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Mianons daily appeal fkiday. march 20. isso.
Freight Traflle Effectually Blocked,
as No Tranfferi I'm Now
Be Made.
jat ;oi LU.
jk Karaiadtike'i Prtclaaiatloi-r
" One Freight Tral 8t tat
Mlllturj Preparation1.
field. We have sotifrliU we ne
plead, we have M.-maniioa '
heard. To all thia Mr. Ooiild baa
turned a deal ear. A n.l now, before
the world, we challent-'c him to hear
our eomplainta; before the worid we
. . , lwn ha cava
impeacb ma veracity -
we have not prearnieu uk--"- y
the world let the trial go n. lu- er
ring to the deewion of Mr. Gould to
.tie the organixation of n'ght ol
Labr, the addruM nvn : r.
and hla eounael well knew that au.ti
silly emanations are an insult to the
intelligence of our school boys and a
rhalleni to the courage of our grand-
niotuors. me ftoanw. ht
an aiipl to the strikers to stand
flrtu until ineir orprauM'"""""!
niuni and their demands granted.
f For add Uonal Strik AK ft U Page.
' Kt. Lorn. Mo., March 25 Gov.
Marmtuk- of Miwoori istned at a
i,ir lat niffht a nrojlsmation
relative tothe tai'rojd sirike, m fan a
i. ..,... i ha rrtumeica of the Bar
After d-flning tin n-iHve duties of
tha railroad company acd their em
ployee, ihe proclamation contmti?"l-i,
WButiroHa-, I, John P. Marmalok,
Covemirtf ttie Sta'e of Mimourl, by
virtu ot the nulhtrityln me vested,
a,, v o cull nnonthe Mifsiorl Pa-
I'.iinv fininanv and upon ils
m.n .n l AirsbU and its employes c
...ur ,,rU,li. tach in their several ca
' . . , : i .nif
ptOilHH, to SfSIW in rPBnilllUK irauiuui
all kinds in the ucual wav on all ri.il
nad lnsop rated by lad company m
MiiHMiri; and I warn all personr,
whether they be employes or not,
asa nt interposing any obstacle who
ever in the waycf eaid lewmplnn.
And with a firm relience npon the
coring", good senie and law-abiding
spirit ol the public, I hereby call upon
a'l good citiaem to assist In carrying
out the pnrpoies of this rro Umation.
And IaUo hrely pMe tbe whole
power of tha S ate, so far as it may be
lawfully wielded by itiehittf e xucu'iva
4,.it n aim's ID sa:l COmi A17 Slid 1U1
ervaats in laid ret uinotion aad tj re
ttmin aad punish all Iba', nay oppes)
of District Asoembly No. 101 of the
Knight of Labor, was seen by a re
nnrtMr earl this mr ruing, aad in re
ply to a question whether or not the
men employed in tbe railrcal yards
in East tit. Lonis would be ordered to
atrike ss a result of tbe )a'e rbargs
in tbe situation, said: "The Easteit.
Louia yardmen will go out this after
neon at 3 o'clock. You kno- they
have bieu anxious to go out them
selves for some time, but we have
been holdina them. Yesterday they
sent a c mndttee t the Executive Con -m
ttee of Assembly 3G'K) and ttiey ret t
them to us. They said they wanted
to go cut i:nmedintely and we decided
to fix tbe time ft'- 3 o'clock this after
noon. They will tc3ordingly all ttip
work at that time unless tbe Missouri
Pacific otlieials show a disposition to
treat with as."
" Preparations are being made at the
ViMibinarters of the citizen coldiery
io this city for the protection of th?
arniorv and the property of the rail-
, road eomoanies In this city in the an
ticipation of military assistance being
necessary to make powibie toe resump
tion of trtffio upoo the roads now
blockaded by the striking Knights of
.ttbor. A regu'ar guard Is kept on
dnty at the armory add tbe Rainwater
Rifles and Company Q (bianoh guards)
are alto uader arms at tbe same place,
' ready to go to the fteiUtance of the
police at a moment's notloe, and all
tha.mliitla forca of the city are nnder
instructions to ha ttAf lot action at
(be cal ol tbe Governor.
- i CRtlT cbowd
of mtn, women and children gathered
this morning at the scene ol yester
day's riot in the anticipation of wit
' re -Blng i similar d's urbsnco to-day,
which wis expected to a1 tend the
' efforts of tbe Missouri Paciflo railway
officials .to start out another freight
train. They were greatly dieap-
" pointed, however, tor the train was
made up, at Seventh street, where no
' 'more than fifty spectators were pres
' ent i A larKe force of police, how
ever, had been summoned to guard
the train, and after it had been made
np, accompanied it through the city,
some preceding the engine and others
mnrrinff nlon bv the side of the cars.
At Hnmmit avenue alaa crowd of
men had ongregated and upon their
making a hostile demonstration were
charged by the police, who diepewed
tbe mob, and the train passed that
noint safalv. Further on, bowerer,
one of the strikers eeparated from a
crowd of his friends and, jumping
npon the side ladder of one of the
ra-w. attempted to d'nwthe ccupling
pin, but was nncucceseful. The police
men in cbn'Bj of thiB car ordoied him
to gtt otf, out no altMition was paid to
them, and lie nerfiisted in bis efforts
and failed only because be bad not
euttkient strength, Several similar
attempts were made to uncouple the
cars, but the act proved unsucresslul,
and tbe t ain tiuallv reached the city
' limits In safety. Thence tbe t'ain
proceeded on its way and tbe police
returned to tbeir beats.
- 2rt4 .m. The-etatameoi- nade4a
these die pate lies to tbe etl'dct that tbe
men emnloved in tbe vaiious railroad-
' yard in Kwt Louis wonld strike at
3 o'clock this af'ernoon is now posi
tively verified. The railroad oflioiala
now sdmit that they confidently x
oect their men to bo out at that time
This new strike will comprise all of
' ' the Wiiwins Ferry employes, and will
' etTtxtaally blockade all freight trafllo
' in this citv. for no transterring can
tben bs done.
Sd.hi. The Eut St. Louis switch
men and yard iiien ttruck at 3 oMock
this afternoon.
i-mm the aimari PISlerliie.
vom Wauh Tut. March 25. A
Mmmitte of the Uistrict Assemblies
ra...A im ITninhU of I.ibor. cover
ingalt the' teintory. frotn Hannibal,
Mo., to Laredo, Tex , f nrniah the As
Press a lona Btatem 'nt of tbe
causes which Ud to the itrifce on tbe
Missouri Facifin road, in answer to
o('m.rit bv Mr. Hoxie and the Gov
arnnra of Misioari and Kansas that
there were no grievances. The essn
tial points made are the chiel pro
visioni of the contract of March, 1885.
between the road and tbe Knights cf
Libori v .j First, that the wages oi
Sentember. 1884, were to be the basis,
with one and one-half time for nun
days and overtime over ten hoars;
second, men's wages were not to be re
duced without thirty days' notice:
thBt the contract was to be observed
on ell nilroiids under the Missouri
Pacills management; bnt Jeaving the
T.iu PrfRifls railwav out of tbe pres
ent consideration, that Contract has
been broken, violated and ignored
time after time, to-wit: la many caies
the September wages never were re
stored as the agreement provided;
section foremen were reduced t5 per
month without SDV notice I boiler-
mitan were sent out on the road from
Denison and allowed only one-half
time while traveling; engine-winers
in rnnnd-houses were reduced from
ti il in Si 15 ner dsv : the car fore
man at. Fort Worth waa reduced
ftio ntr month, and then had to
Hi the work of two men
fnr which the comnaov had previously
paid double what they paid him ; the
foreman in the mill at DeSoto, Mo.,
was reduced $10 per month without
notlcs: car men at Parsons were te
diicedSlOner month without notice
many men worked over the entire sys
tem eleven and twelve hours per day
without extra compensation; check
rl-rks In freight-houses were reduced
." nnr month without notice; men
were discharged on no other grounds
than that they had taken patt in the
strike of 1K85, and new men weie em
ployed io their places at less wages;
systematic method ol discharging i
dftiil and replacing with cheaper
mnn was beinii carried out. which, if
allowed to go on, would have resulted
in hiimrins the men back to the re
duction basis against which they
f truck in 1885. They assert tbat they
kttnd tbeiIv to nrove all their asser
tions; tbat they tore with their
wroeffi as Ions as they oould ; that
thev reneatedly sought redress in
vain, being put aoouc irom omcer o
oflioer to no purpose, and that finally
in sheer desperation they struck.
no demands having been made npon
them bv the 203 men in thtir employ.
Thla will be the first practical experi
ment in tola city ot the short aay p"
by a large establishment and will be
watched with interest.
The Pttlaharst lrH r SHrlhe.
PiTTHBDRO. Pa.. March 25. A more
unsettled condition cf affairs exists
to-day smorg the street-eir men and
their employes, and a general e'rike
on SitorJay seems ijnite probable.
The workmen met last nisht to con-
aider the compromise proposition sub
mitted by the railway cUlc-an, ami
nanlmously decided to stana lor iue
original demand. This ultimatum was
preeented 1 1 tbe va-ious cotnpanici
thil morning by District Master Work
man Evans, with the stttemeDt that a
definite answer was eipicttd to-mor
row. It the demands are not con
ceded a strike will be ordered. The
otlieials are not diipote i to concede
anything, arjd as both sides appear
determined trouble la looked for with
in tbe next twentj-f jur hours.
Eyes A. VACQARQ..& Co
I rich Programme to Be
nouneed in the tommens
on April 8th.
The Htrlklnc HoroMO Mm.
Wij.MisoTOM. Dkl. March 25. Tbe
ttiiking morxco men all returned to
rrk thm moriiioff. and every lacorj
in tbe city ia running full-bunded. The
understanding ie, that tin ame strike
sitoa'ion is reslo cd and all mat'ers iu
disputaheld in abeyance on'n i nuay
evening, when a conference will bs
held between the mmufacttiivs and
Executive Oflicer I'olville ot the
Knights of Labor.
tffMlaar thalil. Inl Mrlke
Sr. Lortis. Mo.. March ,25. Tho St.
Lonis RefininBsnd UmeltingCompanv
to-day closed their works, throwing 300
menoutof employment. This a'tion
is caueed by tbe impossibility of the
company to procure supplies, owingto
ern evs'em of railroadn.
tiled With (he DrUera.
Daytow, O , March 25 The Fifth
Street car line has settled with tbe
drivers by giving them $2 per day for
sixteen hours' work. Third Street has
msde a similar char to tbeir moo, nut
it bai not vet been accepted. Ihe
Oakwoid line la s ill on a strike. All
is quiet, and it is thought that oy to
morrow all the rotm win us ruumug.
FPKlaeers' Orlevftweea Ihe liar
IIdkIom Hoed.
Chicago, III , March 25. Mr. P.M.
Arthur, chief engineer of the Brother
hood of Locomotive Emrlnfers, who
la in the citv for the Durncsa cf con
ferring with Vice-President Potter of
the Burlington road, regarding the
frievances of the engineers on that
iue. was seen by a reporter. ' Ho fa',"
he laid, "we submitted our propoei
tions to Mr. Putter, but we did not
reach an agreement, and Mr. Potter
aaid we would hear from him by
Thursday night, and we expect that
he will lav his proDositiotis before us
this afternoon. Tbat is where tbe
miliar atunila at nreaent. I am hope
ful that we shall be able to have this
matter amicably adjusted."
Feaia Tbat the Blrlhe Will Ixlend
Picthburo. Pa., March 26. OoL
Fred Knowland of New York, gen.
eral passenger agent of the Pacific
roa pinned through the city en route
to New York from Chicago. In speak-
.1 - . ! 1 1 1. ' 1-1 i -.
ing ot me striae on ineuunm bdibiu.
be sld; "I fear the strike) will extend
eastward, though I have no positive
of the plana of the men.
it la a most serious crisis a crisis
which threatens mum larger iniereeui
than Mr. Oould's. Iu New York the
merchants are shipping literally Dom
ing to the West. Business is more or
less affected everywhere, and with the
present prospect oi tnicxeniDg com
plications and extended strikes, I
don't tee how much improvement
could be expected in the near future.
Railroad men generally would not be
surprised to see the strike extend."
Quiet Marshall.
Marshall, Tix , March 25. Noth
ing of importance transpired yesterday
in connection with the strike. The
men still remain firm, and declare
their intention to win if it takes all
ummer. Leading members of the
Knights of Labor say they are now on
the aggressive aud have no idea of
yielding. A walk through the shops
shows that a few more men are at
work each day, and it looks vary much
like the company are going to run in
spite of the strike. Marshall was
never more quiet aud ordnrly.
Ureal Activity at Uaamn I lly.
Kansas City. Mo.. March 85. Tbe
greatest activity prevails tbi morning
in evary swttch-yaru, excepi uie mm-
ourl Pacific, and freight is heing nan-
.ti.it with all noasible ce eritv. lbere
will be tome delay in consequence oi
the blockade, but it is not expected to
be serious, aa the strike was of short
duration. All bnsinees m wnoiesaie
linns resumed to-dav. and city Indus-
triea are resumioB their former con-
LjiLlnn Kotiilna devalflued , to-dav in
the Missouri Pacific strike, uov. Mar
maduke's pioclamidion ihas not yet
had any visible effect upon tbe sites
Hnn hArA. .'-
The following report was received
here concerning the situation in the
switchmen's itrike at St. Joseph: "A
nnr t inn nf the men returned to work
at 1 o'clock- this alternoon . The
s'rikera who did not are endeavoring
to intimidate them, but the police are
on the grounds to protect tbe workers,
No eomnromisa vet. The men at S'
Joseph are not organixsd in the
Switchmen's Union."
The Hew Tork Clonk-Makers.
New Yobk, March 25,-The strike
nf tha cloak-makers still continues.
BlscboQ and Ohlenheimer, both large
cliak manufacturers, to-day notified
the striken' committee tbat tbey
wonld riant the demands of tbeir
operators. Up to noon there had been
no answer made bv the Manufacturers'
Aseosiation to the proposed agreement
from the Central Labor Union. Orders
were therefore issued to call out sll
the buttan-hole-noakers employed in
th ahnna nf the cloak manufacturers.
Tbey stopped at noon, and thus added
nearly 1000 men to tbe ranks of the
cloak-makers. '
Lobdow, March 25 Mr. Gladstone
ia ill. lie caught cold yesterday, and
is to-day confined to his room. He is
suffering from chills rnd diarrhwi.
Tbe attending physicisns have for
bidden Lim to go out of the house.
Mr. Gladstone will therefore be nn
shle to go out cf the hout-e to-day.
lie had appo nted tvnight aa the date
rn which he would nsme a day for
the presentation of his Irish proposals.
It was geneially expected that he
would atc-impany bis announcement
to-night with a short speech, which
should intimate the nature of his
Irish scheme.
IAii7aI Irch id, the Parnellite organ,
publishes an ed torial speculation,
based on a sepposition of the failure
of Mr. Gladrone to carry bis Irish
measures tbnngh Parlisment. It says
that if such s failure should poseibiy
occur it would not only be a Parlia
mentary scat dal. bu": wonld be lol-
Inwed tiv a most hnnible "eupprecsfd
civil war." 'The Liberal party," the
paper continues, "would, be split.
One rortion would stand watching in
helpless shame the lerronzuion oi
Ireland. Tte other portion would be
dracoed at the chariot wheels of a
Brummagea uromweu.
. ,18. OLAD8TOMC
ha decided to have the programme he
had marked out Hr himseit in toe
House of Commons this evening car
ried out, despite his inability to be
nreaent. Si William Vernon tlar
court, Charcellor of the Exchequer,
will, therefore, speax lor we rremier,
and will make tbe announcement
which Mr. Gladstone hsd promised to
make nflrsstailv. Mr. uiadstone naa
hoped op to the very last moment tbat
he would recover in time to keep his
appointment, but when the hour for
openlns P.rliamen arrived bir An-
diew Ulara.nis cniei pnysician, iuuuu
that the caiient's condition was such
that any outdoor exposure, let alcne
the nKO of Ms voice in a public speech,
would certitniy be dangerous, and a
peremp''ry order forbidding the
Prime Minister to leave his room was
given. To ibis tbe Premier reluctant
ly submit:ed. '
Mr, uistuione cansui, ma turn
night while away from home, lie
went nl, a late hour last evening to
Lotd Wolverton's residence at Wim
bledon and this morning suflered from
hoarseness and chill", which increase u
as the day progressed. The physicians
say there is nothing dangerous in the
Premier's rate soione as no i uuiouu-
jected to exposure. The doctors them
selves manifest no anxiety about tbe
The Onhinet meeting which is ap-
nointed for to-morrow, following the
r . V .1. 1. t La mo,l- In
announcement wuivu is iu us mi u
the House of Commons this evening,
will he of nar'amount importance, and
it is deemed absolutely essential that
Mr (l a in one be nresent. mr W il
liam Harcourt at the session of tbe
llnnaA nf Commons this evening an
nnn need that Mr. G'adstone would
state bis Irish policy to the House on
April 81b.
The rvc ai-e always lu fymiKitby wltn
the body, mid afford au excellent index
of IU condition. When the eyes become
weak, aud tbe lid inflaiul and ore, It la
an oiiU'iice tliat the lcin has become !
disordered lv Serofula, fr bieb Ayer'a
6araparilla is the Ixt known remedy.
Peroftila. wliieh proluccl a painful ln-
fluiiiniHliiiu iu my eyes, i-auacd iue luueli
iitrerin lor a iiunilier or year. l.v ine
advice of a phynieliin 1 eoniiin nced taking
Avera MirsHiiai'ina. aiut uhhk
uiediclne a nbort time I wu completely
3fv cvea are bow in a ph-mlid condition,
and 1 am an well and Ktion as ever.
Mm. William Uac, Concord, . 11.
For a number of Tears 1 wa troubled
with a humor in mv eyes, and as unalile
lo obtain iiiiv relief until I com need
iisin Aver'"Saraparilla. This inedieine
lias elleetcil a compieie eiirp, ami i wiio
It to he tbe liest of IiIikkI purifiers.
C. K. I I'tou, uhtiiia, . II.
From ebildliood, and until wltliln a few
nioutbs, I have been nlllieted Willi Weak
ami Sore Kveit. I have us'd for these
coinpliiints, with beneficial results. Ayer'a
barsiiparillii, and consider it a great blood
purifier. Mm. C. l'liilllpa, tilover, Vt.
I suffered for a rear with Inflamma
tion In uiv left eye. "Three ulcers formed
on the ball, depriving me of si;!it, and
causiii!; irreat pain. After trying many
other remedies, to no purpose, 1 was finally
Induced to use Ayer'a Sarsaparilla, and,
By Taking
three bottles of thia inedieine, hnre been
entirely cured. .My sight has been re
stored, and there Is no sign of Inflamma
tion, sore, or ulcer in my eye. Kendal
T. Boweii, Sugar Tree Kidge, Ohio.
Mv daiishter. ten vcain old, was afflicted
witli Scrofulous Sore Kycs. DuriiiK the
last two years she never saw light of any
kind. I'hvsieians of the highest standing
exerted their skill, but with no permanent
success. On the recommendation of a
friend I purchased a bottle of Ayer'a Sar
saparilla, which my daughter commenced
taking, llefore she had used the third
bottle her sight was restored, and she can
now look steadily at a brilliant light with
out pnin. Her cure Is complete. W. K.
Sutherland, Evangelist, Shelby City, Ky.
And Commission Merchants,
26 and 202 JPront St.. 5feput.ai. Ten.
J. T.
a nn
Wholesale Grocers & Coltoa Factors,
tit Front Street, Memphiii, Tena.
Cottoa eonstt ned t ua will hava oar eareful attention. W earr at all timae a wall-
ftlAaltAil ItAOk Ol
8taple'& Fancy Groceries, Wines, Llquors,Toi3&cco & Cigara,
And will twill Iw le 'll.
Jos. Sctilitz Brewing Gompanv,
Ayer's Sarsaparilla, MEMPnI8 BRANCH,
S. ROESCILLR. Agent, Mem-oHis, lonn,
Trenared by Dr. J. C. Aver & Co., Lowell, Miua.
Sold by all DruKfc'UU. Price $1 ; aix buttle, (5.
Flesh Producer & Tonic !
Hear the Witnesses!
Office and HoUH-a ,
Depot and leeuooe,Mr.nii,m
Sales la 1883, 890,000 Brr.l....8l. P! .
Ftnim in -r-mm mm,v" " -aa
a .anm (or tha meek olJ mountalni, tha
mountain I (rand and itrons.
That liftail olaar f aarth all nrins and lum
And made It gay with avargreen and than,
ni h ona accord, .
They thoulderad tha anowi In allelic and
atood balor tha Lord. , j . .
Thai did it fur tha roie'i take that robin
The statement hii:h appears to
have putuyl cirrtilation outaiuo of the
city that tho militin hiw been oallod
out, is entirely unfoumled. No rail
has bitm made, and th small guard
at the armory is maintained there by
tho rejrimenUil ollit'ers merely a a
nrecantionury measure to protect tho
nrivatfl nroiM?rtv and the arnm and
ammunition stored in the luiildinn
from possible depredation.
The Kxwtitive lVard of Itistriet As
semblies 101, 17 and :i, Kniirht of
Iabor, have issued an address to the
, Knights of Ialor and trades-unions
..throughout North America, intended
as a reply to statement made by Mr.
Jay UouM last night in regard to the
strike of the railroad employes of tho
Southwest. After quoting from the
statement of Mr. Gould, the sentence
saying that the employes u-on
his roadi have YiresenU'd no
grievances to their management,
the address says: "Wo have
wearied the press ami worn the tyjies
of the world in stating grievances and
demanding an opportunity to present
thein to Mr. Gould and his lieuten
ants. Wo have offered through the
highest channels that repro sent u m
the nation to meet hiui tion any
A r real at Paris.
Paris, Tax. March 25. Allen
R-urers. colored, who has been iDtlml
datim negro section hands hare and
causlnt ttiPiu to stoD work, was ar
rested by United States Deputy Mai
aaia yesterjay. Kigers ia not
Knight of Labor. Additional arrests
are expected to-day.
A Belter rrll-aar at rhlaaa. I
Cuicaoo. III.. March 25. The news
of tho termination of the strike at
Kansas City has infused considerable
confidence in the minds of the railroad
otlicia's in Chicago. Freight of all
kinds is now accepted by all the roads
for Kansas City and point beyond.
Strike at l'aBravllls laid.
Connirsvillc, Imd., March 25. All
the furniture workers in the four man
ufactories here strnck to-day. They
number 500. The dispatch does not
give tbe cauee.
The Eight Hour Sysleaa al SI. Louts.
St. Louis, Mo., March S5. The Cat
tin Tobacco Company ot this city have
decided to inaugurate the eight honr
svstem In the r factory Monday next.
No reduction in the wag?a of their
eniDlovee will be made. This action
of the company is entirely voluntary,
lUt korn
And Indian gold mlfht fiuh alcng the rank
n 4 Mia nf Min.
Thay did it for tha littla gravw, bad nowara
.i .t.iiit. . .
We'll nolle totctner by and by and All th
earth with May.
Wall dec forth grim old meuntaine, and
1 1 r.. ik. bin h n I i H
ITnon their ihoolderi utout and brave bia
gold ana eriineon umue,
Twai meet that the princely morning with
L.n..... n 1 1 ..nfnrla.l
Bhuuld kuigh-. them with bit royal touch
across in munir, wnrm.
i icftly u oo mountain air beatitudes were
. V 1
At gentle as th lily' bud among the wordt
So did tha dear old mountain! lay tha i rk
ling winter down
Upon the poor dumb boom of a world io
mire ami orown. ,
So noifclrmly and tilent inch radiance and
At If anowy wing ahnuld fold upon a par-
row'a lireaii. ,
Far throiieh the dun, uncertain uir, at still
H ater blow . .. . , . ..
The downy, drowny feet nntull tread out lh
world e know,
pon the plne't aroon fingers act Bake alter
mike they land, ....
And tliuker with a feeble light amid me
ahadowy Dana. ...
Upon th fnrm yard bomely realm, on
rick and rugged bin
Till river, oak,. and ttrawy heap, wr
dome and tnver iear.
Th cottag wt an eaaurn dream with ala
baster taveri, .
With lilect growing round about with dia
monds for leave.
The well-aweep gray above tha roofaailver
acoant noou
A nd ilvr willow wopt their way to meet a
iilver wood. ,
Th ruiMit groves had blimoui! white aid
budded lull wun siart, .
Th fence were in uniform, tha gat pou
were hunmrs. .. ...
Th ehlmneyt war la turbana an wun
flumes oi crimson aaiona, (1 ,
h oostly breaths were tlrr whB
And gtm and jewel everywhere along tn
, tethers strung . ,. . . . . .
Where mant'ing rosis one had cllmbd ana
Eo through the dim uncertain air a Itill a
astera blow, .
Th downy, drowsy feet unto'd tread out
the worm wo anow.
The glimmer ot the vlolet'a ey goe out b
WhlU silence lines the ringing atroet and
drifts around th dead,
But mor Ihsn all they tiamplo out th
erooked lths of men ..... , .
And make the stained nd wrinkled world
all clean ana young main.
. r-iintaii . Tay'ar,
Labor Trl Ita Belgium.
Rii.a!i. March 25. The city was
placarded during the night with calls
iflansn nvins nursiusiuuua cviv.
tion for a grf at meeting or woraing-
men to-night, ine striamg miners ai
i taoa aitnmntad to renew seneral riot
ing last night, but were overpowered
h the nolice. Tbe troops stationed
J . . 1 L.Vl I. IU.I.U.U.L.
at Antwerp are neiu iu tuoit uuau,
.r. .a tn ha available for the euppres
alnn nf snv disturbsnce that may be
u.atci1 hv nnemnloved work!nzmen
The strike at Liege has become al
most general in that district Contin
uous conflicts are taking place between
the strikers and the civic guards. A
large number cf foreign agitators have
arrived in the disturbed districts and
are urging the strikers to continue the
resistance to the authorities. Gangs
of men made up of Anarchist and
roughs of the worst description are
parading in the suburhs, creating dis
order and perpetrating outrages. Cit
izens a'fl waylaid and money (xtoited
by thrra'a of violence, rostmen going
their rounds are accoropinied by
gnards of soldiers. Arrests of persons
concerned in the disturbances are be
ing made by the wboWale. Many
rioters have been captured while sleep
ing In the fields, where they had fallen
while drunk, ine lown can notni
pied by civic guards. Strong reinforce
ments cf troops are arriving at the
scene of the riots. Civic guards are
holding the pit moutue.
Mr. Parnell's Finances.
Tho atalnment aroint? the rounds of
the press that Mr. Parnell is in desti-
tntA circumstances is an uiuuiioumo
nri .hanni. When he was pre
...ntait with the testimonial of
(. oon his only debt was a
nnrtmiM nl i).UUU On U1B
property. At the last election he of
L,i n devote 1 100.000 to nay the ex
penses ot his nominees u vne suosenp
tions for that purpose had fallen snoit
nf tha nmonnt raanlred which they
did not He isot frugal and inexpen
heViSts. keanina ud no style and
arin little for society. He hss
..t.hllaha wnrka on his es
t.t for the manufacture ot
wood ware, and has opened quarries to
..nn tha uab in corDOiauon wun
atretet stone. He gives large employ
mnt ami ia a canital business man
ni.Lm tha Irish neoDle would not,
and ahonld not. allow him to be in
want a single day.
A Han or Sixty-Eight Winters.
I am 68 year of age, and regard Guinn'a
Pioneer a fine tonio for tbe teebie. cy ita
ace my nrengin nas oeen resvoreu u.
weight increased ten pounds.
Macon.'Gu., February 18, 1886.
A Crippled Confederal Bnyat
I on'y weighed 128 pounds when I eom-
menoed Suinn's Pion r, ana npw weign mi
pounds. 1 oould hardly walk with a atiok to
support me and can now walk long distanoea
without nelp lis oeneut w..ulD ' ":'1,u
oalculation. ft. RUJfUB BOSTICK,
Macon, ua. ,u,uuu..
Mr. A. II Bratnblett, Hard ware Mer-
enanl, or Forsyth, Ca.Wrlteat
Tf anted Ilk a charm ob my general health.
I consider it a finetonie. I weigh mor than
I bay. lor a yean, ne-penuunr,
Mr. W. F. lone,Macoa,Sayst
My wife ha regained her strength and in
creased ten pound in weight. We recom
mend Guinnr Pioneer aa th best J"
Dr. O. W. nelbrida-e. of Atlanlx, da..
Wrliea oi union's nurar
Ouinn'a Pioneer Blood Kenewerhai been
need for years with unprecedented i success.
It la entirely vegeuble and does the system
no harm. It improve the appetite, diges
tion and blood-making, stimulating, invig
orating and toning up all th function and
tissues of the system, and thus becomes tha
grt blood renewer and health restorer.
enrea all Blood and Skin Dheasej.
tism, Sirolula, Old Borea. A perleot 8pring
II notTn yonr mark.t it wlir be tormi
on receipt on rrioa. Small bottle, 11.00 1
lar botUea. It.Tfi. n!.... m.li.d
Ifissay on tnooa ana dub
& Will pay Good Prices for MOTES, GIN FAILS and
TKA8IIY COTTON of all detacrlptlons. Send for Circular
and Prices Paid.
IXOV S3RE3E5K.t3- Jr.
15 Vance Street. Memphis. lenn.
Farming Tools, Grass Seed, Garden Seed, Onion
Sets, Millet,
JNO. B.T00I.
W. ft. PATTE80H
MAflOW MKDIClSK CO., Maeon. a.
i n Court Place, now at
123 MarketStreet, rnflMjllP J?
Vet. Third and Fourth. JJUlUll I lW)tlX J
rntutTir " ,rss5 ,"a
C!?-pitoprhea avnd Impotenoy,
utlierniiu ofKlf-.b In Tool", f"'1 '". f
.i - rirHinai DinMifju ot Ultht, DeffcUve Men h?'
ttrlT nra,lltteX from lbs tttxm; uonorruvo,
, ,r,ulr.. r-'Sl ,, to'iSaV.nlMlt
r.,h..Vit, r.-Tmi. D.ll!ln.Mo tenat prltataly
JaCJlrliJillM sipren nyMre.
!r.voa Onaranteetl tn J1 ruaa
Ba:S2SSi,?Sl!n.ny o by ' ??
m.W. .al ewweeeno. MrioUj uIWmw ,
, .iM--m. MaKtr ieli. for ftim
a-lnrlBsiall Inflriunry Fraiada.
PlKilNNiTl. O.. Mwh 2. Hormnn
Fcriliiinnil ami iieo. II. Linilcinan,
oomtiosini a n'utno firm of this city,
wert? orranrnoJ to day on tho charye
of making out a fulne bill for 1700 for
a jiiuno sold the CiiuiimiiU infirmary
tlllWtOIH, lliey Rtive UOHU., mn.uu
lltnnin. n fence builder who has pn-
miiUhI Hlla ajfgrcgaticg over $i0,0tX
for buildiiiR fonoea at thf intirniary, !
wna nlno nrraigniHl on a Bimilar charpv
Frank Kellv, who is chief deputy un
der .Sheriff llrrtaford, was arraigned
on four charge of pnx-tiring illegal
votes. . . .
rroairja Imtnlarntlon te) C'atastelav.
Boston, Mass., March 25. An Ottai
wa sHeial to the llenxUl says that
Prince lUnaiarte, the aspirant to 'the
French throne, has sent the first in
stallment on 6000 acres of land in the
new French colony at I .Rke Temisea
minuue, north of Lake Nepissing. The
deetl will stand in the name of his
wife and children. Several military
and civil dunitaries have also large
tract, and are directing emigration
from France in that direction.
a m Mi w
TOOF. In'GOll & CO.,
Wholesale Grocers, Cotton Factors,
And Dealers in Levee and Ballroad gnppUea,
No. 274 Front Street ..;;::mnhlge Tengi
-n,. Hon.. ka. Perfect Ventilation and Natural Light, SUam-keatinjt. Kleotrie Bella.
iTn. Hon. aa reriect ,trMt-oar. uaa Main .treet entrance.
nnn,mrnleJ Traveler. Ah-ndant innnlT of PURB CI8TKKJN
Exchange National Bank
KOKFOLK. A reb. 16, 1886.
.... - Att. .IRM
PSffl ' .'rTh'Zlrforth.
r!ureh"e of the hereinafter mentioned prop-
ri,hto7el.e -Idi i. r.rv.d:
- J l..nk1aTB npnraMPtT lo
BJ O K-:?.'f f ,;''t;:'.i!fir:wy,i v " d l
H . i.i.'i'v;.;;,,, y..- '. -'Kpy"i " ' 'A f ;, VT' '-"i-" ': '" ' B (p
able reeetpt tnereior. , .
s. Its nunl. wnicn coin .-
Doors, Sash, Blinds, Holding, Lumber,
Lath and Shingles, Flooring, Cellini and Cedar Posts.
I .
f'rS proof warehouse.. Mn 17) in num
ber! T of capacity for storae of 24.000 baJea
"lufoVr9 "IraBia H"ffl
caritT. n.n thousand, ton. of f.rtili-
"lli whs'rv'es'.nd dock., which afford ampl.
rolm for "Irthint at h. .am. Umi i Jaa imj
ti PRTKR8. BeoeWer.,
H. E. LEtt.
a at
I'n-iierwl with soectal roitant to nealtn.
jsM Aiou-.onla. l.liuo or Alnto.
" a MONTH and BOAll lor S lira
rjU Ycur ( Men or Laia. in each conn
p. w.'iiMi rr . co in.mi W, P.
n', J " .
..jia ntre. MempUia. 9mm
s, etc.,
anhnn Proirmiy
S MtuJIao-a
AV1TLL .took of Wooien and MeU
Cait. and Casketa, Buri.l Robes.
alway?o7bd. Order. brTelraph or
-iZili p,mnll attended tn.
. MM w t-i t. tnnT JTm ail
DKT.8 .kfnra.Vn..t BT
- a a l ha aanariuiDUiaii'
Awrnsan in mar v J
i. tT. pr J to obtain the s.ma.
ana aim-- AeHlrotsi JOHN
receipt oi "u Jr kw ,idL s liipsw
fAirvr nvm
376-37380-382-384-386 Second street, south oi Gayoso.
Doors, Sash, Blinds. Flooring, ceiling, biomg, onmgiB,;
j i .. rm Pant! and Pickets.
yay XAJ J-sxae -a a rm
336 Front St., Cor. Union, Memphis, Tenn.
, , 1Uioi, a'w. cbowkxah h. h. act.
And Coinmlsuioi Merchant. Haf,Corm Oats, Bran, Chop Feed, Oll-Mea
Lion , Cement, Plaster, Bail dins ai Brlci Etc
Cor. Front and Union, 1 Howard's Row, Mcniphii

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