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JlAfaJtlfc' TUttTiB.
Thursday, 'rider end 8eturdv, March 25.
, I, 8'urday rpa'inte-The talented
voacg American actress,
Jo Her Ureal New York Success,
Supported by J ha T. Futllvan ends power
ful cmI nnder l)iin getneutof
A H 1 1 1 1 i K 11LU.R
Monday, Msroh 2.1 ll-r.. fit of M". Fr-k
ilray-MILTON ..01L,Emo "LuVh AND
!. A W
With New Attraction, 4 better
than ever. New saiasjemeat.
WUI bekeptonsa'e at CLAPP A TAILOR'S
BOOK STORE throughout the season for tie
benefit of tbojewho wish to avoid the Tiuh
t the offio at the ea'e.
BLACK FHAWL At Elmwood Cemetery,
tir between souih gate and the eurve.
Finder wi'l be rewarded by reluming to
Co-bran Hotel oisce
OETTRR White and
bl'ck tetter bitch:
fcj both eare black. Return to l. 1).
Madison strer, end g-t $ f reward.
2 WHITE COWS-Cme with rope around
head. tS reward fort"' ir return to K.
B RAKTOM. near Onrve, Her- .mlo roal.
S l it V Kli Utt SIOI.E.N.
MCLKB Ooe array hone utile, IB hands
h ah, lame in right tr.mt lex; and one
dark sorrel horse mu'e, 154 hnds high, (ore
on right shoulder. Li ertf reward paid to'
their rotnra to Lamp i Beer Depot, No. 193
beaond street.
STOKB HoUSB. ETC.-At 6holby8tation.
Miss., store house, sa'ooo, stailes and
otkl rkadt ycaausuiD. for further par
ticulars apply to J. II. bTAVVORD.
Concordia, Miss.
MUSIC For ball or party muio call on
A LKX TOP :1 Vanooatre t.
CAItsTEHNS Bolit and repaired and wnr
J ranted. Inventor o' the tianitary Port
land Cement Pump. Contractor and briek
layer. Telephone SHU. TllOrJ. Cll BBINS.
LAW, Xarine and Commercial Notary
Public, Commissioner of Deede and U. N.
Commissioner, at the old office, No. 8 Madi
-I .inn MIMPRI') PROPKRTY A olanta
J? tion in Tallahatchie county, 2H ml es
from the county reat, and directly on the
Una nt the nontnmnlated railroad Irora
Ymmnn ftitv in Mumohia. containing 1U0O
acres of ' black eane" land, 275 sores of
which are oieared. It is all bottom, ana aa
wood aa land eeta to be. Not subjeot to
overflow from the Mississippi and Talla.
hutchie rivera. and not aubject to levee tax,
1'tu.M .r. tjtnant houses (doub e). Kin-
houie, stab'es, etc. Will bo ai.ld on fair
lermt. or exchanged 'or desirably-located
Merorhie property. Addr-ss
J. M. WRHHT, MP.. Batevi'l.Mi-r
: JOOV8 AND BOARD-Furnlshed rooms
I V with or without beard, at Hi) Monroe st
BOARD With excellent room,
K NICB Rooms, furnished or unfurnished,
tJ witn or witaoot ooarq, at ioi maunon bv
TWO largo unfurnished rooma, with or
without board, at 651 Madiaon atraet, cor
ner Thud.
-it iamkh HOIlhK Cor. Second and Ad-
O ami ata. Room and board per week;
i;it hoard. 3rV).
TORB-No. S22 Prontatree. Annl
fT'WO elegant front roomi", furnished or
X unfurnished. Apply at HP Adams at.
C10TTAOH8 Two new oottagea, Noa. 30
J and 30K Iladden avenue, half square
south of Bertie street. Apply to
J. D. MONTECOyiCO. 27U Second at
CIOTTAOB-Of Uiree rooms at the terml
J nus of Flmwowi etreet car line. Apply
at 36 Union street.
"O00MS Furnished or unfurnished, at 118
XV Seeona street, weierencea rriuireu.
'tnnafu AuiiM f two rooms, unfurnished
XV or one furnished room: will board ;ar-
tlea if desired. Location best In trie cur
Family private. AdOrots.with reforence,
B. C.. Appeal oHioe.
f "10TT AG B Three rooms, cistern, it 257
Georgia street. Arpiy nexi room.
yiOTTAQEJlo. Laulerdale, 7 rooms
J in good repair, good cistern; 12- per
month. Apply to ln.SA Main street.
O ROOMS En suite
lie. Lee Block, third floor
Jj front.
Anrlv at No. 4 Mnrli-on St.
A CAR-L0AL' of good
MARKd ju t received. ,
W. A. F AIRES, 57 I nion street.
"lOOKINU-STOVE-At No. ) Linden st.
VV only nsert two rooninw.
ITATCHB Juie Jurgensen stem-wind,
W 18 k, 8125; Hi akford stem-wind, 1 k,
t7; Schmeidor stem-wind, 14 k, 150; Elgin
and Waltbam atom-wind, solid gold.i.'O to
td; Ladies' bolid old Wstches at M, IK ,
$15,125 to I(V. tir nt Siilid Silver American
Watches at H to fib. Above watches are all
good as new. A large line ol Diamonds at
less than eost of importation, and every ar
ticle sold under guarantee, at
7 and7fl Bcsle street.
CHJW-A fine, frit.,.half-Jersiy eow with
calf sixteen da?f old.
W. B. JON KB, l,r Hernando st-
HORSE, roekaway and harness. The
horse is yenug, sound and gentle: the
roekaway is of Owen Lilly's make. . and has
been used but very ilule. John Lilly, .la
Frott street.
J. RATUS-Vountains. get orator, eto.. at
HARPMANN A BRO.'S, 2 Main st.
l ABK A weli-bred Kentucky aaddle
.YL mare, none better. Inquire at lac
tors' War.ho.se, ao.tb M.U rF0RD
LIGHT 6PRINC- W iiON-And harness,
cheap. Apply at So 1H3 Court street.
W.R. LARKIK. Lkrkinsville, Ala.
J Address ft. e. t;.. ip;eai omee.
OK f wll'- par'hase a new, haml
rSHttuOJ seme, two-story Queen Anne
house, nyni, witfc front, side and back
porches; eistern, stahle, wood anil etia
sheds, comer lot, 14I6e feet, nieely gTaded
and fenced, 20-foot alley in rear, adjoining
State Female Collets. Terms 2tKj cash,
balance 135 per Bu n'-h. Will be, completed
about April 1st. Address T. A. LAMB or J.
. II. BARTON, 10 Midi.'oa stroet. Office
hears, 2 k4 p.m.
H0R8B AND MULE-Ooed horse and
male, very cheap. Apply at corner of
Third and Mill streets. Chelsea.
TPURHrTURE C mrlets set of household
X1 furniture, almost new, at a bargain to
eash purehater : must be sold at once. Apply
to .1. R. BALHWrX. 2S4 Main St.
X1 uated in one of the livest towns in the
fcouth. Does a bas:ness of over flOOtl per
month. Bar nun be aaded to the business,
if desired. For tortLS. address
J. 8. Id. , Box l'E. Meridian. Miss.
feet water fr-it, 4. feet deep. For full
information addrem WM. A. DEAN,
47 Lexingrir street, Baltimore, .in.
eash. or payable September 10, jkno,
with good aeenrity.
HORtiF, A sale, reliable family buggy
noise one well known to the citisens
of Memphis. Apply at tbe llrerv stable of
miTR OLD HE'S ISLAND In sight of
X Memphis; 1600 acres, of which about 300
cleared and very rich land. A bargain can
T KNJsBisoaa bTATJa CtRiXFlCAix
Ke enlva1' t and all dues to the
Absolutely Pure.
This powder never varies. A marvel ol
parity, rtrength ana wnolcsomeness. More
eoonotolcal than the ordinar; kinds, and
c.nnot be sold In oorupetitlon w'..n ine
multitude ol low teit.ehuri weight alum or
phovphate powaera. bold only meant. Ro?al
11, livfl )nwn, fVv . IDS W.l) . .KnwVrrW
HOKK--! will pay a liberal reward for
the return of ne brown horse, & iers
old.heHvyt l ; aad one light dun horse, 7
yeirs old, with a brand on ruht bi'h. at my
livery stuole, Monroe .treet .
RESIDENCR Two-ftory frame, 301 Pon
totoc St., six room, bath and servanta
room; large 'nany yxrd ana irun irees.
Terms easy. Call at ofti -e of Dr. l.iisoomu,
2.i0 Second at..orathirfsidonco,362 Misav.
BtARMB-Several due farms in Arkansas
and Mia.isaippl on very easy terms and
lowpri.es. Address
Apply at IMS Beale street.
SITUATION Bya Scotchmen who ha had
several years experience on a farm as
farmer, gardener or to attend atock; wite
can asaiat; can furnish beat of references.
J. I'., Appeal oiiice.
Agency lor Factory In Alabama for this
territory ; party mut no reliable. Address
sell goods to Memphis dealers. Address
BOX i'.Kt, Uayo.o Hotel.
Atsrii Vance street.
CI OOD COOK and house servant; white
t preferred; must come well recom
m.nded. C llat li" Main street.
rpo BUY A light Spring M'agoi; wuatl.e
X cheap and Herviceablc. T. V. C, Api'eal.
lull E-Tcnsh prires paid for old audnew
Fr.ATll KKiS atllK Alain street.
rpo ADVANCK 'MONEY On h'.usohold
X property wit hint remova. Q'jj')Jr'S,
EVERY ONK-In noed of a hard, smooth,
durable and waterproof pavement or
floor, examine WA SON'S BIIUMliN CON
CH K.TK. Telephone
ALL THOSE having damp, unwholesome
cellarc to telephone ImH.
WHITE OIRL-For ooscwork; refer
ences required, at 3"s Ada ins stroet.
SITUATION To attend horsos, etc : I un
derstand the business; can giv.' good ref
erences J. B.. this nflice.
city to loan a Christian mnn fifty dol
lars, for thirty cays, on a pledge worth sov-enty-livo
dollars (jeweler'a estimate), to ena
ble him to send his wife away for her health,
by her pnysioian's advice. Address
' INVALID, this oflioe. .
TjH'EKYBODY To call nnd ee the celc
XU brated (lypsy Clairvoyant, at 177 Third
street, near Popljr.
ARliKNER A good steidy man whoun-
erstimdgardingA ppJbfUdjson.
STUDENT8 To learn telegrapny, at Tele
graph School, cor. Main and Poplar st.
ill F At ones.
Apply to mi'.u. n . uan-
NARD. Arkansas Oity. Ark.
X nv AOKSTS-For Mrs.
stle, hoop-
lj New "Tiltcr" a filter, bustle.
skirt and underskirt comb lied. Hoops run
ha removed and skirt laundried. Adjusta
ble to any she. Very fashionable, ami sells
forS2to every wrll-drfised lady 111 soon as
shown. Agents double their money. Also
a full line of Lew furnishing goods for ladies
and children. Address, with stamp, h 11.
CAMPBELL Jk CO , 4M WcJl Randol.h
street. Chieag.i, 111.
100K White or colored. Apply to
J. l. m lt.r. v , -ii rront ?t.
to assist with other larm work. Best
reference reiiilred. AdJrosi
WKftSA WALTER. L'lH Station. Ml.".
OITUATION-Byayoung man as salesman
O or accountant. Book-keeper ot o yo
experience in general mdae. business, 1 y
wliolesalo ooot ana snoe ousiness. ni e ren -e
given; Addresr J. S-. Appeal nfli
apondents tor new business. Positions
permanent. Salary or oouimisfion. Write
to-dav. Address
N A TION A L KC0N0M IjT. Chicago, 111
ply t'ds morning at 'iaston's Hotel,
room l. between V and loo'ciock.
Tl'OARDERS At 110 Mndison; nice rooms,
I X) good firo;Jxsients aoeojnjnoojited.
AH K.MS In every seotion ot tne country
for two New llouks, just ready. Srxoui.
Tkrmh to men of experience capablo ol fill
ing a large territory. State experience, age
and territory wanted. OASSELL & CO.
(limited), 22 Broadway, JN. 1., anun uear-
bornsreet, Chictico.
AbESME'.N la every Mate in the I-ion
to represent a PAINT ,M ANUFACTLR
rva KSTARLISHMKNT having several
BrxcULTias t'ualare popular and easy sell
ing. Can be handled aione or in conneein-n
with other goods. Address THE WM. B.
oun bear of something to his adrantisge
by co reapondi ng -Mirethjr,
Prescott, Ontario. Canada
&'ITlTATiON-Jlr8. Ann B. Rothroe, chal
) lenge carpet-maker of the United States,
wants a situation. No obieetion to testing
the city. Apply at this office.
"X N HONEST YCUNi) MAN For a per
XX manent posit on, with an old established
firm, as their representee, in his own State.
Salary to begin. ITO per month. Referenoes
14 Barclay street, p.. I
AGENTS lor the best article ever pro
duced: eostly outfit free; no reddling
and no taonev repaired until sales are made
and goods delivered. Kor particulars and
terms address N. K. Friedman A Co., Mar-
tinsburg, Mo.
IHflfl MEN Younr and old, to bring
LUUU their Old Clothes to Rosenstein A
Bro. and have them renovated. 2W Main
anil t .lefferson- .
W. H. IttTEw.
. r. Toor.
Blank Book Manufacturers,
No. 272 Second Street,
(Ayres Blockl.
w and Latest Stle Stock. Sew
Type, Jiew Machinery.
VricM a low as anywhere, N'orth
or East.
Notice to Jtailroad Contractors.
THE undersigned is rrepired te fnrnish to
contractors on Railroad Work DAi LA
BORERS in an narchers wanted. Address
Lexington, Miss.
Mfmi.hU Min n-jntirully riujei
tium hj a Score sr 5 tit 4
'I lie lame Ttl!aj.
The secti'iil mtue oi the sftrio of fi
hib't'on faiiiFa fo b fltytd linre L
twcin Nsslivillo a :d MeiupLia came
off yesterday a', the new ball grounds,
and wf a mar if d improvement on
Toes day's game. It was close and 1
cttiD? from rta t ti finish, and re
tailed In a well-earned victory for the
borne cine. The new pitcher, O l.eary,
made a lavdtable irnprecsion, atrikir.g
O'lt iix men, ar.d provina himatlf a
pitcher oi aoxe skill, and more than
mat ;h fortne twirler who occn pied thv
box for the oppoairx nine. The field
ing of both aides waa aomewhat
loufo, to'alily in the llirowinp,
and the errors a cored showed that
neither club ia tboronhljr in form.
Bat this is hardly to be wondered
at in view of the fact that many of the
men are working in a new climate,
and anine cf them under ncf tvorable
condition. Krehmej.-r has a Bore
titnd, which acco'inta for two costly
bad throws, and l'ilchor O'Leary
mads a number ol wild pitches thtt
threatened to piove fatal errors. The
features of the )taiue were tic
tine fialdinz of Fufelhacb, Knped,
Whitehead ard Phi Un for Meinphia,
and O'Brien, Bittitiati end Sowders for
Naihvilln and the skillful base run
ning of Black, Fusselback Krehmeyer
aort Lavm.
The folhivsing isadetailol account
o! tbepauie: Nashville was first at the
hat; Mair sent aafe one to crntnr
field for first baw.Hillery knocked ally
loriifht field which fciueed gractfuly
took in, It! 1 rr going to second. Marr
atarted for third and Kiehmeyer in
tbe endeavor to cut him oil" threw
wildly over third base, letting Mair
in. Goldsby gave Sueed another
cbance with a tly to ruht field,
which the latter accepted. Beard
tent one to l'helan, who deliv
ered it to Andrews, retir ng Ihe aide
with ottii run. Kit Memphis l'.lnrk hi
to center field for firht bnw, atolo Btf
ond, and made third on a paused bull,
lvin was retire 1 at first, Andrewn
sent a fly to third, w hich cost him a
r.ero; B'lack scored on a passed ball,
Sneed struck out. This left the scorn
1 to 1, und the crowd be
Kn to become iiipercntc.il. Neither
side 8-ored again until the fifth in
ning. The third inning was marked
liy a fine play on the part of Sneed
und Krchineyer. Two men were out
when Uillerv sent n liijrli one to B nek
who iinilled it, allowing Uillerv to
make aecond. (lohlshy hit to pitcher,
who made 11 wild throw to An
drews, and the ball slipped
through the latter' liamls Uillerv
silarted for home, but Hnced bail
iicked tlie ball up, and by a beautiful
1 1 trow from right Held, sent it to home
iilate in time to nip in the bud what
loosed like a sure run. It was
a fine pluv, and roused the crowd
to enthusiasm. In the fifth inn
ing the liume men had a run
of bad luck. McYcy was at lir-t
and O'liCiiry sent a hot ball at him
that strui'k'him in the hack below tho
neck. lie was temporarily disabled
and OT.rion went to first base to run
for him. I'.ittman went out on a foul
tiji. Smith made lirst base on a short
Int. Marr was also struck by pitcher
and took lirst, Smith advancing
to second, McVey to third.
McVey Hcorad on pitcher's bad thioar
to second. Hillery came t the bat and
Marr and Smith scored on passed
ball. Uillerv hits aafe to center field
and makes first, but is caught out by
Phelan while trying to steal second,
tioldsby hit loo slioit ant' retired at
first. Memphis failed to score and
the figures 4 to 1 in favor of Nashville
began to look ominous, but the home
ttam did not become disheartened and
played a plucky, up-hill game. In the
sixth inning Beaid went out on a foul
ti Krehineyer. Sowders strnck oat.
O'Brien sent a cracker to center fild
for three bases. McVey bft to pitcher
and got to first. O'Brien started for
but was caught in chato between
Whitehead and Krehmeyer, and run
down by the former. Black lent a fly
to Bittinan'a open hard". Lavin wai
allowed first, beinir hit by ball, An
ilrewn went our. at first on a
one In pitcher, I-avm atlvancing
to second. Sutml at bat, Lavin
maked third on a wild pitch and scared
on a passed ball. Kneed took first on
halls, but died lit second on Kusse!-b-c.ii'a
bit lo Bittinan, reducing the
lead of Naahvilleby one more and leav
ing the score 4to 'i. la the seveuth in
niugneithersideecored,' u-Fucajlbach
made a play that deserves mention.
Two men were out. Marr hit lo
pitcher, who fumbled, ijuiek as light
ning FuBSslbacli got the ball and
ttia ght aaaehot sent it to first 111
time to intercept Marr. In the eighth
inning Hillery, Ooldahy and Beard
were retired 111 on, two, mree
order. O'l.aary went out on a liner to
first, and Black perished by means ol
aiiaht one to ehoit. Lavin hit to
third, and made third base on a bad
throw of Hille.7 to tir3t baae. An
drews took first on balls. Kneed took
the bat, and a desperate hope went up
that he might bit the ba 1. No one
expected him to do It. It waa 10 to 1
tba: he weuldn't, and yet he did. To
everybody's surprise and amid a storm
of cteers he sent safe ono ovjr aac-
ood base, bringing in Lavin ana csm
in within an ace of Undlng Andrewi,
who missed tbe horns plale tiy a bair'a
breadth. This left the ac-re 4 to U
n favor of Nashville, and Metnphia
tock began to go up. Tbe ninth it
ning wai intensely exciting. Three
strikes were called ou Sowders, ti:e
catcher dropped the ball, but recovered
it in time ti intercept the old reliable
at first baw. O'Brien sent a bt. one
to third, bat Whitehead sent it
straight aa an arrow into
Andrews's hands. McVey aent an easy
one to pitcher, who connected with
first baae in good time. This still left
the score 4 to 3 in Nashville's favor,
with another half inning chance fir
f Amuhis. and thev rluckilv availed
themselves of iu Fnsselbach bit to.
third, making first on Ulllery'a muff, i
Phelan takes bat, and Eusselbactf 1
mikis a beautiful SDurt to H?contU I
l'helan was retired at first. FucselbacL
making third. Whitehead hit to short
and Fuseelbach glided home by the
skin 01 his teeth. Judgment was
called, Nashville claiming that the
catcher had caught him out, but Un
pire Brennan decided him not out,
and Nashville made a show of retir
ing from the field, but better
counsels prevailed and they electHi
to finish the game. Krehmeyer took
the bat. Whitehead at first steals sec
ond; Krehmeyer hit to second and
wa" caught oat at first. Whitehead
making third. O'Leary at bat. Catcher
threw ball to pitcher, who missed ft.
Beard went for it, reached it, but
fambled and Whitehead slipped ia,
winning tbe game amid the wildoat
enthusiasm. '
BsMsefcall Kale.
Yesterday was presented the
' a lal epectc'e of to left haoJd bat
! Ierie pitid stuir.st eai-h otL r.
McElrny Iias bem rf leaned and
KatO'itT. 'ue f the Ath!etiM. te'.e
uraplieei ( I t i i bava a
gojl rw,;rJ a a j i cl.cr unJ much i
7 be Score,
uaarsis. a. a w. r.o.
Warn. I. f ... I 1 I
Lavin. f - 2 0
Andrews, l.t b J 0 1
fned r. f 1 S
Fu.srlbneh. a. I I (I U
Pbelan. 2d b . 0 2
buehead. :tl b .... 1 0 3
Kr-hmeyer e (I 1 111
O'Leary, P 0 0 0
Total S 27
II 4 uvlio-t.
Marr, e -
lllllerv. ''lb
lol-.by. l.t
Beard, s. I ...
ecwders, r. t ...
O'Brien. 1st b...
MeVey, e. f .
Smith, p..
a. a. 11. p 0.
Total 4 J 27 i
Earned runs Ha'hv lie, 0; M-mphis, 0.
Ptru-k out-By fii.ini. 4; by O'Leary, 6.
Three-base hit O'Brien, 1. Umpire Urea
nan. s 00 ax mmki.h.
Memphis 1 .1 0 0 0 1 0 1 2 6
Nashville.. I 0 H 0 0 0 O 4
The f jllowiag ia the batting cider
for to-day:
sural. i-n vili..
Blsek, left nel. Marr, center field,
Lavin, cent.r field, Hillary, bae.
Andiews. 1st b e, tioldsby left field.
Kneed, right Bald, S.iwdeis. r ght BelJ,
Fussrlkach, short stop. lterd, short stop,
l'helan, 2d base, (I'll ien, 'st base,
Wbil- head, M base, R ttman, 2d base,
Co'gan, catcher, I'.aker pi cher.
Voss, pitcher, Sehel base, catcher.
PiavaaiBak ta Iteirell.
Savannah, J . Man h
troit, 5; Savannah, 2.
Kerrptlost le Vlwlilngj Belle.
A complimentary reception was
given at the liavoeo last night in
honor of Mian Til I'm Fuld, the match
less song bird of St. Ixiuis, and Miss
llestrr llanaiier of I'inciunati, a
stylish and handsome h onde who is
here on a visit to her uncle, Mr.
Lewis Hammer.
The following is a list of the ladies
present, and the costumes they wore:
Misa Leah Frank, white silk, natural
Miss Tillie Fuld, pink nuns' veiling.
Misa Hester Hammer, white swiss,
natural llowera.
Miss Bertha Gronatierof Minneapo
lis, white embroidered India mull.
Miss Lillie Seesw I, white ciishmeiv,
w hite passamenterie, pearl ornaments.
Miss 1'olliu- Uuei'iitlial, pearl cash
mere. . .
Miss France I'utzel, pink cashmere,
with Mowora embroidered by hand.
Mies Cell Liwensiein, white silk,
lace and bead trimming, natural Mjw
Miss Mary Oabav, whits India
Miss K.va Gsbav, whits India mull
Misa Leonora Block of Ciiattauooga,
blsck velvet.
Miss Theresa Frank, white crepe le
chenc, point luce.
Miss llrightie llextcr, urnnge net,
garnet and gold Mowers.
Miss Rebecca Lowanstein, white
Eiitin, white lace.
Mrs. Oli a Ueisman, white nun a
veiling, oriental !;i". '
Miss Bella Lmb, niishroJin silk,
clienuie inmming.
Mias Frances Sdlerp, pink silk.
Miss S l!ie Teres, black thread lace.
Iiaa Carrie Levy, pink satin.
Miss Bena Lowauntein, white Bilk
and white lac.
Miss Sarah Ha'le, embroidered white
India mull.
Mias Mollie Uanri, enibronier.'.i
white mull, black velvet trimming.
M iss Flora Meyers, black lace.
The gentlemtii present wem:
Messrs. Hurdwig Teres, Have lavis,
h'aliih 1'avis, I. Danheiser, I'e Ven
lig, I'hil S. Halle, Thil A. Halle,
Thil M. Halle, I. Sainelson,
(iua Harris, 1. Kat.mberger, 11. B.
Scbloss, George Schlose, Ike' Mook,
Sam Mook, S. Block. Henry Loeb,
Simon Moses of Louisville, It Herxog,
A. Lowenffsin, Jnlitts Loeh rjl Colum
bua, Mias., Leo Kremei, M ' Kremer.
The committeis were aa follows:
KnrpUon. Thil 6. Halle; Samuel
Monk, I. Samelson, H. Loeh.'
FUmr. Harry B. Schlos?, Tbil A.
Halle, I. Ka.en!irger. I
Arnold's hand furnished mVst excel-
lent muBic and the limited number of
invitationB isued made thf occasion
peculiarly enjoyable. At nifdnigbt an
elaborate supper waa served, at which
Bt-oreaof lovfiwere ofiered and drunk
to tbe viBiting belles. IB was alto
get her one ! the most brilliant events
of the seasui and a source pf extreme
tileasnre tu all who particulate)!. I
Alhlcll,- lol.
The enteiUininelit at the Amateur
Athletic Association to-night will be
g 11 promptly at. K::t0 o'clock. Mem
here and ftii'inls are particularly re
(ItiesU'd to be present before that,
hour, na the iloors will he kept closed
duriii,'the rendition of each iniiuber
if the programme.
Klupml will) Her Foalor
Milton, W. Va., Mari h l!2.-t!r.Ht
exciti:meut prevails in town to-day,
especially in religious circles, by the
discovery that the Rev. N. A. Ramsey
of this plai-e had eloped last night with
his cfiusin, Misa Rosa S. Haiiley. The
affair is rendered mure shocking by
the fact that tho reverend gentleman,
who stood most high in the I'Stima-
tion of Ins ciingreattion, leaviw
an excellent wifi- ami trmf small
children. Mis lot-a Ilanliy waa a
SKs iid belle here, eighteen years of
ae, and vi-ry beautiful. She was re
gjirded a an especial friend of lier
uanimour's wife. Jlr. Uainsey was a
Pres-bvtcriati. nnd has expounded the
iospo( hen? for t'n years, and the fall
hi the heavens could not have created
it greater slus-k than this insane ac
iioii of his. ' Mra. Ramsey, it is
tl,.iw,l,l trill li, frnril lhflilow. The
sfamifv of the young lady vow sum
mitry vengeance on her soluci'r. Ihe
whereabouts of tho guilty pair ia un
known, but it ia believed they havo
gone over the Chesapi-ake and Ohio
to Cincinnati.
Salvation On., the greatest cure on
i-.'trth for rain, mav be relied on to
ell'ect a cure wherever an external a;
plication can be used Price only
ocnts a bottle.
Will B Tera la Plea-en.
P.atksviixr PawAUin: The cor
porations may hticciscd further to re
duce the worhing-pcopic to a biuu; oi
vassalage, but the end will come
nevertheless and they will be torn
to piece and ruined Isfore many
decades. Working-people will endure,
long and pilfer much, but when they
are finally driven to desperation by
Btarvation and want, wis- to those who
have eausi d it.
IS RM0VKI BY tu csa OF (xh:oai.
And it stimulates and promotes the
gro-vth of tbe hair.
Rnrnett's Flavoring Eracis ara the
MARCH 25, 1SS0.
soi'Tin:r, riiliioiiis.
I'll A KG K Ot'K Al'liF.I'K MCE I EX AS
AKli ST. 1.01 IS.
The Kuilreid It im! Market hem
ppike and N if h die -Fast Ten-
ntssie Oflh-luU Notes.
TiskFuik, Akk, Match 24. W.
R. Comptou, general rtiperintendent,
and H. ti. APiw, toiuptroller of the
Ttxasand St. I. mis railway, accom
panied bv an. expert engineer, repre
senting the bondholders cf the roid,
arrived here this f ernoon. The
gauge cf the road wi I be broadened at
once and new rail laid, and the en
gineer will report co it through.
Ratlread Basset.
The continued extremely low rates
which money commands, w nen secured
by firt-claM collaterals, ia having a
wonderful e fleet noon the railroad
bond market Wht were crnddered
At investment ia lioal bonds a few
years ago have been a'unut en
tirely atieorbed by prmarent in
vestors, and when a ft ay bond 1 f this
class finds its wry to all street, it
readily commanda an almost fabulous
pren.iniu. This tiruial remit is t
bring forward tbe inure recent isiues,
the better claatei of which are now
grtatly in lator among wonllbt
fn Vet tor. The veneral public has no
idea (it the great number of railroad
bonda dealt In during the past mouth
at the Stock Exchange, the amount of
ealesand the advances made in quo
tations. The t'hraapeaaxe wad Kaabsllle.
President - mmerman baa returned
fo Gallatin from Glnsgow, and reports
Ca t Harvey Sawyer and corps mak
ing fair htalway on tieir lines ia
Kentucky. The intio line will 111 a
from Glsegowtothe Keotacky Cen-
tial and Short Line, and from Glasgow
to the Ch'sapeaka and Ohio and
e'outhweatern. It will be built con
necting at Cecelia with the Short
Line; will be about thirty miles long:
will give Louisville connection with
tbe Ghesapiake and Nashville, and
will make the distance from Ni shvihe
1 1 Louisville by the Chesapeake and
Nashville soma eighteen miles aborier
than bv the Louisville and Nashville.
President - mmerman Uavea for
Nashville to-night.
It ia reported that theollic'als cf the
Qi en and Crescent route aie snrioutly
Gufcidluplat rig vtiMilgllig lb gauge u(
the New O. leans and Northeistern
divlii ju on Sanday, April 4th. It ia
not known why the change ia lo ha
made to soon.
Mastkb Mw iiANic H. N. Bubkobu
of the Memphis and Charleston shops
isat Hnntsvilleerectlng the machinery
necessnry to change tne gauge of the
rolling atock of the. read in conformity
with the itindard gauge, to which ths
tracks will scon be adjusted.
Thi: proposed sale of the Katt Ten
nessee, Virgin'a and Geoigia railioai
in May next will have no tll'ect in
chiing ug the present ollicers of the
company. Receiver Henry Fink will
doubtless be made general manager,
and the other officers will continue in
their present positions.
Ara meeting in the inteieit of tSe
extentuon of the Naihville and Chan v
norgaroad from Kbra to Huntsvllle,
tUli.tMlO of the $40,000 bonuB was sub
scribed a, lluntaville. Terminal ia
clliliea here have been secured, and a
committee appointed to secure tbe
right of way. The business men are
confident that all expected of Hunts
ville will lis linnet,
J I llli t McBOUlLL
lwllaat In Niel tor Rerfslex-tlusi,
and I ado ww JaUae l.lleli.
There is now very little doubt of the
nomination of Judge. H. T, Kllett for
the Chancellorship, Judge McOowell,
whom many supposed might be a
candidate for re-election, having not
only declined to cn'er the contest, but
joined in the call upon Judge Kllett,
whom ho assures oi his cordial sup
port. The following, which explains
the situation, whs banded the Aitk.m,
last night :
' Many of my political and personal
friends having asked tne whether' I
would l" 11 candidate for re-election to
the responsible position of Chancellor,
in which 1 have Nerved the public for
nearly eight years, 1 regard it as due
to them and to the public to say that,
for man v reasons, I am not a candi
date. "In declining to enter into 11 con
test for a judicial position and in re
suming my position at the bar, I shall
regard myself as entitled to resume
the lawyer's interest, in Ihe Chancel
lorship. "The name of the lion. 11, T. Kllett
has been suggested in this connection.
If he will consent to be a candidate he
will have inv earnest and hearty sup
port, both from the standpoint of 11
citizen and a lawyer. Jmlge KIIcU'h
long experience, great learning, and
high character, I hope justify tins de
claration, when tho Chancell orahip ia
involved, although it is spoken by one
who occupies the. bench.
fSasaeetroae Rlaaa I'sslstaaaa
MsrewlOllsa SiMsrlia.
At U o'clock last night a light waa
Bswn to the northeast of the oity and
the engine turned out( bat stopped at
the city limits, the bre being some
distance farther out.
About 1 o'clock yevtarday a small
frame bnildlnn at 307 Calhoun street,
nf Hernando, cauirht lire
from some unknown cause and there j
Waa SO IDUCn UUIBV IU luriiuiK iu u
alarm that it was very nearly con
sumed belor the engines arrived.
The wind blew fiercely and the sparks
and glowing cinders flew in every di
rection, netting lire to the adjoining
tenements, both belonging to B. Rich-
niond, 303 and 3ivj, anu to A, 1 ana Ji.s,
the property of l-tve Marksman, oc
cupied by colored people. Mr. L. L.
Pollen's bouse was also in great dan
ger. The bouse 'HO Desoto street, '.')0
yards away, caught fire and waa slight
ly damaged.
V.liap In flit, (lav 'an alarm waa
I turned in liom box 4, caused by tbe
burning of the roof of 4f Market
street, ignited by a spark from the
chimney. Tbe damage was about 110.
" Advice ! .Mot hen.
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup
should alwavs be used when children
are cutting teeth. It relieves the little
sufferer at once; it produces natural,
auiet sleep by relieving the child
from pain,
and the little cherub
awakes aa "bright aa a button." It ia
very pleasant to taste. It soothes
tbe child, softens the gums, allays all
nain. relieves wind, regulates the
imwels. and ia the best known remedy
for diarrhcea, whether arising from
teething or other cause. Twenty-five
SEND xisr
AN 0K0EK 11
I a
aAMPisBa or1 fancy bhihtino.
With telf-Meau'in Cards, sent by mail on application. You can have a pew set of Shirts
made b sendikg us un old one to measure by. WRITst FOR OUH PRICES.
r. -asr:i.i..
Jl'a-M KOZieK,
lure. I
Memphis Steam Laundry,
W have the Latest Imi roved Troy Laundry Companr's Maohinery.
i OI.I.Altw, CI'FFN and fsilllUTM I.aandrled F.qnal ( Sew.
The file
II look
Mark la
In t ay
I si
las I. lie
The following was handed IbeAi1
I'btal lait nigl.t by Col. F. M. White
as a commercial curiosity. Hie bill
was paid, el course, iu (.'onfederata
money :
F. M. White lo Kstale of W. Rand, Dr.
To 1 no top buvgy and harness i lU'i (HI
To li list choice hogs, tMt per
head 3.4II0 1XI
Ti ll! tecoiid choice hogs. Is"1 i-cr
To :t sows and fi pigs
To H sows and 7 pigs
To 2 so as and II pigs
To 2 sows
To 2 gilts
To .1 sows and ft pigs
To 2 sows
To 3 silts
To .Isows and 2 pig
To 2 gilts
.1 noil m
:W W
IVI ll
l SH (HI
IV 01
Us) (HI
:uo is 1
24) (HI
2A' 01
Nil 00
TT."i U0
m (hi
tA (HI
M Ml
;is (Hi
Hl (Hi
Jul (HI
To 111 I bird choice lions, "i,V per head
To fi nlnlhcbuioe hogs, I Super firml
To n lenlh cli ice hoga, ll.Vt per head
To ft eleventh choice hogs, I Ml per
he- d
To 1 eow and calf.
To 1 row and culf......
To 1 eow and calf .
To 1 eow and calf
To I cow and calf.
lo I eow and calf.
To 1 black slag
...ll'l,l;i no
Received payment
HA It i I
1 1
KANP. AdminlstrntrU.
December 2
Trading ta &'.
T.wi.oit, (it,, March '."J. A oncer
story of domestic life has just Wen
unraveled be e by the action of vigi
lantes. There has been living near
here two families, one Mrs. Vina
llutto, mid the other Mi's. Julia Hul
lo, both the wives of the same man.
Several nights ago a party of masked
men visited the houses of both women,
dragged them from their beds and
soundly Mugged them with hickory
switches They were then or
dered to leiue within a week.
The husband, Win. Hullo, run
for the swamps when he heard
the men approach. His reputation
for trailing iu wives is widely known.
He sold his first w ife for a liddle 11ml n
pen of shucks. He married 11 second,
got, a barrel of svrup for so lining, and
she ilietl mi his IiiiikIs in-iore in- couni
dispose of her. His third w ife he sold
lor half a bushel of peas. His fourth
wife was somewhat ol a termagant,
whom he (omul it impossible to sell,
although he ollered her ou trial; so
he abandoned her. The two women
concerned in Ihe present ilillictilty are
his fifth and sixth wives, respectively.
Frcnllar Law Nulla.
HuxiMianroN, lu, , March 24.
Three pecul ar suit were begun here
tj-dsy. Four weeks a-o Benjamin
Sholtv ol Coral, w hile insane, shot ami
killed his brother'! wite, Mrs. Levy
Sholty; shot and seriously wounded
Miss Sholty, hit niece, and burned
Lvv'b bam and ron'eni, per
ishing in the cortlagratlou. To
ilav three suits lor damages weie
brought against the estate of the de
ceased madman. Levy Sholty bringing
suit f ir Ihe loss of hie wife and a salt
far f lOtlii damages ou Lie ham and con
tents Misa Sholty sum lor damages
inflicted upon her by ht-r uncle. The
suit" Birgieirate flO.OO 1.
-HA1 I'
Bought Early and Largely.
'llioir Second Importation of
.Spring Wuoli'iiH, Silk, Rich
Iaccs, Wundirlullj Exquisite
Jet, Irliiesceal, (old and Cop
per, and Rotary EfTecIs ia Trim
tilings and Rraas (loods will be
"Oulte Knglish, yoe know.1
Rata and Bonnet.
"Tre Parisian ne.'
Louis XV.
Wraps and Jackets.
Very Elegant and Very Correct.
Has just received A large stock of the
latost styles of
for Pants, which wewil1 make to order at
much leas than tlio usual prlcos. we will
make a g.iod all-wool p inis for . Coll
and examine our gods. Also, a complete
line of HUNTS' lli R.N ISHINU (JOOU8
for the coiniug son son at our uaual low
I lilt!!.
iisss nrssT rRimDt
This famous remedy moat hupplty meets
the dt mand of the age for woman a peculiar
and mulnloriu afflictions. It ia a rrtr.ed
for WOMAN ONLY, and for one FrKUAL
CLASS of her dbsasoa. It is a specific for
certain diseased conditions of tne womb,
and proposes to so "ontrol the Menstrual
Function aa to resulate all the derange
menta and irregularities of Woman's
Ita proprietors claim for it no ether medical
property; and to doubt the facl that this
medicine does positively possess such eon
trolling and restating powers is simply
to discredit the voluntary testimony of thou-.
sands ol living witneaess who are to-day
esiilllng In the restoration to sound hsaltb.
and happiness.
Female Regulator
is strictly a vegetable compound, and Is the
product of medical science and praoliral as
perlenoedlrecied toward the benefit of
M rr.Kiiu Honasti
It Is the aludisd prescription of a learned
phraiolan, whose specialty was WOMAN,
and wnoae tame became enviableand bounl
less because ol his wonderful success in the
treatment und cure of female oomplMnU.
RKM KUY known, ana richly deserves Its
T 1
llacause It controls a class of functions the
various derangements ol which cause more
ill health than nil othor causes combined,
and thus rescues her Irom a long train of
afflictions which sorely embitter her lite and
prematurely end her eiiatance. Oh, what a
multitude of living witnesses can testily to
lis charming effects! Wohin, lake to jour
confidence this
rHH iois mown or ii:ai.tiii
It will relieve you oi nearly all (ha coiu
pluin'S peculiar to your sex. Rely upon It
as your saleguard for health, happiness and
Inns life.
ise on the Health and Happiness of Woman,
Sold by all druggists, oena lor our treat
uinlled free, which givos nil particulars.
THE llRAl)HEul RKllll LATOR 00 ,
Mvsus, Ki.., September 20, 1IW2.
Ki.ruiio Uitoa.
It iittorila me pleasure to assure you th
afior using Dr. C. Mcl.ane's Celebrated Liver
Pills tor mora lhan twenty years ia my lam
il). tl at I regard them as being superior to
any 1 have ever nacd or have lean used, t
have not had them eonatantly, and had to
try olliera, and I have tried a good varltty,
but I have nevor bad any to act ao promptly,
prollliibty, and nicely as McLane s. I have
used 'hem on myself, wite and children,
with the moat gratifying results. Kor chil
dren, having used them on my wn with such
easy and happy effect, I wsiuld recommend
them to one and all. These Pills do the
work -do it promptly, do li well, nnd leave
no ill affects behind. Aa a bile recover, as
a liver corrector, as a foraruunar preparlnsr
the system lor oiluins, Here is no pill or
medicine eiual to Dr. C. McLsne'a Cole
brutod Liver 1'illa. I exiwd to use them as
Ions as I live, II tbey continue as good na
they have been in the past. Vour" truly,
Pastor of M. K. Churoh, Soutb MyersHu-
tlnn, Tempa PUtrict. Florida Cvnlersnoa.
At IU 'HI rvstrKITM! Sand ua So,
and we will aand ymi or return mail a
box of ths genuine Dr. C. Mcl-ens'a Cele
brated L'ver l'llls and eight handsomecsrds.
o..r AD million liovaa iwive li.en used by
the people of the I', S. What belter certill-
...... tl... 1,W. "
k'l.KMlNU HKIlS.. IMtl.i.artb. 1'a.
Don't buy any M -Line's l'llls unlass tbey
are mads br Ki.rviao Usos , Pittsburgh, I'a.
Tlie ooiintorteits ara mails in isi
In dispute din the BHOaO CLAIM of be!cCi
Most Perfect Cooking Stove
ftVMt s.A f,.a a aAl.K.
H. WETTER L CO , Agcnti,
Nenipbla, Tssa. j
Crab Orchard
thi: " M AC H.
b W
HH asuvaa-.a-n.
a posiTiva cnjtB roa
Constipation. .
Sick Headache. '
1 if 2
liosa One to two tcaesooBlls.
ileiiiiiiic l asa OaiMaau B.lth ic
sealed ssM-kagiw at Inc. and . Nt
ileiiuins Sill sold In bulk.
Crab Orchard Water Co., Prep'rt.
H. M 1(NI;a Minsv-S. l.iisylH,. K.
Z" has been In tb'a oity 1 year-, tre,t
ing all disensoa of the Rectum aa a fpeetal
l.t with uniform success, wilhout the u e of
the knile or ligature. Disea-oa trestrd:
Const pation. lnltamniiition, i'il-s, KccIpI
lUceri, Vistula), lissuies, Po'jp:, 'atarrb,
strict, ir... Rvi.'. cenca. aronnd t I.elHcctam .
Prolapsus, Pruilis, llcniorrbago. lso of
the bphinclus, Clironic Di irreca unit ekrun'.o
disease, geuerally.
Call and roe testimonials,
Co'snitatiou free. At home tba aao-a.l.
bd fourth we k-i of eoi am ti.
LtOUIP, .no.

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