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(ore tbe world any longer. One ol two
Uke place: tuner me
local and district aaoembli' 01 tne
order mot obey ita laws or I must be
a posuioa
n . I-t in vtii I. Rl nrk'. rvprmittf ii to resiim from
1 L " ; ruurV which oblige me t, play one part be
IV Dl au.t""--
OaljOae Trail Sent Oat, and That
Cader t Btroaj l.oara
of Police.
tii w.hMh Striken Retura to
Work No Chante la the Hen
eral Situation.
St. Louis Mo , March 26. "Ii there
nmhtiilii nf the strike extend-
Ins any further?" aiked a reporter of
Chairman Mania Irons, at East DL
Lonia, last nibt.
"Yea." answered Mr. lions, "the
etriko will probibly extend through
out the United KUtes."
"Will it be oonfined to railroad em'
"No, eir; the move to-Wy ia but the
kprrmninv of the end. Not only the
railroad emplo)oi will be called out,
hut the omer will go out to ill the
Knighted Lihorof this countiy, re
gardless of their occupations."
Then it will be a general atrlke?
"Ye, sir: the order of the Knights
Labor baa got to be recocni.ed.
"When will the csneral order bf
I rannnt av aa to time, but it will
be very toon if mattera are not aeltled
within a few daya."
Whenlthe mnal hour arrired this
mAffi inir for the dav force of switch
men to relieve tbe night gang at the
Webaih yarda, in this city, no men
appeared, nod a few minutea later the
announcement waa made that the en
lira force had ttruck. Tbia adda about
twenty-five more atrikera to the entire
nnmher low out. These men were, it
nnderntood. ordered out by the Ex
ecutive Committee of the Knighta of
Labor in anpport of the posiion taken
hv the atriking Missouri rac.iio em'
thia momlns ia becomlnuserious. Tiie
vardmasters of the diUerant roada have
been at'empting all the morning tr
make op and start out freight traini,
hut the have in every instance been
prevented irom carrying ont their de
al ona h the atrikins switchmen, who
are nsing all means at their disposal to
make the freight blockit'le in mat city
complete. UoapUDg-plns are rerooveu
frrtm (hair Doaitlona and the trains be
come separated : switches are reversed
and the trains are run upon the wrong
tracks, and in tome Instances the yard-
masters nave been io:ciuiy resiraineu
in their f farts to resume freight tral
fie. No serious trouble haa s yet o
enrred, bnt it is understood that the
officers of the law will be called upon
to-rlay to preserve order and property,
and a eon 1 let between tbem and the
strikers ia expected to occur.
Aeaeral Master Workman Powder
Iv has leaned a secret circular to tbe
noble order of tbe Knights of Labor
of America, which haa lust been made
pnblio, i Mr. Powderly instructs the
secretary oi every assembly to call a
full meeting and reml before it the
sentiments which follows. The ad
dress opens with an order to the as
semblies to cease initiating new mem
ben nntil the relations of capital and
labor shall beeom let strained than
at the present time, and continues:
"To attempt to 'Win concessions or
rains with our present raw. nndiscl'
plined Membership would be like hurl
ing an unorganised mob against, a
we'.l drilled regular army. It is not
fair to tbe older assemblies to bring In
new members, pick np their quarrels
as soon as organised, and have thorn
to expeet ' pecuniary aid from those
who helped build the order np for a
noble purttoee.' '
After dwelling at some length upon
the inadviiwblllty of taking in new
members at present, the address con
tinues: "We must not fritter away our
strength and miss the opportunity of
present success in the struggle against
capitil by rushing headlong into use
less strikes. To thecardinal principles
of the order we moitadd another
patience. You have had patience for
years, and had not the Knights of
Labor 'appeared upon the scene you
would still be waiting. Your scales of
wages mini stand m they are for the
present. II you cannot raise them by
nay other process than a strike, you
must submit to injustice at the hands
oi the employer in imtieuce far a while
Inm-AF. RMm mftll voiirtiiiiA
Find out how much you are justly en
titled to, and tbe tribunal of arbitra
lion will settle tbe rest."
Mr. Powderly then cautions the as
euinbliea againtl receiving into their
ranks employers, and warns tbe
knights of Labor that the politician
ia planning night and day how ta
ra'vch the Knights of Labor for the
advantages of himself and party, and
adds that to use the name ot the order
in a political contest ia criminal, and
mr.H not occur again.
Keferring to the eight hour move
ment tbe circular rays: "Assemblies
of the Knights of Labor must not
strike for the eight hour system on
May 1st, nnder the impteesion that
they are obeying orders from head
quarters, for such an order was not
and will nit be given. Out
st the 60,000,000 of people in the
United States and Canada, our order
he, possibly, :00,OOD. Ctn we mould
tbe sentiment of the millions in favor
of the short hour plan before May 1st T
It is nonsense to fiink ot it."
After speaking ot the anilities
which ' the officers of aseembliee
should poesesi, and expecting the
Knights to elect horjeit men of even
tempsrament, Mr. Powderly con
tinuei: "While I write a die pitch is
handed me in which I read tiiese
words: 'They discharged our brother,
' and we struck, for you know our
motto is, 'An injury to one is the
concern of a 1." Yes, 'an injury to
one ia the concern of all.' But it u
net witt to injure all for Iht take of one
It would have, been or better to continue
el work and properly investigate the
uiAiter, bringing it before every known
tribunal, than to have struck,
r-peaking of the relitiooi between
the church and the Knights of Labor,
Mr. Powderly says: "I warn oar mem'
hers aeainst hatty, ill-considered ac-
lion. The church will net interfere
-with ns so long as we maintain the
lair. If the law is wrong it is our
duty to change it. I am ashamed to
meet with clergymen and others to
tell them that our order is composed
law-abiding, intelligent men, while
le n xt dispatch brings the news of
enn.e petty toycott or strike."
In conclusion, the Master Wori
rraa says: '! write this circular to lay
bt-inre the order the ex"t -ondition
oi things: I hk neitC "celly
. H DO
fore the public and another to our
members. 1 Siy to the world that the
Knights of Lator do not approve oi
or enonuage struct s, ana ia one any
diKpitches rame to me to come to
Iroy, r. i., wancneeier, n. ii., jui-
Cgo, ill., uincmnm, u, t.yDcuuuiKi
Va., riprinElle O, u., and aiomreai,
Canada. It is impossible for human
nature to r.tand the atrain any longer.
I must have tbe ansistance ot tbe
o.der, or my mcst eirnest efloit will
fail. Will I have it? If so, strikes
mutt be avoided; boycott must
b avoided. Tbrsi who boist
must be checked by tneir
assemblies. No move most be made
nntil the court of lut retort baa been
appealed to. Threats o( violence muet
not be male. rouuciana munv u
hushed uo or driven out. Obedience
to tbe laws 01 knith'liood mutt have
preforeoea over thee ol any ether
order, i If Ihese things' are done the
next five years will witness tbe com
plete emancipation of mankind from
the curse of monopoly. 'In our mem
bers we require secrecy, obedience,
aseitUnce, patience and courage. If
with those bioh you srre ng'nen my
hndB I will continue In the wor. it
you do not desire to a mt ino in this
way, men select a ram ueiwr ijubu
fled to obey yonr will, and I will re
tire in his favor."
A freight train, made up by the Mis-
soori PacilicoilicuM, was started out
of this city guarded by a etrong force
of seventy-five policeman. No excite
ment attended the uopariure oi ine
train and it passed through tbe city
without any interference from tho
strikers. News, however, has jimt
been received from raciHc, Mo , about
fifty miles from this city, that tho ac
commodation train running between
here and that place was UilcDed Dy
the it rikers this morning. No partic
nlars of the aflair have been received.
An engine and tender, carrying twen
ty-five of Detective t urlona a men,
armed with Winchester rities, have
been dispatched thither in antlcipi
tion of a conflict between tbe authori
ties and the strikers when the frsight
train sent out from here shall rtauh
that Blace.
loUr. Iniormation receivea this
afternoon at the railroad headquarters
ia to the effect that thepisfenaer trim
was ont ditched, ibe lact is that at
Gray Summit, a short distance west of
raciuc, me engine was in a ujjuu
aide switch and "killed." Another
engino was sent out Irom this city and
proceeded westward wun me train.
The o Hi dais of the Vandalia an 1
Burllnstsnrailioidisucccsded in send
ing out two freight trains this after
noon without serious interference by
the itriking switchmen there. Tbeae
were the only two snrcessiui attempts,
however, to move f 'eight, and tratlic
1b almost entirely suspended.
A committee of throe of tbe etriking
Wabash Knights of Labor called upon
the chairuun of tbe Executive Uom
mittee this afternoon and informed
him that they bed struck, and re
quested him to inform thorn as to the
uroDer course to pursue, ine cnair
man ini irmeu nim mat me vtaDesa
men bad no iuBt cause for striking and
advised them to return to wotk lmme
diatelv. . The committee of strikers
then returned to Knterpe Hal), where
a meeting of tbe Wabath men ia now
in session discussing tbe adviiabllity
of following the advice of the chair
After dixcusaing at some length the
situation the men finally decided to
heed tbe advice of their chairman
and proceeded to the Wabash yards
and resumed work.
Specials to tbe Put-DiMateh from va
rious point in Kansas and Missouri
are to the effect that the Missouri Pa
cilia officials have succeeded in start'
ins out freight tiains in several in
stances withont interference from the
strikers. Acts of violence, however,
are reported from Atchison, Kas.,
where strikers boarded the train sent
out from that city, and despite the
presence of tbe United States marshal
and several of his deputies, succeeded
in killing the engine. At Little Rock
no trouble bas yet occurred, but
r ot is anticipated when the attempt
shall be made to run a freight train
this afternoon, the strikers having
made threa'A that they will interfere
with any such proseedlng, the otliuials
asserting that the attempt.will be made
at any lmr.rd. Mo a'lsmpt has been
made at Kansas City to move Miseouti
pAcilio freight trains, and there will
probably be none while 8edalia and
Atchison are blocked.
should fight t e battles of ens who
earns fl, nor is there any community
of interest between tbem locative t iem
to art together. Tbe Bto'.berhrod has
al ways (ought i U o wn battU and never
called npnn any outsider fur help, and
I do not think ever will."
Asked of l is opinion of the future
of the Knighta of Labor, Mr. Aithur
said: "I will give you my views.
Strikes mean taxation, lor the
men whe are out of work must
be paid, or they desert the ordir.
Taxat on means an excessive bori'on
upon the ordtr. which mud he severe
ly felt, and prove ai unbearable leal.
It his been the history of every order
which went into strikes wildly, whose
sole purpose seemed to be to strike,
that they have gone to pieces aft?r a
lew years. Take the most powerful
unions which have for a time domi
nated affairs in New York and Pnn
svlvaniu. Where hava they gone?
You never bear of them now. They
bave all gine down because of rtrikes.
It seems to me that the Knights of
Labor will go the sime way."
Mr. Arthur is decidedly nproied to
the boycott, wl i"h he rays is tbe same
as "blackllMinp, wnicn me engineers
worked against fo- so many year?.
Senator Edmnnda of the Opinion
That (.'arlund Tan Be I m pi Ir
onedThe House.
Redaced Hnr of Labor.
Baltimore, Hd., March Zti. At a
meeting last night cf employts in tbe
tobacco f tctories in this city, a com
munication was received from Gail &
Ax. employing 50 people, reducing
tbe hours of labor per dny without a
reduction of pay.
Adjusted I heir DiHVrenreii.
Fittniuko. Pa.. March The dif
ficulties between the pmpiietors "f the
JLrarfrrand the Typographical Union
having been amicably settled; tho
boycott began four weeks ago was
raised to dav. The proprietor have
signed the eeule and conceded to de
mands oi the lypograpuicai union
and Knights of Labor. All the com-
posinra applied lor atiniesion to tne
union, as well as tho Knightp. Sixteen
were accepted and the cases of eight
een are held for inquiry before a court
which mee's this evening.
rrellnilnnry Mirpa for a Oeueral
Wmr on WhUUy.
Jackson. Mm, March 2(1. The Pro
hibitionists have taken the preliminary
steps to inaugurate war on whisky,
under the ironeral local option law re-
. l - .1 - 11. .1-1 A
eeiiliy enacted ny mo legismiure. j
nieetiiiL' of their State Executive toni-
mitteo was held hero Inst night to take
steps for prosecuting tho contest
throughout tho State. An earnest and
eloquent address by the chairman, tho
Kov. t;iias. is. liauoway, was read and
its publication requested. The chair
man has written forptihlicntion a pro
hibition lianil-Uook. which was in
dorsed by tho committee and recom
mended as tlie latest ami ueni nuinor
itv for uso in tho canvass The fol
lowing resolution was adopted :
lieMvea, That our tricnds m tne sev
eral counties of the State who con
template holding elections during the
spring and summer months, bo urged
to organize at once, and communicate
with tho chairman or secretary of the
committee at Urookhnven, Miss., with
a view to securing co-operation. The
war will bu waged relentlessly, and
stirring times may bo looked for in
different localities in tins Mate in tne
next few months.
The IW-alaulBKa or BIcknetM.
Noiror trifle with what art called until ail
ment. A dlaortUr eajjr of control at first, If
neglected for a few weeki, may btcom a
mortal dlaoaae. Bt eipeclullr careful not to
let debility (aln upon you, for it li the door
through which all maladies enter the I jatam.
If yon feel lanuld, Inert, and to ate a oom
mnn Ainriiiiilnn. "ai If there waa no life loft
in M " reiort at onoe to lloitetier'a titom
ach llitlert. That great veit table tonic will
apply the vitality you io umently need. It
la iutti loud. IW Hi tonic action the Horn
aoh ii io invliorated that dlieiiion become!
recular, eaiy, pirlects wnne lie miia.
ih.ptiA nnitMrtiea relieve me nowen irom
ohatrurtioni, and tti alternate operation b-n-enulally
afleota all the aecretive ortrani. For
the miaeriea of dyiiwpita, and they Inoludt
almost every unpleasant leeiinc mat oe-
lonri to phyiloaldiMaee and Dental wretch-
ai, tan
peedy balm.
potent tonlq ii a oertala and
IXetrnctlve fire al Baflielo.
ltirrKAi.0, N. Y., Mureli 2(1.-The
North MufTalo Flour Mills were de
stroyed bv fire about noon to-day.
ljoas, $10,01X1; insurance, $2o,0 0. 'lhe
fire spread to the (lilbert Starch
Works and thev were also lestroyed.
"TlrtHmilding was a new one, having
been erected but a few months nco,
and cost $I00,(KH). The firo spread to
some bnildiiigH on lliompson street
and several others on Dearborne stm't,
which at Jast aceouiitu were burning
fiercelv. At 2::t0 o clock the lire was
said to bu tinder control. The total
loss is roughly estimated nt JmW.tKK),
the work required
irg to no myiri'
:hei to maintV
This siternoin, ec'ing in accordance
with an order from the Knights of
Labor Executive Committee, thirty
men in the union depot shop, consist
ing of hostlerM, wipers, machinists and
blarkemlths, threw down their too:s
and quit work. These men have no
grievances against their employers.
A government height train from
Fort lifHvenwoith, Kas, bonnd for
Texas, arrived in Nevada. Mo., this
morning and proceeded on ita way to
its destination without mtenerence on
the part of the strikers. A freight train
was mads np and suited Irom oedaiia.
Mo., eastward this morning, no inter.
lerence being o tiered bv the strikers.
and, at last accounts, bad met with no
obstacles to its progress. No further
troubles are anticipated at Bedalia in
connection with the resumption of
frnlo-hl traffic. -
It kr denied' that a committee' ol
strikers is on 'its way to this city to
confer with Col. Uoxie. There is no
doubt, however, that many of tbe
strikers are deei-oui to go back ti
work as soon as tbey are satisfied that
they will not be molested, and that
the break recently made in the ranks
will be fallowed by most of them. Any
in tei lerence hereafter at that place
with tbe efforts of the company to re
sume freight traffic will, it is said, be
condemned by the Knights of Labor.
For additional Strike Hon ti e let Page.
l'klef-RBs;lier Arthur oa ajtrikea
ad (lie KeiikU of Labor.
Ciiicaoo, III, March '.V. Chief-Engineer
Arthur believes the trouble of
the Burlington engineers will be com
pletely settled by to-nighU He ex
presses sitisf action at the treatment
accorded the committee by Vice-President
Potter, and adds: "The settle
ment cannot be considered an advance
in wages, although it is; but that was
not the purpose of the demand, rather
of the result. After we fix up here I
will co to Corsicam, Tex , to settle up
a little ditliculty mere, l will not go
to St. louis. We have no'.hlng to do
with the etrike, and discountenance it.
The Brotherhood hts no alUliation
with any other Uber organization, and
will never have if 1 can prevent iU
T utre ia nothing rcuonabl in the
idea that c man who earns $J a day
J. P. Mourns, Cashier of tho (iirard
House. Philadelphia. Ph.. writes. No
venilier 27, 1H84: "For the past twelve
vears 1 have been u sufferer with what
is know n to the medical profession as
limihniro. Having been recommended,
about live years ago, to try aiicocks
Porous Plasters, 1 did so, and was
more than astonished at the result. I
found almost immediate relief on their
application. I wear ono constantly
now, and would not be without them.
I consider them invaluable."
Prairie Flrea la lae Weat.
Fokt Kkooii, Mont., March 20. A
great prairie firo is raging in tho Crow
Koscrvauon. the lire is under tnein
fluence of a very strong wind and has
already covered many miles of terri
tory and burned np thousands of tons
oi uncut nay, a rori irom innings
says it is charged that tne urow in
dians fired the prairie, and that it is
a move to drive the cattle off the re'
1 hry Are Hot Sorry.
There is one thing nobody ever re-
grett that is, the day tbey tlrrt adopt'
ed Parker's Tonic as their regular tarn
11 y medicine. Its range ia so wide,
andlite good effect! so sure, that noth'
ing else, except good nursing, are
needed in a great minority of cases.
Buv it, try it. and afterwards it will
not require any praise from as.
lee dorars la Dakota.
Maspan, Hak., March 20. The
ico in the river broke at this point
yesterday afternoon. A gorge formed
and the water rose eight feet in two
bourn and began runnine into the en
gine room of tho roller mills soon
after and flooded the ent ire lower part
of the citv. At present the gorge
holds firm but the river is not rising.
Thus fur the damage, is slight though
all the houses south of the track have
been vacated. A further rise of two
feet would flood the niaehinerv and
put the entire south part of the city
under water. The Missouri is liank
full but the ice remains solid. The
water is now higher than since 18M
Washington, March 26. Senate
The Chair laid btfjre the Senate the
President's message transmitting the
report cf tbe Civil Sat vice Commis
sion. Referred.
Amonv tbe hills introduced was one
by Senator Hoar providing for in
quests under national authority. Re
ferred to the Judiciary Committee.
Tne Edmunda resolutions were then
p'aoed before the Senate and Senator
Infia'ls took the floor.
Henator Iogalls spoke at great length
in support of the resolution?, and at
tbe conclmiin of his remarks was ap
plauded by lbs Republicans.
Senator Logan tbn addressed the
Senate in support of tbe resolutions.
Henator Logan declared himself in
favor cf open seesionp, and in con
cluding said be respected the Presi
dent as a pleasant gentleman, dui tnai
gentleman waa mistaken in the idea
that he was anything more than an
American oitizen, pieced in his office
to execute the will of tbe people. A
Sdnator had said that in pissing these
resolutions tbe .Sinu'e could accom
plish not 'ling; it could not get the
papers. Well, that might be as things
were, but wo could at leatt bring to
the notice of officials a d everybody
e's;, that no mm could be a Cesar in
this country. We to before the coun
try and let the country decide. Sena
tor Lr gin's speech was lutsned to
with marked attention, and excited
much favorable comment.
Senator Edmunda followed in sup
port of the mjority. The policy of
the present administration, he said,
had been without precedent, and
would be without sn imitator.
Seaator Edmunds, in closing tbe de
bate, reviewed the whole question
carefully, and contended that the two
houees oi Con tress had a right to see
tbe papers affecting the business of tl e
government. If, laid Senator Ed
munds, yon look out of this very pres
ence at this moment, the influence of
Executive patronage to be given tt
Senators and their friends, there would
not be five votes in this chamber
against any one or all the refolu'ioas
proposed by the Judiciary Committee.
There is the "grip" and the "ox." I
believe as the Scripture cays,
"Knows his master's state," and
anybody here, Senator Edmunds said,
who bad been a henchman,
or friend who was net in cilice, or be
ing in office was liable to be turned
out, who would vote agtintt bis party
to eay that there should be revealed
the things told to day by the Senator
from Indiana (Ilarnson), tbe becator
from Illinois (Loan) and the Senator
fiom Kansas (ina le) would nnu met
tbe lines of political preference would
fall in other places than theirs, ine
Republican party, be said, was in
favor of preserving liberty, jus
tice, equal rights and fair play,
and would go steadily forward,
through thick and thin, for
the preservation ef a civil and po
litical liberty. They would go on to
vindicate the political rights of every
American citiien now overthrown,
swamped and suffocated in many
States ol tne union, ana wnen it naa
done that It would try, in spile of
Democratio opposition, to give to tbe
labor of the people, which was the
people's capital its wcilth that pro
tection, encouragement and defer ss
that was the right of labor, which was
tbe capital nf every honest working-
man in the v nitea Hia'es. L&ppianse
in the Galleries. 1
The question was tnen on senator
Van Wyck's amendment providing
"that in all such cases of removal the
matter of confirmation will be con
sidered in open session of the Senate.'
Senator Van Wyck made a strong
speech in advocacy of tbe amend'
Senator Logan said that be would
vnt for the amendment but for the
fact that it waa thought that it would
encumber the resolutions.
Senator Hoar raided the point that
the amendment was not in order, in
asmuch as it changed tbe rules of tbe
Senate, and no notice had been given
nf it.
The President pro tern, sustained
the nnint of order and an appeal taken
by Senator Butler was laid upon the
table veas. 31 : nays. 28. This was a
strict patty vote, except that Senators
Van Wvrk and Klddieoerger voteu
with the Democrats. The vote is not
considered a tst of strength of the
nrnnnnitinn for onen executive ses
sions, since the Republicans who favor
the principle voud to taoie it ana tue
appeal and the Democrats who op
pose it voted against tabling it.
SAnator Harris having demanded
anrnt vats nnon the Edmunds reeo-
lUUOnS, bUQ lirefc lonuiuwun Puu).vA
the report of the Committee on the
Judiciary was adopted yeas, 32 ; nays,
Tha seennd resolution, condemning
the refasal ol the Attorney-General to
send copies of papers called for by
the Senate, was adopted yeas, 32 j
nays, 2. . ,
The question being on the third res
olution, declaring it to be the duty of
the Senate to reiuse its auvico u
consent to proposed removals of offi
cers the documents in reference to the
supposed misconduct of whom a'e
withheld, eenavor vrr nuoou
point that it changed a rule of the Sen
ate ana was noi iu oi uor.
The President pro tern, overruled
the point of order snd Senator Gray
appealed uom tue ubchwu.
Senator Morgan, inferring irom
some remarks of Senator fcdtnunas
that he held the Senate to have a
inht tn mnrMnn tne Aiiornev-ueu-
.rai far rAnin to answer the de-
him in this resolution,
inonired of Senator Edmunas wneiuer
that inference was correct.
Batn V,l runnels renlied that he
ftvaa wt - - .
WM bound IO say, tor too prugreoo "i
mnntitntinnil liberty and law, that
any officer oi the United States except-
the President, atooui wnicn no wyum
a irtn nn riiwnaainn now. was lie-
r,,n hnnnit tn answer a demand of
ith"r honae of Congress, and that if
and agreed to. Yets, 56; nays, 1
Sena'or Morgan.
Before that rerolu'icn csme
vote, Mr. Butler said if be had lime
he could demonstrate tbat the Repub
lican pany had vio'a'ed the lw re
lating to loldiers ten times where the
preset t administration had not de
parted from it once.
Senator Morgan r flVred a resolution
declaring that ro'hirg in tbe resolu
tions already rdoyted was to be con
strued is declaring tbat the conduct
of the Aforney-Gneral rendered him
liable to impeachment, and that the
Senate disclaimed the rjrht or power
to punish him by imprisonment or
otherwise, other than by impeact
men', f r the offense charged against
him in the resolutions.
On Senator Edmunds's motion the
resolution was laid on the table yeas,
36; nays, 20. , a
Senator P!att then attempted to
make the bdl for tbe admission cf
Washington Territ ry the unfinished
busine-a for Monday, bnt some fili
bustering motions interfered, and at
9:30 o'clock p.m. tbe Senate adjourned
till Monday, when 6enator Piatt will
attempt to get np the bill named.
VOS. 378 AND 230 FRQtTT STREET. ffifEKPHTff.
Tba Holier.
Tbe Speaker laid before the House a
communication from Assist1 nt Secrc-t-.r
of tbe Treasury Faircbild trans
mitting a draft cf a bill to amend tbe
l:i rpffulatina immigration. Refeired.
Tr.e bill exinrti from tho per capita
Ux of 50 cents transient a itn tour
ists, and provides a penalty of f ")00
for the permanent lunding of aliea
paupers, idiots, iniane and convicis.
Th f-V.-rntaiv of the T easurv ij given
power to appoint comnrsrioners j f
immigration, net to fxcfcl three in
nnmher. st Boston. New Yoik, Thila'
de'pbia, Ba timore, Key West, New
Oiltans, Galveston and San Francisco,
mlin ahull take exclusive charge and
nrnvidn for the sunoort and relief of
such alien immigrants as may fa'l into
distress. In commenting open this
charire fbe Assistant Secretary says:
' Th agents through whom the exist
ing law is accomplished, namely, the
Boards of Immigration, are apooint-d
1 an A ViA 10.
pattmect has no control of the agents,
evcent tv contracts wlich it bas no
mwiioi enforcing. Tbe bill tr at suit
ted puts tiie entire charge of destitute
alien immigrants in the care cf immi-
oift'inn commissioners, appointed offi
cers of the United States, and leaves
tbem in no State to tbe charge of State
officers to be treated indiscriminately
with other poor over whom the State
exercises snpervieion. If the govern
ment takes the care of alien immi
grants in dit trees it shoul l not divide
that supervision witu oiate autuori
Also a letter from Assistant Secre
tary Fairchild, askiog for an appro
nriation for the storage and tranepor
ration of tbe silver dollar. Referred.
The letter says: "In view of the fact
that the amount of itandard silver
dollars required te be coined under
existing- laws is about 27,000,000 each
year, and tbat the remaining space
available in the vaults of the bub
nfliwa other than New Or-
loans ia net autlicient lor tne storage oi
the coinage for the ensuing twelve
months, it is deemed advisable and
prudent to ask that a snitable appro
nriation be made to enable the ue
paitment to erect vaults in eomo um
ofthe sub-Treesnry oflicea, leaving
the vanlt at New Oi leans free for the
etoiaie of the accumulation of tbe
coinasre executed at the mint in tbat
X .. ... r-t ... ml 1
i in mn nn nr Mr. r-inrinirer. 1 111. lub
vote by which tbe House a few days
since defeated the Senate bill granting
a rvennion of SoO a month to the widow
of Gen. H. M. Benham was reconsid
ered, and the bill was passed yeas.
US' nava. H..
The House then went into commit
tee of the whole, Mr. Hatch I Me. J in
the rha'r. on the private calendar.
Witnnnt transacts? anv oubiubm ui
importance the committee roee, and
thn House took a recess nntil 7:30
o'closk p m , the evening session to be
for the consideration oi pension uuis.
Tho Houaa at ita evening session
naaand fortv nenaion bills, and ad
journed until to-monow.
And Commission Oerchants,
anl IFroiit Wt.. Memphis. rriT .
N fc GO.
L. W00DS0M
J. X. FARQA30N. J. A. HUNT. 0. 0. HEI5. R.
Wholesale Grocers & Cotton Factors.
XS3 Front Street. Meniphia, Tenn.
Cotton coniigned to us will have our oreful attention. We earry at all timet a well-
aeleeted atock o
Stapled Fancy Groceries, Wines, Liqucrojobaccs & Cigar a,
And will ik liftw mm io irwwf,
Jos. Schlitz Breving Gompanv,
MEMPHIS BRAKCII, Serouai loehe"aer.!H A Aa "ha
S. ROESCHlaR. Agent, Memphia, Tenn.
Salea la 18a, a 00,000 Burrrla Hnlrm r Henpbls Braacn, 100,000 aa"s
BeMSIewas aj er,w
tT Will pay Good
Prices for MOTES, GTS
of all descriptions. Send
and Prices Paid.
for Circular
75 Vance Street, Memphis. Tenn.
Field Eoct Wantea
Farming Tools, Grass Seed, Garden Seed, Onion
Sets, Millet,
iso. a. toof.
J . 8. MoTIQHB. W. S. PATTK80N
Wholesale Grocers, Cotton Factors,
And Dealers In Lewee and Bailroad Supplies,
No. 274 Front Street Mmnnn, xenpew
n .. --.1 ..wvcf N.ttiiW Fni't Flavor.
v..ii. I.nn. Ownce. Almond, Knse. etc..
flavor ai dtlicaiely and naturally aa the InuU
Flesh Troduccr & Tonic !
NewlT Constmoted and Elaborately Furnished, Con
1 tailing 225 Large and Elegant Rooms.
,a-Tlie Home hai Perfect Ventilation ad Natural Light, Bteam-heetini. Kleetrie Bella.
and two ei Hale'i Elevaton. u iroeir. -- "":
RATES-aa 50 to Pr aay, aecordlne to liie and eleTatlon of roomi. I Bpeoiai
a".rc" l?r"v.... Abdant .npply of PURE CISTERN ASP WBLL WATgR
Hear tbe Witnesses!
B. Maa ofBlxlyKUai Wlailaw.
am 8 yeart of ae. and retard fluinn't
. . La far tltM fMDlA. Df IU
... w Itnnitb kaa been reatored and m
--A tm.wi naiinil.
ftain. 3a.. February 18, 1886.
A eripalaa Caiflrae Saja:
I on'y weighed 128 poandi when I eom
menred Ouinn' Pion tr, and now weigh ,11.
oond. 1 coold hardly with J to
inrport me and can now walk long d''
without help. 1 bSfii-WJKS-iJcK
caloulat on. , R. RLiLs BOMli-.
Mon! , a. - Cotton Bur.
Mr. A. H Bramblelt. Hardware Ber
rbnat, or foray th, , Wrltrat
It aoted like a eharrn on my w'j 'l1
I conider it a fine tonic. I weigh more than
1 hare lor 25 year.. yBLETT.
m. w p. Joatoa.MaVoa.Sayat
My wife haa regained heratrength and In
ere.ned ton pounds in we ght. We reoom-
mend Quinn'a Pioneer aa iwiw "J"
Or . W. IlbrllB;. or Atlaata, da.,
WrlleaefVnlua'a pioneer I
Ouina'a Pioneer Blood Rf newer wan
Thi must eQivaciouB stimulants to
excite the appetite are Anpoatnra
Bitters, prepared by Dr. J. O. B. Hie
cert & Sons. Beware of counterfeits.
Aek your grocer or druggist lor the
gonume article. ..
he (ailed be could be punished lor
Konntnr Moronn XU6 eeilBlor line
stated in his resolution tbat tbe At
tnmAV-Ueneral is lawfully bound to
obey this order. , '
Penatir f.dmonus atoai uouuuui1
J'y- .... ........
Alter some lurtner uei'itir, oeumui
Brown moved to amend by stnting
out the third resolution altogether.
Lost. A vote being taBen on tne iniru
resolution it was Rree,1.,t?Tye,MUVi;
nays, 2i Mesrr. Nitcueu lure 1, iiu
dlebergerand Van Wyck voUng with
the Democrats.
The fourth resolution, condemning
the discharge of ev-Union oldiers
and the putting in their places of men
who had rendered no military service
for the government then voted on
j fn. Teara with ueprrreaoni.
It it .ntireTy "Jgeuble end do the lyttem
no harm. It Improvea tho appetite, digei
tion a Td bloriiaking, timulat.ng. Invjg-
tSSSSoV' 'tie "tv d thV. w-
great blood renawer and heaitn rejwrer.
tiim,S-ro!ola, Old Sores. A perlect Spring
"Tttotin your market it will be f-'rwarded
on receipt on price. ou ""
ULFVoneBl&d Skin ri.. mailed
-s --- ;; v;r- .;. . ' 5
' i4t-'4--i--' -Mitu!" ry('ifrmvlt-f! "Ss'-L'-'-r ST C
ii B -wk f i 3 vi.t
&.tagV '.!'t-a w 'off "a :
Doors, Sash. Blinds, Molding, Lumber,
Lath and Shingles, Flooring, Ceiling and Cedar Jt'osts.
R. S. LEK.
3767cWSO-382-384-386 Second street, gouth ot Uayoso.
Doors, Sash, Blinds. Flooring, Ceiling, Siding, Shingles,
' Maaldlnc. I.athe. Cedar Poata aad Pick eta.
Sternberg .& Son,
4k UK)
336 Front St., Cor. Union, Memphis, Tenn,
r. 9. ALITOR,
e. w. croweu,
, Maoon. Oa.
Manhood Restored
Klviit h KkK. A victim
Minni l'rmtar Dec.y. N.nrom Dftulity. Von
Manhood. c..liaTin tn.d In T.m Trr lnoB
r.in.d.'Mrtnco.r..l a.impl. ..J5'
whi. h h w.ll k r:l HU K to b I'V'-vIt
Adat'a.4.U.KttVUhSWiaUi'," w
lad CemmissioB Merchants. Bar, Cora Oats, Bran, CAop Feed, Oil-Seal,
LIvi , Cement, 1'laster, BnildliiB; and Fire Brick, Etc
Cor. Front and Union, 1 Howard's Row, Memphis

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