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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, March 20, 1886, Image 7

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mm m cmherce.
Cotton Quiet and Fl'm-ViJdling,
8 3-4e-Sales Yesterday,
1200 Bale.
Sljiit-y continue in fair demand at
3 per cent. Local securities quiet but
steady. Tho cotton market was quiet
yesterday but firm. Liverpool spots
vi ere reported quiet and unchanged,
middling, 5d;futunjsquiet and steady;
March. 4 59-640. At New York spots
closed gtuady and l-18c higher, mid
dling, 94c; future steady at 7 to S
points decline,. March, 9.00(5 D.lOe.
The New Orleans npot market opened
firm and closed quiet and steady, mid
dling, Sic; futures quiet and steady at
10 to 1.1 pointe decline; April, H
8.70c. Receipt at this port yesterday,
74t bales; stock, 122.871 bales; sales,
1200 bales. Total receipts at this Krt
this season, SlO.riufi bales, as against
410,:'.24 bales thin time last year, an
increase of 100,0.12 bales. Cotton-seed
product aro hardouing; prime cotton
wed oil, 2:S24e.
Four hundred and sixty-seven brls
apples, 113 fsks beans and nens,:!
pkirs bacon, 10 pkgs boots and shoes,
ti0tK bu corn, 50 pkgs cheese, 373
sk coffee, 2 cur cotton-seed, 200 sks
cutton-seed, 190 brls cotton-seed oil,
!tt) pkj; dry goods, 40 pkgs eggs, 275
brls floor, 140 bales hay, 05 pigs hats,
2 bd liorses and mules, 120,(XH) ft
lumber, C pkgs liquors, 202 kgs nails,
S00 bu oats, 8 cars pork sides, 210
bi Is sugar, 120 pkgs tobacco and 1C00
bu wheat.
9 Jlaillsoa St., Memphis, Ttnn.,
arl'rrwpoatene llrlll. laifor
uialion ctaMrfally farlahI.Tn
Money in good demand at 8 per cent.
The Cieurirjg House report ia as fol
lows: OLE BING9u
Friday, . March 19.h," 1 110,044 27;
thus fr this week, $l,(iN4,2."5 51 ;
Siime timo last week, $1,514,588 73; cor
responding time in 1883, lU.Vi.OOS 38;
corresponding time in 1884, $1,197,
077 8::.
1'ridav, Match 19 h. $U3,.Vjti 92;
thus fnr tliia week, 507,444 :'.; same
time last wek, J4tH),154 28; orre
eponding time in 1SS5, $-'01.509 81;
corr)en)iidiug time iu 1884, $-'47,-132
New York o;g!t on all point?, dis
count baying, J premium selling; New
England demand, J discount buying;
New Eunland sight, discount; New
Orleans,! diacoutt buying, parsellirg.
Bank of Commerce. ..14S bid, loOaskod
First National 138 bid, 142 Bfksd
(iermsn ll.tnk 192J bid, 200 asked
State Nationsl 137 bid, 141 Hsked
Tluion and l'laDters..l48 bid, JfiO anked
'Mercantile Bank....l'!2j bid, l: 53 asked
llOTie ...
Bll'ffCity ,
Mom phis City
70 bid. 75 asked
1 00 bid, ... asked
80 bid, 85 arted
1 01 bid, 105 asked
, 98 bid, 100 asked
102 bid. 104 asked
20 bid, 2U asked
100 bid, ... asked
30 bid, 35 asked
'l eun.cei tf, D and E..S3i bid, 87i aiked
Tenn. wta. for. 0 97 bid, 99 asked
Shelbv Co. bonds..l04 bid, 100 . aoked
Shelbv Oo. wti 98 bid, 99 asked
Tax. Ditt. 4, 6? 92J bid, 93 aiked
Tax. Dist.0s 100s bid, 101 J skd
Mem Stor. Com.to .lUJ bid. 110 a-ked
Mem. Gat) 4 tick 72 asked
Mem. Gaa bond 105 bid, ... asked
Mem. Water bonds '16 bid. ... asked
Haoaner Oil Works bid, 30 asked
City Oil Workc bid, 43 asked
Pioneer Cotton Mills ..12 bul.
Am. Cot Oil trusts 28 bid, 29isked
Mem.City Hy.bond..l02 bid, 103 asked
New York. Murc'u 19. Money on
c ill easy at lK'02-3 r cent. Prime
inercantilo paper 4;i,3. Sterling ex
change unchanged.
Bonds t-iovcrnincnt bonds were
dull and heavy. Stitte bonds were
verv (iiiietand steady. Kailrond bonds
were dull. Tota! Rides, i 1,490.000.
Prices aro about evenly divided be
tween advances and declines for smnll
Stocks Interest in stocks con
tinued to center in the coalers, the
tiadintr in which amounted to 32 per
cent, oi tho total transactions. Pur-
iiiir most of. the forenoon the market
was inclined to be weak, and bo
tween 11 and 12 o'clock the lowest
pries of tho day were generally
made. Ijtter it recovered, and with
occasional slight reu nions continued
strong until after 2 o'clock. In the
lat hour a heavy and very dull tone
prevailed, and it closed irregular, but
in most cases weak. Closing prices
are generally BinaU fractions higher
than yesterday. The pales were 307,380
shares. Tht 'fluctuations were within
a narrow range except for the coal
stocks. Lackawanna opened at 124
and declined to 12JJ. 111111101 for
which subsequent invert igat ion could
find no foundation, to the cflect that
11 settlement of the differences be
tween the Reading syndicate and Mr.
(iowci was almost, ertain, brought
about a rally, in whHi backawaunn
sold as high hh 120.J, losing at 123, n
tain of 1J. Delaware and Hudson is
up 2', at 101 after S'-ilint: between 9SJ
and 102, and leading trained 1J
at 2'i.i after selliiig at 2i.
Jersey Centra1 trained only
at fill1.. St. Pac' was consiiicuous
for its tiniincPS on a moderate busi
ness tor that stock, ai;d closed with a
gain of j at 91J, after selling at 92j.
The rest of the Lst is up generally
from 1 to , bul except St. Paul and
ljke Shore the trading was extremely
limited, the four coal stocks and tbe
two just mentioned contributing 74
per cent of the day's buiness. Louis
ville and Nashville was conspicuous
fur its weakness, closing with a loss of
i at 40J on reports vbowintr that for
tbe second week of March its earnintrs
fell olf 841,(00 as compared w ith the
same week lat year.
The total sales o; st-M-ks to-day were
397,379 shares, in lu ling: Delaware,
l.ackaw,;nmi am' Western, !Kt.fc:K;
Delaware and l'l.i-o.n, 12,0--0; Krie,
10,023; Lake Shore, 24,7ii; Louisville
and Nashville, .(JO; North western.
OSOO; New Jersey Central, 19,330:
I'acitic Mail, ('mo: Heading, 34.430;
St Paul, 42,133;. Union Pacific. 0200:
Western Union, 11,270. Closing quota
tions: COfllKHBHTS.
I. S. Ss. lOiy;. New 4j. 125.
New IS, lli'i. Pacific 6 of 1, 125.
C. P. Br H, 1HK. T.P. laid grants. S-1
Erie seconds, UK. T. r. nie u. rtiv
Leh A Wilkes.. 111. I . r. tr.ts, 117.
Louisiana con,, 6li-t . P land arant. Ko1
Missouri 6. 111!. I'. P. a. land, lis!.
St. Joseph, lJu1. Vjrgini tx, 44.
St.P.S.C.flr.l2,iV. con., ex-m. c, 58.
Tenn. 6s, old, SS'i. Va. c. del., V.
lean. 6a, new, 5e.
Adams Expreu, 145. .Naihrille A C, 4T
Allejheny ten , -Alton
AT. 11. 42
N. J. Central. buM.
N..r. 4 W., .fd. 27.
Northern Pac., 2n.
A. A. T. H., Md.l'J.
Auieririn Kx.. 1UV,.
B. , U. R. k N..65.
Canada Pac.,(').
Canada Sou., 41S.
Northern P.,ptd, fn
N. ". C. & St. L.,t'
N.Y.C.irtt L.,p.,iy
C. A N. W..I181.
Central Pacific H. ('. A K. W., pfd, 1S9.
Cbra-peakA0.,lUS.N. Central, lui'i.
C. A 0., let pfd, 17. Ohio Central, l'i
O. A O., 2d vfd. 12. Ohio A Mm., 2M
C. A A., 140. O. A Miss., pfd, W.
C. A A., ptd, Itt. Ontario A West-. 1V
C , B. A Q.. 1J5. Oreson K.t., KG7,,.
C.,St. L. A N. 0., Oreaon Iran., 30t.
C, St. L. A P., 11. Orefon Imp., 2.'V,.
C.St.L. A P.. p.,Sl,.Paoitic Mail, M.
C, S. A C , XI. Panama, S8.
C. A C, S0V4. Peoria, 1). A C, 20.
Del. A Ilnd,, lOO1!. Pittaburr, 152.
Del., L. A ., l'JS. Pullman P. 6., 131.
Dan. A Rio 0., 16. Reading-. 25'i. ,
Krie, 2H. Island, 126.
Erie, i-fd, 1. St L. A 8. F., 20.
Kn.tT.nn., St. L. AS. F., p., 42.
KaatTenn. pld, 5. St. L.A S.F. lit p., 1U0.
Fort Wmvn.. 149. C. M. i St. P.. fil'i.
Hannibal A St. Jo. 0 M. A 6t. P., P..123S
H. A St. Jo pfd,
Bt. r. M. A M.,
Harlem, 215.
Ho in ton A T..33.
Illinoil Cen.,14H.
Ind. B. A V., '.
Kanaa A T , 28Sj.
Uki K. A V7., loVi.
LjkeSbnre, S5'i
1 ou. A Xh-, 4i)7..
Lou. A N. A., 'M't.
M. A C, 1-t pld,
r-t. V. A Uuiaha,
St. P. A O.. ofd-HeP.
Texat Pacific,
Union Pacific 4S;a.
V. S. Expreu, 64
W.,8t. U. AP.,10'f
W.,St. L. A P. p.. 11.
W. Jt F. KX..DV.
W. I . Tel.,647..
"olrado Coal, iti'i.
Homeptake, H1.
Iron Silver, 22T.
Ontario, 2tl.
Uuirksilver, 7.
Quirk8'lver pfd. 22.
South. Pacific,
M. X. (J., Zi pid,
Mem. A Char., 35.
Mich. Central, 71.
Min A St. L.. ID.
M. A M. L., pfd, 47.
Min. Pae.. ltiSVi.
Mohil A O..IS.
FJUtfO, 11.
MurriaA K., offd, 137! i
London. March in. Consols, 100
9-10 for money and 100 11-10 for the
account. United States bonds 4s,
127J;4Js, 114.
Paris, March 19. Three per cent.
rentes, 701. 9oe. for the account.
New Orleans, 5Iarch 19. Bank
clearings, $1,214,581.
Philadelphia, Pa., March 19. Bank
clearings, 8,812,731 ; balances, $1,499,-
Chicago. III., March' 19. The
associated bank clearings to-dav were
New York, March 19. Clearing
bouse statement: Kxchanges, $100,
872,039 ; balances, $l,910,li8.
Boston. Mass., March 19. Clearing
house statement: Exchanges, $11,970,-
028; balances, $1,070,314. Money 2
per cent.
St. Louis, Mo., March 19. Bank
clearings, 12,073,588; balances, $374,
075. Exchange on New York easy at
75 cents discount.
Chancery Sale
PURSUANT to decree rendered by the
Chancery Court at Niuhribe, at ile Oc
tober term, Ibdi, in the wo of the
huto of TenneMce and nnnther vs. The
Bank of Tennessee and others
(which said decree is entored nl record at
pane 3o:i of minute book 22), notice is hereby
(riven tbat 1 will sell at publio auction, for
ciuh, at the Court-lloute tioor, in Uemphis.
Tenn., on
Mntardny, Nnrrh 27, 18MB,
at 12 o'clock in., the following desoribod
iroperty, to wit:
A house and lot in the city of Memph a,
Tenn., tituated at tbe corner 01 Thin) and
WashinRton streets, on the south side of
Waphinirton street and west side of ihird
streot, Irooiint 50 lect. on said Third street
and running back 148'4 fent to an alley, it
being the sane property heretofore sold in
the above entitled cause on June 2f, 1383, to
W. P. Wilson. , .
See Deed Book No. , pp. MM, 690 and 591,
Register's ollice Bbelby county.
terms 01 bale Luiii, ana tree irom it-
Clerk and Master.
The local cotton market opened
firm, and closed quiet and firm; mid-
dlimr. 8ie. Sales. 1200 bale, including
200 iharsday evening, of which 900 to
exporters and 800 to spinners.
Yesterday. Thmsday
Ordinary 7
Good ordinary 7i 7
liow middling 8j 8J
Middling i
Good middling.... 9J 9J
Middling fair 9 9i
F'air Noui. Nom.
Dusty Sfe8i 0Iffl8,
Stains and tinges... 7V:fj "jS.
Msnriiis, March 19, ls.
Slock Sept. 1,1883 1,392
l!ece;ve(i to day 744
Keceived previously...509,6r2 511,748
Sh'pped to-day
Shijipcd jireviously..
. 4,012
Stock, running account
Thus far this week
Thus far last week
Since September lst
M. and C. R.K
M. and T. K. K .'
L. and N. K. R
M.and L.K.R.R
C..O. aud8. W. R. R
L , N.O. and T. R R
K. U, S. and M. R. R ,
Wagons and other sources...,
.. 0,431
.. 7,610
..510 350
Total .'.
Thus far this week
Tli us far last week
Since September 1st
M. and C.R.I!
M. audT. R. R
Louisville & Nashville R. R..
C.,(). andS.W
L , N. O. and T. R. R
Steamers north
... 10.795
... 13,831
Week end
'ing March
! 19, 18S0.
Since Sep
tember lst.
Wll KM K HE-
1:1 V I'll.
This1, Ijist
Year 1 Year
This I
(120! Hi
15 if 3
M A T R R.
1. & N R R.
70S 19
4' 240
M A: L R R R 135
iC.O.tSWUPJ 3o
1., , IW1 KK
KC.S&M lili;
M.UiAll Rj
Miss, river...
Whito river.l
St. Fran riveri
j 131)70
454 8-.I588
45 lltSliS,
2l! 7(S5;
Ark'siis river;
! 105701
Wag' his, etc
M & C R It...
M & T R II...
I, (c N R R...
M.iiAAR r;
Steam's n'rtb
Steam's s'hUi
New York spots opened firm, and
Uised steady. and 1-1 6c higher. Sales,
KO 'VIT. ' t
I 64-311 o:;95T)lC'356l410324 j
38U( J.so:! 10ivi ;-.'3(
l.li , .l'. - II M IIIII'I
j 1253 05.' 710001 7850 i
1127 84 1 72519 49349
I IS 10 2417' 43141 32509 ;
i 3il 114SI I
73:3 3339 74:'.i4 61003 !
877( 18030 :W33'J j
I10793 10S15':!S8S77!:i55171 I
252 bales
Quotations weit? as fol-
Onlinary- 61
(ioodordinary... 8
lxw middling... 8 13-10
Middling !'l
tiood middling. 9 9-l
Middling fair...105
Fair 11
t 7-irt
7 15-10
9 310
10 r-io
10 13-10
New York futures ojened easy, and
closed steady, anil 7 to 8 jtointx lower.
Sales, 131,200 bales. The closing quo
tations were as follows:
March 9.0;.?, 9 10
April - 9 17( 918
May 9 2!t( 9.30
June.. - 9 2'Xii, 9.40
July 9.47(4
August 9.655
September... 9 3S 9 39
October 9 224t) 9 24
NovemlKT... 9 18(S 9.19
December... 9.21 9.22
January 9.28 9.29
9 17 tf.is
9.25!i 9 20
9.:U; 9 37
.9.4(1 a 9.47
9..r4 9 55
9 fil() 9.i3
9 4-V4 9 4
9 30 9.31
9.2i( 9.27
9.'2m 9 29
9 3ti(.i 9.38
Tbe following U the cotton com
parative statement for the week end
ing Friday, Ma'ch 19, 1880: Net re
ceipts at all United States porta dur
ing the week, 57,720 bales; same week
last year, 3?,074 bales. Total receipts
to date, 4,704,017 bales; same date last
year, 4.492.N5 bales. Exports for
tbe week, 0S.973 bales; same week
last year, 51,915 bales. Total exports
to this date, 3.133.0S9 bales; same
date last voar. 3,254,217 bales. Stock
at all United States porta, 900.152
bales; Game time last year, V02,610
bales. Stock at all interior towns,
188 888 bales; pa me time last year,
88 125 bales. Stock at Liverpool,
077,000 bales; ssnie time lat year,
984,000 bales. Stock of American
afloat for Great Britain, 194,000 bales;
same time last year, 152,000 Nile.
The New Orleans spot market opened
qnbt, and closed quiet and tiendy.
Sales. 2. IX) bales.
Yesterdav. Thnislsv.
Ordinary 7 3 10
G:od ordinary... 71
9 9-10
1-ow middling.... hj
Middlini; hi
Good middling 9 9-10
The New Orleans future
onened steady, and closed Q'
iet and
Btsady.aud 10 to 12 points lower than
Thurtdiy. Sales, 32,300 bales. The
closing quotations. were as lollows:
Yesterday. Thuifday.
M'ttrch Nnm'iial. Nominal
April 8 75;) 8 70 8 87 8.88
May 8.88 8.89 9.00.'S)
June 9.02(a) 9.03 9 13 0.14
July 0.15fl 0.10 9 28fi
September.... 8.84 8.95 9.05(5) 0.00
October 8 84 8 a5 8.9503 8-9
November.... 8.79,D 8 80 8 90 a) 8 91
DecemlsT ... 8 82 8.8,3 8 92 8 94
Kec. I Prices
1322 815-lt!
N Orleans.
Mobile .....
New York
Post on
St. Louis...
Augusta. .
Receipts at ports, this day, 1880.
Receipts at ports, this day,1885.
R'ts V. s;
ports, 7 iU
Kx. Gt. lir
For'gn Kx.
4,485,890 4,503,529
3,155,15113,250 188
Increase of receipts this year. ..218.903
The Liverpool spot market at noon
was reported quiet and unchanged.
Sales, 10,000 bales, of which American
8300 bales. Receipts, 14,000 bales, of
w lncli oOOO were American.
The following are the closing quota.
Hons: Ordinary, 4 Id; good ordinary 1
451; low middling, 5ld; good mid
dling, 5d; middling uplands, 3d;
middling Orleans, 5 1-lOd.
Manchester cloths quiet and tin
changed. YaniB dull and somewhat
the prices are ghvn !n pence and G4(i,
lhu: 4 03 means 4 03 01c., and 6 01
meant 5 1-041
At noon: Javerpool futures were
steady. Quotations' were as follows
March-April, 4 O.d April-Mav, 4 0:
(ayiOld; May-June, 54 63d; June-
July, 5 034i02;July. August, 5 03
5 i)5d .August-September. 3I07(ii5 00d :
September-October 3 07; September,
At 2 p.m.: Liverpool futures were
dull; March, 4 OOd sellers; March
April, 4 nod sellers; April-May, 4 Obi
sellers; May-June, 4 KU buyers; June
July, 5 02d sellers; Julv-Atigust, 5 03d
sellers; August-September, 5 07d buy
ers ; Septeniber-0(.toher,5 OOd buyers.
At 5 p.m. : Liverpool futures were
quiet and steady ;Mareh, 4 OOd buyers;
March-April, 4 59d buyers; April-May,
4 (K)il buyers; May-June, 4 03d sell
ers: June-July, 5 02d sellers; July-August,
5 ()4d buyers; August-September,
5 (I7d buyers; September- Ictobcr, 5 05t
Liverpool wnskly statement for the
week ended March 19, 1880:
. lSsii. IS85.
Weekly sales 02,000 43.000
Of which American. 53,000 30,000
Including for export 190,1 5.0(H)
Incl'g forspee'lation 3,200 2,100
Forw'd fin ship side 9,503 18,500
Total stock...; 077,000 98I,(XI0
Of which American. 492,000 7118,000
Week's receipts 7.,000 53,000
Of which American. 57,(XK) 44,000
To'l rec.since Sep.l..l,805,10() 2,353,900
(if which American. 1,521 ,700 1,859, 4(H)
Actual week's exp't. 3.9(H) 0,!(00
Stock nflnal 202,0(H) H'0,0(H)
of which American. 194,000 152,(HK1
t l II KG HH.M.S.
The following is the record of the
bids and oflcrs at the Call Board of
the Merchants' Exchange yesterday:
No. 2, white, spot 41c asked; March,
41c asked; April, 411c asked; May,
42 1c linked; No. 2, spot, 30c bid;
March, 37 Je o. t. bid, 39c asked;
April, :i7 jc bid ; May, 30c o. t. bid, 40c
No. 2. spot, 3.3c bid, 34c asked;
March, 34c asked; April, 33c o. t.
bill, 34 Je asked; May, 35Jc asked.
Snot, Hi 25 bid; March, SI 5
1 ! ak. d; Mav
fl4 50 asked.
asked ; May,
April" i:
$2 15 asked.
$2 bid,
Corn White, 47i;; mixed, lOc, from
store; from levee or depot, white, 44c;
mixed, 42c; in Barks, in lound lots,
white, 42c : mixed, 40c.
Hay Choice, from store, 85c ;prime,
75!i0c; pra'uie, 50e; ronud lots from
ievee or depot, choice, $Uf.iM4 50;
prime, fl3(A13 50; pruirie, $8(2)8 50.
Oat Wliite, 40c; mixed, SoJiJ,
from store; round lots f 10m levee on
track white, sacked, 37c; mixed,
sacked, 33 jc
Bran From store, K'tc per cwt;
round loti from levee, f 1 1 75(.15 per
Beaks Navy, fl 75(V.; medium,
$1 mil 75.
Rica Louisana, 4(7 s- Carolina,
OATMEAL-Iahalf-birrel?, 333 23
frrm store.
OoRNSAi,-Standard. Jl (4f7.2 13;
pearl,t2 15 from store; 5c clieaper
from mill, lnves or track.
FLOra Fiom store, double extra, ;
triple extra, ; family, $1(314 25;
choice, $4 25(4 40: fancy, $4 755;
xtm fancy, 5 25(o5 75; patents $0
(26 25; round lots from levee or track,
10c cheaper; car lot choice, (4 2300
4 40; family, 13 603 9 ; fancr, H 60
4 75; extta fancy, f I 50(1 5 05; pat
ents, S5 4505 70.
Homihy amo G sits From ttare,
$2 7502)3.
Cbackxd Wuiat Ia half-barrels,
$3 50 from store.
Cbacksks Soda, extra, 4c; soda,
treble extra, 4Jc; lemon cream crock
ets, extra, 7c; lemon cream crackers,
treble extra, 7 Jc ; ginger snaps, extra,
5c; ginger snaps, treble extra, 0c; as
sorted jumbles, 9c.
New Orleans, La., March 19 Flour
quiet and weak. Cjrn steady, 44
45c. Oa's quiet but stca ly, 3!(j. Hay
quiet butfiim, $15 5001I8 to,
Kansas CiTY,Mo.,March 19. Whet
weak; cash, O'.'Js bid, 02'! asked:
April, 703c; Mav, 73i :. Corn quiet;
cash, 3 j)j bid, 37c asked; April, 37)c
bid, 38a asked; May, ;;ojf. Oats no
St. Louis. Mo., March 19. Flour
steady; XXX, $33)3 15; family. $3 25
(S3 33; choice, $3 80(11)3 90; fancy,
$4 304 40; extra fancy, $4 004 9J;
paten U, 10M5 u. W heat talrly
active but weak; the market opened
firm, but soon ess id oQ and coniinued
weak to close, finishing jc lower
than yesterday; No. 2 red, cash,
nominally, 90c; May, 9-(c93e, closing
at 92J(a)92,c; June, 92J(9Jc, closing
at 92 jc; July, 87 i(AHSc, closing atSTJc
a ked. Corn dull and easy ; the
market opened steady and advanced
i(3lc, but fell off, ar.d closed 101c
nnder yeeterdjy ; No. 2 mixed, casb.
34134c; April, 34c: May, 35J
3'ijc, closing at 35,35j n. Oats quiet
nd barely steady; No. 2 mixed, cash,
2D4032Ugc; JUarcn, zujc: JUay. 30c.
Kyo Bteady. 60s. uarley neglected.
Hay dull and eay; prairie, $5 50,j)
7 tO; timothy, $10 7r.(")13 75. F-lax-
ssed firm, $1 10. Bran weak, 00c,
Cornmcal weak. $185(;i)l90. Kceipts
Flour, 1000 brls; wmat,5000 bu;
corn, 5000 bu; oats, 9000 bu ; rye, 1000
bu; barley, 3000 bu. Shipments
Flour, 9000 brls; wheat. 2000 bu;
corn, 129,000 bu; cats, 6000 bu; rye,
3000 bu : barley. 3( uo im.
Afternoon Bo:ri. Wheat weak. j(o)
is lower. Cjrn easy and a shade.
lower. Oats about unchanged.
CiLCAGo, III.. March 19 On
'Cnangi to-day the bears had every
thing their own way; early public
tales were heavy, and the private
mesfiiges that were received later de
pressed to a ttill further degree. The
decline in New York a'so belped the
downward tendency. Wheat opened
at 84 Jc and, with very few exceptions,
broke to t3Jc, Inst lc under yetttr
day's closiDg. During ibis limn the
market was hopelessly weak. 1 be I
o'clock closing was depressed aid
bearish, with prices 11 shade above tbe
lowett points. . Corn was pulled
down by the surrounding corals end
Ba'il fresly at a decline of Jc, dropping
from 39Jo to 3Hji:. Tbero was a fair
trado only. Flour quiet and un
changed. Wheat 1 a'es ranged: No.
2, March, 78j(5)70jc, cIoec! at 78jc;
April, 78 ,79,0, c osed at"8jc; Mav,
83J(S;843c, closed at 83Jc; June, 841(h)
85i c'oeed a'lJSlic; No 3 sprirg, 70(4
71c; No. 2 red, 8580a. Corn sales
ranged: March and April, 35J30c,
closed at 30c ; May, S8JW
39JO, cloned at 3.880 ; Jane, 38J
39Jc, closed at 3Hj;. O11H sals
ranged: No. 2, March, 27J27Jc,
closed at 27Jc; May, 30,31ic, closed
at 31c; Jane, 31431 jo, closed at
31Jo. Rye No. 2, 01(a (li Jc. Barley
No. 2, caih, W:. Flaxseed No. 1,
$1 11. Receipts-Flour, 12,000 brls;
wheat, 21,000 bu; corn, 201,000 bu;
oat, 78,000 bu ; rye, 4000 bu; barley,
4 8 000 bu. Shir inents Flour, 12,000.
bils; wheat; h'.OOJ bu; corn, 70000
bu; oafs, JO9.0C0 bii; rye, 12,000 bu;
barley, 8Q0O bu.
AJhrnoon nartl. Wheat excited,
weak and. lower; March, 75jc; April,
77Jc; May, 82i!v, June, 84a; Angus,
85 Jc. Co.-n weiik and lower; March,
33ic;' April, 3rijc; May, 38ic; June,
38i;e. Oils hwer; March, 20jc; May,
aoijo ; June, 3h
' I'll IllM.
Ri ttkh Creiimery, 33f5j37c; dairy,
22'20c; biitterine, '14'aHllc; country,
12J'18c, accoiding to condition.
CimraK Priino flats, 7(8c; New
York factory, He; full cream, 12l2Jc;
Y. A 12(S12Jc
Mfiss Poi:k-()I.1, fl0 50v;10 75 per
hinrel; new ill 50 ier barrel; sunar
cured hams, pin ked, 9(3)9 jc ; breakfast
bacon, 7i(Si'.(c; clear rib bacon, (ijgoje.
Bci.k I'oiiK Clear sides, 5c; clear
rib sides, 5J(it,5jcj long clear, 5Jc;
shoulders, 3j3;iv
Ijird -Tierces, (ijffidjc: half-barrels,
KlWtlv', kogs, JfiJc; buckets, ti(n)
(iic; half-buckets, 7(7Je; 60-lb tins,
OjftiOjc ; 20-lb tins, OiOlc ; 10-lb tins,
ti;(" 7c; 5-lb tins.djc; 3-lb tins, 'l(7c;
choice kettle, "tierces, Ojc.
FkKSII MKATS-Bccf-tiood KllllSltg
City steers, heavy, iic; light, 7(7Jc;
cows and heifers, l$c; mutton, 7c;
lambs, ; porlt tie.
Pj,s-VEKT I'.rls, JSfnSNI; balf-brls,
$33 25.
Cincinnati, 0, M-ch 19. Potk
ddll at $10. Lird q'llet at 5.!i0c. Bulk
meats dull and unchanief. Bacon
easy a id unchanged. Bu tjr fiuu and
UQchanged. K.?g easier, uC'clOe.
Nw Oblcans, L , Msrch 19 Hog
products active. Pork, $10 50. Lrd,
5jc. Bulk meats shoulders, S.yilc;
long clear and e'ear rib, SJc.
Bicon shoulders, 4c; long clear, tic;
clear rib, 6jc. Hams, 8 aOJc.
St. Lopis, Mo., March 19 Provisions
dull and generally easy.filthough po k
was steady at $1025. Laid easy, C.87Jc.
Bulk meats weak ; lcose lets, long clear,
5.20c; short ribs, 6.30c;' short clr,
5.45c; boxed tote, long clear, Ojc;
short ribs, 5Jc; short : clea-, 5;c.
Bacon eaiy; long clfaar, 5 G'(5.7()c;
short ribs, EJj; short clear, 63.tH)c.
Hams steady, 8J((llc. Bi'ter quiet
and steady; creamery, 25ijk:0c; dairy,
18W20C. Ew lower, 8jfj.
Chicago, Ilu, Maich 10 Pork
sales ranged; Cash sad Aptil, $0 oofo
9 15; May. $9 65( 95, closed at
$9 67J(3 9 70; June, ' 757,10, cbsed
at $9 75(319 771; Ja"y, VJ 97j. Laid
sales ranged: April, 5.95(;5.97Jc;
May, 5 97K6 02, closed at 6 97!(")
6c ; June, 6 02J(S 07 Jc, cloted at 6.02J
(n 0 05c. Bnxeif meats dry salted
Bboulders, 3 90!')4c; short rib Bides,
6.20(2)5.22 Jc; ihort clear Bides, 5J
5.65c.. But.V creamery, grol to ex
tra. 203 dairy, 2(-i 25c. Eggs weak
and t?ndiu lower, 104( lie.
Afirrmot BonnU Pork steady. Lard
MARCH 20, 18S&
easier at 5.93c
for May.
for March, and 5 97Jc
noi SEiiOi.n hi pplien,
Arrt.Es Apples, $2 7VJ3 from
store ; $2(2.-2 25 per car-load from levee
or depot. lrnd apples. ;'i4c icr
pound from store, l'ncd peaches, 33
4c from stoiv.
Potatof Potatoes, f 1 iMli.r 2 25 from
store; $1 05(im2 st car-load t rem levee
or depot. Swts-t potaim-s. 12 50.a)2 75
r brl. Peas,$l 2"( isl 75 per bushel.
MMiETAiu.m onions, 12 ,j Irom
store; $2 ;(rf2 00 lmm levee or depot.
Cabbage, ti 50 .n 3 '() t cr.ue. Kraut,
barnds, $5 P0,i,ii; half-barrels, $2 73.
tiarlic, 40000c per 100.
BfiT Uanges, Louisiana, none;
Florid, none; Messina. tM--'i 60 per
box. Lemons, $;k3 50 per box. Ba
nana $1(2 100 per bunch. Cocoa
nuts, $4 per 100. Peanuts Yirainia.
60 ; Tennessee, farmer's itock, 3oj4c;
roasted, 24c higher; shelled, 10c. Al
monds, 180320c.
PicKLxa-ln ltrs, piott 90c: Quarts,
$1 50; balf-callons, $2 50; gallons,
$3 7S;lo3se, ban els, $(; half-barrels,
$3 50; mixed, barrels, $10 60; mixed,
naii-Darreis, (.
Raisins London layers, 3 40; lay
ers. $2 To; California, ; Imperial,
$3 50t64.
WA1.NCTS French, 12c; Naples, 15c;
Grenobles. 15c. Filberte, 12c.
Cider Missouri, t(i 60 per bar
rel and $4(f;4 50 per half barrel; Vine
gar, ll(i)l(ia per gallon.
Poultry Turkevs, ier dor.n, $7
14; geese, $3 50QiA 50; ducks, $3; chick
ens, good demand, $2(3; dressed tur
kevs, scarce, 1014c pr pound.
Pecans Texas, 810c for small to
medium, 10014c for large; Arkansas,
Fish Mackerel, half-b.irre!, No. 1,
$3; No. 2, $3 25; No. 3, $2 75; 101b
kit, No. 1, 80c; No. 2, 70c; 15-lh, No.
3,00c. Dry herrings, family, 30c per
Game Venison, whole, 3S5c, sad
dles, 6(38c; bear, tK'' 8c; wild turkeys,
5075c; ducks, $1 602 50; squirrels,
75c; quails, 753(ifil ; prairie chickens,
$5; game tish, (108c.
Eocs !(i)10c.
Okkeb Common. 8(S8jc; ordina
ry, OOJc; prime Rio, 11c; choice
to fancv, 11 JC13Jc; old government,
23(i)25 ; Ceylon, 20c.
Soap 3j(iiVjJc per pound.
Sugar Eastern yellow, OlGitiJc;
pure w. c. white, 6c; off white, 6j(j)
(IJc; yellowclariued,6j()6Jc;open let
Ue.6(n!5fc; refined A, 7C7ic ; irranu
Uted, 7(ii)71c; powdered, 7J; cut loaf,
Salt-$1 201 30 per barrel ; sacks,
fine. $1 60; ctarse, $1 10; pockets,
bleached, 2j7c; car-loads from levee
or depo., 5c cheaper.
Molassks Louisiana, common to
fair, 23(i27c ; prime to choice, 3540c ;
syrup, 2Ot'jM0c; common to fair, 23(i
28c: prime to choice, 30(33c; ceninf
mral fancv. 35c.
T011A00 Common, 11-inch, 27(7J
30c; other grles and styles, 2f( 28c.
Snuff-Oamtt's, $10 8) per case;
Ralph's. $10 26 per esse; R. R., $9 60.
Candius-Micks, all sizes, in boxer,
pails and barrels, jt-ilSJc.
Candlkm-FuH weluht. 10j(fi'llc.
Cannkd Goods, Etc Prices per doi
en: Pineapples. $1 Sofnil 06; peachss,
21b. standard, Jl 3?.(" 1 60; seconds,
fl l5('Til 25: timatoes, 2-lb, stnndanl,
l 10; 3 lb,fl 33; strawberries, $1 40
(iO; raspberries, f I 15(al 25? black
berries, $l(il 15: grcenuges, 1 bUf)
1 75; pears, $2(i)2 25; plums, $1 00(
1 70: asparnifus, $2 6(X'')1; green con'
$l(a)l 35; green peas, $U2 25; cove
oysters, full weight, Mb, $1(?U 10;
cove oysterp, lull weight, z-iu, i iiH"
1 85; cove oysters, light weight, 1-lb,
05c; cove oyttsrs, light weiaht, 2-lb,
$l; condensed milk Crown, $5 90;
Eagle, $7 75; Swiss, $0.
Baltimore, Mn, March 19. Coffee
dull; Rio cargoes, ordinary to fair, 8
New Orleans, March 19. Coffee
steady and firm; Rio, 0j()10c. Rice
steady with a fair demand, 3Jfi",
Sugar quiet but Bteady; open-kettle,
choice, 6(2)5 l-16c; prime, 4 Jc ; fully
fair, 4jc; centrifugals, granulated, Ojc;
choice white, 0c; off white, 6c;
choice yellow clarified, 6jc; prime
yellow clarified, 5jc; seconds, 41(4"to.
Molasses quiet but steady ; open-kettle,
good prime to strictly, prime, 32c;
prime, 20()22c ; centrifugals, prime to
strictly prime, 16(200.
, New York, March 19. Coffee spot
fair Rio dull, 8jc; options steady and
moderately active; No. 7 Rio snot not
quoted; sale, 15,500 bags; March,
7l0('(7.l5c: April, 7.05c: May, 7c;
June, 6.9.Xi';7c; July, 0 05(3)7c; Sep
tember, 7c; October, 7c; November,
7.05; December, 7.05:. Sugar dull,
weak and nominal; fair to good re lin
ing quoted at 4 13-16 4 15-10; refined
dull . whitaextraC,5 7-10c; mould A,
0 5-Kic; confectioners', fli(0 3 Kii; off
A, 5J0.r)Jc; graDulatsd.Olc. Molasses
quiet. Rice steady, demand moitnrale.
BAooiNo-Jnte, OJirt.llc; thx, oJ'-O
101c, Recording to weight. Ties, $1 15
(id 20.
" Naili S2 45(?'.2 70.
('orrwx.NKKu oil., tic,
Seek-Delivered at depot and wharf,
$8 per ton; on bunk of river tf. q. b.
boat), $0; wsgnn st mills, $8 Meal
Prime (f. 0. b.,) $15 per ton. Iess than
car-load lots, flti. From store, 90c per
sack. Cakk Nominal; $10 per ton.
Oil In carload lots, prime, crude C.
(. oil. 23)(o)2lc; prime summer yel
bw,2(ij(n27c; off-snmmer yellow, 25J
(52tiji: ; miners', c ; choice cooking
eummer yellow, 2H(5)oOs.
Coal Oil Prime white, wholesale
lots, 11c per gallon.
Ci.kvki.ani), ()., March 10. Petro
leum quiet; . w., 110, 7ic.
Prrrsnrito, Pa., Mured 19. Petro
leum dull but steady; National Tran
sit certificates opened at 7tiic and
closed at 7i;c; highest price, 77Je;
lowest, 702c
AVnisKV Straight Kentucky Bour
bon, $1 til) W 6 ; rye,$l 75f;o; domestic,
90iH(it$l 60.
Ciik aoo, March 10. Whisky steady
atl 14.
St. Iocis, March 10. Whisky
steady at $1 10.
Cincinnati, March 1!). Whisky
steady nt $1 10. Sales of 1037 barrels
finished goods nn this basis.
HoBsM-Good driving, f 15(tri225;
good saddle,4I IO'5 3iH); plugs, $1380;
good mares, $85(S'l 10.
MI I.KS-I4J to 15, $110(5)135; 15 to
1 5 J, $125(140; 15J b 10, JI40OI75.
(iNid deiuaml ; supply fair.
I.I V at NT K.
Kece'ptt of cattle the past week have
been 'light, and ronsisti'd mainly of
good to choice. Prices oa best gra les
were 15 to 20j lower, while other
grades were firm. To day there Seonly
a light supply of choice grades on sale.
Market aluut bare of medium. Trices
fi-m to quoted. Hogs in light supply
here, hales hive been rather slow.
Prices firm. Market entirely bare of
1 sheep to-day. Choice batchers' in de
mand. Common not wanted. Prices
Catti k Choice to exlra porn-fed,
9(X) to 10.30 (Miunils, 4(3MJc; giMsl, 3(.rt
p; choice grass-fed, 3ia 3jc; gissl, 3
(i'SJc; fair to niediiini, 2jf"-2je; com
inon, ll(n"2f I ,
HtKis Choitv, 3jr.4e; 'pd, 31(11"",
jc; common, .te-iojc.
SiiKKe Choice, 4'.f4le; medium, 3
t?'".Jc; cotHinon, $1(-1 M.
Cincinnati. O, March 19. Hoes
steady; common and l ght,$.!4o,'5;4 id;
packintr and butchers', $ K 1 43; re
ceipts, 017 bond; shipments, 59s I t si.
Chicago, Iu. , March 19. The Ifro-
vert' Juurnal reporls: Cuttle receipts,
tOOO head; shipmenUi, 4000 head;
market slow ; shipping steors, 9j0 to
1500 pounds, $-3 9O05 76; itockers and
feeders, $2 30(4 30; cows, bulls and
mixed, $14 ; bulk, $2 KA 20. Hogs
receipts, 14,600 head; shipments,
0000 beau; market strong and 00
higher; rough and mixed, $3 8.yo
4 0; packing and shipping, (4 SOOO
4 40; light, $3 70$4 25; skips, $2 50oV)
3 70. Sheep receipts. 3000 beat:
shipments, 600 head; market slow and
a shads lower: natives, $35 75;
Tsxans, $2 230j)4 20.
Kansas City, Mo., March 19. The
Livestock Jndictilor reports: Cattle
receipts, 1 ISO head ; shipments, none ;
market stronger ; choice to fancv,
$' OoQi5 20; gcol to choice. $4 (hK)
4 95; common to medium, $4(4 60;
stockers and federa, $3 MK44 20;
cews, $2 40(i3 20. Hog receipt',
1004 head; ahipments, none; market
opened toady, bul closed weak and
5(ill0,! lovr; good to choice, $3 IKX'')
4 05 ; common to medium, $3 (10 3 85;
skips anil piirs, $2( 3 55. Sheep re
ceipts, 1018 brad; shipments, none;
msrket weak; gooil to choice, $3 50(j)
4 25; common to medium, $2(rf3.
New Turk Dry (Jimmi Mnrsirl.
New Y'ork, March 19. The market
has been more quitt in demand of
agents, but through many deliveries
on previous engagements and a fair
qnott of orders for moderate selections
the sales uiaititained are of fair propor
Memphis and t'lnclnnatl Packet Co
JainoH W. U a IIV-JO
John F. Jones. ..matr.
Will lenvnTUKSDAY, Mrnk 2id, at 5 p.m.
For fisiiht or jre acplr to C. U. HU8
8KL1., Aiiont, No. i Madison St. Telsrhoos
Ho. 7. JoliN OAltH, Pusanaer Airsnt.
HtHinr OHIO loiluws, leaving Friday.
Mnrch 'llh
nt. I .on! nml Nw Orlestno Anchor
l.ln-l . H. Witl-OA1RO Jt UT. LOUIS.
City of Vicksburg, tfZT.
llonry Keith mastur. 11icHl
Will Uiiv. the Klarator BUNDAV, Mnrch
'21st, at 12 ai. For freight or iiassaife si'i'lT
O. b. Ilti.r., Pii-s. Ai. Al fr'I'PHM, Anp't.
Ht. I.onla lnl Ksw (Irlsaas Anrlinr
Llnsv-U.M. Mall-l'oRNliW OHLKAN0.
City of Natchez, .CftK
II. K. fiixby niaOr,Saie3
Will leave the Klevnt.ir S ATI' KDA 17 Muroh
aith, at 4 cm. For froUht or passajie aiil
C. L. Il ti.i . l's.A(. At) STORM, Sim't.
For Helena, Terrene, Arksnsas City. Oreen
ville, tivw Orleans and all wnr land
inn Steamer
Chas. P. Chouteau,
Iborwsaen master.
Will leave SATURDAY, Mnn h 2Hlh, 6 p.m.
Kor framlit or iassso aiicly at N" 3 Maaisna
street, or to 11 C. LOW t, Avent.
Cull I olf ylifine wo. rij
HI. I.nnli anl w rlrin Aix'lior
l.lu -I'.lt. Mnll-KOK VICK-SHI ltd.
Arkansas City,
Will leave (he KlevaK.r SATll KliA v7Mnrch
'J'lth, at t) p.m. fur freight or tassa apply
V. 1.. II a t.r. . I'ass, At, A M"HM, sn
.,.r oscevia, ttales foint. Vamthersviue,
Oarosn and Tliitonvllle The Dew itestuer
W. P. Hall masUr I J. D. Fuller clerk,
will leave as above), and all way point,
p.m. Kor Ireirht or ;un apply oa board.
nteiUtilK,l rlre rulssi aiuil Mrufiust
nml (Mreola rsiliel 4)oinrMnr,
For Helena, ttlendele. 1'rla.ra Point aui all
Way Landings fries acr u
Coahoma, . cjSna
B. T, Clatett ..mMUTl Piatt h bou ... rk
Will Uov( as above on every MuSOAY,
WtU KbDAV Mid fMVM , at $ o'elof k.
Fof Raaltlph, folton. Oaeeola and May
Uaniittf a Steamer
J. H. Cooper, master. .. J. W. Bmlthers.plorli
Lenves eeiy MONDAY, V KDNtftuA V
ar.d FIIIOA Y at i p.m. The boats of In s
line reserve the r)ulit to pass all landlnts
the oaiiiam iAAydesin nneafo, Office, No. 3
V..li..n ,UV(N l.KK. .la., NnT.'f
Mfiuplils ond Vie ksnnrg Pnckcl Coin-
paiir I'.N.Mnll Line,
For Helena, Conoordin, Terrene and Arkan
sas City The elegant passenger steamer
M. R. Cb oe t ..master I W. C. TlUuaor... clerk
Leaves mempiiis
p. oi., reserving the right to pass all landings
tlieoHilain may doom unsafe. For general
Information apply at otue. No. 4 Madison
street. K. WALWORTU. Agent.
JOHN PAIIK. ! Ai-ent, Telephone ZW.
Mciiiiililsi: Whito Ulver Fkt.Co
V. H. Jtf A1JL LLE.
E. 0. 1'oltsl... muter I C. M.Ji'cr.al..
i;inriailna, ISxvnlla It luff, lira Are.
Ai'X t'Xn. lspliosrrl air'J.
h f- V K.s M K K V II I H K v e r y W K D N K S U a
at li p.m. Throoih rates to all points.
Fre.ght ootsixned to " Keuiphis and W sal'
iuw Psckel t.tuipany" beforwardid
prsmri'ly- J LOWE, Agent,
N'i. wiiion si. 1 wiHrn"r n".
The M.FranilK Rlrcr Transporlatlos
Co.'s Vine HI'le-W heel 6. MaU Stes-rei
Rene Macready, r .Tf
0. K. Joplln master.
Wll-I. 1.1 ATK MiiTllMIIS KTKR1
at 5 o'elook, for Marlanna, the Cut-Off, and
Interir.eoiate lar.dintsson r-t. Krancis river
Ttie rsr-lnin resertes the right tp pass all
inndliivs he doems unsafe. JAS. Lr.K, Jr.,
f;n,ini.Hn ne,.. V'o 4 Msiliwnn !
Arkansas Klver Pk't Co.
E. B. Smith ....master, eStrveV
Leaves Mcmpbii t'vory TUEPDAV, alii p.m
Str, E. W. COLE,
t'.l Nnvlnnd .. Hiest.r.
Leaves -Memphis Every SA TIKD At ,t ip.
For freight or passni-e apply t"
U. C. LOW E, Agent,
OtlW. No S Msiiin st. Telet'hnne N". W.
MemphlsUhlte A llliick Hirer Packet
For Helena, DeValla HluS", Dos Dos Arc
gusta, Newport and Ditoville.-lhe ne'
and elegant aii(bi-l passenger steaiji
Milt Harry mwier
Will loave LVKKY SATl KDAV atfi o'.ik,
p.m. Throairh ritr'topll points, rre'q
consigned to Mill Hurry Line, Memphis.wii
l.e pninii.tly l.rwdii. W.J.H DoYL
UflreK Ma lisnn st Telophonelti.
Janaa R Framliv, Passenger Agent. Tel
ei'hone 2 .7.
f2fl"Z A MONTH and DOAHD for S live
Your f Men or Ladies, in each coun-
'Vi WzTifilliSR A CO Philadelphia, Pa,
STKAMIvMsl .av.VI.iU
White River DiPhit, i p.m.
Arkansas River.K. W. Cols, ip.m.
New Orlesns CHAgt.g P.CHocTiau,'. p.aC'
New Orleans ClTT osNttrm, I p.m.
Vi,kilmrg......Aaisis Ctrr,4p m.
ft. Loui Citt or Vicasat BO, 11 ro.
Friars Puint...CoiMi'i, S p.m.
Arkansas City.KiTa Adii,:5 p.m.
Osreola ...Dai AoAMa, S p.os
Tiptonville OaToae, 8 n.m.
St.Franrl'River Rkxk MiCinv,5p.m
Cim-innati Jar. W. 0r, tt p.aa.
.Irniiifs. City of Cairo, Virkabunr;
CoiihoniH, Friars Point; Rene Macrea
dy, St. Knuiris river; Dean AdaniK,
( hVvolii ; lWdle Mcniphin, Ht. lxiuig;
ThoH.Sht'rlivk, (,'incinnat;IWyoniiiir,
OniK'hitn river; OrHniot, While riwr.
fVHiriirrti. City of Cairo, St. Utiiia;
lcaii AdiuiiH, OtK-eola; Kuckeye State,
Ciiirinimti; Coahoma, KriuiH Point;
IVIle Mcinphix, . Viikuhiirjr; Thoe.
Shcrloi k, New Orlttana; W. Youii(r,
St. I.01UH.
'iki( 111 ort. Chaa. P. Ckoob'Rii,
K. V. Cole, Reno Mat-ready and Oe
limit he Dmm. Arkuiuow City
mid City of Nittcher..
li(xt Due I 'p. Cily of SI. I-onis.
Hm lpla Tratertlay.
City of Cairo 20 hub's cotton.
Iti'llf Mi-inphiH UNtvl pkpi iiicr
rliiiinlist. llnSttiet US tales cotton, 08 aks
need and ;!"' pkgsi meruhandiae.
(.'uiilioiiiii Id billed iMittoii, 110 nks
need, ."( sk corn and 0 pkjra eimdrieK.
Rene Macready - 4.") biilen cotton, 4:1
lilies Need-rottotlj 02 Hks 8fed lllld lot
kii iii lr ics.
Peaii AdaniH HO Imlea cotton, li bans
Meed-eotton, 7.r hkn tteed, 'J bd cattle
and '() pkgH HinidrieH.
Tiik Juinea W. (iiilV, ('apt. John S.
Joiioh, ia the Tticwlay packet for Cin
cinnati. Tim Rene Vaeready, ('apt. O. K.
Joplin, Koch out Tncaday evening fur
St, Kranciu River.
Tn k Ia'O l.ine packet Monday
eveniiiK an ('onhoma for Friura Point
and I 'can Adainx for OhccoU.
Tiik (). I.ine Hteiiincr Charlen Mor
iran, Capt. O. Watdi Thompiwin is duo
up Monday imirniiiK, hound for Cm
einnati. Tiik City of VickNbur, Capt. Henry
Keith, in the Anchor I.ine packet to
morrow at 12 o'clock for Cimo and St.
lxmis. tieorgo Walton ia her elerk.
Tiik (iayiwo, Capt. W. P. I lull, irt
the packet Monday evening at ft
o'clock for HiiIo'h Point, Tiptonville
and all way landings, J. P. Walt in
her clerk,
Tiik ArkanmiH Cily, ('apt. II. W.
Hrolaski, ia tho Anchor I.ine packet
thin evening at 0 o'clock for Yieka
lung and the beiidH. W. II. Pritchart
is her clerk.
Tiik Anchor Line Hteiiincr City of
Natclie.. dipt. II. H. Rixhy, wjll pasH
down tliia evening at 4 o'clock or
New Orleans) ami all intermcdiato
points. II. K. Corhyn is her elerk.
Tiik Kale Adiinm, Capt. Mark R.
Cheek, is the United Static mail
packet Monday evening at f o'clock
lor Helena, A rkn iihiih Cily and all way
landings, W. C. ll:iiukcr is in her
Tiik II. W. Colo, Capt. Kd Nowland,
is the packet tliia evening at 6 o'clock
for all points on Arkansas river, going
thniuuli to Pine HI nil. James N.
Thompson is in her ollice, asHisted by
RilliiH Foster.
Tiik great iron steamer Charles P.
Chouteau, Capt. William II. Thorwe
gen, ia tho regular packet tliia evening
at o o'clock for Helena, Terrene, Ar
kansas City, tlruenvillt) and all way
laudingH. Ouorgo MilU'iiherger pre
Rides in her ofliee, assisted by Cloui.
Nolle. ' i
Tiik I)eSniet( Capt. Milt R. Harry,
will be found in port this morning,
and leaves again thin evening at 5
o'clock for nil pointa on Whito river,
going. through to Newport and making
connections with packets for upper
White and Muck-mem. -"Albert Mc
(iliee has eluirgo of her ofliee, assisted
by Hugh Smith. i
Businkhi fair.
Wejthkh cloudy and warm. :
Capx. Sam Bbown of Pittaburg la In '
the city.
Capt. Jamks II. Rkkh has returned
from a trip Nortb.
Tuh Lee Line packet were in and
out yeBterday with fair trips.
Tub river here ptimlg 15 feet on the
dinigp, a fall if 0 tdiitha tbe lait 21
The Wyoming, from Ouachita river,
ra.aed lip yet.tprdiy mnrning for 8t.
Rkckiith by river yesterday, 150
halts of colt n, 40 hf gi uf yeed-co ton,
and H'7 Backa i f seed.
Tin TliotoRB Sherlock paaaed down
last n'ght f ir New Orleans loadod flat.
Bhe added here 300 empty oil barrels.
Tub Belle Memphis passed doea
Uit night for Vicksburg. Khe dia
chaiged hern 2H03 packages of freight
and added 20 tons,
Tiik Buckeye State cleared last night
for Oiuclniuil with 3fi0 hales of tot on,
-lOOO sacks of cottoo-eeed meal and a '
hlg lot of miscellaueous freight.
Tiik City tf Cairo passed up yester
diiy uioinmg fnr St. Louis. She dia
chaiged here 20 bales of cotton and
added 114(S b iles of eastern-bound cot
t.n. The United State light-htniw ten
der Joaeph Henry, Capt. 1). Cropater,
arrived yesterday morning from New
Orleans, lltbw is her report. Bhe
leaves eprly this morning (or S'. Litiia.
Tub P -Stnet, Capt. Milt R. liarry,
arrived last night at 0 o'cloc't fmm
White river with 68 bales of cottoi.
OS sacks of seed and 375 packages of
i pundriee, and returns agtin this svnu-
mg at the UMtal hour.
llfi l flloi mid Mnatere.
The fallowinir changes 1 ave been
made in Unittd Kla'ea beacon lights
on the 'ower Miitsissippi river, be
tween New Orleans H".d Mninphis:
Illackhswk Point, down 100 yards;
Ford's Point, down 50 vards; Maganta.
B?tid, down 1"0 yards; llrutnebnrg,
down 2iX) yaidi; Point Pleasant, La.,
down 100 yard-5; Diamond Island, up
100 yards'; Chotord Lindiog, down
:tiK) )ards; Magna Vitts, down 3'H
yards; Stones, La., dr,wa 400 yards;
Bf n Lomond, down 300yards; Rfnge,
down 100 yards; Waiflsld's Point, up
ItOO yards; Clara Field, up to hti cf
Old Lake: Ship Inland, on head of
ia'and; Walnut Bend, up OOOyardatr
Kojiers Land ing; hesd of Cow Islam.
Bend, dowu 200 yards; Reeve's, ne?
liKht. . , ,
Pilots and maiters are particular!
requested to report to me any inattav
tion of keepers to their duties,
changea in location of lights requires
Commander United B ate Navy, Lights
hcu-e lnSeotur Filteteutu L 11. DUtrio

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