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8prteh( br Seaatora Jackson and
Georrc on (he Edmunds Besola-ttoas-Tne
Iodlan Bill.
Wakhinoton, Murch 2Z.-SemUt.
The Chair laid before ibe 8suate a
numbor cf House bill, among thmn
the bill granting pension ct HMOO a
year to the vii'ow ol Geo. Harjcock.
On motion of Senator Blair that bill
was at once passed, Senator Blair stat
ing that it had been this moraing con
sidered toy the Pension Committee of
the Senate.
Senator Beck withdrew the motion
beietofore made by him to reconaidar
the vote by which the Senate agretd
to the ilonee reeolntion to provide
lowers for the new pension building.
Senator Ingalla's resolution of in
quiry offered yesterday was agreed to,
eking whether the I'oetmaeter-General
had received tne Senate resolution
calling for information as to the num
ber of jonrth-clasa poettuaetera re
moved under the present administra
tion. Senator I!?ck called up a resolution
offered by bim on December 18, 1886,
relation to the payment of cm torus
dues in coin. Senator Beck said the
resolution had been amply diecmsed,
and hs now moved its reference to
the Finance Committee. The motion
was agreed to.
The Chair laid before the Senate
Senator Loiran's bill to promote the
efficiency of the army.
Senator Henderson spoke in favor
of the seition increasing the force to
30,000 enlisted men. Ha read from
testimony given and letters written
by Gens. Kchofleld, Pope ar.d others
to show the inadequacy of the present
force of 25,000.
DiTBBsion of the bill continued up
to 1 :4 o'clock, when it was laid .wide,
and, on motion of Senator Van Wyck,
the Senate took up and paused the bill
to confirm entries heretofore made on
the public lands in accordance with
the rulings of the Land Olflce In force
at the time the entries were made.
The anflnished business, being the
Judiciary Committee's resolutions,
was then taken up, and Senator Jack
son proceeded to address the Senate
in oppaiiticn to them.
Senator Jackson inquired whether it
was ia the line of the "calm and or
derly administration of the govern
ment," referred to by Senator Ed
munds, that the Benate should permit
all the pending nominations to remain
nnaoted an to let the vacancies in of
fice remain unfilled, and have the ses
sion close, leaving all theae trouble
come constitutional questions to be
raised in the recess. Senator Jackson
in concladicg his remarks said: "1 see
nothing in this bat an attempt to en
croach on the functions and rights of
'-the executive, and of obstructing him
and his administration in their eQorts
at reform. No President for the pa it
half century has ever acted with more
moderation, none with more conscien
tious regard for the public interests;
and yet, at the very outset of his ad
ministration, he is to be obstructed in
this way on grounds wholly unwar
ranted. He may well appeal from this
Senate to the country, for the country
will sustain him in his action."
Senator George followed, alio iu op
position to ; the majority report, lie
contended that the power of removal
was vested in the President alone. It
was not in the power of Congress to
sunjeoi me rresiuetit to any sunser
viency or servility to any other de
partment of the gevernment. - Con
gress could not grant a new power to
itself, nor could it grant new power to
an officer, except to enable the ollioer
to execute a power granted him by
the constitution ; neither could it take
front any department of the govern
ment any of the powers conferred on
it by the constitution. Senator Ueorje
. had Been accustomed to regard the
Senate aa a high council in which the
rights and interests of the States were
maintained.. Since he Lad been here
be bad seen little to impair that view,
but much to confirm. "Of course,"
said Konator Geoige, "I do not refer
in this statement to executive sessions,
the proceedings of which, by an in
superable veil, are shut out from the
scrutiny of the press and our con
stituents, and of which 1 am not al
lowed to speak, or even to think, out
side of these walls, the prison-house
of oar Secrets. I hope I may be par
doned here, by way of parenthesis,"
Senator George continued, "that
from the first secret session
I attended, I have been ready and
wilting, and am now ready and willing,
to vote to consider all executive busi
ness in open session, except where the
President, in relation to foreign af
fairs, shall request, for the public in
terest, a secret session. The position
of the majority here, in proposing
' that the Senats should refuse to con
aider nominations, waa extraordinary,
not to say revolutionary. The coun
try would readily understand that the
Senators were not tasking evidence on
which to perform their legal duty, but
were asserting a usurped supremacy
over the functions of the President.
The tennre-of -office law Senator George
character'asd as a political battard.
He read from the speeches of Senators
Logan, Hear and Allison, among oth
ers, in the debate on the attempted re
peal ot the act, to enow tne want or.
sympathy of Senators then with the
act cf 1RU7. He Inquired whither
Senators were willing now, when
Grover Cleveland was President, to
stand where they stood iu lHbt), when
Gea. Grant was President; or would
they, under the lead of the Seuator
from Ve1 mi n1, under the pretense of
giving aid to the "calm and orderly
administration tf government," go
back on their own honorable record,
reverse their former sc'iod, v pudia'e
their sound opiiiione-and utterances,
and censors a .Jktnocia'io President
for doing ezatrtly what in lHtii) they
thought tieooihtla d3T
Senator Morgan obtained the fkor,
and the Senats adjourned.
Tbe Utnis.
Mr. Resgsn Tex., from the Com
mittee oi U imuier,-e, reported back a
Senatt bill to establish a nntional live
stock blghwoy.andpromo'e commerce
in live eo a botween the States.
Honse ctl'irtdsr.
Arumoerot other bi'ls were a'to
Mtnnrlvd back from the committees
nil ntm rl on the calendar.
Tn thu mrtrnins hour Mr. Rid a'd-
bet, a f of the Com
mit fee on Wr C'airae, calhd up and
itnnu. . iiil th Fonrth f July
r'aitos hill The aicoant invdvrd in
k k ii i-r.u ?o
Mr. S i.ptmliss, on behalf of
i.o l.m.. I uoi f the L bia'v, c"ed
npth bill or Uie encMon of a Con
nr.n.iinii 1'rir.irv huildinK. but., pel d
,n t .. r.-.i.iii a uf tho rfcDurt, the hour
', " o - -
expired , . A
(hfn went Into cm
jcitt.ifl of tie whole (Sit. McMd.iu
Tenn in the chair), on the Indian
appropriation bill.
The House adjourned witboutreach
iog any corclusion on the bill.
im lb Coeaemillce-Haenaa.
The Senate Committee on Finance
today decided to report 1. votary
upon tbe nominations of several In
ternal Revenue Collectors, in te
spsct to whose predecessors Secretary
Manning says no etiarges nn-iiing
upon tht ir ollieia or moral chricu r
are pending. KepresenUt va Forrcy
rf Alabama has been directed by ti.e
House Committee oa Mi itit to report
favorably the fcuntts bi 1 iurrea;iirig
the annual appropriation for the
milit'a, tu the committee hasicdnced
the amount t $400,(00 per annum.
Stveial members of the committer,
whili faroringtht report, will, when
the bill is n ached in the House, en
deavor to have the amount rertmei to
MOO.000, as provided in tbe Senate
b It.
The committee also directed Mr.
Fornoy to report favorihly tbe hill in
troduced by Represent ttive Cox of
Koith Carolina authorizing the Secre
tary of War, npon application of Gov
enoraof Statee, to detail army officers
to instruct the militia tn military
tactie's, etc.
Sena'or Sswell, from the Committee
on Pensions, to-day roported a bill to
increase ti $4 ner month the pensions
of minor children end widows having
minor children, and to extsnd the pe
riod ol mil ority to eighteen years.
Bratal Oalraae Ferpetrtl
Ibe Mama mf Cleaallaeea.
looaasaroaDasoa or tbs apfbal.I
Woodvillk.Tcnn , March 22. There
watatwible fight on the Fargason
place Friday night in which John
Swonson, colored, was fatally hart
f erhspr. It seems that Swousin had
ut t hired to Hayes, tbe superlntan
dent. There Is an nnwritten law
among the hands to search every new
hand and sec if they lave body-lice.
Swonton waa searched and oneliuse
was found, but be persisted that he
did not have lies. He went off to the
barn to sleen that niirlit. Ed Phillips.
Jim Bay son, Nelson Wood, Charles
Mason, negroes, and bands working
on the place, went down to the barn,
and tnousut ttiev would scare ewon
son nfl the place. Ha reiused ta he
bluffed, when tbe crowd thew brick
bats at him, stiiking him about the
head and bodv. His skull waa nearly
fractured and his head was almost
filled with pieces ct brick. Up lo
terdav at 11 o'clock he was uncon
anions, and cann.it live, it is said. El
Phillins. Jim Bavson and Nelson
Wood were arrested, and on the way
to Kinlev eacaued Inm ttie back ana
have not been caught as ytt. Charloi
Mason waa not arrested.
Tbe Tat Bebbere Caught Wbe
aped Basilar rata.
looaaaaroNDaaoa or th arran.,1
Lmimqton, Miib March U2. The
sheriff hue just returned from Daren',
where he sarcoidd in catching t ie
two robhers who escapei in the firing
SunJay morning, cf which I wrote
vou. They were tracked by b!od
hounds. One was shot in the hand
and I ad tn have it amputated this
morniiir. Four hundred and ninety
five do) ars wits fmnd on the Ue.
They are now in jail.
IiivttlitiV HoU'l mill fsurglntl
This widely-celebrated institution,
located ut Buffalo, N. Y., is orgnniaod
with a full stair of eighteen expe
rienced mid skillful phymcians and
Hiii'KooiiH, constituting tho moNt com
plete oririitiijilion of medical arid sur
gical skill in America for tho treat
ment of all chronic riiseoHeH, whether
requiring medical or surgical moans
for their cure. Marvelous success him
been achieved in the euro of all nasal,
throiit and lung discoee, liver ana
kidney diseases, diseases of the di
gestive organs, bluddcr diecases, dis
eases peculiar to women, blood taints
and ekin (lisenHes. rheumatism, neu
ralgia, nervous debility, paralysis,
epilepsy (llt), spermatorrhea, iiupo
teney und kindred allcctiontt. Tlious
amis are cured at their homes through
correspondence. The cure of tne
worst ruptures, pilo tumors, varico
cele, hydrocele and stricture is guar
anteed, w ith only a short rosidenco
at tho institution. Send 10 cents in
stamps for the Invalids' Guido-Book
(KM pages), which gives all particu
lars. Address, World's DiHK'iisary
Medical Association, Buffalo, N. Y.
Halnral Gas Eaploalnu al Pltlatnarac.
PiTTKiitrwt, Pa., March 23. An ex
plosion of natural giw on Frankatown
avonuo, Fasst End, at It o'clock thia
morning, almost completely wrecked
two frame houses and dangerously
burned William Krodenatoin, a Ger
man barber. The houses were owned
by A. Knox and occupied by Knox
and Krodonstein as dwellings and
barber shop. Tho explosion took
place in the barber shop, and is sup
posed to have been caused by a leak
in the cellar pipes. Fifteen hundred
dollars will cover the lows.
How a fihaemaeivr "Una ftlS,Ooa la
Frederick Scharf, a shoemaker of
No. 71H lH-Kalh avenue, Brooklyn, re
ceived notice that a Louisiana State
lottery ticket had drawn the capital
prize February 0, of $ 76,000, entitling
liiui to $15,01)0. Ono ot his. friends,
named Myers, one day. bantered hiin
to buv a lottery ticket for 1. Tho
two nien not a fist of the lucky num-
Ihth, and Scharf's was among them.
What to d with the money he has
not decided, although a multitude of
advisers are swking to give him wis
dom. AVw Fort 7'nViuiK, primary 10.
Dosonaiwd aa II tab way Kobbrry
Ai.iiASY. N. Y., March 23. Gov.
Hill yesterday affixed his ttignature to
the law requiring sireei railway iran
cliises to be sold to the higheat bidder.
In the course of his message to the
iAL'islature tho Governor reviews tho
Uroadwuv Surface railroad job in thu
most scathing terms, denouncing it as
proved highway robbery, and sucgoeta
further legislation to modify tho act
as to towns ontsido of New York City,
lliry Art Hat Korrj.
Tliere is one thing nobodv ever re
pte'r that Is, t lie itav H ey urn aoopt
ed P ikei's Tonicas their nculai f.m
ily iiii li'cinn lis rtnge is eo wide,
aiid it gocd effei t eo sure, that uo'Iv
ing else, rxcept emit nursing, are
nt'tdrd in a grei t ur j rity of cases.
Uuy it, try it, and afterwards it wii
n it n quiie any nite from us.
roil oi"' Espnrl at Mew York
Ni v Yonit, March 28. -The total
expoiL-icf produce from this port for
ttie puM. week were valued at Jo
11;1,('m2. ;
Alnl-ninn Bipubllenii..
ontoiimi!ky. Al , March 23 TI
U'liuti'icHu F.X'-ni ive C unni'ttec nu
i t i-1-ty to-day, and culled a Sut
Col veil luu to meet on June 23d.
Injustice of tbe Wei-tern Union-
How the Press Service Is
Washington, March 23 The Hons
Commiit-e o.. PoeU Hi s end PBt-
roartp, continuing the lel-graph invee
tigation, to-day began i a inquiry rou
cornlrg alleged atiemptai f the West
ern Union Ttlegrapti Corupaiy to
coeice neaspapers in the Western
States into making "exclusive con
tracts," etc Mr E M. Avres aoi eared
in behalf of the Kansas City Timet and
tbe Karsas uuy Journal and submit
ted a ttiteraant by J. A Mann, secre
tary and business manager of the
Journal, teftber w'th a lettar from
Morrison Manirrd, proprietor ol tne
Timet, and st-ve-al communications
that bad passed between tbe latter and
tbe Western Union mtnaaers, re'a'ive
to tbe news contracts of tbe 7itm$
Mr. Mann's statement was read to tbe
committee. Its principal points are
aa folows:
thb xawcrancs' complaints.
Through a course of years the news
papers o1 Kaosrs City hsv been at the
mercy of ibe Western Union Tele
graph Company. With tbe cotuoli
dstion cf that company and tbe Amer
ican Union and Mutual Union Com
panies, some five years since, tbe
extreme measures characteristic of the
Wtttarn Uoioa have increased. Their
form of contract bad contained a clause
or clauses binding the pspers to tbe
usaof the Western Union line and
no others, nnder penalty and provis
ions deeigned to bind tbe party of th
second part nnslterably tn tbe will
of the Western Union. Tea prete
of Kansas City either bad to sue-
rumb for want of adequate new facil
ities or yield to tbe wettsrn Union.
I ha acoeptince cf tbeae contracts my
be said ti have been made under du
ress in every instance. It is believed
with goad reason by tba writer that
not a single rata agreement has been
made by any paper with this company
in five years except under protest, and
that in evrr oae of tbe contracts tbe
publisher signed away his right to far
competition. Herewith aresubmitttd
letters from J. O Clowry.gpnsral man
ager of tbe Western Un oa atUhiraim,
dated J une 7 and 10. 1884, accompanied
bv the form of enmran a eubmuted t
show tbe determined effort to hqld ns
to this clsuse, which my predecessor
bad been compe led to accept. I al'
niit that I had been avoiding this
thing, feeling that It nad been extorted
and was contrary to publlo policy.
Eaclosed arc documents fiom tbe
company'! manager complimenting
me on my submlaaion, made to save
other important fiaochises. These,
your committee will see, fellow fast
npon each other, and spies in some
iuttaoces were em pi yed to follow my
messengers to learn the sources from
which this matter got to us. There
were clauses in sundry other contracts
by which we were held, provided all
others failed. The delivery of even
our regular pres9 report was threat
ened to be withheld by the Western
Union if we failed to give the Western
Union all oar special business. Ttiis
jeopardised the foundation cf oar tele
graphic service. It is proper to say
that we had viola'elthe repugnant
contrait only after OJg acd weary f
forts to obtain a fair measure tf relief
at the hands of fie Webtern Union
Company. These papers reveil only
p irtion ol the o icurrences of late
years, but serve sutlluiently to sbow
he network of iron by which we weie
ound. The committee will note tbe
chief chaiacUrittio features of the
papers submitted as showing tbe
basis of the contest waed in Mav
nd June. 1884. We were threatened
that unless wa signed these contracis
we should be put upon a b gtier scale
of special rates practically ruinous
notwithstanding there existed a pro
hibition in the con ti act of July 7,
188', which prevented our uarif com
peting lines in this caie. Of course
we signed, for w a dared not risk our
business. If this is cot duress it is
akin to it. A year later a modification
of this contract wai submitted, i-appending
and abrogating that ol 1883,
i i ..... i I .. i at
na Dei og lumewum iuwer iu iwanu.
t was accepted as in tome measure a
relief. The reason this waa tendered
at because of the exlitmce of the
Pacifia Mutual lines in tbis city and
heirconnection with tbe United Lines
Eut to St. Louis. No open contracts
are ever allowed tiben ad. and we
are always confronted witQ the iron
clad fixtures bidding ns ti boycott all
other lines. In October, 1885, we
commenced negotiations for syndicate
mutter, giving us a fine line of news
eaulriai ns to t'legrapn irom unicago
an avenge of 5000 words per night,
and this bad to be determined
certain date. Our Uking
waa centingent on obtaining
leased wire, and applications
were early maae 10 onoennisnue ni
Baker of tbe Western Union, at St.
Lonla. At the end of three weeks ro
answer had been returned. Nttbirg
at all In the line of our application was
responded to, but something else we
did not want No aatisfsctory reply
had been received np to December 15,
1886, the limit fixed in the offer fiom
oppositions. December 5th and 8tb
the Western Union made a proposition
which itshould have done carter, and,
lthoush it exacted higher rates than
we were raying, we would have (rjveu
the additional amount to keep within
our cor tract and save trjuble. De
cember 0th we received a preliminary
hreat. which was carried into execu
tion December 16th. From tt at date
they alvanced tbe rate for all our spe-
iais iuuoO per c nl , making a bur-
deneoma tax. tnougn tney were per
terming like service for otbers at tbe
old ra'ee. thus violating the principle
of "like i ay for like service." ibe
carriage of 'our preee reoort bad been,.
as we supposed, removed irom me en
tangleim nts tbat formerly surrounded
it. but all at once the Western Uuioa
resurrected a claim based on the con
tract of July 7, 1882, raising the price
for tbat service, "e cannot legal
Iv rla ra tbat we have violated these
contracts, but when we have
undertaken ta carry an additiona ly
large amount : f matter between cer
tain coiuts. aa is the custom, rva ex
pect to got better rates than for general
lervlce. we nave no stipulated mini.
mum limit. Iu every case the Wnet
em Union have bad the Bervice 6nt
offered to them pre'orred rates ai d
a'ways they have, stood "on the letter
of the bond. It ismimfesttbatsrme
remedy is required it restrain
tie rapacity ol tbese consolidate'
curpua tone, mid that the pro
tecting p wer ot t:ie government mni-t
s ip iu hi d jut for in tne tet graphic
service olthu country lust as it cOcs
the mail service."
at B. ATRIS .
said tlial the purposu of Ibe Kansas
City twaauapurs waa simply t lutorm
tne committee of t umt x t na ret
iinna w in iuh teifurHput.uiupan-'.aiiu
it it thought the a a ter ol euffivient
iroportsnea tba proprietors wonld
come to Washington to verify their
ti'ements. He requested that the
newspapers be returned as tbey would
be used in a lawsuit to be instituted
a.a'DBt the Western Union Company.
- w. a. soar xaviLLB
of New York, superintendent rf the
press (iivision c f tbe Western Union
C imrany, replied rriefly to the state
ment read hy Mr. Ayers. H a;d the
We-iern Ui ion bad two spec ul rates
one open to every new-paper and
a o'be3J per cent. lower, to papers
that signed agreements snd all
fie m-wa over Wett-ru Uniinl ner.
B tb of the Kansas City papeia bud
si ned that sgree-ment vol unt irily, aud
bo b bad broken it. Ibe weetArn
Union Company had simply notin-d
tbum tb t the contracts would be aV
rogxted if they persist: d in breaking
the agreement by sending their new
over other lines. Tim papers bad
signed the agreement to get tbe ad
vantage of the reduced la'es. The
Weft-rn UoUn dos to ro lect news,
and is rn'irely distinct from and dis
connected with tbe Wei-tern Aseo-cii-td
Press. It was simply a trans
mitter of nsws. Incases of nut sual
nccuncnue, euch aa the death of tbe
President, the company sent bulletins
sea public service without pav. In
general elections the Western Union
mausgers were a'liwed to collect the
returns in places where there was no
prens anr
A Common Cold
Is' often the beglunlng of aciioiu aflec
tloni Of the Throat, Bronchial Tubes,
and Lungs. Therefore, the Importance of
early and effective treatment cannot be
overestimated. Avar's Cherry Tcctoral
may always bo relied upon for the speedy
cure of a Cold or Cough.
Last January I was attw-ked with a
severe Cold, which, by neglect anil fre
quent exposures, became worse, flnallv
settling on my lunga. A terrible cough
soon followed, accompanied by palna in
'1.. ht. from whirti l nulTered intensely.
Aftar trying varloua remedies, without
obtaining relief, I commem td taking
Ayer'a Cherry Pectoral, and waa
Speedily Cured.
I am satisfied that this remedy saved my
lifo. Juo. Wcbter, rawiucaei, . i.
f rnntrarriul a severe cold, which Hid'
deuly developed Into Pneumonia, present
ing dangerous and olwtiniite nyniptoms.
My physician at once ordered the use of
Ajera unerry ieoiri. ji iu"i
were followed, and the renull waa a raplu
and permanent cure. II. E. Slinpnon,
ltogera Prairie, Texaa.
Two veara ago I suffered from a sevrro
Cold wlitch settled ou my idlings, i con
sulted varloua physicians, aud took the
medicines they proacrflied, but received
nnlv Unnnorarv relief. A friend induced
me to try Ayor'a Cherrr Pectnrnl. After
tnklng two bottlea of this medicine I was
cured. Since then I hsve given the Pec
toral to my children, sua consider it
The Best Remedy
tnr rnW. rtnntrhi. ami all Throat and
Lung diseases, ever used In my family.
Itoberl vanuerpoui, jiwvuvmu, i a.
Some tfme ago I took a alight Cold.
Whii h, being neglected, grew worse, nnd
settled on my lungs. I had a hacking
coiiRh, and waa very weak. Those who
knew me font considered my life to be
In great danger. I continued to sutler
until I commenced uing Ayer'a C'herry
l..,.tnrnl 1j.ua than one bottle of this val-
liuble niiHlli-ine cured me, and I feel that
I owe the preservation cf my life to its
curative powers. Mrs. Ann Lockwood,
Akron, Now York.
Avir' ftlierrv Pectoral Is considered
here, tho one grail remedy for nil diseases
of the throst and Ihihh, and Is more
In demand tban nny other medicine of its
class. J. . Kotwrts, aiaznoiia, am.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral,
earl h TT. J. C. ATCrll f?0.. Mlr
eld br Urugglau,
I' nam f it mu va
Flesh Producer & Tonic !
Hear the Wltnewjca!
A Haa af Blatv-Ela-ht Winters.
am 68 ?ara of axe. and remrd Gulnn'i
Pioneer a tne tonio fur the feeble.. By ita
ore my utrenirth bat been retlored and mj
weihtincnan'd ten peunda.
A r, li. tAnrusiib, uotton iu jnor.
Macon. Ua Pebraar IS.
A l'rlild i aareelara Marat.
T .. .i.tiil m Miixdi when I rom-
menoj Quinn'a Vinn -t, and now waiiib i H7
pounds. I could hardlr walk with a xtion to
nni'ortme and can now waia loniaimanooj
w tbout be. p. IU bnnt to me ii n-yonu
oal"ulftt on. B. KUiUa BUBnua,
Haoon, Ua. uolion jiuyer.
Mr. a. 1( Hratablett, Hardware Mer-
ebaai, af Pamela, , Wrlaeai
Tteitad like a shannon mTaeaeral health.
oomider it a toe tonio. I weigh moratban
r. W. F. Jance, Maeoa.Baf at
My wife baa retaloed heratrenrth and In
ro'ne'l ten aouoda in weight. We reooner
tend Oaina'a Piraeer aa the bell wnio.
i. w. r. junjso.
Dr. O. W. OolfcrMae, af ailaata, la.,
WrlSM at waiaa'a a-iaaaar i
Onln'. tlonar Blnod Sanawarhaa beaa '
ued for year ith preoedented anooeia.
It ! entirely rentable and doea the yum
u k..m IX ImDreni the aoDatlia. dieee-
tieo and Wlod maklni, tiaanlatina, inT'x-
oratlng aaoi aoniDf npaii tne mmjiiooe mo
ttMOM of the aveum, and that beoomei the)
greet blood re newer and health reatorer.
riosBsn blood hbreweb
.11 ainad aad 8kla DlreadM. BheMna-
tien,8 roiula,0ld8rM. A perleot barins
"li notTa yoar marker II will be forwarded
en reoeip en I noe. Bmall bottlet, ll.OOl
lanre botuee, ai. R. ...', .
Kiaay on rlleoa aaa Data uueeaoa matiea
TrnHtec'a Sale. .
TJATINf been appointed truitee nnder
XX the rower, oontained tn tne irnai oeeu
..i. nR,h I.. I.nt -ad Oeorxe U. Dent.
....... in- 1 k. MLnt nf a note tor Sl.'iOO by
them made bepietnoer i. too uuv one vr
after dale, dalauit baiina been made -in the
tiaymiint thereof, at the ieiue,t of the bolder
01 aaia ae a. win, ou
Maxeaar, April , ISMS,. .
19 'nini.V m.. at tha annthweiit oomer of
Main ana Mmlnufl itreeie, in tae i.xma
Diitrirt ef Bhelny county, Tenn., aeU the
followins deaoribed trtoU of ianei the Brat
b'f aaia at Carr and MrLemore corner
on Urear'a Una; thence eait II. W chalna to
Ureer'.SKeorner theaoe norih 1 ohama to
Ureer a MS corner: tamee eaai a- eonna to
Hradnhaw'a SK oornar: ihanoe rou h IM
chaina to MeLemore and Carr aBW corner
f 14-eere entry: thence eaal 13 ch.inat
tb.neerortb 10 ehatna to m. and ttideon
Pillow 'a line t tbencoeapt ld.lSO! th no aonth
Kit .kaim, i.knM tut 17 un ahaina to 1 arr
and MeLemore'a Unei thence no'th 1S
chaina lo the braina'aa. containing aacrea.
more or lera, tt be'! t e m liac. oi iaaii
conveyed to Iatel Hnehra by Jarn-n B.
rolta ti, deed or Angnat li.l), reiaea iu
k. L OR u .. . V,
Alo, lot I" of the Borland auSitfialoa of
Iota, lPnilng 60 leet on tbe eaat "idei'i far
land av.nue, and runnkie bark between
m.mII.1 una. 170 Ml in n alia.
11m it,rl ftf Int II nf am aubrliviton. Ott
the aouln hoaxer, lit. ol lot W, eighty fret
Irom the aon ko.rt toner ol earn-, aod rnn
.Liisnlh at ristlt nsMli-a w to raid houn.l-
aiy li' e nine 'cei and ria 'nehe; th e at
riaht anlaat Mit-.n 'ce aoaa to r-in-di-roil
over the oonUr i f the no'h of lh
ri lorn : lheDt- ai naht anulea n'e ie' nd
ail nrhea the foaih t on ta-y I Be of la d
p opa" . "i'h all im1 roToeien a t erenn,
Hti l bein the a'i e property cnveid t J.
u ii,i,.pi irii.t.. K 4 1. and U. Pi'Tit.
re or int in b.,ik I4 pa;e2Af the reoorda
Trrma of .-ete-fh. Title blieJ to ba
geod, butla.l only a trn tee.
L. II. KSIKS Ja.,Trtte.
111 I TiO Intent relief. Final enra
I IIjIj. ,n .iUH. .nd nerer r-turne.
Nn i.nraa. no naive, nn npfO'it'irj. bofier-
..iir lean of timpte rem.uy, rrae,
I ujr.nug C.J.MAiU.,Tt-Naaau au, N
' . r V ... K
3 VI
And Commission Oerchants,
gQ ami gg jFroat
J. T. FAR8AB0N. J. A. HUNT. . C. 0.
Wholesale Grocers
2S9 rrtiat Street,
Cottoa ooniigned t o will bava our esrefol
Staple &. Fancy Groceries, Wines, LiquorsTobacco & Cigars
nl will awll nm
Jos, Schlitz BrevvinE Gompanv,
S. nOESCm.R. Agent, Memiiii, lenn.
Balee la 189, a0,000 Barrela Bales
. a a a.a.A IKA
(9 Will pay Good
75 Vance Street,
Field. Poas Wanted
Farming Tools, Grass Seed, Garden Seed, Onion
Sets, MUlet,
JN0. 8. TOO?.
Wholesale Grocers, Cotton Factors,
And Dealers In Levee
274 Front Street
Newlr Constructed and lUarateltrnfthedo Con
talrine 225 .Large and Elegant .Rooms.
trThm Hum hu PerfeotVentlUtion nd
luu w w ait uais awiav w - , .
... A m .uuJUa aa attaixa aVTIrl BllaiTstiOll OI lBalaS DPOlel
- J a tf.l.a 1P1a.tawal All
,."rtoCom.relalTraT.r.r Abnant .apply of PUBK CI8TKBM AHP WKL1 WATKK
' m
rMi 8 I
Doors, Sash, Blinds, Holding, Lumber,
Lath and Shingles, Flooring, Ueuingj a J
ft. 1. LSU.
jE&m ES. XjEEI cS? OCX-
out 7AJw.:fHUisi hecond street, south oi (Jayoso.
nnr Ra&h. Blinds. Flooring, uemng, awing, omngres
ww., . ... iw.r Poata aaa 1-lcacie.
iternberg & son,
336 Front St., Cor.
P. S. 1LUH,
S. W.
1 .1 fummlalliAa H ateYl 11 II tfi
Um. . Oerupnt, Flaator,
Cor. Front
nt and Union,
Wt.. JPTemiiiii, 'lenv .
& Cotton Factors,
Memphis, Tenn.
attentloa. We carry at all tlmei a wall-
itock 01 '
iw mm m
Office aad BoltHaa Wark. e 10 Unfa.
Depvtaaa leenoaae, wt.um c... -
af Mempnia uraBen, x "
Prices for MOTES, GTS FALLS and
of all descriptlona. Send for Circular
and Prices Paid.
Memphis. Tenn.
and Railroad Supplies,
Memphis, Tenrfftyeo
Natural Light, Steam-heattnr. XlMtvittMU,
ItMiUflUI DaVM mftin larajSJ., ajuauvwa
- atIlX, ATT-TABB.
... ... CLI 1
CXI 33 1864.
Union, Memphis, lenn.
J. 8. MoTIGHJt. W. 0.
II & CO.,
, ; -jr. 1 lyt. . . ..Kf. g . '
. l- X : -ft'-'"', ; .1' aa 1
Haf,Cirm Oats, Bran, Chop Fred, 0U-e
. mto -a a a "TVA
BaildiuB Fire Hrisk, Etc.
1 Howard's iiuw, iuempnis
Ho. 17 JeOVrsoi Street,
(BetvMB Main and Front.) a-EMPBIS.
IB.Kikli.bfd ia 18W0.I
I "VR.JOHNnON inaokaow wtred by all par
XJ I inlrited a by far tht moat -eeis'nl
phjmoiao in lhlr montftf prirat
orrecretdifen.es. Qaieb, peruitDant earS
cuaniDted in rJ emfl, male or feir.ale.
V.rtffnt elM itf Gonorrba and Sruhilia
eurd in a f w days witbeat the naa of mer
eur7. ehaem of d el i r biadraaoo front
baaisa'- berendrr 8 bilu. thr lut Tea
tuee'd'6BUd withonttba hm of mereurr.
Invofan '01 of emen itepped in short a
time. Mifferers fr"Da iaipe.enuv T losa of
sexual "r rmlored to ir.e ri.ur in a few
eks. iciim tn reii-Hoepe maa exoeniive
veoerr, rarTeriif froai eiterioaliiribea and
Ion of ph;aieal - nd mental sower, erdilr
and permanentlr en ed. Particular atten
tion paid te tbe Iieaea of w omen, and
curef uaracteed. Pitei and etd tore oared
without the dm of eaa-tieor tbe knife. All
e'.nmltations ttrictJr oonfideouaj. Medi
einei eer.t by express to all parts of the
rstei. Offioaoonn from 8 o'clirok a.m. to t
O c'n-lr TI m.
For it Tcara at w Coort PUea, now at
a ririT iii-a a"1 emnjrt Faciaw eat tae
- Suarmatorrxteav and Impoteneyv
Mth mull ilaltdM U ywtb, mrw aunaa, aaa ,
.ure mtrt. ot Mhm mam, m prwlW aooa.lv- a
wloic .necic M-ttoumm. B.mio.1 Xnlnltu. itaa.
aom hr ilnmi). Mpiooa T 1MI". roi m- T7-all-T.
fiojU9Q IM, X Tcrmoo b. &xtj ?-ro,
cJu-m ot itou, hmt tt aol (. avmfcii
v-nu, S YPHli. IS a-"
Ur-ly frv1icitei fraa Ut i)ai-tn; WtltOTTn99mi
GLF.ET, mrtetursx, OroUiia, Bornia. tar atuuirtt),
Wa aid ttUrer pri'ati diWMia a-Jckty re.
1 i$ ir-eThlawt tatavl a ptay -Mia wkopaya a94al tt nJia
a a twrfeta etM of Ueea, anl tfwtltvg iV:tajaat anoa.
Jir, aequlrM (reat UIL Fmj stH M
fcottuwiM' pcrvona lotirf Wbe w tmtnm waalcal ta-
-l.lt tbe ait fr In latent mt& doea oam W Mt prUtMij
Uhl aaioJ 6j aWll car anpreai aarjwfcan.
Cncen Gaarantd ia all Cte
pal awjHBUtr w ay aweeaa- twmmi .- .--n
bix-i ad gxwrsaauDdais..j man? mMtmk,
i tt lfi naraa. Ml to sur aVtM'
Sl) oeuta. HhouM ba Ml trr
l4rM a alto!
ifflo hour ni,a.ntr.M
Exchange National Bant
losreLK, VA.,rt) ie,isM.
PROPOSALS will be received at thia offloe
nntil Hatnrday, Marnh 77, USn, for tba"
Dnrohaa uf the hereinafter mentioned prop
rty in IU entirety, and a ao for, pteoce or
paroela ol tae aame remroaoe oaiua oaii w
deaoriptiT liata of amid pioperty whieh
liata, atatiogt-rrnaof aale.will be Inreiahod ,
npon application te the anderaigned. Tba
right (orejeotany a'd all bida ia reaexreat :
TheexUnaWa aad ralnable propertylo-
caied in Norfolk and P rtumouth, Va.,
known aa tbe "Seabomd fpotlon Compreaa
Company of Norfolk. V.." onaiatlng of:
1. IDe Wiiimih, eawa, anil nuiw ih- .
il.aaa. anthnriief the a to age of eottoa and
other m.rchandix. and the ixane of BegoN
ablereoeiputhirefwr. 2. Ita ptaai, wnicn ornaiaoi oi rare toy
flrat-olaaa imprerel cotton oompreaaea; twa
(2) ateani tuaai inrea ti ireoeporia-Hwji
barrel. All the adionota n denary te a wall
equipped eatobliabaient of thia character.
Iu fire proof warehouaea, aeren fj) in num
ber, of oai aeity for Iteraxe of 24,0U bales
unoompreaacd eoHon. . . . ,
Ita four It1 frame warehouaea metal roofs)
capacity, B.any thoaaandx Una of fertili
xrra, talt, eto ... , , . . ,
Ita wharyaa and doeka, which afford ample
room for berthing at Ik- earn, time ton aea
goin, atam or aailing e"la. The area of
the warehouse and ooek property in Porto-
month ia about tH eeie. U'ge' ner wun an ih
n har nrooertT. which la fully deeoribed ia
tbe list above rela-rtd t".
w tn. It. rt l r.i.n, roooi.or.
T; Oas Consumers
FOR all a conanmad oa and after tic IK
rf Apr l, proximo, by a tomcra of thia
I'omrany, Ibe p ie- will oa two uoiiara aua
Fitly t'entx per thonaand cnb'O feet, but
where the bitla are Pid ai'Jilu the firat five
huaincaa daya of "ch menth a Diaeonnt ol
Fitty Centa per i hooaand feet will be made,
making a net pr oe ol X rt 0 DOLLARS par
thouaand eubio leet.
By K. ENSLET, Preaident.
Joa. faxio. Beorataiy.
Mempbia. Tenn.. Ma'-h 18H6.
J. l UOLST &BU0.,
Funeral Directors,
S30 MAIS ST., ME31PI8I8.
A PULL and complete atoo of wood ana
MitallieCaaea and Caaketa, Cloth-Oo-ered
Caaketa and Burial Kobea alwayaoa
hand, ear Ordera by taleiraph promptly
Administrator's Notice.
Omos orPoBMO AwiairBAroB,1
Penrnary zT, IBn.
HAVING been appointed and eearltled aa
adminiatrato- of the eatale of Patriot
Roper, deeaaaed, an parwee ine. ij
aatote ara reqoeatod to eoaoe forward ana
ettle.and all partiea to whom taid aaUto ia
indebted are renneatea to 6le their elainaa
with me, duly rrobtcd In aecerdanoe wit
law. .Minn i tJAmi a., i-wniic -
Sotlce la Hereby Gltea, A
THAT tha anaaal nacetiaa of the Itock
boldVra of ba- CbwapeakeObio .
and Boatnweaiern xwuijw wu.f
for tba election of Dtreejtnra and
awe v, ; .5 Ctssrvr; tta --v -.V-v f 7 i
aneb otaar on.meaa aariny vmww
meeting, will be held- at ,. ' '
Connaif. In the city of Memphis (oalledtba
Taxing, IHatriet of Bbelby Vvaow,
on tne aaaa "J f . - T' r"
o'clooxmoon of that day, and that the leaee
Sam thatCompanyto tne newporj now. au
ia-ieaippl Valley Campany will be anb-milUd-te
the atockheldea for theireonaeni
thereto and approval thereof. Transfer
booka will be eloaed from March 20th to
Alylo'rdf of tba Preaident and Board of
Director.. 1SAA0 g. WATKS. Keeretary.
Tra8teBB Sale. ,
PUBSUANT to atrnat deedaxawtoa w
me a truatee,. by J . ft- f lPyJa had M.
A Flippin, of da'a Aognaa i". io -corded
in the Kegiater'a offloe of bhelby
county. Tenneaaee, in bock No. 155, paga
alnnlay, April 10, .
duriag legal houra. aell. in front of tha
oourthoute door of re d couity, af onblie
outory, for cah, tba propcr'y thereby con
reyed, yia.i Lot No. two U) in tbe dmaion
of 'he pr.porty old to tf. Langne in the
oae of tbe Tennenee Manne and Fire In
aurance Company va. Chaa. Po'ter et al.
Chancery Court ef Sbe by County, Tenne
ace. aai'i lot Ironting 26 feet 7 inabea on wei
line of Shelby atrtet by a deplh weatwardli
of MO feet, rrference being here tuade ion
more particular doaoiiption todecreaTut.
ing title in V. I.aiD0, yeoerded in aaia.
Betiater'a ofioe, book 64, pag. 619. eto.
Redemption, dower and boaiet.a4 waired.
Title beliered good. ,
D. H. PO8T0N, Ttajtoe.
Koniitzo Bros.,
120 Broadway. New
DEPOSIT aecounta rnoe'Ted frenbank
. r nierchanta and otkara, and inter
aat altowci on balancea.
Adiancea made to eoirrapnadcnte on ap
prov 'i buficaaii paper or other roodeollatcral
Lett.ra of credit iMiucd. Cnpectiona iuimIv.
Government bonds and ntiior tecurit.ee
O" i and aold on eimnpl'"t"i aff,, '-uef
xrrrMi.M cooking txovernment fcnv
pioymcnt in any ot the aei arinenu i'
nashlnxton, or any other po itiona unda,
thelioTcrnmcnt, I will amd lull tun'racuon
aa to bow to pieifMiio obtain tboaatre,.
aod Blaah t'oriue of AppllUo on
receipt c One foliar. Aowraaa JOHN

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