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hjiri Iroai and tke Local Labor
OIBecrt at 8U Louis .he
Boad Open.
Ht. liOius, Mo., March ftl. The
BH-mW'niol the Kxocutive CommitU'C
of Pintriet Assembly No. 101, K nigh to
of Labor, met in executive Kiwion at
1-4 11.11 - . Q n'nlrwr. liin
morning and immediately bomin the
consideration of the qneHtion of bwu
inK an order to the nii'inbera of their
amombly t: return to work. , Tho
nruuiimoiM ipinion ia that Mr. Pow
derlyyorrter in tint be obeyed, but the
nnmitt i( divide! a to the time
lwn Ui order xha.ll be iiwued. . Some
eormulentb bent plan to be to order
.he nun to resume work immediately,
while other are in favor of wnitirn
until th tleneral fcxeentivo Hoard
hall arrive from New York.
jmrr at akt ht. louik.
The situation in thin city thin morn
ing is one of quiet. The crowds con-cn-tratl'd
around the Keluy depot and
in the railroad yards are amuhVr than
at any time ninco the xtrike wax inim
rnratexl. No atteniitU have been made
by any of the roaiiH to run out freight
train x, and, therefore, no diMtiirlmncea
have occurred. Adjt.-ticn. Vance in
UUom.il at the depot, where he will
witixw Uik rflorU inter in the day to
iiUrt out a train, and will be gov
criH'd by the remilU which follow in
decision whether or not it hIihII 1
neocMHAry to call out the militia.
' 11 a.m. -The eomniitUw of Iintriet
Aiwembly No. 101 at thin hour aro
frtill in mttdion; and have not a yet
taken iaiy a-tion upon the qwHtion of
obeying Mr. 1'owderlv'a order to end
the Htrike. Oommitte'i from AftHem
blios Io. 17 and t3, which embraee
the. Kant PL Louis men, and the bridge
and tannel men, have been oummoned
to conlcr with them, and they will
consider jointly the advixability of
endiog HimultaneouNly ami imuiedi
stely all the different Htrikca now in
MR- inONH,
ehairinaa of the Executive Commit-U-
of IiHtrict Awtembly No. 101,
which embraceH all Knit-lit of Ijibor
employed by the MiHHOiirl Pacific
Hallway Company, thia morninj telo
trrnnlied to the diireront local awtcm-
bliea under bin jurixdiction notifying
tlieiu ofllcially that the (ieiieral Lxec-
ntivc lloard has ordered all men to
iro to work neudinii arbitration of the
extatinp dilhcultiea by a committee of
the MiHHOuri I'acitlc employeH and
Mr. Iloxie. It in expected here
that thii will be followed some time
to-day by a mipplementary order by
Mr. Iron to the men un ler bin jurin
dirtion to obey the inxtructionH of the
eneral lloard.
The' Muwouri Pacith: olllc-ialn dent
out three freight traiiiH from their
yards). . Tliin in tho regular number of
mominutraiiiH which it wax the cus
tom of the company to send out be
fore the exiting xtrike commenced,
and it inflow, conceded that the road
in' practically open. Home difficulty
ia encountered in making up the
trains owing to the inexperience of
the new brakcinon. No opposition
was' offered to-day to tho pannage of
these trains from the city, no crowds
of xtriktr having congregated for
tli at pnruosc.
;The Iron Mountain road thin morn
ing ho also succuodod in Mending out
It. nauaT nuniber;'of truing .UIkwo
were HtJirted from , the Lewneraiiovi
yards with the usual niiinlr of
hrakeuien on each train, 1 No trouble
hua oeoarrwl nt tho yards, and nonij'
is anUcipatc(L , The official any tftojj
can obtain aa ninny expenoncou
switchmen and' brafce.men as they
want arid aro receiving nuuioroiis up
pfiratioua every duy, though 'tho
that BtriH-k areot embnwed irt tlie
nrimbefl. ',..
" AHRKST8 AT AHf T. lOUli,
John Walnh and I). L, Horvoy were
arrest'd in Kast Ht. Ixuds Kwlayby
Mamlml ' Weber for intimidating
employe in the Wabotili yards on laat
Sunday, and were immediately sent
to HprinKtield, III. Ktlbrts were made
to send out freight trains in the ('hit-ago
and Alton and the Chicago, liur
lingtonund Quincy yards this evening
but in each case ' engineer and lire
man were rurr nUd to leave their en
gines and the trains were abandoned.
No disturbance took place.
TIIS STTtlKK onixiiKi) Ol f.
2 ::'() p.m. The Kxecutivo Commit
U"0 has lust decided upon an .onler
which 1 liny will not give out locally,
but which' has been telegraphed to
outside assemblies, tlie purport of
which is that the men on the system
are ordered to work at 10 o'clock to
morrow morning. It also provides
' ' that the men who tlrst went out shall
' lie the tlrst to resume labor. The
.committee are now consulting with a
delegation from Kast St. Ixiuis in re
gard to ordering the strike oil' at that
point. A member of the committee
thinks the men there will be ordered
back to work to-niglit, but this has
not yet lieen decided upon.
p.m The following is the text
of the order mentioned in previous
bulletin. It is addressed to the local
. assemblies of district 101:
"Yon are ordered by thetleneral Ex-
eeutive Hoard to go to work. Honor
demands that those who came out
to support you get to work tlrst. We
. will telegraph yon tho hour und day.
The men in the Wabash vards in
North Hi. louis returned to work at
1 j this iifteriKHHi. All were received
llls ltfort lw Joill-Teprt.
- mr of tmr rxrrntlvo vonimiil.
New Yokk, March SI. (ioneral
Manager lloxie of the Missouri Pa
cific ruilwav telegraphed Jav (iould
this morning as follows:
S: Lot:H, Mo., March 31, lxyi.
Mr. Jur UuUlil. Pridnt, Nw York :
Moved i:tO freight trains, which
carried 17H loads, on the entire sys
: tern yesterday. Open troll'ie at Alva
: rado and all other points except Han
nibal and Parsons, and commenced
. receiving freight on the entire system.
II. M. 1IOX1K.
Messrs. Turner, llailev and Haves,
f the (ieneral ICxecutlvc lloard of
he MiiL'hts oi uiDor. on nccouui oi
iHiavoiiluble delav, will not leave Now
York until 1 o clock tins alternoon by
Uie Pennsvlvania railroad. They will
ston otr at Philadelphia u
o'clock train thiis evening, when they
leave for St. Iouis.
During the conference between the
represi'iitatives of the K nights of lji
bor and the MUsouri Pacitic railway
ollicials, vesterdav, Mr, Powderly re
pudiated the rein,iirks attributed to
him that "Uould nognized me. He
iiibln-ssed lueastiraitM Master Work
that if Uie official of the road would
furouth him the name of the men
who dostroyed the property of the
company they would le expelled from
the Order of Ue Knighu of Labor.
A Da4 t ala at oalla.
Hbdalia, Mo , March SI. A ded
culm attll prevad in tbii city lo-dy.
Freight Ut ni ae inoin without in
terrnptioa. Martin Inn ba not
been beaid from, aod it i believrd
here that be wi II not do a ord-rd by
xeiAeaaea a Atalilaa -
ATcnwos, Kas, March 31. The
vandalism of last night, by which a
large amount of Missouri Pacific prop
erty (f rfv4 by a niasked mob,
hftscreU d a f.. !nrjcf hitense excito-
m tit and i:r!.:T!l(in in till citT. A
public nwv .'.iUtf wUl Ik held thia after
noon trVike- actiofri. 1 ip op ui aup
posed To LaVa cotie f rora point out
aiIc of tlii cky.
Tk Ktrlfc rra-
PABgoaa. Ka . March 31. Tbe
Kniutita of Lubor here have declared
the atrike off. liken their men off of
guard, and will go to wort in tna
mornine. F.e eht train will ran at
The Rtrlka Over at Ilata.
Hoostom. Tat., March 31. The
Missouri Pacific vards prosent an an
imatcd appearance this morning and
the facilitim of the road aro tested to
their utmost in moving the accumu
lated froigbt. The strike seems to be
over, and great relic is tun rv an
I auk f rable.
DUcauIoa of the Xeaanre ia Com-
mltUe of the Wbole-I
the Seaate.
Chicago, ,1ix. March 31. The
bouUiwoslum la ior troubles are re
sponsible for runitrs which havo been
in circulation in tlrs city to the effect
Uiat toe uommuuHtie, Anorcut-tic
and HocialiHtic aocietna were eocretly
arnilna the members, d order to be
prepared to assert their righU at the
proper time. ', Inquiries 1 a reporter
has elicited some interesting opinion
in regard to the matter. One well
known dealer said: "I think the Ko
cialisU of thia city are alreadj more
than well fixed, both In the matUr of
flrearma and ammunition. . At 'he
titno of Uie labor troubles of fivetr
six veara ago. when the Tobey Batter)
was couiiipcd and tho Burlington
road demonstrations were made, the
dilTerent Socialistic ttrganir.ationa fully
supplied themselves with guns and
ammuniUon. Their committees came
in hero and purchased stands of rules,
consisUng a 1 tho way from fitv to 100
guns and largo supplies of ammuni
tion, which they said their organiza
tions would use when llio lime ar
rived." A partner in one of the largest fire
arm houses on the Honth Hido said :
"For three years past the Communist
have been uuictly arming themselves
and laying in an abundant supply of
ammunition. Within the past year
we have sold them in the neighbor
hood of 100 Winchester rides, eosting
from tl3 to $15 each, and twice that
number of bulldog revolvers."
Thomas Cook & Bit have made a
contract ti "conduct" pilgrim to the
ehrlne of toe propnet. bxenange.
Ah.Thomu Cook A Hon,
Thrttt hava rennntltf hauuil
To oondvot the Indian pilar! mil onto Meoi-a,
An titer 'ham in
That bairilda with manr a tmil
Evarr pllsrim, whothor Julkui or Kabmoa.
Wbo tht ftntlvo Thomal Cook
' uri.i. 1.1 IT I .. - .1 ....... L.
fTo tvnyof tho folka to More and Medina,
f . .11. kn.M aK.I h. hmit.
' And ilin Indlan'a aicrrf ihout -Prowood
tli whaeae of hi aathmatif eon
) i ,0b, Tljomat Cook A Son.
Thny will ha.vn ft mla of nin. -
At lliflf Willi a rail aihort thaoamal talkr
And i rruit thof'll drift along , I
Ju- t (in full of Joy and aoa ' ' 1 ,
A thoouli faint from pbloaao to Mllwuke
: ;'. ff Tbotnaa Cook A Son,
- Tuunch our Utile (on w done, '
Prllliro let add, all aeriouH and (nlema, 1
Tlmt we trut (hey'll maka a pile
.While nrooeedina witb A smile
With their pilarimi aa tbe oamel'a lelnal
t soluoin. rn'k.
Tka Key Weal rira.
Kky West, Fi,a., Maivh 31. It. is
impossible to ascertain the individual
losses by yosterdny's rlre. Hundreds
of persons slept last . night in the
streets watching their ell'ecU. The
merchants will hold a meeting to-day
to make some arrangements to order
Homo provisions to prevent a famine.
They will probably ask the Morgan
Line people to hold their steamer
leaving Ncf Orleans to-morrow morn
ing to lill telegraphic orders for food.
The wind has suddenlv shitted to tho
north, with danger of bringing the
tire, which still burns, back again
Into tho city. Four or five thousand
H-ople are yirown out oi worn ny mo
Went AYeliore Ky Uracil.
Nkw Yohk, March 3l.Mr S. tJ.
Smith, the New York agiMit of the
llartlord line of steamers.this morning
roccivod a dispatch informing him
that the Capitol City, which ielt Say
liMid;, Conn,, at midnight, hail gone
aslioro.it Itye Beach. Mr. Smith iin-
medistely left tho city to render all
possible assistance to the steamer,
which, it is understood, has simply
grounded. 1 he Capitol City is com
mantled Py (Japt. .1. . Kassell, an
experienced navigator. It is supposed
that the steamer ran ashore in the fog,
which was quite . thick during the
Tn allow. Leo Trial.
Hi'BiNoriBLD, Mo March !1. The
preliminary examination of Cora Lee
and Mr. Kmtna Malloy far the mur
der cf Mr. Ornhara terminated this
morning, and the justice! decided
thar Cora Lee wa accessory to the
fa it, and that aha bw held . withoat
bail, and that Mrs, Malby was acuea-
aorr atter the fact, and be held in
JXKX) bonds. Tbe court-room wis
dsnsely crowded, and the decision
give general sit;"f action. The women
received the verdict quia t It.
Rrolla EranlaUa f Pare
Cod IJver Oil, with Hypophoiphite,
in Pulmonary Attmions ami Hcrotu
lous Disease. Dr. Ira M. Lang, New
York, raya: "I have prm-ribed Mcott'a
Ernnioion and used it in my fsmily
and am greatly pleased with ic Hare
found it very serviceable in Hcrolulou
diseases and Pulmonary affection."
Harder la the t'lral Drcrer,
IIksriktta, Tsx., March 31 A. A.
Kieaznl! was yesterday found guilty of
murder in the tbst degree. Hteayall
lived in incest for five yvars with his
daugbtsr, and murdered her infant,
the mother dying subsequently, a ia
atet d, frem ncglact Some two months
g9K;ogsil was tskfn from ail by a
mob and hanged until nnconeciruis,
hi lift bein then rd hv ttxeheiiff.
Aktr this etn wa Miss Fanny Dav
enport will noi aprear in Fnlora con
tinnouslv. as the strain ou ber itreneth
WAamiiGTOw. March Zl.Uou.
Mr. O'Neill Ma, from tbe Commit
tee on Labor, repotted a bill to pro
Tide for the speedy settlement of con
troTersiea and. diffrrtnee bttween
common carriers engaged in Interttite
aratirruoriai traaaportation oi prop
eitf or sjaasanger and their emploTea.
point cl order raised by Mr.
Dann Ark. tb bill was referred to
the commit! of tho whole, and the
lioasa immediately went into com
mittee (Mr. Springer fill 1 ia the
chair) for the oonsidaiatioa of the
Mr. O'Neill stld thst for tbe past
two months ths Committee on Lsbor
had been engaged in draining every
avenue where fiera was a reasonable
bops of securing . information as to
soms feasible method consistent with
the constitution and tbe laws thst
would provide a mod of sett'ement
ol tne ulraitroua dispute between
capital and labor. Tbe committee
bad decided tbat the pending measure
was tne Dest that U could (ormnlate,
It wai simple, voluntary arbitration,
He knew thai this was disappointing
to many members of the Hons. He
knew that there was a feeling
in tne brent oi many men
tbat this was not what
was expected, bnt if they would but
redtet, they wcu'd realizt tbat the
first thing to consider wai, how far
they could regulate the disputes by an
appesl to public opinion. If this
met hoi failed, then he conld see but
one other, and tbat was tbe itroEg arm
of tbe government to ttk the great
corporation by tbe tbioat and toll
tbem tbey moat yield to arbitration ;
that they must submit tbe differences
between them and tbelr workmen to
some peaceful agreement; that the
government could not bave the condi
tions of affalu tbat to-day prevailed
throughout fire States of tbe Union
practical , revolution all business
suspended, end the people of -. greet
cities suffering from the increased cost
of f Md and fuel. .
He simply knew tbat the workmen
bad stated tbat ther were willing to
arbitrate their grlevi nces and he k new
bat tbe president of the Mtscoari Pa-
cflo had not Tat consented to do it.
lo be meantime, thank heaven, tbe
br i , second thonght of American
WOrknen had kent the atrike within
boundt, and he was convinced that
thy wmld prevent ; any diiaitrons
conaeqotacea until the termination of
the issue, .The Committee on Labor
wa unanihoualT of the nninion that
this bill wu the best that could be
pawed now tu invoke the public pin
ion of the COUMrv and to cnmnnl nun
in this case as fa all other cases, to ap
reai w r.sson, ra,a not to 088 brute
Ijroe to tnvsds himan riirhti.
Mr. Kelly IPa l said that he would
vote for th, bill, bat cs that wai bi
purpose, he wanted to say in advance
to the worklngmen oVthe country tbat
it was atrlck on theii credulity and a
irauu. ne asaeu ine if ntieman Irom
Missouri ifnetber a workman who be
lieved that the bill wai , measnre "to
provide foi the speedy settlement of
controverts and diUereiwe" woild
not bs deoe". ved ? Could tb w be any
adjr.dicaUot between JayUuuld and
tb striken in bis road aa long a Jay
uotr.a ota nil consent tnereio.
Mr. O'Neil could only jioswer by
ititlng that in Livingston' works
which the gentleman bad evident'y
been reading', it was said that in tbe
Interior regloda of Africa there could bo
found the moot intensely critical peo
ple on the eartb, In regard to mechan
ism, who oould not ut , tbjl simplest
piece id machliirrvr together. Why
did'not tbe geDtUman from I'ennayl
vania Mr1. Kell), a lather , of the
Houeo, propose tometlring Instead of
tearing down T I
Mr. Kelly said tbat he wonIA vote
for any bill which would give relief to
oppressed labor, but he would not
vote lor ten mass oi wsras, unless nis
vots wai accompanied by tbe notice
that the bill meant nothing.
Mr. Foran 1 0. 1 was no mors opposed
to the pending bill than he wai to
diinklng a glass of wa'er. Both were
harmless. The bill could injure no
one, but it could accomplish no good.
There was no more arbitration in this
bill than there was flesh cn a doctor a
Skeleton. Referring to the Missouri
r.citio strike, he (aid that the work-
Sen had asked for arbitration and Jiy
ould had refused. If the arbiliation
were accepted it would be because Mr.
Oould bad become aatixfiad that it wrs
far his interest to end the controversy,
and not because he loved the principle
of aibitratlnn, Suppose he did not
desire to arbitm'e; then the bill went
f .r rotblng. There was no lung in it.
The labor problem could not be set
tled by arbitration or by legislation.
It wai deeper, and went beyond legir
l.tion. Tbe ides tbat Congress could
ia one day solves problem which had
been btfore the civilized world fr
axes and ages was nonsense. . It
could hot be done. The dillicnlty
was In the unjust distribution of
wealth. If, by law, wealth could be
distributed, something conld be done;
but nothing conld be done by passing
arbitration laws. Just aa soon a men
of wealth and property were made to
understand (wbfther by education or
something more svious) that their in
terest demanded that their neighbors
should be as happy and as contented
at themselves, and that tbelr property
and llTes were in jeopardy when liv
ing ia a community where everybody
was dhsitufied. when they learned
that fact the problem would bs solved
and not before. Tbe only way that
the problem could bo solved was for
tbe wealthy, men to consecrate their
lives to the amelioration of the condi
tion of the workfngmen.
Mr. Hammond Oa opposed the
bill. - - ,
Mr, Weaver Iowa said that the
remedy for labor troubles mast come
irom a proper law to reguiate inter
state co amerce, and from a law which
would create a condition in our econ
omic system so tbat ths employer
could afford to py the laboring man
what his labor wa worth.- There was
no disposition on the part of the work
ingmen to violate law. Tbey desired
to earn their living in the sweat of
their fans. The trouble wai that
they conld not get the opportunity to
work. The remedy w aa to give the
country an increased volume of cur
rency. This labor question was purely
and simply a question of money.
Mr KeedMe. said that what the
laboring men ne ded and desired was
that there should be tbat careful ex
amination of the whole matter which
could lead to an agreement. It may
tnrn out, he said, tbat this legislation
will amount to little; it may turn out
that it amounts to much, (suppose
we try it, and when we learn more, do
Mr. Br u nun I'a. and Mr. Daniel
Vs. criticised ihe Di!!.
Mr. Glover f VI o.l gave notice that
be wnttld, at tbe proper lime, offer a
substitute for the pending biil, the bill
introduced by him on Monday, wnicn
Dated on tne Anglian law, sni
bich provides for compnl-oiy arbi
tration. Tbe illusion on tbe South
western system of lailroadr, be said,
was one wbich demanded the gres'Mt
attention from lea datura. In tbe
midst of peace tke eiuat-y wss on the
Tiusof ciiil war, snd this was be
cause Congress bsd not dealt with a
question with wbich Congresi alone
conld deal. He did not speak for
either tbe employer or employe.
Tbere was a third party 'he pro
ducer, the consumers, tbe merchants,
tbe body of men engsged in commer
cial enterpriser, whose enterprises
wers assailed by tbe existing
strike. The bill reported by the
Committee on Labor gives no relief
tbst did not exist before. It . wonld
not allay the condition of things
in the Southwest any more
than a enp of wa'er would put out .a
coifligrattcn He was satisfied ths
people of tbe country wanted the
qneetion ded; with in a straightfor
ward and ncanly manner, and not by a
bill wbich wai a ekam a promise
wbich would have the effect simply to
deceive to make the people believe
tbst a remedy was offered when noth
ing wai offaled. 1
Mr. Keagan I lex I opposed the bill
on the ground that it would take from
tbe local tribunal, where it btlongio,
me sainstmem na settiemeut i t a
local question -a qneetion betwe n
ths hirer snd tbe laborer. Tbe reme
dy for troubles like the present was
to be found through the bal ot box by
the election of State Legislature and
Congresses and Presidents who wonld
respect tbe rigats of tie people, and
who wonld stop ths system of tbe
robbery of tbe many foil the bant tit of
the few, which bad beet going on for
tbe hut twenty years. Until tbeco
large corporations were controlled by
law; until tbe robbery of tbe pro
tective tariff and tbe mtmopcly of the
national banks were stepped, no rem
edv wonld be found for these ills.
Mr. Cntchen Mich. Uvo ed tbe
bill because it waa an efloit ia tbe
direction of an rqaa' diitrlbntion of
the joint profits cf the opeia ions of
labor and cipitaL
Mo-srs, Buchanan, McAdoo and
Dingly favored tbe bill. I
Pending discussion ths committee
ross. i
Mr. Miles Ky. repHtod tbe river
and harbor bill.
Tbe report of tbe majority on the
ITard-Romels election case waa sub
mitted, and Mr. Martin Ala. obtained
leave to file a minority report.
Tbe House then adj mrntd.
Sore Eyes
Tbe ryet are alwaya In sympathy with
the body, and afford an excellent Index
of Its condition.- w'ben the eyes become
weak, aud the lids Inflamed and aorr, it la
an evidence that the system baa become
dlordred by Scrofula, for w bich AVer's
Saniaparilla ia tbe beat known remedy.
Scrofula, which produced a painful In
fliiniinnlion in my eves, cauaed me much
Buffering for a number of years. Br tbe
advice of a physician 1 commenced taking
Ayer'a Samaparilla. After uxing thia
medicine a abort time I waa couiplelcly
My eyea are now In a aplendid condition,
and I am aa well and truii a ever.
Mrs. William Gage, Concord, X. II.
For a number of years I wa troubled
Willi a humor in my eyea, and wan unable
to obtuin any relief until 1 rommeuced
uxing Ayer'a Snranparllla. Tlila medicine
Iih effected a complete cure, and I believe
it to lie the Is-Bt of blood puridera.
C. K. Upton, N'aliua, X. II.
From childhood, aud until within a few
mouth. 1 huve been afflicted with Weak
and tore Even. 1 have used for lhee
complaints with beiiellclal recultn, Ayer'a
tjursaparlllH. and consider It a grent blood
puritler. Mr. C. Phillips, Glover, Vt.
I suffered for a veiir with Inflamma
tion In my left eve. "Three ulir formed
on the ball, deprirlug me of afcht, and
causing great pain. After try Intr ninny
other remedies, to no purpose, I wa finally
Induced to use Ayer'a Sarsapnrtlla, and,
By Taking
three boltlea of thia medicine, have been
entirely cured. Mv aiL'ht has been re
stored, and there is' no sign of inflamma
tion, aore, or ulcer in mv eye. Kendal
T. Bowcn, Sugar Tree Ridge," Ohio.
Mv dauirhter. ten years old, was afflicted
with Scrofulous Sore Kycs. During tho
last two veart alio never saw light of any
kind. Physicians of this hiirhest standing
exerted their skill, but with no permanent
success. Un the recommendation or a
friend I purchased a bottle of Ayer's Har
saparilla, which my dnuchter commenced
taking. Before she had used the third
bottle Iter aigni waa restored, ami sue can
now look steadily at a brilliant Ibht with
out pain. Her euro ia complete. W. fc.
Sutherland, Evangelist, tibclby City, Ky.
Ayer's Sarsaparilla,
Prepared by Dr. J. O. Ayer fc Co., Lowell, Maae.
Sold by all Drugg-iaU. Price 1; all bottles, (S.
K. 17 Jefferson Street,
(Between B.lti and Fmot.) MEMPHIS.
I Ivub, ..), in 150.1
DB.JOHNbttN iiacnwlMUrl brail ear
tiee iBtereatad a kj far tka aaoet iuo
eaaffnl phjician ia the treatment of private,
or secret diieuee. Quick, permanent earea
a-aarantoed ia er ease, mala or female.
Keoenl eaee ef Uonnn-be and Syphilis
eured in a f w dan without the as of mer
cury, chance of diet or hindrance Irom
bunneaa. beeonderj 8ti hilif.-the la Tea
tire eradicated without the nu of inereary.
Involuntary lose of aeaiea stopied ia short a
time, bnfferei-a from impotenry eT loas ol
sexual powers restored to fret eiaor la a few
woeka. Victims of telf-abnso and excessive
venorv, tufferies from eiiermitorrnea aad
Ion of physieal and ment&l power, speedily
and permanently cuiaU. Particular atua
tiua paid to the Iliseasaa olNVomen, aad
cares (uarantood. Piles and 'id suras cured
witbont the use of eauatieor tbb knife. All
Bonaultattiona atrlfitlv nnnfiilantiaj. Mad i-
einoa sent by express to alii parts of the
To Gas Consumers
FOR all see eon toned oa aad after the 1st
of Apr l, proximo, by cu'tou ert of this
Company, tbe P'ioe will be Two Dollars and
f itty Coats per thoetaod eab'c feet, but
orkinrmea eurod at half the naeal
o'e'ftk p.m.
ratee. Office boars from t o1
D. Si. JOI
lock a.m. to 9
Tke Seattle.
Senator Coke oflorcd a resolution
rcqtieHting the President to call the
nttcntion of the Mexican Government
to tho difficulties Incident to the re
clnmation of live shade crossing the
Mexican frontier line, with a view to
a mutual agreement of tho govern
ments of Mexico and the United
States that may facilitate such recla
mation. Referred.
The army bill wa then placed be
fore the Senate and Senator Logan
continued his remarks on tlie bill and
in answer to Senntor Teller's speech
After several other speeches the
question went over, and Senntor
Vance addressed the Senate in sup
port of his bill to repeal the civil ser
vice law. The act, in Senator Vance's
opinion, was wholly unconstltution il,
and in voluntarily submitting to its
provisions tho President waa surrend
ering his prerogative, which it was his
iltlty to protect, llie people tjy tlie
eviction of 1H4 liaa declared tor a
cliaYqe of officers in this republic, but
their will hadliot been respected. The
IVesidentJiad bound himself, not only
iy uie law itseit. mit Dv extra letral
troniise, to extend the spirit of the
iw to offices nKyer contemplated by
it. The result was that political ene
mies ana spies surrrmnded every ad
ministrative omcer. This was trying
t serve the Lord with the devil for
an active partner. ' The whole thing
was a humbug, and irt partial proof
he read an advertisement offering, for
1U centa, to supply a series ot exauu
nation questions which would qualify
anybody to pass a civil service exam
ination. Ihe civil service law was
an attempt of the Republican party
ttHUiKMtp for the exposures of the
many' tArruptions of that party. It
should Ac, have been called "un act
to regulnte and improve the civil
service, but ihe last will and testa
ment of the he-publican party. Mr.
Vance wits only that a Demo
cratic President hud become its
executor instead ot atVninistrator At
bonis won. Keferrmg v share of
ulhccH given to tn outh by
the lie publican party, Soattr Vance
said that out of over 7000 vtlicers in
Washington, only were tV'iMtvred
from tho South, and of thurifi rmmv
bad never seen the South, anl thft
Civil Service, Commissioners hud ie
,- . . . . i .i : l:... 1.
c mum to remeuv mis met uniuy. u
tho President's tender and touching
farewell to the putative parent of civil
service reform, Commissioner Katon,
bespoke of those who opposed this
law as the worst elements of both par.
ties. There was no earthly doubt that
the great majority of tho IVinocriitie
party were opposed to that law. If,
then, the "worst elements", of the
Democratic party were in a majority,
the party was indeed in a bad way.
Senator Vance having stated that at
tho time of the paMsape of the civil
service law the government depart
ment were working night and day to
make all the appointments possible
before the bill should become a law.
Senator Teller made it distinct and
positive denial of the statement. He
said it bad been so said in some news
paper, but it waa an entire mistake.-
Senator .Dolph then addressed the
Senate in ' support of the bill for the
ailmiwwui of Washington Territory,
lie claimed that from every point of
view tho Territory was entitled to ad
mix on.
Aftvrsm executive session tlie Sen
ate then adjourned.
BT buylne from a loni established and re
atonsible house, when) you find the
lanest assortment of Piasos, Orams and
everythin- ia tha mnsia line, carefully se
lected by the thoroaehly povtioal and com
petent proprietor, for HEAL MERIT only,
and not for the glamour ot biaand pretentious
camel. I have reduced tbe price of Shoot
Musio and Music Books as well as of my
Pianos and Ursaas. and ana ready to
plar llirm by lb aide or lntro
iwente'nr any o(br aiaate ( lest aad
temparelhrai. They are fullr aurran
teed, and have a lone Itandinc and well
earned reputation lor usability.
onautt mar ewa lulertMt and visit
my store before buying rfsewhsre. Yon will
find beautiful Srod, fpriebt and Square
Pianos, and also, a number of second-hand
Pianos for sale and fur rnt.
2 1 Main (Street. .
Sere the bills are paid within the firat Sve
btviness days of escb month a Diicouat of
filly Cents per thousand feet will bo made,
mabiflf a net prceol I WO DOLLAKU per
thousand cubic feet.
ataruustiuuHrro. ,
., By R. EXSLEY, Preiident..
Jos. Ce .JO, Saeretaty.
Memphis. Ten l.. March 4. 1888.
book of 100 pacea.
be boat book for
anadvet tissrtoooa
tult, ba he aperi-
noea .or ouerwua-
eoataJna liats off
aewf papers and estimates o tho float at ad
vertising. The advertiser who wants to spend
one dollar, finds in it tbe miormatlo he ra
quires, while for him who will iaeoet on
kntdred tbomsand dollar ia advwrtiaias, a
achen. iai heated wbich will aaeel hia
every reqaljement. or can be aud to d ao
by sliabt eoaBt easily amved at by ear
spondenc. On bundrea and fifty-three
ditions bay been UaU. Seat, postpaid,
to any address lor ten tni. Apply to UKO.
VERTISING BURKAU,10 8pTuot. (Priat
Ine House Bausro . Kew York.
Diseasea are
11 over the
I am a natlv of Kniland, and while I
was in that country I contracted a terrible
blood poison, and tor two years was unuer
treatment as an oat-door patient at Nottina
ipltal, Kniland, bat was not onrea.
suffered the most agonising pains n my
bones, and was covered with lores all over
my b"dy and limbs. I had vertigo and deaf
ness, with partial loll ot light, sever pains
in my head and eyes, etc., wnicn nearly ran
mm .rati T Inat all bona In that country.
and sailed for America, and was treated at
Kwuin t in this city, aa well as oy a prom
inent physician in New York having no con
nection witn tne nospiuis. .
T iu the advertisement of Swllt'l Specific.
and I determined to live it a trial as a last
resort. I had given up all hop pf being
cured, as I had gone throngh the hands oj
the best medical men In Nottingham and
New York. I took six bottles of S. S. 8.,
and I can say with great joy that they have
cured me entirely, i am aa sonna ana wen
as I ever was in my life. . ,
i,. rnr.u uauvmi,
New York City, June 12, 1885.
Ta tka lif. aed Ka la wis who remembers it.
But in March of last year (1&H4), I contracted
hinnri r,nlnn. and belne in Savannah. Oa..
at the time, 1 went into tne nospuai mere
for treatment. I suffered vary much Irom
rheumatism at the same time. I did not
et well under to treatment mere, nor was
iMirnd he anv of th usual mans. I have
now Uken seven bott as of Swift's Specific
ana am sound and well. It drove tne poison
out through boili on the skin.
Jersey City, M. J.. August 7, 185.
Tn vaars avo I contracted hlood poison.
After taking presarip'lons from the best
physicians here and at Pallas, I concluded
to visit Hot Springs, and on reaching Texar-
kana a Ainttr rectum man (led me to trv Swift B
Speoific. assnring me that it wonld benefit
m more than Hot bprings. Although thv
had produced great hotel In my back and
chest, and had removed all the hair off m y
head, jot I began to improte in a week I
time, and th sores began to heal, and were
entirely tone Inside ef eight weeks.
WILL JONES, Porter Union Paas, Depot
rs.n T... Jul. 1:1. IRKS.
Treadle on Blood and Skin DlMases mailed
free. Tua Swift grioiric : Co..
Drawer S. AtlanU fla.. N. Y.. 157 W. 2Sd St.
ftiinrlmaiit At limnlal for Spfltt and
Summer wear, which i hav just received
from the Ulotbmg-Urdar ispariment oi
This home does the largest Mail-Order
Clothing Buiines in the world. Pioneer hi
working out the idea, it has won s great suc
cess by scrupulous care In suing tne oruon
of unseen customers.
The p atent season marks a now era il
thii department of their business, tbe mean
lnn nf which ia evan hatter service, exeott
live and mechanical. This, with the to
nri. lurn.nhmn. Af fnafArtalH. and ampll
guarantee of complete satisfaction, should
live uie a rim cia.m en your oraen.
, " IS Writ Court street.
ra,,1 SPECIAL',,.,
. rr,
"iaaiaW" '"-'-x .
60 MaMllBoa Street. Jlsnarbla, Teaiav
ATULL stock of Wooden aad MeUllie
Cases and Caskst. Burial Robes, etc.,
always oo band. Orders by Telegraph or Tl
enhofie PrAmnQy aftanAi4 to
Pennyroyal Pills.
The Original aavd Oatly eeaulae,
Sals and always Reliable. Beware of wort I..
Imitations. Inditpentanie to
A-h your Uroitaiat tor "Ublclimie-r'a
'na:l, ''and take no other, or inclose 4o
(stamps) to us for particulars m Lerrsa by
relurss mall. . PAPCB. Cbl-
rheater hemlonl Co.,
Madiaoai Mojaarx. hllnla . s-..
TKAUB supplied by tttu. c, uwunjii
' v riftiewai asr-'wva-. aiwittw.
Exchange National Bank
HOBFOLK, WA., Feb: 1, 1SS4.
PR0P0SAL8 will be weired at thU oCce
antil Saturday, March 27, 180S, for the-
purcbas ot tne nereinaiter menuosed prop
erty in its entirety, and also for pieoM or
parcels of the same referen being bad to
descriptive list of laid property which
lists, stating trrms ef tale, will be famished
upon application to th undersigned. The
right to reject any and all bida ia reserved:
The extensive and valuable property lo
cated in Norfolk and Portsmouth, Vs.,
known as tbe "Sesboard Cotum Compress
Company of Norfolk, Vs.," consisting of:
1. Theyrancatae, which, among other priv
ileges, authorises the storage of eotton and
other merchandise, and th issue of negoti
able reoeipta therefor.
2. Its pW, which consists of three: (3)
Irat-claaa im pro vol ootton oompr; two
(2) steam tngst three (S) transportation
barges. . All tne adjunot neeaasary to a welt
equipped establishment of thia character.
It fir proof warehouses, seven (T) ia aum
ber, of canaeity for itorag ef 24,000 bale
uncompressed cot tea.
Its font (4) fnua warehouse (atetaJ roofs)
espaoity, many thousands tons of fertili
Krs, salt, te
lls wharves aad docks, which afford ample
room for berthing at th saraa time tea sea
going, steam or sailing vessels, l b area oi
the warehouse aad dock property in Ports
mouth Is about 6 acres, toaaiker with all it
o her property, which U fully deorlbd in
the lists above referred to.
WM. n. PETERS. Becelver.
Electric Belt Freo
rpO Introduce it and ebuln agents we wil
X for the next sixty days give away, free
of charge, in each county ia the U. 8. a lim
ited number of our Uermaa Kleefrjlil
vaale butptnsoiy Hells. Price 16 : a
Cositive and unfailing oar for Nervous Do
ility. Varicocele, Emissions, Impotoney,
etn. iriOO.UO Howard paid if every Belt wa
manu.aotur do not generate a genuine
electrio current. Addrrsa at once KLEC
TRIC BELT AGENCY, P. 0. Box 178,
Urocklyn. N. Y-
t i
25ft and 258 Front St.. Memph ia. Tenn.
- - - ---T.r ( fl
'i'i ,1 i T, . ,
i! 7 's-r-:
YAr - 4 - n.Aa..u 4 la f'waKes
i r - . I aawxaaaa
, j' Aceeita W. e.FietWe
Wrought Steel Range.. ;
Send lor Illustrated Catalogue, j
257 Main St.,Memphi8
Into M fflt P
Ill IL '
.RfT-- -wfMp .illnsttr- d CtHiolW8
J; Ai",,Tfcf. rtrprinitwi, now rtviii
AOakfrABM TAirai
r niwaaa vrvDuaKB lCywM
Frioe waanot41, CMttioc
tnrn. frxuim iv. Ha$mt.
Ions Kiu.b, Bllndis Monldinjfi,, all kinds ot oor aud
Wiurio Frames Brackel, IScroU-Work, HoiirIi aud
Dressed Inmber, ShlnglcN Iatlia, Water Tankav
All kiud ot Wood Work Executed at Short Notice.
Nos. "1.5? to 173 Washington St. Mempnis. Tern
J. F. II0LST &BR0.,
Fiinerial Directors,
rtOl&ktX (ST.. MEMPHIS.'
A PULL anil complete stock of Wood aa
MeUllicCsses and CaskeU, Cloth-Cor-ered
Caskets nd Burial Robes always aa
hand, ear Onler by ulMraoh promptly
rCrah Orchard Vaferi
f Onolnc Ornli Orohnrd 9n)U In aculcd tHM-haircs at
M CW P'CHMn TF. co- prop',.
C0MDaUi9. U
jV nllZi ! B-wrla, A pmrUlvtTF '
WON N JOKPA Wa'rV l.r.rtlte, KyTf
NOTICE il lrhy glren to the holders of
-,;i,Bj(l Shelby County Bonds, maturing
April. IN, to broscnt the same for payinont,
at th Manhattan Savings Bank and Trust
Company. In ,m.r"','.fSfcK
C. ijl.AliUltli.K,
Board of Kunir Commissioners ol Mwiay
county, TeaSess .
i Memphis, TnVMarchS1.2h-. ;
IWst and stmefMi Natimt fnitt rrnPI.
Vsn,ll.w Lemon. Drmi.vre. Alrmin.U kiw. ?
t.vl as drlicately and naturally " the InuU
tlllCACO. 8T, LOUIS.
f fTO llTJ
Jorrator BrW W
f fa-aMStrlouirrl
I ltraaliayta
i ltui sasnxai
rtowin tcuftaMLa3Biitxa
ftn1 C.Ueu
We hV M14 Cta-Ak1aW
tfl- a. MOM 111 nd bOAKt lor -a iw
t-t r nJ Tnititit mliaf.
JL ILiHi- ten divi, and never r-turn,
ftff . .l.lrwarl
Final ear
pnrre, no mit iofBiiwiMjrj.
r wiU Uara ol 8jrie rjuioa , r v, j
HaTiXO "withdrawn from the Woodruff-Oliver Csrrlaao and Hardware 1
kaveaeoeptedth Agency of eom. of the 7'" 'N'f
ar.d ara now reiv ng a full rtmenl cf CARR1 ABS, RtJIK WAttUNB.f
H ARSKSS and SADDtKRY i also, a large stock of th, improved TKNKKssKB WAONb.
All roois are new, and built expressly for this market, and will be sold at very low frioei.
Office and salesroom, o.20 Maid utrept Vrehoie, i.80Cl'ront utreeU
A. wwoimrrr j. k. esuvrm. r. 1.. wooowrrr.
MoCeFearcet&Clo. i
Cotton Factors & Commission Rerch'tt
Clt Tvarrbemte-Soa, H mI , Oaitaav Street,
. Mian," etc. Mr. PowdVrly also said
ii too great.
TbiUtlolrbU ,f. ddrenc C.J

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