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Th cowardly, brutal mid bloody
murder of thirUt'n negroes at a point
near Grenada, is an outrage that
should be punished as the law de
mands, if it takes every law-abiding
man in Mississippi to accomplish it.
The telephone suits are to I e br night
in Columbus, O., the home of Judge
Thurman, "Old Bandana," who repre
sents the government.
Kverv workingman Especially
hould read "A Chapter in History,"
from the New York Indicatory It will
be found on another page among the
matter relating to strikes.
'o wosder church disestablishment
is a burning question in Wales. A
majority of the people, who are
Methodist and opposed to Episco
pacy, are forced to pay tithe to sup
port English bishops, rectors and cu
rates, who, as the cable tella us, have
no sympathies with them and cannot
even speak Welsh.
The people of the three kingdoms
and the principality of Wale are like
ly at last to come to their ow n by
breaking down caste and privilege.
The Irish Nationalists and the En
glish, Scotch and Welsh Democrats in
the House of Commons are making
common cause, the latter being con
vinced that to triumph over the aris
tocracy and secure the needed reforms
they must stand by the Parnellites in
their demand for home rule for Ire
land. United they stand, divided they
Tub disestablishment of the AVelsh
Church failed in tho English House of
Commons last week by 12 votes, only
4S Irish members being present Had
all of these latter been in their seats,
it would have been carried by thirty
or more votes. But this failing vote
was enough to spread consternation
in high and low Conservative circles.
Even the most "stupid" Tories are
beginning to recognize the danger of
having eighty-six Irish members sup
porting every radical move for the de
struction of privilege.
Jamks O'KbxLy, an experienced
journalist, formerly of the staff of the
New York Herald, but now a Nation
alist member of Parliament, says, in a
"special" to that paper, that a mem
ber of the Tory party said to him re-
cently : "I will, Tot for ite rule : ,39
' will thirty other Conservatives. We
feel the hostility toward Ireland Was a
great blunder. The result w ill be we'll
lose the House of Lords and the
church, and we won't save the union."
These views represent the . growing
feeling among the reasonable element
of the Tory party. They will let the
Irish go in the hope of saving their
caste and their privileges. But even
this will not save them. The English,
Scotch and Welsh Radicals are fixed
and unalterable in their sensible pur
pose to bring government down to a
practical and a business basis.
The New York Tribune regards Mr.
Parnell, the Irish national leader, as
surpassing in usefulness and popu
larity either Grattan or O'Cohnell.
"A Protestant and a graduate of the
Univers'ty of Cambridge, speaking
classical English without a trace of
brogue, he is the hero of Catholic
Ireland and is trusted and liked be
cause he is a Trotestant and has risen
above the trammels of prejudice. His
characteristic traits are English rather
than Irish ; his phlegmatic tempera
ment, his inflexible will, his tireless
vigilance and perseverance and his
contempt for hostile criticism; he
lacks oratory, humor, a sympathetic
face, a commanding presence every
thing which the great Irish agitators
have possessed ; and yet he succeeded
in establishing an absolute political
dictatorship throughout Ireland. A
landlord himself, he is the uncrowned
king of the peasantry." He is true to
his convictions of truth and justice
and right, and he believes in liberty
and in Nationhood. This it is that
makes Parnell all powerful in Ireland,
that makes him a remarkable person
ality in one of the greatest assemblies
in the world, and fixes the attention of
men upon him as it has been on Cas
telar in Spain and was- on Ganiletta
in France.
The vicissitudes of Irish politics are
well illustrated by tho fact that one of
the present members of Parliament,
Kevin Izod O'Boherty, a '48 man, was
sent in chains to Van Pieman's Land
as a convict. He received in 18.4the
pardon for which ho had never conde
scended to ask. He settled in Queens
land, practiced his profession that of
a physician and rose to great distinc
tion. He did not give up politics, but
became a member of the Lower
Chamber and afterward of the Austra
lian Senate. Last year he returned to
Ireland and was induced to remain
and once, more engage in national pol
itics. "Come, 0'1'olierty," said an
Irish member to him Thursday as he
took his sejit, "don't be too proud of
your penal servitude. O'Brien, who
sits next to you, was sentenced to
death." This was in allusion to James
Francis Xavier O'Brien, the National
ist who was convicted of treason at
Cork in 18t7,and sentenced, according
to the ancient formula, to be hanged,
drawn and quartered. This sentence
was afterward commuted to penal
servitude, and O'Brien was finally re
lea,ed with-others. Contrast this
with our treatment of Mr. Jeff Pa vis,
who is Rtill an alien in his own land.
Southern Postal Changes Redemp
tion of the Trade Dollar-Sooth
ern Private Claims.
Washington, March 17. Gen. W,
J. Walsh, mayor of 1M Springs, Ark.,
is in the city. He called upon tho
President this morning, and gave him
general idea of the conduct of mat
ters at that reservation. He is a
strong advocate of Gen. Field's super
intenaoncy of the place, and says:
"He is the best man the government
ever had ther." He extended Mr.
Cleveland an invitation to visit the
Springs. Gen. Walsh's mission here
is to appear before the Committee on
Public Lands of the Senate to protest
against permission being given the
bath-houses to remove without the
reservation. He says it will not only
ruin the city but that the transport
ing of the waters without the reserve
will deprive them of their medicinal
The President recently stated posi
tively that he had to intention of
naming a accessor to Public Printer
Hounds before the expiration of the
lattet's term of office. Mr. Bounds'
term will expire April 11 next.
New pontiles established at Way
side, Washington county, Miss. ; Edgar
W. Btker, postmaster.
Railway postotlice service changes :
Salisbury and Warm Bpring?, N. U.,
railway postal clerks extend run to
end at Morristown, Tenn. ; increase in
distance, forty-one mile?, making the
whole distance 231 miles; this exten
sion taking np end discontinuing that
portion of the Warm Springs and Jel
lico railway poatoflice between Warm
Spring, N.C.and Morri. town Tenn. ;
the line to be known as the Salisbury
and Warm Spring Ba lway Postofflce.
York, Ala., and Columbus, Miss., 1 ail
way postal clerks extend run to end at
Artesia, Miss.; increase in distance,
fourteen mile, making whole distance
ninety miles; tba line to be known as
the Yoik and Artesia Railway Pott
office. '
Railway postofflce service discon
tinued: The Warm Springs, N, O.,
and Jellico, Tenn., railway postofflce
has keen discontinued. Service be
tween Warm Springs, N. C , and Mor
ristown, Tenn., to be performed by
the Salisbury and Morristown tailway
post"ftice, and between Morristown
and Knoxville, Tenn., by the Brittol
and Chattanooga railwav posU ffice.
That portion of the line between and
Jellico, Tenn., to be taken np by the
Louisville and Knoxville railway post
office, and assigned to the Fifth divis
ion of the railway mail service.
Postoflice at Eaton Creek, Davidson
,Cr.o ty. .AtancaA . atssnisr 4t3tr
went. Mail meaaAnsar service estab
lished between ' Huntington, Carroll
: county, Tenn., from Nashville, Chat
tanooga and St. Louis railway. Also,
between Scott's Station, Perry county,
Ala , from Cincinnati, Selma and Mo
bile railway. Steamboat service es
tablished between Vicksburg- and New
0( leans, La. Railway postofflce ser
vice bai been established on the
steamer Natches between Vicksburg,
Miss., and New Orleans, La., distance
408 miles, to take effect March 20,
1886, the line to be known as the
Vicksburg and New Orleans railway
Stir service changed: Grove Hill
ti Jackson, Ala., after April 1st, cur
tail service to end at Salitpa, omitting
Jackeon, decreasing the distance
twelve miles; Limestone Valley to
Fork, Ala., from March 22d, curtail
service to begin at Walnut, omitting
Limestone Valley (discontinued), de
creasing distance eight miles; Mr
freesboro to Forks 0 Pike, Tenn ,
from April 1st, increase service to
three tims a week between Mnrfreet
boro and Milton, eighteen miles; Pop
lar Soring to Huntingdon, Tenn.,
from March 20th, embrace Flowers,
between Poplar Spring and Maple
Creek, increasing the distance four
and one-half miles.
New offices established : At Wiley,
Madison county, Ala., Wiley Bates,
postmaster; Carney's Blnff, Clarke
county, All., Wm. T. Dent, postmas
ter; County Line, Pike county, Ala.,
Thos. A. Beer J, poet master.
It has been finally settled that the
goverment's suit against the Bell Tel
ephone Company, to test the validity
of its patents, shall be brought at Co
lumbus, 0., and the United States
Attorney for that district has been 'in
structed accordingly. The bill is com
pleted, and will be filed to-morrow or
the next day. Judge Thurman of
special counsel is now at Columbus,
and has perfected all necessary ar
rangements at that point.
Voluntarily Bealsned,
Washington, March 17. Er.ra W.
Clark, Chief of the Revenue Marine
Pivision of the Treasury Department,
has voluntarily tendered his resigna
tion, in order to engage in private bus
iness in New York City. It is to take
effect at once.
Trade Dollars.
Washington, Ma'ch 17. The HouBe
Commiltse on Coinage, Weights and
Measures tc-day considered a proposi
tion looking to the redemption of the
trade dollar. A tie vote resulted in
a motion to redeem the tiade dollar in
subeidary coin instead of standard
dollars. The anti-silver men arrived
at a proposition to have the amount
of trade dollars to come ont of the
monthly bullion we purchase. Several
members of the committee were
absent, however, and the whole sub
ject was finally deferred until a future
Soatttera Claims.
Washington, March 17. The Sen
ate Committee on Claims, in its report
adverse to private claims which bad
been disallowed by the Southern
Claims Commission on the ground of
insufficient proof of loyalty of the
claimant, says that there are nearly.
9000 of those r.-jected claims, ir volv
iog an amount of more than $50,000,
0( 0. The committee does not deem
it just or wiee to optn the door to this
fl jod of claims, when no substantial
or equitable reason is shown for to
doing. "
The 1 (Trraoavllle 1 ).
Washington, March 17. The
Honse Committee on Civil Service
Reform to-day referred the resolution
of Mr. Browne Ind , directing an in
vestiga ion into the conduct of certain
employes of the House in connection
with the improvement 6f the Ohio
river at Jeflereonville, Ind., to a sub
committee consisting of Messrs
Banchard, Mitchell and Farqaahar.
The subcommittee is merely to put
the matter in proper shape for exami
nation by the full committee. The
clerk of the tommit'.ee w as instructed
to notify J. M.UIas of Jeflereonville,
at whole instigation the resolution
was introduced, to appear before the
committee as soon as possible.
Ever Canaaalttael la Tea
Veaa Marrloel Waaaaa
ay a alalia.
Chattanooga, Tens., March 17.
One of tlte most atrocious and cold
blooded murders ever committed in
the State occurred near IOiulon,
Tenn., to-day. When Thos. P. Gray,
a prominent farmer, returned home
about noon from attending a funeral
a horrible spectacle met his eyes.
Lying at full length titwn the floor of
her room was his young wife with her
throat cut from ear to ear and her
head filled with bullets. Her inno
cent Utile babe was sitting near its
mother's head playing in a pool of
blood. As soon as Mr. Gray recovered
from the shock he gave the alarm and
a posse was organized. It was
soon discovered that a negro
named John Gillespie had committed
the terrible deed. About seven miles
from Ixiudon ho was overtaken by
a young man named Ciideon Gibbons.
Tho negro did not obey the command
to halt and Gibbons shot him through
the back. Gillespie was then taken
back to Sweetwater, where he w;as
jailed. It is the prevailing opinion
that he attempted to outrage Mrs.
Gray, and when sho resisted he cut
her throat and fired a charge of buck
shot into her head. The entire sec
tion where the crime occurred is in a
frenzy of excitement, and the black
brute will bo lvnched to night.
Later. At 10:30 o'clock a moh of
200 perrons got possession of Gillespie.
He made a fall confession of the
crime and will surely hang to-night.
Saved III Llle by HI Freaeace of
Chattanocga, Tenn, March 17.
To-night while a leading wholesale
grocer, W. B. Mitchell, was sitting at
his desk in hi office reading his mail
he heard heavy breathing in the room
and supposing it was some animal that
had crept in, glanced casually around
and beheld a negro within ten
feet of him bidden behind the
desk with a doable-barrel shot
gun in his grasp, leveled at the gen
tleman's head. The negro did not
know, he wai discovered. Mr.
Mitchell, with wonderful cool nets,
firoceeded to open his mail, then care
i ssl r li ft the stoi o. He immediately
no-.ifled the pi, and the nrgro was
car tared ia its building. He con
fesses 1 hat he! was sent there by two
professional cracksmen to remain
theranniil the stare was locked, sod
then to let tbem in. A heavy bur
glary was then to ba committed. The
store is being watched for the princi
pal '
Slatalla Adda Aaolher Game la His
Bee re.
New Okleans, La., March 17. The
eighteenth game of the world's chess
championship match, between Stei
nitz and Zukertort, began a few min
utes after 1 o'clock this afternoon.
The game was befrun with tho Buy
Lopez opening, Steinitz playing the
white men, Zukertort the black. At
6 o'clock forty-four moves having been
made, the players took a recess until
7:30 o'clock. Steinitz had the ad
vantage in position. Resuming, the
game was ended in five moves by
Steinitz and four by Zukertort, tho
latter resigning on his forty-ninth
move. Time Steinitz, 2 hours and
45 minutes; Zukertort, 2 hours and 10
minutes. This makes the record stand :
Steinetz, seven games: Zukertort, five.
Zukertort Bays his thirty-ninth move,
which was wholly unsound, was an
oversight. He is not lookmj? well,
and says he did not sleep a minute
last night.
ade aa AealgBmeat.
Peokia, III., March 17. Harlan P.
Tracy, the well-known banker of Elm
woou, made an assignment to W. A.
Clinch, W. S. Barber and Thomas
Clinch. The estimated indebtedness
is t0,000, and the property assigned,
consisting of a paper mill and real es
tate at Elm wood and Kansas lands;
$40,000 in bills receivable and stork
in the Peoria Cattle Company, is val
ued at J03.000.
The Ward-Waraer Salt.
New York, March 17. Hamilton
Cole, referee in the action brought by
George C. Holt, the assignee for tl
benefit of the creditors of Ferdinand
Ward against Wm. S. Warner, filed
his report with the clerk of the Su
preme Court, to-day. It is in favor
of Julien T. Pavies, the receiver of
the firm of Grant & Ward, and finds
that the payment of all money lmulo
by Ward, either his individual check
or by the checks of Grant & Ward,
upon tho so-called contract business
were fraudulent and void as against
the defendant Julien T. Pavies as re
ceiver, and that Warner must pay
over to Pavies as receiver all moneys
received by him trom Want over and
above the amount paid by him to
Ward. This sum the referee finds to
be f 1,2.35,381 34, which, with interest
fherenn from Mav 6. 1884. 140.3!H 20.
makes the total amount to be re
ceived $1,395,752 54. He further di
rects that the defendants Warner and
his wife execute and deliver within
thirty days from the filing of this
judgment such deeds of conveyance,
release and quit claim as may be
necessary to satisfy the judgment.
M. S. Chapsky and wife to Carrie
Wendel, parts of lots Nos. 278 and 27!),
north side of Kerr street, for 13125.
M inter Parker to Laura Deathman,
west half of lot 91, Trigg subdivision,
72x30.5 feet, on north side Lucy ave
nue, for $700.
Pauline Puiin Lewis, et al. to Citi
zens' Street Railway Company, lots 28
and 2!', Punn subdivision, for $5500.
W. H. Bond and wife to Mrs C. J.
Calhoun, H5 acres in countv, for $ .
W. 8. Calhoun and wife to C. B.
English, trustee, to BecHre W. H.
Bond in the sum of $600 Vj, property
same as above.
The Scottish Church Question In the
v. Commons Practical hike on
Michael Haritt.
London, March 17. The Xtivt save
that Messrs. Chamberlain and Trev
elyan have written Mr. Gladstone a
statement of their views on the land
scheme. The Cabinet council has
consequently decided to postpone any
action likely to lead todiosension. It
is an honest effort without acerbity on
the part of the majority and minority
to arrive at the beet tolntion for the
welfare el Ireland. Ia the meantime,
both Mr. Chamberlain and Mr. Trev
elyan will continue diacharging their
rtilcial duties. Mr. Trevelyan has in
vited the Sco'ch members of Parlia
ment to a conference to-morrow on the
Crofters question. Mr. Chamberlain
agrees to giving Ireland home rule,
but is opposed to baying out land
lords. The present crisis will proba
bly postpone the date ot Mr. Glad
stone's statement to Parliament on the
Irish queetion.
in the commons.
Mr. Robert Ilnnnntrno Finlay, Lil
eral member for Inverness, moved, in
the House of Commons, this nfter
noon, tho second reading of his
Church of Scotland bill. This pro
poses disestablishment and favors
such reform of the church its would
practically amount to reconstruction.
It nims, for instance, at removing all
those obstacles which now exist to a
reunion of tho Free. Church ami the
United Presbyterian with tho Estab
lished Church. The Scotch Radicals
were determined in their opposition to
the measure, and in this thev received
the assistance of the 1'aruellites. In
deed, many Parnellite, members can
celed their engagements to speak in
tho provinces to-night, in order to bo
present in the House. After a pro
longed discussion Mr. Findlay's mo
tion was rejected by a vote of 202 to
Practical Jokeoa Stlrhael Davlll.
Londdn, March 17. A practical
joke upon Michael Dsvltt wai perpe
trated last night by some of the stu
dents at Oxford University. Mr. Da
vitt bad last evening delivered a lec
ture at Oxford, and was invited to oc
cupy for the nigbt a room of a
graduate in one of the collegoi. tome
of the students, when they learned
this, were much ir censed, an 1 secure
ly screwed the ontei floors of the
room. Mr. Pavitt wti compelled to
reach the ground this morning by let
ting himself down from tbe window
with the sheets from bis bed.
Oatragea In Ireland.
Cobk, March 17. At the Assizes to
day Justice O'Brien said that the
moonlight outrages continued, but
they appeared to bn athor for tho
purpose of robbery than for political
Reeeptloa bjr Dr. and Mr Rawllas
larioiAL to thi Arriit,.l
Corinth, Miss., March 17. The so
cial event of tbe season was the recep
tion given by Dr. and Mis. Rawlinirs
Young at the Cox House last nigbt,
when tbe doctor celebrated his thir
tieth anniverrary as a practicing
physician, by inviting a few old-time
friends ti a supper. Tbe table was
spread with rare pood taste, and tbe
room decorated n a handsome and
appropriate manner. Tbe supper was
ail that could be asked fir and was
convincing evidence that Mr. Cox
"knows how to keep hotel."
The following gaests were present:
Mr. and Mrs. L. Sekeles, Mr. and
Mrs. Dr. W. B. Sanf ird, Mr. and Mrs.
T. D. Duncan, Mr. and Mrs. D. J.
Hyneman, Mr. and Mrs. George S.
Inge, Mr. and Mrs. A. Rubel, Mr. and
Mrs. W. E Young, Mr. and Mrs. Dr.
Wairlner, Mr. and Mrs.JUeorge Cox,
Mrs. Maggie Johns, Mrc A. McWII
liams, Mrs. E. G. Whitmore, Mrs. R.
McWilliams, Mis Lnella Doncan,
Miss Lorona Whitmore, Miss Lucy
Cox, Capt. T. P. Young, Judge W. II.
Kilpa'rick, J. M. Martin. Esq , R. M.
Reynolds, Wi'l B. Henderson, W. E.
Pt'OD, B. 8. Wbi field, Will Evans.
All the above unite in wishing that
the Doctor may live to celebrate an
other thirty years of work in bis call
ing. Altogether, it was one of tbe
most elegant and recherche affairs that
has occurred in Carinth for many a
The Pratt Company Estenillns Ita
Works-Heavy Loaa Jfearotlatod.
Ibpbcial to tbb irriiL.I
Birmingham, Ala , March 17.
Messrs. J. J. McCombs and Theodore
Adams, capitalists, the one from New
York and the other from PhilKdclpbia,
are here. It is almost cllicia ly an
nounced that McCombs has con
tracted with the mausgemont of the
Pratt Coal and Iron Compauy to lend
that concern $1,200,000. Tbe obvious
purpose of the transaction on tbe
Pratt people's part is to build iron
furnaces, and probably a steel plant
and extensive pipe works.
A Bpecial to the Age from Jasper,
Walker county, fays D. 1! rcbfield
died there yesterday from the effects
of a blow given him about a month
ago by a neighbor named Mose Cox.
The latter was drunk, and Birchfleld
was trying to get him nnder control,
when be DickeJ up a chair and struck
bim over the head with it. Both were
men of good ttanding, and Cox was
hardly ever drunk.
The Eight Honr Movement.
Gbano Rapids, Mich., March 17.
The Widdlecomb furniture factory,
employing 600 to 000 men, adopted
the eight-hour system voluntarily to
day. Nelson, Matter & Co. will soon
follow, and the indications are that
every manufacturing concern in the
city will be working only eight hours
a day by May without any demand
from the Knights of Labor.
Hav given Totigaline a thorough
trial in several ca."es of neuralgia ai d
acute rheumatisu;. Am plea?ed with
its results. It is ursur ed by eny
other remedv for that osn.
'W. K FbKX. (), M. D..
(twory own, Tth..
ARNOLD In thii city. Wedneidaj, March
17. im, IIhit F. Arnold, ipd twanty
tbrM roiri.
Funeral from ruidsnoa, Mo. 109 Bel
atrtet, thii (THURSDAY) aruraooo at S
o'clock. Friendj of tha family inTited to
Ladies' Phaetons,
Doctors' Phaetons,
Top liu
Open Buggies,
Speeding Buggies,
Spring Wagons,
Farm Wagons,
Road Carts, Etc., Etc., Etc.
RflnffdeNlronn of C'loMlng'Out 111 In hrniK'li of our lumlneen, 'oitaliiiig of VrhlcUnor all
al)I'NHiiliiiilill'N, we Mill oilier them for tliv isexi OO Ifhjh at Flltst t'o.sr, Coldtvnter
Jtoad Carta 9't3 etti'U. Call viirly and make jour Molrt'tloii.
PrTlirl l. Ar I.4PP, AUaw
Jndlsputed In the BROAD CLAIM of fcetns
Most Perfect Cooking Stove
H. WETTER & CO., Agent,
Mrmphln, Tun
Do you want a puro. bloom
ing Complexion it If so, a
few applications of Hasan's
Ify you to your heart's con
tent. It does away with Sal
lowness, Redness, Timplcs.
Blotches, and all diseases and
imperfections of tho skin. It
OTercomes the flushed appear
ance of heat, fatigue ana ex
citement. It makes a lady of
THIRTY appear but TWEN
TY; and so natural, gradual,
and perfect are its effects,
that ft is impossible to detect
its application.
Cor. Secoud and Monroe Nta.,
Weald call attention of hli frlendi
and pat.-ona to hli
Comprlilnc the nhrlc.it and Lt.it da
Icni of Koraim Uoodi In tba market.
Having taken aiiental oare in their aelea
tlnn, I am . leaned to ear to my omtomerl
and imMlo who ftor me with a call, to
(how th.ra inea ot roodi onljt fauna In
leading hornet.
Mriaa, Fl., September 20, 1BH2.
Flumiko llaoa.
It arTordi in. pleaiure to ainure joa that
after uln Dr. 0. MoLane'i Celebrated Lir.r
l'llli 'or more rhan twenty jeart In mr fain
II,, that I rexard them a. being nperior to
any 1 have ever naed or have l.en ued. I
have not bad them oonitantly, and had to
try nlhert, and I have tried a good variety,
but I have never bad any to aot io promptly,
profitably, and nicely a. MrL.ne'a. I nave
uaed 'h.m on inyaclfi wile and children,
with the mot(iratitying reaulU. for chil
dren, having uaed them on my own with auch
eaayand happy effect, I would recommend
them In one and all. Theae villa do the
work do it promptly, do It well, and leave
no ill efleote behind. Aaabile re nover. aa
a liver corrector, aa a forerunner preparing
the ayatoin tor quinine, Hero ia no pill or
medicine eiual to Jr. 0. McLane Cele
brated Liver Pilla. I expect to uae tbeiu aa
Inn. aa I live, it they continue aa good aa
tnt j have been In the paat. Youra truly,
Paator of M. E. Clinrch, Botfth Myera Sta
tion. Tempa Diatriot, Florida Conference.
AVOID ODHTKRt Ei ntlBend ua 25c,
and we will lend you by return mail a
boi of the genuine Ir. C. Mol.aoo'a Cele
brated L'Ver 1'llla and eight handaomeearda.
Over fifty million boua have bees aaed by
tbe people of the V. 8. What belter oertifl
cate oould they haveT
FLKMINO BROS., Pittaburgh. Pa.
Don't buy any MoL.n.'a Pilla nnleaa they
are made by Fi.bmihu Baoa., Pittaborgh, Pa.
The counterfeit, are made In St. Loma, Mo.
No. BI.4 IVXnlu. tBt.,
Hal jutt received a large atock of the
laUiatatylea of
for Panta, which we wll1 make to order at
much lata than the usual pneea. W will
make a good all-wool pania tor Call
and examine our good. Alno, a complete
for the comiug aeaaon at our uaual low
I ricef.
llnildera' and Traders' Exi'Imbr.
rfll) K charter reemnera ol the Memphii
X Buildera and Trader.' Kxrhanue met
ao'ording to call and organlaed Tba i oeit
meeting will be held in the Kijbange R'joina
In the Cotton Bxohanae Building, TUliKS-
J. W. X. Baowaa. Secretary.
MY FPRINfJ AND SI'MMKR fTOCK la now compete, conalat
Ing of the Intent and rhoii .at deaiirna in all the Novoltiea In
troducrd in li reian market. My aelerfiora are mtd with great
care aa Inconta and quality, in order to olt.r to the ruhlir the lataal
faahtonahTe . cda at roiiaonahlo print. 1 wi - hto make apenial men
tion of my acl.ctitin of a N-v. nfnortm.nt of the mtrnt e'nr.nt de
algra in KWIjl.lnH 1 HOI kt:a, which are now ready lor Ue
tnap.cllon of my frieudt and the public nt my old ill: d.
( or. arrraiKl and
Try Zclliu r's English Walkinsttisi Shoes
ZRLI.NKH'S airiin.'Mi...., all atytea, are the beat In the city.
aa-Send your ordera of come and .varn'ne th.'r grand aa'nrtnient ol FINHB00I8,
rlMitratd Cataloa'n.a Bcn Free on Arptlc.tlon.ei
FOUNDIIT & MACHINE DtTT'lOO to 174 Adams St, Memphis.
Irea aad
Uriel- M
mi la. ft
tmAr I
. ft roar
- IlHlnllnlV
. ja i im
IRON & RAILWAY SUITLY DEP'T, 22 and 228 Second St.
(Bucccaiora In Ihla department to JOHN ANOOUK.)
aa-Wrlte na (or Information on ANY 'I II I Ml In either line.
, And lrfaulluctllror, Agents,
254 Scrond St., Ronnrn H anil U. Ifp Mtnlra. IHfmphla, Tenn. 1 phnna 7K.
Shicl'l anil Huapenao-
ry cure evory atnire -nf
VVeakaeaaoflh. Kid-
re a, rental pyateiu.
Varicocele and loator
enfeebled powera.
Money refunded If
not aa repreaented.
Pri al iuhI upward.
t'Hiiii.hlot free. All
erdcra mnat beaent to AinarHtan laD-
to , 7lia Hrowuwajr, IMrvr York, ta
aMjjurWeatern offioal are) dlarontlnnvd.
To Merchants and Planters.
AtlBNCY Dodaaa) Jarrell Plnwa,
all gradea, and Mlllill and
Hurray tMsrapra. Full aaortment Io
Phjelclan, Karg eon and Aecoacher,
313 Slain Ntreei, Neer Union.
Telephone No. W.'
Dry Goods, Notions, Hosiery,
Nos. 326 and 323 Main
iii...akM. kink w nA.r th Tmile
will compare favorably witb tlioao ot any markot in the wuiled fcUt.a. We are Agonta for
Tetinctigte Muuuructurliiir t'o.'n Plaiilti, DrKlai, Sheetlnjr, Milrtli(f, Etc
J. h. GOD
And Commission Merchants
Nos. 34 and itii UladlMon wirfet, iUnuiii
X IH1 Inl E EbsI L LS
ECrab Orchard Wateri5piI
- Bonnlne Oral. Orrh.rd "alt. In .led rjrk.y at '""'''".K'iS'."'..
CaBO"CHD'- TfflCO.. Prop'ra. .twos V J'r". . ''-'",l.ri -.1
Xo. 308 Front Street, IcmphU. Tenn.
Wk have admitted JOHN B. MASK a. a me vberof out Brrn. to j,1
a- 0w MR. MASK will give irciatUntiJlojtn Cottoa eonslod U i !
JeHraan Nla.
me land Hen in lue mmeil siatee.
7.W.,NKH'.-i H"' Nhwra .re the hot that art D.ada.
.KLIiNHltW I hlKlrfti'a rtluica will auve you tnon.y.
'.KI.I.N'-H't' l.lte,Mio..vl Mli-girraarethe hand
uiueat, ahaielletand mmt atyllah, and are cheaper than any
einera ri eiuai graue
ZEM.NKR'S I'i I.imII-' KKt llnttaa fthoe.
with ailk worat.d butt n h"l.a, are the greatoat bar
gaina you have ever anen.
Bar lre,
. Iloller Iraa,
Haaa. ftaaict
c aa.
jatioet Iroai,
. a-lTfU. '
Rail war
Money to Loan
On Improved planlatlonr) In
tf ImmInmIpiI nd Arkansaa.
Iiimtallmeut plan 8, 5 or 10
yearn. Annual interest, not
In advance. IVo eommlwlona.
Voollon ablpuientta. Cheap
ent loan ottered.
Francis Smith Caldwell & Co.
25G Second St., Memphis. ,
We have no agent1.
Direct Irani raclarjr ! Pcireliaa
era, aavlBK as pr . Writ '
Monte Pickens & Co.. Memphis
St., Memphis, Tenn.
unon the moat favorable terme Our pricea
m k go.

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