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Loferfllt,X w Orlcaas aad Te iu B'j
in Effect NnTn br C, 18W.
.-.! MAIL. TSih. North.
4:0 p.'ll:no a.a
: p.al 1:48 e.n
:4S p.a' 6:81 e.n
!: a.ui t.-(il am
1:42 a. !l2:H e.a
flarriaoa ,
Betoa Rtin..
h.w Orreane...
6:28 a.m
e: p.m
:) p.m6:) p.m
Maaphla . .
Lele. .
I1"'1 in I,
0 a.m
8:46 p.m
7:1ft p.tn
5:00 p
t:4f p.m
11:10 a.m
T:9U a.m
A-With H lino enterine Meaphle.
-With N.1N.W H. R. lor Lielona.
0 Far tlreee.llle aadliwnlinua, aadal
Arianae point.
D-W-th V. k M, and V., 8. A P. Rallrondi,
ft-With N., 1. AO. It H. for Jiatchei and
T far Po nt oa the Breach.
8 With ataamer. for Baron Bare.
B With railroada ditrerciaf for Florid ud
Ceaat point
Pallmaa Ha Cat RUeplin Caraoa all train I.
JA8 M. KDWRHS, V. r.endU..JI.
A. J. tNAl'P. 0. P. A.
Mwaarelaeaaamel Ml.eleelpal Vat.
l 1 rnlni mote aa tollown No. S (leal
liat del) nana at U : em. No J leave!
at 11:41 pa. daily, r-t. Lai tut Una
leave dtlly at VSu a.m. tto. 7 ilaat lina
daily) arrWea at 1:90 p m. MU and a
re e-rie daily at :la.ui- Bt. Louii
teat llae arrival ueily at II 06 a.m.
ajlaaaaaiaal aaal Teaaeaeea. Fait
Bail traia leerei flaily at 4:311 p a. t arrival
al :4o a.a. Looal freight leava at 6:40
a.m i airirea at 4:80 p.u. Freight treli'i
po. I and rua tp wiekly. No. laavei
aleapbte Monde? , Wadnaaday and Piider.
HuaMirii;, MarlaaaVIe aaa Mtini.
Rata T ratal leave M. and T. d.pot aa fill
wa: He 4, mail and eipreae.lea.ee daily
at 11 :' a.m. I No. &, Bail and oxpieaa, ar-
Caeee I.Mtp.m. No. 66, St. Ionti eiurei ,
araa dai). at 1:00 p.m. I No. to, bt. Louli
a tree, art ? at 1:66 a.m.
Neaaahla anal Lull lark Train
(aave aa fMlowa leentral itand rd timo):
Pa. 1 laa daily at 6:2 l.ra.t arriaaa at
t:rp.m. Me, $ leea.i al 6:V a.m.: arrival
at I. -Ml a a. No t('relftht) loavai Uoi-afleld
daily lainrutbaad) at 0:00 a.m.i arrival
at 7 iD) a.a.
Raapkia aaal 4'Barlralaa Tralni
ova aa tVlawat Tbr'-oah ainrati Uavi
daily at l:2n p.m. kail and ainrail loavel
daily at tilOa u. rnxiarvi la anoouinoda
tloa la a dally, ainapt Kunday, at 4:W)
a n. Tbraaah aipraaa arrlvaa dlly al 5 ifi
a.a. Mail aad aiprail ar-ivei daily at 4:56
a.a. BomorvlUa aootmmmiatioa arrivtit
dally, ! Baaday, at II :30 a.m.
Iaaiavlll aaal ah villa Tralni
o a aa falloaai rat niail ariivaa dally at
4h!ftaa.t lara at 10: III in i mail laava.
4 lly at V :4a) a.a. Btoan villa aocom mo
da liua loavai daily, aioaM Sondy, at 6:00
a.a.; axil arrival duly at 6:01 p.m.
BrowBtvill tooomanda'ion arrival dailyi
loaatSaoda', at 40 a.a. utaudard tiuial.
taaaahta, a)lralaahana d AtlMB-la-Hi
l' BiTlnri Ronta-Traini mora aa
fcllanaai Ha 1 laavai atainrhii da'ly at 3:46
a. i arnvaa at unity rpnnn atb.JU n in i
Na. 1 loavai Uolly -iriu daily at 9:00
a., arrlvaa at Mamiihia at '1 tU a.m. i N
laavaa Maanhia dail v at 7:M arvlvaa
ttrJony nnrtna-ial mow p.m.i Mo. 6 laavai
lolly Hprlnra daily at 330 a.m., arrival al
Mamphli at a-Hn .w
Waabimoton, March St, lMfl.l
1 o'olock a.a. J
lodinatloai for Memphis and vicin
ity : (Staring and fair wottthur; sta
tionary tftmrKTatnrp; blue crtwent,
red atar. The rivur will probably ap
aroar.h naar Uio daiiKt r line ut tliiw
point J
Fmr t Ohio VaUey and Trmuwv :
Gaudy wrthir and rain, j-n rally fit
huxd by denrinj watiur; colder in tlx
Eat m-rt portion, $i,hlly warmer in tht
Walem ; ion; vi'mti lo oming north
vVrfy. aB,praa.
W aaaiirnrna. D.C.tp.m., March SO, lHW.
Ohfrvar, Maapb'i, Taoa.t
The Oiiio river aouth of Louisville
will benm danKoroiiH in tho low
lands. Taa V iwtiwlppi rivur botwocm
Davonpart and Muuiphis ill ap
proach nar tho danmir lino, and will
probably ovt'rilnw in th low dis-
Wct- HAiaN,
A traa ,-py.
M. A. ICnOLa, Obaarrar.
4arlaa;l(wl Kar4.
Maaraia,TMa., March SO, IK.
Wtud W'Uiar
W. O'oud.
W. U.H'n.
W. i;ad.
N.W. O'ond.
N.W. I.t.R'n.
7:00 d M.R51 40.8
11:00 a.m W.m 3D.8
8:00 pm 2t.fli2 31.8
7KX1 p.ai '.t.870 ;10 3
.10:00 pas .11.8.1 1 30 3
' afswlmnm iaai a.a.. 1 .. Jt t
Mlairr nm tamperalure, 3(1.3
Kaiofall, Ota.
All obaervattont are taken on 75
meridian lima, which i on honr
faatur thai local ttuta.
- No baacball to-tlay.
Th Ctianwry Court ban atljourntHl
until Thamday.
The regular t htiatrical avaiKiii clonca
with tho r-aturday maUiico.
Job a Loatruo was yi'titfrdiiv ajv
pointiM) administrator of V. T. Prvor,
Ptraopvj to aay, the child mor
dorcoa, fjotniort Walker, haa not yet
Won ajrvhcn(Uid.
Snow aptln falrlnR rI 11 o'clock
last aipht, but not heavily enough at
1 o'clock to make the aloiKiiing pxnl.
The Ferlflc Exprwa Coinpnnv
(nU'rtUy rnlonxl suit in the Circuit
. Court ajraiiiHt State Coniptroller 1. 1",
Picard for VXW,
Mim Kmroa Nnruiait will lr tried
in the Criminal Court to-dny for tho
ahootinKof Henry Arnold. The trial
promHM to be a atnmttional.vom;.
The AVator Committee ia called to
meet Fritlay. The meeting will prob
ably be held with cloned doorx. Uon.
Green's report will lc read and con
sidered. W. n. Saner and Mr. W. Urena
Ouleehy, O. V. P. Wallow and Kuima
Afrenhruad. T. K. 1 'at lento n and Co
leete Johnenn, were liceuaetl to marry
The redaction by the Board of
Assessors aiuouuU'd to $-100 venter
day and a committee has been ap
poinUnl to consider complaintH where
corporatioiu are concerned. ,
The members of the Ladies' Aux
iliary of tho Young Men's Christian
Asoociatinn are requested to uitvt at
their hall, Old Fellows' liuildinp,
this evening at 3:30 o'clock.
At the Women's Exchange de
lightful lunches will be served from
12 to 3 o'clock to-day. The ladies in
charge will bo Mrs. J. W. Kalis. Mrs.
y. E. Cochmn and Mrs. Ilatlie Simp
ton. JuRtioe Ituttenberg has opened an
ofHce at !TS Second street, ojiosite
Court Square It is nently antf newly
furnit-hed, end a credit to tho now
ju tire 8. v. Hobinson has Ix-on
(employed as his deputy.
The r.iin l.as interfered with the
work of the Citizens' railway to such
un extent that lliev will not he able
to stmt cars to-morrow, but will Mart
S.d unlay anil run nil tiny free of
chargea ureat snap for the hidbII
- Judite John L. T. Hneetl stated to
a reirewntuttvo of the Ari'KAL yes
terday that under no cirrumstaucea
would he become a candidate for
judge of the Criminal Court tr for
any other office in August, aud fur
ther that he would not accept a nomi
nation if if should Is-tendered him.
Owing to the unfavorable condi
tion of the bnll grounds there was no
game yesterday and the Iniisvilh-s
left last night for Nashville. The
champion Chicago will arrive this
morning from llot Spring', where
they liavo Im'cii boiling out Illinois
malaria, and will play here to-morrow
ami Friday. A big crowd will turn
out to see the giants.
The llravlstreet Agency rej)orts
191 failures ill the United States dur
ing the week ending March lH8li.
against IflriJ in the preceding week and
212,1(12,170 and 118 in the corro-
i"L-, wu ana un in me ct
attending weeks of 18R; )hk4,
and Ihh2, resitceti voly . Middle St
63; New Kngland States, 23; So
ern StaU-s, 37 ; Western States, 51 J
Pacific Stales and Territories, 27; Can
ada, 30. Total in the United States
ami Canada, 221.
There is one attache of the Mem
phis 'theater who would be (liven a
rousing benefit if he would announce
a date. Mr. A. P. II. Green, tlie treas
urer, is one of the most popular em
ployes the theater ever had. His
position is a Irving one, but at no time
has he allowed his temper to get the
uppcrlumd of his judgment. . lie lias
iHt'n uniioriniy kind ami obliging, and
deserves well at the hands of the
amtiseincnt-luving public.
Sole Agcnta for Horace B.Kelly A
it.'a Jtey itch i iigirs.
The trade supplied ut New York
prices. A full assortment constantly
on hand at the following stands con
trolled by us: bayoso Hotel stand,
I'cahody Hotel stand and 310 Main
street. Fresh shipments received
weekly. i. samkijkin a co.
Juikik John M. Lka of Nashville
was in the city yesterday.
Cam. W. C Foi.keh. Shelbv'a cjin
tliilate for the Supremo Court, has re
turned from his canvass of West Ten
Tiik Key. Dr. Choneg cf New Hamp
shire was in tho city yesterday en
route for Hot Springs, where he goes
for his health. He was the guest of
riot. Steele of thoLcMoyne Institute,
8. A. Pouoi.as of Kerrville Is an
nounced in to-dtiy's Aiteal as a can-
tutiate lor Keglster. Ul courwt lie goes
latfore tlie Jiemocratie convention,
and is likely to get a large vote there.
Pbominint anivals at tho Oaytst
Httl: I boraaa L. Del. nn, California;
W. 8 Featheraton. Missi.slppl; J. T.
Burklnvand S. O.Biiis,Vaideo, Miaa.;
J. D. Hltin-n, Loniaville, Ky i J. A.
1'nddy, Nashville; W. . Jenkins,
A vkiiv interesting "Historic Girl"
Is told alKiut in the April St. A'kholat
by K. S. IlrooVs. Her name was
'Woo of Hwang-ho." She was a Chi
nese girl, brought up under Christian
Influences, anil became the only
woman wbo ever ruled the 'Middle
Kingdom" as "F.mpress Supreme."
Frank K. St-kton brings us a little
nearer home in bis ' Personally Con
ducted" paper, in which ho tellsof tho
perils of Alpine c'imblng, and relates
how he himself made tho ascent of
tho Iligi by railway. And tliere is
another of the "New Hita of Talk for
Young Folk," by Helen Jackson
(H. If).
A poktrait of Ixingfellow, after an
ambrotypeof 1SI8, in The Cintury for
April, show ing the ltoot in a guise
unfamiliar to the public of later years,
is the frontispiece of the number. It
accompanies a paper by Mrs. Annie
Fields, giving "Glimpses of Longfel
low in Social Life, with ninny anec
dotes as set down both by Mr. Long
fellow and by the author's husband,
tho late James T. Fields. M r. Cable's
nan r on "Creole Slave Songs" is aa
fully illustrated and entertaining as
his February article on "The Dance in
Ute Place Congo." M r. and M in. Pon
nell continue their doscriptivo and
pictorial narrative of their novel trip
from Florence to ltome, entitled
"Italy, from a Tricycle." A profusely
illustrated paper on "Toy llogs" the
pug, spaniels and terriers -by James
Watson, completes J he Century series
on typical dogs.
Thhk anecdotal articles In the
April number of Tht Century form a
most entertaining account of the fa
mous Confederate cruiser Alabama
and her duel with tho Kearsarge. P.
D. Haywood, who was a seaman on
tho Alabama, describes "Llfo on the
Alabama" with graphic humor; lieutenant-Commander
John Mcintosh
Kell, in his paper, gives an authsrita
tive account of tho reasons which im
pelled Cant. Scininca to try i sues
w ith the Kearsarge, and of the inci
dents of the 'fight; whilo Surgeon
John M. Prow no of the Kearsarge
contribute the Union history of that
stirring event. In point both of illus
trations and anecdouU interest, these
articles are, perhaps, second to none
that have appeared in The. On-wry
War Series. Iu "Memoranda on the
Civil War," Cnpt, Charles King re
plies to Gen. Po)0 in vindication of
his father Gen. Kufus King. Praf.
John J. Tigert makes a suggcNtiou in
regard to "Government Aid in the
Marking of Battle-Fields;" and Col.
L. B. Northrop, the Confederate Commissary-General,
replica to criticisms
by Gens. J. K. Johnston, IJeauregard
and lmbotten.
A net ion ht of ftaloon Stand
ml HtMr4.
At 1 o'clis'k thisafUtrnoon the stock
an' fixtures of the saloon stand oc
cupied by Bonner & Gafloney, on the
corner of Bealo and DcSoto streets,
will e sold at auction by Constable
M. T. Garvin. The lease on tlie pre
misa will also be sold. The stand is
a good one.
Have Yonr French Clocks
Pat in order at Mul lord's, 294 Main.
frai A K. aiaiai-a ttrataal ObobIbb;,
Tknraaay,JlBrll lt
Drummnnd'a vNtnrwl Lear.
The only genuine "natural leaf to
bacco" made. Two tin tags, one on
each end of the plug. Don t be de
ceived into buying any imitation, but
ak for the original and onlv genuine
Drunimond's Natural Ltaf Tobacco.
Old Gold and N Ivor
Taken at ra h, Mniford'e, 201 Main.
aa a. u HIa)MaraBtal Oaealaf,
Iharaday, tprll la.
Fxcel cuce and 'ah
Are the se rets of Mnl lord's succesa.
Mr. A. K. ! Uraaial OpoBlna;,
Tbaroila , April !.
Mulfortl, Jewtbr, 20 Malat ko-
li'citn cruVrs from Ike eeantiy.
Closixo prices of May options at
Chicago yesterday : Pork, $9 40; lard,
5.15c; clear rib sides, 5.22ic; corn,
SHc; wheat, 81Jc; oata, 31c.
Sbalkd prrposala for tSS.OOl of
Shelby county laonda were opened
yesterday The bids and awards are
fully detailed in another column. The
highest bid was 100.
Repobt of Grain Flevator yesterday :
Wheat received, none; withdrawn,
none ; in att re, 3057 bushels. Corn
received, none ; withdrawn, 75 bush
els; in store, 104,r25 bushels. Oata
received, none ; withdrawn, 240 bush
els ; in store, 0324 bushels. .
Visitors on 'Change yesterday:
Theodore Anderson, Ijos Angeles.Cof. ;
W. J. Thompson, Little ltock, Ark.;
A. It. Helton, Cincinnati. 0.; J. M.
Len, Nashville; T. Smedes, Vicks
burg; Miss Marv Sandberg, St. Louis;
Mr. J. 11. Itussel, Huntington, Va.
Eurroi ArriAL It aeems to me
that our merobanta are exhibiting a
grf at amount of gall by kickiog at the
Mississippi drnmme'H tax while our
city ia allowed to collect a similar tax.
If one ia wrong the other mn-t he.
No doubt that for tbs bene Q , ( ?) of a
few our city has suffered and lost
more ttan she has gained by the col
lection of this tx.
Mil oa Vablea. .
Hie Milton Nobles Company ai-m-ared
before a fair audience last night
tor the second time in Love and Law.
To-night Interview; which has been
played with success all oyer the con
tinent, will be presented. It will not
bo given again during the engagement.
Direct Importation of
lompellan Antique CryMtal
French Bisque Figures.
100 ffoveltle Jaut 0pm.
Ufnry W. Biunsn and wife to Hen
rietta E. Bethel, deed to north bait of
i"t 4 block 33 east side of Main street,
twx wo leer, $o-Jut.
J. W.and M. E. Vernon to Henrr
F. Dix, trustee, deed to south half of
lot 3 and a 1 of let 4, block 20, west
siae oi neiitucky avenue, to secure S,
M. Vernon in the sum of S2CC0.
Sag ad. of Memphis Steam Shirt
factory and laundry on fifth page.
Kalsomininu telephone 609, A. Mc
Neil. Memphis 8tainbd Glass Wobks, 236
Third street. Call and see.
Wation's Bitumen Concrete is abso
lute proof against damnness, seepage
and rats. Talepbooe 938.
Hava yon damp, unhealthy cel
lar T Witton's Bitumen Concrete will
make It dry and wholesome. Tele
phone 038.
Tbi Herbal Chill Cure, the best
tonic aad antl-parlodio known. A aartaiB
aaa itus aura for chilli Prloa H par bot
tla. Band itamii for alronlara. Any raf-
tranra rlxon, Addraai John 0. Haoksr.
yaohoara, Va.
Send lo Memphis Floral Company
for list and price-current o' plants.
Have largett stock in town. Comeout
and eee fur yourself. South gate Elm-
wood uemetery.
"Watson's Bitumen Concrete." for
the paving of cellar, warehouse and
(table 11 jo rs, driveways, walks, etc.
Hard, smooth and durable, and proof
against dampness and seepage. Tele-
Watchks Jnlea Jorgencea stem-
wind, 18 k, $125 Rockford stem-wind,
18 k. 75; Hchmeider stem-wind, 14 k.
160: Elgin and Waltham stem-wind,
to id gold. 120 'o 150 lalloe solid gold
watches at IS, 110. S15. to 140:
gen's' loiid s.lver American wa'cbes
at $4 to 15. Abtve watches are all
good as new. A large line of diamonds
at lees than co-t of impoitttion, and
every article sold nnder guarantee, at
Memphis Loan Office, 74 and 76 Beale
Fine vTatcli repalrlaa at Mnl ford's.
In order to Introdncs the Alabama
Splint Oil in thie market, it will be
deliver d at 363 per barrel in city lim
its, it naa to enpavinr.
r. m. rairanaun w.
Teleptone 6M
Order MetaUat Mnl ford's.
Mrw. A. 11 aiMtt'a eraaal Onniafi
Tkaraalar, April Sat.
t NanapMa Vlartal faaayHy
far BlwaiU ual Blaaly ar Ihaaai.
Monogram ItanKlean Bfollbrd.
Ciacisa ATI, March 30 -Night River
36 feet 4 inches on the cauge and rising.
Weather cold and raining.
Ptttsbcbo, March 30. Night Rive?
11 feet on the gauge and falling.
Weather cloudy and mild.
Vicxsneao, March SO Night De
parted: Courier, Cincinnati. Arrived:
City of Vickaburg, St Louia.
CArao, March 30. Night River 56
feet on the range and rising. Wta'ber
cloudy and cold. Arrived: Ouidiag
Star, Cincinnati, 2 p m. Nodeparturea.
Leu:avuJ.B. March 30 Night River
stationary, with 11 feet 11 inches in the
cans! and 8 feet 0 inches on tbs falla.
Business gt od. Weather cloudy, ch: lly
aad lainlcg.
Nw Obuukb, Va-r-h jn Night
Departed: Citv of B.ta Ro iire, 't,
Lnle; CP. Ch'nteao, Mempnls,thi
avenlog: Tot E.dt and targea, St.
Louie, yesterday.
Evakbvuxb. March 30- Night River
rising, with 25 feet 7 inches oa the
ganee. W'a'ter raw and rainy ; thsr
nioaneter 47 to 48. Departed: OMa,
Cincinnati, 5 p.m.
St. Locia, March 30. Night R'ver
risen 1 inch, and nt a stands 23 feet 1
inch on the gang. WtathfrmH iml
wet. Arrivrd: Arkaniai C'tv, Vicke
bnrg. D.'parud: ArkanFas City.Vit ks-burg.
! Ull
W. H. BTNOIIAM.- .Hiaion.
Euioixian plan. KoIrtl and rciurnuhld.
fricaaaoenrdiaa u liie and loca
tion of room..
Mri L Whitt'a, Ark H Bank., Ark
J ltnar. vie. Ark T 1 MrUow.a, Tana
H W UrKir, Mill 1! W II. n art. Mill
Mr Mcr.rh. I.a Mr. W MartWk, U
J M Fmitha, La W 11 Itliodw-Mb, Ark
J A Tappan. Ark Mi i WaK-h, Ky
JWL-ttl., Kv W r Uanooak.Tann
U K Kudnill, Tenn A I oaaoi cin, lann
H J Durum, Tenn II Crohn, Pa
U Denh.m, Min B L IMell, Mo
J P Harri., Min ' V M Cobana a. Mid
A B Koiall, Mini J K Mo'i.n. Mi
M Friedman, Mo J K Baker, Tenn
KACI.rk.Tex A tl lerr.ll, Mo
LBMcGill, Mo JBMoora, Min
R T linen. Vial . C L Naah, Ark
II IlJuian. Ark HWWr.nn, Tann
W II Irby, Tana I i Murrbr, lean
J K Koaeri, Ark R W Brnda. Ark
J W Johmoa, Ark JOP.ndi, A-k
W K Vntrell. MUa II 0 atyeri, Mill
K Kinai, CiminnaU,
riakudy Hal.l.
C. B. 0AI.L0WAV k C0......Por'KToas.
Rata fM 50 and Ki par day, aucortlinf to
ixa and location of r.xtm MpauiaJ
raloa aada.
A Waner, N J J t Head, Tenn
B J LUIIe, Ark W Curtli, Mo
K B Johniton, N Y Kl Miller, NV
F M Karoer, Md J Chi.ro, Mill
K L Howe, La . 8 V C.ulk. Tenn
8 It Chum. Mil K u Aldridge Aw, Mini
bPaxloa. Mil" T Sraham, lotn
W Carroll, Tenn H I. llriaklev, Tenn
J WiPiaDi.cn, N V D l Hchwarti. Tano
M Millar, Tenn W 11 Kuld, N Y
A Hu Ibeit Aw, Mo W sddoni. Aw, La
W Lcko. La K Sein, Tann
TUFIn.iin.Teon J W Uault. N Y
B L lla-kini, N Y C II II or ton. N Y
K M Dur.ll Ky CrlKaton.Tann
A P W.teraold, Ohio M lieilbruner, Tenn
V M Turner, Ky J H Rynra, Va
M'i M J Uleuinc, La M It M Blei.lna, La
K M Lattione Aw, Ma L 1 Moon nico, Tana
M J Bleu tif , Tenn J N Bt Kulbe, 111
Wm Newberaar, N Y H H Brown, Pa
DWPipei, La Bthna'.Ml.l
T M bmf.lei, Mill V A Um N Y
I haroel.on, Tenn J Le.er, Tenn
O Fa'ilium. Ala W l Moore. Ala
J H 8 -atfi. Ky M a Nilteneir, Oa
II II -rr, Mich Mm A De Berry, Mo
WK Cody, Mo II Natin, Tenn
Mri 11 A Cbarlei.MUl B K Smith, Mm
TAHn.h.Ind V Jl-riioldi Mm
D Mct'toi lier, Tenn i C Lonaitreat, Min
A H Whitfield, M il T C Kernn nn, Mill
JBIUile,Ky D Brown, Kv
A M ttimoni, Mill B C Black, Mill
Daffy 'a Enrapeaa Hetel.
Corner ef Adami and Main it.re.ti. Roomi,
oOo, 75c and II per day; AaerioaD Plan,
, ti per day.
Flrnt-clui Reitaurant in the Hotel.
J. M. DUifVK (10 yn with Paabody Uotal),
H 8 Norton, Col W I! clmnni. Tenn
.1 A Km. Aw, Mill F S RoiebrouKh, Mo
II J Hubert on. Tens F Hond. Tenn
F M Morrti, Tenn K L Martin, Mini
A B Hocrll, Min P A Meath, Tena
II Connor, Tena J on nor, tenn
8 Levy, Tann FTKeed.Maaf
W 0 BetU, ill B H.lvo, Miea ,
J I) fer baok. Ill POP rker, Ky
J K Ma ley, Tena A P Ford, Tena
J Munlee, Ark FJobnion, Ark
M Lehrtuan. N J A M Davli, Ark
HTbhotwell.Mo W H Tbnaa. Ky
0 M tewmm, N 0 K j Koohe, Ky
M I, Hamilton, Mill UTB roiiy.Mo
C Brl jri, Ark U I Pattenon, Tena
W K Vic-ker., Ind C L Nih, Ark
K B Throtwane,Tenn B L Milan, Toon
Ulareaata Petti,
.No. Mind itS Madbon .treat.
BOWLt-tlA LEAKK JatraiiTota.
Uatai-t2 par day, day board t& per
J n rtanter, Tenn J M Footer, NJ
TP Fleenar if. N Y J II froFarland, Teaa
II Andeiiun, Ma 8 Kins, (la
W 0 Monli. Ala 4 Kn der. Ala
0 MoOtbee, Ohio 1 ' Grant, Pa
W II Bwaa. Ark II D Fry, Ark
M J C.lter, Kaa V K VTaUnn, Tenn
J F Porter. Tena A 1. K J ward., city
T Frank Aw, Max T F Wood., Tenn
J M llanweck, Tena F I) farntberi.Tenn
JOhinn. Mo II KO'Hilay. Mill
MJonei. NV W W Williarnion.eity
M Cayea, Mill W M Crou Tenn
D C Ar.oer.on, Tenn L A Mareura, Tenn
WTOSoett, Tenn K T Knixhtloy, oily
W A Ramiiey. Ark J K Wood, Ark
Ibe Hw Uayaio.
Ratal, t2 60 toll rer day, eveoidint to loca
tion of rootni.
J P Kll ott, Ind J 0 Reml'ick, MIm
W J Thomp.o", Ark R KMridge. Ark
J P RtiHorr, Mo K Hull. T nn
W M Johnfon, Mill Mr. Fow ka, V
M'i Dam, Mo 1 Holi-rt.on Aw, ftfim
J CI Uavii, Ohio X II Hill-nple, Mtss
a pnrcell Aw, Mill D C Miichfl', Fla
8 Wolfe, Mo W BCrenthav, M Y
ri llenderaon, rhlo 0 h Brown. Mo
J B Nelnon, BmIod K J" ei. Tenn
Ihoi Woodi, Mo M W Hirka Ark
John Martin, Ala F Harrow, La
J H Freeman, Tena X L De Liu, Cat
A Emeraon, Ark A M e-pe lht, Mill
(J F Kookaxll, Mo HO Paxer, Ky
R A Bland, Tenn J I Willin.,fenn
Geo ne. .en, Tenn C E Denton, Tonn
HTHainei, Mo 8 U Sami le, I envar
T J Campbell, Mifl B Newberxer, Ky
W K Jentini, N V. N Jamol, Jr., Mill
VMWilli.miAwTaaa W 8 Fratbe .ton, Mill
JL MoKee, Miai J T B rbee. Tann
T Baokley, Miaa 8 B Kaini, Miai
Mr. A. K. Hlaaa'a Oraxtd Opealag,
Tkaradav, April lai.
49 RatlMlare 1-J.aamanitme) far
Mrs. A. 14. Rlaaal raaal pealas,
Tkaradaj, a aril lat.
Ilealiajr the Sick.
Corae to 117 Court street and read
teetimonials of wonderful healing.
Office hours 10 a.m to 3 p.m.
G. t.
ft Hal lexlar Ajuronaarataa tde
year tlnaablas
KolldNllverwMri nt Malford's
Heaahli Tlaral Va. au the larareat
aln. mt plaata w
French Pattern Bonnets
arhatlai ara lavitaat is aiaalna ear alo-
aaal aad axtoailva stoek of Millinery.
A. hexti:r,
No. B14 IVXaalxa. aBt.,
Has Jurt raoaivad a larra itook of the
lateat atylaa of
for Panta.wh'cS wewil aaka ta order at
maeh I 4a than 'he a. aa' i-ricea. W( wl
make a ra-d all wool pan'i forM Call
aad axam-ne oar tooi.. AUn, a conpleta
hae ul UKNIs FUKMUtNU GOoi8
for the ooatas aaaaoa at our aiaal low.
I lioo..
A. IlEXrER, J.O. 214 MAIS ST.
IHSRKBY otl"y tha pohlio that I hava
liven aa ay poiitin aa Praetieal Ft ri.t
.1 U. Moor.'., t at otler at praaant ay ler
leo ai Landapaia U-dane. ony work
wanted to be d-ua ia tnie line will be ae
eomiitirbed in the b-at ma ner r.le-a by
m il will be taken al Mr )itufc"hwill Seed
bMtt, Ka Main .treat. Rr'r.'l,l,
Pr.rlical Tlnriat and 1 an rlr-i Gardener.
Metaptii.Tann.i.aa oh A lj.
aTThe firm of GOODBAB A CO. las been dissolved, and we have reorganised Oor interest in the Wholesale Boot
and Shoe Business, in connection with Mr. W. E. Love, lata of Warren, Love ek Co., 8u Louis, Mo., and Mr. J. C
Callicott, of Coldwater, Miss., nnder tba style of and firm cam given below. Wa thank our friends for their patronage
in the past and hope foi a continuance of their favors. A. B. GOODRAIL
A. B. ttOADBil, I.H. tiaoDBlR, V . LOII, i. C. CA LLICOTT,
Late of Goodbar ACo.,M.mphli. Lata of Goodbar k t a., Maapbli. Lata of Warren. Love k Co., 8t, Looia. Lata el OoldwaUr,
3G7 & 3G9 Main
Wa ara cow receiving a larse and EsS'trely w Nlnek of E-tm and
Spring Trade of 1886, which wa offtr at ictock Itot-oua Prices,
We have EXCLUSIVE control in thla
lowing linea f CUSTOM-MADE Goo is, all of whish wa
warrant to give perfect satisfaction : ,
George Hocker's celebrated Men's Calf Boots.
Brady & Sbortell'a Boys', Youths', Misses' and Children's
Solar Tip 6ho?s.
T. M. Harris ACo.'s Philadelphia made Children'a Shoes.
Also, L. W. Nute & Co.'a Kip Brogans and Plow Sbtvs
the best Brogans made in the United States heretofore
handled by Gcodbar A Co.
We are the only house in this Market handling the cele
brated Krippendorf, Dltttnsnn A Co line of LiHim and
Misses' Kid, Goat and Calf CUSIOM Goods EXCLU
SIVELY, nnrler thai Faetorv BunHa.
The Handsomest in the
South and Its
Men the
The Prido of the Mis
sissippi Valley.
A New York drummer, who trav
els over the entire country, was
bragging about the advantages of
living ia Gotham, but ho had to ad
mit that in tho Misfit Clothing Par
lors, 21)2 Second street, Memphis has
the beet and cheapest clothing house
in the United Statc-s. He also had
to concede that the Memphis girls
are the prettiest in the oountry and
that the men here, as a general rule,
are belter d re sued than those of any
American city.
Memphis men can afford to dress
well. The Misfit Clothing Parlors
gives them the advantage of buying
fine merchant tailor's olothing at
about one-half its aotual value.
The Misfit Clothing Parlors be
lieve in bragging when it has some
thing to bras about We have been
busy during the past two months
hunting up bargains for Spring. We
now have our Parlors, packed with
beautiful new goods. Better s' ill.
our prices are wonderfully low.
Come quick and inspeot these hand
some goods.
Remember, all alterations to in
sure a perfeot fit done free of eharg
by a first-class tailor.
263 Second St, Memphis,
Opp. Govt Sqaue.
The Paradise tor those hnnt
inEeal Clothing Bargains.
tills, Aumanltloe, Flaking Tackle
aad BagfUall Meads.
BM Bireart, Trmm
MaaafMtortaf and Rapalria- of Saaa a
Boiler Works.
RHEA ft MCCARTHY, Prepr's,
110, 143, 144 Front, Memphis.
ta iaa rviavh, and tba obit tplat
PcMl.r and 8 rt-lTor Work! In tljatMtj.
MaanfiMitarcra of aea nlat tratav
Mart r ry aKwrrlvla. $psoi)
afnUoa rTa ,i rlaotaaoa f-fc.
and 18 Gayoso Streets, Memphis, Tenn.
De made ry any competing mtakel.
market of the fol
We also eontrol
own btaaiie, vis:
Grtodbar, Love
a moit ronrLriK stock or
O T V-rTTp ISeavorlptloti.
We are Jaal la Breelpt f m Imrs Btalpaaeat MT
R. B, Plows, Columbus Steel Drag Scrapers,
And . puipi(-;r tine of cAtir orrni. .
No. 394 rrtAim stuff, r wewpittWi TinyyT'SSEK.
laaaea H. dbar Wn. I riark Eaaaaia M. Oarrtactani I Fraak O. Jataea
IJI taTrjlltloc 1B60.1
319 Main Street, Mompliis. Tenn.
WK offer to MFRCaf 4BTTA e"t T Iba laraoat ard bart stoak f Boot, and fboal art
ban oar broaaHt to thtr markat. aad abirh raaoot ba i urraaaad in aoafltr aad
ityloi b o hnare In tail or any othar eity. Ia additioa to a oomplata lino ot Baater
made food., Inolud n tb . B a ttUBH aV C4. BattHiaKN. wehaof!
a larva and leleot itock of Caitom-nada Ooodifor Was. Womenj Miue and Child ran. W
carry a Bomber ol tba boat makei in tba eotn'ry, ia arar a-anaty ad H- la. aad itMar '
thatn tba wall known Mao 'l Calf fcooti and Phnaa maautVHarad by Ilea. Hoekor for or
Brrina Traua. t a alio carry a cboiaa lina of banyan' aad Miraoa' Canton Kid, Ooat aa-l
Calf Ooodi. nanntaotarad ky Krippendorf, Ditttnaa t Co Wa Invite tba trade t aianinv
oar Itook before ttajinc elsewbere, and wa laarai.teeeTorytkinf wa tell to five muaiaotioai,
Mimii, lass. i Match 10, 1890.
We made contract some moiitts
ago with George Hocker, the manu
facturer of the celebrated "Hooker
Boot,'' for the exclusive handling of
his boots at wholesale in tbia market,
and have advertised in various news
papers to this effect. We notice re
cently that another wholesale shoe
bouse in Memphis is advertising
that they have George Uoeker's oalf
boots for sale, manufactured for the
spring trade. In order that we should
not be placed in- a false attitude be
fore the trade, we wrote to Mr. Hook
er on February 27th to know whether
or not he bad sold hia oalf boots to
any other wholesale house in Mem
phis, and we herewith publish his
reply. Very rospeotfully,
orrics n? okorb hockbr, i
a.avranrUKia or 1
BOuTd ASl olltlhH, f
Ci :t.tTt, U., March 1, 19M. J
Henri. Goodbar, Lot k Co., MemahU,
Tenn. I
GBriTLKMKNr Wa have just re
ceived your letter of February 27th.
Goodbar k Co. hav. not bought a
tingle pair of boot from m far tba
tpring trade
I oannot think that they are getting
them through any other house, as we
rooeived no orders that they eould
st nd, and are ouly selling one other
jobbing house these goods. I do not
think they get tnem from them.
NotwItbstaadiDC ofau tos
Eetltora p bllttiaa a lettrr from He,
itcker ataUnx be has net sold a
aay calf Ltaaia for aprlar tral,n
I HE I'atlT !, bare thase gonds
aow la atare, which we ti&Vr to the
trade at as low. prices aa tar, can be
f.iaad alaewbvre. caaraatee
I hem to be t V t,K CIS E So. Hacker
btMttx, aid adaaled to I prweal sea
son's uatie. Kfsprcttail ytiura.
MarrpliK March 18 IHSft.
Importeri and dealan la Sana, lami.
miloa and rianinar -!, SatMrn'
Haraaat, lt-ir He la mm Aa
MiHattn lor Tiotali td " i'n'-ea,aa
Mala airevt. atK-aaahla, Ceaa Kleoirtt
anplieialwayi ra hand. fLaBairlca naaUy
dona. ,
CustonvMade Boota and Bhoeafortha
on aa liberal terms aa can
following Speeialtiea andet oor
St Co.'a Men'a Grained Calf
TOM-. MADE Bala, Baton and Congress.
G"o 'bar, Lovs &, Co.'a Men'a N.K. Calf CU8TOM
MADE B-ils, Button and Cbngresa. .
Godhsr. Lnve A O.'s Ladies' Kid and Goat CUSTOM-MADE
Flexible Polish and Button $3 00 Shoes.
Oor Ladiea' 13 00 6boea are made from the beet se
lected Caraeoa Kid and Tsmpico .Gnat Stock, and havo
Solid Sole Lekt'ier Counters and Flex bla Inner Soles
and wa warrant them to fit and give perfect Mtinfactloa
In avv rperwrt.
Sweet Pickles, Etcv,
8(trtrw Frail PleklaoV Oravfree,
KiaM rralt rtekled Caaaaafceaa, .
NlaBVtt rrait richl Pvrfxva,
MoHVd rrali PicklaMMiaacaew,
niat awaet Pleal.a,
Croa aVarkweil'a Oaar CTiaw aaati
Mlavel Pleklea,
Plata Caeaaakor Plektaa hy (fee ta
Otbor kraatata af Plana aaal Mix eat
rieklca la Cliaaa aaa Ui
I Oraer Neeaaa and Krale 8ts.
Cor. Saooad and Hoarve Sts.,.
Would call attention of hi friend -aad
aaUona la hit
.Comprtiinc te ehrioett and latent dav
irni ef rrireiaja Uooda in the market.
Halni taken apeetal care la their aalee.
tion, I aa pleaeed to ear to ay eaitemera
and paxlio who f iror ma with a a all, to
ihow them inee o roodi only foaad la
leadint hooaea.
Frank Schnmann,
Iapartar aad Dealer la
Claaa, Ptafcaaa; Taokta aaal
aaalaaaalln aarpmaj auantlna
pTIIDrAcIfJWifa aad &H-
41 a "lata t.ffpajflia, Tenn.
JoaaOTiiToa, J a. ' 0. K. Oaoamw.
Real fstata Dealers ;
OCUos264 feocond Streets
Tazaa Paid. Rente CoUeoted, etc., ea
Young & Brother.
Booti86ll&r8 ard Stationers..
SIHMavia ., MuipbiisTcna
WUklae; ta Waire traea Baalaeaa
We 4er a.r kailra
Notice to Railroad Contractors.
TUB nodarflana.d trpr-d ta frnriik to
rvr ntratoraon Ralr.d Work DA V LA
lauRkKo ia a rnwber. aatit-d. Addrefl
Lexinatea, klUs

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