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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, March 23, 1886, Image 8

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I)iIjt111, w Orleans and Texu R'j
11 Erct November 22, IMS.
South. I North.
Mentph .......
Lola B.
Leleod C......
Vick.bur. .......... I
B imioi K....
kih.i Y
Baton koun......-"..-.
g.w OtIud U ..r
4:00 p. in 11 :) a.m
6.-4A p. mi 8:4K a.m
9 rS p.mj G:iJJ a.m
I :(") a.m 2:1(1 a.m
2:42 e.tt 12:16 a.m
5:i a.m ::) 'u
ft:21 .m 1:42 p.m
8:30 p.m 8:30 p.m
Booth. "Horth."
Victibarn ....
u - in . K . rvt .
!l2:Wno''n! 2:4.S p.m
:: p.m. 11:10 a.m
7:15 p.ml 7:30 t.ni
A-With all line! enterint Memphis.
B-With M. iX. W. K. K. for II. lent.
0 For i.reenville and lluntinKton, and all
Arkansa puinli.
D-W.th V. A M. and V S. k P. Railroads.
K-Witb N.. J. A C. R- K. for Uttcbet and
t For Point on tha Pranob.
0 With ateimeri (or Bairoa Sari.
H With railroadt diverging for Florida and
Coast point.
Pullman Buffet Sleeping Carton all traim.
J AH. M. KDWAHDH, V. P.andU.M.
M. Rl'RKE, General Sup't.
A. J K.VAl'P. (1. P. A.
laataalppl anal Traanm, Fast
Bail train IsarM daily at 4 :&) p.m. ; arrives
at tio a.m. Local freight leav.t at 6:40
a-m.i arrival at 4:90 p.m. Freight traim
Sot- S and 4 ran trl weakly. No. ftleavei
anphlt Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Haaaaa nty, Sarlnaaeld aad Mont
bla Train leava M. and T. depot at fol
lews: No. 4, mail and eiprett, leavet daily
at II :S) a.m.! No. 3, mail and aiprett, ar
rival at i :i p.m. No. 64, tit. Loan eiprets,
leavei daily at 6:00 p.m. : No. (to, St. Louit
aiprait, arrival at :oo a.m.
eaaakla aad Lllll. Kork.-Traint
tnove at fullowl (oantral itendird time):
No. 1 leaver daily at b:Jb l-.m. i arrives at
t:&Ar.m. Ho. I leaves at o:oo a.m. : arrival
at I :5 a.m. No. k (freight) leavat liupefleld
daily (eioept Sunday) at 6:00 a.m.; arrival
at 7:iu p.m.
New Mr I ImiMil Mlaelaalnpl Vai
l.y r Traint move at loMowt: No. 6 (latt
Una sall) leave! at lll.ma.m. At. i leavat
at 11:40 pro. daily, bt. Loaia fatt line
leavei d.ily at p.m. No. 7 (last line
daily) arrival at 1:30 p.m. Mail and ai
prett arr.vet daily at Sil'ie.ni. St, Lou it
(ait line arrival daily at 9:05 a.m.
aphis aad 4'karleatoa Traint
move at fullowi: Thrnugh aiprett leavtt
dally at 10:20 p.m, mall and eiprett leave!
daily aOilOem. ttomerville accommoda
tion leavet daily, except Sunday, at 4:30
p.m. Through eipreie arrival daily at 5:25
a.m. Mail and aipren arrival daily at 4 .55
p.m. 8ouierville aooommodalion arrival
daily, except Sunday, at ;30 a.m.
Loalavllle aad Maeliellle - Trains
aaoe fwllowi: Fatt mail arrive doily at
i;;ve.m.: leave! atiu:iu p.m. : mall loavei
daily at U) a.m. Brownsville aooomtno-
datiom leavei daily, eioept bunday, at 6:00
6m. i a. ail arrival dally at 6:UJ p.m.
rowniville aoooinmodation arrival daily.
ean.pt Bucdat, at a. 40 a.m. (itandard time),
taahlK, Hlrtalnghana and Allan-
ileHollv bpringi Kut Train t move at
fellowt: No. 1 leavat Meinpbil dally at 3:4a
a.m. l arrival at 11 oil tiurin.1 at 6:30 n.m. i
No. 2 leavat Holly oi.nnn daily at V:00
a,m arrival at tuoinpnit at u iiDa.m.t Mo.
leavat Mtmphil daily at 7:30 p.m., arrival
at Holly Sprinit at 11 :69 p.m. I No. 6 leavet
Holly Hprintt daily at 3: JO a.m., arrival at
Mempb.lt at 1:35 a.m.
WitHiKUTOK, March 21, 1866. )
1 o'clock a.m.
Indicationi for Memphis and vicin
ity: Fair, slightly warmer weather.
Bine criacent, red sun.
For Ttnwimre and the Ohio Valley:
Fair mother, nlowly rising Itmperalurt;
vindt gnxmUy uxrirrly, becoming iwi
ahlf. elvaroloiclral Krport.
MvurHin, Txhn., March 22, 181.
Time. Da-. Tner. Wind. vV'ther
7:(K) a m HO. 11 2 42.8 W. Clear.
I1:(W a.in :t().H2 f2.H W. CWm.
3:00 pm ;).08i 00.0 W. i:iar.
7:(W p.in :!().( 811 (M).O W. Clear.
10:00 pm :10. 127 5(1.3 W. Oifar.
Minimum leinp? rotnrn. iT. 1.
Miaimnm Inmperatura. 4 ,s
Kainfall, 01.0.
All ohatirvationa ar taken on 7')
meridian tima, which ia one hour
fatter than local tiu).
Ua ball to-day.
Jndtte ItuxUtr piiHHod through tho
city ytwU nlay.
Chnrlcg A. Cnincnm and Jonic A.
Monip'r were licenwil to inarrv ves-
Hoc lliiynea, an eacapcil vonviet,
Wits captured hy Oflicer ltoaket yes
tarday. Tlie nulo of acuta for Minnie Mad
dern'a enTiiiont le)in at Mulford'a
Charliw TIkiiihik, a cliii keu thief,
waa aentcneed U) nil months in the
penitentiary yimterduy.
Mannger tlray ahould have a
rousing benefit next Monday night.
Ijove and Law ia a good attraction.
Two aoita fordaniugea were filed in
Uie United Htatea Circuit Court yeaUT
day. Onebv K11 and Oliver Hoi
lowell fox 14000, and another hy Sarah
H. Echt roano for 6000.
In tho eaac of Crtigpr vs. Odl Fol
lows Hall et al., in tho Circuit Court
yewterday, Judgo llrown obtainwl a
roving cfiinmianion to take the depemi
tion of hia client, who ia auppoaud to
besouiewhero in Mexico.
Tho divorce mill is grinding aa
gayly aa uaUilL Adelo diwirea tho
court to never the bonds which bind
her to Charlie Hi-ott, and Mollie has
no denirc to continue her relations
with Chtrlea Willa. Cruel treatment
and adultery ia alleged in both eatos.
On TliurHdny, the 2.Mli instant, the
AmaUur Athletic Aaaoeiution gives
ita regular monthly entertainment,
when a hliort muHical prtigraiiinie v. ill
be rendered by memhera and friends
of the AMKociation, after which danc
ing will follow. All members mid
lady frien ls are invited.
The Mibscription books of the
Equitable tins Light Company were
opened yesterday, and suWriptions
wen; n.tered to the amount of ilitK),
000. Tho otlicera of the eoiiuuinv i.v.
press hemnelvea aa contideut that all
the nec ewiary aubseriptioiiB would be
aeeured within a day or two.
A conference; of parties interested
in Mon'.eaglo I1119 liecn appointed for
this afurnooii nt 4 o'clock, in the par
lors of the Pealody I lotcl. The gen
tleman who ia here to represent its in
tereMls has a collection of the moun
tain soenrry, and is prepared to give
detailed information concerning ex
pense. The following convicts Mere aunt
to the penitentiary yesterday: IWk
Carr, burglary and larceny, live years;
.1. W. iKjwell, burglary and hinviiy,
live yiars; Kobert Cinilmiii, hniisl
breakir.g, throt! yeara; Albert Jack
win, grand larceny, live years; .lames
Miller, larceny, three yeai-s; lh-nry
Montgoinerv, larceny, ihri-e veins;
Kiunk l'liillips, bousf-breaking, tlirie
f; f. W. Ikaruacy, larci ny, tlii'iv
; ,bj Smith attempt to rape,
obf Court pmceeliin;s yest' r
Jol.M Mcfiuirc and L.rence
. cnlitred, plaiu ilnuikH, S'J eiicb.
J I cn ry f-wui'y colored, ilisririlcrl v c in
djdt 'Jt. Jvlin McCnire, colori'd, ita-
' I A. j , r, 11' 11
licry, riv it . vj. Gianni,
ilv and interfering with
"eit of 1 10 taken ia. Jim
llomlea, colored, drunk, $3. George
Steel, white, malicious mischief, t2o.
Thomas Keys and (ioorge Hestrage.
white, drunk, forfeita of 5 taken in.
Roaie Ix-e, ct lured, street walking, $2.
A social meeting of the congrega
tion and Sunday school of the Cen
tral liaptist church will be held in the
lecture-room and parlorsof thechurch
next Wednesday evening. Singinp,
recitations, social inU'reourse and a
substantial lunch served by the ladies
will be the attractions of the occasion.
A small fee will be charged for ad
mittance, and the proceeds will bo
used for the benefit of tho Sunday
school. All friends of the church are
cordially invited to attend. Exercises
begin at 8 o'clock.
The Strangers' church was so
crowded on Sunday night that many
were unable to find scuts and were
content with standing room. Curiosity
was great to hear MirwTilliu Fuld of
St. liuisting, and public exectatfon
aa to her merits ran high. It waa not
disappointed. She'sang "Cotne Unto
Me, by Cocncn, and thrilled every
heart within reach of her voice the
wondrous melody of her tones. Jiever
did the walla of the Strangers' church
echo to grander music more grandly
snng, and those who were present
will not soon forget the marvelous
power of the soul-enchanting strains
that filled the air, and carried the
hearer to divine realms.
Mum Mammik White relumed to
school at Nashville yesterday morning.
.Mm, fry's Camtwrt Company.
Mme. Fry's company ia composed of
her three daughters:. Misses Eugenie,
Lulu and Alta, and of Mowers. A. J.
Wells and J. A. Sterling. Tho mother
and daughters sing fairly well and
play upon a variety of instruments,
such as the cornet, tho violin and the
(lute. No one in the company does
anything that risift above mediocrity.
Thefollowing programme was rendered
at tho Strangers' Church in a manner
that pleased the audience, who were
lavish in their applause:
Overture, "Msnianltllo" . Auber
Trio, "o Memory" Lerlie
Mme. Fry, Euirenle aad Lulu.
Violin Solo. "Let Motquetairat de La
Heine" rJtmole
Hong, "The Flower Girl" Bovlinannl
"La Favorite de Vienna." for flute. Torichak
"Tan Fritndt," arranged for cornat
by - K. M. Bayloy
For riano hy ,. ... A. J. Wtllt
Mme. Fry tnd J. A. Sterling.
Symphonic for two viollnt, Up. 74
Vlotor Moret
Eugenie and Alta.
Vocal Quartette, "Kormken" Kolohat
Quartette lor horni, "liivouao in Ore-
naila" ...,..... Kreutitr
Arranged by J, B. Claui
Quartette lor ttrlngt, "Fault" Houood
bcotch Ballad, "Bonnie Dundee". Rimbanlt
llumoroui Duet, "Mn. I'rootorand Mn.
llootor" Bohaeffer
Hngenie and Lulu,
"(lod Suva the Queen"... Variation! by Levy
. James 1'ardea.
Mr. Canlen, an actor of merit and a
gentloman of wide culture and varied
attainments, will lecture to-night at
tho Kirttt liaptist Chunrh. umier the
auspices of the Young Men's Chris
tian Association. The subject selected
ia "Our Saviour," and Mr. Carden will
doubtless dwell eloquently upon so
inspiring a themo. lie has a fine
voice, is woll trained in tho elocution
ist's art, and reads with a magnetism
thai few in his audiences find it easy
to resist, especially when tho lecturer
is reading from tho Hook of Books, aa
he frequently does in his lectures.
Sue ad. of Memphis Steam Shirt
Factory and Laundry on fifth page.
Mkmi'iii8Stainbd Glass Wokks, 236
Third street. Call and eoe.
0. P Smith, veterinary surgeon,
ofllca F. A. Jones A Co.. 01 Monroe
street. Residence, Fiansloli Iloaso,
, Omniiu'sks leave Peabody Hotel for
new Iliiseball 1'ark to-day at 3 o'clock
p.m. rare lor round trip, 2.) cents.
A. U. JAMbS, Superintendent.
Gknkual reiniiring done by compc-
t'iit workmen at the Cunningham
Wagon-Works, corner of Monroe and
Desoto streets.
Tits Herbal Chill Cure, the best
toniotiiri an tl-perlodlo known. A pertain
and mie euro for chill" Price tl per but
tle, cien.i tumn for circulurt. Any ref
eron.e gixon. Adilrott John 0. llucker,
Lvnchberir, Va.
Hkiiuction in price of best Kentucky
lamp coal to 30 cents per barrel, in
city limits, in ton barrel lota. Sold
by A yers A. Strange & Co., office, 287
Main street, telephone 603.
The most efticacions stimulants to
excite the appetite are Angostura
Bitters, prepared by Dr. J. O. B. Sie
gart A Sons. Beware of counterfeits.
Ask your grocer or druggist for the
'genuine article,
"I HAVa BKKN AFFLICTED with an ai-
fection of the throat from childhood,
caused by diphtheria, and have used
various remedies, but never found
anything equal to Brown's Bronchial
Troches." Kev. O. F. Hampton, Pike
tan, Ky. Sold only in boxes.
Monogram Uanglea; Mnlford.
Advice to Mothers.
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Byrnp
should always be used when children
are catting teeth. It relieves the little
suflerer at once; it produces natural,
quiet sleep by relieving the child
from pain, and the little chernb
wakes as ''bright as button." It is
very pleasant to taste. It soothes
the child, softens the gums, allays all
pain, relieves wind, regulates the
bowels, and is the best known remedy
for diarrhoea, whether arising from
teething or other causes. Twenty-flve
Solid Silverware at Uliiirortl'a
Wet Rhi A Laaoiuantlno to da
your flauibiua;
1Itc Yonr French Clockx
Pat in order at Multords, 204 Main.
A DrugglMf a Mory.
Mr. Isaac O. Chapman, druggist,
Newbnrg, N. Y., wri es ua: "I have
for the 1 ait ten years so'd teveral
grots of Dr. William Hall's Bul-a'd for
tho Lungs. I ran aay of it what I
cannot fray of any other medicine, I
have never heard a cutimer fpesk of
it bat to praise ita virtues in tha high
est manner. I have rec mmendfil it
in a great nany csf if vlo'(.ii)K
C )tigh, with the hsppiest tff. eis. I
havo used it in my own fandly for
mnny yeirs; in fact, always hsve a
bollKi In the medicine cloBot ready for
Jliilford, Jcwdtr, 201 Main, so
cits orders fmin til r.iuuli j.
Ja to Knilcott A I aumttaralno fur
jour floiuitina u-H-t iiiiiih.
Fxt elieui'e and atU
Are the eccreta of Mulfurd's eucce.
Tbs Ke UtyeM.
Ratal, $2 JO to tl per day, wording to loca
tion of looma.
W Wasd. K
i W Hickman. NT
C w B..I100. Mitt
C C Lewi". Mo
6BKi n-y, NT
Mitt 8 Forlrr, Ala
M Cohen, hm
1 I inciter, N T
Hi Kul- n.00, N T
J (i DhIuo. N T
W m "i h rnt"o,A T
PW Reid, Ark
V A limi g.Tenn
FT IlH.keli, Pa
8 B 1 bum, Miat
F I) hiibuiion, Milt
J K flnlder, loon
J li Hul en, Tenn
J It ''enir, Teun
J It II am mar. a, ill
A L Haney. Tena
W B Adame, 111
BSB..y ,Fls
C W llndton.Cal
Mitt 1 Porter, Ala
Wni 8 oen. N V
0 Panl, tlo
J F Moblty, II T
O 11 Willis !, N T
W n Baldwin. N Y
J L Dumas, Ml't
M W h bod 11. (la
1) II Kogan, Mitt
(1 It Ch tin, Mia
B 11 Ilolder.Trna
O I! Cnitis, Tenn
II F Hobgood, Tenn
J H U iiiber, Ark
S M MoCaliam.Tenn MnS .t:ailaro, Tena
I. M'aohtm. Tenn K J llarrit. Hi t
J U McElveen.Tenn J llr.onim, Ark
Mm A llrannim,Ark P Iidenger, 11 io
CKrh mi, Pa O M niovail, M
H T lit'Dc, Mo J V hbrpbnrd. Mo
F Ilig.ar, Tenn J B llnyt. Tmn
UBLtwit, Ark J C Hcrold tf, Ark
- lialpern, &liM 3 K Kinney, Mo
C 6 falmore, Mill J F Smith. Mo
V H Lutt km, Tonn
A w Arnuld. Mill
K C lavi, Ky
D ft Moore. Mo
Jndge Hitter, Tana
J B Kobinton.Trno
M L Maynara. Mitt
J T Brent, Mo
J C Uage. Mo
I H Allan I, Alua
M J Wood, Ark
(1 B Taylor, Mill
W L Uahn, N V
8 T Powell. Mill
J Mover, Ho
II McCain. Ms
T W EbcrliDK. Pa
1 Mao. Hat
J M Prettridge, Miat J 11 8 mmoni. Tena
H Want, Tenn K A Carlton, Mitt
J M Tbompton.Tena J 8 Bpr g, Ten
C J Auttia, Tena
I Saiualion. Tenn
w K i.ove, lenn
V II F"ot. Mo
Mrt J BItartin.Mo
Mn 8 A 8eara, Mo
DRLowit, Mo
H lie man, 0 io
Mn K Blackburn, Mo
T K Taber, Mo
MnTubu, Mn
T H Garner, Mo.
Fsabody Hotel.
J. B. QALLOWAT A CO PtorniToas.
Katet ti 50 and 3 per day, according to
lite and location of room Bpouial
rale made.
N P Podge, Toe-a
A F Oritvold. Pa
K L Glenn, Ter.n
M 0 Andrewi, Ky
J Rhodct. Ark
K B Hoynton, Mail
0 t) Obnar, (la
B I Ilurbv. Tenn
WI1 fc.itohum.NY
ACLe gh, Mill
1 B Broe-or, Pa
Otto Lugger, DO
Mitt peri, Ark
Ham Jack, jr. Tana
W A Hon, Ky
T B Farm bee, Tenn
F Ilawkina. Tena
J 11 Reet, Tenn
II Home t, Mill
W R Cody, Mo
II V Phllipi. Mill
A P Bauer, Mi'l
J A Leblmgi, Tenn
II II Matlock, Tena
W 8 Garret. Mill
8K Davit. Ill
J Gar ich Aw, Mill
MrtUCokn. Mill
V Moniton. Tenn
A Draper, Tenn
W A Coffey, All
J W Keno, Mo
1 t llrown, N T
WMLewii, Kv
W K Bryant, Tenn
JP Perkiot, Tenn
T Ilanna, Ind
Mitt K Hcott, Va
B Mercnr, 111
n H Mur. Ill
Phil Dodge. Iowa
J Mcrleynoldi, lean
J H 6bara, Ky
L J Katoan, N T
M Bohwirtt. Ark
J H Wiley, Pa
TP Burke, NT
W Thorton, N T
J II H Baldwin, N Y
T Maddoiw. Pa
0 Warner. Kng
Mn LM Rllii, Ark
K M Uonth, Teun
J l.ovi, Ky
H J Kuhn, NY
C(J Cowan, Tena
M M Hhodet, Ua
D MoCracktn, Tana
U P Oakley, Ohio
F W K renter, Md
R B Burdine, Ky
J II Maddoi, Mill
O VTatucu. Tena
J R 8oati, Tenn
J Paul Jonet, N Y
Mn Clarke Ai, Tena
F D Bobinion, Mi
Mini 11 Cohn, Mitt
J Waidnner, Tena
D 0 Benton, III
H 0 Victor, Va
B Martin, lenn
SA Woodruff, Tens
Lenfrrty, Tenn
B F Carter, Tena
A V Biilett, Pa
R J Lucai, Me
K B Kittle, N Y
F A Kaiter, III
A B Rainey, N T
B P Htroinberg, Ky
j w Uainoun. Hill
J J Oata. 'Inl
OP Clark, Tenn
K O Nuld, Ky
M Gtattoook, Tenn
K 8 Cattle, Kat
J VY Draughn, Mill
0 (J Vernon. Tenn
W H Hanoock, Mich
0 K Learnard. Kai
8 Kahlman. Mill
L Hrackt. N Y
U V Kerry, MO
II G D Collinr, Tann
W Allison 41, Tenn C 0 Maton, N Y
j O Johm. Ill
Mn JG Klnifnrd WVa
MiM 8 Perry, W Va
II W Bradloy, Va
I Hchaefer, lenn
L While, Ky
A McMharion, Mo
DT Walker, Miti
AHDodtnn.W Va
L Neale, Ktt
W K Douihlery, Min
J W Vinoeni, Mioh
W II D ckinmn, Ky
L D Weitt, Mint
Oatlon'i Hotel.
W.H. BINGHAM Myioia.
Euiopcan ilnn. Knlsmel and relurnithld.
l'rioot according to tire and loca
tion of roonn.
DanL llartnstt. Milt M O Noye", Chicago
Thot W 0 Davit, NI 111. Kill-on, Tenn
J l.e'far. Mit W L Grah on, Tenn
J F Ilutnn, Mill W II Grugg, Tenn
M l.indi'e'ni, J nro rn, vrirago
8 11 .Inrkim, N Y
j 11 i.etnea', teun
J J Conway, Ind
). Le nor. Mm
R W Nichollt, Ark
Wt I' hen, M 11
John Walsh, Mi.l
J O Moire, Tenn
W T Alcjniler,M!;m
J A Hcott, Tnn
J P Moore Tex
A 11 Diggint. Mo
0 Young, Ark
T G I'hiUiu 4w, Ark
8 C Beard. Ark
w n Mayor, Ark
J B bun tor, Ky
D Wu'ttburgar, 0
KOCh-w, T no
W A Wide, Tonn
J C Looney, Ohio
A J Rowland. Mill
Y P Gi.tliin, Mint
W CGarrolt, Mm
R (I Pigoo lenn
11 H Juliaa, Ark
J 8Sknner, Ark
F Jarobt. Ark
G W K Carle. I'l
Jat Cronan, Ind
w 11 n aruiaw, renn V fi lia-lan, Tenn
J W D tile, Ky AO Hay, Tenn
K 11 brultb. Ark T Graham, lenn
T P Turner, Tenn B J Low, Tenn
K B l.ewii, Tenn W T I'ceton, Tenn
J r-ullivan, Ark 0 Ilarriron, Mo
W Cruiell, Mo L Her-ht, Ark
W A Molionald, Mill J Blumentlial, Mint
G I) Grren, Tenn Mid M F Uihht.Tenn
Min M Gien, Tenn R J Kvant, Teg
8 J Been. Tenn Mn C Canfield, Vlat
A iium Traobt, Tenn J M liawken. Mita
N Ulaol we 1, T. nn Mrt Bhumacker, M'tt
Mr A Baer, M 11
Mui Veuh Uner, Mm
Mill ' V Price. Va
Mi't Htig II, Min
G II Ke ker, Ky
WI) Meriwethor.Tenn
Mirt lira Crump, Mitt
1) W Miller, Mill.
It w I'wen, Mm
G B Motley, Mitt
A J Grio, Mo
K J Keith, Ark
Mrt Crnnit,, Mm
A Smith, Mitt .
Dairy 'a Enrapean Hotel.
Corner of Adamt and Main itreeti. Roomt,
SOo, 75oand tl per day; American Plan,
ti per day.
Flnt-lnii KetUurant in the Hotel.
J. M. DUFFY (10 yn wiih Peabody lioUl),
raor a.
n W Kcklei, Ark
MrtCW Oavdea, 111
KL J net, Mi,,
8 C Smith, Mail
0 North, Ark
J Con tant, III
Alex Von, Ky
J D Mchlery, Pa
f Kelly, Mo
H Covington, Ky
8G Harper Aw, Ala
A A Sharp, M ti
A A Bragley. Va
M Frank, Tena
? Color, Tann
W Turner, N J
J Lavin, Mich
K Futtelbkck. Pa
J C'onttai t. III
J D Phelr.n, Km
T J Bogue, Mill
0 Brown, Tenn
W Tilford. Mill
V U -1 t . Ill
A n uewara, Jena
FII ArmtUad, Tena DW Allen, Tena
d r nniienoaM,MMl i.inatay, ina
F Jonnton, Ark
E McCallitter, Tens
W Wlllitmi, Tinn
0 Slater, Tenn
T Jacob, Teen
M C Marinnt. Tens
1 O'Ma ley, Tenn
W F awton, Tena
Mrt Sltnt. N 0
J K Parcell. Ark
J Van Culin.Tena
t) rerrin, Tena
M L Nolton, Ttnn
8 Q Cooper, Tena
T J Hrdgei, Tena
Mr P Tbomti, Tena
R J Piggott, Tena
H J Morgan, Tena
0 Jonet, jr, Mill
T Ki lev. III
1) K Alexander, Ky
L it is imeriy. ill
M L Fite, Min
J O Mo iintock.Tenn (! Shrlbv. T.nn
M L Andetton, Tann C M Ath ay, Tena
M L Webb, Ky C L Birdtey, III
U M lUrrit. Tenn II W Ford, Mo
K LTattnal, Ind 0 C W ilrnntn, N Y
CAhel.Ga A Bell. Ga
0 M liri on. Viti A Hunt r, Ky
B George, Ohio A M ' oiler, Mitt
R L Payne, Ark M C! Wjlliamt, Ohio
C F Morgan, Ohio R W tinnier. Mitt
J D Marlin, Mitt W 8 Logan, Ind
C LHobrrtton, Mi.h.
Clarendon Hotel.
,... Nn 6.' ,na ,i3 Madlion rtreet.
Katct-$2 per day, day board t&l per
W R Ha'leday, Min G C Woodruff, Tenn
i " mn, 111 A (i Kfloy, loan
N F () ruoh, Mo
W C Graham, M'ta
J L Lovelaw, Tenn
J K Hale, Tenn
J Smiih, Kv
M Jatecr, Ohio
D Ja obt, III
II I lluihat. N Y
J Aiken, Mo
C U Blankwell, Min
G J Letcher, Ark
J B Hunt-r. Tena
J Rice, Tenn
II Rome, ill
II Carey, Obio
Mitt llutheK, X
W A Hobnon, Mill j llattingt. Mo
II Morrlt, l'a J Sandert, Pa
BSxyder. Va W Given, Va
W Grave-, Ga J Owent, Ga
G Wnrmack. Koine W Snodura-i, Tenn
V Branch, Tenn D K Uinon, Ark
Order Mealnat Mnlford'.
Dyciug and C'Icanlng.
Lsdm' and gents' clothea 1 leaned
or dyed in iny color, also kid gloves,
ostrich feat he' a and lace curtains by
l.f'iiis Reicel, fi8 Jefl'ers in stieet, Vem
phis, Tenn. tvoods rvi-d hy expretia.
Fiuo Vntcli repalrinc at Mulford'a.
Tnrllsh Itathe, llictrlc Ilutbs.
Hot and cold, 22 ' 2d at. Telephone 770.
Old dioldaiid Silver
Taken as ca MuifordV, 291 Main.
OrFim Sional Saavicit, U. 8. A.,
Mimpuis, March 22, 1 p.m. -
Tlie following obaervations are taken
at all stations named at 75 meridian
time, which is one hour faster than
Memphis time:
Ab've Low
Water. Change.
Kise Fall
Feet. lOths lOths lOths
20 8 3
12 4 40
10 A 15
8 8 8
6 "T"
11 4 13
21 2
6 8
15 3 28 -
7 7 1
7 12
14 6
8 2 6
H 8 2
9 6
10 4 0
18 2 10
a5 8 "nun eoaaeeaa
28 2 13
Chattanooga ...
Fort Hinitlt
La Crosse
Little Itock
w me. I"
New Orleans...
St. Louis
St. Paul ;
Cimcink ATi.March 22 -Night Rivet
IS feet 5 inches on the gauge and
WBBKLtKa, W.VA..Mareh 22. Kight
River 18 feet 6 inches on the gauge
tnd rising.
EvANtTiixi.Marcb 22 Noon Rivr
rising, with 10 feet 4 inches on the
gange. Weather clear and cold.
PrrrsBOBa, March 22. Night River
13 feet 9 inches on the gnge and ris
ing. Weather rain and mow.
Ctnoinmati, Marcl 22 Noon River
stationary, with 16 feet 4 inches on the
gange. Weather clear: thermometer
Loutsvilik, March 22 N'ght River
rising, with 7 feet 2 Inches iu the canal
and 6 feet on the falls. Basiaesa fair.
Weather clear and cool.
EvAifsvTLLB.Marcb. 22 Night River
rising, with 10 feet 4 inches on the
gauge. Weather bright and cold;
thermometer, 40" to 60".
St. Louis, March 22. Night Ai
rived: Dillon and barges, New Or
leans; City of Cairo, Vickshorg; Wy
oming.Ounhlta. Departed : My Choice
and barges, New Orleans.
Lodisvillb, March 22 Nooa River
rising, with 7 feet 1 isch in the canal
and 4 feet 11 inches on tha falls. Busi
ness good. Weather clondy and cool.
Departed: Mary Houston, New Or
leans, last night.
Oaibo, March 22. Night River 20
feet on the gauge and rising. Weather
clear and cool. Arrived : R. 8. Hayes,
St. Louis, 6 p.m. Departed: J. W.
Gaff, Memphis, 1 p.m.; Paris. O.
Brown. New Orleans, 2 p.m.! City of
Bit in Rouge, New Orleans, 3 p.m,
Cairo, March 22. Noon River 20
feel 9 inches on the gange and rising.
Wta'her clear and cool. Arrived:
City of Trovidence, St. Lmis, mid
niubt; Paris O. Brown, Cincinnati, 2
a.m.; Ci'y ti Baton Rouge, St. Louis,
9 a in. : James W. OaA, Cincinnati, 11
a.m. Departed: City of Providence,
Vicksburg, a.m.
Movements of Ocean HI earner.
QuggNSTows, March 22. Arrived:
Auranla, New York f r Liverpool
rtTrlAMItU ,N.
HI. I.onla anil New Ortaniii Anclir
1,1,. Mail-OAIRO A tiT. LOUIS.
Belle Memphis,
Gen. Raker matter
Will leave levator WEDNESDAY. Maroh
24th, m 10 e m. For freight or passage apply
C. I,. Hai.i,. Pma. Att. AD ST'IHM. Pno't.
Sii. Irftuln anil Nw Orieana Anrhor
City of Providence, ScfL,
Geo. Carroll ...matter. 'W9t
Will leava the Elevator THIS DA V , March
231, at 10 a m. For freight or natsage apply
O I.. Hti.t, Hatt. Agt. AD STOKM . B"p'i
Southern f raniportatioo Co.-O. Line Kor
I airo. Ijouitvuia and uinolnnati Mr.
1has. Morgan
Q. W.Thompioi. matter, 'jWvi3e
Will leave ! Ill- DAV, March 23d, at5p m.
For freight or nattata apply to 0. U Kt rj
BKLL, Avent, lj Madison at. Telephone 227.
Jaaag 11. FuNtLiM, Patsencer Agent
Memph'g anil Clnclnuati Packet t o
JamcM W. Gaffgj-O
John F Jonet. ..matter.
Will leaveTUKtjDAV, Mamh 23d, at 6 p.m.
For frelvht or patsage apply to C. B RUa
8KL.L, Agent, No 12 Maditon it. Tele- bone
Ho 121. JOHN CARR, Pattanger Agent
Steamer UU10 follow!, leaving Jfriday,
Marob Jrtih .
Southern Traa aortatioo Co. O. Line For
vtcktburg, natonet aaa new urieant oir.
Paris C. Brown, ,.
J. 8. Patterson .,,meUr,iTja
tit : 1 1 , ni,r.iiwv u Lo,j t. .
win leave idio va i , ami mu, n ir a a,
For freight or pattag apply to C. B. KUti
BKLIj, Ag't. 13 Maditon it. Teleakone 227.
Jaaaa B. FaAagLiw. Pataenger Agent.
at. Laala and Blew vrieiana Aaenor
1 1 ,!. B). Mall FOR MKW 0RLBAN8.
City of Baton Rouge tTS-
R. J. Whitledge...maator.
ve T
ight i
Will leave tha Elevator TUE8UAY. Maroh
231. at p.m. Kor freight or pain
For freight or pattage apply
C. L. Hii.t., Past. Art.
si i ' iyi . pnn i.
Arkansas River Tk't Co.
B. B. Smith.... matter. lrw-
Leavet Memphia Kvery TI'KSD AV, at & p.m
H. C. LOW B, Agent.
Offlre, No S Maditon tt Telephone No. Si.
Memphis and Vlckabnnr Packet Com
pany U.N. Mail Line.
For Helena. Oonoordla, Terrene and Arkan
iu City Tha elegant patienger ttean er
M. K.Oheei.. matter I W. U. Blaoaor ...clerk
Leavet Memphlt
KVERT MONDAY and 1111 RSDAY. at 6
p. ai.,reierving the right to past all landing!
the oapla n mayu'eeut ansare. lor general
information apply at otuce, No, 4 Mailitoa
itroet. K. WALWORTH. Agent.
,TOMN CARR. Pa.s'r A rent. Telephone SA.
Memphis & White Hirer Tkt,(Jo
S. foltal-mattar I C. M.r-oiul..clerl
vnn, -
Ctrn1u, Dtvalla BlnBT, Ilea Are.
Awf-netit, Jswkanrtportanit HnTCj,
at & p.m. Toronto rait to all polntt.
Frt iht conrigoo'l io " Mooii'hii and Vo
fMmr rnkot Cvmpany'' hainrwarJid
prxmn'lT ' LOWB, Annt,
M- M rfl.nn .1 T.IKr .Nn .
McmidiK hlte Hlrn-k KuerVai tet
Fur lltirna, IWaiis HlurT, Tat Toa Arr
tosta, Naaport and Batasvilia. Ihe nt
aad laol .",hel aatsaavar ttoan
Milt Ilarrv ....m"er
WiU laava KVKKV STVRDA at5oolc,
li ni Throuirh rttoyll rxnott. Kra i
eoniinr..1 to Milt ll.rrv Lir a, aph" ait
h. ,,r,.mnllv lorr.i-n. W.J.V VOXL
Offio.9.M':'"" To'Mihon. .HJI.
Jaaat H t tinn-ii", r tntr Aaaot. Tal
aThetirmol GOODBAR A CO. baa been dissolved, and we have reorganised oor intereet In tha Wholeeale Boot
and Bboe Bnineav, in connection with Mr. W. E. Love, late of Warren, Love A Co., 8t. Lonia, Mo., and Mr. J. O.
Calhcott, of Coldwa'er, Miae., nnder the atyle of and firm name given below. We thank onr Irienda for their patronage
in the paat and hope lot a continuance of their favors. A. B GOODBAI-.
A. B. fiOODBAR, I.
aww wi uuuuoar m vo.. aiempDlt. llt 01
367 & 3G9 Main
We are low receiving a larcre and En'lrIy Kew Nt-ckof Eastern and
Spring Trade of 1886, which we offer at ittock Itotiom Price),
We bave EXCLUSIVE control in
lowing lines rf CUSTOM-MADE Goods, all of whish we
warrant to give perfect satisfaction :
George Uocker's celebrated Men's Calf Boots.
Brady & 8bortell's Boys', Youths', Misses' and Children's
Solar Tip Shoes.
T. M. Harris & Co.'s Philadelphia made Children's Shoes.
Also, L. W. Nate & Co.'s Kip Brogans and Plow Shoes
the beet Brogans made in the United States heretofore
handled by Gcodbar & Cx
We are the only honae in this Market handling the cele
brated Krippendorf, Dittmann & Co. line of Lidtna' and
Miaaes' Kid, Goat nnd Calf CU8IOM Goods EXCLU
SIVELY, nnder tha Fartorv Brand".
The Handsomest in the
South and Its
Men the
The Pride of the Mis
sissippi Valley.
A New York drummer, who trav
els over the entire country, was
brapiring about the advantages of
living in Gotham, but he had to ad
mit that iu the Misfit Clothing Par
lors, 262 Second street, Memphis has
the best and cheapest clothing house
in tho United States. He also had
to concede that the Memphis girls
are the prettiest in the country and
that the men here, as a general rule,
are better dressed than those of any
American city.
Memphis men can afford to dress
well. Tho Misfit Clothing Parlors
gives them the advantage of buying
fine merchant tailor's clothing at
about one-half ita aotual value.
The Misfit Clothing Parlors be
lieve in bragging when it has some
thing to bra about. We have been
busy during the past two months
hunting up bargains for Spring. We
now have our Parlers packed with
beautiful new goods. Better still,
our prioes are wonderfully low.
Come quick and inspect these hand
some goods.
Remember, all alterations to in
sure a perfeot fit done free of tharge
by a first-class tailor.
262 Second St, Memphis,
Opp. Court Square.
The TaradLse for those hunt
Ins? Koal Clothing Bargains.
2 ?JIiei
Electric Mi Free
TOlntrrduoaittn l obtain tgontt we will
for the next siatv dayt HI,""'.1
of oh ., in e.'h lounty in Ine I). f. a lim
itednmi Wrof ,.ur rn.ao fcl.i-irtJ.
v.an hii-,.nory Mlia. Fnca : a
poit vr and unilin core for.rv'it Oe
bilitj. Var eole. EraiMori, lmwtocy,
et". IfHIO.IO Reward piiU if every Beit we
niana aetiire doet n"t ranoraie a tejiuina
elicric nirrent. Ad 'rft at once hLKt.
IKIO li li 1. 1' AOLM'Y", P. 0. J5o 18,
Btaokl-p,. Y.
111 3i9i3u
tgr q r.iliali'i l
uooaoar at t 0., Ml
Lata of Warren, Love
and 18 Gayoso Streets,
officeno. 24 high
De made by any competing market.
this market of the fol
MaarHit, Taim., Maroh 10, 1886.
We made a contract some months
ago with George Hocker, the manu
facturer of the celebrated "Hocker
Boot," for the exclusive handling of
his boots at wholesale in this market,
and have advertised in various news
papers to this effeot. We notice re
cently that another wholesale shoe
house in Memphis is advertising
that thoy have George Hooker's calf
boots for sale, manufactured for the
spring trade. In order that we should
not be placed in a false attitude be
fore the trade, w wrote to Mr. Hook
er on February 27th to know whether
or not he had sold his oalf boots to
any other wholesale house in Mem
phis, and we herewith publish his
reply. Very respectfully,
MAiturACTuaica or I
CtNOiRXiTi, 0., Maroh 1, 1886. J
Messn. Goodbar, Lot k Co., Mamphli,
Gentlimen We have just re
ceived your letter of February 27tb.
Goodbar & Co. have not bought a
tingle pair of boots from nt for the
spring trade.
I cannot think that they are getting
them through any other house, as we
received no orders that they could
send, and are only selling one other
jobbing house these goods. I do not
think they get them trom taem.
Notwithstanding one of our com.
f etitors pobllNhes a letter from (Jco.
locker Hating "he has not sold na
any calf hunts for npriii trade,"
niEFAirt' IS, we have those goods
now in ntore, hlch we uAVrto the
trade at as low prices aa they can be
found elaewhere. We guarantee
them to be the UEMJIX E Geo. Hocker
bootn, and adapted to the present sea
son's trade. Uesnectfhlljr ynnra,
Memphin, March IS. 188(1.
310 svnd 313 Front Street Memphis, Teun.
toves, Tinware.
We ara Jaiat la Receipt -
Tk T Til 1
11. IVi 1T1UWK, w'OlUJUUUM'
lad ta namnlAla Y.lnavaktfriAlIP OFTFITH.
CroeMlbtw I Win. L. Clark I
Jamea It
13Baatda.1olltatla.axa IBBftl
319 Main Street,
-r tt
rS offer to HllHfHANH ONLY taa
W uu .... knitht in. thta marlc.t.
tvlat bv aor house Id thil or any other city.
maua aooas. inoiaaiti in. - -
a larae and teleot ttook of Cattom-mode woods
carry a nam ber of the best maKot in ina eonmrv, io ever vanatv na th ia, aaa amoi
tham'the well known Alen'l Calf Goott and IShoat aanufactn.itd b eo. Hocker for o"
Sprint Trade. ve alto onrry a choioe line of Ladies' and Mates' CustOTI Kid, Ooat at
Calf tiooda, mannlactured by Krippendorf. Dittman k Co. We Invite the trade t eiamii
our ttook before bajinf alaowhere, and wa (uarautee.vwythiniwei.il to five satUfaotioj
Boiler Works.
SHE & McOAinilY.Propr'fi,
140,142,141 front, Memphis.
J la the Nou.ti. and tb. only eoruvleta
Po-V.er and Bt-iron ivuiei in. city.
Mnnfiirr of h late trim,
worn of larrlpla. Spttial
Vrl --- ''I'll wnrlr.
A. oaRD
To all who art luReriag from the .iron and
Inditcretiom of youth, nervoai weakness,
early dtsay, loss of manhood, eta.. I will
tend a roc lit that will eare you, TREK 01
C1IARUK. ThM neeirameay vtai
over -
ad by a missionary in Booth America.
elf ad(lres.l envelop to the Be, Jwri
X. luaaa, Oiaiwa ft dor
Loala. Lata of Ooldwater,
k Co.
Memphis, Tenn.
Cnetom-Made Boote and Shoeefortbe
on aa liberal terma aa can
We also control the following Specialties nnder oor
own brands, vis :
Goodbar, Love & Co.'s Men's Grained Calf CUSTOM-MADE
Bals, Button and Congress.
Gnolbar, Love & Co.'s Men's N.K. Calf CUSTOM
MADE Bals, Button and Congress.
Goodbar, Love A. Co.'s Ladies' Kid and Goat CU
TOM-MADE Flexible Polish and Button S3 00 Shoes.
Our Ladies' (3 00 Shoes are made from the beet se
lected Cnracoa Kid and Tampioo Goat Stock, and have
Solid Sole Leather Counters and Flex ble Inner Soles
and we warrant them to fit and give perfect satiefactio
in every Tfaneot.
tmportora anl daalan In fiaai,Amna.
nlilma and riahlna; Tttrklv, Bulldrra'
Hantaan, llmirli lt,la aad Am-
itaclalaraforHotaliaad Fasidenr,a4
Hal a all-act, Meupala, Feaa. Klaetria
tuppllai alwaya on hand. Kapairta aaaUr
Hang, AmmanltioD, Fishing Tackle
and Hportsmen'a Bnppliea,
t3 Mala straai, eaaphta, Teaau
Uannfaetoring and Rapatrinf of ftanj a
Brnicla'tT. aa-T'phon No. 80.
Frank Schnmaiin,
Importer and Dealer ia
riahlna; Tar tola and Hpartau
nia'a Haplla mr Special attantion
aad RB-
413 Main M
,M emiihl, Tenn
Sweet Tickles, Etc.
Htnflrd Frail Plrkled Oraag-M,
NliiHrd Frnlt f Irk I ml Caonaibrra,
Nlatrd Frala Pickled Peppcra,
(ttntrud Frail Plchlrd Hautoet,
Mixed siv Pleal'a,
Croaa A Biichvll' CtlOW-Cliol
w aad'
Mlard Plcklea,
Plain Cacnmber Pleklaa by IbafraU.
Otlior brand or Ptaln and Hlxd
Plcklea la Olaaa Mud Ollvea.
Corner Scmnrt and Heale 81a.
af - av Lance Sblpmcait
4J tvl Tl CamnAW)
OiCCA Jliig. uuapvio
Kumm J. tiarrlMaai rrasar . Jaaa4
Memphis, Tenn.
lartett ard belt ttoek of Boots aad Shoca a;
and whioh flttnnl k. a-rnaaad In oualitaF
In adililioo to a complete lle ol K
.. un . wD
for Hen, Women, Mistet and hildren.
JoHdvtaTotJa. C. N. OioavaM
Real Estata Dealeri
Office,. 264 teeconS Strew
. u.a. aaiu .
1 V Tuei ttin, fv.ata ColltcUd, .ti-.
tj.-io- r
Young & BrotM
Booksellers and Stationer
21M Slaiu .weuiph ,T
, trieblna;
to tretlr
from BtMi
1 as oflvr at t.jttlrt
attire 5

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