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Burial of the Rfmilns of Cul. Ed.
BickardtoB Stock Farming-
Rail read Extension.
jTwaeral afOl. Kit Blrjrd-Slid-dca
IMUk-Htr Hals. tail.
larioiAL to TBI APriiL l
Jacvboit, Mm., April 5. The re
mains of Col. Edmund Ricbaidcoa
reached here at 1 o'clock yetterday on
special trein fiotn New Orleans, ic
eoinpnrried by hia four sons, hia litter,
Mrs. Witros, and Mj. Oliver and
other1. They were met at the depot
by quite a number of gentlemen and
lady friends and racorted to the city
eemetery, where they were quietly in
terred in the family lot wituont cere
mony. There wai quite an array of
elegant and handsome floral tributes
of beautiful deeigna and artialio ar
rangement. News has been received here of the
endden death at 6 o'clock a. id. yester
day, at her home in the town of New
ton, in Jfewtor county, of Mrs. W. B.
Sichardson, after only two or three
hours' eieknew, with congestion. 8he
was the daughter of Col. Thomas E.
Helm of this city, la'e nreeident of the
Capital State Back. Her husband is a
nephew of Col. . Richardson. Mrs.
Richardson was born in this place and
lived here antil some three or four
years ago, when htr busbar, d moved
to Newton. She was an estimable
lady and ill here were her friends
the wai buried here to-day.
There was a heavy rair fill here Rt
ardar night and yesterday. Ttie
wta.ner is very cold.
Funeral fll Into Dr. ItowKltrrl;
Ihe llieuit .art.
laricuk to tb( irrsiL.I
Hollt Ppbikoh, Mirs., Apiil 5. TLe
funeral of the late Dr. J. R. Dougheity
took place yestrrday evenicg at 3
o'clock from the MetLo Hat church, of
which he was a member. Notciih
s'andiDg the inclement wf a'her, it was
the largest at endance at any funerp.l
in our city fcr many year?. The pall
bearers were Drs. F. W. Dancy, 8. C.
Gholeon, sr., B. F. McKee, A. B. Rise,
J. C. Dan'e', 8. C. Gholwn, jr., M.
Brilt and John H. McClatchey. He
was in every sense of the words a
good man and a consistent Christian.
During the to'emo and impressive
ceremonies much grief was exhibited
among tb.9 audience, demonstrating
how much he was beloved by those
who knew bim. There is a void in
our midst that cannot be rilled. He
leaves a widow and one daughter, to
whom our htaits go out in sinccrest
Circuit Court convened to-day.
Judge Peathereton presiding. Light
docket in both civil and criminal
I OVrta mf the frnry-WUe Ti on
ruinmera loulunont Hotel
IcoitiaroitDKRCi or tbi appkal.I
Meridian, Mi-b., April 5. One of
tbe immediate remits of the fc'Ute law
impesing a toxof $.'5 percspita on com
mercial travelers has been ti v 6 bly
' diminish tha patronage of tbe hotels
throughout tl.o country. Three or
f ur days ago a party of fifteen mer
cantile t 'urists were gHthert d at the St.
Charles Hotel, when the sheriff walked
in and eUted tl a", be bad come t col
lect the town i-x of 112 60 each. This
announcement was received with dis
gust and indignation by tbe dtuin
mors, who rt fused to pay tbe tax, and
severally left the town. It wag re
ported at Grand Junc'ior,Tenn. Com
mercials hearing of ihe license passed
through the fra'e witnout trying to
still goods. At Co mo, Miss., the repre
sentative of a large chii aware and
porcelain heuse ttutd that he would
not sll any more poodB in Mississippi,
and after mekiog hia eollf ctiorjB there
end in ne.iuhboringtowDR left tbe State.
The hotfl keepers are indignant, and
es they largely dtpnndon the drum
mers, they kemly feel the effect r.f
this "penny-wise" indiscreet legisla
tion, i c.
'Hie , Howl Work That W. A.
'ieeti, ifete Slock -Farmer, la
looiaisroHstxoa opthi appkal.1
Hekrakd3, Miss , April S. In this
age cf bustle and hurry to get rich, it
would seem at first eight a very unim
portant rant er what one man is doing.
Knowing tbe deep interest you take in
everything relating to arming and
farmers, I am satiefied you will agree
with me, thtt tbe occupation in which
he is eagaged tad the object be deems
to accomplish ar i woithy of eome con
sideration. About half a mile f oath
of Hernando is the ttock farm of Mr.
W. A. Crosettt, containing 3'6 acres,
which I shall name "Crying Hills," a
they appear to ate to be crying loudly
as plain a they tan cry, fiistior food
and care, t ken for work. He has built
a substantial and commodious barn,
with sta l-room for forty-eight bead of
. stock, with hayloft above and patent
horse hoisting fork. His present stock
consists of seven brood mrres, seven
co he, two mules, seven milk cows, ten
yearling and dry cows, Lur ca!vee, in
cluding two Jersey cows with it'ves,
one registered Jersey bull, sixty-four
sheep, forty lambs, seventeen goats
ana eleven ktdp, ail of wnicn .are
boneed at night and in bad weather,
and the munnre carefully saved.
He has started out with a
delertrjini t on to improve the land.
He has about tigLteen acres pretty
well eel in clover, and has jut finished
seeding about the tame number.which
is now under wheat and rye. He has
some three or four tjfca of land planter,
-which he intends to distribute ever
the clover already st. He has hauled
and spieid ever) thing In tba shape of
manure he could, scrape and take op.
I may here -say he was much disap
pointed regarding a manare-spreading
machine in which he bought a half
inteiett; from some cause or other it
would not work. I wo lid suggest to
tbe builders' farming implement?,
when the machJoe or tool ie pnt to
gether in the shop and ready to work,
mark tbe parts distinctly, so that
when it is taken cpart for shipment it
can readily be pnt together, a the or
dinary farmer is n a machinist. He
has also seeded down eight or ten
acres of hill woods lot in herds gram
and orchard grass, end says when kia
land will make a bale ot ct tton to the
acre then he may ri some. He
his jtiet added ti his already laiee
tock of Intor-pavirg tools a Scotch
8rrop, with the improvement cf
orking the ttb BtiaJgLt, or ft an
ngle. I thick it ii a tool which no
aruoeronght tobe without. (Pardon
the prt fertile ; I am f om tbe bills of
Scotland). Now, icatlemen, I dr not
mean to feav that there are very maPy
farmers iki it able to fo low thjs
example and abandon the cultivation'
t cotton entirely, but there are quite
a nnmhf-r ol lard-owneis who Lave
other source of income; who, as far
ai pra-tioable, ought to a andon the
cultivation of t:on on all landa tr-at
will not ordinarily produce ba.f a bile
to the acre. The trcuMe is not in
raising too many bales cf cctton, but
in ihe cultivation, or la'berin the
desttuct on, cf 101 many acres to laise
the b e. I believe the Memptiis
creamery is now anastund thing, and
I bop will be asucctsi. It nay be
some inducement to somecotlon farm
er of the neighborhood ti keep two
or three good milk cow, that might
put bim in tbe notion t) give a little
attention to pat tore for them; te
might, lake a no ion to save some hay
for winter feed, build some kind i f
house or shed for hie cows to stay ia
winter, clean it out once in a while,
and care'u ly save the cleanings.
Right here he makes a start toward
the improvement ( t his land. If it
be ever so saull he has got a
ttart on the right road, and if be
will, or mutt iahe cotton on poor land,
lei him sow a few bnshels of eas
where they will do the nr st good, and
when matured father all he ran, bnt
gave aime hay ai well. Thn when
he ltya by his cotton let him sow
pre'ty thica in the middle of the rows
and cover them by whatever means he
ttiinks best. When they attain their
rankett growth, which will be some
time af er the poor cotton has been
pi.'ked, tike a turning plow and fasten
a blot k or chain, or anything that will
diag them down, in front of the p ow
and cover them with two fu'rows.
After he has done to twice, tithe ssmo
Eiece cf cotton be will find out for
ices elf how well it pays. n. l. a.
Anxlon for Rilroal Connection
Willi Meiapbis JMarriiice or Miu
Salem. Mibs. April 4. A brief at ti
de in tbe dnily Afpel of recent date
in regard to the txt-nsiou of the Kan
sas C.ty rtiilroid from Meniphin to
BirmingQam, haa a'onsed couMdma
ble interest in our rotinnuniiy. Should
the load he built it is contempt itcd
tffct it wil! pias thiougb our immedi
ate section, as we are ucou a direct
lit e of the proposed route.
Meniphin is our natural outlet en l
usual market, but I hw wait, of cloie
connection at Grand Junction has
been a source of aunoyanee to our
people. And the n tne discrimination
against Memphis freights by the
Illinois Central railroad ia an imp: si
t.on from which we have had no
appeal, and is well worthy the atten
tion of our new Riilroad Commission
and we commend tbe same to their
serious conside.ation. We have al
ready located the rond and named the
stations. The engineers will have
simply a "walk over little to do ex
cept to drivi and mark the stakes and
to perfect arrangements for the right
ol way. Alnot every man. woman
and child is rtady to tike a contract
fcr t&e construction tf tbe road, and
preparations are being made for wat r-
melons and truck patches to mpply
the Memphis market. Sen .utly
specking, our people aie quite hope
ful cf the building of the road in tire
near future, as it wi'.l b:t a grunt con
venience to trade au l travel from our
set lion.
Tn morj'h t f Mtrch went out with
awhiila da snw etrm, while we
celebrated a regular old fatt.iined
wedding, regirdJess ol wind rr
weather. 'J he cortractirg pari-e
were the Hon. Wm A. McDonald,
Representative ia the L gipfaturn from
rienton county, ana Mim t-ull e J.
Hamer, a cultivate' a .d estimable
ynung laly the eldest daughter cf
Air. 1. llamer, a lauding planter ad
business man in nth Missiwiupi,
Tbe for unate groom is a young lawyer
nf fine promise and standing at ihe
bar, slid is to be coogrntuUt d upon
his choice. The ouiasion w(B en
livened by the presence of near 10 a
tives and irietdi. An elegant to
lation was spn ai, end ''ail went meny
ts a marriage dhii. hottentot.
Flfly-lxlb Annaal t'onference at
Provo. Utah.
Provo, Utah, April 5. Some 8000
Mormons from all parts of the United
Statt'S are here participating in the
fifty-sixth annual conference of the
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day
Saints. The reunion began this morn
ing and will last soveral days. Owing
to the prosecutions for unlawful co
habitation no member of the present
presidency is here. It was announced,
however, that a communication will
be received from members of that or
der before the meetings close. This
communication will, it is predicted,
criticise adverse legislation and extol
the action of the church in fighting
anti-polygamous legislation. The gath
ering is a most remarkable one in
many respects. It is composed of
people from all parts of the world.
English, Scotch and Welsh predomi
Their ProflUiale Kngaccment at
Chicago, Ilu, April 5. Sam Jones
concluded his religious exhortations
in Chicago yesterday, in the morn
ing he drew a large audience to Dr.
Goodwin's Church, and in the after
noon and evening the Casino Rink
was filled an hoar before the services
began. Nearly )0,(,00 people were
present at each of the services in the
rink. The collections at both services
were' given to . Messrs. Jones and
Small and with the salary guaranteed
them in advance, netted them 3000
apieee for their four weeks' work.
"C'onxnmpitou Care"
Would be a truthful name to give Dr.
Pierce's "Golden Medical Discovery,"
' he moot tfficaciou? medicine y, t dis
covered for arresting the early develop
ment rfpnlmorary dieeasH. Bat "con
sumption core" wo'lld not sufficiently
indicate the s ope of its influence and
nsKfuiuese In all the many diseases
.which spring from a derangement f
the liver aid blood tbe "Diecovery" is
astfdand sure specific. Of all drug
gists. Paved hy Mia axtreinc Tooth.
Pittsbpbo, Pa., April S. -Harvey
McMurray, the nine-year-old boy who
fatally stabbed Thomas Bolan, a com
panion, yesterday, with whom he bad
quarreled, was discharged from cus
today yesterday by the coroner's iurv.
on account of his extreme youth. The
testimony showed that Bolan had pro
voked the quarrel by calling Men ar
ray vile nau.es.
1 wrnly-foor Haara to Live.
From John Knhn, Lafayette, Ind.,
who announces that he is now in "per
fect health," we have the following:
"One year ago I was, to all appear
ance, in the laststagesofconsuniDtion.
Our beet phys cian gave my ase up. I
nnaiiv got so low that our f octor said
I could only live twenty-four hours. My
friends then purchased a bottle of Dr.
Wm. Hull's Balsam for the Lungs.
which considerably benefited me. I
continued tin til I took nine lottjw,
and I am now in perfect health.
Its Trade and Its Traders and the
Amount of Bualnea The; Do
Mm. Dunlap'a Iaa.
sraciAL coiiiaronDMCi or na apfbal.1
Como. Miss.. April 5. It is quite in
crder to depict this place in ioy col
ore, a!tt ough, being a probil ition
town, it wiiuld be improper to "paint
it red." It is ce ttiLly the mott at
tractive of the sisterhood of towns on
the Mississippi and Tennessee rail
road, and is as progressive and busi-ntss-likeas
it is prttty. Como re
ceived me with of ea arms, for tbe
Appeal's fake, treated me, indeed,
with as much courtesy as if I had been
a mikado traveling fur my health in
iteid of an evtry day "cbiel takin'
notes." Like begets like, says the ad
age, and if ever I writs anything un
kind cf Como may tbe manuscript be
charged up to me "at regular advertis
ing rates." '
Two embryo towns, one called
Slsdgeville and the other Como, were
combined to form this place wben the
Missistippi and Tennetsee road bad
reached midway between them. A
learned blacksmith gave tbe name,
Como, but why baa never been di
vu'ged, L r tbeie is no lake bigger
than a horse pond within a week's
journey. S.edgev'lle would have
men more sppropii-de, though not so
euphonious, for the late N. K. Sledge
and tae present firm of Sledge Bros,
really made the town.
The original settler waP, I believe,
Dr. E. G. Tit, whose plantation, after
his dta h, wrs divided, in the settle
ment if tne eitate the town site, oc
cupying the larger rart. Tbe lai'rcal
runs through the center ( f the town,
en tlut the t ave'er can tske it in from
a ;h t i in of the car. He will see
heantifiil. home-like residence, em-
towered in the shade cf ancett nf
Ir es; substantial brick stores of un
ueunl sin J"r so small a p'a-e, two or
three neat chinches th whole pict
ure set in a frame, as it were, com
posed cf well-tilled mca lows and of
fine or hards, showing p'nk and
white ptomlses of fruit to cone.
The resider. t3 pride thimFelvrson
the salubrity of the town. They si y
it is th higbeht point on the road be
tween Memphis and Grenada, and
yellnw-fevcr has never yiit presented
itself in this fivnred soot.
While Como bai had but few start
ling evettt in her history she has bad
a steady business giowth. Her most
prominent merchant, Mr. N. R.
Sledge, built up a very large and suc
cessful business, which baa since hia
death been continued by bis sons, the
Sledge Bios, of Como, also of Mastodon
and Spring Bluff, and of Sledge &
N or fleet of Memphis. They have a
mammoth store, where one can pur
chase anything from a package of pens
to a Bte.m engine, or from a can of sar
dines to a 5t)0-2cre plantation. The
three bio here, W. D., N. R and O. D.
S edgt, tri live, ent rprising mer
chants. Kich has a comfortable mi
dence in Como, they are Urge land
owner, and as I have already already
noted t avii built np the town. Their
cashier a-td cotifideutial man, Capt. J.
E. Heath, has been with them ntaly
twenty years. The brothers own a
erock 'arm about cne mile from town,
t omprmir g ha'f a S"ction of lar d, upon
wh'Ci thev kwep a herd of thirty lulf
brt d Jer oy ctttle, a Jersey bull (reg:n
tered) arm fifty hetd (.1 sheep. E. H.
Dunlbp & C. are worthy of mention
in th b connection. Their generul
s'oro dots an annuel business of
JfiP.OOO, and they also own
3til) acres of laud. The Woodford
f..im, four miles from town, has 430
acres in jaU'fg , and ninety-one
head of cait o are Kept. Tbe firm alfo
'owns oleven iilaniauors In this vicini
ty. M i E. If Dun'ap (of Price's ar.
my of Miestun) t ame to Como in 1870.
Talor Bros. (W. B. A T. N.) do a
bnsmtsi amounting to J3U,tM) an
nually. Tbty carry a la'ge and well
seh c ed stock of goaeral mercband n
and 1 ave by their eoergy aid en'er
prite made an exr-ellent reputation for
their house. 0,1. Mcnrod Pointer
owns the local eteim mill and cotton
gin, and it a Urge real estate owner.
D. Craig & Co., is abliahed in 1873, do
ag n"-l supply bin-ioese, amounting
to o'',UtKJ a ) e ir. in addition to their
welt-hll-d empo ium of goods they
own two secdomi of ro'ton plantst on.
McGehee Bioi. are fl mrirh ng general
mercbante, also otrning IH0 ) a;res cf
land, and o her firms aie A. Goodman,
J A. Fnimer, J. B. Poitjr and D. V.
Breckinridge. The lad named,
who ban a uttat and attract ve store ii
a veteran of t"e war. He was a ser
geant in the First Misais'ippi Sharp
shooters from 1861 to 1804, and just at
the close (battle of Peach Tree Creek),
at Atlanta, lost his leg. Besides the
general stores Mr. J. V. McGehee &
Co. have a well-supplied millinery
btzar. There are two blacksmith's
shops (Pledge Bros', and Spears &
Key) and a general stj-e owned by
colored people.
The public school ia conducted by
Prof, and Mrs. Crawford, who are
much ei?.m3d by pupils and parents.
Tbe Ep'scooal church is a handsome
frame building with Unceolated
windows fl led with fine stained glass.
I', waohe gift to the town of tbe late
Mr. Sledge. The Rev. Mr. Bowden is
rector. Tbe Rev. Dr. Sullivan is pastor
of the Methodist church.
The Duo lap Houte was burned Feb
ruary 20th. It was one of the best
bonnes in the town. It haa been re
placed by a houee not quite so largs,
but tbe peregrir a'ing souls
"Who igh to think ho oft thcyfioi
Tha.r mimMt aeloorii at an lna,"
wi 1 surely find it at the now Dunlap
House. Imagine, if you please, a
countiy hima e eant'y furnished, its
spacious rooms adorned by tbe artistic
taste of a lady, and its well-supplied
table presided over by tier, and yon
have a picture of the hotel at Como.
We ea:h have our bean ideal of com
fort mine is Mrs. Dunlaa's hotel.
Ycs'erday I had the plnrsure of in
terviewing Dr. Rivers, who is a go.net
of Mr Oliver Sledge. Tbe do. tor, who
is ttJiffering from the effects of a severe
fa 1 two years ago, is eighty-one years
old. He is well known to many ef
year most prominent citixeos. He
was renowned ia tbe good old dsvs,
not only for his medical skill, but for
a fund of anecdote which never failed.
A crowd of gentlemen on a street cor-
rer or in tbe refund of a botel, all
lanphine. wonld be a euro indication
that Dr. Rivers was in their midst.
And ha bad the rare skill of pleasing
the ftir sex as well. Even to-day, with
the sand" oi life fatt running out, be is
one I re's that he ia an octogenarian,
for bis wit aii wisdom is as vigorous
as it was fif y va' aio. He went t)
Memphis in W-'5. "No, it wasn't,
n-ueh r.f a p'ai then," he rr.ys; "I
could lave boUfch. any part of it for
S2 0 an acre. It ws then known
a Second Chickasaw R offd, and the
IudiauB, Owg'S, Cherckees and Chick
vsaws, abounded." Later tn Dr. R.
owned a plantation about three miles
f ro;n Memph s, on the Pigeon Rot
read, and p-aiticed med cine with
I at nuts living in a radius of tif.y
miUa. His reminiscences of yellow
f vt diy were very in'eres'irg. "It
ii th pestilence that waiki lb. in dark
nrs," be fa d, "No man knows any
thing aVout it, though many think
they do."
Mis. J. P. Wal ace las the hand
somest modern reeider.ee in town. It
iaiwoet ry brick and cot about
$12,003. Other homes are all so at
tractive that it is impossible (o kv
more that that all are ta tefulaud
comfortable. Were it not that I feared
making this let er tco long I would
like to say more ahnnt 'o:k and fruit.
Como is a ailing to the truth that
there is more money in stock than
there is nowaJiya at least in cotton,
and tbe herds ar growing larger every
month. Besides raising I lie finest
peaches grown in the Siuib, and 10
Ol'O ba'es of ct ttnn each mo.i, Como
aims !o p dmv p"-( for the con'.i
tiueut to eat. Fa t'cul-ire in mv n xt.
I t . C
Day and Night
During an aculu attack ot BrunohitU,
ccuclcu Ucklliy In the throul, and as
exhauitlng, dry, backing couli, uflliet
the auflnrur. Sleep la banished, and grrut
proatratlon follow . This 9lsea.se la also
attended with lloai neue, and aouit'litiioa
Losa of Voire. It ia liable to become
chronic, luvolvu tbe lung", and ternilnate
fatally. Ayer'n Cherry Pectoral affordt
apcedy relief and cure lu eases of Bron
chitis. It controls the disposition to
cough, and Induces refreshing slci .
I have been a practicing physiciau for
twenty-four )vara, and, lor the pnt
twelve, have aunert'd from aunual atliu-l.s
of liroiK-hltls. After exUausling all the
Usual remedies
Without Relief,
I tried Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. It helped
me luiineilliitrly, and cltcclcd a spci'dy
cure. U. 8toveull,M. l).,Cailollton, Miss.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral I decidedly tlio
best remedy, within my knowledge, fur
chronic Itronchitis, and all luiivf discuses,
M. A. ltust, M. D., South Paris, Alt.
I wiisntlaclicd.lustwliiler.vtithascvcro
Cold, which, from eximsiire, grew woru
and finally settled on my J.iiiii;s. By
nl;ht sweats 1 whm reduced almost to a
skeleton. M v Couvli w Incessant, and I
frequently spit Mood. My physician tol l
me to give up business, or 1 would not
live a month. After Inking various reme
dies without relief, I was finally
Cured By Using
two bottles of Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. I
am now In perfect health, ami able to
resume business, after having been pro.,
flounced inc-in-aolc with Consumption.--8.
P. Henderson, Saulsljuigh, l'inu. '
For years I was in a decline. I bud
weak lungs, and suffered from Itroiiehilis
and Catarrh. Ayer'a Cherry Perioral re
stored mo to health, and I have been for n
Jong time comparatively vigorous. In
case of a sudden cold 1 always resort to
the Pectoral, and find siieetly relief.
Edward K. Curtis, ltutland, Vt.
Two years ago I suffered from a seven)
Bronchitis. Tne phvsieian attending nie
became fearful that the disease would ter
minate In Pneumonia. After trying vari
ous medicines, without benefit, lie Dually
prescribed Ayer's Cherry Pectoral, which
relieved me at once. I continued in takn
this medicine a blinrt lime. and win cured.
Ernest Coltou, Log!iusxi't , Iud.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral,
Prepsred by TOr. J. C. Aver ft Co., Lowrll, kiiM.
Hold bysll UruggUU. i'ricl; sli lsitl.es, $
No. 530S, K. 7.1
Iusolvent Xotlt'C.
Stita of TennriFsoi, Sliolhy comity Office
County CouitCIeik, Vieaphit, l'onn., April
;t, imi,
T" .lolin Louimu Publii Ailrain'strator it
holby!ctiunty. Bill us svrli, Ailininiotrator
of M. J. Ko.itin.', (leenaseii :
HAVINU suit ;stci Ihe ie solvency of tlie
. estate f M. .1. Kenl-na, doceaBeJ,
you sre herel y otdercd lo niko notee by nil
vertlsonient n ice newM'Heer pab'lheJ
within lb-is i.1 Stntn. ami nlfoat tne court
hiitise iloor of Sholliy county, lor all personi
hnvinv olsims asiiint saoi estite tn spiiear
anu ti lo the ini, autheulicte.l In Ihe m li
ner orescri ed by law. on or tieiore the 6th
Any of Juy. 1KH6; and any rluim not
riled rn or before aaid day, r before an ap
tironri ition of the lunds ot raid estate ts
made, shs'l be forever bsrrert, both tn law
and eiuity. Witness my hand, at office, this
H. B. CUL1.KN, Clerk
Tin (1. T. MnTlnnal.l. Deimlv lllerk.
Notice is hereby aivea as rt iu.red by tba
loregoina notici. . .
Do you want a pare, bloom
ing Complexion f If so, a
low implications of Hngan's
ify yon to your heart's con
tent. It docs away with Sal
lowness, liedness, rimples.
Blotches, and all diseases ana
imperfections of the akin. It
overcomes the flashed appear
ance of heat, futlcrae ana ex
citement. It makes a lady of
TI1IIITY appear but TWEN
TY; and ho natural, gradual,
and perfect are its effects,
that ft Is impossible to detect
its application.
T OTIPK Is hereby lven to the holders of
a..t,iKUMielhy County lionus, mstunnf
April, iwi, to present the same lor payment,
at tba Manhattan Bavinirs lifins aud Trud
Company, In Memphis, Tern.
Board of Furolln Coinmitpioners of Fhelby
county, ieoDe.'s .
MmpM. Tenn . Msrch 31, 1HHA.
BY buying from a long established and re
st oniible house, where you Hod the
larsa' snortment of I'isnos, Orsruns and
everrthin- in tbe must line, carefully se
lected by the thoroughly pre tic" I end com
petent proprietor-, for MEAL MEKlTonly,
and Ht for the glamour ol big and pretentious
names. I have reduced the price of Hheet
Musi and Muiio Books as well as of my
Piano and Organs, and ready to
plure tiem by I be nlde of Inalrw
nfila.l any othrr make ( ateicl
eiaa Ibetest. They are felly guaran
teed, and have a long Handing and well
earned reiKitatlon lor durability.
lon.all yunr ewe lulrrrat and yislt
my store before buying e'sewher. Von will
(nd beawtifal Sraeds, Viwight and Hour
Pianos, and also, a number of seoend. hand
Pianos for sal and fur rent.
221 ffiUn Ktrecl.
Electric Belt Five
TO Introduce It snf ebtsin sgenti we wit
for tbe next sixtr days tl-e away, Ire
of charge, in each county in tho II. 8. a Inn
ited numberof our Wrni Klrrtr) Jnl
tnsic aii-i-iwrr a-lt. Hrloe V: a
KiitiTe and untsilins our lor Nerro'is li
bilit;, Var co -tie, Eminap", Impotency,
ef. Wni.iQ hewurd paid f every Belt we
manu ecture dues not generate a genuine
el'crio enrrent. Ad-tr-ns at once tLKi
TR1C! BE LI AOthCY, P. O. Box 178,
Brooklyn, N. Y.
OOOa "W . ToXXXll
No. I71
sr Uavii f purchwed the entire s'.vok efVskl
oles and tbe Manufacturing Departnent of ta
WoodratT-Oliver Carrias and llardware C., we
r better prepared to meet the demands el the
trade ia this Ha than any boore in the (tenth.
We occupy the old stand of the company, which
is the Itrsest and most eommodieni Repository
in th country. W offer creeinl induesmenti
in OPEN BIIQOIES, of our own siako, at
and TOP BUUUIK8, of our ewn auke, at l-0.
All work fully guaranteed. A fall line of best
Eastern Work daily expected and lewest prices.
Call Before Ton Buy
(srUarmi dupoJ of our entire stock of Ve-
hieli-s ami the Msnurnr'urlng Uevartuient to
Mesrrs. 1HJMLIN ' A BKNJbti, we bespeak for
them a eontisuanc of th patrenag so Ion
ltended to us.
No. B14 IWTnlxx list..
Has just roceived a lr;e stock of th
lutest stylei of
for Pants, wh'ch we wir make to order st
uiu-'li les than the uua! t'rions. will
make a go d all wool pan's tor $5 Otill
and examine our K"o.t. Aho, cmnutete
line ol tIK.NTn' fllRMllINU OiioUW
fur the comir.i season at our usual low
I ricei.
iu.c i jvku'.s oi 1 1 i:
Kxclianco National Hank
KDMrutK, VA.,rik. IS, IHHH
PROPOSALS will be received at this office
L until hnturday, March 17, IstDl, for the
purchas - of the hereinafter uienttoned prop
erly in its entirety, and also fur pieces or
parcels of the same reference being had to
do'criptive lists) of said property which
hats, suiting t-rras of sals, will be lurnirhed
upon application to the undersigned. The
right to rejeot any and all bids is raierred:
The extensive and valuable property lo
cated in Norfolk and 1' rUmouih, V. ,
known as tbe MHeaboard Cotton Compress
Company of Norfolk. Ve.," consisting ol :
1. The IrantkiM, which, among other priv
ileges, authorises the storage of cotton and
other mernhandipe, and tbe issu of negoti
able receipts therefor,
2. Its plust, which cr mints of thtec (S)
flrst-class iinprovcl cotton eempreesest two
U) steam tuirst three (3) transportation
barges. All the adjuncts nrceasary to a well
equipped eiianiirhineni or tins character.
Its fire proof warehouses, seven 17) in num
ber, of oaoaoity for storage of 24,010 bales
uooompresetu cotton.
Its four (4i frame warehouses (metal roofs)
eipacity, many thousands tons ef fertili
ii rs, e ult, eto.
Its wharves and docks, which afford ample
room for berthing at the same time ton laa
gnlnv, steam or sailing veafols. The are. ol
the warehouse and uock property in Ports
mouth is aboutDH acie", togctlier with all It
o her proiierty, which is fully deseiibed In
the lints above rcfe"ri-d to.
WM. H PKTKRO. eclv..r.
'.ir: IJ-'MK of ymVAT!;
m Um rrnntt J tctf In ,nlH. ""till. tai-wf .u m
tn tr vi rs. : ullmr .'i- 1 ( "-Itfim cdiu J . ifc. M
'4iQa . ict 'i i ttiin j. ti.l-htl Kriii t..i, ;,,
I..,; , l.i In-n-iw), Diutfit-M r,t M, lJkHr,lt. tf.-r ' . f-
il 1 !(. r.JJ4nn g'tlflsfl r-'-11 l"Hiri4't 3,' ! M i-
"i r.;i..!"t4 f t li-i. I i Of h-:ial P'Httrr, itM. fi'lljr,,il
w." tttfi ii'ifr "T t iiQlitafM i (JwiMwiirf i etr- permv
,.-.i-, ...r.-.L tsVPH.t.tlS11' a v,
b" "J"'1" Goorrbim,
lX.X-r, Ht-.ttur, OrnbtUi. HpralrL v ttupiw i
i n :i t .nlntr (iritri di iulrk1 dyrtsi.
It iMw'tf tivM.-nt Utit h btIcUd hfMitwtKUra)g
"svtii 0iik tit H bsimm, kitl tmtlitK Ibncwni.' ami
tf, ri-inifct frntt .,IL Vhywi rlnm kucwlnii ttiti ttti ttfu
'nitiiu.'n.i frt)D tu my oar Wha III iaiwirmitriil ta
'I IHDcritv lr- LrttiNfni, mtrli m tW4wl KftWt
hi I nf lij laall or rMa uj.hin,
Vwcc Quru.nUyn& in D. Cat
(inikertnlien. 1
i-ttltAti.iu iH-nunallf w hy tHeayv It aattl tarstWi
okioosW tad fvtrrtj(soodHc) airk-Uj nB.ti40U
tt kmi I'Kfrft, tt in any nvlti-M, mrmrnmj staW, ft ar
:) 'v.uw Htrful-l bm mij t ilL ArMlms ttteun.
J.fl.f ,gr.N M.H, I. dkljaett4r '
M KlMjitnun NtrMt, aflmitil, Tun
AK1ILL etock of Woodto ind MtHlli
Ctt arid CftskeU. JJurial HoKdp, eto..
nlwajtt nv nDii. Uroertf rT liicr.ib or Lai
ftrthfinw t'fftnr.ny ttiflt'l to )
u h II III 5
-anadve tlsertocon-
t a'1 . " It con'ains lis'S ol
new. pspers and estimates t th oust of ad
rertising. The advertiser who wam to ipeod
one dollar, Indi in it the information h re
quires. while for him, who will inyeet on
hoi dred thousand dollars in sdvertiaing, a
oheiie isi Blioated which will meet bis
every requirement, or can be mad to do so
by slight cUd'" easily arrived at hy eorr
spnndenc. One hnudred and lltr-thre
dilinna have been isai-ii. Keat, postpaid,
to any address lor leu '' Apply loUb
VEK TIS1NO DURKAU.10 Spmeost. fPrint
ins House Hnnsee , N'ew Yolk. '
Nw Alp. 1 llo.lr.l d Oaio Vt
hMat m printed, now reeds.
reprwe.iite over VI) New, UrtgV
u bijmwot ,miw a i.ivrery
Dsks, Tgbles, Chain,
" -J look Uases, Loang,
J totter Presses, Cab Last)
I Indies' JancwDeiks, 4
. I Vinmmt Ov4n aod l.iwie)
1- tre- lax.io. Mess aia
(Ne.Mol, R. R.I 1 1
IllrHSIVOUl Olk'. I
State of Tennessee, riae'by onutyr f'ffio
County Court Clark, Memphis, Toon., April
.1. IkMri
To John Loague, Peblio Administrator el
bhelby county, aod a men, Aamlawvatoi
of Patrir-k slower, deoeased:
TJ A VINtl s ggetted the iniolreney of th
J L ,11,1. oi r.,rio nur.r, l"
ar. hereby ordered lo give nmice, by adver
tisement In some newspaper pnblifhed with
in the ad 8 ate. and also at th Cnurt
Ilouie door of She bv cuntv. for all eersonc
havine claims as-iost said c-ta'e, to appear
ad file the same, autbeot oated tu iho
m,nncr oresenbeu bv 'aw, on or jfopo ihe
oih day ol July, leitf, .nd any elaim not
filed on or before said riav, or baf-ir an ap
propriation of the fundi of fail o- tat it
mirlo. "h-.il be lorevoc tarred, both in la v
and eoaiir. Witee s mv hand, atoffl . this
3d dav ef April, 18H6.
it. 0. ti'Luiu, vierg.
Bv O. L. McDonald. l. C.
Notice is hereby given is required by th
foregoinff police.
rfuuji wauvoi ate r.
Z2LO u H.i Wis
IMTnln Street, JTIenipIilN, Tenn.
! SI
-ii V
"The Finest in tho latd," ON TAP THIS DAY, in
Every rirst-Closs Saloon in the City.
fY FPU1NH ANU BUMMHIt ,-TOCK it now complete, consl.t
lll ing of the latent and choion't dnaigns in all tlie Novelties in
troduft in lorel.n markots. My selections are made with great
care as toco, ts and quality, in order to oflcr to th public the latest
faahionabl aooda at reasonable pricoa, 1 wi-h to make special men
tion of my selection of a lar.n assortment ol the most elessnt d
sigca in KfaUl.lnH IBOlHi;, which are now ready tor th
Inspection of my friends and th public, at uiy old it- d,
Car, Neeond And
John rk:l.
TRL. S3. XjIISE. dkb OO.r
:.7-378-:iS).sa-:wi-Mt Sieeoiul Rtmit, south ot (Uyoso.
Doars, Sash, Blinds. Flooring, Ceiling, Siding, Shingles,
M.nlilhnr. lathe. I'eilcr Snt wnrt lriVt
No. S80 Main tttri-et, Tlomphls.
Fiancs and Organs
SlioAt lWiier iinl ItnoVu. XowPisino- for Hont
ESstciTDlislaodL 1865
25ft and 258 Front
Liber Yard ai Plaif
Doom, Nftsth, Bllntlri, MouIcIIiikh, nil lalmln ol Door Hiul
iVIndow FraincM, Ilraklit, Ncroll-Work, ' Iloufilt uud
DreHsted I.ninber, KhiuKleia, J.alliH, Wntcr THulaN.
All kind ot Wood Work Executed at Short Kotlce.
Nor.' 157 to 17S Washlnston St. Mem pli Is. Tenn.
HAVIKU withdrawn from the Woodruff Oliver Carrlaie anil II aril ware Company, we
have aceepied th Aaency of torn of tbe lirat oeiiiolHrt urera in tba I nlteHi
(, and ar now receiving a full assortment ol OAHKIAIsKri, Itti'lHIK1. WAGONiS,
HARM KK-S and 8Al)lLr,K ; also, a large stock of the improved I'KN'NKibES WAGON'S.
All goods are new, and built eipresaly lor this markot, and will be sold at very low prices.
0(11 cn and Mtlesrotim, .o. SOU Aula Htreet WnrehoUHt, tio. 20(1 Krtint f I reft..
a. woiioiii'rT. j. r.. i i?m. r. i.. wooimrrr.
Cotton Factors & Commission r.lerch'ts;
Ctla Wrtii Sew, M and t0, latoai !Jlr.(
ycrj .is- c" 1 7"i
l -L .1 X
Jeirnreon Htm.
K. K. LKK.
H. U. JnlLLKU.
St.. Memphis. Tenn.

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