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iOa Thursday i)nHttie, by
I 23 to 13, appointed Wedne day,
-larch 31st, M th day 1 r the cooaid
ntion ! the binkiupt bid. lo tbe
louse the bill has been 1 ivarabl? re
cited, w'fi mendtnents tint are
lated to be mare favorabls tn debtor
lian Iheoricin&l b II, tod every tffirt
to be mda to iwiire promt action
'he YO'e in the Sn t is considered
s sssnrhiR success in that body, while
' iviaion among its opponent! in the
'iouss-ts they cei'd not tsiree upon
minority report-is regarded if. in
r nr09rEinindit!on.The New York
'kiiLKmr(trrfwDOldint writes: '"It i
it Drone ed to bav very long de
t over tbe bill when it is reached,
'ind it Is not deemed probable that it
will beveTy tasteris'ly sraecded, the
mbcowimlvee hviB Riven the bill
natare consideration ai d M-e commit-
e representing quit J thrr junhly the
errtinient of the Kenate."
b Tbe elearinw of thiit United
Mtatea banks, as wpoitd in oor b. i
r.icss cob'inns, etill iniiiate improve
ment. Whether the iin-ttaseo! fioan
I Hnl tranfact'on the dearing ie?ort
1 'bare fjiven ti late really indicate a
i !orreppondrait improvement in the
'ondHren of feneul ttade has been
, yalled in ,aeatioa. This is npon the
' Irrownd that n larr poitlon ol the
I HransaoWoM far wlrich money is r
! "julred are of a speculative chornc .er,
1 liuchas theholdincof la-ge q utiiles
; &ii wheat. Tares transactions, al
T'.hmnfh outside o( legitimate hoaineas,
Jhow the belief among cap'tilista tba
K more active basinesa period lies in'
T,he hatnedlate future. Theeitinsive
imports wow ar.vmg are an indica
iion that piaoM oal business men enter
tain similar exnee atioas. The extent
Al the specula ive demand for
'money should be rometnbered
HSy the ejations in their 1 re
piasta of the buiies prospect. Our
(Olographic clearing repoit Bbowa a
rolal eiceea ol clearings last week over
'"he corresponding week last year of 43
j'jier cent, or, excluding New York
u-he prinolpal seat of the speculative
lowfcnd for nnney 23 per cent. Chi
i Jingo's share of the increase is 17 0 per
j,ior cent., Loniev lie 1.2, Cincinnati
t J2.3, Kaaeas City 410, New Orleans
Hi.9, Memphis 41.9; St. Louis shoes a
'decline ol 8 per cent. Only six cities
,,-thow tlearancea below the same time
bias year, of which the createit de
crease ia 10 4 percent. Thii lUtement
Nhows, leaving New York with ita
P Wall street out of the case, that the
i Hearings are advancing ftr beyond the
stalomen'a at the opening of the year.
' ime gold exported every few days,
,jliut at rate that are notvary profit
able, and no anxiety is manifested
, concerning them. A. New York d
1 j.atch of Friday report 1: "Gold
! exportatlona from New York to
! day aairaoted t $l,200,CO0, mak-
j ing $4,527,C00 for this week, and
i f 15,096.00 since December 22d, when
i the outward flow of specie began. The
movement baa not been spaimodic or
active at any time, nor have events
been anticipated by heavy shipments,
bat steady and even Ajw has been
kept up which begins to aigregiW an
, amount worth considering, not that
j.bia eonntry cannot spars the dia'n,
, but nUber that a coudilion of trade
!i.hould txist that allows a steady and
uninterrupted stream of gold to flow
jiaway from at In the face of our large
Murplus ot breadstuff and provisions.
i'It is true, no doubt, that Europe is
'sending ba'Sk AaiHrican securities in
I block, which are lioing peddled out in
kWall street, and in sot lenient of
3 which gold la sont abroad, but all lhn
J kind of speculation is spasmodic and
0f short durat'on, bence it h within
boundi to ay that all the rxcent ex
i'porlu'iorm of specie ill tlnd their way
jtiaok in the near future and mo't
i ly brin good round euiuhof European
It gold with then." FU. UmU in the litt
J above shows a decline in it) clear
'iugs as compared with a year
pi, but Saturday's Ryuhlicm nays:
t "Nearly all ths banks enj -jyed a better
': business to-day. Oflarings of biini-
qess paper wers heavier, and check
ing and depositing showed consider
i able Increato. Interest rat are still
1 held at 6(8 per cent, on acceptable
loans, and at 46 per cent, on collat
i era) call." The Louisville Courier of
; Saturday reports: "The demand for
1 money was small, and while the cur-
rent movement la light there is a
f steady and moderate accumulation of
t idle fund. Bates of discount were
! unchanged, the quotitiona being
7 per cent lit demand. There was
) no difficulty in p'acing good collateral
so as to secure money at 5 per cent.
' on call." New Orleans has bet
: making a better show in i's lale t-h-ar.
ing reports, but the Timet of Saturday
, rays: "Locally there liai been a little
I slackening in general trade, especially
I in dry goods, hardware, etc., and
. sugar bat been dull, while cotton and
; rice have shown more life." Ths
t Nashville Pnion of Honday reports a
' gnod boeineas at the banks, with
; money easy and in good snpply,
; mow tvau can be sat sfactoniy
nl.H-ed : money la lu light ue-
! mind. The New York Tnbuni of
Kjtnnlav reDorts a disposition to exair.
icrute the amount and importance
of the sold exports; re-expoitationa
Ari often improperly regarded at ongi
i nil. Money was easy in New York
fit 11 to 2 per cent, occasionally 21
la trade matters several important
! enters are disturbed by the labor
trouble that are so prevalent, among
ihmnSt. Xiouia. Toe number ot ktnkeu
! 'a variona parts of theconntrv is nn
Droeedctrited. and the number of men
ont is estimated to be 60,000. This
riri?umsUnc affects other cities thai
those in which tbestiikea occur, and
i.niits the amour.t of bnaiurss below
what the more genial weather f the
i-t weei wculd atherwise l ave p;o
11AYY HUE AT flELE.ll.
The ! and Innnrssce The Fire
llellevfd to He the Work or
Incii diaries.
lareoiaL to hi arraaul
IIilxna, Ax , March 21. Yester
day ruo uing aoout 3 o'clock fire was
liM'overed in the grrcs'y bouse of O.
K H.binoou. The alarm was given
aad the i e depaitfueiit was soon at
tbe scene. A violent gale was blow
ing, however, sod bif ire 1 bey could
gel a stream of wit -r on to the flames
it had been lannert to a fnrntce heat,
Jtiniting the dtng rtire cf UrwntBroa.
un one Bid ai d t ie dry goixls honse
i f (jeoiH? Kckert on the ohar. All of
them beiig filled with libly com
bnetible ujieiil, soon had a tongue
i.f (limes lull 10J fwt lotitf aad as wide
pitying rn lo the etorfs tccupied by
Uoidou fi Co , gioeries. and M. New
u aj's wi.ot-sale and retail liqttcr es
tihlisbmnut, which were iu an incred
ibly abort time mphtely enveloped
and adding fuel to ttie already ii tmse
Imai. 1 tie lire war comiuunicaiia to
tbe Helena OpMa Hdose, a building
in which every ciua-m tiokajuxt
piide. l'.ytliii time the flames had
reached me alley dividing the block
(mm the buildings on Main street, and
a brave fbVt was beirg made to get
control ol .t at tlds plao, but tlie heat
aid (1 imes being so intense, the
wokK nan to hi abamdombd.
Only a few minutes elapsed until
tl e large two-sto y dr' gcoJs house of
8. Krl g, with a l70 0()0 stock in it,
was buining with a violent li -trcenesa.
The rocrroothtre of N. Straub wai
imjd tflame, both buildings catching
in the rear. Tbe gale of winds created
a draught that drove tbe fire through
tne bu I lings in such a abort tims that
one would think it exaggent oa weie
we to ray bow quickly It wat done.
The flames shot over Main street, and
torn had the Eun pum Hi W), a two
tt ry brick, oo fire, nd tben on both
siles of Ma r street one building
a:tcr another beirg btwsliy eaten cp.
On the west tide going t orth. Altar
btrau!' rune U bouts occupied by
Jo in Kt'inan A C . ; Irnm tht r i to tbe
larue lardeare esiaali-bment ol J. U
Il-rlow; theu to the Phillips County
Bank; thnn to ano her hardware
house ol J. C. linlow; then H. Wend-
land's etore and tinwaie establishment
melted before the interior hea.
Hirry Urimtler's Uottm Ki'hangt
Saloon soon biing consumed, lloiaue
Myrick'a dry go ids house was the
ntxt victim. N. I. Fri mail's queens
ware I o lbtt a id Frank Bros.' dry
iroodt were all si o I ennsnmsd, when
ths lire wai on that side of the street
gotten nuder control and extin
Til a rmi UKM0N,
1 Tever, had been equally as busy on
the east side ol tne street, 11. wein
laub's dry goods house being the first
one te go, which was soon followed by
the liquor house of A. Uoetein, and
f i oiii t lere going north to the- Euro
pean Hotel saloon, uausey wil
son's harder shop. Mrs. Whitn's res
taurant. II 8 jiro's i fliue, J. II. Miller's
jewelry store, II. lleinrich's conlec-
t nnery and ice cresm payors, 8. W.
Tappan's otlice. Jacob Aliger's shoe
ehop. a barber shop, ad being burned
to lue ground, going nottu frnm tbe
corner; going east from tbe ctrnir tbe
bakery ot El. M ink, tne billiard ball
of Marques & Elis aad tbe grocery
store ol Frank r-'a ulere, to the river.
The II hubs were gi tten under control
just before the postifllce and book
store of O. E. Essurtier was reached,
the entire tOLt-ints of the last named
filace being removed. Tbe fire is be
leved to have been the
woiur. cr an incimdiaby,
an it would be exceedingly unhealthy
tor tbe eulprit should he be discov
ered, which, however, is hardly prob
able, as the fire was under good head
way before it was discovered. Careful
estimates p' ace the total loesit $32 V
000, covered by, a near as can be es
timated, about (210,000 insurance
Most of those burned out will resume
business just as soon as tiey can find
tores, and the burned dhtrict will be
rebuilt by good, substantial buildings
Jhh'. as to j n as the insurance adjusters
turn over tbe wherewith. Nw Or
leans compan'ei sustained the heaviest
loseta of aay eompani a doing husintst
here. Below is a statement of insur
ance, with companies, which, how
ever, 1 not full and complete, come of
the insurance beiug held by agenoies
outside ol the town, and it being i n
poesible to get intelligent information
from some :
N, S:nin'ii loss oi building end
stock, 125,000. Insurance, 118,5'JO.
0 inpaniMH SprlngUe d, 12fi00; New
Orleans Association, f.5l)0; American
(Vntral, $2)00; Western of Toronto,
$1000, and $10,01.0 in Mouilo Com
Ji hu Kttman Co s loss, $20,000.
Inruianre, $7000. Companies Im
perial, $1000; New Orleans Associa
tion, $1.0; Hun Mutual, $2000; Peli
can, $2 00.
8. l-elia's lose. $70,000. Insurance.
$ 5,000 Companies 8nn Mutual,
$3000; Hartford, $2fKW;Phcetlxl$00;
Aniencan tentml, $!500; Uiberiilan,
1050; Imperial, $1700; New Orleans
Aetoeiation. $(000; Western, $2500;
r-onthern $ 0v;O;balancj placed in Mo
bile ana dew t ork companies.
J. U. Btrlnw's loss. $.U000. Insur
ance. $12 000. Companies Gerruenie,
VMVO; HarUord, $100i; American Cen
tral, $5000; Western, $1700; New York
underwriters', How,
Lo'-minn Sliger, Barlow's build
ing. $0t00. Insurance, $4000.
11. Wendland's loss on stock and
building, 10000. Insurance, $35i0.
Companies tnn Mntaal $1001), Phoe
nix f moo, imperial tl'HHj.
Phillips County Bank, loss on fix'
turee and building, :I000. Insured in
the Imperial for $1000.
11 lrinilluv l-aa Kn ill 1 ! it n i i-l aUiib
Minuirii luro nuixiiii n itiot(t
$5tK)0. Insnronce, $S100. Hartford
$H0l), Western $1200, H bsrnian 1300.
Horace Mynck, stock lose, $S000.
Insurance, iV00. Companies
ruoenix 2uw, Koyai itH)ti, Under
writers $UHX), Imperial $500.
Jacob U roller's loss on building,
$20)0 Insurance, $1325.
N. J. Fritian's Iosj, stock aud build
ing, j2,ooo. Insurance, $10,000.
Companies Hartford. $2500: liar-
mania, $2t)00; Phoenix, $10i0; Spring
field, $1500; Pelxan, $1100, Imperial,
frank Broe.' loss, stock, $4000. In
surance, $.1750. Companies Payne,
iim; ireaeeni, tz; Lancashire,
lnuou, iism.
8. J. C O'lr. lomi ou hniMli i 'l;(Yi
Insurance. $1000. American Central.
Thomas &. Co. and 8, B. Carpenter,
damage 1 by water and removal ; fully
Hrarrt Broe.' loss on stock and bnild
ing, $12,0(0. loi-urance. 02OO. Com
ra ie Imperisl, $3000; Western,
U. K. Robinsnn's loss, stock, $700.
IrfU,aoce, $.WtiO. Companies Un-
derwritcrx's $1500, Germania $1V0,
Crescent $1300.
George Eckart's Ioe, stock. fKKX).
Insuiaore, $.0C0. Ooinpaniee Hi
bernian $10; 0. Imperial $1000.
Oorden A Co 'a lcs, etoei, $1600.
Iosuracc. $1000. Southern $1000,
Pelican $500, Crescent $100.
M. Newman's lnes, tto'k, $5000. In
rnrance, $2725. Companies Western
$1500, Hon Mutual 11225.
II. C. Kigr tor, East Block build
ing, loss, $12,000. lasnrance. $3750.
Companies American Central $1500,
Sun Mutual $750, Crescent $750, Ger
mania $i50.
Helena Opera-House, lose, $10,000.
Iosutaace, $10,000. Placed in Mobile
11. Weinlaub s loss, $4(S00. Insur
ance. $3500. Companies Sun Mutual
$1000, Pbunlx $1000, Pelican $1500.
A. Uoraiima loss, bnilding and
stock, 16200. Insured for $ i200.
European Hotel, loss on furniture.
$50( 0; insnrance, $2750. Companies
Hibernian, $500; Pelican. $750:
Southern, $1000; Germania, $ )00.
Caiv A Wilsons baroer shop.
Loss, $500; no insurance.
Mrs. White s furniture. Ivoes,$1000;
insurance, $100. Company, 1'olican.
(J. A. Wallterhans'a loss, rmiMme,
J30'J0; insnrance Emporia, $1500.
J. H. Miller's low, stock, $1000; In
surance, $i 000.
II. Heinricb s loss, $2.00; insurance
Sontfcprn, $1000.
C. L. Moore a building, loss, $H.O;
insurenc. $000; Phienix.
8, W. T-ppan. No loes.
O. E. E-eer tier's los, stock, $800;
insurance, $800.
Dr. N. N. Hays, insured for $300;
II. Wendland's butdier shop, insured
for 1300; A. C. Hanly, oilice.no in
surance. rire NolM.
8. Skelki wil! open up in the Cle-
barn block.
Foub saloons and three magistrates
were burned out.
N. I. Fbitzan will open ap in the
Tappaa Homer block.
Work has commenced in tbe burned
district in several places.
Ths dust, dlit and smoke bad white
and black all nearly tbe same color.
Evirybody showed a disposition to
work, tpc!!!y the colored people.
Cnur Fbitzan worked for all hu
was woith, but effected but little good
J.O. Ba blow has rented a etore in
tbe Tappaa and Homer block and
will reopen at once.
It ' reported that two men were
seen to enter the Seelig's house that
never came out. No one, however, is
Thomas & Co., who were only dam
aged, had everything in running order
and was open as usual this morning.
District-Attorney Quarlks, while
attempting to hold tbenczzie of the
lire engine hose, received a thorough
Simon Sngt.ni, one cf the heaviest
loeeia by the lire, is in New York,
where he bad been purchasing his
spring and summer goods.
Tin stork of drugs cf A. B. Car
penter suuered very much by re
moval, and his store will not be re
opened until the insurance adjusters
Tub vault of the Phillips County
Bank was opened this morning and
everything found intact Tbe bank
opened this morning in tbo front part
ot the boot and shoe store ol l'wy &
Tub ll'st indication at the Tele
phone Exchange of tbe fire was when
tbe telephone in the etireot Kobin
son, tbe place it originated, was
burned, when the wire getting
"grounded turned on the alarm.
A la bob quantity of cartridges were
stored tn the Hardware houae of J. V.
Barlow. When they caught fire it re
sembled very much a lively ik rmish
Between two armies, tbe occasional ex-
pic slnn of a keg of powder adding tbe
artillery sound to the scene old
soldiers were disposed to.
The loss of the Helena Oncra-Honse
was one cf the laddest blows lo tbe
town, at there is but little probability
that it will be rebuilt, although we
understand that one of our wealthiest
men proposed to Mees.s. Crebs and
Fitzpatrick, the proprietors, to fnrnish
emngh money with their Insurance to
replace It.
A darky bad an old dilnpitated
horse attached to a spring wagon haul
ing off golds from the burning stores
when the explosions went off iu Bar
low s. The dead horee came to life
with a suddenness truly distressing to
the darky, who, as tbe horse stilted
to run grasped the bridle, wrs carried
over a fi ne show esse on to an elevated
sidewalk, da nped off to one side and
fie horse proceeded to run overa'ady
spectat or and seriously injured her
and then to completely tear ihe bnggy
to pieces.
No llnon That ScleDce baa Conferred
Una bean fraught with greater bleaiinga than
that which hat accrued to the Inhabitants ot
maUrlitl-rlddon portion! ot the United
State and the Tropin irom the uie of Hoa
tt'r' Rlnmvh Mttari. The experience of
manr yean hu but too clearly demonitratcd
the inefficiency of quinine and other drum
to effectually combat the rrogren ot Inter
mittent, ronrentlv and bilioul remittent
fevera, while on the other hand, it haa been
no trie oloarl ahown that tht nao of the
bittern, a medicine congenial to the fraile-t
compilation, and derived from purely bo
tanic eourcM, alorde a reliable eafecunrd
againit malarial diaearw and arrent- it wben
developed. For disorders of the atomarh.
liver and boweli. for general debill'y and
renal inactivity, It la alto a taoit efficient
remedy Appetite and ileep are Improved
by it. It eapela rheumatic humora from the
blood, end enrichen a circulation impover
ished by mi.l-aniuulat'on.
Geronlmo'a Hnrrender.
TeMiiKTONR, Abu., March 22. The
soldiers stationed at Mud Hpring, un
der command of Lieut. Wheedor, ar
rived in this city to-day. Frnm him
was le'arned thei surrender of Geron
imo to Lieut. Maus. The fiu'ts leading
to the surrender are reported to be as
follows: Yesterday afternoon, about
ten miles south of San Bernardino,
the Apache camp was attacked by
Mexican forces and a hot skirmish en
sued. During the skirmish two Apa
ches were killed and the forces of
tieronimo completely routed. Geron
imo nnd band tied in tho direction of
Lieut Mann's camp" for safety, aud
surrendered unconditionally. The
Mexican troops followed them across
tho line into Matin's camp and de
manded their prisoner, claiming that
the fight occurred on Mexican soil and
that the victory was theirs. Mans re
fused to give the prisoners up, which
greatly incensed the Mexicans, who
threatened to tike the prisoinirs by
force. Oen. Crook is hourly cxrocteil
in camp, but at lat accounts had
fnikil to arrive. Two dispatches from
Mans have been received at Mud
Springs, appealing for troops and assistance-
The situation is critical in
the extreme, and the maHsnere of
Lieut. Maus and his command may
occur at any moment
Havb nwd Tongnline In a case of
facial neuralgia, ami it proved a suc
cess. Cannot bo recommended too
6. F.IIUaiIK4,M.D.,Bucknr. Ark.
Settling Known of tbe Wherraboutt
of the .H Using Manager HU
Unpaid Debts.
The Dime Mufeuin was open yes
terday under the management of Mr.
Wallace, tne Man fish, who rotated
as roaster o: ceremonies. It appears
that yesterday morning the piform-
era secured a lease of the bunding for
a week, and eelemd Wallace as their
representative to ran the show and
enable them to get ont of town.r.ith
out walking. An Appeal reporter
dropped in riming tbe evening and in
terviewed Manager Wallace, who
stated that tbe show was to be run on
the co-operative dan that is, that
the performers will pay tbe
rent, lights, eta, and divide the
nrrifitt. He taid the freaks were
left '-dead broke," and that this ,was
tbeir only chance to get outof town. Of
course the creditors will get i otbing, at
everything in the building belonging t
Crosby would not bring $100 at a pub
lic sale, and the Dime Mueum will
prol aliy die a ntt'iial dea h by tbe
end of the week. In the meantime,
however, the freaks will make the
beet of tbe situation, and do what
they can to make the museum attrac
tive during their management.
It has been f und to be impossible
to get anything like a full tndicsu
rate list of the creditors. Daan &
Carroll are probably the heaviest in
dividual loaers, being ont about $100,
the balance due lor ntting op the
building. The daily tapers also loBt
sums ranging from $10 to $100. Mrs,
liice and S. Vendig, owners of the
building, come in for a neat
sum. The performers lost their
week's salaries, at did all the
employes of tbe houae. In addition
to these there are numerous smaller
bills outstanding, tbo wbol indebted-
net s probably aggregating $21X 0, to off
f ot which there are less than $100 ae
ste. It will be seen fioui the above
that, while the failure was not a heavy
one financially, it was complete and
wou'd have done credit to aJcrs-y
bank cashier.
Nothing is known of ihe where
abouts of the only Crosby, but site
his departure a so )1 many facts have
come tut abou'. Lit brief hut brilliant
engagement In the Blull City net
hitherto known. It is now said that
the cauBe of his sudden fi ght was fear
that he would be arrested lor skipping
out and having a party of freaks
known as the "seven long-haired sis
ters," cf which he wat mnnngsr, with
out account;ng for some $000 or $700.
Another rumor is that thore were a
couple of women mixed up in the af
fair, and that they made it so
warm for Crosby that he could cot
ttind the pressure, and left to avoid
causing serious trouble. At any rate,
Crosby has shook the dust of Mem
phis from his feet, aad will doubtless
be found next eeaton at bis old busi
ness as "blower" in fr nt of a side
show, with a bundle of tickets in one
hand and a ping bat in the other,while
he "scoops the gays" lor the greatest
show on earth tbe Mammoth Dime
Museum only excepted.
Tbe Yeans Hm'm IbrUtUn Asio
elatlon Proceedings of
the Heettnav
There were forty-two delegates pres
ent, representing nine Young Men's
Christian Associations of the Western
District of Tennessee, at tba conven
tion bcld at Dyersburg last Fiiday,
Saturday and Sunday. Papers were
read on various t pics of tbe work,
and the same discussed on all prac
tical points appertaining to the best
methods to be used in benefit
ing yoang men, through means
of the associations. Encou-ag-Inn
repoiti were made from
different places and a deep interest
awakened in association work, viry
much enlightening the people of
Dyersburg. The meetings were all
well attended, the pastors of the dif
ferent churches uniting in tbe work,
and the reliirlous interest being so
great at the close of the session Bun-
day night, it was decided to carry on
revival meetings during this week.
The following were delrgite f'om
Memphis ; L. H. Estee, Geo. S. For,
V. E. rate and T. A. Harding, Secre
tnry, from Washington, D. O., who
returned yesterday and gave a
glowing account of the hospl
talities of the paonle at Dyers
burg. Greetings were exchanged
by telegraph between this convent;on
and the Eastern District Convention,
in session at Bristol during the same
days. The convention ol Middle Ten
nessee meet on the Kith of April at
Winchetter. There are now fifty-four
Young Men's Chrint an Associations
in this State, and the need of a State
secretary is urgently felt. Efforts are
therefore being made to secure a man
at an early day.
Snort In Hla Aeeonnta.
Chattanooga, Tknh., March 22.
The leading tax-payers of Anderson
county, in East Tennessee, to-day
sted the State Comptroller to send
an expert to examine the books ot
their County Truttse. A. J. Hicks.
He hta held that position for a num
ber of years, and for several months a
suspicion has been prevalent that
there is a shortage. It Is now cur
rently rumored that tbe shortage will
reach $20,000.
Heavy anow-Klorro In Illinois,
aowa ana wnreaui.
CmcAoo, Ii.u, March 20. Dis
patches from Northern Illinois and
Iowa and Southern. Wisconsin indi
cate a heavy fall cf snow yesterday
Damage is feared from floods this
week. In Chictg3 about fifty feet of
the Lke chore drive was washed
away bv yesterday morning's storm.
All traffic has been suspended tor the
time being, as in one place there is
only a space in the roalwav fix feet
wide intact
Chirac Pork Packers.
Chicago, March 22. The daily
Commercial Bulletin publishes to-day
the annual report of the year's busi
ness ot tne Chicago pork packers, to
gether with a statement of the bef
trade dnring the year ending March 1,
1886. The pork packing interest is
shown to have enlarged considerably
during the year. ,
WaiM Will adfaaeed.
Chattanooga, Tens., March 2?.
The Lcokout Rolling men to day an
nounced that on Friday wages will be
advanced 10 per cent, io all depart
drain In Mgba.
Pmri.iA T. Kraml. CO TVtAVintll.
III. n . . v. , . ...... ...mi ,i ... . .
her of bushels of Brain in store in the
United MUtes and Canada, March -"Oth
and the increase or decrease as com-
MARCH 23, 1886.
pared with the previous week, will be
floated on 'Change tn-nronow as hi
ows: Wheat, 60.F35 314, decrease,
3 0 105: corn, 16 35,OSl, increase. 2,-
123,652; ra s. 2 K91.9 2 increase, 2H2,-
20; rye, 5T8038, dtcreiee. 64 79t;
barley, 1,131,4' o, increase, 732).
The araonnt in Chicago elevator w :
Wheat. 14.128,003; corn, 3,618 089;
oats, 4!)j,177; ive, 2)0,279, barlev.
BIhJine.il IM, ALA. .
Pritxpecta for Am lr Blaj Deal la
Iron Froprrly.
tSPICIAL to thb arraiL.l
Bikvinoiiam. Ala., March 22. Mr.
II. F. Dobardclcben, the roal andiron
magnate, has gone to Charleston, 8.
C, uccompanying Mr. Smith of that
city, representative of Charlestonians
and Englishmen who have been ne
gotiating with him some three months
with a view to furnitshini; money for
tho development of his iron property
near Joncsboro Rnd some twelve
miles south of Birmingham. He
goe's to e:lono this trade and
Hsn s back word that he will go on to
litbilmrg to arrange for two furnaces
to be built at once. He ewiys others,
Crobably half a doien or more, will bo
ui t. and a manufacturing town
started on a solid basis. It is Hiip
jiosed that tho prospect of this deal
was the cause of the large investments
that Mr. Dibardeleben lu s been mak
ing here lately. Gentlemen hereto day
from Mobile brought information that
money arrangements had been con-e-luded
for the extension of the Jlo
Idle and Grnnk Trun railroad to
this city.
The Two Rival l ine Abont to Con
Nolldair. "Yon 1 ave a belt railroad, I believe ?"
remarket an AprBiLmaayetterday to
Mr. Harry Hill.
"I have."
"Mr. Sam Tate alio bat one, I be
lieve?" "He has."
"What are you going to do with
"We are going to consolidate."
"What for?"
"To got money to pay for the char
"How much do i oa need ?"
"Ob, about 17 0.
Wr are in receipt of a conv of The
Great Mturwumn, by Dr. J. W. lingers
of raruiiMion Uiglite, Ma.
Lady B-ak8mebb is tho title of
the forthcoming now story by that re
markably industrious lady, "The
Mr. Edgar Fa wcktt's new volume of
pnenis is coming Irom the jirewi ol
Ticknor & Co. It in to be called Ho
truinri and Jlrvery.
An English translation of Count
Tolstoi's novel,vtimi Karenhut, will
be brought out immediately by T. Y.
Crowell & Co. Nathan H. Dole is the
Capt. Crari.es King, the author of
that pleasant novel, Tie Cdonel't
DwijhUr, has writter another story in
which the earne1 character appear. It
will be brought out by Lippincott.
Ansklmn, or In Spitb ok All,
adapted from the French by A. D.
Hall, is the story on which is based
the play now being performed by Miss
Minnie Maddern at the Theater. It
is published by Hand, McNally & Co.
of Chicago, and may be ordered
through Mansion), on Main street
Volumb XIV of The Magazine of
American Ilitlory surpasses in evidence
of research and in fulness of interest
all former volumes -and that is saying
a great ileal in its praise. Mrs. Umn
has proved herself an accomplished
and painstaking editor and gives us a
periodical which we could ill do with
out. Thb Chaldean Magician tells of an
adventure in ltome in the reign of the
Emperor Diocletian. It is from the
pen of Ernst Eckstein, author of Qutn
im C7aiidii, and was translated into
English by Mary J. SaiTord. It also
forms one of the series of William 8.
Gottsberger, New York and is for sale
nt Mansford's, only 25 cents per copy.
Messrs. J. B. Lh-pincott Company
will publish in April a new novel by
Cant. Charles King, author of The
Colonel IfiivglUer, etc., etc. We un
derstand that it is in some sense a
continuation of the novel above men
tioned TJhe Colmel't Daughter -touching
to a certain extent the liv-s nnd
fortunes of the emaracters in that
work. It is said that many of the
scenes nnd incidents described are
actual occurrences, and that the story
is particularly spicy aud interesting.
Knlgrlitie of Labor Merlins; nt Pine
Pise Bluff, Auk., March 2'i. At a
meetingof Assembly No. 2(127 Knights
of Ijibor, held in this city Saturday
night, at which several prominent olli
cials of the .Stite Labor Assembly were
present, resolutions were adopted ask
ing the commercial public not to hold
the Knights of Labor responsible for
the freight blockad at t lonis, and
commending the lexas and K. ixjuis
railway and other roads friendly to
the cause of labor to the public as
fully able to move the bulk of freights
ottered out of rt Ixmis, and denounc
ing the olheials of the Gould system
for attempting to hold the Knights en
tirely responsible for present compli
Snaw-atornas In Hleklsjan.
MAttqukTTB, Mica., March 22. A
furious snow-storm raged all over the
upper peninsu'a Hun lay. and two teet
of snow has faUsn. All the railroads
are blockaded. No trains were run
yetterday, and few to day.
Lcnpboro's perfume, Edenis. -Lnndbora's
perfume. Alpine Violet
Lnndborg's perfume, Lily of the
Lundborg's iierfunie, Marchal Niel
rire aa nnrlnnall.
Cincinn vti. O.. March 22. Mcllvaiw
& Spiegel's extensive boiler factory
wis destroyed by lire Saturday. The
Msm'ard Carringe tioxis Company,
adjoining, lost ab'nnt liTOO by damage
from water. Mcllvain oi Spiegel's loss
is probably 175.000. pc a-lv covered by
ineurance. Too tire u supposed to
have caught from a lamp left burning
in cue corner of tbe shop.
1 ho Mallonal Credit l No More
Solidly Touadeii than tba riuUtioa of Ben
son a uepctne fleMera. lby are aa wn
ai'preoleled a.cd ued everywhere io Ameri
ca ite boynibiU And ibihomee. Phra eiena.
Ihraieiia and drugginte affirm thai lor
promplreae of action, rertainlf and ranie
ul euratiTe qualmea 'hey ele feyond eom
prtun. Onoe teed tbeir nnequuled excel
leqoe reMnmendf them. The publio ara
aeein cautioned aitttnet the cheap, wirtli
lee and RbatneleM imitatinni otfered ly
mendacteui pertiee nndnr toe autoe ol simi
lar ennmtine siinoi, anch ee Cepefrin,"
TMlpura.M 1Crecin." "4:Bri.in." ete.
Aak lor Uan'oa'i, bur of reepeeiable drar-
ai-u oni, nl mui a per onel exmin
tinn. Therenuina haa ih-. "Inree Seela"
trmdemerkand the Word ,"Capia" eat la
me oenier.
iMeuMr to
Cordial! invites an inirxction
Varied Spring and Summer Stock of English,
French and German Wonted.
comprising the Latest Designs
Gentlemen's Wear.
ttgf Samples and Prices on
who have left measures.
A I., ill IIIWI 1 1 JWIWflM3UT.IjLJlJKRli
Only Une Derlxion lilven hj Ihe
hoprenie Conrt.
araciiL to tbb ArriAL.1
T . IT f .. r n rru tr..
dAi unin, iuira.. .iii.it. u 4 x im nil-
preme Court reneiered but one decision '
to-day, being that ol John U Connor
vs. W ard & Ward, from the Chancery
Court of iVonroe county, which was
reversed, and decree hero for t10,"'21.
This case had attained considerable
New Oileans, March 21. The wi l
of the lde Thurrai ti. Net rill of this
city was probated Ha'urday. His prop
e ty, valued et t-',000,0()0, is lelt to his
daighters, Mrj. Alice Knrby of Chi
cago and Helen M. Merrill.
FaU River, Mass, March 22 The
contents ef the treasurer's aid city
clerk's offices in the City Hall, which
ai badlv damaged by fire lait week,
are uuirj'ued. About three-fouitis
of the public libia-y Vi lames were
saved, roaay, however, in a damaged
Cincinnati, O, March 22 The
grand jury has reported a la g nnm
ber of indictments against pereous f jr
crime connocted with the election ltst
Octibr, and for offenses conneeted
with '.he management of the city in
firmary. Tbe arrests not being male
yt,the naojes of indiitid peraons are
New York, March 22 Gen. Thomis
Sword.-., United S ates Army, died beie
Sdlurday. He f iught against the Chero
kees in 1830, wai at-sistant quarter
master at Fort L-Javenwoitl in 1835.
chief quartern) a-iter of the Army if
the West in tbe Mezicin aar, and
chief quartermaster in var'ous depart
meuis duing the warif he rebellion.
Poplar Bluffy Mo., Mar.:h 22. A
fire broke out baturuay mcraingina
huilding on F.iurih stree', owned by
L. b (J rna aud used as a restaurant,
and fnm tbence sprend in every direc
tion and was not eit'njuished until
eleven buildings, including two hotels,
had been eitrnved. 1 be t tal low is
estimated at J 23,003; insurance, (13,-
E'gin. I I.. Maich 22 The Illinois
Milk l ondensinit Company has con
tracted with the fa'mers here firSOO,
000 quarts of milk da ly ior the ensu
ing six months, beginning on April
st. The price is 24 cents per quart
for April and September; 21 cents for
May and Aueuet; and 2 cen'el ir June
and July, or 9 cents per gallon for tbe
six months.
Killed by the Explosion or an Old
Galveston. Tn March 21. Fred.
Gould, aged 1 8, was killed here to-day
bv the explosion of 'an old shrapnell
shell which had been found near the
spot where the Confederate forces had
established fortifications in inoz.
Youne Gould had opened five of the
shells and secured the bullets within,
but the sixth shell exploded between
bis knees.
Mrs Bally C. Grakana.
"An old friendship.
Bora of the sunny days of youth,
A nd gathering strength with gathering years,
Con es lo lay ita aprig of cypre s her."
m.d. an the ltth of March. 1886. at th
residence ot i nomas n. Alien, j:.,m mu
eity, Mrs. cIallv 0. UaaBau, relict of tne
late barnelt uranam ana aauamer i v.oi.
Nathan el Anderson, deceased, for m ny
years a leading merchant and prominent
oitiaen of th a o.ty. A pen portrait of thia
estimable woman would eem o be a nni hed
piotute. when it It said that Irom tne ruoay
prieg time lo tt r pe aula . n of II to ber
rare attract! ns ol heart and mind had con
centrated and retained the unmeasured
affection and admiration of Ihe community
in which she wa reared. But her lile was
an AvaLtnlA inrll doctrina in this, that its
light and shadows made no ohdOKO in tho
h.autiful e'juipo es that saw tbe bands ot
Un,l in All thn mutations thnt marked her
cheuuered fortunes. Whnther the beaker of
blifs wna full to th brim, or whether csl'ed,
she olten was, to iuaft' tbe cup of sill o
lion to tuvery lce, sue saw the will of the
blaster in all thing, ard suiierrd.O' en
joyid, as only th-. Christian can. Tbe writer
tinn.nF tha ftinnnR a- har earliur Tears.
On the south siilo ol ilninn strert anamid
wiybetweuti Mnin and t-hnlliy, there stood,
fo-ty yea-s Brto. n'l embowotod in vines anil
ni.itifii,i4,Mrf with bnai.tiliil flowers and
shrubhery. tbe old rrhione- nomesioa oi
Col. Nat. Anderson, a kniuhtly and typical
gentleman o' tho old schi ol. the p'ai-e wa
the aot of hospitality whore the rich and
the poor were always welcome, and the
scene ot many a festiTe gathering nf the
beauty nnd olrvalry of the town. It was
here (hut he elde-t datiehttr ol the hour
reiKned Man a'oredited belle, and aided in
difprnhingthe uni-ti-ited hospitality of her
fiither'e houne with an easy grsce that
charmed the rich and poor alia. The gen
tleness of her mnnrers, the sweetness of her
disposition, th intelligence and retlnement
of her discourse, and that well-remerabered
siWer lengh, 'hut always banished dull car
from her prehenee, had enshrined herrnth
hearta of the whole community in all tbe
bright paraphernalia of srn anno'nted sooul
queea, while her delicate ministration) of
charity had rendered ber no l-ss beloved by
the poor than honored and admired by lb
rnor fortunta. From such girlhood
nothing les' could be dore'oped than tbe no
ble womanhood which thos mourn most
who knew her best. The ma? a of tt genera
tion of that da has passed away, but son
yet survive of that charmed circle whoa
motions Tfil' vibrate ,-
"To tbe echos that ' art.
While memory plays this old tun an the
Mrs. Grahaii was an humble and d itlful
Christian, and a communicant lor many
years of Calvary ebnrch. Hue loved tb
grind old liturgies of th church and hon
ored Its traditions, but with charity, to all,
she was on ol thnt lollower of the gentle
Nature tie, who, like the model of DeQuincy.
was intolerant ot nothinr but intnleraace.
and bigated only against bisotry. Peao to
her gentle spirit.
Memphis, March 22, UWtj.
Health Order Xo. S3
Ornci or Boakb or Hxaltb,
as., V
Sti. j
Mm. Txas.. Mar-h 16, 1880
ATTENTION i called to tbe following
Sections of th Health Ordinant-o :
"That th phrase 'contsgious disease
shall be held to include all persons sick,
affected or aitorked by or of a diseae ol an
iniectious, contagious or pestil-uul nature,
and also any alher disease publicly declared
by this Board. . , ... . . ..
"lhat every physician hall report to tb
Board of Health, in wri'ing, very person
having a contagious dineaa. giving his or
ber nam and place of resilience forthwith
after aeoing the sui. ard every attending
or praciioing physician thereat mast, at his
pri, seetbat such report ia ir haa been
matte by sum attending physician.
"That it shall be tb duty of each and
every practicing physician in th l)irrict to
report, in writing, to the Board of Health,
Ihe recovery of hia patiant, or th death ol
anv of hie natienla, who shall navediel in
a id District of contagious or infectious
disease, within twenty-lour hours thereafter,
and to stat id such report th spectfis
asm and iyp ef such dieae."
Alter this del FseuUo- Membranous Croup
must be reported tb same as other
ntagious and infectious rii-ens-s, and wi 1
be placarded tne suie a' Diphtheria. K
.peetl.lUr. O EO. S O R ES. j.D ,
Sect j Board of Uaal.h.
MtmHAr at III DO EX Y,)
of hia Large. Fresh and
Cassimeres and builinga.
and Finest Textures in
application te those
Diseases are Prevalent all over the
World. I am a native of VnrJand, and wMIe I
waa in that eountryX oonlruted a terribia
blood poison, and for two yearf ema nnder
treatment aa an out-door putu-nt at Notting
ham lioBi'itiil, Knidand, but waa notoured.
1 u fit red the noil AKomting reina n my
bones, and waa covered with sores all over
my b'dy and limbs I had v- rt o xnd deaf- '
Be a, wuh pardal lose o. night, serera paina
in my head end eyta etc., bi"h nearly raa
me craiy I lot all hopeiu that country,
and sailod for AmericA, and was treated at
Koweveli in thi oity, s well e by a prom
inent pbysii'iao in New York haviit no eon-ne-tion
wilh lb hnspiUls.
I saw the advertisement ul ?swm s oiuciuo,
and I de nrmined to siva it a UirU aa a Ian
resort. I had airen ni all h pe of beina
cured, as I had gona throtiah the hands of
the best n.ediol men in Mouinixnain ana
New York. 1 took air bo-ll'-a of S. 8. B.,
and I ean say w th rr-it Joy that they have
cured me entirely. I am aa sound and eU
aa I ever waa in uy lite. .
I,. miki itAi.ru uu.
New York City. June la. ltiS".
Ts the life, and he is wiie who remembers it
liut in March or lat year iikmi, 1 eontractea
blod poison, and being in SAannah, Oa.,
at the time, 1 went into th hospital there
fir 'reatment. 1 suffered very nueh Irom
rheumntisui at th fan tin I did not
fet well under the treatment there), nor was
cured by any of the usum means. I hay
now taken s.ven bott ee of hwllt a Hpeomo
and am sound and wcl1. ltdrevethe po-eoa
out throukh boila oo th akin
ran i.ttAm.
Jersey City, N. J.. August 7, 185.
Two yeara aso I contracted blood poison.
After puking prescrip iona from tba best
p'uysicitiire bnre aud al DaliiM, X ioij,-luded
to vii-it Hot Springs, and on re ohing Trxar
kana a doctor recommended me to try Swiit'a
Hpe-ifio, assuring me that it would benefit:
iu mor thaa liot cprmaa. Although lb
had produ-ed great boles In my back and
e est, and had removed all 'ho hair off my
head, 'et I beg-n to improve in a week's
time, and the sores begtu to he&l. and were
ennrelv sore nside or eieot weeks.
WILL JONES, Porter Uniun Pus, Depot.
C.sco, Texas, July 13. 1885.
Treatise on Blood and Gkin DiMaaea'mailed
freo. Thi Swift Spiomo Co.,
Drawers. Atlanta Ga., K. Y.. 157 W. 23d Bt.
Vdurinarj Specifics
Itru Diseases of
Horses, Cattle, Sheep
Tn nun fnr over SO Viinrrl bv Foi'merSa
Stockbreeders, Horse B. En ia.
Used by U. S. Government.
Mounted on Rollers A Booh Mailed Irea.
Humphrey" Med. Co.. 100 Fulton St.. H. T.''
la umiJU yivm. Ttir oor ii'ni rOaTMHiy to
Nervous Debility, Vital Weakness.
end Hroalration, Irom ivnr-w.irk or other oanae.
tl per vial, or fialaawl larno vial povder, for
Sold nv PMnoomra, or sent ,er.iaMl oj raceiptot
pri-. Uarera .-awaawfc, iwiiia
Prea dent of th Great LOUlT ILLS C0U
KIBrWOURNAL CO., tellt what
he knewa ef
Wintersmith's Chill Cure.
Ornci or raa Covarga-JocRSAL, ,
Looshvillc, Ky.
Dr. Wnler-mili. Sir I waive a rule 1 have
observed for many years, tho value of your
remedy prompting me t say, in reply to
your leanest, what I knew of yonr Chill
Core, lb private assurnnees of its efficacy
I hod, and th good result of it effects I
had observed on Mr. K. W. Meredith, who,
for moia than fifteen yours, had been fore
man of my effi- e, induced me to test it in
my family. The re olis bay been entirely
saiisftctory. The first e was of two
years' standing, in which I believe every
known remedy bad been triad with tempo
rary relief-the ebil'a returning periodically
and with srominglv it era-ned sevmty.
Your euro brok thein a' oneo. and there has
been po recurrence of thorn f r moro than
iiz months. 1 be other ate was ol a milder
Inrm, and yielded more readily to other
remtdics: butthochl I; would latum at in
tervals urt I your medio ne woe used, sine
which timo, now severul moniba, they hav
entirely disuppeared. Krom the opportu
nity I have hed tojudge, I do rt-t henitateto
express my bcli't thnt your Ch-ll Cure is a
v.ilunble specific, and penorrna ail yotr
promise tor it. 'KMAlr.
ARTHUR PHTKR t CO., Agents, bouie
vilie ,K yv
Pennyroya! PillSg
itrnii'MmnR's lusiisn "
The) airldnal uol Only drnnlne..
bole and always Reliable. Beware ol worth- :
Si a Imitationa. Indispensable to a. A Ul KH.
A-it your Urnaisriat (or "Cnlcneeier'
Kncli ''and take no other, or inclose lo -(stamps)
to ue for partieulars rw tJTTfa b
reisra mall. - PAPaK. Cnfc
rnraler hemlrnl m
Ht Msdleea Kqusre, tPIillanla . "-.
THAUB supplied by C. GOODWIN
1 1 muI Aarntus B(w.'laae
New iMp. 1 Ihiatrat'd CatalolW
onaat arar pnnwni w r1.
ipreaenta ow ts w rtew. urutv
oai Btlleaof Ofne A Ubrory
Seaba, Tauea. vnairt,
Book Oaaeav. Lflnnge.
Letter Prea, Cafciueu
Ladiea' Fancy Desk, te
Finen uo oa ijowsae
tImm DunaAr.' tkl.k .
ao. i
I AHU TIKH ainnvTiiiN to th
assortment of sample for Spring and
Bummer wear, which 1 have just received
from th Clothing-Urder Department o f
This hou-e does the larmt Matl-Order
Clo'hing Business in th world. Pioneer rm
working out tb idea, it ha won e great sno
ees by scrupulous earo in tilling the ordere
of unseen custodiers.
Tb P sent e&on murks a nw era in
this department of their business, the mean
ing of which ie even better serv oo, eieco
live and mechanical. This, with the low
prices, large choiee of materuilF, and ample
guarante of eompletA satiafoct'on, should
give na a trst ola.m oo your orders.
15 West Court street.
KALrili WIi.tUH.-Da, B. C.
Waer", Naava ioBai TaaATKiirr,
aguarantewd specific for Hysteria, Diisi
nesa. Convulsion"., Fit", Nerv us Neural
gia, Headache, Neric-i Prostration, caused
by th are of alcohol or l-baeoo; Wak
fuloets, Mental Depression, Hn'tining of th
Brain, rasnlting in insanity and lea- ing to
misery, decay and dih Premature in
Ave, Barrenness, toss el Power in either
Involuntary Loss and Spermator
rhea, oaa t by over-eiertioa of the brain,
aelf-abua or overindulgence. Kaeh box son
tains on mort . treatment, (1 a box, ol
aix box for t sect bv ma. I "prepaid, on
receipt of price. Wa e-i.artpT Six Boxes
to cur any eae. Witii carh ovderieeelyad
by us for six boxes, aeeompanied witn (.
w will send tb pnrohaeer our written .
guar- te lo refund the money if tb treat
ment dot ot sfiect a eire. Ouarant
Issued only b 4 KKNtkLKI k CO., Drat
gists, Memphis, Tean.
n a

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