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All reports to the contrary not
witlistandinjr. Nr. Gladstone is de
tmrfined to stand by his well-arranged
programm for the relief of the Irish
jxvile, and will, on Wednesday next,
introduce his home-rule bill, to be fol
lowed on the 15th by another that, if
pawed, will give the people an oppor
tunity of investing in lands and of
owning what they cultivate of the
oil. The "arrand old man" is deter
mined to crown his life work by ae
omftlifihinft full justice for Ireland.
The flood news this morning is of i
most alarming character, eseci&lly in
the submerged regions of Alabama,
which cannot be reached ' by steam
erg. The people are in a destitute
condition, many of theni wholly with
out food. Chattanooga is still over
flowed and cut off from the world, the
railroads all being under water. The
UpjH-r Ohio is declining rapidly, but
a great wall of water is coming down
on us from tne Ohio, the Tennessee,
the Cumberland, and the Missouri and
Upper Mississippi are both full. There
is, as a consequence, great apprehen
sion below us, but this we hope will
prove groundless fear. Ihe river
below Cairo will, we think, be found
equal to tne burden, ana will carry
the flood to the gulf without even en
.untiring the property by the way.
Tub blood of every man tilled at
Fort Worth yesterday is upon Jay
Gould's head. Had he carried out in
good faitti the promises he made to
Grand Master Powderly, all the strik
ers would by this time have been at
work, and peace and industry would
again be in the ascendent all along
the Gould Southwestern system of
railroads. But he preferred to act
with the consummate duplicity
that .is natural to him, and found a
faithful lieutenant in Hoxio, whose
attitude toward the workingmon from
the first seems to have been that of a
nmn who believes in grinding labor
and crushing all manly feeling. The
unfortunate men thus goaded to des
peration by the deceit and double
dealing practiced by Gould, who
confidently relied upon his faithful
lieutenant have been driven to an
extreme that their best friends must
regret. By all means disorder, tumult
and destruction of property are to be
avoided as making for Gould and
lessening the sympathy of the country
inr the struggling workingmen.
No .member of the press en'oys a
largerharo of the public esteem than
Mr. George W. Childs, the editor of
the Philadelphia Public Ledjer. His
name is the synonym for liberality
and humanity. He is first in every
useful and beneficent work, and he
has long been an example to other
employers of what a man ought to be
to those whom be employs. He is
both just and generous, large he arted
and open-handed. Mr. Childs has a
large income and knows how to spend
most of it in effecting happiness for
all about him. frequently the re
cipient of the congratulations of his fel
low workersof the press, he was so in an
especially hearty maner on the 25th
of last month, the occasion being the
fiftieth anniversary of he establish
ment of the Public LtdgerK by Abell fc
Swain, Mr. Abell surviving as the ven
eraMe and much-beloved proprietor
of the Baltimore Sun. Th? Api-kal
adds ita congratulations onso happy
an occasion, and expresses ho wish
that Mr. Childs may "live lig and
prosper" as the credit he is- to the
. Wa make room this morning for a
very carefully prepared synopsi of
the report of Gen. Greene to the
Water Committee, made at the mt
, ing of that body yesterday. It will w
found on the fifth page, and will reply
the most considerate reading. It ha
seldom devolved upon us to notice
! more skilfully accurate,and yet plainly!
worded paper. Nothing has been over-
looked or omitted from it that could
in the least degree increase the ram
of intelligence upon a question that
has agitated the public mind for years.
It is exhaustive of the subjett. All
the possible sources of waW supply
are discussed with" scientifleaccuracy,
every statement being support! by
, data, tie result of peruoual pbsetva.
Vlion by the General or by nginee
whos well-earned reputatbns are
their certificates of standing and
position. NaCSsa that hw been
suggested, . n4C"V Wek
or pla usible, ha4 rrgk'cted.
With a purpose to TkUit Vs-in
of water-supply witha.WT
' :-!- r- u-.r
i k .
1 f.t.no.. .n.l notionoa llA. V.
. JZr. Z.1.: : ri1
aiWfllUURW VIC CM "COO fc w
istible conclusions (1) the distant
sources of supply, (2) the supply from
ground water, (3) the deep-seated
sources of supply, (4) the Mississippi
above the city as a source of supply,
lf Horn Lake as a source of supply
and (6) Wolf river as a source of
supply. With this exhaustive and
exceedingly interesting report be
fore them the people of
Memphis and their repre-
Antral not to have any dif
Acuity m reaching a solution of t
vexing question of an adequate rP"
ply Of pure, clear water. Indeed-""
has been done forthemby Gen.C11116'
who deserves the thanks of
munity for a work the lab Md
cannot be measured by njontha of
which, has occupied ruarrfimajng to
his time. All that no waV(J. gn(1
be accomplished sA.e confidently
means, and for that o, in ad
look to President H,bt llftg proven
justing the eld ci
his oapacity as a , awa
Continued Reports of Dfetrnct'oa of
Property, hafferlng md Loss
of Life.
The Situation A Ion the Ohio Per
. tiuns of Cincinnati aid LvIs
ville Under Water.
Washington, Aptil 3. The Missis
sippi river north of Cairo and tho Ohio
river north of Cincinnati will fall. The
rivers of the Southern States will fall
decidedly. The Cumberland and Ten
nessee rivers are still rising, as is also
the Ohio between Cincinnati and
Cairo. Those havinginteresta on these
rivers, as also on the Mississippi river
from Cairo to New Orleans, are warned
i. i. , t . t i
vi uio ajijiiuuiTii in wvcre iiimiius.
Apprtbrn.loB alaaa thwerHle
llHOIAL TO T arpait.l
Helena, Ark , April 3.-!0wing to
tne tact tnut our best posted river au
thorities, whose prognostications are
based upon calculations dct)uced from
records of the rivers in the bast, have
predicted that the toinsi&jippi river
would be as high as the great flood of
loo:', great consternation lias fol
lowed among the inhabitants of the
v ississiptii bottoms, and qiate a num
ber ot tiirm wtio are aware of tne
fact are making active pil'parati ns
lor tne same., Hie authorities reterrea
to do not ta'-e into consiitrration in
their calculations that in 182 the
levees were down in maiy places.
and that now they are all up and in
good repair, bo there is a probability,
and a good one, too, thai we may
have tlie highest water ever known.
The river rose at tis point
in tne last twenty-tour itiours in
inches, and on the gauge elipws that it
is 37 feet 2 inches above low water
mart and 10 feet below high water
mar'. It is calculated that the flood
will reach its highest at this place
about the 20th of this month, at Ar
kansas litv the 22u and at Vicksburur
the 24th. The levees on both sides of
the river contiguous to Helena are
in splendid condition, bu; many are
agitating the further strengthening of
them and raising the low places. The
White and St. Francis rivum are both
rising very rapidly. Heavj rains and
bac waters from the Muiissippi are
the cause of it.
Ilpaprrato Ml". r Adair, en
Isrimui. T th APPiik 1
Birmingham, Ala.. April 3. The
Louisville and Nashville railroad is
ma ing in its shops here a number of
skills to be carried to the Alabama
river and used in rcscuinarand reliev
ing sull'urers by the great flood.- It is
yet impossible to estimate the
number of persons who need help.
and the decline of the river is not
sufficient to better their condition.
Steamers are doing active worn about
Montgomery and Selma, but are not
near equal to the emergency even in
the country near their respective dis
tricts. One of the boats rested 100
negroes out of tree tops near selma
yesterday. This morning news was re
ceived that there were 2000 destitute
negroeshuddled together onone island
in the same district. A steamer from
Montgomery ran up the river one
mile into the open country on this
side of the river, this morning, but
could not then get within reach of the
Louisville and Nashville railroad.
Smaller craft will also I e required for
a transfer. This will be attempted in
the morning with boats to be sent
from here. The river is nine miles
wide at Montgomery The town of
Cahaba, near Selma, is wholly under
water up to the second floors. The
first mails received here from the Ea t
since Monday, came to-night; also,
the first through mails from the
Hllll Main a !alr.
Curo, III., April 3. Theriverat this
point is forty-two feet ten inches
above low water mark, a rise of six
teen inches in the last twenty-four
hours. This is nearly ten feet below
high water mark of 1883 and it is be
lieved that the river will not reach
forty-eight feet. Rain has been falling
here for the last twenty four hours,
still threatening. The low lands in
this vicinity are beginning to feel the
effects of the present rise, and should
the river reach over forty-five feet, the
irlamona will ha onnaiiiavahlii n fannaMi
lunuinu tt in i;v vuiiqiuvi nuiu vvJ lai mci a
in low lands and railroads terminating
tt Birds Point. Roads in Illinois and
. Kentucky are up to fifty feet grade
ad no damage is apprehended by
Flood, la Hew HaaiMlilre.
Concord, N H , April 3. The dam
of the Stoddard pond, seven miles
long, gave way yesterday afternoon.
It is feared that the factories at Hills
boro bridge and other places on the
river wi 1 be carried off. At 4 o'clock
water had reached Antrim, carry
The H?88 of ice nftv Ieet in height.
twenty1?mac has risen six feet in
in great dat.hond the mills are
Warner rivers - Thetontoocooand
ing mill cellars, SP overflowed, flood-
Hl.h Wat.r at
T .... Ifv AnriTV".
I m ii r . . .( ..Ann . I hA rl VP f
ttUP WH iJ 1VK. U UWU. H
danger line, and is rising at over
an hour, ifiw is vne mgneat yvo
over reached at this time of year strli
a1 a ohoa
1800. Four' more feet are expected.
No danwge is reported as yet.
Highl The river has reached an
alarming stage. At midnight it was
runni'g nt cellars on the levee, and
nMwe living in that section were mov
ing hto upper stories or out altogether.
&ou8 apprehensions are felt of a
(jiastrous overflow. At the hour
rfmed the river was rising more lap
dly than at any time during the day
two inches and a quarter an hour.
The gauge is 24 f et 3 inches on the
falls and 20 feet 5 inches in the cana'.
Ciuttnoooa, Tknn., April 3. The
river at li o'clock a.m. registered
fifty-two feet and was stationary. The
river will begin falling by 6 "o'clock
p.m. Some 5000 persons, who are
homeless, are well taken care of by
the Citizens' Relief Committee. A
third jierson was drowned late last
night The damage to property can
not now be estimated, though in
this city it will be quite a large
amount, the most of it to railroadt
and the balance divided in small
amounts among the numerous factor
ies. There is one foot of water in
front of the Timet ollice, two feet in
the Union Depot and one foot in the
Read House. The weather is fair,
No mails either way yet.
V14a la I aaukx-rland.
Nashville, Tinn, April 3. The
Cumberland river is 43 feet 5 inches
at this point and rising an inch an
hour. It is also rising rapidly at the
bead, a heavy rain having fallen last
n ght. The mill men and lumbermen
are alarmed that all rafts will be swept
away and shops injured. Over 200
families have been forced to abandon
their homes '
Tha Bllaailaa at ftolnaa.
Selma, Ala., April 3. The river at
this point has ceased to rise after ris
ing two feet higher than at any time
within the recollection of the oldest
inhabitants. Hie destrucu .n of prop
erty nas been great an along the river
and many lives have been lost. The
entire eastern portion of this city
under water, including two com
presses, the East Tennessee. Viriiinia
and Georgia railroad depot and shops,
me gas-woras, union iron-works
Foundry and about 300 dwelling-
houses. Citizens relief committees
have been organized and have gone
rapidly to work, and parties have been
dispatched with provisions in all di
rections. The steamer Carrier, in the
employ of the citisuns, has brought in
about $ 0 people, mainly negroes,
picked up trom nouse tops and t
tops in the overflowinsdistricts.
A fire broke out in the gas-works to
day and consumed two of the out
houses, causing a damage of St' 00. It
will be two weeks before the city will
again nave gas.
The Rlv.v Mill Itl.lna- at Cincinnati
Cincinnati, O., April 3. Contrary
io tne calcinations ot expert river men
the Ohio will riso above fifty-five feet.
It had reached fifty four feet at 10
o clock a.m. and is rising an inch an
hour. Snow fell hero to the depth of
tnree incites yesterday and rain was
reported at points above. To-day tho
snow is melting. Ihe river is falling
at I'ortsruouth, lull nnlea above tins
city. No trains have been stopped yet,
b-'t in a short time some of tlio tracks
will be submerged. Many cellars in
the lower part of the city are tilled
with water.
Lain. There- is still hone that the
Ohio river will not reach the point
wnero rati roan tranic will be allected.
It has reached fifty feet seven inches
at noon and is rising about an inch an
hour. Reports from fortamouth, 1 li
miles above, are that the river is fall
ing, while at y arietta it is slowly ris
ing. Rain is reported, to-day up the
Kanawha nver.
lalaaafrona oVrrOow. In Caaada.
Montrkal. April 3. Advices from
Huntingdon say the floods there have
spread over Chatauguay street. Cel nrs
were flooded and sidewalks carried
away. (Jonmiumcation except by rail
is cut oir, oil roads leading into the
village being covered. At Bryson the
total loss will be 2 ,0 0. Excepting
railway briilges, . nearly every bridge
along the Chatauguay river is dam
aged or entirely destroyed. The
worst seems to be over, as the water is
ii i
The Fxeeatlve Committee Olvea
Teiy laol Beetaitoa aad Ma
St. Louis. Mo.. April 3. Messrs.
Taruer and Bailey had a brhf inter
view with Vica-President Hoxie this
kfternco-, to aicertaio, if possible,
why he had re used to take bat k men
who lad expressed a wiliiogners and
ii s re to return to work uutondition
liy. This, he bad bet-n informed,
was 1 h case, and be was anxious to
lea' n direct from Mr. Hcxie whether
such was the case. Mr. Turner was
seen it his bo'fl to-uitit, and
gave ' the following account cf
the interview: "We ca'led on Mr.
Hoxie this afternoon. Mr. Hoxie
wai ve-y coil. He did not ask us io
beieattd. I tegan by asking him il
the statement was true that he had
refused to take buk any of the strik
ers. He said no; tbet he would con
sider personal applications, but use his
own pleasure entirely in acting upt n
them. He went on to sty that he
now neided about fifty per cent, of
the number of men who struck, but
was careful cot to say that he would
employ them. I said that Mr. Gould
had given us n uoders'and that all
except tboie who actually committed
actions nf violence wo aid be taken
buck. He said that neither those who
committed such acta nor those who
advised them would be accepted.
He continued, that the road
had too many emp'ovea and
preferred entries down the force to
cutting down the hours.
Mr, Bailey It trrapted him bv sav
ing that that waa probably the reason
wny me company lowed ine suite
to cut down the number of employes.
"Mr noxie said tie could take.lt tba
wav if he wanted t;, snl a iked me
tbout the trouble at Fort Worth. I
told him I very deeply depli red it.
"jar. tit xie then wett on to say that
no grievances whatever had been pre
sented to him. I remioded him of
t ote presented last September, and
be said, 'Or, don't take up tn ancient
hUtory.' I said that it miicbt be an
a cietit history, but that the griev
aices, while thry hid lain dormao',
rtill exis'ed. That waa the interview.
I cloted by telling him we would con
sult with Mr. Hayes. We stood the
entire time, and weie not asked tack."
"When will the nrxttt'p be taken T"
J' We will not do anylbmg more
r-ii Monday, when Mr. Hayes ar-
We will ho'd a conference to-
it la a fcl m fa'iirief, however, that
ttkmonoJ,ea pocy rca
"Have yoi19 e'rikera back."
Powderly or MPmnDjned with Mr.
"We will not '"'df" j ,
until we hear he'f Mr; Towderly
t-ansact ba;ine a$?'J K
whether we will adTilon ow
Goublorno!." ,.with Mr.
What do vou think wHi
6nl oitrome?" ' ,h9
"If we cannot make terms. f -
now sniffled is the case, the men wiu
nave io return quetiy to their homee
anH seek other emp'oyaient."
Mr. Turm r ex pec s bo;h Mr. Hayes
and Mr. Birr, of the Gewral x cu
tive C inmitiee, to reach hre to-morrow.
If tiey comethiri wiH then be
a querent of the comm t ee, hr-, aid
amt'ier con'-ence will beheld with
the local coomittee, when it is ex
pet t d eome pUn of anion will be
agreed uro? and poibly anttber
meetirg maybe had w.ttj Mr. Hoxie.
BELicus hew mmmt
Petit lost Intr'adnced by SonfV'eru
Members- Judge Baxter's OeatH
Postal t'aasges.
IsnciiL totsi irriAL.I
WAstirstiTKN, April 3. Mr lieaeli
of New jork projw.eg to oiler on
Mondav another amendment to the
rulea of the Hoiwe. It w ill provitkv
that a call for nports of roniiiutttt8
should be made only twn-e a week,
instead of doily, and sulistitiites a call
of States; and w hen any State delegiv
tion is unanimously in tavor of any
measure the delegation can call it up
for future action, the debate to he lim
ited to thirty minutex. Mr. Beach has
nersistentlv objected to the considera
tion of hills out of their regular order.
so es to educate tne House w tne
point of am-ecine to this amendment.
If the resolution jMisses it will greatly
facilitate legislation.
Bv Mr. Caldwell: Petition of the
Southern Methodist Publishing House
and tho Cumberland Presbyterian
Publishn g House at Nashville, lenn.
for a reduction of the postage on pain
phlets issued bv churches und benev
olent sociotiea containing records of
their official transactions.
Bv Mr. Z:ich Taylor: Petition of C.
M. l)owliiie, heir of Michael Howling
of Shelbv t ountv, Teun., asking tlmt
his war claim be referred to tho Court
of Claim.
By Mr. Wheeler: Petition of Daniel
Thompson of Tuscumbia, Ala., of T.
.1. Hands and of Win. C. Thomas of
Jackson county, Ala., asking similar
Hy Mr. Neal : Petition of Y. T. Cox
of Blount county, Tenn., asking p y
for property taen and used by the
United rjutes during the late wur.
judo i baxtir'h heath.
Tho nowsof tho death of Judge Rax.
tor, lefore whom thd telephone cases
were to have been trfcvl at Columbus,
was received with sincere regret in
this city, where Judge Baxter hud
many friends and admirers.
ios reeigiit'l a $1400 clerkship in the
tension Ollice to accept a position as
a committee stenographer at the Cap
itol, with a salary of toOOJ a year.
uw been appointed a special mnu
agent ut $1500 per annum.
Miss A. C. Parhttin,'Meniiliirt; Sam
uel F. Rice,- Alabama; C. M. Kneka
fellow, Hot Bprings. .
New Ofllces and Postmasters -Har-
ow, Calhoun county, Ark.. Arthur J,
ilulilen, nostniasteri I'.tola, KrHilley
lounty, Tenn., John 8. Sartin, post-
nuuiter; r.mma Jcnnigon, Kirkliind,
Ala.; WalUsr P. lliirgmve, Bagdad,
Ark.; Benj. F. Grey C'lutmbersville,
Ark.; Thos. J. Walts, Delta, Ark.;
George W. Beaver, Mel, Ark. ; Robt.
P. Robbins, Conuorsville, lunn. ;
lx)renr.o Kennedy, l.igiiiH, Tenn.;
Kami. L. CrewMC, Madison, Tenn.;
George W. Bright, Melbiirn, Tenn. ;
David J. Whittc, Otcs, Tenn. ; John
B. Williams, Warburg, Tenn.
Star Service changes Tennessee, .
Dobba to Linden, from April 10th.
extend route from Dabbs to Nutt and
begin there, increasing distance nine
Secretary Manning passed the most
comfortable day since his attack, and
at m dnight was enjoy ng a natural
Niubalqic pain is usually of an in
tensely sharp. cnttiiiL' or burning char
acter, and is either constant or inter
mittent. , To relieve this torture and
effect a speedy and permanent cure
rub thoroughly with Salvation Oil, the
greatest pain cure on earth. Price 25
cents a bottle.
BKENHU Th frienda and cqilnt-
asou of Frink Brnih sr. reapeotfullr in-
Tlltd to attand tbelfuneral of bit wif, Liuta
Brntmsu, th i (6UNDAY) tftornooa at 2
olvok, froai No 209 Deioto itroet. aorrlcu
at St. Patrick'! church.
J.X. and A.M. w ill m.rt in tai
eommnnloation MONDAY KVEN-
NG. Anrll 6. ISM. ut 8 o'clock.
for dlioatoh ol hniin.M. Vlfitln.'
brotheri fratorn ally and cordially fnTlUd.
11 order ol UKU. X. 11 ASM kit. W.M.
AttMtt Donoi 0. TuADit, BorUr.
Memphis Building and Savings An'n
THK renUr monthlr ne.tint of Directors
will ba bald Monday av.nins, April.tb.
at I e'ekek. Now a ie open. Montr to
loan. Iaa paabl. durlrt huine honra.
Hr order, J B. H. KUUiNSUJN, Frail.
Bam'l Hiaas, Seertr.
XoTellifs ot the Season
at Greatly K educed
ryslclan, Surfeon and Acconcber,
3,,,Halr.riireet, Near Union.
. Tel-pW tn.as.
felwd Restored
MM in. FTmtar W.. Nonu 1.I,L.
m. a.
Doors Open' ii V 8 ,11 on tiny
For 77le a Ynrd
innPiec.a lUndioma Groa drain B.Mn Rb(-
damM. Kich Hrocail.a, inro, aofi. In. aok
in latcft oolorinaa T n, 'rr. Uarn.t.
Nhv. Myrtln and lilnn. Sild lul wk
from II 2 to 1 Vi
77Jc per Yard
4h Plecea tn. 46-Inch, alt wool. French
Uroia Uuo.l, w rib fl to tl 60 ear yard. All
new doaigna and oolurlnta.
&7e per Yard
Rl Placet doabt.-fnld, all-wool CbacKa and
nam tprln rtovoltwa, worth Me toTfie ar
yard. '
Handsome Spring Dross Goods
Rich noveltiei constantly riiootved.
Will anil all their Untitle Wrapi In bltel
and Velrot C.oth uach and ever on with.
out retard to profit. r
Kremer'8 Wraps and. Jerseys
KTorjf one 'o be aol I thta week for 7Tc.
Plnck fit o Jera.- a. nil wool. Inr ai 7S. Kin.
colnrvil lmiortd lllnck Jersey , iworlh t!
to H Mi.
Kremcr'n Jimspvh
(ireat Male ef Lucus. Krciner
Oflot! Rich Laeea. Hreit Bmlna this
83 OntN,
Spanith Oriental Ceatume Laeea. worth M
oenta to 76 coota.
Kaenrial Mar(taia Cbantllly Woa, worth
M oonu toll 2ft per yard.
49 OntN,
Ilandaom. Whit, "ilk Handkorehi.fa,
worth fl.
1 t'outa,
80 dni Whit, faney-bordorad Uandkerehlefi.
69 C'cntu,
Coraeta worth tl IS. in whit, and all colon.
Feather Bonanza at Kremer'8
Thla Wk.
At 10 Cent,
Choice of 350 bnnchei nf real elncant Oatrich
Tipa, beat oolnra, wo tb l 60 to 9 a banch.
IiHinetiHu Trimming Offering
a rata-PaMamenarl llraidi and Oa-
loona worth 60eoU to fl 26.
! K'eh Fritnea, eord Oaloont,
worth fl to fl 60. '
amia-Cut J.t Trltnmlnaa, Ro-att
Trim mrora, Drop Triiaaiiniia, worth fl N
n 6o. .
At loOiata per Piee 300 aaaorted pi.eu
f Trtiomlnga and Uimpa.
Great Display of Millinery Not
elties Monday.
new Roand Batt, new
Walking 11 U,
New Pattern bonneLa and Hate iaat ansned.
O W 4 batten real kid llo.a, worth
II V. ,
SI rata Beat Lille thread Olovei la all
Baraaina la Ribbnni at , la and 7
per yard. .
Id all Department, thla we k .xtraordl
Bara attraetiona ll b. oSarad, and w.
would advia. eor frienda to e ll a. early
and aa often aa potaibl to take adrentae
of them.
Justice of the Peace
Office, 238 Keoond Ntreet,
OpaiMlla C'.wrt Mqaa.
Dlrawt Iran faelarjr I ParrhMi
an,aaTli(Maerceat, Writ
Monte Pic Venn & To., ItfemphiR
Money to Loan
On Improved plantation la
MIhmImmIppI and ArUanamn.
Inatallmeut plau-3, 5 or 10
year. Annu.l Interest, nol
In advance. Xo coiuuiIiIoil.
ootton 'Lipuieuta. heai.
eit lean ottered.
Francis Smith Caldwell & Co.
256 Second St, Memphis.
We have no agenin.
Notice to Kailroad CoutractorH.
THE nnderalrnxd la prepared t fnrniah to
ci.nlractora on Knlro.d Work DAY LA-
BOREiW la PT nnmbare watd
We oo -l.e Sprin? and uunncr Steaxon in this Dfrmrtment With 'ther
graodwt diilr" ( II-hht? over oflored nutiriilo of Ne York City.
ttT.il'!nrji, . 1 ; .1 i-ol 'r -. r.f
almost uiiiverml Avum id loi r'mipy
Stiip!yhi rtf mif.il th in at tituscnt.
ilderinff. Ti c very urc:-t and
Frcnfh Hijrh ,.v i M.i'h a lurce
Vcrtiiiil .trifi. VarHFared uni Diaaonal lvuitprna. Mikado stvl.'a. eo.. n
have in etfln jnilu,u.n. The entire line iOUR SPECIAL OWN IM
PORTATIOJC, and the most carr-ful judgment and experience haa beea
brought to bear in ita selection. The desinoa art ALL ieouliarlv OtlR
OWN and eannot be found outside
For atreet ami house wear ws
1... ?'?s' I'nMeached Balbriefan Hone, full regular made,. extra,
vk length and Olooked,K) per pair, worth: 40o.
Tini"2..iai"1H nh'eohcd lSr.fbnvc;an lloae.full regular made,
mjvu w Inniith and auperfino Silk Clorkod, Xto or 3 pair fer It,
.')(! a pair.
I Ol, . " t-nflnn Ilosein
rcKiimr ninae, i;u i mors.
Tiflf .1 ''tt',ie8' l,,,t,n ""Hp
....Ik Mi.. . ..
worth Wkt a pair.
T-.nf l. MiaoellaneoiiN L'tdioa'
UVl ""kSijlei, 25o, :t:.tr, 50c, f)5o
fust uolorx.
r,Af t A n awtortnii'nt of t!hildron'a School Hone, all ai
-liUt U"nd Krenoh UiW.ed, Dark, SMA Colore, ffio a pu
T f Infanta' i and 1 Hone in White, Koru, Leo
AJKJV f diriped aud Solid Color, in Cotton, LiBlo-1
4iH, ouo, W)o, .re a pair.
B. Lowenstein i Bros
Capital, $200,000.
1. K.OODWlJM'ira'U J.M.tlOUIHUK,
Boavrd of Dlreotoro..
D. T.
W. 8.
t. M. NKlQN,
fl.II-.. rt.l . Mf I..:
irl DMwlaory mt thai Ntl ml T.bkww. Trnm aula m-MmnX BauakUa (
Hn. aaoM Mattl a-aa Hofl Aaaontloaa iHtlo
ii I I .. , .. ' 1 !' .J
'C Trv ZAllnpr'ft
' ZKiiLnKR'S Woaata'
-ri.nd jroor ordera or oome and eiam re their wand,a.onite rinm miwxo.
DuOHq ANU DWrrlfilto.'MIi
B30BlXjX-XriTl. cr OO BOO 1MA.XTST aWTTXt--a-OTa
ai fl'natrateil fataln.nfwi Hen- Km. en AiiHoTVnn..T.i
Dry Goods, Notions, Hosiery,
geutleqeii's Fuiiiiismim GOODS,
Nob. 326 and 328 Main St Memphis, Tena.
WOIN,noh we ofl.r to th. Trad, ouoa th. moat farorabl Una. Oar prieeel
wUI eoaaara faorabl with ahoa. of eoy market la a tloitwd ftUUa. W are) AcecU for
Teanmste -aanractoriag to.N PlaUlm IkrUU. hefitlnr, SbJrtlart t.
x.ntvtivTO'yr oaiiti.
mm i co
i an
And .'oih mission Merchants.
Nob. 4 h'hI 30 !f1atlNni HireeU tlempikU,
" actauukA. .. aH)awa. -( aaal.t. J.av.klK.
FalvIcO ABBBM & Oo
3To. 308 Frottt Street, 3Ieniphl, Tenn.
Wk haT. admitted J0UN B. MASK a a "b.r of onr Irot, filf3'!
rjOar MB.:M ASK will f If hla ipalal atUntloa to all OotV? e(Un4 to ai.
mill (I. i-iritlili' there if. thin nrimii. ior
Stylcx. We were never better able to
Our siortniciit of Btyte in ulsaost be-
lntM aniuue desians "ir Emrlish and
and Mn.tll ChfL. Plarn and Fanow
this Dfpartmont.
give below a few of eur grxmaf drivet-
, extra
Park, Solid Colora, and Ulaok, full
K). worm luo.
I"1'. s"''d Col
" ' r
ora, and lHaok, with
pair or -t pair for ft,
a air.
Cotton tloHo, New Hprin
ah rill regular mauo aa
in plain
nd Ittubmidered.
and Silk, Wto, 35o.
SI RlaaM,
MAan wtien,
7 to f 10.
ft MICH, .
f 15.
Ico Cream Fhecsers,
Fly Fans and Trips,
Water Ooolora,
Storet), Tinware, Etc
A- PO.,
257 Main Ht,Menp1iIi
Surplus, $25,000.
VlclPreii,t. C.IKAlJIK,tlslilfr
I u
tT . ... TT T T . t
Fn?Hsh.WftlkJfi5'fftat Hhivos .
Mhstw, in all itrlaa.jtr t!w kwrt t M et . ,
Mlia, in all ahacu and akyiM, are th aeh- .
ni. t ana dhi in in. u niwa nuaa
ZKLLNKR'rt Hmm' Mheea ar ta.eeUnt MMa4.
ZKIkLN BR'H t'blldr'a Nm will nr. ro neeaf.
ZKLN ( R'8 Lndlr.' kkatu etriipvrs aryMx kaai.
H-aet, ihapalieat and moat atyllab, and ar. ehaaiMrthaa aar
oia.ra pi .tihiw trao
7EI.t.NRR'S M tMHllm.' Kiat tto afceMM
l.wlthiilk woraUdb.lt a boIm. ar.tk. anal I kar
.aina f oa bava t ho, .

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