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Loahrr111e,"lew Orlf ani sad Teui K'j
In KflaM November K, 18.
fcath. I North.
Memphs -...A......
Uii B
J5lend C.
Vikbarv........ 1)
Ilameon ......... K ....
Ethel K
:00 p.m 11:1 a.m
5:S p.m a:4M a.m
:4'i p.m! rViBI a.m
1 :ia) a.m' J:rt a.m
3:42 a.m U:l a.m
S:3I a.m :l 'm
6:'21 .mi : p.m
:3II p.jb!5:! p.jm
tWh. North.
Baton Kour.Mw...U
Sow Orloane
Lnla. .....
Lei and. .......
8:40 a.m 0:00 p.:
12;(i2ou'ul 2:4 p.i
3:4f p.m 11:10 a.
7:16 p.m: 7: aw a.i
A -With ll tinea entering Memphia.
B-With M. N. W K. K. for Helena.
C for Ureenville and Uantiuglon, and all
Arkanaae pointa.
D-With V. A M. and V,. 8. A P. Railroads,
i-Witb N.. J. AC. K. H. (or .vetcbee and
F Far Pomte ob tha Braaeh.
11th marl lor llarou Bara.
H-VYith railroad diverging for Florida aad
' Ceaet polnle.
Pallmaa Buffet Bleeping Carion all traini.
JAB. M. KDWAKD8, V. P.andO.,M.
M. BURKK, Ueoeral Sap't.
A. J.KtlAlT. U. V. A.
NawravarlNeweand Mlaalaalapl Vat
ley. 1 raise move aa tollowe: No. 1 (lut
liae dailr) leavea at 11 :S0 a.m. No. i leavea
at 11:40 pm. dailr- rtt. Lonla faet Una
leavea daily at .:S0 p.m. jo. 7 tle.l lina
daily) arrivee at 1:30 p.m. Hall and ai
praaa emvea daily at S:lSa.m. St. Louif
feet liae arrivee dailr at 9:06 a.m.
laataalppl w4 Taaarneaa. Faat
all Iraia leavea daily at 4:30 pa.; arrival
at 9:46 a.m. Local freight leavea at 0:40
a.m. I arrival at 4:30 p.m. freight traiai
Ih. a and 6 rua trl wtakly. No. 6 leavea
liamphU Monday, Wedneadajr and Friday.
leaaaaaClljr, ftprlacflrld aad Mam.
bla Traiai leave M. and T. depot aa fol
lowa: He. 4, Biall and eipreea, leavea daily
at 11 :l a.m. I Ho. 3, mail and eipreaa, ar
rival at S:30 p.m. No. on, Ht. Loali ainrai',
leavea dailr at A:00 p.m. : No. 6ft, St. Louii
eapre-a, arrivea at 8:o&a.m.
Maoapbla aad 1.1111a kaork.-Traine
nova aa followa (nentrel (land rd tima) :
No. 1 laavaa daily at b-.ib p.m.i arrivea at
:Mn.B. No. 3 leavea at 6:S5 a.m. I arrive!
Bti:Ma.m. No. 6 (freiiht) leavea llopeflold
dally (aisapt bandar) at 6:00 a.m.i arrival
17:10 p.m. .
eaapbta aad 4'barleataa Traini
nova aa followa: Through oxpreai leavea
dally at 10:30 p.m. Mail and aipraaa laavei
dally at :10a in. HouierviUo accommoda
tion leavea daily, except Sunday, at 4
p.m. Through expreaa arrival daily at & :2ft
a.m. Mail and axpreia arivaa daily at 4 :6A
S.m. Snmarvilla accommodation arrival
ally, axoepl Sunday, at 8:30 a.m.
Laaiavlllit aad Nahlll Traini
ova aa lolloaa fait mail arrival dally at
i:Vt a m. : laavaa at 10:10 p.m : mail loava.
dully at 1:00 a.m. Browntvl!! aoooinmo
datiom laavaa dally, axnont Sunday, at 6:00
p.m.) mail arrival dally at 6:01 p.m.
Brownsville aooommnda'ion arrival dailyi
xooptBaodai'i at 5.40 a.m. (ilaudard lima).
Mamphli, Klrmlaajbam and At Ian
ti Hoil Hirlna Kouta Traini move aa
followa: No 1 laavaa Memphia dally at 3:45
m. s arrival at Uolly t-priDK" at 8:30 p.m. t
No. 2 laavaa Holly Suriiiya daily at U:()0
a.m., arrival at Meinphli at '1 :15 a.m. I No.
leavai Memphia dally at 7 :iX) p.m., arrival
at Holly Hprinm at 11 :,VJ p.m.) No. 6 laavaa
Holly Spriaga dally at 3:30 a.m., arrival at
Memphll at 'ri a.m
WiBHIIlOTOa. April 1, 1886. 1
1 o'clock a.m. I
Indication for Memphia aad vicin
ity: Fir, eliglitly colder wi'iithur,
followed by rain, blue crvHCfiit, blue
tin, red crow-tint.
lor the Ohio Valley and Temumfe:
Fair BflrulhfT, fullouied in Tnmtuet ly lo
cal raint, cctdtr weullier, with a slight cold
mate; frott probably Saturday mulSuiuhiy;
Northwetttrly wind in the Ohio Valley,
wW thifling to iurthtrly in Trnwr.
clMralaaleal ttrpurt.
MauPHia, TaN.i., April 1, 1886.
Time. Bar, Xuur. Wiud W'ibtir
7:00 a.m .lO.OOfl B5.8 R Clear.
11:00 .iu 10.07(1 ti'l 3 8.W. Opir.
S:00im 10 0UH 65 0 8 W. Olegr.
7:00 p.rn :10IM)I 618 H, Ciear.
10:00 p m 20.91W MS 8 E. Olear.
Mnziujnia W.uperaiurs, 67 6.
Minimum tuuiperalnre, U4.5.
Rainfall 00.
All obaervations are taken on 75
meridian time, which in one hour
faatcr tha1 l"ral tima.
The Water Coininittfi" mcdtH at 2
oVIock to-morrow.
Unity IxKlffo will mod thiHaftr
nonn to Hltt'iid the fiintiml of A S.
Me Near.
The nnmlilion of tho woiiinii Idu
IV-nneU, wuh reported favorably to re
covery at u late hour last nilit.
Tho O'yoao liavinis been un
avoidably detained by bud wi'Htlier.
did not . rrive till luki luHt ninlit ami
will leave promptly at 1 to-day,
The MiiHiMim is drawing very well
and a new bill entirely will buprerenl
ed next woek, where then will be a
bin eat convention.
The follow inn marriage lieenmn
weroimuod veHterdav: D.ll. Holmes
and Mm.Hallie IKiiiKlanH, Henry (irant
and Julia Karr, Ivl.lie 1 1 i 1 1 and Klten
W.I Holilon, lui Kettnmnn and
8. C. Tuof were appointed by the Pro
bate Court to net iiriide a yearn' allow
ance) to the widow of Fred. N lanidt,
The gentlemanly deportment and
manly bearing of the t hieaeo bane
ball nine wan the theme of general
comment among the npeetator of yes
terday's game.
ihe Western Telegraph Company
in ronnnetion with the Baltimore anil
Ohio ' elegraph Company has opened
branch oIUivh in the liayoso Hotel
ami in thcMerrhanUt' Kxehangv room,
l'rompt herviee ami low rates to all
Strangt Ca.v of r. JckyH and Mr.
lh4', Vutitry for April, America Al
manatt for iKSli and A Ta'e of A hme y
Panth, by Marion Crawford are a few
of the ifu workH Minmford Initial bis
( HtabliHliincnt, You ran alwavH find
what you want lit MaiiKford'a in tho
reading line.
We are given to underHland tKat
Mr. James Carden will deliver hid lee
tore on Tennyson at the tiara Con
way Inxtitute thin Afternoon at 2
o'clock, for the benefit of tho young
ladies and their parenti and friends.
The lift rer will be acsiNted by his
wife who will begin ami terminate
the proetttdinga bv a voeal solo. vijKs
Conway's establishment is well worth
a visit, even without the great attrac
tion tillered this afternoon, i! is one
of the lieet appointed in tti il
J. M. Si'muies T. V. Am,!, - son,
. B. Tn-Hiiw !l, T.K.f, "1 hi ft
Co., V,'. W. hV'h... .it, -i 1. .1 ..! n K.
Hped. W. II. Il,.i ii. ii .1. s. An
('r?'.,, ii. Welti" u. 1 .'. V Oliv r,
meini" I'm of t!-- ' ii's' Kx
chani'e, have r ' i rniil. nt
"!ii.., (. call n p'tieral n. ting of the
Kxcli .: ns noon as possible for t e
purpi c of eonsidering the ipiimlion of
!iixin Inive ing nifii who visit Mem
phis, :ind to devise ways ond means to
iliscii itiuui' tlie rollec tion of Haid tax.
The Builders' and Traders' Kx
I'lmnc ! i:eli a meeting at their rooms
in tli basement of the 'niton F.x
i.l in ii . Imildiug and after adoiing
const. lu'inti mid by-laws elected ))
timiii i mlieers mid director hr fol
lows: i'n -idciit,.J. W. X. Browne;
vii-e-preMdcnt, Jim. K. Handle; din-c-tors,
A. S. Uvermore, W. J. Cole, A
K. Havis, C C. Burke, Joseph Haines,
H. A. Sjieed, O. I. Meveiis, James Ieg
nan, A. 1'. Tavlor and 'A J-jigan.
CertifiriiU'S of iiieiiilM Thhip are now
ready for delivery, and the Kxchange
will W oK-n every day for the trans
action of business. A meeting of the
direebim will lie held Monday, April
rth,lit 7:30 p.ii.,toelcctaserretaryand
for other purjxises.
Tho meetings at the (Antral Bap
tist church are increasing in numbers
ami interest. Kvangelist Needham is
gifted with genuine Irish eloquence,
ae ompaiiieil with the warmth of
feeling and earnestness wh eh charae-b-riws
the orators of that nation. He
is certainly a thorough Bible scholar
and without any effort at profundity
makes hii sermons deeply interesting
and instructive, interss;'rsing them
with apt and touching illustrations
from incidents which have romo un
der liis professional olervation. To
day at 4 o'clock bin subject w ill lie,
"Hint and Suggestions on Bible
Htndy," followed by a service at 7:4.r.
During the services arranged for Sun
day will lie a gieeial meeting for men
at U p.m. Keats are' all free in the
(Central Baptist church and its mem
bers are glad to honor strangers and
visitors with the best sittings in their
beautiful audience room.
Bole Ag-cnls for Horace It. Kelly ft
to.'s Key West Cigar.
The trade supplied at New York
prices. A full assortment constantly
on hand at the following stands con
trolled by us: Cayoso Hotel stand,
I'eabody Hotel stand and 310 Main
street. Fresh shipments received
weekly. I. SAMKIXON a CO.
Mlllaa Hoblea
The Phoenix which has been
made famous the country over by
Milton Nobles was presented in ex
cellent style last night by him and his
company. It will be repeated to
night and Loiv and law at matinee
to-morrow will close the engagement
and the regular season.
Mas. K. M. Cum i.is's nooning of
millinery goods. Koom 1!), Cotton
Mits. P. II. IIkyson left this morning
for Little Kock, wu a visit, to bo ub
sent several weeks.
K. B. Staiii.man, Vice-President of
the Iouisville and Nashville railroad,
is in the city, a guest of the Uayoso
M. W. (iimis, a well-known trainer
and (1 iver of trotting horses, bus con
cluded to locate in Memphis. He has
chargo of several trotters that lie
thinks will do good work this summer.
Mrs. Ida Tayur, formerly of Mem
phis, hut now of New York, is visiting
friends and relatives in the city. Mrs.
Taylor endeared herself to tho people
of Memphis during the epidemics of
187H and 187!) by her kindly ministra
trations to tho poor, siek and needy.
J. L. Cody et al to Jack Grant, lot
72, in th town of Arlington, for 50
J. W. Grant and wifs to B. J. Kim
hrough, trustee, to secure J. T. Kim
biough in the sum cf $50, same as
abive property.
J. W. Baddeke and wifn to 0. N.
Grisvenor, trustee, to secure John M.
Thompson in the sum (if 12000, part
of 1 t 567, couth side of Madison
stn et.
John B. Ribin on to Ellas and
Bernard Liweestein, part 0' lot 223,
east side r f Main street, corner of Jef
ferson, fcr 1 10,000.
J. K. Mitchell and wife ti Dara
Miichll, lot on esstiiJeof Phillips
avenu, fo' fUOO.
W. P. Wilson to Leah A. Wileoo,
3 44 acres, corner of Union and Cooper
John Adams to Josephine Kelly,
lot 4 and 6 in Dunn'a subdivision.
K. Moon t R. Goldsby, 184 acres on
BlptO'eek, flf)0,
K 1) and W.L. C enshaw to John
B. Hav, trnstoe, to secure John T.
Hardee ft Co, 3600, 344 acress in F.rst
G W. and Ella N. Holenmn ti
L. B. M Karlsnd, trustee, to sscuio
Danisl Well rd 1533 40, 23.05 acres in
Rrtx ill's subdivision.
Skk ad. of Memphis Steam Hhirt
Factory and Umndry on fiftli page.
MrmpmisNtainko Hi.ass Works, i.'lri
Third street Call and sue.
Waton's Bitumen Concrete is abso
lute proof sRiinst dampness, seepage
aud rats. Telopboue 938.
Havc you a damp, unhealthy cel
lar? W.Uou's Bitumen Concrete will
make it dry and wl.oUeouie. Tele
ptoue V'M.
I hm Herbal Chill Cure, the beet
tonloaod ault-pariodic known. A sartaln
and ania eura lor ok ill l'rli-etl ir bot
tl. Si-ml taf I for rtrculari. Any rf
aranra alien. ili)ri John 0. Kaoker.
Lnobbr, Va.
Reno to Memphis Floral Company
f-T lis and price-current o' plants,
llsve lmghtt stock in town. Come out
aad sen for yourself. South gats Elm
wood Cemetery.
"Watson's Bitnmen Concrete," for
th psvinii of cellar, warehouse and
itable fliois, driveways, walks, etc.
Ha-d, amnoih and durable, and proof
gains dampneis Dd svepage. Tele
phone 038.
Fine Watch repairing at Mulford's.
In order o introduce the Alabama
Hplmt Oa' in this market, it will be
deliver, d at 36: per barrel in city lim
:t. It has no snprior.
Teh pi one 650
Order MealiaU Mulford'n.
Healing the Nick.
Come to 117 Court strett and read
testimonials of wonderful healing.
Otlice hours 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Soliil MlTcrware at Mulford'a
Hem hla Flaral V kaa lb larceal
aiotla ail alMia ! tawai.
Old Gold and Silver
Taken israb, MulfordV, 294 Main.
Mr. Pol. Cnlrman, makitr of Ko-Ko Tola,
Mouipiiia, lann.:
Dk-rSik I wish to add one more
testimonial to tho efficiency of Ko-Ko
Tulu in cleansing the teeth, perfum
ing the brtHth, etc. It is undoubted
ly the best article made and used lor
tbe above purposes Its use will also
prevent throat troubles and colds. A
great deal of it is sold here, as it is
very ponular. Wishing you the suc
cess you o well deserve, I. remain
yours respectfully, iiAaay dran.
Km.LT, juiss , Mirth 10, !.
ViMiTOBson 'Charge: H. O. Rni
Hnlly Hprirg, Mils J Bsn Blcck,
WitUiburg, Aik.
Fbom now till August 31st, the Liv
erpool cotton market wi!lcloe daiiy
at 4 o'clock p. m. instead cf 5 o'clock
p. in aa heretofore.
Maitpnis Merclanta's Exchange
Quotation Committee for Apiil: Oro
xrir$ and ProviiontR. H. Bro"ks,
chairman: Jon Fader, L. P. Donelson.
Product L, Erb. chairman; H. E.
Carter. Oram O. H. Tavlor, chiir
mai: Maitin Walt. Hmr-H. II.
Ptdllips, rbirman; R. ' Rucker.
t 'often Hired Produciii. 6. Camp, chair
man; W. Katienberger, John W.
C ciran.
C. L. Gbkmi'A Co.'a entton repoit
says : Bomewbat better Liverpool ad
vices and a desire to cover started the
rrarkct In better forward and put
prices up 78 point. As soon ai the
fhorU were satisfied, however, the
demand fe'l off entirely and with lit
tle opposition from the bulls, the en
tire gain disappeared, closing tamely,
final private advices from abroad
proving less hopefnl. About 5000
bales April notices have been taken
for expoit
fflnlford, Jeweler, 294 Main, bo
loclU orders from the eonatry.
To-Day Friday,
We Inaugurate Oar First
Of the Present Season.
Onr immense sales in Woolen
and Wash Dreu Fabrics for the
past thirty days leaves as to acca
mulatbn ol Rsmnante and Dress
Lengths, which we ars determined
to dispose of quickly. When you
call to-day you will find placed on
Center Tables a choice lot of
All New and Desirable Goods of
recent purchase, such as
Et amine Cloths,
Canvas Cloths,
French and America! Tricots,
French Albatroa,
Hanglelr Cloth",
Armnre La Mode,
Camel's Hair,
Fine French Ratines,
At Lean Ihaa 50 Oala abe
li ilar.
Have Yonr Erench Clotrka
Put in order at Mnlford's, 201 Main.
Nw Ori.ians, April 1. Night
Arrived: Mary Houftou, Cincinnati ;
City of 8t. Louis, Ht. Louis, Departed:
Mary Hous oD, Cincinnati.
Cincinnati, Apiil 1. Night River
40 feet on the gauge and rising.
Weather clear and cold.
Evanbvh.ls, April 1. Night River
rising, with 31 feet 3 Inches on tin
gauge. Wiatlier clear; thermometer
38 to 64. Departed: U. P. Schcnck,
Cincinnati, 0 p.m. rackets all 1st?.
Lodisvilii, April 1. Night River
rising, with 17 feet 0 inches In the canal
and 15 feet 4 inches on the falls.
Weather clear and plearant
A DruKKlxt's Morjr.
Mr. Isaac C. Chapman, druggist,
Newburg, N. Y., wriiee us: "I have
f ir the i ait ten years sold several
gross of Dr. William Hall's Balca'n for
the Lunga. I can say of it what I
cannot say of any other medicine, I
have never heard a customer speak of
it but to praise its virtues in the high
est manner. I have recommended it
in a great many cases of wbojping
cough, with the happiest effects. I
have need it in my own family for
many years; in fact, always have a
hot tin in the medicine closet ready for
Dyeing and Cleaning.
Lh dies' aud gents' clotbea cleaned
or dyed in any color, also kid gloves,
ostrich feathers and lace curtains by
Ixmis Keigel.M) Jefferson street, v em
phis, Tenn. Goods -'"wd fay express.
Monogram IlauglemHf ulford.
( ! eaapMa riaral faaiaai7
far alaata ua) plaaly ar Iboaai.
Vrt RaiMraA Lacanaaralaata ala)
fomr riafciaai
Excellence and Casta
Are the secrets of Mnlford's success.
Tfca alaalB(a f Klckaeas.
Navar trila with what ara called imall all
mania. A diiordar aaiy f oontrol at Irit, if
nlecUd far a (aw weaki, may baooma a
Bortal dlraaf. Ba aipaoially oaralul not to
let debility gain apaa yea, for It la tha door
tbronsh whtoh all aaaladiaa antar tha ayitam.
It roa feat lanauid, Inert, and te aa a eon
Beaiirafaim, "ai it there waa no lift left
in r u " rerort atonoe le llonltt'er'a 8tom
aoh ll ltari. That sreat vei lai le tonic will
auiply the vita)ir jroa an urirently need. It
la n rva lood. By it. tonin action tha .loin
aoh Ii io iuv toratrd that niienion hepuni.l
miliar, aer, e.rlenl; while Ita mild, ra
tharilr tronartie. rtliave the howe'l troa
lihirurtior.a, ai.d III alie'nntr oi eralionh n
rnoiallv atltnti all the 'creliveorraca. rur
tin mil n a of dm-epi a, ai d Ihty iaclu'1
al'roi av.rv nnpleaiant lartii ( that hv
lonva to p y- o 1 .liieaie and me .la1 t. raton
adi Ihn potent lenio U a certaia and
11-tKiljF halls. 4
Pr.aaolr Hafal.
C. B 0 ALLOW AT & CO PaorautTiHUi.
Hatri ti M and It per dar, accordina to
aiaa and location of room Special
ratea made.
J K Hooka, Miia C W.rren, N T
Ii W Aana. Ark L B Balrb, Ark
I N Hnarki, Ark K 1) Anderinn, Hill T
W .1 Woo'ten. Tenn A II llenrr. lod
II HilvenUine, Tcnn FSc-rl, Mam
W A Per-. Mi. i J II War-in. NY
V P WoorMI, Coio KeWood, M.
tti I'uvall.Tenn C E Tucker. Mall
J A Woodion, Ark J T Hm th, Ar
r E Knveitr, N V B T Kimlirouah. Mill
MrfllKiinbrruah.MimL r Uutton. N Y
J V Warren, Tenn PhiMir... Ohio
C A fhipi a, Ohio H L Feckhani, Mo
W Woii-i, La AM Jonea, La
n a u i t . n I u .i i
1' 1 ' I .IIU.II . w " IlklDF , urn
T I Youna, Tenn C K Weiterl ld, Tenn
0 Torrer. Mlai
ii rr edmaa, lenn
U W Ourtia. Mo
3 K Hail. Mo
KF Abber, Mill
BSC itlei. Mo
Mi.i W lliamann. Ala
B Ii Polk Aw. Nl
J Martin. Ala
D Howler Aw, Mo
J E Lnawnod, Ala
W (j Abbey. Miia
Mn 8 h Todd. Ala
f i: HDith, lire
.1 H MeKinnay, Mlia J 1 Warner, Mill
M OanootiMiia Wm Marihall, Mill
J Jenkina, Mm.
A Mitchell, Ala J Ia'ton. Oa
J Richmond, Ua R H Matlbewa, Ky
W K Rohoaon, Mo J H Wo U. Ale
A M Jackion, Ala 3 Porter, Tenn
A R Craia, Taan.
The New Uajow.
Ratea, 12 90 to f I per day, aeoordins to loca
tion of roomi.
B " Brrni. Tenn F Willliraion, Ky
N II Hmitb. NY 8 W Il.rdr. Mo
J C Lnnsitreet, Mill D R Mitchell, Tax
R W Brooki, Tena J C Smith, Mo
W R.loni-i. Oa Mi"i B williami, La
MiM K William, La A R Oi l. La
l L Wrenn, Miai E H Suhlman. Tenn
W U Grlder. Ky W L Hivelr, Ala
WNNaih, A a Harrv Palmer, III
H T Ulanion, Tena J L Kerr, Tens
W B Kldridre, Tenn 6 C Toof, Tenn
U M Hberrell Aw, Ky T W China, Masi
E 0 Wilton, Tenn 8 Harria, Mini
C k Nutt, Miia M Williami Aw, lean
K f Paul, Ala J Youna, Mo
LJ Weill, Mo 8 J Anderaoo, Tex
R PotU, Tex W K Simon, Ala
W O Martin, Ala B I Deliaven, Tons
0 U Rhodei, Tena M J t.'alliian, Tenn
C J Lander, Ky J J Reed. Tenn
R N Pratt, Tenn A S -nonoer, Tinn
J 0 Uuno, Ala M Keller, Ark
0 N Peek, MiM F llu. aarford. Mo
W A Stone, Wla M B Lealia, Mlra
8 H Arnold, Tenn T K Vance, Tenn
A liaktlna-i, III P McMahoo, Ark
K J Woolley, Ark D button, Ark
Mini K Rny, Mill Miti H Rar, Mill
B J Orhorn, Mo , UJ Quinly. Mo
N A Mcl'lure, Mo 8 Mu phy. Ill
P 0 Bradley, til E Dwyer, Tena
W 8 Jud-on, Tenn II T P loa, Tetn
J W Umuhart, Ala V K Wheeler, Mill
II II Newman, La K B Miller, La
R iS William., Ark (loo W Davii, rk
F L Arohbald, Ohio T J Ooodwin, Ohio
II o Himmona, Mo F J Thompion, Mo
N A Baker. T-nn P J Ci ildi, Tenn
P lloldrtein, Tenn F Whittenbenr. Tenn
11 Buttertield, Tenn Q C Powera, 'lenn
J no R Brown, Mice R U Harirent. Miia
M RTuoaer, Miai Chan Kmcrion, a in
W II Hubbard, M Y 8 J Van Boa e. N Y
R W Durant, Pa F K eed. Md
T J McMurdy, Minn KP Lynch, 111
II MuiUe. Mo K T siiller, Tenn
W J Dixon, Ala B W Jenoinga, Mill
K B Snyder. v I W Turer. N O
W C Milton, Tenn 8 J Bennett Aw, Miai
RN Rumier Aw.MiaaO P M. II. Ala
V K W ilcox Aw, Mm " 8 Petaraon Aw,M u
" RTowIe, Tcnn W O Voaa. Tenn
W E Sandeia, Tenn A R Ziinmerman.Tenn
Uaiioa'i llatrl
W. H. BINGHAM ..Mamaorb.
European plan. Enlarged and reiurniahed.
Pricai aooordins to aite and loca
tion of room I.
Mill Doyle, Mill, .1 P Blanton. Ark
N S Leiett, Ark R W McDowell, Tenn
CRIHcki. Pa K M Pinion. Tenn
P J O'Loushlin, Ark H D Tou.lir.Buo, Ark
Mm L bar e, Toon J L vcC"lub, Mill
PRichardionAw.MlmV 0 Paiker, Chieno
i I I'mhei. Cnica(o S K I."lvc Aw, Miaa
0 P Noble. Ark A J Itar'.er 4w, Mo -UQTilbot,
NO W Fiedirgwofhil
F 0 Hofbnrni t'in Jno Quion, Ark
M It Mreki Ae.Tenn S Ma t ndrle. Tenn
R W Moduli k, Miaa L 8 Qearce. Mill
W J i atliu. Mill A W Kins Al. Mill
P C Clark, NY K II Murria, Tenn
W A Irwin, Tena JCFrell, Mill
UHReokei.Ky J Oht.toIo, Ark
yGoliiber, NY L K C euient. Tenn
Mprout, Cairo J W Li tie, Ky
T (1 abam, Tenn .1 K Koiic , Tenn
D WurlT.bnraar, Ohio F I, Bennett, Mill
Ellowaid, Tenn J P ei. i all, Miai
II A-kcw. Mien T v en-h o n, Miia
U Aiher, Miaa II T KHlituoem, Mini
Mn L Webater, A k MJ Ali bou le, Miai.
t'lnrrnnua i.l
Noj. Ml and fit Madi on - tract.
B0WLVSA LEAK Propkitos.
Ratea ti per day, duy board t2t per
Wm Akin, Tata F A Eg-gor, St L"uii
J D Alaup, oity J A Lauiritone, Tenn
Walter Webb, city John Kobertion, Tenn
K P (lovan, Helena Mra 11 B 8 1 h. Ma i
Andrew aatlan.Ky Wal erD Wenta, ait
T D Wl'der, Teon A B Sweaney, Mo
Cbaa Arnold, Miai II L Ho lowar, Mill
T B Murt.hr Tenn M Uillnpie, Mo
W Thoaioion, Ky W 11 Benion, 1 enn
A A McClelland, Ark 3 B Jenkini, Ark..'
n a ffy 'a Knroaeaa Hotel.
Corner of A da ml and Main atreata. Roomi,
50o, 75oand II per day; Aiaerioan Plan,
tti per day.
Flrat-claaa Reitaurant In tha Hotel.
J. M. DUFFY (10 yra with Peabody Hotel),
Paor' a.
R T. Wooila, M'aa 8 11 Curtii. Ark
II .1 Patier-on, Tenn R Koa.r, Tnn
11 J Shea, Oh'o W J Aleiand r, Tcnn
P II Meath, Tenn C Htphenion Aw Mir a
J II ll-rria, Miaa 3 B Hal yly Aw Tenn
I M vtorrii Tenn K M Murray, Tenn
J M Klink, Tenn J Surrnt, lenn
A II P.rkina. Tcnn O W Jm ea, Tenn
II U Kkiii cy, lenn C T Lennurd, Tenn
W A Aitionn. 1nn J T Smith, '1 enn
D Carrell. Tenn K Fl-tcher, Tenn
W E Nioknra, I id 0 Howiti, Mi-
N 1 Urei n, lenn K P B'atner, Tern
CEI'okcr ViM A P Williams, Ark
J Ar'arlteld, Tcnn Miai Horlnw, Tenn
W A Bet.neit, Ohio J H Swrene , Ouio
M V Unoila I, Tenn C I) Harper. Mill
KLRvan, Ark J C linker, K.
0 .sDihble.Ind 8 Hacker. Ind
WW Ward, Ark Mra H B Smith. Mail
M L Towner, Miaa RCTiiten.Ark
P J Coper, M t.
Anil all lichlegaad Nrnly Mala aaal
Scalp lllavaave fared by
PBCIASI?, Kciama, Teltir, Ttlniwo'm,
Lichen, Prurittie, Scald Head, Milk
Cruat. DandrntT, Birbrra', Baker.', Crecera
and Warhwoman'a Itch, and every apeciel of
It'hina, Burninx. oalr, Pimply Humora of
the kin and Soalp, wit Lo.a of Hair, ara
positively cured by CuTirria, the irent fkin
t iira. and Cunci'IA Soar, a riquiaite Skin
BeautiHer eitem-lly. an i CDTicnaA Kiaok
v'Nr, the naw Blood Fnriner InUmHlly,
when phjiiclani ana all other remedial fail.
I, John J Caae, D.D 8., havinc prae teed
demiilry in thii c uoiy for thirti-flva yean,
and belnx wall knoan lo th aaida here
aboata, with a view o bilp any who are af
flicted al I have been tor 'he paat twclva
yeara, leiti y th 't tha Ccticuh faaaanas
cured me of Poriai',or Scaly pkin, in -ixbt
dayi, after the doctor! with wnom I had
ooniulted save me m no help or eoaraia
ment. JO UN J. CAbK, D.D.S.
Newton, IT. J.
iiM'HKitiu rurPTioiv.
Your CrTiooiA P xaxois parform-d a won
derful our- laai in m r oa one of oa-eua-tomari,
an oi l lentlem.n o .eventy y. ara of
aav, whoiaffer.H wi h a 'a fa t' diatreaalnx
aruptio ii n hit head andia,ai who had
tried all leaadiea and do- tore t aopn'poee.
J. F. SMITH A Otl.
Texarkana, Atk.
stnaa woitmarrL tkt.
II. K Carpenter, Hendereno, N. Y .eared
of Pooriarie or L-pro. of tweaty yean'
at ndmx. by CcTicra KxaiDiaa ikamoat
wonderlol rare on record. A noatpanful of
acalei lell from htm daily. Phyoiaai aad
hn triendi lheux he mu-t die. Curaiwora
to be I ore a Ja.'ioe of the Peaoa and ileader
aon'i n.o.t prominent eitiaena.
iTin aa BBMitnirai
Areiold by all dmxyl-U. Price: Ctmctixi,
nflcenta: RaaoLvanT, tl.'Oi Soap, at cola.
Prepared b 'he 1'ortaa Data ako Cbxmi
cal Co.. Boiton, Man.
Send or"MowlraeSlila niaeataea.'
i ITTIFY the CovplexiAB aad Skin
iAU hyorinxt a OuTirexA oiur.
f-f I RK K IN 1HK Rtl H,
I tic0 ln ' c'mr. Shoot-
Iff aVNina ano Sharp fa n, Hheuojatio.
ffr Nearali o and real a -aini. and
Hj, I etery external Pain and Acha
1 Vn cured br the CtiTiccaa Ant
Paix I'L.STia. A naw and amilaol aatidoia
Manhood Restored
HlNkov hRKX. A.i' iimol youthful iwinnideBa
sauiina lramatnre Daoay. N.wm. Dability. Uiat
Manhcvt, Ao.,hartnX triad la vaia avary known
rme,0.iailiior..l a iiieolemea n.ol w.f-rn-a.
a l.tiH H a T Ji r .lHK5tnhu Vt,i9WuflKrn.
t&Th firm of GOODBAR 4 CO. bas been dissolved, and we bave reortranised onr interest in the Wholesale Boot
and 8hoe Bnxinese, in connection with Mr. W. . Lnve, lata of Warren, Love At Co., St. Louis, Mo., and Mr. J. C.
Callicott, of Cold water, Mies., nnder the style of and firm name given below. We thank onr friends for their patronage
in the past and hope for a continuance of their favors. A. B. GOODBAT-
LaU of Ooodbar A Co.. Memphii. LaU of Qoodbar A t a., Mamphii. Lateol Warren. Love A Co., St. Looia. Lata ot Coldwatar,
367 k 369 Main
We are now receiving a large and Ea'lrelj New St ck of Eaxtern and
Spring Trade of 1886, which we offer at Jctock Botom Prices,
We have EXCLUSIVE control ln this
lowing lines cf CUSTOM-MADE Goods, all ofwhish we
warrant to give perfect satisfaction:
George Hooker's celebrated Men's Calf Boots.
Brady 4 Sbortell's Boys', Youths', Misses' and Children's
Solar Tip Shots.
T. M. Harris ACo.'s Pbilad'lpbia made Children's Shoes.
Also, L, W. Nate A Co.'s Kip Brogans and Flow 6boe
the beet Brogana made in the United States heretofore
handled by Gcodbar it Co.
We are the only honse in this Market handling the cele
brated Krippendorf, Dittmann A Co. line of Lidiee' and
Missoe' Kid, Goat and Calf CUSIOM Goods EXCLU
SIVELY, nnrlur the Factory Bmnrla.
BM City Meam
The Handsomest in the
South and Its
Men the
The Pride of the Mis
sissippi Valley.
A New York drummer, who trav
els over the entire country, was
bragging about the advantages of
living io Gotham, but he had to ad
mit that in tho Misfit Clothing Par
lors, 2G2 Secood street, Memphis has
the best and cheapest clothing house
in the United State", lie also had
to concede that the Memphis girls
are the prettieet in the country and
that the men erc, as a general rule,
are better dressed than those of any
American city.
Memphis men can afford to dress
well. The Misfit Clothing Parlors
gives them the advantage of buying
fine merchant tailor's elothing at
about one-half its aotual value.
The Misfit Clothing Parlors be
lieve in bragging when it has some
thing to bras about. We have been
busy during the past two months
hunting up bargains for Spring. We
now have our Parlors packed with
beautiful new goods. Better s' ill,
our prices are wonderfully low.
Como quick and inspect these hand
some goods.
Remember, all alterations to in
sure a perfect fit done free of charge
by a first-class tailor.
262 Second St, Memphis,
Opp. Ceurt Square.
The Taradis lor those hunt
ing Real Clothing Bargains.
rinns, Aaaaltloe, Fishing Taekle
sod Baai ' Heeds.
94 Mmtm Street, mebia, Taiaai.
ataaafarturiat- and Repairini of Sana a
Boiler Works.
140, 142, 144 Front, Memphis.
S la ma tsnlD, aad He only enmpieie
Holler and B'eet-Iror Wurkt la the it.
Maaonar.tari.ra of bnavy lt iro
aark r,f over' etewerlplloe. Bt-eoial
a'-ienlicji uvea to rlistaiioa work. ...
and 18 Gayoso Streets, Memphis, Tenn.
oe maoe vy any competing maraei.
market of the fol
We also control
own brands, vis:
Goodbar, Love
mm in ii!
nr a var a taw nnnwvvn nmD rnntro
Of Hvait-y Deaorlptlon.
We are lost la Receipt of a Large MilpnaeDt f
R. B. Plows, Columbus Steel Drag Scrapers,
And a Complete Line of CAMP OUTFITS.
Jamea H. Qaodbar Waa. Iu Clark Kaareae J. Carrlnctoa Frank G. 3 am
IMBiRtollaliecl 1060.1
' 319 Main Street, Memphis, Tenn.
WE offer to HKKCH AkTTM OMLY the largest and beat tteek of Boota aad Slioaa we
have ever broocht to thii market, and which cannot be lurraaned Id qualltr end
atylea br anr honra in tbia or any other city. In addition to a complete line of Kaetern
made tooda, inolud n tha t'itl.a Beta 1 e.u SwOlaBAK k CD. BMOCI artN, we handler
a large and aeleot atock of Caatom-made Oooda for Men, Women, Miaaea and Children. Wa
carry a number of tha beat makea in the eoan'ry, in ever. Variety nd at) le, aad among
them the well known Men'a Calf Boot and Shoea mamafantnred oy Ireo. Hooker for oar
Nnrina Trade. W a alao earrv a eholea liae of Ladiea' and Mireee' Cuetom Kid. Goat and
Calf Oooda, manntactnred by Krippendorf, Dittman A Co. We invite the trade to examine
oar atoek before bailor, elsewhere, and wa (aarat.tee everything we sell to give aatiafaotioa.
W"i.NtK aa- O.
, L' VE A CO., 1
..March 10, 1886.1
HiarBia, Ttna.i
We made a contract some months
ago with George Hocker, the manu
facturer of the celebrated "Hooker
Boot," for the exclusive handling of
his boots at wholesale in this market,
and have advertised in various news
papers to this effect. We notice re
oeutly that another wholesale shoe
bouse in Memphis is advertising
that they have George Hooker's calf
boots fcr sale, manufactured for the
spring trade. In order that we should
not be placed in a false attitude be
fore the trade, we wrote tc-Mr. Hook
er on February 27th to know whether
or not he bad sold his calf boots to
any other wholesale house in Mem
phis, and we herewith publish his
reply. Very respectfully,
a an urACTURRR or
BOuTd AMI) 8110 ria,
ClHOMSiTl, O., March 1, 1886.
Mosnn. Ooodbar, Lore A Co., Memphia,
Gentlemen We have just re
ceived your letter of February 27th.
Goodbar & Co. have not bought a
tingle pair of boots- from u for the
spring trade.
I cannot think that they are getting
them through any other bouse, as we
received no orders that they oould
send, and are only selling one other
Jobbing house these goods, I do-not
think tbey get tnem from tbem.
Notwlthstaading- one of our com-
Betitnrs pabllnhes a letter from Heo.
lacker eUtlnxbe bas not sold
aay ealf boots for aprlnr trade,"
'IHE FACT IS.wehae these goods
aew la store, which we offer to the
trade at as low prices as they can be
feand elsewhere. faaraatee
them to be tbe tifcKCLIE Geo. Uoeker
bootn, aad adeipted U tb- parenent sea
son's trade. Kesprrtinilt yoors.
Weiephla, warrh IS 1HS.
tropoHera aad dealan ia , Amtaa
nlileMB and S'laiila Tarkla, Halldv-ra'
Hardaara. aleoirte Ma la aad Ae-
naarlalara tor Hotela and He-lideni-oa.aaa
Mala atrewl, Mvmulila, faa Eleolrie
aar-pliaj alwayi oa band. 4)pairM neatly
Cnstom-Made Boota and Shoes for the
on as liberal terms as can
following Specialties under out
& Co.'s Men's Grained Calf
TOM-MADE Bals, Button and Congress,
Gnolbar, Love & Co.'a Men's N.K. Calf CUSTOM
MADE Bala, Button and Congress.
Go-xlbar, Love A Co.'a Ladies' Kid and Goat CUSTOM-MADE
Flexible Polish and Button $3 00 Shoes.
Our Ladies' 13 00 Shoes are made from the beet se
lected Curacoa Kid and Tampico Gnat Stock, and have
Solid Sole Leather Counters and Flex bis Inner Soles
and we warrant them to fit and give perfect satiefaction
in evory rrot
Sweet Pickles, Etc.
HI nerd Pratt Plrkleil Oranffeav
Hlnfled Frnl rieblexl Cnenanlrera,
Alnirwi Frail PIcULrt Ppprrii,
MaiTMl Fralt Pickled Mango,
Mi'xea' KwmI Pica Ira,
C'rva A Biark well'a C'howMJhow aaet
Mixa-fl 1'lcklma.
Plain Cucnmbrr Pleklea by the call.
Otbr branrta of Plain and Mlxee)
ricbl'ea la dliaas aud Ollvea.
Corner Scoonrt anil Itin1e St.
Cor. Second and Monroe Sts.,
Would eall attention of hia frienda
and patrona to nia
Comprlaing tVe ohrieeat and latest de- - 1
eiuna of Foreign Uooda in tha market. :,j
Having taken inecial eare in their aeleo- ,
tion, I am pleaaed to ear to my oaatomera
and pallia who favor me with a eall, to ,
show them iuea oi goorla only fouaJ in j j
leading houaea. 1 I
Frank Schumann,
Importer and 1
riablna- Tarhl
anaa'a Maoallea aar
aiven t MANUj7AtIUKiX4U and bf
Pairing, -m f
4ia Main St Memnhls, Tenn
Jobw OvaaroK, J.
C. N. Qaoaa-aaoa.
Real Estate Dealers
a aj a7lra4 Jkr unllll alIN I
OfLloe, 264 Second. Street
BV. majjr, ajcaiv mmi ir 5
Taaea Paid. EaaU 0oUc4ad. ato., ea
(Inmmla.tna. t
Young & Brother;
BooliaeHers an4 Stationers. !
818 Main M., in euiphiis Tear;
Wlablaat antra Iroaa Baataaa'
W Her Knilre ;
Notice to Railroad Contractor ,
THE andemirnwl la prepared la fornUlt
rontrai'tora en Baum.d Work DAI I "
BUKtHo in an. liumber. aot-d. Add! a
LeaicgtoB. al!.'
Dealer la I
e ataxl Saort4
Rrxsmal attention!

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