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The Pant Week in Leiillug- European
BoBfy Markets Anarchist
Klcts lit Belgium.
Lokdon, Mmrch 22. Tbe pol
tloadloifc continues. Tbe Kirl
liosubery, Secretary fr Foreign Af
fairs, to day he'd u corCine-re with
Mr. tiladftone. Ttia Cabinet Lai not
been gammoned ti a special meeting
toBy, a:tbont;ii it wug rumored on
ratmday that the political situation
wonld rendor inch a summons necet
Bary. Mr. John Motley, Chief freer--tary
for England; Karl lit anvil le.
fSecretsry for the Colouies; Karl
fripencar, ex-Iriah Viceroy, and now
president of the Council, and Mr.
Gladstone, are di-ctifwiriR plans for tbe
adj tin' merit of the diligences at pres
ent disturbing the Cabinet.
DrprHir reeling at Loaiton The
laaitlaraial Buuritt,
London, March 12. Discount closed
t 1 for three months and If for short.
The heavy Stock Exchange settlement
temporarily tightened money. There
was afterward a relapse, but no in
crease in demand is exported. Owing
to tbe political distiu-t, traders are
uneasy aud capitalists are timid. A
change is improbable, even after Mr.
tilailMms makes his piotnined tUte
ment, which will likely cause new
complications in the political Ji 111
cnlty. The Statistic takes a gloomy
view of the prospects of the next wool
rales. '1 he last tales left the market
wimk and deinoiar.ed. Ameticnn
railway securities were featureles",
with a d-wowurj ten Jeney.
I nerlilrd i ferlts.
rAins, March 22. The cintinued
arrivals of gold nearly 2"10(K),(KX)
franca atrived iluring the past week)
perplex bankers. The new loan will
not disturb money. It will be lurtptly
exchanged fur other necurititm. The
Bourse was weak. Three per coat,
rentes closed at 8072.
Reaction st Urriiu.
Bcri.ik, March 22. The Bourse
Bhghtly reacted from its previous tirm
ni. Bulls are cautiously liquidating.
It is reported that Prince Bhimarck en
tertains favorably a piopcKitl to sus
tain Mexican finance with the view of
extending Germany's coloniul in
fluence. ,
Verj Bear lb v oae of a Si ad and
Trembled Career.
The ex-Empress Carlotta of Mex
ico is lying Beiiounly ill at the beauti
ful old castle cf Bouchout, near Brus
sels, the was born Juno 7, 1840, the
daughter of Leopold I, King of Bel
gium, aud his wife, the Princess
Louise, daughter of Louis Philippe,
King of the French ; and she is tbe
, only sitter of Leopold II, the present
King of Belgium. Her sad history is
Boon told. On July 27, 187, she was
married to tbe Archduke Maximilian
of Austria. This unfortunate man
was elected Emperor of Mexico on
July 10, ItHiX When, in nonaequence
of the opposition of the United States
government, he lott French support,
the empire collapsed, and July lit,
1867, "Max:milian was shot by the
Mexican authorities. The awful
Bhock of her husband's executiou
robbed Carlotta of her reason, and
lor between eightcsn and nineteen
years arte lias been lioneleraly insane.
curing me early period of her mad
uaoa a neiuuiunce oi court lile was
aept up around her. .She was then
hviuk at lervueren, wuere receptions
were regularly lield, bucu as In former
days brightened life at the old palace
of Itnrbide In Mexico. The Empress
herself went through the ceremonies
with tbe same grace at of old, and
after certain number of people bad
gathered around her, she would thaak
them lor coming to see "the great
Empress of Mexico," and then rising
from her simulated throne, move
toward the adjoining rooms, saying:
'Yon wish, no doubt, to lay your trib
ute at the feet of bis majesty, the Em
peror. will go and And him." K.
turning slier a few moments, she
wonld say: ,"I cannot find the Em-
Eeror, bat lie will see you as soon as
e retarBa'j With this Bhe recom
menced au animated conversation on
the present situation and the brilliant
iniure proapects oi the Emperor, and
taking np his portrait, she exhorted
him to rise higher and higher still,
and not to strive for one, but for ten,
'njy-psy, for all the crowns of the
world. The courtiers, moved to tears
by the pathetic scene, would bow low
and take their departure, unperceived
by the exoited Empress, who, after
while, would majestically sweep
through the rooms, haughtily com
raandingimaginary pages to carry her
train. But tbe proud, hard look
melted iota sweetness and tenderness
when, on her daily walk through the
grounds, her eyes followed the flight
oi birds r clouds.
After the conflagration of Turvueren
the little court moved to Bouchout.
and the Empress has, in the course A
time, become less excited. Receptions
were no longer held, and the court
circle consists only cf the ladies of
honor, belonging (o the Belgian aris
tocracy, eight of whom in turn reside
for a week at Bouchnut. Several
hours were speut every day at liiu
piano, nnd' ai Empress Cailo'ta is
lierBelf a dit-tinguished aitieto, these
musical e n'ertainmni's were hij hly
pprecia;ed by all. Fancy work wus
also one oi the favoiite occupations of
the Empiee', aud herembronlerii-sare
eaid to equal nhoe of the best Paris
workers. While listening to the
music, or busy with her nwdle, the
Empress never uttered a single worJ,
but seemed last in thought, and it was
very ravely that during her daily
walks she broke tbe silence. On Sun
day, during divine smvice, which she.
regularly aitanded, when the voice of
the oriiau was heard through the
chapel, her soul seemed transfigured,
and a strands smile lighted up the
featnres of one of the moat unfortun
ate women of this century.
Acatb or Mm. Ilrllbrou.
London, March 22. Mine. Ileilbron,
the prima donee, has died at Nice.
iSho leaves a daughter thirteen yeais
of age aud a f .irtnne of 1 120,000. The
funeil will be held in Purison Thurs
day. Jown Frum
Watsaw, March 22 The exodosof
Jnws frjm Rus?iua Poland has attjin
ed extra jnlinnry figurec. The s etis
iica oho t'i 'nring the year 18S5 no
;ess than 20,150 left the country Iw
Amerua, to bv. -nothing of those who
eoai"rjt-i! eVwhere.
, 4U mated . ,
I affectailoui m
VJViVn 22.-The early re-
Vf "kist riots at Jemape,
Tllleur and Sarainr, in Belgium, on
Faturday night last, were ail far short
of tbe actual truth. A great amonrt
of property was damaged or mined at
each place by tbe r o ers. At Liege,
on the same night, there was an open
conflict between the troops, which
had been massed there for the proteo'
tion cf the place, and a large body of
Anarchists, who were mirchlng
gairift the town for the pnrpwi of
a'.iacking and looting it. The fight
was severe and proloimeJ, but fica'iy
reruitea in tne repulse tl the An
orchioK They wer not dilven fro:n
the field, however, un'il Ihe troi pj
cnargea upon them with fixed bav
nets. A large camber of men on bo h
sides were ujarot). S une idea of the
serious nuturt cf the Anr.rchist
demonstration may be formed from
the fact ttiattoday no less than OtXK)
regular troops are on doty guarding
me district u:e:urira Dj tne riolers on
Noelnllat HtrliauB In Berllai.
Bshlin, March 22. Socialist meet
ings are being held in this city daily,
and are attended by thousands of
workingmen. The police have been
specially instructed to watch tbe meet
Ixpntalna nt WoB-NMarnliBfd Ger
mans rrtiu folana.
Bkblin, March 22. The newspapers
in Eastern 1'ruBeia assert that the Em
peror of Russia has Bigned a decree
expelling non-natnraliod Germans
from Poland. Laborers without con
tracts mutt leave within three days,
ana triose naving contracts within a
month. Mechanics are given three
months, landholders six inun'.hs and
contractors nine months within which
to leave the conntry.
Oppoalllan to Irlub Home Hole.
London, March 22. Karl Blind, in
a letter to friend, denounces huiuu
rule. He siya it would entail upon
jMiirianu c n-Unt vigilance and ex
pense and danger if a foreign invasion ;
would euhjiict the loyal limb to the
ynke of Popery, aud would imperil re-
ligoust ouiilitvanU civil iiittitutions.
ihe Irish Ddfensa Union has writ
ten a long letter to Mr. Gladstone,
giving ita viewi on the Irish question.
The union declares, tint, that social
order does not exist in Ireland : sec
ond, that the Irish farmers have been
ei couraged to rrpudiUa the land acts
(f 1870 and 1881; and, third, that the
desire for Gulf-governuiott ia really a
uesire lor compare independence.
Distress In Ucrmaay.
Bkiu.in, March 22. Many passant
ciuds ana sncieties have petitioned
iHNiimrcH in nvor of tho fjundation
of an Imperial Credit Institute to alle
viate the dittreaa of the smaller laud
holders. It is rumored that the Prus
sian government will appoint a gov
ernor oi West Prussia and Poien. with
special power to execute the Polish
Kan JS)' Wltb a Count.
London special : I am sorry to say
that tbe reports of the scandal at Pau
are conflimed. Mrs. Neilson Winthrop
un ahii vveunesuay aDHiiuea irom
going to chnrch on the plea cf indis
position, stating that she intended to
breakfast with her mother, who is now
residing at 1'at), seriously ill, and af
torwaril dine w in a friend. Mrs. Win
throp added that her husnaud need
not come for hfr. The next morning
the maid announced that her mistress
had not rtturr.ed during the night
A note was meanwhile fmiml ml.
dressed to Mrs. Winthrop's siotesny-
ink nun ii womj oe upeiees to expect
her, because she had gone away for
ever. Oa the Bame day Count Gon
taut Biran alto left for liu, te.lmg bis
wife, the Countess Gontant Biron, nee
Da Polegnan, tlmt he intended to visit
warm., and there spend the day; but
the count took a large trunk full of
(lothmg with him. The lady lift three
cunurdn at rati and tiie count two.
It is supposed that the fugitives hare
none to Hpaln. Mrs. Winthrop's hus
band left Pan immediately. Much
sympathy is telt in Par a for Mr. Win
throp's mother, who is re-lding there;
also for Mrs. Van Zindt, Mrs. Win-
throp s mother. our French corre-
spaiulent informs me that Mme. Gon
taut is most philosophical. She ex
pec is ner runaway husband to return
alone, and announces her intention I)
receive him in that event.
in ... .
r mn innow una lc vai on der rro
no m.rry .hioiib bolli ibinsUi
Vhen 8bc Froithe peen around.
, J nii nitkai mint oliit im tinale
I nr clhon ruiuiiih aamini
"ltinoT p UDoiinflnedl" v
Upd ihen dhsy go for nn-T ihtelah.
, Dnd rail, "Cat, out pchlndl"
It niakai maahtiitfeal rounsaomt more,
w iin.r jonriri yen,
I'nd aef I doa'd vm ihtiff and aore,
Fyahinail Ithuitvould veil.
Vhsn mmi oldt puna vu eoomin' pr,
I dhlnk I'd fee) Inclined
To ihump riahdl in upon der ahly,
Vndthout. "Cnt.cut iwhindl'1
I mind me vot mln fadar id
Vonre, vhan I vu a po,
Mit maMohiet alveyi in mine head,
Dnd fool off life and nhovi
"Now, llini, keep off der ihleigbi,
"Or olae ikuit beer In mind,
I duke joa riiht eorou mine knee,
llnd oat, eut, cut pehindl"
Veil, dot vu jf an and veer ace,
. Dnd mine yoane Vweob, too,
Vu now (kydoodlina droo der hnna,
Hhttet like I uied to dot
Dnd rheo der puntt noom py mine honae,
I (hast peeki droo der plmd,
Und linaa oudt, "Uo Id. Yftwoob Etraau,
Cut, out. rut, oat pehindl" .
Chart n foiln Adamt in Wiirper'e.
llmvj hiiow-Nlorin at Itnbnque, la.
1i iii'UHK, Ia., March 22. Tho heav
iest mid nioet destructive enow-Htonn
that luis vieitud Diiliuquo in the pant
the yearn begun hero Saturday after
noon ami continued until Into this
morning. Tho snow fell to u ileiith of
over t vvi feet, and drifted until fences
were hidden from view and several
fiail buildings foil under its weight.
Henrj Cnrbollr Nnlvr.
Tiie best naive uwd in the world for
ChIm, lirniwH, Piles, Sonw, Ulcere, Salt
Khi'Uin, Tetter, Chapped Hand, Ohil
Mains, CuriiR, and all kimlH of Skin
Eruptions, Freckles, mid Pimples.
The Salvo is guarnutccd to give per
fect satisfaction in every rae. Bo
sure you get Henry's Carbolic Salve,
ne all others are but imitations and
Ire tlorare In the Mlmoarl,
Smi-x City, Ia., March 22.-An ice
gorg in tho Missouri, about fifteen
mi es up tho river from bore, has
caused an overflow, submerging much
valley land. North and west of Elk
Point, Dak., is a vast sheet of water as
far as the eye cun reach. It is reported
that fanners in the flooded district
have fled and driven their stock to tho
ridges Tho ice has not moved in the
liver here. Another rvport sa s tho
water now lions from the Missouri
across to the I'ig Sioux, and has taken
away three miles of thu Chicago, Mil
waukee ami St. Paul track, between
JeHersoii and Elk Point, nnd it will
be impossible for trains to run for
several ihys. The work train returned,
unable to lo anything until the waP r
goes down. The uneasiness at Elk
Point has subsided somewhat, ait tho
water has not overrun tho towu and
is not rising.
Fearful Tragedy la Nebraska-Five
MtB Killed by a Desperado
Attempttd Mardir.
laPKJUI. TO TH1 11TI1L.1
Lexinotom, Mi-8, .Mn'ca 22 A
widuw woman living at Tchu'a, thir
teen miles from Lexiugtou, who )ia
been rnnuirig a ferry cro-sing peoi l
over t'ie lake, wa rol.b-d if J17tO
HatarjHy evening at 7:30 o'clock. K' e
was tied to the beiltteud and gfgge'l.
A3 soon ai the alarm was given three
men of Tchula got bnrtes and pur
sued the robbers, who were com
ing t' Lexington, overtook ihtm ju it
inside the corporation at 12:30 o'clock
Saturday night and ordered them to
surrender, but thfy fired on their pur
suers, when general tiring began.
One cf the robbers was shot dead, an
other was badly wounded, and the
third made srod his escaDe. Our
Sheriff and po?se are searching for the
wounded man. J wo hundred and fif-
tetn dollars and ten cer.ti was found
on the dead man's person with the
woman's name ( Mary blonder) cn tbe
Back ccntiining the money.
A BKBDiBN. Miss.. March 22. Satur
day night three strangers went to the
houee of Mrs. Kchlauder. a widow ludv
living acroHi the lake from Tchula
twelve miles from Lexington, g.igged
and bound her and a peddler who
was In the house at the time, with the
view of securing a Urge sum of money
bclioved to be eecreted about the
home. The old lady tvai suiiieittid to
all manner of torture, and it was n :t
until they carried her to tbe fire m il
thi entered to burn her that 8 .6 to
ill' m where .3()0 whs (ecreinl. A
toou us this was Bfcured and 1101) Ilia
tho puddler had, the robbers ieit for
Leiinglon to take the train. Th
peddler got out his knife, cut the cords
and rushed lnrrs If and gve it
elarm. 'J'own Marshal McBee, O
Jenotz azd John Uwyn started in du
uuit and overtook the lobbers about
milo from Lexirgtm, where a battl
occurred, one cf the robbers was in
(tartly killed and another v.oande
The wounded rohbar was traced to tbe
edge of the town, and hopes are enter
tained oi his capture, la a shce ad'
d ested to Mrs. Hchlander, on the per
son or tne dead robber, was four.
$215. In his hat was a band neatly
embroidered with the initials "O G.
No papers were found to identify him,
Tbe Mallojr-L.ee Trial.
ciPRiNGKiELD, Mo.. March 22. More
rapid progress was made in the Mai-
ioy-iAo trial than on anv previous
Jack O Neal. constahln of Brook
line township, stated that Mrs. Mai
lov came to him all in a quiver about
a letter no had written for Charlie to
folks in Fort W'avne. She stated thnt
Sarah was in a house of ill-fame in St,
lXHiis. She had written to witnesH
asking him to come over and see if
things could not bo settled. When
ho told Cora he was looking for Sarah
iirunam sue usked linn to como ove
Monday and talk thincra over.
Isaac llice testified that Mrs. Mallov
HiHwu in lirooKiine sno would lerrc
this matter to the bottom, but she
had to his knowledge inailo no effort
to do so.
iv. i-. normanHiaicuintitonuctoher
4th and 5th he found the pasture-gate
fastened and , a sign, "No Hunting -
iv uoati Here,- on tno gate.
j ne most ininortant witness wn
Everett Caiinefax. who was hiintinir
uirectiy alter tho lair, in iNewbill s
pasture, adjoining the Malloy pasture,
Jate in the evening he suw Graham
and Cora 200 yards from the well, ap
parently looking for somethinir, Thev
came up to tne wenand looked into it.
I'uunciax Btarteii to get over the fence
when tho rail broke, and they saw
nun. iney approacnea mm rapidly,
"inn eueiueu mucn excitwi. lira-
ham ordered him off the prem
ises, no saiu ne allowed no
hunting or trespassing. Witness went
back a short distance in Newbill's
pasture. When Graham and Cora
were 200 yards awav he crossed the
fence and approached them. Graham
again ordered him out; told him to
climb oyer the north fence, apparent
ly winning mm to steer clear oi tiie
well. Cora worked her iaws. H
didn t know what she said. Cannefax
repeatedly met Graham in thetasture
previous to that fatal night and that
worthy never objected.
The testimony of Cannefax wan
plainly a surprise to defense. He was
unshaken on cross-examination The
belief is general that Cora would be
held on testimony already in. If Mrs.
Malloy escapes it will be with a repu
tation forever blasted.
A rearral Tragedy la Hebraaka.
Omaha. Nkh. March 22. H. f!
Steadman, a promlner t farmer of Burt
county, proprietor of two creameries
near tne village cf Lyons, yesterday
forenoon diachaiirad Edward Johnson
alias John Andeison, young man and
a comparative stiangwr in the vicinity.
Johuton thereupon picked a quarrel
un oteauman ana without giving
warning whipped out a revolver and
shot Headman in the bowels, causing
death in a short time. There wns no
provocation for the deed. Amid the
ensuing ex.i'.ement Johnson secured
s WiucUeater tills snd a large quantity
in auiiuuuiueu, anu, mourning a horse,
escaped. Cjiistable Patker imme
ilii.tjly oraanixed a nnall paitv, aimed
wim revolvers, and, mounting horses.
give purfiut, being Joined frjm time
to time by others alurig the way. They
pi gaining oa mm, ana, U:;ally,
twelve mi o-i south, near the farm of
Charles P. Johnson, a rrgu'ar batt e
ensued. Th murdtrer turned and
fired several thots in rapid succession,
shooting Peter Johnson, brother of
Charles, in the heal, killing him in
ttintly. He next shot Chsiles P.
Johnson fatally in the abdomen. His
next shot killed Constable Parker's
horso. This was followed by other
shott, injuring some hrrsea and
giaxina some of the men.
Meanwhile the pursuers, whotie
numbers bad largely increased, kept
firing their revolvers, but ibe des
porsdo was out of rane. It was
thought, however, that he was
wontided. Thecr.wd began to close
in on him, when he fioa ly jutnptd
frcm bis horse, running into Coarles
P. Johnsou's large ham. He opened a
lively fire through the crackj and
opening, and had theet t re crowd,
row numbering fully 1(H) men, at bay.
They li n'ly caiitiiuily snrroiind.d
the barn and carefully gnardfd them
selves from the lire i f the barric:d-d
d-si o ado. They con inm d to sht o'.
iL to tlm b.-irn a f t quel t intervala
until dark. It was proposed to bum
him out, but no one would volunteer
to fire the building. The burn con
tained eight-en lioifes and mu'es,
a'jtmt 10u chickens, plenty nf giain
andawel. Besides this thpra were
--m-.w.vw, .uw u auu liUUHUW
were vaioed st joxw, ana it tt
thought advisable to wait awhile be
fore resorting tl fire. It was con
emded to guard the barn ciref ally all
n gbt, and resume operations in the
m-TDiDg. uuriog tne siege the
mnl-s and horses frequently neighed
louoiy, snd it was tnoueit tta
heyhsd ben wonnded fr.in time ti
time. L,nt Htt li'gtjl Sheriff Skir.n
fn m Tekaman, arrived witti a pos-
of ten m-n trmed with Winchester
rifl if. 'f hit moriiing they opeted fire
ag-iu on tue hm and tne desperado
rfsp-md-d. Ha ahct through one
man u tut, thr,.ui;h anoihei'e coat and
so on, hut woit ded no one, as tney
exHrciseii gr. a cannon, the decpar
ado gnard-d every eide tf the I am
and i.o oe dared to approach it to et
fiie to it, as it hid beeu determined to
do. This tt ernoori he fired savers!
shots through t'ie farm dwt-lling t,oue
w'nere several i"en wereitttioned, but
hit no one. A epecial train has been
cdered ti catry fifiy atmd men from
Tekamah to the pcene of the siege. At
mat scrounts (,) o clock th salt rnoon)
the desperado si ill held tbe foit. It
has been decided to set fire to the
barn in some way at the first oppor
tunny. ,
Later. An attempt to storm the
barn in Bart county, where the mar
aerocs aespemdi) is lottcnchec, re'
suited to-div j, ihe !e h nt snntber
man. Edgar Eivrett, who the desper
ado shot. Sever 1 others have been
slightly wounded durinir the da v. To
night bright fire is ses southwest of
Uaxland. in th direction of tbe barn,
eight nil es dis'ant, and the report
that has ria-'ied here is that the
barn baa been Bet on fire. The
muiderer has kilied thiee men and
wounded sereiat and has shot several
h ernes. .The b ,rn, which is now burn
lnir, was, witn its content', valued at
Oi 00, aad bel t gid to C. P. Johnsoa,
one i.i tne killed.
h i Johns in, tbe depptitaio who
killed his etnp oer 8 turday, and who
since that time Ins ben iutrencl ed
iii a brn neir ) .kl ind, where 1 o ha
ns'Sted dll atii rxn ts to capture him
and killed to men and woonded pev-
er.l others was fina ly captured this
Attempted Murder and Robbery.
Vick nuBoMis?., March 22 Wm
oisziei a ttore at tinsluckHna was
robbed Saturdiy rnLt. Yciterday
mornir g Mr. Blsier wai fouud lying
in ii H ued. lie said a nemo entered
theptore and s rnnk him in the head
with a i ex. Mr. Biszier is slso post
mnBier, wi'.n his ouice in the store.
Ibe olhce was robbed nf several regis
tered letters, and all tlm stamps and
money were taken. The wounded man
l in a cnt et eondi'inn.
A Common Cold
la often the beginning of serious affec
tion! of Ihs Throat, Bronchial Tubes,
and Lungs. Therefore, tho importance of
early and effective, treatment cannot be
overestimated. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
may ahvaya bo relied upon for the apeedy
cure of a Cold or Cough.
Lnst January I wns attacked with a
severe Cold, which, by neglect and fre
quent exposures, became worse, finally
aettling un my luns. A tenililo couh
soon followed, accompanied by palna in
" lie chest, from wliieh 1 sufl'ered iutensely.
After tryiiig various remedies, without
obtaining relief, I commenced taking
Aycr'a Cherry Pectoral, aud was
Speedily Cured.
I am satisfied that this remedy saved my
life. Juo. Webster, Pawtueki-t, It. I.
I contracted a severe cold, which sud
denly developed into l'lieuinoiiiii, present
ing dangerous pad obstinate symptom.
My pliynieiiin nt once ordered the use of
Aver'a Cherry Pectoral. His InstruetioiiF
were followed, and the result w as a rnphi
and permanent cure. II. E. tiimptioii,
llogcrs l Tame, 1 exas.
Two veiira airo i sullered from a severe
Cold which settled on my Lungs. I con
sulted various physicians, ami took the
medicines they prescribed, but received
only temporary relief. A friend Induced
me to try Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. After
taktlnr two bottles of this nieil tine I wu
cured. 8lnee then I have given tbe Pec
toral to my children, aud consider it
The Best Remedy
for Colds, Coughs, and all Thront and
I.ung diseases, ever used In my family.
ftobcrt Yanderpool, Aleadvllle.'Pa.
Some tlmo a-'o I took a sllcht Cold.
which, bchiK neulectcd, irrew worse, ami
settled on my lungs. T had a hacking
cough, and waa very weak. Thoso who
knew me best considered my life to be
In great danger. I continued to suffer
until I commenced using Ayer's Cherry
Pectoral. Less than one bottle of this vnl
uahle medicine cured me, and I feel that
owe the preservation of niv life to Ha
curative powers. at ra. Ann Lockwoed,
Ainw,fli!w xora.
Aver's Cherry Pectoral is considered.
here, the one great remedy for all diseases
of the throat and lungs, and is more
In demand than anv other medicine of ita
class. J. F. ltoberte, Magnolia, Ark.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral,
Prrpend by I. 1-C. Ayer 1c Co., Iowell, Maae.
'eld by lrug(ieit. priee SI, eU txulM,SA
Icsh Producer & Tonic !
Hear the WUue&aeal
10 to pounds t
A f aixtjr.Klgbt Winters.
I aiik twfMil r,fwA. &n.l tasatA rlntr.w'a
Pioneer a fine tonio for the feeble. By ita
ne mr itrengih k as been restored ana! mj
weight InoreaM.d ten pounds.
a r. u. VAAH'iiBLL, cotton (tin Maker.
Macon. Oa., Februarr 18, 1886.
A t'rlppled t enrrdersie Nay:
I on1? welshed 128 oonnds when I com
menced Guinu's Finn r. end nnw weiah 147
pounds. 1 oould hardlr walk with a stick to
suoi ort me end cun now walk loni distances
without help. Ju benefit to me is hyund
cut 'illation. R. KUiUS BilSTICK,
Mcon. Gsw Cotton Buyer.
Mr. A. II flrambleii. Hardware Der-
Chan i, or Forsyth, Ua , Write I
It acted I'ke a eharm on mveeneml health.
consider it a fioeUinic. I weigh more than
have lor 'to yeais. KefpectlullT.
A. il. UKA.MUttll.
Mr. W. T. Jene, Incn,Nayni
My wife has rrtsined her strength aud in-
ereed ten
ponniis in weiabt. ne recoui
s Pioneer as the best tonic.
mend uuiun
w. it. Junes.
il. W. nrlbrldsre, nt Allaala, Ua.,
Write arualsin'a Pluaeer s
Ouinn's Pioneer lllood Renawer hu been
ted fur Teera ith nniiMMj.iliri iimmi.
It is entirely Tecetable snd does the sytam
o harm. It ftuiiroses the appetite, diges
tion end blood liiakinv. Itimnl-tine. inrie'-
orating snd tonlnsaB.II the funotions snd
u.anes oi tne svit.ni. and thus becomes tne
treat blood renewer sad health restorer.
u l i is was
cures all Blood and Skin Pisases, Pheuma-
im, 0 rolule, Ulii Bores. A periset ciprifl.
It not in your market it will be forwardei
1 receipt on i rice. Small bottle.. Sl.ls
srse botiles, tl 7.S.
ftvesay on tilood and Skla Diseases matled
f " It jn lien oi
nt miejr-' liitit3 o tht ct of fl-
vrtkrittii. Tvte mlvrr- mt who n tui nttid
one t'oilitr. fit in it it.n nlrf) ai (on i r
MUtrntWile ir hwu 'uo tririt on
fain drt (h'-annti'l r i ft r.4rcrttMnt, a
"hen v It mdialesi tiirh tll inert bn
vary r'ii- tueDis t rn h ninHe L do to
y nl.ubf rhhk tmmly nrr vtl t tr oorrt
iMirni' uc9. One titit lrtti nd filtr-tlr
tiittnm inv tMn irtfi. , Hnt, pis!'iitit
to an a-MrrM nrin .m. A i n! to ti !?'
All n. .e.rucait. (PriQt-
w-l njibjt .JT Jls il JL if, .
And Commission Oerchants,
50Jrnml g2 Front Wt.. Memphis. Tent
J. T. FAR0AS0N. J. A. HUNT. 0. C.
J. T. FAR6AS0N & GO,
S3S Front Street, Memphlc, Tenn.
Cotton consigned to us will have our enreful attention. We carry at all timet a well-
leleoted stock oi.
Stapled Fancy Groceries, Wines, Liqucrsjobacts & Cisrs
ami will Hm
Jos. Scfiliiz Brewing Gompam
illIUi!Xl J11CJ lliA11VyIl,; UepolaudleenoHMi, eor. MHlnAwia. il, n
S. ROESCHluR. Agent, Memvliia, Tenn.
Bales la 1883, 300,000 Barrels.. .....8hIsi of Memphis Brancb, 100,000 Kee..
Mini in !..
tt-Will pay Good Prices
TRASHY COTTON of all descriptions. Send for Circular
and Prices Paid.
75 Vance Street
-Fiolci Peas "Vl7-xn.tci
Farming Tools, Grass Seed, Garden Seed, Onion
Sets, Millet,
It. G. CRAIG &
Tnnr m'c
Wholesale Grocers. Cotton Factors,
And Dealers in Leree and Railroad Supplies,
No. 274 Front Street -Mnmnbi, Tenpcrse
NewlT Constmoted and Elaborately Fnrnishede Con
taintng 225 JLarge and Elegant Rooms.
atrThe House hu Perfect Ventilation and Natural Light, Steam heating, Xleetrle Bella,
and two oi Hale's Eleratora. All street-flan pus Hals street entrance.
BATES t3.M t M per day, aoeordiac to slse and eleratioa of rooms. Special
rates to Commercial Trarelers. Abundant supply of PURB CISTERN AND WILL "WATER
Doors, Sash. Blinds,
LalJi Biirl Khingles, Flooring,
3IX.3ZP1XI&, -
SL. 3S3- ZjiSill cfd CO
3764tS4J80-382-S4-S86 ISeeond street, sooth ot Gayoso.
Doors, Sash, Blinds. Flooring,
naniaiars iisn.
Sternberg & Son,
336 Front St., Cor. Union, Memphis. Tenn.
r. m. ALsrox,
And Ceaal88i0B3lr)rchftnt8. fir, Corn 0tB, Bran, Chop Fewl, Oil-Mwl,
LhiM , Cement, riastivr, lluildlnir and Fire Brick, Etc
Cor. Front and Union, 1 Howard's Row, Memphis,
l,nw a the Uenl,
Htio.OOO HHrr.li.
HemnUi, Tenn.
Molding, Lumber,
Coiling su id Cedar Posts.
CeUinp, Siding, Shingles,
- --.
ii. n. Jiii BT.
AI It Go
jet k,
DK. D. S. JOOSOfi'S-
wm mr w a -w a
So. 17 JeAVrsoi Street.
(Between Jdain and Front.) MEMPHIS.
D , JEftabiished in I860. 1
B.JOHJisON is acknowledged by aR par
ties interested by for th. most sue
eesslul ehysician ia the treat mentoi pri rate
onecret diieases. (Jnirk, permanent cure,
suaranterd in every ease, male or fooiale.
Kecent re-es of Uonorrhe ail Syphilia
cured in a f w days without the use of mer
cury, chanc of diet or hindrance from
business, becond.ry Syr hilis, the last ves
tine eradicated without tbe use of mercury.
Involuntary loss of .omen stopped in short
time, bufierers fniui impotency er iocs of
sexual p.wem restored t Irre vu-or in a few
eeks. Vi?tim of seli-irhuse sndexcessiie
Tenery, suffering from spermmoribea and
losof physicsl i.nd mental power, spofdily
snd permanently ci id. Partioular atten
tion paid to the lireaa i.l VVnm.n. sail
eures guamnteed. Piles and old sores cured
without lie use ot cso-ticor the knife. All
e- uful tations strictly confidential. Mwi.
cines sent by express to all parts of tie
"Workingmen cured at half the mnal
rHt.4. Office hours from 8 o'alock a.m. to 9
o'dnckp.m. D. H. JOHNSON. M.D.
r or 15 yean at 37 Court Plac, now at
22 Market Street,
:et. inird and J-ourth,
, resruUrrr tdneatM attd Intr-Jly qualified pbyatnai tad Mm
lUCCCMflU, M -0 DtaVCtisl Vill DfOV.
Cnres aU forms of PRIVATE,
1 n ri7iixu juiu ajbAUiiJ
bveriziatorrheii, nd Impotnoy,,
a th re salt of wlf-abaa la jrooth, midki uocmm ta aay
frmn, or otbar otvuans, and produclof worn o i tin fusV
.nwinfc ftJecH; Nerrouaoeia, ttunioal F.niiuioiaa. ...-.inia.
ainnt ty drauma). IHoDDMa of bitil, Defrctive Hr-cr.'' J'b r
imllaj. liuiioe Vmcm. Avrrtion twHuemj a.' Jma'st
''Mif-isiitrn of L, l-om at f-rual fovr, 40.. rtaCeutta
aartiujrv impro.or ar BQhaipr, ara iborouirhlr oA ptnu
iautl) ourwL SYPJUIjLlS VUi',L-' cura0
fsf'fSSfr1 i,',um- Gonorrheo,
(JtXityXil. Slrlctura, Orcluua, flertiia, or iiutUirai;
?.'L j.a i oilirr prlvw diaeajm quiokly curl,
U in arlf-sjvKlfDt Uint a j.Uy sielaii who pari spertt! attnttMtt
in irraiD otaaa or dijifciac., aril twatiiif tb-HBi.B-Jt rna
ll.f , rrqulrea (pet ikUL Phrai ilmn ktwwlDg thin fart oflca
miDvu,! (rjn to my ajar Wbea U b inooaventent t
iMttueouw fo-uttviiaent, tnedJ Hdi eaa baaaut pmaWr
kadrai.1 by m-U or oipreaa utrvliera.
'r'es Gaarantead to tUt Cano
Ci.i.-nuti.'ua p'wnaUr vr by unxm trm od 'BwraJt
,-iw.ratj r-jioual)iaj aud dUTtirsou Jut wrttUl -vi-l"l-i i m
if WO raifM, afrit to any df-4M, fouraij ur t irs-
ji1) iio.ita. Blioald b r-.aa by ml Address mr,
'iffwje, .jKuni rrma b A. U. I09 P. M S'Ji-iUa, 'i Uj 4
Exchange National Bank
NORFOLK, TA.. Feb. 10, J 86.
PROPOSALS will be received at this oflice
until Saturday,. Maroh i7, 1K86, for the
liurchas . Of the hereinafter mentioned ttrnn.
erty in its entirety, and also for pieces or
imrcei. oi toe same reiorenoe Mini bad to
ue.onpt.ive n.u r ...J pir.irt; nhiCB
lists, stating terms of sulci, will be furniehed
upon application to tbe undersigned. The
right to reject any and all bids is reserved:
The extensive and valuable property lo
cated in Norfolk and Portsmouth, Va.,
known as tbe "Besboard Cotton Compress
Company of Norfolk. Va.," consisting of:
1. Theranist.., which, among other priv
ileges, authorises th. stnrag. of ootton and
other merchandise, and the issue ef negoti
able reoeipts therefor.
2. Ita pianl, which consists of three (S)
first-dass improvei ootton compresses; twe
(2) steam tugs; three (3) transportation
bsrg-es. All th. adjuncts necessary to a well
equipped establishment of this character.
Ita fire proof warehouses, seven (7) in num
ber, of capacity for storag. of 21,000 bale!
unoompresstd cot ten.
Ita four Ul frame warehouses (metal roofs)
espsoity, many thousands tons of fertili
airs, salt, eto-
Its wharves and docks, which afford ample
room for berthing at Ihe aame time ten sea-
goinv, steam or sailing vessels. Tbe area of
the warehouse and dock property in Porte
mouth is about 6H an as, together with all it
o'her property, wkioh is fully described ia
the lists above re4ored to.
WM. U PETERS, Receiver.
wVANTFi"! AGKNTS.Men and Women.
I tU , ..xuu CHILD'S
BIBLE " Introduction by Rev. J. II. Vin
cent, D.D. One airent has sold 65 in a town
01671 people; ono 73 in a village oi 7H4; one
new airent 85 in 10 days; one ftvi in A succes
sive weeks; one 40 in 3 days at two di'ierent
times. Experience not necessary duress
CASSKLL it CO. (Ti't'dl.
40 llesrbom street. iVioaeo.
To Sas Coiisumers
FOR all gas consumed on and after the 1st
of Apnl, proximo, by ru'totners of this
Company, th. price will be Two Dollars and
filty . Cents pep tnousano cubio feet, nut
where the bills are naid within the first five
business days of ch month a Disoount nf
Jttty Cents per thousand feet will be made,
making net pr.oeol TWO DOLLARS per
thousand cubio feet.
By E. BiISLEY, President.
Jos. Oaaio, Seoretnry.
Memphis, Tenn.,.Mn-ch 4, 1886.
Funeral Directors..
APTJLL and complete stock ef Wood and .
Metal I io Oaaee and Caskets, Cloth-Covered
Caskets and Burial Robes always on
hind, aaa- Ord.rs by telegraph promptly
Admlli4rtor'g Notice.
Orrioi o Public ADumsTSiToa.l
Fehruary 27, 1886. f.
HAVING been appointed and qualified as.
administrate' of the estate of Patrick
Rop.r. deceased, all parties indebted to aaidi
estate are requested to ecme lorward and'
settle, and all parties to whom said estate ia
indebted are requested to file their claims
th nse, d!ity rro"td in accordance wiua
JOHN 1 OAlHIK. Public Adm'r.
Cure Guaranteed
1 he liletroJlvBnicPuprnaory lirlt i"
Poii(ive t'nrclbr NervoiilH-billt , lorn
ef Vigor, Wmikncam Pry ninlureOld Are
Ac. JVc. v.ojjO Weward iaid It.eierr Unit
we sell does not generate a praume Wcctne
rattreiit, friee nxlnccd to j. WlLh esch
Belt v.e semi a written gilarnoles to return
the full amount peld if it does not luakea
complete -ure. Si-aled perttijllsni sent free.
f.l.KGTHTO BRI.T AoVnci'. corner la
LaaA A.VWU. and Btato b treeW Brookpn. g. a.
Ketlce Is Ilerebj GWen,
THAT th. annual meeting of the stork
holder, of th. Chesspeake, Ohio
and Southwestern Railroad Company
lor the election of Directors and
such other nuOness as may come before the
meeting, will be held at the office of the
Company, in the city nf Memphis (oalled the
Taxing l)itiict oi Pbeihy County). Tenn.,
on the (( esy of April, !, at 12
o'clock noon of that day, and tbat the loose
frein that Company to the Newport News and
Mis'insippi Valley CompaDy will be aub
mittedto th. stockb.ld. s for their consent
therete and approval thereof. Transfer
books win be closed from March 2oth to
April 6, 1886.
By order of the President and Board ol
Directors. ISA AC K, w ATES. Secretary.
Trtutee's isale.
PURSUANT to a trust deed executed to.
me as truatre, by J. R. Plipnin and M.
A. Fhppin, of da'e AuriisI 10, 1883. and re
corded in the Regirtor's oEot of bhelby
county. Tennessee, in bock No. 155, pae
nlordaj, April 10, 1SK6,
during legal hours, fell, in front of the
court nouse door of a d rouity, at l.ubJie
outcry, lor cah, tb. proper? tberehy ron
veyed, via.: Lot No. two (21 in the division
of the property aold to b'. Larigne in In.
ea'e of the Teuno-iee Marine and Fire In
surance Company vs. Chus. Po ter et al.
Ch.oeery Court of Shn'by County, Tennes
see, sai i lot Iron tins 28 feet 7 inches on we
line of Fhe. by strict by a depth wastwaral
of 140 feet, r- ftrenee b inr tere aiade Ion
more particular desoiiption to decree vest
iig title in K. Lnvikne, recoHd in saia
Kei ister's office, book 6, i sg.- 19, etc.
Reiietni t'on.duweracd hou..-l.ad waivsd.
Title beliavtd good.
l. TI.POSTCN.Trust.e.
ps'raMSua seeking taoverntneit Kn.
ploymeht in any ol the departui.aUtt
Wafhington, or any other poriticois anda,
th. Government, I will a. ad lull iastreetioa :
as to how to ivce- to obtain thesau:..
and Blaatas t'srns al Appiieatlaw on
rocipt ot On. Prllar. Auureea JOHSt
lt. blKwIt, Ietflras It, IkKHSSO,

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