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ik r tlie rhrnouienal Young Men
,r Aitwoj-Uurslp at the
Hill nitf it-nni h'h ikm . iiv,
KnftliHh nifi dix-ak iiinlly i
bl- Frt'iich. I litive never ki
.fiiititrosnr or the irrsaL.t
W r-msiiTON, April 1'. I am now
taking a l'fp lirt-ath in my own at-mot-i
licre opprcRwd by the conwi uh
Doi that my faculties wvre liojieleMNly
inmtive ilnrinjf the period nf my exile.
Jinn i t er, as it wan a self-iiiiiHweii
TuiuUlmieiit, I have no rijrlit to com-
plaiii, nlv the privilege of rcion-ini?
nitli very Vrvul joy that I am at lioniu
pun. I am perniiaileu mat i nave
nnl I'm- constitution for the ripirs of a
erviimliim winter, anil, therefore, when
the women miH'rapst Hccrire the
ri.-litn" of all their ilown-trniMcn i-
Iitm. 1 am never eoitii: tn iwk to be
Dia.le a hank catthier or a Sunday.
ncliou superintendent. I did not (to
pro-pi tin to Montreal witli an eye
in fimirc iKiteiihilities, tint for unite
another purpose, my deHtination be
ln. llochclo-'it (invent. I Hpent i
iwl there which would have been
(harming had it not been for the miil-
il,.n nr.einitation from the xprinu
like, hulmv air of Washington
into A ret if rolilncsH. However, the
Iniellectnal and spiritual warmtli
Hi i hiv nothinc of titeam
tiiiieM tliiit I found w ithin theconvei
wulls were only hiithtened aadnreent
nated by the ilrearineHH of the land
hi'iim'. The convent ih an immeiiHe
Ktrurture. with broad furadeand Ionic
pillars, nituuted in the midst of cxten
nive troiindd that slope down to the.
H. Ijiwrcnir, which iHtwo miles wilo
at this point. It wax a novel experi
ence toflrivu across on the tee. The
nuns told me that fearful accidents
ocenrrcil every sprinj:, after the ice
liopin to break tip. foolhardy and
venturesome, spirits eontinue trying
to crons even after it in known to be
unsafe, and the conseciuence ih that
mum-time a life is lost, an. well as
ttlei'li and horse.
1 found in lioclielopi my ideal
Bi'hool. The French Sister speak not
onlv pxsl, but elcpint, English, with
out the least foreign accent, and trio
as admira-
nown such
a thorough, painstaking drill in spell-
inir. arithmetir and ifniminar, even in
our boasted public schools, while
ihe advantaees in music and art aro
all that could be desired. Hut
what impressed me most for its
lack makes a woftil vacancy in Amp'
rican buardinit-schools--was the ex
quisite courtesy that permeated tho
entire establishment, licrttle voices
and modest demeanor were a iiniver-
mil iiossession. and not a pale cheek
was to be seen among the pupils. No
wonder, when they are fed the times
dav and en tolioL'pinluir when the
thermometer is below r.ero. Prince.
Arthur on one occasion visited the
convent and was entertained at a
luncheon prepared expressly for his
lioval lliuhncs. All sorts of ilcliea
cies. viands and wines the latter of
whirh lie did not partake and asked
for what do suppose? Why, "rasp
berrv vineiritr." What a shadow it
would have been upon the feast if the
oood nuns had not tbev been able to
. ...!-!.. ' I- ....1
prooiicn ii siraipiinriy i rum uii'ir cei
Hut after all the gracious hospitality
1 received, I was glad to wake up in
the morning ami find myself below
tho snow-line. They say that sailor
carry a piece of tarred rope in their
pockets Just to smell when tliev are
on land, and if I bad had a bit of
asnhal pavement, it would have been
a ereat comfort.'
I rested for a few hours at 'Albany
and took a glimpse at its ranltol, on
which $7,000,000 hav been expended,
leavinir it still incomiilete. The nrusi
dent of the Albany Jonrnal Company,
W. J. Arkell, who has recently under
taken the management o( Judgt, is
rather a phenomenal person pluv
nomemil, I should sav, simply in hi
"luck." Hf is a young man. not
more than twenty-debt 1 should
think, with no private fortune nor
scholarly attainments, very unpre
possessinr in appearance, his lace
fining badly scarred from burns, and
yet evincing such extraordinary acute
ncss, Ragacitv, pluck, or some tin
sion in life ia to look pretty, and tin
alio aceomplialiea to perfection, for
she is a lovulr picture from tier artistic
coifluro to the tip of her dainly slip
pers Speaking of society girls, l must
tell you that no matter bow late they
have been up the night before, when
they aro visiting at the w tiiie-nouse.
the l'residunt reouiiea that they and
their hostess shall lie present at his 0
o clock breakinsi, inismay oe iryi"K
tn Miss Cleveland, but of course the
others don't mind it a bit, even if they
haven't retired until 5 o clock.
Mr. Manning, Mr. (iarlaud and Mr.
Ijimar are all ill. and a doctor saying
that the 1'rowdont "ought to take ex
ercise." Horn's a prett y state of things,
and tho Democratic administration
only ono year old. v. u coi.mns.
Scene Only Worthy of the
qnlsltion for Cruelly and a
Hrothel for Tulgarity.
Tbe Ro4 r HII7 t Frlei
tba rartanala from
Pbilalulpbla N-w: Id the old faih
ioned brick residence 1112 Ulrard
atreet, la the oflice of the Kociety lor
the I-gal Protection of Working-
women. The aociety colletti wages
due wmnen which aro withheld by
dish on cut cm ploy era; stands botween
ignorant women and the extortions of
all kinds of unprincipled knaves, and
sometime bridges its bentA-aries
over liar! times by the loan ol small
sums of money. It has baen at work
Inr anvnn vnars. and is rta'lvacom
mltU'e of the New Centurv Club, wi h
Mm. H. O. F. Ilftlloweil as its sere
tarv. Wbativtraid the society gives
to distressed women it never accepts
po miliary teturn, but pays all e
pensen Incnrred by the subscriptions
rf lienevo lent laliei. It dofH Its work
in tho com t). with the aid of quite a
galaxy of the bright young lawyers
of the Philadelphia bar, affording
them, as a manauer told a Daily Hem
reporter yetterday, a kind of "clinic"
at which they could gain experience
by practice.
"Home 01 me worst fx (onions upon
fioor women are practiced oy me sew
as machine companies," taid one of
the most efficient members of the so
clt ty. "Home Urns ago a poor German
woman came, here irom uicnmona in
omftt dUtrees. Khe had paid several
Installments on a machine, me oniy
support of bertelf and four fatherless
children, when, one da; in ber ab
sence, because she was behind witQ
una mvmenr. the scents oi me com'
pany entered ber room and carried
!. . itr fl i I 1.111
toe macmnB ou. one coum ipe in
tie Knulish. but we underttsod her
After a nood dealol trouiue we secured
the machine for her. and loaned ber
the money she needed to pay the in
itallmenl. She now owns the machine
and his rsraid us.
Ono of the most reipectaDie, tiaru
workins uir's I ever eaw came here
nns dav li tall os she baJ been swin
d nl. H ie lud been hired at 10 a week
tj work in a machine store. Hhe
found out that he could purchiee a
machine for Slr on lmtillnients ot SI
a week, and thonsht thai it would pay
her better to do work on one at noma
than toll for f I a day. Ho she had
micbine sent to ber home, ana nam
SI nur woek on it for two weeks. Then
ber employer, wno aiso Bom ner urn
machine, made improper advances to
her. which she indiiraantly repe'lett
From tint moment he wai her ene
my. The next day lie told her to
make a child's dress, work that she
had not bien hired to do, and did not
know how to do. She told h:m so.
lie commanded her to go ahead. She
made the dress. It didn't suit him,
and he discharged her without her
pay due. $tf. Then he friel to take
the machine from ber, and she came
to us. Hhe kept the machine, and got
her week's wage.
"Another sirl. who came to us
eonit time ago, tild us that her father,
Hv ng in an interior town oi rennsyi-
vania, had dteu, leaving nrr i.ow,
rhicli her relatives there had stolen
8he was a poor, hard-wonting girl, all
alone and friendlees in this city. We
found out her ttiry was true and
mors than true. We got the f-"W0 for
The society, durirc the otlice hours
every Wednesday evening and Satur
day morning, has numerous com
plaints made by women and girli In
all kinds of pecuniary trouble. Every
case is taken, and almost every just
claim is succe'sfully prosecuted.
known quality, that men who have
millions are willing to trust him with
the management of any sum. His
fattier is a very gilted and accom
plished gentleman and n brilliant
talker, and his mother a beautiful
woman, and his inheritance must
have been some occult power wholly
invisible to the ordinary observer.
I started out to tell you the news of
the capital, but the temptation to ks-
sip about mv neighbors was irresisti
ble. Kxcusethis little predatory ex
cursion and 1 will now return to my
legitimate Holds. In society there is
nothinir except pious, progressive
euchre parties ami "tens, following
noon afternoon church services. Thus
is the M'verity of devotion tempered.
The President's bust reception, on
Shrove Tuesday, was the end of the
seiiMin. There were some things worth
seeiiii; there: lor instanie, the same
women who blushed over " 'Ostler
Joe.'' and weep at La TraritUn, in
such airiness of costume that a butter'
Hv upon the shoulder, or a string of
amber beads, would have been nn inv
mi use addition. And then again, tho
w ile ! a rural member, with her train
thrown up over her arm and abla.e
with diamonds, suggesting the fate of
poor Windoni of Minnesota. I lis eon-
btitueiits couldn't understand bow he
could come to Washington a poor man
und build a $100,00) house. Hence,
said constituents had that modest
mansion photographed and distributed
bro.uirast over the State Result: Mr.
Wimloni failed to return hi the Sen-
ate 1 chanced to know tins woman
and her husband's povcrtv. If
Soni! enterprising constitnen should
Htu k this photograph up at the cross-
miiis grocery, one more reprvseuta-
tive might be relegated to his native
It is thought that the uestion of
the continuation ot the Hon. vt in. 1
Trenholni as Comptroller of Currency
is likely to provoke serious discussions,
on account of his extreme anti-silver
views. But this seems absurd. When,
however, his case may te disposed of,
it is well known that the President
y ill never. apjHiint a man to that po
sition wnose views on me sliver mira
tion are hostile to his own. Mr. Tren
holni is a man of the tinest and widest
culture and of the most exalted char
acter, a Southern gentleman of the
best tye and more than deserves the
esteem in which the President holds
One of the prettiest girls that has
been seen in Washington for three or
four years is Miss Mattie Mitchell,
daughter of the extremely well-known
N nator from Oregon. She has spent
the past winter in Paris, and is said to
have captivated a French duke. She !s
nlight.nott.ill, with aheautiful head and
romplexiiin. and dances like a seraph.
Ilnw auinkly o r hl oouuH or pain.
To 11,. hr.rn Alillnr'a Mr,
Thsrn cm. my-llc bule-cll
UlvlDely ion na oioar.
R(iPniile to tta noloinn inund"
Ha broKthrJ s and brth
And kit oul mr.'hiii uprd mel
The ter oviumsodtr- IHsth I
"Advnofil" ld Death i "for iaXt don
Ynu k.T a knly olslio
OUdi.nt u . Irmlful shild,
1 callsd xou tail 70a earn.
"I m theoBieor of Chri.i,
And hold uldin rod
For uplriU iin in rtivitw
Uonealh thi jea of Ood.
"Admnoo ind Uke th oiil't brcret,
I'll idesd fur o sbovo.
Till lie who rule, the unir
l'roirit'' rou to liii lovo."
IV.iinm II. Havnr in thr Ariinn.
Myslrrlons Disanpenraur Cleared
Mn.wAiiKKK, Wis., April 3. Nearly
four years ago John M. Hislop, a
liook-keeper for Keepei-s ix Kidilefl of
tho Milwaukee Itridgo Works disap
iieared suddenly and mysteriously.
His widowed mother Hud bis friends
f;enerally came to the conclusion that
ic had oither committed suicide or
had been murdered, and for days the
rivor near tho point where be had
been seen the night of his departure
was dragged, from the dav ot his
disappearance until yesterday mither
Ins mother nor any 01 ins menus or
acouaiiitanccs could learn anything
about him. Yesterday a letter was
received by cx-Mavor Stowell of this
city from Ilislop, dated Philadelphia,
in which the young mail explains his
sudden and mysterious disappearance.
It aptiearH that he bad worked tor
several years trying to invent a patent
roller Hour-mill, ami bad borrowed
from Mr. Stowell, who desired to en
courage him, sums of money that ag
gregated nearly f 1000. The invention
proved a failure, and Hislop, hopeless
of ever being able to nav Mr. Stowell
what he owed him, left the city quiet
ly. His mother still lives, and re
ceived the news from her son with
feelings that may lie imagined. Hislop
a telegrapn
To th EdiUiri of th Appeal :
I went to tho court-rxmra on the
opening of this t lal, foresting a rep
etition of tho Ust case of killing for
seduction, where two motherless girls
siit alone for hours, amid a scene, juilg
ng from its description given me by
men present, doui as witnesses ami
spectator as worthy of only the in
quisition in cruelty and a brothel for
ulganty. w rappeu in a garment 01
sorrow as imperious lo sneers as is
asbestos to flame, 1 felt that my wom
anly presence, as wile, inother,citizen,
decent and honest, would servo in a
measure to repress this somewhat.
There are those wr o will say mat
"only brazen impudence could willing
1.. 1- ...'
IV litk e 1.1 1 ill. ounu, 111 nuiiimi o ivimi
False they aro. Only a moral courage,
too lofty lor groundlings to understand
and far more powerful than that which
might face a lion in tho way, swept
that crowd from my view, and I saw
onlv the miserable prisoner, alone
amidst a crowd of men, and sur
rounded by a gaping hoard of curious
spectators. If a woman were swathhed
in the names 01 torment-, ana my
hand can help her by its clasp,
"As the lord Iiveth and my soul hv
eth" it shall be stretched to her, and
when such scenes as were there enact
ed are no longer poss ble, rendered so
by woman s power, children yet un
born will bless the memory of the
courageous yet despised few who un
making this tight lor a loitier me ami
better condition for all humanity.
That woman a presence there, vile
as the scene was. did restrain tho vul
garity of men. Col. Nat Taylor, in
sneaking, while referring to the pris
oner, spoko of her as a "veiled cy'
nniin.' and deeply regretted mat ia-
dice were in the house, for ho must
forbear in their preseneo to tell tho
Inrv much ho desired to do.
With the conduct 01 tno counsel ior
the State. I loavo tho press to report
Judge Douglass had a hard task to
perform, for ho ruled to prevent the
opening of a flood -gate of "sensational
vulgarity." Admit the crowding, ad
mit the tobacco, admit tho drunken
ness, the habitues of that court-room
will bear 1110 witness that only tho
bare, plain facts wero allowed to be
given, and the vile sensations liopod
for wero not in any sense forthcoming,
and in this Judge Douglass is to be
congratulated. I deeply regret that
the pastors who were present on the
second dav did not attend the last,
and hear a royal-soiiled man plead, as
Judge tiroer did. Ho made a magnill
cent effort, and the crowd listened In
solemn silence. To mo the surpriso
was that tho vast audience, packed as
it was. remained so still all the morn
ing. To tho honor of the prisoner it
should bo said that the three true
brave yeomen, father nnd two broth
er', never leu ner sine miring me
trial. And when tho old man, with
liis stern face quivering with emotion,
whispered. "Thank and bless you,
lailies, you have done a noble deed in
giving your preseiro here: and my
girl is' 11 good girl : bless you
Faith, for standing hero for
my poor child, when her sorrow broke
forth in the pitiful words: "Yes. my
father, my mother, mv brother, have
been so good to me. It is that which
kills me. If they abused me I could
better endure it. Their pity and love
breaks my heart." I felt repaid for
the three days I gave exclusively to
that trial. Until a ban of protection
is made to secure innocent girls from
the vile seducer's art, until the age of
consent is raised in every State in this
Union from tho shameful condition
now in, from ten to seventeen years
(and it is onlv women's etlort that
can raise it), until then 1 will bo
found in courts, or wherever else
duty calls, laboring, with pen anil
Statistics state that nearly every
four years the ranks of shame must
lie regulated to suit tho passions of
men. I am tired of that cowardice
and ignorance that hounds the woman
down and lets the man go, and then
evokes tho shotgun. Let both be
Diuiished or both aro free. lt women
arou'e themselves and study these
questions, and petition until such
laws are made and tho ounce of pro
tection given, for 111 cases likeliis no
pound of euro is over found.
"Thank God for oppression, as
bravo woman has Bald. I echo it, for
it breeds rebellion ; that arouses
thought, and thought murders ig-
nniimcc. the twin brother 01 sin
fore, underwrite the aisnarageraenis
of such a caviling set. I only warn
you not to encourage, as yet, extem
poraneous decisions, styled opinions,
from the bench by the Supreme Court
of Tennessee. t. w. brow n.
The Taa Draunmrrs.
Tethe Editor! of the Appeal:
There has been a great deal said and
written in regard to drummers cot
being taxed in this State. Kvery man
in bnninesj w.ll admit that drummers
are useful to us, and I als'J bedve
that very few people doing business
are in uvor 01 taxiog taose traveling
men who do a Ug t:ma'e business,
which, if I nnderatand it aright, is to
sell to wholesale and retail dealers
thtoughout the Slate. The public are,
perhaps, not aware that traveling men
reareseutinz large business nouses in
the Enst, send their men to Memphis,
who will on their arrival canvaee every
butiaesa house in tier line, and alter
snnnlviDB their wante. will then can
r ' " ..' flJJ
las J ever consumer mey can una ana
sell them Irom (10 to $-'0 worth of
oods. to the detri mt n(, of men in busi
ness here. Neither CO n drummers
pay a tax. In five cases out of ten
they evade the ct Hector while in town.
1 can give the names 01 loose
first-class houses in my line that fol
low this business regularly of selling
to customer;. Mr. Editor, . unleea the
society of traveling men who are now
petitioning our Legislators ana con
gretamcn for tho abolishment of the
tax on their business uo not put in
some proviso n prevent tueir col
leagues from selling to consumers
witoout paying ts heavy a tax as 1 uo
who rtside here, then I should be
totally opposed to relieving them
from paying a tax in every rry, town
and village throughout this r a'n.
111 f,m,iiAi
vel Legal Points to Be Argued Be
fore the United States Su
preme Court.
Hani Dunderkopf tood on the Itack;
11 it wife stood on the load:
A n .i1vai.la of emml riffhU
Came walking down the roi J.
Paid he, "I hare a paper here
Mir an foou mei w iim
Who iMn thai woman i rlirtiU ihould be
The lame al youri and mine."
Bald Hand, "I elm dot paper, ihoor,
I alwayi dtlnk, you iee,
Iihot on dem farm my trow got right
To vork io much a me.
"It likei me not to plow ahlone,
I qrioker vheat cm low
lien vben mine irow unui mem pig g-iri
To help me poth thall go.
"Dhey leed; dhey drag; dhey pflanteneorn
Dhey rorken mit dem bay;
Dhey blndt dim naney nrn loin up,
lieu Bhoek It. 'Vhat you lay?'
"I help! to do dhotvork Ina house?
Aublneini 1 nae unoi no
I be no voman anyhow,
I not oan cook und w.
"Dan vaer bringan 1 Dai 1st leicht.
I make mine frow yon yoke;
If 1 must lelbat due natter bring
I gut no time to sohmoke.
"Mine frow, ihe feedmine hones all;
Hie milk dem cowa, fa ioedt dem kalba,
I mil leadt dhem all aboum.
"She oofToe make! funf timet cin day
Bie bring it twice mir aua ;
D.r aun oe hot ; I rest me dhen
Weil aie bin gune turn haul.
"Oh, ya, aie make das m or gen fire;
Im vintor daa iat fein,
Ho oan irh atay inl firmer bett,
Ilia breakfaat gang alloiu.
"Bie vant ma not dni Are to make,
Bie d'ink I know n'lt how ;
Mine hands not riirbt tor yoman a worn.
I not can milk von cow.
Hut .hen It oome to farmer r.ik
I do dot alvaya half,
I alvava bleof in eial right,
Mine freund, vhat for you laugh?"
'Tn .nn lha eiiual righta you grant:
They're not the rlghta that 1
Would ak my moiner, siater, wue
Or daughters dear to try.
Wnmnn aro taxed aa well as men.
Th. lana they must obey ;
Bhould they not vote as well si we
On each elootion dayl"
"Mein Oottt Die vlminen at the polls,
I1 ndt voter Dot vot you mean r
It couldn't vast It netor vaa,
I ndt never Till be seem
"Mntn nraciousl If Katrina dhere
Should dtry to be a man
Until vear die britcn una try try to ion
I tell hor some lings dena.
"Slenndtqvlok oudtwho la dcr boss,
Der teulol lit to pay,
I got not time to dalk mit you
Katrina, pttcn dag nay.
,tmi j. jvei.oif.
Cmi A, Ii.u, April 3. The Hon.
Roliert T. Lincoln, of the law firm of
Ishani fe Linenln, said this morning
that his firm held lionds of the face
value of 1 100,000 issued by the Mate
of Georgia in lHii'.l and 1870, and since
repudiated, which they had been di
rector! to present to ins oiate en Illi
nois for the benefit ot the holiners
Home. The bonds are among others
hmiL'ht un Jiv fort iimers. and for a
long time have been in the bands of
New York bunkers. Mr. Lincoln
stated that suit would be brought in
he United Ktates Supreme Court
within a short time by the State of
Illinois against the Hate of Georgia
to recover the amount of these repu
diated bonds. In 1N2 test suits were
brought bv the States of New Hamp
shire ami iew lora against ixmisiunu
by the Attorney-General, in the name
of the fStates, to recover the amount
of repudiated bonds by their citizens,
but tho decision of the Supreme
Court, delivered by Chief-Justice
Waite, was that owners of Mate bonds
could not sue in the name of their
Mate after getting the consent of that
Miite, or one State could not assume
the prosecution of the debts of an
other Mate 10 lis citizens. 11 in uv-
cause of this decision that the present
mode of action has been decided
upon. Whilo the suit promises to
of the relations between States under
the constitution, Mr. Lincoln said it
was linnossiblo to say what 1W issue
might be, although he was of the opin
ion that the legal points to be cons d
pred would be entirely novel to the
Snnrenie Court. Some time airo
move was made with a Bimilar end in
view by Judge IiOehrane of Georgia, as
American agent of a large number of
German holders of repudiated bonds.
A claim was' filed against the United
States in the Court of Claims at Wash
inrrtnn. in which the claim was set up
that the United States was liable lor
the debts contracted by the Southern
States directly governed by the general
government during the reconstruction
period, mis case, in nuiuu mcnoin,
uhnm and Lincoln are also interested
will have a special hearing before the
Court of Claims next Monday morn
Nnn.ltesldent Notice.
No. W2, R. V. In the Chancery Court of
Shelby County, Tenn. Mate or lenneiiee
ts. A. Woodruff et al.
It appearing from the sworn petition in
.1.:. flint fl,. (Lfanilunt.. Hnmbert
and Sallie h Treievant, are non-rosidents of
the state ot Tennessee ana residents oi ini
Stat. nf r.niii.iim.! it ia therefore ordered
that they make their appearance herein, at
the Court-lloUKO of Shelby oounty, in Mem
phis, Tenn., oa or belore the flrat Monday
;n M. mi, ami nl.uil. answer or dmur to
tho petition and amended petition of Minor
Meriwether and Laurence l.aub, receiveri
n. ik. .un,. will h lukna for confessed as t
th.tn nn dint for hearina- eiparle: and that
a cony of this order be published once I
r- r....- .iiMMiivn wmki in the Mem
phii Appeal This 2Uth day of Maron,
A copy Attent : .
8 I. MnUOWELti. Clerk nnd Master.
n. II V Wulah. II f!. nnd M.
S. J. 'phepherd and W. A. Percy, ir., So
licdora foi Complainant.
is now working
in Philadelphia
Hrnaajtlosial Work ef a Prlarfa,
U Koide Tltrmilit, n story which was
aju'rilxtl at tlcrlin to Mine, de Kalo
mine, the divorced w lie of the Grand
Duke of Hesse, is now said to have
lieen written bv the Grand IHiehosa
Seitre of Knssia. the siH-ond danchter
of the Grand Ihikc of Hesse. The
works deals in a very outspoken fiinh
iou with the iH'inonnges and the pro-
cefdiuiM of a conteiniwrary court,
which is identified with Parmstadt.
The nart which has excited the most
aniUKcmcnt at IVrlin is the account of
the Lattenbcrg family, who . are de
scribed as tho ralU-upoufs, and their
bi'.trtrv i' wt forth at irreat length, and
Tb Hoaaleia or ihe WealhrrSlsnals
To the Editors of the Appeal:
I see vour naner duilv. and see in
the weather indications for Memphis
and vicinity, "bltio cresrent, red cres-
rent " ' blue crescent. rd sun, eu.'
Please expliun the meaning of those
terms with reference to the weather,
for the benefit of your country read
ers, and oblige. bijan.
.InaioiT. I be "blue crescent indi
cates clear or fair weather; the "red
crescent," lower temperature or colder
weather; the "blue star, local minor
mim the "red ntr." ttutionnrv tem
perature; the "huge red sun, higher
temperature or warmer weather, and
the "blue sun." eeneral rain or snow.
These are all the signals in use by the
Signal Service, and are those referred
to in the Aitf w. as quoted by Mr
IWrlalon From lhe Brorla
To the Kditori of the Appeal :
I must, on liohalf of the bar, depre
cate any encouragement by your influ
ential journal of the giving of opinions
by the Supreme Court "from the
liench" in "litipited" cases. Tho ex
pression "from the Iteneh," as you un
derstand, excludes the taking of the
case under consideration aftertlie argu
ment of counsel. It is en'irely too
soon to encourage such an idea as
this. Wait until we know what sort
of judges will bo on the next Supreme
bench. We are uninformed as yet
whether the cradle or the grave, or
both, will Ik robbed to supply the
next Supreme lench. We have even
threatening us in this direction aspi
rants who have never made with the
profession anv character for learning.
So let the AerFAL bold up for the
present on the giving of ''opinions
from the bench The judges who
assume such a responsibility ought to
be "mightv men" of law. The bar, as
you well know, have not been satis
fied with the results of what
is claimed to have been conscientious
closet work of the present Supreme
A'-ourt. Some irreverent fellows have
even gone so far as to intimate thai.
1,v.a ..l..u.,i u-,,,-v kn. luti-n nprfnnrtorv
L'and that thestn.lyof record and brief
I has be.n a "playing labor." Hut the
I . " l''-t ;ind (lisTwH-ivl V
A rarc treat in both illustrative and
art sense will be given the public by
the Graphic Neu in its issue of April
10th, when tt will present an exact re
production of the famous "Peachblow"
vis, about which there baa been so
much co a diet among connoisseurs,
and which sold at the recent Morgan
rale in New York lor $10,000. The
picture will be ol the same sizs and
color of the original, necessitating five
impreseions, and will be a magnificent
affair. It will be a fine colored sup-
pleme&t on plate paper.
Oub best exchange ia the Graphic
Xt.tot. of Cincinnati, acknowledged by
the prei s to be the handsomest paper
In the country, while negotiations with
leading authors, just concluded, prom
ise to make it tne most attractive in a
literary sense, The latest announce
ment in reference to it, and one that
nrnsacM much Hen reading matter tor
It natrons, is to the effect that the
drollest of humorists, Bill Nye and A
U. Wheeler (Nym Crinkle), one oi tho
moet entertaining and pungent wn
ters of the day, are to be regular con
tributors hereafter to its columns.
Thk New Ena'aui Magazint lor March
is one of the beet numbers we have
yet seen of a monthly, the growth of
which has been steady both as to ap-
noaranre and contents. The frontis
piece of this number is a portrait of
Judge Bennett, dean ci me boston
I'nivorsity. it is nccompaniea oy a
sketch of him that is interesting
"Alone? the Kennebec" and "Maple
Sugar Msking in Vermont" are the
illustrated article', besides which theie
are manr others worthy of special no-
t ce. a "the Lite ana unaracier oi
Dan let Weoster" ana "tony leers m
Frontier Life in the Pocomtuck Val
ley." Mantford has it for sale.
Tn Ruildina Budatt for March ia
nnmher in the hiabest degree cred
itable to one of the most useful of the
arts. The illustrations are aa aami
rablv toned etching of the Saxon
Cross at Repton ; a design for a church,
by V. A. Duncam, oi uurunaion, u
the elevation of the ourg Mens
Christian Association building
at Atlanta, Oa. ; three residences lo
catKd nn K'lis avenue. Chicago; and
designs for mantels built in Chicago
reaidniM. Btseides the carrui
news, useful and timely articles, and
lists of buildings Roing up in different
part of the country there is a price
list of building material invaluable to
builders. Only 25 cents per number
and '50 tier year. Published in
Chicago. Order of Mansford.
MrrhanllM lnaporUat Sew Turk
Xkw York. Aoril 3. The total im
ports of merchandise at this port dur
ing the iwuit week were valued at ,
2:i4,l:0, and of dry goods at $2,2.Vl,489.
Hoi Their Death MatTewaUoa.
St. l,oi is. Mo.. April 3. By fire in
one wino- of the Planters' Hotel here,
at 8 o'clock this morning, four servant
f rh met tluil .W;ilU by suujcmwu.
Non-Resident Notice.
kTa iuut. n TV Tn lha Ch&noerv Court
bnelby oounty, tenn. taio oi iiimn-
ace, uae, eto., va. Ed (Jrogan yt al.
It .ntiaarina from bill and petition of
reoeiver sworn to in this cause that the de
fendants, Mary rumen, is a reaiueni oi w.
btate of Californi , Thos. B. bee a resident
of the State of Louisiana and non-res dents
of the State of Tennessee, and the unknown
heirs ot John Houlihan, deceaard, whose
names ana places oi resiaence are unauuwu
and cannolbe ascertained after diligent in
quiry, who are interested in part of lot 150,
17x74 feet, south side Jackion streets
It is tberolore oraerea, in l iner m
their appearanoe herein, at the courthouse
ot Shelby eounty, in Memphis, Tenn., on or
before! the first fconday in May, 1HS, and
Elead, anawer or aomur vw cuuiiim
ill. or the aame will be taken for eonfeaaed
aa to them and set for hearinc ei parte: and
that a oopy of tola order oe puDiisnea onn
week, lor roar su-cessive eeis, iu .u
Memphis Appeal. This 20th day of Warca
loot. A copy attest
Oils cfij JSTzx-xt&lI Stores
Office, 349 Front Street, Memphis, Tenn.
D. MULUNS. of UU J. E. Godwin A Co. J AS. Y0N0K. lata oi J. W. CaldweU 0s
Cotton Factors & Com mission Merchants
No. 1 Howard's Bow, Cor. Front and Union, Memphis.
Mner.f hornton Ik Eo
Cotton Factors, Wholesale Grocers,
Wo. 30O Front street. : JJiempiiw, Aeon.
And Commission Derchants,
3800 and SOS Front St.. MempliU. Tenn.
0. 17. M ACUAE.
Successors to F0B1EC, TAIL0B ft CO
s. I.
for complainant.
stWKLL. Clerk and Master.
Lamb, solicitors
By H F.Walsh, Depute Clerk and Master
Met-ali A Walker and L
Mon-ltesldent Notice.
No. ), R. D.-In the Chancery Court of
Shelby County, Tennessee H. J. BVkerly,
administrator, etc., va. aueaouri nu
It ap'pearinit from the bill sworn to in this
cause tnat tne aeienaanw, rawiwon " u.vn.
Bora Darles, Boas Davies, Kra Davics and
u...l U' mrm v..iflnnta nf the State of
Arkansas ana non-resiuenu oi me duw ui
Tennessee; .
ii i. thernrnre oraerea. inat iner maae
their appearance herein, at the eourt-Inuse in
Memphis, Shelby county, Tenn., on or before
k. i..i Ua.h.v in M.v. lK8ti. and n ead.
aniwer or demur complainant s bill, or
the aame will be taken for confessed as to
them and aet fnrlhearina- exnartei and that a
oopy of this order be published once a week
for four successive weoRS, in tne mempmi
Appeal. This l'.'ih day of Marcn, ueo.
8 I. MoUOWKLL, Clerk and Master.
By H. K. Walsh, Deputy Clerk and Master,
GsnttA Pjmers.jo2oeompU.au
Koa-Bcsidcnt Notice.
No. S2M, R.D.-Tn the Chancery Court df
Shelby oounty. lenn. state oi lenneasee
u4a. .t . ts. It. W. Brooks et al.
It anncdrtnr from amended retition of
L. Lamb, receiver, to this cause that the de
fendants, El tabelh L. Tupp, ia a resident of
St. Louis, Mo., and a non-resident oi tne
Bute of Tennessee, and H. W. Brooks it a
.nn.t.ii.tnnt nt' the State of Tonrressie:
1. thAr.fnr. nnlnred. That ther make
their appearance herein, at the court-honse
of bhelby county, in Memphis, Tenn., on or
h.rnr. the first Monday In May, 18, and
...... nr ri.mnr to comntaiaants
bill, o'r the same will be taken for eonfi seed
as to them and set for hearis ex parte; and
that a copy or tbis order oe puonanea onn.
week, for four successive weeka, in the Mm-
phia Appeal. This atn day oi marcn, iorx,
S i. MrDOWRLL, Clerk and Master.
Ttr H. F. Walsh. Deputy C. and M. eu
Metoair k Walker and R. M. Heath, sols
for complainants.
TruMee's Sale.
AVISO been appointed trustee under
ntained m toe irnii anu
I 1 fltem niBsiM Hon
made by Sarah L. Dent and Ueorse Dent,
...... ik. Mtmii nf a not. for ll.VO by
them made September M. UWl, due one year
after date, delault havint been made in the
payment thereof, at the lequest of the holder
ot said no-e, t win, en
MAHrfmw. Anvil B. 1 HH.
at 1J o'clock m..at the aouthweat eorner ol
Main and Madison street, in the Tinf
T.: i wk.lk Mn.t. T.an.. sell the
followinf described tracts of land; The Bret
besinnina at Carr and MoLemore s corner
on Greer's line; thence east 11.40 chains to
Ureer's 6K eorner: thence north 10 chains to
Greer's NK corner: thence east I chains to
Bradahaw's SB eorner: thence nih : J.7
chains to McUmore and Carr s S W corner
nf i:t-.flra entry: thence east is cnainsi
thence north 10 chains u ; "
Pillow's line) thenceeastl.50:th.nce south
M chains; thence west 47.iJ chains to Carr
j vi-r i;n.. th.nre north 13-Ts
ii jcac
Cotton Factors and Wholesale Grocere
Front UU, Memphlo, Vena.
Cotton Factors, Commission Serchantt,
Wo. HO South Wnln St.. Bt. toaU
Jos. Sctilltz Brewing Gompanv,
S. ROESCHfcR. Agent, Memohii, Tenn.
luie. in 18811. DM.OM IlorreU .8ls f MeHphls Brsvacl., lies.!
MIM imi nwfJlUe. . 11.1,4. SM.000 Barrel..
Latest Novelties in Footwear
W. L. Douglas S3.00 Call Shoes
In Batten, Lace and Centres.
r Illustrated Catalogue and Prioe-List
Mailed Free on application. -tf
Tt : .. .k. k..i. . T,m . MntaininelW acres
CD.IH. WIU. VT.IU.ui... - , I
more or it binf th ftvm trvot of Und
Film Ht dMd of AastUBt U, lfc. rrdd ia
Uo'iJt'fo of'th Borland inbdiTiFioj o
ik...;.. u i.t ih tut tido of bor
Uod .vrenuo, nd runnintmbck botwMO
11-1 I.--. 1-A Ia ftJIftT.
PNIIIVI 1 1 l7 11V irw. v . . . . .
a i... . .r I.. a nf a.msi ahdtTlPion. on
tht oatB boundary linol lot 10. Ubty tX
i .1 .I.-.. u- nf ana run-
nine scuth at risht ansles with said bound
ary line nine feet and an incae.. m-m-.
rit ht 2les east siiten teet a as to ran di
reetle oi.r the enter ot the aoouth of the
cinem ; th.nce at right analys nine teet and
sil incSes to the south boundary I oe of saia
ropert, with all imeroeBents toereon,
and beinr the same property ""T'd to 4.
K. Dill.rJ, trust., hy 8. h. end tJ. U. Dent,
recorded in hook 146, para UX of the rwrds
of bhelby county. , . v.
Terms of Sale-Cash. Title helieTe4 U he
rood, but 1 sell only ss trotee.
i,, U. iisrtii'ilt''
b. wiTsr&Mmr Co
Wkleml) DetUen and Publisher,
BoU AtenU followint First-CI ass IistrnsaeaUt
eTftTPan VH M1H1 Hill IW, CMll'wH A WAUM, CHI
Wrilo tor Cststlosmses. Xt.aaa t.id Wi SF.CM1JI ST.. Wr.WflH
Grocers & Cotton Factors
$02 Mala Street, Gayoso Block.

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