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Joa. Bbooe
five Nights aid b.iur-aMetiae Bel.
jyXlltora. Nobles,
assisted by
Dollio 3J ",
tad a Powerful Legitimate Company.
Tfcarsday and Fr day r.THB PntEMX.
irs4i Miiirti" """'"".
s-Seats at Mn fnrd's.-ai
Tilt. lIltlK iWl'SKUW.
Kew Featnrei ! Xew Attractions t
Saturday, ChillreB's Day. from 10 a m.
Disgraceful Scent Darlna; the Trial
of Kninia orment John Pow
. tV P-ft-inlng Statement.
far fii"-
THE uidersigBed announces that ha Is a
candidal tar IUsi;'"r. "ft
support of tha voter, of Shelby county,
looted, will endeavor to ' "'"'i"1!0" '2
the discharge of tha dutio of tbe office, ana
SSot. oi. SSim. .oM-ot to the action of th.
Memphis, llaroh 28, 1886.
SA TiODQtiAS, of Ker-ville, Tenn., In a
. candidate lor RVOloTKR. subject to the
act-on of the Democrstio Convention.
TWO eleiraBt front rooms, furnished or
nnlnrnTshed. A Prlr at 89 Adamsj
CtOTTAUK Ol three rooms at the ternii-
nus of Eluiwood street car line. Appiy
at 36 Union street.
DOOMS-FurnUhed or uoiurnisneu, i
XV Second street. Hcferenoes required.
EOOMS-Suiie ot two rooms, unfurnished,
or one furnished room ; will board par
Uea If desired. Looation best in the eity.
Family private. AddreM. with referenoe.
I. V I'l' "
1 " . w-a sw . aietarn BL an I
a 1111 I AH ni I ftrfll rVUUIII vi-weaa- - -
J flaorria itreet. A' p'y next room
CWrrAlsK-lNo. ' Liauieroai.. ,
in good repair, good o stern s 125 per
month. Apel 'o Wo.3S4 Main stroct.
O ROOMa-Ka suite.Lee Block. third floor
li front. Apply at No . Madison St.
Phillipea. M kt. nesi quelltv. go d as
Bgw. Ws: oua Apidetoo 1'racey, 10 ai, i
as new, 170; obo main. av.
ftfoi one Kljria. 10 kt. good as rew, $ 0! on.
iond Cross only l'25. eo.t t.W-pure wli'e
stones. Genuine Diamond. Rings. t, HO.
!M mYKM "o?f!85:
74 and 76 "l"'
ale cheap. Appiy 10
R. B , tnla office.
Th Ctiminal Court-room was
crowded . yosUTilay moraine,
mnjority ot tkose on ihe outside
of tbe rail bnvti nejj t w, and tbe
gencii was 'er ible. Jud)?e Don
l n t rwnoh. anrronnded bv
lalies who hare taken this method
if t Lowing their eympsthy lor the
piinonrr, while the pch in front o(
ih inrfm)' Htand was n:i-y well
crowded with deputy slu-nila, ettor
neyii and others. The fcceco was, at
toirether, a novel one, the like of
hich WtS ptobably never btfore acen
in a con)t ol jos ice. TLe first wit
nt'sa xmini'd after the court was
called to oider was Henry Parks,
a boy fbout fourteen years of
aue, colled by the dtfdnBe.
After a fsw qubbtioiis he was turned
over to the At mrney General for crof s-
examinition aDd here ensued a scene
that wai a disfraci ti tbe coxmnnity.
The Attorney General, .evidently
nmtor th inHiifBce of liuoor. com
menced on tbe b y, al ernatily buily
inft and caj iling the witness, and in
dulging milWlll at morauouoo ui
tha dRfenseless witce'S. wLich was
kepi up for some time without inter
ruption by the Jndge. After bally-
rarffiname DOT uni'i h uci:amo uju
nownous, he was di charged to giT
nlacB to a mascular six-footer nam- d
Heap,, who remained on tbe stand
nntii the dinner recess. uuruiK mo
proceedings Attorney Nat Taylor,
frequently interrupted witnesses and
attorneys, and almost had a fight
with the witness Hrag in urn
rnnrt-nwim. The nroceedines. taken
a a whole, were the mo:t dii-
oar witneRsed in Memphis
A woman was on trial for her life, and
ha ra p waa trnited as a lit Joke, a
burlesque on justice. As oneoftne
attaches of the court remarked : "It ia
fearful. Everybody is drunk except
the Judae, and he migDt as weu De,
as he bn't keeping order, anyway,
and tbe thing seems to be running it
ea-lot?. bRINKLEi LUMBER CO.,
124 Jefferson itoert.
H0RSB A combined saddle and harness
h' rse. sale for a lady to ride or drive, at
Keek's Btable, 403 Second street.
tity. . . ....
P. M. PATTERSON UU.. Atenn. .
E0O3 fob nATCHlU-rrpm pure d-mu
Partridge i.'oenin, Brown Lethorn, Blaca
Hn.ni.h nnd P yinouttt Kock stock. Address
.t r trnWA nrl land at Nfttiona' Ceme-
OU terT. Inquire at ?d Madiaon street
of (ood
n w n U.' : 1 1 L, Mm terHt
c20UU lan 1. eiht miles southeast of
D--.ill-. ffonn.. under o d lence, bs
seTeral tenant h n(, finelrins of water;
is well adai.tml to stock farm, and will be
or A.J. MARTIN, 28B Main st.
RATUS Fountains, gel erator, eto.. at
snfEDARTFEVCINfi, POBTS-For sale by
(J W. R. LARJN.anjviUe,AJa.
Ttl! RN IT URE Complete set of household
J? furniture, almost new, at a bargain to
uated in one of the livest towns in the
South. les a bunines of over $1000 iwr
month. Bar eaa be added to the business.
if desired, rot ta;ms, auure,.
j, p. m.t pox n'
For lull
. f.et water fro t, 41 feet deep.
Information aaaresa " i.
17 T.eiineton street, Baltimore,
Ji O eaab. or payable beptember 15, llwi,
with good eerity.M pATTER30N c0.
TT0R8K A sale, reliable tamuy ouggy
id horse-one well known to ibecitisens
of Memphis.
Apply at the livery stable of
g. A. J V 11 l ' ' A vv.
TH OLD HEN ISLAJiU-in signi oi
Memphis; lWOaores, of which about 300
l.ar.d and ve J nob lanu. A Bargain d.u
be Mcri by applioaUo mJMACO:
Mlval-1 anit an to tne
ovwwtov h nanavywia
I" T T l,OVU Ar.nl af
liAiypU Iiyiftljurcivu.
00K White, at
CATS One thaotand eats for the rand cat
contest t the Dime Mus-uin. Ten valu
able priaes will be given to therats receiving
the largest nuxber of votes. Bring in your
XX. man to rei. resent
Earnest Caholic
lame, responsible
Barclay .troet hoase in hie owu ocliiy and
outside lare oiti-ia. A remunerative salary
t,. rloht ntv. References eiohiingefl. a
dress BARCLAY , Box 158.1, NJl
rlOOK Apply to Mrs. H. B. CULLF.N, cor
y nor lieueview anu uonry ntuuw,
Altorjn riisi ciaes cumrru ' i "
HniwnsTil'a. renn. luum utnicni
-r ATiY S(JKTS For Mrs. Cimpbell
1 J New "Tiller" a lilt , bustle, hoop-
kirt and underskirt comb ned. Hoops can
Ur.m ivrcl and kirt lauadried Adjust!
hi. tn ,n, siie. Verv fashionable, and sell
forfcito every wll-dresed lady as soon as
shown. Agents double their money. Also
a full line of new furnishing goods lor ladios
and children. Addre(S. with stamp, E 11.
CAMPBELL A CO , 484 West Randolph
street, Chicago. 111.
Al jnw lennees'e sireefc.
Deputy-Sheriff John Powel If ft the
court in diegont. He was seen in the
rotunda shortly attetwa a ana asueu
for an explanation of his course. "So
man ran keep order in that court, as
you know, without the lacking ot the
Judge," ho began. "Just before thiB
trial begaa I went to Judge Douglass
and told hira that as it was likely to
be sensational there was ces tain to be
a big crowd, and if something was not
done to prevent it the business of tbe
court would be obstructed. He haid
any citiren of the ct unty 1 ad a riaht
tn ha nresent. I aeked hira what he
would do it 10,000 peoplo applied, but
be mada the same general answer.
Tha first dav. though I ccu d not
kueo the crowd ou', there wai not
any very boistious or oat.aeouH
c induct, but theousinees of the court
wr.ia imnodeda I knew it would b.
The juro-s summoned could not rtaeh
tne Dar on account, oi ine jam wiiuuui
DTrat difficu tv. the air was sickening
- .
and paople did pretty mucu as iny
nleased. This moruing 1 tried to keep
them out of the tar but they got in
somehow and I was powerless without
the Judge to rsjist me. ltwas useus?
t call on him. A man wnosianusup
iu the court room while a ir al is go-
du on. who encroaches upon the
clerk's desk, behind his railing, jams
up to the jury box, ciimDs on
the bench it elf, should be fined
or sent to jail for contempt of court.
Tbey dared tot do it in the past. The
Attrney-uenerat ana one ci inn
other lawyers for the 8! ate bad a gocd
many drinks too much if appearances
oo lor anvtnine. inev were conuuu-
ally intenupting the business of the
court, and nothing I said to them
made nnv diuerence. uneoitueiaw
vera got up t) speak, and Gen. Turner
-tort in nnrh a waves to disturb him.
I told Mm to keep quiet, and ineieaa
r f snstahiins me Jndge Douglas said
he thought I had better retire. 1 put
on my bat and left, and I will nevtr
put my too; in mat couir. again as
long as Judge Doug'a;s rooats on the
A number of country people wtio
linn, altar the ahootinff Dolor I was
treated; when I got to the Stttton
House Mits Norment was there; I
do not know Mr. Tboinw McGraw,
nor do I know Mr. Schnider; I did
not see Mr. Henry Arnold when I
went inta the stoie, but there was a
young man or bov in there ; atter I
left Mr. Arneld's store I did not speak
to any oneon the sidewalk or an
where else until I w?nt into Mr.
Wooten's store; yee, I did meet a
lady, who said to me. "Bell 1 1" and I
said to ber, "Hello!" but I did not
recognizs her; I did nt stop; she
set mad to knsw me; this was all that
passed between ua; she was going to
ward Heraando ftreet; I don't know
whrtber it waa Miss Norment or not ;
it was mar Mr. Arnolds store, t9
twoen his and Mr. Wootan's; the
words "Hallo! halb!" was all that
was said; I did not sen ner until l
saw tier at tne rsiauon-tiouw; ivtaa
in Wooten e store for about ntieen or
twenty minu't'a before I hea'd
the shot; I walktd from the
ttnra and near the corner of Beale and
Second streets I was arrested ; 1 did
not notice how the lady I met waa
drffs?d. as we lust passed Dy eacn
othnr: I know howl was dressed; I
had on a dark, steel-colored drets; I
don't know whether she had on a wig
or not; Mihs Norment had on no wig
nor Hoe ribbon a- the Station-Houso.
Croaw.iiinf. My name is Mattie
Yates; I have no other name; I once
bad tbe name of Mattie Brackett; I
had that name about seven years ago,
hut I have ouit it now.
Justice Winters I thought the
Court ruled that nothing indecent or
vnloar should be brought into the
casp, ana are not tne Attorney-uenor-
al's questions leaning ti tnatf
Gen. Turner Yeur ho ior, I with
draw the Question, for if Justice Win
ters can see anything improper in it it
must be very g'laringly so.
Witness then proceeded: I live at
208 Monroe strett; I was at home on
the dav of the 17th of Marcn until
ahont6:30 o'clock in the evening
Mis Norment never had her foot in
my kouee in her life ; no boy brought
Ler any note to my house on tbe even
ing of March 17th, and fhe was
not there that day or any
other: I did not meet Miss Norment
on the 17th day of Ma'ch; I did not
meet Mies Notnisct anywhere on id at
day, nor come down tiwn with her;
I know where the colored church ia
pn Beslo street; I did r.ot go that fat
up the street and l did not meet or
talk to Miss Hammer; I did not meet
Mr. Norment or Miss Norment at the
market house on that evening or any
o'.her evening; I don't think I said
Miss Emma Norment was the woman
who did tbe shooting, although Mr.
Wooten had told me tint Emma Nor
ment bad ehot Henry Arnold before I
left the store; I did not go with Miss
Norment to buy a wig, nor did I tell
ber what kind of a whig to get ; I did
not go to Mrs. Grey 'a millinery tore
with Mies Norment ; we were children
together in 1873; when I was first ar
rested I favethe name of Mattie
Brackelt. but Mr. came to the
Station-house aod had it changed to
Mattie Yates; 1 did not ey to En ma
Norment at the Station-ll upe: "Now
you have got me into this scrape by
getting me to go into A-norld's store;"
I did not go iuto hia stole to git him
nnt that Kmma Normmt might shoot
hira ; when the policeman tapped me
on th shnnM-T and said vou are un
der arrest and must go with me I just
wpnt with him; I talked to hquiro
Wintorann to what mv testimony was,
and tnlrl him lust what I now tell
The defense then introducedJuatice
T. P. Lewis, who said : I know Kmrra
Norment and I knew the deceased,
Henry Arnold; have known them
both since they were children ; about
two years ago 1 wa putting up a
house in Capleville with Mr. Powers,
when Henry Arnold came over theie
to where we were at work and traded
hones with Mr. rowers; ai.er tne
hnmn t rade Mr. I'jwers commenced to
jnkehim about hia girls, asking him
how he waa getting along with them,
when he said here the Attorney-ucn-eral
objected, laying that by every
ruling tbo evidence waa cieany in
competent. The Court laid, The
evidence is competent and the wit
ness may proceed." W it ness tnt n earn :
Henry Arnold wtnt on w say m my
presence that he had seduced Kmma
Norment; I here remarked that if ho
did not mind he would get lead put
in him ; he then said I am here now,
k.dro inat run awav from a double-
have visited tbo Court-House during barrell gun because of the seduction of
the trial coademn it in tne strongest another girl, lie tnen went on u ooy
terms. No decent inemDer oi me
bar fntem its f ,ul atmosphere except
nnrler the strongest Drtsaure. and re
spectable outsiders all bold their
i.otes wnen tuey are oougea to truss
the threshold. So much for the scene.
Now for the farcn.
Oa the convening of court yettsrday
morning Geo. Turner stutfld that h
would tics the State's case in chief,
with the d ivileee of introducing Mrs.
Math9wa if she could be got to the
n,nirr,HniiRH. but that she was sick
The Court faid if she was procured
he seduced Emma Norment under the
promme to marry her, which ne never
intended to fulfill. ,
Justice Winters What wai the
name of the other girl he SBid he had
Gen. Turner The State must cer
tainly object to toin.
(Jourt It is ruiea ooi auu uuuunc,
min-t not aek the question.
Witness proceeded: The conversa
iii:t i-nmniencpd bv Mr. Powers sllud-
irg to having eeen Arnold and Emma
Norment buggy liding toga' her; I
know Henry said he would not marry
w The Arnold ana wormeni mm
mitelv acquainted with Henty Arnold
lory tars; he is dt ad.
Justice Wintors Now I want to aek
.. !.... n a. t , .1 n Diit nr rtiit nnt
yuu a K' " i-.. . niTW
Henry Arnoiu scuuee you i xl
Answer No, sir; he ,ol acqufiatea
with mestljyle Peaison'e, a minla-
tsr, who Lvtintne country; i was
an orphan girl, and lived there; Hen
ry Arnold dia tr.ng m io jieiupuia
and carried ma to Mnie. Leslie's.
(jueetion N ho is ebaT
By court niltd out, ai d wituwenot
permitted to answer.
uen. lurner i winauuni ium .mo.
Leslie ketps a di. ret u able houso and
that the witness is a uitrepu atie
CrvM-f-iamiiKi by . inT.
Where do you now liver
Arswer 1 live nowai -o. i.ut uiu
Street . .
tjueetion Who keeps the house :
Answer Ma Eastwood,
tiuestion Who is Ida Eittwood?
Answer-She is tbe keeper of a
house ol il'-fame.
Here ( ol Na; C. Taylor, w no eaia
he bad been employed to assist in tie
prosecution, said: "I deeire to call
your hoi or'e at'ent'ou to tbe fact that
Justice V inters' ia out talking toit-
nr sies who have been aworu and are
now under the rule. I hay this is cot
right, nl is in violation ct tne ex
press rming if this Court "
uen. miner neresaiu mat us j um
in the request of Col. Taylor uoi to let
.luatice Win era talk to the witness.
saying: "1 think Justice Winters a
good politic) n and would lisk him as
a politician, bnt I would not r sk him
out of my s ght as a lawyer."
Mr. WotUn was then introduced,
who said : 1 keep a grocery store ou
Beale street, next door to Mr. Arnold ;
Mies Yatee the ladyI now see in court,
was in my etore and I was fixing ber
n some nickela when Henry Arnold
waa killed; I beard the shot, went to
my Co or and If amed that Kmma No"
man hl bhnt HfllirV Amoldt 1 then
IU3M .'. " ' " - J . I .
flniahed tviair no the nickels; I re-1 firmed:
markprl almnt the ahooting, and
think I stated in her presenc" who did
it; when I came back she eaia nurry
nn and uiva ma my plckela and let me
so: the then walked out of tbe store
.ml left
Crods Fxamined. I would not be
ceitmn wnelher the carried tne pieties
ont with her or not, but 1 think she
ilirt whan I came back I raid, "Well,
I did not do the shooting," and Miss
Yatfs replied, "Neither did i .
a nonhfte of Miss Emma Norment,
ia:d that on the day of iln killing ol
Henry Arnold, Emma rsoruoeni came
to their house on Seventh street, in
Chelsea, shout 10 o'clock a m., ami n -
mained there an aay uov i ism iu mo
evening; that she was in a buggy
when she came anu leu.
Gen. Turner rut this witness
through a long and harsh cros.i;exam
ination, but HI ea m maie niiu con
tradict himself and when be lef: the
witness-stand tho tears noweair.eiy
from h:s eye?.
Mr. Hoag tiling sworn, Baiu: i
met Henry Arnold about the lot of
last December Ht Poitir &Maccie'e;
he stated time lialbeeu ougaji-d to
Emma Nument but would never
marry her; he also mid be wa the
father of her child.
anidr I have tojked for Mr. Nor-
ment's f imily several yiaia; knew
Mr. Arnuld during hia lihtma; h
asked me about two vears ago if I
would i o'. cook a wedtliug dinner fur
him on a certain day: 1 told him yes;
ha aaid he and Miad Emma were going
to marry; on the day set tfie wedding
dinner was pret ared and I cooked ir,
but after everything was got ready he
did net come.
Question Well, did you eat it?
"What? You don't think 1 ate a
whole wedding dinner by myself. The
family ate it, and I ate some of it.
This closed the evidence lor the de
fendant. Gen. Turner eaid the only
rebutting evidence he desired to offer
was that of Mrs. Mathers when she
came, as she was sick and a hack had
been sett for her.
Delendents effered the defendant
to make a statement. Thie tbe Court
would not permit ber to do.
r.m. Sha txatlfied that on the even
ing of the killing about 3 o'clock, she
was in a Wig anu uair piw'jud dh:o
iu.l ctm.t.: that while there two
ladies came in and aeaea ior uionu
wig; she heard in the conversation
the man Bay he would efcarge thein
2; this was bo cneap bub luvonm-
tarily asked: "Did you (jay S3 only.'
He Bald yee, Dut mis is jiibi to ru i n
this evening. She htard the ladies
say tbey would tiko it; that eho
ia acquainted wun r.iiiuiu nunu.
lived near them once; bnt tuo laoi-B
In the Btore were dseply veuou; i
cau't eay whether it was her or not ;
onecf the ladies was dri8cd in a
steel-colored gray dres".
Tbia was all the teH'.imony.
THE (Ol'Ndl..
A Bank Selected Ojieulap Streets
Tline Too Valuable fur I'Ih
cunning Wages.
A aieoial meeting of the l-egia'ative
Council was called at 2 o'l loi k yenter
dav evening. Prvaid.Mit Hadden pre
sided, and Mesare. U-e, Montgomery,
Handle, Kney, Graham and Wa'liu-e
A petition to put a eiirbing on the
rant and west "ides ol Eehols street,
from Vance to Elliott, was reterred to
the President and Kngmeer wun
power to act.
The hntvhers of the Beale street
matket-hoiise asked to be allowed to
keep open from 4 to 10 oYloi k a.m. as
other butcher shops do. Granted.
K..v.-1-nl ritiens cftlltnl attention to
,l,o fnrt thiit a stock iH-n on the north
side of Chelsea street, etween Third
and Fourth streets, is rnpuuy incom
ing a nuisance, and w ill Ih intolerable
when summer conies, neierrcii io um
Board of Health.
A petition for a stone crossing on
Poplar at the intersection of High
and northeast corner of Bull Bun was
referred to the President and En
gineer. A petition for a hydrant on the cor
ner of Front anil Keel Htreets was re
ferred to Chief Clenry.
The following was read and con-
en a -rvr-rT.TiIH OTP l?AlSXO"V S3
d. You can have a rew set of ralrt
WKITt 01t OUR PRlChd.iM
With telf-Measutins Cards, sent br mall on applicatl
mde by sending us i "ia -ue w ui?-ik r
Jl'a. KOXlgM,
llllemphis Steam Laundry,
We have the Latent Iui roved Troy Laundry Company's Machinery.
COIXtlt, I'riN ami Nil I UTS I.HiiiKlrled Fqnitl to IWw.
TII0 DlBHIl'T, SHKI.at Couutt, TkMX.,)
Davin P Hiiipgi. Pass'imaT,
Maaruia, Tsn , March , 18811. i
It is hereby agreed that the Citirens
Bailway Companv niny lay singio
track and awitehea in lieu of double
track, ns called for in their contract,
thn following 8t reels, to wit :
On CttlUoun Htreet, from Shelby
stnet to Tennessee Htrtet, laying track
on the north side of Calhoun street,
tnmino- Into Tennessee street in Biu li
manner as to come into the center ol
h Btrool L'.'sJ feet south of Calhoun
street ; thence down the center of Ten
nessee street to Georgia street ; thence
down the center of Georgia slreit to
lVniiHvlvnnia avenue; thence down
the center of Pennsylvania avenue to
Jackson street, with switches at biicii
nln,.na n mv liereafter lie agreed
noon and ns tuny be directed by tho
District Engineer.
It. is nirreed that the 7o0 leet on
Tennessee street, niav be on the west
side. 21 inches from tho center, as it
was laid out before this contract vvus
Bigneil ami a cliimge oi same win in
vnlvtt llllll'll COSt.
The foregoing lnoilifUntions in the
original contract are baaed upon the
e-.. . i i i k-l.....l.l
conditions minimi ncinw, vi-; i
tli.t W II II HUH Citv. Snringlieldnnd Mem
nhis rtuilrond (JoiHpany pave tin
tilorW on Calhoun street between
Sliclliv and Tennesseo streetH.theCiti
..ns Km wav l oin niny ugn-en in e
AGENTS With small capital. We have
something new, no risk, large profits,
specisl 30-day oner, write ai or.ee.
EMPIRE CO.. 3S1 Canal street,
.!. Y.
, at Tele
flTimENTM To lrn teleiranl'y.
D graph School, oor. Main aad Poplar sts.
IOH ETeash prices paid Cor old and new
KATUSKS al 445 aiain street.
EVERT ONE In need of a asrd, smooth,
durable and waterproof naveraent or
floor, examine WATHONrS BITUMEN CON
CRETE. Telephone m.
ALL THOSE having damp, anwhoiesoma
oellars to teleph ae938
EVERYBODY To cull and see the eele
braUd Hypsy Clairvoyant, at 177 Third
sireei. nearropiar.
spondents for new business. Positions
permanent. Salary or commission- Write
to-day. Address
goca rare;
-At 140 Madison ; nice rooms,
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AGENTS la every section of the country
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The first witness introduced by the
defense wan Miss Mattie Yates, alias
Brackett, who was arrested at the time
of tbe killing and held in the Station
House over night ai an accessory to
the crime. Being sworn, witness said:
Mv name is Mattie Yatea : on tbe 17ih
of March I was in Memphis and went
to the stote of Mr. Arnold for the pur
pose of baying some mixed pickles ; I
then went to the store of Mr. Wooten,
next door to Mr. Arnold's, afttr I
failed to get them at Arnold s ; 1
wanted to buv the pickles for
old m9n FiBher and his wife
I had not seen Miss Emma Norment
on that day, nor did I mt et her near
Arnold's or Wooten's store; tbe laBt
time 1 saw Emma Norment, the lait
time before meeting her at tho S ation
House wasin 1873: wnen I went ta Mr.
Arnold'e store he directed me to go
next door to Mr. Wooten's; while in
Mr. Wnntnn'a store I heard a shot
fired; it was before I left tbe store and
while I was at the counter waiting lor
tbe pickles; I know it was that night
I heard tbe shot fired; Mr. Wooten
and I were both standing at the coun
ter, and after the shot was fired Mr.
Wooten walked to the door; he came
bice and said a young lady had shot
Mr. Arnold : I think be said the lady
was Mies Norment; he t'so said the
young lady lived some six or eight
miles it ilia country ; after I got my
fickles I immediately left, and before
ont far I nraa arretted and carried to
the Stition-Hous; I know I had not"
snoken to Mias Norment since 1873; I
had no conversation with ber that
evening in fiont of Mr. Arnold'e store
or anywhere else: I bad no conversa
tion with anyone: I did talk with
Mias Norment in the Station-House
Defendant's counsel What was that
conversation, and what did Mis Kmma
Norment say to you 7
Gan. Tnrner I obiect.
rinnrt The objection is sustained
Witneee It was about one half
any time prior to the coiing of the jjjeg nvej right together out at Cen
evidence the State might introduce trai p0int.
u t han introduced bv the defendant
He testified: I live at Olive Branch,
Mies.; I waa acquainted with Henry
Arnold and knew Mies JNormem oy
sight; I bad a talk with Arnold here
tn ftiempnis acoui mo ibi u uvku
ber last; I met him on the street; we
went in to take a glass oi Deer, wueu
Arnold aeked me how my lamuy were;
I said, "All are well ;" I then eaid,
"How is your family, Henry?" and 1
said, "I have no family;" I said
thought "from what I heard you would
have one by now," and he t a'd""You
ate mistaken;" 1 then saio, - now aro
you going to get outot me matter, anu
how did yon manage to do what von
have done ?" He said, "I promised to
marry her(Emnia Norment )andby that
promise I got away with her, but I
.111 navnr mtnv her." He then asked
me if I had seen the cbild, and I told
him no. He eaid: "Well, promise",
you know, are like pie-cruets, easily
k.nlran "
Gen. Turner Did you and Arnold
ever have a fuss?
Answer No, sir.
Gen. Turner Did not Arnold ac
cuse you of stealing $40 from him, and
is thtre not hatred on your part
toward the Arnolds?
Answer No, sir; no euch thing o:
curred. Here Justice Winters said Gen.
Tnrner "had no re'pect for himself or
the witness either."
Gen. Turner I hope your honor
will excuse Justice Winders, as he has
not sense enongh to be responsible for
what be says. I do really think be is
Justice Winters Yea, if you had
your jnat deeerte yon would now be
in the County Jail.
Gen. Turner Yes, and if you had
yours you would be aervicg out life
tentence in the penitentiary.
ins? riKifiK BAKER.
The next witness wag Miss Fannin
Beker, who eaid: I have been inti-
t'hn Timiiii' District for a strip i:U
wide by the length of the block at the
cost price of first class block pavement.
Also pay the Taxing District for the
niivinir of a strin on Tvnnc.wi! street,
between Calhoun and Georgia streets,
InVoO feet, nt the contract price
of 1 .50 per siuiire yard.
DAVID P. HaDDKN, Preildent.
ISAM Tatk, J , V. P. and ill.
Resident property owners asked that
Jefferaon street, from Manasses to
iii-li.nim. he onened for public use.
This would bo a great public benefit
and wou'd largely subserve the con
venience of petitioners and would
make marketable a very large amount
of property now unsaleable. Ordered
to be opened and graded, provided
n.....rlv ia liilcil to MlCI'itV.
D. J. Sharne, who resides on and
owns lots n 37, 40. 41, 42 in block
o. Fort Pickering, sent in a conimuni-
Anilon siiitinif t nit there are no open
allovs in said block and no way of in
gress nnd egress except by way of Sec
r.,1 Mimi-l Them are three alleys, but
nil closed, and residents suffer accord
ingly. Heferred 'o engineer to carry
out previous orders
Tho following, addressed to the him
omhle Legislative Council of Mem
. .Liu ivnu ulun rpllll '
v.'.ni- ni titiotinrs would respectful-
1., nuli the immediate attention
vour I ii i ii .rnhle bodv to tbe propriety
and advisability of opening a new
avenue mid thoroughfare, for cominu
I ion hetw I that portion of Mem
thiMud. of Alabama street
if... i-.uitriil oart of the fit V. All
ii.i ,,,iiifin of the Eighth Ward com
in iiilv known as Scotland is and has
been since it was settled up conipnra
tivi.lv isolated, and the people bvinj
in that noarh'r have been and are stil
,.ll...l to travel llllll'll out of I
ilirn-t course in order to reach the
Market House or any poition of tin'
luisinesa mirt of the town. As a con
sequence, this part of the town has not
,m,in na n otherwise ilcsinmie sunn
tion would enable it to do.
Petitioners suggest ns reasons in
favor of the measure, that the open
ing of such streets as will enable the
people to come more directly into
town would greatly increase the value
of property, and would quickly bring
this portion ol North Memphis to the
very front for desirable residence
tironertv. thus greatly increasing tax
able vnlues and adding to tbe revenue
of the city.
Petitioners further show that the
obstacles which have heretofore
existed in tho way of this develoti
..,,.t ,,f flip ritv have been recently
removed. Tbe large large bodies of
land lying west of Thornton avenue
which have heretofore been entangled
in litigation have recently become
rested and settled in the owner
ship of energetic nnd enterprising
citizens und petitioners arc informed
that the necessary righl of way and
their substantial co-oeration in the
making ol the improvement promised,
ran be secured upon most advanta
geous conditions.
Petitioners arcfurther inforaied that
in contemplation of this very improve
ment, many years ago Col. James con-vovi-il
to thn cifv a strin of ground
fifty feet wide and running from Mar-
t..t to winciiesier sireei. ior uie pur-
that every portion ol the city might .
l.o iiioni iniMi v reached. 1 lie t ouiicii
was in favor of such a plan. President
Hadden said Madison street migiii tie
oiM-ned through llenrv avenue to tho
Uinsdaleplnce; that Tin ley street
should lie extended from Beale to
iavoso; Ijiiidenlah' from I liion to
Monroe, and to the Memphis ami
Charleston railroad. There was no
rossing. he eaid, from Wellington to
Marshal avenue, ft distance of about
ItOOO feet, lie understood that it Mon
roe street were extended through the
Frame proportv, the M.-nipriis anu
Charleston railroad would have to
build a bridge over the street and
that Pontotoc and Linden streets, if
extended, would have to lie built un
der the railroad tracks.
On motion the President was in
structed to take preliminary steps m
open Turley street to Guyoso, also to
open l.iinien, ronioioc, muson i
Monroe to eastern citv limits, 1 junior-
i..1a to Mad son and r ireon uoosi
The oiiest on of selecting a deposi-
loiylfor the city funds then came up,
none ol mo nanus excepi
battan Savings Hunk oireiitig inter
est, but nil ot Itiem oiieimg ooiio,
Ten bililots were taken us follows:
First Nutional .1, -, -. -. .
'stale National 2. It, 1, H, -', 2, 2,
2'Ger.iiiin - 2, 1,2, 1 , 2, 3, It, 2, 11, !i.
I'nion und Plantoro 1, 1, I, 1,1.1,
' Malmttan -1, 0. 0, 0, 0, 0,0,0, 0, 0
On the eighth ballot, the Union nnd
Plnnters being the liwost, was, in ac
cordance with a previous resolution,
dropped. On the ninth the State Na
tional was dropped and on the tenth
the First National carried oil' the pmo
by n vote of live to three.
Tho secretary was instructed to mi
to tho secretary. It is given in full
below .
To tin lloiiornbln President and Meuibors of
Iherircaml rollce l oinm sson kiioi -District
Shelby c-unty, Tennessee.
Genti.Kmkn : -The undersigned com
mittee api'inteil by the llanner Assom
hlv, Knights of Uibnr, Memphis,
Tenn., most rspect fully submit the
following prcamblo and resolution for
the consideration of your honorable
W'hkhkas, In view of the well
known fact that imiiMrism with it
long train of attending evils, "ma curse
to the earth, and as insullioiont wages
to thine compelled to w ork for wages
is a common factor in the production
of pauperism, and as it is lose exon
sivo to tho tax-paver to pay living
wages to tho healthy, law abiding
laborer, than to support tbo aick pau
per or the criminal, and as one dollar
and twenty-live cents ($1 2-") per day
is not enough to keep men with fami
lies from becoming paupers or crimi
nals: therefore be it
R,'M. That we most lwpectfully
petition the Hoard of Fire und Police
OomniiKsioners of tho Shelby county
Taxing District, that on and after
January 1, lNSil, that the laborers em
ployed 'by the Taxing District bo paid
not' loss than two dollars f2) per day
for their services, and that tho pay of
the lire and police departments be
iiKroascd to an amount that will be a
just compensation for tin labors per-
limed and the hardships incurred
iy them.
MtsrHis, T1.. Iiecemi.sr i"in,
W. II. M di A Lb,
The Council immediately adjourned.
The discussion on the gas question,
which occupied tho attention ot tne
Council lor two boms, is reported in
full elsewhere.
voiti ( (or I'Uls lor placing woou mm
tin signs, with the name ol the sireeiH
painted on them.
nicw mini nanism.
The City Attorney road Die ordi-
. . . ii .. ..i ....... ..r I,... ....
. ..it i,.i, n.mnisi. . i aio iu ui miiih" '
within corhun limits, and it passei
il... uni-inul nnd II mil reading
Tho iiomid ordinance nroviiling for
the impounding ol loose initio, horses,
hogs and geese nun tne inmig
owner, passed llnnl rending.
Ti... f..ll,iwinir ordinance to regulate
the manner of and the routes to he
followed in moving live siock inrougi
the streets of the laxiug District:
1. That herds ol horses, mines, cm,
if thn
'. iiv.i . i.U-il. U, k, Inn.
S II IKK in'iisr., r. ii -i " s "'- '""I
Miss., store house, saloon, nU-Hes ana
Hinri. ksaiiv rOKNisiifii. ''.t'JlrSn1'"
tii-ulnrs niply to J. 11. tiTAH'OHD,
l UQCIIfMIKi 1 1 se .
ftlSTKRNS-Uuilt and repaired and war
l 4 railed. Inventor o1' the Hanltary l'.irt
luml Ceniont Puuil). Contraetor and lirlca
laj.r. Telephone UTIlJ .. W HBlNri.
. LAW, ilmrlne end Commercial No ary
Public. Commissioner ot Deeds, and II. 8.
Commissioner, at the i old I omea. N
son street, i Ql.lir.ei ii'sn i i-i r,. in u . . .
Ibe Aranment.
J. J. Brcok opened for the St ite,
followed by JuBiice P. M. Winteis for
tho dofenae. During bis gyecca he
pulled from his rocket a Mtsr a 1
dreaaed to Mias Emma Norment,
which he s!d he wo:ild read to the
jury. Geu. Turner said he obj.ct-d
t s the letter had never been offered iu
evidence or in the It ait manner re
ferred to. The Court ovtrruled the
objection, and perroithd counsel to
read the leltsr. He then read as fol
LooisviLLg, Ky., March 18, 18li.
Miss Emma Norment:
Nobi.k Lady-I see by onr Courier
that you have done a norlx act. Al-
L.ai matnfnno-ratu'a'e VOU a thoUiand
times yee, ten thousand timee. I
only wish this great countiy had more
noble women of ench spirit and neive.
We would then get rid of the low dnga
that rob ns women of all we have
onr virtue I say, when lady loves
a man well enough Io marry him she
would give him anything in her power
he would ask and bvo her for-alas!
(her virtue) all she poetS,bergnod
name. And then for him to go back
on hub who bad bo much confidence
inhislove. Why.tbeolaayheshond
be swxpf from this wobld by the
shortest process. Hanging or shooting
him is too good. And now, dear
stranger, to conc'nde: Were i in
yonr city l woua nave mo .-y
full of petitions, and have nearly
every name of man and woman eigne!
for yonr hohoabi.i acquittal at
ohcb. So good-bye, dear girL You
have, mv host winhesj.
ITrnm nna who once cave ber life
" " " " - , , ., i i I iwnr ut taw lining . ...
for love, but was robbed of all 1 nan. j np,! wa8 paid for by the rity, and
pose ol extending Fourth street. This
Vol 1 ,! (iinrnra r.ot to fall and
throw" my life away. Hope you will
do the same. Kia-ned.l
Judge Greer will close for the de
fenae this morning, and then Gen.
Turner will cloei for the State, when
the case will be given to the jury
under the charge of the Court.
"Auk cannot wither it nor custom
Btate itfl infinite variety." Flesh is
tionllv Loir to an ache or nain which
cannot lie cured by using Salvation Oil.
ls KMllr4la-e A ljnmrl for
your riusnblaiw sassd Uaa-t Uiibk.
should bo utilized under the conili
tionsof the deed. It has been for many
years in the possession of a naked tres
passer without title.
Petitioner ak that the matters
herein suggeste! be referred to
proper commit tet- for investigation,
and reirt to the next regular meet
i n is.
It was signed bv about fifty names
ami referred to the President. En.
gineerand Attorney.
These petitions naturally brought
up the question as to tho advisability
ol opening vnrioiw other streets while
property was Btill cheap and in order
th. un-iiio or sheet) being brought nib
,.r token out of tin' citv limits of the
Taxing District shall pursuethc routes
following, namely: lieiwoen uieuopoi
of tho liOUisvillo aim nasiivnie rim
way and the stuhlos on Monroe streci
through Auction, Front and the stahles
Mniinai street: between the river
hin.linir and the "stock yards, Front
Auction mid Seventh streets; between
tl,.. milwiiv deiiots iu the southern
iiart ol the city and the stables ou
slnet throiiL'li Calhoun, St
Mnrtin HiM'ond and Monroe streets
between the river binding and stabU
..I. Moni'iHi street, through Ironl am
Molirou streets; between the depot i
the Mi'iimhis and Charleston road an
the stables on Monroe street, throng
Mmiroe street.
Such minimis shall not he driven
through thostroetsiinli'ssaccoiiipanieil
by a force of men sufficient to control
them, and in ii quite and orderly nutii
iner.and each lot. shall bo preceded live
minutes by a mounted man ringing a
bell and carrying a phicurd announcing
in large letters the coining of a loose
lot of animals.
Any violation will subject the party
to a line of not less than $1 nor more
than fr)0.
For at least an hour ti pianuy
dressed, middl t aged man had been
sitting quietly by listening to the dis
cussion. All the regular business had
been disposed ' a'"1 t'1" Council was
about to adjourn. He aro! to his feet
with a paper in hi hand and respect
fully asked iiermission to road it it the
Council had nothing more on hand.
President Hadden asked Is tin tho
purport of the paper.
"Wages," ho replied.
If he had burled a bolt of lightiung
h,.. i.fleel could not have been more
..nisiMi 1 I linn the iitteiiiuco of thiitein-
t u.-nrd Knr u f nil minute not a sy I luble
e . , :i . .1. : rn. I ,il.iiiil
wassMiken. tne ionncu smimi .."
uneasily in their cbiiirs, and President
Hadden remarked that be didn t
.!.:.,!, i,a (Viin, it hud nnvtbitig to do
felllllM VllU 1". " . " . ,
with tho wage question. Mr. i)e sum
men of both parties (probably moan
,.lilliu unit woikinginctl) be-
longed to the Council and that it would
be iiiiproiicr, considering the psescnt
excihm coinlilioii oi tilings, ior i
Council to declare iteell one way
1 1,,. nt her. Ho thought it should
referred to a committee. Col. Mont
oriiinerv ajri'i-d with him and ftdde
iimt if it whs aimestioii which affectci
the employes of the Taxing District it
miirht l proper to consider it
"Tt. refers direc Iv Uj them,"iid the
workingmiin, whoso name it wiis after
ward ascertained is Maynard.
f,srs. I linden and lee sun
HORSK-Dark bay horse, with 4 whlta
f.t unit white nose: had en black sad
dle with blankot andcoverlng. W is hitched
on Heale streel, ueiwoen tt.uh...um
Lauderdale A reward will be paid for hl
""" tJjM.R lIKlFKINH.rf Madison,
MIILKS Two black mare mulos, 16 hands
high, 0 aud 7 years old. inane and
tall trimmed I r reward I. r their return to
F. A. Junes A Co.. 61 Monroe st.
O WHITE COWH-One with rope aruund
Ii head. reward for their return to R.
II BARTON, near Curve, Hen ando rosl.
tMH. All- BUArtls
furnished mom
oiird,et"2 Madison sire-1.
I 3 0uM Di slral'le
OAUD-With excellent room,
IM A 1' A ,n 1 1 L1 ' . .
K NICK Rooms, furnished or urfurnlshe,
M with or witlinut board. ajU7Madion St.
'TMVO lurge unfurnished rooms, with or
1 wtthtut boiird, aliw Madleon street, cor
ner Tbltd.
Ol. JAMES HOllHB- ror. Second d Ad
r ams?tf. Room and I".i4td .'- pit weehl
,1iit r.osr.1. tl M
Farewell to the Lxrruclutiiiir rains
or i;iu inalisin.
I wrlto to slate my opinion "f (siuag's Pu-
KH lll.Udll ItKliSWSR HS a UIHOU llieilllUB
ami the elloel it ha had on u vsoil ana
llieis. worus can nnrinr ein..
roulii like to key. but for years I suflore
he no st excruciating pain from Kheuma-
m and imins arising irnni uisi-rnertu
il oo ol ti oou Doiore using um imu-.,i -
newer, Doing lor moniua
movo mv lower iiiiios. ami ;i-i
the use of the Blood Henewer I f.'und such
relief 1 continued to use it until I n'l 'axea
houtono Hair gallon s anu u o -! " n
two years or inure im I uato u ll:
nave so re lunereu uui iuii " -
comparatively speuking. 1 havs l'o fur-
inheJ sovsrai pcroms wnn mo ...
eaer, and each of them experienced urea
relief from the use of it. ..,.
Korkmart, (ia. o ki.....
Liver Complulnt and Blood Polwm
1 have becu using Ounm's Piikis Bi-oiij
RaxaagKlor Liver toaiusini "'"T
Prison, and I can chserlully say it has made
M in" re cure for me: it is all claimed . tot
it, and I will chocrfully recommend It to all
ho v-i'b a blood rene.er. ,.
UriHiu, ua.
A Voice from the Lone Star Suite.
Onijg'a Piosiia B.ODO Rtwa nae
cured one of my childrea of one oi .ur
eases ol fcro.uie ev.r .tt-- -
c ear as mine, ana ine "V... ih.nk.
menent cure in their opioien. 1 aia thank
ful for hving tried the remedy.
Dallas, lex. -
sintiil that the Council had nothing to
do with it.
Mr Mavnard asked that the aecro
hirv rend it.
Mr. lUmdleand Mr. Graham want
...I I,. l,iii- it l-eftll.
Mr. Knoy thought there was a job
in it.
Mr Widbu'e was silent.
Mr. Hadden insisted that if it re
latod to the expenditure oi puu
money it ought to bo referred to tli
1. in. ulltl Police Coiuniissioncr. Ca
ried The paper waa handed, unrein
How laucer Was lured.
I had been sBic e
For five ir six yeirs
yoruveiT n .!.-
,th wh it every one pronounced to he a osa
n,ri""o'.. After trying "''"l
cer i
Uuiss a r "-"i'r,. "!,..,. I mm
usu g several o,.. -. "-".,-. tB.
TnZ or anV. !. 'h . Mb
5".?n .war. and I have ex. 7'oneed aa
min irom the earner since
be aftlicte
lUirwts. AKr
1 aia
ut tha
1 h-artilyl
".?""?."". . ... ill ho nag
commenuine mow" - V fi
ictea IB ana,- ui,....,. . .-,;.,.,
r l-.u- nk.ii Biatiicme in esitu-
K.n;. of every and all .leases arising
from impnriiy of the blood.
4? 0tmUT
r TO ft UATg.VJ
fflwruIN- BeH te
I Hrioalbya
t 'Itus Shsmk-Os. .
r,U ll.l rJ
tn.l i;ii. . .
Sl4,an.tla IWT I4W
alwtt Usk-
uiaMTrn AQENTS.Men and Won-l
WANTLU to sell "TUK ClULL.l
BIBLE " lntrodnctioB by Rev. J. U. is.
cent, D.D. One urent has sold 65 in a to"!
ol 674 people; ono7l ia avillace ol ,;eui
new agent D5 in III days! one in 4 .coe
siveweolts: one 40 In 3 days at two do eroat
,... .r.eaAt J!(, J-"-40
Dearborn street, '. i'.ico,

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