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fisuce d xomerce.
. j -
aJott Higher Idallng, 8t-4e-Sales
Tefterdar, 1900
Money in fair demand at 8 per cent.
Local aecurifieg quiet. The cotton
.jnarket, under the influence1 of favor
able foreign advices', was firmer yes
terday, and middling advanced 1-lOc
in this market, closing at 8c, with
Mies of 1900 bales. Liverpool spoU
were reported, steady and in fair de
1 niand: futures steady and 3-64d
higher than Tuesday, April 4.58d,
New York spots closed Bteady, mid
dling 9,c ; futures' steady and 6 to 8
points up, March 9.119.12c. New
Orleans spots closed very steady,
middling 8c; futures 6 to 8 points
better, April 8.63(8.C5c. Receipts
ywtterday, 767 bales; total this sea
sou, 518,069, against 415,509 same time
last vear. In the general market we
note a higher range of prices for poul
try; chickens, J33 60 per dozen;
turkevs. 19(3! 15 per dozen; dressed
turkeys, 1518c per pound.
Three hundred and fifty sks bran,
1 pkg butter, 117 pkgs bacon, 018 pkgs
bootwnnd shoes, 3800 bu, corn, 2skscof-
ioe. 287 eks cotton-seed, 11 4 pkgs dry
sroods. 13 Dkmeees. 1079 brls flour, 250
bale lav, 20 pkgs hate, 240 hdBheep, 25 M
hd cattle, 01 nd horses ana mules, I'io
Ekgs lard, 61,000 ft lumber, 80 pkgs
quors, 216 brSj meal, 133 brls molas
ses. 30 brls onions. 8 brls potatoes, 3
Hlo Rl hrt hnrana and mil m 9n '..
cars pork skied. 140 brls sugar, 303
pkgs tobacco and 500 bu wheat.
9 MadiMn St, Memphis, Tenn.,
avCtrreapaidriiee IlcltMl. lafor.
anatta cheerfully forBlaaed.-va
Money in good demand at 8 per cent
The Clearing House report is ai lol
lows: t
. . CLIAB1NG8.
Wedneeday. March 31st. $192.150147 ;
thus far this week, 647,92 70; sime
lime last week, 1831,881 25; same
time in 1885, $721,611 17 ; same time In
1884, 1713,918 1)3; total for March,
1880, $7,900,910 24; total for March,
1865, $7,027,253 01 ; average March for
reven yearp, $8,811,044.
Wednesday, March 31st, $70,021 29 ;
thus far this week, $214,115 83; same
time loot week, $143,074 70; same time
in 1885, $236,449 95; same time in
1884, $160,886 08; total for March,
188G, $2,006.825 93; total for Manh,
1885, $1,743,493 29; total Maich for
seven years, $1,321,431.
xcbanob. .
New York sight on all point, par
buying, i premium selling; . New
Kogland demand, 1 discount buying;
New England sight, J discount; New
Urieans, t discount buying, panelling.
Bank of Commerce .,148 bid, 150 asked
First Natiosal.. 140 bid, 147 at ked
German Bank. 1921 bid, 200 asked
State National...... ..14' bid, 145 asked
Union and Planters ..14sgbla, 150 asked
Mercantile Bank.. ..137 bid, 137 J asked
Home...'..... 70 bid, 75 asked
Bluff City ....... 100 bid, ... asked
Peoples 80 bid, 821 asked
Planters ,t.. 101 bid, 105 asked
Phoenix 98 bid, 100 asked
Atouipnis City 102 bid, 104 asked
Yanderbilt 16 bid. 19 asked
Hernando 100 bid, ... asked
Arlington 30 bid, 35 asked
Factors 20 nsked
Tenn. wte. rer. C 97 bid, 98 J aiked
Shelby Co. bonds 105 bid, ... askea
Shelby Co. wts 98 bid, 99 j asked
Tax. Diet 4, 6? 92 bid, 93 aiked
Tar. Dint 6s 101 bid, 102 asked
Mem Stor. Com. Co..l05 bid, 110 aked
Mem. Gasttock 75 bid, 774 asked
Mem. Gas bonds 105 bid, ... aeked
Mem. Water bonds 93 bid, ... asked
, Hanauer Oil Works bid, 50 asked
City Oil Workp ... bid, 45 aeked
Pioneer Cotton Mills bid. ;
Am. Cot. Oil trusts 25 bid, ... asked
Mem.City Ey.bond"... ... bid, ... aeked
Nkw York, March 31. Money on
call was easy uii a little more active
to-day, ranging from 2i5 per cent.,
mi'l closing at 3 per cent. Prime mer
cantile paper, A'ah. Sterling ex
change dull but steady ; 4801 for 00
davs, and (t88i lot djumnnd..
Bonds .GweVirment : bonds Mere
active and firni.-l State : bonds were
very dull and steady. Railroad bonds
were dull"PaIt,' 1,550,000. Prices
are generally somewhat lower.- '
Stocks The news in regard to the
Southwesterly .railroad strike cauRed
stocks to'opcn'J higher and the
market was steady though dull until
late in . the afternoon. The decided
advanue -in," Union. , Pacific, Oregon
Transcontinental and Northern Pacific
led to a ; ruihoi that, .the Transcoivti
. nental rirtw.weralioiit to be settled.
The statement is tnado oflieiallv, how
ever, that the situation is unchanged.
The advancfB .was probably owing to
continued coverings by tlie shorts.
In the last hour the coal stocks ex
hibited decided weakness. Lacknwana
closed at 1283 . an advance of je;
Beleware iind: Hudson, Jc; Jersey
Central, . and Heading . J. The re
mainder' ol the active' list is a
little below the highest figures
reached, Oregon Transcontinental
and Northed f'adfM preferrwl, each
rAliowmg an advance of 1 per cent.
St. Paul and Duluth, Southern Pacific
and Union Pacific 1 each. Michigan
Cent al is 2J lower. Prices, compared
with those of a month ago, are not as
much lowra as might be expected,
being generally less than 3 per cent.
The exceptions are Western Union,
which is down 6J ; Central of New
Jersey, 6J ; Lake Shore, 4 J;. St. Paul,
:; New York Central, 3i, and Ohio
Transcontinental, Zl. . I-ackawunna
and Pacific Mail are a shade higher,
and St. Paul and Duluth is up over 1 1
per cent. Some of the other inactive
and low-priced stocks also tdiow de
cided gains. The total sales for the
month have been a little over 10.000,
001) shares, against 9,450,000 shares in
The total sales of stocks to-day were
2ij5,2 19 shares, including: Delaware,
Ijickawanna and Western, :8,:!00;
Delaware and Hudson, 41"0; Krie,
. 11,155; Kansas and Texas, 0000;
Uike Shore, 87,9:)0; Ijouisville anil
Nashville, 3955; Northwestern, 12,010;
New York Central, 5105; Fa-
cific Mail, 13,705: Peona, Delaware
and Evansville, 7115; tit. Paul, 35,tSU;
Union Pacific, 20,620 ; Western Lnion,
11,187; Northern Pacific preferred,
10,371 ; Oregon and Transcontinental,
i)50. Closing quotations:
V. S. 3s, 101S- J?" '
New ir.
i r1.
Pecifio ee of 1896, 127
C. P. r.t, 1144 . I.P. !" trull,
i t, a . II iVi.l . P. fir.ta. llo1.
Erie seconds. IU1 ". i. r. nuu. civ., ou.
Louisiana eons,, Ho. t . P tend m;t,WI.
Missouri 64. 101. t. P. . fund. 117H
61. Joeph, lis. Virginia 6s, 44.
rit.P.A b.C. firsti, 13). Vi, eon., eg-m. c, 55.
Tena.os, old.M. Va.eoa. def., .
Tenn. be. new, m.
Adams KipreM, 145. t'K.
Allegheny Uen 1- p. cruras, .,
Alton A T. 11., ST , Kor. A W., pfd. M.
A. . T. H.. ifd,93ii.Nothera Ph., .
Aiiitina Ei..l0t:H. Northern P .pfd.W,.
B. . C. K. A N.. 55. N. Y. C. St. 1. 7.
Canada Pao.,6v N..C.A8tL.P.,14j.
Canada Sou.. T. C. N. W., 1, 74.
Central Paeino.4'. , O. iN.W., pld, 1384
Chee? peako A u. , 1 1 5 . a . i .lantrai. iuz,
C. A 0., Ut pfd, 17V4. Ohio Central, IK.
AO.,Mpfd. 13.
umo at miss., in
C. A., pfd. VS. Ontario A West.. 18.
C , B. k Q.. 13. Oregon NaT., 7.
C.St. L. AN. 0.. Oregon Trans., 27!
C, St. L. A P., loV,. Oregon Imp.,
C. St.L. AP., p., 37. Paoifie Mail, UH-
A., HI.
U., o. m u , au. ranama, w.
C.AC. ,48. Peoria, I). A K., 22.
Dal. AUad.,101. Pitubur. 151.
Del., L. A W., V. Pullman P. C.,131.
Len. A Kio ti., itv Iteadinf , k.
Krie, 2iV4. Hklland,el.divl25.
Kne, pfd, GO. t. L. A S. P., 1H.
Kut Tenn., 2. St. L. A b. F., p., 44.
EattTenn. pld. 5'J. Ht. L.AS.P.llt p.-lUJ.
VnrtWavna. 147. C. M. A St. P.. H8'i.
Hannibal A St. Jo. C. M. A St. P.. p., 119.
11. A St. Jo pld, St. V. M. A M., lift.
Harlem. 212.
M f. A umaha, v4.
St. P. A 0., pfd, 101.
Tezai Pacifio, l'J'f
Hovatuu A l'.,2A.
Illinois Cen.,l:H.
Ind. a. A
Kamu A T, 25-'.
Lake E. A W., IHJ-4.
Lake Shore, 82V,.
l.ou. A KmIi.,:s",.
Lou. AN. A., 33.
II. 8. ExDrenn. 63
W., fit. L. A P..9W.
W..St. L.AP.p.,17.
W.AF. Ex., US.
W. U. Tel., 34.
Colorado Coal. 24.
HomeKtake, 17.
Iron Silrer, 2u0.
Ontario. A).
Quiokiilrer, 7.
Quirkadver pfd, 21.
M. A C, lt pld,
M. A C, 2d pfd, -
Mem. A Char., 32,
ich. Central. 67.
Min.ASt. L..17M.
M. A St. L., pfd.lt
Mini. Fae..lU4
South. Paoine,
Hutro. 17.
Mobile AO., 12.
MorriaAK., offd, 138.
London, March 31. Consols,
100 5-16 for both money and the ac
count. United States bonds, 4s, 12s.
Paris, March 31. Three per cent.
rentes, 80f. 22c. for the account.
New York, March 31. Exchanges,
195,077,341 ; balances, $4,295,947.
Baltimore, Md., March 31. Clear
ings, $1,514,482; balances, $160,450.
Chicago, III., March 31. The
bank clearings aggregated 16,878,000.
Philadelphia, Pa , March 31.
Clearances to-day,$8,030,178 ; balances,
St. Louis, Mo., Mi.rch 31. Bank
clearings, $1,734,101; balances, $554,
299. Exchange on New York steady
at par.
Boston, Mass., March 31. Clearinir-
House statement: Exchanges, $11,-
332,480; balances, $164,209. Ex
changes for the month, 1245,606,115 ;
balances, lis, 914,745; lor correspond
ing month in 1885: Exchanges, $201,
354,441; balances, 135,324,3!I7.
The local cotton market opened
steady, and closed steady; and l-10c
higher; middling, 82c. Sales, 1900
baiep, of which 1700 were to exporters
and L'OJ to spinners.
Yesterday. Tuesday.
Ordinary 7 1-16 7 1 16
Good ordinary 7 9 16 7 9 16
Low middling B 3-10 8 3 1 1
Middling 8i 8 11-10
Good middling.... 9 316 9 310
Middling lair H 11-16 9 11-10
Fair Nom. Nom.
Dusty 6 11-10(S7 1516 0 11-10(5)7 15-10
Stains, tinges.7 7-16a8 7-13 7 7-16.87-16
, Meuphis, Maroh31, 1886.
Stock Sept. 1,1885. 1,392
Received to-day.; 76
Received previously. ..517,302
Shipped to-day 2,976
Shipped previously.. ..412,120
Stock.running account
. , Import.
Thus far this week
Thus far last week
Since September lBt 518,069
M. and C, R. R
M. and T. R. R
L. and N. R. R
M.andL. R. R.R
C.,0. and 8. W. R R
L., N. O. and T. R. R
M.,S.and B. R. R
AVagons and other sources...,
Thus far this week
Thus far lost week ,
. 9,43
. 10.H10
Since September 1st.
M. and G R. R
IiOuisville & Nashville R. R,..
'!., O. and S.AV. R. R ,
Steamers uotth
Total 2,9;
' New York spots opened quiet, and
closed s'eidy. Sales, 206 bales. Quota
tions were as follows :
Ordinary.. 6
Good ordinary... 7;
Low middling... 8 11-10
Middling 9J
Good middling 9 9-16
Middling fair 10 9-16
Fair 102 ,
8 11-10
New York futures opened quiet nd
firm, and closed steady and 6 to 8
points higher. Sales, O3,CO0 bales.
The closing quotations were .as fol-
lows :
March 9.11 912
April 9 21 9 22
May 9 32 9 33
June 9.4i
July 9 49 9 50
9.03 9 04
9.o:; 9 04
9.1. 914
9 24ra 9.25
9.32 9 n
9.41(a) 9.42
9 2K 9.29
9.12 9 13
9 08 9.09
9 11(a) 9.12
9.19 9.20
August 9 3.)(o U 30
September... 9 21 9.22
October 9.18 9.19
November... 9.22 9.23
December ... 9.29 9.30
The New Orleans Bpot market opened
du 1, and closed yery tteady. Sales,
O-'iOO bales.
, Yesterday. Tuesday.
Ordinary... 7 1-10 7 l-iO
Gcod pfdinary... 7 7
Low middling.... fsj . 84
Middling .... 8" 8
Good middling.- 9 7-16 9 7-16
The New Orleans future market open
ed qtiiet and steady, and closed ittady,
and 6 t 8 points Higher. Sales, 8200
bales. The closingquotations were as
follows :
Yes'erday. Tuesday.
March Nonrna',.' Nomina .
April 8.63 8 65 8 57 8.' 9
May 8.78 8 79 8.70 8.72
Juno 8.92 8.93 8 84 8 80
July 9.0li 8 98 a) 8.99
August 9.09 9.10 9 02 9.03
September.... 8.80 8 88 8.79 8.81
October 8 7tf 8.80 8.70 8.72
November.... 8.73(d) 8 75 8 66(4 8 67
December.... 8.70 8.77 8.68 8.70
The Liverpool spot market at noon
wns reported steady, fair demand.
Sales, 10,000 bales, of w hich American
8000 bales. Receipts, 8000 bales, of
which 6700 were American.
The following are the closing quota
tions : Ordinary,4 3-10d ; good ordinary,
4 9-16d ; low middling, 4 Jd ; good mid
dling, 5 3-lSd; middling uplands,
4 15-lod ; middling urieans, oa.
Manchester, cloths steady, tair de
mand. Yarns dull and dratrging.
n prion art given in prnct and 64(An,
(hut: 4 63 meant 4 63 Old., and 5 01
nuYitK 5 I -64.1
At noon: Liverpool iiunres were
steady. Quotations were as lollows:
March, ; niarcrt-Apru, ;
April-May, 4 50d; May-Juno, 4 58
(W4 5SK1; June-July, 4 OOfo.4 Old;
July-Augunt, 4 63d; AngiiBt-.Septem-ber,
6 Ol'dj September-4Jetober, Sep
tember, .
At 2 p.m.: Liverpool futures were
steady; March, 4 50d, value; March
April, 4 67d value: April-May, 4 57d
buyers: May June. 4 flOd sellers; June-
July. 4 62d sellers: July-August, 61
buyers ; August-September, 5 03d buy-
ers; bememrjer-oeiooer, a uiu vaiue;
September, 5 04d buyers.
At 5 p.m. : Liverpool futures were
steady ani 8-04d higher than yester
day ; April 4 5d sellers; March-April,
April-May, -4 58d sellers; May-June,
4 OOd buyers; June-July, 4 031 sellers;
July-August, 5 Oil sellers; Augunt
rjeptembet, 5 0:5d buyers; StpUmber
October, 5 02d sellers; September,
5 05d sellers.
Rec. 1 Prices
105 81
1805 8E
323 81
1002 8?
1244 82
83 028
N Orleans.
i)7 210
60 907
st dy
41 769
New York
Boston ....
9 7-10
St. Louis..
Augusta. .
Receipts at ports, this day ,1880. 7.1493
Receipts at ports, tnis day,lS8o. D,i.w
consolidated' rtatkmknt.
1880. 1885. 1884.
R'ta U. 8. 9
ports,5dvs 40,245 16,689 22 675
Ex. Gt.Br 27,689 17.0U 27,220
Stock 870,375 680,104 099,954
R'ts Scpt.l 4,816,479 4,531,276 4,578,940
For'gnEx. 3 204,639,3,315,103 5 308,906
Increase of receipts this vear... -
The followine is the record of the
bids and offers at the Call Board of
the Merchants' Exchange yesterday:
No. 2, white, spot, 40c asked:
March, 40c asked; April, 39c o. t. bid,
40c asked: May. 40c o. t. bid, 411c
asked ; No. 2, spot, 37 Jc bid, 39 asked ;
April. 37c bid; May, :ic bid, 39JC
No. 2 white spot, 34co.t.bid; April,
34oo.t. bid; May, 34jco. t. bid; no.
2 snot. 34c o. t. bid : March, 34c o. t,
bid; April, 34c o. t. bid, 35c nsked;
Slay, 35c asked.
Spot, $14 00 o. t. bid, $14 50 asked;
March, $14 00 bid,$14 50 asked ; April,
$14 50 asked.
Snot. April. $1 95 asked; May,$l 95
bid, 2 05 asked.
Cobn White, 47i; mixed, 46c, from
store: from levee or depot, white, 44c;
mixed, 42c; n sacks, in round lota,
white. 42c: mixed. 40
IL v Cnoice, from store, 85c ; pri me,
75fS)80c: prairie. 50o : round lots irom
ievee or depot,- choice, $1414 50;
prime. fi;aU3 50; prairie, swqHi ou,
Oath White, 40c; mixed, 38 Jo,
from store; round lots nom levee on
track white, sacked, 37c; mixed,
sacked. 354c.
Bban From store, 35o per cwt. ;
round lots from levee, f 14 xa)15 per
Beans Navy, $1 762; medium,
$1 60(ai 76.
Ric Louiaana, 45c; Carolina,
783. : . :. ... . -
Oatmeal In hall-barrels, 3M3 o
from store. '
: CoBNMEAL-Standard, $2 052 10;
pear I, $2 903 15 from store; 5c cheaper
from mill, levee or tract.
Floub Fiom store, double extra, J
triple extra, ; family, $3 754;
choice. $4 254 40; fancy, $4 755;
extra fancy, 14 955 50; patents $5 50
5 85; round lots from levee or track-,
10c cheaper; car lot i choice, $4;
family, 13 75 j fancy, $4 50 ; extra fancy
$4 75; patents, f 5 X5.
Hominy and Grits Flora store,
ti atfaXl 75.
Cracked Wheat In half-barrels,
$.1 50 from store.
Crackers Soda, extra, 4c; soda,
trnhle extra. 4c : lemon cream crack
ers, extra, 7c; lemoa cream crackers,
treble ext-a. 71c; Ringer snaps, extra
6c; ginger snaps, treble extra, Ge; as-
8 Jrted jumDies, c. : i
KaInsas CiTT.Mo., March 31 ,-t.Wbeat
higher; cash, 06.1. bid, 08c1 asked;
April, seller, 69c; May, Tljc bid, 711c
aied; June, 74Jc. Corn qu'et; cash,
27c aeked ; April, 27 J c bid, 28c asked ;
Mav. 29c bid. 1 91c asked. Oats nomi
nal, 28s rsked. ,
St. Louis, 'Mo.,': March 31. Floor
dull; XXX, $33 15;feniily,$3 25
3 35; choice, $3 703 85 j farcy, 14 25
4 35; extra fancy. 4 604 70; pat
ents, $4 955 25. Wheat fairly active
but ea.y; the market ruled it?ady
until aft sr noon, when pricfS eased
off and continued weak nntil the
lose, finishing J je below yterdar ;
o.2 red, cash; 88 ; May, 89j9( Jc,
closing at 89ir 89lc; June, 90t90jc,
flisipg at 90Jc; July, 86887c, cloj.
ing nominally at 80S:. Corn qnie- and
lower, closinc waak Bn- Jc lower than
yesterday; No. 2, mixed, 83 Jc; March,
333 bid; April, 33 332c closinst at
330; May, 3434ic, closing at 34 J
341c. Oals very dull and lower; JNo
2 mixed, cash, 30 Jc; March, 29c bid;
May, 30i. Rye steady. 60c. Ba-ley
steady: American. 6080c; Canadian,
80( 953. Hay tteady; prairie, $08;
timothy, $1114. Flaxseed steady,
1 09. Bran, easy. 02c. Corn meal
firm. $1 85 L 90. Receipt Flour,
1000 brls ; wheat, 3000 bu ; corn, 05,
000 ba; oat, 12,000 bu; rye, none;
barley, 1000 bu. Shipments Flour,
4000 brls: wheat, none; corn, 30"0
bujoa's, 2000 bu; barley and rye.
Aflirnaon Board Wheat easy and
shade lower. Cera JJc lower. Oati
Chicago,' III., March 31. The
starting price for May wheat wag 81 Is.
fiom which it broke off to 81js and
then rose quickly to 81Jc on strong
buying by outsu'e parties and the re
port of free dealings from New York.
The offerings again became free after
noon hour and there followed qnite a
sharp bieak ta 80c, closirg at 1 o'clock
at 81c. Some bad crop rum' rj were
circulated, which aleo added to the
feeling of firmness during the middle
seetlon. In the afternoon the feeling
was very dull and prices developed no
change. A little more life was wit
nessed in the epeculatir n in corn, bnt
lower prires at'ln prevailed and the
market c'oed finally a shade nndr
yesterday. Oat4 lw rnld weaker
end 1 wer for Hay delivery. Floor
doll and nncbanged. Wheat rnled
tt og during toe m'ddle session and
weak-npd and dneed c under yesler-
rlar. Stiles ran sel : March and Apr 1,
70177ie, clored 701c; Miv, 80t
81 is, clonal 81c; June, S'.'JSic.
cloeod 82fe; No. 2 spiiug, 76,
78o. Corn fairly aftive and easier;
rash, 34K30o; Mr h and April,
3Ui-iO(v&c,c!osea atsi ii ios; May,
38f5;38e, closed at 38 3 Hie; June,
38 J 538!; c, tlwad at 88 7-10c. Oala
easy; caaD, .".'(e; Msren ana April,
2c; Kay, su:io;e. c;oea at 3U,a.
Rve dull; Ho. 2, mjc. Barley nom
inal; No. 2, fOo. Fisiseed cay.No
1, SI 07f Kecetota Mour, 18,ikiu
brio; wheat, 14,000 bu; corn, 148,-
000 ba ; ot 74,000 bu ; rye, 2000 bu ;
barley, 38,000 ba. Shipment Flour,
7i 00 nils; wheat, 10 000 bn; com,
S 2,000 bn: oata, 28,000 ba; rye, It 00;
barley, 22,000 t.
Afternoon .Board The market ruled
dull, and no change in pr!c oc
curred. '
Butter Creamery, 33 37c; dairy,
22 1 20c; butterine, 14U0e; country,
12.J'18c, according to condition.
CitKBsft Prime flats, 7(a ; New
York factory, 8c; full cream, 1212Jc;
y. a., rjii'ic
Mess Pork Old, S1U oo per lama :
new til 50 per barrel; sugar-cured
hams, packed, 9J9Jc; breakfast ba
con, 7J9c; clear rib bacon, 6Jc.
Bulk Pork Clear sides, Oc; clear
rib sides, 5Jcj long clear, 6Jc; Bhoul
ders, 344c.
ljird-lierceOlWOlc; iiaii-uarreis,
6(6Jc: kegs, 6j(fit)Jc; buckets, 6j
6jc; half-buckets, 77Jc; 50-lb tins,
6Kic; 20-lb tins, 0i(n)0jci 11Mb tins,
6 J7c ; 5-lb tins, Ojc j 3-lb tins, 6J7c ;
choice kettle, tierces, 6c.
Fresh Meats Ueel itooti Kansas
City steers, heavy, 8c; light, 77Jc;
cows ai'd heifers, 6Jc; mutton, 81
9c; lamijt, ; pork 6c.
Pios-KEir Brls, $8 8 60: half-brls,
$33 25. i
St. Loi ta, Mo., March 31. Pio-
vicions dull and depressed. Pork, $10.
Lard nominal ; 5 80c Bulk meats
1 ose lot-easy ; long clear, 5 20c ; short
ribs, 5.35c;abort clear, 5. Jc; boxed lota
easy ;!ong clear, 5c ; short ribs, 5 35c :
shori clear. 8 uncoa easy; long
clear, J 05o; short libs, 638.803;short
c ear, i5 90c. Hams steady, 511o.
Butter nrm ana uncnngea. r.gg
bet'e'at ,9tr.
Chicaoo. March 31. Mew
pork dull and t y; cash, $9 258 30;
March and April, $9 259 35, closed at
19 259 Si : May, 19 309 40, closed
at $9 82(9 3i: June, 19 359 45,
closed at r9 871(i9 40. JJira e?sier;
rash. Maifch and AurlU o.liao iwcj
Mav. 6.!l0f55 95c. closed at 5 90
5 921a; June. 5 950c, closed at 5 95(.i)
5 97Jc. Boxed mea'ssteady ; dry talted
ahon'dsis. 31(o)3.95j'. short rib aides.
5.17J5 20c; Bbort clear sides, oj(
R5ic. Butter ruled firm: creamer.
21031c: dairy, 1420c. Eggs, 10J
lie. ; ,
Apples Apples. $2 3 fromstore
f 1 602 25 per car-load from levee
or depot. Dried apples, 34c per
pound from store. Dried peaches, 3
4c irom store.
Potatoes Potatoes. $1 752 from
store ; 11 501 75 per car load from levee
or depot. Sweet potatoes, 12 502 75
perbrl. I'eas.fl 20(a)! yo per ousiiei.
Vegetables Onions. $2 75 from
store; $2 502 60 from levee or depot.
Cabbage, t'i UOs 3 OU per craw, ivraui,
barrels, $5 60g6; half-barrels, $2 75.
Garlic, 4060c per 100.
Fruit Oranges, Louisiana, none;
Florid, none; Messina, ;$3 504 per
box; Imperials, 55 50 per box.
Lemons, $4 60(35 per box. Ba
nanai, $1 753 per bunch. Cocoa
nuts, $4 per 100. Peanuts Virginia,
7Jc; Tennessee, larmer s etocx, a4c ;
roasted, 21c higher; shelled, 10c. Al
monds, 1820c. ;, '
Pickles -In jars; pints, 95c; quarts,
$1 50; half-gallons, $2 75; gallons,
$3 75; loose, barrels, o; nau-Darreis,
H 60; mixed, barrels, $10 50 j mixed,
ball-barrels, lb. ' .
KAiaiNs London layers. 13 4U. lay
ers. J2 75; caiiiornia, ; imperial,
$3 504 ,
Walhdts Frencn, iso ; rapies, ioc ;
Grenobles, 15c. Filberts, 12c.
Cipeh Missouri, $77 60 per bar
rel and $44 50 per half barrel; Vine
gar. ll16c per gadon.
Poultry .turkeys, per aoxnn, (ai
15; chickens, good demand. $.i3 50;
dressed turkeys, scarce, 1518c per
fECANS lexas, o(aiiuc lor email to
medium, 1014c for large; Arkansas,
Fish Mackerel, nau-uarreis, r-o. i,
$5; No. 2, 13 25; No. 3, $2 75; 10-lb
kit, JNo. 1, 80c; iso. z, uc; io-id, xo.
3,60c. Dry herrings, family, 30c per
Game Venison, whole, 35c, sad
dles, 68c ; bear, 08a; wild turkeys,
5075c; ducks, $1 &02 50; squirrels,
76c; quails, 75c il; prairie chickens,
$5; game fish, 08c.
EtKiS firm 10c. r' ,
CorFEE Common, 88Jc; ordina
ry, fl9Jc; prime Kio, 11c; choice
to fancy, llJ13Jc; old government,
2325; Ceylon; 20c.
Soap 3J5jc per pound.
ScoAH Eastern yellow, 6J5cf
pure w. c. white. 6Jc; off white, 6J
6jc; yellow clarified,6ji6Jc;ooen ket
tle, 55e; refined A, 77Jc; granu
lated, 771c; powdered, 7;. cut loaf,
Salt $ I 201 30 per barrel; sacks,
At ... . a m. 41 1A. inkata
bea'ched 2'J7c . car.ioati. rom levee
or dot'se, cheaper.
. Molasshs Louisiana, common to
fair, 2327c ; prime to choice) 3540c ;
syrup, 20 40c ; common to fair, 23
28c: prime to choice, 3033c; centrif
ugal fancy, 35c. . - 1
Tobacco Common. 11-Inch. 27
30c: other grdee and styles, 2528c
Snuff-Garrttt's, $10 85 per ease;
Ralph's, $10 25 per case; R. R, $9 50.
CAHDiEs-bticks, all sites, in boxee,
pails and barrels, 7J8c. ' ' '
Cahplks Full weight, 10JUc.
Canned Goons, Etc. Prices per doi
f n:, Pineapples, $1 351 65; peaches,
2-lb, standard, 11 31 50; seconds,
, i - f. , ne. . oik .r.AmA
$1 10; 3 lb, $1 35; strawberries, $1 40
1 60; raspberries, $1 15faU 25; blck
berriee. $11 15: greenwges, $1 60
1 75; pears, $22 25; plums, $1 00(o
170: aiparaeus, f2 604; green corn,
$11 35; green peas, $12 25; cove
ovsters. fnll weiaht, 1-lb. $11 10;
cove oystere, fall weight, 2-lb, $1 75
1 85; cove oysters, ugnt weignt, i-id,
65c: cove ovftsrs. light weight. 2-lb,
$1; condensed milk Crown, $5 90;
Eagle, $7 75; Swiss, $6.
Baltimobe, Md., March 31. Coffes
quiet ;' Rio cargoes, ordinary to fair,
8J8gc. -
HTTOS-Ero Oil., ETC.
Keed Delivered at depot and wharf,
$8 per ton; on bank of river (f. o. b.
boat), $6; wagon at mills, $8 Meal
APRIL '1, 188G.
Prime (f o. b.,) $15 per ton. Less than
car-load lota, $16. From store, 90c per
sack. Caxi -Nominal j $16 per ton.
On In car-load lots, prime, crude O.
H, oil, 23 J 24c; prime summer yel
low, 26J:7c; c'ff-summer yellow, 25J
26 Jc ; miners', c ; choice cooking
summer yellow, 2S30c.
Coal Oil Prime white, wholesale
lota, lie per gallon.
Clxvelanp, O., March 31. Petro
leum quiet; s. w., 110", 7c.
IIorrks -Good driving, $150225;
good siuldle,4140300;phigs,3580;
gooI mares, 185 140.
Mruts-141 to 15,1110135; 15 to
15, $125140; 15J to 10, tllO,175.
Good demand; supply fair.
Hinis-Dry flint, 13 aiOo; dry salt,
1012e; green salt, 78c; green, 6
6s; deerskins, 1618t; hunter-haa-dled
coon i kins, each, 20(3, r0c; country
coon skins, 1030c; mink, 10 30c;
rauskrat, 510c; ot'er, $15; bear,
$15; bavr, 50e$4 ; wildcat, 20
40c; fox, 2-575c: skunk, 2575c
Beeswax, 18(4210 ; tillow, 45
Whisky Straight Kentucky Bonr
hon, $1 006; rye,$l 75 0; domestic,
90ctl 50.
Catti.i Choice to extra corn-fed.
900 to 1050 pounds, 44Jc : good, 3J
4c; choice grass-fed, 3J(i3jc: good, 3
3Jc; fair to medium, 2J2jcj com
mon, liiWsc
llois Choice, 3i4c; gooil, 3J
3jc; common, stinsic.
Siikep Choice, 4'4c; niudium, 3
3Jc; common, $11 60.
Chicago, III., March 31. The Dro-
twr' Journal reports: Cattle receipts,
4800 head; shipments, 1500 head;
market generally steady; shipping
steers, 950 to 1500 pounds, $45 95 ;
one car beeves, $0 30 ; Mockers and
feeders, $34 40; cows, bulls and
mixed, $1 75 4 25; bulk, $2 603 30;
throush Texai cuttle. $44 50.
Hogs wenpta, 19,101) bead; ship
menu, 7000 hrad; market
strong early, closing dull; rough and
mixed, $3 904 85 ; packers and ship
pers. $4 204 65; light, 3 8O4 40;
skips, 33 90. Sheep receipts, 1800
head; shipment, 500 beot; market
strong; native, J35 85; Texans,
12 604 25.
Kansas City, Mo., March 81. The
Livt Stock Indicator reports : Cattle
.annlnl. tn A . ahlnrndnla R70
head; shipping grades steady; butch
ers' active and strong; cnoice to fancy
$5 055 20; fair to good, 14 00 5
common to medium, $44 50; itick
era and fneda:r, $3S04 20; cows
12 403 30. Hog-receipt'. 470:
head; shipments, 1467 head; market
strong for choice, heavy and weak
and a shade lower for liirht; llahts
good to choice. $3 854 ; common to
medium, $3 D'-(a)3 W, skips and pigs,
40. Sheep receipts, none; ship
mcnts, none; market strong: good to
choice, $3 04 25. .
niw York, March 81. In the way
of deliveries business is of a moderate
steadiness in amount, but new pur
chases are very ngni.
Non-Resident Noilce.
No. ft',, R. D.-In th Chanoerr Court of
enemy i;oaiity, lenn. etato or lonnea-
rec, for Ha own uie, ate.
, va. w. A. (Joiner
t al. ,
It aupearinr from bill which 1. aworn to in
tli Is eauns Ibat tb defenduntji, W. 0, Blark.
la areaident of I.ouUima; tint Sail anil
Rembert 1 reuvant art rtaiilenta of Miaik
iupi and son-ruideau of Tennoatoo; that
Joseph II, Chot it a non-roaident of Ten
nemeat that tha plc of reKidonoa of C. K,
Ada A Oo., or tha aurvivtnc partnera of aaiil
Briii ara unknown aud cannot ba ascertained
aftef diliirer.t inquiry; that Jomph Wilde,
executor, and Caroline Wilde, executrix of
J.H. Wilde, Jawu UeWit Wilde and Kobt.
It. Wllda,ieutor, Harriet H. WiliU), e
eoulrix of Jaa, Wilde, jr., and Joeeph Wilde
ara Maiden ti of' New York and , nin,-nl-dent
of Tenneasee; and that the names and
nlacea of re id on o of Frederick Hi kirt
iand's heirs, made parties on aooount nf
their intareaHn lot il and 42, Coo pot subdi
vision, are unknown and cannot be ascer
tained aftmr diligent inqairri that Jamea
Dair it a reaident or Ohio: that W. V. Kd
mnnds is a resident of Arkansas t that ller
tha, Aurusta and F..K. 1'leil. and J. F.
Kodel are residents of lodiuna; that J. K.,
John and Luoy Oliver are realdenta-of Mis
aisaliipl', that Clmriea nUtij Is a resident of
Mlstoum that the plages of residence of
Jonu Roe and the names and nlacea of real-
dance al the heira or Jonaa Koa are unknown
and oannot be ascertained after diiiitent in-
quirr, and are made delen
itntfton account
of their interest in lot Son Hernando road
WiMSfeeti that the
Pluon or rtaidonce
liwls Scdlt. Ilaoria VI. Null An, I V.. C.
HlaucUter is unknown and oannot bo awor
tuiped after diligent imiuiry, and Afattie
Spain sre al) non-residents of Tunnoaane;
that K. 1'. llunn is a reticent of Arkanaaa;
that Kli:ibnth Van Br oklin is a leaidont uf
New York, and all non-rssidonti of the Slate
of Tenese:
It is tlierefnre ordered. 1 bat all aaid par
ties m ike thoir apiicaranne hornin, nt the
Court-House of Hhelliy runntv. In Moninliir,
Trim,, on or b'fure the tirat Monday in Alny,
lHHil, and plead, anawer or demur to omn
nlainant's hill or the aaibe will be tahnn for
cunfeaaed an to them and set for linarinn t-
liarUi; and that a copy of this orilrr be pub
inhnd once a week fur four sunceasira weeks
in the Memphis Anpeal. This .llet day of
March, lew.
S. I. MebOWEht, Orkand Maater.
By J. At llradley. lleputr C. and M.
rtnlakell A Jordan, Bolioibirss for coui
plainsnla. Hi
Non Iteslilfnt Notice,
No. rtllD, R. 1 -In the, Chanoery Court of
Shelby Conntr, lenn.-State of Tennessee
fur Ui, and the Vntnltf ra, John bonnellr
et al. of Shelby county.
It appearing irmn the bi I, wh'eh Is sworn
to in tbia cuu'e, that Ihedofenilanla John D.
Armour, resident of the Siato ot Maryland:
fallie Treierant and Hembert Tretevan',
heirs of John P. Treaevant, reaidunts ot tho
State of Louisiana; Kl. Norton, a real-
dun! of tho .State of Kentucky, all non-res
denta of the Slutoot Tennessee; Martin Lan
gan, Alien Tbumpaon, non-residents of the
Sta'e of Tennenxeo; that tbe rnaldences of
Mary Ann Hiuhi-s, Wm. Norton, C. 11.
Brauui, Mary Woodward, Mary rleti hall
and husband, Martin 1'letchall; Laura and
dwrd n. Martin, John CHmea. K. A. Hig
ainaon, W. B. Ilorrh.L. If Dorch, Mellie L.
Benton. Robert Moore, Marola I. I'leece,
Patty Mosby and Helen Pope are unknown
nl nunnnt ln aicertained after dilifent in
quiry, and il any of those parties are dt-ad
thoir burs or dertaeoi, whose names and
re.Hidnc-a ere unknown and cannot be as
CArtainfld after dilinent inuulrv. this bill is
filed to collect Uieaduv tbe State and county
on rariiua lots owned by the anore partiee
knit nthcrs. . 1 i
It is therefore ordered . that they rr ake their
appearance herein, at the Cuurt-llouae of
bhelby county, in Mviuphia, lenn., on
hxff.ra tha irt Mondiir la Mar. 1H. a
Elcad. answor or demur to oorapluinant'a
ill, or the saino will be taken for confessed
as In them and aet for hearina tt pnrte: and
that a copy of this order be published once a
werk, ror rour sueeeaaive weess, in toe Ap
peal. Ihie :U"t day of .Man.li, im.
A Cony-Attn t; thu
S I MrlHiWELL, Clerk and Master.
By H F. Walrh. Ueuty 0. .it M.
Lee Thornton, solicitor f"f oinplainant.
Non-Resldeut Notice.
No. 6011, R. D. In the Chancery Court of
Bhelby eounty, Tenn. State of Tonnesaeo
and oounty of Shelby re. J. A. Andrews
and wife et al.
It appearing from the bill which it sworn to
In this Aiuac that the defendant' reaiilences
of A. J. Ssundars, W. .F. Cooper and tha
bcirsof W. A. Uall, deceased, and if said
Saunders or Cooper are dead, of their
heirs or deviseee, are unknown and cannot
be aicertained after dilieont imiuiry. This
bill U filed to collect taxes due tbe State and
county on Inuownod by ubove named par
iaa nil other iartias
It la therefore ordered. That they make
their app-aranco herein, at tho courthouse
of sbelby ouunty. In .Memphis, Tenn.. on or
before the first Monday in May, lXi, and
Klead, answer or demur to ooMpUioant'S
ill, or the same will be taken for confessed
a to them sod aet for bearing exparto: and
that a c py of this order be puhlthed on Co a
waalc. fr fitur sie e.'fire weeks, in the Mem
phia Appeal inia lai aay oi jjurcn, iwi
A cpy aiicni :
8. 1. McUOWKLL. Cl'rk ind Muster,
By II F. Walsh, Deputy Clerk a d Master
Loe Thortton, col. In comi In t. tbu
Arkansas Citj.KiTa Adams, s p.m.
New 0rleans....OuiDixo Sti, 12 a.
Vickiburf......AaiSi Citt, 6 p.m.
iptonrllle flniMU, 5 p.m.
Friars Point...Coaaiat, S p.m.
Cincinnati. ....Bick. v Stats. J p.m.
8t. Louis .....Crrv or Viciuiai'ao, U m.
Oiola..... .Dam AD1M3, i p.m.
White Rirer .DiPhst, S p.m.
mrnla. Coal.oma, Friars Point:
Chickataw, White River; IVan Adims,
Osceola: Annie P. Bilvor, 8t. Louis;
City of Cairo, Yickaburg; Thus, fiher-
lcck, Mew O. lean 8
Vpoifiimi. Annie r. Hilver. asw
Orloana; Thoa. Sherlock, Cincinnati;
City of Ctire, St. Liuie; Chickaw,
White Kiyer; Coahoma, r-riar Point:
Dean ACams, OsceoU.
Boatt LKr Down. Uayrs?. Buckeye
State, Guiding Star and Arkantai City.
II . I IL I.' . IJ..
Blsta Tcaterst.
Annie P. Silver -300 tons merchan
Thoa. Sherlock 140 barrelH sugar
and 130 barrels molasses.
Dean Adams 14 bnUw cotton, 12
bags seed cotton, 33 sacks seed and
lot sundries.
Coahoma 33 bales cotton, 2 head
mules and 35 packages sundries.
l.luckuMiiw 197 bales cotton, 1 mule
and 93 packages sundries.
tl'TIKM nOVKHtllia.
Tiik DeSinet, Capt. Milt. R. Harry,
is the altirdiiv puciet for all points
on White and iMack rivers.
The Lee Line packets to-morrow
evening are the Coahoma tor t rmm
1'oint and the I "can Adams for Os
Tiik Anchor L'ne steamer City of
Yicksburg, Capt. Dun Able, willpass
up to-morrow at 12 o'clock for Cairo
and St. I .on is.
The Gayoso, Cant. W. P. Hall, is
the iiacket this evening at 5 o'clock
for Hale s roint, Tiptonviiio ami all
way landings. Jesse P. Walt is her
Tiik Arkansas City, Capt. II. W.
U.oliiski, is the Anchor Line packet
this evening at 0 o'clock fur Vicks
bnrgand the bends. Win. II. Pritch-
artt is her clerk.
The O. Line passenger packet Child'
ing Star, Capt. J. D. llcglcr, will pass
down to-day at 12 o clock for New
Orleans ami all intermediate landings
Frank Stein presides in her ollice.
Tin Kate Adams, Capt. Murk R.
Cheek, is the United States nmil pack
et this evening at ft o'clock for Helena,
Ark'iisiiM City and all way landings,
W. C. lllnnker husclmrgc of her otllce
assisted by Iew Price, Morris Gnus
and J. O. Wycoff.
The Buckeye Stale, Capt. II. J. Yin
ton, is the packet to-morrow evening
at t o clock; for l mro, ixnUBVUle, uiir
cinnflti and nil way lnndinas on the
Ohioriver. George W. Hciidrickson
bus charge of her ollice. The Duck
eye State will give cheap rates to all
points .North and I'-ast,
IlrmsnKS fair.
Weather clear and cold. '
The City of Cairo passed up last
evening or St. Louis.
Tub Io Line packets were, In and
out yesterday with fair trips.
The Jay Gould and barges passed
down Tuesday night for New Orleans.
The river now stands 25 6-10 feet on
the gauge, rise 1 8-10 feet in lust 24
llOIU'S. .
RKiKirrsbv river yesteriluy 244 bales
cotton, 12 bags seed-cotton and 33
sacks seed,
Tint Annie P. Silver, from SL Louis,
passed down yesterday evening for
Sew Orleans. Sho discharged here
150 tons miscellaneous freight. '
Tub Thus. Sherlock from New 'Or
leans passed up yesterday evening for
Cincinnati. She discharged here 270
barrels sugar and molasses, and willed
03 bides cotton. ' 1
Tub Chickasaw arrived al an early
hour yesterday morning from White
river .with 197 bales cotton, 1 mule.
93 packages sundruM, and returned
lust evening w ith a fair trip.
Okfii b Pkinai. HitHvirit, U. 8. A.,1
Mkmphih, Man h :tl, 1 p.m.
The followinirolmervatioii are taken
at nil Htiitidlm nnmud nt 75 meridian
time, whieh in one hour fater than
Memphiw time:
Ah've Low
Water. Chaiijfe.
IUho Fall
Feet. IOHih lOthH lOtlm
:t ti IS
10 5 KM)
40 4 II
. I) 1
8 5
7 4 18
14 3 2
H2 4 23
7 7,3
II 4 - H
S !l 21
II ! 44 0
25 0 IS
8S 2 05
il 0 2
11 1 1
11 8 7
23 2
8 2 1
16 5.7
2ti 8 12
C'liattaiKMiKa ...
la ven port
Kort fSuiith
Helena. -
L CroHsw
little Itook
Nuw Orleans...
St. Umirt
8t. Paul
Whbi,iio. March 3i. Noon River
1H lent r inches, on the eanpe and riaing.
Weather cool and raining.
PiTTeuFBO. March 31. Soon River
1 1 feet H inches on the auiie and rie
Iiir Weather cloudy and warm.
Cincinnati. March ill Noon- Rivej
ri8ine.rith 40 feet on the gauge. Weath
er cloudy; thermometer 48, .
LouwviM., March 31 Noon River
rising, with 14 feet 2 inrhee in the
canaland 12 feet on the fall. Bust-
iihm) fSr. Wtather cloudy anil cool.
Departed: Golden Urown, Cincinnati,
this morning. The Iron Age eunk a
boat of con1 while goinxover the falls.
Cairo, March 31. Night-River 38
feet 2 inches on the gauge and rising.
Weather cold and snowing. Arrived:
Henry Lourey and bar?, St. Louis, 1
a.m.; City of Natchez, New Orleans, 5
a.m.; Buckeye Ktatt, Cincinnati, 9
a.m. Depa'ted : : Henry Lonrev and
barges, New Orleans, 2 a.m.; City of
Natch., Rt.TAnhs, a.m.
aMrrsMtno seeking Oorornmont Em.
ployment ia any of tbo departments;!
Washington, or any other positions andoi
the government, I will send full Ins traction
as to bora to pr! to obtain the snnjo,
and Blujak Forma f Applirsitlosi on
receipt M One Dollar. Ados-eeus JOHN
is nseH. lk-hnv van. s'Nwvaat.
n who was deaf twenty-elsht Tear '
1 r-stcd l.vmostot the noted specialists)!
te i With no beneSt. Cl'aSD nlassLril
thrro months, and sinoo then hundreds oi
others by -ame process. A plain, simpleand
...rlkrti.. traatment. Adilraas T. H.
I 1'AU B,U Bast atithBt,, Now, York CityJ:
ai. aaula mutt Wot Orleans Anchor
aJaa-U.S.Mail-FOit VlUKSBtiKQ.
Arkansas City,
Brolekl...masUr. ft2 icj5-
Will learetb Klerator THCHalAi, April
lit. at p.m. for freltht or jpaaaasre appf
V. 1. HiiLFMi. Art. ATtHT'lHM. H-ir't.
Meiiiptila and flnflanall i'utket to.
II nek eye State sjZt
H. J. Vinton maetor.
Will leare i KIOAV., April id. at 5 .m.
For Ireiubt or nassst apply to C. B. Ktp
8KLI., Arent, No. 12 Madlaoa at. Telephone
No. 227. JOHN OARR, Haener Amnt.
bteaner JAMKS W. UAI V follows, Uay
IngTuf.dnT. April Bih. - '
Soathsrn t ran. porutloa Co. O. Line Par
Vicksbarr. Natehaa and Mow Orleans Sir.
Ciiutding Htar
3. D. Hfrler...maater, w'J oa-ii
Will learo TilllrWDAV, April lal, at U m.
For freiibt of paasas apply to 0. B.Kl'S-
8KLL, Af't, 12 Madison at. Telephone 227.
,iimi i
r a war ua, Paswentr sBt.
Ms. Loasla aaad Now OrloaiuN Aanhor
l.iaac-V.N. Mnll-OAIflO k Jjt.,LOUlg.
n't. ,f , i . . .
uiiy ot viCKSuurg, .
l)a- Able....Tnastor, '
Will learo tbe Klerator FRl
Klerator FRIDAi. April
d. at 12 m.
Vnr freight Ar uajmaM asuf
I.. Kill., ram
Art. At
II M ilium, n
rUK Tlfl'UM VlLln.
Kor Osoeola,
llaias rolnt. Uaratnersrilia,
o and Tintonrtlle Tbo BOW stent or
W. P. Uall. m aster J. D. Fnlier.....o.erk,
will leare as above, and all war pomu.
p.m. ror treisnt or passage aiiur on ooara.
nwaillllM, rinn nu.a n. fmmmm
uui iMmla lalst )oniiliUi-
For Helen, aiendala, Friars Point and all
w liaaatnf otoawor ..
Conlioma, r.t-
K. T, Olaiett... master I Piatt Biuu....vrk
Will leare as auore on arory fltutfOAt.
WKDNKBDAYaiid FRIDAY, at t a olock.3
For Randolph. Fulton. Osoeola laa4 ttf
i.anmwis rioaaoer , ,
H. Cooper. mnsWr....J. W.emitkers.eWk
Uarea asorerr atONUAY, WKUNKSUAI
andKIlJAat p.m. Tha boats of ud
lino reserve the riibt to paoa all laad a
thooapUia sna deem nnsate, OBoo, No. I
Maaiaofi JAMKH l.KW, J..Hnp't.
Arkansas Itiver Pk't (o.
Be D. omuo.-einiwisBrt "-.j m
Leavti Memphis Krr TUKHOA V, tft p.u
n V LV TT D AillV
Memphls& White KlTerPktGo
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Olaroiidoa, Dvallai BlniT, rmo art,
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at 5 p.m. Throush rata to all points.
Freight eonaiined to " Momuhis and Wblto
uiror Packet Ctmpany" will hlorwardt
prtmptly. h. U LOW b, Afent,
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For Helena, DeValls Bluff. Dos Pes Arct
gnata, Newport and l)atsrllle.-Tbe air
and elegant elriawheel passenger ateassi f
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Milt Harry .,..... ..,;:..1..,...mstr
Will learo KViftY 8ATURPAY atbo'clo,!
p.m. TbrouitV rates to all polats. Froisji
eonslgned to Mdi Harry Lino, Memphis,!!
bo promptly Hrsrarded. W. J. P, DOXlt'
Offloe U Mailisoa sV . Telephone 3M.
Jaiui B Ka. ,!., Paeoenger Aaent. Tl
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The 8t.Frnci8 KiSer Truuport4tfoa
Co.'a Vino BMo-W hool U.S. Malt Stoamo
Rene Macready, i rCj
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at ti o'clock, for Marian , tho 0nM)T. 4
ntormodiata landings payA- PraAoif rivor,
Tha ..l.ifl raaarras tna.isht to naaS OU
landings he deems unsafe
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pant L'. MaMsil line.
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M. R. Cheek...masur I W. C. Blanftor ...oaork
Laaroa MemphU'
D.m.ireeMTing me riant M paM Suuanawss
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aydeea in safe. For.
inform.,!., jgg
JOHN CArtR, Psas'r Agent. Telephone W.
'67' EAN T I BA H I
TO JE UK lE t r t
. (esk's Bararaioa Portia learo it)
April, Uay, June an4 July- BeM lot fro-
"7naivllnai TnrisitTlrltHairoitrToI
In Knrooe an d all parte of the glebe.
ane Tlrkoi by all linos ot steamers.
. ok Kseurolossint, with maps, pub
liahed monthly -.HfurT- C..t..(
Jill Itroe'lwsr, New York.
Trunlee'is Male. t
HAVINU been appointed truiUo under
the powers contained in tbe trust de4
made by Sarah L. Pent and Oeorre (1. Uent,
securing the paymeot'of a note for llftM by
them made Hep torn bar U, duo one fear
after date, detault having been made in, the
payment thereof, at the i ciuest f the holder
ol aaldno'e, I will, on : ' ''
Moualsijr, April 5, loMt it
atl2u'clock m..at the eonihwest eornstr 0 t
Main and Mudison strrots, in the Taxing
District of rihelby county, Te,v sell' tho
following described truts of landt The iret
beginning at Carr and M cLeranro s corner
on Oreer's lino; thence 'rH 1V.4S chains to
Uroer's 8K corner! Ihesco north lOcbesos to
Oreer's NE corner! then co east i hin; to
llradshsw's SB corner! thence soeih '3.7
ehsini to McLemoro and tlerr's W oerner
of lS-acro .entryt theaeo east W'chainst
thence north 10 chains to Wm, and Uideoj
Pillow's line; thence east 1S.M j-thsaeo south
SOchalnst thonce west 7 Wl chains to Carr
and WoLemore's lino; thence north ).7
obains U the beginning, containing KVaAres,
more or less, It being tho uni traMofHenil
nnravad to Han lei llue or nina .
FelU by deed nt August U, UKs, reeotuea is
Ala'lo't'Bh. BerlaBc) .uMirislbri of
lots, fronting o0 feet on tho eestejde ef Bor
land arenue, end running bach betweea
parallel lines 170 lost to an ";. ' '
Also, part of lot 9 ef some subdivision, on
tho sooth boundary linool lot W, eighty foot
from the southwest corner of same, and run
ning south at right angles with said bound
ary lioe nine foot and sii Ineheei theaee at
right angles east siiteen loot so as so run di
rectly over tho center of tho month of tho
cistern t thence at right angles nine loo and
six inches to lh souin ooaaaary naoor -sara
properly, with all imnrorements thereon,
and being the same property conveyed so J.
K. Dtllard.truatee.hy 8. i. snd tt. O.Dent,
recorded In book 145, page m, of tbo records
of Kbelby county. . .
Terms of risle-Caih. Title believed to bo
good, but I sell only as trostoe.
L. 11. EST K8. J a.. Trn'tce.
Trusteed Sale, " '
PURSUANT to a trust deed executed to
mo aa trustee, by J. R. fliPf!" "(j K.
A. Flippin, of date August 1(1, lWi. and re
corded in tbe Kegistor'e omce of bhelby
county. Tennessee, m tk o. U6. page
3UI, 1 will, on . )
i.aturriny. April 10, 1,
during legal hours, foil, i fronl ol tho
court homo door of said oooety, at Public
... r.,r ..ih. tha i,rAtert thereba con-
'd.'rls.; Lot No. two U) In tho division
of the property sold to
Lariaae la the
aja of the Tenneiseo Marine and
ft re In
r et al..
rin,iiBnr rs. Chas. Potts
e.t ... itn.,rf nrKhalhr Cnuntr. '
pany rs. vnas. rotter e a.
r. inr ir..niin iM fat 1 inchaa on wes)
line of Shelby street by a depth woetwnrdl,
of 140 feet, reference bmg here main lort
mote particular description to decree veefc
ing title In r. Larigne. rocor.i-d in eat
He.ister's office, book . page 1. eto. .
Kcdeuiption, dower and homestead wajved.
Title believed good. VQST0
mmMTrn ACJSNTS.Mcnand Worasir'
WAiil tU 2, n -Tub; chjxdV
B1BLK " Inrroduotion by Rev. J. H. Via.
cent, D.D. One spent has sold ffl in a tow
of 674 people! onu Ti ia arillaife ol 7M ont
pew aent 85 in U days! one 3 in 4 suooe.
sie weeks; one 40 in 3 days at two different
liires. Sxperience not necessary Aodxeea
" W Dearborn street, VnlcMO.

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