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Tb Grrart Strike itM LouU-The
(IraTltTcf the Situation Hoar
lj Increasing.
8t. Lci, Mo., March 23. No or
'ntures a prediction a to h"w or
when the strike upon theUoutd Sjiith
wettturn cyflem of railroitls will end.
Mr. Jloxia has refused to can'er with
Mr. Powderly; the ffforte ol Got.
Matt n and Marmaduke have fnilt-d to
effect aottlement; the mnBment
( the road decline it treat with any
o( H BtiikiriR employe reprinting;
the KniRhu o( Labor; tin latter now
announce that they wi.l accept no
terms Iroin thecoroparv unless off. red
to them a member of th rrfnniit
tion, and now, ai a Urn. resort, the
striken have called upon the mer
chants of this city woist in brina;
Inoal ant aitttnof affairs which wiH
make iwwihle atbitration between the
railwiy cdicials and itnking em-
Slnve'. and interest in the present
illktutis now centers in the prob
able outcome of such effort, ehonld
they respond to the address iB3ned to
them lavt night. No action his a yet
been taken t,y the merchants with the
view ol opening negotiations between
the comiany and its employes, but
eeveial butiness men state that audi a
cnnnra would be gladly pursued by
then if both would agree to abitta
faithfully by their decision. A rteua
ber cl the Executive Committee
raid at a late hour last niiiht: "The
worst is vet to come. I dread it, but
there is no help lr it. If we were
to aubanlt now and return to work
without having been reconniied as
Knights of Labor it would be a defeat,
not only for ns, but alio for the labor
onions, the trades assemblies and for
every labor organization in the whole
country. We ieel that the issue mint
be met and now. The present conflict
is between rs and the railroads cmy.
We will wait three or four days in the
houe that son.e way toward a settle
ment may be opened and then, if the
sitnation remains unchanged for the
better, every freight train on eveiy
rnad rnnninsoutof Bt. Louis and every
freight train oo every road running
ont of Chicago will be stopped. We
will leave a sutlicient forte of men
noon the roads tiruntlia mail trains
and a lew accommodation trains, lint
not a wheel of a alngle freiuht car
prmll be tnrnod nnt'l the Knights ot
Labor are recognize 1. If this shall
fail to force the company to recrgilce
ns the itrike will then be extended to
all Eastern and Hjutbern roads em
bracing the entire country, and if it
comes to the worst the strike will be
made to embrace every huge manu
factory and every externive business
industry in the coun if."
of the company said yesterday:
' "Great numbers of applications from
men who want to go to work have
been received, and we are now notify
ing such of these men as we think
' will be acceptable workmen to come
to different points along the road and
1 accept places.
so far as the traffic the on Missouri
i. Pacific railroad Is concerned, remains
. t . unchanged. It is reported that at some
time daring the day an attempt will
be mads to start out a fioight train
under the protcttlr. n of the law. ' The
switchmen and yardmen emp'oyed by
the various roads in Kait 8t Louis are
.r at work as nsuil this morning, and no
strike is expected to occur in that
,i , place enlesa the merchants and busi
ness men of this city, to whom the
' '' address ol the stiikers was Issued last
j' night, shall fail to fleet a settlement.
U te now stated that they have no
' 'grievances which fiave not been, rem-
, ediad by their employers and they
will remain at their poets until the
',' order lor the extension of the present
strike shall bs made, If inch an order
shall become necessary.
At 10:10 o'clock this morning the
Missouri Pacillo tailway ofllclaffi at-
' ", tempted to suit a frtight train from
their yaidi in this city, but as usual
. without tucceer. After the train had
been made np and was about to start
the fireman deported the engine, bnt a
private directive In the employ of the
railroad acted in his place. The start
was then made but after going a short
distance the engineer found that he
was leaving behind about one half of
' the train. The coni ling-pin had been
drawn and the train cut in two. A A
eonger trains ar not Interfered with.
Railroad superintendents ol the vari
ous line bave arrived bere aid will
bo d a meeting early this afternoon.
Tbe strikers also are engaged in m eret
counciling. Grand Master Monaghan
of tbeSwiichmen'e Association is bere
and in conKrence with tbem. A stock
train coexisting of thiitn cars of cat
t eand five cars tf hogs came in this
morning over tbe Atcbioa, Topt-ka
and hsnte Fe, and was delivered by
the train men. Noother bnemeee bas
ben df ae, however, aa far as reported.
A report received from Atchison rays
that a put of masked men vitreri
th Missouri Pacific round-hi u e latt
Bight and intimidated the guard and
kil ed all the engines in fie boose.
The packinK-hoises are running
to-day wilh reduced forces, but the
siinoiv of anima's for slaughtering
muet scon t e exhausted if the strike
continues. A number of mil's are
a'eo preparing ti cl rue. It is end there
are about 20(0 loaded freight crs in
the various yards awaiting transfer or
1 1tri-alen'd Hirk Ilia Cbeait
cakr aal blo,
Cimatntos; -W.. VA.-. March 2X
The KnicrliU of Labor have been very
act v on Urn uiicwappnKC ana unio
rowl lately, and it In said thnt n tho
men ar- not granted their request
tliat tho 10 per cent, reduction mado
vend montlm nuo lie restored
they will etriko May 1st.
Fears of a hlrike ibe Mobile and
Ihphoul to tna irriAL.1
Jackson, Tknn., March 23 Maj. E.
S. lliiBfunl. who has been toanected
with tbe M bile and Ohio railroad for
thirty-hvs years, having helped to
build it, aid is now superintendent
of the northern division, with i ffieea
in this citv. has been asked by Gen
eral Hnnermterident ToUo't to resign,
and did offer his resignation, as it ia
nnderetoid. to take effect on the 31 -t
instant. To-night there seems to be
anna extraordinary movement oa
hand among the Knights of Labor,
numbers of them being present in tho
city from elsewhere, and cabalistic
figures bilng seen all over the city to
dav. It is apprehended that a strike
on tbe Mobile and Ohio road will be
tte result.
won! to the local offices to take no !
perudiable freights for KaiiKaxCity nr
Mlreet-rar Trawblaa al Kawaaa i lly.
Pitt boso. Pa. March 23. At a
conference of toe presidents f the va
riona street car com panina in Piittburg
ard Allegheny this morning to con
sider tho demands of their employer,
a compromise prnpotitiun a aged
nrron, wblch will to prfen'eit to n e
Executive Commi'tee of the Knights
i t Lb-r this afternoon. It is under
s ood the propofition concedes neariy
everythirg demanded by the u.mi.
ire beet ol I.-eurg prevails on ton
sidee, and a strike, it is thought, will
be averted.
The answer of the rtilway officials
to tbe demands of the tmploves was
returned to Dit i. t Mastt-r Workman
Evans thin af einoon. The eieaiande
are acceoea to excepting tue tunse
I roviding thnt no employe shall be
discharged wi'hoi.t l avine the privi
lege of a relnet t-mei t after a bearing
by tbe Knigbts ol Labor, lt.e em
ployers promised, however, ti dis
charge oo man became of n i con
nection witti tbe prexeut mnvemenr.
A meeting of rnnduct)is end criers
has been tailed for to-morrow efier
ncoa to take action on tbe matter. A
general ttrike is rot apprehended.
Tbe Strlklafc- 4'loak-Hnbeni.
NewYikk. March 23. Tbe Arbi
tration Commi'tee between the manu
facturers of cloaks and their employe?,
after a cotf rence yesterday 1 1 :eriio n,
were unable t) rca"h an eereoroent,
and last night the cbak-makers wr.re
ordered out. Th's morning 30C0 op
eraMves and their helpers are on a
to points in Colorado by way of Kan
sas City. The Wabnah, Ht. Ixwia and
Pacific up to noon m-nt out no nonce
such as the other linee poKted.andwas
being nil classes of freight to KanHas
City, except shipments over tho Mis
souri Pacific, tlie Iron Mountain, and
car-load lots to point on the St. 1-ouin
and Han Francisco road.
The Emperor William's Birthday
Enthns!ii!lc (i bratlon at Ber
lin Petroleum In Egjpt,
New Complication la the Maxwell
A Hair.
Chicago. III.. March 23. The boy
co't of tbe Trade and Lat or Assembly
mat last n'uht to consider the new
romnlicat on in the Maxwell affiir.
A long s a'ement was prepared, to ting
forth their reasons lor oemamuug lire
discharge of tbe objectionable men,
and rnnnlmlinir as fillows: "The
Trado aid Labor Committee having
this matter in charge regret very much
that this matter whs not settled ai per
Maxwell's written azreement, and, in.
aamnch as they hava withdrawn f.on
their own nronoeitloa and thrown
down the gauntlet, the teiembly is
anain compelled to prosecute tbe boy.
uoit, and this time it will be carried to
the bl'tar end." At a meeting of the
Box-Manu'acturers' Assotution reso
lutions were adopted commending the
stand taken by Maxwell tiros.
Owt an a blrlha.
Wilmington. Del.. March 23. All
the morocco leather workmen in this
city bave gone out on a strike.
Tbe McUeeaparl Strike.
Pmtnuaa, Pa., March 23. The
rca' ttrike of the 4 COO workmen at
t he National Tnbe works, McKeesport,
Pa., bas ended ia'itfictorily to tbe
strikers, and work will be resumed in
all departments at onee. The trouble
was settled this morning by tbe
workmen accepting the proposition of
General Manager Flngler to restore
the waees ruling In 1881, and to ad
vance the wages of laborers to $1 25
per day. The increase will range from
7 to 20 per cent.
A New Beerel Laber ranalsalloa
Boston, Mass., March 23 A rumor
has lor some time been current in is.
bor circles here that a new secret or'
der. reeemblina that of the Knish's ol
Labor, and to be called the Knights of
Industry, was ia course of jormauon.
Inquiry yesterday showed that the re
port is well founded. A number of
meetings having been held, corre
spondence opened with labor leaders
and a preamble and declaration ot
principles provisionally adopted. In
few days perhaps public meetings
111 be called and action taken for the
ncorporation of the order and the se
curing of members. J. W. Mahoney,
Wi r. Falls, N. t. Chase end other
prhmlnent labor agita'ors are locel
esders in the movement. Ibe order
will embrace band and traiu workers
hroughout the country and will work
Bnalaesa Men atraTwnUlns; Acnlait
Chicago, III , March 23. The fait
will be published here, to-morrow,
that a movement is on foot and letters
are being sent out quietly ti arrange
for a national meeting of business men
and manufacturers, to be held some
time next month, to take ect oa to-
rard devising some means ol rte fnH3
against the power of orgnn'zed labor.
I bere is to'.tili g unite yet arranged
about the proposed meeting, but the
oninion c f business men is being asked
in copflileiuial circles which speak of
the outrageous demands now being
made by wnrkingmen, and suggests
action to niet these demands end put
employeiM in a position to withstand
Htrnrk fur an Advance.
Gband Haven, Mich., March 23.
Two hundred and ni y men em-
Dtoved in the Detroit, Grand Haven
and Milwaukee fieight bouee struck
this morning lor an advance ana
double pay for Sunday work. They
have been ge tting 15 cents an hour
and want 10
second stint was made and thil timeon the same general lines m the
the switch wai found to be turned the' Knightn of Labor, hut with more
wrong way and a third start was made
' neceHttnry, wblch proved tonally ni
' sncceeefni, f ir the strikers ha 1 agnin
unoinpldd the cars and the engine.
. started elf alone. After several mors
unsuccessful attempts had been made
to start the train the engine was finally
moved back to the round-house. A
f. large force of regular police and pri
vate detectives were piejent at tbe
time, but their tflnta to guard tbe
train were futile. No conflict between
them and tbe strikers occurred. No
Arrests have as yet been made,
For additional Strike AVii'l ttt 4fA Page
Vanfiimrnl atleaaftt ta Start
frtb( Trains aa Hoaalla.
Bedaua, Mo, March 18. The rail
way officials not.ned the city and
county authorities yet-terday morning
that tbey would attempt to run a train
at 2 o'clock In the' attimoon, and re
.quested them to bave a enflicient force
n hand to prevent any trouble. The
Mayor had the entire police force on
r .the company's ground, and the sheriff
me ousineee men ot tbe city. At
.o'clock p.m. the train was readv to
start, and a man named William Fito
, , land, a clerk who w 4s laid off af.er the
' strike was etarted, stepped up ti the
train and gave the engineer, fiieman
. and biakeuien each a note, which
read:-Yon are heicby earnestly re-
q'leeted for tbe rake of humanity not
to go ont on tbis engine. Tbe (ram
sorted ont. As it passed Kew York
avenue a torpedo exploded tinder the
engine. At the city limits tbe fire
man came down from the engine, and
tbe train soon came to a ttindetill aud
then backed np to the yard. After
consultation the officials decided to
rot make another attempt to day
. Freeland was arrested and placed
nnder 1100 bonds on the charge of
, trespassing.
fwiHif E(lal Dlaaaled at Pal
r, nun.
Palbwtinc Tix.. March 23. Th
striking Knights of Labor Invaded tbe
Texts and Paoific railroad yards at this
0 place this morning and disabled two
pvwenger engines, without any inter
lerence irom toe ouiceis oi me law
Tna Itaatlna at Kansas City.
Kansas Citt, Mo., March 23. The
situation this morning is one of quiet,
but anxious expectancy. No freight
trains have been moved and there has
been no attempt to start them. Pae-
daflniteness upon , certain iseues.
Strikes will be discouraged end arbi
tration advocated. A congress of tho
leaders will probably be held n. 8cp.
timber. Ibe new order is not intend
ed to antagonlxathe Knight) of Labor,
bnt to supplement it, and ite promoters
believe that tbey will have the sym
pathy and awistance ol the outer or
Labar Everywhere OraanlitUia;.
Chicago, III., March 23. Applica
tion to the Knights of Labor for per
mission to organize new esremblies
fcavs been pouring in so rapidly that
theKxecutive Board has decided not
to admit any new assemblies to the
ordei until next quarterly meeting in
June. A prominent knight said that
this ac ion had been forced on the
order by the fear that any body of new
men having grievances agaluft Its em
ployers would , join uie. union just
before a contemplated strike, and force
the Knights to support it before the
new members bad shown tbeir loyalty
to the organization. Th's rule excepts
no one, but in caees where the District
Assemblies are confident of good fi i'h
on the part ol the applicants, they are
empowered ti t How them to join some
existing onion without reenrd to their
being workers at the trade of which
the union is tompoted. I he willow
workers to the number of 400 or more.
and the employes of i anhliug V Mer
rick a tobacco lactory to the numrer
of 060 have taken advantsg of this
permis'inn and have joined tbe Toy
Caatera' Union until such time as per
mission ia granted them t or; anz9
unions ot tbeir own. The clothing
makers, both female and male, have
also or it air ted aud await their oppor
tunity to add 1000 more names lo the
roll of the Knights ol Labor.
(alrag-o Heslanlnar In He aOertMl.
Chicago, III., March 23. The
Strike on the Mismmri Pacific at Kan
sas Citv seriously affects tho freight
output from this jint. For the nrnt
time Mince the strike the railways this
morning announced their inability to
handle certain dances of freight "des
tined for KariNM City and iomta fur
ther south ami went. The Chicago,
lhirlington and (Juincv early in the
day pitted liutict-H to the elici t that
no iH-ritdiablc goods would lie received
and that all freight taken would be
subject to delay. The Chicago and
Alton insixtml on the snmocoiiilitions.
At ii. miii the Rock Inland ient out
Kii'LiY (Mias.) Snilinl: Cleveland
is too much for them, and with the
people at his back tho prosuniptious
arrogance oi uie nenaie majority win
bo rebuked.
Batkhville (Mias.) Panolian: We
notice that a number of counties
throughout the State have secured tho
passage of etock law lulls, and it seems
to be taking strong hold in tho State.
Rii-LEY fMissl Srntinii : One of the
farmer members of the LeglHluture is
quoted as saying: ror uod a ease.
men, let s wind up. its corn ana
'tnter ulantin' time now. lta quit
tnlkin an go home an go to work.
Tub Yazoo (Mihh.) Ifrrnli complains
of tho recent action of the Levee Lom.
nusHioncrs, and deH;lares levees were
built "not to benefit the northern
part or the southern part, but to
benefit all. Each part has a right to
expect and demand equal protection."
Jackson (Mis.WxxiKr: This Leg-
iHlature has been charged by some of
the State papers as being a junketing
bodv, more inclined to p eaeure than
business, but we are of the opinion
on the w hole, thnt the people have
every renaon to bo proud of tiie work
Of thO Ij-gwlstnro "WXjJTZZmm if'fj
The Ashland (Miss.) ItfgiOer eays:
The ernnd iurv found only nine bill
of indictments in this court. We feel
safo in snying that there is not a county
in me Mine mai nits as sman a crimi
nnl docket ns Jtenton. blcli is
verv cood if llenton dockets all its
P.uinis (Misr.) Htjtoiifr: It is pre
dicted bv its cneiuieH that even if the
ltlnir bill Missen the Houho tins Presi
dent will veto it. We hoiie not, for
their share in tho distribution would
be a Ciodwinl to the Southern States
in the advancement of education.
They went it and they niwl it.
Tubs Water Valley (Miss.) CAurcV
rrinii, ndvocating ellorts for the pros
neritv of thnt place well says: What
is wanted is for us ti bo united so far
as public goxl is concerned. Patron.
i.e each other as far aa possible ; any
new enterprise needs your aid ; and
give u warm greeting to any new set
tler, and give aid so far as may be in
every thing that may tend to tbe pub.
lie good.
Holly Spmnc.b (Miss.) South: The
repeal of the airricultural lien law w ill
likely bo objected to bV many who
depend on it. but we believe it will
ultimate in better and more successful
farming and greater good result to all
concerned, black and white. Credit
without capital means high prices.
Sardih (MIks.) Star: As usual, a
number of Mississippi newspapers ate
indulging their peuchnnt for making
pointless and senseless flings at the
State Legislature-merely a bad habit
that our contemporaries haw fallen
into, and there s reallv nothing in it.
We believe that the present , Legisla
ture has done w ell.
lloi t v Sms.is M 88.) South: The
opposition to the Hlnir bill ems to be
sectional and to Ih based on the fact
that its provisions may give some
Southern State an unequal share.
Hut it ignorance is unequal among
voters, nnd the South ban the larger
share as a result of emancipation, it
furnishe-s a poor reason for discnmi
nating as to sections.
urknapa (Miss.) Scntiml: We urco
our friends und readers throughout
the rural regions to diversify their
crops, raise plenty of corn, sorghum,
potatoes, vegetables, bay, etc., and not
be dependent uiron any one lor everv
article of sustenance, and if credit
stops, let it stop, and you will 1C tho
fetter ou.
Ohenada (Miss.) Si-nfi'ui: Instead
of fit'limr anv appre-hension in conso
ouence'of theae labor movements, let
us look niwn them as the cure of the
ills of monopolies; let us regard tbeni,
so long as they remain in just bounds.
as the ralvatic.n of our rvpublican in
stitutions, and a check upon a mush
room aristocracy that is lost atisuming
formula). le prtjs)rtions.
Lcicdov, yarch23. It wa affirmed
last evening, t y persons believed to
know, that theie never has been any
f mndation for the statement that Mr.
(i'atetone intended to ask authority
to iaaue a loan in c rJer to sec ore funds
to ctrry out his scheme to buy out the
rral estiiti owners of IreUnd. It ia
row declared that the Premier in his
schc me proposes the appointment of a
commisfcion of txperts io fix the value
of the various land properties in Ire
lard, which, at these valuations, are
to be handed over to the possession cf
tae government ia exchange for con
sols. In this way Ireland ia to be made
a deb'or to the empire for the entire
fciniunt paid to the landlords, together
with interest, the whole cum to be re
paid into the Imperial Treasury by
Ireland in installments within fifty
veore, a1, the end of which tiuio the
leraees are to become tbe owners.
This plan involves a domestic arrange
ment between the government of Ire
Und and tbe tenanie Ireland becom
ing the tenant of the empire and sub
letting to tbe occupiers at enms whose
aggregate will include rent, taxes and
a levy to meet the interest on the con
sols and creatn a sinking fund f . r
their final liquidation. It necessarily
involves home role.
MB. JOHN bright,
the Pall Hall Oazdte lavs, hai since bis
interview with Mr. Gladstone Satur
day, been more in favor of the Pre
mier's scheme cf Irish government.
The goseips at the time averred that
Mr. Bright strongly opposed Mr. Glad
stone's Irish proposal. From what the
Uazctte says, this sta'ement was an
wrong, for the paper declares that Mr.
Bright was ttruck with the ingenuity
and originality of the Premiers
Knthntl-ll Celebration at Berlin
Tna HnUer'a Healln.
Beblih, March 23. The Eenperor
William's complete restoration to
health is ascribed to the warm weath
er now prevailing. Yesterday w as tho
eighty-ninth anniversay of his birth
day. The newrpapers tike the occa
sion ti pay him the most fervid trib
ute. On fciaturJay evening Kmperrr
Will'at" witnessed tiie tb!eau vi-
vants, representing Luzt s oiatorioat
Elxzabtth. at the lioyal Opera-Uouse.
The theater was crowded by an enthu
siastic audience. The performance
was repeated at a matinee on bandar.
Tickets eold at a high figure. The
proceeds of both entertiinmenta were
handed over to the Roman Catholic
Order of Gray Sisters. A telegram was
received by the Emperor from the
Pope complimenting him on the anni
versary and expressing ms coraiai
wishes for the continuance of prosper!
ty to the Emperor and family. The
city was decorated with flags and was
illuminated in tbe evening, ilie t,m
peror appeared at the windows cf the
palace and was received witn vecner
ous ereetinse bv enormous crowds,
All foreign lovereigns telegraphed
congratulations and thousands of siml
far te eerams were received irom an
parts of the world. In the evening
tba Emperor attended the ' urown
Prince's banquet soiree in the White
Hall. Dnrine tbe evening toe enthu
siasm of the cit'sans increased. The
streets were crowded with people in
carriages and on loot until mion'gar
Within tbe roval palace a magninoeni
sight was presented, choicest flowers
meeting tbe gaze everywhere, ine
Em Der or received continuously per
sons oreent to offer him congratula
tion. At tbe reception to the gent his
of the German army tbe Md peror ex
pressed the great pleasure be felt at
tbe friendly relations existing Between
Germany and foreign nations.
provinces adjoining Poland proper fir
tbe benefit cf the much more numer
ous class of f mall tenants, rhitfly be
longing to the pntty nobi ity. The
landloids are to be indemnified by a
opita'isation of the income they de
rive from tbe laud. Tbis reform, tbe
details of w are Btill in nubibtu, is
pretty sure to be popmar.
Heavy Bilk Habhery.
Philadelphia. Pa.. March 23 On
Sunday night thieves entered rhestora
of Jones & Either, No. 1318 Cb'SiLUt
street, aid madu ill wi h f U0U wcrcn
of ei It. Latt night they went back
again and carried off si.ks valued ut
By a4 or tbe t'hnren af Ira and.
Dublin, Ma'eh 23 The Fjnod of
tbe Church of Ireland, at a mtetii g
to-;lav tresided over bv the Arch'
bishop c f Dublin, adopti-d recoluiicna
d.-clarirs their lovaltv to the British
Crown aud the union between Ireiacd
and Great Kritain.
Tbe qneea's lrawlaaRoam.
London, March 23. The Q ieen held
a drawing-roam lecrption in Bucking
ham Pdhxe this alteraoon. Tbe
weather was snmmer-like and pleat-
ant, and a in net brilliant aiemblage of
titled and noted ners ms was present.
Mrs. Phelps, wife cf the Uuitud Sr-atts
Minister, attracted attention by the
taste and elegance of her kt.ire. She
woreatkht with a body cf gray bro-
Cider and a (ra n of gray velvet lined
with giar brocade. Mr. Henry white
of the American Legation anil Mr.
Char!e Phelps we:e presented to the
Queen by MiniEter rbeips.
I abar Traoblea la itelglam. ,
BnPfPELS. Mirh 23 Reports from
the mining district state the cor flic ts
between tbe striking miners and tne
troops continue. To-day's reports ssy
that many more persons on both eiui s
have been wounded. Numeious ar
rests continue to be made.
LXl J a-"-i "t-'f' v;id l
iw oifiilH
HA VINO withdrawn from the Woodruff-OH yrC
have aocepted the Arency of om of the "''
Carr'aw nd nrdwre Company.
t fniififiu.nri.ra in tue tlnlte '
attalea. and are now reviving a full aor' merit o ""fcv'i-uferf WAGONS!
OOlce und alesrconl, No. SOU tlalu street. Warehouse, Ao.20tf kront btreeU
a. woonHi rr t ivrR. r. i.. vtoooKfTFr.
'ui I
Prtrolenm la Egypt.
London, March 23. The discovery
of an oil field In upper Egypt bas at- h"J J'ft1' '.f '
tracUd attention "hVie. "the Times' IZtiZZTll
correspondent at Suet says the discov
ery of the oil was made by Nubar
Pasha s expedition into the noudan,
and Btates that tne geological lorma-
tinn of the country indicates tbe un
doubted presence of oil in large de
posits, and in more than one stratum.
The correspondent avers that even
ith tbe present extremely crude
means of lifting the petroleum to the
purfoc?, there has been obtained iirm
a single well a) much as twelve to bt-
teen carrels a day. The specific grav
ity of the fluid thus lar obtained is
reported ut bs. ibe territory is not
far from the Red sea roast, and is de
scribed as easily accessible.
Aalntla Fever In Encland.
Lahsihq. Mien.. March 23 Dr. II,
B. Baker, secretary of the State Board
of Health, has returned from Pincon-
ning, where be was summoned by tbe
local health officer to investigate a cose
of sickness closely resembling tbe
dreaded Asiatio lever. Arthur B.
Smith, a prominent lumtor man in
Finconninir. Bay county, was taken
sick March loth' with vomiting and
diarrhea, followed by cramps and ol
lapse. He became cold and bis pulse
ceased at the wrist. In fact, be bad
all the symptoms of cholera. Vigorous
work by tbe attending physicians
brought the patient through, and he is
likely to recover, rnomgn disinfection
has been ordered, i'r. iMvxer said :
I made vigorous efforts to learn
any possible way in which cholera
miuht bave been brought lntj rin
connonz. immigrants bad recently
arrived in tne vicmiiy, oni none were
from a place Known to be infected,
The men in the camp where the pa
tient bad been had not been outside
of the State, nor had Smith been out
of the vicinity. As to fralti from the
Mediterranean, oranges bad beenia
the house, bnt the patient is not fond
of o ranees. He is fond of raisins,
however, and has been in tbe habit of
eating them from the box. A box in
the house came from Valencia, Spain,
and the raisins which Smith had
eaten were not coated with sngar, but
were apparently fresh, probably of
tbe crop of 18S5, at which time cholera
ia known to bave prevailed extensively
in Valentia. Tbe box will be examined
for cholera germs.
Rsiarms la Rasula,
LoNDajr. March 23. Count Tolstoi
and Lis htniiiinaii. Ml. Pas.xkhlne,
are preparing the two most sweeping
meaeurts introduced ia Kuseia uus
feneration. One aims at "reforming'
local government by practically re
storing the nobles' control of affairs
witb resard to me peasantry, ine re
form, it really carried out, may be fol
lowed by unforeseen consequences.
The other messure, which Count
Tolttol himself bas taken in band,
provides for tbe expropriation of the
wealthiest Polish land owners in the
(tores and Glandular BwelllnKS
unrea ny laiicara.
TTMtfM A BOY NT0N. 8f7 Waahtnrton itreet.
Hi tfosion,ta;a: "I have been ullhoted lor
one year and. nine month! with what the
d cton oalied ropia. 1 wai taken with
iintrftn mini in the neaa ana Doav. niT
feet beaame to awollen that I u perleotly
helpleaa, aorea broas out on my ooay ana
taoe, my appetite leit me, l couia doi aieep
niiiUtH, I tort fleah, and aoon b-cauje to
wietobea tnat I looreu to aie. rnaioiani
failed lo help me. Mr diaeaae daily grew
w.tra. mf infferinsrH beoama terrible. Tbe
ertmtion innreas. d to treat barrowinv. foal-
aineiiinf aorea. from ithioh a reddieh matter
conatantly pound, tormiog criute of great
thirkneaa. utner aorta unieareu on vauoua
parta of my body, and I became o wea It that
I could not leave my bed. In thia cnnih Ion
and by adviee of a well-known phyaician, I
h---n t" the rt'T"oes Hyi', snd in
.-!.. K..bi n.f..tl, Dnril '
RCKormeiis vli'iiin.
- n t i , ,... II x;
jamea Ja. riirnarusun, vunium ii.iu-d, no.
Orleana, on oath, aaya: "In 1870 tiorofuloua
Ulrtra brute out on my body nntil 1 waa a
ui of oorruption. kverylb ng known to
tbe medical facltv waa tried in vain. I be
came a mere wreck. At timet could not
lilt mw hand, tn mv head, and eouia not turn
In bod; wai in conatant pain, and looted
npon Ills aa a curse, tioielief or cure la
ton raara. In 1880 I heard ol th COTtCURa
KitMKDrrta, rued them and waa parlecily
cured. . . ,
Hworn to before V.B.vom.j.u. urawiora.
Inherited and ConUgloaa Bntnort, with Loll
of Hair, IIMn olir Bweuinga, uioero'ja
V.tnhoi in the Throat and Month, Abaoeavea,
Tnmori Carbunolea, Blntchea, Sorea. eour-
- Waatin at the Kidneva and Uterine
Urgaaa, Dropay, Knaomia, Debility, Chronie
Kbenmatlam, uonii nation aou i ie, auu
moat diaeaaea ariains from an Impure or Ira-
poreriahed Condition of the Blood, are
apeeuiry curea or tne lutiuuka imui.iiit.
the new Blood Purifier, internally, aeaiaud
k r-,t.innA. the wreat Hkin CJnra. and Lu-
TicoiA r-oar, aa exquiaits Bkin Beautifier,
Bola ayerywnere. mne: vnyicoaa. ou
...t. i c:nTinTaA hotff. 'Ja eenu: UUTICCR
Raaol.vIHT. Il.iu. rrepar'a of tne run as
Dace anb Cbehioal Co., Boaton, Maaa.
BendforuMowaoCareNkla Olseaaea.
DIMPLES, Blackheads, Skin Blenrlahea
I I ni an Paby Unmora.nae CDTionaa BQ-r.
no achf, ei paiw, ob
BHIHSV, or titrain. or Miucn-
lar IWcakneaa, bat yields to the
num. onsinal and infallible saln-
kiilljivlatin nronartiea of the Cd-
riW3TroDA AsTi-Pata Plaster. A
curative wonder A' drnrraU. gftc.
Diseases are Prevalent all over the
T am a natlv nf Fnvland. and while I
waa ia that conn try I contracted a terrible
blood pelnoo, and for two yeaxe wai under
treatment at an ouaoor paueni at numui-
. nut waa not ourea.
nnialne Daina'nmy
bonea. and waa covered with aorea all over
my body and limbi I had vertigo and deaf
neia, with partial loai oi light, aevere painf
In my neaa ana eyts. etc., wnica "
i ... i 1 1 nnii. in uui aouDuii
and aailed for America, and waa treatod at
Koeaevelt In thia oity, aa won aa oy a prom
inent phyaician in New York having no con-
...tin, with th m hnflnitAla.
I th. arlrrtlnmnt nf RwHt' SdCoIUC.
and I deiermined to live it a trial aa a left
reaort. 1 had gtren np an nope pi oeing
cured, aa I had gone through the handa ol
the beat nedical men In Noltinghnm and
Im- V,.,k I took all bnltlea of K. 8. b.
and I can aay with great Joy that they have
oured me entirely. I am al iound and wall
sa I ever waa in my lira.
Naw York City, June Vi.
256 ftiM 258 Front St., Memphis Tenn.
an awMawwwai - -
Mllud Bridles,
Lap T.iMbja,
lap Ring,
Repair I-luks
Cotf on Rope,
Trace Cuuius,
Klugle Treen,
Doable Trees
Currr Combs, Morse Urusiif.
A Complete Line of the above Goods at Lowest Prices.
01 ani SOS Ufaln street, Weniplil". Tenn.
H. H,
into M
& CO.
iliiiiJ II
Doors, Sasb, Blinds, jaouiaings, au mias oa orvor
Window Frames, Braekets, Wfrou-iioru, Henga anu
Dressed Lumber, Shingles, Latbs, Water Tanks.
All kinds of . Wood Work Executed at Short Notice,
Nos. 157 to 173 Waistilngton St. fliempnia. iftnif
Lamp Stock.
Coal Oil,
?3 A(5ZJfISW. G.
r 5 Fisher Ranges,
Ta ika it far. and ha U vlu wKo remflmbears It.
But in March ofl-st year (1HH4), I contracted
ll . J : ...1 U . 1 :n Uawannnh. Urn .
at the time, I went into tba hoepltal there
for treatment. 1 aunerea very inuon irom
rheumatiam at the aame time. I did not
rt well nnder the treatment there, nor waa
eared by any ef the naual meana. I have
now taken seven bote sa oi owm a Dseomo
and am aound and well. It drove theoiaon
oat throath bolls on the Eln- . .
Jersey City. N. J Auitaat 7, lno.
' w. . r. a a T eonrraAted blood voleon.
After tnkins preaerip iona Irom tne neat
phyaielana here and at Dallas, I eoneladed
to vUit Hot Springs, and on resehlng Te xar
kana a doctor recommended me to try Swift
Bpacine, aaaurina me that it would benefit
ms snore Ulan not Dprtnga, aiiauusu ui.
v.rt t.Mr1nMn mai hnlsi Is mv back and
ahutaud had rsmoved all tho hair off my
Illustrated Catalogues'
Mailed Yrot.
257 Main St.
Grocers & Cotton Factors,
No. Sa Ufaln Street, fiayowo BloeW.
head, yet I beaan to Improve In a week s
time, and the aorea besan to heal, ana wars
tntirely aone rnaine ei eisni w....
WILL juhhs, rorier umwn i-a. i
r..T.,. Jul. 1.1. 188&.
Treatiae on Blood and Skin Dlseaaea'mailed
fr... . XHa Bwirt Sraorrio vo
Drawers, AtlanU aa N. T.. 157 W. 2M St.
Cotton Factors, Wholesale 6roGor&f
Jffo. 11 Union Ktrecta ; t flcmptui, 'fenv.
aewrpapers and estimates the fid:
Tertialni. The adertier who wan a to spend
one dollar, llnda In it tne information he ra
uirea.wb for aim wno wn. -
iZilni thouaand dollars In .tmns. a
i-heae la indicated which will meet his
aur an
eTery rqoit.m.ni, or b - - "
by allahl ehan.w easily rr'Tjd at .by orr.
ajond.nca. thia hundred and
editions have been iaaue.1. bjnt. otpi.
P RO WELL 4 0t . , 5 K W BP A P K HA D
VKRTlblNtl BURBAClOtpraeeat. (Priat-
ins Hona. Hqnare'. rw
2?. :--. Tr-... at. r.t
lo C. Fearce & Go
Cotton Factors & Commission nerch'ts,
' Hasinas Wstrolaanaa-Maeu M mm Xa. Cal 8trM)a
OS Madlann HtrMt. aapala, Tenn,
APCLL stoek of Woodsn and UatallU
Oasea and Caakets, Bnrial Robes, eto.,
always on band. Orders by Telearaph or Tel
ephone Promptly atundso w.
I ASK TOUR aniauns a ids
assortment ot samples fo Srrinr and
gammer wear, which I bays juat reMired
from the Clotnint-vraer weipu...v.
PH1LA UhiLr nlA.
v.... Am lb. larmat Mail-Order
Clo'bini Buaineas in the world. Pioneer rn
work'nr out tbe idea, it has won a ereel aue
eeaa by acrupulcua ears In fillina the orders
of nneeea customers.
'1 be piea.ni awo,v - "
thia dep.rtment of ibeir bnamess, the mean
1ns of which is eren berter serv.ee. eieoa
tiTe and mechanical. Xhia, with the low
prices, lane choiee of materlala, and ample
(aarantee of eompleU aatiafaet on, ahould
it. me a nrs oi.i v " j " "
15 Wait Court atreet.
W st', Nasrt Atn Dana lUiATirsirr. .
maranteed apeeillo for Byateria, Dissi
nees. CsnTuUipnas, Fits, Merrnas Neural
Eia, Headache. Nerttr i Prostration, eaosed
y the use or alcohol or I- baccoi Wake
fulneaa. Mental Depression, Halted int of tba
Brain, resaltinf in insanity end l.a. lnf to
mtaery, ideeay and death: Prematura id
Ate, Barreaneaa, Loss of Power in either
; Inyoluntary Losaas and SnnTSr-
rnes. eaaa, i br eser-eieruea ck a g '-a,
seif-ahaaa oroTerindulrenca. JIacV; 5 eon
taina on month' treatment. $1 sTboi, ot
six boies for 5, ent by mall prepaid, oo
receipt of price. We searrttre Sn Boies
to oore any ca. Witi eaeh order rceeiTad
by ua for ail boxes, aAenutpanied wltii fft,
w will send the parohsrfer opr written
rusrar tee to refund U money If the treat
ment die -ot enect a enra. eaaraataat
iaraed only be A. RKHKiHI CO., Droa
siiU, MmihU, leva.

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