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LoilsTille.Xtw Orlf Ttxu Bj
In Eire ypeember g, 1886.
La I a
Leiand .
4:00 D.BQ
11 :00 a.m
: p.m
: P.m
8 ;4 i.
a I to) a.m
rkubara. ...... .
I Ml e.ini f :l a.m
B imh)i .....-
Baton Kouae..
Saw OrliD
1:11 a.aa 12:16 a.m
6:JI a.m; :! P'm
(1:21 .nj' 8:42 p.m
:3U p.mi 6 :du p.jn
Booth, i North.
..... I :4fl .m 6:00 p m
.....-12if!io'nl :' P-B
:4.Sp.m, 11:10 a. m
7:15 p.m I 7:30 a.m
burg .
A-WHh all llnei entering Memi'hli.
B With M.iN.W.R. R. lor Helena.
0 For Ureenville anil Huntington, and all
Arkanma point..' .,,
-Witli V. k M. end V., 8. A P. lUllroede.
K With N..J. A0.K-K. fur Mtehei and
? For Point on tba Branch,
fl With tteamera rur Bavou Sara.
11 With railroada diverf inf fur Florida and
Pullman luflt Sleeplnf. Carton all tralni.
J AH. M. VDW AKDS, V. V. and U..M. .
M. BlIKKK, General Bttp't.
A. J.KMA1T.U.F. A.
laalaalppt Teaaaieaiiee. Faat
ail traia leavea daily at 4:31) p.m. s arrivea
at 9:V a.m. Local freight leavea at 6:40
a.m. arnven at 4:30 p.m. Freight train!
Mot. 6 and 6 run tri weekly. No. leavel
liemplria Monday, Wednatday and Friday.
liaaeae Mljr, Wprleerllelfl ! Mem.
abla Traine leave M. and T. depot aa fol
low: No. 4. mail and ex preee, leavea daily
at 11:) a.m.) No. 3, mail and exnreaa, ar
rives at S:3U p.m. No. utl, tit. Loan eipreaa,
leavea daily at 6:00 p.m. No. 65, St. LouU
xprara, arrival at 8:o6 a.m.
Meaaphla aad l.ltlle Hark Tralni
move aa fnllowa (central atandurd timoh
No. 1 leave daily at b:& i.m,; arrivea at
t:Vn.m. Nn. S leavea at 6:N a.m. j arrivea
ate:M)a.m. No. 6 (freight) leavea Hopefleld
dally (except bund.y) at 6.00 a.m.; arrival
at 7 :10 p.m.
Newperllewaetaal Mlaalaalnpl Val
ley. lraina more aa Inllowa: No. 8 (taat
line daily) leavea at 11 :30 a.m. No. 2 leavea
at 11:40 pm. dally. Bt. Loula faat line
leavea daily at 5:30 P.m. No. 7 (taut line
dally) arrivea at 1:30 p.m. Mail and ei
iireaa arrivea daily at 3:1 a.m. St. Lou la
fart Ifoe arrivea daily at 9:03 a.m.
Mrmyhli aad t'harleaioei Tralni
move aa follow! : Through expreaa leavaa
daily at 10 : 20 p. m hi ail and ei preia leavea
daily et;9:IOain. tvinierviile aflooiumoda
tion levea daily, eicept Sunday, at 4 :30
p.m. Through eapreaa arrivea daily t&:'i"i
a.m. Mail and egprera ar'ivea dally at 4 :65
S.m. Somerville accommodation arrivea
ally, eioepl Sunday, at 8:30 a.m.
Iatavrlll and Netattvllle Tralni
moveaa followai Fa't mail arrivea daily at
4:.rta. m.l leavea at 10:10 p.m. I anil leavea
daily at 9:00 a.m. Urown.ville accommo
dation leavea dally, except Hunday, at 5:00
p.m.) mail arrivea daily at 6:0) p.m.
Bmwnaville acoommoda'iun arrivea dally,
except Huadar, at It 40 a.m. (atandard time).
Jlcmphl", Klrmlnihani and Allan
ieltoil tSorinee Route Traini move aa
followa: No. I leavea Meinpbie dully at3:4r)
in, i arrival at Uolly f pringa at 6:30 p.m. i
No. i leavaa Holly rlnnnga daily at 9:00
a.m., arrival at Memphii at II :16 a.m. i No.
6 leavea Memphil daily at 7:30 p.m., arrival
St Holly Bprlnga at ll:uv p.m.i no. o leavea
lolly riuriaga daily at 3:30 a.m.! arrival at
lemphla at ":' a.m.
4m Wava,
WiBRlitnTOK, March 20, lhW.l
111:30 o'olock a.m.
Obaerver, Memphil, Tenn. :
Hoist cold-wave signal. Tempera
tnrc will fall by 8tunly night
Fur Jiwlrmwr awl Iht Ohio Yullry:
Si'itfturlti wlndf, stiilioiinry itviprrntiin;
It'jTil rain.
Ketearaluclcal Heort.
Mmnna. TH!., March 19, lrWrt.
lilt ,
WiuU Wilier
7:00 a m
11.00 a.m
8:00 pm
7 :00 p m
10:00 pm
CI mdy
CI mdy
Maximum temperature
Minirruoo temperature, 0 4,
Rainfall, 0(K).
, All observation ore taken on 75
meridian time, which ia one hour
taster than local time.
An Untqwl Hatch at matinee U
Only one piece of real estate is to
le sold at Ulianeery sale tn-lny.
A number of arrests for violating
health ordinances were made Vester
Officer Mullownv arrested Mutt
Oracir vesterday for carrying oncealed
weapons. '
M. McMahon was indicted by the
grand jury yesterday (or tfnrryingeoii'
4'ealed weapons.
Invitations neatly printed on cal
ico are om ior acanco nop 10 oe given
by the Young Men's Hebrew Associa
tion March 'Jntn.
Tho Healing Kvangidist Knight
has arrived in town, and will speak
Saturday evening at 8 o'clock, and at
the close of the service will heal the
sick according to Mark xvi., IS, if any
as it.
Kmma Norman for killing Arnold
and lan O'Donnell for killing Mo
nasco wore indicted for murder bv
the graiul jury yestenlay. As botli
were already out on bond no writs of
arrest were ordered.
I icenses to marry were issued yes
terday to Sam Whitlield and Nancy
Wilson, F. Houston and Catherine
llaycHr Joe Wynn and Clara Avent,
l'.rii(stGossett and Kiln Smith, Oilbert
lx-onard and Mary O'l'onnell.
It is announced on the liest
authority that Judge Kllett has con
acntcd to allow his name to be used in
fonnection with the nomination for
chancellor. If nominated he will ac
cept end if elected he will serve.
The Memphis Club will give a
liuihk bull to night in honor of I'liri e,
a festival that commemorate the do
- liveranoe of tho Jews from the machi
nationsof Human. The ball will doubt
less prove to be one of the notable
events of the fashionable season.
Five men are now doing sanitary
work. Daly, Md'art-land and ltnrinds,
the regular officers, have Ih'cii re-cn-foreed
by Horan and Armstrong. A
thorough inspection of premisea all
over the city is being made and a
' good many arrests are likely to be
I made this month.
Janice) K Davant lias been an
' pointtnl Assistant Coneral Freight
Ag;nt of tho Memphis and Charleston
railroad, and will assume the duties
of the position immediately. He will
have direct charge of the business of
this road, and will report to the lien
4;ral Freight Agent.
- Chief Davis has received a letter
makintr inquiry for Itobert Sylvester
Middletonof Tort Gibson, Miss. He
is about fifteen years old, five and a
half feet high, weighs 120 pounds,
light complexion, dark sandy hair,
dark grey eyes, small scar on one side
of his head,' rather uncommunicative,
wore a dark brown jeans coat, cap of
name, and cotton check shirt.
Gilbert Leonard, a United State
soldier stationed at Little Kock, came
to the city yesterday .with Mary
O'Connell, a pretty ee ventce n -year-old
girl, to whom he was married us
soon as a license could be procu ed,
wit Ht. Joseph's church by Father
Luiwlli. 1I Kii.l tlii' parents of the
girl objt'otiil, ami under tho lawn of
Arkanmui he was obliged to have their
i-onwnt. So he came to thin Uretna
(ireen. lie will now milve the prob
lem of BUiMrting a wife on 13 a
Tho pupils of tho Clara Cun way
IiiHtitiit enjoyed a tin nt delightful
treat yeriterday during the visit of Mr.
Janieti Cnrden and Ihh wife to the
Kehool. Mr. Carden was induc'd to
recite for them "SIihiiiuh O'Hrien," at
the conclusion of which, in response
to an encore, his wife Hitngtheni ' 1 he
Knldier'a Tear," w hich wns excellently
done and gained for her the hearty
applause of tlie entire school. No
one should fail to hear Mr. Carden
lecture next wtitk.'
This afternoon -at 4 o'clock the
ladies of the city generally are invited
to meet at 27'. Main street to consult
and arrnngo for the projected entcr
tainmcut,''An Kvening in Old Times,"
in aid of the Women's Christian Asso
ciation. The large circle of outside
friends who, two years ago, made the
"kettledrum" so brilliant a succcsh,
socially and financially, will, it is ex
pected, rally toanuin, and bring their
friends, thus securing for thu plan
proposed u triumphant realization.
W. C. l'titcocK of Tipkmvillo, Tenn.,
is in tho city on business.
W. K. IlAKVaVof Greenville, Miss.,
is in the city, stopping at Gaston's.
Miss Hay Wai.oai kii is the guest of
Miss Sadie Johl at 154 Main Street.
Miss Fhancis V. Woi.K has returned
from a pleusant visit to Holly Springs.
Josii'ii lliiutii, a prominent Mis
sissippi lawyer, was in the city
Mas. Jok Hmscii, nee Hai htl Johl,
acomiianie t by her three sons, are
here for a few week's visit.
Mas. II. Wai.dai i:ii, accompanied
by her two charming sons, aro hero to
witness tho wedding of her son Ixiuis
to Lillie Johl.
Mbh. Ike (ioi.niiKiio of Whentley,
Ark, nee Miss Amelia Cohen, is here
on a visit to her sister, Mrs. J. L.
Frost, r4 Monroe street.
We are indeMed to Capt. Sears,
United Stales Knglneer, for a cony of
the "lieport of the Mississippi Kiver
Commission," showing progress from
October to Juno of 18S;j.
Ticroi Hfnnl: "Mr? James l'helau
of Memphis, was in town the latter
part of last week. His friends ore
pushing him for Congress, and he will
soon begin a vigorous canvass ,of the
district for the nomination. Mr,
1'helan is a young man of dignified,
courteous manners, and fliicschonlnity
attainments. His friends claim for
him superior iua!i(icationa for tho
high honor he seeks, and should lie
he nominated, lie will do himself and
lis party great credit.
A I'iiominknt Front street siieonlator
miulu $1000 on the decline in w heat
Ttiernicrof Oaln Klevntor yesterday:
Wheat in s'cre. IJ057 bushels. Corn
received, 8(04 luishels; withdrawn,
H5 bushels; in store, 1 IO,otM bushels.
Oats received, i:ui! bus'iels; Willi;
Irawn, !0lf bushels; in store, 14,647
Tim bears had a picnic in Chicago
Vesterilav, May wheat declining 'Jcper
liushol, from 84cto HL'Je. The other
Mav options also experienced material
declines, l'ork was L'tk- lower, closing
at ! (171, b rd 5c lower at 15 1)7, clear
t. I . I - 1 iu II... l......H I1T 1
nil sines i jc jier ni ioh ium-i i i 3 ,
oats Jc lower at IWJc.and cornjc lower
nt :l,e.
VisiToitson 'Chango yesterday: W.
V. Kchols, lluntaville, Ala. ; Frederick
Ilecbo. Hoston; J. H. Schoollield
Danville, Va.; A. Waldaner, Cireen
vi lo, Miss. j the Uev. T. J. Finn, Me
Comb City, Miss. ; Brother Maurelian,
Christian llrothers College; K. II,
Hone, Hickory Withe, Tenn.; W. II.
Crapston, St. 1uiis, Mo. ; A. J. Cas
sidy, Hrownsville; H. V. Oldham,
Hrownsville; R.T. French, jr., ltoches
ter. N. Y.; ,1. K. 1'. Hall, Osceola,
Ark. ; Jacob Slielton, Tiller.
Tit Manchester Gmwlinn, in its
eominercial article, says: "Hut little
Imsluess has been done. The market
is nuiet. Cloths aro steady, l'roducers
who are not supplied with orders are
willing sellers at Tuesday's rates.
Then; is a little Kastorn demand.
Klse where then is merely a retail
trade. Yarns are dull and freely of
fered. The business doing barely sus
tains prices. The hardening of cotton
compels spinners to hold (Irmly, but
no progress is made in selling."
rireall t'oarlrierer, Jarla.
J. M. Vonner was sworn as an sttor
nwry of thu court yesterday, and the
fallowing cafes disposed of: Nos. 8741,
Wi-stbioik v Allen, jtidtfinent forde'
fendaut: 8805. K1vh Uoiif t in.iiiilir
ment for ttie p'alntiff; 8811, Warner
vs Gavin, judgment tor the defendant
Mo'tnng will behtard tc-day from
9 to 9.:t0 o'clock. After motions he
eslendar for the day is a follows: Nos.
8917. W. P. Rhfa VS II. 8. Teet; 8918.
Mrs. M. F. Pellan va M. and L. K. K.
Compsnv. 8919. J. 8 Smith and wife
vs K. J. Hoilahsn; 80:'0, J. P. Jny vs
Nimh F. Jsy; 8921, Aaron Thornton
v i Fannie Thornton : 8922. Taxing Dig.
trict vs M. Mrickknd; 89'.'8, Tsxlng
Ditrict vs M. Levy; 892J, Taxing Dis
trict vs J.J. Duboe. receiver: 892i
892B, J. W. Kmtt vs J-e Iyeonard;
89J7, Tobias Wolfe vs B. Friedlander;
89. '8, Jamis Telcott vs M Ssmterj
89,lti,Fa l-rFraak A Co. vsV. D. Can
niuj 8937, N. H. Mt Ign ore vs P. J.
Kortrecht; 8 Ttiomiw Olark vs
Mary Cunulnglum: 89:i9, P. W. Mo-
K'ttriek vs M. and T. K H. Company ;
8941, O. F. BIsbi et al vs Henry Lin-il-u
atn; 8932, Sledge A Nniflt vs
Mnachsm A Horton; 89'K, John Bne
ton vs Fannie Green ; 894((, Katharine
Sehnlli vs Mem. Citv K K. Company;
8947, Kirk alien A Co. vs M. K. Sneed
tai; 8919, W. W. Morrison vs CP.
Hunt, guardian; 8950, Mississippi
Mills vs Mem. and Ark. River Packet
O mpany; 8V63, P. MtCirty vs Mrs.
M. F. Miller.
Adiiro tm Mothers.
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrnp
should always be used when children
are cutting teeth. It relieves the little
sufferer at once; it produces natural,
quiet sleep by relievlrg the child
from pain, and the little cherub
awakes aa ''bright aa a bntton." It is
very pleasant to taste. It soothes
ttm child, softens the gums, allays all
pain, relieves wind, regulates the
howels, and is the beet known remedy
f)r diairhtea. whether arising from
teething or other causes. Twenty-five
a bottle.
And it stimulates and promotes the
growtd of the hair.
Rnrnett's Flavoring Ertrarta are the
We have harped considerably on
our Baperb Selections of
Tailor-Made Clothing,
But we cannot talk to3 perihtent
ly, to 3 londly, or too constantly on
a theme that interests so many.
To-diy, among a tbousnnd splen
did values In Clothing, Shoes, Hats
and Furnishing Goods, we call par
ticular attention to
Young Men's Nobby Sails, f :'l.
Gentlemen's Business Suits, f ll 50.
Boys' All-Wcol Sails, f :i HV
Gents' Cutaway Suits, f 18 50.
Genu' English Walking Suite,
To-day we open Fall Line of
DasUp's Fifth Arenas UuXb,
In Black, Tan and Pearl colors.
Don't forget oar renowned, unap
proachable and uncrjaaled
Made on the Broadway block, and
equal in quality to therrgalarfL'50
bat. Another wonder is oar
Urrat $3 Shoe Tor Hen,
Button, Congress and Lice.
I.adle Are luterented
Juit now in Parssols. To-day we
exhibit all the
Litest Parasol Novelties.
Run Umbrella", Coaching Umbrel
lai, and the nniqae
Mikado Porpee Fgrssolx.
Ornck Signal Skhvicr, U. 8. A.,!
MkMI'I'is, March 19, 1 p.m.
Tho following observations are taken
at all stations named at 75 meridian
time, which ia " hour utor than
Memphis time:
Ab've IjOW
Water. Change.
Rise Fall
Feet. lOths lOtlis lOtlm
Cairo... 20 4 2
Chattanooga ... 5 4 1
Cincinnati 14 5 .
Davenport 8 G ,
Fort Smith 6 8 3
KcqUu" 7 (5 10
Helena 22 7 10
l.a Crosse
lavenworth... 11 1 17
1 .ittlo ItcH'k 8 7 4
lmisville 8 7 1
Memphis IA tt
Nashville 7 4 1
New Orleans... 12 3
Omaha 8 3
Pittflburg 7 14
St. Ixniis 15 1 2
St. Paul
Shrevcport 15 0
Vicksburg 31 5 1
Whkbi.ino. March 19. Noon River
9 feet 2 inches on the gauge and rising.
Weather char and pleasant.
VicxsncBa, March 19. Night De
narted : City of Vicksburg and Future
City and bargee, St. Louis.
PiTTSBDBO, March 19. Noon River
rifling, with 7 feet 2 inches on the
gauge. Weather clear and warm.
WnBiuNO,W.VA..March 19. Night
River 9 feet 6 inches on the gauge
and rising. Weather cloudy and pleas
ant. Cincinnati, March 19 Night River
13 feet 10 inches on the gauge and
rising (lowly. Weather c ear and
Cincinnati, March 19 Noon River
rising, with Kl feet 9 inches on the
gauge. Weather clear; thermometer
EviNBViLLB.Msrch 19 -Night-River
stationary, with 9 feet 9 Inches on the
gauge. Weather warm and springlike;
thermometer t2 to 74 ; signs of rain.
Naw Orleans, March 19 Night
Arrived: Uenry Lonrey and barges, St.
Louis. Departed : Henry Lonrey and
barges and Annie P. Silver, St. Louis.
Cairo. March 19. Noon-River 20
feet 0 inches on the gauge and falling,
Weather clondy and warm. Arrived:
City of Natchei, SL Louis, 9 a.m.;
Granite 8tate, Memphis, 9 a.m.
LouisviLii, March 19 Night River
rising, with 6 leet 9 Inches in the canal
and 4 teet 7 inches on tne iittis, Busi
ness dull. Weather clear and pleasant.
Arrived: Golden Rnle, New Orleans.
LOU1BVIU.B, March 19 Noon River
risinir. with ti feet 8 inches in the canal
and 4 feet 4 inches r.n the falls. Busi
ness gfod. Wia'her fair and mild. De
parted: James W. GC, Memphis, day
i ght; Golden Rule, Cir.ciunati, noon.
Cairo, March 19. Night River 20
feet 4 inches on the (augeand tal ing,
Weather c'ondy-kud mild. Arrived:
James F. Walton and tow. New
Orleans, 1 p.m. ; Sidney Dillon and
tow, St. Louis. 5 p.m. Departed: J.F.
Walton and tow. Ohio river, 2 p.m.;
City of Natch 1, New Orleans, 3p.m.;
Granite btat, Cincinnati. 0 p.m.
Monogram HanKleeit Mnlforl.
Set Rail.) A almoin ajala te !
yeeir tiwl iaaeT
Jenifer d. Jeweler, 294 Main. BO
loclts orders from tkeeonntry.
40e la ftwllvelro 4t jeanaralae far
7aar riwaaabieiar 4i.a-ltUaB.
EiC?I,euoe and Cash
Are the serrets of Mulford's success.
Turkish. It i'h. Electric Baths.
Hot and cold,22. 2d st. Telephone 770.
Have Tour I'reiwb Clock
Pnt in ordt" u, Multowd'B, 291 Main.
The New l.ns excursion train,
y'a Missi a pni Val lev route, wdl leave
at 5 o'c.oi k this evening. Round trip
fare 15.
Old (.old and Nilter
Taken as ih i! . Mulfoid't, 291 Main.
49auafB'a Heitel.
W. 11. BISQUAM Hkioii.
Zaropeaa plan. Kolarfe4 and returniahtd.
fricea according to aiie and loca
tioa of rooma.
J T Bvrae, Ark W Iliclrnall, Tex
0 A Winteet Miaa J K V Hale, Ark
J 11 V Kowan, ltd J A Avery, 111
AJIoHaer. Mo J M Hamilton, Ark
R W McUuirk, Mile B W Wrung, Tain
L A Bin, Teon C A DeSauaaure, Teon
J W Leonard, Tenn P Turner, Xena
W R Moore&w, Tens J M V
E Keller, Tea KJfvanf.Tenn
N A Jnbna, NT W K llullidav, Miaa
8 H Frclea, Tenn II Parka, jr, Tenn
J M Hamilton, Ark 8 A Martin, Ky
KS Clark. Tex K V Rowell Aw, Ky
U Irlullinix, Ky T Vercer, Kt -
T J llradv. kl M KolleV. Kv
Mi M Aahbronk.NY J I e Viaeriun, Ho
J T Hurna, N i
W II Irbv. lnn
H C r-tmie. Ark
W T llamer, wAa.Mini
W 0 Keller. Tenn
J 1' done, Tenn
K h Mi-ilowan, Tenn
C s park, fenn
. .1 T llinea, Mi-a
' J Kei'h. Ark
J 11 Kuiier.Mo.
J S llrnwn, Mfaa
K U Bone, Tenn
U C Wyeri, Miaa
it W Foster, Miaa
K T Ii er, )lo
8 J (Ihol.t.m. Ark
J L Adama, Tenn
The Haw Uayaia.
Ilitei, 2 50 to It per day, aooordini to loca
tion of rooma.
J ronnor.Tenn
A B Went Aw, Ga
ST J-o.il a, Pa
J N Wataon, Miaa
J K Holder. Miaa
E Crochtaon. fi Y
W J Mi chell Aw, Mo
M C Cox Aw, Ala
J Kinaerman, Ohio
t H roeb'c. Ala
A Mvkle, Fa
W W bmith, HI
F H Chancy, Ohio
F A Himinoni, N Y
II N Harria, Miaa
Jrliaa Joter, Ark
Wii-a Katie Caae, Col
N M Berry, Miaa
P Kne'e Aw, Ark
A A Wliiaui. Ark
II V bebree. Miaa
L Davia, Tenn
8 1) Knbarta n. Mill
J K Miller, Mich
Mi Cox, Ala
W W Cole. Ubio
Mr. a B Mnrkle, Fa
K I. Croft. N Y
W U Krman, Mo
J Mnaea, N f
8 Herach, N Y
W 8 Jeter, Ark
Ir Oaaa, alt, Col
W 8 Adiima, III
.1 M ll.nk. Tenn
U Leonard, Aral
M... O Pnnn.ll. Ark W J JellarV. Ill
MraFarrinaion.Trnn Mra h 8 lllood, N Y
Mra U M Hoale, Tenn Mra Mattiaon. Mo
O H Koote, Mo Ji V uoman, mo
J M Pre'tude, III ' Newman Covoe, Miai
W C Peacock, Tena J Jonea, W V
W D llupton, Tenn (1 K Heaa, Mi-s
L K Wrikhtrenn 11 M Ik, Tenn
TJakrnn, Tenn J J Willtauia, Mo
J B Main ii er, Miaa H H VVnrbt, N Y
0 B Huaaoll, NY 8 K Kerry, Boatoa
8 L W'hiionmb, Ind T A Milea, Ohio ,,
Mira 8 Miles Ohio Miaa K L MI'e-, Ohio
LT Troup, lnd "Ob Wright, lnd.
PeabottT Hotel.
C. B. OALLOWAV k C0......Popietoks.
llatea II ft) and II per day, accordinc to
lite and location of room HieotaI
ratoa tuade.
F Moriinld, Miaa W M Carder, Ala
AHVorator, NY Win Illaik. Ar
F A Barrett, Pa II J Shaw Aw. Tenn
t 11 Brickey, Ark 1 N hamui'l, Tenn
J Arrinnton.Tena L II Lanier, Tenn
A M Lea, Miaa N W llaptiat, 'X'euD
0 A Htainback, Tenn K (I Be l, Mo
SLWhitieo, Al. JT Nixon, Ala
W K Kllla A). Ala A F Oriawold. Pa
0 L Colhurn, Ohio J A Smith. Md
S 11 Velie, jr. Ark
(1 A fcnton, Miia
R T French, N Y
H A Moore, Miai
K M Sinither, Mo
J W At"l.iaoii, N Y
II L M l'btraon, Mo
JI! Andrewa.Tonn
A Dunn, Mo
N l'irard, Tenn
J vv Wakott, Maai
F Becbe, Mara
Miaa l Holers, III
W J Iluaby. Tex
KJUray, Mo
0 T Martin, Kv
Mia'J Ounip, Tena
Mra A Velie. Ark
F I. Puikelt, M'ma
II C Kchufer, Ind
J II Keea, Pa
A Kaaton, N Y
(1 B Buck, Mo
W K Ron, Tenn
W F MoCa-b, Mitl
J llnnt, Mira
P M Heath, T nn 1
J W Macomb, N 0
Miaa K Bradley, 111
J U Rodger?, III
Miaa M K (Ira. Mo
BTMarahall iw.Ia
1, Uumar, Mo
Miaa Winrheater, Ten
11 O ltoae on, IS I
li J wehitar, l-a
H W Vhitouiwe.OM P Llurrr, Jfun
H 0 Miirriaon. Ind R T lirafmn, nd
Leon Hart, NY J McDonald, Mo
O V Bnynolda, Mo 8 V Tatum, Mo
II II Matlock, Kr LWblta, Ky
W 0 Molehte, Mini ' Mra M Clarke, Tenn
U Clarke, Teon Visa L Payne, Tenn
N B Price, Ark.
rinreaoai Hotel.
Niia SI and 8 Maditon itreet.
BOWLrS A LKAKt..... "J",;
Katea-H per day, day board WM
R II Hill. Ark
W Hnlliday, Ark
(1 U MoUregor, Mo
J B Ja ph, Ark
J A "anuaton, cy
i A Wofy, Ark
C P It.nnoo, III
R A ArmialedAw, Ark
W 0 Jones, Ark
D Kamarar, Pa
A H CaldwMI.Cal
VI) DominicoAw.Tenn
W Curtera, Mo
K Jackaon, Ohio
Mra Wi.r y, ara
1) Soruc.a, La
II (i Yitnlia, ma
W II Oulp. Ark
W Akm, cit-.
K M Jonea, Tenn
A KlnnHV. Mtl
W J llainca, Neb
Dairy's Earopeen Hotel.
Corner of Adama and, Main atreMa. Rooma,
60o,7Sjand .1 per fay 1 aumricaQ r'.u,
ti ptr day.
Flrat-otmi HeaWurant In the Hotel.
. M. DUFFY (10 yre with Peabody Hotel),
E Mcfalllater. Tens J Hind, Tenn, Tenn
W 11 Boier. Pa I
jl ivKeri toim
II 8 lirillin, Tenn
J R bymea, Tenn
W R Bennett, Toon '
D vlTilton, Oh 0
V K Ninfwrd, Ind .
J A t'eitor, Tenn
R O KtVrta. Miaa
J M Cliri, Ark
T Wllon lrd
C J Brown Mo
T J Bendert Miaa
II M Huntea, Ky
U C AndertMin, Ark
.1 i Coyne, Tern
JO Fleuiln Ail, Tenn
J T Nomina, TenrJ
J W Pernell, TenuJ
J H Smith. Ky
W W Simon, Tena
J Walker, Tenn ;
JRJobe, Ark 1
T I Franoia, Tex
M J North, Mixa
(1 Mellon, Ohio
1, Conelan. Miaa
J M Cai.li, Ind
T HarrUon, Ark
t; 1, (lalea, WM
1 M Murria. Tonn
.1 Htiflle.Tonnl
J McCalliattr, Ohio
J D rlobeaua , axK
b C Hedriek, Ark.
-- '
Skk ad., of Memphis SUntm Shirt
Factory and laundry on fifth page.
For kalsoraining telephone (SU9, A.
MKMPntsSniNRD GiJtss Works, 236
Third street. Call and see.
Dr. J. B. Wa,8os has' not left' the
citv, but still t mtioues to practice
deutistry at 297 Second stie9t.
C. D FMitn. veterinary snrgeon,
office F. A. Jonei A Co., bl Monroe
street. Residence, Fiansloli House.
General repairing done by compe
tent, workmen at the Cunningham
Wagon-Works, corner ot Monroe and
Desoto streew. r
A sLioiiT cam. if nedWcted, often
attacks the lungs. Pawn's Bronchial
Troshos give sure and immediate re
lief. So d only ia boxes, i'rice
Tub HerVal Chill Cure, the best
toniaanJ aiti-perpd;o known. A certain
aid aufaanretor rhille Price 81 per bot'
tic. eit arumia l"r oircniara. fny rev
in nou. Aaareaa eonn v . nuwai
Lrnohbera, V.
Reduction in price of best Kentucky
lump coal to 30 cents per barrel, in
city limits, in ten bsrrel lots, t-'o'd
by Ayers A. Strange & Co., c flice, 287
Main street, telephone 603.
The most efficacions stimulants to
excite the appetite are Angostura
Bittern, prepared by Dr. J. G. B. Sie
gdrt A Sons, Beware of counterfeits.
Ask your grocer or druggist for the
genuine artX".
Order He al at Mul ford's.
J m e
Dyeing and Cleaning.
Ltdies' and gents' clothes cleaned
or dyed 4a any color, also kid gloves,
ostrich feathers and lace curtains by
Louis Reigel.riS Jefferson street, Mem
phis, Tenn. Goods rwei") by express.
Fine Watck repairing at Molford'g.
Tkeap Coal,
For domestic use, delivered anywhere
within the citj limits, in lots of ten
barrels or more, Best clean lump,
30c; a, 27Jc i r barrel. For steam
purposes our nsra,l low pricee, either
bv cart or car-load.,
' . T. L. I KB.
Cral Acnt ti and N. R. R. Co.
Solid Silverware at Mulford's
To all who are aaferinc from b errora aad
Indiaeretiona of youth, aervaa'weakneaa,
arty decay, Iom of manhood, eto., I will
aend a reoipe that will ear XorAS.SE OF
CUARGK. Thia reat remedy waliMvar
ad by a miaaionary in South Amenta.. Send
ir-addraeaedeaTelepa to the ReJjiir
T. Isms, JOoiwa D, Kttt tor
I eiSTl,a ft
and 8hoe Busineee, in connection with Mr. W. E. Love, late of Warren, Love & Co., St. Louis, Mo., and Mr. J. C.
Callicott, of Cold water, Miss., nnder the style of and firm name given below. We thank onr friends for tbeir patronage
in the past and hope for a continuance of their favors. A. B. GOODBAT-
Late of Qoodbar A Co., llamphii. Late of Ooodbar k t o., Hemphit. Lateot Warren. Lore k Co., St. Looia. Late of Cold water.
307 & 3G9 Main
We are boiv receiving a large and Entirely Xcw NtM'kof Eatrn and
Spring Trade of lt&G, which w offer at kSook ltotiom l'rieert,
We have EXCLUSIVE control in this market of the fol
lowing lines rf CUSTOM-MADE Goods, all of whi?h we
warrant to give perfect satisfaction :
George Hooker's celebrated Men's Calf Boots.
Brady & Shortell's Boys', Youths', Misses' and Children's
Solar Tip Shoes.
T. M. Harris ACo.'s Philadelphia made Children's Shoes.
Also, L. W. Note & Co.'s Kip Brogans and Plow Shoae
the beet Brogans made in the United States heretofore
handled by Goodbar & Cot
We are the only honne in this Market handling the cele
brated Krippendorf, Dittmann & Co. line of Ldiee' and
Misses' Kid, Goat and Calf CUSTOM Goods EXCLU
SIVELY, nnder the Factory Brands. '
Keep Off the Crossing,
the Bargain Train
is Corning.
I.ook Out When the
Bell IUng.
Sec the Rich Prizes the
Misfit Clothing Par
lors Are Offerinz.
Seasons come and seasons go, and
the time for thin and new clothing
is at hand. Although the Misfit
Clothing Parlors have not talked
muoh through the newspapers during
the past month, we have been re
markably busy. We have enlarged
and improved our accommodations
for displaying goods. We have es
tablished purchasing agcnciesin new
cities, and sought by every means
possible to offer our ct.tomers better
bargains than we ever offered before.
We have succeeded because the way
to win success is to work for it.
We are receiving new goods almost
daily, and already have on hand a
magnificent assortment of goods.
We can show all the latest styles and
newest fabrics.
For the large patronage bestowed
upon us we feel very thankful. The
best way to win patronage is to de
serve it. It is our great fauilities for
getting fine tailor-made clothing so
low that enables us to offer it at such
very cheap rates. Cheap buying is
the seoret of low prices, and al
though our goods are the finest in
the world, they actually cost us less
than we would have to pay for in
ferior ready-made clothing,
Please give us a call. We are
proud of our spring stock and want
you to inspect it whether you want
to buy or not.
Remember, all alterations to im
prove a fit done free of oharge by
first-class tailors in our Parlors.
Clothing Parlors
202 Second St., Memphis,
Opp. Coart Square.
mr Opea Kvonlaica )U1 t o'eloek,
Nnlnrriwja until II.
IAK VOI R ATTKNTIlatf to the
.nrim.nl n ..mnl. fa. Mnrin and
Rammer wear, which 1 have juat received
from tbe Clothini-urder itopartmenici
Thli houe doea the la'ceat Mail-Order
Clo'hine Bufineee in the world, floneer ri
vmplrin. Ant I h. idea, it hee von a areat 40-
oeaa by acrupali na oire ia tiling the ordere
of nnaeen euatoaera.
1 he p eaent aeaann marka a new era In
thia dep irtment 01 tneir nueineaa, me mean'
I, nt whlnh ia even hartar aarv oe. exeoa
uve ana mecinaoicai. luiip wim u
prioea, lane choice of maienalr, and rnrle
guarantee or eompirie aaiiMacron, auumu
Siva me a arat elaim on your oraera.
TIION. lt49ilOLPH.
1ft West Court afreet.
A book ot 100 iax
e beat boot lor
be be e' peri-
MnMd or otherwise
1l Ann-eitia liaia of
ei. paper, and etimee theeoatoi aa
verliaine. Theadveniaerwhowani-i to apend
am. rtAii... An,!, in it tne information r- re
qmrea, while for him who will inveat one
but dred thoavand dollar in advertirine,
che.ie ia indicated which will meet hia
every reir'i' ment, or can be made to do ao
by aliahi ohani(t eaaily arrived at Kv eorre
apond'. nee. On butdred and fittr-tbree
editiona hare been laaued. beat, poaipaia,
to anr addreaa mr ten r,.a. nply to U K l,
VBHTIS1NH BURKAU.10 Paoeet. (Print
IngHouaebqaarej.iNew i'oik.
ill re ,Tm a eVSSTta
InniffnnMiAiAiat. nu
and 18 Gayoso Streets,
De maae Dy any competing maraeu
We also control
own brandp, viz :
Goodbar. Love
MtMPHia, Tax., March 10, 1886.
We made a contract some months
ago with George Hocker, the manu
facturer of the celebrated "Hocker
Boot," for the exclusive handling of
his boots at wholesale in this market,
and have advertised in various news
papers to thia effect. We notico re
cently that another wholesale rhoe
faouEe in Memphis is advertising
that they have George llocker's calf
boots for sale, manufactured for the
spring trade. In order that we should
not be placed in a false attitude be
fore the trade, we wrote to Mr. Hock
er on February 27th toknow whether
or not be bad sold his calf boots to
any other wholesale house in Mem
phis, and we herewith publish his
reply. Very respectfully,
CiNcmxiTi, O., March 1, 1886.
Meaan. Goodbar, Love k Co., Memphia,
lenn. :
Gentlemen We have just re
ceived your letter of February 27th.
Goodbar ti Co. have not bought a
tingle pair of boots from us for the
spring trade.
I cannot think tbat they are getting
them through any other house, as we
received no orders that they oould
send, and are only selling one other
jobbing house these goods. I do not
think they get tucm Irom tnem.
Sweet Vickies, Etc.
Mulled Fi-nlt rit-ltlea Orargw,
Marled trnlt Mvklexl Cueambern,
Starred Irall Pirkl-el Pcpprra,
MotTd f'ralt Pleklvd Mnoe,
Mimed ISwrrt I'lckle,
Croe A Binck wfll'a CliOW-Cbow and
Atlxrd Plcklea,
Plrtlaa t nctimbrr PlcUloa bj the gall.
Oilier brand of Plain mid Hllzed
Pickle In Uliien aaua Wlivea.
Corner Second and Heale
Notice to Brickmakers.
SEALED propofala will be received at
bolivar, Hardemnn county. To: n., un
til the 22d of MAKUU, I080, at li o'clock m.,
for the making ot
2,000,000 to 8,000 OOO IIASiD-MADI
anil aa,
to be uac A in the erecti' n of the Wc at Ten
neaaee li ai.itiil for Inaane. All brick are t(
he mnde ai d l um.d on ho'piml gr'undi
ner Bolivnr. By applying to Au-tm Miller
Bolivar, lenn., biddrra o n procure aiecin
oationa and all nece anrv Inf nrmion.
Chairman of Building' oiniuit'ee,
Bolivar, lenn.
tteraoua (eeklng Government Em
ployment in any ot the department '
Washington, or any other po-itione undo.
theOovernmont, I will amd lull inatruouon
aa to bow to ax oeeed to obtain the tenia,
and Hiank Korma of Anlleiitn on
receipt 01 One Dollar. Aawirawn JUHS
l Mraiji. ii.he. ii. .,
310 said 313 Fioot Street, Memptols,Tenu.
toves, Tinware.
We tare luot In Receipt C at Aarsf Shipment ef
R. R. Plows, Columbus Steel Drag Scrapers,
And u Complete tine orCAMl OUTFITS.
IJ0. afll It A IX HTBFFT
Jaaneai M, Ueodbar Wm E Hart receaae 3. rrlae.toai Fraaih 6. Jamea
ma t A tollll.e9Cl 1800J
319 Main Street, Memphis, Tenn.
W. 0(rer to HI Kt'HtKTS OKI.T the larceat ai d b.t stooi ..rTwota and Shoei vie
havo ever brooeht to thia market, and ahich ranoot be rnn-aaaed in quality and
i.i.ah.an h.-u-eiu Ihiaor any other city. In addition to a onrrnlote line ot fc.eetern
maae tooav ino ua na in- - - - -
Vr7anambTot tni bV.t make, in the eoun-ry, in ever , van.lj n.l at I. a.d .mon
ihr, the well krowo Men'a CaT l'oota Md fhoea manofalured by il.o. Hocker lor our
Hir"r.i Tr ZV. Vi" lc "carry a choic. line of Lad aa' and Mi-.ea' Caato? Kid. Uo.t and
our itooa Beiore duiot eieewBt, n .m-.-.
Memphis, Tenn.
Custom-Made Boots and Sboee for the
on as liberal terms as can
the following Specialties nnder onr
A Co.'s Men's Grained Calf
TOM-MADE Bale, Button and Congress.
Goodbar, Love & Co.'s Men's X.K. Calf CUSTOM
MADE Bala, Bntton and Congress.
Goidbar, Love & Co.'s Ladies' Kid and Goat CUS
TOM-MADE Flexible Polish and Barton $3 0U Shoes.
Onr Ladies' f3 00 Shoes are made from the best .Se
lected Cnracoa Kid and Tampico Goat Stock, and have
Solid Sole Leather Counters and Flex ble Inner Solee
and we warrant them to fit and give perfect satisfaction
In every rwnwt.
Frank Schumann,
-a -aat
Importer and Dealer In
I'lMblnaT Tneble mI Korta-
aia;ua buiiDllee- mar Knecial attention
riven to M ANCFAtTUKXJSU and RH
413 Wain WtMfemtlilw. Teun
tinng, Ammunition, Fistilng Tackle
and Sportsmen's Supplies,
324 Malta Street, Mempbla, Tena;
Manufacturing- and Repairing of Gum a
Speetaitv. aerTelephone No. 908.
Boiler Works.
U0, US, 144 Front, Memphis.
in the Honth, and the ociy oomplet
Boiler and 6 -fet-lron Wurki in theoity.
MHiiarttprra of keavy tlHt tra
work of every ctemirl.tlon. Bptolal
iti..Ona rw. wlitiion work.
Importer! and denlera !n Sam, Amran
nltlon and 'lliln TaM-kle, Balldera'
Hanlearx, a leeirle We-la and A n
nnnelftlorH ior Hoteli and Keaidenrea,S4S
Main street, Memphis, Tenn. Electric
anrpliei always on hand. Repairing neatly
done. -
Young & Brother,
JlooJisellern and Stationers.
318 Main U, Memphis, Teun
WlalilnK lo Hetlre from' Baalneaa
We Oiler war Kuilre
Joan Ovibton, J. C. N. OtosrxxoE.
Real Estate Dealers
Office, 264 Second Street.
a. B. Vor. an nd Vnurt,
Sltl'UIS, 'lEVffESSEZe
Taxei Paid, Kent OollecUd, ate., on
c v , .1 children. We
VetlliHaU et tO.

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