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f'ottoa Qnlet 2 bldling, 8 S
Sales Testpr-'aj, 00
Money coptinues in lair demand at
. per cent Locnl securities quiet but
steady. The cotton market was again
iiiiut yesterday, ond depressed, in
sympathy with unfavorable advices
from New York. 8ales were 000 bales,
middling frjc. At New York spots
closed quiet, middling 9 3-16c; futures
larely steady, and 6 to 7 points lower.
At New Orleans spots opened quiet,
ami closed dull but steady, middling
8 ll-10c: futures closed quiet and
steady, and 6 to 8 points lower. Liv'
crpool spots were steady, in fair de
maud, quotations unchanged ; futures
cloned steady and 1 C4d higher. Re
ceipts hero yesterday, 889 bale; stock,
1 16,004 bales. Total receipts this sea
son, 514,349 bales, against 412,839 bales
this time last year, an increaso of
101,510 bales. Receipts at all United
States porta yesterday, Ml bales,
acaii'Ht 53(55 bales same time last year.
There are no changes to uote in the
gt'tieral market.
Tlnvo hund ed and seventy fix brls
apples, 13 pkga butter, 17 pkgs boots
aim snoes, idU uu corn, - cars cotton
.seed, 100 sks cotton-seed, 2. brls
cotton-seed oil, 0 pkgs dry goods, 20
pugs eggs, jjo Oris flour, 2 Mna hats.
40 hd hogs, ; 4 hd cattle, 90 hd liomm
-and mules, 80 pkgs lard, 42,000 ft
lumber, 11 pkgs liquors, 32,000 liu oaU,
cars pork sides, 175 pkgs tobacco
ami ouu cu wneut.
Madista St, Memphis, Teoo.
rOMTMponlMMe aollelteel. Iafor-
naatUau cheerfully faraUn.Ml.-sw
Money in good demand at 8 per cent.
..uu viuuku'u uubo rcpuri IB as ioi
W ednes l y, March 24tb, 1246 052 19 ;
thus far this week. 831,831 25; same
time last week, $1,000,007 40; same
time In 1885, $903,818 42; same time in
Wednesday, March 24'h,$7,12o4!t;
thus far this week, $143,074 (in; same
time hvt week, 299,926 54; same
time in JSS5, S2t,e) 75 ; same time in
IWM, 1 136,606 Ifci.
New York sight on all point?, J dis
count baying, j premium selling; New
Kngland demand, i discount buying;
New England sight, J discount; New
OrleauB, discount baying, par selling.
Ihtukof Commaree .148 bid, 150 asked
First National 138 bid, 142sked
German Bank- 192$ bid, 200 asked
State National 137 bid, 140 asked
Union and Plantere..HS bid, 1E0 asked
Mercantile Bank.... 132 bid, 135 asked
Bluff City
Memphis City..
.'.. ...
.. 70 bid, 75 asked
-100 bid, ... asked
HO asked
.101 bid, 105 asked
.. hid, 100 asked
102 bid, 104 asked
.20 bid, 21 J asked
..100 bid, ... asked
... 30 bid, 35aiked
Teqn.ceftf, B and E. Ml bid, 87
Tenn. wis. itr. C P7 bid, 99
Shelby Co. bondp..l04 bid, 100
Shelby Co.wU 9S bid, 99
Tax. Ditt. 4, 6; 92i bid, 93 aiked
Tax. Diet. 6s 100? bid, 101:1, asked
Mem.Stor. Com.t'o..l05 bid, 110 aiked
Mem. Gai rtock 70 aked
Mem. (isa bonds 105 bid, ... asked
Mem. Water bouds ...96 bid, ... asked
Hanannr Oil Works bid, 50 asked
Oily Oil Work? bid, 45 asked
Pioneer Cotton Mtht ..12 bid
Am. Co'.. Oil trust-").. ..28 bid. 29jsked
Alero.Uity Ky.bondg.10' bid, 103 asked
New Yokk, Marr.b 24. Money on
vail easy at 2(j3 per cent. Prime
mercantile pajMJr 4au. Stcrhnc ex
chango dull bt steady; 4S0? for 60
days, and 4S8 for demand.
jkhiqh iiovarnmtril bon.Js were
dull and steady. State bonds were a
little, more active; and almut steady.
The sale .railroad bonds auuiuuted
to $2,508,000, but the activity wax at
the expense el quotations. There was
some epoculaUon .11 Erie second con
sols, ex-JujMi.CQupciw, the trading in
which amountod, to SJ.'S.OOO, and
spurts of activity in Cunadu Southern
seconds and tone f judod. The Krie
second. censole wow . an exception to
the general rule, tiosing with a gain
of lj,atl00f Other important changes
include a decline of 2 in St. Paul eights,
of 24, in IienTcr and Rio Grande firsts,
11 in the Western firsts, 2 in Indiana,
MloomingWn and Western seconds,
and 2 in Missouri, Kens- and Texas
fifths. ,..
Stocks-It WUfl a i,y .of activity and
feverijhnesB in stocks, with a heaw
break after midday, a part of whicfi
was subsequently "recovered. Open
ing prices showed declines from frac
tions to 1 pot cent, the latter Mis
souri, Kansaa nod Texas. After a
further slight decline in the earlv
dealings, the toarket became firm and
continued i throughout the fore
noon, the hiphest prices tf the day
being .reachod shortly before VI
o clock. ; Xh;wU.le. market bangs
upon tlie news received regarding the
strike on tha-fitttwegtej-n systeiaof
roads and Ue prowibilities of its ex
tending to other roads, and favorable
or unfarsrable news equally has its
immediate, effepu upon quotations.
After midday, upon statements that
the troubles had tended to Chi
there was a heavy break, in which
Ike Shore wac mot conspicuous,
and this althougn there wen? no ru
mors of troubles on that line It was
the result of hammering by the bearf,
who took advantage of the news to
depress prions. New York Central
also gympaUiiaed materially, while
the whole list was " . weak.
ImUt in the day a par
tial recovery was established, and
the market finally closed active, fever
ish and irregular at figures which
showed a net loss tor Iike Shore of J,
New York Oentral J, Northwestern j,
Ht. Paul t, Chicago, Burlington and
uincy 2J, Ind.ana, P.looiuingtou
and Western ?J, 8t Paul and Duluth
l!, and Southern Pacific )J. Union
Pacific was uIm) de- idedlv weak on a
combination of rumors that adverse
legislation was to be carrii through
at Washington, and it sold an low as
411 alter opening at 47. It dosed j
Utter, however, with a net loss of 1J.
There was a mid made on Oregon
j Transcontinental without any specific
reason and the stock fell 2i. ' A drive
. was also made at Missouri, Kansas
I and Texas, and it -old at 252. hut
closed at 2ii,a loss of 1J. A conspicu
ous exception to the general rule was
I-ackiiwamm, which was feverish, but
closed at a net advance of j. Beading
is up j, and Pacific Mail and Western
Union each J. These are the onlv
stocks in the active list that show
gains. Mexican Telegraph stork sold
lor mo nrst time l-wiav at 11 . St
I'aul sold, ex-dividend otT, 21 ie
cent., and Missouri Pacific, ex-divi
dend, 1 icr cent.
The total sales of stocks to-dav were
622,620 shares, including: Canada
Southern, 4100; Central Pacific, 3250
Delaware, Lackawanna and Western
()J,1!X); Delaware and Hudson, 9, o
r.ne, zo.wo; Kansas and Texas.11,821
Jjike Shore, 90,124; Louisville and
Nashville, 89o ; Northwestern, 31.010
New Jersey Central, 11,!:; New
ork Central, 36,005; Pacific Mail, 17,
365: Rtading, 21,670; St. Paul, ,sl,650
St. Paul and Oma' a, 61 ?5; Texas and
racilic, 711H; linion Pacific, 5l,li
WesU-m Union, 1,2115; Northeiu Pa
cilic irtferred, 27,925; Oregon urn
iraiitM'oiuineiuai, l.:;...) Closing qno-
uuiuus :
V. S. S, 100';. New4a. Wi.
New 4ii, lia.tfc ' Pacific 6t of m, 1
on OH.
C. P. fir.H, 115. T.P. andrant.37.
Krid teiwniln, 101! j. T. P. Rio Q. dir., 50,
I.ouUtana coa b4.
Minaouriflt, 101.
8t. Jii.ei.h. lis.
v. f. nr.-u, 110.
V. V land mint. KiiV
i'. r. tuna, 117
v .riiinia l, 44.
Ht.P.4h.0.hrit,lW. V. con., ei-ni. c, t5
Tenn. 6. old. 60
Ya.ooa. def., it.
lonn. 6a, new, 5C,
Adam Gxpreu, 146. whTi!Ie A C, 4.'.
II T t
N.J. Central,
Alton T. H. ,41 .
A. A. T. H., pfd.t.
Ameriin V.x... lui.
II., O. H. k M.. 6.
Canada Pao., 6S.
Canada Mou.. iTiK.
nurioern rac.,2.v'4.
Northern P .nlil. 55.
N. V. C. k St. L..S.i
N.V.C.iSt L..p.,l;i,S
Central ?oia.S",
v. a a. w ., i :iv4.
O.iK.W., pld.1V..
Ch-t-peaka it 0., 10. N. K. Cealrai. 100
, s u., let im, 1,. vnio ueniral. l"rt.
C.U 2d ffd. US. Ohio & Miaa., 23!,
C. .,1J9. O. MiM..pfd, HO.
C. A., pld. 1M. Ontario k Wui . IS,
C , II. 4 Q.. U1K. Oreiton Nar., 5.
O..Kt. L.4 N.0.,- Oreiion Trana., 2ffi
C, bt. L. A P.,H. Uranoo Imp., h.
C.,6t.L. A P.. p.,. Pacific Mail,
C, 8. A 0 . i. Panama. V8.
pel., H !&!!. Pullman TP. C, 12S. .
pen. A Rio 41. ,15. Heading. 2.
Erio, 24-i,. hock Inland. 12T.
Krie, jtla,68. St L. A H. P., 18.
KaatTenn., 8t. h. A S. F., p., 41.
Kaat Tenn. pld.5Vi. Kt. L.A 8. P. 1st p..6
Port W ayne, 149. '0. M. ii St. P. , oWi,
Hannibal A St. Jo, - C. M. A St. P.. p., 118'
II. A St. Jo i.fd. - St. P. M. A M.. lis.'
Harlem, 212. ft. P. A Omaha, flii'i,
iio'iBL'in & x., vrr. wt. r. A U.. pld,M8'
lllinnia Cen., l.W1',. Texan Pacific, ll'ji.
Ind. It. A V., 214. Union Pacific, 4V.
KunMAT , 26. V. &. KpreM. lit
Lake K. A W., 8'. W., Kt. L. A P., .
LakeShore, 8U' W.,St. L. A P. p., 17',
1 ou. A Nash., W. A p. Kx., 117.
hon. A N. A., W. II. Tel.,fiv!i
M. A C lt pld, - Colorado Conl. iV,.
M. A C, 2d pfd,- lioincxtake, 17.
Mein. A Chiir., H2. Iron Silver, 210.
Mich. Central, 64-,;. Ontario, 2S.
Mm. A St. L., K'i. Quicknilver, 7.
M. Si M. L., fd, 4e'4 yickf Ivor rfd, 21.
Win. Pnc Uti South. Pacific.
Mob le A O.. 12. hut,,, ih
Morrif A K., ofi'd, l f7! i .
"Ex dividend.
Havana, March 21. Spanish 120I
it 311; exchange sU-ady; on the United
suites, uu aiiys. gold Ni'dSlcpieinium
short sight gold, 8(oHljc;on lndon
ft2(k:; 011 runs, O'lc,
Inik),v, March 24.-Tlie amount of
bullion withdrawn fiom the liank ol
Kngland on balanee is JCIK.OOO.
j-ahis, march 24. Three per cent
rentes, 80f. S8c. for the account.
Nkw Oki.bans. March 24.- -Clean rum
ot the banks, 1,3S2,443.
Nlwokk, March 24. Kxchanires.
r 1 u,ij-it,io-i ; uaiances, fi,!iis,:Hiu,
Baltimore, Mo., March 24. lUnk
clearings, 1 ,h!J2,H1i2 ; halaiices,$.",01,-K):
PHtLADKi.i-iiiA. Pa . March 24
Clearances. SH.021.405: halances
St. Ix)Uis. Mo.. Man h 21. Bank
clearings, 1 1,!'45,0'.'8; balances, 531,-
tiUa; exchange in New 1 ork, 25c dis
count to par.
Ciiicaoo, Ii.t.., March 24. ChiciiLii
nanK clearances were f7,2S2,(XX). The
hanks to-lay report New York ex
change 80c discount.
The local cotton market opened
quiet, and closed q'liet; middling,
S.c. Sales MO ha es. incltnliiiL' 4ik)
lufiuay evening, of which 45J to
exjiorlers ami 450 to spinners.
(rood ordinary....,
Ixnv middling
Good middling. . .
Middling fair
Stains and tinges.
Mkuphis, March 24, 188C.
SUx'k Sept. 1.18S3 1,302
Keceived to-day 880
Received previously. ..513,460
Shipped to-day 3,208
ShipjH'd. previously.... 306,389
Stock, running acoant
Thus far this week
Thug far last week
Since September 1st '..
M. and O. K. R..
M. and T. R. R
L. and N. R. R
M. and L. R. R. R
C, O. and S. W. R. K
I... N. O. and T. R. R
K. O., S. and M. R. R
M.,S.and B.KR
Steamers .'
Wagons and otlier sources
Thus far this week
Thus far last week
5 5,742
.. 3,003
.. 4 58!)
.... 37
. 10,810
. 11,247
Sim-e September 1st
M. and O. R, R.
M. and T. R. K
Louisville & Nashville
C, O. and S. W
L , N. O. and T. R. R...
M.,Rand 15. R. R.
Steamers Dotth.
'. 50
. ;to
. 345
. 33
. 815
R. R.
Total 3,208
New York spots opened ouiet. and
closed quiet. Sales, 528 hal!S. Quo
tations were as follows:
Yestenlav. Tuesdav.
Ordinary 6 0-10 6 9-16
Goodordinary... 7 lbi 7 15-16
iaw middling... kj gj
Middling 0 3-16 3-16
Good middling. 0J Bj -
Middling fair 10 5-16 10 5 16
Pair :..10 15-16 10 15-16
New York futures onened duiet
and easy, and closed barely steady and
5 t) 7 points lower. Sales, 69,700
bales. The closing quotations were as
follows :
March 0.07(c ! 0s
April 9 l(V t 911
Mav 0 21 9 22
June M 9 31(rt 0.3 5
July 3!,.i 9 40
August 47(i 9 4.S
September... 9 3 1 fH 9 32
October 0 1 t'-i) 9 15
November... 9.10I.4 !).ll
DecemU-r ... 9 IHin '.1.14
January 9.20 9 21
9 12(ri H 13
9.1t) 9 17
9 2H;,iJ 9 2i(
9:-S.t !).'
9 46'3 9 40
9 54 irt 9.55
.i ;s(,i .I.3H
9 2IOi) 9 22
9.16 9 17
9 lit SV tl.20
.9 27 9.2S
The New Orleans spot market opened
qnint, and closed quiet aad tttfady.
Sales, 4 000 bales.
Ordinary... 7J
G:od ordinary... 7 13 16
Low middling.... 8 3-16
Middling 8 11-16
Good middling 9)
71 '
7 13-16
S 3-16
8 11-16
The New Orleans future market ooen
fd quiwi and closed dull, but steady,
and 6 to 8 points lower than vester
dy. Sales, 17,300 bales. The closing
quotations were as follows:
Yesterday. Tuesday.
8 6 K;Ni.iii Nominal
8 62(i8li4 8 6S8.70
8i0fa 8.77
8.0:)o 8.l
9 03 9.04
9 04 11.07
8 8 2(31 8 S
S.H3 i) 8 84
8 9t 8 97
9f9i) 9.10
9 13
8.KS 8.80
8.7!K;' 8.81
8 74 a 8 75
8 70 8 77
8.7 irii) 8 76
November. '. Kli7 8 70
December ... 8 7ltt 8 73
Rec. iPrici! Stock.
(ialveston stMv. 547;8 t5-lti 41.617
N Orleans, quiet. 2337:811-16 323,373
Mobile dull. 1 1-Ki 38,649
Savannah, quiet. 16268J 3!,2.50
ChRrl'ston nom'l 44H 9 48,927
Wilin'ton. firm. l.Mi'S 4,SS3
Norfolk.... quitt 2302js 15 16 42,236
Haltimore nom'l 340 0J 29,5:18
New York quiet 9 3-16 29ti,38S
Ronton quiet. 045 91 6,310
Philad'a... dull. 17!8j 21,522
St. Louis... quiet. 253 8j 87,597
A ugiistajriiiiet 1 72
Receipts at porta, this dayjlSHti 9,095
Receipts at ports, this day,1885. 5,565
R'ts U. 8.
ports.o (t i h
Kxi Gt. Br
R'ts Sept, 1
For'gnKs.!3,Ht4,083i 3,278,-Sp
Increaso of receipts this year
? i."i n.'ir.
The Liverpool spot market at noon
was reported steady, fair demand.
Sales, 10,000 hales, of" which American
5:100 bales. Receipts, 23,000 ball's, of
wnicn im.vuu wero American.
Tho following are tho closing nuota-
tions: Ordinary, 4d; good ordinary,
43d; low middling, 5Jd; good mid
dling, 5jd; middling uplands, 5d;
middling Oilcans. 5 l-16d.
Thf prictt aregken in prncfand Mlhf,
thim: 4 63 mrmu 4 63 Oh., and 5 01
memui b 1-04.1
At noon: Liverjtool futures wero
quiet, quotations were as follows:
March, ; March-April,
April-May, 4 E9(a4 58d; May-June,
iian ouu; june-.iuiv, -4 lioil ; July
August, 5 02.1 ; August-September,
5 05 n5 Old ; September-October, ;
.September, .
At 2 p.m.: Liverpool futures were
nun; juarch, 4 fiid sellers: March
April, 4 57d sellers; April-May, 4 57d
value; May-June, 4 tSOd sellers; June
July, 4 02.1 buyers; July-August, 5 Old
sellers; August-September, 5 03d
buyers; September-October, 5 Old
buyer; September, 5 05d sellers.
At o p.m.: Liverpool lutures were
.illiet lllld steudvund I-6I1I hiirlier tlinn
Tuesday ; March, 4 5sd buyers; March-
April, - ona nuyers; Anril-Mav, 4 ft!d
sellers; May-June, 4 Old buyers; June
July, 4 CM buyers; July-August, 5 02d
value; August-September, 5 05d
sellers; Sentember-Oetober. 5 03d
sellers; September, 5 Olid buyers.
Tlie following is tho record of the
bids and offers at the Call Board of
the Merchants' Kxchange yesterday:
No. 2, white, spot, 40lc asked : March.
40Jc asked; April, 40Jc asked; May,
42c asked; No. 2, spot, 3Kje 0. t. bid;
.March, o'Jc asked ; April, 38c o. t, bid,
.we asked; may, :nni' o. t. hi. I. 40c
No. 2, white, siK)tt 33c bid; March,
le o. t. bid: April. 33c o. t. hid:
May, 33.!c o. t. bid: No. 2, snot, 33c o.
1. i.i.i; April, d..c i)HI,.n;c asked; May,
!4c Ind, )c asked.
iuf CI A I.I.I . f..u (1 1 rwi rt..l....l.
April, $14 35 asked ; May, 25 tons sold
at SI 4 25.
March. SI 75W.1 93 asked: AnHI.
fl 80 bid, fl 87Jasked; May, 100 bar
rels sold at 2 05.
Cobs White. 47n: mixed. 46c. from
store; from levee or depot, white, 44c;
mixed, 42c; in si.iks, in jound lobs,
whfte, 42c ; mixed, -Wc. , .
1Iy Choice, from Btore,S5c; prime,
75SOo; prairie, 50c; round lota from
ieee or depot, choice, $14(5d4 60;
prime, fl313 50; prairie, $88 50.
Oat White, 40c; mixed, 38 Jc,
from etore ; round Iota fiotn levee on
track white, sacked, 37c; mixed,
sacked, 3-5 Jc
Bbav Irom store. 85o Der cwt.:
round lot i from levee, $14 7515 per
Beans Navy. $1 75(2: medinm.
1 601 75.
Rich Louuana. 45i5ie: Carolina.
Oatmeal In balf-barrel. I3,'5l3 25
from store. 1
CoB!MEAr.-Standard. 2 C52 10:
pearl,f2 903 15 from store; 5c cheaper
from mill, levee or track.
Floub Fiom etore. double extra. :
triple extra. ; family, $44 25;
choice, $4 254 40: fancy, $4 755;
extra fancy, to 255 75; patents $6
6 25 ; round lota from levee or track,
10c cheaper; car lot i choice, $4 25
4 35; family, 13 955; fancy, $4 70
4 80; extra fancy. 14 90S5: patents.
15 505 65.
Uomihy Ann Grits From store.
$2 753.
(Jbackbd Wheat In half-barrels.
3 50 from store.
Crack ebs Soda, extra. 4c: soda.
treble extra, 41c; lemon cream crack
e?s, extra, 7c; lemon cream crackers,
treble extra, 71c; ginger snaps, extra.
6c; ginger snaps, treble, extra, 6c; as
sorted jumbles, 9c.
New Orleans. March 24. Corn
strong and higher; neld at 66c.
Kansas CiTY.Ma.March 24. Wheat
DDgtttled; cash, 6.1c bid, 651c asked;
April. 66c bid. 67io asked: May.
68j70j; 4Jorn quiet; cash, 26cbid;
April, 2c bid, INC asked ; May, 31 c
ked. Oats, cash and May. 284c bid.
Hjc aeked.
St. Lorjis, Mo.. March 24. Flour
doll and unchanged. Wheat active
and lowr; the market weakened at
t1 e epeninr, but a.lyanred ocly to fall
ol gtin, cl Miug i i j,' lower than yet
te dKy;No. 2 red, csl, 87 c; Msrcb,
m qno'ations ; May. ssjt9e, cl "irg
at 884-: June, 8'i(a : 'j-,t wieg at ij;
July, 81Jjsr. el. King at 81 jc. Corn
doll mid lower; tin. murker opened
nrtn,nut wt-xkem.l imlc.iwnl lc lower
than veaterrtdv; No. 2, mixed, cash,
?3rt'.'4:; Mar'c! :;if bid ; May, (.(
35ji', r'osinir a'. 35....S5J '. Oil's dun
and non.in.il:y :n -.icel: No. 2
tuisul, cadi, S-V; March. 29 Jn hil;
May, 301c. Re n'uninnl'v l.firr- r. 60?
Pa-ley neglect. 'I. lUv atesdy and
f liilv sdivj : p.n.iie. ti7 75 t inotl'y,
5U135. Flxd,$tll9(l 10. Brs'ii
etr ng, fix. CTcml dn)Jl (6
1 90. Receipta Fitmr, 2000 brls ; wbi a ,
8000 bu; corn, 3i.0tHl bu; oat, 10,000
bu; rye. none; bailey, none. Ship
menls Flonr.MXH) brls; wh.at, none;
corn, lO.OX) bu; rats, 'MM bu; rye,
none ; bailer, nore.
Afternoon BuarS Wheat tirm and
l)c higher. Corn easy and !lc
lower. Oata anchmged.
Chicago, III, March L't At open
ing on 'Change to day local and La it
em shoiti jamned in all at once at the
s a t off and bought promiscuously
The market firmrd up g-adnally till
almott noon under the impetus thus
pained, but aa ton s thisadvance be
rnme of any coasrq tence the f-eliig
f the crowd was sh wn by the eelliug
that immediately lo' pfa:e. Prices
dropped back to lh starting point and
wi)t c lower it I, and ad ell'or s
after tht to revive t faibd during the
inoruir gsecaioi. It Is current rumor
tha. the banks which have Dials
large advances on cash wheat l ave
been c-dlirg for more margins during
the. last day or two Corn pet in "d to
be exempt from the depressing i. lin
ings during the early morning, and
BlioxeJ considerable strength. May
corn ooen. d at 3Sjc, scU up to 891u
39;o, aad then sold down ts 3SJ38 ie.
Fiour depreseed and prlc-w un
changed. Wheat tales ranged: N 2,
cash, 7576jcj March. 757(lc:
closed at 75c; April, 7676j.5, c'o'ed
at75Jc: May.79i(a:80git, closed at 79;c;
June, 8IJ(525'', ciosrd at 81c; No 2
red winter, 85o. Carn sa'es ranged:
March, 35J3Jc, closed kt 35(a): ! J ;
April, 3.r36jc, closed at 351c; May,
S81QSl!cljteJ at 38So,sellers; Jane,
38i3;!!ilc,cloeedllersat38jc. Oata
sales ranged: March and April, nom
inal at 26j27c; May, S0j31c,cloed
at :(0ic; June, 31) SUc.clojed a- 31 lc.
Rye nrmlnal. Bail y No. 2, crwo,
60;. FUxsed B'eaJv No. 1,
$1 10. Receipts Flonr 16,000;
whrat 31,000; corn 274,0CO; onti
88,010; ry 1000; barley 34,000
Shipmentj Flonr 11,(00; wheat
22 000; corn 60,000; oats 8'J,000; rye
4100: barley 40,090.
Aftrrnnan 2jta-M4 Wheat clored fl 111-
er; 75 jo March 75c April ; 80a May
81 io June: 83'. July: 83 In Auaust
C .rn stronger ;36.Jc March ;H5 a April;
3)jcMay; 1 8 jo June; 39c.inly.
Bt'TTER Creamery, 33 37c; dairy,
Z2'a2ir; imttenne, H'oiltH'j country,
121'al8c, aceording to condition.
Ciikksk l'rime Hats, 7yt8'; New
Y'ork factory, 8c; full creiini, I212jc;
Y. A., 12Wl'21c.
Mens Pork-Old, tlO 50 per barrel ;
new jll 50,' per barrel; sugar-eniv.1
hams, packed. 9j(9i'; brenkhist ba
con, 7!k'; clear rib lnu-on, 6jjc.
Bi lk Pork Clear sides, 6c; clear
rib sides, 5ije; long clear, 5Jc; shoul
ders, 3j4c. '
I mti - Tierces, 6 ', 01 c ; tialf-t inrrels,
6J6c; kegs, 63($lJc; buckets, 6,
t4c; liiUI-luickets, 7(a7Jc; ,rK)-lli tins,
6l6Jc; 20-lb tins, OJfWiiJe; 10-lb tins,
6J7c; 5-lb tins,6jc ; 3-lb tins, J7e;
choice kettle, tierces, (lie.
FiiKHlt Mkats Ueef G.ssl Kiiukiih
City steers, heavy, 8c; light, 77ic;
cows and heifers, tljje; mutton, c;
lambe, ; jiork tic.
I'ir.s-PEKT Prix, $S8 50; half-brls,
f:;3 25.
New Orleans, March 24 If aeon
steady and firoi; shoulders, 4J ; long
clear, 5.05c. clear, tf 05c.
Cincinnati, March 24. Pork dull,
$10. Lard strong, $6c. bulk meats dull
and nominal. Bacon in fair demand,
firm, unchanged. Butler tirm.
Eggs itronger aud higher 10gllc
Cheese stronger, unchanged. .
Chicago, III., March 23 Pork
sties ranged: Apiil,$0 67)9 70; May,
9 75(39 87J, closed at f9 76.9 77J .
JnuelO 80!9Sc. closed at 9 80(.
9 82J. Lard sale ranged: I April,
6.024(S!6.05c; May, 6 O5(.i607ifl; June,
6.100.12J; July, 6.150.17Jc. Dry
inlttd fhou'ilrg, 3IX)3 95c; short
rib sides, iJ'M'.'ic; short clear
sides,5 Ii05.tj5c. Better an I eggs un
changed, i
t t. Louis, Jlu., March 24 Provisions
quiet and Headier. Pork steidv a'.
110 25. L$rd firm a. 6 90o. Bulk
mfatatteady ; koie lots, long clear,
5.20c; shor; ribs, 5.35o; shortclear,5.
Boxed lots'-long clear, 61c; short rits,
5.40c; shot cba5jc. Baton firmer;
long dear 5 7d5 !; short ribs, 6.80
C.0.8)-'; inert clear, o.W)(?Oc. Hams
steady at 8llc. Butter steady;
creamerj, aotojoc; duiry, I826c.
Eijgs firm.
CtKi'tE Common. 88Jc; ordina
ry, flCajlljc; prime Kio, 11c; choice
to fancy, 11 j13ie old govemirjenr,
s.HrflZa; tjeyion, zuc.
Soap 3j(i)5c per pound. ,
Suoa Eastern ' yellow, 66Jrj;
pnre w. c. white. 61c: off wh te. tf(
6Jc ; ytllow clarified, 6j()6 Jc; open ket
lle, fU'ie. retioed A. 771c; rranu-
lated,77ic; powdered, 7j; out loaf,
7ic. "
bAXT f l 20(1.1 30 per barrel; eacks.
fine, fl 60; crane, II 10: pockets,
bleathed, 27u; ear-losds from levee
or drpot, 5c cheaper.
MDLAssne Louisiana, common to
fair,2327c; prime to choice, 3540c;
synp, 20,40c; common to fair, 2:1
28S nrime to choice, 34X,33c ; eentrii-
ugfi fancy, .fcic.
Xibaoco Oommon, 11-incti, 27(
30c; other gr'des and styles. 25(n28c.
Hnotf-Garrett's, $10 8-5 per ease;
Kfiph'ft, 110 2i per case; K. I... 50.
Canii t-ticks, all bi'ms, in box,
pals and barrels, 7j8Jc.
Candles Full weight, 10jHc- '
Canned Goods, Etc. Prices per dot
ei : Pineapples. 1 1 351 65; peaches,
24 b. standard, $135(150; seoonds,
$1 151 25; tomatoes, 2-lb, ttan.Iard,
fl 10; 31b, tl 35; strawberries, $1 40
Vil 60; raspberries, tl 15(0.1 25; black
ferries, f 11 15: greengsges, f 1 MX)
1 75; pears, $22 25 ; plums, $1 00(4
1 70; asparagus, f2 604; green corn,
11 35; green peas, tl2 25; core
tysters, full weight, 1-lb, t'll 10;
ove oysters, full weight, 2-lb, $1 75
85 ; cove oysters, light weight, 1-lb,
5c; cove oysters, light weight, 2-lb,
'I; condensed milk Crown, $oP0;
Cagle, $7 75; Swiss, $6.
Bai.timobk, Md., March 24. Coffee
dull and easy; Rin, cargoes, ordinary
to fair, 8J8ic.
! New Yobk, March 24. Ooflee spot
fair Rio quiet, 8c; options a shade
lower and dull; sales, 6250 haw; April,
7c; Jane, 6.95c; December. 7c. Sugar
lull. Molasses quiet. Rice quiet but
Appirs Apples, 12 75 3 from
itore ; 22 2-' per car-load from lyve.-
applea, 3(rv4c xt I
Pried jHik-hcH, 3
PoTAToi-Pi.taU. s,fl 90 2 25 frr.m
More; ii c.ii.i j per car-loadfmiu lev.
or cietM.t. snt potalm-, ,2 60 75
IH-rbrl. Pea.s,$l 2.',,.. I 75 )sr ba-hel.
YEiiK-r.Mu.iji- Onions, $2 75 fiom
store; 2 .si .t '.' t;i) (ri)m ,.Vee or deix.t.
t'ubbage. M ,. :; ."si 1H.r , rate. Kr.iut,
barrels, -5 MI-m,; hall-bam-ls, 2 75.
Garlic, 40ilOc jht KHi.
Fki it O u.in.H, Louisisns, none;
norms, none; ientra i.iQf i 60 per
box. Le reotis. ;!;,, ;j ) pPr uos j;a.
raniH IM2 1(0 per bunch. Ctoa
i.nle, $ 4 per 101. IVunnis-Viriiinia,
Oe; Tennessee, biruier's Mock, 3 4,-;
roast-d. vc higher; thelled, 10c. Al
monds, 1820j.
Pickles - la jra, pinn, JiOc; quarts,
II 50; half-italloiip, tl 50; gallons,
f l 75; loDee, barrels, fti; half-barrels,
13 50; mixed, barrels, $10 60; mixed,
halt-barrels, 16.
Raisins Indon layers, 3 40; lay
ers, J2 75; California, ; Imperial,
f3 504
Waln its French, 12c; Naples, 15c;
Grenobles, 15a. Filberts, 12o.
CliEB-Misnuri, $77 60 per bar
rel and $44 60 per half barrel; Vins
gsr. ll(jiltij pur aa Ion.
Poultbv Tnrkevs, per don n, $7
14 ; geese, $3 504 5(: ducks, J3 ; chick
ens, giod demand. $20'3; dressed tur
keys, scarce. 1014c per pound.
Pecans Texas, 8IOo for email to
medium, 1014c for larne: Arkansas.
risn Alsckerel. half-barrt l. No. 1.
$5; No. 2. 13 25; No. 3. $2 75; 101b
ku. No. 1, 80c; No. 2, ,0c: 15-lb. No.
3, OOj. Dry herrings, family, 3ilo per
Ik x.
Game Venison, wholo. 3tf5r. end-
dies, 6(J.Sj; bear, 6(.i1Sj; wl d turkeys.
bu75c; ducks, 11 fx2 60;f-quirrels,
7nc: quails, .ii'int" l ; prairie chickens.
f."; game fish, 08c.
curroK-sKKo oil. ktv,
Sekii Delivered atderotand wharf.
$3 per ton; on hank of river (f. o. b.
boi . st; wseon at mills. 18 Meal
Prime (f o. b.,) $15 per ton. Less than
car-load lots, (16. From store, 90c per
sack. Cake Nominal: $16 ner ton.
Oil In car load lots, prime, crude C.
p. on, 2.i)(248; prime summer yel
lnw.26)27c: off-summer yellow. 251
26jc ; miners', c; choice cooking
summer yellow, 2830c.
Coal Oil Prime white, wholesale
lots, 1 lc per gallon.
Cliveland. O.. March 24. Pet re-
leuiu-s. w., 110, 73.
PiTTsurBO. Pa.. March 24. Petro
leum weak and tending downward:
simewhat excitfd; National Transit
certilicales opened at 76o and closed
at 74c; highest price, 76e; lows. t ,74c.
IIoii-ix-Good driving, I50225;
good sa.ldle, 140a;t00; plugs, $35(.iS0;
good inures, $S5(.i 140.
Mm.Ks-14.3 to 15, $H0l3i"i; 15 to
15j, $I25140; 15J to 16, $I4(H''I75.
Good demand; supply fair.
Hiiies -Dry flint, ll'ac; dry salt,
10((i12.!; green salt, 7('il8c; green, 5()
(in; deer skins, 1618,i; hnnter-hai-dled
coon (kins, each, 20C550u; country
coon skins, 1030c; mink, 10330c;
muakra', 6 10c; otter, $1,5; Iwar,
$15; heaver, 50c$l ; wildcat, 2iK a
40c; fox, 2.'.75c; skuok, 25 75c.
Beeswax, 8f;21r!; tllnw. 40?5.'.
wiiinht. Wilms, i.Mtvoiii. 1 rr.
Whiskv Straight Kentucky Bour
bon, $1 OO-aO; rye,$l 750; domestic,
9(lc$l 50.
Ciiicaoo, Mu it'll 24.
at$l 14.
Sr. Ixuuh, Marcl
-Whisky steady
linn at I 10.
Cincinnati, March 24. Whiskv
ijiiiet at $1 10. Sales of 730 barrel's
hnished gotsls on this basis.
('attik Clioice to extra corn-fed,
!kK) to 1050 lmtinds, 44ie; gm.d, 3
4c; ehoieo grass-fed, 31 3Je; good, 3
3c; fair to mediuiil, 2j2jV; com
mon, l((i'2c.
HiKis Clioice, 3j4c; good, 31(h)
3jc; common, 33c.
SiiKKi -tUioice, 4fo)4Ac; iii.-.lium, 3
3Jc; coiMiuoii, $l(nil 50.
Cincinnati, O., March 24. Hos
dim; common and light, $3 50fiVl 3D;
packing and butchers, $4 10m 4 55.
Iteceipu, 1771 hesd; shipments, 328
Kansas Citv, Mo , March L'i. The
LUv ,Stot:k Indicator reports: Tlie
railroad troubles tlll continue, and
trade is at as'iuidstlll. Catlle, receip's,
10 head; shipments, none; practically
no iiMrktt. Holm receirt'. 30.1. 'issd'
shipments, none; market steady. The
lew BUI 98 m Ads nverntreu UK. to 265
pounds, soi l at $3 75 4 10. Sheep
receipt', none; shipments, none; no
Cm. Ai.o, III . March 21 The lho-
rr' Juurnn! repels: Cattle receipts.
5000 hesd; shipments, 1000 head;
market slow; shipping steers, 950 to
1600 pounils, .. iUj) 60; stockers and
feeders, $2 504 50; cows, bulls and
mixed, i 23 75 ; bulk, $2 "0(,i3. Hogs
receipts, 12,500 head; shipments,
7000 hesd; market strong and 60
higher; rough and mixed, $4 10
4 50; packing and shipping, $4 3
4 u; nirut weiguts, ci(i 4j: skins.
$2 903 90. Sheep receipts. 2(0d
bead; shipments, 600 bed; market
stronger; natives, $2 7.5 5 75; lambs
per head, $4 25()4 50. (
Kw Terh Iry 4oa Markd.
New Yohk, March 24. Dry goods
wiih the jobbing trade a very fair de
mand, and business is present,' but
with tho airents the reuuest is dull.
and thu ktrg(r portion of the Hales is
the result of deliveri. in the execu
tion of former engagement!.
flnd (be Kleotrlo
v. vvunr fir aia.
,i Bnleld ajid Hurcn.o-
j? JH'J urevory Haire ot
AM f Weaken.t ol'lba hid-x-
JfM I r.a a. riuul M,.t.m.
SCrV Variwoole and ior-l er
If; tMon rerunded ii
not ax roprMeriteo:.
I'riw9and niaard.
I fkD l,l,l.,t lTM All
erderf mart bo rent to American t.nltae
!. 75 tiria7, hrw talk, k
all our Wtrn otic-et r dlrnallanwt.
Elertric Kelt Free.
To Introduce it and obtain aaentu, we will,
for tbe next liny dayn, five awnjr, tree of
sbarire, in eab county in the L'. a lim
ited number of nar Vrrmw Llnelre
Wal,awlcosprManrr tlrKB. prine,
A.pofitlre and unlail n cure for Nervou.
Debility. Variooele. Kniimii.nn, ImpuUner.
eU-. s0 reward paid if every Belt we man
facture doe not venerate a aonuiun el"'ri
current. A iJro-e a' onoe KLK TKI0 BKLT
AHE.NCY. P. O. H-.a 17H, Br.Miklru. N. Y.
A Valuable Patent.
VaajT'llUanr-Jl eraawl Pra I'Ua.
HAVING perfected mr Inventtoo, I wlh
o t'lace it before tbe pohlic. eineLMv
mwralacturera. Aif a Corn Plantar, It ii a
perfect noceefa open the drill, di'tributee
tbe ced ene, rately, aninlured, and eo.er
tbe aaue, tbereky one man per for mini the
work ol three. The bva been uxd in
tbit aection tor over doien yearl wilh per
fect atitfaction. can (Ira reipoiftble teat)
moniala. addreaa
JOll.S U DANCT.Danoyvllla.
Haywood eoauty, Teaa.
or depot. Dried
pound from store.
4c from store.
feUaWl HeV t-"H
StCANIll IKiti vw
Ticti.riTiiU ......() a Y.wo, fi p.m.
Virktbtira Citt or Cum, 6 p.m.
Friarl Point. C. uuna i, 5 p.m.
Arkanaaji City. ..Kara Aiuhs. 5 p.m.
C nrinnati Ohio, J p.m.
Csfoola. VtkS Aiaaa, 5 p.m.
Cincinnati i.i.ldux Ck . x, : p.m.
bt. Lou'l . AakiKMl Citv, .t p in
Na Orlain .....N .M.tr II. n kt.ix, 1.' m.
White Rirer DuSatr, f. p.m.'
NO) LMLVI-N AT Till: I.L i i:,
.4rrmi6i. C'oalionin, Friar's Point;
Dean Adams, Osceola; Itelle Mi-m-phis,
Yicksbuig; Paris C. Itrown, Cin
ciniia i.
7i7t-t,rtrvs. Ieiin Adams, Osceola;
Belle Memphis, St. Ixiuis; James W.
(Juir, Cincinnati; (.'luihonia, Friar's
Point; Paris O. Brown, New Orleans.
lioalt IHe Doicn.i iayoso, Ohio and
City of Cairo.
Hixitt Due l'p Kate Adams.
Kerlala Tealrrdnjr,
Belle Memphis 14 bales cotton.
Paris C. Itiow n 5 hd stock and lot
furniture an.!siin.li'ies.
Dean Adams -24 bales cotton, 74
sks need, 150 sks corn and 60 pkgs
Coahoma 36 bales cotton, 66 sks
seed, 42 sks corn, 231 brls oil, I mule
and 25 pkgs sundries.
I Till 4IVt.MtNIN.
Tiik DeSmcl, Capl. Milt. K. llnny,
is the Saturday packet for all points
on White and' lilack rivers.
Tub Lee l.iue pinkcts to-morrow
evening are the Coalioina, for Friars
Point, and Dean Adams, for Osceola.
Tiik Gnyoso, ('apt. V. P. Hall, is
the packet this evening ul 5 o'clock
for 1 lilies Point, Tipton villi and all
way landings. Jesse P, Walt is in her
Tin: City of Cairo, Capt.Sliep Liglit
ner, is the Anchor Line piicket
this evening at 6 o'clock for Vicks
burg and the bends. J. C. Kltou is
her clerk,
Tiik Arkansas City, Capt. 11. W.
Brolaski, is the Anchor Line packet
to-morrow evening at 6 o'clock for
Cairo rind St. Louis. Win. 11. Pritch
artt is her clerk.
Tiik O. Line steamer Golden Crown,
Cii t. F. J, Oakes, will pass up to
morrow evening at 3 o'clock for Cin
cinnati and all way points. Till' Stu
der is in her ollice.'
Tiik O. Line steamer New Mary
Houston, Capt. I,ew Kates, will puss
down to-morrow at 12 o'clock for
.New Orleans and all intermediate
points, James Alexander is in her
Tiik Ohio, Capt. M. M. Deem, is the
regular packet to-morrow evening at
5 o'clock lor Cairo, Louisville, Cincin
nati mid all way landings on the Ohio
river. Harry Proctor im.l Hun v Pest
are her clerks. J lie Ohio will
cheap rates to nil points Ninth
lilMHtl, i;w.
Ill si nws fair.
Wk TnKit clear and pleasant.
Tin: 1-ee Line packets were in and
out. yesterday with fair trips.
IIei kii'Ts by river yesterday, 74 bales
of cotton and 1 10 sacks of seed.
Tiik Chickasaw cleared last evening
Willi a gooii trip lor wiuto river.
I iik river her.' stands I I feet 6
tenths on the gunge, a rise of 2 tetitliH
in the Inst twenty-four hours.
I UK Lclli- Memphis piiNNe.l up yes
terday uft.'i'iioon for St. buiis. She
discharged ben' 14 bales cotton
Tin: James V. Guff departed last
evening tor I iiicumati with 620 hales
of cotton, 275 barrels of oil, 1888 sacks
of cotlon-si'o.1, 2i hales of rag mid a
good lot of sundries, and a fair list of
Cincinsvii Tinuf-lStur : The In
stalls, spars and ollice of the Golden
Itulc have been appropriately draped
in mourning in respect to I he' memory
of Albert I'. Sliinkle, her deceased
chief clerk.
Tint Paris ('. Hi.ovn passed down
yesterday at 6 o'clock for New Orleans
with a big trip. She ml. led below
Cairo 2000 Hks com. She discharged
here 5 hd slock, lot of furniture and
plunder, and added here 130 empty
oil barrels and 150 packages sundries.
M km I'll is, March 24, I p.m,
The followiiigidiHcrvations aretaken
at all stations named at 75 meridian
time, which is one hour faster than
MempliiH time:
Ab've Ixiw
WaU'r. Chang);.
Rise Fall
Feet. lOths lOths lOths
22 0 14
H 3 2
27 Ji 52
7 2 2
4 1
12 : 2
20 (I ii
i :l 3
14 4
f. 0 4
tt K 10
1 (I 2
15 1 fi
11 1 2
K li 1
11 ri 7
21 2 II
i:t "T" II'."'.'.' Th"
211 ;l 0
Chattanooga ..
Kort Smith
I -a Crofs"
Iea ven worth...
Little Ils:k
Nllhll Villi!
New Orleans...
St. Ixiuis
St. Paul
Froen, .
PrTrmoito. Marth 24. Noon River
12 feutby gang and falling. Wttathesr
cl4ar and rjrL
Wrbkuno, March 24. Noon Biyir
10 feet 0 inchss on the gunge and fall
ing. Weather cloud? and cool.
CtSicwwATi, March 24 -Koon River
rising, wilh 27 feet 1 inch on the (range.
Weather clear; tliermomeier 62. Ar
rived: Gaiding Star, New Orleana:
GraniU State, Meinphia.
IxuisviLLi, March 24 Noon Rivet
rising, with y feet in the cans! and
feet 10 inch on the falls. Basluem
good. Weather fair. Arrived: Bnck
eye State, Memphia; W. V. O'Neill
and tow, New Orleans.
Caibo. March 24. Noon Rivnr 22
feet 0 inches on the gauge and rising.
Weather cloudy and cool. Arrived:
Kaymond Horner and tow, New Or
leans, 11 p.m. ; Hurry Brown and tow,
Memphis, a.m. Joseph Henry, St.
Lonis, 11 a.m. Departed: Simpson
Horner and tow, Ohio river, 2 a.m.;
Harry Brown and tw, Pittsburg, 10
JloeenaeaiN oMH-etin NiFitmere.
Nkw York, .Man.h 21 Arrived:
Nevada and Spain, Liverpool.
ft fil A MONTH and BOARD for 3 live
t Al 1 e" 1dlM' ln h ooun
' . wVtfioLKR a CO. Pklla4elpkia. Pa.
N.uthern Traa portatiun Cn.-O. Lint tit
Yickibnra, Katcbea and Nw Orleans Str.
new nary Houston
Lew Katftl maatr.
Will I..,. F. IDAY. March Vth. at lira.
l"'r freiaht or p.uoare applj to C. B.hlis.
--KI.1.. Ac't, 12 .M.difi.n it Telephone ff.
.1 r.n H Fr.mi.iw. I ?ncr tf-nt.
N. lnlH anil Kew 4rlrnni Afarhor
Llnr-I . N. Mll-CAIKO t tT. LOUIS.
Arkansas City, xfZt-
Urnlukl...niattar. 'TTiiiirY
Will .,a tlia Kleratnr FltlbAl. Alarcb
.lh, at $ p.m. Fur Iraivbt ur pMsaca apply
I'. I.. H.T.i. P.- le. AO STOHM. Snp't.
HI. Lonla ! New Wrlraaa At-nr
l.liie-l'.N. .Hiall-Foii ViChlSBUKii.
City of C airo, -rv
Liabtnar muter, ?rv" """
Will leaa tha Elarator TnCRUPAYTMarck
iilh, at t p m. Far froiaht or nunat apply
V. I.. Il.l.l.. Pun.'Awt. AT SToK M. Hnp'l.
Soulharn Traonportatiaa Co. O. Uaa For
Cairo. Louiavilla aad CinolnpaU tr.
Caloltleia Crown. rLtZ
Frank J. Ok, matter Tif - Irisir. ciark
Will laava 1 IlIUAY, Mar. h 2'ltb. at J p.m.
Knr Iralght or panaafa applr to C. B. hlJS
ISKIX, A.ant. 12 Mailinn n. Talaphona 217.
J aiwii II. I'mmuKi l'rnrr A rent
Momplils and (Incluriall Packet Vo.
Will laava FK1UAY. Uarrh Mtb. a. p.m.
For iro ahl or nu applr to C. 1). hl,S
HKLI , AKnt. No. 12 MaJmin at. Telapbun.
.No. iSi. JOHN CAHH, l'anr Aaant.
Mciiiner O i-AM IK ST A lb' lulloa., laav
Ing 'l.ip-iliy. Mnrh :0 It
rot uiooii, iii.isa foint. cruirBrtiii,
Unjoin TipUinvllla Tha new attaimr
W. P. Ull tnaiUr J. D. Foliar olirb.
will Idbts aj above, and all war pointj.
P m. For Iralght or pnniare apply on board.
Iliinla niarw t'ulut mu.i lriu,uia
nn.1 Wacumlai Packet I'umpniiy.
For Ualena. ttlendale, Frlora Foiot and alt
mar iManjintt oteamor
R. T, OlaawM...maatw I Flatt Kbo,i...o. r(
v-ii leave a aoove on every Aionoai.
WKDNKtiDAYaad FRIDAY, at e'olok.5
For Raadolpk, Fnltoa. Oaoeola aad Kay
Laadieia Steamer
J. B. Ooorer, marUr. ... J. W. Bmltnert, clerk
' 0MAY. W KOMCbiAi
and FRIDAY at S p.m. Tbe boaU f a
line raierv tbe ribt to paai all landlni
tuo captain maydeam aniare, 0Sca,No. I
Muim.T JAW I. nil, J..hnr'
Memplils& White Hirer Tkt.Co
K. 0. PoiUl..BHtor I 0. M,r,ota7..'l'()UrV
Ctnrendou, IWniin BlnnT, Iee Are,
ADinala, Jnrkawnporl ajnil Nonrvr .
at 6 p.m. Throorh ratal to all polnti,
r reia-bt conilnned to " Mamphli and W bl'a
M Haokel Ccmpany" win be forward, i
premptly H. V I.OWH, Aaont,
N.. , Mdlon ) Telephone No. M.
Meiaphis, W lilte A It lark Klror Packet
For Helena, DeValli IlluB, Dee Den Arr
iutu, Newport and Bateiville. The ne
and elegant ildewbeel paaena-er iteaia
Milt II arr v .,...mter
Will leave KV'KHY SATURDAY alfto'olr,
P.m. I hrouah ratei to all point. Frail
coniiirnad to Milt Harry bine, Memphii..wii
le prouu.tly forwarded. Vr. J. P D0VL
Uflloe (I M k.I nun it Telephoae 3IW.
Jaaai 1). Faasaun, Pajnener Acent. Tel
ephone '2in.
The St. Frauds Klver TrauporUMoa
Co.'i Fine Bde-W beat 11. 8. Mall 8Uma(
Rene Macready, r.in
0. K. Joplln aaatr,
1 1 KNUAT,
at C e'rlock, for Marianne, tbe Cut-Off. and
Intermediate iandinrf on M. Francli river
Tne captain reiervn tbe rljrbt io pan all
landlnmhedeemianiafa, JAB. LEB, Jr.,
KnMrlnl.n.nl Oft. Ko. 4 V dlon
Arkansas River Pk't Co.
Str. JOE PETERS,-!5v
B. 11. (iruith ... matter. Siiiarr-ieA
Leave) Mompbii Kvery jllKSI) AY, at 6 p.m
11. C. L'iwk, Atent,
on it. Telephone No. M.
OrT."-e, No. o Ma.lii.on i
Memphis and Vlcksbnrg Parke t Com.
pant l. S.Mail Line,
For Helena. :onnrdte, Terrene and Arkan.
at Cltr Tbe elerant paieenier iteaner ,
M. H, Cheelt.. Mier tf, C. Blanker...olerk
Leaerei Mamphli .
KVEHY MONDAY and llll Kf?PAY, at 5
p.m.,rri.rvlnirf!irUbt u. pui ill landing
thecapUito mur'dain un.al.. For eeneral
information applx-' .(l,.,el Sn, 4 Madiion
ureet, K. WALW'ORTU. Aient.
iiV.V.KS STrlAhslllPM.
to i;i'Jtoei;!
4.Kk'a Kacuraloa 'y'nrtf.-a leave
April, Mny, June
n.i .lulet''
d lor Fi
lodM l.lnal Tnnriul 1 lki.fr tru..l
iii iiei i.
tnc clo
in Kurope an. I all parti of the globes feia.
mmk ). by all linen ot tmiaati.
ixili'a Kmcuraloulal. with maiu. nub.
liabed monthlr, l.v mall for Tin Obnth,
lll. ( D.iH OWN.
211 BronJTy. New York.
For Mleenyearathey have iteadllf falned
la favor, end with eaJe eomuntly locreaa
inr have beoome tbe moat popular OoneU
tbrouirhout tbe I'niUd btaUa.
Tbe At ciuallty U waaaASTao TOvjik rwrtrt
aa ioao a ordinary Cuaaara. We bar
lately Introduced tbe t and at H trade
with Kxraa Lose Waiar, aad can larniik
them when preferred.
Hubert award! fruej all the World'l
freal Fain, The laat medal received la lor
Ft est Dtoaca nr .Mr kit, frem 'he late Kpor
lition held at NewOrleani. While aoorei ot
patent! have been found worthlena, the prin
ciple! of tbe trlove-Fittinc kava proved in
valuable, i
Reiiileraareautboriaed to refund money,
If, on etaminition, tbexe Conet do not
prove at represented. Cor ! eierj .
W hero.
Cialailatf froeom WDplteoalom.
1 boniHen, LangJon & Co., -New York
amortment ot lamplei for Hprlne and
Hummer wear, which I have jut revived
from the Clotbinc-Urder Department of-
Thle hmiea doae the laraelt MKll.Ordap
Clothini lluiineia in tbe world. Pioneer ra
working out tbe idea, it hai won a (treat auo
cen by icrupuloun ore in tlliug the ordert
of unieen ountomer.
The p cent eeaon mark, a new era in
toil department of their buiioei.1. the mean
In.nf wltih in even butter lervioe. eieco.
live and mechanical. Thii, with the Ion
nricei. larae chnico of material!, and ainolt
guarantee of complete latiafact on, ihullid.
aje me a flrit cla.m on your ordere.
i lium. HA.tuui.ru.
15 Wst Court Krect,

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