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SNS Second sire,
Meaubis. Teno.
hLNOlT, I I lU'RIL 4, 18H0.
There wis a general expression of
regret thrt,boot(he city yesterday
at the death of the Hon. Jo! n Baxter.
Uia lailti were forgotten, and many
were the tribute paid to his abilities
aodvirtum There was considerable
diarassioa as to his probable successor,
and pablic opinion seemed to be nni
ted in favoring the appointment of the
Hon. Bedford M. Eitei of thia city.
The ArrBAL raot cordially indorses
the wisdom ot this, selection, and
earnestly Joins in urging his appoint-
mrnt, for there is not a man in Ten
oestee better qaalifUd for filling the
position than this distinguished law
Tfr. In all the n lit ions in life B. M.
Kts'isa mcilil. Iia is an esem
plry member of the Presbyterian
Cburcb, and is unlvert ally recngn'rsd
as one of the ablest and prof onndest
lawyers of the whole country
llix abilities are of tho highi!6t ordt r,
hiit n vne is nneullied, and he is a u n
tleinan tf grtat social v.rtues sliI per
sonal popularity. Of course "President
Cleveland will, to ,raat degree, ba
influenced in filliiu the vacancy by
qna'iflca'lons, acd he will find in the
lion. B. M. Kites every prerequisite
for the faithful and flick nt discharge
of the responsible duties devolving
unon a Judge of the United Statis
D's rlct Court, lie has a gifted Intel
leer, end his ambition has all been
professional. Fmillr with the law
strong in intollect, in wil, in purpose,
in integrity, in foics of character and
in the energy of duty, he is pre-eml
nently qualified for the place made
vacant by the death of Judg
Buter. Indee J, there la much In his
character which is in perfect accord
with the chtinttar tf the Presidtnt
himself, Mr. Ettes has ever been
Democrat, "without variableness of
change or shadow of turning." But
be has never been a partisan offloe
seeker, becatisi his large andluca Ive
practice farced blm to decline cfli i il
honors. He is in the meridian of lid,
physically and mentally, and believ
ing that "public office ii a public
trust," he would make a model Jo lite
of the court to which he will be rec
ommended by h's friends. Acordlng
to the high oUndard by which Mr.
Cleveland measurei apjiMiiiits for
high Jndicial station, he will find his
ideal in B. M. Kites, for he is an ex
emplary Christian gentleman, and in
all the South there is not an abler or
a profODii lor lawyer.
1st year, ia every paitot th. civillisd
world, women are coming to the front
They arc crowding men oat of eld bus
iness rot. Experience has demon
strated woman's intellectual f quality,
and scienoe baa established ttat
women endure fatigue, pain and pri-
va Ion better than men ; that fewer
women commit suicide thin men, and
thitln tha matter of sudden dta'.hs
men outnumber women in the propor-
t 'oo cf eight to one- Life insurance
companies now prefer taking ritki on
women. Edora'iocal and labor it An
tics show tint women accom
plish as much in intellectual occopi
tions and in the higher branches of
bnainecs ai men, and they are more
honeet and reliable. In the fare tf
such facts it is felly for men ti boast
tbat they are as much en peri or to
women inU llectnally a; they are phys
ically. Woman are proving that tbsy
are man's equal intellectually, which
will not only secure them all their
rights, but a wider iphere of endeavor
and usefulrns.
Review of the Field, the Timber Of-
ferlsf and the qualification
and he has gone to the eonotrvto
spend two or three d lys for the purpose
of recuperating. His physicians bave
impressed npon him that' be must re
serve his energies it lit wishes to
speak in the House of Commons oa
Thursday next, when bis anxiously
expectea statement repawlirg lb gov
ernment of IreUud is to be made.
Involutions take no step backward ;
they UHtial'y gio v in bulk and momon
turn until they bscome a obnoxious
ai the evils they have supplanted.
The revolution fur the emancipation
of woman is gloriously onward, Arid
will never stop until alia achieves u'l
her rigliti. Seward's nilgher.-'Uw'1,
doctrine is dangerous, for obedience
to law is the first duty of the goad
cilUan, a bulwark for the protection
of civllintio j. In all civilized com
ram illes tiiere is an unwiitten law
which demands th speedy, remoru'lens
execution of the rapist, and the fiat
has gone forth that the seducer nnder
prom'secf marriage shall surely die.
The acquittal of Miss Norment on Fil
daylai t.and the popular indcr jemeut of
the.verdict emphasises public opinion
on this question. A few years ago the
a Mincer in this cas would bave been
a hero, and the victim a murderess
dragged to the seaflold. It it Mist Nor.
munt has been made a heroine by the
public. Her triumphant acquittal
shows that woman is proudly emerg
ing from the degradation of the dark
agM. As winter suspends the growth
without destroying the vitality cf the
plantn, Bi4i the frost) ot antiquity
benumb, without free ring out the out
Cihingi of female intellect. Men are
, niver punished for lynching the rapist,
' sad fur the future women will not be
pt'inlubed for murdering villains who
' adduced them under the promise of
marriage. The cauce of woman's
rights everywhere is upward and
onward. They are rapidly
coming . to - the front. Vain and
eelf-conceited men are reluct
antly conceding the rights ot wo
men, but still deny their intellectual
equa'ity. This clats of men graciously
condescend to give women the inalien
able rights which have been withheld
from them for centuries; but they
still insist that "man is ai much the
superior fo woman intellectually as he
is physically in sirs and strength."
Sin and strength are not the standards
by which to judge Intellect. The male
peafowl strutting ia its beautiful plum
age is no wiser than tha unpretending
female at hfs aide. Tba huge male
ahanghai, bediseaed with variegated
feathers, is no wiser than the bantam
fema'e. Kale auimala and birds of
very species are larger, more arro
gant, stately and pretentious than the
females, but they are no wiser.
Nor is man intellectually su
perior to woman. There was reason
to believe that man was woman's su
perior when aha was treated as a slave
flogged as a slave if aba dared to lift
herself ont of the degradation in which
she was placed by man's tyranny and
superior physical strength. But of
The conduit of Mr. Gould in lead'
log Mr. Powderly fo understand that
the dispute with tha strikers would be
submitlei to arbitration, then allow
ing matters to proceed ai if nothing of
therott bad either been nttared by
him to Mr. Powderly or written by
him to Mr. Hoxie, is drawing npon
him very unfavorable c -moment. I
Wall street it is said tbat the whol
thing ' wis a proceeding in
tended to have a special effect
upon the prices of railway stork1
That Wall street organ, the Inrti
C(ilnr,i)t iusttnee, has the following:
"If his position was simply that of
tho wily spjcululir, he has shows re
markable ability as a tactician in
granting an intirview t Mr. Powder
ly, filling him up will false hopes,
impressing lbs public with his
(Gould's) fiirnsss and conservatism,
and causing the bear speculator to
run to cover, only that he might gain
an apparent insignifitant mastery of
stock speculation in Wall street.
It was a bit of sharp practice on
the part of Gould, and he might jnst
as well be informed now ai at any
other time that not only the trades
pnlons, but tha community at large
are gtt'lng out of patience with him
and his double dealings. Either
Gsuld mutt reform or the
public will reform him." The
Chisago 2Yifiii says: "There are
some pretty strong evidences that the
power behind the great strike on the
Gould Southwestern railroads Is not a
friend to the laboring men, but a per
son wnomay, witu justice, us caueu
their wcrjt enemy Jay Goald him
solf. It isentlrdly couiistcut with the
chirscter of the nfan, with hfs hla!o-y
and wlih his lu eteuU, that he should
fomout the diBordurs that are imped
ing biniuesi throughout tho Hout'i
weat, exciting appreheuHl m of out-
breks elsewhere and dom jralising.
the stick uiarknt. Such a itjp would
be uttiU oa a pur With olhet wreoking
operations t'uttie hai eiiginoorad,aml
it It wore proved on him it would do
him no harm, for his repu
tation ia well established." Equal
ly ' objectionable is Mr. Uould'a
reference to the strikers' "grocery
bills," bs a sure moans of bringing tho
men In'o compliance with his doiignu,
It amounted to saying: i'lt they hold
out thoy will (tarvp, but I shall nit,
therefore I shall win." At this tims
of day this starvation policy has loo
much of the driving aad the compel
11 it 2 spirit Pharaoh manifested in
Egypt, to bo approved of. It Is aUo
bad policy. Suppose the pressure cf
grocery bit e should compel tha men
to submit, would that make them any
leis opponents ot the ways of the cap
italists? Would that remove any re
sult upon their mlnda of grievances
they complain of? The working peo-
plo are not without lutelUg mce ; they
think and reason, aud grocers bills,
it they force th"in to submit, will not
Induce them tobeeubinlmive. Grocery
Inlle, without the means of paring
them, will only ttrenglheu the il ter
minstinns of the working poopl
nuke tlieiu more slem in their de
mands ami more vigorous in enfoioing
"IKithe lawyers expert to lake a
hand in the coming election ?' akcd
an AfrRAL man yettlerday of a leading
inemlM-r ot ttie Memphis har, when lie
bail tH'ttlenl liimwlf comfortably Im
tween the amiH of a cushioned rorker
in one of the elegant suite of apart
mente which the lawyer orcuied.
'llat you ukei we whether we
ought to do so or not, my reply would
have In-en emphatic, was the repiv.
If there liiiH ever leen a nernxl in
the hintory of Shelby coiintv when
the lawyers uliould take an active part
i ' i : i : . . fi'i. . .
in JKiiiurn, u ib ioe prem-iu. jue rrji-
utation of the Memphis liar, once the
proudest in the Mate, notcil the coun
try over for its strength, is nt stake.
It cannot roe nusiaineu uniesH we
place juilK'en upon the ImmicIi who are
equal to the dutios of their positions,
and who ran command the
THE WABKtrr 1.1 St.
lUe Isaacr I- Wfctrk Tkcy Will Ba
OprraUd The I' river,
mm Stable.
How Their Propsgatloa May
Pre vested Special Agent
Logger Interviewed.
and, if possible, the admiration, nf
thnae likely to ajipear iM'ioiv them
e ther as lawyern or litigant. Kvery
member of tiie bar should make it bin
own personal concern, oh it is, and
ahould rather run the rink of hii fieri ng
a sense of defeat thun to sit supinely
down and depend upon others to lo
that which he should aid in doing
hiuiMclf. I believe the wlection of
judges should be left entirely to-the
lawyers, for the reiwon that they ore
in a position to know the qualifications
of their brethren nnil ran speak ad
visedly. No reHpertulile member of
A Joaginrut far SO,000 BfmUreit
tm 'hinc-rjf Yealrliy.
In tho suit ot W, K. Green
executor, vs. II. L. Brlnkley
other?, Judge McDowell yesterday
rendered a decision against Mr,
Brlnkley for $78,761 07, agalne
which, it is understood, Mr,
Brinkley holds between $80,000
and SIOOO.) of Judgments and
claims against the Greenlaw estate as
an oll jet. which will release htm
nearly or quiti three-fourths of the
bimU n ot the judgment. This actio
was beeun about five years airo. thous
It grows out cf the tram actions of the
firm of Greenlaw, iJnniley
Tate in the bnilding
the Memphis and Little Rock
railroad in 1870, when Mr. Greenlaw
took the contract for building twenty
miles of the rrsi, including the
briduft arroea White liver, Messis
Tate & Briukley agreeing to pay their
sbaro of the expense, or one
third eich. The work was ac
cordingly done, and an cltort was
made to reach a settlemutt in th
spring of '75, but it waa unsuccessful
Mr. Greenlaw uiC3 in the summer
that vear and in the fall this suit was
begun. It lay dormant until the sprin
of '81, when the bill wai amended
and it is npon the amended bill that
the decision wcb rendered. The cast
wil' of coom. be taken to the Kir
preme Court. Those who are familiar
with tha buildirg rf the road wi
doubtlets be surprised to hear that
judgment for any amount waa ren
dered against Mr, Brinkley.
Tonoalim is a valuable remedy
while of service in all forms of neural
gia, its best effects are seen in treating
neuralgias of rheumatic origin. 1 nav
not met a single caxe of this ordinaril
troublesome disease which did nc
speedily get relief from Tongaline.
can recommend it.
J. F. SXhVKNS, M. D.,Shbbon, III
e bar would s"ek a judicial position
f he had eood reason to believe some
one elw) was preferred, by his brother
lawyers. There are now six caimi-
lates for the Circuit Court JmlgeHlup
and four for Probate Judge I'enio
cratd, I mean, i don't know whetliei
would come in under such nn arrange
ment or not. I suppose not. Now ut
leawt (Wo will get left in the one case
and three in tho other. Jo avoni
sleenliwH nichts, a useless expenditure
of time and money, let tho members
of the bar get together and express
their preferences. I-et a resolution
bo adopted that the candidate, in euch
case meeting with the support
of a maioritv of the lawyers,
Hhall receive the cordial support of
the entire liar, and to guard against
accident let a paper lie drawn up and
sinned lit the meeting. Possibly the
meeting miKlil decide to wkc up soma
man who is not a candidate, but who
might be induced to serve provided
ic was reoueswd to uo so iiv a ma-
oritv of the mcmbcrx of the bar. We
have already acted upon
though without a meeting.. Ho far an I
tuow there is now hut one name he
re the Democratic party in cornier.-
ion with the office of Chancellor. The
Republicans are not at all likely to
)ller opposition tnen, nni l consnier
Indue hllcttiM (hi next (Jliancellor of
Shelby county. I don t think I will
bo accused of'irivinirexnresNion to per
w uml viewH, or of nttempting to boom
uny one man to the prejudice ot
(tiers when l sny mis. inn i uo say
it would be a hiihiuo, now that we
live made ho iroud n liiMMnninu, to Hit
la.ily buck and allow the balance of
the ticet to be tilled up ftvitli the
names of a lot of scruhn. Jt miiHt be
remembered that those elected m All
gust will servo for u
It is not a matter of a wee or
day, but of a lengthened period, and
it wo do not act now we will suller lor
it hereafter. I be.ieve all; of those
who are candidates for judicial poai
tions would consent to the plan I
propose, anil if any member of the bur
will assist me l wi l put the thing
through, or at leant, make the attempt.
The Circuit Judgeship is hardly l.'ss
Important than the chancellorship.
1 heheve 1 may nay thai n judge, to
fill that position as It should be tilled,
ought to have a greater knowledgo of
the various branches of law than a
chancellor, lie tries all sortu of rases,
some of them requiring the nicest
judgment. No position oilers a greater
opportunity tor reputation. invre
are, as I said, six candidates for
JllDUIt OK TIIK (lllClilT.
They arenow, of course, wune
name is obliged to come first It. M.
Heath, J. N. Galloway, 1.. II. I.stes,
W.IS. Flippin, J. L. (ioodloo mid John
Johnston. I do not believe there is
ono in the list, who would persist in
running ufter a majority of the bar
had declared in favor of some other in
or outside of the Held
"The Probate. Judgeship is not iw fin
Important us one might imagine. In
point of fact, more direct ami personal
responsibility devolvcsupon him than
upon any of the other judges, lie
must loo i after the interests of the
willows and orphans, see that the cure
of I heir property is given into
hands, that there is no swindling, no
over-charging, and that settlements
are promptly made. The business is
large but if closely attended to would
not accumulate. Somo man ought to
be chosen w ho has a clear, logical
mind, a fuir knowledge of 'business,'
and a head for figures. There are
three candidates for this office J.
Preston Young, W. B. Glisson, J. 8.
(billow ay, and probably J no. league.
"And now we come to the Criminal
Court. There is hardly any necessity
for arguing to you the necessity of tho
election of a limn to that important
position who wi I keep his court-room
sufficiently clean to prevent the ne
cessity of .
At noon yesterday another large
and popular enterprise wasinangurated
in Memphis the Cit ona'S.reet Rail
road Company, true to its promise,
starting its cars from the Cnstom-
Honse on two of i's lines, out MaJisrn
to Second, Second to Union, Union to
Hernando, Hernando to linden, lin
den to Oi leans, Orleans to Tate. Alto
on Second north to the itock ya'de.
Until 4 o'clock ne fares were taken,
and the cars were crowded with men
and boys on every trip until 4 o'clock,
when tbev were called into the
Hernando street stables, cleaned aad
overhauled and
at 5 o'clock
started out on regular schedule time.
The contractors failed to ship cars a i
ordered, and only twelve were in use
yesterday, aney wete xboi ruuuiu
until nearly miumgni, ana were wen
patronized, hundreds going out of fie
;eten way lust tor the novelty oi me
tiling. At least 4000 people rode tree
in the afternoon, and prrbaps half as
many paid at night, me mules, me
ca'S ana tne tract are an a
little green yet, but it is easy to- ua
dertUnd that the cars will be as
eaey and cqmmodioue a any in the
U nilixi niaies lu a iuw uij n. iuc;.
manufactured by the John Stephen-
eon Uompany, jew ion, uuu oy
Browne 11 & Wright, 8t. Louie, two oi
the Ita jing manufacturing concerns of
the country. They are eeven by four
teen feet long, will comfortably seat
eighteen persons and are all double
enders. Thoy are plain, but made of
nd well nut together. The finishings
are of brase, and the arrangement of
the springs is such as to distribute tne
neceasarv lar evenly over iue car.
I.mrirH lamDS with reflec ors bang in
the center overhead, and far boxes of
the ltBt pattern are placed t either
end. The drivers eu p'.oyea are an
experienced men, well known to 8u
perintendent Semmes, and have faml
lies living in tbe city. They are
raid by the hour, 121 cents
for the first six mcn'hs cf service
and 13) thereafter, the same as paid
by the old company. Manager Tate
made them a brief speech before tbey
went to work yesterday, in which be
etited tlin. he was not opposed to their
union and would do as fairly by them
the revenue rf the company would
warrant, lie then told them what
tbeir pay would be, and asked them if
they were satisfied, the reply beirg
that they were, fully.
immediately after having paid it a
visit. In u criminal judge a sufficient
knowledge of law to enable him to ex
clude irrelevant evidence, and to de
liver a plain, sensible charge, BiitH
ciently interesting, without poetical
quotations, to fasien the attention of
a jury, is all that is sufficient from a
legal point of view. But he should bo
a man with the courage of his convic
tions, discharging his duty to the pul
lic regardless of political leanings, and
without fear or favor. So far wo
have been unable to find a man to
allow the use of his name. Judge
Sliced has declined, and the only can
didates at present are A. H. IHmglass
and Orvillo Yerycr. 1 have heard a
name or two mentioned, among them
that of J S. Duval. In the absence of
other names and without comparison,
1 have no hesitation in saving that 1 be
lieve there is outcome in him. Though
his practice has not been extensive and
is not confined to the higher courts, he
has plenty of backbone, a fuir knowl
edge of law, studies hard, and, pbove
all things, his personal character can
not be impeached. He is my man un
til a better one is trotted out," And now
1 have had my say "
Mr. UliMliloaiaCtoBlllloii.
Iain ion, April H Mr. Glal.-tone's
voire is aain causing some anxiety,
tub mui.es
were all brought from Miesouri aud
are a fine looking, weil-fed lot of ani
mals. Ono hundrei? and fi'ty have
been purchased so far. Thircy cars
and 00 mules will be require I for the
service cf the company when i is tn
full operation. The tiniahing touches
en now being put to the
hies on Hernando street, a hand
some blick strncttira 100x2L0 feet,
hnilt directly over the bayou. The
oMier stable, onlv two beine needed
uill hn rpfldv Tiro: ennanev nextWed'
needay. It h built of corrugited iron
and wrod. 70xlC0 fset In si, and is
loraled within a stone's throw of the
new baseball park. Tnsro will be six
linen in all when the fyelem ia finish
ed. They all start from
ami will be in reality only three lines
when in operation, cars from one end
of the line going up Madison from
Second to theCnstom-Honse, doubling
back on Madison to Second, acd
thence in the opposite direction to
t hat ftom which they came. Pafseti.
grs may do the whole rido keeping
ih-.-ir seats, or may obtain a check
from a transfer man who
will be stationed at the
intersection of Second nud Madison
streets. The Madieoa street lino i
finished to the new baseball park, ex
centlCOOf ot on Chaileston avenue
and over the bavou. It ruus out
Valison etreot to Charleston avenue,
thetice out Walnut, Duboee and Mid
die street) to the park. The tlernanu
street track Is laid to Dean avenue
and floored to Elliott stree t. It will
lilt IN tl'KUATlON
ihrs week aad when finished the route
will be out Msdison, Second, Union,
llerrnnclo, D.an avenue, etc., to the
Colo miil. The Linden strett route
will be Madison, Second, Union, Her-
nando, Linden, Orleans, fate, Walnut,
Grove and Dunlap to the north gate of
the cemetery. The Second street line
ie extended U the stock-yards already
and cars are running there.
Another route noith on
Second will run out through Scotland,
the exact route not having been se
lected and no work done upon it; but
it will be one of the beet paying lines
iu the city. Some work nas been
done on the Foit Picketing line, which
place will be reached by the Hernando
street line, turning up Georgia to Ten
nessee, but it will not be in operation
f or several weeks. The cars will run
seven minutes ara-t, and though it
has not been decided to run them long
after midnight the cars which take
people home from the theater will re
turn to the stables, a convenience
which will be appreciated by the
young men who cannot afford to
spend fca'f a week'ssalary tor carriages.
New Orlena Baeea.
New Orleans, April 3 The track
waa in good condition to-day.
Fir Jiace.h'or beaten horsee, all
ages, three-qnarters of a mile. Wau
kesha won by half a length ; Terma
gent erond, Josh Billings thirtl.
Time 1 :lfl.
Srcmi Cort.-Sclling race, three
quaitois of a mile. Claude Brannon
won by a length : Juliet M. second,
King Arlhnr third. Time 1:19.
TAird A'occ Selling race, one mile.
Brevet won by a length; John Sulli
van second, Nat Kramer third. Time
not repnitml.
VrnriA Jttict. For thres year olds,
seven furlongs. Luna Brown won by
a neck ; Gold Star second. Alma thiru.
Time 1:33.
rinl Arrewt 1'ader the. New daw,
alia Law at Laalavilla.
Looisviixt, Kv., April 3. The first
arrest nnder the new law which makes
gambling a felony in Kentucky was
made to-night, when the Jockey Club
pco'.-room, operated by Boarlier A Co.,
was pulled on warrants sworn out by
the Law and Order Club. The law is
not believed to include auction pooling
on horse races, and this will be made
a test case.
Prof. O,to Lurg-r, a special agent o?
tbe Agricultural Dei artmenr, who has
been in this neigbbirbood about a
month, inveet gatin the origin and
deveht ment of the buffalo gnat, was
interviewed list night at the Peaboly
Hoil by an Appsal reporter. Tie
fidloicipg queHions and answers cor
rects repreeent what wai said a', th
interview :
" Whht progress bave yon made in
tracing toe larvae of the buffalo gcat?'
"From analogy it w?s known that the
ca lvetagesol all species of flies be
longing to the famdy of gnat) (simu
lium) .icir only in wa.er. Several
epecei have baen studied at Lake
bupeiio-, where they are known by
tbe name of bUck flies. O.be.s have
been studied in the vicinity of Wash
ington, and in II angary. where tbey do
immense damage. UtilxUg tboee
known facts, similar places in this
vicinity have been s'udied which poss
essed euitable.breeding places. Alter
inveitlffaiioa- the various kinds of
lakes, such as are constantly fed by
snntiir water, or bv oveifliw from
the Mississippi. It waa iouna
that these localities did not
produce buffa'o gnvs. lnveetgiting
then toe larger rivers and crtefcp, It
was aldi finnd that they did not poe
tess tho n cessary toacitions to bieed
tliiB et. fcvnt taally it was loona
that only smtlier streams, wi:ha very
rapid current posses the necessary
conditions, and the Urv;n of the buf-
do gnat wero Iouna in large nnnmats
wherever re'tain loaditioos enrted.
Such localities are nia!nly small
whirlpool"!, produced by sticks or
logs, against which leavci of the
previoiii year nau gathered, upon
all leaves foiu.d in euch poUui9
arge numbers if tbe lar'te were
found. A great majority of t'.iese are
at this date nearly (nil Brown, while
ome few have already changed to the
intermediate stage between larva and
fly t rilled pupa. From various facta
observed it may be stated that the
buffalo gnat will appear within a very
short time in this immediate neigh
borhood. No large swarms, however,
will aDnear this vear. since large num
bers of tbe larvie bave been already
destroyed by the coatinued low water
enjoyed here a few weeks ago."
" What is the process and progress of
iMorowlh to life?"
"Like all IrscoM, tbe buffalo gnet
undergoes four important changer.
The flies which deDoait later ia toe
season their egg' close to tne water s
margin soon die. These small e,gs
soon hatch into the peculiar lame,
which fed like a mosquito laivie
nron microscopic, aquatic animals.
Tliev reauire nearly a vear to attain
tbeir lull size or growm, anu
require the constant fljw cf
water to exist. since tney
breathe air like fish, by means of two
small gill-likeorgans fastened near the
hrai. TDe- rr.-.tntnB organs aie,
ImiKVhr. an tr;ii s'ormed that tbev Dor-
form at the same time the tunc ions cf
arras to catch the fond. An exposure
of a few minutes will, of course, kill
them at oticc, aud fully grown tbey
enin a silken cocoon arouna men
ogives and fasten t) leaves. The larva
now throws off its old skin and appears
ai a quiet, inactive pnpa, which, how
ever, tti') retains the gill-lik
breathing organs, ihtso gihs are
cow t o longer used to strain our, Mod,
since the la'va ooes not i.-eu any
longer. In the course of a few dayo
the gnat inside ha? forme i, ord the
space between the fly and the pupa
skiu is cradimllv filled with (ur, which
ia time carries the pupa to tho euifice
of the water, hre i's skin breski
open in the back snd the gnat oppearc,
i.t;hzirg the old sum as a dori uut:
the wings become Buffioiently hard
eued to fly off cn its career o! de.
"What would vou suggest ss I
remedy against the propagation of ti e
gnat, and to Favo animals frcm its
rauRcitv ?"
' In regard to the first yat of this
oues'ion it can be staled tbat no
chemical insecticides have been tried
to anv extent, owing to the fatt tha
the heavy rains have made a critical
observation of their effects impossi
ble. Ai soon as the water becomes
low aud clear acuin, various infcecti
fides, such as nnslacked lime, kerosene
emulsion, bi-eojiphuie ot tarpon,
extract of black walnut, china ber
ries. tobacco, soup and ot'aeis will be
tried. All theoo chemical means
Uo. 38 lIACISOir 8TST,
Cordially iavitet.aa iatpectiaa af kU Ljtrfe, Freak aaa
Varied Sarlaa m& luamK Stock cf EnglUk,
French and Germaa Wontedi, Canimeres aad Saitiaga,
cemDrisior the Latest Designs aad Finest Tcxttre la
Gentlemea's' Wear. -
arSamDlei and Pncei ea application te those
who kave left meastfrea.
Delesatea Fraa All Parts af lb
Htate la Ba Preacat aa4 Iaapar.
taat nslleai la Be Dlacaaaed.
la This City Seal We4aeday B
I wee a Pearaaa aaa Keadawa.
We wish again to call attention to
the meeting of tbe State Medical
Societv, to be held i a this c'.ty April
6th and 7tb. We feel more than an
ordinary internet in seeing this a large
and representative meeting, and dele
gates present from every portion o!
the S ale. Since its la t meeting here
fonr years ago, Memphis has
made rapid strides towards a
bealtly growth and commercial
impnriar.ct, which bhould be, and
no doubt l", a source oi priae to an
Tenneseeans. The meeting is an lm-
poi tint one beyond tbe discission cf
technical and scientific papers, and
Bubjers interesting chiefly to profes-
sional men. ice socioiy hquuiu v
TepreEented by i's mrst enl gbtened
aud progressive members in tte next
annual meeting of the Americin Med
ical Association, to be neia in ai.
Lonis in Mav. To the wisdom
and good management cf this
meeting depends in a great measure
the Buccees of the great interna'ionai
Medical Congress, to beheld tn waan-
intt in. D. O.. in 1887. It is believea
aa effo t will be male at ttat meeting
bv some ambitious but misgui Jed men
to undo tome action of tbe astociatioa
at its last aanual meeting in
New Orleans. Tennessee ehoulJ
be repreeanted by delegates
rom this society now lor
their hitrh orofesBional aad
social standing. We think also the
effort to arouse in interest in our next
Lerislutuie to oaeaasuitaole lawregu
stiog the practice ot medicine in tne
S ate should be renewed. In this re
spect Tennessee is behind a number
of other Btates-Misaissippi, Alabama.
Illinois and . oth rs - which have
ranfleii laws DrohibitiDg quacks snl
charlatans trom imposing their
not trams npon the credulous and
umutpccling. Tbe losal committee
hr made all necesFary arrangements
to ftcilila'e tbe business cf tte meet
ing and add to i's general interest. A
programme will be published each day
iudua'.mg the order ot business.
A New Branch of Catholic Kalcnta
or America Among lb Herman
lltlxeua of Hemphli.
destroy the larvie will be of second
ry importance, since they are all
more or lea i expensive, too much bo
to fulfill the conditions of a good ir
secticide. Since it hB3 been man
that the early stages of this iruect n
quire water in rcpid motion, aud that
stagnant water will kill them,
a cheap remedy snggests itself, and
all tbe snnnlv cf Beats in thi
immediate vicinity can be killed out
by (.imply taking out of our streams
all old leaves. Ih scan be uoae at
anv time ia the yeor when the wate
in 'them is very low. Ot course eon
certed aclinu is neceBsaiy to produ
the desired result. In regard to 'he
eecond part of the queetion notbiu
lias heen done an veL If the bufll
gnats appear it will be the aim of the
aitent to try various remedies that
siitfuett themselves, because tbe nsuu
method of protecting stock by oil and
grease is almost as bad as the goat
itself bv weakening their coiieti
tntion. It is imo8sible at this ctsge
of the investigation to forecast what
eflei t other insecticides may bave
would be alvisable if any swa nis sp
pear in this region to notity mo a
once by letter directed in care of tb
Atfeal. The developments of th
next two weeks may bring about re
suits that will enable me to speak
more advise.lly as to remedies against
the ravage i nt t he ins.ct.
Heavy Fain. Hlh Wlnla and IOI.
airiifi riooaa.
Leavenworth, Kas., April 3. Prof.
Foster, meteorologist, late of Iowa,
will make the following prediction
through tho Time to-morrow morn
ing : '"Great storms will pass over the
United states in rapid succession dur
ing the last ten dajs of April, and all
shipping interests, especially in the
Northern States Bhould prepare to
protect their property from
heavy rains, high winds.
floods, sleet, snow and extreme
changes ot the weather on land and
from dangerous gales on the lakes and
Atlantic coast. The heaviest of these
storms will lie over the Mississippi
basin, about April 25th or '-Mth. West
of that earlier and east later. Mr.
Foster was the author of the predic
tion that great storms would pass
over the lakes and Northeastern
States February 2Mb and 2(th, and
the storm now raging, which he pro
dieted a week ago.
Mr. H. A. Penrose, tho champion
wing shot of the United States, will
shoot the first of a series of three
matches at the Baseball Park next
Wednesday. Ilia contestant will be
Mr. Andv Meidowa of Nashville, snd
the stakes are J 250 a side, terms of
match 100 live birds, thirty yards rise
from live giounl traps, national
rules to govern. ihe event
will doubtless diaw an immeme crowd
to the park, not only from tbe city,
but the eurrounding neight orhood for
hundreds of miles. A Urge delega
tion is expected from Nashville, some
of whom wid doubtless be prepared
to back thnir man. An climate of
Mr. Pentose's skill a ay be formed
from the followirg:
'At a recent pigeon snoot at fct.
Catherine's, Ont , a Canadian, who
shot nnder the name of Griffiths, uiade
.reposition that George Luther of
Syrncuee, N. Y., could not pioducea
man Irom the B ates who couiu snot s
against him. Luther accepted the
challenge, &nd u'abes of jO'JO a side
were put up. Lu bar sent for renroee
of Texas, and a few days e:go took him
to Hamilton, where tbe noeU'h was to
c me off. They shot at 100 birds each.
Penrose, who shot under tt e r aooe of
11. P. Adams, killed nin'y-oce and
Griifiu killed eighty-nine, Penrose be
ing the winner by two birds, and tne
referee declared the shod in bis favor.
This decision provoked much bad feel
ing, and the Canadians surronnded
tbe refe-ee, when tie decided an nets
and pools off. Fonr thousand eight
hundred dollars a side was in stake
holders' hands and f3200 a side in tbe
pool-box, making a U til of tHOOO,"
Pome of the most reputable G?rmaa
Ca holics of Memphis have It some
time i a-.t enterUine.l the idea i,l cal.
ing into existence a new branch olthe
well organized order oi vuuouc
Knig; tj nt America, to be compessa
of German Catholics. Many of the
highly-educated and moot Bulla ot the
lSiisilith BDiakin.j nemti6i8ci mi or'
der havo abeady given tl eir ucquali-fit-d
approval aad offer her;y
wishes f )r tha -apid growth SDd vigor
of the new branch, and give tha fol
lowing reasoiu1 f ir so doing:
ISe:i;d;s the wdll-anown advantages
roi'f-'ed by the whole Order of Cath
olic Knights of America, thi" bianch
will enjoy certain fajiliLits which will
be of gr at value to. its members as
First This branch wid corstitutea
center of unioa for German Catholic",
festering among them relig:oa, morals
and beuevolecte, and which may to
some extent even afford en opportuni
ty oi advancing the mater.ai iijtertets
of ita meiiibors.
Second By organising a branch oi
the Knig its amorg German Cuthi.lics,
German young ni'1!! win erj .y an toe
ppcuniurv advautsgosfor which benev
tlent societies an e3tHb dshed, and
with the additional bo n of having
full oppoituniiies for fuifi ling all the
duties they owe to th -ir cl.urth aad
their conscience.
Third It is qaite ov vlons t.l a', t-fer-man
blew and ci s oms iao i l no bet
ter uav be cult.vaKl an i preserved
than by Gernia ia h-ld'n meetings of
theirown. 1 hey cm without emtw
roiemfii', and qw.ti clearly, in their
own language, d:a:.'tiH und coinmune
with one another on Bjtidty or other
Lastly, as the German Catholic?,
yonng snd old, have already doae so
m'ich toward the erection and main
taiuing of the beautiful structure of
ti; Mary's church, which is a ciedit
to the country aud to the city, they
shonl 1 now join this branch of the
nobis Bio.herhood of the Catholic
K Digit of America.
An advisory meeting, w.'th a view
o! preparing "for orgauitat.on, will he
held in the school rooms a'tectied to
St. Mary's church, corner Taird and
Ma.ket streets, at 8 o'clock this even
ing. mmmmmmmm
The Eclipse and Eureka clubs, rep
resentatives of tho colored baseball
element, will play to-day at 'Cycle
Park. Game called at 3:30 o'cloik
p. m.
The Riverside Baseball Club has
reorganized with the following play
ers: Cleary, c; Sullivan, p.; llunn.s.
s.; Kehlor, lb; 8quan,2b; Gilberts,
3b; Como, 1. f. ; Bropby, c. f Green,
r. f.
Thi famom remedy mottt happily meet
the demand of th is for woman peculiar
and maltiforin nfflioiioni. It it a remedy
for WOMAN ONLY, ana for cne BI-BoIAL-CLASS
of her duease. It ia a aioi8o for
certain diseued oondiiiom of the womb,
and propose! to no control the Menstrual
Function to reirulate all 'he derange
ments and irregularities of Woman t
Ita proprietors elaiw for It no other mediosi
property; and to donbt the faol Uiat thia
uiedleine does poitirely powess such con
trollinn and resn;tin powers is limply
to diforedit the volunUry lasti.'ony of thou
sands ot living- witnenets who nre to-dny
eiultinc in the reatoration to sound heal In
and happiness.
B 'I A D Fl hunti
Female Regulator
is strictly a vejetnbte eomrwniil, nnd is th
product of iredical science and practical ex
perience directed tow. ri the bcuctt of
It is the studied prescription of a learned
phymcian, whose spceialty was WOMArj,
nnd wboie fame hecarao enviable and bound
Isks becouso ot his wondortul suoee8 in the
treatment nnd cure of leuiato complaints.
REMEDY known, and richly denorves iu
Best Friend
Beoase it controls a clats of functions the
various doronsemonts 01 which cause more
ill health than all other cauBefl eombined,
and thus rescues her ,rou: a long train of
atniotions which sorely emoitter her life and
prematurely end her eiiftenoe. On, what a
multitude of livin witness" n testify to
its oharmln effects! Vi oma, tnka to your
confidence this
It will relieve yon of nearly all Ihe eora
plain't peculiar to yonrsct. Rely upon it
as your saieiuard for henlth, happiness and
lona life. ,
Suld by all drnmrist.. Bend for our treat
ise on the Uealth and Happiness ot Woman,
mailed free, which eives l I'V'.'S."
I'ox 'H. Atlanta, Ua.
llowltt'a l uatoms Bill.
Wabhinoton, April 3. The Ways
snd Means Committee to-day took up
the Hewitt customs bill, as agreed
upon at yesterday's meeting, and
added to it the free list of the Morri
son bill so far as it applies to lumber,
fish, salt, flax and hemp. Wool was
also added to the free list. Under the
head of dutiable goods, the chemical
and cotton schedules of the Morrison
bill were added, with amendments re
lating to fine qualities of cotton goods,
and the sugar duties were reduced 10
per cent.
Democratic members of the Ways
and Means Committee express the
opinion, based upon the departmental
estimates, that the new bill will effect
a reduction of between $22,000,000 and
!24,0(M,t 00 in the revenues of the
Central Kebseht, No. 99 Market
street, is the nearest place in the city
for plants and cut Sowers.
"jvl nil
tor Sftcenyears they hav steadily gained
in favor, nnd with sales constantly increas
ing have become th most popular Corsets
throughout the United States.
The quality is waiantd to w Twics
An lomh as ordinarj C.iwhts. Wo hay
lately introduced the i and M grade
with Eitra Lomo Waist, and oanlurnish
them when preferred. w.m.
Highest awards from U lhe world
great fairs. The last medal rjeoived is lor
First Dcome or Mirit, from the late Expo
sition held at New Orleans. While scores of
patents have been fcund worthless, the. prin
ciples of th BloT-Fittlnt hav proved In-
TBRetaifers ar authoriaed to refund money,
tf. on examination, these Corset do not
pror a represented, for swle every
l!tmlisae ! wppllratlon.
Thomson, Langdon & Co., Mew York
Pennyroyal Fills.
The) rlgflnal xl Ostly Seimlne.
Bale and alway ReHable. Beware of
Imitations. Indispensable to l.4llJ.
A-ti your Uratricla for "fhlrheeler;
Knli- "and tak n other, or inclose 4e
(stamps) to us for particulars in lbttis
retar malk M - PAPAU. C'lil
rhewter hemleskl O.,
S.tIS niulliwss stqsmr, PblliMlii., ".
TKA UK supplied by 6E0. 0. ttOOD WIS
Whale nle ret. """
fk7 lWR'l!frei
V 'y ,',JecleebU
ur every statre of
of Ihe Ma
li Si. young or old.
Bnd tbe Kleotrie
.Shield and Suspenso
i s. bexual bystem.
Vsrieoce'e and lost or
enfeebled powers.
refunded il
4 and upward.
t.klet free. All
rd. rs must be sent to AnerlrsBJlysii
Irte, 75 Hreadway, Hf York, a
all our Western office w tfiaietiniMjed
1T I InsUnt rehf. FinJ en re
Js.LiJUO ten days, and sever Mtariu.
No purge, no salv, ne rappoeltory. Buffer
en will learn of a simple remedy. Ft, by
addressing O..M AjOM. TSNaau sU.N.T.

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