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JtlKKlf TUdTtl.
Tfc Friday ard Saturday, March 25.
A. 27. Saturday matinee-Th Ulented
yoang American actress,
In Ilr Oreal New York Sueoest,
Supported hy J. h T. Sullivan and a power
ful cust. amlrr the n id rement of
M , A R 1 11 1 R MII.Lk"
Monday, March -JJ - B-r.. fit of Mr. Fra-V
With Jew Attractions, aatl better
than ever. lew Management.
Will be kept on late at CLAPP k TAYLOR'S
BOOK STORE throughout the season for the
benefit of those wh with to avoid the rnah
at the offco at the eate.
BLACK BHAWL-Atlilmwood Cemetery,
or between tooth gato and the curve.
Finder will be rewarded by returning to
Cochran Hotel oiire
SBTTEK White and blsek tetter bitch:
both ara black. Return to I. D. 8., 39
M.'i.lison .tr.et. mid r-tS.'S reward.
CJTOKE HOUSE, ETO.-At bheloy Bta'ion.
J Miss., ttore bn. saloon, sialics and
hotfi. rrady Fi'ENtHHRD. For further (ar
ticular! apply te J. II. tsTAr KoKD,
Concordia, Mini.
Pr'titOft Al,.
CIISTKRNS Bui t and repaired and war-
ranted. Inventor of the Sanitary Port
land Cetnent Pump. Contractor and brick
layer. Telephone m. TUOS. Cll BBINS.
LAW, Varin and Commercial Notary
Public, Commissioner of Deeds and U.N.
Commissioner, at the old office, No. 3 Madi
KOuM Desirable furnished room, with
board, at 72 MadUon strc t.
BOARD With axrellent room,
' KICK Rooina, furnished or unfurnished,
1 with or without board, at 137 Madison tt.
TWO larite unfurnished rooms, with or
without board, at &t MadUon itreet, oor
ner Third.
ST. JAMES UOUBE-Cor. Second and Ad
ams ste, Room and board $5 per week;
risybiard. 3S(I.
NICK COTTAGK Cheap, on Virginia
avenuo, near Ravbnrn. Apply to
MKti.Ii. A WRIGHT, 160 Hayburn av.
C10TTAKS-Several nat cottages.
) Apply to A. CORDKS, 17 Talbot It.
TOIlE-No. 322 Front stree. Appl to
TWO elegant front rooms, furnished or
unfurniahcd. Apply at tn Adnmsst
CIOTTAOKS-Twn new oottages, Noi. 30
and Wi Hsdlen avenue, half square
south of Ueale street. Apply to
J. D. MONTElOXIlQ. 270 Second it.
CIOTTAHK Of three rooms at the terroi
J mis of Ehawood street oar line. Apply
at 36 Union itreet.
KOOMS Furnished or unfurnished, at 118
Second itreot. Hcfcrencos required.
KOOMS Kuite of two rooms, unfurnished,
or one turniihed room: will board par
ties if duftired. Location beet in the city,
Family private. Address, with reference,
B. C Appeal olfice.
C10TTAOB Three roomi, cistern, at 257
J fleorgia'ytrcot. Arply next room.
CIOTTASE-No. 4M Laulerdale, 7 rooms
J in good repair, good cittern: 125 per
month. Apply lo No. &I4 Main street.
ROOMS En mite, Lee Block, third floor
front. Apply at No. 4 Mndison at.
SITUATION As cook tnd homework.
M. L., tail oflice.
ASOUTHKRN LADY To associate her
self with arespcn ible house and rep
resent it in her own locality. Good salary
to right party. Position permanent Refer
ences oxohantod. GAY k IiROTHERd, 16
Barclay street. New York.
city to loan a Christian man fifty dol
lars, for thirty flays, on a pledge worth seventy-five
dollars (jeweler's estimate), to ena
ble him to send hie wife away for her health,
by hur phyt ioian'e advice. Addrest
imval.il, tnn onice.
ITUATION By a Scotchman who h aa had
several years experience on a farm at
farmer, gardener er to attend stock; wife
can assist ; oon furnish best of references.
J. P., Appeal ollice.
At 352 Vance street.
(100D COOK and house servant; white
T prefe'red; most come well recom
mended. 011 at 3a Mam street
IOH H-Tcasti prices paid for old andnew
taninu ivr m .inip pirpoi.
10 ADVANC'H MONEY On household
- property without removal. Address
EVERY ONE- In need of a hard, smooth,
durablo and waterproof paveinont or
..or, examins W A I SON'S BITUMEN CON
C'RETE. Trlephnne .
LL THOSE having damp, unwholesome
cellars o te lepr ne ws,
HITK GIRL For housework: refor-
encea required, at .iiB Adams itreet.
1 j"VERYBODY-To call and tee the cole-
Xli orated tlypsy Clairvoyi
yant, at 177 Third
street, near Poplar.
GARDENER A gi. 4 iteidy man whoun
deritands gsrdening Apply 85 Madison.
QTCDENTS To learn telegraphy, at Tele -
KJ graph tsonool, (or. .Main and Pop ar stf .
0l Atonoe. Apply to E0. W, LEAH
NARD, Arkansas City, Ark.
T ADY AGRSTS For Mrs. Cimpbell'i
1 J New "Til tor" filter, bustle, hoop
akirt and nndersRir: comb ned. Hoops can
be removed and skirt laundried. Adjusta
ble to any sine. Very fashionable, and sells
for $2 to every wtll dred lady at soon as
ehown. Agents dt.uble their money. Also
a full line ef new ft.rnishing goods for Indies
and children. Add-ess. with stamp, E 11.
CAMPBELL, A Cf , West Randolph
street, Chicago, III.
spondents for new buiinesa. Positions
permanent. Salary tr commission. Writ
to-day. Address
ply tsis morning at Gaston 'f Hotel,
mora 30, between 9 and 10 o'clock.
OARDKRS-At 140 MadUon; nice rootni,
A GEMS In every soction of the eoontry
for two New Books, just ready, fipgoiat,
Tiansto men of eiaerience capable of fill
ing a large territory. State experience, age
aud territory Wanted. CASSELL k CO.
(limited), 822 Broadway, N. Y., and 40 Dear
fj' rn street, Chicago.
LJ At.fc.SMKN la every StaU in the II ion
P torenresert a FAINT MANUFACTUR
ING ESTABLISHMENT having several
BracuLTiaa thatare popular and easy sell
ing. Can be handled alona or in connection
with other goode. Address THE WM. B.
I N FORM ATlON NuRTON c. willakd
L can hear of scmetbing to his advantage
by co. responding with his brcther,
Pres-ott, Ontsrio. Canada.
Q ITUATION Mrs. Ann B. Rothroe. chal
tO lenge carpet-mf-Cer of the United States,
wants a tituslion, No obiection to leaving
the city. Aaply at thisjoffit-e.
m&nentDoait on. with an oldeatablitbed
firm, asthuw repr"ten:ive. in nil own btate.
Salary to begin, I7!' rer month. References
14 Barclay sf eet . N. Y.
AGENTS For tbe best article ever pro
duoed; costly outfit free: no peddling
and no mosey required until sales are made
and goods delivered For particulars and
terms audress N. Y. Friedman A Co., Mar-
1 fr( MEN Young and old, to bring
LUUU their Old Clothe to Rosenstein A
Bro. and have tbeis renovated. 2S) Main
and W JeflersoL.
Absolutely Pure.
This powder never varies. A marvel ol
purity, strength and wholesoineneas. More
economical than the ordinar; kinds, and
cannot be told in competition m'.a the
multitude of low test, short weitht alun or
phosphate powden. Hold nnlv secuns. Uoial
Blum Pi.wnvn I'o.. !- W.fl ...MwVcrk.
2 WHITE COWS-One with rope around
head. t" reward for te ir return to R.
B. BARTON, near Curve, Her-undo roal.
STIU vk"o"k S I oi.K ."
RESIDENCE Two-itory frame, 30 Pon
totoc at., six rooms, bath and servants'
roomt large rhady yard and fruit trees.
Terms easy. Call at office of Dr. Lipsoomb,
250 Second st. .or at his residence, 3tU Miss av.
QOOKING-STOVE-AtNo. 20 Linden St.;
only used two months.
EGGS von HATCHING From pur h-eed
Partridge Cocoin, Brown Leghorn, Black
Spanish and Plymouth Knck stock. Address
J ry ACRES soo4 land at Nationa' Ceme
OW tery. Inquire at 'a Madison street.
i"s iOJJ lani. eiaht miles southeast of
Brownsville, Tenn., under gmd fence, has
several tenant hotites, fine'springs of water;
it well adapted to stock form, and will be
sold on long time. Apply to
or A.J. MARTIN. 'MiMain st.
ATATCUE1 Jule- Jurgenten stem-wind,
VV 18 k, I25; hockfordttem-wind, 18 k,
$75; Schoieider stem-wind, 14 k, 160; Elgin
and Waltbam stem-wind, loiid gold. 120 to
S O; Ladies' Solid Gold Watches at (8, f II .
fl.r.!25 to MI, llm'i' Solid Si ver American
Watchos at &4 to $1". Abov watches are all
good as new. A large linool Diamondi at
loss than cost of importat on, and every ar
ticle sold under g'tnrantee, at
74 and 70 Bo.ile etreet.
tOW A tine,, fre-h, half-Jersey cow with
calf sivteen ilsys old.
W. S. JONES 131 Hernando st.
J.X. RATUS Fountains, gel erator, etc, at
UARPMANN & BRO.'S, 2S6 Main St.
IG11T SPRING WAGON And harness,
J chcaPj Apply at No 18! Court street.
w. R. LARKIN, Lartinsville, A'n.
Adorits A. 1). C Appeal oflice.
CA OPCA will purchase a now, hand-tj-t
JJ some, two-story Queen Ann
house, V ro ms, with ront, aide and back
porches; cistern, stable, wood and eoal
tlieds, corner lot, H'ixliW feet, nicely graded
and fenced, 20-foot alley in rear, adjoining
State Female College. Ta'ms 12000 cash,
balanced per month. Will be completed
about. April 1st. Address T. A. LAMB or J.
11. BARTON, 10 Madison street. Ollice
hours, 2 to 4 p.m.
"tpU RN ITU RE Complete let of household
J? furniture, almost new, at a bargain to
cash purchaser: must he sold at once. Apply
to -I.R BALDWIN. 2-S4 Main st.
in on of the livest towns in the
South. Doet a business of over fluOO per
month. Bar can be added lo the business,
if desired. For terms, address
J. S. M., Box 102, Merldlai. Miss. .
AT NEWPORT NEWS, VA.-1000 loU, 500
feet water fro t, 4C feet deep. For full
Information address WM. A. DEAN,
47 Lexington itreet, Baltimore, Md.
Jj J cash, or payable September 15, 1880,
with good security.
HORSE A iafe, reliable family buggy
hone one well known to thecitisens
of Memphis. Apply at the livery stable of
Memphis; PoOOacrei, of which about 300
cleared and Tery rich land. A bargain can
be lecured by application to
n. B. BRYAN k CO.
WK.iMlty olAiJbi CfcrUlHUATK
l it oaivaH aev and all dnes to th
ovwwTfiw . uurisvvvnR.
J. F. II0LST &BR0.,
i . 5
Funeral Directors,
A FULL and complete stock of Wood and
MtUllio Cases and Caskets, Cloth-Covered
Caskets and Burial Robot always on
hand, jarordorl by Ulearaph promptly
Incaseofsiok headache, biliomness, tor
pidliver, dyspepsia and coitiveness, "Da.
never fail to give relief, for both sexei and
ages; they are prompt with regard to even
the most delicate constitutions. None genn
in without th signatura of " Fleming
Broi., Pittsburgh, Pa."
Cluepoist, Ark.
Messrs. Flkhino Baos.:
Dia 8is I hav wed your Dr. C. Me
Lane's Liver Pills for a great many years,
and find them the beBt pills I ean get hold
of. I use them as a preventive of sick and
nervoul headache. They an th b st reme
dy I ean get. I remain at ver, youn, etc.,
a. h. Mcdonald.
Send m 25 cents, and we will send you by
return mall a box of tbe genuine Dr. C. Mo
Lane's Celebrated Liver Pilli and eight
handsome esrds. Over Sfty million boxes
hav been used by the peopl of th U. S.
What better certificate could they have?
. FLEMING BROS., Pittsburg, Pa.
Non-Resident Notice.
No. 5048, R.D. In the Channery Court of
Shelby county, Tenn. C. T. Quintard,
Trustee, vs. W. F. Ueaihman et al.
It appearing from amended bill sworn to
in, this cause that tbe defendant, James
Martin Heatnman. is a resident of Sunflower
county. State of M'sis,ippi, and a non-resident
of tbe State of Tennessee :
It is therefore ordered, That be make
hit appearance herein, at the oourthoui
ol Shelby county, in Memphis, Tenn., on or
before the first Monday in April, 1886,
and plead, answer or demur tooomplainant
bill, or th same will be taken for eonfeiied
as to him and ret for hearing ex part:
and that a copy of this order be published
once a week, for four successive weeks, in the
Memphis Ap eal. This Februaiy 18, 1885.
A copv attest:
S. I. Mo DOW ELL, Clerk and Master.
By 11. F. Walsh, Deputy Clsrk and Matter.
M. B. Tresevant, Sol. lor eompl'nw fri
HORSE-? I will pty a liberal reward for
the return of one brown horse. 5ears
old, heavy t.il; and one light dun horse, 7
years old, with a brand on riitht ihigh, at my
livery liable, 68 Monroe street.
.1. If. MANOR.
A01T $soo.
And la Captured in Tarn The
Money Recovered -flood Work
of the Police.
Tbe rliscov ry ot the robber of Mr.
Hr rj l.ini't nun'i a&fe y.e'erday by
Officer W. O. lUdiick. and the return
of Ihe large sum bIoIpq to tlie owtit
be'ore he had fully r-al ixd hta loss,
ofl'erg another ptof of tbe tlliciency
of that excellent official, and a Ida an
other claim ts the long Hit he haa
upon hia auperio's. Karly in the
morning a negro man named John
Catee, employed aa a ook at Linde
a an'a fa'oon and lodging-house on
Washington street, called at the Stv
t ion-House and reported that Mr.
Lindeman had been ro'jbed. Otlicer
Hedrick at once accompanied
him back to the Lindemnn'a
and began bia inveslifa'ion. Mr.
Lindeman told him he bad been
aroused a abort time before by a vio
lent ringirg of bia door bell and when
he git out of bed found Gates stand
ing at the foot ot the stairs. Catrs
asktd him if he bid been down, and
receiving an answtr in tbe negative
informed him tbitt the front door of
his saloon was open. He did not wait
to dross, but wo tit down as be wi , Mr,
liodeman etvd, and found his ealoon
cp-n and his safe rohbod of about
$800. He put that sum cf money in
the eafo the night bef.ire, and United
the inside doora, but did rot turn off
the combination. Hedr.ck took Mr.
Lindeman one aide and questioned
him about Catee, whom be suspected
from the titst. Mr. Liurieman laid
the nigLt btf ire was Catea's night oil';
that he left the place at 8 o'clock and
could not have gained an en
trance into the saloon without paving
through the front doir. He did not
think it possible that Cotes could be
guilty, though he said he bad lost the
keys to the inside doors of his lafa
two years ago, and bad frequently
missed small Hums from the safe
drawer. Hedrick waited to bear no
more, but at once took Cates in cbarge
and began a search of the prtmises.
In a cigar box behind an old sofit in
Oale'a bed-ioom, which be occupied in
common with another employer, the
miming money was found. Money and
man were taken to the Ktition-llouse.
a charge of drunkenness was entered
against Catea on the docket, his con
dition being such as to justify it, but
when his pockets were searched the
missing key to Mr. Lindeman's cafe
wps found in his pocket, and a charge
of housebreaking aLd larceny was en
teici assinst him on the docket
Cates was stubborn, and for f cveral
hours continued to asseit his inno
cence. In the afternoon, bow.
ever, he weakened, and, as usual
in tbe Cass of weak criminals, tried
to drag his room mate down with bim
by Bwuaring that when be got the
mono he handed it to him, just tak
ing out f 15, and that he put it tinder
his pillow. The ollicors are im lined
to believe that if there had been two
concerned they would have dividtd
the spoils on the spot. Cutos declared
it was their intention to leave for Chi
cago on the 8 o'clock train on the
Chexapeaka road, lie has beun in
Lindeman's employ about four year.
Sam .Ionks condemns baseball as
oiiBtof tint deadliest of Bins.
The Chicajros are Raid to have all
signed tetnperanco pledges to hold
good until October.
J. M. Bntt'ii, treasurer of the South
ern League, is the teller ot the First
National hank of Macon.
Ax la nt a has a strong nine this year.
She won three games from the Loui;
villo club and one from Pittsburg.
Sam Wink is still unsigned by Bo
ton. Ho thinks he is worth fL'&OO,
while Sodcn's figure is just $500 less.
At the meeting of the American As
socia ion it was decided to allow each
club only 400 balls for the season. AH
over this number they must pay for
Tin: .St. Louis Browns are about the
only team in the country that can af
ford real foreign tourists in their team.
Bushong and CurutherH have both
spent a "season" in Paris.
In a gamo with the Philadelphia at
Charleston on Thursday Bryan, the
Charleston manager and center fielder,
broke bis knee cap, and Lanser,
catcher, his finger. Bryan will be dis
abled for life.
Some ten years ago the public were
continually saying that baseball was
very short-lived. To-day there arc
millions of dollars invested in the
game, and the business has been
handled so ably that it stands out the
squarest sport on the American turf.
New York, March 2(1. The em
ployes of the Brooklyn street car line
struck this evening.
Louisville, Ky., March 26. Fisher
Bros. & Co., stove manu'acturers, as
signed txlay, with liabilities at
CO0; aseeta are about the same.
Wilmington, N. C, March 20.-Flre
this morning destroyed the county
jail and a number of residences and
stores. Tbe loss is estimated at $25,000
Columbos. O., March 20. Ex Con
gressman Gibson H. Atherton of New
ark was stricken with paralysis last
evening. His condition last night
waa critical.
New York, March 20. Tbe total
imports of dry goods at thia port dur
ing the past week were valued at $1,
635,816, and tbe amount thrown on
the market at $1,740,577.
Newark, N. J.. March 26 Ninety
Americana employed at Caaebolt's
Laundry, at Belleville, struck to-day
on account of aixty Chit amen, againBt
whom they had organiaed.
Columbus, O., March 26. The Ser
ate to-day passed the non-partisan bill
for Cincinnati, and it ia now a law. It
gives the Governor power to appoint
a police board of four members.
Brazil, Ind., March 26. Folly half
of the :i000 coal miners in Brazil die
Met are idle or working on ahoit time.
To-day tbe Nickel-Plate mines', em
ploying 500 men, abut down indefi
nitely. New York, March 2(i Early this
morning Mrs. Delia 6. Parnell had a
relapse and it was thought would die,
bntduiiogthe afternoon she had a
change for the better, and it ia now
thought she will recover.
Pittsburg, Pa., March .'i. The con
ference between the street-car olliciala
and tbe Knights cf Labor adjonrned
this evening without reaching a settle
ment. A strike has been ordered on
all lines in the city except three.
Chicago, 111 , March 26. Theodore
Kearney A Co., wholesale jewelers, at
No. 149 8tats street, confessed judg
ment in the Hnperior Court thia morn
ing for $45,000 ia favor of Wm. Smith
A Co. The store w aa closed by the
Milford, Mass., March 26 The
Knights of Labor here were to hol t a
general rresting to-nig'utt3 agitate the
eiifht-bonr question, but they aban
doned the project in di future !o tbe
Master Workingman'a rirru'ar. He
pronounces the movemcLt prematura.
Little R-ck, Ark., March 26. Pri
vatu.dispatche) ancouiii-H the death in
Hamilton. Csnada, at 11 o'clock last
night, of the Kev. Dr. Tho. R. Welch,
for many years paVnr cf the First
Presbyterian Church of Little Rick,
but for the pat year United Statea
Consul to Hamilton.
Cleve'aml, O , March 26. Cleveland
workingmen held a great mestirg to
night at tbe City Armory and talked
over the eight hour system. Many
apeechea were made, and the senti
ment of all present was that eight
hoars should constitute a day's woik.
O.her meetings will follow, and labor
orgtii'ietions hope to accomplish their
end May 1st.
Toombstone, Aria , March 16. Col.
White, insurance agent of this city,
arrived from Fort iluacbuca to-day.
He reporta that jutt btfore he left
there this morning a courier arrived
from Lieut. Mau'a ram with newa
that all Indians had surrendered ex
cept Mangu'a and two warriors who
have been ofT the reservation since
1882. ,
Macon, (ia , March 26. John
Drake, coloierl, w as hanged at Thnm
aston to-dav for the murdi r of his
wife last December. He coriftgsd
the crime, which waa a inott brutal
o-ie. Ho cut her head open with an
ax, gashed her throat with a knife,
and then, piling old clot ties on the
body, fa'urated tbe bedding with
kerosene and set it on fire.
Fort Worth, Tex., March 26. News
was received here to-night that a party
of Comanche Indians, numbering
about 100, camped at the mouth of
tho Pease river on the ltitb instant,
and while there killed forty or tifty
head of cattle. Among them were
Wild Horse and Black Horse. Af
ter killing the cattle tliey moved
down the river a short distance and
tren returned to their camp, burning
all the country as they went.
Chicago. 111.. March 26.-Vice-Prea-ident
Potter of the Chicago, Burling
tion and (uincy railroad, different
division superintendents of 'that sys
tem, and all master mechanics of tbe
road, met to-day with Chief Arthur of
the Brotherhood of Locomotive En
gineers and thirteen delegates, repre
senting 750 engineers of the Burling
ton syttsm, to adjudicate diflerencea.
The meeting waa somewhat long, but
thow interested said conclusions were
reached without difficulty.
St. Nicholas, fir April, an unusual
ly attractive number, hni been ie
ceived. Among the most prominent
features are an article on "Vacation
School! in Boston," and an 1 luatrated
poem, "An April Day," which will
prove intnresurg to older heads as
wo'laste young people for whom
Ht. A'icAofag is published. Fcr sale by
all newsdealers.
IimiliilV Hotel initl Surglm!
This widely-celebrated institution,
located at BuiTulo, N. Y., is organized
with a full staff of eighteen expe
rienced and skillful plivsicians and
surgeons, constituting the most com
plete organization of medical and sur
gical skill in America for the treat
ment of all chronic diseases, whether
requiring medical or surgicul moans
for their cure. Marvelous success lias
been achieved in the cure of all nasal,
throat and lung diseases, liver and
kidney diseases, diseases of the di
gestive organs, bladder discuses, dis
eases peculiar to women, blood taints
and skin diseases, rheumatism, neu
ralgia, nervous debility, paralysis,
epilepsy (tits), spermatorrhea, im po
tency and kindred allections. Thous
ands are cured at their homes tnrough
correspondence. The cure of the
worst ruptures, pile tumors, varico
cele, hydrocele and stricture is guar
anteed, with only a short residence
at the institution. Send 10 cents in
stamps for the Invalids' Guide-book
(ItiH pages), which gives all particu
lars. Address World's Dispensary
Medical Association, Itutl'alo, N. Y.
Kxrltement Over at Prohibition
felectloti la tjeorain.
MiixaiHiaviLLK, Ga , March 26. An
election on piohibition occurred in
thia city and county yesterday, in
which anti-pTnhibitionists put the
most ba lo's in the lu xes. Gross
frauds are alleged, and the ccn'e-iMa
the couns will probably result In favor
of the prohibitions' s.
In tbe parade cf the nrgroea II. K
Kruetz, a barkeeper, acted as goneral,
and rede up aud uott. the line, giving
the comman.dp, sad made incendiary
remarks to b-.s African allien. This
made the white citizens indignant.
Last night, while ia a ttate ci intoxi
cation, Kreutz instructed the negroes
in cae the white ladies should cay
anything ti them about prohibition to
groesly insult them.
This morning, when it was found
that Kreutz had said this, a committee
of citizens went to see him, and in
structed him to leave the county im
mediately. He left absut 11 o'clock.
He would csitainly have bean lynched
had be remained. His best friends
proposed t j hang him. Certain othtr
anti-speakers, who have been dealing
out incendiarism to the negroes, bave
been asked to keep their months
Last night after the instructions of
Kreutz a negro went to a lady's house
aud asked her, in an insulting man
ner, if she wantel to talk prohibition.
The lady closed the door in his face.
If tbe negro ia found he will ba
whipped. There ia great excitement
and indignation.
IMtd sit site Altar.
Montreal Wilneu: At alxmt 6:1(0
o'clock p.m., March 17th, Mrs. Louis
Ouimet, mother of Mr. Alphonse
Ouimet, lawyer of this city, was pray
ing at the foot of the altnr of St.
Francis Xavier, in the church of No
tre Dame, previous to the commence
ment of the Novena devotions, when
she suddenly fell back unconscious.
She waa carried into the vestry, but
before medical aid readied her, she
expired, the Rev. Cure Sentenne hav
ing merely had time to administer ex
treme unction. The deceased was
sixty-five years old, and had made her
confession on Monday last to the Rev.
Mr. Marsolois, who died so suddenly
on the following day. she received
communion on Tuesilav, and appeared
in good health until the time of her
death, which is nttrihuted to heart
Lcndbobq's perfume, Kdenia.
Lundborg's perfume, Alpine Violet.
Lnndbotg'a perfume, Lily of the
Lundborg's perfume, Marchal Niel
iMi to bii:mim;ham.
The Existing- Line Pu-liUg Work in
.the Mrantlnie-.V Line Coiu-plotrd-Notes.
No diubt is now rnteitainej, even
by the Memphis, BirmiDthttn and
Atlantic railnad ptosis,,,! te sin
cerity of the movement the Kansas
City and Memphis road is making in
thedirectiou of Uirininvjiaiu. Whether
cr not they intend ti begin at the
other end aud build this way, as re
poitad a short time ago, cannot be
aid, but they w ill build if tbey can
not buy the Memphis, Birmingham
nod Atlantc. Tbe latter eimpany
has a large force in the field, aid is
rapidly pushirg invard to ajuncmrj
with tbe Mobile aud Ohio, llie work
will be finished by Oitober to the ext
ern terminus of the Western division
ot the Gtorga Pacific rallrord
Through trains from Atlanta to Mem
phis will run after November 15:h. R
H. Temple, formerly Chief Engineer
of the Georgia Pacific Kailroad, tin
cbarge of the work.
Awolhrr Koatl Into Hlrmlwgliam.
Birmingham has prospects ef a new
railroad that will connect with ttie
sea. The Ar niston and Atlantic peo
ple have decided t) connect their road
w ith the Central loid f Ueorgia and
run to Birmingham. 'J hia will iiive
antther tine cutlet for the products of
that section. It is thought that work
will begin at 'J alla 'ega. The matter
is being kept quiet, but parties who
are on the inside say it ia a fact.
Mayavlllo anil Ilia; Handy.
Theie ia now said to be no doubt of
the arly completion of tbe Maysville
and Big Handy road, as very hand
some offer has been made by Mr.
Huntington to the committee along
tho proposed route, namtly, that they
take the $75,000 be oilers them and
a cure right of way from Ashland to
the Licking rivtr, in Campbell county,
Ky. They have ten daya to gut rantee
this, tnd, if done, he atata that he
will begin work at once and have csrj
running into Maysville by January,
To tie Bold.
It is expected that the Denver and
New Orleans, railroad, which was sold
at auction en the isih instant, will be
reorganised under the name of the
Denver, Texas and Gulf railroad, and
h fx tended to connect with the Fort
Worth and Denver City, tbua making
a through line from Denver to New
Orleans and (inlvestnn.
Praia to Mrmptala unlrnrlora.
The Natchm, Red River and Ttx ta
railroad has at laat been finished, the
silver spike having been driven at
noon Monday, lit the terminus of the
road on Black river, opposite Troy
ville. Messrs. Arnold, DKiarris & Co ,
tbe constructors of the line, have, in
the building ef the road, shown them
selves to be Urst-olacs milroad men,
and have completed their contract be
fere the allotted time, in spite of the
bad weather aud other drawbacks.
Tin: tolice cot it r.
I'roervilliiK lu I lie AiIiiiik Nlrent
Tribunal Y lerl3 .
John Kastner.obslrncting the street,
was discharged ; Jerry Connors, wife
whipping, continued until to-morrow ;
George Whitman and Samuel Mills,
two vagrants, were discharged; James
Dulin, disorderly conduct, was fined
Jl; M. A. Little, neddlim; without
license, continued until to-morrow; l.
Gioves, drunk, was lined 12 and the
cost; Eugene It. Hilliard, fast and
dangerous running of engine, was
fined 110 ; Mrs. Mills, disorderly and
abusive language, was fined $1 and the
costs; Thomas Smith, drunk, $2 and
the costs; William Driver, violating
house number ordinance, case con
tinued two days; William Jones,
obstructing street, continued two days ;
Wm. Murphy, drunk, was given the
usual dose of $2 and the rusts; John
Cates, drunk, house-breaking and
larceny, was lined $.") and bound over
to the State; Mollie Voss nnd Mandy
Hunt, violating health ordinance, ease's
were continued two days; J. ,1. Duffy,
similar charge, was discharged ; Willis
Clark, violating boost! number ordi
nance, was continued two days; L. S.
Grant, on a similar charge, "was con
tinued two days; .Mr. Witkosky, vio
lating health ordinance, case w as con
tinued until to-iuorrow.
Mllllla irler,l tint In Wnrria
t'onnlj, Ml.
Jaikjon, Miss., March 2i. Gov.
I.iwry has oidred ont the Southion
Rifles of Yickebuig in rspome to a
telegiaiu from the sheiifl of Wurren
county, asking til and f dvising him
of an atitiuipa ej attack upon Ilia jail
tonight for the purrote of lynching
Fied Yillerosa, an Italian, who at
tempted to outrags tbe little daughter
of I'rH'ma'ter Grootno VPRlerdsv.
Horm sad fllandalar HmrUiuun
4 nred by ( nllrnrn.
LiMM A BOYNTON, fr7 Washington street,
J-U Huston, says: "I have been affll-ted for
one yoar and nine months with what the
doctors called rupia. I waa taken with
dreadful inlni in th head and body, my
feet became so swollen that I was erfectly
helple, sores broke out on my body and
faee, my appetite left m. I cuuld not sleep
nights. 1 lost flesh, and toon became so
wietohed that I loosed to die. Physii-iant
failed to help me. Mydiscas dally grew
worse, my lufferinitl beoarae terrible. Tbe
eruption increaatd to rreat burrowing, f-.ul-smellins
toret. from which a re-ldlh matter
constantly poured, firming crusts of grost
thickness. Other sores appeared on various
parts of my body, and I became to weak that
1 eould not leave my bed. In this condition
and by advice of a well-known phyivian, I
began to use the Ci tici at fUmoiist, and is
twelve weeks was perfectly cured."
Jamet . Richardson, Custom House, iw
Orleans, on oath, says: "In 1K?0 hcrolulous
lilctrs broke out on my body until I was a
mass of corruption. Kveryth lit known to
tbe mdical faculty was tried in vain. I be
came a mere wrack. At tims could not
lift my handi to my head, and eould not turn
In bed: waa in conmant pain, and looted
upon life as a cure. No relief or cure in
ten years. In lsfto J heard of tbe CcTici at
HtKuisa, used tnem and was prlert)y
bworn to befor U. B. Com. J. D. Crawford.
BASS Hl.trOD, Ml'atOI ULI',
Inherited and Contsgions Humors, with Loss
of Hair, Mlan'ular Swellings, llleerom
Patches in the Throat and Month, Abecesnei,
Tumors Carbuncles, Blotebos. borei. Scur
vy, Wasting of the Kidneys and Uterine
Orgaas, Dropsy, V nurtnia, Dubility, Chronic
Rheumatism, Const nation and Files, and
most diseases arising from an impure or Im
poverished Condition of the Mood, sre
speedily enred by tbe Ciiticoka Ramii.vciir.
the new lilood Purifier, internally, assisted
by Cutk caa, the groat Bkin Cure, and Cu
TicutA Soar, an ei'tuixte Bkin Beautlfier,
bold everywhere. Price: CuTirun, 50
cents; Ci vicuna toP, -j cents; Citiccrs
Rkimjlvsnt, Jl.iO. Prepared by the fonia
Dat'tt and Chkmical Co., Lvuiton, Muss.
Send for" Hot to'rklo IMaewara."
ml'LKS, Blackheads, Skin Uleuihtiet
and Haby Humors, u-e trrirca n r.
RMI'laV n n. Una.....
lar iWtakness, but yirlds to tbe
new, original and infallible pain-
UviMlin nronertiea of the Cll-
ly.i.P.m Pi.ABTaa. A
rarativ wonder. At dragtiitt, -c.
stflFW e-w.
S trl B
With ilf-Miurinr Cards, tent by nail on application. You can hav a rew set ef Bhirt
mad byieudii.g ua an old one to msaure by. WRITE FOlt OUK 1' HICKS.
V. CAlPHri.l.. rrnprle
ll Lbi KOXItK, lore.
Memphis Steam Laundry,
We hav th LatH Im roved Troy Laundry Company's Machinery.
OI.I.AHw, Cl'FFS and Mil I UTS I.undrll Equnl ( New.
Thei Work on 1 1 KrlHlnlueT Wnll.
lillia ami llrnluiiic.
The contract for rebuilding the re
taining wall at the Ciistom-I louse has
been awarded M. A. Mi-tiowan for
$til!H),thc government to furnish some
extra material, which will probably
run the cost of repairing the wall up
to J700O. The masonry is to be live
feet thick at the bottom and seven
ami one-half feet high. About .'(lit feet
is to be the length ol the new wall.
The sodding contract is in the hands
of Charles II. Wilson, his bid being
$7!HI (or the work of sodding anil re
grading the grounds, where regrading
is necessary. There are 2100 sinare
yards to be sodded, and the cost will
e a fraction under X cents a
yard. The system of dunning the
grounds is to be changed. The eon
tract has been awarded to Michael
Ijukin for $-'7'i. Surface gutters all
along the slopes and walks w ill be put
dow n, and it is hoped that this will
put an end to the wash-outs hereto
fore made by every rain. These sur
face gutters will Conned with under
ground pipes which will conduct the
water to the main pipes through
which the surplus water leaves the
tear Fori Ion nt Hons on Ki
rhaect Mlreet Ininblrs In.
The rear part of a house on Ex
change street, between Fourth and
Third, occupied by colored people,
fell ill with a crash yesterday morning
about 10 o'clock, the crash call
ing out the lire department. Several
colored families occupy the por
tion which tumbled in, but, fortun
ately, none of them were in their
rooms at the time and nobody was
hurt. Broken crockery, furniture,
bedding and provisions were mixed
up indiscriminately with the fallen
timbers. The liuiMini: was con
demned siiimt time since by the au
thorities, but no notice was taken of
their action. 1 uless something is
done with other Imil. lins in various
pints of the city which have been
pronounced unsafe there will be more
tumbling, w ith perhaps more serious
n 'Mills.
rat: jivuam.
Am lrlh Laborer Trlea to Jnmp
lalo I he Hlvrr.
An attempt at suicide was made
yesterday by John l.iiiKkev, an Irish
laborer, w ho lives at Little liock. An
aeiuuiutnm'e, John Farley, noticed
Linskey stall' ling on the river
bank at the foot of Jefferson
street, throw ing his arms wildly about
and seemingly in the net of jumping
into the water. Farley ran to him as
he was in the act of springing in ami
at first was unable to control him,
but seining a bij stick fright
ened him into subjection and marched
him nil the levee until he met Patrol
man lce, fo w bom be gave tbe man
in clung', lie was in an awful state
when Ijee reached the Station House,
trembling like an aspen leaf and cry
ing that lie was ciuzv. Linsvey is said
to have a family at Little Bock, lie
told Kill ley lie bad I'M) the night lic
hee when be e'itereil a saloon on
North Main street, lind that he took
nothing more niter betook the lirsl
drink until next iiciiniiir.
Xo. SI M Vmrk row. I
New York. Jpi
Orolltmignii IfttvinirnotloMl la Oil morning
lu&yoitrivlvwtlavnM'iil voutwrTunf th ILavivavn'
WstukenphMt ho atcld by you, i oiniot rttin
fromexprettsiiTic, unoUrltfd,ibT stuiactton with
paJr which nr s mr'l lzxMMit oonUniioM
ww. I am lust About Aior&lnM. 1 h& brnam vo-
1 to (.ATI riff my KMmmmmamiooramT, parr
totiaDjr tor th mms, Lavtrt uim.
titMUi a rtsxr owihinM tar m Daair of
ummX.hortnoUo1f r trip to Ui mountsviBts, I
lUrvped Into joumbMh0mt m6 purohsMirl
Mir of Huad1!, for mm 14 cnilbH n kmf
IrmmiM la Ut Otruutrr I bvt mnr tv4 thM
KBAti os my tWti vhlW ftoi wunMhty f
maasssssT ssstisasruif nest ismssaa ia 1 1 tw AlBXAlxaBL 9 lAMIeJai sajsj ggjTAj
taulnvsw- MeaalS k '' didn't cure what
SJOrf or atioea km haa n loasi aa Ik uppere wer
ladeaanMUbl ana the solve were made of eter-
aeyaavewerwout Maeeooad eel aad
WIWT eosann aan waeaa.
total etnsuMV
to tMaanan'so
ay awnlat of womt arm. a
ar to aaVt saxy mmm at abi
aMiysa ii.
ana yoa ar a
uuatura-m uvytv-
ISIectrle licit Free.
To introduce It and obtain stents, we will,
for the next ilx:y days, give away, Ira oi
cbarge. In each county in the 1 . s , a lim
ited number of our Woriaian Heclr
MahaaleNgsprasery aella, Pre,!.'.
A positive and unlailngcure for Nervous
Debil ty Varicocele. Knilsslons, lmpotenoy,
etc. Ml reward ptid if every Kelt w man
fsdure doe not generate a genuine electric
current. Ad IroM a', one KLKi TKIU BK1.T
At K N C Y , P. OBo x 17H, II rnoJt I yn, N. Y.
pvKk-K Winn i.uxik !;,n-rj; :
.. . a.
lt' at.
Tb National C rrMlIt l .o Hor
Holidly fnandftj tbut. tb r"iutittiut. of In
lun'i Car"' in PUnton. 'I hey r kn n,
HTeoiateii ard ucl every ho re io Ameri
ca its hrriUir ftOtl it bnue4, lhy niao.
lihirtDrtcitiis and ilrutttri-tM ttflirin thai fur
lrouipinpf of art ion, ofrtainty anl ranie
ot curativ iual Ltios ihey fymtl com
jfriron. 0nrat(i4d tht'if uniunlfld excul
lerif rvuoiDiiidnii thim. The ublin are
unn Criutioitrti ininnt the rheii) W' rth
Ifvi nnd hatmilfi"i i mittar imm offered ty
luendinMOU iMtrtiefl nndr tho vuimo ot simi
lar Hiuiitlinir it-uir" u h a ''Ctpl'in,"
C'piiicum,M 'H'ui'ucii,," ,t'rttnivMne," ctt.
Ak Uit BoDSort'd, bur of r"fi'tablo driig
tul only and make iortiii..l iHimna
tiun. Th renuii.6 hiti th " X hrtm .&!
trademftrk and tho vri rd 'Cuk idii" cuV in
Ue center,
'"'"'j''''"'- .-ita
f W BaI V. avl l-vl P., -
Thlt famnni remedy most happily meets
thedmand of the age for woman a peculiar
and multiform atlliclliins. It is a remedy
for WOMAN ONLY, and for on HrKolA L
CLASH of her diteases. It is a epoiflo for
certain diseased conditions of the womb,
and proposes to so control th Menstrual
Function as to regulate all tbe derange
nieuti and irregularities of Woman's
Its proprletort claim for It no other medical
property) and lo doubt th faet that tb.il
medicine does positively postee each eon
trolling and reguialing powers ia simply
to discredit th voluntary text I aony of thou
sands ol living wltneset who are to-day
suiting in th restoratlo to soand health
and happiness.
Female Regulator
it strictly a vegetable compound, and tt th
product of medical tcienc and practical ex
perience directed towurd the benefit of
Nl'rrKttllVU WOMAN)
It Is th studied prescription of a learned
pnysielan, whos specialty waa WOMAN,
and whose fame became enviable and bound
less because ol his wonderful suooess in th
treatment and cur of female complaints.
KKMKUY known, and richly deserves its
Woman's Mest Friend
llectua It controls a class of functions th
various derangements ol which ouuse more
ill health than all other onuses combined,
and thus rescues her Irom a long train of
allllctions which sorely embitter her lite and
prematurely end her existence, tin, what a
iiiullliude of living witnesses can testify to
its charininit eflects I Wuhan, take to your
confidence this
It will relieve you of nearly all the coin
plain's peculiar to your sex. Kely upon it
as your safeguard for health, happiness and
long lite.
i-uld by all druggist- Hond for onr treat
ise on tbe Kent t h and Happiness ot Woman,
mailed free, which gives all p'irtii-ulars.
llos 2M, Atlanta, Ma.
- an XtrwuM ot
Horses, Cattle, Sheep
In n--n for over 20 yours by Farmers,
Stockbreeders Horn R. It., Ao
Uaod by U. 8. Covornmont.
Mounted on Hollers A Book Mailed fra.
lliiin.lirr,.' M.-d. Co.. 1011 IV Woo Nt.. N.
specific no. aa
i k Tli,t ixnW iir(Vmi Iwim i tntr
Nervous Debility, Vital Weakness.
Mul r'riiflrnltnii. (rout Hvt-mim k vr olbi-r ttaiiMffl.
tl '.t ml. or ft Ml ncl l.uiif tint owtit r. fur f
(t iiiv Imt'.ii.iH i m ir Mnt iHi-tpjiirt oti rncitiplaC
MMNthrt iMtt(.w,, t'ttt t-ulltHi 111., h. t.
Ki: i:i v vavh ffici:
Kxdiangc Niitionnl Bank
NORIOI.K, TA., rrb. 16, IHtH.
PROPOSALS will be received at this oflice
until Saturday, March 27, Ihmh, lor th
purcbiis- of tbe hereinafter mentioned pro
erty In Its entirety, and also for pieces or
parcels of the saine refrrcn" being had to
descriptive lists of taid property which
lists, stating terms of sale, will be furnished
upon application to tbe undersigned. Tha
right to reject any and all bids is re.-orved:
The extensive and valuable property lo
cated in Norfolk and Portsmouth, Va.,
known as tbe "Seabosrd Cotton Compress
Compsny of Norfolk, .," consisting ol:
I. l'bernacic, which, among otber priv
ileges, authorises the storage of cotton and
oilier merchandise, and tbe Issue of negoti
able receipts therefor.
1. Its pin nl, which eon lists of three ('!)
flrst-1-lii.a improved cotton compresses; Iwo
V2) steam tugs; three (') transportation
barges. All the adjunct necessary to a well
equipped establishment of this character.
Its Ir proof warehonses, seven 17) In num
ber, of capacity for storag ef .it, 000 bale
uncompressed cotton.
It four (41 frame warehouses laietal roofs)
capacity, many thousands tons of fertili
si rs, salt, etc.
It whsrves and docks, which afford ampl
room fur berthing at, th sain tiin ton sea
geing, steam or sailing vessels. Xb ares of
the warehouse and dock property in Ports
mouth is about d'4 acres, together with all it
o'ber property, which it fully described ia
tbe lists above refrred to,
WM. U. PKTERS, Keeelvsr.
To Gas Consumers
or the cm or ieipbis.
IpOR all gas consumed on and after the 1st
of April, proximo, by cu-tomers of thlt
Company, the pi ice will be Two Dollar and
Kilty Cents per thousand cubio feet, bat
wber the bills are paid within th irat five
business days of each month a Discount of
Kilty Cents per thousand I'eet will be mad,
making a net pr.ceol TWO DOLLARS per
thousand cubic feat.
MEMPBI" AaLiiir t o.
By B. ENSLEY, Presldtnt.
Jo. Caaio, Secretaty.
Memphis, Tenn.. March I, law.
Trnatee'a Sale.
PI RSI ANT to a trust deed executed to
me as trustee, by J. R. Flippin and M.
A. Flinpin, of da August la, lSb.1 and re
eorded in the Register's ctlice of Shelby
county, Tennessee, in bock No. l", page,
1 will, on
salnnlny. Astrll 10, IHHB,
ihiring legal hours, tell. In front of tha
court nouse door of sa d county, at public
outcry, for cash.th proporiy thereby con
veyed, vit. : L.-tNo. two ti) iuth division
ol I he property sold to F. Lavigno in tu
ca'e of the Teonesse Marine anil Fire In
suranre Company vs. Chas. Poiter et al.
Chsncery Court of She'by County, Trnnes
see. sai 1 lot Ironting feet 7 inches on west
line of bheiby street by a depth westwardl
of 14II feet, r feroni- b'ing ber mad Ion
mot particular deaciiption to decre vest
ing title in K. Lavigne, recorded in said
Rei ister'l office, book W, page 61U. ete.
Redem ption, dower and boniest, ad waived.
Title Wi1W8nSTnrtMi

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