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Th Taxing District Council ought
to pay its laboring force the $2 per
day asked for in the petition present
ed yesterday, for the reason that the
men are not employed full time, be
ing compelled to lose rainy and in
winter very cold days. The Council
ihould pay the people it employs the
best wages possible for a fair day's
work and thus set an example to em
ployers in all branches of business.
Tub Taxing-District Council passed
timely act yesterday in ordering the
opening of new streets and the exten
sion of old, in order to facilitate city
traffic. It is to be hoped THr. Meri
wether will take advantage of this
order, and leave nothing undone that
can Ve done in that line. Now is the
time to do such work, now that prop
erty is comparatively cheap and it is
Id be had at reasonable rates.
VOL. XL VI XO. 79.
It ia both disappointing and dis
heartening to bo compelled to an
nounce that the strike on the Gould
Southwestern system has been re
newed. Mr. Hoxie and his officers,
the Kn'ghta of Labor assert and com
plain, have acted in bad faith and re
fused to do as they promised -they
have declined to take back the strikers.
Ro th strike is to be renewed and
under more intensified feeling and
Sensational Reports From Coosa
County-FrenluU in Virginia,
Sain and Snow Storms.
Tub issue on gas is fairly joined
and thero is a chance that in the en1
the people may be the gainers in cheap
gas for themselves as well as for public
purposes. For tho present we invite
the particular attention of our readers
to the propositions of the old and'the
now gas company, reminding them
that competition is likely to lessen, if
not utterly wipe out the probabi ity
or possibility of either company being
able to earn a nickel, for once initiated,
the war would be one to the death, in
which no gain could accrue but an im
mediate supply of very cheap gas,
with an ultimate of revenge for the
Btockholders in high-priced gas when
the exhausted companies made terms
by division of.territory or the merging
of one com pany in the other. This is
' to be kept steadily fn view and this
also- that in competition the people
have the surest guarantee of low raes
lor gas.
Memphis has a direct interest in the
opening up of the Indian Territory to
white Bottlers, m other words, to tne
founding- of the State of Oklahoma.
For this the Apf-bal has battled for
years, tn the' hope that the govern
ment would see the justice of a claim
that had it been made by the people
of the Northwest would have been ad
mitted and acted upon long ago, as in
the, ease of Dakota. But we have
waited long and in vain. At last,
however, the Northern press has taken
the matter up and are contending that
as men have rights that cows have
not, the territory now usurpingly con
trolled by the Indians shall be opened
to bona fide settlers under the
homestead act. As the new
York Hrrald puts it: "With the rise
of cattle syndicates the Indian Terri
tory question has assumed a new
phase, and one dangerous to the In
dians of that region. That seventy
nine thousand people should be lef in
possession of forty-one million acres
of the choicest land in the United
States when this vast area Is wanted
bv our own farmers and eagerly pressed
upon is not it elf a reasonable propo
sition. Vested interests must give
way to tho requirements of public use
and benefit But that as the Indians
decrease cattle and not men should
take their place, and that a few cattle
kings should be allowed to subsidize
and bribe the Indians to resist the
march of civilization that is plainly
unendurable." The Democratic party.
as the Herald advises, should take up
this matter and dispose of it in the
only way that ii just and proper.
Birmingham, Ala, April 1. A
mixed train came in at noon to-day
from Decatur,and another aboutdark.
The first broiiaht a car-load of mail,
the first that has been received since
Monday. No other trains ran to or
from this place to day. It is thought,
however, all will be running regularly
to-morrowon all roads. The Louisville
and Nashville is all right now, except
at Alabama river. The Queen and
Crescent rod will be ready to-morrow
to run trains Tegularly from near Chat
tanooga to T. scaloosa. The Georgia
Pacific track is nearly as good as ever.
The lower end of the Alabama Great
Southern division and part of the New
Orleans aid Northeastern, of the
Queen and Crescent, seem to be in
pretty bad shape. The shops at Me
ridian are Hooded.
by the flood in this State is along Ala
bama and Coosa rivers. In Coosa.
Elmore, Montgomery, Autaugua and
Dallas couities, Wetumpka.thecounty
seat of Elmore county, and the coun
try around it are in a deplorable
nlio-ht. Water is four feet deep in the
business bouses of the town and the
occunants have been driven out of
manv of tho residences. There are
(wnHiitinnal reDorts of lossof life in the
country. A convict farm was flooded
and all Hands naa 10 uute to raits, una
they floated for miles on these Deiore
. r i . mi it.
they could lana saieiy. inev say mm
all this time they could hear wild
cries for help all up and down the
river. On farmer is known to have
been drowned while crossing a stream.
There is not a bridge left in Elmore
county and only one null, untotu
(lamnire his Deen done limner uou
the river. Selina is cut off Irom the
outer world by the destruction ot rail
road bridges and tracks and a vast
area of farming country tributary to it
is under water, ine river is mm ris
ing. The Coosa river at Gadsden is
the highest ever known and still ris
ing an inch an hour. Kailroad traffic
and mail service are still paralyied
all over the State.
Birmingham, Ala., April 1.- Spe
cials to the Age from the river towns
of North Alabama show that the
effects of the freBhet are worse even
than eleirraDhed yesterday. Gadsden
reports tho Coosa river at its highest
mark and still rising, with alarming
reports from above. All the railroad
bride-en on the branch road between
Attalla and Gadsden are i wept away,
and a number of washouts on the Al
abama Great Southern are reported on
both sides of Attalla. The mill and lum
ber interests at Gadsden suffered im
mensely. The Tennessee river is re
ported out of it banks at several
point. From Tuscaloosa and Warren
advieett'are serious, though it is be
lieved the worst has passed. Many
houses on either side of the
river have been abandoned, and tho
water is running through the doors
and windows. Some families occupy
the upper storieB of the dwellings and
sUffa and flatboats are used for trans
portation. The village of Northport
across the river is almost submerged
now, and the iron Dnoge connecting
the two places is under water at both
ends and fears are entertained for its
bMv The water is a foot deep in
ously from 6 o'clock yesterday morn-
ing unlil auer uiiumguv, uu
streets are ankle deep in slush.
The Hn.w Blaekade la eilrblaaa.
Detroit, Micu., April 1. The
Evning Journal! Iahpeuiing special
gives particulars of the snow blockade
in the upper peninsula. In addition
to the heavy snow already on the
ground twelve inches fell last night
and everything is at a standstill.
Trains are unable to run and rork in
the lumber woods has been abandoned.
Htrak'i Attack 8f nntor Harris
Ihe Pan Electric Investigation
Bojeottlif I08l masters'.
Htj Laaara ai Talladega.
Montgomery, Ala., April 1. A
special to the Adwrliner last night
states that 120 ,000 mill not cover the
loss in Talladega from the destruction
of bridges, mills and Btock. The Coosa
river is still risinar and great destruc
tion is reported all along its banks.
No further disasters are reported ex
cept heavy losses by stock being
swept away In this city the flood
reached the highest point ever known.
The water is over all the tracks at the
I'nion depot. No trains have arrived
from Atlanta or on the Louisville and
Nashville road. The damage to vari
ous interest here is slight compara
tively, the business portion of the city
being elevated. The principal loss is
from suspension of work because of
the location of factories in the lower
part of the city. The ga works and
electric light works are submerged
and the city is in darkness,
lead a a B.ehaa.ad.
Richmond, Va., April 1. The James
river at this point has been rising
steadily all day, and at 8 o'clock in the
evening nearly all that portion of the
city known as Uockctta was submerged
tn a rlenlii of from eiutht to ten feet.
The water has also invaded the streets
ahnirt the old market, between r ii
teenth and Eighteenth streets, cum ng
off communication between t. e upper
and lower part of the city except by
hnnia or bv roinff a lonir distance
emiinri toward the north. The
street cars run only as far as the
St. Charles Hotel. The water is still
riiiiK at the rate of six inciies per
hour. It is expected that it will con
firm., tn tin an until 4 o'clock to-mor
mil' mnrninff. The precautions taken
by the people in the threatened dis
tri U will keep the actual damage
within cnmnarativelv small figures,
Many families living in Rocketts have
hwn driven from their homes From
present indications this flood will sur-
pass i nose ra it u nu i i t,vu
n tlm mm works is also submerged
and it is i robable that the gas will
have to be cut off during the night,
riooda In tha Vuaeberlaad.
Nashville, Tbnn., April 1. The
rninharlnnd river is rising an inch an
hour here. At noon it was four inches
hov the dancer line. It will rise
slowly until to-morrow. Report
come from up river counties oi great
damage to farms.
Judge Douglass is too amiably lax,
if not negligently indifferent, and
takes, wa submit, too large a view of
the right of the people to attend trials
in the Criminal Court, and he seems
to be too indulgent to attorneys and
too lenient in dealing with their abuses
of privilege. The court-room ought
not to be crowded beyond its capacity.
No one should be permitted to rema n
after seating and standing room in the
part railed off for the people is filled,
and an order should be issued against
the filthy habit of covering the floor
with tobacco-stained expectorations.
The man who desires to sit out a trial
should, for the sake of others, impose
upon himnelf so much of restraint as
will tend to purify an atmosphere
that even without that is described as
foul beyond expression. There is not
one of our court where dignity and
decorum are more essential than
in that in which the life and
liberty of the citizen are put
in jeopardy. Property is sacred with
too many it usurps the place of God
but life and liberty are more sacred,
and where they are put in jeopardy
should be treated of and with a spirit
becoming their value to the individual
.u n-,,11 aa to the community. The
Criminal Court-room should be some
thing moro than a cesspool for idle
men. It should be clean and sweet
smelling, and the conduct of every
body about it, from the judge to the
humblest officer, should comport with
the most serious business that can
come to a court involving the lom of
life and liberty.
the Tuscaloosa Cotton factory and
work had to be abandoned. Just De-
fore darn the wreck of a small house
passed down the river and several
persons were observed clinging to the
timbers. Rescuing parties in skiffs
started out in pursuit from
the Tuscaloosa shore and were
rapidly borne outside PV ino
oriH fnrwnL Vanv nerson livineon
low lands below' Tuscaloosa had to
h rpHi'iieH fro n their homes in skiffs.
N calculation can yet be made ol the
amount of damage don to farming in
terests, to railroads and other nign
wnvp. From every place with tele
graphic facilities come thesume reports
of no truinB and no mails since Mon
day night. The regular trains on tho
roads centering here have been discon
tinued till further orders, and no work
is being done by the company s em
nlnvn excent in repairs and construe'
tion. Rumors reach here of loss of
life in the Coosa Valley.
Floada la Wcat Virginia
Charleston, W. Va., April 1.
tIphwv rains the na t three days raised
the Kanawha and Elk rivers to thirty
oioht. feet, atill raising. Only a few
f . ' . " 1 . n
ra lroad trains are running, aim at v
o'cloc matters look gloomy, as at least
one half of this city is under water
and many dwellings occupied by poor
people are submerged. The Western
Union wires are under water from
hp to Point Pleasant Bixty miles.
Moor river in reDorted falling at llin
tnn at. the rate of four inches an hour,
but the Kanawha is rising here at the
rate of five inches per hour.
Heavy Balna la Kontacfcy
TsMTIRVII.l.lC. Ky.. Aoril 1. Thero has
hoon verv heavv fall of rain through
out Kentucky, but no flood. Trains
are all running on time to the xennes
fcee line. There is delay at Jellico, and
beyond there much trouble is being
experienced in transportation, but the
trni.iiia i. an nevnnn nemucav iuo
Louisville and Nashville road is selling
tir-keta tn all point south ana me
officials say they will get intir pas
sengers through on good time.
The fload at ChaltaaB.
Chattanooos Temn., April 1. -Tonight
at 8 o'clock the Tennessee river
at thia nnint marks 48 feet G inches on
the gauge and is rising at the rate of
9 inhea Per hour. It will reach it
climax to-morrow. No actual dam
mm haa vet occurred here, but sev
oral ' hnndred families have been
fnrcPfl to move from the low
lon.la The. ci-natest inconvenience
from the total stoppage of trains. Only
one train has entered the city since
MnmlttT niorht. It was forty-eight
hours on the road and brought in iOO
naoHpncrera manv of whom were on
- - , . .
t.h road since munuiiy.
thought that any train will leave or
ontor tlm citv before Sunday.
A special to the iimoi irom uaiveb-
ton says that the entire country nas
been devastated by the floods and
that the county will beasunerer lor
many thousands of dollars. The
freshet this city is experiencing is due
to the most extraordinary full of a rain
ever kno n.
lb. Prlvllme Tax luro.fu va
Drnmmera N B llr for l item.
"CTTxxi. DoUlea.
Xo. 17ft Main Hirer . .Hemi8ii, Teim. '
lartciu TO ra imtL.I
WahikotcKI, April 1 ft has been
decided to place fifty stands M nnea
in the Tresury Department with which
to equip the watchmen, so that they
ill be prepared jn case oi an emer
gency, investigation snows mm um
men, nity in aii.nrc pimmy winn
ith weapon, and it has been uiongnt
R.iuall m nmrdv t-e evil at once.
Breech loaders will K purchased and
conveniently lorateil fr use. and each
watchman will be compelled to keep
hi rifle in good order for inspe tion.
TUB DRtlMttlKS' tax.
A delewation ol commercial trawl
er had i hearing before the House
Commerce Committee to-day in advo
cacy of the bill to repeal the drum
mers tax. inej argueu uih ino
is unconstitutional.
MR. HOtli'a- agOMT attack
Senator Harris is regarded here
with contemptand finds no supporters.
Kveryone knows that iwuk m mo iasi
person to assail the chamcer or motive
of any gentleman, and his passage of
words with Mr. Mctuinan was hm urn,
as it ws ingeninnsand cowardly. The
matter is treated with silence by the
friem'.s of tenator Harris, who say it
wmil.l lie irivinir it too much dignity to
replv to it. llouk ha gained nothing
hv llin statements, and what little re-
::. . . .. . -j i.
cognition neonce uwi Biims "" ""
has been greatly impaired.
Th. Hoiihb Committee on Invalid
Pensions vesteniav instructed KcpTO
sentative Conger to report favorably a
l.ill tn nereaae tho pensions lor Hie
loss of a limb below the elbow or knee
tr 'tn n,.r month, above the elbow or
knee to SJtt. and at the shoulder or
hip joint to flu per month.
It is doubtful whether the Blair ed-
...atmmil hill will be passed DV tne
House. The member who be ieve that
it w ill are about equal in number and
influonpn with those who predict it
will not. but the hostile party are con
fident that if passed by the House it
will bo vetoed by the i resmeni.
of new Democratic postmasters oy
the friend of ex-postmasters, is a
conundrum with which the Postoflico
Department Is still wrestling, a new
case is reported to the Second Assist
ant Postmaster-General almost every
day. The department usually fiuds a
way out of the difficulty by instruct
ing the curriers on the route in which
the office is situated to receive no
mail tendered by persons who aw en
gaged in the conspiracy.
thk rrniu- DKIIT.
The public debt statement, issued
to-day, ahows a reduction' of fl4,08i,
884 during tho past month.
M-UaTicf rreha tbe tattra itwsk tfYA'
' and Itw MaonfMtarinf Department tt tb
Woodraff Oliver Crrl ami Bardwaia C., w
are batter prepared to met the demand! i tha
trade la tbii Una than inj hiaietn theSoata.
We ocoopy the eld lUnd of Ii company, whleh
Uthelartert and most ooiumodioai Repoiitorr
in tha country . We offer (petial Inducement!
in OPEN BUOOIKS.of our mi ! aM,
and TOP Bl'OrfiKS, ef our own make, at il0.
All work fully aanranteed. A foil lina of beet
Kastern Work datlj eipeeUd au Uweet prleee.
Call BeloreYcu Buy
ii--!-. .r.H. entire itaek ef Ta-
Mm fi.T tha M.Wniurin beeartaeat te
Moure. I0MLIN Jl BENJES. aaepeaej for
tkn a eontiaaanee ef tha patrenafe aa leaf
u.d.d to - j. w
MY EPRINO AND BtMMKK M'KIK ii ao eoraplete, wnSH
lni of tbe tateet aoeVoboiwel denlicne tn all the Novelllca In
troduced ia liire'en market. Mji eelectlon are made witk treat
eare at to ooit end quality. In otder to offer to the nubliolhe laaaet
fiihinnebler'dial roaeonable prloee. I l-h lo mke epeolnl ira
lion of my ial'dlwrof a N- artraent of the moel eleeenl So1
tici e In .OMit IKIIIHleN, which are now roady ior tiia
intpeotion of btt friende and the public, at mj old iia: d,
Car. Hon4 and Jf irvraoa Htm,
Capital, $200,000. Surplus, $25,000.
J. K. HOUWIJi, Preen. J. M. GOtlliB K, Vlce-Prea't. C. II. RIME, Cablr
Board of Dlreotora.
W. 8. pUIJCK,
f. M. NCU.SON,
JOIln AttMininAu,
. M. OAVlN.
0. B. I1KYAN.
Jacksos, Mine., Ma'ch 1 Tbepnv-
ileuctix impoi-ed on drummers ny
the lad Legislature 10 cieving 4"""."
B ir throuuhout tbe Mate. It is
clamed that nn aimeDdmeut. to lhi
privikge tix b li was a lopteu w mcu
wr ulu prevent c lies anu iuwuo
ltruinff an at, Unocal tax oi ou per
.ont nnth8 a. e but the inme does not
aDp.ar in tbe enrolled Din. inia in
c a'med by the chaiimaa cf the Ways
and MeattB tiommitcee oi me nuon,
hn haa charae ot the bill, laeiour
m.1. also show thtttbe bill was tot
1 Atirnllad. Be this IB it may,
- . ... .
the drummers nave no renei, ui mo
enrolled hill is the law.
Miss Helen J oneaan oi mis city,
and Mr. W. 8. Ccla of Hew Urieans,
were married here Jan nignt ny me
poo rr Jhii Hunter ol me rreeDy
terian church, at the bride's mother e.
W. W. Gravel1, fn ol vol. inomas
Graves f Honey Iilacd, died at V ot-
ah Sclphur Hpiiogs. ArK., on marcu
30th. tfe will hi buried Here to mor
row. He was born and taiaeu in mis
Tbe Flarlda rhaoaaaqna.
IsrioiAL TO THB ArriiL.I
T) Fdniack f pbuos, Fla., April 1.
Th W turn and Northern visitors
n tha Florida UhantauQua Dmva re-
mrnaH frnm their visit to the water-
lal a and caves ot unipiey ana ibbvo
this morning for PensacoU to witness
the naval dril', wbich commences
Monday aod cjutinuee two weexp.
Prhicribbd Tongaline for a pationt
v . .1 1 tu.(ini. fn. nanNL
Whom 1 nau ueeu i.rcnB
eia, ana aiter utaiug
avatar Harrta and Pa
Wabhinqton, April '. Senator Har
ris's examination wan resumed to-day
'Y.v rliu Telenlinne CoiillllltU'C. 1 he
witneaa Htatea uihi e .v
inmA tn Mr. (Jurliuid in connection
wjith th ffovermnent suit from the
dav he received Doctor Kogers's stig
mstinn touchiiiB a government Hint.
Without having examined the question
at all. ho did not believe that wun
m r (ir and nt the head ol tne weimn
mmtotJ ustice tie wohiu nave m.
antiiin ill the mutter. Witness wiw
sure he would not if in Mr. uuriami a
Dlace.and lie hail trie same opinion
Garlaml as of lnmKelf. lie nnd no
Bvmpathy with the Klea ot preseniuig
anv such (mention to the Attorney
(ienerul and had had no conversation
with him upon the subject.
Mr. Hannev inqui ed if the witness
had done anything to secure Mr. Oar
land's appointment as Attorney-'- en-
Tlie witness replied that lie had
written a letter with that object coin
mending Mr. Garland to the Presi
dent aH an able and very eminent
lawyer. He hud also recommended
the appointment of Gen. JoBcph K.
Johnston to the place be now held.
Mr. Hale culled the attention of the
witness to the fact that the Hiinp e
mentary agreement be supposed he
had signed seemed to think all the
stockholders, including Mr. Garland,
were to use all of their influence to
secure the institution of the govern
ment suit and the employment oi
their lawyers by the government.
Tho witnewR replied, with some sur
prise, that he had no idea that they
had committed themselves in that
manner; Mr. Garland knew nothing
of it. Adjourned.
Willi HITS!
A. W. PI It W BUM.
aw-A rptun mt Iba atata Taaaaaaoa. Traaaaota a aifaeral naaiaMl
Kn. i,m.m mm '""" . ...
TIIYT1IE5I! TKY TiIEjI! Till Til kmi
Try Zclliier'B English Walkiiigtast shoes
r.RT.I.NBH'S ai' ha, In all itrlei, are the beet la the H.
i aa ' , in all Khanne ana ityiee. are we ao-
bie t and bent in the United Sulei.
ZW LrKK' Mora' Hbam are tbe beet that are aiada.
ZKLLNBK,n.'fcHdrea,B akaea will eave yoa aeoaef.
IBLLNfH'S aiadi' anoewatid Ml,in are Miebaad
tuieet, ibapelleitend nioet HylUh. and are eheaier than aaf
otheie rf equal irede
IKtLNKR'B l-adlt-a' Kid Maliaa "liaeia,
with ellk wonted butt n holee. are the ireetaat bar-
aini tou hare ever fee.
V- a, carnage 06lB.
Direct I ram raelory to Pnreiliaa.
are. bhvIbb 85 ti real. Wrlta
Monte Pickens & Co.. Memphis
PQ o -mmm a 1
Ymwmm flAIP
Dry Goods, Notions, Hosiery,
aiempnia, A enn,
. mmrnm a mT A
Wno. 2fi And 329 Mam si..
M .i.i. itrllld. Nhaatlnr. MllrtlBaT, EM.
Tennensfe aawuiuciariBg v.a v -
a IVI IWB. bl,' i.Ta . aaaae
Hatea, CI a., lader Water.
Macon, Ga, A prill.-The river at
this point is higher than ever before,
fifty houses are inundated on the east
bank. At 6 o'clock this evening three
in a hatau went out in the river
in Kwn acme women from an inun
dated house. The bata'i was ' pset,
anil nnn man was saved, one lost ana
the third saved himself by climbing
un atree in the stream where he still
remains. Efforts to rescue him are
being made but fruitless so far, be
of tha frail boats and swift
rrleta aad aw Moranf tka
CHicoo, III., April 1 .Dispatches
1mm T linnis. Iowa and Wisconsin an
nounce a fall of snow, during the past
forty -eight hour, ranging from four to
five inches in depth. The storm at
re any points was the s verest of the
.. i Tho annw ia vprv heavv. and
m the temperature, cenerally, is mild,
1 of disastrous fresh
ets throughout t e Northwest. It is
.hot iiu inn fll will lniure
the early fruit crop in Illinois. In
Chicago the aiow full almost continu-
HrJtarjr Hauatua'a ondlliuu.
Washinoton, April 1. Dr. Hamil
ton said this afternoon that Secretary
Manning was improving slowly and
that a ranid imnrovetneiit in the case
rtf a man in his condition was not to
le expected.
Actloa; Aaelatant Traaanrer.
Wbhioton, April l.-The Presi
dent to-day approved the act author
izing the appointment oi an Acuug
Assistant Treasurer.
French Pattern Bonnets
-!. I ii ale invitud to examine our ele-
tand iWe itoch of Millinery.
a few doses she
was entirely relieved. Have also used
it in one case of neuralgia, and one
case of acute inflammatory rheumatism
with the very best resu to.
J. H. rAUls. all'.. anoeroooa, in.
Laaa by tba Hey Weat Fire).
Kky Wst. Fla., April 1. The total
lo by thi fire was bdoui i,ouu,uw,
tha tntal insntaa'ce will not ex
ceed 175,000. Tbe Spanish consul
here has cabiau tne aumonties at
Havana to ssnd a frigate to take aay
600 Cubans made destitute by the fire.
Hear Orleaaa Bacea.
NiwOblians, La., April 1. The
-oth. r trwiav wat clear and root.
Tne track was in f tir eondit oa. The
winners were unaney i.ucas, rieicu
Taylor, Claude Brannon and Euie H. 1
1 Den'l Want Belief, bat Cure,"
Is the exclamation of thousands suf
fering from catarrh. To all such we
ray: Catarrh can be curd by Dr.
e uetarrn xiemeoy. xv uan umu
done in tnonaanus ot cbscb; wny nuv
In yours? Your danger is in delay.
JSncloeasiampio worm a uiepeurary
Medical Aesociation, BuQilo, jn. i.,
for pamphlet on this disease.
MoNBAB-Thureday mornln, April 1,
lfHfl, at reiidenoe. No. 58 .ropier J'reet, at
3U o'clock, in the fifty-nrth year of hie Mi,
A. 8. MoNia. iNewbarir (N. .) papere
p ease eopyl.
Friende are Invited to attend hie taaeral
from the Vint Metbodiet ohnroh, eorner of
Second and Poplar etreeti, thle (FRIDAY)
afternoon et 8 e'olook.
HAMLIN At reeldenee. nine milee eaet
of -Memphie, ner Oakville.Thuridey morn
inc. April 1. 1", at 4 o'olook. Bi,(;e B..
wile of John t. Hamlin end deofhter of
Col. John F. end M. C. Porter.
Friende ol tbe family are invited to attend
her burial at Slmwood Cemetery thle iFRI-
DtT) afternoon at 1 o'clock.
Money to Loan
On ImproTed p!anlatlon la
MlHNtHNlppI and Arkanaa.
Inatalluicnt p!aa-, 5 or 10
wear. Anna -I interest, not
In advance. No coiumlxulon",
No cotton ahlpiuenta. Clieap
eat loan offered.
Francis Smith Caldwell & Co
256 Second St., Memphln.
"We have no agent.
And JonifiilHston iueircHanU
9Ih1Imoii wirt. Hfropltt
BKNNETT-Tha friende and acqaaint
ancee of A. Bktt are inyited to attend
liafaneral from BoletA Bro.'ethie (Fnl
DAY) mornini. April 2d. at 10 o'clock.
J 1.0 O. r will mem in
IrKinAYIeluirnoon alio ciot-
lor tbe po'pone of attending; the
funeral of lire. A. E"tiLVKR. N.G.
C. M. Cjaanu.. Sec'f .
U l. r TT 111 Hlfc u..-rr '
liVKKL LODG No VI, K. akd I., or ' U -Will
meet etth.ir h.H thi. (F 1DAY
allrrnoon at 2 o'oloot to atteud the luoerai
MRS KATN BU I f ESBERtl, Protector
W. Z. Mitchkll, Becretary. ,
lllileTI laM HM. 1 r.leaw ff - -
mi. It. L. LASKI,
PhK-nlrlan. nrreoD ana Accoucaer,
rksidbnck Attn orriua.
SI3 Slain Ntreet, Near Union.
Telephone no.no.
-.blf Via tilled ..111 kat rltitmd hT th OH-
K"?r"JK.;" i..T-; -nil Mareh
SOth. neit, at 3 p.m.. for nr prtr rlltf-
?V . anf. J ftllaaa trV4.lHHkl BOW Hhtl lb
- O.K. HOUCK.& Co.
Ko. Main Stret, Memplal.
Piano's and Organs
SWf Wnw, nntHnlr-3.
R. B. LKh.
7ft7RiUHH2-:iS4-.lHtt etolla street, wuui w
eoaotyeix per cent, kon.le. teei-ad I inj py
meot of a like amount ol Memphie ant Ohia
Railroad Bonde, maturing April 1, 1H . The
new bonue are miw
lK.r,lo:0(flin W.$l'i.UOin 1909 aod I j).-I
OoOin lU-intereit Pb a eeini-a- nuiliy.
Bide ean be a.idrefed te John Juhn-on,
chairman, inooreu ui ior I,'7."""
Boode." and n u-t be aooompani d ly a re
mittance of two per cent on the emnui.t
bid lor Bonde will be deliTf rjd to ue-ea-??
hiHdere on March 31t. The bourd ra-
H. 11. PU.NHOOwB,
R. I), i KDN.
P. 0. HLAUUltlKri.
Board of Fnndlni t ommi.e.oneie 0, buolbr.
t'ounty. Tepn. M
VtiaraiB, lana.. Maxell 2, 1.-
Doors, Strt. BliU,. Fl..rinC,Jeili.j, Siding. tHtfU,
P. alcUaDUKll. W
r.DVHAVVaBT. ejTI KB1.I.1.
Wo. 08 Front Street. Memphie Tenii.
TTT ... n...i...l . Im. te data frore M 'roh 1 lSJti
IV V K have admltUd JOUJt . ' MoOADDBN CJ.,
,r Our MB,'Jtt ASK -ill lr. hU r-flUUttentioa to all Catto. wtt.UM

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