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LokUrfllf ,W f w Orleaaa aad Texaa E'j
At-1 MAIL.
4:fl0 p.m
t:4 p.n
1:00 a.n
1:41 a.a
A:28 e.n
t:21 a.n
: p.m
11 M O a.l
1:48 a.o
6:20 a. a
:l8 a. II
12:1 a. a
:M0 pa
1:41 p.a
J:30 p.B
Vickabaff... .
H emeoa ,
Betea Koin.
Jenpht . ..
IliiriDo'n! i:!5 p'.a
yioktbara .
7:15 p.ml 7:.Q a.m
glwithM.AN.W R K. lor ilelena.
0 For Hreearllle and Uuntimvon, tod all
Arkenaaa poiatf. .., .
-t?,u, V. n. ad V 8. A P. Railroedi.
-Witl N., J. AC.R- H. (or MUhoi aad
Jvkwi. .
f-Por VmU oa th. Braseh.,
J With ilMBin lor Baroabare.
H-Witk railroedi dirertint for Florid aad
Pallnea BarT.t Sleeping Caraon all tralnt.
yTfi M. DW .RDS. V. P. endU...
li. BURKE. 0.n.rai Sup't,
A.J.kJA?P. P.P. A.
Haataalanl and Teaaeeeee. - Faat
ail train leer.i daily at 4 .3U p .; nmrei
at (:I5 a.m. Local freitht Imvm at :40
B-na. I arriree at 4 :30 p.B. Freitht trail
Ran. 5 and ran tn w.ekly. Jo.nlearei
Menphii Mondaj, Wednesday andFndaf.
Kiiwi Ot. nrBll u4 Mont'
pkli -Treine leave M. and T. depot aa fol
fewi: No. 4, Bail and .ipr.ee. leerei daily
at 11:311 a.B.t No. 5. mail end aipreai. ar
rive! atS:30 p.n. No. 66, St. Loan exiirei',
learei dailr at :0O p.m.i No. 6j, St. Louil
eipre-i, arrrea at a:6& a.m.
pbli aad Mill Rock. Traini
Bora aa follow! (rantral Hand rd tlmt):
No. 1 learei daily at 5:26 p.m.i arrlrei at
t-iSt.m. No. S learei at6:55 a.sa.j arrirei
at:50a- No 6 (freight) learei llopefteld
daily (aiorptbuadty) at 6:0u a.m.i arrival
at 7:10 p.B.
Newport fjrwa and Mlalelpl
ley. lraini Bnva at lollowi: No. I (lut
lino dally) ieavai at 11 :M) a.m. No 2 learei
at 11:4 m. dlly. ht. Looii fait lina
ni daily at : p.m. o. 7 tlaat lina
daily) arrirei at 1:30 p.m. Mail and -
Kim irriTii daily at 3ilrie.ni. St. Louii
t liaa ernrea uaily at V :U6 a in.
Hraapbla aad Caarleaiea Traini
mora aa fu'lowa: Thmuili azpreai laav.i
daily at I" p.m. fr ail and axiraa learei
daily at::10am. PoaiarviMa aocommoila
liaa lava dally, axrapt Sunday, at 4:Hfl
p.m. Through aipraat arrival daily at 5 lift
a.B. tlail and aiprata vrraa daily at 4:65
S.m. Somarvilia aooommodatiua arrivaa
ally, axoapt Bunday, at i.'M a.m.
Iaaiiavlll ! Traina
agora aa folloaa: aat null ariiraa daily at
4i!tta.l loaM at lll:ll P.m i wail loarti
dKlly at (:M a.m. lliownvila aoeomno
datioB Ihtm daily, aioaiit Sunday, at 6:00
a.m. i Bail arriaaa daily at 6:01 p.m.
Broaraatilia aecoiiimnda'ion arrlvea dally,
aioapt Bandar, at 40 a.m. standard tluia).
ajtmaita, rilrantnabana amd 4tlaa
te Oo I- Bvrinn Rnuta Traini mora a
fcllawa: Na 1 laavas Mamnhii daily at 3:45
m.l ar. if aa at rlolly hpnoga at 4:30 p.m !
No. 1 laaraa ilolly .nrinaa daily at V:00
a.m., arriTaa at Mamphii at '1:16 a.m.) No.
ilearai Mamphii daily at 7:.10 p.m., arrirri
t ilolly ftpriaga at 11. '6 p.ni.i No, t Uarei
Holly tfprinra daily at 3td0 a.m., arrirai at
itaapkU at 1:35 a.m.
Waihimotoii, March 26, 18K6.
1 o'olock a.m. )
Indicatlnna lor Merophla tud virtin
ity : Light rains and ccoior weather.
Bloc star, red cntecttiit. T
i. i
. laidlmloaia.
For tin Ohio Willi f and Ttnntmiee:
Local rain, J.llowtd hy fair wratlur;
nearly Uationttry Wmftcralurf ; vnriahk
lrnloa;lcnl Mrport.
Mtaraia, TtaN., March 25, 1HH0.
. ....
Time. b . lunr. A' mi) V'iiir
7:00 bib .TU.K)! fiO.O S.W. Clnar.
ll:00a.. IHI.'IUI fil.8 H.W. 01-ar.
3:00 tfm :W.04 (iH.O S.W. Har.y.
7:(M)p.m :(0.04 67.0 W. Kiiir.
10:00 m 10.01 til lift.fi S.W, Fuir.
Maiiiimm tempprainrn. 71.8,
Mtati nm lmpraturt, ;8 4.
Rainfall, 010.
All nbnttrvntiona are taken on 75"
meridian lira, whiuh ia one hour
(aMertt at local time.
Few conntry pcojite are in town.
Mamlml avenue ia the bueiost
place about Uie city. .
In fyil of All aain to-night at
the Momphia Tlit-atur.
The police arrtwttid Jt-rry Connors
yesterday for wifu-whipping.
The police all nmkc a Bttadv null
at the a(rrari Two wure put in the
calabooeo ycNturday.
A lady who tcaincd a tuso in tlio
Circuit Court yesterday eiitliniat.i
cally olappud her h;ui, , unawi-d by
judxe and jury.
Aftw Mr. (Virdcn's lecture to
uiirht attho Fimr BaptiHt chun;h the
Iiulicfj will eorve rctrcithuit'iito in tlie
8unday-B(:hool room.
The IIe!re $ (ff mil,Im), or The AV
marweofn Young (hrl, liy Iturtlia Clay,
in cheap form, at Maimford'a. This
ia her new and ono of her bent worka.
Licenses to marry were iwtned
ywderJav to Bciy Jeirries and Olivia
Ward, Allen Franklin and Mainio
booth, K M. Uyani and Mollie F Hide
out, Kbbio Ingrain and Ida Uurford.
JI The Madiwin Btrect bridge ia atill
closed on account of the inability of
Uto city to procure tiinberx, which
muat be thirty feot in IciikIIi. Ah two
car tracks are to piiwi over tho bridno,
the ComuiiKsionern tbougbt it bel to
put it in apple pio order.
At R OT:l(K'k thin evening the Rev.
Ooorgc PatU-rwin will deliver Iub lwt
ture upon "loailing" to the Gild of
the AMcrtmion. The lecture will bt
delivered in tho hn'tiire-room of Cal
vary cliur h ndiniHHion ln. Tbu
public is cordially invited to attend.
Maroi.lus Ixmijin ia borne ugain.
E. Kaca and wife returned from
New Orleans yesterday.
Prominent arrivals at tho Uayoso
Hoto : F. R. IiC, New York ; O. N.
Lynch, Detroit; L. V. Clark, New
York; 8. Kirkinan, Alabama; 11. El
drid(?e, Chicago; U. W. Arumtrong,
Gn:Un Therrell, H. T. BucliHiian,
Pittsboro, Miss.; .lames Mooro, W, V.
Moore, Oakland, Miss.
D. C. Whit of tho Moulton (Ala.)
il(feTttfT is in tlio city. The Admiiiner
ia one of tlie sprightlicst and inwt in
teresting nowHimiHim publiHbo I in
North Alabama, lias a large circula
tion, and ia an excellent medium in
which tn advertise by Memphis nier
chants who would accuro the valuable
trade of rioi tb Alabama.
4 ban f Vlii af the Feriyboat
Th frnli i T. H K'I'will haro
,1 ir mill, iv-vnn f rii a Hnil v tn Wat
Mem' I h' . a,ir Mempb s at 6:30,
ri3teil ! 7 -.V!o k s.m.
Floe " i ti u rriMinuir at XuKord's
fin ri 1',,-hI in ti ma lararal
Ailllk. arl IHM .
J la to Vo-ir rfiili ( locka
Pat ill or.iu a. -Mulioid's, 2!)! iia.u.
Mlaiala mrm.
In Spite of AO, another adaiitation of
Prinrnn Aiulrea. with w hich Janish do
lighted Mcinpliis theator-goors a few
days ago, was produced laxt vening,
with Minnie Maddern as "Alice
Clendenning." That she has im
proved in personal apircantnire
cotnawho tawberiathe Org nintg
of a career as a star cm doubt, but it
must be admitted that she his per
verted great natural talents which
wrre then very apparent. In simple,
light e.medy she would be a success,
and if she could get rid of eer'ain
niai:n?risms, which make everything
she docs, no matter what the play, she
might rise to a lofty height in the
more sorions dramat'c productions,
fur which, indued, she seems to have
an unconquerable ambition. The run
of sixty aays which In Spite of All
had in New York, can only be ac
counted for by the mctmiiolitan love
of novelty. "Alice C.enuenning," as
Miss Maddern does it, is a novelty of
the first water. 8he either sneaks so
rapidly that she cannot be understood
or elite alfcctodly repeats words and
Sh rases in such a way as to utterly
e-uoy beir force, making the pait in
elect an erratic, accent no pantomime.
lakeo aa a whole, the performance
last night was satisfactory. Mile. Na
dia ia an elegant at tress and moi e than
div.iisd the honors with Mus Mad
dern. Her "Stella," in spite oi the
f-ft that the dishabille cost a me was
unbecoming, waa very good. Cyril
Scott made a hit aa the bad brjtber
and Joseph Frankan was excellent as
the "Manager." J. T. So liTan'a
"Ciendenniog" was a very amatit fac
tory performance. He waa anything
hot the "easy man of the world.'
The same play will be given to night
Nr. f'ardca'a Leclars).
Another large and intelligent audi
enco was prewciit at tho First Itnptmt
church last night to hear Mr.Carden'a
excellent lecture on St. Paul. This
lecture gives the accomplished elocu
t ionist alinndiint opportunity for the
display of his higdly cultivated dra
matic gifts, and is replete with brilli
ant word coloring. It is also copi
ously enriched with selections from
Scripture, which he recites in his best
tlanaser ajray's Beaefll.
Lotr and Imw by the Milton
Nobles company promises to draw a
crowded house next Monday night,
when Manager Frank Gray will be
tendered a bent fit by the company. It
will be the )ait regular attraction cf
the season.
Tn MbtcIi number of tho American
Antiquarian contains an interesting
table of contents. The first article
describes the attempts which have
been made to decipher the hiero
glyphics oi the ancient American
race8f especially those contained in
certain Maya Codices; next is nn arti
cle on the Clan or liens svtems of the
Iroouois, hy W, M. Ilcaticiiamp. This
is followed by a iliseiiRsion of the
(iiestion whether the Davenport tub
lets nro frauds. The correspondence
develops tlio fact that fraudulent relics
are bought and sold, mid tho best
archieologisu are sometimes deceived,
ino article on "Annua' t'arvings, by
W. II. Ileimhaw, refers to the ditlicuf-
tv in identifying specillc animals from
the carvings. The magazine contains
many new mid interesting facts con-
reniiiiKiiie aniiiiimes oi tno country.
Published by F. II. Kevell, Chicago,
III. Send for sample copy.
Tiik SxtlluTn Wnmac for April con
tains an article by Hugh N. Hta;nes in
which be describes minutely and in
telligently tho new cotton-harvester.
Tho article is fully illustrated, and the
writer declares the invention to be a
complete success. This is followed by
an int resting article on the Virginia
Cavaliers, by Miss K. M. Rowland of
Baltimore, accompanied by a number
of portraits. Henry V. Austin lias
mi iimi'ie maintaining mill Allium,
the Princess of (ihouls." discovered
by Riehaid Uoalf, was rightly attribut
ed to roe. t..oi. imrrett continues his
papers on the "Resolutions of '118 and
Dil. "This article contains a short re
port of the debate, the responses of
toe various Mate legislatures to tho
Kentucky Resolutions, and an ollieiol
copy of the resolutions of 1). J. A.
IrotiHiliile describes tho "Reign of
'error in Tennessee" during tho war.
Richard II. Musser contributes the
first of three articles on tho war in
Missouri, which is accompnnied by a
portrait of Hen. Sterling Price. "Ten
nyson's liStest Poems" is an appre
ciative review by Mrs. P. R. Seniplo
of tho recent work of the poet-lau-reute.
Mrs. Seniple writes with gen
uine sympathy and a clear discern
ment of the true principles of the
poetic art. Robert Rums Wilson has
a short articlo in response to Mr,
Howell's depreciation of poets and
poetry, and in "A Fragment" vindi
cates tlio claim of poetry to the con
sideration of the thoughtful. The
jKH'try of thin number is unusually
good. Danske Dandridgo has a charm
ing April idyl; Wilham II. Hayno
has two fine quatrains, and B. V.
1). gives some spirited lint entitled
"Paris and Helen."
Pant .1 J Tlwiriilr.il V 9j5 Pn-
thia street, to build second story on
house and make all neeeMtutrv retinint.
cost to be $;l7ti5.
Rafacllo Luearini, No. 5S6 Main
street, to move house back six twin
feet and build an additional room:
I 00.
A Ilolp to Uooal DigeNtlon.
In the Jlritish Medical Journal Dr. W.
R hertsof Kug ard discussee the effect
of 1 qnora, tea, cotlVe and cocoa on di-gi-Biion.
All of them retard the chum
cal processes, hut most of thrm atimn-
Uta the glandular activity and mnscn
Ur enntratt ons. Dietilled spirits re-
ad the lalivar or peptic digestion
but alightly when sparingly used.
Winea were fouud to lbs hlahlv in
jurious to the salivary digestion. On
peptic digestion an wines exert a re
tarding influence. Tbey stimulate the
gludnlar and murcular activity of the
stomach. Effervescent wines exert
he g etteat amount of good with the
Wast bairn to digestion. When one'a
digestion is out of order everything
8i awry, unless, as in the case of T.
T. Sials of Bellaire, 0 , who had bad
d gestion for seven years, the digestive
a.ipara'us is kept in anple-pie eating
oidtr by Warner's Tippecanoe, the
brst rppetite producer and regulator
In tne worm.
T a, even in minute quantities, com
plete y pariilyic-s the action of the
s.diva. The tannin in strong tea is
I jmiiius. Weak tea should be used,
ifatxl1. Strong cofiVe and cocoa are
s'o ii Housif UKed in excess The
Coimop VtVon.
Oril-r IUcfalsHt Mulford'.
n in Hnllnlf Ijuamaralaa for
fttr rniniDiaff aun .Ha-riiiia;.
fSoIltl Silverware tt MLuUrtI''
Ciosiso prices of Mav options at
Chicago yesterday : I'ork.'f 9 Lard,
ft.UV; clear rib aides, 6c. Corn,
38Jc. Wheat, 80Jc. Oats, 31 c.
Vibitobs on 'Change yesterday:
George W. Jackson, Mount Hope, Ala. ;
U. W. Gordon, Columbia, Tenn.; rs.
Ieuella Woodson, city; Mine Kitty R.
Newburn, Bolivar, Tenn.; R. Perkins,
Arkansas; Mark W. Searcv, Helena,
Recort of Grain Elevator yesterday :
Wheat received. 600 bushels; with
drawn, 600 bushels; in s"re, 3057
bushels. Corn received, 411)7 bushels;
withdrawn, 8031 bushels: in store,
105,4 15 bushels. OaU received, none;
withdrawn, 1204 bushels; in store,
11,721 bushels.,
C. I Grekkk A Co.'s cotton report
says: "During the early portion of
the day raU-s w ere fairly held, but at
soon as the pressure set in weakness
developed rapidly, and on a loss of 5
to ti points the close was tame. For
eign accounts were unpromising, and
the general aspect of the lalnir situa
tion remains as a disturbing element,
esjociolly to check demand. '
C'lralf Caiart Flere, Jarfsa.
Cases disposed of yesterday:
Nos. (H9 J. Y. Cummings vs. J. A.
Anderson et al., judgment for plain
tiff for I7'.7 04; 8784, Corinne A.
Goodman vs. II. G. llollenberg, and
8785, II. G. llollenberg vs. Corinno A.
Goodman, both cases decided by the
jury in favor of Mrs. Goodman.
Calendar for to-day: Nos. 88('i5,
Thomas Keely vs. Alston Boyd; 8807,
James Stewart vs. It. W. McDowell:
8K92. Heber Jones vs. Panola Oil and
Fertilizer Company; 8893, W. A.
Fairos vs. U inois Central Railroad
Company : 881)4, Same vs. Chesapeake.
Ohio and Southwestern Railroad
Company; 88,H, Same vs. St. Louis,
Alton a lid Terro Haute Railroad Com
Mrs. N. M. Dobbins to Henrietta
Bass, lots 43, 44, 45, 4(1. 47 and 48,
Rugby subdivision, 300x300 feet, for
So 0.
Henrietta Bass to H. L. Guion,
trustee, to secure Mrs. V. M. Dobbins
in the sum of (500, same property as
. C. W. Frazer to W. W. Bieree. lots
17 ami 1H, blot'k 7, Butler s addition,
41x180 feet, on north side Calhoun
street, for t'-'5.
J. J. Dobbins and wife to Dan Shea.
part of lots 1 and 2, Rembert subdi
vision, on Manassas street, for $700.
Mary McAnally to Frank P. Poston,
trustee, to secure John Gage in the
sum ot i.'tiuu, part oi lot 7, block oo,
South Memphis.
V. Maddux and wife to James H.
Malone, trustee, to secure Armistead
& Lundee in the sum of 1535 43, 405
acres in Second Civil District.
Rrown Ay res to 8. 8. Farris, lot on
east side Desoto street, 68x122 feet,
for $1576.
Skic ad. of Memphis Steam Shirt
factory and laundry on tilth page.
Kalsomininu telephone (iOil, A. Mc
Neil. Mem rmsSTAiNBO Glass Works, 236
Third street. Call and tee.
Watson's Bitumen Concrete is absc
lule proof eiiainut dampness, seepage
and rats. Ttlepboae 1:i8.
Havi you a damp, unhealthy cel
lar ? WaUon'g Bitumen Concrete will
make it dry and wLoltsome. Tele
phone 038.
Tbi Herbal Chill Cure, the beat
ton lo and antl-parindjn known. A aertain
aua auie oura for chilla- Prioo II per bot
tle. 8en.i ataiun tor ciroulan. Any raf
aranra riien. Addroai John C. Ruckar.
Lynnnhara, Va.
Bend to Memphis Floral Company
for lis: and price-current o' plants.
Have Urge t stock in town. Come out
and see f r yourself. South gats Elm
wood Cemetery.
"Watson's Bitumen Concrete," for
the paving of cellar, warehonse and
t Utile floors, driveways, walks, etc.
Hard, smooth and durable, and proof
against dampness and seepage. Tele
phone 038.
New Orleans, March 25. Night
Arrived : Thomas Sherlock, Cincinnati,
Cairo, March 25. Night River 25
feet 1 inch on the gauge and rising.
Weather cloudy and cool.
Cincinnati, March 25 Night River
30 feet on the gauge and rising.
weather cloudy and cooler.
EvANBViLLB.Msrch 26 Night River
rising, with 13 feet 6 inches on the
gauge, weather hazy, with signs oi
snow ; thermometer 64 to 62s.
St. Loois, March 25. Night River
risen 1 inch, and now stands 21 feet
2 inches on the gauge. Weather clear
and colder. Arrived: Jay Goqld and
barges, New Orleans; City of Vicke
burg, Vioksburg.
LoDisvii.ta. March 25 Nhrht River
rising, with JO feet 11 inches in the
canal and 8 feet 9 inches on the falls.
Business fair. Weather cloudy, with
indications of rain. Arrived: Granite
State and Golden Rule, Cincinnati.
Mavenaeala sf 4eea Steamers.
TI . M ..t. ri 4 . TI,.
uaaniiMU, wt.au tr, aiii.vu. JLrv
vonia, New York.
Qdibnstown, March 25. Arrived:
Fuida. New York.
Monogram BanKlest Mnlford.
Tke Bralaalaga af Blchaeaa.
Narer trifla with what ara called imall all
maati. A dliordar aaiy of eontrol at trat, If
nailaotad for a tew waaki, nay baoomo a
mortal dlteaaa. Ba oiaaoially oaraful not to
let debility gala apoa yoa, for It li the door
throash whloh all ataladlaa enter the iyitea.
If roa teal laniold, Inert, and to aaa a com
mon eipraMioB, "al If there tu no Ufa left
ia yoa " raaort at onoo to Hoitetter't Stoni
aoh Bitten. That treat rentable toalo will
apply the vitality yea io nrrently need. It
ia a, rre lood. By ita toaie action the itom
aoh ii ao Inriforatad that diaeeiioa beeomea
molar, saay, per feet) while ita mild, ca
thartic ro partial reliere the boereli from
obitractioni, and ita allernata operation b-a-flolally
affeoti all tbe aeorttire oritani. For
the miieriaa of dyipepua, and they tnoluda
almoat arery anpleaaant laeliaa that b
lonti to pliyiieai diaeaae and mental wretch
ed Deal, thle potent tonio ii oartaia and
iaedy balm.
A VriiKRlHt'a Story.
Mr. Isaac C. Chapman, druggist,
Newburg, N. Y., writes ns: "I have
for the vast ten years sold several
gross of Dr. William Hall's Baka-a for
the Lungs. I can say of it what I
cannot say of any other -medicine, I
have never heard a customer speak of
it but to praise its virtues in the high
est manner. I have recommended it
in a great many cases of whonping
cough, with the happiest effects. 1
have used it in inv own family for
many years; in fact, always have a
bottle in the, medicine closet ready for
HA.V1 -
Bought Early ard Largely.
Their (Second Importation of
Spring Woolens, bilk, Hick
Laces, Wonderfully Exquisite
Jet, Irldesceat, Gold and Cop
per, and Rosarj Effect ia Trim
ming and Dres Goods will be
"Quit Kntiiih, yoa know."
Hats and Bone ets.
"Trei Pajiilenoe."
Louli XV.
Wraps and Jackets.
Very Elegant and Very Correct.
Ihm Hew Unyoso.
Rates, 12 50 toll per day, according to loca
tion of roomi.
D Turley, Tenn L 3 Hurlhert, Mill
E U Thomnion, Ark K K Quenn, Cal
K 6 Wooudn, La t Schmidt, N V
J B Hater, Ala A Arrington, Ark
J 8 Moore. Ohio W K Hudion. Ind
WDWilaon, Mo OAFiacher, Mo
R h 8nrageloi, Mill M V Hearer. Ark
Jfl MiddleUin.SO U W Howard, Tenn
J W Gill. Miia W K Uughei, Tenn
F Reid.Va Jamea Taylor, Va
K 8 Curtli, Tenn BMJackion.Ky
W ii Rnbinion.1r.MoR I Card, Mo
Jamea Moore, Mill WV oorj Mill
W M Moore. Ohio U Prekle, Tenn
Q 8 Prince, Vt K II A a demon , La
A K Tkompion, Wli B Kimarouihiw, Mill
(1 W Armiironf.Miu a Therrell, Mill
8 T Buchanan, Mini Mra P L Uray, Tenn
Mill L Moore, Tana J C McKee, Mln
B Laney An, Kai I Ro-enthal, Tenn
E R Thomai, Tena C U Foote, Mo
J J Miller, Miia H Kirkmin, N Y
J R A Lee, ( Y S U Oilieipie, Miia
Mrs W 11 Collini.MlllE Bpragaini Aw, Mill
(1 H Lynoh, Mica L V Clark, N Y
M M fceay, Y JRWray.Miai
B Eldridge, III T J Camplell, Mill
L J Thoiuai, Mlai T J Willama, Ark
MinKWill ami. Ark OLStebbini Aw, Mo
Mill EStebbini. Ho 0(1 Herndon, Ala
L Q Yerkei, M Y.
Peabody Halel. '
0. B. GALLOWAY ft CO Pio?ietors.
Ratal 12 60 and H per day, according to
lie and location of room Siieoial
ratei made.
J A Mahood, Va
C II Meyer, Wii
R M Lewis Mill
J Otrandor, Man
W Thomai, N Y
A Wtrren, N Y
Ii Parker, Ark
T A Brandt, Ohio
O JRciinirer.N Y
II ti HouHton, Tenn
W C Dibroll. Tenn
W II HelKke. N Y
II II Pinney, Ohio
PT iluiby. teon
J Kchaeter, lean
PCJonei, N Y
T R Bitbop. Ky
A W Ware, N Y
Mra H Campbell.Tenn
T P Burke, N Y
A J bmith, Ark
b K Hun. Mill
M Weil, N Y
II A Jobnann, Kai
C N Du-hlleld, N Y
R V Atkinaon Aw. Ill J II Ciarfc. Mi.
E Oienburg, Mo J W hhelton, Tenn
W 1. Hull Iw, Tenn Z B Cuea, Ohio
A W Edgarly Aw, La J R Baldwin, Mo
L Human, hy L Cobb. Va
j 11 Hland, Va
CCJonai, Ind .
W Rnbinaon, Ky
WOPullen, Tona
J Card, Mo
C W Kandenon, I' I
B L Uoulriing, Ark
White. Ky
W 11 Pullen, Tenn
H Dow. lenn
S Proddie. Ill
W C Mcliride, III
C Mlrlatat. Tenn
W II Matlank. Ky
w wiiion, ii r
WHFIrnn, Ky
L J haffarani, N I
K tt Ivr. Tenn
j L Alcorn Aw. Mill II L McPhenon. Mo
J Jonei lonn
J 8 Kwing, III Mia, Beecher, III
Miai Topi, III J P Alexander. Tenn
8 Myeu, Tenn II M Shocklcy, Ky
W D Howell, Ky
aiUKia inDuim Tti.rri.
Minnie Maddern, Arthur E Miller,
Wade Media, Lillian Wallaok,
J T Su livan, J Franklin,
Cyril Scott, II Reeve',
Wm Richardion, Mra White.
Uaalon'e Hotel
W. H. BINOIIAM Masahks.
European plan. Enlarged and refurnished.
Pricea according to aire and loca
tion of roomi.
B F Martin, Mini J P Smith, Ark
A D Molrwin, iMiu J 8 Arerholt, Mill
U W Deatnn, Ala J W Bell, Miia
D II Pitta. Mill JWX Browne, Tenn
Mra 0 Denton, Mill J fronan, Ark
HH Lewie. Tenn P K Richardion. Tena
TH Jones, Ala Mri Kearney, Ua
111 White, lenn J A A Tory, ill
W O Pay, Tonn Mrs M Hartley, Mo
Miss L Barkiley, Mo J B Rosier, Mo
D T Hartrott, Misa J B Lindsley jr, Tena
U 1 1 - 1 1 L . I : n Ulll.. A -L.
m iiniueu a w, if. ii D jinirr,i,r,
T J Plippea, Tonn D A White, Ala
O W Jackson. Ala Mra J Ferry. Tenn
yallie Verner, Ark J W Crowloy, Mill
J Mack A w, MUa W H Cneain, Tenn
W A Mailey. lenn r 1 roraythe, lenn
U.. U . . T I D U ..1 " 1 . "V
Jno W lllie"i, Mus J L Ilamer, Tenn
t VT w llardaway, inn.
DafTy 'a Knrapaa Hotel.
Corner of Adams and Main itreeta. Roomi,
50c, 75o and al per day ; American nan,
12 par day.
.VlMt!.M U.iK,,r.ni In th HaIaI.
J. MaJUFFY (1U yre with Peabody UoUl),
P M Morris, Tena J L Malone, Tenn
W A HadHwar. Tena J M Flora. Ark
J 8 Buford, Off O M Dayton, Ark
11 Irwin, Ark A K Frampton, Ara
W A Knox. Mill H S Thomai. Tenn
A Dickinson, Tone. 8 CSmrth, Mail
A B Beward, lenn J llaakini, 111
t H Armatead, Tena K Sedletaky, Ind
n I. Milam. Tann J T Wllliami. Tenn
J T Macaalay, Ia II N Towner, Tenn
A L Rowd, Ten J W- Avery, Tenn
J 6 Oaruthera, Tena J F McKinney, Teaa
T I Tucker, Tean W J Allen, Tenn
Rob't Fletcher, lenn H P Saowden, Teaa
K Drake, Tenn C P Person, Tenn
J A Powell, Tena J W Alexander, Tann
LT Maxwell, DC L P Coyne, Miaa
T Lang. Tenn W B Burton.Tenn
J T MoKiuick. Tena V 8 Barber. W If I
T Capwell, NY OB Miller Aw, la
B8Wiae,Ark K J Vanee, Ark
J II Phillipe, Mo RWWilliami, Mo
a v roil, Miia.
Clarondoa Hotel.
Nm. SI and S3 Madison street.
D0WLHSA LKAKK ...PnoraiBToaa.
Ratei-2 per day, day beard tM per
MCoen, Maal A H Oriffin, Rlrer
T 8 Letaon, Ark 8 A Barbee, Pari!
J T KdwarJi, Mis! If B Cox, Ark
ZTBeardan.Ark E at Hoole. Ky
Mra L E Ames, Dak H B Carter, Ark ,
U K.eTea. NY W li Puryear. Ark;
11 Wafon, Ark Miss May Huater.Milav
Mia M Hunter, Miai L 8 Marbury. City
W Aken, City W Fulwell.Ohio
0 Lester, Ohio L W Uenry, Mo
W Jones, Mo 'JO Lyater. Ala
M K riannery, Tea J H Wallamith. Ky
F Mutnion. Tenn P-Watara, Tenn
Tt) Weill, Mill T L t etcher, Ky
1 MeTier, Tenn 0 K Maaen, Ark
u j ueoacn, uo.
Old Gold and Silver
Taken as cash, Mulfotd's, -W Main.
Oa Nfinp-Ila PIrKl feaapaaj
for aJanla aaa plrnlj ol Iheui.
Excelleuce nud Cah
Are the secrets of Mu'ford'a success.
! HallHlcr LaaentaralaelaSa
yoar raaaablaaa.
Xnlfurd, Jeweler, '294 Main, so
loclta orders from tat. couutry.
3The firm of GOODBAB & CO. has been dissolved, and we baye reorganiied oor interest in the Wh 'J'ef ale Boo
and Ehoe Bnsineas, in connection with Mr. W. . Love, lata of Warren, Love & Co., St. Loois, Mo- an & Mr. J. C
Call icon, of Cold water, Mies., under the style of and firm name friven below. We thank onr friends for their patronage
in the past and hope for a continuance of their iafors. A. B. GOOpKA-
Lataof Goodbar A Co., Memphis. Lata of Ooodbar A la., Memphli.
3G7 k 369 Main
We are cow receiving a large and Entirely New St?k of Eastern and
Spring Trade of 18S6, which we offer at Stock Bottom Prices,
We have EXCLUSIVE control in this
lowing lines of CUSTOM-MADE Goods, all of whi.-.h we
warrant to gire perfect satisfaction :
George Hocker's celebrated Men's Calf Boots.
Brad k 6hoi toll's Boys', Youths', Misses' and Children's
Solar Tip Shoes. . -
T. M. Harris A Co.'s Philadflphls made Children's Shoes.
Also, L. W. Nnte A Co. 'a Kip Brogans and Plow Shoas
the best Brogans made in the United States heretofore
handled by Goodbar &. Co.
We are the only honse in this Market handling the cele
brated Krippendorf. Dittmann A Co. line of Ladies' and
Misses' Kid, Goat and Calf CUSTOM Goods EXCLU
SIVELY. nnder the Factory Brands.
if Meal!
The Handsomest in the
South and Its
Men the
The Pride of the Mis
sissippi Valley.
A New York drummer, who trav
els over the entire country, was
bragging about the advantages of
living in Gotham, but he had to ad
mit that in the Misfit Clothing Par
lors, 262 Second street, Memphis has
tho best and cheapest clothing house
in the United States. He also had
to concede that the Memphis girls
are the prettiest in the country and
that the men hero, as a general rule,
are better dressed than those of any
American city.
Memphis men can afford to dress
well. The Misfit Clothing Parlors
gives them the advantago of buying
fine morcbant tailor's clothing at
about one-half its actual value.
The Misfit Clothing Parlors be
lievo in bragging when it has some
thing to bra about. We have been
busy during the past two months
hunting up bargains for Spring. We
now have our Parlors packed with
beautiful now goods. Better still,
our prices are wonderfully low.
Come quick and inspect these hand
some goods.
Remember, all alterations to in
sure a perfect fit done free of charge
by a first-class tailor.
262 Second St, Memphis,
Opp. Court Square.
Tke Paradise for those hunt
ing Real Clothing Bargains.
Cer. Second and Xanroe St.,.
Would call attentioaof hii iendi
and patrom to nil
CompriaiBC ttie chcloeat and lateit do-ila-ni
of Foreign tioodi in tb. marli.u
Hartal tak.n rwcial rare ia their leleo
tion, I am pleaeed to aar to ml eualoaieri
and paMie who faear me with a eall, to
loow them 'inei ot eoodi only founvl in
leadisa Doueee.
Z4tO haibeen in thli citr 1 reara. treat
im all diaeaaei of the Rectam el a bpeoal
iat with uniform enocaii, without the
the knife o liaatare. ,ril;' irVUi
Oonitipation, Innammation, Pile.
ITIrers. Fiatulaa. riiaarei. Polypt, ""atarrh,
Mricture. KTcrejoenoea around thelrleotam,
Prlpa, Pruitia, Hemorrhatre, gpfjro ot
Ihe Sphiaptua. Chronic Diarrhea and earonie
Call and lee teatimoniali.
Cooanltatioa free. At home ae lecond
nd fourth wetki of each month.
w. iote,
Lata ot Warren. Lore
and IS Gayoso Streets, Memphis, Tenn.
officeno. 24 high street.
re made Dy any compeung market.
market of the fol
Miarsii, TiM., Marob 10, lb86.
We made a contract some months
ago with George Hocker, the manu
facturer of the celebrated "Hocker
Boot," for the exclusive handling of
his boots at wholesale in this market,
and have advertised in various news
papers to this effect. We notiee re
cently that another wholesale shoe
house in Memphis is advertising
that they .have George Hooker's call
boots for sale, manufactured for the
spring trade. In order that we should
not be placed in a false att'tude be
fore the trade, we wrote to Mr. Hock
er on February 27th to know whether
or not he had sold his calf boots to
any other wholesale house in Mem
phis, and we herewith publish his
reply. Very respectfully,
Cihoimxati, 0., Maroh 1, 1886. j
Heisn. Ooodbar, Lore A Co., Memphii,
Gentlemen We have just re
ceived your letter of February 27th.
Goodbar & Co. have not bought a
tingle pair of boot$ from us for the
tprvng trade,
I cannot think that they are eettina
them through any other Louse, as we
received no orders that tbey could
send, and are only selling one other
jobbing house these goods. I do not
think they get them from them.
Notwithstanding- ono of onr com.
letitors publishes a letter from Ueo.
locker stating "he has not sold us
any calf boots for spriixr trade,"
THE FACT J, we have tliuse goods
now iu store, which wo offer to the
trade at as low prices as tucj cn be
found elsewhere. He guarantee
them to bethe(iEMISEG.o. Hotker
bootn, aud adapted to the present sea
son's trade. Kesppetfnlly jonrs,
Memphis, March 18. 18H(i.
31 rad 313 Front Street, Memphis, Tenn.
toves, Tinware
a Jaal In Reeelnt
R. R. Plows, Columbus
And a Complete tine efCAMP OUXFITS.
Jamea M. eaoodtar Win. JU Clark Bnene J. Carrlnarton rnutk . Jane.
JBB tntollmbAd 1B80J
319 Main Street, MempMs, Tenn.
WE offefV) SiaCHaSTa OSLT th.larreet and beet itock of Booti i mad Shoet wa,
. ySV&r beoaaht to thU market .and .i.oh eannol ba '
alalaa ht S.n V flOBM ID lUm or milj wvunji v 1 1 7
"' ' . . , . l a--BV l a. RnC aTall
'"" ' .
aeUrV5and eilet ?lk of Cu.ror.-mad. Good. fc. M.a. Women, Mjand Children. W.
Jarr72 Sn.beTof th. keit make, in the eonntry, in .Tor. rar.eti aa4 et; te, aad ameat
earry .uu"1 u . n.ir n..,. .. Rhn., mftnaaetarad bT 4m. Hoekar for oar.
them tine wau i
Hnrin. Trade. alio oarry a onoroe nneoi w "J,T"..V"" "
cE'f JoodeTmanafaetured br Krippeadorf. Dittman A Co. We inrita I be trade We.amlna
oltkDefore ba,in elwh.re, and w. i.ar.otM .rarytWniwatt to air..tUoa.
Boiler Works.
J SHEA aini,iiii s.
140, 142, 144 Front, Memf-his.
' J in the Houvh, and the only oamrleta
Boiler aud 8t-Irop M'urki in tha e!rt.
Manntaittnrer of hev IhI tro
work af everr dearvlfillea. bpeolal
Notice to Railroad Contractors.
TUB nnderiianed U prepared ta fnrniiji to
contraotonon Railroad Work DA 1 LA-
BORbKln an rnmWa wantid. Adareii
1 tin(Jr.UJk MavtJAriynfii
I Leiimwn, Mui, .
t. c. CALLirorr,
ft Co., St. Louie. Lata of Cold water.
Custom-Made Boots and Shoes for the
on as liberal terms aa can
We also control the following Specialties nnder oar
own brands, vis : .
Goodbar, Love 4 Co.'s Men's Grained Calf CUSTOM-MADE
Bals, Button and Congress.
Goolbar, Love & Co.'s Men's N.K. Calf CUSTOM.
MADE Bals, Button and Congress.
' Goidbar, Love & Co.'s Ladies' Kid and Goat CUSTOM-MADE
Flexible Polish and Button $3 00 Shoes.
Oar Ladies' $3 00 Shoes are made from the beet se
lected Caracoa Kid and Tampico Goat Stock, and have
Solid Sole Leather Counters and Flex ble Inner Soles
and we warrant them to fit and give perfect satisfaction
in every reameot.
Importer! and dealer! In , Amma
nltloai and flahlnR Tatrklx, UnllUrra'
Hardware, ainelrla Bla aad Aa
nnnelntoralnr Hotel! and Reiidencei.SaS
Main alrawt, Meraptala, Teaa. Kleotrio
loppliei aJwayi oa haAd. Repairina oeatly
ttuns, AmmnnltioD, Fishing Tackle
and Sportsmen's Supplies,
tad Kala Street, Hempbla, Tena:
Manufafltarlrif and Repairini of Gnu a
HreniaitT. aerTe'erhene No. 80S,
Frank Scbninaiiii.
Importer and Dealer la
Sana, Fleblna; Taeala aad Rporta.
men's Nopnllea mr Special attention
airen to MANUFAtTURLN aad KB
4ia Wain fat., Mem nlilta. Tenn
Sweet Tickles, Etc.
Starred Frnlt Pickled Orangex.
HtDfled Frnlt Pickled :onmber,
HlnflTed Frnlt Plcklrd Peppa-rt,
Htnfled Frnlt Pickled Mangoes,
Mixed Sweet Pick Ira,
Cro& Binekwell'a Chow-Chow-aad
Mixed Pleklea,
Plain Cnenmber Pleklea by tbe sail.
Other branda. of Plain and Mixed
Pleklea in Glaaa aud Ollvea.
Chroer Second aud Iteale Sts.
of a lane Shipment of
Steel Drag Scrapers,.
. au emu " :.L .
, j ti. .J trj j
Joan OrBBTea, Ja. C N. Otosvixoa..
Real Estate Dealers
Offloe, 264 Second Street.
. . w. e bm. ad Muk
XtXjfUlh, . . i.N'Kl!2&
Tax ei fata. Kinti Coli.oUJ, etc., oa
Young & Brother,
1 Booksellers and Stationers.
8W Main MM memphl,Tenn
WUblnar to Retire I mm Bnalaeaa
MJe Offer ar Knilre
lidltthHA K nK Ltr. DKWMANN. WAAJlBrl 4V

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