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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, March 25, 1886, Image 8

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Loatrrlllf ,H aw Orleaai aao Texts R'j
fA6l MAIL.
4 :00 p.m
:rS b.bb
11 HO a. I
: a.r
5:20 a.1
I:(H B.I
12:1 ki
! ,i
6:3U p.l
Leland . C
Viok.bare'....-.... P
Bimioi.,,, i ...... E
Bete a Koure .
few Orleena.... H
:" p.m
l:M .
:'. e.B
:U e.BJ
: p.m
12;02oo' 1:46 p.n
8:46 p. 11:10 e.m
viciibare' .
7:16 p. ml 7:JU a,
l.Vlili M 1 1 no antarlne VI.ar.hll.
W,th I.1N.W R. R. for Uelena.
5 For Greenville end HenUucloa, and all
Atiuiu poinu. .
T-Witb V. A M. end V S. P. Railroad..
S-With N.. J. AC. R.K. for Aatohee and
For Homu tbe Breach.
J un.i . 1 I S . a
a With railroad diroratax fur florid ui
voniwinu ....
Petlmao Buffo I Sleeping Canon all trelni.
laalaalnnl nnd Ten neneee. Fit
Bailtraialea.fi dailyat4:3upn).t arrival
at : a.m. LomU freifhl learn at :40
a. at. I arrival at 4:W p.m. rreifnt train
No. 5 and ran tn wly. No. Uavai
Heniihii Monday, Wedneeday and rriaar
lCanaaafll', MnrlnanVId nad Mont.
hia Train! leave M. ana i. a.pot ii ioi
lowi: No. 4, mail and ex preii. leave dally
at U:3u a.m. t No. 3, mail end expreaa, ar
rive eta:.) p.m. no. no, at. iioeu exiirei',
leavoe dailr at :0f p.m.; No. 65, bt. Louii
ex pre I, arrive at : a.m.
BBBhla and Lull Horn Tralni
Soto aa follow! (oontral itand rd tirao):
o. 1 loaf daily at 5: I'.m.i arrive at
t:Wp.m. Vo. 3 leave! aio:o a.m.! arrivea
atS:A0am. No 6 (freixht) leavei Ilopelleld
daily texoept Sunday) at 6:0U a.m.) arrival
at 7 :10 p.m.
NwnerlKannd Mlaalaelnpl Val
ley. 1 rein movo aa follow! : No. I (lait
lindil) leavei at 11:30 a.m. No i loavot
at 11:40 pm. d.ily. Bt. Looia faiit lino
loaToi dilly at $: p.m. tio. 7 tiait lino
daily) arrival at 1:30 p.m. Mall and oi
proai arrive! daily at X:la.m. fit. Louil
fait lioo arrival oaily at 05 a.m.
Himphl! and 'karlaio) Train i
novo ai follow! : Through aipreai Uarri
daily at !:?0 p.m. Mail and oiprM loavoi
daily at;9:10a m. toaiarviHo accommoda
tion lvn daily, axcapt Sunday, at 4:.'trt
p.m. Throaah oipiwH arrivu dtily ats:!ft
a.m. Mail and aaprera ar'ivoi daily al 4:4S
S.m. Bomervillo aoonmmndatloa arrival
ally, aioept Sunday, at a. JO a.m.
IVaaiaviiIci anal )hylll) Tralni
move ai follow! : l'at mail arrivo daily at
diJa.m.i leave! at 10:10 p.m i mail leavrl
dolly at VMU a.m. l)iowo-vi! aoeomn o
datiom laavoi dnily.oiflaplSunday, at 6:00
p.m. I mail arrive! dally at t:0) p.m.
Brown'villa aocommnda'ion arrival daily.
looptSaodar, al 40 a.m. standard time).
!apbli, Rlrmlvtahan! nal 4laa
tie llo l bprinn K"nl-Tralni mora ai
fllow: No. 1 loavoi Mamnhii daily at :4
m. I ariivaf at Holly fprinii at 8:30 p.m. t
Mo. i loava Holly rliinniia daily at uiO0
a.m.t arrival at Mamnhla at ll il6 a.m. I No.
0 Icavat Mamphia daily at 7:90 p.m., arrival
at Holly Sprinri at 11:69 p.m.i No. laavai
olly Hprinn daily at 3:30 a.m., arrival at
amphlt at 8:: a.m.
Waihmoton, Maroh DB, 18o6.
lo'olooka. m. J
Indication! (or Memphis and vicin
ity: Fair, i'Uhtly colder weather.
Plue crf.Crnt, red crrtcfnU
tor tht Oftio V""-,j and Tenner:
Fair uieather, wtaterly wind, cohhrwrath
er in 0k w In n portion, with Hiring fol
lowed by fall ng trmptrnlurr in the ratlirn
portion, with fn'.liiuj ful!owd by riting
afrteoroloKlcal Krport.
MmrHis, Tknn., March 24, 1M6.
Tiuiu. ha . Tiit-r. W ind vV'lbur
7:(W am :i0.0!i.r) 62.0 8K Clear.
11:00 a.m :U).U8 IW..8 H.W. Ol.ar.
8:00 im :).(KH 7.7 M.W. (Hiar.
7:00 p m afl.Wll 74.8 S. Olear.
10:00 pm ;W.O 4 00.8 8. 0ar.
Miximnm tempnra'nre 7H.0.
Mlnin Mm tomperatnre, 51 0,
Rainfall, 0)0.
All observation! are taken on 75
meridian tlnm, which ii one hour
faster than local time.
Tho wind and du-t wort: out
toguUit'r yoaUtrtlay. i
Tluro nro now fourteen randidattw
for County Ie(?iHUr.
Minnio Maddern will p'iu In fty't
of All at tho MeiiipliieTlii'iityrtoninlit.
A aentenee of ten dnw in jail wiw
iuil'owd upon U'iMt l!rii yeHUirdity
for liireeny. f
llio Dan O'Doiinell Mlio(itin 'U80
will bo taken up4it. tlie Criuiiiml
Court to-duy.
Huit for divorea wiw tiled in tho
Chancery Courfajterdny by Camline
apiiiiHt Warrx'n Jncolw. Cruel treat
ment waa Hllfi'fi
Judjfo Caldwell of Jackaon, Tenn.,
and a uuiilidiitu fur 8upreiu Court
Judge, haa.lx:oh in the city a day or
two liKikinit up his old friends.
The fajver cornet band of Cold
water, Minn., will give a grand concert
Friday night, under tho direction of
Prof. Carl Uoebel, a well-known vaxt
sician of Jackaon, Tenn.
W. L. Buniriae, Cliief CouhuI
Ixague of American Wheelmen for
Tenneeaee, haa aent out A circular let
ter calling the atleution of member
to the vote on tho constitution and
the voUs for oll'ieers to be taken on the
30th instant.
Htephen Foy, who Villtnl hia mis
treas, Annie Pingen, at the old Li
brary building aome daya ao, waa
found guiltv of munMlaugbter by a
jury in tlie Cilminal (.!ourt yesterday
and BenU'need to three yeara in the
Licenm'8 to marVy were isaued
yeaterday to ). C. Mcl'lieraon and
Mollio illiamaton, Fran Smith and
Annie Harrell, Jatneg Agio pud Cath
'rino Nelms, J. E. Fouler and l.uey
K. Scwell, Chaa. .lohnxon and Lucy
Ann IlriNon, IVrrie Jellries nnd Ab
ner Ward.
Among the choice FjwUt carola in
preparation by Oliver Ditaon A Co. ia
a collection, at 15 cent, with the fob
lowing attractive titlea: "Kaster
Flowera Are Hlooniing," "Lilt Up,
I jft Up Your Voicea," "On Wingaof
IJing Light." "IUae, Glorioua Con
queror, Kino," "Sing Sweet Carola" and
"Springtime Birds Are Singing."
MlRS PkT (iAI.LOWIV IB nil a viuit it
tho family of ex-Uov. J. L. Alcorn at
luigie iMest, voanoma county, aiisa.
Order Me 'hImhi iTfiiirord'H.
ITaro Your ''remit Cfoeka
Fat in O'dm a', Mul'ord'a, 194 Va n.
Oo to RnilMtar A I ainmarvlao for
lowr tintMiia,ir Rml W-a-riiiiiiK,
BloiiosrHtn itnnvU'H: .11 u I ford.
fl.f VafloriroA l.naninaraloo lo do
Kxcel euro and I di
,4. re the secret! of Muiford'e euctetfl.
Miami UaatalrrB.
At the Memphia Theater to-olght
Minnie Maddern will begin an engage
ut nt ol tbrea nighta and a ma ioae
wi:h her sncceaaful ancif ty drama. In
Spite of All. The Hail and Krpnm
: "Hita Minnie Maddern poaaa
a power, an inde ribable aimethin
by wbicn t be boidi her anditora apeii
bound and nt!ea into tbeir hi aria
Tbia, and knowledge cf her art and
acbarmina manner made ber per
forma nee the Brat night delightfully
natnial and pltating one. nbe ia now
quite ai facinating ai aha waa on that
occasion, with tbe addition i f a power
which thin ahe hardly dared tmat
herself to abow. In ber actir g of the
role now aha diaolara more freedom
anddetper feeling in ber moment of
angnian, and la more pronounced in
depic ing the va-led abadea of emo
t'on which mark fie character. While
giviug int ra breadth and color to tbe
picture, aba ia not lesa natural nor
aweetai tbe yoong and aorely tied
wife, tier 'Alice ie an ajiijuleite lin
"Lwva aadl lr."
Tbe Mi t jn Noble eDgrg-ment,
which begins at the Memphia l'bet r
uonday night, clonea tbe lenlar aea
son. The rale of aeata oprna Friday.
Monday night Itreond Iaxw will be
given for tlie bemniof Manager ri an a
Uray, who ihould bava a crowded
hciiHS. It baa been a tough tbeatriial
aeaoon, and if every aiat could be
taken on the first n'gbt rf tbe laet reg
nlar attraction it would be quite a com
pliment to theoverwoikd manager.
Tb Traveler Via.
Tliis thriving orianijuition. com-
ihmwh! of 120 of tho moat entcrpriKing,
active and inlelligentconiinercinl trav
elers of Memphia, kci t open boumt
laat night, and right royally
did they entertain their gueHta.
Tho punch-liowl waa tilled with an
apparently inexhaimtibln aupply of a
Htimnlating and palatable leverage.
and tho fi'UHt of reaann and flow of
soul waa not negli:cted. Jninea
Carden rtcited Sliamua O'liiien.
Ityan and other local cu ehrilics
aang, Col. Harvey Mutliea uiado an
elixpient nnd witty 8icech, Menken
got off a hnpiiilv worded toaflt. rounded
off by a funny anecdote, and
everybody generally had a glorious
time. Merchants from the
country who hapcnel in
dropped In in a friendly way, and liked
it to well that they a'aied with the
boys, and a merry time thty bid of It.
Iteeemed aaif all Meronhia waa there.
Tbe crowd kept changing, tome
wenr, oinera came, but everybody
waa welcome, and tha anlrit
of fellowship prevailed aa it only can
among traveling men. It waa nearly
midnight before the fun waa over and
everytiody had retired, voting tho
Travelera' Club and.their llrst reception
a genuine ancceaa.
JjAMV kepqkts.
t'lrrnlt Cowrl-Plnr-, lafa.
Calendar for to-day: (ItHidman vs.
Hollenberg, on trial ; Noa. H7II5, (iio
vanni Divincenao va. Herbera ft
Frick j mi. V. L. liihaon va. W. IX
Cannon; 885 Chaa. Hicks va. Kan
aaa City, Kpringfluld and Memphia
llailroad Coinjtany; W2, T. C. Jor
dan vi. Memphis and Charleston
Jtailroad Company ; 88 'U, 1. Wood
rulT vs. Pulilic lAih),r et nlj 8Ht)4,
Francis Rogers vs. Cfieaaiieuko, Ohio
and Southwestern railroal.
M. L. llaoon, aa trustee, quit claim
to Martin Colin, lot 5, north aido of
Washington street, 2:ijxl48J foot, he
having paid the debt received by trust
John C. Nicholson and wife to W.
H. (ilissqn, trustee, to secure Friedel,
Kidcr A Co., in the sum of 1107, lot in
the A. Kerr tract, near the city.
Watson Mason toM.C A (loo. C.
Mason of St. liOtiia, part of country
lot 4!l.'l, north aido of old Madison
street, known aa Mason cotton shed,
Skk ad. of Memphia 'steam Shirt
Factory and laundry on fifth page.
Memi'hibKtainki) Ulahs Works, 236
Third street. Call and sea.
Wat-on'b Bitumen Concrete ia abso
lute proof against dsinnneBB, seepage
a id rata. Ttlephoae 0.18.
IIavx you a damp, unhealthy eel
'ar 7 W, t'on a Uituinau Concrete will
mske it. diy and wholtaome. Tele
phone 0118
OMNiimsKa leave Peabody HoUd for
new Itaw'ball I'ark to-day at 3 o'clock
p.m. Fare, for round trip, 25 centa.
A. 0. JAMK3, Suparlntandant.
Thi Herbal Uliill Uure, tbe beat
tonlo and anti-porindlo known. A oertaln
ana iuio aura for chills Pricall per bol
tlo. Hon! atamii for oiroulara. Any rof
raor (ixon. Addraii John 0. Rookar,
Lynohtoara, Va.
Sxnd to Memphia Floral Company
fir Hat and price-current o' plant.
Have largett stock In town.Come nut
aid eee for youraalf. Sooth guts Elm
wood Cemetery.
"WATonri'a Bitumen Concrete," for
tha paving of cellar, warehouse and
i table fl iora, drivewaya, walks, etc.
Hard, smooth and durable and proof
agaioet dsmpnexa and aeepage. Tele
phone 928. ,
Trc moat tflicacloua atimulanta to
excite the appetite are Angostura
Bitwre, prepared by Dr. J. (i. B. Sib-
grt A Sons. Beware of counterfoils.
Ask your grocer or druggist for the
genuine article.
"I have iikkn AKri.iiTKD with an af-
tiu,tinn lf thollminl fmm
caused by diphtlicria, and have used
various remedies, Put never found
anything equal to Baowa'a BaoNciiiAL
Thochks." A'rti. (1. F- Hampton, FU
Ion, Ay. Sold only in boxes.
Tiik Healing Kvangelist.jthe Rev.
G. L. Knight of Fort Scott, Kaa., can
do found daily irom 1U to 12 o clock
a-m., at No 117 Court atreet. Wea
eyea brightened ; tobacco and whisky
ilcuie oesiniyeu. Willi liod and
bis word all disvases are on a level.
Cancers, heart dis aso, consumption,
etc. If an ottering ia made to the
Evangelist lie accepts it, but no
chargea ar made. The gospel of
Chri't ia without money anpf without
price. r
Fine Watch repairing at .Ynirord'a,
A liruKg.i' Mory.
Mr. Issac C Chapman, drnirgiet,
Newburg N. Y., wii es us: "1 have
frthe iat ten yenra ro'd several
grofs of Dr. Wil ism Hall'a Bl a'j for
iheLni gt. I can ssy of It what 1
cinuot any of a iy tf er medicine, I
have nevr heard a cutt mer fpesk o'
i but to p'aipe its virtues in I he h'gfi-e-t
manner. I I ava rect m mended it
in a great u any cse of aloiirv
cough, with me huppieM tff-rta. 1
have used it iii my own family foi
mmy yenrs; in tact, always haves
buiil . iu the medicine closet reaiiy for
Repobt of Grain Elevator venterdav
Wheat received, none: withdrawn,
none ; in a'' re. 3057 bushels. Corn
received. 143 bushels: withdrawn
444 bushela; in atore, 109,849 buahela.
(fata received, 612 buebela; with
drawn, 5.W buahela; in store, 1.1,325
Vimitobs on 'Change yeaterday: S
B. Chisni, Friara 1'oint, Misa. : J. M,
Garrett, Honey drove, Tex.; Bob
Richardson, Jtevalla Bluff, Ark.; Miss
i cay wamaner, ureenville, Miss.
Misa Sadie Waldaner, city ; Joe. Wal
daner, Greenville, Misa.; Joe. W. Alii
son, Jackson, Tenn.
C. U Gbekn 4 Co. in their cotton
report of yesterday say: Contracts
were unsettled and the business waa
mostly liK-al. The opening advices
irom uverKKii nad aaepreaaing effect,
afterward partially recoveml, but no
new demand was stimulated and the
market closed barely steady at ti("7
point nnder last evening. The for
eign consumption doe not improve,
and there ia a great deal of uneasi
ness here over tlie labor troubles, irre
spective of otner lnilueucea.
Thc following from the Manchester
Kranvntr and Tunet explains itself
I am sure that every one interested
nnmt approve of the letters you have
published upon the attempt to raise
uib ince oi cmujii. it is simply me
action of an American ring, and it will
be nothing abort of a roblery of En
glish spinnora if they can get us to pay
one or two millions of money more
for the remainder of tlie crop. My
conviction is that for the last two or
three months upon every 100,000
weight of yarns sold there la
a loss to the spinner of
100. anil anv advance in
cotton will only add to the spinner's
loss, one ol the largest merchants on
tho Exchange stated yesterday that
wu iiiigni iicpemj ii pun it no auvnnce
whatever would be paid for goods,
and uny advance in the price of cot
ton would come out of the pockets of
the spinner and manufacturer. If the
trade will strictly adhere to tho plan
of buying week by week just what
they require they will bo doing tlie
very best f r their own interests, and
may defy any speculative ring wheth
er in New York or Liverpool. Yours,
etc., a si'iNNEn.
bTocxroKT, Alarcn v.
We take pleasure in again call
the attention of the ladiea to our
Which takea place to day. We
have made all tbe necessary ar
rangementa ti introduce in out
ea'abliabment a perfect
Carnival of Handsome Goods.
Every department will be filled
to ovei flawing with tbe richest
fabrics. We will have tbe 8 nest
display ever witnessed in the
city of Mrmpbie, and tboje la
diea who fail to attend will miss
a ganuine treat. We do not care
to enter into glowingdetaila. Wo
are content to let the ladies judge
for themftlvea without receiving
any piomptirga from as. In the
past our "Openings" have at
tracted thouiianda tf our lady
friends, and those who have at
tended these eventa w ll be capa
ble and discriminating critics of
We are confident that they will
ray that we have made an ad
vance upon our past efforts.
All ladiea love music, and a large
rmj irity of tbem ate th-m wives
musicians. Appreciating tbia fact,
we have resolved to ibtioduce a
To every lady visiting oar, store
this day will be given a loavenir,
copy of the latest sheet music.
Bach an innovation on the custom
of giving souvenirs ought to com
mend ItstlttD all our lady friends,
and we expect to see Ihem crowd
the store from morning to night
Oaiao, March 24 Night River 22
feet 9 inches on the gauge and rising.
Weather cloudy and mild. Departed:
Joseph Henry, be 'oar, 3 pm,
lTjsviut,;Mareh 21 Night River
rising,wilb 9 feet 10 iuches in the canal
and 7 feet 8 inches on the falls. Busi
ness fair. W ealher clear and pleat ant.
EvAssviLLB.Msrch 24 Night River
riaing, with 11 fiet 0 inches on the
gangs. Wastber apiinglike; ther
mometer 45 to 72". Packtts in and
oat on good time.
Cincinnati, March 24 Night River
27 feet 11 inches on tbe gauge and
riving. Weather e ear and pleasant.
Departed: Granite State, Memphis;
G a len Rn'e, New Orleans.
New Oblkaks, Va-ch 24 Night
Airivtd : I'nuiu.s Sherlork,Cincinnati ;
City of Natclua. ft. L us; Future
City and na'ir-s, St Lo in the la ter
did not get t tf uiit 1 turn evening.
St. Ixiuta, March 24 Night R:vrr
risen 12 inclies, and unw Mauds 21 ffit
1 inch on the gauge. Wiather cb a'
ami vara. Ai rived: City of Vuk-
burg, Vicabora. Departed: City of
ri. lAiaiF, new urieane.
or -
PanbixlT Holal.
0. B. Q ALLOW AV A CO PaoratiTOsa.
Katai Ti 00 and at par Uup, amordinc to
iu and location of room Special
ratal mads.
D I Jaraei, Ark R Writ!, Mill
Hen Lei tier, Cal I) W 1'h'lpi, Va
L W Cur, Ark Dan'! Waid., Mnna
I. II June. , VVil SAC'inniniham.Tenn
W Had. NY HMU Wart. N
HC Paul. Kjr W Bi wler, Ky
XI f L . . i u i n iu 11 . I.J
niwiioui in w u f iid'Ii luu
J Flood, M Y Mra W M Kmbraa.Ind
J ComiitoD, Tenn M tiam, Ohio
IJ Kexiniior, Ohio L C lUlrli, Ark
TWOrnr.NY A C llaibrnuok Aw.Cal
1) K MoAlbiter, Ho M ltr.nner, N V
BMO.IIar.Mo K A llvncr. Mo
NOMavn. Pa FQWaaon.Qa
C f llrllraan, Tex O B:ilv. Ai, Mill
.Mill n Unarm. Mm M m M Hem in, Um
a I "; - . I.j n n ii all
8 T Ctrnoi.TeDn 8 L II MIUb, Mint
Mini R MioHol. Mill W L Knberta, Mist
11 V Uiik.ll IT A 1 A'D.iH.. L'-
a i'ii"uii ni n w v iteuiyi nj
0 E Soma. Mm R R fHoott, Ml.i
D Mudaoken, lena W Q Stub.', K
JCVoKht.Ky OR Long Air, Ky
W N Miller, Mill REuorrii, Ny
U 8 Ohetr. Oa r L K Pnrifv Aw. Ohio
J L Cnok, Ter a Mini MeCrum. Va
mik-Vanitmmon, u HJ AloLaugblln, M x
DO lloirdnun, ill A M -boderioK, Mo
W 1, Dower 4', Cila JP Mai tin, Tex
FO Dunn. Ala .1 II Va In. hin
C V Ktynoldi, Mo W i Buih. Tenn
W T Ban, Tenn W McComb, Tenn
W Rawrie. Tenn D W Lake. T nn
J W (iuuvibar, Tenn W H Pui en. Tenn
CM Paine, Tenn M C Pullon, N Y .
K lenroan, n X 11 Uow, Tenn
R M Vanne. Tenn J A Amna. Ark
W Realty, Ark S Newton, Ark
Mra liail.v Ad. IVflaa Mri Simmnni. Mln
T P Johnitoo, Mill T J N el, Mo
w enoditrMi, mo ll h lhani, d U
U . u u . L - . i II' ii.' iii . n
virDoiuuDi u n rveiunsuio, o v
0 fugfer, PC E C Hurler, Ark
M ir.nmpnon, Ata J Unny. Ar
(1 K Knkhart. Aik W II II M ,r. I .
J P Footei, Tenn P Ilnlluran, Tenn
u w uurtu, ny V AiciNalry, Ky
daatoa'a Hotel.
W.H.BINQHAM .....MAsaora.
European plan. Knlamed and reiuruiihed
Priceaaooordlng to iio and looa
tioa of roowi.
n W MoKle, Miia A L Voadr, Ala
K Ij Mi. nil, Tenn R Vi Kinkie, Ark
C K lluiler. Ark KJ Hair, Ark
Mini Hutcbimon, Mo 0 W McC'ror, Tenn
A J Thomaa, 0 .io . ii A TUornon, Xenn
J W llouson, lenn T r ice, lenn
.1 I) II iv.r. Ark
A w Cbamhiiii, Tenn
PB Hill, Tenn
JPTh maa. Mo
Mn 0 B 0 lllm, Tenn
1 S Tuit Aw, Mo
J L Moore, Tenn
H L Fnniok, Ala
D A."herrill. Tenn
J D Fvani. Tenn
W M Vt'ilion, Tenn :
R A Viok, Tenn
J S VVbelem, Mill
M A Fiihsr A, Ark
T K Ps'Urion, Tenn
8 P Wilion, Tenn
N Meriaetbe-, Tenn
I, b Htoker, Alo
Mn 1) Kammon, Ark Minn A leraoion, Aik
T Polio. Tenn J W Horn. Tenn
1 W Kiitb, Ala DPBselon, Ala
M Krhiefer, Ark H F Hood, win. Tenn
A K Williamaon.MiPlR K Dent. ir. Miaa
J 11 Tuimnd, Tenn j J Fl. toher, Mi t
Mra Wiaklei. M A Ko'i iok. M M
C f Pei4on-, Ark C MiMite, wAo, Ark
L Wrlii 111. Va A Wriaht. Va -
J 0 CUI Mm P Dolan, Miss.
the New UaVoto.
to SI per d iy, cording to loca
tion of roomi.
! Murnhr. Ill
L K Ojidvrin, IVnn
D A a"i lar, Ark
M V Davh. Man
h K Hiribner, Minn
K x lltiria. M n
tvira H U Vonl.eir.Ind Mn A'lbunipioD, Ind
JHKwing, 111 Vn B.evher, lena
I'rta. l.owia, Li P V l.eter, Mi-i
J C Nuley, 'enn J C E liridon, Tenn
U D ledii Aw, Mill J It Bo th Aw, Mill
W K Leakt, Ala A K Uuahun, Mo
J Newbergor. Mill Jnmei Martin, Ukis
M Pre tue, NY J V Marcn, Ore
UTCaiui, Mo Klli.n, Toon
II It Sharp, Tenn E M Mutrul , Tenn
Frank Jonei, Ark 8 L Sn itn. Ark
.1 ii Waltb.m. Ark M m T Po.ell Aw, Ala
I) R YYinant, Ark 11 F Snyder. Ark
Fred Sinner, N Y llonj K hweile, Mill
Loiter Barton, Tet CRN lion Aw, Mo
K I Diivitt, Mo r A .lordan. Mill
A L Hatch Aw. Mill J T Wil, on. Miaa
r J llecier Aw, Ark
N Barnett, Um
M T Bryan, Mi,l
K Karril Aw. .Vo
J J Annrewi Aw, La T K Marihad Aw, La
j J annrewi a
B J Shaw, Ark
no C Lawn,
Daffy's Enrapoaai riol.
Corner of Adami and Main Itreeti. iRooml,
000, oj ana ll per day; Amerioani'lan,
ll per day. '
Flnt.alaii Reltaurant In tha llnttil.
J. M. DUFFY (.10 yn wuh Peabody Uotol),
CRor a.
J I. M alone. Ark
J H'.flman, Tenn
W Nnunt, M'm'.
II F Von Kohn, let .
J M Flera, Aik
W A Hauaway.Tena
M e Froit, Milt
'1 B Crem iw, lenn
R D Jonei. M,i
JS.Vl-ri,T nn-
II A Caner, Ark
Heard lex
F L nlerv. Ark
0 T Jonei, Mid
V Lord. Tena
T Lung. "0
W J North, Mill
J Thorn., Mo
A Wriaht, Va
J F l.evirdi, Mill
j i; voae . U !
LW.inh.Va I
w B mown, milt
II C Mo&lwain, Aik -F
I. Coleman, Ky
11 11 Hi hurdr.on.Rnn
JKely. hy i
A 1) Leonard, Tent
WmUi l i.O't
J M iu l h. Oh o
U abernatby. Ky
U W Neil, Mi-a
F 11 Armi ead, Tenn. ,
Clnreninu Hotel.
Noi 61 and-3Madl,en itreet.
BOWL' 8 A LKAK Panraiari
Hatei-t2 per day, day board f&i per
8 J MoPenk. Mill K T Kelghtly.elty
(1 Rul er. Mill
R K hichardnon Ar
F M Willi. mi, Ohio
J II B Steveni, Va
J rihanki, M'M
J W B.k.r, Tex
11 8ianord Tex
Chai Oil. Te-n
O D MHuph.ra Af,
11 J 15 .lea, Ara
John H Morris, Mo
CH Brown, Mo
8 Dai.iel, Ten-
II Ha endnn, Ky
B W Simi.Ky
Til Le ,111
J i h.mi I n. Mi
Meiioo A ll fhuit, Tenn
J 11 tlgi urn, lenn
Miaa i' Bi.len, oKio
T K M.rkh.m.Ill
C M Roberla, '11
M Pienon, UUh
C (io. Aik
A Prinner, Ark
U M O'Urady, Mo
Miaa M Hay. N
OA Tele, teo
A II Tab nen, Fla
W BChimer. tt h
CT Kernao Aw, Utl
W (I Wynier, Aik
. E HI'ch.'l.Tenn
T a Joaea, Dak
AB Wain, Ark
B Cane.', Meiioo,
Old Gold and Hi Her
Taken aaah, Muiford, 291 Main.
? Mem ll riaral 4'nnipaDf
for alula aiua l-nljr ' iliriu.
KolldSilv-rwHrHt Miilford!
Ireuix Hint (ioanliig;.
Lxdies' ami gents' clothes i leare
or dyed in any color, alBO kid glovet,
ostrich featbe-s and lace curtains ly
Louis Reigel.ftS Ji Ucrenn stieet, Vert,
phis, Teun. Goods rivni'-eid by ex pre
Mulfiird, Jfwibr, 2D4 Main, br
loiits ordtrt from lar cunutri.
I, (1 Ilurtbatt. Mill E II Jl.Teon
A It yam, Ohio ts B VYilley, Ark
M .1 ulif.r iw, Chio H L ltatem. Mo
I) 11 huimaKrr. N Y N Dai.-r, Mo
M W Codk Af, Fla J V Bnndernm. M
W A Nnolan. Ill MiiaTiMoe'en. Ill
Tbe firm of GOODBAB & CO. has been dissolved, and we rave reorganised our interest in tbe Wbolerale Boot
and Shoe Bnajnms, in connection with Mr. W. E. Love, late ol Warren, Love 4 Co., 8t. Louie, Mo., and Mr. J. C.
Callicott, of Coldwa'er, Miaa., nnder tbe style of and firm name given below. We thank our friends for their patronage
in tbe past and hope for a continuance of tbeir favors. A. B. GOODBAT-
LaUof Qoodbar A Co., Mempbii. Late of Ooodbar A I o., Memphii. Lateot Warren, Lore A Co., St. Louie. Late of Cold water.
367 & 309 Main
.Ufa?. isa
We are now receiving a large and Entirely Kew St ck of Eastsrn and Cnatom-Made Boota and 8hoe for the
Bpnng Trade of 1466, which we offer at Utock Bottom Prices, on aa liberal terms as can
We have EXCLUSIVE control in this market of the fol
lowing lines rf CUSTOM-MADE Goods, all of whishwe
warrant to give perfect satisfaction:
George Hocker'e celebrated Men's Oalf Boats.
Brady A Sbortell's Boya. Youths Misses' and Children's
Solar Tip Shops.
T. M. Hsrris ACo.'s Philadelphia made Children's Shoes.
Also, L. W. Nute & Co.'a Kip Brogana and Plow Shoes
tbe beat Brogans made in the United States -heretofore
handled by Gcodbar A Co.
We are the only house in this Market handling the cele
brated Krippendorf, Dittmann 4 Co. line of L.rfins' and
Misses Kid. Goat and Calf CU8IOM Gmrl EYfit ir.
RTVELY. nnder thai Fntirv Brands.
The Handsomest in the
South and Its
Men the
The Pride of tho Mis-
sissippi Valley.
A New York drummer, who trav
els over the entire country, was
bragging about the advantages of
living ia Gotham, but he had to ad
mit tbat ia tbe Misfit ClothiDg Par
lors, 2C2 Second street, Memphis has
tbe best and cheapest olotbing house
in tbe United States. He also bad
to concede tbat tbe Memphis girls
are tbe prettiest in tbe country and
that the men here, as a general rule,
are belter dressed than those of any
American city.
Memphis men can afford to dress
well. The Misfit Clothing Parlors
gives them the advantage of buying
fine merchant tailor's clothing at
about one-half its actual value.
The Misfit Clothing Parlors be
lieve in bragging when it has some
thing to bra about. We have been
busy during tbe past two months
hunting up bargains for Spring. We
now have our Parlors packed with
beautiful new goods. Better still,
our prices are wonderfully low.
Come quick and inspect these hand
some goods.
Remember, all alterations to in
sure a porfeot fit done free of charge
by a first-class tailor.
2C2 Second St, Memphis,
Opp. Court Square.
The raradise for those hunt
ing Deal Clothing Bargains.
Cor. Second and Monroe SU.,
Would eall attention of bis friendi
and iiatroni to hia
forarr'iina O-e oVlnial anrl laUit de
linne or K.ireia-n Uo..i io th market.
Havina taken ilPll oare in their lalee
tion, I an i.leaied tola? to mr emtomere
and va 0i. who fttor me w.lb a eall, to
ihow them Inei o anode only fouaj In
' lea.liug bottles.
Electric Belt Free
T0int"duceitan'l .htein eaerti.ewl'l
fur tbe next lixt.eayi i e aear, tree
of ch-', in each ouni in toe U. . a I'll
tied nu U' ber of our W. riaBi. a.lee'rMil-v-ir
r.M.,. nory Hli. Fnoe F: a
Pa. t v and un'ulin cure for N.no 11 le
uiltt . Var ro"l, Einiiio a, Irorntenor,
ec. tMO.iO Keoard pnil il ererjr lle't we
mann aoiure Ouea n..t aeLorale a aenn'aa
ei-erio current. Ad'r-m at onoe ttfj!.
TR1U BEL1' AQttCY, P. O. B t ITS,
llr(K,kl7n,W. Y.
Hull (ti Mail 1
and 18 Gayoso Streets,
wx i iuii no. z uiun
ue maue 07 any competing market.
B00T8 Ml M10E8.
Maarau, lias., March 10, 1886.
We made a contract some months
ago with George Hocker. the manu
facturer of the celebrated "Hocker
Boot," for the exclusive handling of
his boots at wholesale in this market,
and have advertised in various'news-
papers to this effect. We notice re
cently that another wholesale shoe
house in Memphis is advertising
that they have George Ilocker's call
boots for sale, manufactured for the
spring trade. I a order th at we should
not be placed in a false attitude be
fore the trade, we wrote to Mr. Hock
er on February27th to know whether
or not he bad sold bis calf boots to
any other wholesale house io Mem
phia, and we herewith publish hiB
reply. Very respectfully,
Henri. Ooodbar, Lor A Co., Hemphie,
(iKNTMCMKN W L.tra fncf a-
ceived your letter of February 27th.
Goodbar & (Jo. have not bought a
tingle pair of boots from for the
tpnng iraae.
I cannot think that tbev are getting
tfitafll r Y rn 11 aYi anu AtKim nrinna aa n,A
rAPAiVatiti nn nrAfu iKuf than AMild
jobbing house these goods. I do not
tniDJt iney get tnem irom tnem.
Kol withstanding one of our com
petltura p iblixhea a letter from Weo.
Hocker rUtinir 4 he has not sold a
any calf boots for ptiov trade,"
HIE FACT I, we have these goods
now lo store, which w offer to the
trade at aa low prices as tney can be
fonnd eUfWhere. e guarantee
them to bthetitM'IXEHo. Hocker
boot., and adapted tn th prexeut gea
suu'atrado. ki-spfctinily ymra.
MeirphU, WarcH IS. IHSfJ.
310 cwd 313 Front Slreet, Memphis, Tenn.
Stoves, Tinware.
We are Juat In Becelnt
R. It. Plows, Columbus
And a Complete Line of CAMP OUTFITS.
Jamea at . Ooodbar Wm. 1 tiark
37aBtd.XlaBxieca. xouu.i
319 Main Street, Memphis, Tenn.
r offer to MF.KCH AalT) OMLT the laraeit ard belt itoek f Boote and Shoe, we
hare eer bronaht to thii market, and which cannot be lurrawed in quality and
mVii.iooda.lno ud ne tb. I tti Bti Vl KO SIIOUH1I1 w. . aaw ir.r., wenanoie
? larai and iileet TitocVof Cnitom-made Goodi for Men. Women, Miieei and Children. We
"a", a number of the belt make! in the eoun-rr. in aver . Tanety .nd it le. aad amons
them the well known Men'i Calf Boou andShoei manufactured b Geo. I ooker for onr
Krln. Trace. e alio earry a choice line of Lad ei' and MUiea' Cuitom kid, Goat and
Calf GoodlVmanufaotured br Krippendorf. Dittm.n Co. We innU the trade t eiamin
our itook before buin elaewhere, and we f oaratee eTerythinf we 'i.VA""! o
I0U1 hi an. nonre in tnu or any mu.r onj. iu
Boiler Works.
140, 142, 144 Front, Memphis.
in tbe Hoath. and the only comp ete
Boiler aed 8 ..t-Jrni. Wurkl In the city.
MnnaUrlnrer of heavi liile Iron
wore of ewery leHrrlr,ln' opeeiai
...K.,l. - " wrt-VJ
Manlioofl Restored
K M Kl), b aa a. A iimim oi jou " I" 5
tunni Pramatore Uw.arrooa l.Jt Un
Jaannf Ptemator. utotLf. .n"" 't'rT
laDhJU. Ae.. aaa, Tu?.d IB niimr, koowj
j rrrTRY
A4ra. J01-&lj:Tti,t3aiairianr)t..r aoraj
Memphis, Tenn.
We also control the following Specialties under oar
own brands, viz :
Goodbar, Love 4 Co.'e Men's Grained Oalf CUS-
TOM-MADE Bals, Bu'ton and Congress.
Gnolbar, Love A Co.'s Men's N.K, Calf CUBTOM.
MADE Bals, Button and Congress.
Goidbar. Love A Co. 'a Ladies' Kid and Goat CU
TOM-MADE Flexible Polish and Button $3 00 Shoes.
Oar Ladies' f 3 00 Shoes are made from the beet se
lected Curacoa Kid and Tampico Goat Stock, and have
8olid Sole Leather Counters and Flex ble Inner Soles
and we warrant them to fit and give perfect satisfaction
(n ewarw rewnect.
J. G. SCHnlDT & SON,
fmportera and dealere tn na, Atnma.
nllloai end I'lahlnn Tarklo, tia I !-
Hardware, lirla He-la auxl Aa
niinelaUm (or Botela and Keidearai,Sa
Mala IriH't, Hempbla, rena. Electric
aupliei alwayi oa haad. Repairing neallj
Hung, Ammunition, Fianina; Taekle
and Sportsmen's Supplies,
3 MaJm Street, Sempbfa, Team;
Mannfaeturinj and Repairing of Gnm a
Hrxwta'tT. axr-Te'aphona Ne. 90H.
Frank Schumann,
TmTWirtnv and rWk&ta. f n
On, riNtalnar Tackle nnd Hporla.
uien-Bnuipiie per- cpeoiai avieDiion
rven to M ANUFAOTURiiNtf and RE
PAIRfNa. -u
4ia Wain ratHTenniliiw, Tenn
Sweet Tickles, Etc.
Sinned Frail Pickled Orange,
smiled rralt riebled Cnenmben,
SlalTed Frail Plcfclrd Peppers,
Muffed Frail Pickled Maiaaoea,
nixed e,weet r lea lee.
rw BUtckweira Cbow-Ctaow sod
Mlxrd Pleklea,
Plain Cacnmber Pickle by tbe anil.
Oilier braada ef Plata itnil Mixed
Pickle la Viae and Olive.
oner Second and Kealn Sta.
of a larae Shipment ef
Steel Drag Scrapers.
Eugene J. Varrlagton I Frank 6. Jiraea
IUU11IUU W an 7. ifa aa
Jobh OviaTOR, Ja. 0. N. (JaoavKKoa.
Real Estate Dealers
Ofiloe,264 Second Streets
m ext. e affi4l V afJI
Taxei tttii, Konti Collected, ete., ot
Oo? I n,-., on
Young & Brother,
Hook sellers andStafioners
21 Mnlu isi., tnrvnipulisTeun
Wlatalnar to Cetire Irorn Baal new
aa., lie. .w a .. i
.... " " fc . - .
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