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trrnror (hajiberuivs se
cession. IU Probable Effect oa tbe Li be rail
Labor Biota locreasliif la
. Belgium.
wit, March 28. Tbe EooitomiM
aayt: Mr. Ubamberlun sec8iou
from the Cabinet is tbe moat severe
blow Mr. Gladstone could sustain. It
tbe sebum continues tbe next election
may raoult in returning tbe Torii s to
power r in compelling tbe Liberals to
- accept Mr. Cbambetlaiu's leadership.
Either rueolt will be fraught with no-
mantoo consequences,
caseion fbom uladstome's party.
: It is expected there will be six seces
sions frost Mr. Gladttone's party out-
. aide ef the Cabinet. Tbe report that
Lord fipenoer would resign unless tbe
land Mi) satisfied bim is not true. lis
his fall oonldence in Mr. Gladstone,
ad sssinted tbe latter in drafting bis
TBI ana ioebtiob is the cabinct.
Tbe dally Tdrgraph says Mr. Tar-
nell, whe baa been quasi officially in'
formed at tbe pregrees of Irish mat
ters la tbe Cabinet, stiiwben tbe
giving ef precedence to tbe land pur
chase bill was proposed tnat be was
unable to support tbe proposition,
his ox leagues in 1'ariiaoient were
strong evpoaed to tbe adoption of
any we that would delay tbe die
uAuia of the quection of home rule.
In a'ei: dance with this declaration
the land purchase bill was withdrawn.
in tbe Bonne of Oommoni this after,
noon, stated tint on April 8th he
wonld ak permimion to introduce tbe
Irish devemrocnt hill. lie addrd that
on April 12th the budgtit would be in
troducea, and that on April lith be
woel l request perinimion to introduce
bill to iei.d tiie laws for the sale
and raietiase of laud in Ireland. Both
Mr. Caamberlain and Mr. Trevelyan,
tbe seceding member, of the Cabinet,
were present when Mr. Uladaione was
makirg biaannounoemei.ti. Tkeyeat
below the gangway, chatting with
Lord flantington and Kir Henry James.
asjlxrlsla'a he.raalon from the
UMlatsBe t'nblnfl,
Leaden special : The best informa
tion )esJs to the belief that Mr. Cham
berlain has definitely resolved to con
sum nate bis treason and strike, if pen
aible, a fatal blow at Mr. Gladstone's
power snd p'eshga. Weeks agi Po
le were adviBed of Chamberlain's in
' tended treashery. It was then only
known te a few of bis trusted friends.
In asrsrtt conclave he had declared
his hostility to Mr. Gladttone's home
rule soheme, and his resolution (o de
feat it at all coBtr. Within a few hours
of this writing I was informed from a
sureteoroe of his declaration. Only
an eleet few were prefect, but among
then woie recret enemies ol the cau
cus hots. Last week 1 explained some
of the secret reasons for Mr. Chamber
lain's hofility io Mr. Gladstone, and
within the Itut few dnvs many of the
Liberal papers openly charge him with
acting from motives of personal pique
and pxraonal smbltion. Onco the fight
Is fairly orenud ronmderable light will
be thrown on Mr. C amWrlaiu's po
litical scheming during the pitst few
years, hich cannot fail to damage
blm in tbe public estimation, and
hape tlesttoy his chance of ever beiDg
the Prin.e Minister of England.
As in t'le caeofLord Kanil.lpti
Chnrchiil, the Irish party have in re
serve fund of startling revelation,
which, if I ley o ,ce saw the light,
would dawnge Mr. Chamberlain irre
trievably. Tbtse secrete are, of eonm,
nrfvilpffi'if tnarArUtn twilti I.... i.
no good reae n why tbe irish party
sbonli keep Quixutio good faith with
a man who bas betrayed them. It is
by no means elear that Mr. Chamber
lain will snoceed in bringing any im
portant seetien of tbe Kadicals with
him agnin.it Mr. UUdbtous aud home
rule. Uodoubtsdly be has achieved
a conpidarable succeas in working up
an opposition ta Mr. Gladstone's
schesse for baying out the Irish land
lords, but the Biiiicals who support
him met wermly on tbe fiasncial
queetian have told me that tbey would
vote with Mr. Gladstone on home
rule. Many of the Ktdlcala say;
"Why bay out the landlords? They
are tbe lebbers. Let the Irish Parlia
ment dual with them."
This is not a reassuring sUte of.mind
for Itliu er Eoghsh landlords. How
ever, ihe Radicals are not everybody.
By themselves ibey can do nothing.
It borne rale is to be won the mod-
T,'1 !,d Tories must becon-
eiliated, and this can only be done by
paying the Irish landlords a handtomi
asm to get eut.
f AT 0 riQBT,
Mr. Farnell'a dictum is
true tbtt "lrelaad must nv r flht
and i a tonal people thiak it better to
pay 12t(000,000 than to fight England,
and perhaps get beaten. Hi nee the
Land Leagae agitation began Ireland
baa paid in' imperial taxes and rent
lOTer XlsVfOOO.OOU, and nnless we can
com to terns with the British Parlia
ment we nust continue to pay or flht,
and perbaoe have to go on paying
when tbe fabling is over. This acpect
of the qnestion is worth the serious
'ton ideration of reasonable people
.both in Ireland and Ameiica.
From a Radical point ot view, Mr.
-Chamberlain's secession fiom Mr.
Gladstone's Cabinet baa also its seri
ous aspeet. Tha spi t in the Liberal
party may pootpon f jr years the ur
gent reforms eagerly demanded bv tbe
ptepla.! rianland, Wales and , Eng
land. This view will grow clearer
both to the people and politicians as
time; advances. At prsnt, gloomy
feelings sre entertained by the Rdi
calsas to the futnre. 'the heaviest
punishment will fall ou Great Britain,
(should Mr. Gladstone be defeated,
kome rale would no doubt be post
poned, but ita concession is doit re
garded as Inevitable. ' Mr. Gibson,
tbe brother of Lord Ashbourne, in
talking tbia week with a home ruU
. member who was taking a Detaimiat
view of tha situation, said :
"Do yon think there is any doubt
about tbe concession of home rule?"
"I am quite coavinced it is inevita
ble." That ia the opinion of one Irish
Tory and apposition leader.
European" finances.
.JRnclBfna at D4Mmi. Hat
Lommm, Ma.'Ch 29. D scount closed
at 1) for t iree months snd Ut short.
Owing io a further tendency to ets
cess and ibe s. t ied dullness in trade
there ia no prospect of a rise in dis
count, unities exceptional gold opera
tions (axe place. Butuaets oa the
Htock Kxchnee Hariog tbe week nai
decid;il;y fl it. Tne present it its of
home and L-reigo politics deters specu
lation and investment, but bonds were
min'aint-d. .
The variations in the prices of Amr
Jcan railway securities, as compared
W.th tbe closing priiesof last week.ln
cladetbe following: Increases Penn
sylvania, De rease Atlantic and
Great Western, firem, ; Atlantic and
Great Wettrn, seconds, ; Canadian
Pacific, ; Eiie, 1 1 ; Erie, seconds, 1 1 .
Mexican, J; Illinois Central. 1; 8t.
Paul. 21 ; New York Central, 2 ; Head
ing, I-
Vaatradjr al Parla.
Pabis, March 29. -Tbe importation
of gold, chitflv from Ameiira, con
tinues. The Bank of France now dir
burees coin instead of rotes. Owing
to tbe nnre.tiiuty ss ta the form and
price of the new lean, prices on tbe
Bourse have been unsteady, with a
general full. Panama Canal share!
closed at 100.
Owlet at Hertla.
Berlin, March 29. The new spirit
bill is likelv to parties of the pi ind
ole of a tax on consumption and raw
material, tbe lax on tbe latter ti be
refunded on exportation. Financiers
are occupied with scheme for the
conversion of the Russian debt. The
director of the Discount Compan?,
who has recently been in fct. Peters
burs, bss arranged with tbe Roths
childs to conveit f 00,000,000 of Rus
sian stock.
Hews ef Dlswrdr-rw Praia All Blrctv
tloaa-Calls far Iimh,
Chabliboi, March 29. Appeals for
troops hsve been received from Chats
leat, Cbatlivean, La Louvier, Gilly
and Conille, where several lactones
snd mines hsve been wrecked and
where many persons have been killed
or wounded in collision with tbe IccaI
troop?. Only the civic guards remain
here, and tbey are now exhausted
from their incessant vigilance. Tbe
burgomaster has be in compelled to call
lor volunteers to defend tbe streets.
News of ditorder comes fiom all direc
tions. There wss a sharp noounter
lait evening at etobifltipol trenck
with a crowd of rioters who wcra try
ing to enter Chsrleroi. Two of the
rioters were killed and several others
wonnded, and the rest hVd. The
strikers defy tbe troops, and serious
luhlicg is expected. Detachments of
cavalry are scouring tbe country to
suppieas the aimed beggsrs, who nave
been terrorizing and extorting money
from villagers. It is announced that a
meeting of colliery managers will be
held at l.a L"tiTillier, and strikers sre
flocking to that town. The report that
the Manemont colliery had been set
on fire is not true.
This city to-day is a vsst military
camp, fiom which Hying columns are
operating In all directions. It is be
lieved now that the worat is over.
Tbe government has ordered the
peaceable inhabitant of the city to
arm themselves and to use erery
moans in their cower to defend their
d imiciles. There is a more confident
feeling. Tbe civilian patrols and tbe
troops are overmiiiteiiog tbe rioters.
Hie miners in tbe rienn aud Bonn-
age Districts have gone out on a strike
and have destroyed the residence of
the mine manager by dynamite. In
those districts there have alreadv been
several conflicts between the strikers
and the troops and many have been
ki led on both sides. Reinforcements
have been sent to the scene frjin
Monen. The note's ItHt night at
tacked and burned a pottery mum fact'
ury ut Baadauor, near Mones. Tbev
Hiicoeeded in resisting the gen d'armes,
wno, however, shot and killed three
ot the rioters.
The citizsna ot Fiorcus. seven miles
northeast of Chsrleroi, have armed
themt elves with pitchforks, clubs and
gnns, and have thus far succeeded in
defending their town from pillage,
iney arove one array ot rioters away
uy main lorco, uigpening it utterly.
vigilance committees are being
lormeu oy tne citisnna in other p'aceg
mreiueuea Dy me rioters.
Prlave Blsmarrh'e Hpeeeh la
IIsbiin, March 29. Princs Bit
nisrek, in bis recent spsech in tbe
Kelchatag, alluding to the growth of
Kocla ism, said in tbe time of the
r rench revolution Sccialism proved a
roenui spiritual lever ol trench
victories, and that historv misht be
repeated, though he thought the pres
ent French army was opposed to tbe
workingraen's movement. "It ia im
possible," he contlnued,"to tell which
party would be victarious. If great
Kuiopean trinbles should again aiiae
they would be far more complicated
than those we have already passed
through because tbey would be partly
of an international character. When
then movements come I would have
Geimany oppose them to her utmoet."
The speech created a great sensation
in connection with the great Social
ist io troubles io Belgium and other
Lonnou, March 29. John Morley,
Cblet Secretary for Ireland, presented
in tbs House of Commons to-day a bill
for the temporary relief of destitue
enons in Ireland.
Athbns, March 29. The Chamber
of Deputies has been summoned to
assemble in order to grant credit to
the government, all efforts to obtain
a loan having failed.
BiBLtif, March 29. Dr. Windthoret
baa hinted that the Center party will
be willing to grant a tax on spirits
when an arrangement on tha church
bill his been reached.
Faris, March 29.-M. de Lease pa is
ill, snd at present abed. His physi
cians say he has a slight fever. They
attribute bia illness to the effects of a
fall be met with oa board tha steam
ship Washington on his return from
the Isthmns of Panama, combined
with the fatigue resulting from so long
a journey.
Paris, March 29 A Free Trade
party is bslng formed in the Chamber
of Deputies. Tbe leaders of the move
ment are M. Pasey, Guyot, LsLands,
Achard, Faure and Daval. They have
iwued a manifsato calling for tbe abo
lition of protective duties, which they
aay oppress the workingman aud hin
der the development of trade. - .
" Pabis, March 29.Ia an Interview
yteulay M. Charles da Lease pe said
that neither he nor his father doubt
the tovsrnment would consent to tha
l"eue ot Panama Canal lottery bonds.
He said that tbs delegates ol the
Chamber of Commerce were all sun
pristdattbt progress made on the canal
The hill providing for the exhibition,
which is to be held in 1889, has been
Pp.red. The lint credit will be 12,
600,000 francs; tbe total cost will be
45,000.000 franca. , r ... ...
Has Ha railed.
Wllllsru Paialey. Dobyville, Ark,,
writae: Your HoKhcVa Tonic having
been highly recommended to me, I
ordered, a short time since, a dozen
Jottli, soon told every bottle, and
I ave yet to hear of a single instance
Of In lailiriB In oflVwt a biuuxI inn
of ihils tnd fever. Preoaredbv R.
Kitiinon A Co.. wholesale drug.
iei". Louisville. Ky.
ld st retail by druggists generally.
Resolatloni Regard fg tbe Carrol
ton A(Mr la the Boac
ltuitlne Busline.
Washington, March 29. Htnut
Under tha call of t-titee ths following
bills and lewlatlona were introduced
and referred:
By Mr. Lawler 111.: A prcunble
and reto nuoo reeiiiog that tbe recent
correspondence between Mr. Powder
lv, Grand Master Workman of ibe
Knightl of Labor, and Mr. Jay GouH,
president of the Missouri Pacific Rail
road Compaoy, raises sn isine of vl:l
importauoe to tbe tranquillity of tbe
courtry and tbe general wrlfareof
the people, and directing the Commit
tee on Labor t investigate into tbs
underlying causes of tha difference
existing between employers and em
ployes ol railroads and other common
carriers, and to report what legislation
ia necessary to brint the trouble and
differences to a sat isfattiry solution.
The committee is given authority t)
send for persons snd papeia and to sit
dnring the sessions of tha House.
;By Mr. Wolford Ky.: Granting a
pension of f 8 a month to all honorably
discharged soldiers or sailors who
served in the United States army dur
ing the late war, and directing the
Set-rotary of the Interior to furuinh
artificial limbs (or their equivalent in
money) bij Confederate soldiers or
auilors who lost legs or amis in the
Bv Mr. Willis Ky.: To aid in the
establishment and temporary support
of common schools. (Thin in identical
with the Illuir hill.) Mr. Willis moved
to refer the bill to the Committee on
VIr. Miller Tex. moved as an
amendment to refer it to the Commit
tee on Education. Mr. Miller's amend
ment was lout yeas 115, nays 134.
Mr. Willis's motion wan agreed to
yeas 188, nays 113. 8o the bill was
referred to tlieCeuiniittce on Lulxr.
Bills were further introduced as fol
lows: By Mr. McCreary Ky. : Authorising
mo rresulrnt to arrange a cocforence
for the purpose of ctK'ouniL'inif peace
ful and reciprocal commercial relations
between the United (States and the
Ivcpublicof Mexico, Central and South
America and the Kmiiire of Brazil.
By Mr. levering FMass.: Reciting
niHi a ih cuiiiiiinincu ov iniHiness men
ot iMaHtwchu ctta that the agents at
the sub trvnatiry of Bonton refuse to
pay out silver dollars when requested
to do ro. ami callinc on tlte Secretnrv
of the Treasury for information
whether silver dollars are refused to
bo paid out when renuested bv the
bum iic.s men of MassnchusetU, and if
so, for what reason.
By Mr. Belmont IN. Y.l: The fol
lowing resolution:
lt.M, Thutthe sum of t!47.7JS
be appropriated to pay the Chinese
government in consideration of the
losses unhappily sustained by certain
Chinese subject by uiob violence at
Kock .pniik's, y. T., said sum being
intended for distribution among the
suiiererH ana tlieir legal represt'iita
fives, in the discretion of the Chinese
Jitmlivd, That the further restric
tion of Chinese and Coolie emigration,
if it shall bo found expedient and
necessary, can be most projierly ac
complished by the modiliciition of ex
isting treaties.
By Mr. O'Neill Mo.: Providing for
boards of arbitration.
By Mr. Zuch Taylor Tenii.: De
claring the practice followtd by com
mittees of refusing to report back
measures referred to them as a species
of despotism unworthy of the Ameri
can Congress, and requesting the Com
mittee on Rules to report an addi
tional rule providing that the House
may at any time by a majority vote
direct a committee to report back any
measures referred to it.
By Mr. Beach IN. Y.: A resolu
tion changing the titles so as to limit
to ton minutes tho discussion on any
measure culled up by committee in
the moniing hour, and changing the
hour of the meeting of the House to
11 o'clock a.m.
The resolution is accompanied by a
long preamble declaring that the ex
perience of the past three uiontlis has
snown tiie lolly ol the promise that
mo cnango ot tno rules at tho hegin
nirg of the session would facilitate
legislation, and that the nractice of
considering bills by, unanimous con
sent is a senous atiuso, hecause the
power of recognition shown by the
Speaker toward some members is an
unjust' discrimination against the
others, and because the practice tends
to make of legislation a lottery where
in the priws are given to a favored
few and the blanks distributed amonir
an unfavored many.
By Mr. Hill O.: To euable the
people of Dakota to form a constitu
tion ; also to establish the Territory of
North Dakota.
By Mr. O'Neil Tenn.1: Callimr on
the Secretary of the Treasury for a
statement of the disposition of the
money loaned by the United States to
the World'a Industrial Cotton Cen
tennial Exposition held at New Or
leans, and for information as to
Whether any of the loan has been re
By Mr.Ifouk fTenn.l: A uroamblo
and joint resolution reciting the ex
isting troubles, and providing for the
creation of a rommiss on to be known
as the Capital-lAbor Commission.
The commission shall consist of four
Senators, four Representatives, and
one person to be selected by the Presi
dent, and who shall act as chairman.
It is made the duty of the commission
to investigate the different questions
relating to hours of labor and the re
muneration therefor, and to submit
its report to Congress on - the flint
Monday in lVrember.
' MV. Loverlng Mass., from the Com
mittor on Labor, reported a bill au
thorizing the Commissioner of Labor
to make an investigation as to convict
labor. House calendar.
Mr. O'llara N. C asked unani
mous consent for immediate consider
ation of the following preamble and
Whsbbas, It ia. a matter of public
information that on the 18th of March.
IWi, in the town of Carrollton, the '
county seat of Carroll county, Missis
sippi, a lawless band rf persons rode
to the court-house and then and there
indiscriminately murdered, bv shoot
ing, a number of peaceful citisens of
the United States; and whereas, it ia
alleged that the Governor of the said
State of Mississippi has absolutely re
fused to take effective measure to
bring to justice said murderers; and
whereas, it is alleged the grand jury
in and for said county of Carroll
has neglected to act in such a man
ner as would bring said murder
ers before the courts to answer
for their crimes; and whereas, tho
constitution of tlw United Sta ee
?naranto' to each and every citizen
ull and adequate protection of bis life
and enjoyment of bis projerty ; there-
lore, be it
Jbtavrd, I hat a oommitteo ot five
members be appointed by the Seaker
to investigate the lacta connected with
such murders, and to report by bill or
ot licr wise such measures as will check
or prevent in future the wanton and
barbarous dcstnn-tion of human life.
Vr. Reagan Tex. objected, on the
ground that the subject was one -over
w inch Die House had no constitu
tional power.
The House then adjourned.
J. lie Uliair lail oelore tho Nnate a
memorial of an anti-Chinese conven
tion held at Sacramento. Cat., praying
some relict trom tne C hinese evil.
After routine morning business,
Senator Logan s armv bill was placed
before the Senate, and Senutor Logan
sent to the desk and had read a letter
from Gen. Sheridan favoring the pro-
posca increase.
Senator Logan advocated the bill
and Senator Plumb oppeoed it
Senator Logan spoke at some length
in support ol the bill, and in conclu
sion said republicanism was becom
ing a power the wo-ld over and the
United States should be prejared to
say to the first Kuropean power that
attempts at a foothold in America:
"Lay on MardufT, and damned be he
who first cries, 'hold, enough.' " Ap
plause in the gauenesj.
After an executive session tho Sen
ate adjourned.
adilra Death ! Pramlncnl Thj
Jackson, Miss., March 29. Dr. M.
W. Boyd, a prominent physician of
over forty years practice, died here at
6 o'clock Saturday afternoon.afteronly
four days' sickness Dr. Boyd came
here from Kentucky when a young
man, and had a largo practice for
many yea.s before the war. He en
tered tho Confederuto service as a sur
geon at tiie beginning of the war, and
remained in active service until the
disbanding ot the Confedernto srniy,
w hen he returned to his home here
and resinned tho practice of medicine,
and viyy soon acquired a largo ami
lucrative practice. About 1M8 the
political status of the State and coun
try was so ollciisive to him that he
determined b expatriate himself, and
moved to Brazil, where he remained
some ten years or more. The politi
cal 'condition of Mississippi having
changed, he returned hero some four
years ago, and at once went into a
large practice. He stood in the front
rank of his r rofession, and was a no
ble, generous, warm-hearted and high
toned gentloman. He was honored
and loved by the people of every class
and condition, which regard lie justly
merited. Hie family runk with the
best people 'of Kentucky. lie was
sixty-eight yars old.
Bararf Hctianley Dead.
LciiiViLut Kv., March CO. A
private telegram announces tbe death
of I'arney MoOauley, the actor, in New
York this mrninp.
Absolutely Pure.
This powder oarer varies. A marral ot
purity, strenath and wholtaomeness. Mora
economical than th ordinar; kinds, and
cannot b sold In eompetition wi;h the
multitude of low test, short weirht aluip or
hosphate powders. Hold only imean. HoAi,
ran i'n.. n ,Nrf,v
Diseases are
all over tbe
I am a native of Knaland, and while I
wa ia that country I contracted a terrible
blood poison, and tor two year waa under
treatment a ao outdoor patient at Notting
ham Hospital, Kndand, but wa not cured.
I suffered the most agonising pain a my
bone, and wa covered with (ore all over
my body and limb. 1 had vertigo and deaf
Bess, with partial lot 01 light, severe pain
In my bead snd eyes, etc., which nearly ran
me erasy I lest all hope ia that eeuntry,
and (ailed for America, and wa treated at
Hoeterelt la tiie city, as well as by a prom
inent pbysicta in New York having no oon
aeetioa with the hospitals.
I saw th advertisement of Swift' Specile,
and I deiermined to give it a trial a a last
resort. I bad given np all hop of being
cared, a I had gone through the hand 0
th best medioal men in Nottingham and
New York. I took ais. bottle of S. S. 8.,
and I eaa say with great Joy that they have
eared me entirely. I ant a aoaad nd well
a I ever wa ia my life.
Kw Terk City, Jan 12. Ima.
la the life, and he is wise who remeejbere It.
But in March of last year (1844), I contracted
blood poison, and being in Savannah, Oa.,
at tb time, I went into th hospital ther
for treatment. I suffered vary mack lrom
rheumatism at the same time. I did not
fet well under the treatment there, nor wa
eared ky any of the asual mean. I have
bow taken aevea bett as of ttwift'e Sseciffe
and am sound and well, ltdrovatha poiaon
oat through bolls oa th skin. .
Jry City, H. J.. August 7, 1885.
Two rear are I contract ed blood Poisoa.
After taking presorip ion from th best
physicians hare and at Dallas, I concluded
to visit Hot Springs, and on retching Tegar
kana a doctor recommended me te try Swift'a
Specific, assuring aa that it wonld benefit
me more thaa Hot Springs, Although tbe
had produd great hole In nay back and
obeat, and had removed all tbe hi
air off my
a week'
head, yet I begaa to Improve in
time, and the sores began to heal, aad were
entirely gone raida ? eight week.
WILL JONES. Porter liniuB Pa, Depot.
Cisco, Texas, July U I8SS
Treatise oa Blood aad Skin Disease mailed
free. Tm Swirr Sricmo Co.,
Drawers. Atlanta Ha.. N. Y., 157 W. 23d St,
Bawpaper aad estimate 0 the eartof ad
vertUtng. TheedvenieerwbweDir Uapend
one dollar. Sndain it tne in formation br re
o.ulrea.whlle for him who will invest on
hut red thousand dollars 1b advertising, a
oheiKO M aiioaUd which will meet hi
vary wnuMemeat, r can be uede to do ao
by slight cnango easily arrived at ev corre
apondenoe. One but dred and lltr-three
edition have been wsueO. 6joti OJt"'J
. 1 1 . . . . . A i.i'lv to u h'l.
VKHTlSlNii BUKKAlM0rroit IPruU
Flesh Producer & Tonic
Ilar the MilnoMaeal
A Itaa r Mliiy-Elgbt Wlalers.
I am 68 run of an. and nrd Gutnn'i
PluDr a 8d tonic lor tha focble. Br iU
a uy llrtDftta hai baaa rlUird IDd
aaiiiht incr. ten baandt.
I my
A F. . CAMPBELL, Cotton Ola Maker.
Macon, Oa.. t'ebraarr U, 18S6.
A t'rlaplca laarderal Saiu
1 OBTT weirhad la aonndi han I Mm
BnM4 Ouion'i Pioi ir, and bow ih 147
poundi. I noald hardlr villi with itick to
upport m and ean now walk Ions diltaneat
wunoat snip, lit benr&t to m l b-jona
cafuiation. a, nui CO bopijlh,
Maoon, Oa. Cotton Burtr.
Mr. A. M. Braaablett, Bard ware Mr
caaat, af faraytta, 6a , Wrltest
It acted Ilk a oharra oa nmiunl haalth
I eonaider it a In tenia. I wih nor than
i aav lor a rar. K peottullr,
r. W. F. Jaaee, Haeoa, Bayst
My wif ta rerainl her itrenith and ia.
eraaad ten pound in weifht. W reoom
Bnd Uaina (FioBMra the bait tonic.
W. V. Jonas.
Dr. 3. W. Delkrielsr), af Atlaata, tia.
wnu at valanl rioaecr I
Gainn'i Pioneer Blood Renewerha keen
ad for rar vita ntpreetdanUd laceas.
It i ntiraiy varatabl and doai the ritem
no aarm. it improTa tb appetit, aitea-
tion na blood-maiinr. timulatin. inns -oratint
and tonic up all the funetiom snd
tiwaa of the Tilin, and thai beoomai th
treat Diooa ranewer ana baallh restorer.
eoro all Blood and Skin Di'eaie. Bheoma-
titm, Srolula, Old Son. A perfect Uprinf
It not ia jour market it will ba forwarded
en receipt en price, email bottle, ll.UOf
lirn battle . SI. 76.
Kuay on Blood and Skin Piaei mailed
MAC05 MEDIClNH CO., Macon. 0
J. F. II0LST &BR0.,
Funeral Directors,
A FVLl and complete itoek of Wood nd
XX metallic I'afe ana tkaLeu, Vloth-VOT-ered
Caketsand Jorial Kobe alwayion
hand, aarllraer or telarrani. promptly
assortment of samnle far Sprint and
Summer wear, which f hare just received
lrom uie t.lotainf-Ordar lepartment ct
This house does the liwc.t Mall-Order
Ulorbin Business in tha world, i ioneerrb
worktna out the idea, it has won a area! sao
cess by scrupulous car in oiling the oruen
or unseen customers.
The p esent season marks a new era ir
this department of iheir business, th mean
In of which is even better service, execu
tive and mechanical. This, with the Ion
prices, larae choice of materials, and amnU
guarantee of complete satisfaction, should
give me a nrst cia.m en your order.
IS West Court street.
Tot i' rears al 17 Couri Place, no at
Vet Third and Fourth.
au! auooeiiaUatl, m bl practk
ClnPfil nil
forma of PRIVATE,
S(ioriuatonhe. and unpotoncj
ta t it reaull 1 aWMtbtt la jrtHh, icsaMi W mt,
urd ye-M-e, or otiiw cauaa, atitl produfioi aotoe o.'
.otim Kflccra: NtrrouD0M Beminal Knian.na, itsii
ims hy dretroa). Dioiafi of Lyffilit, ltefrc-.lv cc- . riiy
kn 1 1 Kay Pimitloon Fca Atnioa U bnarty oi Puna!!
.Xmrukn of .dcaa, ii of iHoual Pner, 4a.. rrndtiof
Ditrnitr ltni)r3;r or jrtha' pr, r thoromblj tad psiDv
fatly curd. S YPHltsi IS o04'"7? cvrvA um1v
7 ril'J,10"'1"1 ht"-i Gonorrhe,
GLEET, Strtaur, Orottaii, BerniA. ot RujiUirt,
.vt'ja od uUirr prints dlMtuM qulck1"urL
K I rlMvi.lfnt tht paj klt.D wlit. piji upwttl KtUaarf.
a? cr4tlo cUaa of Hxa, mnl trwtiof tbct'Mndt idda
all. ac,ulrea ttTTMatlU. rhrridana kuowlot this tad aftaa
LtOi-iKt pTBona U my nr. When It t utooBvantpfit to
til(iteclt- fo-trtatsfni, BaxliHoa) oab Im mo prlvUel
tvl -af-ljr by nail or nprw injibtTt.
Trtves Gu ran teed ia all CaiM
L iacuiUtlMta dtbxii1 vr by Vftttr ttm tvj Intttfl
'.IteriM reawHwibto ao4 ogrTfjopooaoaoc ttnotij ffl'lMHii,
f wo pte, rat to aay adtfM, araasaly mM, for Una,
8h mi Id ba rMd bv
..ei uaur, rroa " . U. I9 P. HL
,ina at tut,
Bonrtas. S la r '
Trn)teea dale.
HAVING been appointed trustee under
the powers contained in the trust deed
made by Sarah L. Dent and Qeorg ii. Dent,
securing the payment of a note for 11500 by
them made September 14, 18s2, due one year
after date, default having been mad in th
payment thereof, at the request of the holder
ol laid no', I will, on
Monday, April S. 1886,
ut 12 o'clock m., at the southwest oorner of
Main and Madison street, in th Taxing
District of Shelby county, Tenn., (ell the
following described tract of land : Th first
beginning at Carr and McLemore's corner
on Greer's line; thence ast 11.40 chain to
Greer's SB Curuer: thence north 16 chain to
Greer's NE corner: thence eaet 8 chains to
Dradsbaw'a SB corners thence sooth 3.79
chain to MoLemore and Carr' SVY oorner
of 13-acre entry: thence cast 1.1 chains;
thence north 10 chains to Wm. and Gideon
Pillow's line I thence east 18.60: thsno sooth
50 chains; thenoe west 47.90 chain to Carr
and AicLemore line; tneoce nortn is.s
chain to the beginning, cootainlngluf acres
more or less, it be
ia th
tbe same tract of land
conveyed to Daniel Hughe by James B.
Felts by deed of August 12. 1H66, recorded in
book 28, page 36.
Also, lot lo of th Borland aubdivislon of
lot, fronting 60 feet on tbe east aide of Bor
land avenue, and running back between
parallel line 170 feet to an alley,
Also, oart of lot 9 of same subdivision, oa
th south boundary lie ot lot 10, eighty feet
from the southwest corner of same, and run
ning outh at right angles with said bound
ary line nine feet and sii Inches thence at
right angle east sixteen leet te a to run di
rectly over th center of the mouth of th
eiatern ; thence at right angle nine feet end
iz inohea to th south boundary line ef said
property, with all improvement thereon,
and being th sam property conveyed to J.
K. DiHard, trustee, by 8. U and G. G. Dent,
recorded in book 14S. page 222, of th records
of Shelby county. ...
Term of Sal Cash. Tltl believed to he
good, but I Mil only as i trustee. .
lit He Ml PKJ Vaa iraatwtJ.
Trastee'i Sale.
PURSUANT to tryst deed .wanted to
m a trustee, by J. R. riippm and M.
A. Flippin, of date August 10,1883, aad n
corded in th Regieter' oBee of bhelby
Mantv. TeaneMM, ia bock N. 166,
MII.IW"fl " - ' .
during legal hour, sell, in freot of th
court house door of laid county, at public
eatery, for easntae properiy wereoy eou-
veyea, via.i w. wj ' V
of the property old to t. Lavtgne ia th
ease of th Tennessee Marine and Fire in
(uraac Company v. Chan. Potter e4 al.
westward I
made tori
more particular daacriptioo to oeoree vest.
in title in V. tavigne, recorded id saia
Beslster'. omee. hook . page (.
B.H.mntion. dower and bmetadwlva.
TiUebelieyedfood. iTAV
ww wall
IA ir Vn. .a. Ris Tiuvvirf.
a guaranteed specific for Hyatoeta. Diai
na" . CoTlio, Fit. Wervoma Neural
gia, leadaoh. Uervcra ProaUat.
By the wa el aloohol or i.ibaoeo.i Waha
fulnaaa, Mental DieaeloB, Se'ten.Bg of tie.
Brain, resulting in "i " '"r. J
iMry,.deoay "d -lVplt J"!.UTihl
Ag. XarrenBM. Lom of Fewer 'a
.... Involunury Xeeae and .8pe?mt??"
rhea, . i by ov,r-a art,a ot II-
If-aiaaeorovet ndulgeao. af,.D??0:
eelf-abaw or overindulge!
tain on mi
i Lk... for
,otb treatme.t. -15.
sent b mit ?
reoeiPt of price, vt e
in mm an ease.
With t orderieeeived
a. aoco-t11"4 wito h
b bs for six boxea, aoccv
IU Mnd the. Dro-' YS't. -J"""
axrai te to refano: the""-"'
eat doe-
cure. 'Juaranteea
issued only k A K-tn "ru
rl.ta. M-iv.bt.
Tin rtJ infant relief. Final ear
"l liiiO. n days, er.d aaver return.
No purg. B
aive, ipoeitory. euuer
ofaaiaoolA mm.1. RrM.be
or will le
u .iiAMs. 7mi st, m.x.
Chauoery Uourt at enemy mimw
. . i., .niit w rt ? iacha
lin of 6belby street by a depth
r ha ru MfmaM Ki n w here
A2TDBEW BTKWAET, Urir Orleana.
steh, mm & go..
WholesaleGrocers, Cot. Factors
Oils db 3NTEiT7-a,l Storea
OSIce, 349 Front Street, Memphis, Tenn.
L. P. MUtLIHB, ot UU J. B. Godwin A Co. JAS. TONS!, laU ol J. W. Caldwell A 0a
Cotton Factors fiCommission Clerchants
No. 1 Howard's Bow, Cor. Front aad Union, Memphis.
Cotton Factors, Wholesale Grocers,
And Commission Merchants,
anil 22 ont
Saccessora to F0HTEK, TATL0B 4 CO.,
ro. ano front street, t t Memphis, tkwh
Cotton Factors and
S96-SOS Front St., Memphis, Tenn.
Cotton Factors, Commission erchanU,
Ko. HO South Main St., St. IiopU
Jos, Suhiitz Croviing Gompanv,
S. ROlCIIiLRe Agent, nemDbu, Tenn.
shoe wAm
' ' Om" S . . .,
viioIaMbU Dealers)
Bolt AnU for tat tollowiM
Writ) tor Oatnlotmiwi. TJwi.aga and
&. .1 A
.Bnd tb K leetric
Shield and Suspenso-
Iry oure every siare 01
Weakaess of ts,. Kid-
I ne s. Sexual System.
' Varicocei ana 101 or
(enfeebled rowers.
I Money relanrtea U
not as represented.
Price Sand uuward.
IfampMet bee. All
order muH be sent to Asmrlii Iyu.
Ica, 7.1 Draadeay, New latk, as
til ou Witra office aire 4la?oatiaal.
fit.. Memphis, Tern
Vholesala Grocers
w .... ' -.
Latest Novelties io Footwear
lUflalT HITIUI i
W. L. Douglas $3.00 Calf Shoes.
Is Etettoa, La aid CoatTes.
- TT1-.U,.J f!.IMU ..J aJM.T.U
' Mailed Free oa aaplioation.-a
n PnbUshen,
jim-uiaM lastremeaui
f actors
E & GO.
Pennyroyal Pills.
Tk Orlarlaial skI Only tiraiailaae.
Bale and alvay Reliable. Bewareof wetrtii
l wlmitationa. Indispensable to E.1IKM.
A'H your arnt;lB( tor M:ialcjstra
'al 'and tak no otber, or inolee 4a
(stamps.) to us for parti oul are in Lima by
rvtara. mall. s PaVPEH, Clil
heitr ( hrmlral V,
8Sia Hadliuaa. (Jqeiiuw, PbUadia., P
T BA DB (applied by SKO. CUOODW
ItkoleauU AceitU, (,' M

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