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Cotton Quiet Middling, 8 S'4c
Sale Yesterday, 1400
Money is in fair demand at 8 per
conk; local securities steady. The
cotton market was quiet yesterday,
with a drooping tendency; middling,
8e; sales, 1400 bales; receipts, 1533
bales; stock, 120,500 bales. The New
York spot market closed steady and
unchanged; middling, 8jc. New Or
leans dull and 1-lGc lower ; middling,
8 ll-16c. Liverpool -business good
at hardening rates; middling, 5d.
The cotton uia-ket during the past
week has been generally firm and ad
vancing, though the close yesterday
was quiet and somewhat weaker.
Compared with prices of Monday,
March 15th, there has been a gain of
11 points on futures in New York, 5
points in New Orleans, and 2-IMd in
Liverpool. In spots during tho same
period New York has advanced Jc,
New Orleans jc,. Memphis c, and
Liverpool Jd. The market yesterday
closed quiet.
Tho future market was weaker, New
York closed quiet and 7 to 10 points
lower, March, 9.0 Xj9.07c, New Orleans
quiet and steady and 10 to 12 points
lower, Liverpool irregular and Jd low
er. Receipts at this point this season
512,942 bales, as against 411,401 bales
this time last year, an increase of 101,'
481 bales. Receipt at all United States
porU yesterday, 14,770 bales, against
3573 bales same time last year. There
are no changes to note in the general
market except a decline of 10 cents in
9 Madlsan St., Memphis, Tenn.,
M-OorrfMpondrnee solicited. iDfor-
uatlom cheerfully faralshed.nM
Money In good demand at 8 per cent.
The Clearing House report ia ai fol
Mor day, March 22d. $327 000 22;
same dav last week, $310,272 29; same
day in 18S5, $255,435 S9; same day in
1884, 271,8t OS.
Moofiav, March 22.1, $."!, 023 79;
same day lar t wsek, 187,447 24 ; same
day in 8nr, $10,21, bs, sans day in
1881, $ 78,579 15.
New York sight on all point, i dis
count buying, J premium sailing; Now
England demand, I discount buying;
New Enc'a-id sight, I discount; New
,7)rleaus, 1 discount buying, par selling,
Bank of Commerce... 148 hid, 150 asked
Firt National 138 bid, 142afked
German Ban- 1 92 J bid, 200 asked
Htate National 137 bid, 14 1 asked
UnioD and PiaDte..l48 bid, ISO asked
Mercantile Bank.. ..132 bid, 135 asked
Home .. 70 bid, 78 asked
Bluff City ,....-100 bid, ... asked
Peoples .' -81) asked
Planters 101 bid, 105 asked
Pbcenix 98 bid, 100 asked
Memphis City 102 bid, 104 asked
Vanderbilt 20 bid. 21 asked
Hernando - 100 bid, ... asked
Arlington 30 bid, 35 aikod
Tenn.certf, D and E..83J bid, 87 J asked
Tenn. wte. tor. U 97 bid, 99J asked
Shelby Co. bonds.. 1041 bid,10t4 asked
Shelby Co. wts. 98 bid, 99 asked
Tax. Diet. 4, 63 92 bid, 93 ased
Tax.Dist.6s 100! bid, 1011 asked
Mnm.Stor. Com. CO..105 bid, 110 a iked
Mem. Ons ftick 0 asked
Mem. Oas bonds K'5 bid, ... asked
Mom. Water hoods 9J bid, ... anked
llanauor Oil Works hid, 50 asked
ifiity Oil Work? bid, 45 asked
JTioneer (jotton Mills -12 bid
Am. Cot. Oil trusts 28 bid, 2D asked
em.City Ky.bonde..l02 bid, 103 aeked
New York, March 22. Money on
ill easy at 2 per cent. Prime
tercantile naucr 4 a 5. Sterlinu ex-
banco dull and lower: actual rates,
80 for 60 days; and 4883 for demand.
ISonds-uovernment bonds were
nil and steady. State bonds were
ot traded in. The total sales of rail-
i.av bonds were $1,088,000, with un-
nportant changes in prices.
Stocks The stock market was "very
regular, the most conspicuous feature
eiug the strength in dial stocks and
le weakness in Ijiko chore. Igarka
anna was most prominent for the
tivity and advance, but there was a
tod business in Lake Shore and St,
;iiil. Lackawanna, after fluctuating
tween 12o and 12SJ, closed at 121
net gain of 2. In sympathy with
is movement Delaware and Hudson
se to 1022, and closed 1 lower, with
advance ot 1. lliese are the only
tive stocks that show any material
vane. A raid was made on Lake
ore and the grangers, the former
lining TJiniilly from 84' at the
ening and 85 j at Saturday's close,
v. There was later a rally to 84J
other decline of 1 per cent., finally
sing at 8.J, a loss of 1 '.. Aew 1 ork
ntral is down J, at 103. St. Paul
ws a loss of 3, Northwestern of
aha common of 2, Chicago, Bur
ton and 0.uincy J, iind Texas
1 Pacific H, on a small
iness The remainder of the
ve list shows losses of
The market closed firm to
iur. The strength in the coal
kg was due in part to buying, and,
it is learned since 3 o'clock, to
wlcdge by insiders that a meeting
..i .1.. 1 i:
lie representatives 01 inv leaning
nanies was to be held in this city
evening for the purpose of agiye-
fl possible, upon a combination
mtrol the output for the remain
f the current year. Ihe weaK
in tlie other stocks is directly
bntablo to the raid that has been
ogress for several days jiast to
those stocks to lower figures.
V . . 1 1 :
IneWB 01 me uay was uinmpor-
L...1 ..(l'..,, .....r. n-l......
1 1 mill uau uu ruin ufv.ii ('linn.
V I tiital sales of stocks to-lav were
i shines, including: Delaware,
wanna and Western, 122,:UK;
an' and Hudson, 7175; Erie,
t LafceSbCi'e, 77,140: Louisville
and Nashville, 6200: Northwestern,
000: New Jersey Central, 14.346:
New York Central, 4700; Pacific
Mail. 4100: Reading, 20,200; St. Paul,
35,870; Union Pacific, 9700; Western
Union, oIZU. Closing quotations:
D. 8. 3, ion'.. Naw 4i. 126S.
2w 4, llZi. raomoM 01 vx), izs.
C. P. firt, 111. T.P. laid rnf, 31.
Kria Mcondu, 101. T. r. Kio u. liv 56.
U'h AWiikei.,111. 1). P. r.U, UTS.
Louiaian eon tlo. U. P lund (rant, 1C6V4
Miooari Al. 101. II. P. fuDil. llo'-i.
St. Jo-eph, 131. Virginia tic, U.
St.P. b.C.firit",129. Va. con., e-m. e t7.
TnD. 6, old, 5'. Va. con. def., 9.
lean, fa. Dew, 50.
Adumi Kxpre, H5. hvill, k C, 4.
Allatbeny Ceo , - N. J. Central, 504.
Ailoo T. U.,41. Nor. i. W., .fd. T,.
A. . T. H., pfd,90. Northern Pao.,1-,.
Amerirao bx.. lw;. Mortbern f.,pid,57'.
B.. C. K. k H.. tvi. N. V. C. A St. L.. B'i.
Canada I'ao., fti.'i. N. Y. C. i St L . p.,14.
Canada Sou , 41. C. k N. V.,
Centtul Pac.fin.4'. ('. k N. W., ild, 138S
Chf-wake4 0., lu. N. 1. Central, 1ii3.
C. k 0., lit pfd, 17. Ohio Central, I;..
C. k O., 2d l id. ll.'-i. Ohio k MiM.. U-,-
C. k A., HI). O. k Mim.. pfd, W.
u. s A., pia, i,)i. unurio a next . 15.
C , II. k V-A'i. Oregon NaT., lt!'.
C.,ht. L. k N. (J , Oreiion Trans., SOVi.
C, St. It. k P., W. Oragon Imp., IH.
C.St.L. k P.. n.,aj;.Haoiflo Mail, Ot'i.
C, 8. k C . 'iZ't. Panama, i'S.
C. k C. S'4. Poena. D. E , 1V4.
Del. X uuu,, ivi riiiaourfr,
Uel., Ij. k W., KVi. Pullman P. C..1L5.
lien. 4 Kio U., lt. Heading, i't.
r.ne, a'.. riocn inland, n,.
Krie, pfd, 5 St L. 4 S. F., 20.
KutTsnn.'-j. St. L. k 8. F., p., 43.
EavtTenn. plil,5. 8t. h.k S.K. latp.,100.
Foil Wayne, 148. C. M. k l. P , 91V
llanniiai A St. Jo, l! M. St. P.. p.. I it
H. k St. Jo pfd, - St. P. M. k M., 115.
Harlem, 215. Kt P. k Omaha, 39.
Ho ikt .u k ., 34. St. P. k 0., pfd, M.
Illinois Cen., If 1. Texiu Pacioc, 11 '-4.
Ind. DA., Union Pacific.
Kantaa k T , 28'.. I', g. Expreim. ot.
Uka K. k IV., luS. W., St. L. k P., 10.
Luke Shore, 83) W.,St. L. k P. p.. Vi.
tou. k Naflb , 40, w.iK.tr.Hi,
Lou. 4 N. A., 34H. W. U. Tel.. 6
M.AC., lt pld, Colorado Coal. 25!-..
M- A C, 2d pfd, Homntake, 17',.
Mem. k Char., ?'.. Iron Silver, 220.
Mich. Central, ". Ontario, 28.
M10 A bt. 1... 18'4. Uuickiilver, VA.
M. k ft. L.. ufd.tG.Ouirka l.r dM. 22.
Mii. Pac . lmS. South. Pacific,
noD iu.,i2. Hutro, is.
Morrifi.,offd, 137!.
Boston, March 22. The following
table, compiled from special dispatch
es to the Post from managers of the
leading clearing-houses in the United
fctates,Bhow8 the gross bank exchanges
at each point for the week ending
March 2oth, in comparison with the
corresponding week in 1885:
New York, j65,12-,000;inc, 52.1.
Boston, 76.328 320; inc., 33 0.
Philadelphia, $69 130,727; inc., S9 0
Chicago, 441,550,000; inc., 17.9,
Ht. Louis, $ l '!,fi61 970; dec., 6.
Baltimore, $11,837,832; dc , 10 1.
Cincinnati, 19,100,000; inc., 12 3.
Han Francisco, $lo,483,38; inc., 19 9.
Pittsburg, ti,721.7 ; inc., 41 2.
Louisville, $4,137,678; inc., 1.2.
Milwaukee, $2,900,000; dm., 2 2.
Kansas City, 4,677 44o; inc., 41 9.
Providence, j4,0.'5,K(X); inc, 100.
New Orleans, 7,9 l,00;i; inc., 18.9.
Minneapolis, $2,701,200; inc., 35 1.
Denver, '2 9i5,500.
Omaha, 13 026,4li0; inc., 71.2.
Detroit, $2,803 (W4; inc., 3S.4.
Galveston, 1,351,707.
Cleveland, 12,048,1 il ; inc., 13 0
Indianapolis, $1,044 754; dee , 2 5.
Columbus, $1,W1,(SG9; inc., 39 5.
Memphis, If 1,9(7,894; lac. 41 9.
Hartford, $l,06ptt8; inc., 25 0
New Haven, $1,)6,610; ire, 7.9.
Peoria, iti78,147; dec, 10 4
Portland, S 861.02 ; dt c, 5 0.
. Worcester, $799 87 ; inc., 2i.2.
St. Joseph, $728,000; inc., 0 0.
Springfield, $72i,190; ire, 3 7.
1-owell, a54:k),000; inc., 0.3.
Total, 925 433 807; inc . 40 0
Outside New York, $273,3:8,807;
inc., .1 ti.
Dduver and Galveston cot included
in tttilj.
London. March 22. Consols. 100
fivr money and 100 for the account.
United States bonds -4s, 12J; 4J.s,
114L The amount of bullion gone
into the Hank of England on balance
to-day is 26,900.
Paris, March 22. Three per cent,
rentes, 0f. 1 Ac. for tho account.
New York, March 22. Exchanges,
iif),3t)3,3ti; balances, i,iiY,tM.
Baltimore, Mo., March 22. Clear
ings, 12,238,024; balances, $199,339.
Boston, Mass., March 22. Ex
changes, $12,308,981 ; balances, $1,387,'
Philadelphia, Pa , March 22.
Clean cgs, $9,GS8,087 ; balances, $!,
r,,,.. T.i "T-,.U OO Tl,
VIIRAIIW. Jl.lf., .Tiauii mm. Alio
associated bank clearings to-day were
iV 29,000.
St. Loris, Mo., March 22. Bank
clearings, J2,3!)o,ll0; balances, $3al,'
417. Exchange on New York firmer,
-0 cents discount to par.
The local cotton market opened
quiet, and closed quiet; middling,
8;je. Sales, 14'X) bales, of which 1300 to
exporters and 100 to spinners.
Ordinary 7
Good ordinary 7i
Low middling 8t
(iooil middling. . . .
Middling fair
Fair .
Stains and tinges...
, Mimfhih, March 22, 1S86,
Stock Sept. 1, 1885.- 1,392
Kecoivea to day 1,6'3
Received previously...511,409 514,334
Shipped to-dav 2,584
Shipjied previously....391,244 392,828
Stock.ru lining arco tint
Thus far this week ,
Thus far last week ,
. 2,580
. 3,033
Since September 1st
M. and C. B. R
M. and'f. R.R
L. and N. It. li
M.and L. R. R. R
0., O snd S. W. R R
U, N.O.andT. R. It
K. , S. and M. R. R
M , S find lt.R R
Wagons and other sources..
Total "...
Tiniri far this week
Thus far last week
.. 135
.. K3
.. 130
,. 538
.. 49
... 87
.. 1
... 44.':
... 10
Since September 1st,..
M. and C. R.R
M. snd T. R. It....
Louisville A Nashville R. R
C.,.andS. W
L , N. O. and T. li. R
Steamers north
Total 284
New York sjHjts opened stiady, and
closed steady. Sales, 175 bait. Quota
tions were as follows:
Ordinary 6J
Goodonliiiary... 8
Low middling... 8 13-10
Middling 9J
Good middling- 9 9-10
Middling fair 10J
Pair 11
8 13-16
9 9-10
New York futures opened quiet,
and closed qnift, and 7 1) 10 points
lower. Sales, 115,900 bales. The clos
ing quotations were as follows:
Yesterday. Saturday.
March 9.05 9 07 9 12 M i4
April 9 09(4 910 9.17(4 9 19
May 9 21(4 9.22 9 .29 4 30
June 9310 9.31 99 4 9.40
July 9 38(4 9.39 9.48
August - 9 4i(4 9 47 9 5T'k
SepU-mber... 9 30 9.31 9 38(4 9.39
October 9 14r4 9 ltf 9 23(4 9 24
November... 9.10(4 9.11 9 18 t 9 19
December... 9.13(4 9.15 0 21(4 9.22
January 9 21(4 0 22 9.28(4 9.30
The New Orleans spot market opened
qnirt, and closed dull, and 1-16 lower.
Sales, 25.2.0 bales.
7 316
9 9-10
Ordinary... 7J
O.od ordinary... 7 13-16
lyow niulilung.... 8 31(1
Middling 8 11-10
tood mnldling 9
The New Orleans future market open
ed q ie , and closed qiit a d sU'ady,
and 10to12points orthanS,itatd y.
Sales, 2 ,c00 hales. The closing quota
tions were as follows:
Yesterday. Sal u'dav.
March Nominal N"m:ml.
April 83; 8.W 8 73f4 8.75
May 8.76'" 8.87(4 8 8S
June 8.M3 8.9J 9 01(4 " 2
July 9 02t 9.03 9 14 4 9.15
August 9 0,ro9.07 917(4 9.18
Si'ptemher ... 8 82(4 8 84 8.9K4 8.94
October 8.72(4 8 73 8.84(4 H.8"
November. .. 8 07(4 8 08 8 78 a 8 80
December ... 8.70 8 71 8 81(4 8 82
Itec. 1 Prices
2190 8 15-10
N Orleans.
Mobile .
1445 811-10
2173 9
204 8)
1715 9
1844 9
35 9i
14 9J
42 93
483 8
New York
Boston .....
St. Louis...
Augusta. .
2 S8g
Receipts at ports, this day, 1880. 14,770
Receipts at ports, this day,188.j. 3,573
188(5. 188.5. 1884.
R'ts U. S.
ports,:! d b 23,24(i 7,392 18,194
Ex. Gt.Br 13,883 9,878 20,804
Stock 9' 7,477 701,083 708,098
R'ts Sept.1'4,728,099 4,493,282 4,521,723
For'gnKx. '3,172,8873.207 8B73,2 1 1 ,504
Increase of receipts this year. ..234,817
The Liverpool spot market at noon
was reported business good at harden
ing rates. Sales, 12,000 bales, of which
American 9100 bales. Receipts, 'MOO
bales, of which 1200 were American.
Ihe following are the closing quota
tions: Ordinary, 4d; good ordinary,
4-jd; low middling, 5jd; good mid
dling, 51d; middling uplands, 5d;
middling Orleans, 5 l-10d.
1 1 he prwei are oitvn in pence and 64(i.
tfiM 4 63 meant 4 C3 01i., and 6 01
means 5 1-64 1
At noon: Liverpool futures were
quiet. Quotations were as follows:
March-April, ; April-May, 4 02(4
A Kl.l. M,r T,.n r. nt1-,.1. T......
July, 5 03d ; July-August, 6 00(S5 05d ;
I U1U, ..... r llllf, ,F , U I, 1 1
August-bepteniber, 5 0u'' 5 08(f; Sep-
teml)er-U:touer, 5 0.u : N'ptemlier,
At 2 p.m.: Liverpool futures were
flat; March, 4 OCd value; March-
April, 4 OOd value; April-Mav, 4 00d
buyers; May-June, 4 03d sellers; June-
July, 5 02d sellers; July-August, 5 Old
buyers; August-September, 5 07d
sellers; September-October, 5 Old
value; September, 5 08d value.
At 5 p.m.: Liverpool futures were
irregular and l-3Zd lower than Satur
day; March, 4 5ud buyers; March-
April, 4 ftMd buyers; April-May, 4 5Sd
buyers; Mav-June, 4 bldscllcrs; June-
July, 5d sellers; July-August, 5 02d
sellers; August-September, 5 05d sell
ers; Septemher-October, 6 02d buyers;
fceptem I e.r, ft Ood value.
rrri'Ric uiiau,
The following is tho record of tho
bids and offers at the Call Board' of
the Merchants Exchange yesterday
No. 2, white, spot, 39c bid, 40c asked ;
March, 39c bid, 40 jc asked ; April, 401c
asked; 31ay, 4(lc o. t. bid, 41 Jc asked ;
No. l, spot, 3c bid; March, 3c bid
njn'la tKi Ultl 1 llilia. f. Oil, Ullt,
38c bid, 38jc asked ; May, 38Jn
No. 2, snot, 32icbid; March, 32c
asked; April, ISJc o. t. bid, 3JJc asked
May, 33c bid, 34 c asked.
Spot, $15 asked; April, $11 75 asked
May, $14 bid, $14 2-5 asked.
March, tl 75 bid, $1 90 asked; April,
91 82 bid, $1 95 asked; May, 1000
barrels sold at $2.
Corn White, 47o ; mixed, 4'tc, from
store; from levee or depot, white, 44c;
mixed, 42c; m racks, in round lot,
white, 4'c; mixed, -103.
II y Choice, from store, 8c ; prime,
7a(4S0c; piairte, 60c; round lota from
ievee or depot, choice, fl414 50;
prime, $13()13 50; prairie, $8(48 50.
Oats White, 40c; mixed, 381c
from store: round lots fiom levee on
track white, sacked, 37c; "mixed,
sacked, 3540.
Bran From store, 85o per cwt;
round lot i from levee, $14 75015 per
Beans Navy, $1 7.c-2; medium,
SI 60(41 75.
Rica Louisana, 4-5c; Carolina,
Oatmeal In half-barrel. $33 25
from etore.
Coknmeal S'andard, $2 C52 10;
rtearl,t2 90(33 15 from r-toe; 5e cneaper
from mdl, fnvee or track.
Floub Ftora ttere, double extra, ;
triple extrs, ; fjmilv, $4(4 25;
choice, $4 2a4 40; fancy, $4 755:
ext-a fancy, $5 25(S,5 75; patents $0
(SO 25; ronnd lots from levee ortrar!-,
10c cheaper; w let- -.hoicP, $4 2b(n)
4 35; family, $3 95(35; fancy, $4 70(4
4 SO; exda faucy, $4 905; patents,
$5 50(3. '1 65.
Hkminv aso Grits Fiom it ire,
V 753.
Cracked Whrat In La'.f-barrels,
$3 50 from st-ire.
Ckackirs Soda, extra, 4c; soda,
treble extra, MJc; Unvm cream crack-
s, xtia, 7c; lemoa cretim crackers,
treble extra, 7jc; ginger f naps, extra,
6c; gicger snsps, treble txtra, 6c; as
sorttd jumbles, 9c.
NkwOblkakp, La., March 22 Flour
dull and nominal. Corn quiet and
steady ; white, 44c; yeil iw, 45c. Oats
staiy, 39c. Cornmeal steady, 12 10.
Hay firmer, $1018 CO. Rice in fair
demand, 3i(S5Jc.
Kansas Citt.Mo.. March 22. Wheat
lower; No. 2. cash, 64o bid, 6.e
asked; April, 66c bid; My, 70(a71c,
closing at 70c; June, 72k' bid, 72 je
aeked. Corn more active; No. 2, cash,
2tijs; April, 27c; May, 28c. Oats
ta-h, 2tijc bid, 27Jc asked.
London, March 22. The .V.iri line
Erprm, tn its review of the British
grain ti ado during toapaai wt-ek,tas:
lba cental ana umiy cnange in lie
wettaer has greatly bnfi ed the clay
lands. The general outlok is favor,
be. Wheat dosed weaker. Thesilrs
tf Eneliah wheat durirg the week
were 7219 Quarter a. 3 a Id, araintt
49,550 quarters at 3ls lid durin tba
corresponding wet last year. Foreign
whrat is in ttesdy demand. Prices
have a downwatd Uniency. E even
cargo's of wheat arrived; two cargoes
were sold, two wiihnrawn and six re
mained, of which three were Ameri
can. At t vdsy a marKi t tne tore was
weaker. There wa no pressure t)8-ll
wheat. Flour was dull, without quot
able chang and A it. Corn wa- rattier
cheaper. Birley wafirm. t)tg were
dud and in buyers' favor. Beana and
pets were tid cheaper.
St. Louis, Mo., March 22. Wheat
ac'ive and lower. The warm weather,
dull cables and breaking markets at
other plttc-s started briek t-el in, and
r cm declined ,c eny in trie session ;
later the market became unsettled bu'
moreqmV, and to continued until
near the close, when there was snot her
tapid break, aad closed weak, and 1(4
lie lower than S.iturday; No 2 red.
Csh, nominal, 88JC; Mav, 89J(.i90::,
closing at891ci June, 8'Jj; j 9"j .los
ing at 89c, n miiial ; July, 85,(4S5l ,
cloKiDg at 85j bid. Corn dub a .d
enry, closing jc uner S tnrday : No 2
mixed, cash, 3:(i!; jo; Jla'C",
338c; April, 34e; May, 34; 34 ,
c'ooing a 351 Oats very dull and
sy: rso. z mixed, cah, 21) Ji; oiarcb,
29a bid: May, 30(430ic. Rvn weak,
69s. Balev no market. Flaxseed
firmer at $1 09(41 10 Bran steady,
00c. , Cornmeal dull, $1 85(41 90
Keeipte Flour, 2000 brls: wha
4000 bu; corn, 87,000 bn; oats, 11,000
bu; rye, 1000 bu; barley, 1000 bu.
Shipments Flour, 13,000 brls; wheat,
5000 bu; com, 94,000 bn; rata, 12,000
bu; rye, 2000 ha ; bailey, KOO bu.
Afternoon Boird Wheat steady,
and (4c higher. Corneas, and 1(4
1 1 lower. Oats steady, and o higher.
Flour unchanged.
Chicago, III, March 22 There
was a general desire to unload wh -at.
and prices dosed at the inside fixures
of the day, showing a drop of 1 go
The market was very active, but tne
f -eling wai decidedly weak. OUtr
inga were large, owinv to a lack of
confidence, and the mcjority of specu
lators were on the tear side. A lib
eral number of ordes were received,
mtlnly, however, of the ce Org kitU.
The weather wai all that could be de
sired, and Liverpool a-d New York
dispatches were lavcrabie to bearr.
Labor tro ibies Lai a dt prcrsirg in
fluence. The opening was ewy, with
sellers at 82c, but they rapidly came
down in their views nutil the maiket
touched 80jc. During this diop there
was considerable excitement. The
generally accepted theory of the
break was that severd big firips weie
helping come Northwestern friends
o.-n of a bad box by unloading their
long wheat. Almoit all the big
bouses were flooded with orders to
Bell. Much of it was wheat, and stop
orders predominated. The break wai
o sharp that not, all of them could bs
placed within lCc of tbg limit.
Gradunlly the market rerovered to
81 Jc. Still later on, by a withdiawal
ot all support, it again declined t
80Jc, and went through the ame per
formance of recovering to a little over
8'.c, and for a third time touched hot
tmet80j3. Tiade was on an univi
nlly la go scale, but the whole tone
was one of decidad wraknefs. .May
b ld quite freely at 80JS8 j, and
clo ied heavy at bottom pri.es. Corn
wai modeta'.ily active, and consider
ing the depressing influence brought
ti bear the market held up remprka
lily well. The weakness ia wheat
made operators bearish, and the (eel
in was somewhat increased by good
receipts, lower Eistern markr 1 1 and an
i crsase of 850,000 bushels in Niw York
sticks. Shorts, who had small prod's,
secured them and prevented much of
a decline. May opened at IJHfc, told
at 3Sjc, back to 38o, and closed at 1
o'clock at that figure, the same price
ai on Satarday. Shippers bought
sparingly, owing to the scarcity of
vessel room. Flour quiet and nn
changed. Wheat tales ranged: March,
7bi77l closed at 75i75jc;April,
7ft.(377Jc. closed at 75Jc;Mav, 80i(
82c, closed at 80 Jc bid ; June, 82(.i)838f,
c'osfd at 82c bid; No. 3 spriig, 700u
70a for fair to choice; No. 2 red,
winter, 8487c. Corn sales ranged:
March, 34 j35e, closed at 34 J wars;
April. 35()35J!; May, S8J038,
closed at 38 J 3 ; June, 38j(S38Je, closed
at 38g38f Oas eales ranged:
March and April nominally. 20 jrt;
May, 80,30e, elood at 30jTi308o
together bid. Rye dull; No. 2, in
afore. 68j(S)59c for gilt-edge. Bsrley
No. 2, cash, 60c. Flaxseed lower;
No. 1, $1 10J(SU 10J Keceipts-Flour,
9000 brls ; wh- at. 24.000 bn ; rorn, 235,
OOd bu ; rats, 87,000 bu ; rye, 2UH bu ;
barley, 47,01 0 bu. Shipments - Flour,
9000 brls; wheat. 29,000 bu; corn,
35.000 bu; ostt, 77,000 bu ; rye, J000
bu ; barley, 39,0011 bu.
Afternoon Board Wheat Rctivf, ex
cited and strengthening; March, 76J ; ;
May, Kljc; June, 82 jc. Corn and pro
visions brm.
Bi'ttkr Creamery, 33ffi37c; dairy,
22 a20c; butterino, 14(ul6cj country,
12 18c, according to condition.
Cherhk IVime flats, 7(i8c; New
York factory, 8c; full cream. 1212Jc;
Y. A., 12fn12Jc.
Muss Pork Old, $10 50 per barrel ;
new 11 50J per barrel; sugar-cured
hams, packed. 9J(u.9jc; breakfast ba
con, 7 j(otc: ; clear rib lacon, (ijc. ,
Bitik I'ork CK-ar sides, tic; clear
rib sides, 5 jc; long clear, 5jjc ; shoul
ders, 3J(f4c.
Ijird Tierces, OJfJ 0c ; half-barrels,
6J(n0jc; kegs, 0J(a0jc; liuckets, tU
(tjje; half-buckets, 7(-7 Jc; 50-lh tins,
6(WJc; 20-lh tins, 0J(?0jc; 10-lh tins,
0i(a;7c; 5-lb tms.Oic; ;i-lbtins, ti;(2)7c;
choice kettle, tierces, (Ijc.
Fresh Meats Leef-Good Kansas
City steers, heavy, 8c; light, 7 a 7ic;
cows and heifers, (ijc; mutton, 7c;
lambs, ; pnrit (ic.
riis-FKKi'-BrlH, $8'8f.O; half-brls,
$:i(23 25.
(i.vcinnati, O., Mi-ch 22, IVrk
easy at $10. Lrd firm at 5.90(0c.
Bulk meats ea-y ; shoul Jnrs, 3j : bott
nbp, 5Jo. B.-( on quint; shonl i.T. , 4jn;
short tibi. 590.-; fiiort clear, 0.10c.
Buit:-r ft-ii'lv; North western ex:ra
creamery, 33 -i 34c; eocd to prima
creamery, 20 a 28c. Eitgs active and
firm at NjfSilOis. Cte-fe and
firm ; good to prime Ohio la tcry, 9,'i$
Naw Ohlka, L , Mtirch 22. Cotton-seed
products tin 1 ; prin.e i-mde
oil, 21',(?s22Je; eummer ye'loiv:
27Jf'"' 28c ; CRke and men', 19',2-c Hoa;
pnv.ncts (In land a elude l"wer. rmk,
$10 0. Lard reunel tierce, fiiC
lJulk meats ehnnldern. 3.85v, lo;g
clear and e'esr ribs, 6.371c B-ic -n
shoulders. 4c; long clei', 5.90c; clear
rib, 0 Ooc. Hams ir.l., 94lc.
Sr. Louis, Mo., March 22. Provis'ons
quiet end nnchaneed, except haoo,
which is firiner. Pork, $10 25. Lard,
5 85c. Bulk me a'a loo.e lots, long
clear, 5 20c; ehort riba, 5.30c; short
clar, 6 45o. Boxed lot", long cleir,
5.20c; short rib?, 5 30c; short char,
5Jc. B.uon Inng clear, 6.6MjW.7c ;
eiiort r'tv-l'"A)(i: sucrt near.oo
5.92 Jc HamsateaJy, 8Jllc. Butter
quiet and steady; creamery, 25(V30c:
dairy, 1826c Ew,9c
Chicago, III., March 22. Provis
ions were firmer, and although the
rutdde prices were not maintained,
closing figures ss compared wiih th -ae
at adjournment of 'Change on Satur
day snowed an advance of 6(47)c cu
mess potk and 2Ja on lard and abort
ribs. The firmnees wasdite mainly to
tho light! receipts of hogs. Tradirg
in mesa pork and short ribs wai t ler
ably active on orders a-id lor al specu
lative account. Pork sales ranted:
May, $9 7509 90 closed at $9 77J(i)
9 80; June $9 8 'Jji t 97J. ch eed at
$9 82J9 85; July, 9 71 J. Urd
aslea ranged: April, 5.97J(.?tc;
May, 6(t6 02lc; June, 0C5s; July,
CJ0 17Jc. Boxed meats dry silied
Mic. alders. 3.903 95s; short rib aides,
612J525c; short clear side?, 5)(
5 65c. Butter firm: creamery, choice
to fancy extra, 25(.?i31c; choice daiiy,
15(.iV22j. Easashalwbet'e', 10j(.i 11c.
Awi.rai Apples, $2 7.Vn13 from
sUire; $2'5)2 25 per car-load from levte
or depot. lrud apples, :i(-'-4e per
pound from store. Uried peaches, 3)
4c from store.
Potatoes- Potatoes, f 1 90fP2 25 from
store; 1 B5(i)2 per car-loadl'rotn levee
or deit. Sweet potatoes, 12 60 2 75
per brl. reas.fl 2o(t)l 7o per bushel.
Vkortari.ks Onions, $2 75 from
store; $2 50(i2 00 from levee or depot.
Cabbage, i 50 i 3 50 er crat(. Kraut,
barrels, T 60 6; half-barrels, $2 75.
Garlic, 40(?tk)c per 1(X).
Fruit Oianges, Louisiana, none;
Florida, none; Messina, $3033 60 per
box. Lemons, t'Mi 3 50 per box. Ba
nanas $l(i,2 100 per bunch. Coi Ca
nute. $4 per 100. Peanuts Virginia,
6o; Teuneseee, farmer's tock, 34c;
roasted, Jo higher; shelled, 10c. Al
monds, 1820is.
Pickles - In jars, pint, 90c; quarts,
$1 50; bali-Rallone, $2 60; gallons,
$3 76; loose, barrels, $0; ball-barrels,
$3 60; mixed, barrels, $10 60; mixed,
halt-barrels, $6.
Kaisins London layers, 3 40; lay
ers, $2 75; California, ; Imperial,
$3 504
W als CT3 French, 12c; Naples, 15c ;
Grenobles, 15c. Filberts, 12c.
Cideb Missouri, $77 60 pr bar
rel and $44 50 per hulf baiioi; Vine
gur, IKailOu per ga Ion.
Pocltbt Turksvs, per doi!n, $7(.
14 geese, $3 504 50 ; ducks, J3 ; chick
ens, good demand, $23; dressed tur
keys, scarce, H14c pr pound.
Pecans Texas, 810c for small to
medium, 1014c for large; Arkansas,
Fisu Mackerel, balf-barreh, No. 1,
$5; No. 2, $3 25; No. 3, $2 75; 10 lb
ki'. No. 1, 80c; No. 2, 70c; 15Mb, No.
3,60o. Dry herrings, family, 30c per
Gams Venison, wholo, 3(?5c, Bid
dies, (i(S83; bear, tt(ir)8i!; wild turkeys,
5075o; ducks, $1 602 50;Equirrels,
75c; quails, 75i,(i)'l ; prairie cblckenp,
$5 ; gume fish, 0(n)8c.
Euqs 90Mc.
Ctfeb Common, 88c; ordina
ry, 9vj9Jc; prime Kio, lie; choice
t fa icy, llj(13jc; old government,
23(!)25; Ceylon. 20c.
Miiap yjotjojo per pound.
Hcoar-Eastern yel'nw, OlfivOBc;
pure w. c. wbi.e, Oc: on white, 040!)
OJc; yt How clari lied, (IjfJiMIJc: open km-
ii,6((i'61n; refined A, 7('71c. granu-
M'ed, 7(ii)le; powdered, 7J; cut loaf,
BALT-f l 2O0iU 30 pr barrel ; rncire,
lloe, $1 60; c arse, $1 10; pockets,
bleached, 2i7u; car-loads from levee
or depot, i c cheaper.
Molashks Louisiana, common tq
fair, 23(V27c ; prime to choice, 35(i40c ;
svtup, 20)0c; common to fair, 23(4
28c: ori me to choice, 3033c; centrif
ugal fancy, 35c.
rciiACcj uommon, n-incn, 'ziua
30c; other gr-des and styles, 2C28a
SnnffGTrrett's, $10 85 per case;
Kiloh's, 10 2o per case; K. li., V 60.
Candies Micks, all sizes, In boxes,
pails aud barrels. 7i(a)fflc.
Candles Full weight, 10(T)llc.
Canned Goods, E;to Prices per doa
en: Pineapples. $1 35(5)1 65; peaches,
2-lh, standard, $1 35(U 60; seconds.
$1150125; tomatoes, 2-lb, standard,
l 10; 3 lb, tl 35; strawhe.riee, $1 40
(ail 00 ; raapherries, $1 15(dl 25 ; black
berries, $11 15: greengiges, $1 60
1 75; pears, $22 25; plums, $1 (UK
1 70; asparagtt i, $2 604; green corn'
$1(1 35; green peas, $12 25; cove
oysters, full weight, Mb, tl(l 10;
cove oysters, full weight, 2-lb, $1 75(T)
1 85; cove oysteis, light weight 1-lb,
05n; cove nyKtsis, light weight, 2-lb,
$1; condensed milk Crown, $5 90;
Eagle, $7 75; Swiss, $6.
Baltimore, Md, March 22, Codes
qnit; K,o eargies, ordinary to fair,
Santos, March 20. Coflee receipts
during the past week, 33,0C0 baits :
purchases for the United Htatep, 14,000
linKs; clearances for the United 8tate,
none; stock, 270,000 bags.
Rio ds Janeiro, March 20. Coffee
reipts during the past week, 01,
0(0 bags; pu'ehases fir the United
Sia'es, 51,0(0 bn?s; clearances for the
United Sttfes, 84,000 bags; stock, 204,
()')0 bags. Regular first, 4350 reis per 10
kilos ; g od second, 30541 reis.
New York. March 22. Coffee spot
fair Bio dull, 8c; options barely
steady ; sales, 14,750 hags ; April, 7.10c ;
May, 7.05c; June, 6.9.X7a; July, 0 95
(i)7c; August to December. 7.05c.
8 (it a' steady and quiet ; refined steady ;
extra C, 6Jc; whit extra 0, 6J5 7-10c ;
conf jctiouers' A, 6Jc; standard A,
5 IS-16"; eff A, 51c; cubes, 6Jf7 1 10c.
Molaanes s'eady; rales at 18c for 60
tet. Rice steady, demand fair.
New Obleans,La .March 22. Coflee
quiet but steady ; Rio, 6J(?)10c. Hugar
quiet and weak; open-kettle, choice,
5 1-lfic; prime, 4jc; fnllv fair, 4j;
rnntrifUFRls, granulated, 6 3-10c; choice
white, 6J; choice yellow clarified,
6:c: prime yrllow clai!fi',d,65(',)5 11
lii r; seconds, 4 1 (ti h -a. Mo'ssses quiet
buts'eady ; open-kedtle, good prime to
ptriit'v prime, 32c; prime, 2IX"i22c;
crntrifngale, prime to strictly prime,
(1 - 20c.
Hwana, March 20. Sugar Owing
to nr f tvora'do news from nbmad only
iiuiitvd imrcha es, t) i-om;.-le'e car
jiies, hnva been tnae. Planters are
unwilling 1 1 sell at curient prices;
buyer; it hesitu'.ing ts acquire. The
market cloeed heavy. Priies tr nom
ionl; s'neksin warehouse at Havana
and Ma'a' r.ai, 14,000 boxes, 45,i(X)
b.ij aud ll.'HO lihds. Rtceipls f ir
the wek, 3000 boxes, 89 000 bjgi and
2200 iibds. Exro'rw for the week:
III mi-s, .50 0(1 J hags and HOOhhds,
inclndioi; 3400 bag an I 80tl0 boxes
to the United Staler. Mola?nnn',
roiMilarti gcod po'arizi'iin, $1 87ft)
2 25 sold, per quin'al; muccovado,
fair to sold relininif, $1 93,(n)2 18J;
centring!, 92 ti 91 degrees, pularii'.
lion, in hhds, bags aud boxe,$2 37 i
0j)2 81 J.
The following are the wliolesale
prices of lunilx-r in this market:
LATiis-Poilar,$l 50; cypress, i 2 -50;
Poi-MR- 1 in., 1st and 2d clear, $25;
1J and 2 in., 1st and 2d clear, 25;
common lioard, $10.rl2 60; siding
strips, Ux6, face measure, 1st and 2d,
$22; drwed, 1, 1J and 2 in., 1st ami 2d,
$:t(XS35; common dressed, 1 in., $14
Timhkr Poplar, $5(nV9; eyprvss, $5
(39; cotton wmmI, $2(a!3; gum, IflKa)
3 50; oak. $5(S; ash, $0(8; black
walnut, $20 S 50.
Corroxwooie 1 to 3 in. mill run,
culls out, $I0; 11.
Rkk tiiMH--2ds, $183 1", nominal;
common, $S(.el0.
Yki.miw Pine 1, 1 and 2 in., 1st
and 2d, $20(.'V24 ; dressed, f:!0; flooring,
6 and 8 in., $25; Mooring, 3 and 4 in.,
27 50 ; 2d flooring, $22 .50; heail step
lumber, $;UK.'N'40; i ceiling, $25; J ceil
ing, 122 50; J ceiling, $20.
Ash 1st and 2d clear, I to 3 in.,
$2V23; common, f ll(i: -50.
Cvi'hkss-1, U and 2 in., 1st ami 2d
clear, $2.l(?'25; common, $15 ; fencing,
1x0. Kill.. $15.
Siustii.Ks No. 1, mi wed or shaved,
f 1 25; hawed or shaved saps, $3.
Black Wai.MT-lst and 2d, 1,1
and 2 in , $05 75; common, f:V 50(1)
40; culls, tlS(.f25.
Oak - I to 4 in lsl and 2d, $2022;
Coliiinon. 1 and 2 in.. $S'.r,12.
cwrroai-HKiKw on., ki'.
Keep Pul'ivered a depot and what',
$8 per ton; on imnk r f river f. o. b.
ho.it), fO; wcg 'U at mills, $8 Meal
Prime (f o. 1.,) $15 per ton. l.eestliU)
cttrload InU, $l'l. From store, 90c per
sack. Cake Nominal ; Jill per ton.
Oil In car-load lots, prime, crude C.
S. oil. 23J(i2l; prime summer yel
low. 20J(.i)27c ; off-summer yellow. 25 j
02(ijc; miners', c; choice cooking
summer yellow, 2S(.TM)c
PKiKoi.Ki'n n tKuer.
Com. Oil Prime white, wliolesale
lots, 11c Hr gallon.
Ci.kvklanp, ()., March 22. Petro
leum quiet; s. w., 110, 7je.
PiTTsiifiHi, Pa., March 22. Pelro
leum dull but steady; National Tran
sit certificates opened at 7(IJe and
closed at "0c; highest price, 77Jc ;
lowest, 76ie:
UOKNtSl AND Mi l. I.N.
Horsks-G.whI driving, $150(31225;
good saddle, 140 W3lK) ; plugs, $35080 ;
good mares, $85(ii140.
Mtu.KS-14 to 15, $U0(,i)135; 15 to
15J,$12.5(.f'140; 15J to 10, $1400175.
Good demand ; supply fair.
Hints lJryUlnr, 14fi)17c; dry salt,
10($12c; green salt, 7(if.8c; green, 5(i)
0c; deer skins, 10(5U8.; hunter-hit'i-died
coon t kins, each, 2050c; country
coon skins, 10(;i)30c; mink, 10:t0c;
mnkia', 5f7i-UV; ottnr, $l(ii5; bear,
$15; heaver, 60c(.if 4 ; wildcat, 20('.
40o; fox, 25(ii)76c; skunk, 25(m75c.
Beeswax, l8W21c; tallow, 4(J52.
WIIISKT, WIM.N. l.ietl'ORI, KT4'.
Whisky Straight Kentucky Bour
bon, $1 OO'O; rye,$l 75(l; domestic,
Winri American exlra, qi, $7;
pts, $8; Piper Heldsieck, qts,$25; p'e,
$27; Mumiu's extra dry, qts, $28 50;
Pts, $30 fO; Koederer, qts, $29; pts,
$31 : Veuve Climiot. ots. f'll: pts. $33:
claret, qts, $3 6112 60; $1 extra for
pints; Imported rlhlne wine, .(!,
q's; Catawba, sweet, 9.)r(;t)l 2f pi r
Itullon; Catawba, dry, $Hit 25 per
gHllon; Calawba, sweet, $16005 per
case; Catawba, dry, H(S5 per case;
California wines, si (nil Mi per gallon:
Imported port, $1 50006; imported
herry, $t 500i)ti ; imported o'e (,Hni ko's
bottlnry), pts, $180; qts, 1.1; Anuoa-
tuta hitters, pts, $loru; champagua
cider, qts, $3 25(03 f0.
Cmicaoo, March 22. Whisky steady
nt$l 14.
1st. Iitus, March 22. Whisky
linn at I 10.
Cincinnati, March 22. -Whisky
firm at $1 10. Sales of 1023 barrels
finished goods on this basis.
Apolliuaris, qts,$7.ror48;pts,$ll 50;
selU-ir a'er, qts, i(i(70 60.
1.1 VtC NTUt'K.
Catti.r Choice to extra corn-fed,
900 to 1050 pounds, 4(a Ijc; good, 3J(n
4c; choico grass-fed, 3 J03e: good, 3
3Jc; fair to medium, 2J02c; com
nion, H(i02e.
Hons Choice, 3lc; good, .!J
3jc; common, 3('il3Jc.
HiiKur-Choice, 4ffl4jc; medium, 3
3Jc; common, $11 50.
Cincinnati, O., March 22. Hogs
firm; common and light, $3 40(3)4 20;
packing and butchers', $I004 36; re
ceipts, 1501 head; shipments, 151 bead.
Kansas City, Mo., March 22 The
Live iStvfk Indicator reports: Cattle,
receipts, 304 head; shipments none,
wing to the switchmen's strike; the
market was ao intnifered with that no
reliable quotations can be given ; only
a small retail buainaos wes transacted.
Hog? receipt', 2311 head; shipment-,
none; market strong and a shade
higher; giod to choice, $3 90(7)4; com
mon to medium, J 3 6003 80; skips
and pigs, $2(1)3 60. Sheep receipt",
118 head; shipments, none; market
weak; good to choice, $3 5001 '25;
common to medium, $203 25.
Chicaiio, III., March 22. The jpro
wr' Journal reports: Cnttlei receipts,
601)0 head; shipments, 1000 head; mar
ket dull, prices a shade stronger; ship
ping steers, 950 fo 1500 pounds, $10
6 (19; etockers and feeders, $2 254 2 ;
cows, bulla and niixd, !(.; bulk,
$2 7503. Hogs-recejpts, 10,500 head;
shipments, 6000 head ; market strong
and 6010c higher; rough and mixed,
$4(0.4 30; packing and shipping, $4 " 5
(.i)4'45; light, $3 000 4 30; skips, $2 50
03 75. Bheep receipts. 2000 head ;
shipments, 600 head; market eteadv;
natives, $2 40(2)5 30; Texans, $304.
The 7rwr' Journal' special cable
gram from Liverpool denotes s very
weak feeling in the cattle trade. Prices
are lower, the beat American steers
being quoted at 1 1012s per pound for
Hew York Iry ejood Mnrkcl.
New Yohk, March 22. Thre is u
fair business in progress nt jobbing
hands, but outside of deliveries mi
orders there has been a light trade
with agi-n's.
for '.no!a, 'b'.lai Point. Carutlieon ill
(iay i" ar. Tlutonvillo The new ntn i ii"!
W. P. Hull master .1. T.ix.;iei .....oiur;. ,
wrl l-nvc an above, anil all war point.
I!V(-;hV MONDAY and TLIimi DAY a! 5
p.m. i'or Iraiutit or enmiifo a: p'r on board
, 'r.i.tU,t rlnr Dic U MviUi(.n
nun' i 'il.- IT'uii.ii puny.
Hot L'clcna. Iiland.il.), Iftiaro flint and t'.:
Vt Lundlut.i titaamor
Coahoma, zaus,
K. T, L'Ui,-elt...mait.i; I Piatt ,.,'i. rk
-i( u abovi on iv.r MoNilY,
wt;i.Ni;:;i)Aypa kkidav, at t o'clock.
F Haodohh, Pultnn. OfnecU anl May
liandim a Rtaamar
J. H. Coopar, siiiM,....!. Yf. Smlthn,clrlt
Laavar i. rorr MONDAY. W k'lW fc.-uA Y
and FRIDAY at 5 P.O.. Tba boaU of tu I
Ima warva the rliiht to psar ! I landing i
tha aotain nay .1mm iind;ii, Offloo, No. S
Vl.(.n. ,M MI.'.H I.Kk' J Wn-'v
The St. Francis River TrannportaUos
Co.V'ina SHs-W aool n.P. Uall B'"
(.ere Macready,
O.K.Joil'n natr.
will t.r.AVK mrtfrnm ivisi
at 8 o'olodt, for Maj-iunn,ihaCt-t:!f.and
tntwmadiuta lndinfl ). ti.. frnol r.rar
Tn oaptvn nutryrt llu riirbt to ji all
Uodiom u dsnnn nnui'o. JAU. LEa, Jr.,
tiuiiiBUEito. Cloeo, iSo. ilUioB it.
Arkaniat Rirar.Joi.Ptraaa, 6 p.m.
St.Frani ia Kir.T tUxa MiCiDT, Sp.ta.
Cincinnati Cats. Moar.ta, 3 p.m.
Cinoinnati Jims W. Qirr.lf.a.
Now Orleana Pttia 0. Baowx, IS a.m.
Now OrlfAiit City nr Datum Roaya.4 p.m
Friart r.int.......Cuaaoaa, t p.m.
W hit Kivfr. ...... ("h;cii4W, p.m. '
Oscnula Dkak Apaaa, 5 p.m.
Tietonville Uayiiso, ft p.m.
ArknaCity. KiTa Aoava. I p.ia
An-itul. Citv of Natchea. St. IiuIm-
Arkansas 4 'it v. St. Imis; (iavoso.
I lptouville; heaii Adams. Osceola:
Cxnlintna, l-'riar's Point ; Kate Adams,
Arkansas Citv; ,1m- Peter, Arkansas
river; Citv of Yirkshurg, Vickslniiv : '
! 1 m' v .... . . .
nil n r. .ll.il Villi, .M'W WI K'llllK.
Viciriirt-n.-citv nt Natehex. New
Orleans; Cluirl.s P Chouteau, N'ew
Orleans-, Arka'isas Citv. Vie'shunr:
Kate Adams, Ai kunsasCitv ; Coiilmiim,
I'tiinV Point; Citv of Vickshurg, St.
Louis; Oiivo o, Yiptmiville; IVail
Adams, M-enla,
limit in I'mi. - ,li p.-ieis, Char!"8
Moivaii an i liene Ma readv.
litxit the lMm. Paris 'C. Ilrown,
.lames V. (Jul I", Citv of Providence
mid City of Itiitmt Kono.
.xxifii line fp Chickasaw, Annitj
P. Silver ami 1). I!. Powell.
Kerelpla Vralertlny.
City of Vickshurg -10 hales cotton.
Arkansas City 100 tons merchiin-
Chns. Moigan- IflO empty hhds, 10
bales bags and lot sundries. '
Coahoma 117 bales cotton. 19 hami
seed-cotton, 8 lid stock and 11 pkgs
Dean Adams 38 bales cotton. 710
sacks seed, 1 cow and calf and 50 pkgn
sundries. '
tiayoso 5 bales cotton, fid sacks
corn, 0 hd entile, 75 hd hogs and 5J
pKgs sillKll les,
Kate Adams 227 bales cotton, 8.1
bags seed-cotton, 1452 sacks seed ami
4 pl'.gv.r.:i::.l;ii's.
Joe Peters - Brought out of Arkansas
river 79 bill s cotton, 10 bags seed
cottoti, IS hks seed and 42 ps sun
dries. tl II UK IOTlNtIV
Tiik b-e Line packets to-morrow
evening are Coahoma for Friars' Point
and I 'cull Adams for Osceola.
Tur. l!etii Macready, Capt. O. K.
,loilin, is the packet this evening at
5 o'clock for St. Francis river.
Tin-: Chickasaw, Capt. I'M. O. Postal,
iVtho Wednesday packet for all points
oil White river. C. M. Postal is in her
Tun (iiiyoso.Cnpt. V. P. Hull, isthe
packet Thtirs'iiy evening at 5 o'clock
tor Hales Point, Tipton villo and all
way points. .1 P. Walt is in her ollice.
Tiik Kate Adams, Cupt. Mark K.
Cheek, will leave on her next trip Fri
day evening ut 5 o'clock for Helena,
Arkansas t ity and nil way landing.
W. C. Itlankeris in charge of her ollice.
Tiik Anchor Line steamer City of
Hilton Kongo, Capt H. .1. Whitledge,
will piiHs down this evening at 4
o'clock for .New Orleans and all .nler
ineiliate points. Win. Masson is her
Tin; Joe Pctci-H. ('apt. K. It. Smith,
is th packet this evening at. 5
o'clock for all points on tin Arkansas
river, going llirmijli to Pino Itliill.
Charles Miisscliiinn is In chnrire of her
Tn ic O. Line steamer Paris ().
itrown, Capt. John H, Patterson, will
pass down this morning nt 10 o'clock
lor New Cilenns and nil intermedinte
points. Chris. !. Young has charge
of her ollice.
TiiaChns. Morgan, ('apt. G. Wash.
Thompson, is tint (). bine packet this
evening nt 3 o'clock for Cincinnati
and all intermediate points on the
Ohio river. Chns. Church and Harry
Miller are her clerks.
Tiik James W. (bill; Capt, John H.
Jones, will be found in port this
morning, and leaves again tliis even
ing at 5 o'clock for Cain), UiniMville,
Cincinnati and all way points on the
Ohio river. II. C. Hrucc and 1w
llriggs are her clerks.
IJi:I.R,l. Nf-.WN
Hl'KINKMS (lrm.
Wbatukii clear and plcasunt.
UivKiion a stand with II ieel 6
tenths tin the gauge.
Tiik l-e Line iiiu kcts wtre in and
out yesterday with fair trips.
Tiik. Oakland and barges mewed up
ycHtenlay nflei iiooii for St. Louis.
Mai. John l. A dams was in the city
ycRtenlay, and left by rail fur Little
Tiik Iron Ihiku and hargi-s passed
up yesterday morning for tho Ohio
Tiik l'ort luids ami barges passed
down yesterilny evening for New
Hmkiitn by river yesterday 4:12
bales cotton, 1 12 bags seed-not ton and
L'L' 10 sacks seed.
Thk Kuymond Horniir with a tow
empty coal barges passed up Sunday
evening for the Ohio river.
Tiik Joe Peters arrived Sunday
night from Arkansas river with a fa'.r
trip and returns this evening.
Tiik Kate Adams cleared last even
ing for Arkanmis City with a good
showing of freight and passengers.
The City of Y'icksurg passed up
Numbiy evening for Nt. Umis. Sim
added here 75 bales Eastern hound
Tiik Arkansas City passed down
Sunday night for Yickshurg. She dis
charged here I0O tons miscellaneous
freight and 10 tons sundries.
Tiik towboat l! n. arrived yester
day morning from In-low in a crippled
condition. She will lay here for re
pairs, which w ill t'ike at least forty
eight hours.
Tin: Ka'.- Adams, Capt, Mark K.
Cheek, -I nrriv on her next trip
Thursday niorniei', when she will re
ceive a pa. i ol ut w chimneys, and
will leave Friday evening for Arkan
sas City and the bends.
Tiik Charles Morgan, Capt. i.
VViudi. Thompson, arrived yesterday
ev ning from New Orleans with a fair
trip. She discharged hero 100 empty
hogsheads 10 bules of rags and a lot
of sundries. She p-ts a lot of cotton
here, and leaves tiiis evening at 3
o'clock for Cincinnati.
Tiik Charles P. Chouteau d palled
Sunday evening for New Orleans with
ti4 bales of cotton. 3000 sacks of oil
cake, 4.;oi sacks of oil meal, l'jrOsacks
of corn, LVO sacks of oats, IS head of
mules and ciipagcments below hero
for .0IH) bales of cotton, 20V0 sacks of
eil cak" and H00 aiu-ks of seed.
! Ifl Vi Intnt raliof. Final evr
1 Xl'lJ J. ;.-n dart, ami noter rtni.
I No i-ur, no a no iipijo iiory. S r
' art Ifcrn of i jircnlo reme.lv, Fr r
I adir.-t n V..' V v" ' N '

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