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loJrille,Ww Orleans aaa Tnu B'j
MIlMlaftirri VALLEY bovtk.
ApI MAIL. Soma. KortLT
Momph :0 p.B 11 :f0 a.m
L.I. B !:J-m
Lelaad C :P- S:-
Viekaburt D 1:00 a.m 2:03 a.m
Harriaoa... B J: e.m
itbeU .F 6:28 a.a : p
Eeloa Roure.. 6:21 a. m :42 p.B
KewOrloani HL :30 p.B 8:3U p.m
KXl'EKbS. Sooth. North.
M.raphtl . : .B 5:00 p.B
tala. 12:2do'b 2:4ft p.B
!.(). S:4f p.B 11:10 .m
VtckbUT . . 1 :1S p.B 7:80 a.m
A With .11 linn entering Memphli.
S-Wlth K.1N.W R. R. for il.lena.
0 For tireenville and Hantinf ten, and all
Arkanaee point..
P-With V. A af. aad V 8. A P. Railroad..
fc-Witb N., J. AC. R- it. fur ftatohea and
F For Point oa the Branch.
0 With .teaman tor lieyou Sara.
H With railroad, dirariinf for Florida aad
Coaatpolnta ....
Fallieae BurT.t Bleenlnf Canon all tralnj.
2MB. M. KDW 4 RDS. V. P. aad O.J.
Id. BURKR.aeneral Bap'L
A. XOAI'P. a. P. A.
taataalBBl and Tenn ranee. Tat
ail Irala laaTri dally at 4:30 p m.i arrive,
at :46 a.B. Loeal freight Imtii at 6:40
a.m. arrlrM at 4:90 p.m. vreiant uatua
Sol. 6 and 6 raa tri w.ehly. fio. t leave
liaaphu Monday, Wedneeday aad Friday.
leaaeiaa 'lly, Br1enld aad Mom.
aala -Train, leave It. and T. depot ai fol
f.i Wo. 4. nail aad aiDraa.. leave daily
at 11 ttn a.m. i No. 3. nail aad aiprea., ar
Tiaa atB:S0 p.m. No. 66, Bt. LoaU eipre.',
leave dailr at 6:00 p.m. t No. 65, bt. Louii
ipre'i, arriyaaat 1:65 a.m.
Meaaahle aad Llilla) Rark.-Train,
mora aa follow, (central itend rd tlrua):
So. 1 leaa. dally at 6:26 v. m,; arrival at
t:M.m. No. $ leave, at S:.'o a.m. t arrivel
atS:nOam. No. 6 (freight) leave! Ilnpa6ald
daily (eiorpt buaday) at 6:00 a.m.! arrival
t 7 :10 p.m.
i..Hr Ifiaa4 MleaiawlBpl Vat.
lew, Train, mova a. tollowi: No. 6 (tut
UoadaMf) laave. at 11 : a.m. No. 2 laave.
at 11:40 pm. daily, ht. Loo la fait Una
leave! dally at 4:311 p.B. No. 7 tla.t lina
daily) arrival at 1:30 p.m. Mall and ai-
ffreea arrive dally at Ail a.m. Bt. iiOUII
ftut line arrive eeily et U a.m.
eaapbla aad Cnarlealea Tralni
boti a. follow!: Through eipreii learn
daily at 11:20 p.m. alail and ezpreal laaval
dailv at!9:lfla m. Boaiervtile aecommod-
tioa la.vel daily, eicept Sunday, at 4:.10
p.m. Throagh axpraa. arrivaa daily at 5 -Vi
a.m. Mail and axprata ar-Wei dally at 4:6ft
8.m. Bnnervllie aoooramndatioa arrival
aily, axoapt Sunday, at 6:30 a.m.
Lantavtlle aad Naehvllle Tralni
nova aa folio: fa't mail artivaa daily at
tiDn a. .! laava. at 10:10 p.m t Bail leavri
daily at 9:00 a.m. Brownrvllle accommo
dation! leave! daily, aioapt Sunday, at 6:00
p.m. i mail arrivaa daily at 6:01 p.m,
Brownrvllle aooommoda'ton arrive, daily.
loeptBaadar. at 6 40 a.m. vatandard time).
eeanbte. tllrnalaahaiei and Allan
He Uoilv Biirlngi Rnuto Train, move a.
follow!) No 1 laava. Memphli daily at 8:46
b m.t arilvaa at Holly horinai at 6:30 o.m. i
No. laava. Holly -Iprmaa daily at t:00
a.m.i arrival ai mempnia at n :1ft a.m. I no.
6 leave. MaBphlf daily at 7:30 p.m., arrive,
at Holly Kurla.i at 11:60 P.m.i No. 6 leave.
JIoHy Sprln.i dally at 8:30 a.m.! arrival at
tampan at : a.m.
WalllROTOX, MartJi 27, 1886. 1
J o'clock kgn.
Indication! for Memphis aid Binin
Ity: Rains, followed by fair weather.
Stationary tommtt)rp Mue ptar,
blue creewnt, rod tr,
For the Ohio Valley and Tcnnettte:
Local roinjt, varwbk wind, wnrly da
tionary Imprraturt,
at-rnla:lcal Hvaart.
Mmi-iui, TiNM., March 26, 1680.
W 'tuer
7:00 am
11:00 a.m
8:00 pm
7 :00 p.m
10:00 pm
I,t. H'n.
I.t. H'u.
Mkxlmnm te.Tinnrainre.
Mlnln um temperature, 43 3,
Rainfall, 0 70.
All observations are taken on 75'
meridian tims, which
faster tban loeal time.
ii one hour
Tho dust is laiJ at lost.
Motion day in Chancery.
Manager Gray's benefit takes placo
Monday night,
Very little was done in the Crim
inal Court yesterday.
--Tlio ten cent circus on JefIerson
street nti 1 draws a crowd.
I joense to marry was issued yes
terday to Morris M. Cohen and Felisa
Htraabcrries at 50 cents a pint,
tho first of the season, wero in tho
market for the first time yesterday.
The subject of the Rev. J. K
llrincyV lecture on Sunday night will
be "A JourueyThroii.h the Heavens."
Jn Spilt qf All was again pre
sented at the Memphis Theatre last
night and will be repeated t day at
matinee and for the last time to-night.
The Women's Exchange has just
received a largo consignment of fine
cakes, orange.lemon. white cake, etc.,
and a keg of the famous Kentucky
SL JWcAoIm for April. Also a
new novel, entitled j4n ma or, ht
tipUeof AU, adapted from the French
drama Andrea by Sardou. Mansford
has them.
About 6 o'clock yesterday even
ing some one with an ear for music
stole Uie mockingbird and cage from
uie ironiporcn 01 Mrs. 1. r. rureeii,
on McLcmore avenue.
A man named Frank Shocks was
nubbed by the police yesterday,
charged with having disposed of the
material given him by his employer
to do a piece of work with.
The IlluMratM Qraphir Kev for
this week contains a fine ortaitot the
Kuipcror W illiam of Germany, and
many portraits of public men.' It is
ouite equal to its hastcrn contemner
aries, and ought to lie supported by
tho South and West, luansford bos
it for sale.
The attention of the city authori
ties is called to the condition of the
croosings at the corner of Madison and
Second streets. After every rain they
are covered with water, and almost
impassable. The Cititens' Street Rail
way Company should be made to at-
tend to the matter at once.
Ma R. L. Laskt celebrated his
seventieth birthday at the hall of the
Knights of Pythias, in the Lee build
ing on Main street, last night, A
pplendid lunch, prepared by J. F.
Wolf, was served and wine flowed
fre)y. Editor Frits of the &ndhrrn
. Patt-Jounxd (German), delivered him
ttelf of a poem composed by him for
the occasion, and the doctor's health
was drunk by several of the Sir
Th several committees and all
ladk-s interested in the projected enter
tainm nt, "Old Times," are asked t
. T.u.er, this afternoon at 4 o clock at the
Memphis Uethel (formerly Miss Con
way's school), corner of Adams street
finil Charleston avenue, to lwk over
he prompt and comparo noU-s. Each
A Ota fcix parties forming should be
represented, with list of names no
I tr as made tip. ' he call for addi
: i-mal workers Lj cordially urged aad
Ha . Tuer.
ivmr 47 8
:l0.0.r4 41.H
20.91W 4."l.8
29.04S 45.3
all vailulle niaU'riiil xhould le re
ported. Itc-d line of Mrs jiawH near
the door.
'The following U'h'L'ram wai twnt
yesterday to the MerciiantM'Kxi-hanife
of 8L I'xiuia, Uie Chiraijo Ifctard of
Trade and KnnwixCity lhiard of Trade.
pinned by .. I. Chase, iin-sii lent ol
the Memphis Merchants Kxchange:
We taks Meaxirc in announcing uie
completion of a new line of teleirranh
op-rated in roniieetion with th Ilalti-
nioro anil Utno leleifnipli t ompiiny,
giving us eoinpetition in telegraphing
for the first time through that com
pany's lines, und increasing our facili
ties for intercommunication. We hope
its advantages may lead to freer inter
change of views, and add to our
mutual ifood understanding."
The following communication has
Is-en received: "The Athletic Jtaso
ball Club have reorganized for the sea
son of 1881) with the following players:
Goldsmith, Lynch, lmnwroth, V.
(irillin, Welch, Lawless, Downs, Smith,
and T. (irillin. They would like to
meet all cluls, claiming the champion
ship of Tennessee, lliey would also
like to tackle Manager Hneed's club, as
they believe they can make as good a
showing with the Browns as the
Drowns did with the Nashville slug
gers. All communications should Is?
addressed to Athletic Uaseball t'lul).
corner of Hill and Kobertaon streets.'
Kin F. Mitch kli, of the CliesaH'ike,
Ohio and Southwestern railroad, is at
the I'eabody.
C. J. Walton of Ixmisvillo, Ky.,
and I'hilip Maas and wife of Chicago,
are at the I'eabody.
J. W. TUk-ack of Pino filtifT and
Walker Williams c f Clitiksville.Tenn.,
are at the I'eabody.
I'. I. MeiiiUY, travelling piwseiiger
ngent of the Michigan Central rail
road, is at the I'eabody.
Tiik stockholders of the J'ioneer
Mill will hold an iinirtjtnt meeting
at Phoenix Insurance t'o.'s oflice this
afternoon at 3 o'clock.
All journeymen barbers, white und
coloreo, are earnestly requested to at
tend a meeting Hunday, March 2rlth,
at 2 o'clock p.ui.,at 18 Miulison street.
It is hoped all will attend.
Tu Kev. (ieorgo C. Needliimi, the
Irish Ituptist evangelist, will preiich at
the Central linptist church noxt Sun
day. Ho is a gentleman of broad
culture and much eloquence.
Miss Mattib Parker, who hiiHjieen
the guest of her aunt, Mrs. M. J Van
horn, and Miss Hatlie Dean, for sev
eral weeks past, ' left last evening
for Laconia, Ark., her home, accom-
Janied by her f ther, Mr. Itichard
'arker, and Miss llattio Dean.
Mas. Isa Wilsom Poktku, a noUnl
spirit medium, who is said to hold her
hand and handkerchief in a Are with
out burning, is in the city. She is the
daughter of a deceased medium, and
is accompanied in her travels by nor
mother. She is Indorsed by Dr.
Thomaa. H, C'ark, formerlv of this
city hut now of Clio, La,
Tun radio for tho liandsomo allT
set preson ai to the late Col. J. K.
Cameron by tlie Wuff City Oroya, will
come oil at Cvl. Joe Miuidni'e Baloon
Satunlay evening Varch 27th, at 7:31)
o'clock. The object of the disposal
of the set is to assist in the education
of the oldest daughter of tho colonel.
All interested will please attend.
A Carol From 'nlhbri, da.
Thli I. to certify that I aiad Pr. Moalay'i
La in on Kliiir or neural.la of the head and
eve. with the Mil markrd hen-tt to my
rxnaral health. I would (ladly have paid
rxK) for the relief It ha. riven meataooitol
fciort3. II A. II K ALL,
Clerk Sup. Court, Randolph Co.
Lemon Bel Droaa
furai all foujna. Coldi, Hoareriel, So-i
Tlirnat, Ilronubltla, I'naumonia and all
Throat and Luni ll eauei, except Con. umn
tinn, which nie in it palliate, and greatly
relieve.. Proa 26 oent-.
Lemon K iiir and Lemon Hot Prop! 10! d
by all Ipading druakiiti, i'lepared by 11.
Motley, M.I),, Adnata, Oa.
IHoiKVgraiii llanglc; Mulfortl.
Solo Agents for Huraro It. Kelly &
I'u.'s Key Host ( Igars.
Tho trade supplied at New York
prices. A full assortment constantly
on hand at tho following stands con
trolled by us: Oayoso Hotel stand,
1'eabodv Hotel stand and 310 Main
street. Fresh shipment received
weekly. 1. hamklson a 00,
Order Me-nIHt Itluirord'H,
hpot-lal otlce.
If houstkeepera would call at the
feather establishment of Tully llros.,
191 Sicond street, ami see the amount
of filth, diseased m tier and worms
abstracted train 1110 new ana out
featherbeds, pillows and bolsters, they
would not hesitate in having their
wort none at once.
Old GoldMud NllTer
Taken as ratb, Mulford's, 291 Main.
Mraaahla V laral . kaa la laraeet
atorav ! plaaia la fmm.
Advlcas t Mothers.
Mrs. Winslow'a Soothing Syrup
should always be used when children
are cutting teeth. It relieves the little
suflerer at once; It produces natural,
ouiet aleeD bv relievirB the child
from pain, and the little cherub
awakes as ''bright as a button." It is
very pleasant to taste. It soothes
the child, softens the enms, allays all
pain, relieves wind, regulates the
howels, and is the best known remedy
fir diarrhoea, whether arising from
teething or other causes. Twenty-five
a bottle.
Excel 'cure and ('Hah
Are the secrets of Mulford's tnecess.
A DruggiNi'a Mrj.
Mr. Isaac O. Chapman, druggist,
Newborg N. Y., wriies us: "I have
f ir the 1 ast ten years sold several
groes ot Dr. William Hall's Baba'a for
the Lungs. 1 can sty ol it wnat I
cannot aav of inv other msdieine. I
have never heard a cuHomer speak of
it but to praise Its virtues in the nigh
est manner. I have recommended It
in a great rrany cases of whotpin
const), with the happiest effects.
have need it in my own family for
many years; in fact, always have a
bottle in the medicine closet ready for
Dyeing and Cleaning.
Ldies' and Bents' clothes (leaned
or dyed in any color, also kid gloves.
netnen leathers ann lace enna-ns ey
L'nis Keiifel. 58 Jefferson street, Mem
phis, Tenu. Goods rwii'Hl by express.
l.oDlevtllo llanl.
FonnHations, cellar walls and bnild
lifei-t to overflow should b con'
trnctrd with Louisville Cement. It is
1 be standard,
Closing pries of May options at
Chicago yesterday: Pork, 9 75. Ijird,
6.0')c; clear rib sides, 5.3'c. Corn
3Kjc. Wheat, 811c Oats, 31c
Visitors on 'Change yesU-rdav: J.
W. Johnson, Austin, Miss.; fl. W.
Hardaway, Michigan City; Samuel
Kirkman, Alabama; D. 8. T. Ihich.in,
(1. W. Armstrong, Mississippi; J. W.
Jones, Hocking Valley.
Report of Grain Elevator yesterday :
Wheat received, none; withdrawn,
none; in s r, 3057 bushels. Corn
received, 1075 bushels: withdrawn,
1 135 bushels; in store, 10.'i,W bushels.
Oots received, 740 bushels; withdrawn,
18M7 bushels; in store, 10,474 bushels
Tna Manchester Guardian, in its
commercial article, says: The market
for cloth is inactive. India telegrams
rejiort that prices of siot are steady
and that the oilers for f utures arc re
duced. It is often impossible to fill
orders received by ydegraph. There
is but little inquiry for Japan and
Java, though those markets are re
ported bare of goods. For elsewhere
there is a steady demand for cloth.
Yarns dull, poor demand,, especially
for export ; prices unchanged.
Data just at hand bearing upon the
development of cotton goods manu
facture in India makes a showing that
is equally as striking as the growth of
agricultural interests in that section.
In the year 1H78 there were only 53
mills, with a total of 10,538 looms and
1,2811,700 spindles. Koch following
year lias witnessed an addition to the
number, until at the close of 1885
thero were no less than 87 mills, with
111,537 looms and 2,158,701) spindles
The production in 1885 included 37,
tl!H,4 23 yards of piece goods and 71,
21(1,772 pounds of -wist an increase
since 1880 of 12,854,854 yards of piece
goods and 42,7114,004 pounds of twist.
From tho Oil and Drug Jlrpnrttr:
Cotton-seed oils are in about the same
position us this timo last week. OiF
grades are in better demand than
prinio, and more plentiful. Crushers
and refiner at the South hardly know
what to think of the New York inar
k et. 1 he recent business here at very
low prices, and in fact the course of
evenw since the opening 01 1110 year,
have provoked such expressions aa
the "slaughter-house" and "dumping
eround" for all kinds of cotton-seed
troduvts. Manufacturers who have
een forced to realize, and there
seemed to be quite a number this sea
son, sent their oil to New York to sell
at whatever price it would bring.
These forced otl'erings, assisted by tho
general weak condition of other mar
ket, forced prices down until New
York became recogniied as the lowest
market in the United States. As to
whether an improvement is to be ex
pected in values, information comes
from diflerent parts of the South of
closing mills on account of tho price
of seed being relatively higher than
oils also, that the supply ot oil is
shorter than generally expected. A
short season is lookorl for and one
which will result very unprofitably to
manufacturers, it is claimed. One
mil1 at Now Orleans has gone into
liquidation and two others in tho
same place have closed for the time
pemg. x
J. H. Ivton to D. F. Jett, trustee.
to secure Miillory, Crawford & Co. in
the sum of f , eastern hall 01 a J0J
aere" tract near Wythe Depot.
L. 13. McKarland, trustee, to J. tl.
Layton, samo as above, for l0t)3 75.
T. C. Cocke and wife to T. E. Cul
lin, trustee, 'o secure K. A. Hnead in
the sum of Ullll . 13J acres at
Dr ns'ick, on the Louisville and
Nashville railroad.
H.N Towner to Mary A. McNpad-
den, south half of ot No. 237, Green
law subdivision, west sltio 01 mxiu
street, for 12250.
Seb ad. of Memphis SLnam Shirt
Factory and Laundry on fifth pago.
Kalsomininq telephone COO, A. Mc
Memphis Stained Glass Works, 236
Third street. Call and see.
Wation's Bitumen Concrete is abio-
lute proof against dnmmiess, seepage
and rats. Telephone 1)38.
IIavb you a damp, unhealthy cel
lar? Wat ion's Bitumen Concrete will
make it dry and wboltsome. lele-
pLotie y.lts.
I'm Herbal Chill Cure, the beat
tonio and antl-periimlo knowji. A oertain
aua inie oure tor chilli I'noen per 001
tim. HahiI atami a for riraulara. Any rel-
arenre alien. Addrei. John C. Knoker,
Liynohhera, VI.
Bind to Memphis Floral Company
for lis', and price-current o' plants.
Have largeft stock In town. Gome nut
aad see f ir yourself. South gate Elm.
wood Cemetery.
"WatWs Bitumen Concrete," for
the pavln of cellar, warehouse and
t table fliors, driveways, walks, etc.
H a 'd, smooth and durable, and proof
agalost dampness and stepsse. Tele
phone 028.
"I nAva burn Arri.iCTBD with an af
lecuun ui iiiv uiruitv iiviii tuuunwu.
caused by diphtheria, and have used
various remedies, but never found
anything equal to Brown's Bronchial
Tbochm." Rrv. O. r. HampUn, Pxke-
fcm, Ay. Sold only in boxes.
Fine Watch repairing at Mod ford's.
Ha Ralleila-e A iJiiemaraiBa for
jmur rinnklaf aan Uaevtllllaa.
Ifave Y6nr French Clocks
Put in order a'. Mulford's, 294 Main.
OiaoiUNATt.March 2-Niht River
31 feet on the gauge and stationary.
Niw Orlkan's, Ma-h 26 Night-
Arrived: I'O't KitU and la'gee, rt.
L-mie. PeDartd: City of Ntcbti, 8t
Louis; Thomas Sherlock, OincinDati
Loo avtn -b. March 26-Nlght Biver
rising, wi'h 11 feet S inches in the
canal and 9 feet 1 iich on the falls.
Bnainesa dull. Weather cloudy and
EvAsvTLLB,March 26 Night River
roeenearly 6 fet in (be lat 24 hears,
and row sands 18 I -et en the gauge.
Weather haay and raw ; thermometer
46" to r.
Vininoiio, March 28 Nisbt De-
narttd: C"j of New Orleans, St. Lmia
2 a m U. P. Schemk. Cincinnati. S
a.m ; Ta-is G Brown, Near Orleanr, 6
a.m. ; City of Providence, St. Louir, 10
Rt Ix)D March 2"i. Night R'ver
risen 4 luchrs, and n w a'anrla 1 1 a
7 inches on the gunge. Wtather ch a
and plrasan'. Arrived: Auuie P. Hi
vr, New Orlcana. IVtarted: Jav
Go tld aad barge, New Orleans.
Caibo, March 16 Night River 27
fwl Z Inches on ine vmiae ann rlning
Wrailipr rlondv ai dco.l. Arrived
Jn W. GaS, Mrmphia, 1 p m. Ci'y
o' r-t Loni, M L'ni, I p d. Depart
ed: James W. Gaff, Cincinnati, S p.m
We invite the Gentlemen to loak
through our Migniflcent
Selections of
ING, Hats, Shoes and Furnishing Goods.
We have many specialties f r gen
tlemen'! wear that cannot be bad
tlehere. To-day we open
500 All-wool Business Suits, latett
style, a-18 50 lo fit) 50.
200 Dress HuiU at 118 60 to f 40.
100 special Young Men'a Nobby
Suits at $21.
All ourclo'.bingis warranted per
fect in make, finish and ityla fit
always guaranteed.
We cave received another invoice
. of our celebrated
Black, Brown, Tan and Pearl ; made
on the latest Broadway b'ock j qoal
in quality to the $2 60 hat. Even
If you don't buy it, you should by
all means look at our
Unrivaled Dollar Dcra.
We are sole aents for
Danlan'a rifla Aveane Ha'e.
Spring atyles now ready.
For fl 60 box of British Half Hose.
For 60o an elegant Spring Hcaif.
For $3 a sewed fill Shoe, warrant
ed to wear well and give satis
faction. For $175 splendid French Calf
Oar entire pmcbajes of Clothing,
Hats and HLor, f r youths, boys
and children, are now exhibited.
60 Varieties or New Shirt Waists.
Come to-day. Open Saturday nights
until 0 o'clock.
daatoa'a Hotel.
W.H. niNfinAM ..Uimon.
European plan. Enlarged and returniiheil.
frioMaoooroms to ana ana loca
tion or roooii.
C A Winter, Mill
A Kerahlel, Mill
T) F Hunt. Mia.
JOUr.y. Ark
D Turlev. Tenl
W R Kiinbronih.Tenn
TO II Wlr nth. Ill Dr J H Lind.lev. Tenn
U It Wi( nld.lll
W Little, Kr
B Ch. nlin. Ark
J W Little, Kr 1 B Washinioo,lenn
J d th' pltn, atk Y H larn., Ark
J M Coleman, Ten a
W M VanneM, N V
0 A Oibioo Aw. Ark
0 It Jo.lva, .rk
J W Jooea, Tenn
W R Uarvev, Ark
R M Leeoh.Tenn
L P Cooper, Teno
JW Price, Ark
J Q Uarre't. A k
5 R Smith Ad, Mill
T Mull, Ark
J H Uallooay, Jna
W H Uanhall.Tenn
Mill J Kobinaon, Ark
J H Hawken, Mill
Mr. W T U..an, Ark
A 8 Livermore, Tenn
K J I owenatein, Ml..
Mr. W U Collin., Mill
it M jonei, lenn
A W tiloaier. Tens
II R fto ie, Tenn
X U Martin, Mill.
The Raw Unyoao.
Rate., 12 60 to f I per dar, aooordinf to loca
tion 01 room..
J Pollard, Bt Loula J W dill, Mill
W K Men rex. n 1 m u nooiraon, jnira
T B Mit bell, ill Mi a J Wheeler, Mini
Cha. Wheeler, Mill 0 1) Lmoh, Ark
MSKr iuae, Mo V orell, 111 .
T R Manning. Maei J D Harrison. Ky
J Cohen A, Teno 0 blank Via
I, II Cbanman, Mo J v ban, III
11 Htedman. Ttnn A Oniu, Mia.
J H Mar low, I,a H S M. ore, Ark
W II Davie, Va V R Wiloox, Ohio
JMhoon.Miaa II A bweat and Aw.Mo
I Hot Inxin. Mo 11 K 1 'um man 1, lenn
2 Caat'eberrv. Ua A U Jobl'n, Ark
J B llrunrr, to R D Kr..iior, Tenn
im 1, hoiu. lenn 11 rerei, lenn
KBSIan.Kr 1) feed, wA Mill
Mr RLvona. La WO natty. 0
J A Dolour, NY J Fhepberd, Kn
KTUarrb, Mill 1 C Iff. Mini
JOVViiitnr Ga LRoin.0hio
W w wood, Ky J w uinrain, lenn
RTTat. Tenn PTrioy.Tenn
JJonea.Oh'O R K Sle.e, Mm
C LHendoimn.N Y Mind Henderron.NY
R (1 A ran, Ind J r Humphrey, Ara
II tl l'enn Ark JTUren. Ind
C L Aahorntt, Ind HMDunton.Ni.
Pfmbiilly Hotel.
Kat- I- DU and i per (lav, aeonruina; 10
ite a lid loi-atmn of room special
ratoi made.
II R Mi-Veinh. Ark J W Price, Ark
In A L Koua en.irK tt u lieu, mo
I l.u anr. 1) C
H Parker. Ark
J l Vellen, I.a
J W Uorairo. Ark
Willi huh. Tnnn
J Galloway, Tenn
tl M Ub1I..wj , Mo
W H Perion, Vio
K h Allen, Vt
M w ron er, A rk
N W llnp if 1, Tenn
L bloom, Ohio
W II i:. .r. M Y
1, II Book. Mil.
W II D.ni.hnrlv.N Y (I 8 V It. N Y
A J h.iiinitrlo, B X j w re oy, 1 a
F Dane, I'oiion
V M aa Aw, HI
K I) C iluah, III
J Ruber a. Mia.
J !U'di(.Trnn
V Y Mur ay, 0
J J Jone, Mo
W K Lirajr, Mini
F H 8oott, Tenn
DWLake, T nn
W K L cv, Mi -i
C J Walton, Ky
J V Wo ..id Idire, Ky
K K Morrif, leun
C rhie da, Tenn
J K Hull, Mo
W rt.inoni. Oh'O
8 B J. hii.on, Ky
A MoNairy, iron
b -ainoeia. Ark
N B Dav dinn, Mill
c B Keavil, Mo
H rntt..n, Kf
J A LeOler. y, Tenn
Mr. L Wa'ion, Ark
B Krra-vant, lent
V II Wvm n. N Y
J W Kill . ueh. Ark
W A Kan, Ky
H l.er. Ara
F lircker, A'k
l)"' B 'd, nhin
l)B Many. Ohio
A J ini eut, Ohio
W N Maine;. Ark
B B Brad 1 , Ark
W RCo y, Mo
W N Brown, Tenn
1) W Johraon, Mo
Mri U W Krita. Ark
P 0 I ovelaoe, "n
B 1 Huaby, le in
W 11 11 tireen, Mill M Arm.tsin, W Y.
riareadaa Hotel.
Not HI and t Madlton -treet.
BOWL' 8 k I.KAK ..-PaoraiaToas.
Ratei-12 per day, day board fciu per
BJOden.Ala .
ra M A naon. Ktk
J Bobbin, eity
W Uarre't, eity
AK I)oonell. Mill
M blli-oo, Tenn
J A Garner, Tenn
K A A-aaund, N Y
J W K dlaman. Ha
T W Gih.on, Ark
P Malionald.rity
J L Lovelaer, Tenn
W CI San. .i.e. ni.v
Ft) Welltnxioo, Ky
T I) Frhmii. Ill
M a K lbomt io, N Y
V M worr.ron T z
11 : Walton. Tena
N A riffunn, i'.nn
M U Fioeth.c 1
J M Karlbnrg, Ohio.
ItatTy'H l:anixnn Hotel
Corner of Adami and Vain .treMa. Hoomi,
boo, lb- anil II per day; American nan,
ti V ' day.
Virat.fla K. atmurAliI in the Tlotet.
J. M. DUKi t' (II) M wuh 1'eab.idy lloUl),
t'BOP .
J J Br-y,Tenn c R Willeke, Ark
A C Venable. Tenn J R Ua tin, Trna
B Har.lmi. La H I h..ina. Tuna
W A ll.daway.Tenn J V White, Tena
J L I le, Miaa
3 lrShieida, Tr.uu
K W Koator, Teon
A H Fruuiiitin, Ark
K ful'in, Ind
TCo II". Ind
W J Moylan.Ohlo
L D a-ey. Ark
J T Mu Ion Aw, Mill
II E Vil er. Miaa
A McLennan Ark
W B Duke, Tenn
W A Anion-, T-nn
R K flsillmnn, Tenn
F R Mi lard, Tenn
1 V 'arty. Tenn
1' Cotter. Tena
.1 K Miller, Tena
M Harm. b
.1 al I. .moll, i.kin
s 11 Fi nie. Tenn
H Irwin, Ark
B Cubliin, Ind
l.i till n. Ind
W K ,-tnl'h, III
U B Rube I, Ark
C C Maiey. T. nn
11 Ml lr Aw. Cala
Mra Ki id, Ark
h B B.rb.e, T.nn
K 11 U.ly.Teun
P Latkin. 'Ie''n
PThi l. Tenn
B F llo aood, lenn
J C 'X. Tei n
.1 Wrih Tan
W I'o e. Teuii
H K R dawav, Ky
KH o, Maaa
a. O Carpeotai, N J
Mm M Kinman, Tenn
Halford, Jewfhr, 2!) 4 Main, so
liK'itA orders froiu the rouulf ).
a)n la Rrnri'l laral l aiapaaf
far (tlaHla aaaai pi'iily in rata
! Mallear at I.Hpiamanilna ta do
i.w eiainhtin
Solid Mlft'rwitrfHt Wiilford'H
And it ntiitmia'KS aud promotes the
growtn ot in lutir.
Rnr'jeU'aFtjtvoring Kf rants are the
"The firm of GOODBAR & CO. baa
and bnoe Buafnesa, in connection witn Mr. w. Ji Love, lata ol Warren, Love co., eu ixinia, mo., ana mr.j. v.
Callicott, of Coldwa'er, Miss,, under the style of and firm name given below. We thank our friends for their patronage
in the past and hop for a continuance of their favors. A. B. GOODBAT-
0 W. XI. OWUlOilW
Late of Qoodbar ACo.. Mamphll. Lata of Qoodbar A I o., Mamphii. Lata of Warren. Love A Co.. Bt. Loaii. Late of Cold water.
3G7 & 3G9 Main
We ara now receiving a large and En'irely New St ck of Eautern and Custom-Made Boots and Shoes for the
Bpring Trade of 1886, which we offer at Mtock ltotom Prfcea, on as liberal terms as can
We have EXCLUSIVE control in this
lowing lines rf CUSTOM-MADE Goods, all ofwhinh we
warrant to give perfect satisfaction :
George Hocker's celebrated Men's Calf Boots.
Brady & Sbortell'a Boys', Youths', Misses' and Children's
Solar Tip Sho-e
T. M. Harris ACo.'s Philadelphia made Children's Shoes.
Also, L. W. Nuts A Co.'s Kip Brogana and Plow Sboas
the beet Brogans made in the United States heretofore
handled by G .odbar A Co.
We are the only honse in this Market handling the cele
brated Krippendorf, Dittmann A Co line of Ltdimt' and
MiiaW Kid, Goat and Calf CUSIOM Goods EXCLU-
SIVKt.Y. nnrlprtha Faotnrv Binrla,
Willi II Mil!
Tho Handsomest in the
South and Its
Men the
The Pride of the Mis
sissippi Valley.
A New York drummer, who trav
els over the entire country, was
bragging about the advantages of
living in Gotham, but be bad to ad
mit tbat in the Misfit Clothing Par
lors, 2G2 Second street, Memphis has
the best and oheapest clothing house
in the United States. He also had
to concede' that the Memphis girls
are the prettiest in the country and
tbat the men here, as a general rule,
are bolter dressed than those of any
American city.
Memphis men can afford to dress
well. The Misfit Clothing Parlors
gives them the advantage of buying
fine mcrohant tailor's clothing at
about one-half its actual value.
Tho Misfit Clothing Parlors be
lieve in bragging when it has some
thing to braa about. We have been
busy during the past two months
hunting up bargains for Spring. We
now have our Parlors packed with
beautiful new goods. Better s ill,
our prices are wonderfully low.
Come quick and inspect these hand
some goods.
Remember, all alterations to in
sure a perfeot fit done lree of charge
by a first-class tailor.
262 Socond St., Memphis,
Opp. Conrt Square.
The Taiadise lor those hunt
ing Keal Clothing Bargains.
for. Second and Monroe Sts.,
Would call attenlloa of hli friendi
and pat.oni to nia
new srima stock,
fompr'ilna tva okrlceit and latest de
nvna ot F reian Uo. d in thj market.
I anna taken ne!ial care in their lelee
tion, I am leaeed toiav to w y euitomen
and pn Ho who foor me with a eall, to
how them Inn ot rooli only founj la
laa.ilni houaea.
Electric Belt Free
rpoint-i duoeitand ebuin arenti we wl'l
1 f..r ahe nut aiitv dev. ai e away, lree
of ch'r, in each ounly in tne U. o. a I m
ited nun I'erol -iiir umaaa klerirajal
v.me aa.,..i Mel ia. rriee r: a
C...'t ve and un a linv cure for N'M'i Ie
ilit, Varoo-ele, Emi-aio l. lmpoteney,
ei. eMO.iO Keward pai.t il every Be1 1 we
nana aeiure doai nit aererate a a-J.':n'n
libe rie current Ad'r-.i at once bLf t -I'RIO
tLLf AObACI. P. O. Bv lit,
Brovhlyn, . T.
been dissolved, and we have reorganised 00 r interest In the Wholesale Boot
and 18 Gayoso Streets,
be made by any competing market.
market of the fol
We also control
X., Match 10,1886.)
' .Mimthh, Tu
We made a contract some months
ago with George Hocker, the manu
facturer of the oelebrated "Ilooker
Boot," for the exclusive handling of
his boots at wholesale in this market,
and have advertised in various news
papers to this effect. We notice re
cently that another wholesale shoe
bouse in Memphis is advertising
that they have George Hooker's call
boots tor sale, manufactured for the
spring trade. I o order that we should
not be placed in a false attitude be
fore the trade, we wrote to Mr. Hock
er on February 27th to know whether
or not he bad sold his ealf boots to
any other wholesale house in Mem
phis, and we herewith publish his
reply. Very respectfully,
liANvraoTtjaia op
B'lUTd AND 8 110 ICS.
ClxuinNiTi. 0., Maroh 1, 1886.
Meri. Goodbar, Love k Oo., Mamphii.
Tenn. I
Gentlbmbn We have just re
ceived your letter of February 27th.
Goodbar & Co. have not bought a
i ingle puir of boott from ut for the
tpring trade.
I oannot think that they are getting
them through any other bouse, as we
received no orders that they could
send, and are only Belling one other
jobbing house these goods. I do not
think they get them from them,
Notwithstanding one of onr com-
Seniors p ullohes a letter from Wro.
locker etutlng ' he has not sold n
any calf boots for pprimr trade,"
'J HE Fit: I' I, we have these goods
now In etore, which we offer to the
trade at as low prices as the can be
found elsewhere. guarantee
1 hem to be the fcltNUISEfifO. Mocker
boot-, and adapted to lb" prexent sea
son's trade. Kvsp'-etrnilj yonrn.
Memphis March 18. 1KH(I.
310 mil 312 Front Street, Memphis, Tenn.
Stoves, Tinware.
w.' ... i. itceeiaia'ar a Larue Shipment af
R. B. Plows, Columbus
And a Complete Line of CAMP OUTFIT8.
Jamea n. eodlar Twaa. Clark Enarene J. t arrlatan rrank O. Janea
IXlaitAbllalied 1B60.1
319 Main Street, Memphis, Tenn.
WE ., to MF.RrH AHTN OHI.T the larreat and belt .took orBooti and Shoe, we
havo aver brooaht to thil market, and which eannot be lurr-aaaed in qnahtr and
atvls. bvanv hon.e in thil or any other eity. In addition to a oomplete line ot Laitern
.d. wd"lr!olud n, the ICI.a B.1 .l .! B A K a CO Bko,N w. handle
a larae and aeleet .took of Cuitom-made Ooodifor Men, W omen, Muaeiand Children. Ha
.r,. a number of the beat make, in the couniry, in avert variety nd at le, aad amone
them the well known Men'. CalfVooU and hi manufactured bv eo. Hoeker tor onj
tivrint Traae. a alio carry a ohoiee line of Ladiei' and Mirae.' Cnitom kid. Goat and
rif ilooda. manulaotured by Krippendorf, Dittman A Co. We invite the trade ti examine
no. .ia kafura baiina alaewhere. and wa
Boiler Works.
SHEA ft MCCARTHY, Propr'a,
140, 142, Ui Front, Memphis.
in the noatn, ana tne eniv enapieta
Puller end BieevlroT. Wurki in themty.
Haantnetarera of benvy late lrn
warn of every ,le.rl'le. Bpeeial
A.M..u. - '.. Ion wo-lr
Notice to Rail$tuid Contractors.
THE underiiBfc II rrepird U furniih to
puntraotor. anr Bailrn.d Wurk DAY LA
BoRKKb in anv aumber. want.d. Addieaa
Lexinaton, lu."d
Memphis, Tenn.
the following Specialties under oar
own brands, viz:
Goodbar, Love A Co.'s Men's Grained Calf CUSTOM-MADE
Bala, Bolton and Congress.
Gnolbar, Love A Co.'s Men's N.K. Calf CD8TOM
HADE Bala, Button and Congress.
Goodbar, Love A Co.'s Ladies' Kid and Goat CUSTOM-MADE
Flexible Polish and Button $3 00 Shoes.
Onr Ladies' $3 00 8boes are made from the beet se
lected Cnracoa Kid and Tampico Goat Stock, and have
Solid Sole Leather Counters and Flex ble Inner Soles
and we warrant them to fit and give perfect satisfaction
In avary vparwt.
fro porter, and dealer, in C.da.Ama..
union and riablnar Tarklai, liallilrra
Hard ware, alewirls Bedi aad A -nunclalatra
for Hotel! and ReidBcej,848
Hala atret, Mempala, reuai. Elwtno
innplieiahwayi on hand. iUnairrM neatly
riuns, Amnuaition, Fishing Tackle
and Bast-Kail Hoods.
aad Mala Street, eawahla, Teaua;
Idanufaoturlnf and Repalrinf of Gnni a
Frank Schumann,
Importer and Dealer in
Gnai, riantaar Tackle anal Hporta
. mea'a Mnppllea aa Special attention
412 Mnln wt.. 11 empliln, Tenn
Sweot rickles. Etc.
Started Frnlt Plekled Oraa(re,
mailed Frnlt rick led Caeatnbers,
SlnlTed Fruit Plekled Pepper,
ManTed Frnlt Plekled naafeea,
Mixed aiweet Pleblea,
Cro at Bnrkwell'a Cbaw-Obaar and
Mixed Pleklea,
Plain Caenmber Pleklea ky Uaegall. .
Otber branda of Plain and Hlxed
Pleklea In Olaaa aud Olivea.
I'orner Nertmrt and Keale KU.
Steel Drag Scrapers,.
auarautee avarythini wa aell to fiva aauataotioa.
UMXiRtK o.
Joan Ovibtok, Ja. C. N. QaosvEBoa-
Real Estate Dealers
OfEoe, 264 hecond Street.
. a. aiaaa. e aM aard
Tazei Paid. Keala Collected, ate., ea
Young & Brother,
Kooksellcrs and Maiioners.
21 Malu ft I., .liempUbsTeun
Wlahtaa ! "eure frean Baalnera
We Oder kailre

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