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Thoughtful leaders in the labor or
ganisations eotrtcm gratification that a
great iron capitalist like Andrew Car
negie is a believer in industrial reor
ganization, an4 that the president of
ao great a railroad, aa the New York
Central, Mr. Chncey M. Dcpew,
freely concede W labor the right to
organise mi abcognixea the reason
rablencfls ft! negotiation between repre
sentatives of the two organised inter-
i taher and capital. '..-"
A oowiraNKKTioa in another cofcimn
wnT7 the gratifying intelhence
that Mrs. Merriwther and Mrs. Saxon
hare tbe tmpotiarit questibn of the
4eoi censcni amder advisement and
"fill endeavor, when the Legislature
--meets, to have a law passedraising it
" to eighteen years. The facts furnished
'fcy Mrs. 8aawn in Sier very 'interesting
- letter are sweh as nunt shame tlie low
' est of the. middle African 'tribes. How
sent at nftsren,' or even' tec, will remain
always no of fhe unanswerable ques
tions. ' Bat it is proof that all wisdom
is not lodged in parliamentary bodies.
Ta Chicago Inter-Ocean estimates
that fall fit ,0. 0 working people in the
United States east of the Rocky Moun
tains are out on strikes. It is safe to
say that the wages of these working
people are the daily support of 150,000
people, 'when those dependent upon
the strikers are t ken into con-idera
tion. Calling the average daily wages
earned by these people, when am
- ployed, f 1 2', which is certainly a low
estimate, and the loss to the laborers
by 'their enforced and organized idle
ness is very nearly $2,00 '1,000 a month.
"This is an immense loss, and must pro
vince great dh trcfs.'snd suffering in
many househsUls..
' TThb New York ITeralcTi Washington
-correspondent declares tliat the Presi
dent's .'threat ' tbut if ' the Senate
pushed him too hard 'he would dis-
clone what would make Senators of
both parties very uncomfortable set
tled the recent dispute 'about secret
.'papers. Five or six Republican Sen-
- ators at once uociareci, m private con
versation that it was foolish to make
- a fight on the President, and thus the
-contest ends in which Edovindx.
Hoar, Logan and Harrison figured u.
heroes defending the Republican
" office-holders who are waiting to be
". kicked out of the places they have
:. retained as offensive partisans for
twenty years.
The strike is at an end. Mr. Pow
derly has ordered the men to go to
' work and Mr. Irons, of the local asso
ciation of St. Louis, has sent tele
grams to notify them of the decision of
' the Executive Committee. As to Mr.
Hall,1 the unfortunate cause' of so
much loss of time and money on the
part of his fallow-workmen, so much
loss '! earnings ou the part of the
railroad companies, shd such immense
loss of trade to the commercial com
munities of Texas,: Arkansas and Mis
souri, he has boen referred to the
courts for a. remedy. But all this loss
put together great as it is will be as
nothing if the lesson this strike teaches
is laid to heart, and it is the means of
hereafter preventing strikes and in
ducing arbitration in all cases of dif
ference between capital and labor.
A raiLANTnKOPic Connecticut friend
sends ne a statement to the effect that
Warner- Bros, of Bridgeport, in that
State, have commenced the erection of
a building for the free useiof the 1000
girls employed in their factory It is
to be about seventy feet square a
wree stones nign. l neurit, story is
- to be devoted to a restaurant, where
good meals will be furnished at cost;
the second to contain a large reading-
room and library, conversation-room,
music-room, bath-room and Uavatory ;
the third story is to contain a large
hall, seating 600, a small hall, seating
150, and claes-room.j, where .evening
. classes ia .singing, penmanship, draw
ing, book-keeping, fancy needle-work,
etc., will be taught The building
will be under the care of a competent
uiuuDn, ana win De tree to all nrls in
Warner Bros' employ. This ia all
very nice and very crelitable to the
firm, bat wo should feel better about
it ll we anew that the girls were not
- worked more than eight hours aday,
: and that n'ne cl them over eiglitoen
: years of age .receivd less than 7 50
rper week.
J ii dob Caldwell teems to be a fa
vorite with the people and a farit
-candidate for the Supreme Court.
"The Union City A.ncho commends
him for his "native ability, legal cul
ture and studious, lfcborious.habitB.''
The Lebanon RcgiMrica.rtily indorses
this, and the Pulaski CUum declares
him to be "the brihteit, yvifest,
worthiest young man in Toinensee."
The Clarksville Cknmide sars. "he is
of the staff of which supreme judges
shoold be made,"' and the Jackson
Tribute pronounces him "one of the
foremost of the rising generation at
statesmen and jurists. As a
member of the Refuree Court he has
exhibited judicial ability of the first
order, and a capacity for work ansur
passed by any man who has heretofore
ocenpied tbe highest judicial position
in the Bute." The Chattanooga Tim i
recognises him "as one of the ablest
lawyers in 'he Bute," and the Union
City Advance -'earnestly hopes to see
the day when he will be one of our
supreme judges," and it ' confidently
believes that day is not far distant,
drowning all this the McKenzie Arw
fflVB that "he ia young and energetic,
kl no man ran be found who would
fill a place on the Supreme Bench
ma-e acceptably to the bar and the
pecplo, and with ereater credit to
nioaelf" This is nigh praise judici
ally expressed and cannot fail of
effect wUj the public.
So Chattf ia 'ir. atannliir Staator
Harris and Vheraa-Electrle-The
' WlsmsTOH, March 31. Secretary
Lartar's sqn said this afternoon that
his father womld not be able to be out
for some days yet, although there is
nething dangerous in his present con
dition. A severe cold contracted some
Viays ago Ins settled in his head and
lungs, waicn. causes severe coughing.
His son said at one time the Secretai y
was in great danger of pneumonia, but
that danger, he thinks, is now passed.
He, however.suffers greatly from pain
in his head.
Secretary Coadltlea.
WisnisoTOt, March 31. At 11
o'clock this morning Dr. Lincoln sa d
there was no change in Secretary
Manning's condition, except that per
haps he was a little more restless early
this morning than rjwoal. "That was
easily made right," said the doctor,
"and he is now resting comfortably.
His condition is practically the same
as yesterday."
'i he Secretary's speech, while at
times somewhnt husky, is said to be
ordinarily quite clear and strong.
"Yesterday, said a member of the
family, "the Scretary told me the
whole story of his attack, to the mi
nutest details, and only rested for a
very few minutes during the recital."
Senator Merrii u ilia ian-Ele"trl.
Washi'muton, March 31. The Tele
phone Investigating Committee ex
amined Senator Harris of Tennessee
to-day. He toll the story of the or
ganization of the Pan-lilertric Com
pany, which agreed with the state
ments already made by other wit
nesses. - i
"Senntor," impaired the chairman,
"was there ever nnv suggestion that
the com pas y should profit in any
way by the official position of any of
the persons who might bo engaged 7"
"I answer no," replied the witness,
emphatically but slowly: "and' I an
swer further that if it had been inti
mated to me that my official action as
a Senator was to be invoked, directly
or indirectly, it would have ended
forever all negotiations."
The witness weut into the whole
subject a' length, but there were no
points brought out not covered in pre
vious testimony.
rwtrraal Krrmwe .ileetloa.
Vashinqtov, March 31. The col
lections of internal revenue fur the
first eight months of the fiscal year
ending J-une i!0, 1880, amount to 7fv
158,00, an increoso of $2,4 1,3S8 over
the receipts for the correHpondinif
period of the last fiscal yean. 'I he
principal it ms of increase wer :5)7,
334 from spirits, il, 171,910 from to
bacco, and ti()'2,H44 from fermented
liquors. The only decrease ws J45,
638 ou miscellaneous items. The re
ceipts for February were s 881,230 in
excess of the receipts for the same
month of the preceding year. It is
estimated at the Treasury Department
that there has been a reduction of
about 4,250,000 in the public debt
during the month.
Th Pra.lon Uarcaa Invrstigittloa
WASBijtOTO"March Ml. Commis
pioner 'Plaols was sgain before the
Senate Committee this morning. He
was examined by Senator Plumb in
respect to the case of Mark Robinson,
chapluin of the Fifty-second Indiana
Volunteers, one of those submitted
by tho Commissioner in support of
his ch Tges, and was asked to state
what there was in the records to in
dicate that Commissioner Dudley bad
allowed this claim for political rea
sons and not upon its merits.
. Commissioner Bluck said there was
among the papers in tho case a letter
written - by claimant's son to Commis
sioner ' Dudley, setting forth his
father's incapacity to maintain him
self, and stating that prompt action
upon the cane would gratify the mem
hers of the family, all of whom were
staunch Republicans. In answer to
Senator Plumb, the Commissioner said
that there was nothing in the case
other than Gen. Dudley's order, based
upon the letter of da mant's sen, to
shsw that improper influences (pre
vailed in the disposition of the aee.
Bogus va. otaila. Butter,
W huingto, March 31. A large
delegation of gentlemen interested in
we unary Business apieareu neioi-e
the House Committee ta Agriculture
to-day on the subject of butterine and
other imitations of r.ntter which are
being sold . as .genuine butter Mr.
Jas. Hughes, president of the Balti
more Produce Exchange, ex-Coragnis-sionerof
Agriculture Loring, Repre
sentative Scott and ex-Rejpresentativs
Hopkins of Pennsylvania, Mr. Jas.
W. Beymonr of the Mercantile Ex
change of New York ; Mr. B. F. Vi
Valkenberg of the New York Dairy
Aiwnriatinn Mr iW 14.' Iiurkwrrh
of New York : Mr.-Rohrcr of New',
York Retail Grows' oition;
Commissioner Colm ' XJoh Littler,
secre.tarv of tho Dairymen s As
sociation, ot he Chicago Produce Kx--hanguf
f the National Butter,
KKrtu i neese Associauan, aauressea
the committee on the Hulijw t. All
tbe gentlemen pr sent favWd '.he bill
proposed by the Asienilan Agricul
tural and Dairy Assooi (titn and in
troduced in the House-hy Representa
tive Scott, to place alt lmitat'Ktrts of
butter untter the contrc1 of tlufCom-
jnissioner of Internal lievenue and
provide that such products shs) be
taxed 10 cents per pound, and afttdl
be properly labeled. They said these
ira tattoos ol bntter were sold traixin
lectly, and were mining the dairy
industry. Unless some measure of
this character was passed, they pre
dicted that tlioilairy industry would
be rained withia three.years.
Lab Laattklalio.
WAsaiNOTOrf, M;irch 31 la addi
tion to the arbitration bill reported to
the House to-day. the labor committee
agreed to Mr. Lawler'g reaoluticn ap
propriating 5C0 i to pay the expenses
of a special commission to visit the
West aud make a thorough investiga
tion of the present labor troubles.
'the exposition loam.
The resolution recently introduced
for a statement of the account of tbe
New Orleans Exposition with the
United Slates Treasury came from a
Pennsylvania member. The meaning
of this movement is that the Phila
delphians want their money back if
New Orleans is to be allowed to keep
what the government loaned. After
the Centennial closed that government
loan was returned, it being held by the
Supreme Court that the bond given
by the Philadelphians required pay
ment The New Orleans pcoplo, thirty
of the wealthiest of them, also gave a
bond, but they are claiming that it
only bound them to an honest dis
bursement. They are writing letters
declaring that the Treasury officials
have relieved them of all obligations.
It is to And out why one exposition is
treated differently from the ithr that
the inquiry is put forth.
Scaato feeerwt fcmMiona
Washington, Varch 31. The
Senate, in executive session, this
evening, rejected the nomination of
the new postmaster at Webster City,
la. A considerable number of post
masters, whose predecessors were sus
pended, were reported upon favorably.
roLirx BEUC LATIOBItt ciovkr.
No RvlaloB of tholarlaTor Charges
for lbs r-rcaeat-Doatb of
Proaaiarat Oitlaea.
larioiAL TO TBI irrul
Jackmon, Miss., March 3'. The
Railroad Commission have this day
promulgated a circular containing cer
tain police regulat:ons for the govern
ment of all railroads doing business in
this Hate, in conformity to the re
'quirements of tbe act creating the
commission. There will be no revision
of the tariff of charges for transporta
tion at p esent. They have also pro
mulgated a form for a quarterly re
port at required by section 1(1 of tdo
Mr. Daniel M. Wilkinson, a ven
erable and greatly esteemed citizen of
Jacksou, died here at 8 o'clock this
morning at tho residenco of his son-in-law,
Col. J. L. Power, in the eighty
fifth year of hisuge. He was a native of
North Carolina and hud been a resi
dent of Mississippi for sixty-six years
and of this city forty-six years. As
an exemplary an l devoted member of
the Presbyterian church for sixt
years his life bore tho fruits of an
earnest Chrstiun. In all of his busi
ness transactions he was punctiliously
upright and honorable. As a citizen,
friend and neighbor he ' was
modest and unassuming, but un
swervingly true to evory duty. No
words of censuie or criticism have
ever been heard to be tittered against
him. His pure and unsullied life
evoked naught but praise and com
mendation, which nave ever been
freely and lavishly bestowed by an
admiring and loving community. In
May, 1878, he and his venerable wife
celebrated their "golden wedding."
She survives hi.j. Comparatively
speaking, but few men of his charac
ter and deportment live in a commu
nity in the same generation.
Bra. Matloy aud Cora Le Aen.iwory
to I be Murder l Mra Otabam.
SiKiNapiEU, Mo., March 31. Nine
teen days ago the preliminary exam
ination of Mrs. Malloy and Cora Lee
commenced before Justices Savage
and Roundtree. Eleven days were
consumed in presenting the evidence
of the State, the defense presenting
none. Two days were devoted to ar
gument. The remainder of the time
was lost through the illness of Mrs.
Malloy. Through all . these long,
weary days local interest has not
waned. This morning the largest au
dience ever assembled in the court
room of Greene county awaited the
announcement of the decision of the
justices. None were seated, there be
ing standing-room on y. Justice
Savage announced that no demon
strations would " be allowed on
the announcement of the court's
decisions. When tho prisoners
were brought in he announced
in a tremulous voice that the court
found probable cause to believe that
Cora Lee was accessory in the murder
of Sarah Graham before the fact, and
committed her wiahout bail to await
tho action of the Grand Jury. The
court found probable cause to believe
Km ma Malloy was accessory after the
fact, and fixed bail at ifr.iOO Tre
mendous applause greeted the an
nouncement of the court, which was
speedily silenced by the officers. The
prisoners manifested no emotion, Cora
smiling. After the witnesses were
recognized, the court adjourned. Mrs.
Malloy's attorneys declare they can
furnish bail at any moment, hut she
has not yet done so. The attorneys
tor tne aetense nave nouuoa toe itae
that they will apply for a writ of l
beas corpus Tuesday, and endeavo
seenrn l ho annnnnra' dinrhikmL 7 nl
least the release of Cora." '
A Couple JMrdrer Heap 11 Ml
for tr Ban.
t s " lu-lOlU. TO TBB ArPHL.1
-"Naw-viu-s, Tknm., Harsh
JWwisral days sgo Allen Herbert, oilor
ed, Sentenced to be hanecd on Friday,
April 2d. for the murder of lien rv
Jiverett,- colored, wrote to Goi-rnor
Bates,. ankinif s . respite of sixtidavs.
saying that he hoped in the raefBitime
. to collect enough testimony to (".'cure
a commutation of his sentence "to life
imprisonment. Several of Hf oort'c
friends have written the Governor in
h:s behalf. To-day the Cd vernor
granted the respita prayed fgr, fixing
rnoay, juiy 1st, as the datf of tier
bert's execution.
A respite of sixty days iwa also
granted J im Baxter.tulored. sentenced
to be hung April fftb at Letanon, for
Uie murder 01 irs.'i.iarth lJUMi of
that place. This clenges tre date of
iiaxiers execution viJulvhUi. The
scaffold npon which Herbert is to be
executed has been complect and is
ready for erection. It would' have
been placed in position troorrOw but
lor Uie. respite. ,
Foundaonf, cellar wlts and build-
. f.1. u 1 1 V-. . n f m AWfrt. hil Irt h. Ann.
s'rncted with Loo ip vile Cement. Itia
the standard. '
Uallraad AeelSeaZ kr Eraaavlllr.
Evanbvillb, Ind.,' 4arch 31. At 1
o'clock p.m. to-day; ihe West-bound
passenger train Iron Louisville on the
Air Line road, was irpwn from the
track between H ingburg and Fer
dinand, by a broke tie at tho junc
tion of two rails. Laere vere twenty
two passengers in the coach, fourteen
of them were irjured couiidorably
and the others slijhtly.
LcNTBOna' pt fume, Edenis.
Lnudborg's pefums, A pine i'io'et.
Lnndborri p-rfnni, Lily o! the
Disatroai Fle44 la Ksatnckj Riv
en Rislag In Tlrglaia-Snow-Sterol
iBrtciAli tii irrtiL I
BiKMiMOHAM, l-i-A., March 31. A
stiff breeze has Vfen 1 'lowing all day
with the sun iainins at intervals
and in the city t marks of the great
rainfall have alifadv been oblitcraU d
to some extentj j To-day's develop
ments on therai road were rather com
forting than otifTwise. Tho worst
damage to this division of the Louis,
villeand Nashville road is on the Ala
bama river in sight of Montgomery,
and it is thought this ran be repaired
by to-morrow night and trains can go
through. There are several washouts
between Clan ton a, id Verbena, from
300 to 400 feet each, but the trace will
be ready for tbe trains at all of these in
the morning. TL damage up the
road is pretty welrei aired already.
Passenger train Nt. 2 went through
this mominf an4 this afternoon a
special train tame down, bringing sev
eral officers of the road and a good
load of delated travelers. Passenger
traffic will be resumed on tho Queen
and Crescent roadjaelow here to-morrow
afternom. Uj the road another
day's work 6r more will bo required.
Tho Georgit Pacific, will commence
running tra ns regularly Friday morn
ing at the farthest. The damage in
the city is not considerable although
all drains overflowed.
t'ontlnard Hilu.al CbHttnnnoBM.
CiiATTtNoouA, Tknn., March 31
Heavy rains prevailed throughout
East Tennessee last night, and the
waters urj ntill rising. No damage
has been done here, except the s s
pension of all traffic on tho ail roads,
not a trail having left the city or come
in since Monday.
The Juibhi HinIkk ai Klcbmooil
Rit-Hit(ND. Va.j March 31.-Tho
James river is still rising, and mer
chants abng the wharves are remov
ing their goods. The cellars on M in
street, urt to Sixteenth street, are
filled w th water, All tho streams
are rising hit.
River BiaiuK at ognata, tin.
Ga., '
Mach 31. The
hicht of thi river
here is thirty one
feet, and is it'll rising.
Heavy Balai la Virginia.
LTNCBBnmi, Va , Mr;fi 81. Heavy
rains of lbs ltt. f.mr days have ctued
a grt at ri- in the J. mis river at (hi
point. Tbe wat"r i -ix;ven ht
at ova low Vilrr tn tik, and is tti 1
riding a' ths r:e of rn f o', per hour.
Venn Rivr Hiains.
LiixiNGTow, Va.,' Mnh 31. Ths
Noith liver i? llirh f - t hiaher thn
evpr know n slid is! ciill risirg. Rin
is ttill falling." A (iira.erous flood ii
feired. ('
Blaaatronx t louilr, la Ueataeky,
LoO'SV(llk,Kv .March 31. Ruin has
been falling ..hoost continuously f ir
nearly thiew diiys throughout th
State. At Williamsburg, Ky., Its
Cnmberliurl rivrri higher tb an ever
known, and fa ros jt inuudaitwl, aud
over a hundred f iruiiies ba movsd
to highir gionnd or saf-Jt. Lre
;0!8?e of lrg are report- A fl od of
the Big Sndy is thfitened rt land
above CatlettsburirXy. At JJio,
near the State lie on ti e Knoxviiu
branch of therr2i'JiiiBvilla snd Nash
ville, the hjr&ieg are all Hubmsraed
snd tralnvV'" nnsbl to gH thrinb.
Nottainscn the F.t TenuesReeJ Vir
ginia and Ueor a road baVs arrived
ht Jallico f r thiriv-eix limits, and it Is
reportt-d thit 4(0 lent ni leeo'-i tnn
nel bus caved i. Rrl-oi I b'irlg s i-t
the South on urn I.ouHV,lle and Maih
ville ai d Uincmniti boatharnaie r-
poited washed away. A"
Bear Suow-Monn at 4Ttiteaco.
Chic. go, March ?4 -A heavy
f now b o in r availed jni' morn
inir. which uittlted miAf bs it M'
The storm covrs br. alarfa, snd
seriously iitfifdiyO witi telexraihc
commnrjicatiOP. 'hes'orm belt ex
tends from JdifTrnwoith, Kan., to Oj
wigi, N. 1 aid bout Memjhis,
Teuo., ttV' Lnke fiuoerior reslon.
The reefer of -the st um is ia Ohio,
betw",B Toledo and kandosky, where
it t rsfning.
. Heavy Kolas at Hew York.
New York, March 31. An unusual
season of meteorological disturbance,
covering most of tha present week,
culminated last night. It has been
raining most of the time for the past
seventy-two hours. To-night the rain
is falling faster, accompanied by light
ning, a gale is blowing, a thick fog
covers the city and an aurora borealis
is added to this remarkable combina
tion of natural pnenomena. The re
sult is that telegraphic communication
has been almost wholly suspended be
tween New Ysrk and tho rest of the
world. Again and again electrical
convulsions have stopped the working
of every wire in the Western Union
office, followed by a partial re-establishment
of communications and an
other break. fKmmmmmmm
TniRc was a iim'k. of onr town and
he was wondrous tfiue. He jumped
into a bramble btmhiand scratched out
both his eye. Andtwhen he saw his
eyes ware out, with rill his might and
main, he bought a bottle of Salvation
Oil, and rubbed them kn agtun.
- . i
Bled from aMar.
larnoui. toth Vt.t
Birjiioiiam, Ala., March 31. A
stranger, apparently a Morklngman,
wis found dead in the slumps about
three miles out of town tnW morn in if.
Appearances indicate thatyte died of
exposure, lite nad a sort w tent over
hiin. The Coroner had tfweremains
brought in, but could notyfind out
anything as .to his death. fhe man
bad his pockots ful: of money
IIavs tried Tongaline n a Idas of
n ane
rheumatism with the best results. I
am salbded it will do all you claim (or
W. J. PTLAND, M.D., Laniiter, Tts.
w . i
Ex-Iridea Arlhar'a Health.
NkwYokk. March 31.-Tliere has
been a marked improvement in the
health of ex-President Arthur during
the pu.it week. He is not yet able to
leave the hous".
Dl. K. L. LAsKf.
rtrysicluo, Surgrmn ati Actviurber,
313 Mali' Mreet, Sr fuion.
Telephen ,W.
Oeo! vv . Tomlln.
No. 170
-ntii) varehaMS tb ittra ttoak e'Yahl
' sad the ktaaantatarinf Dapartmcst of tbe
Woo4raff-01iTr Oarriar aaa IlardwareCo.,
sre better prepirad te mt the d.maad ol U
trade la tbia lis than any houi la the Smith.
W ecapy tbe old itasd ef the eomaeay, obich
it tbe larieat and atit aoamedieoi Repeaitory
is the aoantry. Ml aff.r apaelal ladaeBeat
ta OPKN BI'OUIES, of oar owe make, at Ml.
and TOP BUUOIKS, of ear wa ataka, at
All wark fully taaraateed. A fall lis f heat
EaaUra Work dally tipeeUd and leweet prlte.
Call BeforeTon Buy
aaHaviBK dt.poead of oar aatlre rteek of Ve
hile and tb. M.Bafnr'arlni Deaartiaant to
Min. TOMLIN k BKNJKS.e beieeak for
them a eoatinvaat of th pair. dm. n lea
axtesded t or.
BIMP80N-Oa Wadnf edar, Mareh Sl.lSW,
Vri 'R li. mil of J.ciim N. Kliap-on.
lOyerfburr iT.bd.) anJ Cairo (111.) popart
plra e rupy.l
Funeral will ttk plat at Dyr(bur, T.b-
nireot from fRtory lo Pnrrhaw
era, BHTlna It.t prr reat. Writ
Montfi rickeiis & Co., WoinrhIn
French Pattern Bonnets
ae-Lallee are Invited lo aianila our le-
Biuitand eitnlr itoek of Millinery.
MoB-itSHldeut Notice.
No. 5934, R. D. To tb Chaoee-y Court ef
rb'IbvaooB y, lenn. rut ol Tenneaee,
ele.. t. r-lrick Ueon'y etal.
It antwannr from bill ewers la fa thle
eaan. tb-lt eneinm ami pi ion of leeidenee
ef be hem I J. W. Weott, oi.de defen
dant on aeeonnt of in ereilia lot 40. at
iidef Cbiaa.euw ttnai, lut w.rd of eiiyof
Memnhie: and i nelri ot A. r. tsoelden
andi.f J L. Ha"rao, uad parti en ao
rouBl of InUiMM ia enrv nl lut-176 and 170.
between Muln ana o.oeoa tt etU. let ward.
eilyef Mej rhii, are unknown and oannot
be aoerlaind a ter diliient 'neairy t
U ie tbe efure orirred. Th.l they mk
tbmr appeeranee here n, at the enartnoaa
ol Shell). maty, in Memobie, Tisn.. iib er
be ore I he lt Monday in eiay, 1HSH. aad
pleiul, ana.r or dinar vn eempltiaaet
bill and oetHion. or the lam will ti t.Veo
or rnieed a o then and ie far berln
ex petet aod that a eopyel thie order be
pab iibad e ee a weak, for foar invtwln
week, in tbe M.uihia Apnral. Tate 31t
dy of Maei, 1 A eopy a tret i
i. I. StoLK'WKLL. U'e d MaiUr.
By II. V wkUh, Pevnty Clerk and X or,
r. II. A 0. W. lieithll, Sol, for ooea-
pUlnaat. the
Money to Loan
Ou fm pro -d plsjifadons In
I1imInmIpI and Arkaiiaaa.
Iii.liUliueiit plan -3, 8 or 10
jr'arn. Aiiim -1 InlereHt, usl
lu Htlvanoe. No coiuimIhhIoiis.
.o oil n blpuieuts. Clieap
out Iomii aOtred.
Francis Smith Caldwell & Co.
25tf Secotd St , Memphis.
1te have tt agents.
,7iirin,nn?fl ififflu
I M k 111! H K X
fin ills s
ff;-?;:'V4 VIS'. ' -' y. '.-
ITnln Mtreef. 3Iinp!iiif Teuii.
- - rtvi. i
MY KPRINiJ fcU M.VKR KT'X'K U now romiUla, roniiit-
Ini of the ltit and rholc.at deiigni In all the Nueltiea l
trfiduota ia toridB nmrkBt.. My leleoiiooi ar ni.dn with treat
eitr a. v ri.t. nl fu.litr, la drdnr tu olf.r to the publl the Utert
fnh onk'e"J l r'iioiilil.rice.. I wlh (o wall itixota I m.n
tiiiB of oiy '.''Oiie'-i of a I cr. acortment of tho wont elpvuat de
ii il.l"t I KijK-N, hii-h are now reeJy lor the.
euoR ui lay irunqs enu
t'er. a'crond and
Capital, $200,000.
J. K. GODWIN, Pres'U J.U. UOOIMUU, VIce-rrrsH. C.II.KAINE, Vastifsr
X3orcl of TJlrsotora.
W. 8. ItRl'CK, M. ilAVlN, J. W. PALLS,
V, M. N KIjSON, T. U. SIMS. W. P. TIN AV a i,
3. S. SMITH. OilARLKS fNKY, , R. J. "LACK,
W. if. WILKFRSON, R. T. 0O0PKR, U. K, 00KK1N,
aer A Depoeltnry of the a.ta.1 of Tnneaee. '('rnnaaela a WeBMit-nl Hank lam
Hn. am ntl rl.M NimvIhI tllmllaa I CllMilll-e..-".
' I J ' ' .' ! ' . - - - ' - i
Try ZellnrT'6
14 7,KLLNKH'S ent'
CO. with
C0KSKT 8II0t:S For WEAK ANhLKS-Solo Agenta
asrdand year orden or ooma aid exam'ne thnlr fmnd ar'ortment of TIMI BOOTH.
BllOUd ANL Hl.iri'UKS.-
-lllptrni.il rllniiin K.n- Kree n Aiilictlon.a
S a .vv mu!i " 2 a
r v ,tis ' jz js
s 1 1 M0m 1 1
UI6M Ik Mill.
Dry Goods, Notions, Hosiery,
No. 826 and 328 Main St., Memphis, Tenn.
W SHI"! which w Oder lo th Trad uunn the moet farorabl term. Oar prlees
will oomrarw favorably with too of any market ia tha United btatea. W are AtecU for
Teanesste Maun facta ring Uo.'h Plalils, lrUls, Mheetlug, Shirting, Kto.
C5ottos2i Factors'
Aim! Coium.KNlen Merchants
Xo. 389 9Iain litre it Ilempliis.
Fianc s and Orsraii
R1iAAt.Hfii34 nnl l?nolj. NowPiiinos frr Udiifc
376-378-380st82-384-a6i t-wmi
Doors, Sash, Blinds. Flooring,
IVo. 3G8 Frwvat direct, Jfeiuphln, Tenn.
bar admitted JOUNCE. MASK a a eaeuberol oar arm, to date frnm Mrnh T. IWf J
W Oar MR. Jf ASK will lr hi nclai:ttntion to all Cotton oouUaed to ai.)
Wm. Z3aaa1
inn pumic, ai oiy oiu i ti,
Jetreraon Nla.
Surplus, $25,000.
English Walkingfast Shoes
.liei. In all itrlM, ere the beet la the iitr.
nie i ana uai in itia iiinian riitie..
IK I.N Kit's IIm' Nhor are the belt that ar Bade.
KKLLNKH'S 'blMreaN Mioce will lara yo Money.
lKLI.Nl R'N l.ltei' Mio Mitel Ml, iraere tb hand
oiaet, ihiillet and moat etyllrb, and are oheapertoaa esy
otne'e i eiuai treae
ZV.l.l.NI'R'M BU I.Mlt'K Ulil Hnttoa Nkaeeu
silk womteil butt n holee, are the sreataet bar-
iuinn yon hare erer aeei.
R. E. LEK.
etreet, south of (layoso.
Ceiling, Siding, Shingles,

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