialed Fralt Pickled O ran gee.
Binned rrnlt rickled Cnenmbera,
StnlTed Frail Pickled Peppera,
Ktnfled Frnll Pickled Mangoee,
Mixed Hwreet Plcklea,
Croaa A Hiaeknell'i Chow-Chow and
nixed ricuiee.
Plain Cncnmber plcklea by the) call.
nih.r hrnnda of Plnln nnd Mixed
Plcklea In tilnaa nnd Ollveo.
Coraer Second and Beale St.
Importer, ani dealer! In " ". ";
nlilon and Flxriliia Tackle, Mnlldera'
l UPlwnrr, ' ' . .. " i sex
nnnrlHlctrMtor Hotel nd BMitenrw,-ii
NhIo mrert, UriupliliH Jenn Electric
iinuUciiftlwayf oo hand. KopalrD ueaUy
Boiler Works.
I) In tha fioath, and tha oui eomp U
Botlar and B.ae.-Irop Work, in e oi.y.
aaaiaeiurera oi ; , "B ' "
work of vt description. Bnaetal
ttlow rw tiwttloB work. ,
8S7 Main Ktreet, t Memphis, V
m I,
.1B,I2"' "r. ?'!::-J lull laitraotion
.- . , . .ma A.hA. TW). 1 Lit r 11 . UUUW
d Bl-nk nrma or apa '""'J
Notice to Brickmakers.
QKALKD proporal. will ba rfli"'1
til tha 22d of MAKUU. 188... at 14 o'clock m.
. . . L1...I
a.oeo.oeo in s.opo ooo bao-madi
. u i , v. m of tha Went Ten-
dm lira
"' '"J. KM-kn t.l't'undl
:!""uu',"": T..nrWrn io Au.tin Miller
uT.i;..r. I.nn.. hidd.ra e n procure iteoin
titm. and .U aLER.
i-aa-t - D..lllinar Allllllit'Mi
VB"'r"""i' bolivar. lenn.
and 18 Gayoso Streets,
oe maae oy any competing maraeu
market of the fol
We also control
310 cvnd 312 Front Street, Memphis, Tenia.
We are Juat la Hrrelpt of Lrgt Shlpna of
R. R. Plows, Columbus Steel Drag Scrapers,
And a Complete Line of CAMP OUTFITS.
Jamea at. eoodkar Wm. 1. Clark Eauene J. Carrlnctoai I rrank ti. Janes
Kajtatollailiocl lQOO.l
319 Main Street,
K.'. X t ato'VSf CommH.d.'GdTfor Men, Women. Mi;... a.d Children. W.
wry anomberof tha bent makei in the oouniry, in trn, wiety a d at laad amoac
our atook before Dnjinf eisewaere, auu w . u. u
NAPOLEON HILL, S i,Vs vt.Vl E ' .
8 u nkfinVM T. U. MltillUrtn,
"M""f"r,. .... o !
BKaj iCI'VDIUI aawawai "
yJ- EWD. GOLOSMITU, Tlce-Presldent.
JAMES W4THAN. racier.
J.ha S.Salllan.
Wholesale Grocers, Cotton cior
And Coramissicn Merchants,
232 aad 234 Front
Mr.. N: RAISE? ?eawhol. lm. to the weigh;, and ,11 Cotton entrusted
Jlrlnklcy, Ark
Doom, Satth,
' "
Ourfaollltle. are nnearpa-aed br any '"'"
Vloorint, Ceiling. Sidina. Step LumW and TP", ""J
Lumber of all dim.mion.. "Wa maka tba jiled
Tin. 194 JptTa on Street
Sternberg & Son
...nrmau TO
336 Front St., Cor. Union, Memphis, Tenn,
Notice to Planters.
SIX HUNDRED buih.la of h. celebrated
All., lead for-'ft 0RK3.
Marsh 14, lbSS.
j ' qqqdqaR,
k Co., Su u'i? "."oW
Memphis, Tenn.
Custom-Made Booto and Siioee for the
on as liberal terms as can
the following Specialties under cur
own brands, viz:
Goodbar, Love A Co.'s Men's Grained Oalf CUSTOM-MADE
Bals, Button and Cocgrees.
Goodbar, Love & Co.'s Men's N.K. Call CUSTOM
MADE Bals, Button and Congress.
Goodbar, Love & Co.'s Ladies' Kid snd Goat CUSTOM-MADE
Flexible Polish and Bntton $3 00 Shoes.
Our Ladies' S3 00 Shoes are made from the best eer
lected Caracoa Kid and Tampico Goat Stock, and have
Solid Sole Leather Counters and Flex ble Inuer Soles)
and we warrant them to fit and give perfect eaiiefaction
In vrv rea nor t.
Memphis, Tenn.
.P-Jd. and inur.it all.w .. .... Semi-
Ikoa. Clailt.
H. J. Clavr n
St., Memphis, ftas.
s is
o -
MauufuclnrerM of
Blinsp, Dresaed FloorI.nr, ""L; "e'ner-uoru",B
rwneaa Slilnnlcs. Lalli", tc
- iLl tlnnlk fn fit in a AfdaiFa nrntntitl -
mill in 1,u,u - -
binmea a pacim1 i aisot iriiumi
BusHDOH a pacial faaUra. OnUra
FBnM rho'ee yard of Wbit. L:horn,
HoaJani and r it Ha ee. tierl3. My
tock ar. Silt elaai. and fua'anloed to be ai
rairwented. I ihip in I iht bakeU and is
,w, .at. J--WISBi F4wt 0Uyi k

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