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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, April 04, 1886, Image 10

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Ltrntarnict Crlcaw and Texas R'j
in ritrct NoTbffJJ.J:
ThT MAIL. I t'b. Aorta.
Mean Pa
Lull 5 1
Kl.nd .C
Vlckabur.. D.
4:00 T.m V
: p. ml :" a.m
p.mi 6: a. in
I At) a.ml lk! a.ra
irtl a.ej 12 : 1 a.m
b:J a.m viSO P m
t:21 a.m 8:J P.ni
P-m J3p P.m
"Booth. North.
tola. ..
Leland ..-.
(Mil .m 8:00 p n
12;no'ol tMi p.
:4A p.m,ll:10 a.m
7: IS p.m' 7:W a.m
TV-With V. 1 M. end V
a iV Sallrflaita.
fe-Wlth N,J. 0.
&. R. for itobi and
Jerk. , ,
F For Pomta on the "'v...
With steamer, lor Baron bari. ,a ..j
gZ.tTith railroadi diwging for Florid, aad
Palf? furV Sleeping 0r JUin,
JaSTU. KDW A KDS, V. P. and 0..M.
M. BlIRKK.Oeneral Hup t.
A. J.aHArP, W. V. A.
kt arrirei daily at :05 a.m.
Mtaateatppl and Tn"W. - FmI
tophi Mond. Wdnil !) rnuT.
MM 'lly. MrM
p avn.. ran 'n we-ars-i '"
Uwi: Fo. 4. bjI nd xpren. lvo dily
St 11 SB m. I No. . mH f aipreM. -
UIVm d.l t :00 p.m. ; jio. . Bt. Loolt
pwt. n-riTM" ....-.
Mf-aapklo and I.H "rfc.-Inlo
boV foil""! (central itod rd tonj,
So. 1 IM'M dHr t A: l;.ra,; arriT'
ii 8:S a.ia. No (''''" '.'irriv.i
Sally ac4 U"d4r) at d:00 a.m.-
7:10 p.m. . Train-
MoaaiBliHi .".. . !-
biot M foMowi: Thrpuich
dallrat I":' P-m
Aalty at :0a in
(kail f"iu feiiiK'
A .'1A
Uon ! dl'r. J(, r,ivoi df.' "J:'
a.m. Wilanlie aoiwmmod "lo arrlva'
S.ai. Bouvuiidar, at 8i:"'m
all. m, j...4illl - Tralim
.11 . D
Iffv at t:QD a m rown-Tilla aofouiTnn-
lo l.: Pp at 111." I'.m Ml inave.
atiom Iuhi dii, eicsi't bundiiy, at tM)
p.m. i mail arr'x dHily at 6:111 p.m.
Broanlll worn rood a' I on arrWim di-iy
loaptBundari aiH 40 a.m. utaudard tiina).
Mfihi'i Mlrmlnahnm and Allan
tin IU l Hurl no i Honla Trtinn mo
fol'owti 14a 1 lor Menu hl dull? at 3 :45
anivu it U oil y t-prlngi at 8:(tO p.m i
laavat llnllr urii
inm daily at H:uu
f.m. arrivat at MumpbU at 1 :i&a.tii. t No.
laarai Mamphli ditily xt 1:30 .m.,irrirl
arrival at MumpbU
at Holly Hpriart at II :M p.m. i .No. 6 laarti
Holly Hrln dully at 3:311 a.m., arrival al
Itamphll Hi :1S .m
WuHinoTon. Arrll 4, im.
1 o'olock a.m.
radiratiuns (or Memphis and vicin
ity. Itaia, aUttionary temperuture;
bine ami, rod ntar.
For thr Ohio Valley and Trnwwt:
IAghi mini and mom; tariahle Hi ndu,
ffenrrmll$ northfily; wtirly Hatitmnry
lornlna;lcnl Kor.
H m rviUlS -....ft......
Uie.., -...F
Baton Roar...
Kow OtImm U....'
" EXl'KEbS.
Mum-ma, Tkkn., April S, ItUU.
Ita . I l imr. Wiml W'lli-i
.'0.000 J!8.8 N Olomly
.'llOll 42.3 NK. Ooiidy
M Wl.'t N. Ooiidy
JO KOI 44.0 N W Oiondv
-0.9I.T .mi N.W. . louily
7:00 a m
11 00 a.ru
S:00 n m
7KW p.m
10:00 pin
Maxiuimn iB'iipcralura. 48 0.
Mlnl't urn tinperature, 38.8
All obaervutlons are taken on 70
meridian timn, which la one boar
U-ter tl.ai local time.
' Taa Taiing niatrict Stntion-HouHe
ia lining iuUnl.
Tlie .Taiinn-DiHtriet authoritiea
will reaaoTO to tho old City Hull Tues-
-John Creon waaarreHtedyeNtenbiy
afternooa chared with cruelty to
What Col. Knaley ban to any aliout
(taa on the second pao will he found
well worth reading.
The lurry boat John Overton goes
through to Marion to-day, leavlnu tlie
wharf a 2 o'clock.
Fcore of the. baaeball Kame yeater
day, 16 to 4 in favor of Chicago. For
detailed report ace third page.
IJoanae to marry wero lanu d yea
terday to VA Mctiee and Mattio Tate,
Henrj rteford and Lonlo Kranaiola.
Ida Bennett, the heroine of the
Cauaey atroet tragedy, wna reported
unconatuoua ana in a dying condition
At midnight.
I f On the eighth page the frieiula of
the Christian women will find in
" Leatea Foativitiea " aomcthing
Worthy of their attention.
Read on tho alxth page. "The Iat
Mnrder Trial," the "Kepudiatcd Wate
Bontta," "HwlndlorM ofWomen," aud
"Oar WaaliingUin L't"
A aynopsia of 0n. 5reene'a ad
mirable report to Water Cominit
Uo, which met pterday, apm nra in
tlie anp lenient. It ia worttiy of a
careful poruaal. 1
The monthly report of the Anti
Cruelty SqcWty for March shows aore,
lwabU'd-aiJl( and horses relieved,
HI ; mulf and boraes shot, 4 ; i liildn-n
prototitcd', 3; ieraou8 arrested, 12:
boirt-jtullty. l.
ahe reviv4aervice at tho Central
fcuitmt Churclij under the conduct of
V. jNeexlhaiu, fvintinuea to prow in
interwit, Tlierwill be tbrte services
hold, at 11 o'cloik A.in.,Jl o'clock p ni.
and 7:3 o'cloc l.iu. The 3 o'clock
aervice will be for men only. No col
lection. Pows frrtp and A hearty wel
come to all men. 1
The New OrttWna Timtt-Drmofral
aaya: "At 6:30o'akc lust evening M.
N." Outlaw, a you4; man aged twenty
Beven yearn, a biwtdcr by oct upatiou
and a native f McaU'ihis, Tl''" . com"
mitted auiclde by (jumping into the
river from the tern of tho Canal
street ferrvboat jujatal lie liont reached
tlie middle of tliivtrem."
Tim Oountv K ftnti wiil -meet ti-
niorrow. A go'
manv iuiiortaut
matters will coint
cfore it, one of the
most Important bt
ig the selection ol
a Coroner who x
ennriidnn nf hhef
account of the
Cannon for re-
"rtl H election, must If"
1 the August elec-
:,"tu.n. It is safe 1'
ls 1 . M. 0,l..m.ni ) 3
rcdict tluil Justii -t
be elcctot though
fe.; ,. i9not hian,
.fSi e . V
,nw, iKs-i-J.vico t
Un., nut
rise a caiidid.ite.
he Firt et ho list
T will lie f very
cverv "Member -f
t'6' a Ir -L . " """
11. o itt " f-1
X. Steel wnl I
i-.ii h
0s-'ui V t'i etc
in il" .- rli-e w
m close
iie Carp- i t th,
the sermon t':)
UI explain lle ir
.. ..i .....
llllllil K K'OIHI
lu bU'i!.y be
the han.Iamncst house ol wondiipin
the city. The lwmtor earnestly deaircs
every liiemlxT tola- prtnt to learn
the plana on fuot.
-It lias been ileciik-d U renlria the
Club-llonne iiienilrt.ip of the new
Memphis J.k key Club to 100 mc-uilTS
at I.W each. This in nncl. rxtood to in
clude tirkrla of admission to the
spring and fall ra-v, and i.nibal.ly to
a irru'M fair which it likely will be
inaugurated afUr the l.e of the
Hprintr meeting. The pn.gramines ol
tlie romiiiK meet, elegantly p)tU-n np
v Trai'v. have Urn iueil.
'-Manxfonl'a ha un iinnsuul line of
. heap reailinu for you tins inoriiinir.
IauIu Hrankinarr, by "J lie inn-new,
Mm (huifl)r,ujh' l-monU, by Ju
lian Hawthorne; Ahtu; by Marion
llarliin.l; ('. lWlMimrl' Mff, hv
May Apnea Fleniinc; For Mitmit$
Sail, by imnt Allen ; Tfp l'la by
Johimton ; Th. Mn-lr-y of Man dm i V,
by Mayo; The IMary qf a Hat, by
I,. B. aif..rl, all in heap form, and
the &-w.n fur May. Theae are only a
few of the jfoxl tiling" that Manalortl
baa to ofler the niliiii public. en
until 1 o'elofk to-day.
Aj-cuIh for Iluracf B. KfVy
Tho tra.lo wipplied at Ne" York
prieea. A full aw.rtn.ent c""4"1
,n ban.lat tho followliiK ' '
..ll.wl t. 11.! tittVOHO 'I
'Hotel Htan.l 'nl I'"
atn-et. Kreah
R,;neiiui niTivra
. ..Krii! and wife of Rvniia-
I v;jj', 4:nd..n' vinitiiiR relatives in this
! ."
Mi-, llarrie IUihn left, ufler a
proVmifed viHit to her motlier, for
tuitiesville, Tex.
Oi'Kk kr M l'AKi'i.Ni), who lina
been aerimiNlv ill for the pnat four
weeks, ia rapidly recovering.
.Ml km I xii ihh K. -'uoi)MAN loavcb to
day for New York City, to bo Abaeut
several inonlliH. She will take a course
of vocal instruction while there.
Mux. II.Okky, the pomilnr milliner,
3118 Main street, biw Btlded Ui her es
tablishment a new branch, the Uni
versnl lVr(cct Fitting l'litterns. Ladies,
try them, anil you will be pleased.
Mas. Mii.bi un, who has for the bust
few days been dnngjiroiiHly ill, was,
lute huit night, we regret very iiiiiuh to
say. still in a critical condition. Her
malady, which wrsiit first declared to
be pnr'alvsis of the h'-niii, is now pro
nounced to be meningitis.
Tin regular niontluy business meet
ing of the Young Men's Christian As
sociation will he held at their hall to
niorrow night lit 8 o'clock. Election
of new members and business of iiu-
tsirLance. Memlsua are requested to
iV present, and fjiouds iuvited.
A card from Mr. John. Jvlinxon ntt
iiouncing liimnelf as a candidate for
Judge of the Circuit Court, Mr. John
son occupies nit enviable position at
the bur, possessing as ho does a clear,
logical mind, a rare knowledge of the
practice of law and of tho general lit
erature of the diiv, and would be a
credit Ui the position to which be as
pires. .Iuimik Uknry Cskt will conduct
gospel services at tho rooms of the
Young Men's Christian Association at
3 o'clock this afternoon. Kverybody
is invited. On Tuesday at 7:30 o'clock
p. is. Mr. H B. Wnis will lead the ser
vices for men only, l'rof. and Mrs.
Hughes will in future have. charge of
the munic and Invite young men
especially to join in the chorus.
Diikndkn En'frprxme: West Tennes
see Democrats will probably have the
naming of two candidates for supreme
judge. Who shall they be? The
Lnlrrjiruf can point ont one eminent
lawyer that the Democratic Judicial
Convention sonldjcprtainly aelect
Capt W. C. Folkes of Memphis, tho
president of tho Tennessee liar Asso
ciation. Ho ia the peer of any man
in point of legal ability and moral
and intellectual worth. 8helby coun
ty to a man indorses him for this high
California rcjiorts an increased Acre
age, in w heat this year and prospects
for an unprecedented yield. Ami yet
there are. bulls.
Closing prices of May options at
Chicago yesterday ; Tort, $9 06 ; lard,
5.U71c; clear rib aides 5.42c; corn, 38Jc;
May, 80,ci Oata, 30.c.
A comi'hkmh company, with capital
stock of r0,000, ali taken, has leen
organized at tireenvillo, Miss. W. A.
l'ollock will probably be president.
A number of giddy young cotton
buyers onranixed themselves into a
society yoHtenlay for the prevention of
the promiscuous use of firearms by
impetuous females.
Which of our activo and energetic
freight agents got that big shipment
of cotton seed Col. Jefferson had for
Ronton on April fool's day T Don't all
speak at once, gentlemen.
Visitors on 'Change yesterday: Al
lien Crespln, Nashville, Tenn. ; M iss
M. E. Hackett. citv; Miss Josie
Hackett, city : Miss Mary Myers, city;
K. E. Baite, Chicago, III.
For Iho naaatll f Maateacle.
At the Brick church in Chelsfa at 8
o'clock p m Friday, April fltb. an en
fertHirn:fDt will be given for the benn
fl if the Shelby Oonn'T Teachers'
Home at Monleigl". Fine music,
vocal nd Instrumental, and humorous
lecitaUons will be givtn.
1. Mn'lohy th Cheliaa band.
2. (iiiitir 'rio.
.. Itixtla ion.
4 Mu io by tha band.
6. ' ln.
s. (luitw trio.
7. Voil duet. :
5 Pi-ak St-lrra n-Ain Alaaka.
V. Finn I addrau by Pccy, tbeyoasiut
or iba l'eake.
Clara Loal.a Ueillacc
Atalite hour yesterday everiog
Mansger Giay closed a contract
w!th tba mamser of the
Clara Lnuire Kellogg Concert
Corrm-iny for its appearance at
tiM Mrinn' la Thrat'r Friday niabt.
Thsrs wi.I bs a rush for the salo of
seats, which begins Wednesday mcra-
Th Ulna narnm.
Fv t. D'l.is'dson baa obta;ned con-
tiot if he Dime Museum, and pi ool
ites lo fnrmsh the public with a treat
evcrv n ?ek
Diot'l enc nl VmU
Are the iv rete of Mnlford't success.
i :ta,f-d- laiamnralno for
r I'lanieiai fl Una- lllla,;.
M. nm!' I lral t"e. " tha larareet
lnuta la (.
? iitfraarn at Mulford'a
. iiir A lcatiiaralao.lo d
n (Ubluy.
Wk Cmmavlta aaiid a
at rldlaa.
The Vickamvg ZfcraM of yesterday
morning contains the following: A
young woman committed suicide and
murder Wdneday avening about
dark by jamping bom tbe Mobile aDd
Ohio railroad bridge intol he Hnwasbee
cref k, a balf m lsliom Meridian, after
stiappiDg ber infatit to ber biuast.
blis was seen oy a coioreo. miu,.
in loan xecoT-r9d from ber stery
grave br the Miriditn office's. On
the bridire weraicuod her bat, shawl
and portmonie. Among rtherthings
in the portmons was $18 36 in silver,
ne 13 greenback bill nd the follow
ing rote:
"My name if Annie Lee Wilsoo.and
I live on PoMar s rett, Memphis. I
am twenty yan of age, and my father,
m ther and me sitter, eventeen year
old, are livlijr there. I waa happy
and coatertfd girl tip to two years
ago. I ned not tell why I am nn
1 appy now, and why I want to die.
When m t ody and that of my darling
child art found, it they ever are, tbe
story oa dishonored gill's life Kill be
told. Baiting between resolution and
irresolution for the past six weeks, tco
cowardly to live and afiaid to die,
ipurnt d by fiiends and outlawed by
lociety, my lifs has been shadowed by
nnntterable grief, and tbatbriel period
has seemed an ttsrnity of woe. I
know it is wicked, ordinirily, to take
one's own life, but if in this instance
I sin, God knows I bave been more
sinned aainBt than sinning. I rarog
nize the fact, that in a little while,
I shall bave to stand at the bar
of judgment to answir for my life and
deatb, and I have no thoughts of cen
sure to writs upon this page against
the author of ail my misfortunes. I
love bim, and, as I bops to be for
given, I f jrgive him. Ood have mercy
on bis soul, and deal as gonfy with an
erring ana broken-hearted ghl, and
her innocent little baby, ai you can."
Tbe remains were taken to the un
dertaker's office where a number of
Meiidian ladies prera-ed them for
burial and rot fi d ber parents. The
Hew says she bad been in Meridian
two days and was rrgistert-d at the St.
EUno Hotel, i lu woprietor of which
laid she bad been bright and cbeeifal
ail day and bad tild bim when she
lft that she wis goirg oat to visit a
friend In tharit.
Hkk ad. of Memphis Steam Shirt
Factory and Laundry on fifth page.
Kalsokininu telephone 609, A. Mc
Neil. New unricht Pianos for rent at
Houck's, No. 389 Main strcot.
Mas. K. M. Cbsilis's opening of
millinery goods. Room 19, Cotton
Send a pos'al to the Memphis Collur
iud Cuff Laundry, 61 Main street, to
call for ydur Jauacfy.
Wat.on's Bitumen Concrete IB abso
lute proof asainst dampness, seepage
and rsts, Trlepbooe 038.
Wanted -By Mrs. Abdi 1, 338 Main
street, four f xperienced waisiinakers,
three skirtmakers, one sleeveoiskor.
Have yon a damp, unhealthy eel
'ar? Wat ion's Bitumen Concrete will
make it dry and wholtsome. Tele
phone 038.
Tha Herbal Chill Cure, the best
tonioaod arHI-.erioUiu known. A eertaln
iu niillun lor t-'.iille Pruell per bot
Ho. Benrt ntftT.ll 'r Mreulnri. Any ref
'm fiien. adilren John C. Kucker.
liynnhliare. Va.
Send to Memphis Floral Company
for lis; and price-current o' plants.
Have largett stock in town. Come out
and sea for yoursslf. South gats Elm
wood Cemetery.
"Watson's Bitumen Concrete," for
the paving of cellar, warehouse and
i table floors, driveways, walks, etc.
Hard, smooth and durable, and proof
against dsmpneis and seepage. Tele
phone 938,
Last Sunday G, L. Knight touched
my tonguo to destroy tho taste in me
for liquor and it is gone. I think that
prater cure is tho only thing that can
save the drunkard.
Diamonds and watches for sale.
One Patek Phillipee, 18 kt, finest
quality, good as now,$ 00; one Apple
ton Tracey, 18 kt, good as now, $70;
one Elgin. 14 kt. good as new, MO; one
Elgin, 10 kt, good as new, 20; one
Waltham. 10 kt, good as new, $20 La
dies' Solid Gold Watches, $8, $10, $15,
20 to f 10. Gents' Solid Gold Swiss
Watches, 18 to 2 Solid Silver
American Watches, open face and
double caae, key and stom w ndors.
$4, 6, 10, 7, 1 8, 10 and f 10 all those
watches warranted in portoct order. A
30-stone Diamond Cross only S 1 25,
cstS0O pure white stones. Gen
uine Diamond Rings, 5, 10, tl $20
and up. Eight-day Cocks, good as
new, only 3 a piece, MEMPHIS
LOAN OFFICE, 74 and 76 Bealo street,
Fine Watch repairing at Mnlford'o.
New upright Pianos for rent
Houck's, No. S80 Main street.
Order He'alan. Mullord's.
New upright
Houck's, No. 381
Pianos for rent
389 Main street
Monogram liftngleAi Mnlford.
Advlc) t Motlier.
Mm. Winslow's ' Soothing Syrup
ahonld always be used when children
are catting teeth. It relieves the little
sufferer at once; it produces natural,
quiet sleep by relievlrg the child
from pain, and the little cherub
awakes as ''bright as a button." It is
very pleasant to taste. It soothes
tbe child, softens the gums, allays all
pain, relieves wine4, regulates the
bowels, and is the Irsat known remedy
for diarrboaA, wbfcrher Arising from
teething or other causes. Twenty-five
a bottle.
All shirts ironed by band md
finished iqual to new At the Memphis
Dollar and Uun laundry.
Thb Memohis C A 0. Laundry. 61
Miin street, will red (or And deliver
your washing free. Baticfactio
Malford, Jeweler, 294 Main, e-
loclU orders from the roantr y.
New tinriifh' Pianos for rent at
Houck's, No. 3H9 Main street.
Ilate Your FremU Clocka
Put in order at Mulford's, 294 Main,
And it stlmnlsfes aud promotes the
eTiiwth nf the hair.
Rnrnwtt'e Flavorinn Kwea ara tbe
(hwi 1
M.m lN llaral t"foepy
for plMMia ai) flmljr ) ini-ni.
Old Void aud h-lvor
Taken as taib, Muifotd's, 294 M
The B ay.
Ratal, W 50 to II parday, eeoordinf to loca
tion d roomi.
A R Oill, Ohio O y Jonai, Mo
J T llanib alt, Ark B Manning-, Ark
K C Maanios, Ark R ''''"' ir. Ark
HPnonetr, Aik ( W Stewart A , Tex
T Ko.hn.jr, III W N Moliralh, Mo
8 U Moore, Fla J " Cunnmiibeui, III
CO-ben, NY D Milehel, Tex
M in h Wearer, Ala B A. Wearer, Ala
S Coirpton, Ky ,KL Hweennaer, Ky
A 11cm i, lenn v o naru, are
R J W illiami, Aik B Uonla;, Tenn
II B Al'en. Milt M'l (1 A Kirti. Mih
P J Z.eitlow, N x 1. 1 noienna-.m, y
R I Harrii, Mifi J M Kd. Mi;
II A Heebler. Tenn W J Uadden, Mo
J f M Uwi, Mo M Buohaoan, Mill
A UUwynn, 'lena " '.'."" le"n
B Here., Tens JurirKJMorian,Tna
John K Morn,Tni J atMB, lenn
W K lore, laoa Jf """aa' ivaB
LJIi.t. La CCKno'e.Mo
J J BraniB, Ky Duffy, Mo
Miei K N Read, M Auorbach Aw. Mian
J W Mam Aw, Minn 0 Nlobol. Aw, Minn
J M Pre.trd. Mill Mri J M Bi.hoo. Minn
O A xtll AW, Ohio V " O .nail, mo
W II Brewer. Teoa G W trook. Tenn
rV'WWood.Ky JHKrwin.Ky
hFinley.Tenn 811 Bpenear, Tenn TO
CTHaneom.Mo Peter Tracey, Tena
W W Campbell, Mirt A C Henrich, Tenn
Wm N baker,Teni Mi l L Topp, Tenn
RT WiUon Aw, 111 B 11 Hooker, N Y
W Glnn, Mii J T Bonden, Ark
C N Tr.iwbridie.Mia- F B I'raaeott. Mill
J B Mallard Aw.Obb W JJaenier Aw, Mo
0 W Darn Aw, Mo B VV Raadolph Mill
JPTinney, Ala Dr W R Andrew!, KM
C B Marihall Aw.MsiMim F Marshall, Mm
II T Kennedy, Mini J V. hittier, Tenn
VY W loailau, Min S H Johnson, mm. J
Saaloa'a Hotel.
Karopeao plan. Kilaried and relurnuhid.
Prioea aoeordiis to lit and loca
tionof roomi.
BOPaio.Tenn D T Hartn.lt, Ark
RC Drn iiwr'ht.Tenn T R K-ebard'on, Tena
M W Manh 01, Ten H 11 Board, Mm
LK Clement, Tenn K L Morrn, lenn
J W I.Utla. Kf
r rorreii, nra
M K Harry, Ark
W II Bull, ek, Mo
J 8 Whele.i, Miu
J L Pitt. Va
W II Or.ui, Tenn
Mn Brown. MiM
yohauter. N Y
F H Hurrir.Tena
F C il'rki, Ark
W A Hieht iw', TI
Ktrl Ward, Ark
Mr J II Ilarrell.Tenn
A B Crawford. Ark
R Mxnnini Aa, Art
J II Roil, Mill
A Wriibt, Va
L Wrigi.t, Va
I) B Ko-f, MiM
T II r-tanilll, N 0
A C Pre-ley Aw, ClI
J K Blaka, Miaa .
K P .lobnma, Ark ,
Joi K-nt, Ohio
11 J Bmilk, Tena .
Pmkidy Hotel.
0. B. GALLOWAY CO .Pior'iTos.
Katl tl &0 and ft par day, according to
it and looabon of room tipeoial
ralei made.
W C MoNutt, Ark J M Billtps
W T Horton, Ark
G W.hlheiu.e-, NY
J Jenkin., 'lenn
hi i Icmttnnn, 1'a
KK Bart. Ill wl
A S li-ltlefleld.Md
JSConry, Mi l
b M Taffny, Md
W Wihutoo, Tenn
G W l.edard, Mo
V A Rnd, lit
(1 M (Jill, III
W Si in inn, I'a
W B lidringtoo, Ark
I Hum. lion, Tenn
A W Hynri. Cat
K Jo-, Tnn
C L Pu hn, Tena
W S Kir. Tenn
J II Pout n. Tenn
W W 1 alberl, Ky
K F A Hunt, Tenn
II K Pinkney, Mo
H H Bubert. Md
J B M-Kinney, Mill
J BP wd, Mm
TH White, Pa
0 W Shipper, Hill
H () arr.ll, III
W G nell, Maai
A H Plant, Tenn
Mr. 1. M TaOiny', Md
: K Wolf, N Y
W RBrck, Mill
J W Cm, Mail
A M Jackson, III
J JameR, Pa
K V Adami, Tenn
K 8 Wiilnmann, Tena
C W Batlui, Mo
II W Mason, Mo
J cDonald, Mo
C V Reynolds, Mo
J J Jiini-a. Ky
W Ori I, Tenn
II 8 Kvani, Mill
! -Iraut). Mo
J Greer, lenn
J Hreer, lenn r -uieuiao,
A M fartwright, SIM I'D ke, M
P E-illcman. Ill
1 U Nowlin, Mv
h P Fraser. Mo
K ft I Bl'le. I"0
W H Hmlib. Ill
A Whllei Ala
KRt-ider, al
a M Co', Wl
R T-mnle, Tenn
V Thornton, M 't
Mri A Vinton, Mall
II 101 Intt. N V
B Havii, Mo
J HSimui, Illi
2JakiDi, Ai
W m KngerU, tl
G ill. Tenn
CN Calk, Tenn
C W Caldwell, Tena
J U Pnll-n. lenn
Win B ldwin, N Y
t B ' amiie-i Aw.TennW C lloy iti n, Min
W II l'ullen, Tenn II Ph liip. Tonn
T A Ooodwyn. lenn B F Randall, Tenn
A B 1 niadwoll.Tenn RH Dunaeotno, Tenn
J A f'enil, Tenn J K Long, Tenn
L W lluinei. ieen R Mas-tn, Tenn
j T Mnion, Tenn W W W'iia-.n, Tenn
J WooldrtilKe, Ky L While, Ky
M Frinke, Misa b M Jones, Mils.
liejfTy' i:arai'an lloil
Corner of A dims and M.tinat'eM. Roomi,
60o, 75jaui l iierdav; American Plan,
1 p r day.
Flrat-e'nai Rostaurnit In the Ho'el.
J. M. DUFFY (in yri wh Peah .dy Uotel),
MBWilion.Mo J F Neil, Ky
j T Hogg, Tenn F K Lamer. Tenn
W Hlle. La n 11 oiurapie, iaa
J B Wood, Ark T Btrong, Ark
DDKeros, Mo A MeAvoy, Mi.i
8 Lewii, Tena ' KM Hurray, Tonn
Mra F W Keiaer, Ky r voiter, lena
A ltiirff.r, 1 hlo
lj o xoiar aw, r
1. 11 INaan, Ky
RG llarr-., M .
M Larenner, miaa
M T Wl Mama. Va
W U Katun, Miea
W J Hamilton, Iod
S M Poole, Ark
T Grtnolette, lad
C Orland, Miai
I. ilhe.i. Ark
J T M.o.uliy, Tenn
II II Bheahan.Ga
J Frelr. M'l
C G Southwick, Tena
J L Adami, N Y
RHillyard. Va
M C Mil'tr, Ky
OBtCl.i , lean
Ko-eruo Ma
L Gilbe-t, Ark
Khaa. Mil
8 NatheBt, N C
0 0 Touot r, Tnn
W D Maxwell, Tina
J M Pi'erion, Ark
B nck.r, Ark
('. Haley. Tenn
J MoUu re, N Y
.1 M Lamott, TenB
W Andrewi, Ky
ClareaAom Hatel.
Nni Al and "S Madl.on street.
Katoi-Wl par day. nay ooara ai per
T Howard. Tenn
I Pllloh Aw, Tana
W M Akin, Miu
5-1 lly and,
R FUrtl-nd, Me
J 1) Aliup, etty
K W Oail.w.Clly
W 8 Jose b, oily
MiuP.ake, Ark
Mn I. Snaed. Ark
F H Lewis, Ohio
J J Lemain. Ohio
JKTraak. Ill
F II Harris, Ky
M A D.noran, N Y
W Maau re, Tenn
H A Maoateau. Mei
J W Lueai, Tenn
MA Pdd cord. La
J U Harrold, III
M i." king, Tex
T R W.lstor. Tenn
P J Smith, Tenn
Root Ja'dine, III
MrsH'iffith, Ark
j L Irfireiar, el'y
8 B Sweeney, Mo
n J Karl b, ienn
F M Muirar.TeuB
M J t-nell. Kt
K W aruther. K
T JT Waldran, Ind
j'Oal ioun, Ark
M M adwardi, 111
i rieioher. Ark
H x liufferin, Ky
W Underbill, NT
J i -nott. Ark
T 0 Miller, Ky
W Turner, Tana
K T Ketghtley. Tex.
New Oblsans, April 3 Night
Departed: Golden Rule, Cincinnati.
ViCKanrsu, April 3. Night De
parted: R. 8. Hayee and barges, St.
Caiao. Anril 3. Niabt-River 43
feet on the sauee and rising. Waher
cloudy and cold, with rain this after
noon. Arrived: uakiana ana purges,
Louis, 3 p.m. No departures.
Rt. Louis. Anril S. Niht-Rlvsr
Mien 2 inch s, and now stands 2J feet
3 inches on the gauge. Wtather
fully 4 inches of snow his fall an since
last night Arrived: Gilmore a ad
bsnree, New Orleans. Departed: City
of Natehfs, New Orleans; Cityof Cairo,
. , 1 I VA.
victauurg; unuio.a auu iiot,
Etasbviixa, April 3. Night River
rising la.ndly, with So leet 7 incnes on
the ranire. Wfa'her cold and dis-
airreabl with rain a 1 this afternoon.
Arrived: James W. Ga sod Charles
Morgsp, Cincinnati ; Thomas Sherlock,
New Orleins. Departed: James W.
Gaff. Memohis: Charles Morgan, New
Orleans ; Thomas Sherlock. Cincinnati.
Tb Ferryboat
Tvlti t afrn ntiaTI altfW
tfUUII - T CI IUU, A'lvM
r.nl FoMlman. --arjf4-
WPI leas th f t of JeffenoB atreat for
Marian. K. an-i trip, m ceris.
Satire Is Herehv ttlven,
mnAT lit. annual meetine- of tha Itock-
1 hold. r. of th l'hsapak. Ohio
and Southwestern Railroad Compan
... tv-m .l,iiAn nf llratira -an
luoh other hu-meal a may come before the
meetma, will be hrld. at th otfioa pf 'he
Compear, in the city of Memphis mailed lh
Taxing Uitilet Ol r-nior iouditi, i "!
on the aiH nw f Apri., laws, at U
o'clock no on ef ibat day, and that th lease
fr.in thai Company to lb Newp- rt Nywi and
Mia is. pid Valley Company will b auo
mltted lo th itockhoid a for their eonsent
tber-lo and approral thre-.f. Tran.frr
book, wl I b loid Irom M.rch Hih U
ABry' o'rdelot the Preiident and Bo trd l
Dirioton. ISAAC K. UAlK. Sor.taiy.
$&The firm of GOODBAB & CO. baa been dissolved, and we bave reorganiseofoDr Interest In the Wholesale Boot
and Shoe Baainees, in connection with Mr. W. E. Love, late of Warren, Lore 4 Co., St. Louis, Mo., and Mr. J. O.
Callicott, of Cold water, Miss., under the style of and firm name given below. We thank our friends for their patronage
In the past and hope for a continuance of their favors. A. B. GOODBAB.
r o J. H. GOODBAR.
j. h. eenouE,
Lata of Goodbar k i ., Memphii.
Lata of Goodbar A Co., Memphti,
367 & 309 Main
We are
now receiving a large and En'lrely New St- ok of Eastern and
Spring Trade of 1886, which we offer at Stock Bottom Priced,
We have EXCLUSIVE control in this market of the fol
lowing lines of CUSTOM-MADE Goods, all ofwhbhwe
warrant to give perfect satisfaction :
George Hocker's celebrated Men's Calf Boots.
Brady & Sbortell's Boys', Youths', Misses and Children's
Solar Tip Shoes. . , , ,
T. M. Harris iCo.'s Philsds-lphls made Children's Shoes.
Also, L. W. Nute A Co.'s Kip Brogans and Plow Shoes
tbe best brogans mads in the United Statee heretofore
handled by (Jcodbar A Uo. i
We are the only house in this Market handling the cele
brated Krippendorf, Dittmsnn A Co line of L-idies' and
Misses' Kid, Goat and Calf CUSIOM Gooda EXCLU
SIVELY, nnder th Factory Brands. I
By Order of the Court
of Common Senso
No. 1.
To All GooJ Citizens of Mem
phis Greeting :
You are herewith notified that I,
Publio Opinion, Judge of tho Court
of Common Sense No. 1, for tho City
of Memphis, State of Tennessee, do
heroby inform all those within the
jurisdiction of thi Court that the
Misfit Clothing Parlors!, 262 Seoond
street, have received an elegant stock
of New Spring Clothing, which is
being offered at remarkably low
prices. I
As it is for the interest of all good
citizens to get tho most possible for
their money, I, Publio Opinion, lo,
in my official capacity, invite eviry
one needing new Clothing to imme
diately visit the Misfit Clothing Par
lors, No. 262 Second street, opposite
Court Square.
Sworn testimony before this Court
having commenced, we state that the
Misfit Clothing Parlors, 262 Second
street, are selling fine Tailor-Made
Garments at one-half their real value,
I grant that place the sole right and
title of being known as the People's
Popular Bargain Resort.
262 Second 8t, Memphis,
0pp. Court Sq oare.
Judge of Common Sense Court
No, 1, Memphis, Tenn.
rtmm Eralan t
.a.ini Miarean
aa..Kar. atll allaratlaUB Iw
iLIiaaia m a.rMI fit Won a fr f
rharie by llr.l-claa tailor In ar
Frank Schumann,
Imnortar and Dealer ta
' Mwpplivw awr Special atten on
Traa to MA N C FAOl U RLN an
4ta Nln tMemihtaiTrii
fmportari and dealer! la .n, Atiima.
niiiaa and 1ahlsiT Varkl, Hnlir
aaMawMa-A. 1.. .la Ha. la ana Alt-
)a)ttiatranr Hotel! and Nidenr.aS
Malaairart, Mempkla, Tea tSeotric
ui'Pliai alwayi ea hand, tUpairlaaj neaUy
LaUoi Warrea, Lor
and 18 Gayoso Streets, Memphis, Tenn.
oe iubui vj any competing maraeu
We also control
I O 33-7-a-v Dnaiorlptloii.
We are Jat In Receipt
R. B. Plows, Colnmbus Steel Drag Scrapers,
Aud n Complete Llue of CAttP Of I FITS.
Xo. 394 AI NT It EE r
Jaraea H. Qoodbar Wm. L. Clark
3HiaVnlioci 1BGO.
319 Main Street, Memphis, Tenn.
WE offer to M KBCH AKTN OS AY th larireit ard belt itoek ofBoet aad Shoe w
ham rer brouiht to this market, aad wbich eaBnot b inrraaied to saality an
itylol by any bona in this or any other oity. In addition to a nomplet Hb of "ailera
made good., inolud nf the CAa.. B al .! fc.iOllBAR t C itio A, wehandl
a lira and leleot itbok of eaitom-mad Gooda for Men, Women, Miaiei and Children. Wv
I f . 1. . L 1 n Annlrw. In .V.P. VnTiatW Ifld 111 I. Sid MUBI
theiu the well known Men'i Calf KoeU and,6hoei manufatored Vf Oeo. "jkf ' "
8prin Trao. a alio earry a ehoioe line nf Ladies' and Ml'fei'. Custom Kid. Oeat aaA
Calf Ooodi, maBOlaoturad by Krippendorf, Dittman A Co. W inrit tb trad !
our itook befur baying elsewhere, and w f uaraittee Trythlnt w loll to i latUfajtioa.
TO the trade.
Notwlthstaadlng one of onr com
Bet I tors pnbllhhes a letter from Ueo.
ocker elating he has not sold n
any calf boots for prln trade,"
I n IS rAi'l is, w e nave inesegoous
aw In store, which we offer to tbe
trade at as low prices ai tner cm be
found elsewhere. gnarantee
them to be the EMJISE6eo.HocMer
boot, aad adapted to tb- present sea
son's trade. Kespretfnilj vonrs.
Weirtpbls. Warch 18 18H0.
Young & Brother,
Book sellers an d Station era.
218 Main feu, Mempbis,TCM
Wlablaia- to R'llre I roan BanlBaa
Wa Oat.r mr tamllrl
traas, Ammunition, Fishing, Tackle
aad Bast -Kail Uiieds.
MA Mala Street, emphla, Teau.
Xanufaetaring and Repairing of Gnni a
Boiler Works.
MIEA 4t McCiRTUT.Propr'K,
140, 112, 144 Front, Memphis.
in the Roath. aad th only oomplet
Boiler and 8it-Iron Work! In theolty.
Hamuraetrirere of beavy. nlate ireav
warn ef every deaerlptlea. Speoial
33G Second Street, Memphis.
MaUrials. Pumpa . Dnr VVell.. Iron. Lead and Stone Pipe. Ha ntuea. Slob. b.
Harness, Saddles, Agricultural Implements and Machinery, j
333 Btecoad Street, Mtmpbt, Teun. I
A Co.. BU Looti.
Ijat ol tiawatar.
Oustom-Made Boole and Shoes for the
on as liberal terms as eon
the following Specialties under our
M. C.
-pr"AaBBBaa MPataataTJafatatffl rfkW
own brands, vis:
Goodbar, Love A Co.'s Men'i Grained Calf CUSTOM-MADE
Bale, Buton and Congress.
Goodbar. Love A Co.'s Men's N.K. Calf CUSTOM
MADE Bafs, Button and Congress.
Goodbar, Love A Co.'s Ladies' Kid and Goat CUSTOM-MADE
Flexible Polish and Button $3 00 Shoes.
Our Ladies' $3 00 Shoes are made from the beet se
lected Curacoa Kid and Tampioo Goat Stock, and have
Solid Sole Leather Counters and Flex ble Inner Soles
and we warrant them to fit and give perfect sal it faction
In evary rwirwt
f lame Bblpmeitl mt
Enaen J. Carrlngtoa
rraatat O. Jeaes
I Sweet Tickles, Etc.
Stnl.d rrnlt PlchlceJ Oraarea,
Sinned Fruit Fiekled Cltenben,
JlofTed Frail Plrklra PcrBmra,
htntTrd Frill Plcklrd Ummftm,
Mixed Sweet Pleblea,
Crew t Bmrkareir Cb.w-Clsew mm
Mixed Pleblea,
Plata Cucumber Pleklea by (he rail.
OtbeV brauda or Plata aud Mixed
Pleklea la laa aad Ollwea.
t'oreer Weeon and Begle Sta.
Cor. Kecoad end Meiree Sts
Would eall attention of hti frUaw
aad paUoni to kil
Compiling th ebeloart aad laUet oVa
iena of Fiiretgn ttoodi In ah aarkt.
Having Uken ipeolal ear ia tbair aelM-
tlon, 1 an pieam to iar w mr v-
and pmlio who favor me with aaall. J
how tham iai ot good! elr nmad ta
leading noi
(suocaasoiia to o. b. hout a iao.)
Funeral Directors,
AfULL aad eomplet nook of Wood aad
M.tallie Caaei aad Caakaai, Cloth-Or-red
CHkeUaad Barial Robe alway M
baod. ear- Order! by telaerauh promptly
Q. 1. Will.
33 BS 152.

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