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A Letter Fcm"Jaj Gould Plan, of
Hew for Wotklnfmen
Lahvr Xotw.
St. l)ns, Mo., March 19.-Ths
hopes (or a urttlenntnt of the strike
upon the Gould Southwest system, in
the near futu-e, erem nearer realize
tion thii morning than at any time
during the prmnt diilitultjr. The in
terest in the future developments is
equally divided betwwrn the conrae
which the dis harmed mPcfcanic, Hai,
at Marshill, lx , ehall pursuo, and
the reply of Col. Hoxie to Matir
Woikman Towderly, now at Kantai
City. Many f-l confident that the
mibraiss'o l nf II ill's grievances to the
United Kuteo Court will result in
ending the strike on the Tuns and
Pacific Kailnmd, whichever way the
indue of tbat court ihoald decide.
The announcement by the Missouri
Pacific employee, however, of griev
aorpa other than the difcharge of
Hall warrants the beliff "bat sepa
rate settlement of the dilHculty among
them must be arrived at before the
trike on that road can end Mr.
Uoxie's at h wkt, therefor, to Mr. Pow
deily' rfqnett for conference, is
waited with the greatett anxiety.
Dp to a very lato hour lait night Mr.
Hoxle had no', received the Master
Workman's telegiam, and in reply to
an inquiry at to lus p'ans, should ne
gotiations he opened between them,
replied that he could make bo state
ment in rnrd to his future Bourse.
that the men employed by the various
railroads in Kant W. Louis will strike
becomes less day by day. The men
are all at their posts this morning as
nsua', and, it Is a'a'ed, will remain
there until ordered to strike by Master
Workman Powderly. It Is quite well
nnderstiod tint the roads which have
not alrealy grant d the requested ad
vance in wiik will Co so when their
employes picmnt the i-chedula derireil
by Hum, providing their demands
thill not be excessive. Toe situation
in this city this morning shows abso
lutely no change. Buburtan pasn
gey traffic ta bsm resuind, and no
luither interference fromtlis Koights
of Labor to thii branch of the iail
joid's businers is auticipatdd. All
the suburban train loft and arrived
on time this morning. No at erupt
has been mide for somo days past to
mov freight ttams, and although the
company's pi ins are not generally
known, it is presumed that no attempt
to resume freight Irullic will bo made
until the strike is ended.
For Additional Labor Nm$ St FirM
. jv
1 1 letter from Jay Uonld.
Oiiarlkston, H. O.Marcli lit Re
ports of the action of the Da 1 1 us Mer
chants' Eichatiga and citlisns cf
Greenville, IV., in puwing resolu
tions deuuncUt iry of the strikers and
the strike methoils were fjr warded t)
Mr. Jay GoulJ here and ha Inn jmt
1 rwarded iho (ullowing telegram in
fi Htm, 8. 0.. March 10, 1NM.
to th CitiBana ot tin City of Dallat and
Uroenvil.e, Hunt County, Tex. :
No wt rd of mine can u(Tulent1y
express my appreciation of the kind
words of encouragement and the good
advice contained In your dispatch.
The present etrike on our system was
ordered by the otiicara o( a secret or
ganiia'ton because a neighboring rail
way. In control of the highest coti't in
the land, tiad seeq fit to discharge one
of Its employ, and with no other
complaint Beirut the management of
the Missouri I'aciup.and without warn
ing or shadow of jnn i float Ion the entire
business of four Htates and one Terri
tory is eomplit-jly paralyasd and mil
lions of resident oitisnns are deprived
of the railway facilities on which
their entire prosperity depends,
and to the enjoyment of
which tbey have legal rights
paramount to any secret organiiuioo,
because their rights are secured to
them by the laws of the land. The
Misfonri Pacific; employs 14 819 men.
and of these 3717 only are concerned
in the present strike, to that in addi
tion these 3700 conspirators who
are by force and intimidation stopping
onr trains, are thereby depriving the
remaining 10 900 of their co-laborers
of their dilv earnings. Will not the
public toon Joara that it Is .they that
pay the railway pay roll? That the
railway is its clearing-house to receive
and distr but this fund, which Is fully
60 per cent of the entire grots f awing
of railway? And when tbey do,
they will piouably find some method
to regulate and control the labor en
raged in railway transportation and
thus prevent such ttrikts as the
present one. m qoold."
TfeC)-rneat Hih 'lly.
Kaisas City, Mo., March 19. Gov.
Martin, and Labor Commissioner Ba
con of Kansas are holding a c infer
ence here tn-day with Gov. Marina-
duke and Labor Commissioner Ko'ht-
iUki of this Butta regarding it ike
troubles. Gov. Marmadnke was seen
at neon, and said they had not yet de
cided upon any anion. He wts in
favor of not Interfering with the ma'-
ter, and believed tbat some setil
ment between the company and the
men would tnon be reached, and that
matters wnoi.l settle itsolf. Mr. row
derly, at ths close of the morning ses
sion of the Knights of Labor confer
ence, said he hat nr-t received a reply
to his atn4gt sent to Mr. Hone Irs
night. In any event he intended to
go to 8u Lmis and ta'l uron Mr
Hoxle, as the business ioterevt-i of the
country rendered imperative an eary
settlement f t the dimculte, an I H
wai his purpose to do ail in his power
toward recoic liation between the
Strikers and clllitiali. Nothing of gen
eral interest occurred at the meeting
this morning.
Galvi-ton. Tax. Marcli 19. A
special to 1 i Acini t orn Sherman
aays: Then n . ire list ot places neided
to be fl'itd od the Transcontinental
disvision of the Texts Pacific mail at
the present time has been supplied
Applicants f r the places of the strik
ia were to d yesterday that there
mat no more work to be giveo nut.
TheCit''ns' Cunmittee of bmine
men, who ado, t-d the first reeolu ion
indorsina tne a tituae ot ma raiir a i
toward t ie strikers, received a leit
from Rweiver B-ownyesten'av thank
ins them fr tieir prom it anion
The Governor eays: "Permit me
thaik the good citittmsol tjherm.tii
for this unmit-takable manife-ta'io.i (
their adhere' ce to law and ord-r. Vt
shall btar this a t in gret r. ni-in
brance, f r it is the hrt pr-nn i'i. e
declaration by any body i f t it i
egiinst the tl g'a it and o itrKe- n
violation ti t ie law tha: h htn-u wi
nesaed at s many pla.:es during th
last two weeks. Th inori,! i fl.--t w
he excnll-'ni. and I have t o t'o lh
that the txnmplo tot by yn will k
followed hv;hHr Ir-oalitit-s at once."
A Bpecial to the AVw from Farmers
vi.le nays: A mealing oi oueinede hh
and other citizens was held here yes
terday to tike action on the present
labor troubles. Resolutions were
adopted stating that "We believe that
the present strike is not only a delu
sion, but wrong as to principls and
foreign to America, and tbat it can
only prove a detriment to ths entire
country; that we sincerely deplore
the present crikis, the evil effects of
w hich have permeated every kind and
charac e ' of business, and if continued
will end in anarchy' The resolution
closed by opposing vlolencs that would
tend to cripple the roads in the Uwfal
management of their affairs.
A special to the AVuw from Bouham,
Tex , ssys: A large number of busi
ngs men, citixens snd property own
ers assembled in theOpera-House yes
terday to take action in reference to
the labor troubles on the Texas Pacific
road and to or rrect false impressiona
existing outside that the cit zens of
Iionham were in sympathy with and
giving support to the strikers. Owing
to the presence of a large onmber of
the Knights of Labor and strikers the
resolutions read by the chairman
could not be adopted, the Koights
voting against them.
Eaufera Kailroads Alarmed,
Chicaoo, III., March 19 The state
ment is published here this morning
that the attitnde lately assumed by the
Knights of Labor has greatly alarmed
the railroads eat-t of the Missouri
river and they have arrived at the con-clui-ion
that it is only a question of
time when they will have to contend
asainst the same diflicolt'oi as are now
preventing the Missouri Pacific sys
tem from carrying on its buslnaai.
They find that at the present tbey are
not prepared to meet the combined
strength of the Knights of Labor or
resist their demands, and that in order
to protect themselves they would have
to effect a combination of the roads.
With this end in view, a meeting of
the superintendents of tbc various
roads within the torritory nf the
Central TmIIIc Association (al! roads
east cf the Mississippi river and west
ol the w-etern terminus if the trunk
lino) was held in Cincinnati lait Mon
day, and the pi eso nt situation regard
ing impending labor troubles was
fully diictssed. The opinion ws
iiiifininiouBly expressed that the
pris-nt situation is the moet critical
siuce railroads first came into existence
in this country, and that noit-d and
harmonious aition btteen the toad
could prevent serious results. An cr
ganlzatton was effected and stated
settings will be held reuularly in
order to bo able to meet any labor
troubles tbat might arise with the
Cential TrafUc Association tsrritory by
united action.
ltepredatlona en Ike Tessa Pacific.
Dallas, Tkx , March 19. The dep
redations npon the Texas and Pacifia
K-iilway Company ttili continue in
this State. K irly this morning two
bridges upon the roid were burned
near here, but the fa t was discovered
before any train attempted to pass
over the stream. .
flitui ( RalMt Wavea aad Hedu.ee
.Working Hoar.
New York Putt: Tin tdlkers of the
loual branches of the Koights ol Labor
in New York say that they know
rothlng about the railroad strike In
the Ho ithwefct. If culled upon to aid
tin etnkcra thov will do everything
that in ordered JBO far, co'.hlng bai
been said about Eioturn co-operation.
The olllcers if fie New York Central
Labor Union, who a-e all ol them
Knights of Labor, btlieve that they
will I ave rnongh to do in this neigh
borhood wilho.it concerning them
selves sctively elmwhere. Tne sum
mer s prog'amme of or is beiieveu
to include a determined effoit to es
tablish a better rate of pay in certain
trades whoie workmen and work
women are now miserably Irea'ed by
employers; the eight-hour a lvocates,
who are preparing tor a geneiai en
forcement ol tie eigot-nour law in
Nsw York altar ths 1st of next May,
re a'so working hard to induci the
unions to strike together for shorter
hours. One ol the leadersin both thisa
movements said to-day:
"Any one wbo roei amorg the poor
workers of New Yo k, tsiwolally in
the (onement-hru e du t ilts, knows
hit there must bsehange to no day.
on will A id thousands nf men,
women and cmidten wearing trctr
liv8 out by the mo-tt incesiant toil,
lor which fieyriciive just enorgU
pay to keep body and soul tgetber.
It Is an ex etonce which ofTers no hopo
i the workman or his f imlly, aid or-
gauia id labor must come to the help
of these people too wi ak and ignorant
to help themstlvee. For iusta'ice, I
know tbat wom-n w io wo k sixteen
ours a dy uui.n chetn cloihM get
i ' 8d a week, and havetopiy their
own rent and provide thiir own ma
chines. They work harder than any
ninm's can be made to work, and
live in bir.iblrt tin4merit; decent
living ii out of the quti' n. Now
he Central La'ior Union amis tbls
con d t ion of th, Otis, and no matte-
how little rich p.ople mavympathis4
with the unions, they will admit that
wetnen ought not to be oompeilo I to
work in vile teneio n'-hou a, sixteen
hours a day, in orric t era fzwi
wet k. There in s m tiling wrong, and
wiin'eud t mtks txperimsnta to
ward finding a remedy.
"First ol all. it may be sild that in
every (lass of ltbor cer'uin rum of
moi.ey is ltecesnary to euahle the la
borer to live dxeniiy; whht tbat
a nount may be ai eat-ily be aacer
talned. Let us ssy, for argument's
sake, tbat a wrnmi who sews on
clothes ought to Iisvm J. a wek in
order t ei-aMe her to live in reasons
blecomfoit; if that is fixed npouai
he minimum rate lor sewing women.
I believe tliit the unions oitutit to in
sist that tin emp oyer elu 11 psy women
less than K a week. Under the pres
ent as em, by which people so k in
their t'tiemtnts, it in unt po-sible f tr
the unions to contrul or even to kiow
wht an employer pays Ids people;
but if all labor a done in large
shops we could say to the employer:
'You must pay thii woman H a week
or you must not employ ber at all
O'.herwine the whole power nf O'gan-
iz d labor in this country will be ex
erted to break np yur l.udn
The same argutuuul may be used with
regxrd to hours. A woman O'iol,t not
in derenry to wcrk mure tl.an twelve
hours a day, and einht hours would
be heiti-r. We cau say to the em
p oyer that his people must m t be a'-
lowttt to work b Viud a c r ain num
her ot lion s a day. If be cannot
tr at h'S workpe pie, eo fir as pay an
toon are coneerned, tn a manner
which we eoiiHider oeceut, let him get
our i I lie tin in' f-s.
' Uii'ler Ihi teneiuen'-lions srtem
Wi can do r-uihing fr tlieae ioo
wretfheH. ihe.refoie, we pn p h to
rreK upiiio tei eiiient-LOMe ey t m
ii eon tiie K inie groHr-o ttiat the !- a v
iiai a ligbt t i prevent a man fioin
po soniiw li'Mii--i r, we believe t'liit we
I ave the Mailt to prevent these peop'o
I -m wort i ii k, r n if tl-iy ivn-h to
mid r c in-'itiuiH p t Jndii.ia- io tiealth
ni-ira's a'.d pi"teiiiy. J'he compel!
'ion of lenemeiit-him-a lhor keeps
wsites down: that is rni'hr icasoi
why we propose to put au end to the
system. The moment people are em
ployed In large shops we can attempt
three things for their benefit: tbat
their hours aball be reasonable; their
pay sufficient to support them in de
cency; their workshops fit for men
and women to work in.
"It is the lowstt grade of work
people, those who will work for the
least pay, that makes the rate for
whole trade. To illustrate, suproae
we have 50,000 shoo girls in New
York, waiting behind counters in re
tail shops; a certain number of these
girs are glad, thanks to circum
stances, to take lesi wages than others;
some may live at home, consequents
they work for three or four dollars a
week in competition to the girl who
has her board to pay. Ten thousand
of theee girls who live at home d alte
the standard of wagea for the 40,000
who do not, and much eufljring re
sults. Tho 40,000 cart live on thesi
wages, but what kind of a lifa is it?
Ws want to establish for the shop
girls a minimum rata of pay below
which an employer shall not have the
light to go. Ths car drivers have a
minimum rate of $2 a day for twelve
hours' walk. Hi far so good. All
trades ought to have a minimum late.
We are not holding the good workman
down to the level of his incompetent
fellow, because employers may pay any
wages tbey like above the minimum
' Yoa aik me where employers are
to find the extra money demanded?
By eharglng higher prices. We have
no quarrel with employeis; we know
erfdctly well that competition is
fierce among them and that the hu
mane employer goes to the wall. Tke
tendency in prices has always been
downward at ths expinss o' the work
man. It Is time for the tide to torn.
Well-to-do people can pay more f.ir
the clothes they wear and the meat
they fa', Tninua are sot equitably
distributed. When I a man in
Dclmonico's restaurant paying as anunh
for one meal as would suffice for a
Ludlow street tailor's family for a
month, I say to mvself, 'Thtt fallow
euiht t ) pay more f ir his coat, undo
partly by. the Ludlow rtreet tailor,
perhaps, and less lor liia breakfast.
The tailor would be a little richer and
Drlmonico would be a lit tits poorer
the distribution would ba more equita
ble. ' For the present, therefore, we want
to iton tenement-house manufacture
of all kinds, in order to get at the em
pi ijers of these poor wretches. And
Lou will notice tbat the Knigblfr of
,ahor refuse t allow any cigar-makers
wbo employ tanoment-hotue labor to
use the union label. That will break
np that branch of business. As every
thing In the future is to have a label,
other trades can be attended to in
Farm Hands a Nlrlke la Mlanrl.
Sidalia, Mo., March 19. The strik
ing mania has extended to Pettis end
Haline counties among a class of labor
era who it was suppose i would be the
last to fall into line. The hi in hands
nf thoce countiis have demanded cf
their employers anincteiee from $l-
and br ard to f -0 per month and board.
The demand was at first refused, when
no less than fifty men quit work. The
employers have coaced-'d to their de
mands, Lojvever, and nearly all the
stiikers have gone ba :k to work at the
tncrea ed icale. An organization is to
be perfected, and the projectors hopt
to have the demand becums general
throughout the State.
Adopted tight Hoar Nyslem.
Chicago. 111. March 19 The O.
W. Allen Tobacco Company to-day de
cided npon the eight hour f-yjtem.
Next Monday the company will start
t 7 :3() o'clock and quit at o'ciocx,
albwing half an hoar fr dinner.
The wages will be the same as were
aid lor ten hours work. The com
pany employ 350 people who are not
members of any nnion and have not
atked for shorter hours. Mr. Allen
said tbo firm had been considering the
change several days, and he thought
the eight hour movement would be
come general In time.
The ajtadebaker Htrlhe Ended.
South Bnn. Ind. March 19 The
settlement i f the Otodebaker strike is
about comple'cd, and work will be re
sumed Monday at a satisfactory ad-
ustmout tf wages.
lha Plltabarc Mreet-t'ar Trenbles.
Pitt bu rq. Fa , M arch 1 9 At a gen-
erul meeting of ttreet-car employe',
held in Allenhenv City at 1 o clock
this morning, the report of the Execu
tive B a'd, demar ding twelve hours
for adav's work.exclnsiveof one hour
for meals; $'! a da for drivers of box
ars, and eu trident reason lor tne dis
charge of every man, was formally
ratified. To-n.orrow moriing, at 10
o'clock, representatives of the men
will present to toe managers oi eacn
line in the two cities a statement of
their grievances, with the request that
an answer be made on Tuesday morn
ing next, at 10 o'clock. The men are
now well orgaais-d, and claim that
leas than 3 per cent, of all the railway
employes here are non-unionls's. It
iv stated that two tinea nave already
arrai gd schedules to conform with
the twelve-hour arrangement.
The fslanku Strwl Car Strike.
Columbus. O . March 19 The street
railway to npany tan one car over the
Hue under tbe rtqutrement ot the
charter. The police assieted, and on
theietnrn trip the men endeavored to
take poeeeesion of the car, but were
c'nbhed rff by the police and one man
was badly bruised op. ltie Mayor
made a speech to the men, assuring
t iem of his sympathy as long ts they
ndu'ged in to violence, tie has tbe
triers in g vtd contn 1, who readily
ohey his orders. Tbe Mayor is not in
clined to allow fuitber police Interfer
Tke SfeUeeaport Strike.
Pitt bp bo. Pa., March 19. All is
oni-itwi-ri 'hi s'rikeis at the Mo
K-eu o t national Tube Works, ihe
t eels are thronged with idle men,
who insist they will not return to
work ui.t 1 the 15 per rent, advance in
wages is conceded. The machinists
who made the demand for an ircreaee
this morning, it is reported, have been
granted an advance of 10 per cent. At
a meeting to-morrow night the 1500
strikers will be taken into the Knights
ol Labor.
The Elahl Hear Awiiallwa at Chi-
CniOAOO, March 19 The Execu
live Committee of the Right Hour As-
roclanoQ held a meeting last night at
McCoy's Ho el, and direte I its sec
retary to ei-nd a communiratinn to the
Kzeruiive Commute of tbe Cit zns
Association, at-ltinz for a reply to tbe
pamphlet recently irsned DV the
V. glit Hour Asvoc'a'ii n, and dis-
t ilmted among eioiloyea aud em
shiver. The Central Libor Union
'-nt out C'iminiinioatlons to-day to a
lrm n umber employers. Ihey con
t.-iu a lit t of qneations calculated to
bring out ttie opinions ol tne employ
er to whom they are sent, and to
how his Dusltinn in legard to the in
troduction of eight hours on May 1st
The Rock Inland Express Robbery
Testlmoay Io the Graham
Mirier Case.
Spbinofiklo, Mo., March 19. The
Malloy-Lee case continues to draw
crowded houses. Comparatively little
was done to-day. txcept the reading of
Charlie Graham's testimony (eighty
three pages of legal cap), which re
quired f mr hours.
John Brumley, wbo worked at the
Malloy farm, tert tied that Cora gave
Neighbor Kvtn.'rf family women's
clothing, along with bacon and salt.
He had made a contract wth Graham
to make a crop. Oiaham claimed that
one-half tbe farm belonged to him,
and he forged Mr. Malloy's name to
the agreement She teamed to know
of the conttact and kicked because
Brumley would to: get firewood. He
heard Cora say comething about being
afraid that Brsese would tike the chil
dren away.
Mrs. Bafay testified ai t) the chil
dren being left at her house over night.
On his return Charlie said his mother
came also. Graham said it was the
children!' aunt.
P.tar Hawkins tetifid that Graham
came home on the fatal night between
morning and daylight He heard him
say, "We got cfl at Nichols'." He
hea d him repeat the etatament the
fallowing mcruiug.
Fifteen wiiuermcs have been plaoed
on tbe stand; twenty-five remain t)
ba sxamiued. The State expects to
p-ove that Cora I." 9 fires' the shot in
Mrs. Graham's brent. Sensational de
velopments are expected to-morrow.
The Rack lilawd Bswress Itubbery.
Chicago, Iil.; March 19. Six days
einca tbe borrit.li murder and rob
bery was c.inm;tt)d on the Kick In!
Hiid railway, aud yot, apparently, not
oven a clew to the perpetratois of the
crima Lai bein found. Theendeavois
of the detectives seemed to be cen
tered in the capture cf Mike Hum
phreys and a man known as "Texas."
Last night it was found th&t Hum
phreys had been working in the Grape
Creek Mines for five weeks tUadily,
and was there the night of tha rob
bery. "Texai," f ir whom the dotec
tives wore reported to ba scouring the
country, turned np at the Daily Nchi
otlicd this moming. He denied ha v.
ipg anything t ) lo with the Rock Isl
and robbery. Tho night of the rob
bery be said he was visiting friends on
Twenty-second s'reet nntil 10 o'clock.
After that he went to his home on
Nineteenth etreot and remained there
until Monday.
Horrlbla Doable Murder.
Ricum 'ND. Va , March 19. A sot-
clal fr.m Hal em, H anoke county, Vs.,
says: A noimle double ninruer was
committed on Back crcet, tiiu county,
Wednesday night. A man named Grit-
fev. who has a wife hvng in Back
creek, hai just returned from Texa,
wtK.ro it is alleged he setveti a time m
the penitirt'ary, Hm wife refaeed to
,-C'f nizs him, aid luarnlng tbat jorin
and Pickett Me' z, sons of Mr. m.
Melz, had been visiting h'S wife in his
ab"nce, Griffey went to their home,
called one of theyoun? men out and
hot him through the heai t. He then
entered the houBe and she t the other
young man thioughthe right brers',.
The mu'dered young men are sged re
apecttvely seventeen and eighteen
years. Uriney is still at largi.
A Common Cold
Is often tho beginning ot serious anco-
tiona of tho Throat, uroiu-umi iuocs,
and Lungs. Therefore, tbe linportauee of
early and effectr-e treatment eaunot be
overestimated. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
may always bo relied upon for the speedy
cure of a Cold or Cough.
t nt .Tnnnitrv T iu attneked with a
severe Cold, which, by neglect and fre
quent exposures, became worse, finally
aetlllns on my luni. A, terrible cough
soon followed, accompanied bv pains In
he chest, from which I sudrred Intensely.
Aftr trying various remedies, without
obtaining relief, I commenced taking
Ayer's Cherry i'ectorai, auu was
Speedily Cured.
I am satisfied that this remedy saved my
life. Jiio. Webster, rawtucaei, n. i.
1 eoiitrncted a severe cold, which sud
denly developed Into l'neiimouia, present
ing dangerous and obstinate symptoms.
My physician at once ordered the ue of
Ayer's Cherry I'ectorai. Ills instruction?
were followed, and the result was a rapid
and permancut cure. U. E. Simpson,
Hogcri I'rairie, Texas.
Two rears aeo I suffered from a severe
Cold which settled on my Lungs.- I con
sulted various physicians, snd took the
medicines they prescribed, but received
only temporary relief. A friend induced
Die to try Ayer's Cherrv I'ectorai. After
taking two bottlet of this medicine I w as
cured. Since thi n I have given tlio i'ec-
tural to my vhilurvu, and counider li
The Best Remedy
for Colds, Coughs, and all Throat and
l.imir diseases, ever used In my family.
ltohcrt Vandcrpool. Jleadvlllc, Ta.
Some time ago I took a slight Cold.
i.t..u t. ta..lA..n.l .mw u-nrw. iin.l
mill ii, if (. n-, -
settled on my lungs. I had a hacking
cough, and was very weak. Those who
anew me oesi cousiut-n-u hit mu m u
In erent danger. I continued to suffer
until 1 coumienceu umhk nyn vm-nr
in.inr,l Ihb ilian one bottle of this val
uable medicine cured nie. and 1 feel that
I owe the preservation of my life to Its
curative powers. .Mrs. Ann Lockwood,
Akron, New lork.
Ayer's Cherry Tcetoral Is considered.
here, the one grant remedy fur.all discuses
of the thront and lungs, ami is more
In demand than anv other medicine of Its
class. J. K. Koberts, Magnolia, Ark.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral,
eparad r lr. J. C. yer Co., Ixiwrll, M us.
4I4 Ij Ini((isu. l'ric $1; in DotUes, .
In cue of lick headaea, bUloatnuf, tor
fjtdltver, drepepiia and eoatlvensM, "Da,
C. McLmt'a CiLiaiiTiD Uvia Pills"
navar fail to rive relief, for both laxel and
KMI tber art prompt with retard to even
tho moet delioaU comtUutloni. None (ena
ine withont tho lUnataro or " Flenini
Broii., PUUbanta, Pa "
Maasaa. Fnaixo Bioa. :
Dita Siia-I kav ! roar Dr. C. Mu
Lano'a Liver Pilli for a treat mny je&ri,
and find them tke belt p lli I ean get hold
of. I in them u a proTtntive of tick and
ervotu headache. Tbey are the b It remo
djloantet. I remain aa over, your, etc.,
a. h. Mcdonald.
avoio tormKFiiTat
Send Ol 25 cent., and will end you by
return mail a box of tho teouiue Dr. C. Ma
Lane'l Celebrated Liver Pilli end eiiiht
hndiomo eard. 0vr iltr niililm boxee
havo been Bed by tho JOi-le o( the U. 8.
What better oertiocaUi ooald they bavef
FLKM1XH HKO.. Pttbrit. r.
Init.nt rebef- Fiuel euren
uo dare, and "ever r.trne.
No rUTr
no ral... yii'0"ry. foner-
am will lurn nf av nairia roi
KddrMtB C.J.MAhl)N.7
And Commission ercliants,
an1 202 Front Hi.. Mempbif. Teov.
J. T. 7ARQA80N. J. A. HUNT. 0. 0. HEHf. K. A. PAKEBR. E. L. W00DSW
Wholesale Grocers & Gallon Factors,
S&9 Front Street, Memphis, Term.
Ccttoa eoatlgnsd to us will hive our cxreful attention. We sarry at all times a well-
seleeted stack oi
Stap!s'& Fancy Groceries, Wines, Llqucrsjctccc & Cigar
And will ooll in I.ot nn Ihe I,mI,
Jos. Schliiz Brewing Gompanv,
TITWHf TJITTtiil TTPlVrtlF I OHIO BoMllnat Work. 8 H TJnle
JILL ill Jl 5.0 liikAil VjIL) I UepolaDdIeloaite,Mir..litlBilEoDili D
S. ROESCHiLR. Agent, MemTjliis, Tenn.
Sales la 1883, 300,000 Bnrrcl.........8nln or Plemnbta Branch, 10,000 K:
Hnttm In R.-O.m0 Knrrwlia.
t Will pay Good
nxr. "VIT- SPEER
75 Vanoe Street.
Fanning Tools, Grass Seed, Garden Seed, Onion
Sets, MiUet,
JNO. B.T00F.
Wholesale Grocers, Cotton Factors,
And Dealers In Levee
274 Front Street
Newlr Constructed and Elaborately Furnished, Con
taizting 225 Ijtrge and Elegant Rooms.
vlho Homo haa Porfoot Ventilation and Natural Light, Steam heating, Eleotrte Bella,
and two oi Halo'i Eleratorf. AU itreot-san past Main ttreot entrance.
BATES M.8 tm $ per day, aoeordlnc to tin and eleTation of roomi. Bpeslal
ratei to Commercial TraYelen. Abdant inpply ofPURK CISTERN AKD WELL WATKK
." ': ' ' " ' ' . - 1 , ' ' .,-
Doors, Sash, Blinds, Molding, Lumber,
Lath and Shingles, Flooring, Celling and Cedar Posts.
ra tts TRESES d2 OO-p
376-378-380-382-384-38o fcecond street, south ot Gayoso.
Doors, Sash, Blinds. Flooring, Ceiling, Siding, Shingles,
BBTAiiiansD xoo-a.
iternberg &. Son,
. 1-tQT.Ba A Tain
33G Front St., Cor.
B. W.
And Commlwion Merchant. IfctaT.Corn UaM,urui, mop ten., vu
LI. , Cement, PUiBter, BtUWlnj and Fire Brick, Lc.
Cor. Front and Union, 1 Howard's Row, Hcinpnlf.
r- ""li
Prices for MOTES, GIN FALLS and
of nil descriptions. Send for Circular
and Prices Paid.
Memnhls. Tenn.
J. 8. McTIQUB.
and Railroad Supplies,
Memnhlf, TenrnB
RAN & Co
K. E. LEE.
Union, Memphis, Tenn.
H. H. Mr.
. , All.V.nl
5. 17 JefffTsoa Street,
(Eetweoa Main aod Front.) M KMPHI;.
' IV-. -Li:. I l : lien I
R.JOHN aO.N u t knowledtredbr all par
tiei iolereetiMl a. kv far the lnoat eoe
eefitol pbyeieita in tbe treaimeDt of privst
ortmret alieuea. (juick, peroanent curea
rnarantoed ta every cue, male or female.
Recent eateo cf Oonorrhoi and Sypbilia
cored in a f w dan wuhoet the me of mer
cury, chanire of diet or hindrance from
bunneri. eveoadary Sjrhilic, tbe laeCvei
tice eradicated withonttbe ase of mereory
Inyoluniary loet of iiuei tUisiied in ehort a
time, bufferera from inpetency - low of
aeiual '-weri mtored to frae rir-W tn a few
weeke. Victimi of letf-abune and eicet.iv
Tenery, fanerivg from i permatorrbea and
lsiof abynipal .nd mental oitr, siieedily
end permanently fa'td. Parlifluiar atten
tion paid to the Di'eaitee of W(,men, and
euref caiir.nteed. Pile ard old Rorei cared
wilbout Ihe use of entutieor Ihe knilo. All
consultations strictly conndeoLial. Medi
cines sent br expresa to all iwu of tho
SMrWorklnimen cored at half the usual
rates. Office boars from 8 o'clock a.m. to
o'clock p.m. D. fi. JOHNSON. M.D.
HAS determined to fire tn Pupil" and
citndents of Music, on and alUr March
I, lt', tbo fame diicount claiuini b leath
ers, yiat
Liebert k Stark's Piano Method, Ceolts 1
and 2 Petarl price, ft; leacherB' price, C
Kirhardson'a ear Metbed lor Pianoforte
Retail prioe, $3?fi; TMaohers' iriee, 12 1.
Peteri's Eclectic Pino Wethod Ketail
price, (3 25; Teachers' price, ir VS.
Crumer'a Piano Sta-lic, rdied by Rani
yon Biflow Eelail price, II ill: leacbera'
price, 76c.
Ve Fine Ultra-ReUH priee.fl: Twcbera'
price, CUc.
f'a tellii Vocalies, Book 1 fotail paieo,
11 Nl; 'feaebere' B-iee, 75 o.
All Foreign Editiooi at 0NE-TI1IP.D OFF
regular prioes.
All bheot Italic ONE-HALF QW marked
ii. . iiolm:mji:g,
C2S Main st. , H empMs, Tenn ,
And M7 Haio st., Lilt'e Bock. Ark.
Set. 1 frirJ and Fourth,
i rfi!'.iKr)r fhx?t IK) I tat'fl?4 pliTBlrll oA Hut
Cnrr all form. cf PRTVi
fc-erxuaitorriieu anil IyitvoteDCXt
t! itlt ef iflf-i),, lo jAMb, eruRl exca'Jt ic a.
,.m rc-rv er oUiarr tkuif. Bud producing iwuji.' iLt f
- wiitv, rftlo-n- Ji'erotn'ei, Stinlaitl J- utK.-as, l;.u.ieV
kdrfiral, l)imwpf li'ubi, Cefc-nim lla hy.
I Pi-)f, Fimi4tno Kvy A vnloo I Hocietv erf -!!,
nfuu of .'ifii, Ism or mmI Pnnvr, 4c.. rendering
b u-ni(.e ltutiBj.yT or unh)pT, r (fcorDuchlr bd4 prm
j.T.ti vwrA. SYPHILIS P0"1'1 oupe
5V 4,0,i fptu" Gonorrhea-
:l j. i.ifUer privmU dlvtu-t qukkl; owgi.
U i atf-ttTldeat thi Ay f4Hui k pftfipiHtltttu
jo oeria of Sitm, ul UUU; tt-'!'i ani.w.
hf, soquir-M icnmt illL PhTiirtni kuuwluK thU faw-.ottm
rrttnu-nfi (Mtrvau to my ear, Wboa It it liinooreiitent t
nVt tUe city to' IrMlnv ot, Birdl ior oaa tM mu prlt-uij
Ij by mHil or xvru tuiriibu.
inven Guaranteed, 1a aU Can
(.i-iiMiiUiKitw ptikOMllT or hy krtUr trtm tcrl leMt'-jL
Pbkriu rvkODti mm! oomnjpoudnaic 4noi4j fwiiMMii
Of 'Mi pare o UT ft&t-. mutctf mIM, far tbtHft
ZA 0iIb. 6biil4 ba pfu by aft AdclreM aa abeva.
fho boiirf froaa b A. M9 nnUya, lUtit ?
Excliango National Bank
NORFOLK, VA., Feb. 16, lit..
PROPOSALS will be received at this office
nntil tintordar, Meroh K7, INjfi, for th
purchas - of the hereinafter mentioned prop
erty in it entirety, aril also for piece or
parcels ol the same roierence oeing naaio
descriptive lists of said property which
lists, stating terms of rale, will be furnished
upon application to the undersigned. Ihe
right to reject any and all bids it reserved:
The extensive and valuable pmverty lo
cated in Norfolk and P rtinout.b, Va.,
known thn "Knnboa'd Cotton Comnresa
Company of Norfolk, Va" consisting of :
1. lherrncAi.e, wnicn, among oinerpnv
lleces. autboriies the storBre of cotton and
other merchandi-e, and the issue of negoti
able receipts therefor.
A. its pionl, wbicn ecnsisis or tare tsj
flrst-claes improve- cotton compresses; two
(2) steam tugs; three (3) transportation
barges. All tbe adjuncts necernary to a well
claim ed establishment of this character.
lis lire prooi wareaousee, seven ui in num
ber, nf oauacitr tor storage of 21,000 bales
uncompressed co'ton. -.-Its
four Ui frame warehouses metal roofr)
ospaoity. many thousands tons of fertili
n rs, fait, etc
Its wharves snd docks, which aflerd ample
room for berthing at the tame time ten sea-
gotnir, suau or sailing resent, ine area oi
tbe warehoaro and dock prei-erty in Porte
mouth is about SH acies. toge'aerwith all its
o her property, which it fully desoribed in
tbe lists above rrfs-red to.
WM. II rK rii.rtn, receiver.
tAta WTCn AQKNTS.Wenand Women,
WAn I C.U to soil "TUB CH1LD'8
BIBLK " Introduction by Rev. J. H. vin
oen', D.D. One ttient has sold 65 In a town
of 674 people; ooo3 in a village ol 7'M; on
new agent & in 10 days; one Jt3 in succea
tive weeks; one 40 in 3 days at two difierent
timet. Kxporionce not necensary Addreea
UASPK1.L ta, iii i ai,
40 Il.rHorn s'reet, ''i-icago.
Ti) Gas CoBSumrs
FOR all tai cor snmed on ana after tbe 1st
of Apr I, proximo, by cu tomera of this
rompany, the p-icn will be Two Dollars and
Fifty Cents per thousand cubic feet, bnt
where the bills are pid wiihlu th first five
business days of e mould uitooum oi
Filty Cents per thousand fret will be made,
making a net pr ce ol TW 0 DOLLARS per
thousand cubic ieet, "
HCRPHia 43 a Lit II T CO.
By B. ENSliET, Protldent.
Jog. Oraio, Secretaiy.
Memphis, tenn., Ma-ch 4, WH,
, (g(7CC8B80K TO O. H. BOUT BBO.)
' ' t, V - .-
Funeral Directors,
A FULL and mmplet stock of Wood and
MeUllio Cases and Catketa, Cloth-Covered
Casket nd Burial K..rt always on
hind. aerOrdirl by tcl:srih promptly
field. .
Administrator's Notice.
Orrict or PrRMO AniKisTTOR, 1
Fe irnary 27, 18. j
HAVING been appointed and qualified at
aduiinis'rato- of the ei-tate of Patrick
K'U-er, deceatt J, all r-irties indebted to said
estat are reiue.oudto e-.u lorward and
tettle, and ell partie to whom said estat it
indebted are requested to hie their claimt
with me, duty rrnhtted in ao-ordance with
lew. JOHN I OAHt'K. l'ulilio Aiim'r.
Kotlce is Hereby Uiren,
rrTJAT the annual meeting of th itock
X ho'd-rs ot th Cbeeapeake, Ohio
and Southwestern rtHilro-td Company
lor tb election of lireotors and
inch other bu-inei-s at may com before the
meeting, will be btld tt tho effioe of th
Company, in the cit; of Memphis (called th
Ttling Pi'trict oi Mielbr County), Tenn.,
on th Sib ? or April, IftNB, at 12
o'clock noon of that day, and that th lets
from th it Com puny to the Newp-rt Newt and
Mis-Iff ppi Valley Company will b sub
mitted to the tUx-kho.de s lor their content
thereto and approval there 'f. Transfer
books wi t be eloped trout March 23th to
By order of the Pre.idrnt and Board of
Director.. ISA AC K. ATKS. ciecretary.
A Valuable Paten?,,
Dltnjj'x Hitrtr' nrn and Pr Fla-
HA VINO rfcoi-.d niy invention, I wish
1 1 ire it t- I, -re te pi buc, ieciall'
m r ufscturct-,. A a "'"tn P'-tnter, it is a
pcrleol t; ceil opens th -tri:t, dirtribate
the seed a- , fH.i-. j , uuai.eren;. and covers
the faiiie, therit' on n:r. pclorining the
work ot th'c. l;,o- luve beeu uted In
this section tor over a d-.ttn years with per
iod aatitfuctii n. Cjii sire re. i tibia test)
Eonials. A d irest .
JtillS 11- nAKCT.Dancynll.
county, lens.

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