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Jtttoa Higher Idullog, 8S4o
Halea Tester, ay, 1750
. Bale.
The raney market wu quiet yes
terday, the baaks doing a fair bjsi
eas in loani at 8 per cent. Ix al so
caritiea frm, especially Taxing Dis
arm , which are ateadily advancing,
tiie fours being now hold at 94 anil
thesixeaat It21. The cotton market
was (toady; middling, 8Jc. Com
pared with prices of Saturday, March
27ih, there have been slight gains in
prions at all leading markets. Liver
pool spots shew a gain during the pe
riod mentioned of 1-lGd, New York
1-lGc, New Orleans 1-lOc. Futures
have advanced 12 points at . New
York, 8 points at New Orleans and
Iiverpool 1-1 W. The course of the
New York future market yesterday is
thus described by Greene & Co.'s daily
review :
"The market was fairly held in the
absence of direct pressure end on the
continued promising tone of Manches
ter advices. Trading, however, was
rather moderate and the bulls felt
aomewhatdisturbedby an uncxpeeted
( ly full is uo of April notices, for which
' no) adequate preparation had been
made. After gaining some 5 points,
per cents closed at about lust evening's
figures.1' -.
At New Orleans yesterday, spots
closed firm, middling 8 11-Kio, l-l(5c
below the ruling price here; futures
quiet and steady and 3 to 4 points
higher, April, 8.678X8. Tho Liver
pool spot market closed steady, with
fair demand, middling 5d; futures
quiet, April 4. Bid. Kuceipts at this
point yesterday, 5(52 bales; total this
season, 519,430, against 410,211! bi'es
same time last year. -
In the general market there are no
changes of netc, except a better tone
in eggs, which are now firmly hold at
Twenty-ne pkgs butter, 5 pkgs ba
oa, 5 pkgs boots and shoes, 6500 bu
corn, 6 cars cetton-seed, 392 s's eot-ton-soedj
tt ' pkgs dry goods, 12 pkgs
eggs, 27 o krls flour, 280 bales hay,
40 hd cattle, 30,000 ft lumber, 125
brls meal, (00 bu oats, 4 cars pork
aides, 5 brls sugar and 20 pkgs tobacco.
The following shows the amount of
grain received, withdrawn and in store
bv remilar elevators, as ro nor ted to the
Merchants' Kxehango to-day: Wheat
received, none; withdrawn, none; in
strre, 3i 87 basnets. Corn received,
3047 bushels withdrawn, 3881 bush
els; in store, M,0H bushels. Oots re
ceived, l'-.'VO bashels ; withdrawn, 1211
jj j bushels; in store, 681 8 bushels.
, 9 MadLioa St, "nuiihiH, Te:.nM
url'AfMiiHaBili'Drf) otlcff aiJ Imfart
jmixtlmm chrft.Ily faraiNtied.-
Money in gf d demand at 8 per cent.
The Clearing'IIoQsa report is as fol
Saturdy, April 3d, $823,543 tW;
total this weuk. $l,69i,45l 35; totiil
last week, ','1,495,348 03; same time
in 1885, 51,4fiOL857 33; same lime in
1644, $,8HWi 09.
Sa'.Hrdav, Ap il 3d, $05,2 10 28; total
this week. t4:i,990 73; to al last week,
$N5,233 20; same tini in 1885, $442,
. 7 47 ; mum time in 1884, $441,957 63.
New York eight on all no'.ct?, pur
baying, 1 premium telling; JNew
England demand, J di-icotmt buying;
New Esj'and nig't. I dii-cmut; New
Orloa:s,i dweouat buying, par selling.
Bunk of Commerce... 148 hi.!, 150 asVed
Firtt Natiora.'.. M0 bid, 147kked
German Bank. 192 bid,20isked
State National 14 1 bid, 145 staked
Union and PutnterrVMS bid, If.Oapked
Mercantile Bank.... 135 bid, 137J asked
Homo - 70 bid, 75 asked
Bluff City '00 bid, ... asked
Pfoples 8) bid, 82J a-ked
Planters 101 bid, 10 i asked
Puoenix 98 '.id, 100 afked
Memphis City 102 hid. 104 asked
Vtnderbilt 16 bid, 19 aekeil
Hernando 10O bid, ... asked
Arlington 30 bid, 35 akd
Factors 20 asked
Tenn. wfs. Fer. C .97 bid, 98J a-sked
Bhelby Co. bondi '05 bid, ... asked
Shelby Co. wt 98 bid, 99 asked
Tax. Ditt 4, . 93 bid, 94 a.ed
Tax. Diet. tin. lull hid, 102 asked
Mem Btor. Com. to'05 bid, llo a-ked
Mem. Gaettick 75 bid, 77 aked
Mem. Gas bonds 105 bid, ... asked
Mem. Water bands 9i) bid, ... asked
Hanauer Oil Works... ... bid, 50 asked
City Oil -Work,..-.... ... bid, 45 aeked
Pioneer Cotton Mills ... bid, X....
Am. Cot. Oil troat8.,...25 bid, ... asked
Mem.City By. bonds bid. ... asked
Nw Yrk, April 3. Money on
call easy at 1443 per cent Prime mer
cantile paper, 4 a 5. Sterling ex
change, 486J r 60 days, and 488J for
The weekly bank statement issued
to-day shows the following changes:
Loans, decrease, M,252,OO0; specie, de'.
crease, JU24.8O0; legal tenders, de
crease, $2,537,600; deposits, decrease,
$0,426,600; circulation, decrease, $15,
600; reserve, decrease, $805,750. The
banks now hokl $12,787,293 in excess
of the 25 per nt. rule.
Bonds -Government bonds were
dull and heavy. State bonds were
very dull bnt steady. Railroad bonds
were eseeptiMally dnll. ale.$l,090r
Stocks -Stocks were very irregular,
at times weak and feverish for some
of the most active stocks, and closed
irregular am compared with last even
ing, bnt nencrally firm. The most
conspicuous feature of the day's busi
ness was the heavy trading in Lacka
wanna, generally believed to be for the
account of a prominent bear specula
tor, one brokier alone selling about
40,0TO shares. It opened i lower, at
125, sold rapidly . down to. 124 and'
back to l'2 in the first hour. There
was then an almost continuous de
cline until it touched 123, sharp
rally to 124 and a break to 123 by 1
o'clock. later . the stock was more
ijuiet and rallied, to 124 j in the last
hour, at which it closed, a loss of .
The other coal stocks sympathised in a
measure with this decline, and Dela
ware and Hudson closed with a net
gain of 1, Jersey Central 1 and Head
ing J. Lake Shore also suffered from
tho 'same influences. It opened
lower at 81J, declined to 80 and in the
last hour it rallied and closed at S0J.
Tho bear talk regarding the stocks re
lated the rumors that the company
was about to guarantee the Nickel
Plate bon.'s at 5 irt cent. Trans
continental stocks were inclined to
be heavy, but recovered a portion
of their lo.-sos in tho final rally.
Southern Pacific closed J, Central Pa
cific I and Union Pacific lower.
Pacific Mail, on the other hand, was
firm at the close, with a net advance
of J at 63 j, after selling at f 3. With
the exception of Evansville and Torre
Haute, which is down 1,and Michigan,
Central 11 per cent., none of the active
Blocks show changes as much as 1 per
cent., and the changes are pretty even
ly divided. Prices this evening, as
compared with a week ago, show only
slight changes as a result, but lacka
wanna is down 3J, Southern Pacific is
up 3j, Union Pacific 3J and Pacific
Mail 3J. Other changes are for loss
than 2 per cent., but tho gains exceed
the losses. The total sales for tho
week were 1,848 ( 00 shares -a decrease
compared with last week of 8."v,400
The total sales of stocks to-day were
OA T Irt .l.n..a innlii.l.'nn. lUnn.n
LACKawaniut anu tvcaicrii, im,t-.'
Delaware and Hudson, 10,897; F.rie,
fc379; Lake Shore, 64,23; Louisville
and Nashville, 5.100; North western,
8031; New Jersey Central, 4600; New
York Central, 12,910; Pucific Mail,
31,660; Reading, 300; St. Paul, 39,
00.1: Union Pacific, 24,225; Wejtern
Union, 1?,3:J5; Northern Pacific pre
ferred, 7700. Closing quotations:
n. 8. 3s, 10U'4 New 4s. 1257;.
New , 112. Pacific H ot JS'J5,127
C. P. fir t'. lir'i. T.P. laid grtvU.&M.
Krie feconda. 102. T. P. Rio li. i 50.
Le'h 1 Wilke., 1W4.V. P. fir-U, Ui'4
L-.uieiin C'-"Jii H. Innd iraut.
Mimouri 6i, nil. U. P. . fund, lli.
Ft. Jo eiih. I'-'l. Virginia 6s, 41.
Kt.l'.A .0.firt,12S. V. con., ex-m. t., 55.
Tenn. 6s, oid, bl. Va. con. dof., tf.
lean. &i, new, 67.
Adama Exprssi, 145. Naihrille A C, 4 .
4 He, bear Con , - N. J. Central, i'i.
Alton It T. U , 38S Nor. & W.. pfd. 23.
A. . T. U., ifd,8i. Northern Pao , 3.
Americin Bx..lUS. Northern Ppld,.
I)., O. R. & N.. 60. N. Y.O. A Su L,7
Canada Pho., &',. N.Y.C. A ot L ..M
Canada Sou., 3J. U.iN. W 1 S.
Central Pacfin.42. ). k N. W., nd. l!tK
Ch (: .eakeA0..1'.N. V. Central. H.
C. k 0., lit pld, Wi. Ohio Central, IS.
C. k 0., 2d i fd. 12. Ohio Misa., ni
C. A A., 142. O. k Miw..pfd,W).
C. k A., pld, VS. Ontario k Won 19.
C , B. k Q.. VSVi. Oregon NaT., K-i.
C.St. h k N. 0., Oreon Trani.,'ii
C, tit, h. k P., 11. Oregon Imp., il
C.St.Ii. k P., p., 27. Pao. Bo Mail, 'fi.
0., 8. k 0 . SI. Panama. M).
C. k C. 46!4 Veoria. D. k S.. 22S.
Dol. k HuJ,, 100M PitUuurir, 1M.
Del., b. k V., 121. Pullman P. C.,131.
Den. A Rio G., 14. ReadinK. Zi'A.
Krie, 25. Rock Island, 121.
Krie, Jtd, &). H h. k 8. P., X)',.
Kaat Tenn., 2. St. L. k S. P., (., 43.
KastTenn. pld. 54$. Ht. L. A S. K.lst . .101.
Foit Wane. 147W. 0. M. k tit.
T I .1 lir 1 1fbJi,Fl
HannWal ASt. Jo, C M. A St. P.. .,1I8.
II. A rit. Jo pfd.
HI. r. M. k At.. lir.
Harlem, 214.
llo ft .i. A r., 24.
Illinois Cen.,l:MK.
r-t P. A Omaht.
fit. P. A 0.. Pfil. 10J4.
Texaa Parific, 1
Union Pacific
II. S. Express. 41.
W.,St. li. AP. 8S.
W.,St. I.. A P. p.,17.
W. A F. Ex ,ia.
W. U. Tel., 61
Colora in Coal. 2t.
Homeuke, 17.
Iron Silver, 2ij0.
Ontario, 2i.
Ouicksiiver. 7.
lnu. J!. X
Kriishs A T . .
Lake B. A W., 12.
L.ke Shore, 80.
I ou. A Nxsh., :'t.
Lou. AN. A. ,33.
M. A C, I t pld,
M. AC. 2d pfd, -Mn
in. A Char., 32.
Mich. Central, i.
;Vin ASt. L..17H.
M. A
t. L.. T.(.1.42V:.Uiiirks ler pfd. 21.
Pao . Iv.i'i. Pouih. Pacific,
Morris A E., ofid
butio. 17.
IxiNnoN, April 3. Consols, 100
6-10 for money and lOOjj for the
account. The amount of bullion
gone into the Bank of England on
balance to day is 3000. ' .
Paris, April 3. Three per cent
rentes, 80f. 42Je. for the account.
Baltimork, Mi., April 3. Clearings,
$1,887,190; balances, $297,740.
Nkw Yoihc, April 3. Exchanges,
! 107,080,022; balances, fO 219,015.
Cmicaoo-Ill., April 3. Bank clear
ings for the day were 58,495,01)4 ; for
the week, 140,595,531.
St. Louis, 5Io., April 3. Bank clear
ings, $2,135,855; lor the week, i 12,
0X5,453; balances, $3,217,390; balances
for to-day, $471,704.
Philadelphia, Pa , April 3. Clear
ances, SI, 022,000; balances, f l,209,4.'3;
for tho week, clearances, $53,972,008;
balances, 18,014,452.
Boston, Mass., April 3. Fxchanges
$'4,820,388; balances, . Sl,797,983
Money, 4 per cent. For the week,
exchanges, 479,777,338; balances, $9,
550,899. COTTOtf ARRETS.
The local cotton market opened
steady, and closed etealy, middling,
8Ji. 'Sales, 1750 ba!ep, of which 1250
were to fx oners 8iid 5t.:0 ti spinnerH.
7 1 1
7 916
Good ordinary..
Low middling...
Good middling.
Middling fair....
Stains, tinges 7($8j!
Mbmphis, April ft, 18.
Stock Sept. 1, 1885 1,392
Rece vel to day 662
Received previou8ly...518,808 520,812
Rh'pped to-day 2f00
Shipped. previously....4 17,748 4 9,754
Stock.running account 101,06S
Thus far this week....'. 682
Thus far last week....:...". 595
Since September 1st 5 '9,4 0
M. and C. R. R
M. and T. R. R
L. and N. R. R
M. and L. R. R. R
C, O. and 8. W. R. R
K. C , S. & M. R. R
M., S. and B. R. R
Wagons and other sources..
Thus far this week.....
Thus far lost week
Since September lst
. 2,000
. 1,516
M. and C R. R 403
M. andT. R. R 60
L. and N. R R 116
U., 0.nd 8.W. R. R - 250
L,N O. andT.R. R 800
HUianien north 887
. Total .2,006
' New York spote opened quiet, and
closed firm. Sales, 533 bales. Quo
tations were as follows :
Ordinary .,6 9-16
Good ordinary. ..7 15-16
iow middling... 8
Middling 9 3-16
Good middling-9g
Middling fair. ....It'
Fair .10 15 10
9 316
10 16-16
New York futurcfl opened dull, and
closed qui t and steady. Sales, 45,300
bales. The closing quotations were as
follows :
April - 9.15 9 16
May 9 22 & 9 23
June 9 33 4 9.34
Jaly .... 9 41 9.42
August - 9 60 9.51
September... 9 .5;a 9.36
October 9 22 9 24
November... 9 19 9.S0
December... 9 24 ii 9 25
January 9.32 9.33
9.14 915
9 21Q 9.22
9 32 9 33
9 40(4 0 41
9 49 9 50
9 3V) 9 36
9 21(S) 9 22
9.17Qi) 9.18
8 22 .i)
9.E0,o 9 32
Tlie New Orleans snot market opened
quiet and firui and closed linn. Sales,
hOOO bales.
Yesterday. Fri lay.
Ordinary...... 7j " 7J
Oroil ordinary... 7 13 16 7 13 '6
Low middling.... S 3 16 8 3 10
Middling 8 11 10 8 11-16
Good middling.. 9 9
The New Orleans future market open
rd quiet and steady, and closed quiet
ami it a Iv, and 3 to 4 points higher.
Sales, 9000 bales. The closing quota
tions were as follows:
April 8 67 8.68
May 8.81 8.S2
June 8 95 S.
July 9 09 91J
August 913 9.11
Si'ptemlHir... 8.8iX.) 8.90
Otober 8.82 8.83
November . 8 78 t 8 79
December ... 8 81 8 82
Fri lev.
8 64;a) 8 67
8.78 8 79
8.92 8.93
9.0li'd 9.07
9.10 9.11
8 8 8 88
8.78. 8.79
8 74(a) 8 78
8 77 8.78
Toue.i Rec. I Prices I Stock.
Galveston st'dy. 847:81 f3,8U
N Orleans, firm, 461811-16 289,367
Mobile st'dy. 235 811-10 MI.Oll
Savannah, auiet. 303 85 34 180
CharlVton null. 2'9,s 39.998
Wilm'ton. st dy. 131,81 3,533
Norfolk.... s Vv. 228 81 f 5.469
Baltimore dmi. hJ 31,490
New York fi'in. 158,9 3-10 311,107
Boston quiet. 570 91 0,310
Philad'a... dull. 89 7 16 17,654
St. Louis... s.'dy. 350 8 0,023
Augusta. . !
Ruceiptaat ports this Jav.lA&i. 57517
irMU.it.la at nApla l lo .1 ., .. 1 O I'.'i:
Receipts at ports, this day,1885.
R'ts U. S.!
ports.l d iv
4,527 ?,035 6,501
5.30.' 2,32 1,301
839 573 C48 19S 074,402
4,833,194.4,543 095 4,55-9 587
3,01,lr.73 3.50,10713,329,117
Ex. Gt. Br
R'ts Sept.l
Iucreoso of receipts this vear... 290,099
Receipts this week. 25,130
Same week in 1885 13,855
Same week in 18s4 33,816
Increase compared with 1885.,
Decrease compared with 1884.,
Shipments this week
Same week in 1885
Same week in 1884
Increase compared with 1885.. 20,827
Increase compared with 1884.. 1,829
Stock this week 836,663
Same week in 1S.85 144,988
Same week in 1884 125 394
Increase compared with 1885.. 190,605
Increase compared with 18s4.. 210,209
Receipts from plantations, 1 880.. 3(i,7i'4
Receipts from plantations, 1885.. 14,934
Receipts from plantations, 18.84.. 21,249
Receipts from plantations, 1883.. 68,88 )
Comparative statetnmit of cotton
intrko'.ed and in sight April 2d:
1885. 18S0.
Net ree'ts at ports to
February 28th 4,828,067 4,540,400
Nut overland move
ment Feb.ysto 640,307 621,627
list'd South'n con
sumpt'nFeb.28tb. 205,000 180,000
Auwunt marketed 5,674,034 5,242,087
Interkirstocks in ex
cessSept. 1st 319,813 127,783
Amoiuitin sight 5,993,847 5,309,870
Tho Now York Financial Chronicle
of Ap il 3d gives th follpwirg tig
ures: Total visible supply, 2,753,859
bales, against 2,637,783 in 188). These
6gnresindicatn an increase of cotton in
siprht of 1 21 ,076 biiles, as compared with
the name date in 1885, and a decrease
of 185.342 bales as compared with same
date in 1884.
The Liven100' BIt market at noon
was reported steady, fair demand.
Sales, 14,000 bales, of which Ame
rican 7000 bales. Receipts, 8,000
bales, of which 24,000 were American.
The following are tho closing quo
tations: Ordinary, 4.d; good ordi
nary, 4S1; low middling, 4 13-l(id;
good middling, 5Jd ; middling uplands,
5d; middling Orleans, 5 l-lOd. Tho
above sales in. hide 6000 bales Peru
vian. The pricn are given in pence and 6 Wit,
0iu: 4 03 meant 4 03 6Jf and 6 111
means 5 1-01 "1
At noon: Liverpool futures, steady.
Quotations were as follows: April,4 Oid
April-May, 4 00 4 Old; May-June,
4 02d; June-July, 5!i5 Old; August
September, 5 (;2(5 03d; September
October, 6 05d; October-November,
At 1 p.m. : Liverpool futures were
quiet and steady; April, 4 Old sellers;
pril-May, 4 Old sellers; May-June,
4 63d buyers; June-July, 6 Oldscllers;
July-Augufit,5 03d buyers ; August-September,
5 OOd sellers ; September-October,
6 Old sellers; October-November,
5 Old sellers; September, 5 07d sellers.
The following is the record of the
bids and offers at the Call Board of
the Merchants' Kxchnngo yesterday:
No. 2, white, spot, 40c asked ; April,
4'1c asked; May, 39Jc o. t. bid, 41c
asked; June, 42c asked; No. 2, spot,
378c o. t. bid: April, 37jc bid, 38jc
asked; May, 38c bid; June, 48c bid.
No. 2, spot, 34c o.t. bid;.April, 33Ja
bid, 35c twktd ; May, 30c asked ; June,
36c asked..
May, $14 o. t, bid, $14 60 asked;
June, $14 asked.
Slot,f 1 95 asked ; April, $1 90 asked ;
May, i 02 asked ; June, $2 10 asked.
Cobs White, 47n; mixed, 46e, from
store; from levee or depot, white, 44c;
mixed, 42c; in sacks, in round lota
white, 42c ; mixed, 40o.
H at Choice, from store, 85c ; prime,
7580c ; prairie, 50c ; round lotw from
iavee or depot, choice, $1414 60;
prime, $13I3 60; prairie,$88 50.
Oat Wnito, 40c; mixed, 38 Jc,
from store ; round lots from levee on
track white, sacked, 37c; mixed,
sacked, 35 Jc.
Bban From store, 85c per cwt;
round loti from levee, $14 7515 per
Bjcans Navy, $1 762; medium,
$1 601 75.
- Cobnmial Standard, $2 152 25;
pearl, 33 25 from store; 6c cheaper
from mill, leves or tra.
Rick Louisana, 4l6c; Carolina,
67c i
Oatmial -In half-bajrelj, $33 25
from store. I
Cbackko Wbkat Il half-barrels,
$3 60 from etora. ' j
Flour In or lo's, tpnble extra, $3
3 5 1; triple extra, $3 ffi(.t)3 75; lmi
ly, $3 754; choice, 1$4 254 35;
fncy, $4 604 70; eita fancy, $4 90
6; patents $5 255 tf; ftom More,
fdmily, 425: choict, $4 25 34 40;
fncy, $4 6)4 90; exta fancy, $5
5 25; patents, 5 5 6 $.
Hominy and GaiTSr-Froui store,
$S3 25.
t'BACKiBj Soda, exfra, 4c; soda,
treble extia, 4Jc; K m JB cream crack
e:s, extra, 7c; lemoa crtam crackers,
treble ext'a, 7jc; ginger snaps, extra,
6c; ginger snnpj, treble lextra, 6e; as
soited jumbles, 9c. j
Kansas City, Mo., Airil 3 Wheat
dull and lower; csh, Mjo bid, ti.'.Jo
asked i May, 67 jc; June.TOjc bid, 71 jc
asked. Corn quiet ; casi, 27c asked ;
May. 28c bid; June, t9c bid, Z0i
asked. Oats no quotatbns.
St. Lopis, Mo., A mil 3. Flour
dull and unchanged. AVbeat weak and
lower; the market opined easy and
declined ijic, flactnatod for sou.e
time and sold op jc, broke again and
c'owd l! lower thin yes'erdny;
No. 2 red, eash, 871cj Nay, 88j"38Pc,
clcM-Ing at 8e; Jane, J89j Ix.
ingatSSjs bid; July, 8iJ8):, clos
ing at 85Ju. Corn yery dull and lower,
c'osirg c under yeetetdiy; No. 2,
mixed, ca.'b,3333l3;ipril,33Jbid;
May, 34i34Jc, ilosiug 34J34jc.
Oats very dull and easv;lNo. 2 ui'xe.l,
rash, 31c; May, Rjo weak, 59jij.
Ba-ley dull and unchanged. Hay
faiily active and firm; niairie, $6(it8;
t mothy, $U14. Flax Mod flrui.f I 09
Bran ea?v,'(ilc. Corniuml firm, $1 85
fnl 90. Receipts FlonS 1000 brls;
wha, 600 bn; corn, 25)000 bu; oat,
6000 bu; rye, none; imley, none.
SltipmHiiifl Fionr, 2G00 brls"; wheat,
none; coin, none; o&!4 uoue; rye,
nore; barley, none. j
Cuicaoc, III , A prii 3. -t-There was a
free selling of wheat throughout the
entire session to day, and t'.ie ptevail
ing tone was nue of htavim-s'-. Th
hnme and fonien advices were all dis
couraging to holders, an( wit'i con
sidfrtblebng wheat oll'jeil for ants
the price of May broke eff t 80Jc,
rallied a trifle, and closed for the day
at80e. Priva'e cables tBiwrted free
oflcring of Lidia, Califorut and Ore
gon wheat for future shipments, while
the generality of tbe crjpreports were
favorable. Cirn and oati were dull
and easy, belli closing a sbade lower.
Mess pork opened 2iifij lower, but
became itrocg, rallied 1520c, aod
closed firm. Flonr Heady and
unchanged. Wheat weaker, closing
lower. Sales ranged: May, 80J
802c, closed ntSOjc; Jane, 8282r,
olowd at 82Jc; No. 2 spring, 76
"8jc; No. 3 Bpring, 6970i. Ojrn
doll and easy; cash, 34'it30ic; May,
38J38 6-lOc, clcsed 8381; June,
38 6 1638Jc (.1 teed at 38Jo Oats
fairly active and easy; cash, 29i;;
May, 30 7-1630 9-16o, closed at 3i)J ;
June, 30j3t'j!. closed at 30j. Rye
dull; N.t. 2, 66c. Barley nomtual;
No. 2, t'Oa. Flaxseed quWt; No. 1,
$1 07. R-ceipts Flour, 10,000 bris;
whtas 14,000 bu; corn, 102.0C0 bu;
oHt, 78,(H!0bti; ryo, none; larlev,
20,000 bu. Shipments Flour, 12,(00
brls; wheat, 12,000 bu; corn, 2,0()0
bu ; oats, 43,000 bu ; rye, 0100 bu ;
barley, 13,000 bu.
BiiTTKii Creamery, 3337c; dairy,
22a'2()C; bntterine, 14'o10c ; country,
12J'i 18(!, according to condition.
CiiKKsB Prime flatn. 7(u8c; New
York factory, 8c; full cream, 1212jc;
V. A.. l.'!.i U2C.
Mkss Pork Old, $10 per harrtd;
new, tl I x',t barrel ; sngar-enred hams,
packed. 9K9jc; breakfast bacon, 7J
(d'.K: ; clear rib bacon, 6J0 Jc.
Bulk Pork Clear sides, Cc; clear
rib sides, 5jc; long clear, 0c; shoul
ders. ;M4e.
Ijird -Tierces, 66c; half-barrels,
6Kj02c; kegs, 6,6Jc; buckets, 6j
Hie; haU-buckets, 0icft(i3c; 50-lb tins,
0j6jc; 20-lb tins, 6l0Bc; 10-lb tins,
6?0c; 5-lb tins, 6J(j)6jc; 3-1 b tins,
eiWic: choice kettle, tierces, Biwosc,
Fiiksh MBATS-Leid-Good Kansas
cows and heifers, O jc; mutton, 8J
9c ; lambs, ; pork oe.
Pios-Kah-r-Brls, $88 50; half-brlfi,
$:i3 25.
6t. Louis, Mo., April 3 Piovisions
more acti vj iul nrmer. iorxsteauy,
$10. Lard firm. 5 805.82J . Bulk
niRtti steadv: l '.oaa I ta lorg clear.
61c; short ribs, 5.35c; short clear,
6c; boxed lots unchanged. Eicon
firm: lona clear. 53c: s'nort libs.
6.85: short c ear. 6 .95(06f!. Ifain.
steady, 8J(rtJHc. Butter pitady and
uuchanged. Eggi firmer, OOjc.
Cincinnati, 0 Ap'il 3 Pork firm.
er ami htld fiii-her. S9 8. t,ird
quiet, h 83c. Bulk mep.t" tir ner; shonl-
derp. 34r: short rib. 61(i..vc. lit on
firm; slouldors, 4Jrt; sliort rib, 5 (15c
short cleor. 6.15c. B'lt'.er quiet: North
wettenrex'.ia creamery. 34350! giod
to prime creamsry. 2530.:; choice
dairy roll. 1628c. eay at 1 1.
Cheese firm; prime to choice cured
Ohiofacttry, 9 10c.
Chicaoo. III.. April 3. Mew pork
ea i-r, 2J5c lower early, bnt rallied
and became quite etrongrallying 15
20c, clnsiDg'tirm; rash, S9 40; May,
19 3r)(i-9 55. closed $9 474M U t)U ; J une.
$9 42J902, closed at J9 65m 9 67.
iiru uruior 1V'MU Ullirri
6.97 Jc; May, 6.9ic. clowd at 6 97j
6c : June. 6.02i(i0 o&c. tioxea mea's
steady; dry rated ehonlders, 3 85
3903; snort rib sines, oi'j(aw.jj ;
short clear sides, 5.605 6'c. Butter
firm, higher; creamery, 29J4c j dairy,
162 1c ... Egs, 10J10c,
Cofkui Common, 88Jc; ordina
ry, 99Jc; prime Rio. lie; choice
to fancy, ll13Jc; old government,
2325; Ceylon. 20c.
Soap 35ic per pound.
ScoAB-Pore w. o. white, 6J6Jc;
Off white, 66Jc; yellow, 66ic;
onen kettle, 4j5jc; refined A, Of
61c; granula'ed, 66ic; powdered,
7J ; cut loaf. 7J3.
Salt-$1 201 30 per barrel; sacks,
fine, $1 60; ci arse, $1 10; pockets,
bleached, 2j7c; car-loads from levee
or depot, 5c cheaper.
Molasses Louisiana, enmmon to
fair, 2030j; prime to choice, 3040c;
syrup, 2010c; common to fair, 20
25c: nrirae to choice, 3033c; centrif
ngnl fancy, 33c.
Tcbaoco -Common, 11-lnch, 27
30c; other grades and etyles, 2f 28c.
Snuff-Garrett's, $10 8 per case;
Ralph's, $10 25 per case; R. R., $9 60.
' Candiks sticks, all sizes, in boxes,
pails and barrels. 7 j81o. 1
Candlbs Fall weight, 1010Jo.
, Canned Goods, Etc. Prices per dos
en: Pineapples, $1 35 1 66; peachee,
2-1 b. standard, $1 351 60; seconds,
$1 151 25; tomatoes, i-lb, standard,
$1 10; 31b,$l 35; strawberries, $1 40
1 60; raspberries, $ 1 1W&1 25; black
berries, $11 15: greengages, 1 1 60
1 75; pears, $22 25; plums, $1 6000
1 70; asparagus, J2 Q04 ; green corn,
$1135: Keen peas. $l2 25; cove
oysters, fall weight,
1-lb, fll 10;
APRIL 4, 18SG.
cot oyster, fall weight, 2-lb, $1 75
1 85; cove oysters, light weight, l-li,,
ooc; coTu ojtmv, iirui weiant, '.'-lb,
$1; condensed milk Crown, $5 90
Eagle, $7 75; Swiss, $6.
New Yoek, April 3. Ccffoe Spot
fair Bio steady at 8jc; options a nha.ie
higher; tales, R550 bigs; May, 7 0s;
September and OUlber, 7 05c;' Decem
ber, 7 10c. Sugar qniet; refined dull.
Molasses quiet and firm.
Appiks Apples, $2(i3 fromstore;
$1 60:;2 25 iter car-load from levee
or depot. Dried apples, :t(,i4,- jH.r
pound from store, Dried peaches, 3
4e from store.
Potatoes Potatoes, tl 7,ya2 (r,,,,,
store ; 1 1 60 1 75 per car load from levee
or depot. Sweet potatoes, t'2 60 aW 75
jerbrl. Peas,$l 25(1 Jft p,.r bushel.
VaxiKTAni.Es Onions. $2 75 from
store ; $2 60(a) 2 60 from lew 0r depot.
Cabbage, $1 60 3 50 per caU. Kraut,
lrrels, 15 60 i6; lialf-haMs, $2 75.
Garlic, 4060c per 100.
Fbuit Otanges, Louisiana, none;
Florid, none; Messica, $3 "04 pr
box; Imjierials, 55 50 x-f box.
Lemons, (4 50,i5 per b.x. Ba
nanai. $1 753 per bnucb. Coroa
nuts, $4 per 100. Peanuts Vrainia.
Jie; Tennessee, farmer's ttock,s4c;
roasted, tic. nigner; stsiied, lOc Al
monds, 1820&
PicKLRS-Ia irs, pinti, 95c; quirts,
$1 60; half-gallons, $2 75; galluit,
$3 76; losee, barrels, $tl; half-barrtla,
3 60; mixed, barrels, $10 50; mixed,
half-barrels, JO.
Raisins London layers, $3 40; lay
ers, $2 76; California, ; Imperial,
$3 504.
Walnuts French, 12c ; Naples, 15c ;
Grenobles, 15n. Filberts, 12c
Cider Missnuri, $77 60 per bar
rel and $44 60 per half barrel; Vine
gir. llU'e pr ga I in.
Poultby Turkeys, per dox 'n, $9
15; chickens, g tod i demand. 33 50;
dteHsed turkeya, scarce, 1516c per
pou ad.
Pecans Texas, 810c for small to
medium, 10( Mc for largo; Arkanpas,
Fisii Mackerel, haU-baireli, No. 1,
$5; No. ?, f3 25; No. 3, $2 75: 10 lb
kit. No. 1. 80e: No! 2. 7(k:; 15-lb. No.
3, 60o. Dry herrings, family, 30c per
Game Venison, whole, 3 5c, Sad
dles, 6(018!;; bear, 68:v, wi d turkeys,
bt)75c; ducks, $1 602 60;quirrels,
7ftc; quails, 7&:'(i)ti; prairie cincaens,
$5; game flab, 68c
Kaof firm Uo.
rorroN-sBKu oil, kic.
Seed Delivered at depot and wharf.
$8 per ton; on bank of river ((. o. b.
boat), $6; wagon tt mills, $8 Meal
Prime (f. o. b.,1 lo per ton. .Less than
car-load lots, $10. From store, 90c per
sack. Cake Nominal ; $10 per ton.
Oil In carload lots, prime, crude C.
H. oil, 23)24c; prime summer yel
low,20iJ7c; off-summer yellow, 25
20lc; miners', o; choice cooking
summer yellow, 2830j.
Coal Oil rrimo white, wholesale
lota, 11c per gallon.
Ci.KVKi.ANii, April 3. Petroleum
s. w. UO, 7 jc
PiTTMiinim, Pa,, April 3. Petro
leum tl .ill but sternly; National
Transit certificates oMned ut 71','o and
closed, 7IJc; highest price, 71Jc; low
est, 71 Je.
IIorkks -Good driving, $150225;
good saddle, 1 1 10 if 3IM ; plugs, 1 35 80 ;
irooU mares, Ni(iii40.
Miti.es -141 U) 15. 110(SI35; 15 to
15J, $125 140; 15J to 16, $140175.
Good demand; supply fair.
Whisky Straight Kentucky Bur
hon, $1 0(6; rye.fl 75()6 ; domestic,
90('fl 50.
Chicaoo, April 3. Whisky steady
atl 14.
St. Louis, April 3. Whisky steady
at tl 10.
Cincinnati. April 3. Whisk v
steady at $1 10. Sales of 783 barrels
finished goods on this basis. ,
HiDKS-Dry flint, RtftlOc; dry salt,
1012ii; green salt, 78c; green, 5
6o; uuer sktnp, ltlWlSii htinter-liaa
died coon (kins, each, 20 50c ; country
coon skins, , lO30c; nank, lOM30c;
mn kia', 610c; ot'er, $15; lear.
$15; beaver. 60c$l; wil.lcat, 20
40c; lox, 25f-iW5i;; sknuk, 2575c
tSeesnax, 18("Jlo; ullnw. 41).!.
Catti.b Choice to extra corn-fed.
9(X) to 10.50 pounds, 44jc; good, 3J(
4c; choice gross-fed, 3j'.!c; good, 3
(irt31c; fair to meilitun, iiwzlc: com
mon. H(M2c
HoosC Choice, 3j4c; good, 3j
3je; coininon, .IJ1C,
Siikkp Choiiw, 4'a'4je; nieilium,
3.Jc; eommoii, $11 60.
Cincinnati, O., April 3. flogs
firm; common t) light, $3 4i4 30;
pairing and butchers, 14 104 60.
Receipts, 300 head; shipment, 391
Chicago, III, April 3. The Dro
vrrt' Journal reports: Cattls receipts,
1600 bead; shipments, 'MX) head;
market steady ; shipping utuerrf, 950 to
1500 pounds, $4 20(nV5 75 ; (tickers and
feeder", $2 764 40; cow, bnlls and
mixed. 123 75; bulk, $33 25; Tex
ans, $3 &Y$i 60. IIo,zs receipts, 10,
000 head; shipments. 45O0hal; mar
ket strong end a shade higher; rough
and mixed, $44 37J; packing and
shipping,. 4 254 50: light, $3 90
4 35; skips, $33 75 Sheep receipts,
400 head; shipment, none; market
st.ady ; natiyes, 13 5 86; Texans,
ty.xi so.
Kassas City, Mo., April 3. The
Live Mock Indicator reports : Cattle
receipts, 837 head; shipments, none;
strong, and active and 6c higher;
choice to fancy, $5 105 30; fair to
good, $4 605, common to medium,
$44 60; tt jokers and feodeis, $3 30
4 20; cows. $2 603 4 ). Hog-re-ceipt,
7077 head; shipments, 1,150
head; active and firm ; good to choice,
$44 15; fair, $3 853 95; common
to medium, $3 6-3HO;ski sand pigs,
$'2(o; 3 50. Sheep receipt, :I6 head;
shipments, nene; strong; good to
choice, $44 70 ; fair to good, $3 25
3 90; common to mediant, $23.
hew tore dkt uoods.
New Yobk, April 3. Through a wiJe
reqoeit for many small to moderate
assortments of miscellaneous char
acter, agent hive distributed good
quantity of stuff, while the demand
is not active, though of seasonable
proportions for the moment.
flZ? U-i, ' 1 B,Vana4ve.tiertoeon-
r ,,, , nlt eontawa luu of
ewi.papar and aatitnatef o the eoet of ad
TartiiiDf . Tbe advertiser who want to iod
one dollar, nodi in It tnelnformitlrjo he r
qiiirei, while (or lira who will in reft one
horared thoonand dollar in advertinni, a
e-heo e ill a Heated which will meet hii
every re.inLfement, or eaa be made to do to
by lichl coans" eaaily arrived at y eorr
tpomlenee. On hundred and fifty-three
ditiona have been lMued. heat, poatpaid,
to any aHdreaelor ten tenia- Apply to GEO.
VKKTlwlNU BUREAO.HprneetU (Print
icf ilvax 8ijarei, New Kofk.
Srilllisi a.4tlW
St. Louia. ...UiLi Mmrau, 6 e.ui.
friari Point. .Conoaa, S p.m.
Arkaoaaa Ci'.y.KTa Aa, 6 p.m.
Osoeola Vttn Antux, K p.m.
Tii'tonvilla ..(I ayoso, 5 p.m.
Vukibura CiTTorCino, Cp.m.t
New Ortcaaa Cms. Muiiiii, 4 p.m.
Aikantat Rirer..Joa PtTaaa, S p.m. ,
St.Fran. ii River. Kiwi MamiuUY, Ap.m.
Cincinnati Jak W. (Iaff, 5 p. to.
Kew Urlcana Citt )r'.NTcsi. 4 p.m.
WhiU Rirax.. ..Caiotatuw, p.ru.
Arrival. City of New Orleans, St.
lxmis; DeSmet', White Uiver.
ItrfHirturo. City of New O-leans,
New Orleans; le'Sinet, While Uiver.
Jktat in Port. Reno Sluereadv.
lioat D.r l)otvr.. Dean .Vilimw,
City of Providence, (iavoso, James W.
(Jail', Chius. Morgan anil City of Cairo.
tuiaif j'Hf 4 p. I'oalioma, r.elle
Memphis Kat- Adams. Paris C. '
Urow n, Joe PeU mnnd t hus. P. ( hon- !
KwlpH Ttnitmlaijr,
leSniet (brought oet of White riverl
baltM cotton, 107 sks seed, 4 bales
hid. 175 bides and f irs and 41 pkirs
TiiM'hy iutlw, Capt. K. O. Postal,
Is the 1'lnen.liiv packet lor White
The IV, iv
Maereu Iv, ('apt. ). K.
lay evening lor
St. Ki'itneis f ver.
Tiik l'l.as.V. I'lum.,,,, c lyU Wni.
I. IhonvepMi, h dre , to-morrow,
hoiiud for M. I.tius. 1 1
Tiik Ani'lior Line sU'suit. i',v t
Natchez, Oipt. t. V. KaI.v, V 'J,
lim ket Tuesiluy exening for" Ne, ,)r.
Tub Itelle Memphis, ('apt. lift.
ker, is the Anchor'. Line packet Kiis
evening at 6 o'clock for Cairo and M.
Lmiis. Al. SimpHon is her clerk.
Tim Penn Adams, ('apt. Henry
Cooper, is the nicket Monday evening
at ft o'clock fur Osceola and the upper
bends.. Win. Sniither is in her ollico.
TiikO. Line steamer Paris C. Urown
is duo up, bound for Ciiiciiimiti and
all iirlcrtnediatc points on the Ohio
river. Chris. 4.1. Young is in her of
fice, Tiik City of Cairo Capt. Phep Light-
ner, 14 the Alienor i.ine pacum .Mon
day evening at 5 o'clock for YickHburg
ami tho bemls. J. C. Klttm is her
The Coahoma, Capt.Thos. Claggett,
is the packet Monday evening at ft
o'clock for Helens., Krinm Point and
all wav landings. Will Ashtord is in
her otliee.
The (inyoso, Capt. W. P. Hall, Is
the packet Monday evening at 5
o'clock for llalo'H Point, Tiptonville
and nil way landings. Jesse P. Walt
is her clerk.
The Juliu s YV. (iatf, Capt. John S.
Jones, is the packet Tuesday evening
at 6 o'clock for Cincinnati and nil way
points on the Ohio river. H.C. llrueo
and Win. Hriggs arc her clerks.
Tiik Joe Peters, dipt K. It. Smith, is
the packet Tuesday evening at ft
o'clock for all points on Arkansas
river, iroiilir throuirli to Pine Itlutl.
Chas. Miissclinaii oa rharge of her
The great, ("xcnrsioti steamier, Clioa.
Moriran, ( apt 41. Wash. 1 liompson
will puss down Monday evening at 4
o'clock for YickHburg, Natchor., New
Oilcans and all intermediate landing.
Chas. Church presides in her otliee,
08sisted by Harry Mi ler.
The Kab Adams, ('apt. Mark It.
Cheek, is tho United States mail jack
et Monday eveninir at f o'clock for
Helena, Arkansas City and all way
lundiniM. YV. O. Uliinker has charge
of her ollico, assisted hv I-ew Price,
Morris ( iqns and J. C. Wycoff.
Kl'hinkhh qniet.
YVeatiiku cloudy and cold.
Rkckiith by river yeHterday, lti7
bales of cotton and 1(17 sacks of seed.
The river here stands 1!!) feet 2-IOths
on the gauge, n rise of 8-Kit lis in the
Inst -1 hours.
1 Tiik City of New Orleans passed
down yesterday evening for New Or
leans with a fair trip. H e added hero
a small lot of miscellaneous.
Tun ferryboat John Overton, ('apt.
Fogclnmn, will leave this evening lit
2 o'clock for Marion ami run through
as lung us the water will permit.
The DcSinet, Capt. Milt K. Hurry,
arrived yesterday afternoon from
White River with 1(17 bales of cotton,
107 sacks of Heed, 4 bales of hides, 17 '
hides and furs. 41 packages of sun
dries. Who resliipped at Terrene 'i'l
hales of cotton anil returned last night
with a good trip of freight and pasHcn-
wKvriir.ii to RivtJM.
Okkick Shisal Service, U. S. A., 1
Memphis, April 1 p.m.
The following observations are taken
Bt all stations named at 75 meridian
time, which is one. hour faster than
Memphis timo:
Ab've Low
Rise Fall
Feet. lOths UHliB lOtha
17 io :.
52 1 11
62 7 a
8 6 3
8 tt 1
6 8'
13 5 4
"V ft'" '.'.'.'.'.Z " i
10 5 1
10 3 4
2ft 30
a 8 H
43 8 20
1(1 1 6 ......
8 8 i
14 5 01
22 4 1
fi 0
15 6 3
31 2 15
Chattanooga ..
Dubuque ,
Fort Smith
La Crosso
Littlo Kook....
New Orleans..
St. Ixuis
St. Paul
PiTTSBrBQ, April 3. Noon Rmr l "i
feot on the gauge and falling. Weather
clear and cool.
Wheiuno, April 3. Noon-Rivr
28 feet tt inches on the nanus and la 1
ing. Wnatbtr clear and cold.
Cincinhati, April 3 Noon-Rivm
rising, with 62 feet 7 Inches on the
gauge. Weather cloudy; thermometer
Lo(jmviu.. April 3 Noon .Rivsr
rising, with 24 feet 3 Inches In tbe
eanal and 22 feet 1 inch on the falls.
Bnsineaa fiir. Weather clondy, with
rain aud eleet this morning.
Cairo, April 3.- Night River 4 !
feet 7 inches on the gauge and rem.
Weather clondy and cold. Arrived:
City of Providence, Si. Iuia, 1 p.m.
Departed: Cityot Piovidence, V.
burg, 3 a.m.
Mt. Iula mmH Nw Orlraaa tttaw
tity of Natchez,
II. t. Biibr ma.tcr..
Mill Ifiavatba Kl.vau.r XUtSDAi. April
fitD, at 4 n rn. Fur Ireight or pamara aipr
C. L. Uai i.. Pain. Airt. AD BTOKA4. Ho.'L
0. Line -Gn at Excursion St'r
CIuiN. Morgan
O. W, Thorn iod . uiantar. t&usmk
a . A w
Wili:iaT MOSPAY, April 6.h, at 4 p m.
r.r trdsht or ..nt.m apply ta C. U. RPM.
M.. I.L, At t, U M.ti,on t. Tkipkaaa tH.
.Ii H fiKii ii, l,.r J-nt.
Ml. I.oal aa.l rw arlraaa tartar
l.lH-t'.n. ill-K0a VICKSBURU.
imy oH'airo,
Lithtner mauler.
w,, leave the Klevalor MUHDAi, April
Mh. al 8 p.m. For Ireiaht oi rvuaa apply
V. I.. H l l Pm. Art. A l STl v., S p't.
M. I.onla ! New Orlrana Anrrior
l.tno-H.N. IiII-(JA1R0 k UT. LOUIS.
Belle Memphis,
"oo, iiaker manter."
I win leave the Klorator bUNPAk, April
vn, iiDp.in. aorireiant or wui aool
it, wp.iu. or ireiani or pajmaca appi
... ... , ..-r. n... ri r- i . . ! , l, l I ,
Memphis and Cincinnati Packet Co.
,1 m cm V. U a tt'r iEZa
John F. Jiine...ma.ter,
Will leave TU KSDA Y, April Sth. at (1 p.m.
Kor ireichtor im.k apply to 0. II. RU8-J-KLl,,
Ak'iTit, No. li Madiaon at. Telephon
ho. 2IT. JOHN CARR, i'uienaer Aaenr.
hteamer OHIO Mlowi, leaving Friday,
Aoril lh.
Kit 05eol, Haled Point. CarathnriiTllie
llayoto n. Tli.ionvllle The new rieuiner
W. P. Uall na.r J, D. Knl7or!Tiii kt
will Suva at ali ve, anil all wr nui-.ta.
IV K II V MOSIaAY end THllllSLiAi t 5
Wv Fur (reieht nr p xmw apply m b-urd.
,pll.,f rlirr fitru nun .vi.iiiuu
Cor ilJ ',l I'm livl (I)Iiiiihj; .
vr 1 im'in, aioniUlo. Fri.iri Voinl ai.a ail
Mi'? Laodinirt Steamftt
lAN ADAoaj
J. n. Cooper, mu, . ..J.W.Wi.. ,
Leaven avrymslu,,V. W llC'rf.alerli
and FUIUAK at ?, m. The boat! Vi At
Una renorre lha ti itl all livnv'on
the "aplaln May Jee'n -Eialo, Offlse, No
Mlnn it .HVBffi.KK, .I.,Siif'. ,
Arkansas ltlvcr Vk't Co.
K. B. Smith.... roater, ww3fa
Leave. Memphi. 1'''
OlHre, No. a Madlpnn it. Telei.hone No. M .
MemphlHft White lUver PktCo
V. 8. M UL IiIKK.
K. 0, Pottal.-martor I 0. M.lfoiul.,
l').trtitin, nnvalla ftlaM', IMw Are,
Atrxiiain, JurviuiKluiri nnl rirc J.
t.KAVKS MKM1MI1M l-very WSJJIltMliy.
at p.m. Throofh raiei to all p.j nv.
Fre.nht eonelyneii to"Meiopl
rkivor Paoknt Cmpany"
pie i'ti'.t n
lie loroitlea
I.tlWK, Airent,
N . S M
ili.on .t.
Mii;r liTitiiv,!
MemplilH,Hlille& Itlark Uiver PackeK
For Helena, DeValla Ml a If, Pee Pea Arr.
KUita, Newport aud UaWilvllle.-'riie e(
and elegant ii.tiwhenl pnMenaer atoaej. t
MettJl t'iT, x-j
Milt UarrT ........... ra-tr
Will leave KVKHV BATTRDAY atao'olc. '
p.m. Throuirh ntteiiloall point. Fre'a.
oonilaneil to Milt, Harry Line, Meinphix.ivn
ha promptly lorwar.l'ii. W.J. P 10VL
Oflioe t Ma liaon "t Telephone SS6.
Jaaaa II Faiaaus, Paeaemer Aaent. TaW
ei'h'.ne 11
The M.PrunclH Itirer Trunspurtoltoi
Co. 'a lne HMs-W heel TT. a. Mail HloimM
Rene Macready, r -rz
O K. Joplin waver.
Wla.1, LBA V V. HI KM I'll IN KVkKt
at B o'olock, for Mariauna. the Oat-Off, and
intetmedlate landlnaa cm i?t. Franeia river.
The oai tuin reervei the riaht U pant all
landlnar he doemit imialf. JAH. I KK. Ir.,
Oo.i.rit-T-- . V". I M'l.'W t.
Memplils and Vlckxhurg IVicfertCOaTi
puny U.S. Mall Lluft ' "
For Helena, Oonoordia, Terrene an
aa eitv The eli-aant paaaennr ijm''e
M. R. Cheek.,. maeUr I W.U, lllaooi.....erk
Leave! Nlpci.l)i . .
t.in.,reervinf tho riaht tnpaaa all lanillnirt
therapta.a oiaydeeiu unKate. For anneral
inlnruiation apply at i.fil"o, No, 4 Mailiaoa
atreot. B. WALWORTH. Aaant.
.Kill V OAHB. 1 'r nt. Telenhone
" TO imoiii! '
('iiok'a Kirnr!an CnrMexi leave la
April, May, June and July, (-end lur 1're-
griiin me.
livlilnnl TonrUlTlekrla fur travel
in Kurm e mid all i.nrta of the lol)e. a"a
aiH Tieuna by all linee ul teaiueri.
ka i:acurMlinlsl, with iupe, pah
lished monthly, hv mail for T Caxra.
IIIO.. 'iK at
W Hrnnitway, Kev Turk.
Kounfzo Ilro.1-'.,
120 Broadway, New York.
DEl'OHIT eeeoonU retTd from hank-
r'. ruernhanla aad othore, aad inter ,
eat allnwxi: on lalaaeee,-
Advanoea made to uolteapondent on ap
p T.vp.l burineM nafier or nt;r t"d oo41aUral
Letton of credit iimed.liectioai mde.
aovernment bonda ami -other aeourltiM
o ui Pi a n d lold on cotnmlvalonv f
IAK TOIIK HKrritM to the
aMortmeot ' rauip'r for St rin and
Pumuer war, hlch I hare jt received
from tlia Clolhin-Order Ptpai taleatt (
Thlf boue dea the la'(! Mall-Order.
Cloihina lluinep in the world, pioneer In'
work.na out the Idea, it ha wen . f-vat n
oeM by irrupulnue ore in tiling the order
of nnneen euntoaieri.
Ihe 9 eaent eeanon rnarka a new era H
thia deprment of their kuniuea. U mean.
Inc.f whieh l rveo be'ter aeiT'O. eie'
tive and mohnlfel. Thi, with the low
pricea, larre ehoiee of ma'enalH, and ampk
guar mtee of euraplote aiirt.oi, ehould
it Be a dretela B) en ourordora.
lW, fourt r . m
.Ntn-BesW . ut Huttee.
No. 53m, R D. In tha CH inuery Court of
bbelby Coanty. T; ''?, "' Tonnet
ee, f..r ue, ere . va, 1 V. rna, et al.
thia oeua that the delendant. T
P. Wla-
rhfler, ia a non-re'id;.ut 01 tne eiaie 01
U ot
Tenne.a, and a reaid. nl or the Jtate or
Arkmn-aa 1 end thai the . neea ofthe d-
fend.nte . U we.ver, I'-r. o,
Wood', Mnry Willi. nw and'l'ar;iM rtaher.
are unknown, an.) tanaotjM aoaitaiiM
alter diliaent irquirM .
It ia therelore ordered. That they aaake
their apraeoe herein, al the poutlaoaM l
Shelby oounty, I MempbleyTenn., an orbe
lore the firit Mondy in . My. 1SKH. and
plead, annwer or demur to i he petition u l
amenoroent thereto of Li Lamb. r.ive
or t'n nnia will be takeni lor oenf!..!
) tuin "d t fur hearing or pwUi; ai
Uia; r'.v of thia order a paliiMh.t oi,
a wi-v k 1,T fnur iiuchmv wali iii th ' .ie
phin Apical. Thif 'crtttdyt Mereb, !
A H'.py A ;
l . I. M. IH)W Kl.L. (Metk end W.i.er.
By 1! . t. Wal'h, liepV-yO.ei-k a art :w"r.
8. J. Shepherd and w. A. terry, ir. 5,..

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