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JottOB Dall-aiddlins, g
Sales Ye&terJay,
Money in fair d'j at 8 cent.
Loans and secur'j,-, quiet Memphis
Gaslight stock.. fcaa recovered from its
recent panicky condition, and is now
quoted at 7-4 agVed, a gain of 5 points
during t'e jagj n days. American
Oil truf advancing to 29, took
dow,nward turn and are now held
t 25, bid, 26 asked. Other securities
substantially unchanged. The cotton
Aarket yesterday was dull and droop
ing, declining l-16c here and closing
dull at 8 11-lGc for middling. New
York spots opened quiet and steady
and closed easy, middling (Jc; futures
closed dull and steady and 2 to 3
pointa lower, March 9.0:i9.04c. The
New Orleans market was not reported
after 1 :30 o'clock p.m., the wires being
down. At that hour spots were quiet
and unchanged, middling 8jc; futures
dull, April 8.5308.5 'C. Moderate
business at unchanged quotations was
Teported from Liverpool, middling
4 15-10d ; futures easy, March 4.57d.
There are no features of note in the
general market except an easier feel
ing in hog products. Eggs firm at
One hundred and ninety-seven brls
apples, 200 sks b an, 25 pkgs butter,
68 pkgs bacon, 11 pkgs boots and shoes,
6048 bu corn, 50 sks coffee, 3 cars
cotton-seed, 1037 sks cotton-seed, 250
oris cotton seed oil 40 pkgs dry goods,
78 pkgs eggs,1309 brls flour, 347 bales
hay, 28 pkgs hats, 32 hd hogs, 7 hd
cattle, 29 hd horser and mules, 285
pkgs lard, 77,000 ft lumber, 45 pkgs
liquors, 82 brls meal, 2115 brls mo
lasses, 4 cars pork sides, 7 brls sugar,
271 pkgs tobacco and 1500 bu wheat.
9 Madison St, Memphis, Tenn.,
(s-Corrpapondrnce solicited. Infor
matloa cheerfully farnlab.efl.-vs
Money in good demand at 8 per cent.
The Clearing House report is as fol
lows :
Monday. March 29:h, f 1(57,020 1 7;
same day last week. 372,009 22: same
day in 1885, f 255,397 00; same (lay in
1884, f254,210 23.
Monday, March 29 h, 157,212 12;
same day last week, 51,237 79 ; sauie
day in 1885, 67,218 63; same day in
1884, $52,379 50.
New York sight on all points, J dis
count buying, f premium selling ; New
England demand, discount buying;
New England sight, discount; New
Orleans, I discount buying, par selling.
Bank of Commerce... 148 bid, 150 asked
First National 140 bid, 147 asked
German Bank 192 bid, 200 asked
SUte National- 14 ) bid, 145 asked
Union and Plantere..l48 bid, 150 asked
Mercantile Bank..,.132J bid, 135 asked
70 bid. 75 asked
Bluff City
,.....-100 bid, ... asked
80 bid, 82 asked
101 bid, 105 asked
,.98 bid. 100 asked
Memphis City.,
102 bid. 104 asked
16 bid, 19 asked
loo bid, ... asked
Arlington 25 bid. ... a?ked
Factors 20 asked
Tenn. wte. (er. 0 97 bid, 98 J a3ked
Shelby Co. bonds 105 bid, ... asked
Shelby Co. wts 98 bid, 99 asked
Tax. Diet 4, 6s.. 92i bid, 93 asked
Tax. Dtst.Cs 101 bid, 102 asked
juem.stor. com. to-iUo bid, lit) asked
Mem. Gas ftock 75 asked
Mem. Gas bonds 105 bid, ... asked
Mem. Water bonds 9il bid, ... asked
Hanauer Oil Works bid, 50 esked
City Oil Work? bid, 45 afkrd
noneer uot ton Mills bid,
Am. Cot. Oil trusts 25 bid, ... asked
Mem.City Ry.bonde bid. ... asked
New York, March 29. Monev on
call easy at 23 per cent. Prime
mercantile paper 4'a 5. Sterling ex
change dull but steady; 4801 for 00
d iys, and 488 for demand.
rsonus uovernment bonds were
dull and steady. State .bonds were
quiet but firm. There was onlv
small business in railroad bonds, and
prices sympathized, with the share
market, being strong in the morning
and about steady the remainder of the
day. . JUusiness was wel distributed.
and the result was an advance in most
cases. v ... w .
Stocks The general iinnresHion t
the Stock Exchange this morning be
fore the opening of tlie board was that
tne strike on the Gould system had
been settled definitely and absolutely,
and when the . maket owned first
prices showed very decided gains over
uie closing ngurea lat week, the ad'
vances ranging from 4 to nearlv 2 per
cent. Thera was a rush by the shorts
to cover, anu antfier wish by the
longs, and for a Bhort time the ex
citement ran high. Before the end of
the first hour it began to be whispered,
however, that there was a hitch in the
iietruuuuuuB, una air. fjould. it was
alleged, was authority for the state-
ment that he had made no overtures
to Mr. Powderly, and that the dis
patch to Mr. Hoxie had been written
before he saw Mr. Powderly yesterday,
and later it was stated that the knights
had refused to resume work until
their differences had been arbitrated.
The exchanges run on this statement
through the remainder of the day,
and at 3 o'clock Wall Bt-eet was un
certain whether work had been re
sumed or whether nothing would be
done until further negotiations were
settled. The market consequently
was a hesitating one, with a drooping
tendency after 12 o'clock, at times a
decided weakness, but there was a
rally just before 3 o'clock, the market
Anally closing firm, at small fractions
to over 1 per cent, higher than Sat ur
day's closing, the greatest net gain
being made by Missouri Pacific, which
show an advance of If, at 1'MiJ, after
Wiling at 108. Texas Pacific is up i,
Vrjnuthern Pacific and Chicago, Bur
virton nd Quincy each 1 J. The coal
yks wfre slrong'in the morning, but
Y'portk that the conference of the
jlentsat the Pennsylvania Coal
nany'Beflice Imd adjourned for
lunch without having reached a de
cision, I-ackawanna fell J, and closed
at a gain of 1 per cent. Dela
ware and Hudson is up , while Read
ing shown a loss of j, the only stock in
the active list that is lower. The
grangers and the Vanderbilt's were
quiet, except Lake Shore, which de
vested considerab'e weakness in
the afternoon, but rallied and closed
with a gain of . '
The total sales of stocks to-day were
356,5!K) si ares, including Canada
Southern, .'1195; Delaware, Lackawan
na and Western, 57,325; I Maw are
and Hudson, 8074; Erie, 19,100; Kan
sas and Texas, 10,440; Lake Shore,
4(i,195; I-ouisville and Nashville,
4925; Northwestern, 10,470; New
Jersey Central, 4343 ; New York Cen
tral, 12,225; Peoria, Decatur and Kv
ansville, 10,850; Keading, 5725; St.
Paul, 44,400; Union Pacific, 20,iMMi;
Western Union, 19,810; Northern Pa
cific, preferred, 1 3,602 ; Oregon Trans
continental, 17,000. Closing quota
U. 8. 3, lOO'j ' Now la.
Kow 4,Sa, 112. Pacifio 6t of 1895, lX'i
C. P. Brit, 115. T.P. laid rant, 3H'i.
Krio teenndj, l(r. T. P. Kio U. div., 66.
Le'ta k Wilken.t 111. II. P. fir.u,
Louisiana con,, 85, U. P. land grant. 1GGH
MUaouri til, 101. II. P. i. fund, 117K.
Kt. J o: eph, 11:'. Virginia 6, 44.
8t. P. 4 ft. C. firms, 129. Va. cod., ex-m. e.,65.
Tenn.fi, old, M. Va. oon. def., H.
leun. o, new, 68.
Adama Erpreaf, 145. Naahrlllo k C, 4C.
Allegheny Cen.
JN. J. Central, 4S-.V
Nor. k W.. pfd. 21.
Northern Pao.,
Nor'horn P.,p!d. 5474.
N. Y.C. A St. L.,7.
N.Y. C.Asit L ..,15
CAN. W., l.
11. k H. W., pfd, 138.
N. K, Central, 1(I2V.
Ohio Central, IS.
Ohio k Miaa., 1
O. k Minn.. .fd, 90.
Ontario k Went . V.
Oregon NaT., r'4.
Alton.!. 11., 41
A. 4. T. a., pfd.ifi.
Amerii-nn Ex., 10
B. ,0. R. In.
Canada Pao.,W.
Canada Sou.,
Central Pacific 41.
Chf"ueHke AO., 10.
C. k 0., lit pfd, 16.
C. AO., IM ..Id. 11 V
C. k A.. 13S.
C. k A.. Bid. MR.
C , . kii.. I
C.ht. Li. k .X. U..
vrenoa Irani., w,
C, St. L. k P., 10.
C.Bt.L. 4 P., p., 27.
C.,8. AC ,30.
C. AO., 47.
Del. & liud., 102'-fi
Del., L. k W.,
Orefon Imp., 24Vi.
raciue Mail, luH.
Panama, 98.
Penria, D. E , 20.
Pittuburr, 151S.
Pullman P. 0..130.
Reading. 24'.
8t. L. k S. F 1.
St. L. 4 8. F., p., 424.
8t. L.4H.P.ltp..lUjj4
Den. k Kio O., 15.
Erie, 2li'i,
Erie, pfd, S9X.
Kaat Tenn., 'iYv
KaatTenn. pld, b.
ion vayne, hi.
run ivayoetiii. j. m. m r., ot "n.
HanniDal48t. Jo. O. M.4 St. P..p.,UJ
u. in. st. r., st
tl . a ol. jo pia,
Harlem, 213.
HoaiUn 4T..24.
Illinois Cn., Ki'J.
Ind. 1). 4 W..24I4.
St. P. M. 4 M.. 115.
Kt. P. 4 Omaha, S7'4.
St. P. 4 0.. pfd, 99.
Toiaa Pacifio, 11.
II oion Pacilio, 4i l' .
V. S. Expreaa, W-i.
W., St. L. 4 P., i.
W.,St. L. 4 P. p.. Vi.
W. 4 F. Ex . 118.
W. CTel-.B'.
Colorado Coal. 21.
Hoinefttake, 17.
Iron Silver, 250.
hamas 4 i , Zl'u.
Lake E. 4 W., 11!
Lake Shore, 82'4
Lou. 4 Naah.,
Lou. 4 N. A., 33.
M. 4 C, lit pfd,
M. 4 U., 2d pfd,
Mem. 4 Char., 32.
Mich. Central, 70.
Min. 4 St. L., IVA. Quirknilver, VA.
M. 4 ft. L., pfd. 4a.Quick'lver pfd, 21
mih. rae.. ion. eoutn. facino,
Mobile 4 0., 12. Sutro, 18.
Morri4E., offd, 137K.
Boston, March 29. The following
table, compiled from special dispatch
es to the I'ont from managers of the
leading clearing-houses in the United
Sta'tes,shows the gross bank exchanges
at each point for the week ending
March 2'ith, in comparison with the
corresponding week in 1885:
New York, Jfi83,712,000;inc, 50.4.
Boston, (74.303,990; inc., 39.2.
Philadelphia, $53,707,403; inc., 20.5.
Chicago, f 42 205,000 ; inc., 24.9.
St. Louis, $13,050,486; dec., 4.6.
Hifltimore, $10,457,853; dec , 9 2.
Cincinnati, $8,050,000; inc., 11.0.
Snn Frnncisco, (10,497,231 ; inc., 27.2.
Pittsburg, S,99 t,173; inc., 7 6.
Louisville, $3,032,658; inc., 4 8.
Milwaukee, $3,319,000; inc., 18.9.
Kansas City, $4,038 234; inc., 25 6.
Providence, $3,748,600; inc., 25 1.
New Orleans, $7,941,437; inc., 18.4.
Minneapolis, $2,718,830; inc., 104 8.
Omaha, $2,413,175; inc., 11 0.
Detroit, $2,779 872; inc., 38.8.
Cleveland, $1,816,662; inc., 27.7.
Indianapolis, $1,022,151 ; dec, 0 8.
Columbus, $1, 778,367 inn., 49.2.
Memphis, $1,495,348; dec. 8 4.
Hartford, $1,444,938; inc., 15.9.
New Haven, $877,814; inc., 10.4.
Peoria, (624,721 ; dec., 16.2.
Portland, $759,002; inc., 7 6.
Worcester, $739,627; inc., 31.5.
St. Joseph, $731,000; inc., 4.4.
Springfield, $708,084; inc., 18.4.
Syracuse, $463.820 ; lnc , 26 1.
Lowell, $425,988; inc., 64 4.
Total, (945 785.750 ; inc.. 45 5.
Outsida New York, $262,073,750;
inc., I'S.Z.
Denver, $3,313,131.
Galveston. $1,178,965.
Denver atd Oalveston not included
in totals.
Paris, March 29. Three per cent.
rentes, but. ;foc. lor tne account.
London, March 29. Consols,
100 4-16 for both money and the
New York, March 29. Kxchanges,
$ 123,91 1 ,475 ; balances, $4,392,204.
Chicago, III., March 29. To-day's
associated clearings were (0,909,000.
Baltimore, Mb.. March 29. Bank
clearances, $1,880,527; balances, $270,
Philadelphia, Pa , March 29.
Bank clearances, $7,054,005 ; balances,
$893,459. V
Boston, Mass., March 2?. Ex
changes, $13,470,548; balances, $1,'
905,417. ..
St. Louis, Mo., March 2!). Bank
clearings, $2,782,642; balances. $551,
091. Exchange on New York steady
at par.
The local ' cotton market opened
dnl', and.cloeed dull, and 1 16c lower;
middling, 811-lOc. Pales 2250 bales,
whioo 1650 were to exporters anc
600 t J Qix.M.
Yestei-iay. Saturday.
ay. fcatu;
7 1.16 71
7 8-1 , 7
8 316 v z
Good prdinary....
Iow middling
Good middling..
Middling fair
8 11-16
, 9 3 16
, 9 11-16
Dusty 611-167 15 16
Stains A tinges7 7-1687-16
Minimis, March 2), 1386.
Stock r?epU,lS85 1,392
Received to-day.. ...-.. 1,149
Received previously ...516,002 , 618,543
Shipped to-day 2,932 .
Shipped.previonsly....407,176 410,108
Stock.running account 108,435
Thus far this week 1,724
Thus far last week 2,586
Since September 1st 517,151
M. and C. R. R 224
M. and T. R. K 44
L. and N. R. R 37
M. and L. R. R. R. 234
C..O andS. W. R R 36
L., N.O.andT.R. R 16
K.C.S.and M. R. R 129
Steamers 419
Wagons and other sources- 10
Thus far this week
Thus far last week
Since September 1st-
. 4,447
. 4,951
Louisville & Nashville R. R
C., O. and S. W.
Steamers coith..
. 1,610
Total 2,932
New Y'ork spots opened quiet and
steady, and closed ey. Sales, 158
bales. Quotations were as follows :
Yesterday. Satnidav.
Ordinary 6
Good ordinary... 7; 7; -
I-ow middling... 8 11 16 8 11-16
Middling i 9
Good middling- 9 9-10 9-16
Middling fair...J0 9-16 10 9 16
Fair -10J 10J
New Y'ork futures opened tjuiet and
firm, and closed dull and steady.
Sales, 75,400 bales. The closing quota
Uonswere as follows:
9.03 9 04
9.0:1 904
9.16 917
9 27(A 9.28
9..V 9 :-6
.43;n 9.44
9 2Jtf.'ft 9.30
9 15(n) 916
911(a) 9.12
9.13rt 9.14
9.19 9.21
... O.a'KJi) 9 04
9 03'A 904
... 913 914
9.24(S 9.25
... 9.33(j 9 34
... 9 41(4 9 42
9.27(W) 9.29
9 12(S) 9.13
9.08 9.09
9.11(a) 9.12
9.18 j 9.20
NovemlHT ..'
December ...
R'irn ihmn. Ko n-xirt after 1 :30 p.m.
The No w Orleans spot market opened
qnist, and closed quiet, yules, 2000
7 1-iO
. 8s
9 7-16
G;ol ordinary..
Iyiw middling...
Good middling.
7 1-16
9 7-16
The New Orleans fut lire market open
ed steady and closed quiet and lirru.
binles, 70LK) bales. The closing quota
tions were as follows:
Yesleiday. Saturday.
Nrniina'. Nom'nal.
8 bH(a) 8 59 8 59fa) 8.61
8.72 4 8 73 8. 73;a) 8.75,i
July ....
8.80 8.87 8.87 8.88
8.99;4 9.09 9.00;' 9.02
9 03 0) 9.04 9 04 9.05
A UgUfit
Stptember.. 8.79 bid 8.80 8.82
October 8 71 bid 8.72 8.74
November..- 8 07 bid 8 67(i 8 69
December.... 8 09 bid 8.69 8 71
Itec. I Trices
1094 8J
38(ffl 85
1452:8 1
3875 8J
444 91
111 3,828
38,0 ?3
N Orleans.!
st dy
New York
l$oston ...
113,9 710
St. Louis...
Augusta. .
Receipta at ports, this dny,188ti. 10,448
receipts at porta, tins day.lSSo. 4,090
R'ts U. S.
ports,3 ds!
K.x. Gt. Br!
',300 11,331
14,144 14,083
6S7.810 720,433
R'ts Si-pt.l '4,790,238
4,522,053 4,507,096
Increoso of receipts this vear... 274,1 85
Tlie Liverpool spot market at noon
reported moderate business. Sales,
10,000 bales, of which American
8400 bales. Receipts, 12,000 bales, of
which ii, ow were American.
The following are the closine quota.
tions: Ordinary ,4 3-16d;good ordinary,
4 9-lbd; low middling, 4 id; good mid'
dling, 5 3-llid; middling uplands,
4 1.r)-l(icl; middling Orleans, 5d.
Tlie prim are given in pence and Mth,
Ihus: 4 63 meant 4 63 GlJ., and 6 01
neam 6 J -64-1 . .
At noon: Ijyeriwol futures wero
steady. Quotations were as follows
March, 4 57d: March-April, ;
April-May, 4 574 58d ;iMay. 4 59
4 O'Jd; June-July, 4 02(4 03d; July
August, 5 0'd; August-Septemlier,
5 03d ; keptember-Uetober, 5 02d ; bep.
tember, .
At 2 p.m. : Liverpool futures were
easy; March, 4 58d value; March
April, 4 58dvalue; April-May, 4 58d
value; May-June. 4 tod buyers; June.
July, 46?d buyers; July-August, 5 Old
buyers ; August-heptember, 6 04d buy
ers; September-October, 5 02d buy
ers; Stptcmber, 6 05d buyers.
At o p.m.: Liverpool futures were
easy; March, 4 57d sellers; March
April, 4 57d sellers; April-May, 4 57d
sellers; iway-june, 4 o!M buyers: June-
July, 4 02d sellers; July-August, 5d
buvers; August-September, 5 03d
value; September-October, 5 Old buy
ers; September, 5 04d buyers.
11 ri ue it v a i.n.
' The following is the record of the
bids and offers at the Call Board of
the Merchants Exchange yesterday:
No. 2, white, spot, 39c o. t. bid,
40c asked ; March, o9c o t. bid, 40jc
asked; April, 39c o. t. bid, 41c asked;
May, 40c o. t. bid, 42c asked ; No. 2,
spot, 38c o. t. bid ; March, 37c bid ;
April, 37c o. t. bid; May, 39c bid, 40c
asked. , ,
No. 2, spot, 33 Jc o. t. bid; March,
33Jc o. t. bid, 341c asked; April, 33c
bid, 34 Jc asked; May, 33Jo asked.
Spot, $1 25 asked; May, $1 95 bid,
2 u5 asked.
- BBKADMTl'rrS. '.. ")'.
' Corn White, 47ii; mixed, 48c, from
tore ; from levee or depot, white, 44c ;
mixed, 42c; in sacks, in round lots,
white, 42c ; mixed, 10j.
Hay Choice, from store, 85c ; prime,
7580c; prairie, 50c; round lots from
ievee or depot, choice, $1414 60;
prime, $1313 60; prairie, $88 60.
Oats White, 40c; mixed, 38 Jc,
from store: round lots fiorn levee on
track white, sacked, 37c;. mixed,
Mcked, 35c.
baAH From store, 85c per cwt;
round lots from levee, $14 7515 per
ton. '
BaAN-Nay, $i Jf2; medium,
$1 601 75.
Rica Louisana, 45jc; Carolina.
78s. 1
Oatm At In half-barrels, 33 25
frcm store.
CoBNMKAt Standard, $2 052 10;
pearl,$290315 from store; Sc cheaper
from mill, lovee or track.
Floi'b From store, double extra, ;
triple extra. ; family, $3 754;
choice, $4 254 40; fancy, $4 75a:
ext'a fancy, $4 955 60; patents $5 80
5 85; round lots from levee or track,
10c cheaper; car lot- choice, $4;
family, $3 75; fancy, $4 50; extra fancy,
$4 75; patents, J5 25.
Hominy and Gbits From store,
$2 652 75. "
Cracked Whiat In half-barrels,
$3 50 from store.
CACKSBB--Soda, extra, 44; soda,
treble extra, 4 Jc; lemon cream crack
ers, extra, 7c; lemon cretm crackers,
treble extra, 7Jc; ginger snaps, extra,
6c ; ginger snaps, treble exira, 6c; as
sorted jumbles, 9c.
Kahsas City, Mo., March 29. Wbest
lower; cash, 05 Jc. bid: April, esjc bid,
67a asked; May, 70c; June, 73Jr.
Corn weaker; cash, 28c asked ; April,
28,3asked; Ma.29c: Jnne, 29c hid,
30c asked. Oats April, 28c bid, 28c
Nkw York, March 29 Visible sup
ply ol gram 10 store ana snoat in me
VniU'd Mates and Canid on Satur
day, in comprison with the previous
Saturday, will be posted at the Pro.
luce Kxcbange to-moiriw s lollow:
Wheat, .49.77-i.300 bu, decrease 701,-
1A(J K. . .wni llTOTA74 hit ini.niauii
61,550 bu; oats, 2.580,!i2!i ba, increase
89.400 bu; rve, 54o,tOJ bn, decrease
3i',020 bn; barlev, 1,039,704 bu,' de
crease 13.905 ba.
London, March 29. Tbe Mart Lane
AVprwui. in its review cf tbe British
giam trade durir g the pf wtek, sya :
Mild spring waatlier has prevailed, and
fall-sown wheats have a bea'tby ap
pearance. The trade in wheat is some
what weiker. The sdes of Eoi-lich
wheat during; the week were 70.CGO
quarters at 3'Ji 9d, sgainat 62,002 quar
ters at 3.) Yd auniu tne corresp .ca
lag period lait year. There is a drag
ging sale lor nour. tuny a nana-to-
mouth business is dune in to;nin
wheat; prices are unchanged. Amer
lean mix-.d corn is cheaper, at 20j 3d
ex ship. Oite, beans and peasre in
buyers' fivor. Twelve cargoes of wheat
arrived : live cargoes were toll', nix
were withdrawn and six remained, in
cluding two of California, i Trade for
ward ba been of small volume. Tbe
market to-day was very slew. English
wheats bad a. downward; tendency.
Flour was steady, J
ST.Louis,Mo.,March 29. Flour fair y
active; XXX, J33 15; fern ly,$3 25
3 35; choice, $3 703 85; Unny, 14 25
4 35; extra fancy, S4 6O14 4 70; pet
ents, $4 955 25. AVtieat active, and
ersier; the market rpened easier end
price 1 declined IQlu, but later in
tbe session a large part of this was re
recovered, and the market closed
steady, an J iic lower than Satur
day; No. 2 red, cash, 88 ; 'May, 89 J
90-!c, closing at 90c bid; 'June, 90
90c. dosing at 90c bid i July, 86J
80js, cloiing at 8tiobid. Corn fa'rly
active, but weak and lowvr, closing
to nnder Siturday; No. ',2, mixed,
cash, 84s; April, 3I34, closing at
34c; May, 34J'a 35io, closing at 34 j a.
Oats very dull, and easer; No. 2
bid ; May, 301c. Rye steady, (K)j bid.
Ba-ley neglected. Hay firai; piaiiie,
$6(3)8; timothy, $ll14.j Flaxseed
dull, $1 09. Bran steady, Ale. Corn
meal strong at $1 85E 90. Re
ceiptsFlour, 1000 brls; wlrat, 14,000
bu ; corn,34.000 bn:'oats,14,0IK) bu ; rye,
none; barley, none. Shipments
Flour, 5000 brls; wheat, nOue; oorn,
5000 ba;cals, 70.H) bu;jtye, none;
barley, none. i
AflTimon Board Wheafe
weak, and
4Vmju luwcr. uuu auu
1 f 1 .. 1 1 .1
Ottj UU-
Ciiicaoo, III , March 29 -iThe tern
rer was rather stronger on tv "curb"
this morning, and t'lere wan a feeling
that wheat would n tvance sharply on
the report lht the ruihojd strike was
at 83 end. II19 cables cane in very
weak, however, and it aai, reported
tba', a settlement of the railway fctriks
had not been reached, which seivjd
to make a weaker tone. TbS market
started at 81 Jc for May, but the oll'er
irg were very large, and tlija pricei
broke oflfqnit steadily to 81c, rallied
a tr lie, but fell ofl nain to 80. Tbe
rt-pirt of an improved export demand
and moderately large clear! ncs caused
a reaction to 81 J and th market
cloced at 1 o'c'.cclt at 81 5 lOn. In the
afternoon tbe pries dropi cj again to
801a, where it closed for U14 day.
There was an easier feeling iu bcth
C3rn aid oits, and tbe closing figures
were eligbt'y under those of Saturday,
Flour dull and unchanged. Wheat
weaker. Salesringed: Marcband April,
751'a,76j closed at 7613: May. 806(5)
81fjc, closed at 81 6 10c: JuDe, 82
83 jo, closed at 83 1-1 00; lio 'J spring,
76J79c. Corn easier; caxh, 35 j
30c; Marh and April, 35i35ic
clused at 35 Jc; May, 38338c, closad
at 38 Jc; Juoe, 38J382c, closed at
38gs. Oats dull and easy ; cash, 29:;
March and Aunt. 27c; Mar. 30i31c,
c'od at 30jn. Rye quint; No. 2. 66
56Jc. Barley nominal; No. 2, 60c.
Flaxseed steady; No. 1. $1 08 Re
ceiptsFlour. 13.000 bils; wheaMO
000 bu; corn, 62,000 bu;oats, 53,000
bu; rye, 1000 bn; barley, 33,000 bu.
Shipments Flour, 8(00 brls; wheat,
8000 bu; corn, 38,000 bu; oats, 52,(00
bu : rye, 3'. ou : barley, ZL'.uuu du.
Afternoon Hoard. Wheat weak, ia
lower. Cjrn jc lower, urns nncnangeu.
Butter Creamery, 3337c; dairy,
22i20c; butterine, HMlOcj country,
lj't inc, according io condition.
Cheese Prime flats, 7(8c; New
York factory, 8c; full cream, 1212Jc:
Y. A., 1212Jc.
Mess Pork Old, 110 00 per barrel
new 1 150, per barrel; sugar-cured
liains, packed. OJifOjc; breakfast ba
con. 71('.9e; clear rib bacon, (3'.
Bulk Pork Clear sides, tic; clear
rib sides, 5jc ; long clear, 5e ; shoul
dors. 'M(a4v. 1
Ijird -Tierces, OJW.OJc; half-larrels,
63C";OJc; kegs, OjrnHiJc; bunketi, 0J
OJc; half-buckets, 7.7Je; 50-lb tins,
6J0c ; 20-lb tins, 6 JW6c ; 10-11) tins,
6j7c; 5-lb tins, 62c ; 3-lb tins, Qi7c;
choice kettle, tierces. 65c.
Fresh Meats Beef-Good Kansas
City steers, heavy, 8c; light, 77Jc;
cows and heifers, 6jc; mutton, 7c;
lambR, ; pork tic. f
Pms-FKET-Brls, $88E0; hilf-brls,
j.i(a)3 zr. , .
St. Louis. Mo.. March Ifl. Pio-
vieioni dull and easy. Pork steady at
$10 25.' Lard essy at 5.853. Bulk meats
easier; loose lota long clear, 5.20c ;
short ribs, 6.35c; short clear, 5)c;
boxtd lota steady; lo g clear, 5c;
short ribs, 5 40e ho-t clear, 5Jc. Ba
con easy ; long clear, 5 655.70c ; short
ribs, 6 85c ; short c ear, 6.950c. Hams
quiet at 8jUc
Cisoinnati, March 29. Pork dull,
$10. Lard quiet,') 90c. Bulk meat dull ;
shoulders, 3j; short rib, 6 35. Bacon
easy; shoulders, 4 Jc; short rib, 6c;
ort clear, 6,20c. Butferqmet; North
westein exti a creamery, 3435s; good
to prime creamery, 2530c; choice
dairy roll, 1528c. Eggs slow, 101
10 jc. Cheese quiet; prime to choice
cured Ohio facu rr, 910c.
Chicago,' lit.;'- March : 23. Mea
TO k acuve and weaker; cash, Mar. h
and April, $9 47Jfcft9 50; May, $9 47J
9 62 J, closed at $9 62J9 55; June,
Jj 57JSW 70, cloeerl at $9 57J9 60.
Lord easier; rash, March aod Aprii
5 905.92Jc; May, 6.98(6c, clowrjat
6 955 97Jo; June, 60.05c. B'ed
meats steady; dry falud sho!'rs,
3.954c; short rib sides, 5.t36Jc;
short clear side, 6.655.60. Butter
firm and in good drmandi creamery,
3132c; dairy, 1420c. Eggs weaker
Board - Tork 12J15c
lower. Lard unchanged.
Apples Apples, $2 253 from
store ; $2(2 25 per car-load from levee
or depot. Dried apples, 34c Jkt
pound from store. Dried peaches, 3
4c from itore. ...
Potatoes Potatws, $1 75f?2 from
store ; f 1 501 75 pT carload from levee
or depot- Sweet potatoes, $2 503)2 75
per brl. Peas,$f 25(t)l 75 per bushel.
Vec etari.es Onions, $2 75 from
Store; $2 5o2 'iO nvm levee or ilejKit.
Cabbage, 2'50,:i ")6er crate. Kraut,
barrels, $5 5056; half-barrels, $2 75.
Garlic, 40(S60e per 100.
Facrr Oiangea, Louisiana, none;
Florida, none; Messina, $3 504 per
box; Imperials, 55 50 st box
Lemons, $4 .SOiiS per bux. Ba
nana. $1 753 per bnnch. Co ca
puts, $4 per 100. Peanuts Virginia,
7e; Tennessee, farmer's itock, 'A(ic;
roasted, 2Jc higher; shelled, 10c. Al
monds, 18 20 J.
Pickles -In iars, pinti, 95c; quarts,
$1 60; half-nallonp, t 75; gallons,
$3 75; loase, banels, $0; half-barrels,
$3 60; mixed, barrels, $10 50; mixed,
hall-barrels, $6.
Raisins London layers, $3 40; lay
ers, $2 75; California, ; Imperial,
$3 504.
Walnuts French, 12c; Naples, 15c ;
Grenobles, 15c Filbsrts, 12c.
Ci deb Missouri, $77 60 per bar
rel and $44 50 per half barrel; Vine
gar, ll16c per ga'lon,
Pooltby Turkeys, per donn, $7
14 , geeee, $3 504 50 ; ducks. 3 ; chick
ens, good demand. $2 50(3 50; dressed
turkeys, scarce, 1014c per pound.
Pecans Texas, 810c for small to
medium, 1014c for large; Arkansas,
Fish Mackerel, half-barrel, No. 1,
$5; No. ?, $3 25; No. 3, $2 75; 10 lb
kit. No. 1, 8O0; Ko. 2, 70c; 15-lb, No.
3,00c. Dry herrings, family, 30c per
Gams Venison, whole. 3W5c sad
dles, 0(u8c; bear, 68c; wiid" turkeys.
5075e; ducks, $1 6tK2 50;iquirrels,
7;c; quails, ; (.rwi; prairie chickens.
$5 ; game fish, Ki8c.
tiios firm luc. .
Copfbb Cqmmon. 88Jc; ordina
ry, tijyjc; prune Kio, lie; choice
to fancy, llJ13Jc; old government,
2326; Ceylon. 20c.
fciOAP 3404c per pound.
Sugar Eastern yellow, 610jc;
pure w. e. wtnte, 6jc; oil white, 6J
6 go ; yellow clarified, 6 J0 Jc ; ouen ket
1le,65jc; refined A, 77Jc". granu
lated, 77Jc; powdered, 7 ; out loaf,
Salt-$1 20W1 30 per barrel : sacks.
fine, $1 60; ciarse, $1 10; pockets,
bleaohed, 2J7c; car-loads from levee
or depot, 5c cheaper.
molasses Louisiana common to
fair, 2327c; prime to choice, 3540c;
syrup, 20I0c; common to fair, 23
28o: prime to choice, 3033c ; centrif
ugal lancy, ic.
Tobacco Common. 11-Inch. 27(if)
30c; other grdes and styles, 2E28o.
Snuff Garrttt's, $10 8i per case;
Kaipb's, 10 per case; R. R., $9 50.
Candies bt'eks, all sir.es. iu boxes.
pails and barrels, 7j0'38c.
Candles Full weight. 10jllo.
Canned Goodb, Etc. Prices per doz
en: Pineapples, $1 35 1 65; peaches,
21b, etandurd, $1 3'1 50; snconds.
$1 151 25; tomatoes, 2-:b, KUiidurd,
tl hi; i)io,i 00; sirawlierriHP, f 1 40
1 00; raspberries, $1 15(al 25; black
berries, $11 15- gaengnges, $160
1 .; pears, j.tJjs zo; plums, $1 6iKu
1 70; sparagns, $204; ureen corn,
$11 35; grten peas, $l2 25; cove
oysters, full weiiclit, 1-lb, $11 10:
cove oysters, full weight, 2-lb, $1 75
1 hi; cove oystora, light weight, l-lb,
65c; cove oysters, ligbt weiiht, 2-lb.
$1; condensed milk Crown, $5 90;
.bagio, tl 70; swiHs, u.
Baltimobk, Md., March 29. Coffee
steady; Rio, cargoes, ordinary to fair,
Santos, March 27. CoDee receipts
during tne paBt week, L'.i.UiU hsiis
purchases for the United States, 12,000
bags; clearances for the United State
14,000 bas; stock, 270,000 bags.
Rio db Jankibi, March 27. Coffee
receipts during the past week. 73.
000 bags ; purchases f jr the United
Hia'es, 8000 bam; clearances for the
United St tes, 13,000 bags; stock, 249,
000 bags.
New York, March 29, Coffee spot
fair. Rio dull and nominal, Sir, op
tions anu, Dut generally neady ; tales,
BOUU rjara; April .iwxi; May ta Wcto
ber. 7c ; December, 7.051 Suear stead
ier, but quiet; fair to good refining,
4uc; refined atevty; od A, of
(a68c; powdered, 6 o-l0(0 710); gran.
alated,6)c; Cubar. 63 7-lOc. lilce
quiet and ateady. , .
Havana, March 29. Sugar Owing
to UDfiVorabla news from abroad, to
getber with the reaistiBos of holders
to torrent price, the sugar market
dun nu the week wai wtak. The mar
ket closed at nominal figures. Mo-
laiss sugar, regular ti good polariza
tion, $l 87Jl 87j gold, per quintal ;
muscovado, fair to to id refining,
$l H3J2 12J; conlrifugil, 92 tn 9;.,
degrees, polarisation, $2 37J2 93.
Utocks in warehouse at IlHvina and
Matanzas, 17,000 boxes, 428,000 bags
and 105 hhds. Receipt fir the week,
3100 boxes, 62.000 begi aud 2100 hhds.
Exports for tbe week: 1750 boxes,
240 000 bags and RICH) hhds, of which
18 5(H) bam and 3100 bhds to tbe
United States
:orTusj-Bi oil, tic.
Seed Delivered a depot and wharf,
iS per ton; on bank of river (f. 0. b.
boat), $6; wagon at mills, $8 Meal
Prime (f 0. b.,) $15 per ton. Less than
car-load Iota, $16. From store, 90c per
sack. Cake Nominal; $10 per ton,
Oil In car-load lots, prime, crude 0.
8. oil, 23 j 24a; prime summer yel
low, 20 J27c; off-summer yellow, 26J
20 Jc ; miners'; c ; choice cooking
summer yellow, 2830c.
Coal Oil Prime white, wholesale
lota, 11c per gallon.
Cleveland, 0., March 29. Fetrc;
leum steady; s. 110, 7Jc. -., A ' ;
Philadelphia, Pa., March fll.Pe
troleum. steady; 70 Abe) test,. i bar
rels, 7Jc. i'u '
rirrsBtmo, Pa., Marc : . Petro
leum fairly active an4frKihu; Na
tional Transit certifionta opened at
74Jc. and. closed at 73H highest price,
7 Jc; lowest, 73 jc.'; ' ' L
HoBsas-Gooi driving, $150225;
good saddle, 40 !!00; plugs, $35)
good mares $85 140. ' .
Mules-to 15, $110135; 15to
I5J, $l2t)140; 15J to 16, $140175.
(iwxl tvmand ; supply fair.
Xinis-Dry flint, 13 aiOs; dry salt,
)12e; green salt, 78c; green, 5
6c; deer skins, .1618;; hunter-haa-died
coon ikins. each, ivj'AOc; country
coon skins, 1030c; mink, 1030c;
mukrat, 510c; otter, $15; bear,
$15; beaver. 60c$4 ; wildpat, 20
40c; fox, 2575c; skunk, 2576e
Beeswax, 18(4210; tallow. 4j. :
' Apollinaris, qts,$7-r08u)ts,$ll 50;
seltzjr wa'.er, qts, f06 60.
Wbisky Straight Kentucky Bour
bon, $1 006; rye, $1 76; domeatic,
90ctl 50.
VVinei American extra, qs, $7;
pts, $8; Piper HeidBiJck, qts,25; p,
$27; Mnmm's extra dry, qts, $28 50;
pts, $30 60; Roedeer. qta. $29; pto,
$!1 ; Veuve Cliqno', qts, 31; pts, $33;
claret, qta, $3 5iKrf2 60; $1 extra for
pints; imported iihine wine, $78,
q's; Catawba, weet, 9.1cl 25 ptt
ga lon; Catawba dry, $U1 25 per
galion ; Catawbi sweet, $J 505 per
rase; Catawba, dry, $4 5 per case;
California wines, $I1 50 per gallon -imported
port, $1 506; Importfd
t berry, $1 60 6; imported a'e (Burke's
bottlery), pts, $185; qta, J3;, Ango
tura hitlers, pts, $16 5u; champague
cider, qts, $;! 253 50.
Ciiicaoo, March 29. Whisky steady
at $1 14.
St. Ih-is, March 29. Whisky
firm at $1 10.
Cincinnati, March 29. Whisky
etea.lv at $1 10. Sales of lO-Ci barrels
finished goods on this basis.
i.ivk Hrut u.
Receipts of cattle the past wet'k
have Ik-cii light. Prices were firm at
last wiH'k's quotations. To-day there
is a light supply of all kinds on mar
ket. lriiT8 nrm. I'rtsects for next
week quite favorable. Hog receipta
light. Prices firm. Supply lilit to
lay. Market bare of sheep, Demand
very good. lTices firm as quoted.
Cattle Choice to extra corn-fed,
900 to 1050 pounds, 44Jc- good, 3 J
4c; choice grass-fed, 3J(3jo: good, 3
3Jc; fair to medium, 2J2jc ; com-
won, H2c,
lloos Choice, 34c; good, 3J
3jc; common, 3Ci?.3i.
Shkep Choice, 4a4Je: medium. 3
3Je; eoiHinon, $11 50.
Cincinnati, 0., March 29. Hom
rm; common t.) light, $3 5'4 35;
nacking and butcheis, fl KH;"'4 00.
Receipts, 1725 bead.
Kansas City. Mo.. March 29. The
Lire Stock Indicator reports: Catlle
receipts, 531 bead; shipments, none;
market stronger; shipping grades
quiit and butchers' active ; choice to
fancy, $5 055 30; fair to good, $4 I i0
((i5. common to medium, $l4 50;
ttockers and faedeir, $3 304 20;
cows, $2 003 40. Hogs receipt",
4033 head; shipments, 1OI6 bead;
market opened steady, Clrsing weak
and a shade lower; good to choice,
$3 854 ; common to medium, $3 4"()
3 80. Sheep receipt?, none; ship-
menta, none; market steady; iiood to
choice, $.3tO4 25; common to me-
uium,fi'3 .').
Ciiicaoo, III., March 29. The Dro
vert' Journal reports : Cattle receipts,
4000 head: shipments, 1800 head;
market values ttrjng and a shade
higher; shipping Bt.eers, 050 to 1500
pnunds, $l4 00; etuckeraaud feeders,
$2 504 50; cows, bulls and mixed,
23 90; bulk, $2 903 30; through
Texas caMIe, $i4 50. Hogs re
ceipts, 24,000 head; shipments, 9000
hed; market slow and 5 10c lower;
rough and mixtd, $3 854 25; pack
ing and shipping, $4 154 45; light,
$3 304 30; ekips, $33 76. Sheep
receipts, 850 Lead; shipments, 600
head; market strong and higher; na
tives, f 3 ; lambs, $4 50U 25. The
Dr-;wri Journtd'n special cables rim
from Liverpool qno'es the cattle mar
ket slow; prices steady at decline of
Istt week; supplies of cattle ouly fair
ly large, but tlie demand continues
weak; b.'st American steers, 12c,
I. i n II I K K tHUIT.
The following are the wholesule
prices of lumber in this market:
LATiis-Poiilar,$l 50;cvpi-'ss,'l2 50;
l'oi'LAR-1 111., 1st and 2d clear, $25 ;
1J and 2 in., 1st and 2d clear, $25;
common hoard, 10.vl2 50; siding
strips, UxO, face measure, 1st and 2d,
$22; dressed,!, 1J and 2 in., 1st and 2d,
$3035; common dressed, 1 in., $14
TiMiiicii Poplar, $59; cypress, $
9; cotton ws)d, $23; gum, $3
8 50; oak, 58; ash, $i8; blui-k
walnut, $20 a 50.
Cottonwood I to 3 in. mill run,
culls out, $10 11.
Red Grins 2ds, $183)10, nominal;
common, $8 10,
Yellow Pink 1,1J iind 2 in., 1st
and 2d, $2024; dressed, $30 ; flooring,
6 and 8 in., $25; flooring, 3 and 4 in.,
27 rsj; 2d tt(M)i ing, ftO; Heart step
lumber, $304(); 1 ceiling, $25; 1 ceil-
ing, $22 50; j ceiling, $20.
Asu 1st and 2d clear, 1 to 3 in.,
$2(Xt 23; common, $!113 50.
Cypress -1, 1 J and 2 in., 1st and 2d
clear, $2325; common, $15; fencing,
1x6, 16ft., $15.
SiriNOLBs No. 1, sawed or shaved,
f 4 25 ; sawed or shaved saps, $3.
BiJack Wai.NtiT-lst und 2d, 1,1)
and 2 in , $li5'o)75; common, $35 50
40; culls, I825.
Oak-1 to 4 in., 1st and 2d, J2022 ;
common, 1 and 2 in., $812,
New York, March 29. There has
been a little belter feeling in some
clrc'ei, withoiore b'jsinets doing, but
the market as a who's has been more
quiet than otherwise.
Nl. I .on In nn1 Nrw (lrknn Anchor
l.lnv-D.N. WiMCAlltO k OX. LlllilU.
City o f Cairo, y?5v
Will lsT Klovntor WSDNK8UAV, March
Ultt, at 9 a.m. For frit or intKKK ai.
Nt. IaU anil Nrw Orlcnn Anrligr
Belle Memphis, TTt
Geo. Bkr....Ai
Will ! th EluratorTlllUlJAYTalarrli
Suth, at 12 m. tor fraiaht or jpiuitaaa aiipl
For Vlckibuv, Nnlohti und Naw Orlttat
7jie eloraut itaaiaar 1 1 " i (
Annie P. Silver,
"m. 11. loornpjon.;
Will ! Iht KloatotTUEbDAV, JM.roh
SDtb,at4 p.m. For f ralght or iniiun jil j
C. L. Ham, Vm. Art. At) HTOHM. Ainl,
Memphis anil Clnrlunatt i'acket i'-o.
G ran I te , ft ta te, 4
A. J. Lindroy .... maitar.
Will l.TTU8DAY, March 90th, HSp.tn
For Irtifhtor umi tvply to 0. B. HllS
SKLb. Amnt.No. 12 MiJiioa ft. TolephoDt
No. JOHN CAHR, fuiinnr Annt.
Inr rri.lay. April 2d
For j4ooI, IIaIm Fout, CkrathortTillo,
Uro od TiiitoBTillo Th Dw ttosmoi
W. P. til 11 miiitor I J. D. Fsllor.....Irji,
will loavo ta aliovo, atd all wajr ooinu,
tm. For fra'ghtor piviut applf on board.
mhiN,t rliu- fulni and Heaapiu
and Omm1iii fvttl Company.
For Uolena, eieidalo, Frlara Foist aod all
Way Landinta titaamor
Coalioma, r1
a. T. 01attt...ina1ar I Piatt K acuta ...cicrk
woi i0,v a abev on orary MoNOAY.
WKDMmDAY and FHIDAY. at So'akxk.
For Randolph, Fulton. Oaceola asd Hay
Landifaa ftaaner
J. H. Ooopar, mu1arr....J. W.Hoithori.crork
Laaroa aa ovary ittOttUAI, WKlMboiAY
and FRIDAY at 6 p.m. Iha boat of tun
I in raaarra tho ribt to rati all landlnn
tha naptain may Hmid onaafa, ' Ufflc, No. S
V .Hi.- . A aayti 1. fir, u., Sup'-.
Arkansas Iliver Pk't Co.
Str. JOE PETERS, .-v
K. B. Smith. ...maatT, aS.c. M(L-MaV
Laavaa Mamuhif f ry TUESDAY, at 5 p. in
11. C. LOWE, Acont,
Office No. Mion ft. IlpbB0 Mo. 53.
Cincinnati ...(! it mn Stiti, b p.m.
Arianaat River.. Jos. Pitiu, 5 p.m.
8t.Fran.ii Rivor Ravi Mackiidt. Sp.a.
Vickabun ..Bll Minima, 12 m.
Now Orlouna Axi P. Siltii, 4 a.m.
Friart Point.. Coaaoaa, 5 p.B. '
Onceola...... Dim Aom, S .
St. IiPuia Citt or Caiio, 5 p..
Arkanaaa Clty...KaTl Adimi, 6 p.m.
Tiptonvillo Uatoho, ft p.m. '
Arrind. City of Bt Lrtuid. St.
Louis; City of Vitkburir, Louie;.
City of Iew Oileann, New Orleans;
City of Providence, Vickbr; Coahoma-,
Friars 1'o'nt; Kate A dame, Ar
kaunAs City; Jos Ptera, 'Arkansas
river; lau Adamn, O.reoli; Oayoeo,
Tiptonville; V. V. Schenck, New Or
leans. Itffturinre.- City of St. Leuir, New
Oilcauo; City of VicksbtjrE; Vicks
burg; Ci'V t-f'New OrlcntiS, $r, T-onie;
City of Pinvidem-e, St. Louie; V. 1.
Sfhenck, Cinoinutiti ; Qaym'o, Tipton
ville; Uni'i Adams, Occeo'a; Kate
Aeiauie, AikeiiM is' City; Oo-.'.homa,
Friars i'oiut.
Inxii iii Purl. -Joe l"Vrs and Kens
Maorntly. '
lloat Ihe Lhnen. (iolot Kule,
Orunile Klute, l'.oild Memphft and
Annie 1. mlver.
Hoot IHte ( p.-ChickaRaw snd City
of Natche.
KrrrlplD Tralrrday.
City of 1'iovidence 18 hales oottou.
Citv of Vicknbiirc rUa uer-
City of St, Louis 60 br floor.
Citv of New Oileaje 1110 brto uio-
laws and 70 tcti mfrcbandise.
U. I. Schentk 45 pkus mercbiu-
Coahonut 7:1 bnles cottoa, 13 bags
seed-rotton, 100 sks eed, 13 hd stock
and 68 pki sundries.
1'ean Adams 1.' bales cotton, 0l
KkB seed, 20 sks far corn nnd 2'0 ft
Ka'e Adams 180 halts cotton, 191
sks seed, 1 mule and 70 pkits sunririoa.
Joe !Vtnra iu bnles coltea, lb na
i-tock and 40 pkgs suudries.
tiayofo 14 bales co'ton, & bags
seed-t ottrn, 370 nits corn, 31 cks pea
nut and 3.) hd stock.
Tub Hone Marn-ady, Cunt. O. K.
.loplin, is the pnnknt this evening at 6
o'u.nck for St. FninoiH river.
Tut Lee Line packe's to morrow
evening are Coahoma for Friars Point
and Dean Adrims forOcctola
Tim Chickanw, Cnpt. F.d. C. F1al,.
Ih tlie WcilncMilay piickt't for nil points
on White river. C. M. Postal and A.
Bunkmnith are her clerks.
Tn Gaycso. Cpt. W. P. Hall, is
the psrknt. Thnrsdiiy evening for
Halo's Point, Tiptonville nnd all way
points. J. P. Walt is In her oli te.
Tiis lVlln MiMiiphm, Cunt. George
linker, Ih tho Anchor Line packet
to-day nt 12 o'clock for Vickeburg and.
the benda. Al Siuiiwon is her clerk.
Thb Anchor fine packet City of
Cairo, Cnpt. Shep Liuhtner, will pass
up to-morrow n.orulng at (I o'clock for
Cairo and St. Louis. J. t). Kit m e ,
her clerk.
Tin: Annie V. Silver. Capt. William -ThonipHon,
la the Anchor Line packet
ibis evening at 4 o'clock for New Or
Iciiiih and all way points. John 8.
Lehmer is her clerk. '-'.'
Tub Joe Peters, Capt t. fll Smith,
is the packet this evening at S o'clock
for all point on Arkanaao river, goinf
tliroiighh) Pine lilutr. aiarUwJMua
nelman bits charge of her otflce.
Tab Kate Adams, Cipt. Mark R.
Cheek, Is the Unifd Sta'es mail
racket Thuisday evening at 5 o'clock
for Helena, Arkansas City and all way
landings. W. C. Blanker has charge
of her office. .. 't , :
Thb Granite State, Capt. A. J. Lind
say, will be found in sort this Mminc
and leaves this evening at ao'slocc.
for Cairo, Louisville, Cincinnati and.
all way landings o i the Ohio river..
Don A. Marrs baa charge of her othe,
assist k1 by Charles Patterson. The
Granite Stats will give cheap rates to
all points North and East.
Hi'SINkhs fiiir.
Wkathrb cloudy, with heavy rains.
Tin Lee Line prickets cleared yes
Ur.lay evening with fair trips.
Tub Henry Lourey and barges piutacd. n
np Sundny morning foi St, Louis.
Tn k Parole, w ith tho 10 cent circus "
on board, left Sunday inoniiiix for
Tim City of Providence puiwed up
Sunday for St. Ixmin. She added hero
1) balcH cotton. .
Kkckii-th by river yeaUirday: ,'W5
bnles cotton, 18 bags secd-eotton and
il5 sacks seed.
Tiik Golden KnU passed down la)
night fur New Oi leans, with a big trip,,
without lai.dlog.
Tub river at this point marks 21
feet and 8 lent ho, a rlae of 1 foot and
H tent lu in 1M hours.
Tub City of St. Louis passed down
Saturday night for New Orlears. Shs
added here 115 tons of sundries. , ' J
Tiik U. P. Schenck paused dp last
evening for Cincinnati. She dis
charged here 45 packagesHundries and'
added 125 bales cotton. i --i
"' Thb City ol Vicksbnrg passed down
Sunday evening for Vicksbnrg. Shs
discharged bre 247 packages of
freight and added 30 tons.
Thb City of New Orleans pawed np
Sunday morning for St. Louis. Shs
discharged here 130 barrels of mo
tel and 70 tans of sundries.
A i.akoi section of the Meuphis
and little Hock railroad incline at
Hopefield, abont 40 feet lon, caved
into the river Sunday. Tlie transfer
business is now transacted at the
Tub Kate Arl.m s, Capt. Mark R.
Cheek, arrived Sunday nit;ht from
ArVjuiHue Citv 10 bales cotton.
llll sacks scci!, I mule, 70 packages
sundries, a'lrt returned siin l.it even
ing i!b u (.(nil trip.
Tiik .foe Pi-tors, Cant. IC B. Suu'tli,
arrivud Sundny night from Arkansas
river with 70 bales cottou, li head -
stm k and 4') packages sundries, and
returns this evening. "
Wbuno, March 21 Noon Riyer
13 feet on the irange and rising. W tat It
er cool and rvining.
PrrrsBcao, March 29. Noon Rirer
11 feet 3 inches on tbs gsngnacd ris
ing. Weather mild and ta iling. -
LotTisviLLB, March 29 Noon Rivet
falling, with 10 feet 11 Inches In the
cnaland8 feet 9 inches on thai falK
Business giod. Wiarher clondy an J .
Cicih!ati, March 29 Noon Rivet
rising, with 3J feet 8 inches ou tha
gauge. Weather cloudy; tbnrmom-
eter 4y". Arrived: unariea juootan,
rew Orleans.
) r

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