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I !
I i
Blr Sehe.r Before Coir'ew-Mr.
Bltae'rolltIcl Prspecl-HIi
PUni for the Fatare.
Wamimgtoh, March 24. Inquiry
t Secretary Manning'a home tnla
lornhig tlicitn the information from
L private secretary that Mr. Man
ning ia doing well, and that hie phyif
ciani aay eTerytbing if favorable. Uie
pt aired ankle cauaee him eonaidera
ble pain. . ,
At 11 o'clock thia morning Die. Lin
coln and Hamilton reported the condi
tion ef Secretary Manning aa not
much changed eince midnight "lie
lept natlyall night " eaid Dr. Lin
coin to an Associated Frees reporter,
'and la doing aa well aa could be ex
pected; heia, however, very weak,
and enable fa Map'. Ilia mind ia
clear, and he ia in good epiritj."
"Are there any aymploma indicat
ing danger?' wa tked l)r. Limoln.
"Ner none bave yet appeared.
Do jou think be will be able to
be ont again in a few daya V"
"I iron Id sot like to aay that. Ho
baa been terribly overworked, and in
consequence ia very weak and pio
trtd ,. . ...
"Waat ia the condition of bla
anklet" t , ,
"It dm not oeriooely bnit, and wi.I
be all light fgain in a few daya, I
Dr. Hamil'oo made a itaUment to
Auiatant Secretary Fairchild thia
afternoon in rrgird to the condition
of Secretary Manning, from which it
appeara that ho hai symptoms of apo-
Sleiy, and is not regarded ai ont of
anger. Dr. Hamilton rare be will be
confined to his bed for soma time. Ac
cording i Mr. Fairchild's information
Bfcretarv Manning waa lirst taken ill
in his cilice, and, in falling to the floor
from exbamtlon, wrenched bis ankle.
Subsequently be grew worse and had
aimptoana of apoplexy, which alarmed
hit friends and (bay summoned a phy
sician. The attack of vertigo, Mr.
Fairchild said, wm subsequent to the
fall. About 1 :30 o'clock a messenger
fiom the Secretary's houeo inlormed
Mr. FaircLild that the 8ecretry was
' much Improved. The physicians will
bavo another consultation this after
noon. Blalaa till FellUcal field.
Ex-Postmaster Manley, cf Augusta,
Ms , the friend of Mr. Blaine, who
came here a week ago to epend tome
dsys in conferring with Mr. Blaine's
friends and in looking over the polit
ical field, left the city aomewkat ab
ruptly for New York, where he will
raw a few dava and thence return to
Maine. In speaking to a friend Mr.
Minlev aaid bla visit bsd been short
ened bv the persistent fabrication of
remarka made by blm. The state
ment respecting Mr. Blaine's roiitioo
on the controvt rjy between the Senste
and the free-idem, for instance, wai
published in a New York paper before
Mr. Man lev had called upon mna'.or
Frve. As be remarked opon 'hatiub--isct:
"I do not think Mr, Blaine i
mlxlna- himself np with matters which
not only do not concern him, but
wh'ch can have no impo:tant bearing
up on public affairs or upon public
opinion." There is no doubt whatever
about the plans of tbe friends of Mr.
Blaine. They do not propoie to
abandon the contest. They i claim
that the lots of New York wis due to
that ill-considered , dinner. The
Burobard incident was worked by the
opposition for all it was worth at the
' last moment, but to the dinner they
.charge the most serUns influences
upon popular sentiment in New York.
Mr. Blaine himself so considers it, but
recognis tbe fact tbat while inspired
. by tie beet of motives among bis
lends tbe indiscreet speeches wbioh
it drew out ware unfortunate. It is
thought that with the experience of
1884 and the Imbecility and dittnc
tiona of the Democratic party they
will be able to carry the i ountry. At
all events, Mr. BUine's friends have
mtde up their minds to begin early
and rally their eld forces in their sun
poit before they become dispersed in
support of other candidates. They
will take a band la the Congressional
and Legislative campaign?, where
there is a chance of strengthening
their position. '
Bent Ha Hclierae
Every session of CoDgrees bring to
light some new enterprise) of mam
moth proportions which somebody is
willing to see the government with lis
full treasury undertake Mr. Kids
wsnta tbe government to help bim
with his railway torry ships acmes
the Isthmus of . Tehauntepec. Mr.
Helper wants tbe government to help
build a railway lilAjrom this country
to Sooth America, and all Washington
want Uncle Sain to est ihl is ha per
manent expieii ion in Wishiogtin, in
which all' nA ''world in general and
Ameil a id particular are to join. Be
sides tt Ui however, two more magnifi
cent propositions nave just come to
the front, one being a railway and
steamship line to China via British
Americs, Alaika, Bering's 8 '.rait i and
Siberia; the other araal or Inland
water route t orn New York to Fhrl
da. For the last named project Cm-
gressman Skinner has actually lmr
duoed a hill which ne entitle-, "A bill
to prvid an inland water route from
New York to Florida," and appropri
ates Sl.C00.0t0 to begin the w ark. He
propcsM io improve tbe natural water
courare. building locks, bridges, etc..
the whole w irk to bo done nnder the
direction of the Secretary of War and
bla orneiaie. His Idea seems to be
that the Hoe will be not only valuable
to commerce, but especially so to the
Government in case cf war for the
transportation of troops, gnnbra's,
otc. The other bnge project,
the railway to Alaeka and
China, ia the proposition of
John Arthur Lynch of Washington
' and wm preentd to the Semite by
Mr. ilar. Mr, Lynch, in his peti
tion, mgei tha oonstiuctioa f mm the
northwestern boundary of the United
titateo, thiough British America and
the Territory cf Alsski, to a harbor ou
the coast thereof, thence to be con-
! nected by at-iamahlps with Japan,
North China and tbe Asia io Russian
poeeseeeiooe, and by a line of railrrais
projected, to be tneace constructed by
the Imperial government of Kiesia,
bating connections with the Km pi re
of China, Japan and Brt th Iudis,
and by h Central AeKte Ru-iari
syttim of rail aay i with hf entire s
umol Eno p-au railio.oa. ' Ibetov
nrnmnnt of K se'8 having caused sur
veys to be nisde." be says, "lor a line
of railroads tirough it Aeia 'c ter
ritory to tr c'ty of Pekip, in Cntna
end to tte Y.llow Sea, aa klio through
Kihur a and Maricbi ona to Nichol. f
ski, on be inner Japacee ee, it is,
theielore, respeciui y "uoniitiwi i
vonr honorable Congiess fiat it won'd
be o l y woik f you io t"1 gr at
mmmrrciil interests of the Dui'wl
KUtee. in cororetit'on with her trade
with the rust tt 'be CO; t nent
tmeriea and w.th A a, to caueea tat
vey to bo made having in view the
construction of a railway frr m tne
noitbern boundary of the Unit
States through British Columbia to
Alaska, and a commodious naroor
therein on tha Alaskan pocinsola."
lea Cleaelaaa Bad Lew-Beeaad
The r4 says: The New York
World published last Friday morning
a lengthy letter purporting to have
been written by Mrs. El nbetn Cady
H anton, nnder date of March 16, to
Mies Cleveland on tbe subject of low
necked drrawi. In thia communica
tion Misa Cleveland waa asked ti con-
aider the fact that "thocustem of par
tially denuding innocent girls in pub
lic is being carried to the verge of
immorality." This letter wai followed
by a leply with tbe namerf "Roeo
Kllubeth Cleveland" appended. Aa
a matter of fact Mi s Cleveland has
received no letter from Elizibsth Cady
Stanton either on low-necked dreesea
or on any other subject. She hae,
it fjllows as a matter of
course, sent no reply. Tbat Mis
Cleveland may bold the views ex
pressed in the aenterjc-B which are as
sociated with her name is not denied.
Soma time ago, in a catual talk with a
lady visitor, the qnettion of Axoille
dresses waa referred to. Miss Cleve
land expressed hsr viewa in a conver
sational nay. A few days litT she
found her remarks, quoted, with aa
much correctnesses the writei'i mem
ory could serve, prated in the Boeton
Irarurtpl in the form of a commnni
i ation to the editor. From tbat paper
they were telegraphed to the New
York Sun as being tiken "from a let
ter written by Miss Cleveland to a
friend," and the fo'lowing day were
reprinted in the World, preceded by a
letter from Mrs. 8 anton and signed
with her nsme. The liberty which
baa been taken in this matter is justly
regarded as unwarranted.
ReeklesiBM Anson WaablsB
Letter in tbe Troy Tim: The utter
recklessness cf the female portion of
Washington society la often remarked
by persons of expsrienco There 1 a
freedem among strangers that is never
shown by the well-m-ining yonng
women of other cities. Society is fuhy
as kaleidoscopic ss politics. You do
not always know who is who in either
sphere and a great dial ia tiken for
granted. The modes c f lliiting which
are known in tbe North and which are
supposed to be innocent, though to
tome extent mischievous, are alto
gether too slow for Washington. A
great many cheeky ynnngioc ety men
here are in the bablt t! introducing
thetrsflvea to ladies and thi-y are not
often snubbed. Women who move in
respectable circles a'e accustomed to
send notes to members of Cot g'ess
with whom they have no acq'i.iot
anceihlp, soliciting private interviews.
Usually they went an ( file, bat are
not above accepting gHUfrom tiese
men. It ia very d fflea't to draw the
line between tbe gc o 1 and the bad.
AnyDody attempting to do so is apt to
become tenibly cotfased. Piotably
t ie great mass of people here, as in
other places, mean well, but tiny ere
extremely reckleis In their nc al con
duct. These remarks are not intended
to nllict upon the virtue, but upon
the discretion of the feimWpopuUtion
of Washington. Ladi aof good stand
ing Lere da Wtin impunity wings
which would ense them to be socially
ostracize! in o'hsr ciHea.
E 1 1 male r the EieeM Incurred
by Cabinet Otticer.
Letter in the New York Wo Id: Sec
retary Whitney and his wife have
carried off tbe souial honors of the
season, a though tbe atcriee of the
money spent by him have bjen ex
travagancy abiurd. Cue of the gems
of tbe early part ef the teison was
the one saying that Col Oliver Payne
had givn his sl.tr, Mm. Whitney,
tOOO 000, with the idea that tbe money
waa t be ex ended solely for tbe pur-
pot e of social enjoyment. Of coarse
'lere was never a word I trutn in
tbat and wai naturally invented by
some msn who had no moroy. It
tmes a really poor mm to conceive
these s'orles of dairling eeaeioiity.
Mr. Whitney has enteitatued very
liberally. He has fpnt more money
tl an any Cabinet till er of modem
times, but those who are good j'ldg"0
say that 50.000 will meet t ho expenses
ot his social season. As mator ueo.
U. Pendleton used to expend 17a OIK)
a year upon mere living and euter
Ulnino, there has been tome prece
dent here for the Whitney liberality.
The other Caoiuet members have
not made muih of an sppea'anceu on
the social surface. The Eudicotta are
the only ones who have made a ly at
tempt in that direction. But the En
dicottsare vory reeeived and stiff
Toeir idea of what constltu'ei a
festive board doss not come no to the
standard of the free-lunch fUbters f
Washington society. The Secretary
of War is almost unknown to the pub
Ha men. He exerts no more inflaeni e
among them than any one of bis
clerks. Ho is only at the War Depart
ment when he pleases and generally
resents the nreser cs c f a caller. He is
nearly loet from sight ai Qarland, tbe
Attorney-Uenerai.wno never goee into
society and who is raroly seen in pub-
lie. Uailtnd ts indolent and pro
ciailinating. Questions sent to h m
Irom the departments are only an
swered after long and vexatious de-
lavs. 1
The Mannings have kept well to tbe
front. Mr. Manning is not foud of
going ont. He goes occasionally, but
he is neaily always represented by bis
wile. Mrs. Manning I at vone every
where. She is a lady of good tact, ex
cellent sx-larl presence and the uni
form politeness to people of all gradia
which makes her veiy popular. Her
success has shown bow much a clever
woman can d to help her husband on
at Washington. Mr. Manning ia popu
nr in Washington rociety, largely
through the agreeable wnyi of bis
wife, lie is one ot the hardest work-
en in the uanioet. tie lias made
more changes in his department than
any other Cabin t officer, and. as
neceesary cors quei c has the bos
staff ot men of any of h'S e-aociatea.
roue vcr Toiiifl,
Tb wild world haetene on Hi wart
The Tiy.ird -ni- atari lu dotal
It not row, aHHM aay ay a,y;
The maiiair bluih fo-eakaa ihi ran.
But, rlirf, wbila l our oio I k-ar.
Aid whila jouf i ark-bro-o t9 I ia
Bad aioaihaadnnl i ta oai draar,
Ar a I tho mho. II alai to a a.
lpiair uq Drr roaeh ie.
While loortof hand 1 kold:
Whila roar eyaa Iota ana taack o,
1 aor r mail t raw old.
They mf that lnt to lakai tha eld.
1 kt pa on pale i d t dra way
Th- ava lora'i bnaht lockaof (old
Mai i(a 'netr Oharn and turn t, crar
Au,, oaTimi. w i o oat ou t ia mine.
And wbila I fal that yon ara Uao,
Fur Bif t' a ki-B wdl Tr hina
With raror larb an I Umlareit bine.
, lai old tfie- omrl
1 i-oorn hia innrkhi( Umirna.
Poa-- lova, with yoj b a do ,
1 aa foravtrou' l btl$ avin
Nroll'a EmalNlua or Pane
Cod Liver Oil, wi h Hvpoul ophit(
in PnlrtO' a'y AoVtti iis and Sciofo
lus Di-eiuws. 1)'. Ira M. Lang, N-w
Ynik, says: 1 have prescribed colt
Emuiaiou and used it in my fxmil
and am greatly pieraed with it. Have
lonnn n very
veahle in srro'o'fius
disease! tad fulm unary affection."
fonitnlpslooer Ho Far Falls to
Jkfake Oat a Case 1 he Ex
amination. Wtiii0To!f, March 24. The ex
amination of Pension Commissioner
Black was continued by the Senute
Committee on Public E
this morning.
Senator Harrison took up the case
of Capt, John A. Whitnit, one of the
twenty raees furnished by Commis
sioner Black to sustain his charge
that the ention ollice had loecn tiinn
agel an a political machine by bis
Commissioner Black said ho did not
wish to be examined on that case this
mominp, and that lio would withdraw
it from the investigation.
Senator Harrison asked w hether the
withdrawal was in consequence of the
politico of the claimant.
Commissioner B!iu-k declined to an
swer the qtiration.
Senator ilarrison asked whether the
withdrawal was not made because of
the discovery that the claimant was a
Witness said lie did not know yet.
He had not completed the case.
Senator Harrison again asked the
reasons which imrtclled the witnees to
withdraw the cams.
In reply Commissioner Black said
that he was told yeetenlay by a man
that the committee bad tin excellent
joe which they were going to spring
on him ; that there was the case of one
man who was a Democrat and the
chairman . of a Democratic county
committer). He (Mr. Black) ran over
the 'ist hurriedly, and became satis
fled that Mr. Whitsit was u Dem
ocrat. Senator Hurrison asked if witness
knew that claimant had always been a
Dcmocratj and woe a chairman of the
Democratic Committeo of Indianapo
lis, to which the commissioner replied
in the m-gntivo.
Commissioner Black said ho had not
dropped Whitsit. He did not know
whether lie should do it Emphati
cally, he thought tho testimony was
enough to keep him on tho rolls.
The case of Reuben Neil was then
taken up, und Senator Plumb con
ducted tho investigation.
Commissioner Black, in reply to in
quiries, said that the claim as al
lowed was not suspended before tho
certificate reached the witnuss, in con
sequence of a statement by Congress
man Petti one that he was informed
claimant was a fraud, and suggesting
a further investigation. It was still in
a condition of suspension.
Mr. Plumb asked what there was in
this caeo that was irregular.
Commiseioner Mack said the cose
had been examined on two occosions
ho had been recommended for admis
sion and there seemed to bu nothing in
tho case that was tulverso to its admis
sion. It was suspended on the sugges
tion of Mr. Pettibono, who hod never
seen claimant and hod no personal
knowledgo of him.
Mr Plumb as ed whether witness
would have not suspended the case
under like circumstances.
Commissioner Mack said he might
do so. H would depend on wha the
knew of the cose. All tho evidence in
tho case was in favor of claimant, yet
tho case was suspended on a letter of
a man w o had never seen claimant
and admitted he knew nothing about
the case personally.
Mr. Plumb asked if the Commis
sioner had reinstated this claimant.
Witnesssaid he hud not His reason
was that in such cases he wishes to
BtvccvU with more caution than in
ordinary cases.
(Joinmissioner HliicK, in conclusion,
asked to submit the indorseiiieiitiipoii
the docket noting the suspension of the
CAso. This indorsement., ne sain,
would reply to an inquiry which woe
umdo before he (Muck) beenmo Coin
Mr. Plumb then enlled attention to
another indorsement upon the docket
which lie u-skcii uio witness w rc-au.
Commissioner Black read as follows:
"PKHrioK OrriCK, Jinutrj 19, lSHii.
"Claimant, through the Hon. A. II.
PcUibone, was informed that bin
name was dropped, as additional evi
dence does not change ntatus."
Commissioner Mack appeared never
to have aeon or heard of this indorse
ment before. In reply to Senator
Pliiuib. ho said: "That would indi
cate that the thing has been jockeyed
with in my otlice. A man who lias
only one or two clcrns of his own
persuasion in a great decision nao
that has to ta e some chances."
The committee adtonraed to meet
one wexik from to-day,
Taraada la Otala.
Kindlav. O.. March 23. News ol a
tornado that pawwil over Belltnore, a
small town northeast of this city, In
'titnain conntv. has iimt roitclied hpre.
The heavens suihtanlv boi-atue dark
and there came atorrilic Btorm-cloud,
lunnel-HlmlMJd. tennnu up treo ly tho
roots, blowin down small Imililinipf
and duaireyiiiR everj'thijig in its path.
A proiracieu incpiuig was ueiiig iit-iu
in tho llethodiHt Church when the
storm came on. The steenlo was
Mown down and the roof carried off.
The conurrcmitiou was P nic strickon.
but lortnnately no one was ituieu,
thouKh many "received bruises and
cuts which may yel prove fatal. Tho
damage done by the cyclnne will
amount to many thousand dollars.
J. T. Volutin. Cashier of the Ginirtl
Hotifie, riiiludelphia, Pa., writes, No
vembcr 27, 1SH4: "For the post twelve
years 1 have been amitlererwitri what
is known to the medical profofwion as
lumbago. Having been recommended,
alwut live years ago, to try Alleock's
l'orous l'lanti'ni, 1 did so, ana was
more than arstonmhed at the result, I
found olinoat immediate relief on their
application. I wear one constantly
now, and would not be without them.
1 coniuder them invaluable."
New Trlrirapta aad Tolrphaae Sya.
Columbus, O., War(h 24.-TheKgan
Tvlegraph and Telephone Company,
with a capital stock of 10i,(XK), was
ncorporaU-d yeaUrday. It was an
nounced that the purpose is to pro
vide a new U'legmph and telephone
service throughout Ohio ana the
United Stales. The company pro
poses to operate the Egan hj-Btem of
telegraph and telephone Inventions.
Them; include both short and long
distance telephones, which are claimed
to ' e superior to the Bell patents. Uy
the litigation now in tho courts over
tho valid tv of tho Hell patents, it is
claimed the Kgun patent can be
operated at once. v
1 anlkvllla temral,
Fonndatuiits, cellar walla and build-
n cm anhlort. ti, nvt.Tt1 iar hrinnld Km pfin
I strneted with Louisville Cenieut. Ii is
th standard.
A Common Cold
Ij cfteo the beginning of n-riuua arTeo
tioni of th Throat, Bronclilul Tubes,
and Lung. Therefore, the Importance of
early and effective truatinent cannot be
overetimated. Aver Cherry Tectoral
tnar nlwy be relied upon for the apocdy
cure of a told or Cough.
Last January I was attacked wlih a
aevere Cold, which, by ti. tfltvt and fre
quent expoMires, became worxe, finnllv
aVltllns on my lunga. A terrible couuh
soon followed, arcompanl-d bv pains in
he cheat, from which 1 aullered lutensly.
After trying vaiioui remediei, without
obtaining relief, I eonimeiKed taking
Ayer'a Cherry Pectoral, aud was
Speedily Cured.
I am intUflVd that this remedy saved my
lift!. Juo. Webster, l'awiut-kvt, H. I.
I contrtotcd a severs mid, which sud
denly developed. Into Pneuinouia, preaeut
Ing dungeroua and ohalinate aymptonia.
My phyaiciau at oni-e ord.-red the ue of
Ayer'a t. 'berry Pettond. Ilia hiatrui-tim
were followed, and the re-ult wua a rupio
and permanent cure. 11. B. Siuiiiiaou,
Bogers Prairie, Tcxu.
Two veara ago I itiflerrd from a aevere
Cold which settled oil my Limga. I con
sulted various pliylc-l:iii. iiel took tlm
nn-dit-lnea they preacribeil, but Tii-elved
only U-niMirary relii f. A friend Induced
me to try Ayer'a C'herrv l'e.-lorul. After
Uking two bottlea of tlii medicine I was
cured. Since tllell I hnve given the 1V-0-toral
to my children, and couaidt-r It
The Best Remedy
for Cold, Coughs, mid all Throat and
Liingdlaeawii, ever Hard In my family.
Uobcrt Vuuderpool, ileadiille, Ta.
Borne tlma ago I look a slight Cold,
Which, beius neglected, grew wore, and
settled on tny luiins. 1 had a huckltig
cough, aud was Very weak. Thoao who
knew me bei.t conhldcrcd my life to be
ill great danger. 1 continued to auffer
until I commenced uniutr Aver'a Cherry
Perioral. 1-esa thunone botlicof thia val
ualile iiicdlcine eunsl me. and 1 feel that
I owe the jireaervatlon of niy life to Ita
curative power. Mrs. Ann Lockwood,
Akron, New York. ,
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral ia considered,
here, the one gri-at remedy for nil dieeuaea
of the tlnoat and liinj.'-. and in inoii
In demand than any oilier medicine of its
clam. J. V. Huberts, Slatioliu, Ark.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral,
Prepared hy Ir. J. C. Ajrer K Co-
T.owtl, I1aa.
eold ly Dmuglau
I'rlca 41i alt koilJra,
Flesh Producer & Tonic J
Hear the Wlluemcal
A las er BUlT-Elahl Wtatera.
I ara 68 years of aca, ant retard Uutnn'a
Pioneer a fine tonio for the feahla. fir Its
ao my atrenaih haa bean rettored and :
I my
weight Inoreafea tan pounas.
A P.U CAM PDKLL, Cotton ain Maker
Maoon, Oa., February 18, 1886.
A rlpild aDfederale 8ayat
I ou'y weighed 128 poandi when I eom
menood Qumu'e Pln r, and now waiah 147
poundi. I eould hardly walk with a Hick to
aupcortme and ean now walk long dutanoee
w thout he p. Jti bennt to ma ti n yona
oat ulaton. B. KUiliS nociiun.,
Maoon, Ua. Cotioa Buyer.
Mr. A II Mrambletf, IIrdwre Mer
cbsm, or Foray th, U , Writes t
Tt noted I ka a charm on my teneral health.
I oar filler it a fioe tonio. 1 weigh mora than
1 hare lor 25 yeai a. KerM'tlully.
Mr. W. tT. Jonea, Maeon.Sayat
My wife bai regained hcatrength and In
era fl ten nouoda in wriiihl. w recom
inond umnn a rionear aa the beat tomn.
Dr.O.W. Ilelbrldve. of atlnnla, Ua.,
Wrltea of Vnlna'a flolleer i
Oninn'a Pionarr Dlood Benewerhta been
aed for yeara ith uirei-edrnud mores.
It li entirely vegotaoie ano ooei ina ayiem
no barm, it iiutirovea tne appeiue, uiaei-
finn .nil h nnil niaainv. atimuiatina. IDViff'
orating and toning up all tha lunotionaind
tii-aura ol the avium, ana mm oeoomei tae
treat blood rtn-wer and bealw. restorer.
tJlII N Il'ia -PIONrEK
,nr mil Blood and 8kin Dlearea. Bhenma-
tiam. 8 ro ula, Old Surea. A periect Spring
oilieine. . . , ,
II not in your market It will ha forwarded
on reoeipt on irice. Dmau doiuoi, w.wi
I k.tl m. I "1
Kuar on mood ana BKin niaeaiei mauea
MACON MKIMtJIWrS tU.. waeon, n
817 ami 810
N. Second St
a-l.- 1
LUTTiCrunxna or
TniHtee'B Sale. .
HAVINO been annointed trastea under
the rowera contained In the trust deed
made ly Sarah L. Dent and George U. Pent,
seeuring ibe parmrnt of a note for floOO by
them made Bepteinb.r 14. Wi, dae one year
after dale, delau.lt caving been made in 'ne
payment thereol. at the lequeat of the holder
ot aaid no a, I will, on
Mouday, April S, IBM,
at 12 oVoeV m., at tho south went eorner ol
Man and Madison attea'e, in me iming
District of Shelny county. Teen., el the
f..ll....n JaBpih.il lr.Hfl nf Innill 1 he first
b-gtiniog at Carr and McLemore's corner
on tireer a line) tbenoe eait II. 40 ehaina to
Oreer a SK oorner thenoa norm luonaioe io
Ureer's NK corner: thrnce eaat 8 ehin to
I'radahaw a BK eorneri inenee i i
chains to MeLemore and t'arr's B w eorner
of IS-aore entry) thanoo eaal 13 ehaies;
thenceforth Hi onaina to w m. uu iu..ii
Ulll...'. linA, ik.nrteeeMt Ifl.fUl: th -noa BOUlh
N).-halni tanoe went 47 W enema w tarr
and MoLemore a line; tnenco norm w u
cbalna to the brginning, oontaining K 9acrM,
n,r or la. it beioa t"a same tract of land
conveyed to D-iel ilughca by Jamea h.
reila or aeea oi Auguai i, jckj, muiuvu u
I 1. O.I n . hl
Alao.'lolfoof the Borland inhdirlslon ef
Iota, tr-niing 60 leet on the east iaa oi cor
land avenae, and running back between
parallel linea I7U ieat to n ane.
ai.a nr nf Inlfinf aamft auhdlvision. on
k iiiin knn nil.r liOA.oi lot 10. eighty feet
Irom tbe eou'hwentcorierot aam, and run-)
nineaouin at nni angles who m tou
ary lire nine leet and ail inoheai to nco at
riaht anglea.aatsiit'en ieat ao as to ran di
reoilr orerthe oentrr i f the mouth of th.
r tern i thence at right angles nine leet and
sig mchaa to the loulh b nnda-y 1 pa of said
popart., wi-h all i roremee a tereon
..J k.l ik M.,i.. Lrnnart, eonvered to J
K. Dillar I. trn-tee. by 8. L and . U. Dnt,
re-omed in book lib, page 2X1, of the raoorda
r k. . 1 1.. . .a
Terma of fale-aah. Title beliered to ba
good, but I sal only aa tm tee.
L. II. K8IE8. Jg..Trnatre.
km. mm w ua g Oeao rlaa
We ku. aoM ceaaiWN
alilr.aadla am a
AiaaM Uaa.
Hacaaa.il. t.
lAf A Ml ( ii AUKNTs.Men aad Woiean
W AM 1 bU ...1 TH K CII1L1)1;
mrtl.ir " Introduction b Her. J U. Vin-
nil tine uini h. Mtld So In a town
ol 674 people; onu7i m aillael 7M1 one
new aaent in In day.; one In ' sueoas
.i.. ' . . nn. in in .1 .v.. .1 two dit erent
tlm.. Kinerienoe not neoeaar aHdresi
, CA.S'JBLLAOrt. 'Vt'dl.
40 Dearborn street, tuicaca,
JT i.arei In j
f f I 1t ft lAT.
iQHarMWs. Ml fck ll
UsM ttUlaWsVfa
I 1 Mr 4 aVAA btt
I Tftaaan.a(Ml
And Commission Herchanls,
2Gnml 2G2 Front
J. T. 7AEQAS0N. 3. A. HUNT. 0. C.
Wholesale Grocers
16 Front Street,
Cotton eonaignad ta ui will hare our careful
Staple & Fancy Groceries, Wines, Llquorejcbacco & Ci.ars
Amd will awll aa law law h Iareaat.
Jos, Schlitz Brewing Goiiipanv,
arnamrrra titi 4 XTDir 1 OfTlr
ill Hi ill 1. Alio VAA, UeputHBd lceliouiae.cor.Halai A iaoiii m
S. ROESCH1.R. Astent, Memohli, Tenn.
IUIm ia 1883. 380,000 Barrels.... Sale af Meraptita Braaeta, 100,000 Ken
MalM la 1K. SKO.OOO Harrwla.
W Will pay Good
and Prices Paid.
75 Vanoe Street.
Farming Tools, Grass Seed, Garden Seed, Onion
Sets, Millet,
V. T MofinWAN. J. 8. MoTIQHB. W
TOOF. liil bOWAN & 111),
Wholesale Grocers. Cotton Factors,
And Dealers In Levee
ota TUni Rtfont
Newlv Constructed and Elaborately Fwrsjhed. Con
tain ine 225 Large and Elegant Rooms.
swThs House has Perfect Ventilation, and
A A. n.l.'a VlawalAM All
raUs to Commarelal Travelen. Abundant
BATES-a.OO to 94 pe day, aoeordins to slaa and Iswtlon af room;. Bpeelal
r.T ti
Doors, Sash, Blinds, Holding, Lumber,
" a a -oT A
Lath and Shingles, Flooring, Celling ana ri
ua a aj.. - ' y
Q7iT-r74Lau.'.s4-3.s Second street, south ot Gayoso.
Doors. Sash, Blinds. Flooring, Ceiling Siding, Shingles,
Moaldlasr, I.atha.
Sternberg &
' . an-a as - AT I. 1 IDaMTA
336 Front St., Cor.
B, W.
. . w...h.na. Hav.
Cor. Front and Union,
Nt.. UTemisbU. Tent .
DEUf. K. A. PARKER. K. h. W00DS0K
& Cotton Factors.
Memphis, Tentu
We carry at ail timai a wall-
itoca oi
and Bottlta Work a. at 10 Dale
of all descriptions. Send lor Circular
UenvUi. Tenn.
ana lcaiiroaa supplies,
Memhlir, Tenponpifl
Natural Light, Steam neatlni. Kleotrie Balls,
trML-aJ&ri DUB JDatia U TV u M wacavara
supply of rUKa UBumaai"f-""
: ' Vis
R. S. LEU.
redar Poata aad Pleiaeta.
union, Jiempmae
H. H. M ACatT.
Cora Oat, Brai
1 Howard's Bow, Memphis.
DR. D. 8. eJuUaSO.VS
Bo. 17 JeflVreoi Street,
(Betwasa llaia and rroat.) MBMPBIS.
IKVtaklUhed in 1860.1
DR. J0HN60N ia acknowledged by all par
tial intereeted a by far tha moat aae
oeaeful pbyneian ia thatrea'naontof privata
oriMretdiieajaa. Qoiek, permanent eiuras
.narantMd in aver eaaa. mala or female.
Keoant cva of tionorrhea and Syphilis
Anrad in a f w dara without tka uaa of I
eury, change of diet or hinaranoa iroaa
hnimaas. beeondarr Srihilia. the lant.ea-
tite eradicated withoatthe aae of mercury.
inaolunaary loea 01 lemea itoppea in luon a
tim.. Knfferera from imnutenoy OT lof a of
eiual pweri rettored to Ira airer in a few
weeke. vietima 01 aeii-aouaa aaa eaoasaiTo
Tenor, euHerinf from epermaWrrhea and
lvaaof phyeiaal and mentaJ pewor, gpeadiry
and permanently ea'ad. Parti oular atten
tion paid to tha Dieeaaee of Woman, and
earai guaranteed. Pile and aid eorea oarad
without the ua of eaa.tieor the knife. All
oonaullationa itriealy ooatdanliaJ. Hedi
einea aonl by expraas to all aarti of tha
arworkingmea en red at half tha oaoal
ratei. Office noara from ( o'alock a.m. to I
o clock p.m. u. H. juiikww. m.v.
For is yeara atjjCoort Place, now at (
k rnrattrtr 4ml aa Imtkr tmli phjmU aae Ua
CASES. . . .
bperiiiAtorriitMsV ana unpownvji
M toC reaactt OT Hn-AOnm tm JWfmM, snaai awaaaaja oh
tirrim,MkeaaHl vn4 nriu mm. W
KBlmaloui .
.in... hr (lMm. DlMOW tt Uilbl. DImUv. U
e-llhrt.y, PlniilMM Ffcia, Alo. aKnWf K Stmt'ffc
Oonfwiiue of .d, i-om of Untmi rrmrt kt. (---. 4
wouj nml BY PHUi IS ' -tWIr
mAmUQ Fia Uic rT.ua OOUOrTboa,
U UwlMTidal Uut .nttv adu wbe a.r mntilS tntm
tAxrura. ktm aiu. roriimnkiOTi.eiiu.U'Xo'M
tmrnma) panoo to my tar, lie til (mnniilut I
,-f.lt ibe city ar mumt, Bil-bKMOMl aMa ffWMtg
uhl .fclr b ul cr aprett uf-'Ura. .
Cr.voa Uaarauatawa tai nil vaaaa
aadertnkan. . . .
rbugm wtnn.hleiHlitTCTPwu4tfM. auiMlr fnlhli.iii
rf H4l pttB, aWQI to miJ gaf1 a-J, rrtT fa)(V(,
Hi) art. Kbould ba rmA b etfc, Ad4ra
ixTjo litxtrm fnat (A.M. I. kt.
amours t r "
Exchange National Bank
SORFOLK, TA.,r 10, IN Ml.
PROPOSALS will be received at tbla offioa
mil Saturday, Idarota V7, l8fi, for taa
parohaa- of tha hereinafter mentioned prop
erty in its entiretr, and aiao for piooea or
pareela of tha game reference being had to
deaoriptira liata of laid- pioportr whieb
Hate, atating terma of rale, will be lurnuhed
npon application to tbe anderaigned. Ibe
right to reject any ad all bida ia reserve :
' r r-1
The extensive and alble property lo-
ealed Id Norfolk aad V rtamouth, Va.,
known ai the "Beaboatd Cotton Compreaa
Company of Norfolk. Va.," ooneiatlng of:
1. 'Xbaraaeaa, wnicn.amoag otnerpnT
lleaaa. antboriaee the tor age of ootton ana
other merchandire, and the iaauoef negou-
ahla raoeipU tberelor. a
2. Ita plant, whloB eonaiaia af luioa W
(rat-elaea improTe4 cotton eoaopreaaaa; two
(2) ateam tuga; three (8) tranttportatiea
bargee. All tbe adjunota neoefeary to a well
equipped eatabliahment of thia oharaotar.
In lira proof warehouaea, leTon (7) in nont
ber, of eauaeity for atorage of 24,000 baJae
nnoompreaitd eottoa.
lta four 14) trama waranouaea ntiai nifw
e.paoity, many tnouaaaaa vena ai lorun
I' rs.falt, eto.
1U wbarraa and docks, which afford ample
room for berthing at lh game time tan aaa
gainr, atram or Bailing aearela. The area of
tne warenonao aaa aoea pm wv m.yi
month ia about 6H aeiea. tog
lerwith ail ii
o her property, which ii
iroperty, wnieo ia in
ally deaoribed ia
the lieU above refe-rtd to.
Wld. II. PBTERS. Beeeiver.
Ta Gas Consumers
OR all gaa eongomed oa and after the let
. i ;.a .n tAinwr. of thia
Pomrany, the P'io" will be Two Dollars and
yilty t-enw per idobmhi num
where the billa are pid within the rat fire
baainess days ef oaoh month a Biaoount ot
Filty Cents per ihonsaod fret will be made,
miking a net pr eeol TWO DOLLARd per
thousand eabie ieat.
HKMPMIS eJAM-Ifclir fju.
By B. KNSLEY, Proaident.
Jos. riio, Faorotaiy. ,
Memphis. Tenn.. Ma-ct 4, WW.
j. f. uolst &bro.,
Funeral Directors,
FIIXL- Rnd complete stock of Woodand
Metallio Oases ana usageu, viowi-vo-
ered CaskeU and Burial Kobe; always pa
hand. aarUrdera by Ulegraoh promptly
Administrator's Nollee.
Orrici or Poauo AomatSTaAToa, I
Fer-rnary W. 1M6. . f
HAVING been appoiated and sujlittea u
adminisirato- of the eatate of Patrick
Boper, deoeasf d, all panieB inaeotea to e
estate are requested ta onma lorward and
settle, and all prnee io wnom aaio
indebted ara reqnetted to He their claims
with me, duly probated In aererdanoe wi
I.- .lOft 1 OAHH8. Pablio Adm'r. .
Hotlc ia Hereby Wen,
THAT tha annual meetina: of tha etook
holdrrs of tha Cheaapaake. Ohio
and Southwestern naureea iajuihj
for tbe election ef Directors, and
such other ouinesa as may -
meeting, wUl be held at tha pffloe of the
Company, In the eityof Memphie tpallod the
Taxing Dlstiiot ol Bhelby County). Tenn..
on the 5ih day of April, IAW6, at li
o'oloek noon of that day, and thai the leaaa
from that Company to the Newport News and
Mia-iaaippl Valley Company will ba sub
mitted lo the atockholde i for their conaent
thereto and apnroyal thereof. Transfer
hooka wil be eloeed irom rcn
April 6, 1886. . , m
By order of the President and Board of
Director.. ISA AO K. HATBK. Sooretary.
Trustee's Sale.
PURSUANT to tryst do.d exeeuta to
ma a. trustee, fcy J. R. f 4
A. Flippin, of da-a Angost l". 13, d .'CJ
corded ln the Begiater'g office of bhelby
county, Tennessee, in bock Ho. 1M. aw
303, 1 will. on. . ' , .jo.
during legal houra. tell. In front of the
"urtWe door of aa d county, at pul i.ie
outcry, for ean, tne proper IS j-J,:" "
Teyed, vls.l Loino, www "V .v
if the property sold to f . La.ljne In the
caa ot me lennwroe "n ... Ii
eoranoe Company ?B,5- p?'
Chmoery Oonrt of 6be by t euoty, Tennes
see, aali lot IronUng M feel T Inohos on weal
line of 6he,by atreet by a depth woatwardlj
of 140 feet, r ferenea bine here made fort
mora particular daaeiiption to decree Tort-
ina title in r. ieen,w. o
Re" leur'a office, traok ft, nag. 6l. etc.
Redemption, dower aad bouieat-d waired
Title beliered good.
tUS stdlaoa Street. Jtcjeaethta, Team
ATULL stock of Wooden and Metallic
Carts and Caskets. Burt a, Robes, etc.,
always on hand. Ordort or Telegraph or Tel
atibono ProTr.,'ly mtinAmA t.
prneus soaking dorernment Km.
p'oTDieot in any o! the cepartmentavi
'Vaahiogton, er any other portions an dot
the liorernment, I will . ad tall instruction
aa to sow to loaeeett to ootam tee rama,
and Btaaai I'.raia a( Appllraltna cn
receipt ol One Dollar. aani JOH1
I. cVCBeu, Aeai-Wx liaM, CbMac.

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