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VOL. XLVI-.X0. 7i
VAPirAi. xa Linn.
'o man can read the new of Btrikes
and impending strikes, of combina
tions ol labor and combinations of
capital with which the papers are daily
filled, without a fueling of apprehen
sion of an impending cngi. No man
can read the news of to-day without a
feeling of coming calamity worse than
civil war. One million of working-
. men, according to the report
of the United States Labor Bu
reau, are out of employment and
without the means of buying
bread. They have no funds to draw
from for support, and are with'
out hopo-destitute. Enforced beg
gary and destitution make desper
ate men. Beggary, enforced by cu
pidity, makes despairing men. It
hard to tlie of starvation in the midst
' of plenty. It is hard to go hungry in
a country where wealth is flaunted as
an aggressive force by men whose eh
atiou on pedestals of gold is due to
questionable, many of them unlaw
ful, measures. - Buch a man can have
no bowels of compassion, fop no rob
ber enn sympathize with industrious
labor. What he has has come to him
without manual labor and by the sub
version of conscience, and he laughs
at the bard-working and honest toile
as a simpleton. If he is appealed to
o for aid his answer is, "Let them go
and make money as I did." But a
poor man cannot buy railroads at
$12,000 a mile and water them up to
$128,000 per mile and compel the
farmers, the merchants and mannfttct-
urers to pay 6 per cent, per annum
on the water. Such wholesale rob
bery, perpetrated in defiance of the
plainest and simplest dictates of fair
dealing, are not within the working
man s reach, even if he desired to be
dishonest, but he is within the reach
of these, the most powerful combina-
tions of modern times, to be ground
into subjection to a tyranny worse
than that of the robbing barons of
1 William the Conqueror's day. Re-
V dsiecd to a mere machine, imbruted
by continuous labor, extending, as in
the case of street-car drivers, to four
teen and sixteen hours in the twenty
four, the workingman has not even time
for a moment's serious thought for
his future or that of his chil
dren. Whatever of civilisation he
may have hod when ho began
the race of life is thus being steadily
t stamped out of him, and he is gradual
ly becomingasullen savage. Outof this
slough of despondency a cry has gone
up for counter-combination, and the
Knights of Labor have been organized
to stem the broad, deep and sweeping
current of degradation and slavery
and prepare for a contest that may
end in anarchy if a way is not found
to meet the honest, earnest appeal of
the worlingtnen for a chance to im
prove their condition by lessening the
hours of labor to eight per day, and
making such 41 standant of wages as
. till ul7"Lni Ml fTli UUIIPUnu nf 1..
. w -..w ' o isvrggtur
to the lame, tho halt and the blind.
War in any guise is to be avoided,
but - a war that would find the poor
arrayed against the rich is one that
must be prevented, and it can bo. All
sense of justice has not perished out
of the country. The standards of fair
dealing have not been lost. Apply
-- these, square the differences-between
employer and employed by the rule
which Christ said embraced "all the
law and the prophets," and there can
not be a moment's doubt as to the
result. Let the rich man, the railroad
combinationist, the monopolist and the
manufacturer put himself in the place
of tho workingman, if only for a mo
ment, and strikes will become impos
sible.' Let them remember that men,
women and children must live, and
that if they do not live by work they
will by beggary or by robbery. Let
them remember that it is easier, as
well as better, to support a poor man
in work than in pauperism, and
that by lifting - him above the
umiuduw, ti ie contingencies ana ine
exigencies of life, they are increasing
the ranks of good citizenship, lessen-
ing tho ranks of crime and making
lor civilization in its highest and best
sense by raising the average of self
reliant, self-respecting and self-de
pendent men. There are large bodies
of intelligent workingmen who have
willing allies among the professions,
these have been discussing the dig-
panties between extreme indigence,
squalor and wretchedness and the ex
pense of indulgence, of palatial splen
dor and plenty. They have been ask
mg the question, how and by what
uienua can a man in less man tnirty-
n ve years amass or acquire control of
oou,uuo,UOO worth of property, a sum
greater by nearly 1100,00 ',000 than
the estimated true valuation of all
the taxable property in each of the
Btaies ot Georgia, Kansas and Maine,
and nearly as much as that of Tennes
see, of Virginia and Minnesota. How
iew men have made 1,000,000 even in
A Inn cr 1 i V 1 L.:
o - mj m lucii unit 1111
aided efforts? In a country whose
constitution declares for the equality
of all men, the means and measures
that enable one man to absorb and
monopolize the wealth that belongs to
honest industry to an extent like this
, are the agencies of wrong and of
crime, i dis it is that lies at the basis
of all strikes; this it is that has put
labor and capital at bay, confronting
each other as thev do to-day with an
avowed purpose the one of defense
and the other of aggression, regard
less of consequences. It is as Henry
Ceorge says, the "House of Have''
and tho "House of Want" that are
occupying this attitude and arc pre
paring for a collision, and that every
where jostle and scowl at each other.
What is to prevent encounter? What
is to prevent this threatening war of
i classes? Compromise-which is bet-re-saBwewrTltin
bloodshed, turmoil, confu
sion and destruction of property. Tho
8onth would to-day be better off bv
19,000,000,000 and COO.O 0 valuable
lives had the negro been voluntarily
sttt free and the civil war been averted.
Slight Pi-rrepjucy Between Dr.
Rojersand t'uy Yeno; Onr
Washington Letter.
IsncuL to tbs irriAL.t
Washington, March 23. The tariff
question is getting into a still worse
tangle in the House, and the chances
now are tnat If the Morrison bill is
passed it will be by its enemies. The
reformers, being pledged to some sort
of tariff legislation, are determined to
pass a till, even if it doesn't do any
thing. There is much talk of trading,
by which the bill is being whittled
down so as to satisfy certain interests.
of IashviIIe, Tenn., is the guest of
his brother, den. Marcus J. Wri
me War Records Office. This
recommends additional apprnpria-
huiib iur wie luiiowing puouc Del II d-
miw: frank fort. Ky.. 15.00: Jack-
wn,T(nn,tjO0O; Oxford, Miss, $12,000;
it'rre iiauie, ind., -,' 00,
Cablurl aWtlnaT.
Washimotow March 13. To-day's
session of tho Cabinet was devoted to
the consideration of measures de
signed to secure a more rii.Hd enforce
ment of the Chinese restriction act.
particularly with reference to pro
venting the landing of Chinese labor
ers on fraudulent certificates. It was
represented that trouble constantly
arises in cases where immigrants
claim to have lost or mislaid their
certincatea, and bring witnesses to
prove that they were in this country
at the time of the passage of the act
and were actuallv provided with the
certificate prescribed by law which
entitled such persons to return to the
United States after a visit to China.
Another question considered by the
Cabinet was in relation to the affairs
oi me Union Pacific Ka Iroad Com-
The Welf-BftfrY Nubians Under Ills
Treatment-T.rrible Sufferings
of tli Victim.
Pabis, March 23 One of the? wr If
bitten Russians who rprentlr rum
here and were trentc u bv M. Pifb ur !
to prevent ratrcj (l:ed Ja-t n'ghf jn
egony with all t'tpaymptoiraof Hydro
pbob a. M. IV-vur in jmt t al dis
mayed at the failure of bis treatment
in this case.
The Russian a riv. d here and were
p'ased under Tarn ur'a care on March
15th. They wet uioiika atd in
nineteen in number. All had ben
tt ecaed by mad wolves end terribly
I ..A - J a. .1 .
iMunrai,?u. riaieur Willi Off v tinder
I 'aBnaaaj.annaaaIBa--
Judge Wright's first visit to Washing
ton since mi retirement Irom Uon
gressin 18B1. It is needless to say
that he is both astonished and de
lighted with the transformation which
Washington has since undergone.
Happening in the Circuit Court room
yesterday he was recognized by his
old friend, J udge Hagner, and specially
complimented bv an invitation to a
seat beside him On the bench.
The friends of the Lowell bank
ruptcy bill id the House held a con
ference last niirlit. at which thev do-
cided to make a canvass of the House
to ascertain the prospects of success
in a determined effort to force tho
adoption of the bill in the precise
form in which it was introduced, and
in which it is before the Senate.
In the testimonv (riven bv the Hon.
Casey Young vesterdav before tin
Telephone Investigating Committee
he stated that he did not tell Bcn
thuysen that he (Younc) had aeked
and advised Attornev-tieneral Gar
land to institute suit against the Bell
people. Rogers save Air. Youtur did
advise Mr. Garland to brinsr suit.
This discrepancy in the testimony of
two principal witnesses will necessi
tae the presence of Mr. Garland,
who has been requested to appear
this week. Mr. Benthuysen will also
presented a petition of the corporate
authorities of the city of Memphis,
Tenn., of the Cotton Exchange and
the Merchants' Kxclianere. of the same
cur, praying ior appropriation neces
sary to the protection of tho harbor of
that city, referred to the Committee
on Rivers and Harbors ; also, a peti
tion of fifteen clerirvmen of Mem-
his, four lawyers, nineteen teachers
fifty-one business men and fourteen
officers of temperance and other socie
ties of Franklin and Cotl'ee counties.
Tenn., praying for the enactment of a
law requiring scientific temperance
instruction in schools under general
unsanction, which was ordered to lie
on the table.
presented in tho House to-day the
memorial of the city of Memphis of
the Cotton and VlerchanU' Exchangee
for the protection of the harbor of
em phis.
James C. Broyles. Tupelo, MJsp..
breech loading firearm; William In
galls, Mobile, Ala., log turner; Howell
Lavies, Coal Cree. Tenn., mine ele
vator; Louisa B. Linthicum, Helena,
Ark., attachment for bake ovens; Wm.
Y. Oliver, Franklin county, Ark.,
combination plow; Dan Sihgletary,
Union City, Tenn., horso detacher;
John N. Rudd, assignor of one-half to
S. Parker, Sparta, Tenn., fruit gatherer.
The telephone suits will be brought
at Columbus, O., and the district at
torney has been instructed to prepare
the pnpers. Judge J. Baxter of Knox
ville, Tenn., will preside.
ght of Pany, nd the steps necessary to pro- 'J"" tjf t them, and at one p'ased
his is tert the government's interests therein. l.n,m .in hospital. The mm who
Foartb-C'laa aatmaatrra BfnttH
Washington, Marclj 23.- Refer ing
to Senator Ingall's resolution, iiasscd
mo wuw miwui uiree weeks ago,
calling upon the Postmiuter-C
to furnish the number of fourth-class
postmasters who had been removed
by the present administration, and to
the resolution offered by Senator In
galls in the Senate yesterday asking
the Postmaster-General why the
luriurr requesi iiau not been compl ed
with, First Assistant Postmaster
Geneml Stephenson said this morning
that it was owing solely to the great
labor involved in looking up tho
reconls, and selecting from -the long
lists of changes only those who have
been removed.
Bale Two I Be Klctdly taforeed
At a meeting of the B-vard of Man
sgers of the Woman's Exchange
March 12, 1880, it was decided that
there be more stringent enforcement
of Rulo2, name'y: Work is not re
ceived from gentlewomen whose cir
cumstances do not make it necessary
for them to dispose of their work. e.
vopi nueu uie proceeds are to be
devoted - to charitable purposes.
(Churches or other societies are not
eligible as consignors).
In the beginning it was deemed ex
pedient to place a liberal construction
upon this rule in order to test the
market, and through this means to
further the interest of need consign
ors as well as the Exchange. This
policy has been useful hitherto, inas
much as the desired experience has
oecn pined, but must now be aban
doned, ince it has fully stoc-ed the
cases and shelves of the sales-room,
which shall henceforth bo devoted to
such consignors only as nould come
strictly under tho rule above quoted.
Many consignments have been re
ceived, tho proceeds of which have
been d-voted to public charities, and
tho Exchnngo desires to state to all
such consignors that it will continue
to receive all articles for this purpose,
and trust their number will constantly
increase, but that such cases will be
the only exceptions to this rulo.
d ed latt night bad been carefully
opervwu on anu regularly inoculated
whu vims iwiic a aay since be ar
rived. His terrible death, with all the
symptoms ci nyampuobia in its worst
form, has seriously checked public
ennnaence in ins tndCtiveneta (
I'aiteor's discovery. The first
poiitive indications that the patient's
system was restating tne treatment
maniietted themselvee on Sundav.
after he had been in the hospital over
nve aajs. tie aoon afterward became
a victim of the uiott terrible saffdring,
and th s seemed to increase hourly up
nine time oi aeatn, wnicn occurred
while the maa was mad and wild
physical t;r;uie. The corpse has
been removed to I'attjor'e laborat )y,
where it will be made the subject of
rxpcnrnfoi oj me scientists. M,
Pasteur ia much annoyed by the uu-
fa voi able comments caused by this
.failure ot his method, but insiota that
i netaonsne nothing.
Pas ear iojeoted morphine lnt3 the
dying Russian, but without avail. The
pnal marrow ot the dead man will
h nsed t Inoculate dogs. The other
Kujeian patients are doing wtll ; four
teen of them are busy seeing the
lUuteof Pri. t
Painfully In-
M annlntr
Jo red.
Washinoton, March 23. Rumors
have been afloa-all the afternoon of
tne serious illness of Secretary Man
ning. They grew out of the fact that
the Secretary had been taken home
from the Treasury in his carriage,
being unable to walk. Upon inquiry
at the Secretary's residence it was
stated that he had simply met with a
painful accident while returning to
nis oince irom tne meeting of the Cab
inet. He had walked over from the
White-House, and. without Wflitinor
for the elevator to take him to his
room on the second floor, walked up
the two flights of stairs. On reaching
the upper landing his foot suddenly
tusned under him, severely wrenching
his anklo. He limped into his room
without calling for assistance. Shortly
afterward Dr. Hamilton of the Marino
Hospital Service, happening to be in
the building on business, attended to
the injured man's limb, and the Sec
retary was then taken home in his
carriage. When he reached home Dr.
Lincoln, the Secretary's family physi
cian, was summoned to attend him.
Dr. Lincoln; who attended Secretary
Manning at his home, gave the follow
ing statement to an Associated Press
reporter: The Secretary was seized
with vertigo on his return to his office
from the Cabinet mectinc. He had
been working all day without takine
any nourishment, and was feeling very
wean xie warned up the two ilighta
of stairs, and on reaching the top was
rive Hnndrrtl Hollar ronlrlbntlaa
From aha Mikado or Japan.
New YohkC March 23. The follow.
ing letter explains itself:
Toaio. th 11th or tb 2d IVVntb 1
or tbs 19th Viiar nr Mifji. V
(frKBRUARf 15, 1HS6.) j
Cjrrui W. Field. Kfq . Orant Monument Ai
tooiation, New York Citjr:
Sir - His Imperial Majesty has been
gratified to learn of the plan for the
erection of a monument in honor of
the late Gen. Ulysses S.Grant, and he
commands me to transmit to you he
inclosed 500 American dollars, us a
contribution to the monument, and in
token of the high estimation in which
he holds the memory of the illustrious
I havo the honor to be, sir, yours
very respectfully,
Urnnd t hamberUin to Mjoty, it
buiperor of Junan.
The 'hea li-mpfonxhlp.
New Orlbans, La., March 23.
The eighteenth game of the chess
tournament began at I o'clock p.m.
yesterday with the Ruy Lopez open
ing. Herr Steinitz had the white
men and Dr. Zukertort the black.
Zukertort resigned on his fortieth
move. Time Steinitz, 't hours 10
minutes; ziukertort, 1 hour 16 min
ute. The contest now stands:
SteiniU, 8; Zukertort, fi. Play will be
resumed Wednesday. According to
the original terms of the contest,
should the score stand 9 to 9 it was to
be a draw. In St. Louis t' e number,
by agreement, was reduced to 8 to
make a draw. Steinitz, therefore, now
contends he cannot lose.
Tne Cantrevaray Over the rarlla-
Columbus, O , March 23 There is
diverdiy of opinion and has been
corsiderable controversy over the
claim tbat the Parliamentary Aid So
ciety is part and authorised by the
National Irish Leagae. On this point
the following was received to-night by
the president of .the local branch of
tue Land Lesitn and is of interest:
LiacoLHi Km., March 23, 1886.
William Elliott, Uolumbua, 0.:
In reply to your requost fir my
opinion repa-iliog the lVil, amenta' y
A d Association, which proposes to
h .ld a meeting iH your city, I l ave i o
ht-sitaiion in SA9ng that whiln ninny
pers ns have take part in the move
inert with the; Honest intett m of
h-lping Mr. I'arai V, tun main ot ject
ot iti prime mov rd, and uotably t-f
the person who is described as the
originator, a t to Rra-.ify pergoual epite
and jealousy and ti endeavor, if pos
si hie, to destroy, the unity and bar
mo iy f r whicli the Irixli National
L.-nge has b sVriukni;y labored t)
brn.g about amcu'g the Irijih in Amer
ica, and which it has in mob lare
neasurt acoi.-m'ptiahed. Thank Gj',
tie niachiniiti't: of the intn'ifiers
nave utterly frtiluj. The Irian Na- i
rional Leagun of America embrecse in
its ranks every honest element of
Irish nationality in Auericn, end any
man who wotn i attempt t-J disrupt
and esrecia ly at the nreoent crisis.
ahonld be branded at a greater traitor
to Ireland tlu-n a uryli-i-i nr a t-srey
Runaway Hhk-Ii in HIU Llfj-'.eu
ailoutil Airnli.
Ladies' Phaetons.
Doctors' Phaetons,
Top Buggies,
Open Buggies. x
Speeding Buggies,
Spring Wagons,
Farm Wagons,
Koad Carts, Etc., Etc., Etc.
BKTHni.l. 'I.PP. HnM
lea of all
A PrlMn-Kpraa Trial an rlena
Tbintom, N.J.. March 23. The im
peachment trial egmnit State Prison
Keeper Prfirick II. Laneity was began
thin mornlntt in tho Senate rhimhut
before the Senate sitting as a Couit of
Impeaobment. Laneity la rbarired
with having violated his oath of office
and held criminal intercourse with
temale cinvic'a. The names of the
persons wlihwhom he is alleged to
have had intercourse are aa follnwa:
Libbie Garrabrant.mnrderese.terving
life sentence: Kva S'eele. colored, nmr.
derew, nowoutol prison; A. Lenbard,
forger and ihop'lfier, now in New
York; Mary Smith, now at libertv.
and Minnie Scbee'er, sneak thief,
through whom the charges of criminal
intercourse were reoentlv made nub-
lie. Two of these, E lubeth Grrt
brant and Eva Steele, were called to
day, and both testim-d to criminal
knowledge of the defendant Oar-
isbrant, on a former love
tigation, denied any illicit
relation with Laveity.bat to-ds?
aerted tbat her firmer testimony wis
false, and the colored girl admithad
that she Is now living in open adul
to-d J u'.h 'I""' 'Wort dwian. in all Ih.
rUta, ronni't-
IV aval I it ia-it-
with armtt
- .i J . U,,"t. uhlrh ar tow raa, r (or ths
impsi tloa of ar friamU sod Us publie, at my old .li'd.
Car. aavon4 and JfAnsa Wis.
Try Zcllner'8 English Walkingfast Shoes
bLLMbtl B Wrnia'MiMMM, B all ubiipoi and ftyisi, ara lbs ass-
nis t ana ns in ids llnitsd Hlatsa.
ZRCLNKU'S .. Mhawa .r. tk. boat that ara nads. ,
ZKULNKH 8 Ladlra'anaaaaasl ellrnoraars Uis baad
ouawt, ihapsllsitsBd Boat atrllnh. and ars obsaparthaa aay
u.u.i. r- fq..i f TBUS
ZELLN ICR'S LasUva KM Hal tan nnaas.
Hk allk aonud ball a hnlss, rs lbs arsaUtt bar-
a -,.,a .... 0'" 01 FI!" B00M
a-tiu.trnt.d 0tilorn an Frs on ArrHr.Hcm.-ma
A Totian .!, riahl.
Lou'svillr, Ky.. March 2U. Tho
longest fight ever known under the
Marquis of Queensbury rules took
place in tho open air at Mill Crock,
Ky., this morning, between To 1 my
Warren of Louisville and Tommy
Barnes of England. The fight was
with three-ounce gloves, $."00, gate re
ceipts, and the feather-weight cham
pionship, and ittoo three hours and
a quarter, forty-rive rounds for War
ren to knock Karnes out.
The hVht
wna a-i o n t i ! u 1 1 nAtitauU.1 ...:tl. ........
vi Dwuin, ii4 Jll ICTHIUJIg HIO MIU WW) I ' v..v.m..j wiiwomi, vril-u inly
aiiacaea witn vertigo and partly full resuiis, to tne unrty-seventli
and partly sat down. His sudden ill- round, when the struggling liecame
ness alarmed his friends, and he was
taken heme. His mind was perfectly
clear and he had free use of all his
limbs, and gave a very clear account
of everything that occurred. Two or
three hours after his attack he had
improved very much.
At midnight Dr. Lincoln, who had
just left the Secretary's bedside, said
that Mr. Manning was holding his
sharp and vicious. Warren lduracd
on Barnes' face, who retaliated on
Warren's tody. Warren knocked the
shape out of the Englishman's coun
tenance and won the fight, when
Barnes, who was still game, could not
get up for the forty-sixth round.
Bar I ua In England.
London, March 23. At the Lincoln
own and had slightly improved since ?,Pnn,K Meeting to-daythe nice for the
his last visit. The Secretary's mind Brockesby sta es for two year olds
was still cle r. and he did not antici
pate there wonld be a change for the
worse during the night, He had ral
lied from tho vertigo and prostration
and was re ting comfortably. The
Secretary's illness, Dr. Lincoln says,
was caused by prostration from over
work. He has been working verv
hard and had a great many things on
his mind lately, and the result was
this prostration In spite of the
hopeful view of the case taken by Dr.
Li coin, some of the friends of tho
Secretary arc exceedingly anxious and
consider his condition quite serious.
was won by Baron Pe Hirsch's bav
filly, April Fool; Lord Londonderry s
bay Ally, Tiara, second and lien. Owen
Williams's boy colt St. Pierre third.
There were nine starters. The betting
was 10 to 1 against April Fool and
Tiara, and 6 to 5 agHinst St. Pierre.
April rool won by a head.
Jackson, Tenx., March 23. A sen
sation in high life occurred here to
day about 3 o clock p.m., by the run
away marriage of R. H. Hester
and Miss Kosn Mann, daughter of
Lapt. J. ti. iHanii of the Illinois Con
vrai ruuroao. in injunction Wus
granted by Jmlge T. V. Muse on the
g oundsof insanity of Mr. Hester and
.. . : r ... i r . . .
minority oi i-iss man n, which was
properly served by Deputy Sheriff
rerson and Chancery Clerk Hurt, but
ii. wus aisregaruca.
Atrocloaa Altrnapt at Harder.
Clivblahd, 0., March 23 An atro
cious atttmpt at murder, whic h cul
minated in the suicide of the would-
db murderer, occurred a'. 2 o 'clock this
afternoon in Brighton, five milfs from
Cleveland. For ome time past Cha.
Meyer, German aged twenty fire
yars, ha? b en in the employ of Wm.
A. Vann of Brighton, and previous to
this he had worked for J. E. Wyman,
who lives two miles distant. Meyer
oxuea at wyo an s Douse and wit 'lent
my apparent cause drew a pistol end,
aiming at Mrs. Wyman'a 1 cid, flro 1
to sbotfl, both of which missed their
aim. Meyer then ran from the home
and made his esc 'pe. The neighbors
learned ( t the affair ro u aner, and
ftirted in pursuit. Afrrchtsirg him
for re uly a mile, and when about to
overtake him, Meyer plared the mus
iWof the revolver to his hral and
hlw his brains out. It is a strange
affdr, and no cause is assigned for
t'le act.
Park Packing- aa Clnelnnall.
Cincinnati. O., March 23. Charles
B. Murray, editor of the Price Current,
has nearly completed his annual re
port of pork packing in the United
States for the past year. His report
this day will show the following in re
gard to packing in the West:
NoTsmbsr lit to Maroh lit winter ieon
, . , . HWft-8. NW4-M.
No mbsr hon packed . . 6,2n.? t,4tf),240
v.rxa aroPi wsirht..- a a.Mg
Arcr as yield Inrd.lbt.. Xi.22 3.n2
Avsrags eoat, 100 lbi $i C6 fl to
Maroh lat to Norsmber lat Rumour ioB
vm. im.
Number hort paekad....4,wl,5:2 4.0SN V
At. rsas ar wairbt.... 'tm.M 2 4 'M
Arsraas riald lrd.. 'M 01 Sl.tl
Tbe Indlaan Telenkane Caaa.
Indianapolis. Ind. Math 23 The
Supr'me Court to day decided the last
of tbe telephone raws Tbe drcMon
wai given by Ohief-Jns' ce Nit lk.
It covers the tonsti ntionality of the
wo laws pissed by tbe laat L'glsla-
urn tor the regulation tf telephone
flairs, the pcins involved in the law
reiluciig re.'ta's having ) revionsly
been dr elded In thecKSisof Ilockelt
ajnitiBt th S'ate, and iu this the couit
reaffirmed iti Lr.ru r otd i n by sin -
ply tailing rt'nntiou to ir. R girding
tin iion-iliarrimini t O i aot, the court.
dd, at length, that the tflnphnns
ou pa y Is it mti mi canle-, and as
Biicli is hull ct t rll tt e resulaMons
which the uw 1 in noses upon common
carriers. Jt caennt, theiefore, rt ian
eervire to at y pen on whodemtnis it
and t Jin Is the leg-l requirements.
Hnapcadral Paymrnl. ,
OoorBBSTOWN.DAK . March S3 Tbe
Bank of Uoopt Mtown aupended'lo day
owing to the recent failure of tn
Lenham Elevator Company, There
were no very heavy depositors. The
county treasurer had fl009 in the
bank. -
Labor Klata In Belgian.,
Brdssrls, March 23 Ia the riots
to-day at Seralng one of tbe strikers
was shot dead by the fira from the
troops. A number of German An
archies whotrok part iu the disorder
hav been arrortad.
Cor. Second and Monroe Sta.,
Would eall attention nf hli friend
and pat-mia to bii
romrr'inc ts oh"irt and latent ds
aivnii ot Poreian Uoi-d in th market.
I'avlna takmi n-n'lnl car. In thxlr eleo
tinn, I am li-na.il tatu to inr cuitom.ru
and pu llo who ftor tna.ir.th a ell, to
how ihtin Inn u oo.l un; founa in
l-lloi houaeaV.
1'hyalcliiB, Sargenn and Accnucher,
313 Mai.- fctrw t, IVeep l iifii,
iBirpnoni no, en,
: 1 . f
No. aX4L SVEaIbx i
Ilaa Juat raoelrad a laras I'ock of the
Ifltelt lljrlei of
for Pantr , wh'n't wo wll maVo to r ler at
much l lhn tho uu' i ricoi. Ve "ill
make a ao & all wool rinn for tH Hal
und eaaueno our ffon-l. Al.o, ti (t.niplln
una oi uBiin r u llivj tji ii (lOdilfi
lor ine oomiiif eatn aa uur uiual low
I iico.
Notice to Kailroad Contractors.
rjllIS nndsralansd la preprd t. (urnlik la
.1 oontraototi on Kallro.d WnrkllAV LA
1I"KK1U' in an nnmbor. wantrd. Address
Lulnatsn, Mlaa.B
Mouey to Loan
On liiiprotril liinlMllonn In
IIhnIwm hikI trkiiiiHHN.
IiulalluK'iit pliiii;, a or 10
jiarw. .4 ii n ii 1 In I cront. not
In a dm ii -o. !Vo coimulaMloua.
looltou "liliiioiiiM. ciioa
eat loan ollrred.
Francis smith Caldwell & Co.
-Till Noroml St., Momphls.
We haie no Hgi'iiU.
II eftltli Order Xo. S3
Ornca or Bnaaa or IUhi.tb.
Tikc iliiT.Kfii-Hgini faTeaa.
n i i n nun
Bought Early and Largely
Ihelr Secoud Importatlun of
Spriug WooleoB. Silk, Rich
Laces, Wonderfally Exqalsite
Jet, Irldesceat, Gold and Cop
per, and Rosary Effects la 1 rlui
mlogi and Dress Goods will be
"Quits Jtoittah, ron know."
Hats and Bonnets.
"Trtl ParUisans.
Cm lie Hmldlnaa.
WAsntNOTON. March 23. Tho Su
pervising Architect of the Treasury
Why Pit! II Wna H(rd.
Paris, March 23 Mme. Patti writes
to tho Hgiro, explaining how it hap
pened that slio was binned ofT the
slap.' at Vulcncia. She says the pub
lic of that city persisted in demand
ing the production of II if ,mceo
and thut her rcfunal to withdraw Vnir
oo led to the hostile demonstra
tion. - -
The Slorj ar a Motile.
Buffalo, N. Y., March 23. A beer
bottle, containiuK a slip of paper on
which was written the following in
lead pencil, in a clear hand, was
fished out of the flip at the foot of
Louisiana aveti- e here yesterday:
"I drank the contents of this bot
tle. Committed auicido June 8. H 5.
The money with which I boiU'ht the
stuff wus tho balance of J1S,000.
After having emptied the bottle I
thought I would die happy. Carry
the news to bahe.
JOHN WIL0", Chloiao."
There is no record of the finding of
such body here.
-i .. . ut-fc-
Ionia XV.
Wraps and Jackets.
Verr Kleaint and Very Correct.
BT buying from a lone established and re
a'omible boure. wher.i yi-a tnd tbe
lanea' aainrtment nf i'iinoa, Orr-na and
ererjthin in the mume line, carefully as
Uolel by the tbo'OB'bly pra tiel and eom
pelenl proprietor .for xKAL MKIHT onlr,
and notfnrtbeclam'-nrol biaand pretentioaa
name. I have leduoed tbe price ol Hotel
Mario and Mu'e llooii aa well a of my
Piaona and Orrana. and Mita n avd y aa
nir laeni by ttit alda er ifiMfrw
iafnl.t ny ailt-rinaka ! tl and
lompara inun. They are fa'ly a u. ran
teed, and bare a Ions: t-nlin aod well
earned rai-etatiou tor oorabtlity.
I nnall yeeree. I ii.riMt and rlfll
my fUire b.fore buyina e t where. You wi I
find beautiful Cireid.. tVriaht and Hquar
Kianoa, sad ata i, a nomber of leeond-band
Pianua lor a.le and I r rent.
231 Main Street.;
llrrr( Iram ranory llpnrtaaa
era, anvlnar an nrr raaa Wrlla
Monte IMcltwuM & Co., ylpmplitw
Mercantile it of
Ifl. lha. I
la called In the follow!.
H-clloneof the lln.lib llr,lin.n,
That the nhraaa niinl..arlMi. 1 ... u'
hall be held to include all persona aiok,
atr.cled or a ta- ked by or of a diaeat el an
In .r-l i mi a .i,i..Im.. a . I ; i .
''I alaii any eiher diaeaae publioly deolareo!
v j tin. iiuaiii.
.. " ' ll"t,".,i"T .I'hyalolai ikall report la the
Honfd l.f Ilea Lh. ill wrl In.
havlna a pontnaiout tiiaouna. flnnt Via or
her nama and plaoa of reai.ieoee furthwitk
alter aeoina the aauia. at il avarr ttmniiinm
or pracnoioa pbyamiao ttierent niaat, at his
pari , aee that auuh report 1 or haa been
inale by aninei-tlnodlna phtaiolan. '
"lhatitahall be the tlulr of earth and
every praitii-itia phyninian In ths Iliatriol to
report, in wrlllnaj, lit the Hoard of Health,
Ihe r'rwvery of Ina patlnnf, nr the death of
am of h a patleut. who (ball liara died In
id Ilia rli't of oiintHi(ius or infeotloaa
diaeaae, within lwnnly-l..ur hnure thereafter,
and tu alate in rnnh report the apeoifia
name and ype of aui-b diea-e."
After this dat t'aeudo-Vtembranoua Cronp
muat be reported the aaine aa other
e ntaaloua and Iniectioua dlaeaaea, and will
be pla arded the a. me aa lliphtheria. He
apeotlully, UKU. rl. OKaVKS. M.l).,
mmm mmmi rrorAnjKhh
Capital, $200,000. Surplus, $25,000.
I. K. GODWIIf, PresH. J. M. GOumttK, Vlce-Pren. C, H. BAINK, Caafcler.
Board or Dlreotora.
W. tl. W I I.K frRRON.
S-A Deiaaaitary nr lha BUta af Taanaaaaa. Traaaaata a airaK-raJ Banklnat
Ww'waa ai1 el eoe Nrria Alele,n (mivi
a. u ti
m 19 0
r 1 1 lie
aa u msm bw aa
ry Goods, Notions, Hosiery,
Nos. 326 and 328 Main SU Memphis. Tenn.
.m ian,H' "Y00 ",.?" to T ?"- aaort farorabls terms Oar ariose
will eonpars farorabiy with tboss of any marks! Ia ths United atataa. . u. a-".:V
Tennesate Jtaaaraetorlog fo.' Plaids, UrllU. Nkeetlng-, Miirtlr, Ete.
XtTirviTVlorj ro O-ATjT".
CT drSktr?r nr r"
fr e eW ajj ta. iray ki m
4nd ('ommlsslon
XoM. 34 and HG 9lnllMou
Merchants - -
ret. ?in.!i.f.
r. aruaoua. a. vtfAAVaMT. aaann ava.A.a.1 r-, MaK.
-ktV 'mSJLH.JUV J1F Mk i LVi llB
3GS Front Strrvt, .Hemphlt, Tenn.
K bare a-lmitted J0BN E. MASKaaams i berol our Cr u, to it 'r-m M rchl. ly.
r. Mou.Auunn Jt t; j
Our.MR. MASS will lire his iroiaCtUeatlon to all Cettoe coa.i.aMi u ai I "

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