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'otton Dull JB Willing, g 8 4c
Sales YpftorJay, 5)00
Money continues in fair ilt-maml at
S per 'Oiit. 1vitl securities quiet.
Tlii-cotton inar'-i't was dull. Sales
i00 liiln, middling SJc. At New York
spots c'.owd quiet, middling Ojc ; f u
1 11 res stonily and 1 to 2 points higher.
At New Orleans Fpots clfsed (steady
I nit 1-1'W lower, middling 8Jc; futures
quiet and 1 to 2 points higher. Liver
kk)I sjkiUi were quiet and unchanged,
luiddling 4 15-ldl; futures quiet and.
l-i-kl higher, March 4 5Sd. Receipts
here yesterday 5M hales; stock, 111,15
Imles! Total "receipts this season 515,-4-7
bales, against 413,578 hales last
season, an increase of 101,849 bales,
lleceiptsat all I'nited States ports
ve.ster.lay 12.19S hales, against 427'J
iales last year. Xo change in the
srcneral market.
Knur hundred and three brls apples,
:;fHt sks bran, 5 sks beans and neas, 41
pkgs bflcon, f pkpj boots and shoes,
hu corn, 515 sks coffee, 2 cars cotton-seed,
80 sks cotton-seed, 100 brls
i-nttou-soed oil, 152 pkgs dry goods,
V.i pkgK eggs, 14"0 brls Hour," 70 bales
liar, U0 pigs hats, 8i hd horses and
mules. IK12 pkgs lnrd, 67.000 ft lum
ber, 0 pkgs liquors, 7oi hrls meal,
t7" kegs nails, 3 brls onions, 2.0 brls
potatoes, 50 brls sugar, 250 pkgs to
bacco and 500 bu wheat.
11 Madison St., Memphic, Tenn.,
avgrtrerrgponlrnce aollrltetl. Infor
mation cbrrrfnll forlbcl.-
Money in good demand at 8 per cent
The Clearing House report is ai fol
Friday, March 20th, $215,000 77;
thus far this week, $1,271,4:17 18;
name time last week, $1,084,255 51;
same time in 1885, $1,307,712 S5; same
time in 1884, S i,3i 2,080 00,
Friday. March 20-b. JiiO.fiO'J 05:
thus far this week, $241,328 20; same
tinielfist werk, $507,444 30; same time
in 1885, $374,504, same time in 1884,
5231,380 37.
New York sight on nil points, I dis
count buyiDg, premium selling; New
i'.ualarul demand, 4 discount buying;
New England sight, I discount; New
Orleans, i discount buying, par selling.
Bank of Commerce... 148 bid, 150 asked
First National 138 bid, 142 asked
German Bank.. 192 bid, 200 asked
State National. 137 bid, 140 asked
Union and Planters..! 48 bid, IfiO asked
TIcrcantiloBank....l32J bid, 135 asked
Home 70 bid, 75 asked
BlnffCi.y 100 bid, ... asked
Peoples 81) asked
rianters 1 01 bid. 105 asked
...08 bid, 100 asked
''Memphis City....
.102 bid, 104 asked
Vsnderbilt 20 bid, 21 asked
Hernando 100 bid, ... asked
Arlington 30 bid, 35 aiked
t actors
Tenn.certf. D and E..831 bid. 87) asked
Tenn. wts. fer. C 97 bid, 99 J asked
Mieiby uo. bonds.. 104 Old, 1004 asked
Kbelbv Go. wts 08 bid, 90 asked
Tax. Diet. 4, 63 92 bid, 03 asked
Tax. Mat. 6s 100 bid, 101 i asked
MemStor. Com.Co..l05 bid, 110 a iked
Mem. Gas itock 70 asked
Mem, Gas bond..'.. ..105 bid. ... asked
Mem. Water bonds 93 bid, ... asked
Hananet Oil Works bid, 50 asked
Uity UU Works bid, 45 atked
rioneer Cotton Mills. ..12 bid.
Am. Cot. Oil trusts 23 bid, 20asked
Mem.City By.bond?..102 bid. 103 asked
New York, March 26. Money on
call easy at 23 per cent. Prime
mercantile naner 4Ca 5. Sterling ex
hnnge dull but steady at 4S0J for 00
lays, anl 4h81 Jorilemamt.
Honds government bonds were
dull and heavy. .State bonds were
liiiet and steady. .Sales of railroad
bonds were $347,000, Erie seconds,
consols, active with sale of $472,000,
11 ml t hero was some show of nctmtv
in Northern Pacific issues, Canada
Southern seconds and West Shore 4s.
Fluctuations were generally unim
Stocks' Were decidedlv less dull
Considering the advance established
yesterday, and the unfavorable news
regarding the railway troubles, npim
which current notations depend in a
large measure', the market was de
cidedly firm. The first riguresshowed
declines of i to J, with an exceptional
loss of 1 in Louisville and Nashville,
and in Western Union. It was dur
ing the first hour generally that the
lowest prices of the day were reached,
and from that time until the close
there was a rlrm tone, and In some
cases the early losses and fractions in
addition were recovered, but a major
ity of tho active list shows net de
clines of Ii to -J. Western Union, how
ever, made a net gain of J, and F'rie
preferred is up -. Lake Shore opened
i lower at 81, sold earlv at 81 J, rose
to 82J and closed at 81,, a loss of .
The highest price of this stock was
made in the last hour, and this was
equally true of the general list. The
fluctuations in Lackawanna were
unusually limited, closing with a
a net loss of .. A com
paratively small business was done in
St. Paul, which 'reacted lietweeii 803
mid 874, and closed at 87. The news
regarding frght troubles in the
Korthweat was of a very discouraging
character. Northwestern and Chicago
and Burlington ami Quincy closed
with a loss of 5 each. The market
closed rather' heavy on ' renewed ru
mors of trouble with the railway em
ployes, which ' it is stated, had ex
tended to Lake Shore.
The total sail s of stocks to-day were
:t:0,6!Ki biuret, including elaware,
Ijickiiwiinnu and Western, 4O,4!0;
lolawar and Hudson, 4235; Erie,
15,035; Kansas and Texas, i-'0; Ijik..
Shore, 4S),t25; Louisville and Nash
ville, 4MH); Northwestern, 24,(150; New
York O.ntral, 10,005; Pacific Mail,
10,500; Heading, :"; St. Paul, :,();
Union Padiie, 20,575; Western Union,
::i,200; Northern Pacific, preferred,
( "regoii 1 ranscontineiital,
Closing (juotations:
V. S. .V, 11-'. New 4s, lfci1.
Kewl'ii, 111,. Paci0c6i of 1SW, 126',
C. P. 6nt. iWi.
Krie etoid, 1')!
T.P. land aranta, 57!v.
--XJL.jliJiJ. div., 5o.
IVh AWilkw.,llWi.r. P. r,U. 117S.
Lnnieiena cons, 80. l.V land grant. lffl
Mijtonri , lul. V. P. t. fund. US.
St. Jo-tph, US. Virginia , 44.
Ht.P.i s.C.firt,1J9. V. con.. 1111. ., til
Tenn. fit, old. Va. cod. df.( V.
leon. 6t, new, W-4.
Adtms Express
Nashville k C.,4V.
N. J. Central, 47 ,.
Nor. i V.. pfa. zi.
Nmthern Pae.,21.
Kor hem P.,)id, 64.
N. V. O. & St. Li., !
N.Y.C. A -it L . p.,lir4
C A N. .,1.5',.
'. k N. W.. ptd. 135.
N. 1 .Crural, Id.!.
Ohio Central, I1..
Ohio A- .v.in.,2::1,
U. A M ...fd, w.
Ontario k Wait . 17',.
i lle.beiy l m .
Alton AT. 11 .
A. k. T. 11 ,. .f.t.'..
Americtn Kx.. i'-.
C. K. iN..ii.
Canada Pao.. ofV.
Canada Sou 1'.
Ceutial Pacfic 41 'i
C. 4 0.. lit Hd. '
k U.. 2.1 M. jl:,
C. k A., m.
a., pm. i.m.
u. k y.. I 'l l-
Oregon av., Ii.1
St. L.4K. O - Ore. on Irani.. 'Mi
C, St. I. k P.. 10. Orron Imp., H.
C.St.L. k P., p., 27. Pacitio Mail, Sti.
C8.AC.SU. Panama.
C. k C 4ii',. Peoria. D. K , 17 W
Del. k Hud.. Pittabur. 151,.
Del.. L 4..1!;;.. Pullman P. 0..12S.
Dan. k Rio U.. 1. Read i n . 21);.
Krie, 2.Va Kock Island, 1
land, 126.
: P., W.
i s. y.,p..Ji!'i.
Krie, rfd, 5974 M L. k H.
KatTann..2 St. L. A 8
Put Tenn. i.ld.fr1.. St. L.A S. t. lat n.. W.
Foit Wayne, 149. C. M. k St. P.,8oTs.
llannittal A St. Jo, - C M. St. P.. p., IIS
H. k St. Jn Bfd. St. F. til. A M.. 114.
Harlem, 212. t-t P. Jc Omaha, 8ii.
HoiatcD k r.,22. St. P. k 0., fd.s;,.
lllinnii Can., W'l. Texitf Parifie, lV-i.
Ind. h. k Union Paoifio. .
kanaaa T . 2ti'4. 1 . 8. EvpreM. ti .
Lake K. k W ., 10 W., St. L. P., 9.
Lake Shore, 81', W.,St. L. A P. P .lS'i
ou. k Nah.. W. A F. Kx.. US.
Lou. k N. A., 33. W. II. Tel., 6 .
M. k C 1-t ntd. Co orado Coa . 21'.'.
M. k C, 2d .fd, - IlomeKiake, 17.
Mem. k Char., 32. Iron Silver, 10.
Mich. Central, ti'iS. tlnlario, 2.
Min 4 St. L..W4. Quinkvilver, 7S.
M. & M. L., pfd, liuicks lvrr ptd, 2o.
Mifa. Pao . 1K11, South. Pacific,
Mobile it O.. 12. nutio. 17.
Morris Jt li.. oBd, 137! i.
London, March 20. United Htntes
lnmdij-4s, 127:.
Paris, March 20. Three per cent.
rentes, 80f. 52Jc. for the account.
Nkw Ohi.kans, March 20. I'learines
of the banks, $1,-20,010.
Ciiicaoo.Ii.i,., March 20. CleariniM
were J(S,007,000.
New Yokk, March 20. Kxehniiues,
1 24,080,404 ; balances, $1,2115,054.
Bai.timohe, Mil, March 20. Hank
clearances, $1,4(11,810; balances, $224,-
I'lin.ADKi.riiiA, Pa , March 2(1.
Hank clearances, $8,330,802 : balances.
$1, 137,310.
St. Louis, Mo., March 20. Bank
clearings, $2,000,471 ; balances, $512,
317. Exchange on Now York steady
at jmr.
Boston, JIas"., March 2li Kx
chanpes, $13,014,21(i; balances,
400,047. Money, 3 per cent. Ex
change on New York 12J to 15 cents
The local cotton market opened
dob, and closed dull; middling, 8c.
Sales 900 bales, inc! tiling 300 ibuif
day evening, of which 300 were to
exporters and 000 ti spinners.
Good ordinary....
Low middling
Good middling..
Middling fair
Stains and tinges
8f 8l
8 8
9! 9J
9j j
Nom. Nom.
03(Si8 02(58
7JCjl 7J8
Memphis, March 2, 1880.
Stock Sept. 1,1885 1,392
Received to-dav 590
Iteceived previously. ..514,831
Sh'ppcd to-day 2,128.
Shipped, pre viously. ... 403,533
Thus far this week 5,071
Thus far last week 6,451
Since September 1st , 55,4i7
M.andC. R.R 107
M. and T. R. K 57
L. and N. R. R 09
M. and L. R. R. R 127
C, O and S. W. R. R 09
L., N. O. and T. R. R 4
K. CI, S. and M. R. R 7
M.,SandB.RR 33
Steamers 113
Wagons and other sources 10
Total 596
Thus far this week
Thus far last week
Since September 1st
M. and C.R.R
Louisville & Nashville R. II..
C, O. and S. W
L , N. 0. and T. R. R
... 31
I Week emf
ing March
j 20, 1886.
Since Sep
tember 1st.
n lil.t l-. III-.-1
ckivkii. I This Last This I-ast
j Year j Year Year Year
MA (3 111?.... 940 009 71759 70758
M & T R It... 472 240 57027 44927
L & X R R. .. 587 38 40833 41015
M &LUR R 1201 938, 70802 70140
C.O&SWRK 234 227 22937 23961
LjNO&TltR 97 07 34743 12820
KC,SAMRI1 239 148 18514 19303
M.B&ARR 2S7 37 10257 37
Miss, river ... 68K 348 86370 03344
White river. 139 184 20002 10137
St.Fran river 9 14 7154 3147
Ark'sas river 58 10028 4471
Wagons, etc 60 00 52395 33849
Total 5071 3i54'515427 413578
M & C R R... 6339 2200 78294 55087
M&TRR... 557 1894 26302 43389
LAN Kit... 1150 952 72210 79788
C.O&SWRK 262(1 160 75145 49S09
L,NO&TRRj 2840 1119 45988 350K8
M, B it A li K 33 11514
Steam's li'rth 30S4 1760 77408 03431
Steam's s'ut hi 161 1000 18794 37350
Total .1 16784 907l!404001 364242
New York snots opened quiet, and
closed quiet. Sales, 393 bales, (juot
tions were- as follows:
Ordinary 81
Good ordinary... 7l '
Ixiw middling... 8 11-1G
Middling 9J
Good middling. 9 9-10
Middling fair 10 9-10
Fair 10.
8 11-10
9 9-10
10 9 10
New York futures opened quiet,
and closed sternly and 1 1 1 2 points
Inglisr. Sales, 5,100 bales, lbe clos
ing quotations were as follows:
Yesterday. Thurslay.
f.0S3 9.04 9.f0 9 02
,. 9 05(a)
9 07 9.04 9 05
... 9 17(a) 9.18 ff.15 9.1H
9 276i 9.VS t i'MA 9.20
... O-S-Mo) 9.:W1 9.33 9 34
August - 9 43tu 9.41 9.41(a) 9.42
September... 9.2SS) 9 30 9 2(V., 9.27
October 9 14(S) 9.15 0 11 (if 9 12
November... 9.090 9.10 9 07ia 9.08
December... 9.12(a) 9.13 9 10 9.11
January 9.P') 9 21 9.17 9.19
The following is the cotton com
parative statement for the week end
ing Friday, Ma -ch 2J, 1880: Net re-
Cfipts at all United States ports dur
ing the week. ri4,3Sl bales; ame week
last year. 8,794 bales. Total receipts
to date, 4 708.38 hitlts; same date lsst
ytar, 4 521(i"0 bales Exports L r
the wfelt, C2 370 hales: same week
last year, 33,073 hsle. Total exports
to this data, 3.195.459 bales; same
date last, year, 3 :VH.6U bales. Slock
at all United States ports, SKS 475
bales; sme time last year, ',01,700
hales. Stock at all interior towns,
171 H7S bales; same time last vear,
80 8H0 bales. Stock at Liverpool,
710. (HK) bales; s.iue time lat year,
1,005 000 bales. Stock of Acieiiian
filial lor Great Britain. H t OX) ffiilee;
same time last year, 140,000 bales
The New Orleans spot market opened
quiet, and closed att-ody aad 1-lOc
lower. Sales, 3300 bales.
Yesterday. , Thing J, v.
Ordinary.. 7 1-iO 7J
(i;od ordinary... "J 7 13-10
Ixiw middling.... fj 8 3- 0
Middling $ 8 11-16
Good middling... 9 7-10 9
The New Orleans future market open
ed steady Mid closed quie', and 1 to 2
points 1 whsr than Thurday. Sales,
22 700 bales. The closing (juotations
were as folio wb:
Yes'eidav. Thnrsdav.
March 8 8X3)X in 8 85fS)Xoin
April 8 58(a) 8 SO 8 57(4 8.58
Mav 8 72M 8 73 8.71( 8 72
Julie 8.8(1(3) 8.87 8 8(.i 8 SO
July 8.99 4 9.0) 8!IS ) 8.99
August 9 0-r-i) 9.03 9 01(ii) 9.02
September. 8 79f4 8 81 8.70(.i) 8.77
ii tolier 7U-i B 7:1 F.HK'O K71
Xovember ... S (!7(.7 8 UN 8 05li 8 60
December ... 8 09 a) 8 70 8 07 8 08
DAILY PORT and interior
lU'c. Il'iices
808 8J
X Oi lcans.
670 8U.K1
10 9 1-16
811 10
New York
St. Louis...
Augusta. .
Receipts at ports, this day, 1880.
Keceiptsat ports, tins day,188o.
R'ts U. S.I
ports,7dfs 04,381
28 79'
62 8-0
Ex. Gt. Br 45,(08
Stock 888,475
40 434
3,289 281
4 550,305
3,255 009
K'teScpt.1 4.709,234
For'gn Ex. 3 217,521
Increase of receipts this year. ..254,547
The Liverpool spot market at noon
was reported ntuet ami unchanged.
Sales, 8000 bales, of which American
0200 bales. Receipts, 2000 bales, of
which .iuu were American.
The following are the closing Quota
tions: Ordinary;4 3-1 (Id; good ordinary,
4 9-10d; low middling, 4 d;good mid
dling, o .(-Kid; middling uplands,
4 l;vlod ; middling (.means. Oil.
Manchester cloths dull in buyers'
favor. Yarns dull, tending down.
The pricet are git-en in pence and UMi,
thus: 4 63 means 4 63 01i., and 5 01
nirroia 5 1-64.
At noon: Liverpool futures were
quiet but s eady. Quotations were as
follows: march, ; March-April,
Anril-Mav. 4 57d: Mav-June. 4 59d
June-July, 4 02d; July-August, 5(5)
5 Old; August-September, 5 01
5 03d ; September-October, ; Sep
temper, .
At p.m. : nveniool futures were
quiet: March, 4 57d buyers; March.
April, 4 57d buyers; April-Mav. 4 57d
buyers; May-June, 4 OOd sellers; June-
July, 4 bl'd buyers; July-August, 5 Old
buyers; August-September, 5 04d
sellers; September-October, 6 0:
buyers; September, 5 05d value.
At 5 p.m.: Liverpool futures' were
qmeianui-tHii Higher than 1 hurssdav
March, 4 58d sellers; March-April
4 osu Bedel's; Apnl-.May, 4 o8d si'llers
May-June, 4 Old buyers : June-July
4 03 buyers; July-August, 5 02d sell
ers; August-September, 5 05d sellers
September-October, 6 03d sellers
September, 5 OOd sellers.
Liverpool weekly statement for the
week ended March 20, 1886
Weekly sales
Of which American.
Including for export
liuTg for speculation
Forw'd fin ship side
Total stock
Of which American.
Week's receipts
Of which American.
710.000 1,005,000
522,000 781 ,000
100,000 02,000
88,000 53,(100
To 1 rec.since Sep;l
1,91 1,100 2,417,900
Of which American. 1,607,700 1,912,400
Actual week's exp't. 4,100 4,000
stock ahiiat 238,000 192,000
Of which American. 144,000 140.000
Tho following is the record of the
bids and oilers at the Call Board of
the Merchants Exchange yesterday:
No. 2, white, spot, 40c asked ; Mnrcl;
40c asked; April, 39)c o. t. bid, 39jc
askrd; May, 39 Jc bid, 41c asked; No,
2, April, 3c hid;; May, 38c bid.
No. 2, spot, 33lc o. t bid ; March
33lc o. t. bid ; April, 34c o. t. bid ; 35c
asked ; May, 34c bid.
April, $15 ask ed; May, $14 50 asked.
Spot. $1 95 asked; March, $1 9.
asked; April, fl 95 asked; May, 200
brls sold at x
Cobs White, 47c; mixed, 46c, from
store: from levee or depot, white, 44c
mixed, 42c; in sacks, Id round lots,
whit. 42c: mixed, 40j.
Hay Choice, from store, 85c ; prime
7580c; prairie, 50c; round lota from
ievee or depot, cuoice, man ou;
Drime. I13fif)13 50; prairie. $8(3)8 50,
Oats White, 40c; mixed, 38 jo,
from store; round lots horn levee on
track white, sacked, 37c; mixed
sacked, 35 jc.
Bb ah From store, 85c per cwt.
round loti from levee, $14 7515 per
Bsams Navy, $1 752; medium,
$1 60(3)1 75.
Rick Loulsana, 45jc; Carolina,
Oatmkal-Io half-barrels, 33 25
from store.
CoRNusAr.-Standard, $2 C52 10;
pearl,$2 90(a)3 15 from store; 5c cheaper
from mill, levee or track.
Flour From store, double extra, ;
triple extra. ; family, $3 75a)4;
choice, $4 25a4 40; fancy, $4 75(5;
eit-a fancy, $4 95-5 60: patents $0 50
($5 75; round lots from levee or track,
10a cheaper; car lots choice, $4;
family, 13 75; fancy, $4 50; extra fkney,
$4 75; patents, 15 25.
Hominy akd Grits Fiom store,
$2 50.
Cbackko Wheat In half-barrels,
$3 50 from store.
Cbackrs Soda, extra, 4c ; soda,
treble extra, 4c, lemon cream crack
ers, extra, 7c ; lemon cream crackers,
treble extra, 7c; ginger snaps, extra,
5c; ginger snaps, treble extra, 0c; as
sorted jumbli-a, 9c.
Kansas Citt.Mo., Ma-ch 20 Wheat
ted; cwcri, OO'e bid, t7c asked:
April. 67c hid : May. 70Ji 701e. Gun
strong; cab, 28Js asked; April, 28jfo
Sis; Mav. 29i ! red. 3' is asked. 0ts
11011 inal ; Apr l, 27c hid; May. 28.; bid.
St. Louis. Mo.. Mwh 20 Flenr
quiet and and steady ; X XX, 133 15;
t inly, $3 2.VJ3 35; c'loitv, $3 70(f)
185; farcr, 4 2iOC4 35; extra fancy,
4 cC(i)4 70; pttnts, 4 9o(.fo 25.
Wheat fairly active and generally
strorgar; the market f period Jo lower,
but later recovered the loss, and ad
vanced, clotting lU'ic higher than yes-
torlv; No. 2 red, cash, 88 Jc; May,
891390,0, closing at OOJc; June,
90c, ilosiDg at 90,3. Corn very doll,
nut steady; .o. mixed, CRSll, S4'a)
34 1 c ; Mirch, 33jo bid; April, 3tjo
asked - May, SAjcbid. Oata very dull,
but firm and higher; No. 2 nitxd.
cah, SOJc; March, 30o bid; May, 30(5)
30 c, cloriua bid. Rve ray, 60c.
Bu'ley neglected. Hay fairly active
and i-troriger; pialrie. fOf fS, timothy,
$U14. Flaxseed dull and easy, $1 10
Uran nrin at b,R. uornmeal 11 111 -r
at $1 8501 00. Receipts-Flour, 2000
brls; wi'ia', none; corn, 31,000 bu;
oats, 12,000 bu; rye. none; barley,
none. Shipments lour, 50(H) brls;
win t. 1000 bu ; corn, 1 4 000 bu ; cats,
30;10 bu ; rye, none ; barley, none.
Afternoon Hoard Wheat li'tn and
c b'gher. Com, JWlc liigber. Oats
a shade betc.
CiiiiAdo, 111 , March 26 -Taking
the entire day, May wheat fluctuated
within a range of lc, aad closing in
thd altirronn at the h'pli-st tinnre
current during either Besoiou. The
starting price wai 80jc, but a quick
r illy to 81c fJil iwed, anil at 1 0 clock
the option stroJ at 81 6 16 . In the
afternoon 81 Jo was touched, and the
market rested there in the latent trad
ing. There was a little more inquiry
for export, and some buying ordsrs
were rnvivfd from the outside, but in
the m iin the advance was ascribed to
a moderately free covering by
shorts." There was barely any fluc
tuation in either rorn or ost, and
prices developed little change. Flour
steady and unchanged. Wheat opened
weak, but closed stronger. Hales
ringed: March, i(a.7uv, closed at
766c: May. 80i(a81jlo, closed at 811c;
June, 8-j(nWc, closed aV 83j ; No.
2 spring, 76jCif)79o. Cjrn steady;
cash, 3il30jjo: Murb, !15J(o)
3.r3c d ised at 351c; Mav. 38 9 100?)
39 1316c, clcsad at 388c; Juie,
38j38Jc, closed at 3Kji Oats quiet;
cah, 2iil(3)29Jc; March, 27c; May,
3l311c. coed at 31 l-10,t. Rye
shady; No. 2, fiOJc. Barley nominal;
No. 2, roc. Flaxseed quiet; Io. 1,
$1 08 R-ceipts Flour 9.000 brli;
whraf. 17.000 bu: enrn. 69.000 bu:
ot, 51,000 bn ; rye, 3000 bu; barlev,
68,000 bu. Shipments Flour, 12,f00
bu; wheat, 14,000 bir corn. 54 000 bu ;
oats, 85,000 bu; rye, 3CO0; barley, 24,.
000 bu.
4rcrnoort JSoiref Wheat etronger;
814oMay;the ether markets remain
nnchangtd. On the curb 81 j 5 was
paid lor May wheat.
Buttkr Creamery, 3337c; dairy,
22a,2(M-; buttorine, 14'a)lU!j country,
12i'ul8c, according to condition.
Chf.khk Prinie flats, 7io8c; New
York factory, 8c; full cream, 1212Jc;
Y. A., 12(o)12jC.
Mess 1'ork Old, $10 50 per barrel:
new ill 50; per barrel; sugar-cured
hams, packed. 9Jfi9jc; breakfast ba
con, 7 1(a) 9c; clear rib liacon.OJc.
Bulk Tohk Clear sides. 6t; clear
rib sides, 52c; long clear, 5jc ; shoul
ders. 3ijfi)4c.
Ird Tierces, flifaXiJc : half-barrels,
6J61c: kegs, 0j(01c; buckets, 0
6jc; half-buckets, 7(n)7Jc; 50-lb tins,
0J6jc; 20-lb tins, 6J(Sk1Jc; 10-lb tins,
6i(a)7c ; 5-lb tins, 6 Jc ; 3-lb tins, 6107c ;
choice kettle, tiejees, 6c.
Fresh Meats Beef Good Kansas
City steers, heavy, 8c; light, 77jc;
cows ami heifers, tijc; mutton, 7c;
lambs, ; pork 6c.
I'Kis-FKKT lirls, $(ajsou; liail-briH,
$33 25.
Niw Orleans, March 26 Bacon
firmer; shoulders, 4c; long clear,
0.05c ; clear ribs, 6 15c.
Cikcinnati, March 26. Pork quiet,
$10. Lard in good demand at 5 9 )ttc.
Bulk meats firm and unchanged.
Btcon in fair demand and unchanged.
Butler stronger; Northwestein extra
creamery, 34(3) 35c; good to prime
creamery, 2530s; choice dairy roll,
1518c. Fgs eteady at lOJc. Cheese
firm and unchanged.
Chicago, III., March 20. Mess
phrk qniet and easy: cash and March.
$9 70(al9 7o; May, $9 759 80, closed
at $9 77J(a!) 80: June, $9 82J9 87J,
closed at$9 8229 85. Lard steady ;
aih, 0c; May, 0 05c; June. 6.10c.
Boxed meats eteady; dry laltfd ehoul
dsrs, 3.90ft)3 952; short rib bIiIps, 5 32
(o)5 35c : short clear sides, 5 O05.65c.
Butter firm ; creamery, 20'5)31c; dairy,
1621c. F:ggs, 12c.
St. Louis, Mo., March 2(1. Provisions
trading almost entirely suspended on
Recount of the strike ; prices ruled firm.
Pork steady, $10 25. Lard firm, 5,c.
Bulk meats lcose lots, long clear,
5 20c ; short ribs, 6,35s ; short clear, 5c.
Boxed lots, long clear, 5Jc; short rins,
5 40c; short clear, 6o, Bacon steady ;
long clear, 6Jc; short ribs, $5.85(5. 90;
short clear, 5.956c. Hams firm, 8
11c. Butter quiet and firm; creamery,
2530c; dairy, 1827c. Ejjge weak,
Apples Apples, 2 75(i3 from
store ; $22 2o per car-load from levee
or depot. Dried apples, 84c per
pound from store. Lined peaches, 3
Ac from store.
Potatoes Potatoes, $1 752 from
store ; $1 60(5)1 75 per cur load from levee
or depot. Sweet potatoes, 2 502 75
perbrl. Peas, $1 25(5)1 75 per bushel.
Vegetables Onions, $2 75 from
store; $2 50(5)2 60 from levee or depot.
Cabbage, $2 50 3 50 per crate. Kraut,
barrels, $5 60g6; balf-bttrrels, $2 75.
Garlic, 40(S)00e per 100.
Fhuit Oranges, Louisiana, none;
Florida, none; Messina, $3(5)3 60 per
box. Lemons, $Xi3 50 per box. Ba
nanav$l2 100 per bunch. Cocoa
nuts, $4 per 100. Peanuts Virginia,
0c; Tennessee, farmer's stock, 3(a)4o;
roasted, 2$c higher; shelled, 10c. Al
monds, 18(5)202.
Pickles -In jars, pint', 90c; quarts,
$1 50; balf-eallons, $2 60; gallons,
$:1 76;loise, barrel $0; bait-barrels,
$3 50; mixed, barrels, $10 60; mixed,
half-barrels, $6,
Raisins London layers, $3 40; lay
ers, $2 75; California, ; Imperial,
$3 50(5)4.
Walkcts French, 12c; Naples, 15c;
Greuobles, 15c Filbert, 12c.
Cider Missouri, $7(57 60 per bar
rel and $4(it)4 50 per half barrel; Vine
gar. ll(5)10c per ga Ion.
Poultry Turkeys, per dossn, $7
14 ; geese, $3 501 50 ; ducks, J3 ; chick
ens, good demand, $23; dressed tur
keys, scarce, wwnc per pouna.
Pecass Texas, 810c for small to
medium, lOfellc for large; Arkansas,
fc'isa Mackerel, half-barrels, No. 1,
$5; No. 2, f 3 25; No. 3, $2 75; 101b
MARCH 27, 1880.
kit. No. 1. 80o;No. 2, 7lfc: 151b. No.
3. 60s. Pry herrings, family, 30c pet
Gami Venison, whole, 3(5 5c, sad
dles, (K.8c; bear, 6(1 8.'; wi d turkeys,
5tX5i75e; ducks, tl fx 50;fquirrele.
75c; quails, 75 ,(.i) 1 ; prairie chickens,
$5; game tish, 0(5;Sc.
O efek Common. SJSJc; ordina
ry, PaOJc; prima Rio, lie; choice
to fancy, llj(.il3jc; old govtrnment,
23(5)25; Ceylon. 2tV.
Soap 3J(5-5jc per pound.
Suoar Eastern yellow, OJfflOJc;
pure w. c. white, 6c; off white, ()j(5)
tijc; yellow clarified, tijflcjonen ket
tle, 6(515Jc; rtfloed A, 7(a"7Jc". granu
Nted, 7(5!7Jcj powdered, 7J; cut loaf,
' Salt-$I 201 30 per barrel; sacks,
fine, $1 60; c arse, $1 10; pockets,
bleached, 2j7c; car-loads from levee
or depot, 5c cheaper.
Molasses Louisiana, common to
fair, 23(5)27c: prime to ojioice, S540e;
svrup, 20(5)10c; common to fair, 23(5)
28c: prime to choice, 30Qf)33c; centrif
ugal fancy, 35c.
Tcraoco Common, 11-inch, 27(3)
30c; ther gr ilea and styles, 25(528c
Suuff-Gamtt's, $10 8i per case;
Ralph's, $10 25 per case; R. R., $9 60.
Candies Micks all sites, in boxes,
pails and barrels, 7i(VJ81c.
UAKPLE9 full weight. lOJQi.Ilc.
Canned Goods. Etc Prices per don-
en: 1'ineapplcs, $1 35f5)l 05; peaches,
2 1b. etandurd, $13(5 150; seconds,
$1 15(5)1 25; tmiatoes, 2-ib, sUnilard,
fl 10; 3 lb, $1 35; ntrawherrinp, $1 40
(5)1 00;rssplierriefl,$l 15(5)1 25; black
berries, $1(5)1 15: greengages, $1 tiOQi)
1 75; pears, $2(5)2 25; plums, $t WK
1 70; aaparagns, J2 60CiM; green corn,
$l(n)l 35; green peas, $l(ii2 25; cove
oysters, full weight, 1-lh, $1(5)1 10;
cove oysters, full weight, 2-lb, $1 75(h)
1 85; cove oysters, lightweight, 1-lb,
05c; cove oytters, light weight, 2-lb,
$1; condensed milk Crown, $5 90;
Eugle, $7 75; Swies, $6.
Baltimubk, Md., March 28. Codes
quiet: Rin, cargoes, ordinary to fair,
New York, March 2 ). Coffee spot
fair Rio dull, 81c; options auiet: rn'es.
0250 rajra; March, 7.C5o; April, 7c;
July ti September, (196o; December,
7c. Sugar refined dull; cut loaf anu
crushed, 6 9 1(1(5)7 jc: powdered, tic.
Rice firm, demand fair.
COrtON-MKKaa oil,, tSTV.
Seed Delivered at depot and wharf,
$8 per ton; on bank of river (f. o. b.
boat), $0; wagon at mills, $8 Meal
Prime (f o. b.,) $15 per ton. I-ess than
car-load lots, $10. i rom store, 90c per
sack. Cake Nominal; $10 per ton.
Oil In car load lota, prime, crude C.
8. oil, 23J(5)21c; prime summer yel
low, 20 j(5)27c; off-summer yellow, 25J
20)c; miners', c; choice cooking
summer yellow, 28(5)30o.
Coal Oil Prime white, wholesale
lots, 1 lc per gallon.
Cleveland, 0., March 29. Fetc-letiin-.
w., 110, 71
PiTTsnrna, Pa., March 20. Petro
leum dull butttsady; National Transit
certilicates opened at 73Jo and closed
t73Jc; highest price, 73, c; lowe-t,
Horses -Good driving, $150(3)225;
good saddle, 1409 :X) ; plugs, $35(5)80 ;
good mares, $85(a)140.
Mut.Es-14jto 15, $110(5)135; 15 to
15J, $125140; 16 to 10, J140175.
Good demand ; supply fair.
Hides -Dry flint, 14917o; dry salt,
10(5)12c; green salt, 7(")8o; green, 6(5)
oc; ueer sains, intxtinj; hunter-haa-died
coon skins, each, 20)50c; country
coon skins, 1030c; mink, 10(5)30c;
muskiat, 610c; otter, $1(5)6; bear,
$1(5)5; beaver, 60c(5yf4; wildcat, 2(K)
40c; fox, 25(5)75c; skunk, 25(576o.
Beeswax, 18(5)21o ; tallow, 45c.
Whisky Straight Kentucky Bour
bon, $1 00(3)6; rye,$l 760; domestic,
90c$l 60.
Chicago, March 28. Whisky steady
at$l 14.
St. Louis, March 20. Whisky
firm at $1 10.
Cincinnati, March 20. Whisky
steady at $1 10. Wales of 880 barrels
finished goods on this basis.
Receipts of cattle the past week
have been light. Prices were firm at
last week's quotations. To-day there
is a light supply of all kinds on mar
ket. Prices firm. Prospects for next
week quite favorable. Hog receipts
light. Prices firm. Supply light to
day. Murket bare of sheeji. Demand
very good. Prices linn as quoted,
Cattle Choice to extra corn-fed,
900 to 1050 pounds, 4(5)4 Jc; good, 3j(a)
4c; choice grass-fed, 3 J(a).'ljc; good, 3
3Jc; fair to medium, 2i2ic; com
mon, ll(")-c-
lloos Choice, 3J4c; good, 3J(5)
3Jc; common, .'K")3Jc.
Sheep Choice, 4(5!4c; medium, 3
(5;3Jc; common, $1(5)1 50.
Cincinnati, 0., March 20 Hogs
steady ; common and light, $3 60()
4 40; packing and butchers, $4 15(a)
4 65. Reoeipts, 1721 bead; shipment,
197 head.
Kanias Citt, Mo., March 20 The
Live Stock Indicator reports: Cattle
receipts, 942 bead; shipments, 248
head ; shipping iteera slow but steady ;
butchers' strong and 10c higher ; feed
ing atseis and cows firm ; choice, $5 06
5 20 ; fai r to good, $4 60(5)4 95 , com
mon to medium, $4(5)4 50; stickers
andft)edeir,f:!304 20: cows, $2 50(5)
3 20. Hog receipt', 6355 bead; ship
ments, 331 head; market weak and 63
lower ; good to choice. $3 80(5)4 ; com
mon lo medium, $3 6?3 85. Sheep
receipt, 635 head; shipments,
none; market steady ; good to choice,
$3 f 004 25; common to medium, $3(5)
3 25.
Chicago, III., March 26. The Dro
wn' Journal reports : Cattle receipts,
2800 bead; shipments, 1600 bead;
market slow, but stronger; shipping
steers, 13 75(5)6 60; ttocksrs and feed
ers, $2 60(5)4 40; cowl, bulls and
mixed, $23 90; bulk, $2 503 75;
slop-fed bulls, 12 25. Hogs receipts,
23,000 head ; shipments, 11,500 bead ;
market active, but 60 lower; rough
and mlxd, $3 90(5)4 80; packing and
shipping, $4 20(5)4 45; light weights,
$3 80(5)4 30; Skips, $3(S3 80. Sheep
receipts. 3600 bead; shipments, 1000
bead; market steady ; natives, 12 00(5)
6 62) ; lambs per bead. $4(5i5 60.
New York, March 26. In demand
of agents the market has been dul1,
with the trade In jobbing circles lew
active and business very moderate,
Administrator's Notice.
Orrici or Pubi.io AnaismTRjTiiR, 1
Kobruarr 21, lsnfi. J
HAVING bean appointed and qualifleil ai
adminintrato'of tho oitato of Palricl
Knpor, doreaaed, all partial indebted to aalt
aula ara reiuotad to on ma iorward ana
aattla.and all partial to whom laid eltala la
Indebtad ar eqtisited tool thairolalmi
with ma. du probitad in accordance with
law, JUS LOAtfUB. rublic Aiiu'r.
a(risan a.l.u
Whits River DaSuiT, S p.m.
Viokbura.....CiTt or Vrciaarao, p.m.
New Orleana On v or Sr. Li is, 4 ..m.
81 NDAY.
St. Louia I'lrv or Povinnv j,l' a.m.
t rlan Point..CoiBoii, ft p.m.
Arkanaai Citr Kati Aniua, J p.m.
OHOcnlrt... DaiX A !, 5 p.m.
TiplonvUlo..... lUvoso, A p.m.
St.l'ranrit Kiver Rn M cr4DV, 5 p.m.
Arkanaaa Kirar..Ju Pariaa.S p.m.
Cincinnati 0 at Mia Srira, b p.m.
moh:hi:mk AT Til I. i. vi t:.
Arrituh. Ohio, Cincinnati; Kene
Macreiidy, St. Francis River; Golden
Crown, Sew Orleans: E. V. Cole, Ar
kansas Iliver; City of ('aim, St. Iuiis.
yirxirfiirra. (ii.Klsn Crown, Cincin
nati; liean Adiinis, Osceola; Coahoiiia,
I-riam Point ; Kate Adams, Arkansas
City; City of Cairo, Vickshurg.
yKia in Port. Rene Macreadv and
E. W. Cole.
Hoot Ihr Down. New Mary lions
ton, City of Vickshurg and Ciiy of St.
Jloat Due I 'p. DeSmet.
Kxeelfa Vralrlitjr .
City of Cini-12!l pkgs ineivlian
dise. Dean Ailuins -7 bales cotton, 9 sks
seed, I mule and 24 pkgs suinlries.
Rene Mucivmly -21 hales cotton, 12
bgs Heed-cotton, Si sks seed ami IS
pU-s sundries.
(olden Crown-110 brls HUgur, 182
brls molasses 50 brls cement, 90 sks
seed and 39 pkirs sundries.
Coahoma -59 bales cotton, il hd
horses and mules, 100 brls nil, lii sks
corn and 23 pkgs sundries.
(Hiio-(.iHl brls Hour, 294 In Is pota
toes, 59 brls oil, 111 brls apples, 725 kgs
nails, 200 bxs starch, 3-5 empty oil
barrels, 101 pkirs furniture, 930 pkgs
woodware ami lot snudries.
Tiik Itcnc Mitcrendy, dipt. O
Joi'lin, gncH out Tiiesiuiv.eveliing
St. I'liiiicis river.
Tiik -Joe IVtcm, Capt. K. 11. Smith,
is the Tiicmbiy piukct for nil points,
on Aikiiiisiis river.
Tiik 1ao Line packcla Monday even
ing are Couhoniti for 1'rinix Point and
I lean AdauiH for ( taccolu.
Tim O. Lino Htciimer New Mary
HoiiNton, (.'apt. 1-cw K airs, n due
down thiH inorning for New Oileium.
Tiik (iranito State, Capt. A. ,1. Lind
say, in tho Tuesday packet for Cincin
nati and all poinhi on the Ohio river.
TiiKCitvof VickHlmrg, Cant. lan
Able, is tlio Anchor Line packet this
evening" at 6 o'clock for Vicksburgand
the llends. tioo. Walton is her clerk.
Tiik (iayuso, Cant. AV. I. Hull, is
the packet Monday evening nt ft
o'clock for Hale's I'oint, Tintonvillo
and all way bindings. J. I', Walt is in
her ollice,
The Anchor Line steamer City of
Providence, Capt. (ieorge Carvell. will
pass up to-tiiorrow murning nt. 10
o'clock for Cairo mid St Louis. Frank
Perkins is her clerk.
Tiik Kate Adams, dipt. Mark It.
Cheek, is the United Stales mail packet
Miindnycveningitro'c!ock for Helena,
Arkansas City nml all wav landings.
W. C. Illiinker hasclmrgvol her ollice.
Tirn Anchor Line stennier City of
St. Ixniis, Capt. .lames O'Neal, will
pass down this evening at 4 o'clock
for New Orleans and all intermediate
points. Owen ti. Cates is her clerk.
Tiik DeSmet, Capt. Milt. It. Harry,
will be f-uiid in port this morning nml
leaves again this evening nt Ci o'clock
for all points on White river, going
through to Newport and making con
nection with packets for upper White,
and lllack rivers. Albert McObee has
charge, of her ollice, assisted by Hugh
IU mInkkh fair.
Wiatiikk cloudy, with heavy ruins.
Thk Lee Line packets wcro in and
out yesterday witli fair trips.
IIkckii'Is by river yesterday, 81) bales
of cotton, 21 bags of seed-cotton and
17(1 sacks of seed.
Tiik river here stands I I feet ami tl
tenths on the gauge, a full of tl tenths
in tlic lit-1 24 hours.
Tiik Ohio arrived ut. an early hour
yesterday morning from Cincinnati
with :!2:f0 packages of freight for this
Tiik Kate Adams got away last, even
ing (or Arkansas City with a good trip,
nml will be back on time to leave
Monday evening.
Tiik (iohlen Crown passed up lust
evening for Cincinnati. She dis
charged here f0! packages of freight
nml added 100 bales of cotton.
Tiik City of Cairo missed dow n last
evening for Vickshurg, She dis
charged here 12!Ht packages of freight
un.l added u good lot of sundries.
Tiik Itcnc Mucrcndy arrived Thurs
day night from St. Francis Kiver with
21 bales of cotton, 12 bags of seed-cotton,
Stf sacks of seed, and returns
Tuesday evening.
Or-FK'K Shinai. Sbiivk k, U. S. A.,1
Mkmpius, March 2(1, 1 p.m.
The following observations are taken
at all stations named at 75 meridian
time, which is ono hour faster than
Memphis time:
Ab'vo Low
Water. Change.
Rise Fall
Feet. lOths lOths lOtha
27 3 22
2 - 27
31 11
"s il l '
5 2
12 fj :i
21 7
6 6 1
14 it
4 2
14 1 : -
21 7 2
10 5 3
8 4 1
fl 1 7
21 9 o
6 il 9
14 6 3
24 6 8
Chattanooga ..
Fort Smith
La Crosse
Little Itock.....
New Orleans..
St. Louis
St, Paul
Vickshurg fi...,
Whkblirq, March 2. Noon Riyer
14 feet on thegange and falling. Weath
er cloudy and cool.
PiTrsBcaa. March 2ti.-'oon Riyer
9 feet 3 inches by gauge and stationary.
Weather cloudy and mild.
Cincinnati, March 20-Noon River
rising, with 31 feet 11 incfcei on the
gauge. Weather cloudy ; thermometer
EvASfcViLi.E,March 2t -Noon Rivtr
rising, with 18 feet tt inches on the
gauge. Weather snowy. Departed
Charles Morgan, Cincinnati, 8 a.m.
LouisyiLLB, March 20-Noon Rivsr
rising, with 11 feet 1 inch in the canal
and S feet 11 inches on h falls. Busi
ness good. Wtaiher cioady and cold.
A rri red : Golden Rule, CI nci n n stl. De
parted: Golden Rule, New Orleans,
t is morning.
Cairo, March 26 Noon River 20
feet 8inchefl on the gauge and rising.
Wea'lier cloudy and cold, with ra n
this forennen. Arrived: Belle Mem
phis, Vickshurg, 8 p.m. Departed:
Belle Memphis, St-Louir, 8 p.m.; Mary
Houston, New Orleans, 4 a.m.
Memphis and Cincinnati Packet Co.
(ajroiiife Nlnte,
A. J. MndT .... maiUr.
Will leaTa TUkSOAY, March 30th, at 5 p.m.
For Irviitbt or paaaaaa apply to O. B. HU8
SKLL, Ant. tin. l'i Madnua at. Talaphono
No. i!7. JOHN CAKa. Paonantor Aaont.
8taamer BUCK KY K BTATK fullowa. UaV
Inir rrnluT, April .M
Nt. Ininla and New Orlesaiai Aarhar
l.lae-li. N. Natll-OAIHO k OX. LOIII8. -
City of Providence,
'leu. Carvall.
Will laava Iba
Klarator 8DNUAI. March
'isih, at III a m. For franbl or paniiac apply
V. l,. tl a l.l.. eaww. ftrt. flllMimn,
, s.a't,
Nt. Iinla lanal New aarleiana Aarhar
l.lao -I .N. Mnll-roU VlCKBBUHd.
City of Vicksburg.ffs-Tj.
Hi' Able maatar. J0
Willloav. tho Klavator THIS 1AY, March
'.T.'th, at ii p.m. For fraiaht or paao apply
(V I. Hil l., ln.. Aat. AISTUKM, Wup't.
Nt. I.imla nml New Hrlfmiai Anchor
l.loe-U.N. Mnll-FUHNhW UHLKANij.
City of St. Louis, .flggi.
Jim. (l'Neal...maatcr. ,aaWS
Will laava lilov.it. .r rSATUKDAY March
'-Till, at 4 p.m. Kor fralaht or j.ihiki apply
C. Ii. Hi.i I'm. Ant. AI STiiHM, Hnn't.
Kor Uioaoti. Halai Point. Carutharivllla.
Uaynifl and Tlplonrllla lb Daw ateamar
W. p. Uall miutar I J. 1). fuller dark.
will laava at abova, aad all way point!,
I d, For (rolght or paiiaia apply on hoard.
Mviuilils,Krlaira rutut aaatl moniptila
null arMlia FiMilart t'onlpauy.
For llolaoa, (llcndala, frlara Point and all
Way Landlnd titaamor
oaliumn, tlZ$
M. T, (Jlaaat...majtar I Piatt RhouM...i.rk
win I. ara aa al.ova on avary MONOAY.
WKDNKSDAY and JTRIDAY. at 6 'lock.)
For, Randolph. Fnltoa. Oaoaola and Kay
J. II. Ooorar, maUr.. .J.W.Hmlthar, clerk
Laavaa aaarary MONDAY, W KDN UbuA Y
aodt'KlUAY at K p.a. Tha boaU of ta.a
Una naarra tha riiht to pan all lan.llnn
tha oi. tain maydaam nniafo. Offlca, No, S
Mduo. .1 ,1AM KM l,KK, .1.,Hnp'i
MompliisA; White Klvor I'kt.Co
ovn i iifti a t a tar
din. bluHMwv, r.
B. 0. Poital... maatar I 0. M.I.uoitl,...olara
Clarendon, lya"j atluflr, lra Are,
: Aaimln. Jnxhaonport aad Nxnrry .
at 5 p.m. ThroQib ratal to all polnU.
Fra iht oonilanad to"Mmphli and Wb' a
Knar Paokat Uimpany"wlll bafnrwardrd
pramptly. 11. CI. LOW K, Annt,
N a M.dl.on t. Tl..nliopNo.t.
McinplilH, V hits & lllack Hirer Packet
For llalana, DaValli Bluff, I)a Im Arr
auKta, Nawport and llatenllla. Tba n'
and elegant tidewheel panianier fKiaia :
Milt Harry u.. u.....UMler
Will laaaa KVKHY SATURDAY at ft o'slr , '
P.m. Through raUitoall rolnla. Praia
oonalaned to Milt Uarry Line, Memphia.wil
ha promptly lorwardad. W.J. P. DOYL
Ufflna V Alndlaon at Telaphona SSS.
Jaaaa it. Faaua, Paaaanaar Aaant. Tar
tphona tZt .
The 81. Francis Hirer TrauxporUtloa
Co.'t Una Bl.la-W heal U. S. Mall fitaamat
Rene Macready, r.Q
0. K. Joplln maatar,
at S o'elook, for Martanna, the Cnt-Off, and
iniawniailiai lanuiDfivi p.. imw ri.vr.
Tha oaptain raaarrol tha
lindlnvi ha deaina unaafo.
riaht to paaa all
J AH. LKK, Jr..
8nnrlntfrfw Offire, N.
Madlon it
Arkansas ltlvcr Pk't Co.
K. B. Smith. ...matter. t-mmXt
Learai Memphia Krery TllRHDAY, ata p.m
II. C.LOWK, Aaant,
OWi-a, No. Madlunn at. Telephona No. M."
Memphis and Vlckuhurg Packet Com
pany U. H, Mall Llae.
For Helena, Oonoordla, T.rranaand Arkan-,,
lai Olty Tha aleaant paiianaar leaner
H. K. t'haek... maatar W. l Blaukat...olerk
' v. jjii
Lieavaa Meniuhli
ii... rnaervina the right to nil all landing!
the oaptain inuydoem untitle. For aoneral
Inlormatlon apply at t.di.'e. No, 4 Madiaon
ttreet, K. WALWORTH. Agent.
.HIIIN 0ARR. Pa'r Atont. TelaphmiiiW.
CtMik'a Exrara!nn tsrtlea leave in
April, May, June and July. Send fur Pro
gramme Ixllvldniil TonrlalTlrkeM for tmfal
In Kurnpe and all pant of the globe. faa
aaieTirk.it ly all line ot tteamert.
ook'a Kaiinralaulal, with map., pub
lithed monthly, by mail for Tux Cbkt.
linit. O'lK eaN,
il Brnn.lwar, Nw York.
I)lt. I). 8. JOHNSONS
Mo. 1 7 Jeffema Street, '
(Betwaaa Main and Front.) MEMPHIS.
IKaUblUhwIia 1M0.I
DR. JOHNSON la amkaowUvtcwt by alt par.
tiet intereitcd at by far tha moat tu
eemful phytlcian In the treatment of prirau
or leoret dlteaaea. (Julok, permanent oarea
guaraatea in erery ea.a. maie or lemaie.
Ra.'ent eaaet of Uonorrhea and Syphilia
oured in a Uw daya wlthoal tha naa af mer
eury. change of diet or hindranca from
bmineta. rieoondary Syphilit, thelaJt.vat
tige eradicated withouttbe tue of mercury.
Involuntary lout of teanen ttoi'ixd in thort a
time. HuOarart from I m potency T I oat ot
teiual pwert rettored to free vigor in a few
week). Virtimt of telf-abuae and eiraitire
venery, tuOering from nxrmatorrbea aad
lottof phyaioal and mental power, tpeedily
and permanently rured. Particular atun
turn paid to the Iiieaea of Women, and
auret guaranteed, filet and old aoret oared
witkoutthe uta of eautlioor tha knile. All
contultatlont atrlctly eonodantial. Medi
cine eent by eipr to all part of tha
vv....j. ,
IVorRingmen runt ai nan . u.aai
Ollice noun from a o'ciocrt a.m. to j
1). I. JOHNSON. M.D.
Sotlce Is Hereby tilren,
THAT tha annual meeting of (ha itock
boldtrt or tha Chetapaake. Ooio
and Soulhwettero Railroad Oompaay
lor the election of Director and
ucb other bu.inett a may coma before tha
meeting, will be held at the odea of lha
Company, In tha city of Memphia (called tha
Taxing Iittrict ot Shelby County), Tenn.,
on the Olh day f April. INNS, at 11
o'clock noon of that day, and that tha leata
frm that Company to the Newport Newt anil
Mit'iatippl Valley Company will ba aub
mitted to tha ttockholdera for their eoaaent
thereto and approvV thereof. Traniter
hooka will ba alotod from March iota to
jBy' order "ol tha Pretident and Board of
Directom. ISAAC K. WATKS. Secretary. f
UXUTCn AUKNTS.Men and Woman
W All I LU to tell "TUB CUIUD't
BIliLK " Introduction by Rov. 3. H. Vin
cent, D.D. Una agent hu told 66 in a towt
of t)74 peoplet ono 73 inavillaraol TM; on
new agent 86 in 10 dayt one 3 in ( tocoeo
tive weekti one 40 in a dayt at two ditlerent
timet. Kiperienca not neceatary Addtata
4U liaarbgra itrtet, C'u'osa.

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